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Found 709 results

  1. Selling some bambino diapers almost every version at an awesome price. Also some abuniverse space diapers. And i also am selling some posey mittens. Items below with case price listed below. 2 and a half cases of bambino classico 4 bags of teddyprint size large 8 bags of bellissimo size 3 large/5 xl 4 bags of xl space abu 5 pairs of posey mitts Classico are 50 a case. 30 for half cases Teddy print 40 for 4 bags Bellissimo 35 for large. 60 for xl Abu space xl scented 50 Double padded posey mitts 35 a set. Free shipping with mitts. To see images of everything follow this link :
  2. Hey everyone, so after reading the thread about "What if Diapers became Mainstream", as well as @omo90210 's story, "Potty Law", I came up with a good writing prompt to start a new story. I hope you like it! Be sure to check out @omo90210 and his story as well, since this story kinda takes place in the same time-line as theirs. I edited the tags as well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ CHAPTER 1 The year is 2065. A hundred years ago, the 1960s flourished with psychedelic music, and a counter-culture era toward a free society of arts and music. I can only assume it was glorious, and I definitely would’ve loved to have experienced that first hand. These days are a lot more different, so I can assume. My name’s Owen. I was born on October 10, 2050; the Semi-centennial year, marking 50 years after the turn of the millennium. That makes me 14, so I’m just starting high school. These days are a lot different from the past. About two decades ago, the government passed a law, mandating all kids to stay in diapers until age 18; I read about that in history class. Even most people after age 18 are stuck in diapers until they learn to use the toilet, and some don’t at all. It’s affected everything; the way nurses have to handle rashes, disposal and changing tables in schools, sales and marketing, and especially the social aspect. I guess that’s where my story comes in. I’m a bit different, I always thought it was weird. I don’t understand what the big deal is with diapers. It was about 6 months ago, in October, I was in school, waiting to take our Chemistry Exam. I was sweating a bit, and the air was a tad rancid with the smell of urine and baby powder. The teacher had to run into the hallway to send the exam through the router, when I tapped on the side of my arm by my friend, Bryon. “Hey, did you study?” He asked, whispering to me. “A little before class, did you?” I replied. “No, not at all. If I fail this test, I’m going to freak out.” He said, shaking a little. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do fine.” I confided in him, until our teacher walked back in and began handing out tests. The class remained silent for the duration of the test, I paid close attention to the questions, and made sure all of my answers were checked off on my tablet. Halfway through, I felt the slight need to pee, but wasn’t fazed for a second, when my bladder emptied itself into my diaper; it’s become second nature now. I continued with the test, and finished it after maybe 45 minutes, finalizing my answers by hitting “Submit to Teacher”, sending her the information. The rest of the class continued working, until the last person finished a few minutes before the chime rang, ending our last class for the day. “How do you think you did?” I asked Bryon while we left class together. “I don’t know, Owen, I just made sure I answered everything as best as I could.” He replied, adjusting the straps on his backpack, “What about you, Mr. Straight-A’s? How do you think you did?” He asked, shining a huge smirk at me. “Gee, I don’t know…” I began, before a leering glance beamed from Bryon, “I mean… I don’t? I got… a bit distracted when I felt like I had to pee.” I lied. I was sure I aced the exam. “Pfft, please… Mr. Know-It-All-Owen over here, you’re wearing a diaper. You can actually feel when you have to pee?” Bryon skeptically smirked, catching me in a lie. “Uhh… kinda. I can definitely feel when I go, but I can also feel when I’m about to. I don’t want to live in diapers forever.” I joked. “You probably won’t with your brains, but who would want to live without diapers? Could you imagine when people actually had to… stop what they were doing, or wait, to use the bathroom?” Bryon went on. “Yes, people did that for centuries! People these days are so backwards! What were they thinking when they passed that law?” I went off on Bryon. He just shrugged. “I don’t know, Owen. It seems a lot nicer. A lot more convenient, and sanitary, that’s for sure. I mean, I get that we’re exposing our skin, and all that, but did you know hospitals used to inject people with poison when they had cancer?” He asked, as we left the school ground and went to get picked up by our parents. “I did. That doesn’t make it right, though, I’m just sayin’.” I continued, steaming from the topic of diapers. Something about it just doesn’t make sense to me… Mom dropped me off at home, then left to finish her 14 hour shift at the hospital. As usual, I closed the front door and went up to my room. I removed my pants, then set my backpack on my bed, digging out my tablet to go over the notes for tomorrow, and take down additional notes on my personal computer. I usually did my homework the second I got home from school, so I could spend time with my parents when they got off work. After an hour of taking notes, and studying for the next day, I put my tablet back in my backpack and noticed my diaper was sagging to the maximum level recommended by my parents. I took out another from my drawer, opened it up and laid it on my bed. From there, I ripped off the tapes, and felt the cool air surround my crotch. I wiped myself clean with the alcohol-prepped sanitary wipes my Mom has been using on me since I was born; I guess it’s supposed to keep my ‘area’ from catching infections and what-not. I laid down on my bed, and positioned the diaper under me, when I remembered my conversation from today; why do we wear diapers? For a silly law? Are we crazy? I let go of the diaper’s front and set it back down. ‘No! I’m done with diapers.’ I thought. I stood back up, folded and put the diaper back into my dresser, then put my pants back on. I’m not going to conform to society’s norms. I don’t care if it’s a law. I’m done. I continued to feel heated over the whole thing. Granted, I’ve thought about this for a few weeks now, but Bryon’s argument really got motivated to make a change for the better! I got back onto the world wide server, and went about searching across the millions of pages about anti-diaper families and anti-government propaganda. The world-wide server had tons of individual links to different social movements going against the ‘diapering’ as the mainstream-server called it. Pages upon pages flashed into my head; ‘We’re Toilet-Trained and Proud!’, ‘Diapers are for Cowards!’, ‘I Remember Diapers symbolizing Weakness’, and more articles came to my search history. I was really liking what they had to say; how diapers shouldn’t be regulated by the government, and how diapers shouldn’t be a mandated tax to people over the age-restriction. Since the law went into affect in 2031, social movements have gone mainstream into trying to fight it, but apparently our New Government has kept silent about these organizations. On the flip side, only 11% of voters opposed the law, while 89% voted for it. I was a bit horrified when I saw the numbers. The more I researched the law, the more I felt sick. For over three decades now, the law has been in effect, and the results on the law turned up very positive; three-decades worth of better concentration in school for students, renowned donations and government grants to fund higher-education and better education to more schools, decreased criminal by minors across the US, and decreased poverty by the government funding diapers. I was intrigued by my research and findings, and pulled out my phone to text my friend all about my research, until I looked down, and saw that my chair was wet. ---
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first attempt at writing a story. I decided I wanted to go for bit different than some of the usual premises for these kinds of stories, so this is a teen superheroine story. There'll be the usual diaper and ageplay elements, though it may take a bit for those elements to surface. So without further ado, here's chapter one. Content note for this chapter: kidnapping, medical stuff Of Capes, Cowls, and Cuddles Chapter 1: Attunement Bridget tried to struggle against the restraints that held her to the steel table, but it was useless. They were metal and cold, and didn't budge no matter how hard she fought. She tried to look around, to find something she could use to escape, but everything was washed out beneath violet operating lights, except for the dim outline of a few men in black lab coats, and the pulsing of a web of multicolored tubes that led from the table to IVs that pierced her in a dozen places. The fluids that flowed into her were neon yellow and green, and an orange that hurt her eyes to even look at. “Host vitals normal. Begin tertiary attunement” The voice was clinical and dispassionate, as cold as the metal she was laying on. She could hear the whirring of some kind of machinery behind her, and suddenly she felt a wave of pain coursing through her body. It was so intense that she couldn't help but scream. But even as she did, no sound came out. The figures in lab coats paid her no mind, and they walked b\between consoles and screens, adjusting knobs and pressing buttons with military precision. The pain kept coming, wave after wave after wave, and soon she lost all sense of time. In the few moments between the pulses of agony, she looked at her pale skin and received a renewed dose of terror. The veins beneath her arm began to glow purple, as though the blood they contained had been replaced by some horrible ichor. As the shock of the sight overcame her pumping adrenaline, Bridget stopped struggling, and went limp, her body alternately wracked by pain and helpless sobbing. If she had the ability to produce sound, the only thing that anyone would have heard was a tiny, mewling cry, that of a helpless, defeated child. “Please...I want my mommy” After a long stretch of despair, that she had no way of counting, there was the sudden sound of rushing feet from outside the room, a few muffled shouts and the rattle of gunfire. “Hold! The operation is not finished!” The voice on the other side was crisp and commanding, but even through the haze of her own pain and terror, Bridget could hear the fear that ran through it. “Fall back! Close the emergency door-” The voice was suddenly cut off, and there was a massive thud, as though a massive something had just crashed against the steel of the door. “Those bullets won't work, you know. And seeing as you scumbags have my sister, unless you want to learn how many bones the human body has by me breaking them all, I suggest you stand aside.” There were more shouts of orders, punctuated by gunfire, but in a few moments, there were four thuds, the sound of as many Meanwhile bodies crumpling to the floor. Bridget recognized her sister Samantha's voice, and that recognition jolted her out of her reverie. With an effort, she turned her head toward the source of the noise. She hoped desperately to see an orange yellow uniform with the white starburst cape that always hung outside her sister's room, with a familiar head of shoulder-length golden hair and eyes that glowed with a light like the sun when her sister was angry. Instead, she saw a massive reinforced door, and a flurry of lab coats. The doctors and scientists now moved with a good deal more panic and a great deal less cool precision, as they fled pell-mell for the emergency exits, away from the sounds of banging and gunfire. The door began to buckle, as though someone on the other side were striking it with a massive battering ram Bridget tried again to cry out, to let her sister know she was there. But as she did, she felt a strange chill course through her body, and an unfamiliar finger touched her lips, gently but irresistibly shushing her. Bridget craned her neck to try to look up at the head of the operating table and found herself gazing up at an upside down version of herself. Well, almost herself. Bridget had never, even in her goth phase, been a fan of all black or all that much leather, and her hair was certainly not a neon red. But the soft oval of her face was exactly the same down to the identical dimple in her chin and mole on the left side of her face, The girl's grey eyes were identical to Bridget's, and they had the same skinny frame. As Bridget looked up at her doppelganger it spoke, and its voice too was like hers, except that it reverberated with an unearthly echo. “It is done. With this, little flesh-thing, you and I shall both have exactly what we desire.” Bridget opened her mouth to respond, but the moment she did so, the other her dissolved into mist. Before she could stop herself, Bridget found herself breathing it in. It left a hot, dry sensation in her mouth like the one time she'd tried hookah. She coughed and spluttered, and felt a sudden stabbing pain as her motion jostled the tubes that still trapped her. Samantha came into Bridget's view her blond hair mussed with the exertion of her battle, and her expression radiating concern. She looked in confusion at all the tubes and wires, trying to figure out which ones to pull first to free her captive sister. “Bebe, are you all right? Can you hear me?” she cried, her molten gold orbs staring intently into Bridget's face. “Come on, wake up!” Bridget tried again to speak, to give some audible indication that she'd heard and understood, but she found herself still unable to speak, and her eyes drawn to her sisters', until the bright light emanating from one of them filled her entire field of vision, blocking out even the horrible light above the operating table. “Please, wake up!” The world was swallowed up by white light, unbearably, impossibly bright. ---- Hope you enjoy! Comments very much appreciated.
  4. Characters: Paul and Sharon, in their mid-thirties, who weren't able to have their own children James: 2-year-old foster son James woke up in his crib one morning and started babbling, waiting for Mommy or Daddy to come get him. They were so much nicer than his other parents, who left him in his crib most of the time and hardly ever changed his diapers. A few moments later, his Mommy appeared beside his crib. James pulled himself up and happily reached for Sharon. "Mommy!"
  5. Dan was 12yrs old, he was an only child with a mom who gave him everything, but something was about to change in his life. Unbeknown to him, his mom was engaged to someone, and it was the dad of a boy at his school, someone whom he knew because this boy was a target of constant bullying, and it was because he was known by the main bullies in school because he still wore diapers. Dan didn't do the bullying, he just went along with it, his mom had no idea, but this was soon to change... he didn't really know the boy, he only saw his friends teasing him. But he was about to find out that things were about to change.
  6. This will contain graphic words and have a sexual content between a man and a woman! Rebbecca worked at an old law firm, one that had been started about 90 years ago! Old Mr. Snedly's father had started it! Passed it on to his son old Mr. Snedly, who brought his son Middle Mr. Snedly on as a partner, who brought his son Young Mr. Snedly in as a partner! Young was misleading he was almost 60. She had worked for him for about 10 years! They had hired her right out of University, and she had worked for them since! She was considered beautiful, she had to beat Old Mr. Snedly off with a stick, he might be old as dirt, but he certainly was a dirty old man! It kept her on her toes, he followed her to the lady's restroom one day, seveal years ago! That was her hiding place up until then! She was blonde, which some people thought meant stupid! They had bought into the dumb blonde jokes! She liked it when the men underestimated her she was no blonde joke, you did that and she would hand you your ass! She still went to the gym about two or three times a week where she did Zumba and did cardiovascular exercises. Plus she lifted weights! Her body was toned, as she got older, it was getting harder to stay that way! Rebbecca was also married to her husband of about 8 years Stuart or Stu as everyone called him! He was a a cop, well he was in charge of Dispatch for the local Police Department. He had cought a few bullits and it left him with some medical issues one was his lung was damaged running made him pass out, the one good lung he had left couldn't keep up with the oxygen needs of his body, so he would pass out! He still lifted lots of weights and worked out with machines! Just nothing that involved running or lots of cardiovascular exercises! Rebbecca Called Stu and told him that it looks like another late night for her tonight! Should I save you dinner Becca? That's what he called her. Better not it looks like until the wee hours of the morning! We got that lawsuit that were fighting for our client! Looks like a late night strategy meeting, they will probably bring us in food! Sorry I can't spend this beautiful Friday night with you dear, Rebbecca said! Well maybe I'll see you late, late tonight Stu said, you know I love you Mrs Phelps! Yes I am aware Mr. Phelps! See you when I get home then, maybe! It was another boring strategy meeting, Rebecca was fried, she had started work at 7 am and here it was almost midnight in about 19 minutes! Old Mr. Snedly was dozing off she didn't mind at least when he was asleep he wasn't chasing her! Since the Senior partner was falling asleep they decided that the meeting needed to end! It would be midnight in 12 minutes. She got out of there as fast as she possibly could, into her car, onto the freeway, and home, her watch read 12:07 am as se walked through the door. She started dropping clothes her jacket then her blouse her bra came next! Dammit if it didn't feel great to unleash her girls! Her tweed skirt was unziped, it was the companion to her jacket, dropped about 1/2 the way up the stairs! Her panty hose was next. As she she arrived at the door clad only in her panties she took them off so she was entirely naked as she entered her bed room! Stu was aseep she was naked, she had a thought of her and Stu getting it on, or one of Stu's favorite a lick in the whiskers! She pulled the blankets down on her side of the bed and there they were! Her two thick nighttime diapers and her plastic panties! And her pajamas! Stu was so conciderate! At 32 years old Rebbecca still wet her bed, like she had when she was 5,15 or 25, she had never stopped! She checked Stu, sure enough he had his protection on for the night! When he was shot a bullit hit the nerve that controls Stu's bladder in the day time he's not got a probem! At night he culdnt stay dry if his life depended on it, just like her! They had met when Stu was suing the city! They weren't going to dismiss him due to being left a bed wetter! But was suing claiming that there were other jobs that he could do, like dispatch lead! The job had been given to a female but since he met the criteria, and was a male they had overlooked him! He was claiming sexual harrasment! She ended up being his attorney! They won the case he was able to do the dispatch coordinator job! During the trial his medical issues were brought up including his bed wetting!
  7. Arthur Mitchell had known Betsy Allen since grade school. It was almost destined for them to get together as they were not only neighbors but we're the two in school every year that seemed to have the most wetting accidents. Well why not they were the kids that their parents seemed to have to wash wet sheets for every day because they couldn't seem to keep theirs dry. Arthur's and Betsy ' s mother's were talking and found that both of their kids were nighttime wetters and either or both would almost daily come home from school wet or would be wet before supper. Both were happy to have a sympathetic ear to discuss the raising of bed wetters, and pants wetters. They had tried punishments, no liquids after 1800 hours or 6 pm, getting them up at different hours of the night to go potty, rewards, alarms, medications but nothing seemed to help. Betsy was even called Betsy Wetsy by the other kids and her siblings, that really didn't seem to bother her. finally both mother's started to diaper their kids day and night which didn't cure them but helped them seem to fit in better at least the other kids quit calling Betsy; Betsy Wetsy other than her siblings who continued to call her that. About the time to start Junior High School both mothers took their child out of day time diapers, but both would either wet on the way home or later during play. But more often than not would be wet at school still so the diapers and plastic pants went back on until high school at least, both mother's thought that they would try it again then. Besides they were still wet at nights and between them both had not had more than a handful of dry nights since they were kids Since their mothers were so close Arthur would go over to Betsy ' s house with his mother or Betsy would go to Arthur's house with hers. They were left alone most times and the two mother's were oblivious to the budding romance between the two teenagers. Each knew the others secret of what they wore to bed and what they were wearing in the day because when the mothers talked it was as if the kids weren't there so when the discussions for day wetting and bed wetting each child knew the other was in the same leaky boat so to speak.
