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  1. (Sorry if this is a bit gross to some lol). But how do you feel about messing? Is it enjoyable? I personally like the feeling of messing more than wetting, it's just a more comfy feel to me. I love the squishy, warm, and messy feel it has. It literally feels like having a banana in the back of your diaper xD. The only problem is the clean up, it can be frustrating sometimes.
  2. May quietly knocks on the door of her boss. Being the secretary of the head boss of the company, it was her duty to make sure she is ok. Recently her boss had a miscarriage and has not taken it well, their spouse has left them alone and childless, May thought that she would pop in to hand a coffee to her boss and brighten their day.
  3. This will contain graphic words and have a sexual content between a man and a woman! Rebbecca worked at an old law firm, one that had been started about 90 years ago! Old Mr. Snedly's father had started it! Passed it on to his son old Mr. Snedly, who brought his son Middle Mr. Snedly on as a partner, who brought his son Young Mr. Snedly in as a partner! Young was misleading he was almost 60. She had worked for him for about 10 years! They had hired her right out of University, and she had worked for them since! She was considered beautiful, she had to beat Old Mr. Snedly off with a stick, he might be old as dirt, but he certainly was a dirty old man! It kept her on her toes, he followed her to the lady's restroom one day, seveal years ago! That was her hiding place up until then! She was blonde, which some people thought meant stupid! They had bought into the dumb blonde jokes! She liked it when the men underestimated her she was no blonde joke, you did that and she would hand you your ass! She still went to the gym about two or three times a week where she did Zumba and did cardiovascular exercises. Plus she lifted weights! Her body was toned, as she got older, it was getting harder to stay that way! Rebbecca was also married to her husband of about 8 years Stuart or Stu as everyone called him! He was a a cop, well he was in charge of Dispatch for the local Police Department. He had cought a few bullits and it left him with some medical issues one was his lung was damaged running made him pass out, the one good lung he had left couldn't keep up with the oxygen needs of his body, so he would pass out! He still lifted lots of weights and worked out with machines! Just nothing that involved running or lots of cardiovascular exercises! Rebbecca Called Stu and told him that it looks like another late night for her tonight! Should I save you dinner Becca? That's what he called her. Better not it looks like until the wee hours of the morning! We got that lawsuit that were fighting for our client! Looks like a late night strategy meeting, they will probably bring us in food! Sorry I can't spend this beautiful Friday night with you dear, Rebbecca said! Well maybe I'll see you late, late tonight Stu said, you know I love you Mrs Phelps! Yes I am aware Mr. Phelps! See you when I get home then, maybe! It was another boring strategy meeting, Rebecca was fried, she had started work at 7 am and here it was almost midnight in about 19 minutes! Old Mr. Snedly was dozing off she didn't mind at least when he was asleep he wasn't chasing her! Since the Senior partner was falling asleep they decided that the meeting needed to end! It would be midnight in 12 minutes. She got out of there as fast as she possibly could, into her car, onto the freeway, and home, her watch read 12:07 am as se walked through the door. She started dropping clothes her jacket then her blouse her bra came next! Dammit if it didn't feel great to unleash her girls! Her tweed skirt was unziped, it was the companion to her jacket, dropped about 1/2 the way up the stairs! Her panty hose was next. As she she arrived at the door clad only in her panties she took them off so she was entirely naked as she entered her bed room! Stu was aseep she was naked, she had a thought of her and Stu getting it on, or one of Stu's favorite a lick in the whiskers! She pulled the blankets down on her side of the bed and there they were! Her two thick nighttime diapers and her plastic panties! And her pajamas! Stu was so conciderate! At 32 years old Rebbecca still wet her bed, like she had when she was 5,15 or 25, she had never stopped! She checked Stu, sure enough he had his protection on for the night! When he was shot a bullit hit the nerve that controls Stu's bladder in the day time he's not got a probem! At night he culdnt stay dry if his life depended on it, just like her! They had met when Stu was suing the city! They weren't going to dismiss him due to being left a bed wetter! But was suing claiming that there were other jobs that he could do, like dispatch lead! The job had been given to a female but since he met the criteria, and was a male they had overlooked him! He was claiming sexual harrasment! She ended up being his attorney! They won the case he was able to do the dispatch coordinator job! During the trial his medical issues were brought up including his bed wetting!
  4. Sharon came home from work to a feverish, bleary-eyed foster son lying on the couch. She stashed the packages in her hands beside the door and sat beside him. "How are you feeling? Any better?""A little.""You do look a little better, but you're still not feeling too great, are you?" Ryan shook his head and curled up more closely to Sharon as she felt his forehead. "Yep, you still feel like you have a fever. You'll need to stay home again tomorrow, but I'll stay with you, okay?""Sharon, no. You've already stayed home from work to take care of me for three days. I'll probably be feeling better tomorrow.""It's not just that. During our three-day-long campout on the couch while you've been sick, we missed out on some important news.""What?"Sharon took Ryan's hand in hers and brushed his hair out of his eyes. "Well, honey, you're not going to like this, but...A new law was passed making it illegal for children under the age of 18 to be potty-trained.""Wait, what?! What the hell does that even mean?! Why does that affect me? I'm already potty-trained. I turn 18 in two months, who will even know the difference?!""I'm sorry, honey. You're going to have to wear diapers for the next two months. But, at least it's only for two months! Think about other teenagers who still have a few years before they turn 18!""Ugh...Well, I can just...um, use them, or whatever, and immediately change myself. I guess it won't be terrible."Sharon smiled wryly. "It's not that simple. You're also not allowed to change your own diapers. I'll have to do that for you.""What?! No way, Sharon.""I'm sorry, honey." Sharon got up and brought the packages in that she had bought on the way home from work. Several packages of diapers, wet wipes, and rash cream."Wait, you're doing this, like, now?! We can't at least wait until tomorrow?""No, honey. Now let's get you diapered up.""Wait, let me pee really quick." Ryan had felt a growing need to go when Sharon got home, but had put it off once she came in. "No. You can't use the toilet at all until your birthday.""But I'll have to go soon, anyway, why waste a diaper?""It's the law. Now, lie down so I can change you."Defeated, Ryan lay down and put his hands over his face, humiliated as Sharon lowered his pajama pants and replaced his boxers with a thick diaper. She pulled his pants back up and patted his bottom. "See? Was that so bad?""Yes, it was. And it will be even worse when there's, like, stuff in there when you, um, change me.""Ryan, don't worry about it. I've changed more diapers than I care to count.""Yeah. On babies. And, occasionally a three-year-old, in Sammy's case."Sharon smiled. All three of her own children were grown now, and she had told Ryan once before