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Found 50 results

  1. Madeline0202

    Roleplay mxm search

    Looking for a [long term] roleplay buddy; i do have some ideas but we could discuss it in pm, i guess. Roleplay will include; *Spanking *Omorashi ( maybe diapers? ) *Bladder control, I’m not into ageplay, and furry. Also; * I’m not looking for a whiny character. * Only 16+ Characters. * No one-liners. I want you to write a minimum of 5 lines. ( prefferable para / multi para. ) * No god-modding So, If you are interested, hit me up!
  2. Baby_Girl_J

    Role Play Partner

    I am looking for a dom/caregiver to do a historical roleplay. I recently saw Hamilton and would like to do a roleplay about a father and his daughter set in that period. I like details in a roleplay but I am not looking for something too complicated. If interested please feel free to pm me. I am also open to different eras so if you like the idea of this but want to tweak it feel free.
  3. LittleFawn

    New little fox kit

    I'm looking for a roleplay partner/ caretaker. I'd like something platonic and online. I have telegram and discord if that makes communication easier. We can discuss boundaries and what we each expect.
  4. cookiemonster23


    So, my significant other knows I'm an adult baby. He's pretty accepting of it, but I'd like to ask him to maybe participate in it. We've done "daddy" roleplay a couple of times, but it didn't last, and I took on the role of a little girl rather than a baby. How do I go about asking him for this?
  5. Nasty_narcissist

    ABDL RP Search, looking for caregiver

    So, this is my first post here and I’m on mobile, so it’ll probably be really short. I’m fine playing a little boy or girl. I mostly like a mix of the DL and AB side of things, if age regression is involved my characters little age would be 4-8. I would like my character to be the little and in diapers, preferably forced into them by your character. I love humiliation (both private and especially public), forced diapers, and forced wetting/messing. I like for my character to come to love diapers over time, not right away. I also prefer to roleplay via pm. Despite these rules I can be pretty lenient if I like the roleplay. I don’t have any specific plots in mind but feel free to HMU with ideas or if you just wanna brain storm 🙂
  6. Baby_Girl_J

    RP Partner

    I have an idea for a role play. I just need someone to play with me. I play Lucy she is 14 and is the daughter/niece/granddaughter of your character. Lucy loves the outdoors, she also loves to draw and paint as well as writing stories. She is very immature for her age and has a bad wetting problem which leads to her being marked as an outcast by the other people in the small town that she lives. Although not a bad girl she doesn't always think about things before she speaks or acts. This is Lucy - This is their apartment -
  7. Baby_Girl_J

    Role Play Partner

    Hi I am looking for a role play partner. The idea I have is this - I play Amelia Tudor aged 15, recently sent to a boarding school (ran by your character) Amelia is a sweet girl but doesn't think everything threw and sometimes makes bad choices. She likes to read (although shes not the best reader and gets stuck sometimes), likes to draw and just explore the outdoors. She is immature for her age which leads to her being bullied by the other kids sometimes. She hides a dark secret, she was born in the year 1418 but stopped aging when she turned 15, no one knows why. She was the daughter of a witch and her mother spent her life trying to find a cure. She has powers but can't control them, when she is upset things seem to break, she can communicate by placing her words or thoughts into someone's head. Amelia has been alone since her mother died of old age in 1455. She has never known her father and has been placed under to many guardians care to remember.  I think this is Amelia - If interested please private message me.
  8. I am looking for more lovely ladies to RP with, preferably dom, but I'm a switch, so as long as we both get to be diapered, I don't mind. I am open to furries/scalies (in case you didn't know about my FA). I am in MST (UCT-7), so someone in North America would probably work best, but spending all day roleplaying would be a bit much anyways! And all-in-all, sfw/nsfw, kinks/limits, it can all be discussed before we start!
  9. Bosslayer123

