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Found 50 results

  1. Pm me. I can be virtually yours.
  2. Looking for forced babying

    Hey, so I’m still looking for new roleplays, PM me if interested. I want play the little/submissive, though I am willing to double (you playing caretaker for me and me playing caretaker for you in another rp) if absolutely necessary. No one-liners, please. I would love to play out a scenario where my character is forced to be a baby again; by his mother maybe, or his parents could be away for the summer and hire a babysitter who treats him like a little baby, or a younger sibling blackmailing him into wearing/using diapers and acting like a baby, a wife/girlfriend starting to treat him like a small toddler after he wets the bed. Anything like that.
  3. ABDL RP Search, looking for caregiver

    So, this is my first post here and I’m on mobile, so it’ll probably be really short. I’ll start off by saying I’d prefer to play male, but I’m also willing to play a female if convinced. I mostly like the DL side of things, but still enjoy AB, if age regression is involved my characters little age would be 4-8, but would still be an adult, not an actual child. I would like my character to be the one in diapers as well (I’m set in this), preferably forced into them by your character. I love humiliation (both private and especially public), forced diapers, and forced wetting/messing. I like for my character to come to love diapers over time, not right away. I also prefer to roleplay via pm. I can do either short 1-3 liner roleplays (full sentences) or post up to two paragraphs. Despite these rules I can be pretty lenient if I like the roleplay. I don’t have any specific plots in mind but feel free to HMU with ideas or if you just wanna brain storm (:
  4. I am searching for a daddy/mommy to do a nonsexual RP with, the plot is: You were VERY mad at me, a 13 year old teen, I had a report card with only F's. You decided you needed to have a huge punishment, during the whole you are treated like a baby, sleeping in a crib, crawling or being carried, I need to use my diaper, I needed to adress you as mommy/daddy. You enjoys this punishment very much because of your kinks, but I don't like it at all. You have a set of very clear rules I needed to follow, if I did not follow them I would be punished.
  5. Send me a pm if you want roleplay

    Hi! I would love to try roleplay, so send send me a pm or contact me
  6. Regressed (private)

    Noel wasn't doing too well in school. Not well at all in fact, since he had been unable to graduate his last year of high school at the same time with everyone else and would have to redo his senior year. So now, on summer vacation, when everyone else was packing up and moving all over the country to their chosen colleges, Noel was still at home getting ready for his second time in senior year at high school. Luckily the summer had only just began though, so he wouldn't have to worry about anything for a few months at least. There was a party at his friend's house tonight, and he was going whether his parents liked it or not. He was wearing the clothes he was going to wear for the party and went downstairs, finding his parents in the living room. They had given him quite the talk when they found out he wasn't going to graduate, but it wasn't like he cared all that much. "I'm going to a friend's house tonight", he told them, crossing his arms over his chest, "Don't expect me to be back until late." Noel remembered his mother having talked about them going somewhere tomorrow, though he couldn't remember where. "Are we still going tomorrow?", he asked then, "I'm not going anywhere in the morning, okay?"
  7. After becoming a freshman in college Ray had been doing much less of studying and a lot more of partying. Sure, he wasn't supposed to be drinking at the age of 18 yet, but who had ever cared about something like that before, right? Weekends for him were often spent in a drunken stupor at some houseparty or another, and weeknights were spent either curing a hangover or getting drunk with a smaller group of friends, hanging out or playing video games at one of his friends' houses. More simply put, college was proving to be a blast, and he didn't have much time left for actual studying. His parents had tried to make him stop drinking and going to parties so much, but they couldn't do much to make him listen - they often complained that out of the two of their children Ray, who was the elder, acted more immature. He still lived with his family, which was why he couldn't have parties at his house, but it didn't stop him from coming and going however he pleased - like tonight. It was almost four in the morning on a Saturday when the young man stumbled through the front door into the house. He swayed in his place as he kicked off his shoes and groaned, exhausted and ears still ringing from the much too loud music of the party he'd been to. Fumbling through the dark up the stairs, Ray passed the bathroom and his little brother's room before finally reaching his own bedroom door. Taking off his jeans, the short teen planted himself on the bed with a tired groan. Pulling the blanket halfway on top of himself, the boy was out like a light, not noticing the wetness spreading around his crotch, seeping through his boxers onto the sheets and the mattress at all. It wasn't the first time he had wet himself while drunk, it had happened on a few occasions, but it was the first time he wet the bed since he was a child; usually Ray was still conscious enough to get to the bathroom, or to put his clothes in the washing machine if he had an accident on the way home. This time though, he was fast asleep and didn't wake up as his bladder emptied itself onto his bed.
  8. Is it possible to filter the unread content when looking through the forums? For instance, I don't partake in the roleplay and read the stories. Sorry, but I don't. Is there a way that when I click to "view unread content" I don't have to go through three pages of roleplay posts? Just like there may be people on here that also don't care about the mess posts........ Just sayin....
  9. Back!

