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Found 7 results

  1. Engaging in any sort of physical stimulation whilst diapered isn't exactly easy. Do you consider that diapers should / should not also function as chastity enforcers, to stop AB engaging in self-arousal? Whichever opinion you hold, what design attributes of diapers / waterproof pants / onesies / sleepwear do you recommend to facilitate or enforce your preference?
  2. Local retailer in the Louisville area

    We are a little shop that has grown pretty fast in the area and online and wanted to reach out to more locals and make sure you all know about us. After talking with many people we have come to realize that many don't have the luxery of experiencing premium diapers or able to get their hands on accessories that they have been wanting for awile. So we originally decided to buy some bulk and sell at just enough to help other out and also help our own needs but it quickly grew to larger orders and more requests for stuff we didn't have. So we took the jump and have got a lot of stuff here now. So if your into supporting small local business let us know what we can do for you. And if your not local we still ship all over the world. And even offer super obvious non discrete shipping for all you humiliation cravers or mommies and daddies sending packages to their little ones and want to have some fun. Here is a quick list of a few things we offer. abdl printed diapers plain premium diapers adult pacifiers pacifier clips silicone pocket bibs onsies chastity cages a few other adult items to Adult sized pacifier pals ( stuffed animals attached to pacifiers)
  3. Just Leave it Up to Her

    The tears were at the corners of his eyes, on the side of his cheek, and on the soft padding underneath where he lay. His mouth was open and a pitched wail was emanating from his throat. His arms and his legs fidgeted on their own, his hands balled into fists. John was crying out for something. It was crying reserved for creatures that can only communicate in such a way, a completely helpless and dependent call to a stronger power caused by discomfort or need. It was the action of a baby, yet despite the very real tears that ran down his face, the very wet diaper hugging his hips, and the fact he was laying in a padded crib, John was very much a 24 year old man. “What’s wrong baby?†the woman said as she opened the door, entering a nursery any parent would be proud to own. It had all the equipment one would expect, plus the extras that show how well-cared for babies can be; only in this nursery everything was much bigger than what you might normally expect to find. The woman walked across the room at a relaxed pace, wearing a casual outfit to match her pace. Even in the grey sweatpants and white tank top, she was beautiful. Her hips swayed back and forth seductively, her wonderful butt going right to left slightly with her movements. Her ample breasts also got in on the act, sensually moving in one sleek flow with her glowing body. When she reached the large crib on the opposite side of the room she pressed against the wooden bars and peered at the diapered one in front of her, perfect teeth flashing a smile that her warm eyes confirmed. “What’s the matter sweetie?†she said to the one in front of her. Nothing in the world seemed out of the ordinary for these two adults in their mid twenties, each on one side of the bars of an adult-sized crib in an adult-sized nursery. For the moment, John’s crying had stopped. His eyes were beginning to get puffy and the sniffles and gentle sobs were all too ready to leave his chest at a moment’s notice, but as he looked through tear-stained eyes at the beautiful woman in front of him, he felt an indescribable peace enter his body. Why had he been crying? Nothing should have made him react like that, and yet his unease was suddenly abated when Molly had entered the room. “I wet my diawpos†he told her in a very baby-sounding voice. His response seemed to shock him. It was such an odd way to say it, why the baby accent? It just seemed to come out of him on its own. “Very good baby†Molly said through the bars, smiling down at John below. Instantly he felt a warm feeling of reward come over him and a big smile came over his face. “Let mommy put this back in, it’s important baby keep this in his mouth right now†she said while reaching through the just big enough gap in the crib. She grabbed a large sized pacifier off the crib padding and held it in front of his mouth, waiting expectantly. John started to open his mouth and move his head to accept the object, but suddenly a small voice cried out in his mind. Don’t put it in. He hesitated to move, unsure of what to do next. “Come on†Molly said again, with the slightest tinge of force in her voice, her eyes narrowing a miniscule fraction. Don’t let her do it. The voice was a bit louder now. Suddenly John seemed to realize this was all a little odd. Why am I in a crib at all? Am I…am I wearing a wet diaper? John was more confused than anything. “What am-“, John’s mouth was suddenly filled with the rubber paci, his lips barely open to ask his question. A calm flooded his body as the confusion went away. His face relaxed and he began a rhythmic suck suck suck of the pacifier, a kind of blankness in his eyes. Molly let out a sigh from her nostrils. Her smiled re-appeared. As she lowered the side of the crib she said “I think baby’s paci must have fallen out for a while. We’ll have to make sure that doesn’t happen again.