about how difficult her middle child had been to potty-train. "It'll be all right, honey." Sharon kissed his warm forehead, got a pot of soup started for dinner, and changed into leggings and a sweatshirt before joining him on the couch. He snuggled against her shoulder, still not feeling good. "Does your head hurt?" Ryan nodded. Sharon gave him some Tylenol and held him close. A little while later, he was squirming, as he had to pee badly now. Forgetting that he had said he needed to pee earlier, Sharon just thought he was trying to get comfortable and loosened her hold on him so he could adjust himself. A while after that, Ryan was more desperate for the toilet than he remembered being in a long time. The last time he remembered having to pee so badly, he was at someone's house with his mom and was too afraid to ask her to take him to the bathroom, and he held it until he couldn't anymore and he wet his pants. "Ryan? Wha--oh," Sharon nodded in understanding when he unconsciously squeezed his legs together. "You need to go potty?""What?!""Oh! I'm sorry. This diaper talk has me in 'potty-training' mode. And it sounds a little nicer, anyway. You obviously need to use the bathroom. Just go ahead and go. I don't think you can hold it for two months.""Sharon, this is too embarrassing.""It's okay, sweetheart. You're going to have to get used to it. Just go."Ryan held on for a few more minutes, but soon experienced a loss of control he hadn't felt since he was three. No amount of squeezing his legs together and holding his crotch could keep the flood back. First, a few spurts escaped, but soon his bladder weakened completely and pee rushed in a torrent into the thirsty padding between his legs. He gasped as he felt himself lose control and completely wet himself.Sharon sensed the tension leave his body immediately. "Oh, honey, did you go pee-pee?" She asked sympathetically. Ryan nodded shamefully. Sharon felt the front of his diaper to assess the damage. "You don't feel too wet, so I'll wait until you wet at least one more time before I change you, unless you get uncomfortable. I don't think I'll have to change you after every time you wet.""Nah, I can tell it's drying up."After dinner, Ryan had a bigger problem. Wetting his diaper right beside Sharon was bad enough, but now he needed to, um, do the other kind. Sharon knew he usually went sometime between dinner and bedtime, so she knew he would need to go soon. "Um, any chance this law only applies to peeing?"Sharon smiled. "No, honey, and I'm sure you need to go by now, so just do it. It's okay, I promise." Ryan tried not to, but his stomach had other plans. Sharon left the room to give him some privacy, and after a final ominous rumble, he curled up into a ball on the couch and pushed a load into his diaper. He wanted to die as a foul odor filled the room. He released a little more pee as well, causing the front of his diaper to swell. Sharon returned a few minutes later with a clean diaper and a pack of wet wipes. "All done?" Ryan nodded. She lowered his pajama pants, carefully removed his diaper, and cleaned him up before taping a clean diaper on him. "Those are cold," Ryan whined, fidgeting as Sharon wiped him down."I know. I'm sorry. Do you want me to arrange for you to finish high school online? You can still see your friends whenever you want, but you will have to go to the nurse during the day to be changed. You can't avoid being changed by me, but I thought you'd probably want to have as few people changing you as possible. And I can work from home just as easily as I can at my office.""Yes, please. What's the point of this stupid law, anyway?""Some of the diaper companies managed to convince the legislature that having teenagers become dependent upon their parents like this would solve behavioral issues. All they were really after, though, was expanding their audience for sales." After throwing the dirty diaper away and washing her hands, Sharon came back to the couch with the thermometer and Tylenol PM. "You look tired, baby. You should go on to bed, and hopefully you'll feel better in the morning." She checked his temperature, sighing when the thermometer flashed a reading of 101. Once he'd taken the pills, she guided him upstairs to his bed and tucked him in. "Goodnight, sweetheart. Wake me up if you start feeling worse, or if you need a change, okay?""Sharon. I haven't wet the bed since I was six.""Oh. I guess you're right. Still. Wake me if you need me." Sharon brushed his bangs back and kissed his warm forehead."I will." Ryan rolled over, knowing Sharon would scratch his back until he fell asleep, like she always did when he was sick. Once he was sleeping, she put a glass of water on his nightstand, kissed his forehead again, and left the room. Ryan woke up at 5:30 the next morning, needing to pee really bad. Temporarily forgetting the new law and the diaper he was wearing, he rushed through his room to his bathroom door, frustrated that the door was locked. He suddenly became aware of his diaper, which made him remember that he wasn't allowed to use the toilet. He went back to bed and held it for a while longer before realizing there was no point. He certainly didn't want to experience the discomfort of losing control of his bladder again, so he closed his eyes as he willfully peed into his diaper before he went back to sleep. He hated to admit it, but the warm padding felt amazing against his body.Sharon came in a couple of hours later to check on him. Ryan opened his eyes when he felt her cool hand on his forehead. "Still running a fever," she murmured. "I may need to take you back to the doctor." Her hand next went instinctively to his diaper. "Oh! You've already wet.""Yeah, I woke up and had to pee a couple of hours ago, so I just went ahead and did it.""Do you want me to change you? Are you uncomfortable?""No, it was just one time. I can barely tell now."Sharon brought him some breakfast, then led him downstairs to watch TV. They snuggled up together on the couch, like they'd been doing since the first day he was sick. Sharon was the master of a sick day, that was for sure. Unlike the abusive parents he'd finally been taken from a couple of years before. By mid-morning, Ryan's bladder was making him slightly uncomfortable, and he would usually be visiting the toilet soon, but he still didn't like using his diaper. By lunchtime, his bladder was screaming for release, and Sharon had seen the desperation of a child who urgently needed the potty enough times when her own children were small to immediately recognize the problem. "Just go potty, honey," she murmured. "You're going to get a UTI if you keep trying to hold it." Ryan allowed himself to relax and pee again, and Sharon could hear the tell-tale hissing coming from his diaper. "You finished?" Ryan nodded sheepishly. Sharon felt his diaper through his pajama pants to see how wet he was. "I think I'll go ahead and change you. You're pretty wet now."Ryan nodded shyly. "Yeah, I'm starting to get uncomfortable." He squirmed, not liking the soaked padding against his skin. His diaper was too wet now to feel pleasant like it did after the first time he peed that morning. He lay down while Sharon got a diaper and the wipes. "Why the wipes?!" Ryan whined. "I'm just wet. And they're so cold.""But I need to make sure I get all of the pee-pee off of your skin, so you don't get a rash." Sharon removed his soaked diaper, wiped him down, and taped the clean one on him. "Are you sleepy?" Ryan nodded. He cuddled into her as she wrapped her arms around him. She brushed his bangs back and felt his forehead. "That fever isn't going anywhere, is it? I'm taking you back to the doctor tomorrow if you're not any better.""Mm-hmm," Ryan mumbled drowsily, falling asleep in the arms of the woman whom he had recently cometo love as his mother.More to come...