    Hi there, I have not been active recently due to school and work and getting organized for my surgery which is happening on the 13th of this month. I apologize if anyone felt like I was ignoring and ditched a roleplay. I want to find some partners to roleplay with me, I like to mental regression only, and would prefer to be the one babied. But I don't mind doubling up if you are willing to! I would like to preferably partner with a mommy daddy or care taker to rp with or someone who doesn't mind acting that role. Thanks!
  10. New Diaper Role playing Discord

    https://discord.gg/AMQ3kNw I've now Created A discord for Diaper Based RolePlay. I'm sure not everything here is perfect, but I wanted to give it a try.
  11. Age Regression Roleplay

    I am Fairly New to this Site but I said to myself "eh, why not?" Here's how this Works, I'm gonna Set some scenes and Your Gonna Play your Roles for these Scenes. The Following are the Kinks in this Roleplay: Diapers Age Regression Punishment Humiliation Life-Changer School Spankings Scene 1: You have a Strong Urg for Diapers and You wanna be Treated Younger. But You are too Nervous To Even Ask your Parent for this. Scene 2: After some time your Parent Somehow Figures out about this and Decided to do Something about this, and It Conveniently is Close to your Birthday as you are turning (Any Age from 10-16). Scene 3: Your New School life... pretty Much explains it for it being a Diaper Lover Story. Scene 4: (Plot twist) Your New School Life Continue... That's All I can Think of For Now. I wanna Keep this going though. Roles: The Diaper Lover (Tough and Confident, But Shy About Feelings and what People think about Him/Her) Mommy/Daddy [Roleplayers Choice] (Kind and Caring but is also Pretty Strict around the House) Teacher (A Buddy Like Teacher but Hates Slackers and Constant Bathroom Takers) Club Teacher (Sweat and Caring, Knows What's Best for Her Club Members) Friend 1 (Goofy and Active, But is Also a snitch) Friend 2 (Caring but has Limits) Friend 3 (Wise and Smart, Knows The Best Option, even if he/she Dislikes it) Bully (Rude and Self-Centered, Always loves Picking on "Losers") Nanny/Babysitter (Sweet and Caring But Strict, Can Be aggressive at times But Loves it when little young/"young" ones are Happy). If You Would like to Participate, PM me and I can add you in. Current Roles: The Diaper Lover: Mommy/Daddy: Teacher: Club Teacher: Friend 1: Friend 2: Friend 3: Bully: Nanny/Babysitter:
  12. Looking for a Newborn Baby Girl

    Hello! Im looking for someone interested in playing a newborn baby girl in a group Rp. You will have a mommy and daddy! It is a really interesting Rp, filled with lots of really nice people! I have the storyline if you're interested!
  13. Looking for someone to rp with

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a person to rp with my kik is diaperboy3825
  14. Chris is a 15 year old boy he was shy and very nervous around others (will post more when others join)
  15. Rp?

    Looking for anyone intersted in doing an X-Men: Evolution rp where some of the adult mutants are seen as babies, and are adopted and treated like babies or toddlers, depending on their age. If interested, please let me know, also, I'm looking for partners who can write in detail and write at least three lines.
  16. Sissy Baby Transformation

    Essentially, (y/c) Kidnaps and regresses via drugs or hypnosis or whatever my character, turning them into a sissy who needs and uses diapers. Surgery is allowed, as well as sexual if you want.
  17. The baby I was forced to be.

