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Found 12 results

  1. Adoption roleplay

    Hi all I would like to do an adoption roleplay. If you are interested please pm me and we can discuss details
  2. Rp?

    Looking for anyone intersted in doing an X-Men: Evolution rp where some of the adult mutants are seen as babies, and are adopted and treated like babies or toddlers, depending on their age. If interested, please let me know, also, I'm looking for partners who can write in detail and write at least three lines.
  3. The English Class (Robehouse and me)

    Miu Nakayama, (played by Robehouse), is a typical eightteen year old fashion sense smart Japanese student who has not yet decided on a career, which is becoming more and more common in Japan recently, though such students are still way outnumbered by others who already have dreams of what they want to do. Though she had no actual idea for a career in mind, she did have big plans about going abroad sometime and studying in Indoneasia, America, Europe, and so on, so believing English to be the language of the world, and loving to study it so much even from junior high school, which is also kind of rare among Japanese students, she had applied to get into an all English University where they teach everything in English and they prepare her to make a career choice that will use her English skills. As much as she loved the idea and aced getting into the school, she was going to graduate in about three months, and the closer to the entry date to her university, the more she worried about understanding her teachers and what was going on there. She talked about her concerns with her dad who then set her up to take English classes from a native American. The native America didn't live far from their house, and for the trial lesson, her dad would just drop her off, and let her attend the class on her own, and then pick her up. After the class, they would discuss whether that class was the right one for her. So it was that Miu Nakayama, had just hung out with her friends all day for it was the middle of the Japanese winter holidays, and she had done some extra studying at home as well, and then it came about time to get ready. "You want to impress the teacher," her father told her. "Wear something nice like you are going to a piano recital or something," he told her. "Don't look too adult-like, or he might misunderstand your English ability and make your class too hard for you. Just try to be yourself, but think about dressing in the way that will let him know he is still working with a child in high school, okay?" She had not been to the bathroom in the last six hours, nor did she feel like she had to go just now.... Mr. Ralph Taylor was an English teacher who had lived in Japan for quite a while. He understood Japanese culture as well as any foreigner could understand it, though his Japanese speaking ability was still limited due to the fact he used English most of the time. His students came to him to learn English, and aside from his teaching, he really didn't have much of a life. He loved teaching, though sometimes, he found himself wanting his own little girl to take care of. He would do almost anything to get a little girl, and unfortunately for Miu, this was strongly on his mind as he prepared for her class. He had not even met her or knew anything about her, but she was eighteen, and that meant, that whatever happened, she was not really a child, and if he could get her to do something of her own free will, it was probable that she wouldn't tell her parents if something got embarrassing for her, and at the sametime, if she did try to say something that could get him introuble, she would also risk getting her own embarrassment found out. He wasn't thinking along the lines of actually hurting her though. He had no intentions of touching in any way you wouldn't touch a child. But, he was thinking of making her more as a child than an adult through conditioning if he could. The first step, though, was to gain her trust, and to make his class exciting for her to learn from. He would make it as childish of a class as she could while simutaneously, making it seem each part had a point, and therefore, she would hopefully not realize how childish the class really was. He would give her sound reasons for each of the activities they did, and if her dad was there, then he would tailor the activities so that the dad wouldn't necessarily see them in action, but would understand the purpose behind them so he would also encourage her to do whatever the teacher said. So, it was, that he waited watching out his second story window for a car that didn't usually come to the parking lot below, for his student who was due to come at 6:30.
  4. Adoption Centre RP (Open)

    So... First off HI! I'm Asriel... although my friends call me Azzy, I'm a newborn to DD, and I like to RP, so I thought it might be fun to RP something like this. Anyone can join There are two roles to be played A baby, toddler, little girl, sissy, little boy, etc. or you could be one of the "Staff" which are the nurse, mommy, daddy, nanny, etc. If you start as a baby, etc. you are part of an "Adoption Centre" for ABs If you start as a "Staff" member you are going to the "Adoption Centre" To adopt one of the ABs Now babies, If you get adopted, you choose to go with the "staff" to their homes or stay in the adoption centre one last thing, if you play staff and have a partner/friend from another RP (If he/she is willing to participate) you can force them to become a baby by letting them in the Adoption centre, where a nurse will "take care of them" which means, they will be retrained to being and acting like a baby So anyway, you're free to join if you want, and as I said, I'm still a newborn in this site and don't know if this has been done before.
  5. Little girl Laura (open)

    This role play is about a little girl named Laura. Who is adopted by a loving couple who live in a big house.
  6. The Regression of a tough guy

    14 year old Eti sat on his bunk in Chester Children's Home. His real parents and sister had died 3 years ago. He was now on the waiting list for adoption, the only problems were, his right eye was blind because of the accident and most people found the milky white sphere a bit disturbing and his anger issues loads of the other children bullied him and he was often violent. Despite his "tough guy" outside he was very vulnerable, he just wished his life would start again and to be taken care of like a baby. (Post a reply open to all I'd prefer one paragraph answers but I'm fine with anything)
  7. Unforseen Events II (w/babyfrost)