  5. Arthur Mitchell had known Betsy Allen since grade school. It was almost destined for them to get together as they were not only neighbors but we're the two in school every year that seemed to have the most wetting accidents. Well why not they were the kids that their parents seemed to have to wash wet sheets for every day because they couldn't seem to keep theirs dry. Arthur's and Betsy ' s mother's were talking and found that both of their kids were nighttime wetters and either or both would almost daily come home from school wet or would be wet before supper. Both were happy to have a sympathetic ear to discuss the raising of bed wetters, and pants wetters. They had tried punishments, no liquids after 1800 hours or 6 pm, getting them up at different hours of the night to go potty, rewards, alarms, medications but nothing seemed to help. Betsy was even called Betsy Wetsy by the other kids and her siblings, that really didn't seem to bother her. finally both mother's started to diaper their kids day and night which didn't cure them but helped them seem to fit in better at least the other kids quit calling Betsy; Betsy Wetsy other than her siblings who continued to call her that. About the time to start Junior High School both mothers took their child out of day time diapers, but both would either wet on the way home or later during play. But more often than not would be wet at school still so the diapers and plastic pants went back on until high school at least, both mother's thought that they would try it again then. Besides they were still wet at nights and between them both had not had more than a handful of dry nights since they were kids Since their mothers were so close Arthur would go over to Betsy ' s house with his mother or Betsy would go to Arthur's house with hers. They were left alone most times and the two mother's were oblivious to the budding romance between the two teenagers. Each knew the others secret of what they wore to bed and what they were wearing in the day because when the mothers talked it was as if the kids weren't there so when the discussions for day wetting and bed wetting each child knew the other was in the same leaky boat so to speak.
  6. I’m going to Sarasota Florida to visit family. A DL friend of mine lives in Florida and he was talking about driving up to see me for a day. We were talking about splitting away from my family and hanging out. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is hang out at a beach in only a diaper. Mainly for the comfort of playing in the sand in just a diaper or swimming and the feel of my diaper swelling up under water and then to be changed in a nice dry diaper right on the beach. I wouldn’t mind if I was seen, the humiliation would be quite the rush and I could explain it off as a medical condition. However, I have no desire to ruin a family’s day, cause another bad press incident of a diaper guy in public that could reflect poorly for our community, and I definitely don’t want to get arrested for indecent exposure. So, I’d like to find a secluded beach where people rarely go if at all. I’ve also found some nudist resorts and a community near the area and hope that they may be more free-spirited in accepting a couple of diaper wearing guys. Any thoughts on this? Do any of you have experience doing this? Are any of you familiar enough with the Sarasota area you could suggest places to go? Peace, Eros
  7. jeremy is 15 years old and has started having trouble at night and is wetting his bed. His parent sees this and tells him if he does it again he is going to be put in diapers. *ring, ring, ring, ring, ring* *my alarm clock is going off* "Crap i am going to be late for school,WHY IS MY BED WET, i don't have enough time to clean this i guess i won't clean this till later, I hope my mom does not see this, And i guess i won't be able to take a shower GREAT" (Jeremy sees mom just getting out of bed and shouts goodbye love you, see you after school.)
  8. Just for the sake of options, i am curious to know where everyone buys their diapers from? Who is best about using discreet packaging? So far i mostly buy from bambino, and have bought secure x plus before they were available on bambino. So what are the best sites if you live in the US?
  9. Dan was a 22 year old executive who worked full time. His mom had him when she was a teenager and she bought him up on her own. Years later when Dan was 18, he got into the best college an hour from home although he got a good job and got a three bedroom flat for himself and for visitors. He was at work one day when he got a call from his mom. She wanted him to look after his brother and sister for the next couple of months while herself and his stepdad went on holiday. Three year old James and two year old Aurora. He didn't know if they were potty trained but he would find that out. He had met his siblings when they were born but had only seen them at Christmas. This was the first time he'd be left alone with two toddlers. He was in for a surprise.... (One if you needs to be mom for the first bit. But other characters we can share if needed)
  10. Anyone live in the Buffalo, NY area that wants to wear diapers together? Let me know
  11. A Calf in Stardew Valley NOTES: I'm not really sure what to say about this one. It features a human and a meta-human half-cow. It was converted from an RP between a friend and myself and takes place in the fictional setting of Stardew Valley from the video game of the same name. The main character in this case is named Kennedy, all of the other supporting characters besides Mel are characters in the game. ... I'm a fan of 'monster girls' and its been fun to write. WARNING: Bad language, adult themes, diaper usage, lemon fan-fic. CHAPTER 1 Marnie smiles when she sees Kennedy, but she also looked a bit tense. “Oh, there you are, dear! I’ve been waiting… the new, uh, livestock is a bit of a handful. Poor dear. I can’t imagine she’s happy being sent here like that. You have the new ‘barn’ ready and everything, right?” Kennedy offered up a polite smile and nodded, at least pretending like she understood. In truth when she’d requested some new livestock from Marnie, she’d been VERY confused when she’d gotten back some requirements for how the “barn” would need to be built. Robin, the towns resident builder was more than happy to build whatever she needed, but still, what sort of cow needed a .. crib? Sure, Kennedy was still new to livestock and Marnie was the expert, but she’d never imagined anything like this. The new “barn” might have been a guest house if it weren’t for the milking buckets and bails of hay stored in the silo. “The barn’s built and ready. Pierre even stopped by with Caroline to drop off the supplies. Caroline wouldn’t stop giggling and talking about how Pierre’s going to need to start stocking ‘padding on the regular’ now. I had no idea what she was talking about… and I won’t lie, I’m a little anxious and a bit excited to see my livestock,” she said as she tried to peer into the cattle car. “Just a minute Ms. Kennedy,” Marnie nodded. “Just so you know what you’re getting into. She’s quite scared, what with the train ride and relocation