  8. I often wonder what the bedtime routine is for out ABs, especially while I am being readied for nighty night. The following is my typical routine: On our bed I always see the following when it is time for night time diapering that occurs around 7:00 to 8:00 pm.. Laid out is my sleepers. My wife especially likes my baby-pants footed sleepers with the locking, zipper that goes from my neck to nearly my ankle. The sleepers are laying under my thick cloth night diapers and on top of them is an adult changing mat with pink bunnies. Nearby will be fresh pink print plastic baby panties and a NUBY 10 oz. baby bottle filled with warm infant formula. I will lay down on the diapers. My wife will put the baby bottle nipple into my mouth and then pull my plastic baby panties down, unpin the diapers I am wearing and have me lift my butt, she pulls then out and puts them in one of my diaper pails. Then she pulls the changing pad out, leaving the soft fresh diapers. For bedtime she lays out a Purity 4 layer flat diapers on top of it. She then lays another one folded length wise in 4ths. Finally she places another one on the top of all making very thick diapers. She will generously sprinkle baby powder on my diaper area and rub it in. I love this part! Finally my legs are put through their holes and the plastic baby panties are pulled into place. Once I am diapered, she puts my feet into the sleepers and works them onto me. Of course being big, I help her with this. Finally she zips me up and then lock the zipper closed. Finally she attached a NUK 6 binky on a tether to my sleepers. When I have finished my bottle, I can get up and read or watch TV until bed time. About 9:30 she calls me for biddy bye. The covers are turned down and as I get in bed, I always am reminded of the plastic lil ducky print plastic mattress cover that is on our bed. My wife got it off the internet a couple of years ago. When new it was silent but now it is pretty crinkly. I lay down. My wife removes my paci and hands me my favorite teddy bear and another baby bottle of warm formula. Usually she comes to be about 10: pm and she says I am nearly always asleep cuddling with Minky my bear. She put my pacifier in my mouth and it will be there when I awaken in the morning along with 2 used baby bottles. Frequently the last one is not entirely empty. I realize that few wives or partners are willing to baby you this much but I would love it if some of you will share your bedtime routines with me. Hugs to all Pottypanties
  9. Since I wear diapers almost every day (I take them off under some circumstances), my answer to this question is yes. What about you?
  10. Hi my name is Caleb and I am a diaper lover and the South Bend area. I would love to talk with others and meet up with others. Anyone in Indiana who likes diapers feel free to respond to this post.
  11. Here's a little story I've been working on for the last 10 years. A recent event spurred me to dust it off and tweak it a bit. Let me know what you think. I'm a big boy and not prone to deleting a story if it gets a bad comment. Grammar & typos being pointed out appreciated as well. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Brief Encounter by Bo Tox Jeff had just been carrying his two bags of groceries to his car when someone, a woman's voice, said something he didn't quite make out. He thought she said, "Nice Ass!" but he couldn't be positive. It made him both excited and nervous just as a flash came from somewhere. You see, Jeff was wearing something secret under his jeans, something he'd always assumed was unnoticed by the oblivious masses. He took a deep breath as he closed his trunk to look around for the person that spoke. There was a leggy brunette walking past him in a mid-length skirt with just a single plastic sack of items dangling from her left hand, a phone in her right. He smiled and she winked one of her big green eyes at him. "I'm sorry," Jeff questioned. "Were you speaking to me?" "What's the matter?" she replied in an authoritative tone. "Did you think nobody would notice?" "Excuse me, Ma'am," he said, trying to be calm and nonchalant, "Notice what?" "Honey, do I need to spell it out for you?" she said as she closed the distance and added, "I see what's in your Levis. There's more than just you under there." Shocked, Jeff was nearly speechless, "You.. I mean... How did you?" She cut him off and stuffed a slip of paper into his shirt pocket, "You better get home, put that ice cream away, change if you need to and have a look at that number." She hit the remote and her trunk opened one space away, "This is not the first time I've noticed your slightly padded behind. I've seen you at the mall, too! You're not a big guy and it isn't hard to tell... if you know what you are looking for." Jeff was more than a little afraid now but also very intrigued with this seemingly odd encounter with a complete stranger, or at least a stranger to him. "What if I don't call you?" questioned Jeff. "Your loss," she said as she dropped her one bag in the trunk, bent slightly at the waist to show off her legs and behind as she walked to the driver's door. "You will call though, you can't stand the suspense." He watched as she closed her door and drove off. She rolled her window down and waved on the way out of the parking lot. He asked himself, what just happened? He made a mental note, blue car, late model Nissan, tinted windows and flashy wheels. As Jeff drove home, he had no thoughts of the ice cream or the frozen pizza. His only thought was that someone had noticed his discretely worn diapers more than once, apparently, without him being aware of a watchful eye. Was he getting careless? When he arrived home, he hurriedly put his groceries away, maybe a little too quickly since he put a can of mushroom soup in the refrigerator. He'd almost forgotten about the note in his pocket. He pulled it out and looked at it carefully. There was a phone number, local area code and prefix, and one line of text that read, 'Ass lady likes!' He pulled out his phone, keyed in the first three digits and stopped, thought about what he was doing, keyed in three more, shook his head and put the phone down on the kitchen counter. He took a deep breath and opened up his laptop on the kitchen table and searched for the number online. It came back as a private cell phone, nothing unusual there. Before the night was over he could stand the curiosity no more and dialed the stranger's number. He thought about texting first but decided to call as she had requested. The phone rang twice and was answered, “It took you long enough! I was afraid you weren't going to call tonight at all.” “I, I don't even know your name and I have no idea why I'm calling now,” stammered Jeff. “First of all, you can call me Mistress Rachel. Second, you are intrigued that a woman noticed you were wearing a diaper. You want to know more,” she said. “What do you want with me?” asked Jeff, hoping to put this issue to rest or did he? “You are a certain type of person, one that I seek out because I, too, am a another type of person. We are not opposites but we are compatible. Do you understand,” she asked. “What are you saying?” asked Jeff, a little nervous,“We should date or something?” “Or something. You see, I haven't asked your name because if we meet and come to an arrangement, I will give you a name and that is what you will answer to when you are with me. Do you understand?” asked Rachel. Jeff shook a bit as he tried to speak, “Are you one of those S&M ladies? Do you want to truss me up and beat with with a whip?” She laughed on the other end of the phone, “Absolutely not... unless you need it. Frankly, this conversation has taken longer than I expected. Here's what we need to do next. First, you need to bring me a written letter requesting that I accept you for training. Second, you need to plan to arrive at the address I will give you after work on Friday with a diaper and whatever else you feel you think you will need for a weekend away. I'll show you around and if you have doubts, we'll discuss it in person and either you stay or you go of your own free will.” She recited the address and he wrote it down before she abruptly stated, “I'll see you Friday!” and the phone went dead. Jeff scratched his head. What just happened? Should he go to address? He looked it up and it was a nice district downtown with lots of older, restored homes. He marked it on his calendar, two days from now. Would he be brave enough to follow through? That night Jeff went to bed in a diaper and dreamed about the possibilities. By morning, he had almost forgotten about it when he noticed the note on the table. He stuffed it into his pocket while he finished getting ready for work. He didn't give it another thought until he returned home and cleaned out his pockets. Friday came and Jeff was still not sure he'd follow through on the visit or not. Just in case, he packed a bag with some clothes, a few diapers and some cream and powder along with his shaving gear and a toothbrush. It all went into the trunk of his car as he headed to work. To say he was distracted that day was a bit of an understatement. He nearly skipped lunch with a daydream. By the time 5 o'clock rolled around, he could hardly think of anything else. He walked to his car and pulled up the address on his phone. He navigated to the address, only 10 minutes from work, and arrived all too soon. His mind raced with the scenarios, was he going to be kidnapped, was it an elaborate joke? He parked his car on the street and opened the trunk. With the bag over his shoulder he walked to the front door of a modest but well maintained building in the historic district. He knocked with the ornate lion headed knocker. He could hear footsteps in the house and the door swung open to reveal Rachel in a long black dress with a plunging neckline. She wore no bra and her brown hair cascaded over her shoulders to blur the image of her cleavage. “I knew you'd show up,” said Rachel, “Please, do come in.” She held the door and allowed him to enter. When she closed the door, she bolted it and locked it with a key from the inside. Jeff looked a little worried but she assured him it was for his protection, not hers. She showed him to the couch, where she offered him a seat and she sat in a chair facing him, “Let's start with allowing me to look into your bag, shall we?” He silently handed her the bag. She opened it, looked inside and made a mental inventory of the items. She closed it and handed it back to him. He sat it on the floor beside the couch. “I'm sure you have questions but first I want to ask you a series of questions to confirm a few of my own assumptions,” said Rachel. “First, you only brought three diapers so I can safely assume you are not incontinent and wear your diapers for other than medical need?” Jeff shook his head but did not make eye contact, “Yes, that's true.” She smiled, “Do you wet, mess or both in your diapers currently?” “Just wet,” he replied, “I don't like the mess.” “Have you had an enema before today?” she asked, “And if so, how long ago?” Jeff replied, “Never, so never.” “Are you currently seeing anyone romantically?” she queried. “No,” was his reply. This went on for several minutes and Rachel gained a great deal about his mental state and his desires, both expressed and yet unexplored. “Make no mistake, this is an audition,” said Rachel, “If you are accepted, your name while here in this house will be William Patrick. Do you understand?” “What do I have to do?” asked Jeff, now to be addressed as William Patrick. “Do what comes naturally, react to situations and I will guide you through the weekend. Do you have any problem with staying here until Sunday evening?” she asked. “No, I suppose not,” he answered. “Good, let us get started,” she rose and held out a hand, “William Patrick, time to prepare you for the greatest weekend of your life if you will release your inhibitions and embrace the experience.” He followed her into the hall. She entered a room she had opened the door to, showing him what appeared to be a very clinical looking exam room fit for a hospital. It was brightly lit when the lights came on and had a counter filled with exam gloves and assorted other instruments organized around. She entered and removed what he now knew was a wrap and revealed she was wearing stockings with a garter belt and skimpy black panties. Her shapely bottom aroused him. He was correct about the bra though she was turned away from him when she put on her white exam coat. She guided and positioned him on the paper covered exam table and started unbuttoning his shirt. He was too amazed to offer any resistance or assistance. She slipped him out of his shirt and moved to his shoes and socks. She tossed them all into a waiting hamper before undoing his belt. It was obvious he was aroused and a small stain had started on his boxers. She cleaned out his pockets, placing the contents, which included her original note, into a zip lock bag and then had him step out of his underwear. He was a bit self conscious of his nakedness and his obvious interest. She asked him to lay back on the table while she began to examine him. He complied and closed his eyes. He could feel her gently poking and prodding his genitals before his legs were lifted and placed into stirrups. He'd never been examined like this before by a doctor and certainly not in an erotic setting. Next she placed her gloved hands on his stomach and then listened to his heart. She opened his eyes and looked into each before checking his teeth, gums, throat and ears. “You appear quite healthy, William Patrick,” she said with a smile, “But we must be sure. You see I have strict standards with my diaper boys. You are a diaper boy, aren't you? Do you secretly long to be incontinent and forced to rely on diapers? Do you dream of needing diapers rather than using them for recreation?” She could see her subject turning beet red as he turned his head away from her, “I've never told anyone that? What makes you think those things about me?” “William Patrick! I have a type and that type is you,” she giggled, “I've developed a sixth sense about finding diaper boys that I can play with. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement for as long as we both see it that way. Now, when was your last bowel movement?” He gulped, “This morning, like clockwork.” “Well, I am going to insure you are like clockwork the entire weekend. First, I'm going to thoroughly clean you out with a warm, soothing enema. Don't worry, you won't feel any discomfort,” said Rachel as she pulled the IV pole from the side of the room and started to fill a large red bag with warm tap water. He was a little anxious about this but she assured him it wasn't going to be a problem, just a formality they needed to address. She then added a packet of something into the bag and capped it off before shaking it and hanging it from the IV pole. “Now, I'm going to do this colonic style so you won't have to get up to expel,” she said as she showed him the nozzle, “Water goes in the smaller tube and waste goes out the larger tube. Very sanitary and clean.” He shook his head as she proceeded to lubricate the nozzle and also his rectum. What he didn't see from his vantage point was she had slipped an expander around the speculum that was going to be inserted into his bottom. He felt one, then two and finally her three fingers inside his rear as she thoroughly lubricated his anus. He felt her start the nozzle and it expanded his rear as she slowly worked it in place. He didn't notice that she had also used a numbing lubricant and had inserted a sizable item in his bottom. “Now, I'm going to start the water. It will flow in and when you start to feel full, let me know and I'll release it,” she said with the sweetest grin. He nodded approval and she released the clamp. He felt the sudden warmth of water rushing into his abdomen. She was right, it wasn't unpleasant at all. As he watched the bag deflate, it dawned on him that she was filling another bag and hung it beside the first. Just then he felt a cramp that made him wince. “OK, I'm cramping,” he grunted, “Can you release it now?” She complied and he instantly felt relief and a few gurgles as the waste was carried away, unseen to him, into the drain system. She attached the second bag and released the clamp as she took the first bag and proceeded to refill it. He wondered how long this would go on. He did not notice she put something in the bag before she filled it with water. If he'd known, he might have said something but she was quite convincing and would have gotten her way despite it. After the second bag was all in without any cramps, he was allowed to expel and actually felt very good when she connected the third bag. She started it and it felt warm, as did the first two. She smiled and took the other bag and rinsed it out and hung it to dry over the sink. She looked him in the eye, “While that bag is instilling, I need to check your prostate. This might seem awkward but I will be as gentle as I can.” She changed gloves and produced a long, thin scope that she lubricated very liberally before she took his manhood and started working it down his smallest of holes. As she did, she did not inform him of the other item she was threading into his urethra. That would be surprise for later. She shut off the valve to the last bag but he did not notice she never drained it from him. He was too distracted with the tube in his penis. She declared all was well and removed the scope, minus the payload she had covertly delivered to his bladder neck. “All done!” she stated, “Now we can get you cleaned up and dressed for dinner.” She pulled the speculum nozzle out of his bottom but left the expander in place. With a numbed bottom, he could not tell. Another thing he was not aware of was the lube was actually a biodegradable glue that kept it in place for 48 hours. She toyed with the three quarter of an inch hole left in his bottom. She smiled at the mixture she'd placed in his colon after evacuating him. It was a special mix of fiber and polymers that were liquid above 104 degrees while in suspension of the enema but quickly solidified into a foamy consistency of oatmeal once lowered to body temperature. He had about 2 hours before his first involuntary colonic expulsion. Luckily, he would be well diapered momentarily in preparation for the evening festivities. Knowing his future state, she brought out one of her own special diapers she kept on hand for her diaper boys. It was an all black, very thick diaper with full padding in the wings. He instinctively lifted his bottom as she moved it under him. She started applying cream to his bottom and the whole of his diaper area before taping him securely inside the extra heavy duty diaper. “There, doesn't that feel nice?” she asked as she helped him up. “Whoa, that is a very thick diaper!” he remarked, “I've never seen or heard of a diaper like this! That's going to hold a lot! What have you got planned?” “Oh it surely does!” she snickered, “You are going to need several of these this weekend. All of your fantasy are going to come true for the next few days!” “What do you mean?” he asked, perplexed at her statement. “Now, let's get dressed. We have a dinner reservation at Louie's for seven o'clock,” she said, “And I have the clothes you need to wear in the closet next door.” He stood up, with her help, and noticed something was off. The diaper, thick as it was, already felt wet. He pushed against the crotch. It was indeed slightly wet already. “What did you do to me?” he asked with a higher pitched voice, “I'm wet and I don't remember peeing!” “Relax,” said Rachel, “It is just a side effect of the scope I did. The lubricant has a mild numbing effect and it can irritate the urethra, causing some slight leakage. I suppose it is a good think you enjoy diapers!” As much as he liked wearing diapers, this did not seem to be what he had bargained for. He just hoped it wore off soon as she professed. She showed him to the closet and helped him dress in the clothes she had picked out for him. It was a button down long sleeve white shirt with a pair of navy blue slacks that surprisingly enough, fit over the huge diaper and made it nearly invisible to the unitiated. “So, we are going out for dinner, out of the house,” he asked. “Yes, my treat since you've been such a great sport during all of this,” she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, “You look so handsome and I can hardly tell you have a diaper on and I know what I'm looking for.” He grinned a bit and adjusted his belt and sat down to put on some socks and shoes. He noticed he couldn't bend over as well with a thick diaper on and she had to help with his laces. Once he was ready, she offered to change in front of him so they would be on equal footing, she'd seen him naked and he certainly wanted to see her naked or nearly so. She hung up her white lab coat, this time while facing him. Her bosom was full and pleasing to look at. His manhood stirred. She took a push up bra out of a drawer and asked him to fasten it for her in the back. He complied, though his diaper grew tighter at the touch. She looked in the closet for a dress and found a gray pinstriped skirt with a side slit that she stepped into before selecting a light blue blouse to go with it. His erections did not go unnoticed though she did not comment. She explained that Louie's was just around the block and they'd be walking. She showed him a pair of spiked heals but scrunched her nose. Instead she pulled out a pair of open toed wedges that she could comfortably walk around the block in. On queue, he held out his arm and she took it as they made their way down the street. He thought he noticed his diaper was wetter but didn't mention it. They arrived 10 minutes before their reservation and sat at the bar. She had a mojito and he drank a dark beer. They had nearly finished when they were escorted to the table, “This is my favorite table.” It was in a corner, a little dim and not in plain view of everyone else. She was seated then he sat across from her. He looked at the menu and she ordered a bottle of wine. “Order anything you like,” she said, “I've got a tab here since it is so close to the house.” The waiter took their orders, a filet mignon for both of them, and they were alone. He didn't know what to say at first and she started the conversation. “Well, Willy P., I feel I should spill