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  1. London fire brigade are expecting an increase in 'things stuck in people' and 'people stuck in things' There was an increase in both when the books were released
  2. Ah fair enough! I was aiming to be there from 2.30 but had some issues with the car starting and then struggling to find a space!
  3. description of you? If it was the person i noticed, came in, had a look at the statue, had a wander around the bar area, wandered out, probably in the pub less than 5 min?
  4. Freswith, I think i clocked you just after 3
  5. Yeah, just me. I did have a lovely meal though!
  6. Forgot to mention on the Origional Post, just to make it easier to spot us/me..... there will be a little cuddly reindeer on the table, and in all likely hood, i will be sat with a drink facing the door.
  7. I'm trying to quit smoking, and generally vaping these days, but i do tend to use them side by side and sometimes interchangeably!
  8. Fetlife Event Link: https://fetlife.com/events/311700
  9. Following on from a few posts in Bucks, MK and London Groups..... Looking to hold a Meetup on the 24th Jan at the White Hart (Wetherspoons) in Aylesbury. All welcome, it is a Vanilla Pub, so if you are going to wear, please bear this in mind and do so discreetly. The White Hart is quite spacious and offers food and drink, with a large amount of parking nearby as well as good transport links via rail and Buses. Im quite open to what time people want to do/are available for..... shall we say 3pm? that way if people want to go on somewhere else they can etc. comments, questions and attendance below please (Cross-posted to Fet-Life) B
  10. will run a thread, and if i run another I will look into doing it closer to London/MK based on attendance etc.
  11. Hi All, In one of the other posts (possibly MK meets) I mentioned that I'd be happy to put something together in January.... I know have my availability and it would most likely be 23-24 weekend, or next weekend. The general view in the last thread was to do something in Ayelsbury, Pub or similar. if people want to go somewhere afterwards that can be arranged separately I will also link this up to some other relevant sites, and hopefully get a nice crowd together. If you want me to set up another thread and start organising something, just let me know. (if you're already organising something for next weekend, then i wont intrude!)
  12. Im happy to find somewhere and get a table etc. probably around Aylesbury. there seems to be some interest in the other post about meeting up in Bucks. and there is similar interest on some other sites for the same. I will aim for a weekday evening in January, im transitioning between roles at work at the moment so dont know my schedule. As soon as i do, I will find a date and get a table sorted! Thinking Spoons in Aylesbury, but open to suggestions. Will start a new topic up with date/time/etc!
  13. 34
  14. Would love to take you out for a drink like that.... give your butt a little tap every now and again just to feel it crinkle!
  15. Unexpected free night! anyone want to do something fun?