and all that. She’s not your normal calf… she’s well, stubborn. Apparently they had to gag and restrain her for the ride because she was such a handful. Poor thing is used to being an adult, but now… well, she’s just a baby in a whole new world. Just be gentle with them,” Marnie tries to smile. “Ready?” Kennedy nodded, even if she still looked more confused than ever. As someone used to getting things done, she was quick to put her hands on the cattle car door, working right alongside Marnie to tug it open. The car creaked and groaned a little as some dust flew up and the door yawned open. Kennedy could barely hold herself back, poking her head in. “Hello? Er… I hope your ride was all right, there’s nothing to be scared of. My names Kennedy, Kennedy Claire, and I run the KC Farm and Ranch. You’re my…” and Kennedy stopped as she came past the slats to see for the first time what her ‘livestock’ actually was. Inside the stall, a girl was secured with a leash sitting atop a soft pile of hay. There were tiny horns poking out of her red hair. Instead of human ears, she had those of a cow, her legs were different too, she even had hooves on her feet! In short, she was not human. For the farm, she had an ample chest, with milk beading at her nipples and dampening her clothing. Aside from a simple short forest green dress, she wasn’t wearing anything else. Looking at Marnie and Kennedy, the cowgirl shuffled a little, trying to cover herself a little more with the hay. It was almost inhumane the way she’d be ‘shipped’ to them. “Oh dear,” Marnie frowned, noticing some of the soiled hay. “They didn’t even have her diapered for the trip. I told them…” She moved closer, slowly and calmly. “Hi hun, you’re Melissa right? I’m sorry about all this. Cowgirls are still classified as livestock so even though it’s awful, they have to transport you like, well.. a cow” Marnie said, looking embarrassed. The cow girl just looked down at her feet and let out a soft sigh before looking to the collar and leash on her neck. She gave the leash a little tug, causing the ring it was connected too on the wall to clack. “I uh…” Kennedy was at a loss for words. She understood what this girl was, she’d just never seen metahumans like this before. She had seen goblins and one of the mer-people, but this was different. This must have been what Marnie meant when she’d asked if Kennedy was up for a challenge. She looked the girl over. She was cute in a way, and her heart went out to any creature that was scared and looked so vulnerable, but it with so many human qualities to the cowgirl it was hard to not think of her as one. For a moment Kennedy forgot that Marnie was there, she rolled up her and put out a hand to gently warm the cowgirl’s shoulder. With her other hand she started undoing the leash from the ring, which thankfully Marnie had a key for. “How about we get you out of here, get you fed and cleaned up. Marnie said your name’s Melissa, is that true? Can you talk?” She asked, perhaps a little dumbly. Kennedy actually didn’t know enough about the new metahuman she’d be caring for to know just how much was meta and how much was human. Melissa finally lifted her head and gave a nod as she was freed from the wall ring. She slowly got to her feet, tugging at her dress. For a meta-human, she was on the tall side, just about 6 feet which put her a good 3 inches taller than Kennedy. “I meant it when I said it earlier. I’m sorry you had to travel this way. I know this isn’t going to be easy… for either of us, but I’m here, and I stood up and said I’d take care of you,” Kennedy added as she stood aside and let the cowgirl get her bearings. “I like your horns,” she added as an afterthought. “Thanks. I don’t like them. They’re still growing and they itch” she frowns, stretching the kinks out of her legs and thumbing her collar. “Bastards tied me up when I objected to being treated entirely like an animal. I know what I signed up for, but that was total bullshit. I really hope that wherever you have for me to live is way better. And hopefully with hot water. I could use a good shower,” She groans as she stretches. “And,” she blushes, “I probably need to be… you know… milked?” Milking was something more along the lines of what she’d been expecting to do. “Come on,” Kennedy said as she motioned with her head for them to follow her to the cattle car door. “I think the one thing I can give you is a nice surprise with is your new home. Marnie gave me starter guides and I followed them to the best I could to prepare for your care,” she said as she led the way out the car and down the loading ramp. Melissa flips off the workers as she steps out of the car, but they don’t give her a second glance. Although Melissa didn’t seem to mind being near naked in just the simple short dress with nothing underneith, it was still a little awkward for Kennedy to be walking alongside her as they were. Melissa notices the awkward glances after a moment. “You can just call me Mel, and please stop staring, I’m not entirely used to this body either. I really just need to wash.” Kennedy tilted her head at that and reached into the back of her jeans, pulling out her ‘A novice guide to metahuman calf care’. It had obviously been read a few times in the last week, and quite a few pages had slips of papers book marking important details. Kennedy thumbed it open to cleaning and tried to glance over the section again as they kept walking along. “Oh great,” Mel rolls her eyes. “You’ve read the book. I’m sure you must know everything.” “I’ll be straight with you. I don’t.” Kennedy said, not connecting with the sarcasm. “I’m new to this, and I’ve been told so are you. I promise though. I’m a doer and if you suffer any discomfort, it won’t be from my lack of trying,” she said as she didn’t take her eyes off the page. On the page, a colorful illustration didn’t show a shower, but rather a tub with caregiver scrubbing her calf in it. The barn had a stand-up shower and a claw foot tub, and following the book, Kennedy was pretty sure she knew how best to clean Mellissa when it came to it. “I think you two will get along fine,” Marnie chuckled at that, being no stranger to the riggers of ranch work herself. Although she certainly hadn’t dealt with metahumans before. This was her first sale of them to be honest, and even then she was only acting as a middleman. She still wasn’t quite sure how the town would react. Most of the nicer folks, Leah, Robin, Penny and the lot, would probably be curious and certainly kind, but some of the old farty holdouts, like George and Pam would not come around any time soon to this new source of dairy. The train station wasn’t too far away from the KC Farm & Ranch. The trail through the woods came out by the north fields and not too far past them was the newly built barn and home for Kennedy’s new metahumans. “Well Mel, it’s your new home.” “Great,” Mel sighs. “Can I shower now? So done with this animal bullshit. Grow a bigger pair of breasts and suddenly you’re not allowed to take a fucking shower.” Marnie frowns, looking at Kennedy as if to say “Handful, told you.” Kennedy nods. “Thanks Marnie, I think I got this from here. I’ll call if I run into