†She reached in and sat John up, swinging his legs over the side of the crib, they were unable to touch the floor below. She felt inside his diaper. “You wet like a good baby!†John smiled and let out a little laugh from behind his pacifier. Molly reached in a lifted him on to her waist. John was 5’ 10â€, but Molly was taller at 6’ 1â€. She had him beat in muscle and strength too, Molly had always been strong. While John was never the strongest, he was weaker now than he’d ever been, and the fat on his body had been trimmed down too. Largely liquid diets will do that to a man. Gently and with only minimal effort she carried him over on her hip to the large changing table against the wall. Securing his chest, stomach, and wrists she untapped his diaper and threw it in the trash. A few wipes, puffs of baby powder, and a leg raise later he was secure in a new thick disposable. She reached in a drawer and grabbed a bonnet, putting it on his head. Using a special ribbon she tied a knot around one of the pacifier’s side holes then went around the back of his bonnet and secured the other end to the adjacent pacifier hole. She pulled it tight, the pacifier plastic pressing against his lips. “Now baby’s paci is nice and secure.†Carrying him gently back to the crib she laid him down inside. John was absent-mindedly sucking on the pacifier and fidgeting with his new diaper when he reached a hand out to grab Molly’s hand. She smiled and gave it a gentle caress before putting it back and raising the crib’s side once more. “Sweet dreams baby†she said as she reached to the side table and pressed play on a speaker. Gentle music began playing softly as she turned and left the room. She walked through the door and just before closing it completely took one last look at her baby boy, feeling so happy about where her hard work had taken her. Then she shut the door and left her baby to a night of sleep and suggestion, looking forward to the day she wouldn’t even need his control paci.
  4. Hello all, New(ish) to the site. Was on the site a few years ago, coming back because I have a question about chastity systems. Also wanted to re-join the community! I bought one at a sex store recently, and it ended-up being near impossible to wear with a diaper. It's metal and protrudes much too far, making extremely uncomfortable to wear. Does anybody know of any chastity systems that lay flatter, or are flexible in any way? One that sort of pushes my diaper parts to my body would be ideal, leaving room for the diaper to fit snugly. Thanks for reading!
  5. "Jimmy! Your babysitter's here!" I heard the familiar words from my Mommy--actually, my wife of three years--who was busy getting ready for her date in the other room. I was in my nursery, sitting on the floor, where I'd been told to wait for my babysitter's arrival. It still drove me crazy with jealousy to see Denise getting ready for a date with another man, dressing in her sexiest clothing, while I was destined to spend another long, lonely night in my crib. The unfairness of it grated on me constantly and not for the first time did I strongly resent our unequal relationship. On evenings such as this, I was inclined to put up a fuss and be a pest with her, so increasingly, she had relied on the services of Brooke, our current babysitter to keep me out of her hair. I saw the door to my nursery was soon being pushed open and Brooke's pretty face, with her long, silky blond hair framing it, beaming like sunshine as she looked down upon me. "And how's mommy's little girl?" she asked solicitously, although her tone of voice couldn't mask her amusement. Brooke was 19, a gorgeous college student and eight years my junior. Despite my older age, Brooke treated me like a four year-old child and Denise had given her the task of babysitting me when she was too busy to put up with me herself. Brooke had taken to the job like a fish to water, enjoying her power over me and Denise had given her full authority to discipline me as needed. And despite the fact she'd been babysitting me for over a year, I still burned with humiliation whenever she came over and saw me dressed as I was. It certainly wasn't helped by my wife's choice of attire for me. I was wearing a frilly pink gingham Sunday dress, anklets, and glossy black Mary Janes looking little different from a precocious toddler girl. It looked like Brooke had just left from the university because she was dressed in casual clothing suitable for the warm summer months; short, snug shorts that showcased her firm