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Found 40 results

  1. spider8itch69


    Feel free to not answer if you aren't comfortable. I post this because I'd like to see if there's a correlation between being AB/DL and childhood abuse. I myself was emotionally abused by my stepfather, and also dealt with an alcoholic mother. I don't think it's a direct cause in my case, but it definitely had influence on it. Without the abuse and alcoholism, I may have lacked the desire to recreate a better childhood.
  2. I remember mine pretty vividly. I was 17 and at boarding school, and it wasn't super long after I came out to my best friend. I'd done quite some thinking and decided that I was going to get some diapers. During an off-campus trip, I picked out a pack of disposables at Target, did self checkout, then tried my best to hide them on the way back. When I first put one on, the feeling was strange. I just felt so right. At the time, it was my first time wearing a diaper in 15 years. But it didn't feel like it, it felt like I'd never been out of them. I loved it, it just felt so secure and comforting. It's been a journey ever since. What about you guys?
  3. Hirusachin

    A new AB

    Hello all, New to the whole AB/DL lifestyle. Haven't had any real life experience yet. Kinda nervous.Would like to chat or meet with interesting like minded people and have a bit of fun.
  4. mainer_daddy

    Seeking a FEMALE little

    My little (age 2)
  5. Really just looking for ABDL friends near me. Tired of being the only one who wears and enjoys the comfort of diapers. Plus it’d be nice to have someone to share stories with. ☺️
  6. Diaperguy200313

    Hello all

    I'm an ab/dl straight male living in central tx. I am on Twitter, and fetlife mostly. Figured I would start an account on here as well. Feel free to follow, or friend me.
  7. Litteltommy

    Planning a campout

    Cabins in sicluded west central Mass. Diapers and diapers.:)
  8. With every purchase of our Super Sized Pacifiers in 5 different colours via our Etsy store you'll receive a 'FREE' White Pacifier holder clip strap worth
  9. SubSpaceLeathers


    Our Totally Unique and One Off Fetibears, Stuffies are now available via our revamped website;
  10. SubSpaceLeathers


    Our Brand NEW LOOK Special area of our website for AB's listing all of our lovely Leather collection of items, including Super Sized Pacifiers/Dummies/Binkies;
  11. ive been thinking lately on how hard it is to find someone in this community for me. Somone that doesn't live so far away, somone who share my intrests and respects my limits. So ive thought to look firstly for a boyfriend at first. Then ive thought, i really ont want to just hide my furry/baby side, its a part of who i am. So the though and question is, has anyone successfully turned their loved one, who was not into this thing, into what they wanted, baby, moomy, daddy or whatever? is it possible? how?
  12. I've noticed in the last couple years the AB/DL community as a whole has grown by leaps and bounds. Until recently, we had just a few options for AB/DL specific diapers. I remember first Bambino, ABU brands if we wanted something besides adult cloth or disposable diapers. Now it seems there's so many new AB/DL brands available with really cute prints and colors. i cannot seem to keep up with them all. I see the AB/DL community broken down like this... Old timers (like me) that have loved diapers since childhood. I remember when the internet only had Diaper Pail Friends and a few smaller groups & sites. Before that, I though I was the only "weirdo" in the world to have diaper desires. I'm still weird BTW, just not in a bad way.
  13. Check out this sight it has ready made AB clothing and Made to order clothing for a good price. Ships anywhere in the world its a part time AB clothing store, the owner works a full time job http://dabbdabb.weebly.com Great sight about time some one has affordable AB clothing
  14. Check out this sight it has ready made AB clothing and Made to order clothing for a good price. Ships anywhere in the world its a part time AB clothing store, the owner works a full time job http://www.dabbdabb.weebly.com
  15. twister1211


    ab/dl near tulsa oklahoma looking to meet others like myself
  16. Following on from a few posts in Bucks, MK and London Groups..... Looking to hold a Meetup on the 24th Jan at the White Hart (Wetherspoons) in Aylesbury. All welcome, it is a Vanilla Pub, so if you are going to wear, please bear this in mind and do so discreetly. The White Hart is quite spacious and offers food and drink, with a large amount of parking nearby as well as good transport links via rail and Buses. Im quite open to what time people want to do/are available for..... shall we say 3pm? that way if people want to go on somewhere else they can etc. comments, questions and attendance below please (Cross-posted to Fet-Life) B
  17. toddlergirl

    Shine page 29

    From the album: Shine

    errr...Im sure glue will fix this right up.
  18. toddlergirl

    Shine page 28

    From the album: Shine

    I looooove getting my hair brushed
  19. toddlergirl

    Shine page 26

    From the album: Shine

    It doesnt matter what you're into, you may feel like a freak but...well...you're not. Okay?
  20. toddlergirl

    Shine page 25

    From the album: Shine

    Poor Star, she really isnt sure about this. She should have probably just stayed in her shirt
  21. toddlergirl

    Shine page 24

    From the album: Shine

    Stars not ready to submit to anyone...not yet at lease
  22. toddlergirl

    Shine page 23

    From the album: Shine

    I remember the first time I actually saw a babyish print diaper. I was so shy about it I didnt dare even touch it LOL
  23. toddlergirl

    Shine page 21

    From the album: Shine

    LOL Hes so cute when he blushes
  24. toddlergirl

    Shine page 19

    From the album: Shine

    Star is a bit of a ...errr...rebel. she just doesnt like conforming, which considering shes in the army is a bit of a contradiction of herself.