the beans. I've placed a stent into your bladder. I also might as well tell you that I didn't drain that last enema bag. Your colon is full of a mush that will ooze out every few hours through the hollow butt plug I left inside of you. Until I take both of them out, you will be diaper dependent. Enjoy!” He was stunned! Did he hear her correctly? What was that about a plug and a stent? “Come again?” he asked, “What did you just say?” “Look, Willy P., I get off on guys like you and your real experience with what you've only played at until now,” said Rachel. “I like to see guys squirm when they realize I've taken their bladder and bowel control away from them for the weekend.” “WHAT!” he might have said a bit too loudly as a waiter shot him a look, “No bladder or bowel control?” “You play an incontinent and now you are one for the weekend. I'll put you back before you leave,” she said, “But I like guys in diapers for a reason. If you're good, I'll show you later. For now, know that the stuff in your butt doesn't stink and that diaper will hold a whole days worth of anything.” He downed his glass of wine and shakily poured another full glass, “I can't believe this!” After another glass of wine he calmed down enough to eat when the steaks arrived. She shot him a knowing grin and a wink. He just shook his head and pondered what he had gotten himself into. Stupid lust had betrayed him. He did notice his diaper was growing tighter and obviously wetter, “You say this will only last the weekend? How do I know?” “You have to trust me,” she said, “You'll see that I'm quite fun if you go along.” By the time dinner was over, he was a bit tipsy. She didn't drink nearly as much wine as he did and he could tell his diaper was now thoroughly filling up. She signed the bill with a generous tip and they walked back to the house. About half way around the block, Jeff/Willy P. felt what he thought was a fart. He was unable to stop it and seconds later a muffled PFFT escaped his bottom. She giggled and patted his bottom. It was then he could feel something warm spreading out around his backside. “Oh no!” he said, “Did I... was that...” “Yes, Willy, you just pooped your diaper!” she cackled, “Enjoy it. Doesn't it feel nice not to have to worry about looking for a bathroom?” He had to admit, it wasn't the horrid feeling he'd anticipated but the thought of his own mess against his skin didn't thrill him. Once back at the front door, she opened it and walked in with him, “How about a change? This thing is pretty full and quite loaded!” “Not until I show you what I get out of this arrangement,” she said, “Follow me!” Still not too steady on his feet, he followed her to what he assumed was her bedroom. It was a big room with a canopy bed. She pushed him back against a wall and started stripping off his clothes. He assumed he should do the same but she stopped when she got to her undergarments. Then she pushed him onto the bed and got on top of him. She spread his arms out and fastened a silk rope around each wrist that was conveniently waiting. It wouldn't hold him for long but he played along. Then she stood over him and dribbled off her bra, swung it around a few times and tossed it at his face. He was visibly interested though still confined. Surely she would release him for some wild sex! He was wrong, though. She pulled her panties down as they were over her garter belt. This left her wearing only stockings and garter belt and he in only his diaper. Then she straddled his diapered crotch and leaned in, her nipples within reach of his tongue as she eased down and whispered in his ear, “It is painful for me to have intercourse. This way, I can be sure you won't do something that will hurt me but we can still have fun!” With that she thrust a nipple into his face and he licked at it, teasing it erect. She moved over and let him repeat that moves. When she was thoroughly worked up, she slid down to where her crotch was straddling his bulging diaper. She ground on his bulge with her mound until she was breathing heavily and about to come. He, excited but not yet as close, started to try to free his hands. “No, no!” she said, “Just wait!” She turned around to put her slit in his face as she massaged his diapered member through the plastic. She cupped his padded jewels and ground her wet nether lips into his face. He tasted her and proceeded to use his tongue to tease her to climax. He felt her topple over the edge and quiver the slightest bit before she turned back to be face to face. She ground her crotch into his diaper harder and harder until he was almost ready to explode! She bounced one time and planted her lips on his, her hands on his face as he exploded into his diaper along with her second orgasm! She collapsed onto his chest and mumbled, “And that's what I get out of it!” She released his hands and rolled to his side. He looked toward her and kissed her just as another loud wet fart emanated from his bottom. “I know you're not supposed to laugh in bed but that was funny,” she said. He giggled too at the idea of pooping after sex in a wet and messy diaper! She patted his diaper, squeezed it a few places and said, “It'll hold for a while longer. I want to go again. Promise me you won't do anything stupid and I won't tie your hands!” “And mess up a good thing!” he said, “I wouldn't dream of it.” This time she pulled him on top of her and wrapped her legs around his middle. He ground his diapered crotch into her slippery patch of fur while kneading her breasts with both hands. He could tell the front of his diaper was very slippery from her juices as he continued to work his bulge across her lower lips. She bucked against him as yet another orgasm took hold before she released her leg lock on him. He had almost forgotten about his incontinent state until he rolled onto his back and felt the mush that evacuated into his diaper move around. When she finally turned to look at him with those seductive eyes, he asked, “Can I get out of this diaper now?” “Sweety,” she patted his cheek, “That one can hold a lot more and even if I take you out of that one, you have to go right back in a fresh one or you'll wet and mess all over the place. If I don't keep a guy in diapers, I can't be sure he won't take that thing and try to stick it where it will hurt me. You understand why I have to do this? Besides, you look cute in a sexy black diaper!” “It certainly holds more than any diapers I've ever used before. How do you know so much about diapers?” he asked. “This isn't my first rodeo, sport! My first attempt to keep a guy from fucking me was to wear the diaper myself. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it resulted in me having to knee a boner to keep them from hurting me. Now, if I make a guy incontinent, I find they are much more docile and manageable. Don't you agree?” she answered. “So this is just a chastity belt I wear instead of you?” he pondered. “If that helps you deal with it,” she replied, “That works for me. The doctor says I have a very narrow vaginal opening. They've tried dilation, which didn't work very well, and I refused surgery as I'm afraid what some butcher would do to me. So this is what I've found that works. Any complaints?” “No,” he replied, “But next time I don't need to poop myself.” “So, I haven't scared you of? You're already thinking about next time?” she puzzled to him with a big grin. “OK, first thing tomorrow, I'll take your hollow butt plug out, deal?” she held out a hand, “But you have to keep the stent and stay diapered.” He shook her hand, “We can never had normal sex?” “No, I've seen you aroused and you're too big,” she frowned. “How about anal sex? I can't keep doing this in a diaper all the time,” he questioned. She looked at him and cocked her head, “Anal sex? You like to take it up the butt?” “NO! That's not what I meant!” he said indignantly. “I know, just kidding. Can I trust you? Would you rather have a blowjob instead? I do have a medical fetish. That's why I have my own exam room. I'd need an enema. Can you give a good enema?” “I've never done it before but I'm more than willing to return the favor you've done for me,” he said sarcastically. “OK, so what is your real name? That Willy P. as in 'will he pee' thing was funny and you took it well.” “It's Jeff and, yes, I caught the play on sounds the first time you said it,” he giggled, “I knew you were my kind of girl then.” “OK, I'm worn out. I think we should get some sleep!” she said as she turned off the light. Jeff was out quickly. The events of the day had worn him out quite thoroughly. He did not even protest not getting a fresh diaper change before sleeping. The next morning, he was awakened to the smell of bacon and coffee. As he rolled out of the strange bed, he remembered he was at Rachel's house. When he stood, he was acutely aware of what had happened to his diaper overnight. His crotch containment must have weighed five pounds! He waddled into the kitchen to see Rachel in a oversized t-shirt cooking. “Good morning droopy diapers!” she chuckled. “Well, it is your fault. Fantasy or not, I never really wanted this, at least not all of it,” he said as he cocked his head. “At least now you know. Have breakfast and I'll get you changed and fix your leaky butt!” He gingerly sat on the chair at the island and felt the back of his diaper squish and shift. He just closed his eyes and prayed this was the last messy diaper she made him endure. She kept pouring him juice and coffee and it dawned on him, she was trying to make sure he stayed wet all weekend! “OK, I'm full. Do you want help cleaning up the dishes before you change me out of this mess of a diaper?” he asked. She nodded, “Sure, you can load the dishwasher while I put away the leftovers.” Between the two of them, it was quick work and they were off to the exam room to take care of business. He was on the table, legs in stirrups and she untaped the near capacity diaper. She cleaned up and left him just on an underpad for the next step. “This may take a bit since the glue normally takes a few days to dissolve on its own. The solvent should work but let me know if you feel any pain,” she said as she dabbed cotton balls of the stuff on his bottom. “Ouch!” he said just as she pulled the hollow plug out of his hole! “All done!” as she deposited the used hole into the trash, “Now I'll clean you up and get you a fresh diaper. I have blue, white and animal prints. What's your preference?” He smiled at her, “Whatever you like. Apparently, I'm just here to keep you happy!” “OK, a plain white one for the day!” she said, “By the way, I thought about what you asked and if you'll give me an enema this evening, we'll try some anal.” He need not answer, his manhood spoke for him as he blushed when she giggled. Once safely back into diapers, they adjourned to the bedroom for a mid morning sexy wrestling match. It was odd for him to not have penetration but he managed to come with her so that was rewarding despite that one little technicality. After that, she took a shower and dressed for lunch. The white diaper didn't hold as much and she took him out of the diaper while he was in the shower so he could clean up as well. When he shut the water off, his plumbing kept going, drip, drip, drip. She was waiting, “Need a hand?” as she held out a big, thick blue diaper! He dried off best he could and stood as she fastened the diaper on him from behind, the diaper trapped between them. “Should I ask how many times you've done this?” he pondered out loud. “I don't mind,” she said, “You're my third victim in as many years.” “And how long did these previous relationships last,” he asked. “The first was two months and the second was six months,” she answered before asking, “How about you? How many girls have diapered you?” “This is the first!” he said, “You popped my cherry!” “Mmm, I aim to please!” she said with a rub to the front of his diaper. She had washed his clothes he arrived in while he showered though his pants wouldn't fit over the blue puffy diaper. Instead, she had a pair of slacks he wore and his shirt as they walked to a little pub on the corner. That was the great thing about downtown, lots of things within walking distance and alcohol was not a problem. Though he was used to wetting his diaper, he was almost accustomed to wetting it without his control. The stent removed all willful resistance to his use of diapers for the intended purpose though he was glad to have regained full control of his bowels. After lunch, they walked through the park holding hands. They leisurely found a bench to people watch a bit. Jeff thought how good it felt to have someone that shared his secret and didn't mind his fetish. To know she had fetishes of her own was a relief. She nudged him and whispered in his ear, “The woman in the pink dress, she's wearing a diaper.” He whispered back, “How can you tell? I don't see it.” “Two things, one she crinkled when she walked by like she had a shopping bag in her pocket and second the wind caught her skirt and I could see 'Attends' down her butt!” said Rachel. He giggled, “Do you see diapered people everywhere?” “You'd be surprised,” she said, “More women than men but women can hide it easier.” He considered her statement, “Have you ever had a woman playmate?” She looked him in the eye with a wry grin, “Are you looking for a threesome? No, I'm into men that can't get into me.” After an afternoon in the park and with fading light, they headed back to Rachel's house and Jeff commented that he thought he was due a change soon as well. She agreed and patted his bottom. Back at the house, she left him in the living room while she went to the exam room alone. She asked him to wait 10 minutes then follow her up. He looked a magazines and pondered the capacity of his diaper while waiting. Once the 10 minutes were up, he entered the exam room to find she was the one on the exam table. She smiled at him and pointed to the cabinets and drawers. She directed him to the anal speculum kits, the enema bag and the IV pole. He dutifully listened to her commands and got the temperature just as she asked before mixing in a packet of salt and baking soda into the bag. He attached the hose to the speculum, burped the air and hung it on the IV pole to push over near her. Then he helped her out of her skirt and found she was not wearing any panties. Instead she had a white diaper with a hole cut where the butt was. He felt the front of his soaked diaper expand. She pointed to the box of gloves and the tube of lubricant. He snapped on the gloves and from her smile, he could tell that she was indeed a medical fetish lover. He applied the jelly to the speculum and took a squirt of it onto his fingers that he worked into her bottom through the hole in the diaper. She squirmed and bit her lip as he did. She was enjoying this more than he was. He told her he was ready to insert the speculum and she nodded with a grin. She was relaxed and ready as it slipped right in without any need for more attempts. He clicked the clamp and allowed her to start filling. She asked him to slow it down a bit and he did. She smiled and asked him to fill another bag. He complied and by the time he had the second bag filled, he saw her belly was quite full and the bag was sucked dry. She told him not to release waste valve yet, just change bags and she'd tell him when to release it. He did as requested and set the flow on a low setting. She took almost half of the second bag before she told him to stop and release the valve. From this angle, Jeff could tell she was really in to it and he started massaging her clit through the diaper. Her eyes lit up and she told him to close the valve and let the last bag finish! He was hard as could be and could tell how turned on she was. He worked her up to almost climax and she told him to hold off and start again when he opened the valve after the bag emptied. When the second bag had finally deflated and he opened the valve, he also massaged her slit and she came with such force that the exhaust hose visible jumped with each pulse. Beads of sweat where on her forehead and she was spent. His diaper strained to gain room for his manhood. Between breathes she asked him to leave the speculum in place but hang the bag to dry. She excused herself while he was cleaning up and returned a moment later. “I've never tried this before, a diaper with a hole, but I thought we would give it a try,” said Rachel, “There is only a hole for my bottom! This should keep you honest!” She pulled off his gloves and escorted him to the bedroom. She had already put down a waterproof bed protector. She stood there and pulled off her top and unbuttoned his pants. They fell to the ground and he stepped out of them. She fell back onto the bed. His diaper would not hold much longer! She drew him closer with her finger and released the top tapes on his diaper. His member sprang free! She tore open a condom and slipped it awkwardly over his dribbling penis. He could tell her bottom had been well lubricated already from the excess around the hole in the diaper she wore. She tied the headboard silk ropes around her ankles to give Jeff a perfect angle on her behind. He touched the head of his cock to her rosebud through the hole and massaged her clit through the thick diaper meant to keep him out of her too tight pussy. She rocked against his head, each time stretching her rosebud out a little more until it slipped inside. He eased it in and out a bit more and retreated until he had finally made a full stroke! He was buried deep in her ass and it felt good. The smile on her face told him she was enjoying it as well. He continued to massage her clit, causing her to flex her buttocks, making him harder and closer to coming with each clench. She grabbed his soggy buttocks and pulled him closer to her diapered bottom, plunging him as deep as possible inside her bottom and he could take no more! He erupted into her colon, causing her to come as well. She clenched and bucked on his member until they were both spent. He pulled out of her, dizzy from the exertion. She untied her legs and they fell onto the bed with a crinkly thud. “OH MY GOD!” she said with a gutteral roar, “Baby was that good for you?” Jeff looked up from the pillow his face was buried into, nodded and dropped his head back into the pillow. They lay like that for several minutes when she rolled up and looked around. “Come on, we have to get you into a clean diaper!” as she swatted his half diapered bottom. A wet spot had already formed under him on the bed protector. He pulled the front of his diaper back up and followed her to the exam room. She disposed of the condom, put a fresh diaper under him and kissed him as she taped it up. “I must say, I have never had anal sex, sex in a diaper and certainly never had anal sex with a woman in a diaper as well!” said Jeff. “This is going to be hard to top!” “Really? That was a first for me as well. I think I like it back there! Maybe next time I'll be on top. How would you like that?” she asked. He pulled her to him, “I'm up for it!” She wiped the wetness of the back of her diaper where the hole was cut, “Now, take a piece of that tape and cover the hole in my diaper. I'll join you in sleeping diapered tonight.” “You will?” he said has he smiled at her with her bottom facing him. He dutifully taped up her diaper hole and hugged. They prepared for bed and slept well into Sunday morning before they stirred. She awoke first with him waking soon afterwards. He instinctively checked his diaper, soaked as expected. Then he ran his hand over her diaper. Sadly, it was not wet. “I'm sorry. Let's see if we can fix that,” she said as she placed his hand between her legs. He felt the warmth as she relieved her bladder into her diaper. It was a long one as it was her first of the day. He rubbed her slippery diaper against her mound and she ground her bottom into his crotch. She came first as he continued to crinkle their diapers together until he too joined her in ecstasy. “You know what a girl likes, Jeff!” she said lazily, “Do you want to go out for brunch?” “Yes, but you have to wear a diaper too!” he said as he rolled her to face him and kissed her. “So, you think you can make demands of me?” she said, raising her eyebrows. He sheepishly tried to keep smiling, “If you want to, of course. I, on the other hand, have no choice!” She kissed him as she rolled on top of him, her hand on his soggy, diapered member, “And don't you forget it! Now, get some clothes on and let's get some brunch!” He dressed over his moderately wet diaper and she pulled a short skirt over her freshly peed diaper. It wasn't full but he wondered how she would keep it from showing her diaper as it was quite short. At least he had dark trousers. Her diaper was wet enough that the wetness indicator had changed to blue and the clear packing tape covered a rather obvious hole in the back. Nobody would mistake it for underwear! At least her blouse would draw attention away from other areas with the tight show of cleavage. They left, arm in arm, and headed to one of the many eateries in the district. They smelled bacon and steered into that place. It wasn't very crowded at the moment and they took a seat outside. It was a cozy table, almost knee to knee. She turned her coffee cup over, as did Jeff, as the waiter strolled toward them with a piping hot pot of Columbia's finest. We had two cups each before our food was brought. I had French toast, scrambled eggs and bacon, she had a bran muffin, orange juice and sausage. We leisurely dined, shot each other knowing glances as the liquids did their number on me and my already wet diaper. I could only imagine what she was feeling. I hoped she was enjoying it. After an hour of chit chat and people watching, we paid our bill and returned toward her house. Along the way we sat for a moment on a park bench. It was then I could tell my diaper was quite wet and heavy. It is a credit to her diaper selection that it was not leaking. Suddenly, she stood up and whispered a bit strained to me, “We need to leave, NOW!” I wasn't sure what her urgency was but I didn't hesitate to follow her lead. She walked a bit funny and I couldn't quite put my finger on it but she was now at a brisk pace. “What's the matter?” I genuinely asked. “Coffee! Makes me go!” she said through clenched teeth. I stopped and cackled for a second, Miss Rachel was about to mess her diaper! She shot me a look that let me know she was serious. “By