thighs, toned from years of cheerleading, and a form-fitting white crop top that revealed her flat washboard tummy. The plunging low cut of her top guaranteed a fabulous view of the cleavage formed by her generous bosom. "What a pretty dress you have on, Jimmy," she exclaimed as she came over and felt the eyelet lace trimming the short hem, "Is that a new one?" "Uh-huh," I mumbled as I blushed with renewed embarrassment. My wife had made it clear to me when we got married that she would be the one in charge and even gone to the extent of making me sign a prenuptial agreement/contract which established our very different roles. Basically, I was to do as she told me, whenever she told me, and without question. I had been so awed with her incredible beauty and statuesque body that I was willing to agree to anything, so long as it meant living with her. What I hadn't counted on was her plans to gradually feminize me and lower my effective age to that of a pre-schooler. Our first argument had ended badly for me. She'd settled it by yanking me over her lap and giving me a blistering spanking with her wide backed hairbrush, reducing me to tears in just a matter of moments. Not satisfied with my childish display of defeat, she continued to soundly paddle me, driving home her absolute authority over me and forever relegating me to secondary status. After that, she gradually threw out all my underwear, replacing them with lacy panties and putting me in girly dresses to wear around the house. But it was when she caught me masturbating that things took a turn for the worse. After another painful and humiliating spanking (this time in front of my mother-in-law), she produced a chastity device that she locked around my shriveled penis. She had never been happy with my equipment down there and this was just another way for her to take control over me. Initially, she was allowing me to cum once a week but that soon turned into increasingly longer stretches between my moments of (brief) relief. One week turned into two, and before long, I was only getting unlocked once a month to get a perfunctory, impersonal handjob before she locked my little wiener back into its restrictive, plastic prison. We had only been married four months when she happily brought home her latest purchase, a stout wooden paddle with numerous "air holes" drilled in the face for extra sting. Even though I had been on my best behavior that day, she still insisted on "breaking it in" upon my pantied bottom. I was sobbing like a baby by the time she finished, and since that first day, I've felt it's sting many times, often, for only the slightest of reasons. It was not long after that, that Denise hired some workers to come in and redecorate our spare room as a baby's nursery. A large, oversized crib dominated the room and the walls were papered with pink cartoon characters. This became my room and I was told the master bedroom was now off limits to me. Soon, Denise began seeing other men and she made no secret of her weekly liaisons. Her mother fully approved of her plans and she would often come over to babysit me, happy to treat me like an infant and it was her idea to change my bedtimes to 7:30 every night. I knew better than to argue with her since she had shown no hesitation in blistering my bottom with Denise's paddle. It was also her idea to extend my monthly chastity sentence to three months at a time. She assured her daughter that a big sissy like me didn't need to cum any more than four times a year and Denise quickly agreed. "Okay let's put away your coloring book, Jimmy, it's time to get you ready for beddie-bye now," Brooke said as she summarily closed the page I had been drawing on and began putting away my crayons without waiting for my approval. "Aw, is it time already?" I whined miserably. I couldn't believe it was already after seven but since my nursery had no clocks in it, I never had any way of knowing what time it was. "Yes it is, Sissy, its time to get you changed and ready for bed," she explained in her motherly tone, "Let's get that dress off and then it'll be time for nite-nite." I pouted as she pulled the frilly ensemble over my head and outstretched arms before hanging it up in the closet. She returned almost immediately with a pink and white fuzzy fleece diaper shirt, decorated with a Disney Princess theme. No sooner was it pulled into place than she presented me with my nightly bottle. "Here you are Jimmy, drink up your num-nums," she sang merrily. I accepted the 32 ounce baby bottle with blocks and giraffes and reluctantly began nursing the warmed milk. I had begun to suspect it was laced with a mild sedative and diuretic to better control me and it wasn't for nothing that my crib mattress had a waterproof sheet covering it. Taking my hand, she led me over to the changing table, a low, padded and vinyl covered surface six inches above the floor to sit me down upon. "I see your mommy has begun putting plastic panties over your trainers during the day," Brooke observed with a