    Hello my name is Daniel I've been around here every now and then but just now decided to make an account. I'm currently looking for someone to play a babysitter in this roleplay scenario that i had thought of. The babysitter is a girl (whether or not your real gender is female or not doesn't matter as long as you're okay with playing a female.) Also I'd prefer someone who is willing to post more than a single line/word reply. (those one word/one sentence roleplays get on my nerves.) Anyway here's the starter to the roleplay. "Hello miss you must be the babysitter" my mother said I don't know why I needed a babysitter since I was 19 and I've stayed home alone before, but at this point it was too late to object. the babysitter was very pretty with a pretty decent bust size as well. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. I watch as my mother leaves with my father for their night out. the babysitter then begins to walk towards me. 'what's in that bag she's carrying?' I thought to myself looking at the bag that the babysitter had brought with her. I apologize for the bad starter (I'm never good with those ) but i hope it's enough to work with. obviously the babysitter is going to force regress me in this roleplay. anyway i await your replies.
  18. Looking for a Quick Roleplay

    Heya. Little boy looking for a caretaker or other little to roleplay with me. I do have a few ideas! 1. Schoolboy gets diapered by crush, or vice versa 2. Best Friends get sent to an adult daycare 3. Boy gets babysat, ends up being diapered 4. Quick, nonchalant babyplay with no plot Hmu please
  19. The school's corridors were empty, the last classes of the day had started not ten minutes ago, but Emily walked down the corridor, bag slung over her shoulder, heels clicking on the floor and the sound echoing off the walls. She turned a corner, determinedly heading towards a particular locker just down the hallway, a victorious grin plastered on her painted lips as she thought about what was to come. Stopping before a locker that was not her own, she reached a hand up into silken tresses of black hair, perfectly manicured nails pulling out two hairpins. Quickly glancing around, she set to pick the lock on the locker, having practiced it beforehand so it wouldn't take much time. Emily heard the lock click, and pulled the locker open, eyeing the contents for a moment before reaching into her own bag. She pulled out the items she had prepared before coming to school today; pink, lacy panties that she stole from her little sister, a small bag of weed she had acquired at a party the previous weekend, and light pink diapers that had cute, flowery patterns on them. Those she had had to go and buy at a store, and now she had the rest stored up in the back of her wardrobe at home while she wasn't exactly sure of what to do with them. Quickly placing them in the locker, Emily made sure they were all in plain sight before she shut the locker door again and made sure it was properly locked, chuckling to herself. "Let's see how you like being humiliated in front of everyone, sweetie", she mumbled and turned around, leaving the locker that belonged to a boy from their class, James. Emily frowned as she remembered the times she had been embarrassed in front of her cheerleading squad, or in class, by James' wiseass remarks. Somehow he always seemed to find a flaw in whatever Emily said, and she didn't in the least like being proven wrong. Hurrying to class, she made an excuse of having been in the nurse's office for painkillers for a headache she had and went to sit down in her place in the middle of the class. She scanned the room for James, smirking to herself, and then looked at the clock. She couldn't wait for classes to be over. Once they were, and school ended, Emily practically fled the classroom. Stopping by the principal's office, she knocked on the door, stepping in with a worried frown on her face as she was about to 'express her worry for a student who she saw in possession of marihuana on school grounds', and suggested the principal go check James' locker. After all, she was quite sure she had seen him put the bag of drugs in there. Following Mr. Snow through the packed hallways to James' locker, Emily heard the secretary ask James to go to his locker through the school's central radio. Fighting off a grin, Emily stood back and waited for the boy to get there, the other students lingering around as they wanted to see what was going on.
  20. Looking for roleplay partner