any situation where I’m at a total loss, but I think me and Mel just need to get to know each other for now,” she said. She went over to the door and pressed a button similar to what you’d see on a garage door opener, sending the door to a gentle sliding motion to get it open. “A shower is not actually what’s in my book,” Kennedy told Melissa. “How about I run you a nice hot bath?” “As long as I get to take it alone,” she sighs. “I need to scrub off after that filthy train car.” The inside of the barn was very homey. The floor was a soft wood, easy to clean and not too hard on hooves. The main area was relatively open with a few things for Mel, such as a duvet and even a small TV in the corner. Toward the back were some of the more common barn items, a few bails of hay in case it needed to be spread around, and the milking bucket as well as a simple machine if it was needed. There were two ‘rooms’ of a sort. Similar to the cattle car, the barn had low divider walls and the two sections off the main room were the bathroom and the ‘bedroom’. The latter of which had a rather large and comfy looking crib for Melissa the ‘calf’ as per the instructions in Kennedy’s care guide. Kennedy left Mel to look the place over a moment while she went to the bathroom and started the hot water in the claw foot tub. Aside from the clawfoot tub in the bathroom there was no actual toilet, instead there was a large diaper pail, a changing table and a plenty of stocked diapers in a rather large size. For Melissa it looked like they’d fit… another part of the guidebooks Kennedy had. Hearing the water, Mel walked toward the bathroom. “Thank god. Hot water sounds amazing after…” She takes two steps into the area before she notices the changing table and lack of toilets. “Are those… no. No, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I am not wearing one of those,” she hisses, turning towards the door. Then she notices the crib. “Oh my good fucking gods. Nope, I’m done. This is over,” she shrieks, stomping towards the door. “My daddy had a saying. You don’t shit where you sleep,” Kennedy said, hurrying to try and get in front of Mel. “Now, before you get huffy and curdle your milk, let me ask you straight,” and Kennedy took a quick step or two so she could insert herself between Mel and the door. “How much control do you have? When was the last time you sat your butt down on a toilet now that you’ve got hooves? You want to live and sleep in filth?” Mel’s face turned bright red. “T-that’s not a fair question!” Melissa actually stomps her hoof. “I’ve been in cattle cars and stalls and vet’s offices where I haven’t even been asked ONCE!” “Well, where are you going to go now? If I step out of the way, where are you going to go off too? I promised I’d care for you, and this was the instruction I was given. Whether you want to admit it or not, I suspect you need those diapers. So please, I know this is difficult, but let’s get you into the water. You said you wanted a bath right?” She asked as she started trying to distract the standoffish calf with a gesture toward the tub and hot water. “I said I wanted to take a bath alone! Not be bathed like some-- some…” Her whole body tenses and she stands completely still… as a small trickle runs down her leg before its suddenly a light stream, forming a puddle on the floor. “Too busy to ask me for the bathroom huh?” Kennedy asked as she raised an eyebrow and watched Melissa. “You’re a calf hun. I don’t know what saw fit to make you this way, but c’mon… unless you want to keep smelling and dirtying yourself, why don’t you let me help you,” she said as she stepped forward and reached out to take Melissa’s hand by the wrist. She gave it a tug, nothing too hard, but enough to let her know she meant what she was saying. Mel allows herself to be led. She started sobbing as soon as Kennedy touched her. “It’s not fair!” She stomps. “It’s not my fault! It’s all the people who’ve treated me like this for the past two weeks! I’m not just a farm animal!” “And I’m not going to treat you like one. You have a name, and now you have a home… We’re talking right now, I’m not telling you things like you are stupid livestock, I’m trying to help you,” Kennedy said, at least feeling somewhat empathetic with Melissa’s plight. She still led the calf over to the tub, tugging at her dress till it was up and half way around her waist. Mel helped her and took it the rest of the way off, seeming used to nudity for the moment after the last two weeks. “Leg up now, it’s nice and warm,” she said, putting her hand to splash a little of the water at Mel so she could feel it. Mel squeaks as she lowers herself into the tub, before sighing as the water washes over her. The water turns a bit darker as dirt starts to fall off of her skin, more than would be from just the train ride. “I don’t want to be a stupid calf,” she whispers. “And I want 30 farm hands and a unicorn… if dreams were currency, I’d have a lot to spend,” Kennedy said. She rolled up her sleeves, took out a wash cloth and a bar of soap and went to work. She was someone used to working, and although tender care was something new to her, she still tried her best. She scrubbed Melissa’s back and shoulders, working in a good lather and cleaning her off. It actually felt kind of nice. “Can you stand for me hun? I’m just about done with your upper half.” Melissa sniffles and nods, making a small attempt to cover herself. Beads of milk leak down her breasts with the movement and she groans. “C-can you milk me after this? They haven’t done it at all today,” she whispers. “I will. Just taking this one thing at a time. We can start doing things on a schedule tomorrow,” she said. Kennedy blushed a little as this part required her to get a little more personal. She reached around Mellissa, massaging her breasts and washing around them, before using a hand to have Melissa stand with her legs a little wider apart so she could thoroughly clean between them. With the amount ‘accidents’ it seemed Melissa was having, she needed a thorough cleaning and Kennedy wasn’t shy in scrubbing Melissa’s womanly parts or between her cheeks… even butthole; before going down her thighs and legs. Mel let out a low “Mooooooooo” as Kennedy washes down her breasts and lower areas, before clapping a hand over her mouth when Kennedy’s finished. “I can’t help it,” she mumbles between her fingers. “Stupid curse or whatever the fuck this is…” She sits back down in the tub and tries not to look at the farmer. “You just need to clean my hooves and then we’ll be done,” she sighs, swinging her legs up onto the side of the tub. The bottom of her hooves are caked with mud and look a little worse for wear in places. “Just… be gentle. It still hurts.” She starts washing her own hair in the meantime. Kennedy puts the wash cloth aside, getting a scrub brush this time, and takes first one foot, and then the other, doing what she can to clean it without causing too much discomfort. “We can get you a bath every night if you want hun, but I think if we manage your hygiene a little better they won’t all require this much scrubbing… I’m awful sorry again for how you got shipped here,” she said. “It’s not