trace of surprise in her voice, "Are you wetting during the daytime too, now?" Her pointed question made me blush furiously but she seemed oblivious to my discomfort. "I...um, had an accident, the other day," I mumbled as I stared down at the pink carpeted floor, unable to look into her pretty green eyes. "Well, I'm not surprised," she said casually, "A big sissy like you really should be in diapers all the time--not just for bedtimes. I'll bet Denise will be making a few changes around here before too long." I winced inwardly at the idea of losing my last connection to adulthood, however pathetic it was. "Please-please don't tell her to do that," I pleaded with her. "Everyone knows what a bedwetter you are. If you can't keep your trainers dry during the day, she'll have no other choice," she quipped. "Now drink up Sissy," she insisted as she put the bottle back to my lips, effectively ending our conversation, "we don't have all night." I pouted helplessly as Brooke snaked my yellow plastic panties down from my thick cotton training pants and put them aside for later use. "Still dry for now," she mused aloud, "Oh well, not for long." Down came my trainers, exposing my bald, shaved crotch and my embarrassingly minuscule penis, securely locked within its CB6000s chastity device. Brooke giggled as she looked down at my caged member, incapable of growing past the frustrating inch and a half limitation of its tube. "You didn't really think you were going to be able to satisfy Denise with this, did you?" she asked as she held my tiny package in the palm of her slim hand and gently squeezed my swollen balls. Not sure if her question was meant rhetorically, I shrugged lamely and continued nursing from my bottle while my cheeks burned with shame. "This is so small, it's of no good to anyone...I think its just as well she decided to lock it up. "How long has it been now, since you last came?" she asked as she began gathering the thick cotton diapers next to her. "Um...two months," I said in barely a whisper. "Well, only one more month to go, Sissy. That shouldn't be any problem," she said with confidence she couldn't possibly feel. More likely, she just didn't care. "No...this is where you belong," she said as she slid a tall but soft stack of pre-formed diapers under my raised rump, "Securely pinned into a thick, thirsty set of baby diapers with some snug plastic panties to keep your childish wetting under control." I wanted to get up and run from the room but I was forced to sit there and endure her humiliating comments. "Just take a look at these," she said brightly as she held up a fluffy white diaper, "So soft and comfy, with a nice soaker strip sewn through the middle for heavy wetters like you." Just then, Denise strolled into the room unannounced, looking as if she were almost ready to leave. "Hi Brooke, how's it coming in here?" she asked, completely ignoring me. "Just changing the sissy into his baby diapers for the night," she replied with crisp efficiency. Looking over the top of my upraised bottle, I drank in the awe-inspiring sight of my wife, framed within the doorway. She hadn't yet put on her dress and her fabulous body was impossible to ignore. Her tall, five inch stiletto heels lent her a commanding presence and her skimpy black thong intimated at what she had planned for later on. She certainly had never worn underthings like that when we were first dating, I reflected with gloominess. Her tremendously big breasts were pushed up in the ultimate display of femininity, mocking me with their soft curves and deep, sexy cleavage. Only once had she ever deigned to let me touch them but that was three years ago and it seemed like an eternity now. I felt my penis struggling to become hard within my chastity device, only to be brought to a quick and effective stop by the short confines of the tube. I bit back the groan on my lips but my heart was thumping within my chest. I was so horny I couldn't even think straight and these two babes were totally unaware of my need. Looking down on me with an enchanting smile on her face, I could plainly see Denise was excited about her date. It was equally clear she was pleased to see me under control--out of her hair, being put into my sissy diapers and readied for bed like an incontinent toddler. "Can you help me with the zipper of my cocktail dress when you're done?" she asked Brooke. "Sure thing--we're just about done here," she replied as she shook fragrant baby powder over my buns and between my legs. It was terribly embarrassing to be in this position, my bare bottom and genitals exposed before them as Brooke resumed diapering me like a baby. Her manner towards me was so completely sexless, one might have thought she were folding laundry. Denise turned on her heel and I was briefly treated to one momentary view of her delicious derriere as she returned to her bedroom. "Your mommy seems very happy with her new boyfriend," Brooke said as she drew one side of my diapers up and pinned it to the other corner at my hips, "I