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Found 15 results

  1. Gabriel has just broken a winery window and he had dropped a rope to into the house, the window was rather narrow but it was easy for him to go through it thanks his small size; being a little had some advantage after all. He didn’t know if someone was into home but in that case he had taken some countermeasures: He had a gun: It was a toy gun and pressing the trigger a flag with the word “bang” would have come out from the barrel. He had some firecrackers: he pretended some gun shots if it were necessary Some stadium smoke: that would be useful to cover an escape. They were cheap tricks but in the past they worked then he was very confident about them and his ability. He dropped with rope until the floor, and climbed the stairs of the winery getting to the door that opened easily accessing to the living room. He searched small objects that can be carried easily: he finded a silver frame with the photo a smiling old man on the small table. He removed and rested iton the table putting the frame in his backpack. Then he decided to take a ride around the house to see if there are something interesting: he opened a door seeing a giant nursery in the room. “I hope it’s not for a little” he said going to the next room, where he found a laptop on a big double bed. He had to climb hardly to reached it and put in the bag. Then he approached the bedside table and found and next generation smartphone, “today is my lucky day!” he said smiling and putting it in his bag, then opening every drawer where he found some cash. He went to the biggest drawers and with more difficulty opened the first drawer finding some jewelry “it’s fantastic!” he said putting everything in his bag. He decided to do another tour of the house to see if there was something else interesting but he heared the noise of the principal door that closed.
  2. jan241989

    Little girl Laura (open)

    This role play is about a little girl named Laura. Who is adopted by a loving couple who live in a big house.
  3. Little Giammy

    looking for a role play partner

    hi. i'm searching a partner for a role play. The protagonist is a little boy with younglock syndrom who is adopted by a woman from the orphanage. I would play the role of the little boy. Please I don't want short answers, but i prefer long and explanatory answers.
  4. Little Giammy

    The little orphan

    The little Michael is a 12 years old boy who lives in an orphanage waiting to be adopted. Until he was a teenager because of younglock syndrome he seemed a 3 years old boy, but it wasn't a big issue problem for him. Until he was a little naughty he was a very sweet boy who was searching someone who can care for him and who can bear him the rare time he make a tantrum, but he was very intelligent too and he had very good votes in to school, he liked particularly math an science. The day when his new legal guardian came to take him from the orphanage he was ready to go with her, he wore his special big boy's pants, those blue with dinosaurs that he like so much, he wanted to appear like a big boy to her new mommy. He didn't know much about her: the only thing he knew about her was that she lived alone. The directress of the orphanage, miss Priscilla, came to accompany him in the meeting room where he would meet his new mommy he was a little bit nervous, so the young woman knocked on the door of the little room and opening it she saw "Michael? It's time!" the little boy get up from the floor where she was sited and giving his little hand to miss Priscilla he followed the woman to the date with his new mommy. (I 'd like do Michael. please don't write short answers but be descriptive)
  5. Dear Diapered Friends Who are a Young Adults (18+) or an Adult Baby (21+) or a bit of both or Just a Diaper Lover or someone looking for a caregiver , I would like to know in this topic of discussion that if there are a private adoption for those who are a teen-baby or an adult-baby or just someone who is a diaper lover but needs a real caregiver. Hopefully in this topic of discussion would shed a light for those who are seeking a private adoption of these kind. I have heard in several diaper chat rooms that there's been a successful adoption of teenage children up to an adult age being adopted by someone legally and lived in their homes to get taken care of and some even migrate from overseas to get taken care of. If this were true it will be a dream come true for some individuals who cannot live in their own homes while wanting to wear diapers and being taken care of and needs. Nevertheless they mentioned something about the issue of trust. Some must show themselves in either to gain full trust to live in someone's home to be taken care of. Although this may sound too good to be true but in fact it is real that has happen out there in the open. For those teenagers who felt miserable because they are not allowed to wear diapers in their own homes because they don't need to. But if there is someone who would adopt this young teenagers they will move into a good home where they can fully support into their life style in diapers. Some of these teenagers would have to deal with it if they are forbidden to wear diapers in their own home. For those lucky teenagers that found a good home where they can be adopted to wear diapers all the time everyday then that is very good. This goes the same with some young to an adult diaper wearer. Sometimes they want not just a role-playing Mommy or Daddy or a Fetish Sugar Mommy or a Fetish Sugar Daddy who would pay for their full time diaper desire. Once again if those young adult to the full grown diaper wearer who have found these generous care givers I would like to congratulate them on their new life style. So my point is. Are there any real Mommy or Daddy or them Fetish Sugar Mommy or the Fetish Sugar Daddy type who wish to care for some one please go show yourself here. It will be a dream comes true if this will help some of those to live in a true an everyday daily lifestyle of a true diaper wearer without having to role-play in their secluded fantasy world. You will be living in your dreams to the maximum point until it is hard to go back to your previous non diaper life style. Whilst sexual intercourse is not necessary or maybe prohibited unless there are agreements by each individuals. This doesn't have to related with any sexual preference to it. I hope this topic of discussion would help a bit to inspire others who will be ready to offer themselves to care for others. You can open a classified about yourself to advertise it in the Diaper Forums saying that you are willing to do it. Let this be an eye opener to some who are ready willing to do so. Technically I'm looking for someone to say something to start this topic of discussion so it will lead into positive results for the Diaper Wearers to go out in the open freely without the burden of waiting to feel good about themselves. By starting small from families to families then the diaper communities will start to open more, from a closed up diaper venues there could be bigger events, hopefully there will be a Diaper Island like place then soon if things grows bigger there will be a DIAPER COUNTRY soon - although this is just another fantasy for ours to be kept in here - who agrees who disagree. Thank you for reading this topic - hopefully this topic will be helpful for the others - forgive me if my grammar is bad because there are many Grammar Nazi out there but I'm just decliningly slow due to a lots of daily stress I often had which leads to an uncertain light depression that made me a little more scribbly when I type. Take care all. Please respond here for the others to read about.
  6. Little Giammy