    Mike Richards walked into the adoption agency and sat in the waiting room. At a mere 24 years of age, Mike was the chief safety manager and had a very modest salary. He was never able to find the right woman. Any woman he dated always turned out to in it for his money. That's where this issue began. Mike wanted a family. He wanted child to depend on him and love him. No one, it seemed, wanted to get to know him and give him that. So, he started looking into adoption and was eventually matched with a little girl named Aurora. "Mr. Sanders?" An attendant said snapping Mike out of his thoughts. "Right here!" He said standing. "Follow me to the meeting room." Mike did as he was told and ended up in a room with a table and two chairs, each on opposite sides. He took his seat and waited. "Aurora will be brought in shortly." She said smiling before leaving.
  8. Adopting a Teen Baby

    Hello! My name is PwincessMarissa, and I've got an RP idea for anyone that's interested. The idea is this: a mentally regressed teenager has lived her whole life in an adoption center and has never seen the outside world. However, that all changes when a kindhearted parent chooses to adopt her. The RP the cute and fluffy story of these two and their new life together. If this interests you at all, leave me a message!
  9. Scott and Katie(open role play)

    This role play is about a girl named Katie aand her brother who are orphaned and taken in by Richard and Karen Doyle. They are lovely people Richard works for a hedge fund group and karen is a stay at home mom. They were never blessed to have children of there own so they decided to adopt.
  10. Dear Diapered Friends Who are a Young Adults (18+) or an Adult Baby (21+) or a bit of both or Just a Diaper Lover or someone looking for a caregiver , I would like to know in this topic of discussion that if there are a private adoption for those who are a teen-baby or an adult-baby or just someone who is a diaper lover but needs a real caregiver. Hopefully in this topic of discussion would shed a light for those who are seeking a private adoption of these kind. I have heard in several diaper chat rooms that there's been a successful adoption of teenage children up to an adult age being adopted by someone legally and lived in their homes to get taken care of and some even migrate from overseas to get taken care of. If this were true it will be a dream come true for some individuals who cannot live in their own homes while wanting to wear diapers and being taken care of and needs. Nevertheless they mentioned something about the issue of trust. Some must show themselves in either to gain full trust to live in someone's home to be taken care of. Although this may sound too good to be true but in fact it is real that has happen out there in the open. For those teenagers who felt miserable because they are not allowed to wear diapers in their own homes because they don't need to. But if there is someone who would adopt this young teenagers they will move into a good home where they can fully support into their life style in diapers. Some of these teenagers would have to deal with it if they are forbidden to wear diapers in their own home. For those lucky teenagers that found a good home where they can be adopted to wear diapers all the time everyday then that is very good. This goes the same with some young to an adult diaper wearer. Sometimes they want not just a role-playing Mommy or Daddy or a Fetish Sugar Mommy or a Fetish Sugar Daddy who would pay for their full time diaper desire. Once again if those young adult to the full grown diaper wearer who have found these generous care givers I would like to congratulate them on their new life style. So my point is. Are there any real Mommy or Daddy or them Fetish Sugar Mommy or the Fetish Sugar Daddy type who wish to care for some one please go show yourself here. It will be a dream comes true if this will help some of those to live in a true an everyday daily lifestyle of a true diaper wearer without having to role-play in their secluded fantasy world. You will be living in your dreams to the maximum point until it is hard to go back to your previous non diaper life style. Whilst sexual intercourse is not necessary or maybe prohibited unless there are agreements by each individuals. This doesn't have to related with any sexual preference to it. I hope this topic of discussion would help a bit to inspire others who will be ready to offer themselves to care for others. You can open a classified about yourself to advertise it in the Diaper Forums saying that you are willing to do it. Let this be an eye opener to some who are ready willing to do so. Technically I'm looking for someone to say something to start this topic of discussion so it will lead into positive results for the Diaper Wearers to go out in the open freely without the burden of waiting to feel good about themselves. By starting small from families to families then the diaper communities will start to open more, from a closed up diaper venues there could be bigger events, hopefully there will be a Diaper Island like place then soon if things grows bigger there will be a DIAPER COUNTRY soon - although this is just another fantasy for ours to be kept in here - who agrees who disagree. Thank you for reading this topic - hopefully this topic will be helpful for the others - forgive me if my grammar is bad because there are many Grammar Nazi out there but I'm just decliningly slow due to a lots of daily stress I often had which leads to an uncertain light depression that made me a little more scribbly when I type. Take care all. Please respond here for the others to read about.