think this is date number three." My spirits sank as I imagined her having wild, passionate sex with some strange man while I was confined to my nursery. "Don't look so grumpy, Jimmy," she chided me as she drew up the other side and pinned it in place, "You should be happy for her that she's found a man that can finally satisfy her--we both know you were never going to be able to do that." My eyes moistened with tears and I looked away, too ashamed to look my pretty babysitter in the face. Taking a pair of shiny white nursery print waterproof panties, she shook them out with a flourish as she held them up before me. "What do you think, Jimmy? Do you think these will look fashionable with your Disney Princess top?" I squirmed with embarrassment as she smiled down on me in anticipation. "Or would you prefer these cute pink panties with the lace?" she asked as she briefly picked up a polka dot pair of vinyl panties with white lace around the legs and waist. "Personally, I like the white nursery print so I think that's just what we'll dress you in tonight," she told me without waiting for an answer, "And anyway, it's not like you'll be showing off for anyone tonight in your crib. These plastic panties are good because they have nice snug elastic around the legs and waist --that's an important feature for bedwetting sissies like you." Gathering them together in her hands, she began snaking them up my skinny, hairless legs. With some effort, she worked them around the considerable bulk of my diapers, ensuring that none of the soft cloth was exposed outside the elasticized seams. "There you are, Babykins," she said brightly, "All safe and secure now in your sissy panties. That should keep your crib dry." I whimpered and fidgeted, fussily nursing my milk as she made a few adjustments and checked around my waist. I hated wearing diapers and plastic pants but like everything else in this house--I had absolutely no say in the matter. After briefly powdering between my legs, she patted the thick, shiny smooth face of my crotch with satisfaction. "All ready for beddie-bye!" she announced, "Come on--hurry up and finish your bottle, it's time to brush your teeth and then it's into your crib for the night." I gulped the last of the tepid milk and I could already feel the drowsiness beginning to wash over me. Soon, I reflected miserably, I would be asleep in my crib, helplessly wetting my diapers while my wife was being ravished by some other man. Awkwardly, I stood up and waddled toward the door, my bulky diaper preventing me from completely putting my legs together. Brooke followed me out, slapping the thick seat of my diapers as a way of hurrying me to my task before going to meet Denise in the bedroom. Dutifully, I did my business, wishing I could make use of the toilet like an adult before returning to the nursery. But I was only allowed to brush my teeth and I knew Brooke would be impatiently waiting for me when I finished. I knew from experience that pulling my diapers down or fiddling with them in any way was grounds for a spanking so it wasn't worth the risk. A few minutes later, I waddled back to the nursery to see her talking with her boyfriend on the phone. "Hey--gotta go," she told him when she looked up to see me in the doorway, "But I'll see you soon, I've just got to tuck the baby in." I also hated having to go to bed so early when everyone else's evenings were just beginning. "Can't I stay up a little longer?" I begged her. "Sorry Sissy--Mommy's orders. You're to be in your crib no later than 7:30," she said as she glanced down at her watch, "Looks like we're about 20 minutes early tonight but that'll be just fine." "But--" I pouted crankily, "It's not even bedtime yet." I stamped my feet in protest at her apparent indifference. Brooke scooped up the big pink rubber pacifier on the dresser and brought it over, pushing it against my lips. "Open up for your paci, baby," she said in a sing-song voice, ignoring my point completely. "Uh-uh," I refused petulantly, angrily pursing my lips together. "Now Jimmy, you can either go to bed with--or without--a hot, stinging bottom. What's it going to be?" she said in a firm, demanding voice. Balling my fists together in frustration, I hesitated, but only briefly. Brooke had no qualms about putting me over her lap to teach me a lesson as I'd already learned the hard way previously. Acknowledging her superiority, I obediently opened my lips and she pushed the thick rubber nipple into my mouth, ended the discussion once and for all. My cheeks reddened with humiliation at being defeated by this young hottie but I let her remove my Mary Janes before guiding me to the open side of the crib. She pulled back the soft pink coverlet and as I crawled in, I heard the waterproof vinyl mattress cover crinkle audibly beneath my weight, a sound all too familiar to a bedwetter. She pulled up the blankets and handed my teddy bear to me, tucking it in under my arm. "That's a good baby," she said, once more in her pleasant mood. Reaching