your faul-- ow!” She squeaks, pulling away for just a second as Kennedy touches a sore spot. “They don’t really know what to do with us, I think. Even your guidebook is only guessing. Even if it’s better than being in a muddy stall all day.” She sighs. “Are we almost done? This is humiliating.” “Done,” she said, putting the scrub brush down. She stood up to get a rather large towel. “Come on hun, up you go,” she said as she helped Melissa out of the tub and draped the towel over her. She started patting and rubbing the calf down, massaging the towel into her to get her dry… and at the same time leading her to the changing table while she did. “Doesn’t that feel better? To be clean?” She asked, once again not bringing attention to what she was doing, as the two of them were now standing in front of the table. “Yeah,” she sighs. “...Thanks.” Mel is still trying to avoid the farmer’s gaze and evidently not paying attention while she’s doing it. “I just…” she sighs, “This isn’t what I thought it was going to be like when I started changing.” “As you said earlier, not sure anyone was really ready for this. Best we can do is try and sort it out together,” Kennedy said. She gave the table a pat before guiding Melissa with a hand on her towel covered shouldered. “Up here hun, lie down a moment,” she said, helping the calf up onto the changing table. It was well constructed and the top was a nicely padded surface. Kennedy didn’t bother taking the towel from Mel, letting her keep it wrapped around herself as she laid back. What was happening started to get a little more obvious though as Kennedy took Mel’s legs by the ankles and started to lift them up. It was awkward to be sure, Mel was still bigger then Kennedy was. Mel turned bright red and tried to stop from falling off the table as she squirms. “W-wait, can’t we talk about this?! Can’t we do potty training or-- or something?! I don’t want to wear a stupid diaper!” She squeals. Kennedy sighs and gives Melissa’s exposed bottom a swat. “I’m going to take care of you,” she explains. Its already been a long day and she’s really not in the mood to battle Melissa with this all night. She reached below the table and took out a pacifier… it had a slightly larger more bovine ring on the front of it. “You need this hun, just relax a moment, I’ll get you taken care of,” she said as she pressed the nipple of the pacifier between Melissa’s lips. She took a thick disposable diaper after that, fluffing it out and tugging on Melissa’s legs to raise her bottom up and off the changing table before sliding the padded babyish garment under her bottom. Mel spits the pacifier out and starts to sit up. “I’m not a stupid baby! And I’m not sucking on a god damn pacifier!” she tries to climb off the table before Kennedy is done diapering her, face a mixture of fear and humiliation. Kennedy rolls her eyes. “It’s not as if I’m getting pleasure out of this or want to see you humiliated. I’m following the guide. The pacifier,” and she picks it up from the ground. “Is meant to be a soothing tool. And the diaper… well I STILL need to clean up your little puddle by the barn door. You NEED them, now, sit, I don’t want to start the first day with nothing but arguing,” she says and takes Mel’s hand by the wrist again. She tugs her back toward the table, keeping her other hand ready to go for Mel’s bottom if she keeps proving difficult. Melissa cross her arms and huffs before laying back. She doesn’t struggle anymore, however, besides a little bit of squirming. “Your stupid guide is wrong. I’m not a god damn baby.” And after that, she keeps her mouth firmly closed, glaring at the pacifier. Part of Kennedy worried this might be pushing things, but the guide did say take a firm hand with new calves and comfort them as best you can. She took the pacifier, even as Melissa glared at it. “This is supposed to help you relax… okay? It’s something else you can focus on if you don’t want to think about what I’m doing,” she said as she took the pacifier and gently eased the nipple once more toward Melissa’s closed lips… she also cheated a little and used her other hand to lightly caress Melissa’s nearly leaking chest. “Moooo--mmmph!” She groans as Kennedy holds the pacifier in place. She tries to spit it out, even moving her head side to side, but Kennedy doesn’t give. And after a moment, Mel relaxes. And her face, once again, turns bright red when she realizes she’s actually sucking on it. “Not fair,” she groans around the thing, but lays back and leaves it in her mouth, looking a bit calmer than before. “Just trying to help,” Kennedy says, actually smiling for once. It’s like a steady mantra. She lifted Mel’s legs once more, taking a little bit of rash cream and carefully working it in. She covers all of Mel’s bottom and even her intimate parts before getting out the bottle of baby powder liberally applying it next. When Kennedy felt she’d done a sufficient job, she spread Mel’s legs and brought the diaper up, taping it snugly on. The diaper was thick enough to handle a ‘calf’ and had colorful little farm prints on the front tape of sunflowers, corn, tall grass and a barn silo. “There.. Was that the end of the world? I think you’ll find that a lot better than feeling warm pee run down your thigh,” she smiled. "You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Mel groans from behind her paci as she sees the patterns on the diaper. “I think they’re cute,” Kennedy said as she helped Mel up and off the changing table. “Now come on, how about we get you milked? All right?” She asked with a light swat to Mel’s crinkling and padded bottom. “Great,” she mumbles past the pacifier. She groans again as she realizes she’s waddling, legs forced apart by the stupid diaper between her legs. Mel takes one look at the crib before shaking her head and plopping down on the duvet. “Guess we’ll see how full the bucket will be,” Kennedy says as she goes toward the back of the main room and grabs the milking bucket. “Melissa, how do you want to do this? Have you found a position that works best when we’re getting your milk? I have some stocks I can setup, but I wasn’t sure if you’d just prefer to lean off the duvet or kneel in front of the bucket.. Or…?” Melissa blushes, taking the pacifier out of her mouth. The annoyance seems to fade for the first time since she’s arrived. “Uh… I’m not sure, actually. They used a machine before… I don’t really like people touching my breasts. They still get pretty sore. Especially if they’re full,” she groans. “Do you really want something as impersonal as a machine? I have a milker, but I figured I’d be helping you the first few days…. It was in the guide,” she said with a sudden reluctance on how much she’d mentioned that book today and how novice it must have made her seem. “Let’s just do this simple and easy,” she said as she brought the bucket over and sat it on the ground. Kennedy knelt down, sitting on her knees in front of the bucket. “Take a seat,” she said, patting the ground in front of her. Melissa didn’t move. Instead, she rolled her eyes and let out her thousandth sigh of the day. “And what does your guide say the best position for this is?” It’s not like Mel really