all means, lets not waste any time,” I said, trying to stifle another snicker. She stopped twice on the walk back to hold her tummy and clench her bottom. I wasn't sure if she was successful or not. Part of me wanted to see what happened when the one in charge lost control. We were within sight of her house when I noticed her quivering lip and her closed eyes. I took her hand and led her toward the front door. She never said a word but I heard a slight sigh escape her lips and she picked up the pace. It was 50 feet from her front door that Rachel's bowels showed her who was really in charge. She opened the door and immediately pulled me in and slammed the door shut. I was expecting her to run to the bathroom to clean up. Instead, she slid me to the ground and straddled my soggy crotch. She rode both of us to a climax, me in a diaper and her in a messy one. The thought of her so turned on by her own messy diaper really made me feel she wasn't just diaper men for her own entertainment. As soon as she stood, she sighed again and I could here her pee hissing into her soiled diaper. My bladder, still not under my control, was envious. My bowels were starting to feel an urge to void as well. “I'd rather not mess my diaper even if does make you horny,” I looked at her from the floor, “Can I use the toilet and maybe shower?” She had a crooked smile on her face, “Sure, but with one condition. I promised you your bladder control back today. Join me in the exam room.” She held out a hand and I let her help me up. We entered the exam room. I dropped by pants and folded them in the chair. She placed me the stirrups as before. She even strapped me down. I was a bit hurt that she didn't trust me. She could see the look on my face, “This could be a bit intense so I need you to be restrained while I remove the stent in your bladder neck.” I laid back and closed my eyes as she untaped my diaper as I felt the cool air for the first time in a while. I could feel her holding my member as she cleaned it and felt the tool slip deep inside. There was a bit of a pinch and a tug before she pulled that monster out of my bladder. Thank goodness that was over. She looked down upon me in my still restrained state, her diaper starting to smell, “Now, can I trust you? Really? By the way, you'll likely dribble and have accidents for the rest of the day so you'll stay in diapers. But, next, I want us to take a shower if you are honorable.” I nodded in silent compliance. She released my bindings and walked to the shower in her bedroom, stripping off her clothes as she went. By the time I caught up in the shower, she was standing there in nothing but her diaper. She turned on the water to let it warm before untaping her own diaper. It was lowered to the ground and folded so that I didn't see how bad she'd fouled it. Instead she backed into the shower and took the hand wand to rinse off her bottom. After a minute of that she invited me in as well. She playfully pointed the wand at my interested manhood and it felt very sensual. Then she soaped my shaft before turning her back on me and tiptoeing back into me. I could feel her butt cheeks against my firm member. She lathered her hands and put them between us, pulled me down as she leaned forward. As I slid down her butt crack, I suddenly felt her push back and I was deep inside her bottom! She nearly brought me to my knees and then pinned me against the back wall of the shower. Next she took the wand and pointed it between her legs. I could feel the warm, pulsing water massaging my balls! She started moaning as she ground me up. I believe the water was also massaging her clit. When I was about to be able to hold back any longer, I felt her bottom squeeze me and I was finished! She drooped forward and slowly slid me out of her rear. Then she hosed us both off before tip toeing up to kiss me. “You are a great sport, Jeff!” she said, “but you still need a diaper until you can hold your bladder.” We finished washing and she exited first, toweling off her face before handing me a towel. I did her back and she did mine. She was someone I could see me falling for, accepting and willing! She went to retrieve my bag and used one of my diapers now since I was no longer wetting so profusely. She came up behind me, the diaper between us, and slipped the front between my legs. She taped it on very efficiently before pulling away and smacking my thinly diapered bottom. “Did you bring clothes for work tomorrow? You can stay here if you like,” she said, softening a bit. “I didn't think about that,” I said with a frown, “I wish I had.” “Well, we'll have a bite to eat and you are free to go,” she said as she walked to the kitchen naked! I eagerly followed in just my diaper but grabbed a shirt out of my bag as I passed it. She was certainly not hard to follow, a perfect ass that I have been very intimate with. She set about making some spaghetti and garlic bread. We talked while I set out the plates and silverware. Just as I was pouring some wine, she asked me, “So, would you be tempted to return?” I reached my hand across the table to take her hand in mine, “YES!” She smiled at me and a little more forcefully said, “Next time, bring Monday work clothes, as in next Friday!” And that was the first of several visits to Rachel's but that's for another story! The End
  12. Note this is just the introduction. I've written more but I only got to type out this today Intro: The odd thing about me is that even though I have secrets, I am still important. They always say, “Everyone has some skeletons in their closet.” And I suppose my skeleton is my my fetish. It doesn’t affect how I work, go to school, etc, it is simply a fetish that I do when I have some “private time” alone. Which is rare. For most, it is a secret that no one would even think I had. Only a few people know, and some probably don’t even remember or tend to forget. My mom knows, and she doesn’t care or judge me. My dad found out, but he doesn’t take it seriously and he’s forgotten about it since I haven’t worn recently. It’s unnoticeable to most, and that’s the best part. Two of my friends know about it, but not because I told them and I have really no idea how they found out. Supposedly my first friend found out by the other friend, though I had never told them previously anything about my fetish. The first one I told a white lie and said, “I don’t do it anymore…” But it wasn’t a complete lie because I hadn’t done it in a while. I wasn’t able to indulge and be me, an AB/DL, a diaper lover. Yes, that is what I am. I started off as a diaper lover, but ended up enjoying the baby stuff, pampers, baby clothes (I had a couple of things, but now just have a couple again, ended up replacing my baby dress for a nightie). Of course, the only person that “takes care of me” is me. And I know for those who may read this and are not AB/DL people, I have to clarify because some that don’t know what an adult baby diaper lover is, they are someone who wants to dress or act like a baby or wear diapers and baby clothes, depending on the person. AB/DL are not pedophiles, or attracted to children. Even on Ab/dl websites that is usually listed as a disclaimer so if you happen to stumble upon one of these sites, you know the difference. I’ve been told I look young, but not like a child. I’m a typical abdl, for the most part-the ones you see on TV are extreme versions of the fetish, who most likely did it to become famous. A few celebrities have explored the Ab/dl fetish (most likely the same reason that the extreme Ab/dls that appear on TV). It’s kind of sad, because it gives most of the people in the fetish a bad name. Not crazy. I identify as a Little Girl/Adult baby. I doubt there’s a “Kinsey Scale” for ABDL, and while it can include other fetishes such as spanking, s and m, etc, I do not use any of that. I have this fetish, but it’s not really sexual for me. It’s….sensual and feels right. Like I feel like I belong when I do it. Hard to explain. I’m telling a story-based mostly on some dreams and some thoughts.
  13. Chapter 1. At 22, Jody had finally finished a two year business course at the local college. After finishing high school Jody had taken a year off and worked in a small factory. The money was not the best but it was enough to pay the rent. Jody had been working days and going to night school. She had taken out a loan to pay for the course and now that she was done, she was hoping to find something better then working in the factory. Three weeks went by and Jody was still looking to get out of the factory. It was not that the factory job was all that bad, she just knew that she did not want to be there for the next forty years. Jody would go every night to the library and use the computers. She could not afford internet. There seem to be nothing that interested her in her town. Jody finally decided that she needed to widen her job search, Jody came across a job listing for a receptionist at a Doctor's office. Jody thought that this might be a good start for her. The listing had a link that Jody clicked on. It explained what the job entailed and that she just had to fill out a application form. Jody started the application. Height 4' 7". Weight 88lbs. After filling in all the information and reading back through, making sure she did not leave anything out or misspell anything she was satisfied. Looking back for a third time Jody thought that having to put her height and weight down was a little strange. She had not filled out that many applications, but she could not recall having to put that information in before. Jody hit "accept" and crossed her fingers. Jody went on to her Facebook page before leaving the library. It did not take her long to scroll through Facebook. Seeing that it was getting late, she logged off and headed back to her apartment. 35 year old Family Doctor Susan Wells looked through the dozen or so applications she had received during the night. The only one that caught her attention was that of one of Jody Martin. Doctor Wells went directly to Facebook and looked her up. When she found Jody's picture she quickly yelled, "Kim, can you come in here? I think I found her!" 32 year old Nurse Kim Smith came through the office door and walked around the desk, placing her hands on Susan's shoulders. "Oh my goodness. She's a cutie pie!" Kim said with excitement. Kim started to massage Susan's neck and shoulders. "Is she from around here?" Susan was enjoying the massage she was receiving from her girlfriend/employee. "No. She's from a little town just outside of Ottawa. Well, what do you think?" "I think she is perfect. I love her dark hair. It's like mine. What is she, like 18?" "Believe it or not, she is 22." "I thought I was being generous saying she was 18. Take that makeup off and I think we could enrol her in the 4th grade." Kim laughed and Susan joined in. Susan and Kim have been together for 8 years. They have been trying to adopt the past couple of years, but have had no luck. Even though Susan is a Doctor, being gay seem to make adoption almost impossible. Over dinner last week Susan had mentioned to Kim that since adoption seemed to be out of the question, maybe they should go about it another way. At first Kim thought Susan was crazy, but after a long dinner and a few glasses of wine, Kim was all for it. Last year they had bought a large victorian home in Waterloo. It had taken 4 months of construction to get the downstairs ready. They had built a waiting room and 3 examination rooms, along with an office for Susan. The women moved into the upstairs of the house just months ago. Everything was going great for the couple. Their house was perfect and their relationship was better then ever. The only thing missing from both their lives was being able to care for a young child. Jody was sitting in the cafeteria at work. She had just opened up her cooler bag when her cheap cell phone rang. "Hello" "Hello. May I speak with Jody Martin please." "This is Jody Martin." Dr. Wells was sitting in her office and Kim was standing beside her. They had Jody's Facebook page open, looking at her profile picture. "Jody, this is Dr. Susan Wells. You filled out our online application and I just had a few questions." Jody was surprised. She had just filled out the application last night. "Uhm....Sure." is all she said. "Jody, I really like what I see here. I was just wondering if you know that my office is in Waterloo. I see that you live around Ottawa." "Yes Ma'am. I realize that." "Okay. So you would have no problem moving away from your parents?" "No Ma'am. My parents are divorced and neither of them live around here." Jody's parents had divorced when Jody was only six. She lived with her mother until she was 18 and when Jody finished high school and started her job at he factory, her mother moved out to Alberta. Even though Jody was an only child, she never really got along all that well with either of her parents. She had not talked to her mother in months. Both Kim and Susan smiled. They knew that if their plan was going to work, they did not need any interference from a family member. "Sorry to hear that Jody. Any siblings that might be upset if you came to work for me?" "No Ma'am. I don't have any brothers or sisters." Susan smiled again. "If I decided to hire you, when do you think you would be available to start?" Jody was shocked to hear that. Could it be true? She looked around the cafeteria at all the people sitting eating their lunch. People of all ages. She focused on a lady that looked to be in her fifties. Jody knew that she did not want to be working there when she was that old. "Uhmmm..I guess anytime." "Oh that's great. How about I call you back around 5pm tonight. Would that be okay?" "Sure. That would be great." Jody said, hardly able to contain her excitement. "Okay. Talk to later tonight. Bye." "Bye." Jody ended the call and placed her phone into her pocket. Looking around the room once again, she smiled wide. She could be out of here shortly, she thought. Susan turned to face Kim. "Well? What do you think?" Kim was smiling ear to ear. "What do I think? I think we need to get working on getting everything ready for our little girl." Susan stood up from her chair and reached out and hugged Kim. "I think you're right. I will make some calls." The two women hugged and kissed. "To bad we have more patients this afternoon. I would love to take you upstairs for a while." Kim said, grabbing Susan's tight butt. Susan moaned a little and moved her hips into Kim. "Tonight for sure."
  14. The Wish! Written by JD © September 2013 Authors Note: This story is something I have been thinking about for a long time and is partially inspired by the movie ‘Mr. Destiny’. It is completely fictional and is not meant to be taken at all realistically. It is just wishful thinking on my part, where I truly wish it could happen for me… well, maybe not exactly this way. This story will contain diaper use but will be non-sexual. Now on to the story! Chapter 1 Today was just one of those days! It started out bad and just got worse as it went along! First off, I was fired today! I wasn’t just fired, I had been chewed out so badly by my boss, that they heard it 3 floors below! Now don’t get me wrong, I knew it had been coming for some time. You see, I work in a large advertising firm which I was hired at straight out of college. When I had first started there, I had been promised the moon and even more. Unfortunately, my skills in advertising turned out to be plain terrible. Because of this, I was never trusted with any of the larger accounts which also meant that my advancement opportunities were slim to none. Somehow though, I managed to keep my head above water and keep my job for 12 years. I scratched by on a decent enough income to allow me and my wife to live in a nicer part of town. But I will go into that more in a minute, as for now, I want to finish saying what I was saying about my job. Somehow, my boss decided that maybe it was time to give me a chance. There was a long standing big account at the firm and they were shopping for a new image. My boss was at his wit’s end trying to help develop this new image, but the company seemed to shoot down every one of his, and the others involved, ideas. On some fluke, he decided to ask me my opinion and for the first time, I had an ingenious idea. When I explained my idea to my boss, he loved it and just like that, I was brought into the team that handled the account. This meant that at the next meeting I was to present my idea to everyone, including the company the account was for. I was so excited and when I told my wife about it, for the first time in a long time, we were happy. For the next several days, I worked my butt off on my idea so that it would be perfect when I presented it. For the most part, everyone was thrilled with the advertising campaign I came up with and because of this, the company kept their account with us. Now that had been a year ago and even though my ideas since then have been less than stellar, I managed to keep the account. If only I hadn’t made that fatal flaw! Of course it was that flaw that kept me the account. Somehow, I managed to get sucked in to a secret relationship with another married woman. I don’t know what is wrong with me; I guess it was just pure lust. Julie was her name, and she was the wife of the CEO of Lewiston’s. Of course this was the company whose account I was working on. It also explained how I managed to keep the account. Julie and I met at that first meeting and she was a total knockout. I knew that we were both married but I couldn’t help notice how perfect she was. She and her husband were both partners in the company, so were both present. Now don’t fault me completely, Julie came on to me, not the other way around. Of course when your husband is like 70 years old and your still in your prime, you might be looking for something on the side as well. So I understood why she did what she did. At first, we tried our best to keep it professional, but soon we found ourselves engaged in a secret affair. Somehow, we managed to keep it hidden until about a week ago. Then the shit hit the fan, her husband found out! I don’t have to tell you how outraged he was, to make this worse, Julie ended it in hopes of reconciling with him. Anyway, this led to Mr. Lewiston ending his account and business with our firm, which now explains why I was fired today! As I was saying, things just got worse! When I came home early from work I found myself locked out of the house. Somehow my wife Sarah, whom I have been married to just before I finished college, heard about me being fired and the scandal I was involved in. I don’t know how she found out about it or the affair as I had thought I had done a good job of hiding it from her. But she had and she was pissed. Things hadn’t been very good for us for a while. I guess one of our biggest issues is that we had been married now for over 12 years and I had yet to give her a child. The thing is, I don’t know why she blamed me as we have both been checked medically and so far they have found no reason for us not to be able conceive. Still, she blamed me for it. As I was saying, things in our home had not been very pleasant lately. There were other things that we fought over but I won’t bore you to death with them. Let’s just say that when she found out about the affair, she was not happy one bit. I had come home to find that my suitcases had been packed and were sitting outside the front door of what had been our home. I tried my best to talk to Sarah about it, but found it hard to do through the front door. She informed me that she had the locks changed and that I would be hearing from her attorney soon! I tried pleading with her but that got me nowhere. She yelled through the door that we were through and I should have thought about the outcome before I had the affair. With all the yelling, I am sure the rest of the neighborhood knew what was happening. With nothing else to do, I angrily grabbed my suitcases off the front porch and threw them into the backseat of my 1998 Saturn. It is an older car which I had been thinking of replacing later this year. Like I said, I had a very bad day and so when the car suddenly broke down in an older part of town, I was pissed! So that brings me to where I am now. I noticed an empty parking lot up ahead and somehow coaxed the car into it before it died completely. Since my cell phone was given to me by my company I worked for, I had to return it before I left that day. This meant I currently had no phone in order to call a tow truck. With no cell phone, I needed to find a phone so I could call Triple AAA. Like I had said, I was in an old part of town where most of the buildings were abandoned and long forgotten, but luck would have it, the parking lot I pulled into was for a small local bar. I got out of the car and headed for the entrance, hoping to find a phone I could use inside. When I entered the bar, it seemed as if I was transferred to a Steven King novel. The minute I walked inside, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. It was dark and smoky inside, even though no one was smoking. In fact, other than the bartender who was cleaning a glass with a towel, there was no one else inside. There was just enough light in the place to make most of it out but it had this spooky sort of glow to it. The bartender himself was kinda scary looking. I was about to back out of the place when the bartender noticed me. “Why, hello there!” He said cheerily. “Do you fancy yourself a drink?” Now the place still creeped me out a bit but the bartender seemed to be a friendly person and it helped calm my nerves a little. I looked at him and cleared my throat a little as I didn’t want to show any of the fear I had been experiencing to the bartender. “Um… A… Sir… I was wondering… I mean, could I use your phone?” I stuttered a little. The bartender smiled at me. “The name is Mike and you are more than welcome to use my phone.” Mike then grabbed something from under the bar and when he sat it on the bar closest to me; I saw that it was a fancy old fashioned dial phone. Feeling better to see a phone instead of a shotgun or cleaver, I withdrew my Triple A card from my wallet to get the number. “Trouble with your car?” Mike asked as he went back to cleaning his glass. Not knowing for sure how he figured out that I was having car trouble, I looked at him in surprise. He just chuckled a little at my expression. “No