    Hey! So, I'm looking for diaper roleplay(s) with people who can play the parental roles to some of my baby boys. I am usually a literate writer, and I really prefer a minimum of 1+ paragraphs for replies - no one liners, please. I can't get into it if there's only one or two lines to answer to. I write in 3rd person, paragraphs and I'm hoping for you to do the same (: Also, grammar. I will get annoyed if the reply is littered with mistakes and bad spelling. Mistakes are ok from time to time, but it's really frustrating if there's a misspelling or something in every other word. Here are some ideas I'm craving to try out, though if you have any other idea in mind, feel free to suggest (: I don't have anything detailed planned out for any of these yet, so if you're interested in any idea, we can plot further over PM or something. 1.) My character being paid to babysit a (preferably preteen) cousin/neighbour's kid/etc. while the kid's parents are away for a week or two ----> somehow ends up being babysat instead, and finds himself in diapers. 2.) My character is an unruly 17-19-year-old who still lives at home and loves partying, but doesn't go to school etc. His parents (or parent) are so done with him coming home drunk at night and skipping school that when he (after a wild night and then passing out in bed once he gets home) has a wet accident during the night, they have an idea and decide it's time to start from 0 again until he's learned to behave. (They have him homeschooled, put in diapers, buy an adult sized crib, bottle-feed him... anything you can come up with, really.) 3.) My character is a 16-18-year-old teenager who needs some extra money, so he searches for a summer job on the internet. He finds one that piques his interest; an ad from an older lady who owns a farm little ways from the city, and who would be willing to pay for some help on the farm during the summer season (she would also provide a place to sleep in and food, so the helper could stay on the farm for the whole summer instead of having to drive back and forth between the city and the farm everyday). My character applies and gets the job, but when he gets there, turns out the "old lady" isn't an old lady at all (or it could be, if you want to lol), and the "help around the farm" isn't exactly what he had in mind when he applied for the job. A summer of diapers and babying awaits. So, yeah, these are just some ideas. Basically, I love anything and everything that has someone forcing my character into diapers and babying them. If there's a some sissification put in there somewhere, that's awesome too, but not mandatory if you're not feeling it. Feel free to suggest your own ideas as well! And don't be shy to PM me ^^
  21. Hi, my name is Areo and I was looking for a mommy or daddy to baby me via pm or messages. I'm up for just about any scenario and ideas (including sexual content, if that's your thing) If you're interested, reply here or shoot me a message. And if I'm in the chatroom, feel free to pm me.
  22. Adoption Centre RP (Open)

    So... First off HI! I'm Asriel... although my friends call me Azzy, I'm a newborn to DD, and I like to RP, so I thought it might be fun to RP something like this. Anyone can join There are two roles to be played A baby, toddler, little girl, sissy, little boy, etc. or you could be one of the "Staff" which are the nurse, mommy, daddy, nanny, etc. If you start as a baby, etc. you are part of an "Adoption Centre" for ABs If you start as a "Staff" member you are going to the "Adoption Centre" To adopt one of the ABs Now babies, If you get adopted, you choose to go with the "staff" to their homes or stay in the adoption centre one last thing, if you play staff and have a partner/friend from another RP (If he/she is willing to participate) you can force them to become a baby by letting them in the Adoption centre, where a nurse will "take care of them" which means, they will be retrained to being and acting like a baby So anyway, you're free to join if you want, and as I said, I'm still a newborn in this site and don't know if this has been done before.
  23. Roleplay

    Hi I'm a sissy sub from Germany and I love being dominated. Since I can't do this all the time I also love role playing. So if you want to role play submissive sissy who will do anything you say. We can talk about interests in chat and of course there are things i like more than others but you can do with me almost whatever you want and I won't stop you.
  24. Refugue in regression

    Cameras clicked and whined in their shuttered cases. It was inevitable the press had cramped the terminal building today, a child refeguee granted asylum had just arrived in the country, the first. To date Japan had donated almost half a billion in aid to refugees of the civil conflict but government had made no commitment towards an asylum policy. Outside the cavernous terminal hall both activists and protesters had gathered. The Turkish Airlines flight had arrived but the child was late. Eventually a frighten girl of 13 was seen clutching the arm of aid workers with both of her own skinny arms. They crossed the terminal without comment. Her name was Jael Kahteb. Everyone kept telling her she was lucky but she had wet herself during the flight and was wearing clothes from the 'lost and found'. She had been told she was going to meet a foster parent. This was not immediately true, she spent a day in a Japanese hospital first, being given health checks and immune boosters before gladly being allowed to fall asleep again after the very long journey. The next morning she was taken to stay with her foster parent.
  25. [advertisement] AB girl looking for Rp Daddy

    Hi, I'd like to role-play with a daddy or mommy. Please message here if you are interested. I would like to be babied and cared for. I don't mind if the setting is mundane or fictional. I'm a decent writer (albeit poor speller), who will offer character building and strong paragraphs with each post but I can get very busy, so I can't be available to Rp all the time.