    a little thief

    Lucas is a thief, he is a little who committed varius thefts in amazons houses. But he would never have immagined that the last home that he visited was inhabitated from a police woman who catch him in the act. (please be descriptve) This is my ninth theft in an amazon house. I broke a basaments window to get in, my small size are more useful after all. i don't know if ther is someone in this house, I have a solution in this case: it's a toy gun but it looks real, i haven't intention to harm anyone. I throug a tail and I fall down in the cellar. I search for jewelry and cash, its the most easy things to take awey. I climb silently the stairchase until the upstair where I open the door and i get in the living room where I begin to search something of intrest.
  7. jan241989

    Scott and Katie(open role play)

    This role play is about a girl named Katie aand her brother who are
  8. Ishigreensa

    The English Class (Robehouse and me)

    Miu Nakayama, (played by Robehouse), is a typical eightteen year old fashion sense smart Japanese student who has not yet decided on a career, which is becoming more and more common in Japan recently, though such students are still way outnumbered by others who already have dreams of what they want to do.
  9. BabyWarlock

    Adoption roleplay

    Hi all I would like to do an adoption roleplay. If you are interested please pm me and we can discuss details
  10. bluebabygirl


    Looking for anyone intersted in doing an X-Men: Evolution rp where some of the adult mutants are seen as babies, and are adopted and treated like babies or toddlers, depending on their age. If interested, please let me know, also, I'm looking for partners who can write in detail and write at least three lines.
  11. Azzy_Dreemurr

    Adoption Centre RP (Open)

    So... First off HI! I'm Asriel... although my friends call me Azzy, I'm a newborn to DD, and I like to RP, so I thought it might be fun to RP something like this. Anyone can join There are two roles to be played A baby, toddler, little girl, sissy, little boy, etc. or you could be one of the "Staff" which are the nurse, mommy, daddy, nanny, etc.
  12. grandmaster342

    Unforseen Events II (w/babyfrost)

    Mike Richards walked into the adoption agency and sat in the waiting room. At a mere
  13. I think I would prefer playing this through notes, so please message me if you would be interested.
  14. PwincessMarissa

    Adopting a Teen Baby

    Hello! My name is PwincessMarissa, and I've got an RP idea for anyone that's interested. The idea is this: a mentally regressed teenager has lived her whole life in an adoption center and has never seen the outside world. However, that all changes when a kindhearted parent chooses to adopt her. The RP the cute and fluffy story of these two and their new life together. If this interests you at all, leave me a message!
  15. Posted here for brainstorming purposes. Feel free to point out any weakness you spot in the idea, or to add details