knew what she was doing, either. “Here’s what the book said,” she instructed as she had Melissa sit in front of her, facing the bucket with her back to Kennedy. The rancher leaned forward, hugging Melissa from behind. It would be fair to say that Kennedy was cute, but not quite as lady like or as feminine as some of the other gals in town. She was average height, but after months of work on a farm, she had gained some tone to her and less soft edges. Her hair was long in a single side plat braid and the first thing that Melissa felt was her modest chest as it pressed to the cowgirl’s back with the close hug Kennedy gave her. “Just relax. The book says we should have you on all fours if we’re not using a machine, but it also recommends something a little more… familiar for the first time. We’re going to be seeing a lot of each other, and I’m going to be helping you every day, so like I said, just relax, let me help you. You’ve done a lot of fussing today, but I know your milk is bothering you, let’s get it out,” she said as her arms came up and gently cupped the heavy set of breasts. Melissa squeals, standing up as soon as Kennedy touches her breast. A stream of milk shoots out onto the floor. “Can you at least tell me before you’re going to do that?!” Mel fumes. “Seriously! I’m wearing your stupid diapers and sucking on your stupid pacifier, I’d appreciate if you even warn me before you do that in return!” “I’m going to be milking you, at what point did you think I would NOT be touching your breasts?” Kennedy asks, trying to remain patient. She didn’t get up, but remained seated on her knees. “I barely touched you and your milk was already coming out. It has to be feeling unpleasant. Come on.” She gave her lap a pat again. “I understand that, especially given that you just gave me a very thorough bath before putting me in a diaper.” Melissa takes a deep breath, trying to keep her tone even. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t give me a heads up before you wrap yourself around me and start groping me.” “Mel, would you please sit down. I’m going to milk you, and it's going to seem like groping, but like how I bathed you earlier, it's part of your care.” Mel sighs, sitting back on the duvet. Not quite next to Kennedy, but intimate considering Mel’s current mood. “Look, I’m sorry. I’ve just spent two weeks being treated like an animal. And I signed up for it because I couldn’t continue my life after this happened,” she waves her hand across her breasts. “And now I’m in diapers because I’m pissing myself and actually feeling better sucking on a pacifier. And something tells me I’m going to be sleeping in that crib over there whether I like it or not. So just, try to understand how I feel. I just want you to ask before you touch me like that. A little bit of common courtesy, okay? I think that’s pretty fair.” Getting up, Kennedy stood right in front of Mel and gave her a moment, just standing, her presence there and trying to give the impression she wasn’t going anywhere. “I’m here to care for you. I don’t know how to spell it out any better than that. We’re going to have a relationship, you and I. I understand and I feel for what you’ve been through today. I’m not trying to humiliate you or embarrass you or treat you in any way that’s untoward… now Mel. Please, would you let me milk you? I need to touch your breasts, as odd as that sounds.” There’s a moment of silence that stretches on for almost a full minute before Mel finally sighs. “Yes, you can milk me. Okay?” She said, plopping down next to Kennedy with a fair bit of crinkling. Kennedy smiles. “I’m here to help, remember that, and I know you’re not an animal, but you are a meta-human. You need help, I won’t push beyond things you can’t do for yourself… like with the accidents,” she said with a pat to Mel’s diaper. “Now relax, please. You need to be milked,” she said, putting her hands on Mel’s shoulders first, getting behind her and giving her a little massage to try and relax her a little. “Just get to it,” Mel sighs. She doesn’t sound angry, just tired. “My breasts are killing me.” Nodding, Kennedy leans in again, her chest pressing to Mel’s back as her hands are about to cup Mel’s breasts like she’d done earlier. “I’m going to touch you, okay?” She gave her a little warning this time as she brought her hands up to start massaging and kneading Mel’s breasts. Streams of milk spray out as soon as Kennedy applies the slightest pressure to Mel’s teats. A little less than half of the initial burst manages to make it into the bucket, especially with Mel arching her back and letting out a low “moo” with the release. The first pitter noises of the milk hitting the bucket started to ring in the main room as Kennedy continued to gently squeeze Mel’s breasts. It was her first time milking breasts instead of udders, although she supposed there really wasn’t much of a difference. She’d helped on Marnie’s ranch before with actual cows. “There, that feels better doesn’t it?” She asked as she took Mel’s nipples between her thumb and forefingers, trying to aim them toward the bucket. Melissa moos in response, the only sound she can produce as Kennedy works her breasts. She squirms as Kennedy continues. After a few moments, she closes her eyes and starts nuzzling into Kennedy’s shoulder, unable to help doing it, trying with both her face and head. The sitting position was a little awkward and it wasn’t quite the best for milking, but she wanted to help coax Mel into this. She blushed a little, realizing how intimate this was quickly becoming and as Mel’s head rested against hers, her breath got a little quicker. “Good girl, it’s okay, I’m here to help,” she said, trying her best to relieve the pressure for Mel. “Just let it out, relax… you’re doing so well, and you’re making lots of milk.” A good half of the milk is still spraying across the floor, simply because of how far they are from the small bucket and how powerful the streams of milk are. But Melissa continues to nuzzle, in a state of bliss with the release of her very full breasts. As the bucket slowly started to fill, and the pressure on Mel’s breasts slowly started to ebb, Kennedy found her body pressing a little closer to her new calf. The inherent intimacy of the act prompted her to do something without thinking, giving Mel’s furry ear a little love bite as her fingers gave a final tug on the nipples. “Come on, almost there,” she encouraged, being a little more patronizing than she probably realized. Mel let’s out a soft moo as the last of the milk is finally drained from her breasts. Even though she’s at least a D-cup, her breasts remain firm and upright despite the milk being drained from them. Mel relaxes back into Kennedy’s arms, unable to support herself as she continues to moo, still dazed by the whole experience. “Aww there we go, heh, you’re a might heavier then you look when you’re leaning on someone,” Kennedy teased. She tried to reach for the towel she’d her with earlier to clean up a little but found it hard to get out from under Mel, so instead she stood and heaved Mel up with her, trying to prop the tired calf onto the duvet. “Good girl,” she said again with a