    New Diaper Role playing Discord

    https://discord.gg/AMQ3kNw I've now Created A discord for Diaper Based RolePlay. I'm sure not everything here is perfect, but I wanted to give it a try.
  10. As the title of my post suggests, I am looking for an old school style roleplay partner/buddy. To explain, I am hoping to meet someone that would actually like to develop characters, describe settings, and, in short, tell a story. We used to call this type of Rp a LTR (LongTermRoleplay). My hope is to find someone that enjoys posting 6-8 sentence posts and is detail oriented. Someone that has a interest in playing multiple characters and flushing out a complete story. I've no interest in sexual play masquerading as story telling. As for specifics, I am looking for a specific setting and specific characters. The story involves (as most of this genre do) a 1st year male college student being forcefully regressed in the most humiliating of ways. I would like to play the character being debased (Something again, I realize to be rather commonplace), as well as some satellite characters. I have a basic story arc in mind, but hopefully I'll meet someone creative enough to help me flush out all of the details of this story. As for the other character; I have two different basic story arcs in mind - one for a male character, and one for a female character. So either way is fine. I, myself, promise that I am anything but a run of the mill online roleplayer. I will post deep and complete posts. I am also more than willing to hear your ideas, both for my story, as well as for any Roleplays that you have sought after and would like me to participate in once this one of mine is humming along... hence the title of this post. I'd love to find a friend to roleplay lots of stories with. Anyway, if you read all of that and are still interested, we're already off to a fantastic start! Please don't hesitate to contact me via Messenger, and let's get started! Thank You. <3
  11. Princess Ophelia

    sfw rp partners?

    Hi!! I've been like super inactive for...half a year Lol I was wondering if this is the right place to post this but are there any people interested in doing rp in discord? Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but id love to do to rp on That! Preferably 1on1 and I'm not looking for anything nsfw meaning no sexual content please!!! I like to be the little and mental ar. Thanks!! Reply or pm me if interested at all!! ♡♡♡♡
  12. Dominique

    Searching for Roleplay daddy :3

    So I am searching for a semi experienced daddy to RP with. I want to be the only one wearing diapers and I want daddy to be strict and punish me(in roleplay) I am a pretty bad baby a lot of the time, so he needs to have a lot of rules. We can come up with a plot together. But I would like a plot where a boyfriend(who already knows about his fetish to diaper people and be a daddy, but never told his girlfriend.) finds out his girlfriend likes diapers, so then they start doing little time. In daddy time he can be quite strict, almost kinda sadistic, but he can also be caring. Thanks<3 bye bye! I hope I get some replies:)))
  13. Pm me. I can be virtually yours.
  14. abdlRP

    Looking for forced babying

    Hey, so I’m still looking for new roleplays, PM me if interested. I want play the little/submissive, though I am willing to double (you playing caretaker for me and me playing caretaker for you in another rp) if absolutely necessary. No one-liners, please. I would love to play out a scenario where my character is forced to be a baby again; by his mother maybe, or his parents could be away for the summer and hire a babysitter who treats him like a little baby, or a younger sibling blackmailing him into wearing/using diapers and acting like a baby, a wife/girlfriend starting to treat him like a small toddler after he wets the bed. Anything like that.
  15. I am searching for a daddy/mommy to do a nonsexual RP with, the plot is: You were VERY mad at me, a 13 year old teen, I had a report card with only F's. You decided you needed to have a huge punishment, during the whole you are treated like a baby, sleeping in a crib, crawling or being carried, I need to use my diaper, I needed to adress you as mommy/daddy. You enjoys this punishment very much because of your kinks, but I don't like it at all. You have a set of very clear rules I needed to follow, if I did not follow them I would be punished.
  16. Powi Noowi

    Send me a pm if you want roleplay

    Hi! I would love to try roleplay, so send send me a pm or contact me
  17. After becoming a freshman in college Ray had been doing much less of studying and a lot more of partying.
  18. abdlRP

    Regressed (private)