it’s not magic. I just noticed that the card in your hand is for Triple A.” He explained to me. “Oh” was all I said before dialing the number for Triple A. As soon as I was done with my call Mike put the phone back under the counter. He then turned his attention back at me. “You look like you had a rough day.” He intuited. “You don’t know the half of it si…” “Mike” The bartender corrected me. “Sorry, Mike. You just don’t know how bad this day has been!” “Well, how about a drink while you are waiting for your tow truck to come. It just might help you feel a little better.” Mike suggested. You know, a drink didn’t sound so bad about then. Drinking was something my wife bitched about when I did, so I drank very rarely. “A beer would be nice right now.” I told Mike. “Anything special?” “Naw, anything cold from the tap will do.” I said as I sat on the bar stool nearest the door. Mike got me the beer and set it in front of me. “So you had a bad day, maybe you would like to talk about it? They always say bartenders are the best listeners.” Mike grinned as he said this. I actually found myself more than willing to pour out my feeling to Mike. So I told him about my day and what led up to it. At first I thought he might try and tell me I got what I deserved but he never did. As I finished my beer, I found myself thinking about something that I have found myself thinking about a lot lately. And in the mood of the moment, I told Mike what I was thinking. “You know, sometimes I really hate being an adult! All the responsibility and work that goes with being an adult is just plain awful. I just wish that I could once again be a kid with no responsibilities or worries!” I blurted out. “I know what you are feeling there.” Mike said thoughtfully. “May I make a special drink for you? You could say that it is the house specialty. I promise that it will make your wishes come true.” At this Mike chuckled a little. I thought about his offer for no more than a second. Of course I didn’t believe that the drink would actually make my wishes come true, but I found the offer of it weirdly tantalizing. “Sure, I’ll try it.” I smiled I watched as Mike started to mix several types of what I guess were liquors together. When he was done he set the drink in front of me, I smelled the light fragrance of a summer breeze off of a lake or body of water, come from the drink. Mike then looked at me seriously. “As I said, this is the house specialty and I call it the ‘Wishing Well’.” I then lifted the glass and once again smelled the rich fragrance emanating from the glass. “Bottoms up!” I said before taking a large gulp of the drink. “Wow, not bad!” I said, shocked at the sweet taste of the booze. This of course led me to take an even bigger drink. With more than half of the concoction drank, Mike again looked at me seriously. “So what is that wish again?” He asked me. I smiled a little goofy like as the booze was starting to make me feel a little light headed, which I was finding a little strange. Still I was feeling better than I had all day. “To be a kid again.” I said happily and took another drink and finishing the Wishing Well. “Benji, your wish has been granted.” Mike said through a smile. I was about to scoff at Mike about the idea of my wish coming true when I realized that he just called me by my kid nickname. I hadn’t been called Benji since I was around 13 or 14. “How did you know my name?” I asked as I started to get up from the stool. This turned out to be a mistake though as my head started spinning faster than it ever had in the past. “What did you do to me?” I asked as I was starting to realize that there was more than booze in that drink Mike gave me. Mike just stood there and continued smiling at me as if all was well. Realizing that I needed to get out of there, I tried to walk towards the entrance and before I took a second step, I collapsed to the floor and passed out! Chapter 2 I awoke groaning loudly, not quite sure what had happened or where I was. All I knew at that moment was the dull throbbing coming from my head. I started to get up, but the aching pressure inside my skull increased tremendously and stopped me! So instead, I tried to get my bearings by looking around me. This of course turned out to be harder than I thought it would as it was pretty dark and I couldn’t make out much… well… other than the floor around me that is. Not able to move or see, I just laid there and tried to remember what the world had happened to me! As the seconds then minutes ticked by, the fog in my brain started to dissipate. I found that I now was starting to remember what led me to this point. It was coming back to me slowly and in small pieces, some of it was even out of order. Eventually though, I remembered everything. And I mean everything! “How did I black out on 2 drinks?” I asked myself. I was positive that I only had the one beer and whatever that drink was that Mike had made me. Now, I am not what you call a drinker, but I knew that it normally took 3 drinks before I even feel light headed. So the question is, why was I so affected by just the two drinks? “Wait a minute…” I said out loud to no one in particular. “He put something in that drink he made me!” This had to be the only explanation. Mike must have roofied me! Now the question was… Why? “Maybe he did it to rob me.” I thought to myself. This seemed like the most likely reason for drugging me. I started to reach for my wallet but I found this much harder than it should be. It felt as if someone had wrapped me in large heavy blankets! I was able to see just enough to make out that it wasn’t blankets, but clothing. It was as if while I was out, Mike had dressed me in a fat man’s clothing. This was what made it difficult to find my wallet as my hands were covered by my shirt sleeves and I couldn’t find my back pants pocket through all that clothing. This new discovery made me temporarily forget about my wallet. Again I tried to get up but instead of trying to stand, I just tried to sit up. I did this very slowly though, to minimize the pain in my head. As I sat up, I tried to move the clothing a little so that it wouldn’t hinder me. I don’t know why I didn’t notice it sooner, but it suddenly came to my attention that as I sat up that the swaddle of clothing I was in was soaked! Now believe me or not, this really didn’t surprise me. Wetting my bed after a night out drinking wasn’t new for me. In fact, this was one of those things my wife despised about me. Because I had wet myself, all the clothing I was dressed in became heavy and harder to move. I swear that all this clothing soaked up enough of my pee that it could have been enough to fill Lake Michigan! Eventually though, I was able to sit up. I also found that my eyes were starting to adjust to the darkness. I could just make out where the bar stool I had been sitting on had been, but was now missing. In fact, all the stools were missing. It was as if Mike had put them all in the backroom before turning off the lights and leaving me where I collapsed. The place was void of windows so the sunlight didn’t make it into the old bar. Still, there seemed to be some light that was finding its way into the old bar. Don’t ask me where it was coming from because I don’t know. It was just enough light to barely make out the area around me. I suddenly found myself curious about the time. Hoping that I still had my watch, as it was only a cheap one, I tried to pull the left sleeve of the large shirt up enough to see my watch. Amazingly, as soon as my arm was untangled from the shirt, my watch slipped off my wrist and fell into the pile of clothing that surrounded me. Luckily it fell on top of the clothing and my eyes were adjusted enough to the darkness that I was able to see where it fell. As I picked up my watch, I was shocked to find that it was larger than it should be! I was starting to feel like I was living in a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode! Trying to shake it off, I found the button that made the watch light up. I was flabbergasted to see that it was now past 3am in the morning. “Damn! I have been lying on this hard floor for over 8 hours!” I shouted out. I was starting to get very angry. “How could that guy just leave me on the floor like this?!” Wanting to get off that floor more than ever, I tried to once again stand up. Like I had just moments before when I was sitting up, I arranged the clothing so that it didn’t hinder me as I stood. Now standing, the wet pants and underwear that I had been dressed in, dropped straight to the floor. I now found myself in only a very large dress shirt! The one nice thing about it being so large, it covered my nudity. In fact, it came down to my ankles as if it were a dress. As I stepped out of my pants and underwear that was still at my feet, I also stepped out of my shoes socks. This boggled my mind as a question formed in my mind. “Why would Mike put me in these ridiculous clothes and socks and shoes?” I thought to myself. I mean there was no explanation, unless the guy got off on freaking out his customers. Something was starting to come forward in my mind that would explain everything, but I found it completely improbable. As I thought this though, something that Sherlock Holmes said, came to me. "When you have eliminated everything else, the impossible, however improbable, must be the truth.” Still, I wasn’t yet ready to face the facts. Instead, I decided that I needed to get out of this place pronto! I guess you could say that I was starting to feel like I had been heebe jeebed. I knew that my clothes were in my car so I decided to go get a fresh change of clothing. Since my watch would no longer fit my wrist, I tightened it my upper arm. I then searched the pants and eventually located my car keys and my wallet. And after checking the latter, I found that everything was still in it. As for everything else, I decided to just leave it where I was. I rolled up my shirt sleeves and then made my way to the exit. I expected that it would most likely be locked but I had to try! Like everything else, the door seemed larger than before! At least the lock on it was just a thumb bolt and soon I found myself outside in the moonlight. Now able to see because of the light coming from the moon, I checked out everything around me. Again I got this weird sensation that something was completely wrong! Everything outside though looked the same as it had before I went into the bar, but still, there was something terribly wrong! When I turned back towards the bar, a shiver ran down my spine! The bar that I had entered several hours ago, now appeared to be another abandoned building like the others that surrounded it. “What the fuck?” This night was getting weirder and weirder. Again I decided I needed to get the hell out of here and headed around the side of the building where I parked my car earlier. As I turned the corner, I crossed my fingers and hoped that whatever trouble it was having earlier might have somehow righted itself. As soon as I completely turned the corner though, I found how much worse this day could get! My car was still where I left it, but it had been completely stripped! It was now nothing more but an empty shell. I could also see that the thieves had even made off with my suitcases which contained my stuff! “Damn! Damn! Damn!” I shouted in frustration. “Why does all this shit have to happen to me?!” My shouting woke up some Bum that had been sleeping next to the side of the building. “What’s your problem kid?” He groaned as he got up and looked at me. I glared at the Bum, my eyes trying burn holes through his skull. “My problem is that some motherfucker stripped my car!” The Bum just looked at me quizzically. “Boy, aren’t you a little young to be driving?” He asked me seriously. I chose to ignore his ridiculous comment and find out if he might have seen the person or persons that stripped my car. “You didn’t by any chance see who stripped this car?” I asked the Bum while pointing to my Saturn’s empty shell. The Bum scratched his head and looked at me in confusion before answering my question. “I’m sorry kid, but I think it was like that when I got here.” “I am not a kid! Are you so drunk that you can’t tell that I am a 39 year old male?!” I asked feeling a little insulted. The guy just stared at me as if I had 2 heads! “Boy! I am too tired for all these games!” He then once again laid back down on the ground and appeared to immediately fall back to sleep. I stood there and stewed in my anger over all my bad luck. It didn’t help that the Bum kept referring to me like some little kid! It was at this moment when the lights finally came on inside my head and I was able to finally connect all the dots! I am not sure how in the world it happened, but somehow it had! All the pieces like a puzzle came together perfectly. The clothes, my watch, my socks and shoes, even the door. Everything was starting to make sense, even if it was completely crazy. Then, I remembered what Mike had said to me as I was drinking that mixed drink he made for me. He called the drink the ‘Wishing Well’ and he said that it would grant me my wish. “It can’t be possible?” I found myself disbelieving. “It has to be a bad dream!” I tried to tell myself, but I couldn’t make myself believe it. For the first time since I awoke on that hard floor, I took a good look at myself. Somehow, the impossible had happened. At the moment I wasn’t sure how young I actually was without being able to see my face. All I knew was, that somehow, I received the wish I had asked for. And as I fell into a trance, I realized that through some weird sort of magic that I couldn’t even begin to comprehend; I was no longer an adult but was in fact… a kid again! Chapter 3 Suddenly the quiet stillness of the night was broken by the sound of rapid fire! “Gun shots!” I thought to myself as the loud sound brought me out of my stupor. From the sounds of the shots, I figured that they must have come from something like an Uzi. The loud shots woke up the Bum again and he looked at me as if I was the one who awoke him. He didn’t get a chance to voice his anger at being re-awoken because suddenly more gunfire went off! This time it seemed even closer than the first. I watched as the Bum jumped to his feet and started to flee. It wasn’t until more gun shots rang through the night that I decided maybe he had the right idea. Not even caring that I was barefoot, I too fled the area. With nowhere else to go, I chased after the Bum. As I was running, I felt my stupid watch slip from my upper arm, where I tightened it, and down my wrist, where it then fell to the ground. I was so scared of being shot though, I didn’t think twice of stopping for it or going back and getting it. Besides, it was only a cheap $20 watch anyway. We were several blocks away from the old bar before we finally stopped running! “That was a close call boy!” The Bum panted loudly. Even though he was out of breath, I found myself barely panting. I guess that is one good thing about being young! Even though I did not like being referred to as a kid, I decided that at the moment, it was better to just drop it. Instead, I decided to ask him what all the gunshots were about back there. “Uh sir…” I started to say but the Bum interrupted me. “That’s Barney.” He introduced himself. “Okay, Barney then.” I then offered my hand in friendship, which he then shook. “So Barney, what were all those gunshots back there about?” “Gangs!” He simply answered. I knew that gangs existed but other than on T.V., I never had been this close to any. A shiver ran up my spine as I thought how close I came to being in the middle of some gang war! I knew right then and there, that the best and safest thing to do, was to get off the street. “Maybe I could hail a cab and have it take me to a nice hotel.” I thought to myself. Once there, I could crawl into bed and hope that by the time the sun rises, I would find that this all was some sort of weird dream. There was one problem though! While running in my fear of being shot, I had not only dropped my keys, but also my wallet. I was now on the streets penniless! “What am I going to do now?” It wasn’t until Barney responded that I even knew I had said this out loud. “Well, I guess I could put you up in my place for one night.” He offered. “Your place?” I asked confused. “If you have a place, why were you sleeping back there?” “Oh that… I just got tired is all.” And the way Barney said this; you would think it was normal to sleep on the ground on the side of a building. “I have a place a couple blocks from here.” Barney added. He then started off, waving me to follow him. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to go to Barney’s place, for all I knew it was another side of a building. What I really wanted was to go back and try to find my wallet. I had over a hundred dollars and my credit cards inside of it. The problem was, even if I wasn’t scared of being shot, I would still have trouble backtracking to the bar. You see… I was completely lost and had no idea where I was or the way back to the bar. So I did the only thing I could, I followed Barney to his place. As we walked, Barney told me how nice his place was and how lucky he was able to get it. A part of me wondered if Barney was one of those weird eccentrics and maybe he really did have a nice place. So, I allowed my hopes to get up. Surprise! Surprise! When we finally get to Barney’s place, I was disappointed to find out that it was nothing more than a large wooden crate box. I watched as Barney slunk down and disappeared behind what looked like an old army blanket. Sighing, I followed him. It turned out that the blanket was covering the doorway inside the crate. As I entered Barney’s humble home, I was shocked to see how cozy it was inside! The floor was actual carpet. There was a beanbag chair in one corner and an old small mattress that took up most of the box. And the thing that made it possible to see everything… a taplight. If I really were a kid, this place would have been a cool fort! It smelled a little musty and of bad BO. Then again, I probably didn’t smell like a rose either! Seeing the mattress, I suddenly realized how tired I was. Everything that led up to this point had completely exhausted me. I know I had slept several hours earlier, but for some reason, I didn’t feel rested one bit from it. Anyway, I was sure the mattress was not clean, even so, it suddenly looked very inviting. Barney somehow figured out what I was thinking. “Sorry boy! The bed is mine!” He said possessively. He then sniffed me. “Besides, from the smell of you, I wouldn’t trust you sleeping in it.” He stated very seriously. I was about to say something snotty to Barney but I decided it was better to just drop it. “Where can I sleep then?” I asked him. Barney looked around his place and seemed to be considering all his options. “You can sleep on the beanbag.” He finally stated. He then eyed me before adding, “And if you have to pee, do it outside!” Barney then stretched out on his mattress and quickly fell asleep. With no other choice, I tried to get as comfortable as I could on the beanbag chair before sending a quick prayer to GOD. I prayed that when I awoke that all of this would turn out to be a bad nightmare and that I would find myself in my own bed next to my wife. Then, I closed my eyes and I too, fell asleep! Chapter 4 I awoke stiff and cold, early the next morning and boy was it COLD! Somehow we went from around 60 degrees last night to about 30 degrees that morning. Enough of the early morning light made it inside the crate that I was able to see Barney; who was still snoring logs in his bed. At first, I thought it was that what woke me. That turned out to be wishful thinking as it turned out that it was the cold wetness I felt all over my lower region, which woke me. This wetness in the cold temperatures was freezing me to the bone. “Damn it! I wet myself again!” I grumbled loudly. At first I thought I had awoke Barney as he moved a little and mumbled something. I was relieved when a few seconds later he started snoring again. I really didn’t want to have to explain to some bum that I peed all over his beanbag chair. I decided that it was time to leave. Silently, I slipped past Barney and out into the cool morning air. If I had thought I was cold before inside the crate, I soon found it was warm compared to outside. I was much colder now. It didn’t help that it was a windy chilly morning and that I was not wearing any pants and I was wet. If I thought not having pants was bad, I found that not having shoes was unbearable. I knew that if I didn’t find some dry clothes and shoes quick, I was going to freeze. “Too bad I lost my wallet last night!” I thought to myself. As I looked around me, I had no clue where I was. I considered for a moment of trying to backtrack to my car (What was left of it.) and see if I could find my wallet, but truthfully, I wasn’t too sure I could. Besides, what was the chance of my wallet still being where I dropped it? Most likely it was slim to none. In the end, I decided to get out of the alley. I figured that once I got to the street, I might be able to figure out where I was. So, I wrapped my arms around myself trying to stay warm. After a moments decision, I chose a direction and set out. As I got closer to the street ahead of me, I noticed an occasional car pass by the alley. Seeing the cars, I picked up the pace. Now with the street a few feet from me, I started to worry about being seen. I wasn’t sure what people would do when they saw me. I wasn’t very presentable. In fact, the way I looked, I was going to get people’s attention and it wasn’t going to be good! Then add the fact that I looked like a little kid. “Damn! What am I going to do?” I worried silently to myself. “I can’t just go out there like this! But I can’t stay like this either; otherwise I am going to freeze!” I muttered to myself. I really didn’t know what to do. Why can’t real life be like TV, where everything always seems to work out for the main character? For instance on TV, if somebody needed a change of clothing, they would just snatch them from the nearest clothesline. Unfortunately, there was not a clothesline in sight. There was one good thing… well maybe it was a bad thing. Anyway, at least my feet were now so numb from the cold, that I barely noticed the discomfort from them. The only thing in the alley was junk and some dumpsters. I wasn’t about to go dumpster