down, she kissed me on the cheek briefly and I inhaled her wonderful perfume. This one fleeting kiss was as close I got to having any kind of sex and I savored the instant, wishing somehow to make it linger. But Brooke was already closing the side of the crib, latching it in place before she turned and made for the door. "Nighty-nite, Jimmy," she said as she gently closed the door behind her. After the door closed, the lights went out and the nursery became dark, save for the dim light put out by my Dumbo nightlight on the far wall. Denise had designed it that way so that the lighting could only be controlled from outside of the nursery. The door was also only lockable from the outside and I heard Brooke gently turning the knob to make sure I was secure for the night. It would be another twelve hours before someone came in to check on me and by then, my diapers would be thoroughly and completely soaked. In my utter frustration, I was tempted to spit out the pacifier and let loose with a string of colorful curse words but even with that, I knew better. A baby monitor stood on the dresser top, a permanent way for Denise or Brooke to listen in on my nursery activities when I wasn't being supervised. Among my other restrictions, I was forbidden to swear and it wasn't worth a spanking and mouthsoaping just for a few words said in haste. Except for the crinkling and rustling of my plastic panties and the mattress cover, the room was quiet, and I tried to listen to see what was going on in the rest of the house. Denise was saying something to Brooke; I heard the two of them giggle at something, and before long, I heard her heels clicking followed by the front door closing. A moment later, I heard the sound of her Lexus pulling out of the driveway and fading away down the street. Without realizing it, I suddenly felt a slight warm wetness seeping between my legs and a trickle of pee flowing against my skin. With a panicked gulp and a cry of despair, I managed to shut off the flow but the damage was already done. Now I'd have to try and go to sleep with a distracting wet spot in my diaper. It was going to be a very long night. THE END
  6. "Come in, come in," Stephanie said, keeping her voice purposely low, "He's taking his nap now, so he has no idea you're here." Tessa, tall, brunette, and very pretty, strode through the front door, being careful not to let her high heels click too loudly on the wooden parquet floor. Her figure-hugging skirt looked sexy, yet businesslike, and her fitted top revealed that she was a woman that men looked twice, and then three times at. "Is he really wearing diapers?" she asked incredulously, still not quite prepared to believe what her new friend had told her. Stephanie smiled, "You'll see soon enough...come down the hallway, but don't let him hear you--I want him to be completely surprised when he sees his ex-girlfriend in the flesh." The lighter haired woman stopped at a door and slowly, carefully and quietly pushed it open, her smile increasing as she spied her boyfriend sleeping across the room. Standing aside, she beamed at Tessa and allowed her to take in the unique decor of the room. It looked exactly like a baby girl's nursery, with a pink dresser, changing table, stuffed animals and dollies, and a bookshelf filled with childish coloring books. The afternoon sun shone strongly through the single window in the room, despite the gauzy pink and white curtains that were pulled closed. Nursery print wallpaper surrounded the room and a large pink crib dominated the corner. It was in that piece of over-sized furniture, that Tessa's shocked face beheld Conrad, her former boyfriend. Hardly able to believe her eyes, she quietly and tentatively stepped into the room, the subtle but distinct smell of stale pee making her cute nose crinkle distastefully. The two of them moved over to the edge of the crib and looked down at the sleeping occupant, oblivious to the audience he now had standing above him. Sometime during his nap, he had pushed the baby blankets aside, and he lay there now, peacefully sucking his thumb in slumber. Tessa stifled a giggle as she looked down on the prone form of her former boyfriend. He was wearing a fuzzy white and pink, short-sleeved, fleece top that came down just past his navel, but what really grabbed her attention were the bulging fat diapers and colorful nursery print plastic panties now fully exposed around his hips. He looked every part the innocent baby toddler, soundly asleep with his pretty pampers humiliatingly revealed. Giggling to herself, Tessa quickly dug in her purse and eagerly took out her cell phone. With a few keystrokes, she brought up the camera function and immediately began snapping pictures of the big sissy sleeping blissfully beneath her, making sure she got his face in the shots. Stephanie reached down and carefully slide a finger inside the leg holes of his plastic panties. Quickly withdrawing her finger, she rubbed them together, indicating the wetness she'd discovered. "Soaking wet," she