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  1. toddlergirl


    An AB/DL/Furry comic based on a girl finally being allowed to explore her baby side.
  2. toddlergirl

    *waves shyly*

    LOL yes Joanne hello there, just a smidge late to the welcome party but it was nice of you to say hi anyway so fankyoo!
  3. toddlergirl

    preschool for adults!

    Here's another one
  4. toddlergirl

    Furnal Equinox In Toronto?

    I was just wondering if any babyfurs here were going to Furnal equinox in Toronto on the 12th of March?
  5. toddlergirl


    Thats really wierd huh hopefully this link works betterer http://www.furaffinity.net/user/babystar Try that mebbe?
  6. I have an important announcement...tomoro is pancake day!!!! ♡♡♡

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    2. babybabbles


      hurry maple slurp and pancakes

    3. square_duck
    4. Little-Daddy-Toa


      Cant afford pancakes. :( sucks being broke.

  7. toddlergirl


    I have 2 furaffinity accounts...
  8. toddlergirl

    Aylesbury AB/DL Meetup 24th Jan 2015

    I only just joined the site so only just seen this but...if there was to be another Aylesbury meet me and my daddy might potentially go (so long as the date didnt clash with something else already planned)
  9. toddlergirl

    *waves shyly*

    Hi Abi and hi everyone...yes everyone seems super lovely here.
  10. Ive had three Diaper pins pinning a strap ofmy rucksack together wenti flew from london to seattle, then seattle to atlanta, then atlanta to London.
  11. Ive jus read...and re-read that story thinking...How?!?!
  12. toddlergirl

    Posting my AB comic?

    Peanut...the way I personally see it is theres really no difference between ABs and Babyfurs ones just more fluffier than the other hehehe.
  13. toddlergirl

    Posting my AB comic?

    Thankyoo heaps for making a new bit of the forum.....errr...unfortunately the file size restriction of like under 400kb means I cant really upload stuff there as its very difficult to get a readable comic page under 1.5 MB
  14. toddlergirl

    *waves shyly*

    Ooh gosh yes I remember you Max.