diving. Besides I doubted that I would find any clothes my size in them. This meant I would either have to hide out until it got dark again, which I could then try to find some clothes. Or, I would have to go and try to finds some now and hope no one would call the police on me. One way or another, I would most likely have to steal them and I wasn’t too thrilled about this. The coldness that was chilling me to the bone made the decision for me. I knew that I couldn’t wait that long. So chancing it, I left the relative safety of the alleyway. Looking up and down the almost deserted street, I tried to decide which way to go. To the right of me, it looked dead but to the left of me, I could see a busier street ahead. I figured I should be able to find something up that way. Again, hugging myself to stay warm, I made my way towards the busy intersection ahead. A few cars passed me but no one stopped or seemed to notice me. Feeling a little braver, I found myself feeling less conscious about the way I looked. When I finally made it to the corner I checked the street sign. I found out that the street I was currently on was called N. Elizabeth and the crossroad was W. Fulton. I never heard of N. Elizabeth but I had heard of W. Fulton. I knew that it was a major street and it went almost all the way downtown. I also noticed for the first time that I could see some of the Skyscrapers. Not knowing what else to do, I turned onto Fulton and headed towards downtown. I kept my eye out for anyplace that might have a change of clothing. For the most part though, the only open businesses on the street were bars, liquor stores, and cheap motels. None of which could help me out in the clothing department. Then I saw it… A few blocks ahead stood an old church. I knew that churches usually received clothing donations and I might be lucky and find something at the one ahead of me. Already feeling better at possibility of clean fitting clothes, I refused to allow myself to think it might be locked. Besides, weren’t churches supposed to be open all the time for the wandering soul that needs to be saved? As I reached the front door, I sent a quick prayer to God. I guess he wasn’t listening as the door didn’t budge. “Damn it! Now what?” I swore out loud. I decided to take a closer look at the building to see if I could find a way inside the church. Unfortunately, the other 2 doors that led into it were locked as well. Desperate and no other way, I decided to break a small basement window in the back of the church. I figured here no one could see me and what I was doing. Not wanting to be cut by the glass, I checked the dumpster for anything I could use to knock the window pane out. When I saw the old choir robe inside the dumpster, I felt like things may be looking up finally. The robe had been torn which was probably why they threw it out. It didn’t matter as it would still work for me. I tore off a section of the robe and wrapped it around my small fist. I made sure my fist was protected by the cloth. I then hit the window pane with my covered fist and was relieved to hear the tinkling sound of broken glass. I even made sure to remove all the shards of glass that hadn’t fallen to the basement floor. I was about to enter through the window but when I saw the broken glass below, I changed my mind. I un-wrapped the cloth from my fist and proceeded to wrap my foot in it. I then tore off another section of the robe and wrapped my other foot in it. Now with my feet protected and warming up, I laid the rest of the torn robe over the window sill. This was so that I could squeeze through without cutting myself on any possible remaining glass. As I slipped inside, I dropped to the floor below. Somehow, by the grace of God, I didn’t injure myself. Now inside, I wasn’t sure where to maybe find any clothes they might have. Not knowing what else to do, I started searching the church. I of course began in the basement. I ended up finding mostly old junk, but no clothes. I headed up the stairs and ended up in the Fellowship Hall. It was a large room with several doors that led off of it. The larger doors I was sure led to the Sanctuary. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t find what I wanted in there. So I started to check the other doors. The first door led into a large coat closet. Other than a few old coats and large pair of scuffed brown good shoes, there was nothing in it. The next door turned out to be locked, so I went on to the next door. As I checked each of the doors, I came across some smaller rooms which looked like bible study rooms. I found the church kitchen. I came across what obviously was the nursery. When I found the bathrooms, I decided that I could at least clean myself up. I also realized that I suddenly needed to desperately pee. I don’t know why I didn’t notice it before. I guess it must have been the suggestion the bathroom gave, when I saw it? I emptied my bladder and flushed the toilet once I was done. Checking around the bathroom, I found a hand towel and using the sink, I began to try and clean myself up a little. After I was finished, I dried myself off the best I could with that hand towel. I just wished I didn’t have to put that dirty shirt back on, but I had nothing else to wear yet. As I came out of the bathroom, I was given the scare of my life when someone cleared their throat. I guess the person thought it was pretty funny how bad they scared me. He was laughing quite animatedly. I am just glad I had just emptied my bladder as I would have definitely peed all over myself if I hadn’t. As my heart returned to its normal place in my chest, I glared at the guy who scared me. It was now that I recognized who the guy was. He was dressed in minister/priest robes, but there was no doubting that it was the bartender from last night. Other than chuckling lightly to himself, he didn’t say anything as he stood before me. As I realized that it was truly him, I found myself getting angrier by the second. “It’s Mike, right?” I snapped. “Right you are Benji.” He smiled as he said this. “How do you know my name?!” I shouted at him. I didn’t wait for him to answer though and fired my next question at him. “What the world did you do to me? I demand you turn me back into my adult self!” “I am sorry Benji, I can’t do that. You made a wish and we have to let the wish be carried out to its conclusion.” Mike said in a mysterious way that led me to believe he wasn’t telling me something. “What if I don’t want it anymore?” I was almost pleading at this point. “Besides, this wasn’t what I actually pictured. I was thinking it would be more like going back into the past to when I was originally a kid. Instead, you made me a kid in the present! Shoot, where am I supposed to go. My parents aren’t even alive anymore! I don’t have anyone!” At this point I broke down and started to cry. “I am sorry Benji that it wasn’t what you exactly expected. What it is though, is what you needed!” Mike was no longer laughing but seemed to be serene. “You wanted no responsibility and a chance at a 2nd childhood. It is now up to destiny where this might lead.” “But, I don’t know what to do.” I begged. Mike then smiled and pointed towards a door I had yet to look in. “How about some clean clothes.” I went and checked the door and found it unlocked. As the door opened, I was happy to discover boxes and boxes of clothing. Before I entered the room though, Mike stopped me. “Benji, you better move quickly. You tripped a burglar alarm and the police are on their way.” “How much time do I have?” I asked worried. “Not enough!” And as Mike said this, he vanished from sight. At this, I rushed to find me something to wear! I just hoped that I could get something and get out of there before the police arrived! Chapter 5 Wanting to not waste any time, I decided not to be too picky. When I found a pair of brown corduroy pants, a belt, and a warm pull over shirt that looked to be about my size, I quickly got dressed. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any shoes that would fit me. They were either way too big for my feet or they were too small. Not knowing what else to do, I decided I would just have to make do with the bound cloth I had wrapped my feet in earlier. I just hoped that I could find some proper shoes at some point. Anyway, I was just buckling the belt when I heard police sirens. From the sound of it, they were quickly approaching. “Damn! They are here already!” I freaked out. Not knowing what else to do, I ran to the back of the church and exited out the back door. Without thinking about it, I took off down the alley. I had hoped to get far enough away before the police made it there. The problem was, that I in my attempt to escape, ran right into an officer who had been coming around to the back of the church. I tried my best to escape but he grabbed me and wasn’t about to let go. The officer, who looked to be about 20 years old and fresh out of the academy, held me firmly in his grasp. “Son, calm down!” The young officer instructed me. “I am not your son!” I spat. “I am old enough to be your father!” “Well Dad, how about you tell me what you are doing back here!” The officer stated dryly. I didn’t find the officer’s remark very funny. I knew I looked like a kid to this cop, but that didn’t stop me from wanting the respect that I normally had as an adult. “If I let you go, will you calm down and tell me what you were doing back here?” I wanted to yell at him and tell the officer that he did not have a deal, but I knew that would not help my situation. So, with a look of disgust, I succumb to the officer’s wishes. I stopped trying to fight him and relaxed in his arms. For his part, the officer kept his word and let go of me. He still made sure I was in arm’s length in case I decided to try and flee. He looked me up and down; I guess that was when he saw my cloth-bound feet. “What happened to your shoes son?” He asked eyeing my feet curiously. Again I chose not to answer him. He scowled then his eye seemed to catch something. It turned out that what he saw was the broken basement window. “Did you do that son?” He asked me sharply and nodded towards the broken window. I bit my tongue this time at his use of ‘Son’. Instead of looking over at the window, I just stared silently at the cop. I knew what my rights were and one of them was my right to remain silent. I wasn’t about to say anything that would incriminate myself. The officer took my bout of silence as a confession. He reached out and grabbed my shoulder with a large hand. With his other hand, he grabbed his radio. “Hey Jim, I think I found our perp out back. It appears he broke a basement window.” “Okay Tom, everything out front looks good.” A voice came over the radio. “Do you need any assistance?” “No, it is just a kid. Looks like he broke a window.” Tom reported. “Are you sure he is alone?” Jim voice came back over the radio. Tom was about to respond when he noticed that the back door I had exited through was ajar. “I am not sure but I think so. The back door is ajar so he or someone had been inside. The kid ain’t talking though. I guess I am going to need you after all.” A second later a police car pulled into the Alley. Tom led me to the back door of the police car. He kept one hand holding my shoulder with a firm grip and used the other to open the door. “Alright, in you go.” And he half pushed me inside the backseat. Jim, who had driven the car around to the alley, got out and joined Tom as they entered through the open back door. They were gone inside the church for several minutes before returning to the police car. Jim got behind the wheel of the police car and Tom got in on the passenger side. It was obvious that Jim was the senior partner. He looked like he was in his mid-fifties. Before he started the police car up, Jim got on the radio and let dispatch know that they found just me, a kid at the scene. That it appeared that I had broken into the church through a basement window in back and that I exited through the rear door. He reported that they didn’t find any signs of other intruders. “10 four.” Dispatch responded. “Dispatch do you wish us to stay here until someone comes and secures the church?” Jim asked. “No, that will not be necessary. Please bring the kid in.” “Alright, will do.” Jim replied and then started the car. “Boy, they keep getting younger and younger!” Tom sighed as his partner pulled the police car out of the Alley and onto the street. “I know what you mean partner.” Jim nodded. After that, neither partner spoke again until we pulled into the parking lot of the police precinct. “If you want, I will take him in.” Tom offered as soon as they parked. “Okay, I guess I will just wait out here for you.” Jim happily accepted as he fished a book out of the glove compartment. And as Jim began to read, Tom let me out. For a brief second, I considered fleeing but I wasn’t too sure I would get too far before I was captured again. Even if I did get away, where would I go? I was in a real mess! Besides, Tom wasn’t going to let me get away. Just like he did when he directed me into the police car, Tom firmly grabbed hold of my shoulder as I got out of the car. He then led me inside the police station. As we walked inside the station, I saw a bench with a couple young guys and an older woman sitting on it. It wasn’t until we passed them that I noticed that all three of them were handcuffed to the bench. I found myself wondering what they were here for. Seeing those handcuffed prisoners made me really start to think. And as Tom led me towards the desk Sergeant I began to really worry. “For the first time in my life, I am going to have a record!” I thought to myself. You know, that was one thing that I could be proud of. Up until now, I was never in trouble with the law. Of course this doesn’t mean I never did things that could get me in trouble with the law. As a child I shoplifted a few times, that is until I got caught. The store security guard scared me so bad that it left a lasting impression on me and I never stole again. I did some other things as a kid that I wasn’t too proud of but for the most part I was a good kid and I became a law abiding adult. “…so where do you want to put him?” Tom asked. I caught the tail end of the discussion between Tom and the desk Sergeant. I had been so caught up in my thoughts I hadn’t even realized that the two had been talking until now. “The drunk tank isn’t empty, so we can’t put him there.” The desk Sergeant informed Tom. “I tell you what, put him into interrogation room 3 and I will let the Lieutenant know he is in there.” He suggested. Tom found this acceptable and after thanking the Sergeant, he directed me further into the police station. When we stopped at a door that I figured was interrogation room 3, he opened it and led me inside. The room was empty except for a table with a chair at each end. Now I had thought he was just going to lock me inside but when he led me over to one of the chairs, I found out different. Tom instructed me to sit in the chair and when I did, he grabbed a cuff that was lying on the floor and attached it to my leg. The other end of the cuff was attached to a ring anchored into the floor. “Stay there!” Tom instructed me and his tone said very clearly, don’t mess with me. I found this ridiculous, I mean where in the world was I going to be able to go with my leg cuffed to the floor like it was? Maybe the cop thought I was some great escape artist! “The Lieutenant should be in here shortly.” Tom said, interrupting my thoughts. He then walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him. It wasn’t until I heard the door lock that I realized how badly I needed to Pee! Chapter 6 “What is it about not noticing you have to pee until you are locked into a room by yourself?” I said out loud to the empty room. Thinking about this reminded me of something from when I was a kid. I remembered many times being sent down to our basement to get something and no sooner then I got down there, I would suddenly need to pee. This made it difficult to keep my mind on what I was down there for. A few times I even ended up peeing my pants before locating what I was sent down there to find. This of course aggravated my mother! She would yell at me and demand to know why I just didn’t come back up and pee in the toilet. For some reason I never knew the answer to this question. But because of this, my mom started to remind me to pee, before sending me downstairs to the basement. If you hadn’t figured it out by now, as a kid, I had a very small bladder. This was the reason why I wet the bed every night according to my Pediatrician back then. He told me that I needed to stretch my bladder and make it stronger. In order to accomplish this, I was told to hold my bladder for a period of time anytime I felt the need to go. This was of course supposed to stretch my bladder out. Instead, for me it just led to more pants wetting accidents. By the time I was 10 years old, Mom gave up on the bladder stretching exercises and just had me go pee right away. She figured it was better than me constantly wetting my pants. This of course kept my bladder small for several more years and even though my pants wetting accidents dwindled, I still occasionally wasn’t able to hold it long enough at times to make it to the toilet. “Boy! All this thought on my bladder problems as a kid isn’t helping with my need to pee!” I said through pursed lips as I tried to mentally close shut my bladder. Unfortunately, I don’t think it was really working all that well. “Why did he have to give me my old bladder problem as well as make me a kid again?!” I grumbled loudly as I felt my bladder muscles strain at the building pressure. I was told that the Lieutenant would be in shortly, so I was doing my best to hold it. But as the pressure and need to release increased, I found it harder and harder to do so. After about 10 minutes of sitting in that room, I started to worry that the Lieutenant would not be in right away like I was told. Feeling my bladder muscles weakening, I reached down and grabbed ahold of myself in hopes of clamping off the impending flow! I knew from past experience that it was only a matter of time before I wet myself. Since I was not able to go over and pound on the door due to the ankle cuff, I tired yelling as loud as I could. “PLEASE SOMEONE! I NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM!” I then listened to see if anyone was coming to let me out but after several seconds went by and no one came, I decided they must have not heard me. So I tried yelling again, this time louder. “PLEASE! I REALLY REALLY NEED TO PEE!” I cried again to no avail. At this, I realized that either no one could hear me outside this room or they just didn’t care. It was bad enough that I still occasionally wet the bed but I was about to embarrass myself even more! I hadn’t wet my pants since I was 15 and that last time had been the most embarrassing accident yet! I had been in math class and no matter how many times I begged to be allowed to use the bathroom; Mrs. Stacey refused to let me go. She informed me that was what the breaks between classes were meant for. Now if it hadn’t been for the fact that my need came only 15 minutes into class, she may have let me go but this was not the case. Due to the fact that I occasionally found myself in this boat many times ever since I had started Junior High, most of the kids in the classroom knew what I was about to do. I could hear the giggling and snickering as I began to squirm in my seat more and more. Finally after almost 6 minutes of trying my best to hold back the floodgates, I finally lost the battle and I quickly soaked my pants. Because my seat had been one of those with the open slots in the bottom of it, it didn’t take long for the pee to make it to them and start to drip steadily to the floor. As the puddle grew under my desk, kids who were close by me jumped from their desk so that they wouldn’t end up getting caught in my pee puddle. The rest of the class broke out in complete laughter. I was so humiliated that day, that I refused to go back school for the next couple days. It wasn’t until after sitting down with my mother, the school counselor, and the vice principal; that I agreed to come back to school. It was agreed that I would be allowed to use the bathroom anytime I needed; that I just had to ask. The counselor informed my teachers of this decision and after that, life got a lot easier for me. Of course I was made fun of for my accident but this wasn’t new for me. So here I was locked in this room and cuffed to the floor and I knew that at any moment I was going to wet my pants… Well actually, I wasn’t quite sure whose pants they were. I squeezed myself even tighter as I felt a small trickle of urine enter my pants. The only thing this action did was cause me some considerable pain. Finally, after about 20 minutes in the room, I lost complete control of my bladder. As the hot urine gushed into my pants, tears of shame ran down my face. I of course quickly had a puddle of pee form on the floor underneath the seat I had been sitting in. This of course reminded me again of wetting myself during school. Even though the kids were not there to laugh at me, I still found myself picturing their laughing faces in my mind. They were laughing and pointing at me and calling me names. My face just continued to burn in shame! Not more than 10 minutes later, the Lieutenant walked into the room! Chapter 7 “My name is Lieutenant Grant.” He stated as soon as he walked into the room without even really looking at me. He in fact was flipping through a couple pages through a folder. If that folder was all about me, I was wondering how they could have filled a couple pages like that already without knowing who I was or anything about me. “Can you tell me your name son?” The officer asked and he finally looked up at me. While waiting for me to answer, he took a seat across from me. At first I didn’t say anything, I just watched as he withdrew a small pad of paper and a pen from his pocket. It wasn’t until the Lieutenant looked back at me in such a way that I can’t even describe, that I felt I had to cooperate or else! “My name is Benjamin Fuller, but I go by Ben.” I quickly informed the Lieutenant. I was grateful for one thing; he had yet to notice my very wet condition. Then again, it was mostly hidden by the table. The puddle on the other hand was large and very noticeable under my