whispered, a conspiratorial smile on her beautiful face. Tessa shook her head in disbelief, taking two more pictures to satisfy herself. Then Stephanie silently motioned them out, closing the door quietly behind her. "We'll talk in the dining room," she told her new friend quietly. The two of them tip-toed down the hall and into the dining room, which was some distance from the nursery. "I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes," Tessa remarked with astonishment as she scrolled through the pictures on her phone she'd just taken, "How did you find me?" "Oh--that wasn't too difficult. I just went through Conrad's contact list and I saw your number there." "Okay--you've gotta tell me how this whole thing started. I mean--I thought he was a perv and all, but I never figured he was some sort of big baby," Tessa explained in a rush. "Well as I'm sure you know, sex with him was never very good." "I'll say," Tessa quickly agreed, "Pathetic, would be a better description." "Thank you. Yes--I couldn't have said it better. I can't tell you how many times he came after only thirty seconds of thrusting inside me. It was bad enough I could barely feel him, but then to have him lose it after less than a minute..." "--Believe me--I know," Tessa interjected, "Thank god, I don't have to deal with that anymore." "Well anyway...I think it was about six months ago that I found his secret baby stash; plastic pants, diapers, pins, baby powder, all kinds of weird stuff. Once I got over the initial shock--it all kinda started making sense to me. He didn't want to be a man--he wanted to be a big baby, free of any responsibilities." Tessa was nodding her head slowly in understanding. "That was when I decided to give him just what he wanted--a nursery fit for a big sissy baby--all of it being paid for with his credit cards, of course. "He was overjoyed at the beginning, thinking he was in masturbation heaven--that is, until I decided to get him fitted for a nice, secure chastity device. Unfortunately for Conrad--that put an abrupt end to his ability to play with himself. Finally, he had all the soft, fluffy diapers and sissy outfits he ever wanted, but no way to satisfy himself," Stephanie chuckled. "Now I leave the keys at work so there's no chance he can get out unless I decide." Tessa clapped her hands and giggled with glee. "How often do you let him out?" she asked. "Once a month, if he's good. I unlock his device and let him cum in his baby diapers--he looks absolutely ridiculous, rubbing himself like a horny toddler. But after one orgasm, its right back into his chastity cage for another month. "Last time, he got sassy with me so I added another month to his lock up time." Tessa smiled with admiration and satisfaction. "But what about you?" she suddenly asked, the realization hitting her that the situation being described hardly sounded mutually satisfying. "Oh, don't worry. Once Conrad got his nursery--I immediately started dating other men. I mean--after pinning him into his diapers and pulling his plastic panties up, it was impossible to take him seriously as a man anymore, you know? "He didn't like it at first but I have a paddle I keep in his room that I use for occasions when he tries to stand up to me. I just yank his diapers down and put him over my lap. After ten swats--he's bawling like a baby but I make sure he gets a full five minutes so he really learns his lesson." Tessa nodded her head in agreement with Stephanie's methods. "Serves the big sissy right." "I thought you'd approve," her friend replied, "Of course...I don't know what your relationship was like with him...he described you as a total bitch to me...but I'd bet you have some grievances of your own to settle with him." Tessa's pretty features darkened as she imagined her pathetic former boyfriend making up all manner of stories to justify how their relationship had ended. For Tessa, his ridiculous attempts to try and fulfill his manly duties in bed had been quite enough. With her looks and body, she had no difficulty whatsoever trying to attract men and she was far too young to let her life be wasted by a sissy like Conrad. "Anyway, thanks for coming over to babysit him for me. I haven't seen my boyfriend for a week now and I can't wait get to his place, if you know what I mean," she said with a mischievous wink, "I may not be home tonight." "No worries," Tessa said, smiling pleasantly again, "I have an old score to settle with Conrad and I brought my stuff for an overnight just in case." "Great--I'll let you know later on tonight what we plan to do," Stephanie told her, "And now...should we wake up our little bedwetter?" An evil smirk crossed Tessa's face. "Oh yes."
  7. I recently ordered a CB3000. I can't wait to lock myself up in it and then wear it beneath my diaper. My ultimate fantasy would be for my wife to lock my little manhood up and keep me in diapers. When not diapered then panties would be my only option. Dresses, skirts, nothing masculine or adult unless absolutely necessary.