  11. I think I would prefer playing this through notes, so please message me if you would be interested. And I will warn you now.... I might be a little picky about my partner. Please do not be offended if I tell you that I would prefer not to play with you. (One helpful hint: If you contact me, try to use proper grammar. I am a little bit of a Grammar Nazi, I just try not to be mean about it.) Warning: RP involves underaged characters, but is obviously meant to be a work of total fiction/fantasy. I will only play with consenting adults who are 'playing' as younger characters. Basic Idea: I will play as Maxwell Curtis, a government social worker, working with the Department of Child Services. By day, he is a government employee helping to find new homes for orphans or children that otherwise need a new place to live. But in his private life, Maxwell is a slave trainer for the underground slave trafficking market. He has always wanted a slave all to his own though to allow him to train and involve in his own personal kinks and fetishes. Your character would be a 10-13 year old boy or girl in need of a new home. Maxwell comes to see you as an official social worker, but after getting to know you, he decides to bring you to his own home instead. He begins to implant you with subliminal commands and triggers that will help him to train you once your conditioning is complete. The RP would start a few weeks after your adoption, after the hypnosis has become embedded in your subconscious. Beginning post: (Was originally written for female character, but male is fine too) The orphanage had called Maxwell a few days before the girl's thirteenth birthday. They didn't like it, but they had to draw the line somewhere. They were underfunded and understaffed as it was, yet overcrowded. They were only able to take care of children up until they turned thirteen. If they were still unadopted by then, then the orphanage had to turn them over to child services for placement in a foster home or state-run orphanage. The girl had already been told that she would be leaving today, and had packed up all of her stuff. She had said her goodbyes and was waiting in the front when Maxwell arrived. He seemed nice when they first met. He was well dressed, and reminded him of a school teacher or principal. He took her out to lunch that afternoon and discussed a few different options for where she could be sent to live. There was something about her, though. Something he couldn't put his finger on. He couldn't help but feel a bit of an attraction towards her. He hadn't originally been interested in anything except his job, but now that he had had a chance to talk to her, he decided that she would be best off coming to live with him.... not for her best interests, but for his. The first few weeks in her new home were normal enough. She was clearly impressed with the huge home she had been placed in, and the massive room that was all hers. She had her own TV, her own computer, a closet full of some of the nicest clothes she had ever seen. He even got her any toy, video game, or gadget she wanted... all except for a phone, which she had really wanted. She had full reign in the house, except for a few locked doors... some on the second floor, and the one on the main floor which led to the basement. But up until now, she hadn't really cared what was in there. She was happy with the parts of the house she was allowed to see. Everything had been normal and lovely up until now, and she had no reason to suspect Maxwell was anything but a kind man who wanted to be a loving caretaker to her. What she didn't know, was that he had planned these three weeks as a time of conditioning for the girl. Each time she turned on her TV, or played a game on her computer, there were actually subliminal tones playing throughout her entire room. They were completely silent to her ears, but were embedding hidden commands and triggers within her subconscious. By now, they had to be nearly permanent, and it was today that Maxwell planned to begin testing these commands. She had been home alone most of the day. Maxwell was just arriving home from work, and called her down to the main foyer. "Sweety... Are you home?" He called, laughing to himself, as if she would be anywhere else. He came in and removed his shoes, kicking them under a bench, just inside the main door.
  12. Posted here for brainstorming purposes. Feel free to point out any weakness you spot in the idea, or to add details that may (fictionally) make this work better. Any idea here is there to be stolen, so feel free to take without permission Scenario: A private clinic offers a new service to accidentally pregnant teenagers coming from troubled families who do not want to abort from one side and to sterile couples who are looking for a baby to adopt on the other. The clinic offers to host the pregnant girl for the duration of her pregnancy. During such time, the underage girl and her baby will be kept safe from the dangers of the girl’s usual living environment. This means that the girl is basically committing herself into a rehab: any unhealthy habit or psychological issue that might harm the fetus will be properly handled. The couple wishing to adopt the child will pay the bill. To make the deal more appealing to the pregnant teenagers, the clinic is arranged somehow like a luxury hotel. Schooling and additional facultative courses are also available for the girls. To protect the investment of the adoption couple, the clinic is also structured as a prison. Any contact with the outside world (visits, internet usage, phone calls etc.) is strictly monitored and there are checks to make it impossible for the girls to smuggle in anything inappropriate. Strategy of the clinic: The girls are usually wild, with poor instruction and usually not wishing to be totally open about their personal issues. The main strategy of the clinic is to give as much personal attention to the girls as possible, keeping them under strict control and in general showing care for their emotive side while at the same time firmly addressing any behavioral issue. In many cases, it’s a concentrated experience of the parenting that the girls have never properly received. Understanding this, the clinic assigns a caregiver to each girl that basically will act as a parent for the duration of her stay. One caregiver shall handle from one up to four girls and will be the person of the clinic to spend most time with his assigned girls. Girls assigned to the same caregiver are treated as if they were sisters and are encouraged to develop a special bond. Each caregiver will motivate the girls assigned to him/her to do their best in school and in the physical training for the delivery, raising the bar progressively higher to give some challenge and keep the attention of the soon-to-be-mom away from negative thoughts (personal issues in the "outside world", mainly). Diapers Incontinence pants are first introduced for certain gymnastics that involve pelvic floor relaxation, done in preparation for delivery. The trainer explains that a new method to make delivery less painful is to learn to better control the muscles in the pelvic area. This means being able to fully relax and tense those muscles, in any situation. “Full relaxation of pelvic floor basically means peeing your pants without pushing. We will get there through breathing exercises and some light hypnosis