chair. For the moment though, it still seemed to be unnoticed. When I gave the Lieutenant my name, he wrote it on that pad of paper of his. He then took a moment to study me (At least that is what it looked like to me.) and I decided to do the same with him. He was roughly the same age as I was… well… That was before I was turned into a twerp by Mike! The Lieutenant was in plain clothes and wore slacks and a polo shirt. The thing that stuck out the most was that he had a gravelly voice as if he smoked a lot of cigarettes in his life. “Age?” He asked without looking up from his pad he was writing on. “39” I said without even thinking about it first. This of course got the Lieutenants attention and as he looked up from his pad he was writing on and at me, I felt the piercing stare he was giving me. I could tell this was one guy that didn’t like jokes. He cleared his throat before saying, “Son, I am not playing games here! So stop playing games with me! Now please tell me your correct age.” As frightening as he was, I wasn’t one to be pushed around either. Especially after one of the worst 24hr periods of my life! So I just returned his look and repeated with all sincerity my real age. “I said my age was 39, so take it or leave it!” The Lieutenant did not look happy one bit and just scribbled something into his notebook before continuing with his questioning. “So, how about telling me why you broke into the church?” He asked and I could hear a little aggravation in his voice. I was about to deny that I broke into the church, then I realized that my fingerprints must be all over the inside of the church. I thought about this question for a moment or two. I mean it might be better for me to be honest and just tell the truth, that I was there to get some clothes. Then again, if I told him that, I would have to explain why I needed the clothes. This would then lead to the fact that I was wondering the streets without any clothes in the first place and he would be wondering why. I mean, he didn’t believe me when I tried to tell him how old I was, there was no way he was going to believe everything that had happened to me since I met Mike. All I would do was infuriate him more and I was sure that was something that I definitely did not want to do! So, not knowing what else to say, I just shrugged my shoulders. As I expected, this irritated the Lieutenant very much. I don’t know why, but I remembered when I was a kid the first time around that when I did this with my mother, she would get so upset that she would at times smack me. The look on the Lieutenant’s face looked almost the same as my mother’s before she reached out and struck me! Before the Lieutenant could say anything or for that matter hit me, he was interrupted by a knock on the door. Still looking very irritated, he got up to answer it. When he opened the door, I saw a uniformed officer standing there and he was accompanied by a Priest. I watched as the officer and the Lieutenant started to speak in whispers. I tried to listen in but was not able to really make out anything. The Lieutenant sighed suddenly and looked a little upset but he waved the Priest into the room. The other officer then left, closing the door behind him. Since there was only one other chair in the room, the Lieutenant offered it to the Priest who graciously took the offered chair. “This is Father Caleb.” Lieutenant Grant said as he introduced me to the Priest. He is the Priest of ‘Holy Trinity’, the church you found the need to break into and vandalize and God knows what else!” And the way he said this, it was very obvious that he thought I was the worst of the worst, when it came to criminals. “Now… Now… Lieutenant. Can’t you see that you are scaring the boy?” Father Caleb said kindly. He then gave me a warm smile. “You look like a good boy.” At this, I frowned. I wasn’t sure what to think of this Priest and if he was playing a game with me. Father Caleb though seemed to be determined to get on my good side. Again he smiled at me. “Don’t worry, I can tell when I see a good boy. You must have really been in dire need if you had to break into the Church.” I wasn’t sure but I think Father Caleb’s niceness was working on me. “Yes Sir.” I said, finally finding my voice. Then I quickly added, “I will pay for the broken window.” The Priest just nodded his head in agreement. “What is your name son?” He asked kindly. “Benjamin Fuller.” I said, giving my full name again without thinking. “Do you mind if I call you Ben?” He asked and I nodded my head letting him know that I didn’t mind. “So how old are you Ben?” Being called a liar not more than 10 or 15 minutes ago on the very same question, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to answer it this time truthfully. Up to now, Father Caleb thinks I am a good boy and seems to believe what I am telling him. The last thing I wanted to do was to jeopardize all of that because of the impossible implausibility of me actually being 39 years old. “Sir, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” I finally said as I really didn’t want to lie or just not say anything. “How about giving me the chance to believe you or not?” “Okay, but just know that I warned you and that I am not kidding about this or trying to play a game with you.” I explained before revealing my age to him. “Yesterday I was a 39 year old man and very early this morning I woke up and found myself the young boy you see now before you.” I was sure that Father Caleb was going to have the same reaction to my response as the Lieutenant had. Instead, I was surprised when he just nodded his head as it was something that happened every day. Even the Lieutenant Grant seemed surprised that the Priest just seemed to accept this. Instead of questioning me anymore about that, Father Caleb went on with his questioning. “Now as I was saying earlier, I can see that you are a good boy and that you must have been in desperate need if you had to break into the church. Could you tell me what your need was and if we can still help you?” Father Caleb asked with sincerity. “Well… I… Um…” I tried to explain why I broke in but again, I found it hard to do. This time it was more due to embarrassment then to disbelief. “Go on Son.” “Well… I… uh…” I then lowered my voice and in an almost whisper, I finally told him why I broke in. “When I woke up as a kid, my adult clothes no longer fit me and I really needed some clothes that would fit me. I was hopeful that maybe I would find something in the Church that I could wear and I found these clothes.” I then pointed at myself. This of course made both the Lieutenant and Father Caleb look at me and I worried for a moment that they might have noticed that I peed my pants. Of course I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide that fact forever. Once again thinking about my wet condition reminded me of when I was a kid and wet my pants. In the beginning my parents were very understanding about my wetting problems. But then as I got older and the problem continued, they started to not be so understanding. It didn’t help when the doctors couldn’t find any real physical reason for causing my problem. Eventually it was believed that I was doing it on purpose for attention or because I was lazy. When I got around 7 years old, my parents, who were tired of my wetting problem, took me to a specialist that a friend recommended. It was this specialist that explained to them that I had an extremely small and weak bladder for a child my age. He felt that this was my biggest obstacle and that began my bladder stretching exercises. He also recommended that I see a Child Psychiatrist and make sure there were no emotional issues that might be causing my wetting problem as well. In the end, this led to a better understanding of my problem and my parents became much more supportive and less punitive when it came to my accidents. They also went to bat for me at school if I had an accident and the school was the cause of the accident, as I already mentioned. They were great parents who at first didn’t understand the problem but once they did, they proved how good they were still. I really missed them now that they were both dead. I was the only child and other than some real distant relatives that I really didn’t know, I had no one other than my wife; who no longer wants to have anything to do with me. Father Caleb, who seemed to accept my answer to why I broke into the church, interrupted my thoughts with his next question. “Ben, tell me… Do you have any family?” I didn’t know how, but somehow it was as if he was reading my thoughts. “No, they are both dead.” I confirmed. “I am all alone.” To be honest, I was playing a little to the Father’s sympathy in order to help me get out of trouble. But I also was finding that I really liked this Man of God. “I see.” He then stood up and looked at the Lieutenant who had been scowling all through the conversation that the Priest and I were having. “Lieutenant Grant, the church will not be pressing charges against this boy.” And as he stated this, the scowl on the Lieutenant’s face became even angrier looking. “Seeing that the boy has no family or place to go, I would like to take the boy with me. The church has associations with a boy’s group home that he can stay at until we can get him a more permanent placement.” “I am sorry Father, but that is not possible.” The Lieutenant stated still scowling. “Personally I think you are making a big mistake dropping the charges. How else is the boy going to learn that he isn’t supposed to break the law?” “Lieutenant, I am a man of God and I can tell when I see a good boy. God is telling me that there is more to this than what we can see and that I need to help him. So I will say again; the Church will not be pressing any charges and I ask that you release the boy into my care.” Father Caleb interrupted. “I am sorry Father but if you can give me a chance to finish, I will explain why I can’t release him yet.” The Lieutenant stated sharply. He then went on. “The boy may be a runaway or he may be a juvenile delinquent. Either way, we cannot release him until we check him out fully.” He said this with a smug look. “Surely Lieutenant, you can check him out while he is staying at the group home. You know where you can find him if it turns out that you do find something. Personally, I don’t think you will find anything and I would hate to see the poor boy locked up somewhere several days while you do your checks.” The Lieutenant wasn’t about ready to give up just yet. “Father, you know that we have to contact Child Services in situations like these.” “Lieutenant, you know very well that our group home works closely with Child Services and that we can do all the paper work there. Look at it this way; I can save you all that paperwork that I know you hate doing.” I could see that the Father was getting his point across as the Lieutenant stood there and thought about all that paperwork. Finally, the Lieutenant relented. I could see in his eyes that he was won over by the Priest’s argument. “Alright, but just know that I am going to still check the kid out through the system.” He then looked over at me and I swear he had scowl back. “Before you leave, I will need your finger prints.” He said flatly. The Lieutenant then came over to me and was about to unlock the ankle cuffs. It was then when he noticed my wet pants. “Boy! Why didn’t you tell me you had to pee?!” He asked loudly and sounded as if he was getting angry again. I blushed deep red as the officer blurted this out. I felt like both Father Caleb and Lieutenant Grant were staring at me as if I were some sort of stupid little kid. I would later find out that Father Caleb was very concerned for me and very upset with the Lieutenant for his loud announcement made to just embarrass me. But for now I tried my best to explain as my face burned. “I tried to get someone’s attention but no one came and I couldn’t hold it any longer.” I mumbled as the Lieutenant un-cuffed me. The Lieutenant was about to say something but was stopped by Father Caleb. “Don’t you worry Ben, I am sure we can find you some clean clothes for you to change into once we get to the group home.” At this, the Lieutenant had me follow him out of the room and down the hall into another room. Now when I heard that the Lieutenant wanted my fingerprints my first thought was, I was finally going to be able to prove who I was. I also expected to be printed like I was when I was a kid. Back then, my parents took me down to the police station to get me fingerprinted so the police would have my fingerprints in case anything ever happened to me. You know, it was part of the McGruff the Crime Dog ‘Stranger Danger Program’. Anyway, back then they stuck each of your fingers one by one on an ink pad then rolled them on a sheet of paper. Boy was I surprised to find that technology has come a long way and now we no longer need that ink pad. The good thing about that is no more ink mess on your fingers that take days to wear off. Instead I was told to sit down next to the Lieutenant who sat at a computer. He then instructed me how to roll each of my fingers over the scanner that sat in front of me. It seemed to take several times for each finger before he was completely satisfied and moved on. As we were doing this, I found myself wondering how long it would take for the computer to find my fingerprints from when I was a child. As I stated before, I had never been in trouble before so I didn’t have any other fingerprints on file. Also, I wasn’t sure if my fingerprints were even in the computer database or not. Anyway, as soon as he had my prints scanned, he led me back to the lobby where Father Caleb was waiting for me. The Father then took hold of my shoulder and directed me towards the door which the Lieutenant opened for us. Before we went through though, the Father stopped briefly at the doorway and turned towards the Lieutenant. “I hope I will see you at Mass Charles.” With that we left the police station and walked out to his car. When he told me to get inside, I looked at him worriedly. I guess he had forgotten the wet condition my pants were in. To remind him, I pointed to my pants in hopes that he would understand without me having to explain any further. “Ah… That is right!” He then scrounged around in his truck and a moment later emerged with a plastic grocery bag in his hand. “Okay, put this on the seat and sit on it.” I did as I was told and sat down on the bag. As we drove away, I wondered where we were going. This day so far had not gone good for me and I was worried that it was going to continue to be bad. I found myself thinking about what Mike had said about the wish running its course. How was I supposed to know if I was working in the right direction for it to do so? Then again, maybe it didn’t matter. “Alright we’re here.” Father Caleb announced, bringing me out of my thoughts. I looked out the window as he turned off the ignition and began to get out of the car. When he saw that I wasn’t getting out he looked in at me. Come on Ben we need to get you inside and registered, so that you don’t miss lunch. “I know, but what about my pants!” I reminded him quickly. “Don’t worry Ben; I am sure Mrs. Betty can find something for you to wear.” I didn’t know who Mrs. Betty was but I was about to find out. Chapter 8 As we entered the home, I hid behind Father Caleb. I of course wasn’t shy or anything like that. It was just the fact that there were several other boys in the front room of the home as we walked in and I didn’t want them to see that I had wet my pants. The only problem with that was, I was a new face and soon I had a group of boys following me and Father Caleb. I didn’t know it then but I would learn that there were a total of 11 boys in the group home and all of them seemed to be following me. The boys looked to be between the ages of 10 to 14. In order to try and keep them from seeing the wet patch on the front of my pants, I inched up closer to Father Caleb, to the point where I was almost riding his leg. You know, being 39 years old, you would think I would have remembered that I had been sitting down when I had wet my pants and therefore they would have a big wet spot on the butt of them. For some reason though, I completely went stupid. I guess you could say I was acting like the age I looked. Anyway, I was so concerned about the front of my pants that I forgot the back them. Of course one of the older boys picked up on this right away! “Hey look guys! He wet his pants like a wittle baby!” The boy shouted in baby talk loud enough for everyone to hear. “Ooooooh! Look at the wittle baby!” He laughed loudly with his friends. I of course felt like bursting into tears, which was a strange feeling in of its own since it is one a little kid would normally have and not an adult like myself. “Damn Ben! You look like a little kid and at this moment there is nothing you can do about that! But I absolutely draw the line when it comes to acting like a little kid!” I silently scolded myself. “Peter! You know better than to make fun of somebody!” Father Caleb scolded the older boy sternly, the one that just called me a baby. “Now apologize to Ben here for what you said!” I watched the boy as he respectfully looked at Father Caleb. “Sorry Father.” The boy named Peter apologized to the Priest. He then looked over at me and even though he smiled, looked, and kind of sounded sincere; I wasn’t born yesterday! As Peter said “I am sorry for making fun of your disability.” I could hear the disdain hidden in his voice and I knew right then that Peter was not going to be one that I could count as a friend while here. It didn’t help that as soon as Father Caleb turned his back that the older boy Peter motioned with his closed fist and thumb across his neck, to show he meant to cut my neck off as soon as he had a chance. Before I could retaliate or do anything, an unseen voice rang out. “Boys! Isn’t it about lunch time?” The voice was that of a woman and it sounded like it came from somewhere up ahead. Then as if to prove she existed, the woman stepped into the hallway from an office just up ahead of us and to the right. The boys didn’t move right away and the woman gave them a severe look. “Boys! Go to the dining room now!” “Yes Mrs. Betty.” They all said in chorus. The boys then took off down the hall and out of sight. With the way she looked at the boys and the command she had over them, I felt that I too would have followed the boys if it hadn’t been for my wet pants. Not only that but I was after all pretty hungry. For now though, I chose to stick close to Father Caleb and hope that maybe he might find out that this place is full and after getting me a change of clothes taking me to a better place. I know, as an adult I should know better but one could wish, could they? “Hello Father, so you are bringing us a new boy?” Mrs. Betty asked as she waved us into the small and crowded office. “Yes Mrs. Betty. His name is Ben and he doesn’t have a family.” Mrs. Betty looked at me sweetly. “I am so sorry little one.” She said apologetically like it was all her fault I was parentless. “I am not a little kid!” I announced defiantly. Of course, it didn’t help that I looked everything like a little kid, including my peed pants! Mrs. Betty of course just took it in as me just being a kid. She sat down behind a small desk piled high with thick manila folders. I figured the manila folders represented the children that came to stay here in this group home. There was also a computer which she began typing on and I figured she was probably starting a file for me. “So Ben dear, how old are you?” She asked. “39” I replied a little aggravated. I was starting to get tired of being referred to as a kid, so my aggravation was winning over my common sense. Meaning the common sense that no one is going to believe me when I tell them that I am actually an adult. “9” Mrs. Betty stated as she typed the answer into her computer form. I am not sure what I hated more, the fact that she misunderstood me or the fact that she could actually believe that I could actually be 9 years old! “I didn’t say 9! I said 3-9!” I repeated. This made Mrs. Betty stop and look me over. “Now Ben, this is a time to be serious. Please tell me how old you really are?” I really considered telling her the truth, that I was 39 last night and that I woke up like this. But so far this hasn’t worked out so well for me, well other than Father Caleb, he seemed to be about the only one who kind of seemed to believe me. Then again he could have just been humoring me. It wasn’t like he was coming to my aid just now so I guess he didn’t really believe me after all. For now, I did not want to make matters worse for me. Mike had stated that all I had to do was let the wish run its course and everything would go back to normal. From what I could gather, if I kept fighting this situation, then it would never run its course! So, I decided to cooperate and play the game and pretend to be the kid everyone thought I was. Since I wasn’t sure exactly what age I was at the moment, I lied. “I am 12.” I said off the top of my head. She looked at me as if she didn’t believe me but after a moment she typed something into her computer. “And your family is all dead? Is that correct?” I just nodded my head as she looked at me for my answer. Again she typed on her computer. And this was how it went for the next 10 or so minutes. She would ask me questions and I would either answer her truthfully or come up with a believable lie. “Well Father, I will take it from here. Will you be joining us for lunch?” You know, before Mrs. Betty said this, I had completely forgotten that Father Caleb was there. At least over the last 10 minutes or so I had. “I wish I could but I need to supervise a window replacement.” I of course knew what he was talking about and was glad when he didn’t go into it further. “Alright Father, I suppose we will see you tomorrow?” “Of course.” He then looked at me. “Son, I am not sure what it is exactly, but I have a feeling that God has something special planned for you.” He then ruffled my hair a little. “You be good and I will see you tomorrow.” He then looked at Mrs. Betty. “I am going to see personally that he gets placed in a permanent home.” He informed her before saying goodbye and leaving. “Okay Ben, let’s go and see if we can find you some things to where while here with us. That way you can change into some clean clothes and put on some real shoes.” As Mrs. Betty said this last part she eyed my cloth bound feet which made me feel a little subconscious. “Okay Ben, just follow me. The clothing room is just down the hall to the left. I am sure we can find plenty of things for you to wear in your size.” Sure enough, there was a large room filled with boys clothing. Mrs. Betty found me 5 shirts and 2 pairs of blue jeans, 1 pair of good pants and 1 good shirt for church, and a pair of sweats. She also found 2 pairs of PJ's that fit me as well. At first I was afraid that she was going to make me wear someone else underwear and socks but it turned out that they got donations to buy new underwear and socks for us boys. And so she gave me a new package of underwear and socks. I just hope I can keep those underwear dry! The last thing she helped me pick out was a coat and a pair of shoes that fit. This now completed my new wardrobe. She put all of this into a couple of grocery bags and had me follow her upstairs to a small room with a bunk bed in it. “AJ is your bunkmate and nice boy. You guys are lucky because you get the small room. So you only have to share with each other.” I wasn’t really sure what was good about it. As she said, the room was dinky. It also had a very familiar odor that, I knew all too well. It wasn’t hard to figure out the reason why Mrs. Betty stuck me in this room and maybe she thought she was doing me a favor and maybe she was. Still, I am sure the others weren’t dumb. You couldn’t pass this room in the hallway without smelling the pee smell that emanated from this room. For now though, I chose to do my best to ignore it. “Okay Ben. I am going to put your stuff here in this drawer…” at this Mrs. Betty started opening drawers on one of the small dressers in the room and putting away my new clothes. “…and while I am doing this, you can take a shower across the hall and get cleaned up. If you look here…” at this she pointed to the bar next to my dresser that had a towel rack with a towel and a wash cloth on it. “…This is where you will keep your wash cloth and towel until laundry day. Okay, now here you go.” Mrs. Betty handed me a change of my new clothes and I grabbed my towel and wash cloth and started towards the door but was stopped before I left the room. “I am sorry Ben, Lunch will be over by the time you get done but I will go ahead and put something aside for you when you are ready to eat.” And with that, I headed for the shower and the beginning of my new existence here at this place. Chapter 9 I am not sure how long I stood there and allowed the warm water to pour over my childish body; all I could say for sure is that it felt great! My body and muscles had begun to stiffen and whether it was due to being out in the cold earlier or if it was something to do with the process of being turned into a little snot nose brat, I wasn’t sure! Whatever it was, the hot water from the shower was helping them feel better. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Mrs. Betty checking up on me, I may have stood there underneath the shower head until the hot water was completely gone. “Are you about done in there Ben?!” her voice was loud enough to be heard from the hallway and over the sound of the shower. Afraid that she might come in and see me naked, I quickly replied with a lie. “I am almost done Mrs. Betty!” I yelled out loud enough for her to hear. I then started to fervently scrub myself clean as fast as I could. I did this in order to finish cleaning myself before Mrs. Betty became curious and decided to come in and look for herself. I think I must have beaten a record as I was washed and rinsed off completely and was in the process of drying myself off by the time that Mrs. Betty came back. I can’t be sure as I didn’t have a watch, but I don’t think even 5 minutes had gone by yet. As I heard her approach I mentally kicked myself for not remembering to shut the bathroom door once I got out of the shower. I was so sure Mrs. Betty was going to just walk right in on me and when it didn’t happen, I was pretty surprised. I guess she must have heard me drying off as she stopped in the hallway. “Are you about done Ben?” Came Mrs. Betty’s voice from around the corner. I could see now that she was trying to give me my privacy. “Almost, I just need to get dressed.” And even though I could see that it appeared she was trying to give me my privacy, I still had an irrational fear that at any moment she was going to try coming into the bathroom at any second and see me naked. “Okay child, hurry up and finish. Once your dressed, meet me out in the hall.” I then heard her walk down the hall a ways as if she was checking in on something else. I then heard her talking to someone. I couldn’t make out what she was saying and I really didn’t care either. Deciding not to take any more chances, I walked over and shut the bathroom door. With my privacy once more, I finished drying off before quickly putting on my underwear and pants before Mrs. Betty had a chance to change her mind and come back. The turtle neck shirt was actually not too bad looking and almost looked new and as I pulled it on, I checked myself out in the mirror. As I stood there, I found myself also thinking about what Mrs. Betty had asked about. For the life of me I just couldn’t figure it out no matter how long I looked at myself. I just couldn’t figure out exactly how old I was. How far back in age did Mike send me? Since he didn’t send me in time as well, there isn’t the date element to use to figure out my age. So how am I supposed to figure out my age? Well I guess if I see him again I will have to ask him I suppose. Finally I stepped away from the mirror and opened the bathroom door and entered the hallway where Mrs. Betty was waiting for me. “Follow me Ben. This is the way to the dining room. Most meals are served there and unless otherwise told, you will report there for your meals.” Mrs. Betty explained as she showed the way downstairs to the dining room. We passed a few other rooms, where some of the boys were doing other things in. Finally we entered the dining room where I found a plate with a sandwich and chips and a small bowl of soup. Mrs. Betty smiled as she watched me sit down in front of the food set out for me and as I started to eat, she gave me one last instruction before she left for her office. “Ben, once you are done eating, please come to my office and I will explain how we do things here.” And with that said, Mrs. Betty left the room the way we entered. I ate every bite of that lunch that Mrs. Betty put out for me. And even though I could have eaten more, at least I wasn’t starving anymore. With my lunch finished, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with the dishes. After a moment’s thought, I figured I better take them to the kitchen. Of course I wasn’t sure exactly where the kitchen was but there were only three doors into the dining room. One was the one I came in from. There was one directly across from that one and then on the same side of the wall but on the other end of the room there was the third door. I was pretty sure that this was most likely the door to the kitchen. Sure enough, as I entered through the door I walked into a large kitchen which was in the process of being cleaned by 2 of the boys. So far the boys hadn’t noticed me or either that, they didn’t care. I decided not to risk it anyway and set my dishes down on a nearby counter and backed out of the Kitchen as quietly as I could. “Boy that was close.” I breathed as soon as I was once again in the dining room. “I guess I better go see if I can find Mrs. Betty’s office now.” I thought to myself. I was pretty sure I could find it as we had now passed it more than twice. I knew all I had to do was pretty much follow the hallway to the front and that it would lead me to where the office was. Or I should say the general area of the office. Sure enough, I had no trouble whatsoever locating the office and found Mrs. Betty behind her desk. Currently though, she was busy with a phone call. So I sat in the chair in front of the desk and patiently waited for her. I actually think she was surprised by how patient I was. I mean she was really complimenting me about it once she was done with her call. I keep forgetting that most kids are not patient or kind or understanding or any of that other mature stuff. “So Ben, what can I do for you?” She asked me with a smile on her face. “Well… I was wondering, what am I supposed to do while I am here? Besides you’re the one that told me to come here.” I reminded her. “Oh that is right. I am sorry Ben; my mind has been in a million places today. Let’s see, where to begin? Well Ben, we assign chores at the beginning of each week, which is Sunday. Since it is Thursday you don’t have to worry about chores for a few days unless you want to help out. You will have to go to School with all the other boys but since the school is out this week you won’t have to go till next week.” “Do the Nuns teach the classes?” “Nun’s… I am sorry… What do you mean Ben?” “Nun’s, I figured because that Father Caleb had something to do with this place that it was Catholic related.” As I said this and saw the look on Mrs. Betty’s face I realized that I misunderstood something. “Yes Father Caleb is very involved with our Boys Home, but we are not related with the Catholic Church. We do go to Mass and we do go to other church functions but that is the only involvements other than the donations that the church gives us. All the boys here attend public schools.” The idea of going back to school wasn’t very pleasant to me. Shoot the first time through was pretty crappy. Then again at least I wouldn’t have to deal with abusive Nuns and pedophilic priest. I know it is stereo typing but hell, with the way things have been going for the last day; it seems that the worse scenario is the most likely thing to happen to me. Somehow I just need to get through this wish and get back to the real me and then fix my life! “You know we still have to figure out what grade you are in so we can get you in the right classes.” Mrs. Betty interrupted my thoughts and the way she said this it was as if she was saying you better fess up to you age and everything else ‘OR ELSE’! “Meal times are 7am for Breakfast. When not at school, you eat lunch at Noon. Dinner is at 6pm sharp unless otherwise noted. You will be awakened before breakfast with enough time so that you can shower and get ready for the day.” At this point Mrs. Betty stopped talking and there was an awkward silence in the room for several minutes. I looked up at Mrs. Betty who seemed to be thinking about something. I don’t know why maybe it was a warning of some kind, you know, the warning that someone about to broach something that is uncomfortable to talk about. And of course for me there is one major thing besides the ‘being turned into a kid thing’ and something told me that wasn’t it, the kid thing wasn’t it that is. No, it had to be the topic of bed wetting. Finally Mrs. Betty asked the dreaded question. “Ben, I was wondering, do you still wet the bed?” For a moment I considered saying “NO! I don’t wet the bed!” But after thinking about it I figured it would be pretty pointless I was pretty sure after wetting twice while sleeping that I would most likely continue wetting and all I would be then is be a liar. I was pretty sure that when Mike turned me back to my kid self he also gave me my kid health problems as well like my bladder problem. So I decided to be honest with Mrs. Betty. “Yes Mrs. Betty, I still wet the bed every night.” I then took a very deep breath and gave her the further truth as I was sure I was still below the age where I stopped having daytime accidents. “I also as you already seen, have daytime accidents still.” I almost whispered that last part out of embarrassment. “Is it just bladder or bowel too? Don’t be afraid if it is both, as we have had boys from time to time that have had this problem as well.” As I heard Mrs. Betty say this, I couldn’t help thinking to myself “They must get a lot of freaks.” Out loud though, I just said, “No, just a bladder problem.” “Okay then. If you wet your bed, you will be responsible for taking care of your wet bed every morning. This means you will strip the wet bedding and bring it along with your pajamas to the laundry, which I will show where it is as soon as we are done talking. You will then go to the bathroom where in the cupboard you will find disinfectant and you will clean the rubber sheet. Ben, please know that this is not meant as a punishment but is just meant to give you an act of responsibility. Do you understand?” I nodded my head. As a child who grew up as a bed wetter, I understood this better than most probably did. “I understand Mrs. Betty.” “Okay let’s see is there anything that I am forgetting. Hmmmm… Well… there is study time for homework and bible. And then finally there is structured free time. Also if you have behaved, there are special events that we do for those boys who have been good. You have to of course earn points towards those events to be able to participate in them. For those who are bad and break the rules, oh that reminds me…” Mrs. Betty opened up a bottom drawer of her desk and pulled out a little booklet. “This here is a pamphlet that has all the rules in it. It also has a list of privileges you can earn as well with good behavior. It also explains how the Demerit system works around here. Bad behavior will earn boys demerits. In order to get rid of demerits, you have to work them off. Boys with demerits will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities. Please note that if you become too problematic that we will have no choice but to remove you from our program. You would then be sent to a state run facility that handles problematic kids. So, I would suggest following the rules and being good.” Mrs. Betty winked at me. “Now, unless you are going to tell me how old you really are, how about we go and show you the laundry.” Of course me telling her my age wasn’t going to happen to her satisfaction, so we headed back towards the dining room and went through it and through the other door I saw and all the way the back of the house to a large room that smelled of laundry soap. Inside was 3 large industrial washer and dryers. I quickly noticed 2 boys and a large black man busily working back there and it didn’t take me long to figure out that one of the boys was my tormentor from earlier. “Ben, I would like you to meet Kip. He is one of our house dads. Kip, this new boy is Ben.” “Well how do you do Benji?” Kip asked me holding his large hand out to me. This guy would have still towered over me if I had been my adult self. “I bet the kids don’t mess with you.” I said trying to joke but sounding nervous. “Oh you got me all wrong Benji. I am just a pussy cat!” Now I subconsciously missed the first time he called me Benji but I definitely heard it this time. “I am sorry but my name isn’t Benji, it is Ben.” I informed Kip. “Sorry little man, didn’t to upset you.” Kip apologized and ruffled my hair. As Kip apologized I heard Peter and the other Boy snickering to themselves and I was sure I was the one they were laughing about. Mrs. Betty and Kip also heard the boys snickering as well. “Why don’t you scallywags get back to work before I give you more demerits to work off!” Kip boomed at them and they both jumped back to work. He then turned and looked at me and winked. “See, just cuddly as a pussy cat but I also have the claws.” And he gave me another wink before he too went back to work. Mrs. Betty chuckled a little before taking me over to where I was to take my wet stuff in the mornings if I woke up wet. “Okay, here is where you will put your wet stuff in the morning.” She then pointed to a table over by the wall with some sheets on it already. “You will find your clean stuff folded on the table over there later in the day. It will be your responsibility to pick it up and put it back on your bed.” We then left the laundry of course Peter eyeballed me pretty good as we left. I really didn’t feel too safe there. I didn’t remember seeing a lock on our bedroom door and for all I knew Peter could have been my roommate, of course I doubted that due to my roommate being a bed wetter. With Peter being so much bigger than me and the fact that I was never really a fighter, I knew I was dead meat if Peter decided to come after me. I decided my only course of action was to let Mrs. Betty know of my fear. “Mrs. Betty, I was wondering if we can talk in private for a few minutes.” I asked her as we walked back towards the front of the house. “Okay, then after that I am going to introduce you to your new roommate so that you can get to know each other.” We then walked quietly back to her office where she shut and locked her door. She then took her seat behind her desk and waited for me to sit before asking me what it was that I needed to talk to her about. “I don’t want to be a snitch or anything but I am really afraid that Peter might try and beat me up. He has given me every indication that he wants to beat me up or at least hurt me in some way. He has already made fun of me and the way he stared at me in the laundry I am sure he has something planned against me and I am afraid of being hurt.” “I see. While we don’t tolerate any misbehavior, which includes picking on any of the other boys; we can’t do anything to Peter until he actually breaks a rule.” “But if that is the case, then I will be hurt already!” I stated in a panic rush. “I understand what you are saying but just because you think something is going to happen doesn’t make it so. I have to hope that Peter will do the right thing and follow the rules. Peter knows that he is on thin ice as is. I really don’t think he will beat you up. I will tell Kip and the rest of the house parents to keep an eye out for you. How does that sound?” “What about at night? There is no lock on our room and he could just come in.” I pleaded with her. “Kevin is on tonight. He is a good guy and I will make sure he keeps an eye out for you and your room. Now I would like to take you to meet your new roommate as I need to get back here as I have 5 more boys coming in today. Though tomorrow we are going to sit down and discuss what grade you’re in at school so we can get you enrolled next week.” It turned out that my new roommate was actually in our room studying. It looked like he had a US Geography book opened up on one of the 2 desks in the room. “AJ, this is Ben, he is a new boy that just arrived today and will be your new roommate.” And as Mrs. Betty introduced us, AJ’s eyes grew big in alarm. Of course I knew what his problem was. “Don’t worry I have the same problem.” Was the only thing I said and it did the trick. He calmed down and became relaxed. I don’t understand how he thought he was hiding it before anyways, as I smelled the pee the minute I entered the room. “Well I am going to let you guys get to know each other.” And with that Mrs. Betty left. So until Dinner time, I got to know about AJ and I found out some pretty interesting things about him. I found out that both of his parents were alive but his dad was in prison for killing someone and his mom was considered unfit. He was the youngest of 4 kids, 3 boys 1 sister. He hadn’t seen any of his siblings in a couple years and according to him, he doesn’t really care if ever does see them again. Because both of his parents are considered unfit, the state had terminated their parental rights and AJ is adoptable. The problem is that because of his age and the fact that he has a few problems mainly being a bed wetter, most people tend to not want him. So he has basically remained in the system being bumped from 1 foster home to another until he finally made it here and so he likes it here the best. He just recently turned 11 years old and started Junior High School. He had now been at this home for boys for around 7 months but he been in the foster care system since he was 8. The most mysterious of all, his bedwetting problem started after he was put into foster care. I really think there is something he isn’t telling me but oh well. I was surprised I got that much out of him. Of course I was so enrapt in his story I did exactly what I didn’t want to do. I at some point peed my pants. In fact it was AJ who noticed it. “Uh… Ben… You ah… Man you peed your pants.” The last part he whispered in my ear as if he were afraid someone was listening at our door. I jumped up. “Damn!” I looked down at myself in disgust. “I got to start remembering to go to the bathroom regularly!” “It is almost dinner time and everyone will be going down to eat. So just wait until they do then use the bathroom to clean-up. Then just come down a little late. Then later you can tell Kip what happened and he will understand.” AJ explained. And this was exactly what I did. I waited until everyone went downstairs and then headed into the bathroom and quickly cleaned up and changed into another pair of jeans. I looked into the mirror to comb my hair so that I would look halfway decent and who do I see looking back at me? If you said Mike, then you were right!
  15. Just for the sake of options, i am curious to know where everyone buys their diapers from? Who is best about using discreet packaging? So far i mostly buy from bambino, and have bought secure x plus before they were available on bambino. So what are the best sites if you live in the US?
  16. Being a Diaper Lover (DL) that happens to be bladder Incontinent, I have an excuse to wear and enjoy diapers and plastic pants and not be embarrassed by wearing them in public. I've embraced it and started carrying my own diaper bag when I leave the house. When I am in my responsible adult mode, I carry a black and blue backpack that has Dry 24/7 diapers and plastic pants, a change of shorts along with plastic bags, baby wipes, etc. When in DL mode, I have a large Graco diaper bag tote, black with teal trim and I carry the following; 6 Dry 24/7 diapers 2 Babykin cloth diapers 3 plastic baby pants 1 baby bib 1 pair of shorts or shortall 1 T-shirt or polo 1 bottle of baby lotion 1 bottle of baby powder Plastic bags for dirty diapers A container of baby wipes That about fills up my bag, So, do you carry a diaper bag, and if you do, what do you carry in it? Also, can anyone give me ideas on how to embellish my diaper bag to scream out "Diaper Bag" when someone sees it?
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