    Noel wasn't doing too well in school. Not well at all in fact, since he had been unable to graduate his last year of high school at the same time with everyone else and would have to redo his senior year. So now, on summer vacation, when everyone else was packing up and moving all over the country to their chosen colleges, Noel was still at home getting ready for his second time in senior year at high school. Luckily the summer had only just began though, so he wouldn't have to worry about anything for a few months at least.
  19. Is it possible to filter the unread content when looking through the forums? For instance, I don't partake in the roleplay and read the stories. Sorry, but I don't.
  20. Princess Ophelia


    Hi there, I have not been active recently due to school and work and getting organized for my surgery which is happening on the 13th of this month. I apologize if anyone felt like I was ignoring and ditched a roleplay.
  21. Bosslayer123

    Age Regression Roleplay

    I am Fairly New to this Site but I said to myself "eh, why not?" Here's how this Works, I'm gonna Set some scenes and Your Gonna Play your Roles for these Scenes. The Following are the Kinks in this Roleplay: Diapers Age Regression Punishment Humiliation Life-Changer School Spankings Scene 1: You have a Strong Urg for Diapers and You wanna be Treated Younger. But You are too Nervous To Even Ask your Parent for this. Scene 2: After some time your Parent Somehow Figures out about this and Decided to do Something about this, and It Conveniently is Close to your Birthday as you are turning (Any Age from 10-16). Scene 3: Your New School life... pretty Much explains it for it being a Diaper Lover Story. Scene 4: (Plot twist) Your New School Life Continue... That's All I can Think of For Now. I wanna Keep this going though. Roles: The Diaper Lover (Tough and Confident, But Shy About Feelings and what People think about Him/Her) Mommy/Daddy [Roleplayers Choice] (Kind and Caring but is also Pretty Strict around the House) Teacher (A Buddy Like Teacher but Hates Slackers and Constant Bathroom Takers) Club Teacher (Sweat and Caring, Knows What's Best for Her Club Members) Friend 1 (Goofy and Active, But is Also a snitch) Friend 2 (Caring but has Limits) Friend 3 (Wise and Smart, Knows The Best Option, even if he/she Dislikes it) Bully (Rude and Self-Centered, Always loves Picking on "Losers") Nanny/Babysitter (Sweet and Caring But Strict, Can Be aggressive at times But Loves it when little young/"young" ones are Happy). If You Would like to Participate, PM me and I can add you in. Current Roles: The Diaper Lover: Mommy/Daddy: Teacher: Club Teacher: Friend 1: Friend 2: Friend 3: Bully: Nanny/Babysitter:
  22. CharlotteBarnes

    Looking for a Newborn Baby Girl

    Hello! Im looking for someone interested in playing a newborn baby girl in a group Rp. You will have a mommy and daddy! It is a really interesting Rp, filled with lots of
  23. Diaperbo

    Looking for someone to rp with

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a person to rp with my kik is diaperboy3825
  24. Phenomenal Princess

    Refugue in regression

    Cameras clicked and whined in their shuttered cases. It was inevitable the press had cramped the terminal building today, a child refeguee granted asylum had just arrived in the country, the first. To date Japan had donated almost half a billion in aid to refugees of the civil conflict but government had made no commitment towards an asylum policy. Outside the cavernous terminal hall both activists and protesters had gathered. The Turkish Airlines flight had arrived but the child was late. Eventually a frighten girl of 13 was seen clutching the arm of aid workers with both of her own skinny arms. They crossed the terminal without comment. Her name was Jael Kahteb. Everyone kept telling her she was lucky but she had wet herself during the flight and was wearing clothes from the 'lost and found'. She had been told she was going to meet a foster parent. This was not immediately true, she spent a day in a Japanese hospital first, being given health checks and immune boosters before gladly being allowed to fall asleep again after the very long journey. The next morning she was taken to stay with her foster parent.
  25. Chris is a 15 year old boy he was shy and very nervous around others (will post more when others join)