gentle hand cupping Mel’s cheek. She gave her a pat on the head between her little horns. “That’s easily a full glass we can use.” Mel presses her head into Kennedy’s hand, nuzzling her for more attention before laying back on the duvet. Getting up and stretching, Kennedy got the towel from earlier and started cleaning up around the floor, moving the bucket aside. Moving away from Melissa seemed to break the spell that had left her mollified. “Holy shit,” Mel groans as she sits up. “Feel like I got hit by a car… damn train ride. And what the hell happened? I never felt that with the machines,” she blushes. “Does your guide say anything about that? Kennedy blushes a little bit at that, pouring the milk into a bottle. She’d put it in the delivery box by the main house later. “Umm.. not really? I mean, it says ways to help calm you down, but it’s not really written from the animal’s point of view. Not to say you’re an animal, but this book, well you take it with a grain of salt you know? Your train ride was kind of an example of what the established care methods seem to be.” Mel doesn’t quite give up. “It doesn’t say anything about milking and what’s supposed to happen? Even if it thinks we’re animals, it doesn’t say how we’re supposed to react?” “Well.. it says how you’re supposed to give milk, and be induced to give milk, but not how you’re supposed to feel about it. It gives advice on how to get stubborn gals a to be a little more cooperative, that paci being one way, but that’s really it,” she said, kind of at a loss on what else to tell her. “Now not to pull you away from your train of thought, but were you hungry or just tired and wanting to bed down?” “Hungry,” Mel sighs, laying back on the duvet. “What time is it? And I am not sleeping in the crib, no matter what the stupid guide says,” Mel adds. Kennedy rolls her eyes, she’d deal with that battle with Mel later. “Well, before you say anything Mel, the guide is specific on dietary needs for calfs. Like it or not, you’re still developing and you need a nutrient rich diet. I got this part from Marnie. It’s essentially a smoothie of a few good veggies, soy, and wheat grass. Hopefully it tastes pretty good, the book did mention your taste buds would adjust so this hopefully won’t taste just like hay and pablum,” she said as she went to a mini-fridge in the back and pulled out a large bottle that was capped with a nipple. “I’m going to set up a feeding station for you so you can snack on your own, but for big meals I’ll be here to help. Here, you can hold it or I can hold it for you.” “Or you can put it in a glass and I can drink it like I’m not an infant?” Mel counters, crossing her arms and not moving from the duvet. “Mel, it recommends a bottle for a reason. You’re still a bit unsteady on your feet, and you’re still developing. When you had that pacifier in your mouth earlier, did you feel a reluctance to take it out?” She asked as she approached the pouting girl. She held out the bottle. “Did it feel calming at all to have it in?” She asked even as she started to tease the bottle up at her. “No,” Mel blushes, not meeting Kennedy’s gaze. “I hated it. I just kept it in so you… uh… wouldn’t force it in again,” she explains. “I don’t want to drink out of a stupid bottle and I don’t want to sleep in a stupid crib,” she pouts. “I’m not a baby. Or a calf or whatever your book calls me.” “Mel, I know it’s probably not how you envisioned your life, but you’re not going to be able to change some things just because you don’t want them to be that way. You are a calf. Your little horns, your ears, your milk, your hooves, you have to know it,” she kept the bottle in her hand and took a seat on the duvet next to the girl. She gave her padded bottom a pat. “It’s okay, I know it’s not a fun time right now, but I promise, as I’ve told you all day, I’m here to help.” “Great. Then help me by not feeding me a bottle and getting me an actual bed,” she huffs. “And I told you that the diaper thing isn’t my fault. You try going two weeks without a toilet and see how well you do.” Kennedy looked at Mel a moment. She really didn’t want to accept her life, and as her caretaker, Kennedy kind of knew this was going to be another one of her responsibilities. She’d seen the way that pacifier had worked, despite what Mel said about it. Rather than listen to more arguments, Kennedy put an arm around Mel, and put a finger to her mouth. “Mel, I’m sorry. You’re a calf, and you’re in diapers. I’m about to feed you a bottle, and please don’t fight me on it,” she said picking up the baby bottle. Mel glares at her and crosses her arms. She makes a show of closing her mouth as she huffs and pouts, trying to squirm out of Kennedy’s grip. “Mel… Either you can lay your head down in my lap and have you bottle… or I can pull you over my lap and pull down your diaper to pinken your bottom. You keep saying you're not a baby, but you’re sure acting like one.” Her eyes go wide. “You wouldn’t--” Kennedy’s on her before she can finish the second word, almost tackling the girl as she puts the bottle in her mouth and pulls her down to the Duvet. Mel squirms and tries to kick or wiggle free, but Kennedy pins her without much trouble. Mel really isn’t even putting up a fight. It only takes a moment before Melissa’s suckling reflex kicks in and she starts to drink the bottle, glaring at Kennedy the whole time. Kennedy doesn’t try to gloat or rub it in, she simply holds the calf and lets nature take its course. The suckling reflex was there just as the book said it would be, and all that was left was to try and make her comfortable as she emptied her bottle. “I’m here to care for you,” she repeated, her steady mantra like before, and offered a soft pat between Melissa’s horns once again, keeping her steady on her lap as she held the bottle. Melissa groans, but gives up the struggle about a quarter of the way through the bottle. She squirms a few times to readjust, but gives in as Kennedy readjusts to place Melissa’s head on her lap. And even with her anger, she can’t help but nuzzle Kennedy’s hand for more petting after the girl rubs between her horns. “I hate this,” she sighs around the bottle, her body wanting to moo again. A few tears run down her face. “Stupid new instincts and stupid mutations.” “I know hun, we’ll get through it together,” Kennedy said, continuing with the pets to her head to calm her down. The nursing motion leads to a loud suckle that seems to echo in the barn. Almost as if to punctuate the low point of Mel’s evening, her body helped prove her new status. It started with a soft hiss noise, but ended with a quick warming of Mel’s crotch as her diaper visably yellowed while she peed like some cowgirl toddler. More tears flow down her face now as she actually starts crying. “It’s not fair,” she groans around the bottle. “It’s not my fault. I don’t want to be a stupid calf.” Kennedy coo’s at her, trying to wipe away the tears. She pulls the bottle that’s about empty away from Mel’s mouth and helps her sit up. “I know, it’s not what you choose to have happen hun. And you’re still adjusting,” she says as she takes Mel into a big hug, not minding the slight squish of her wet diaper as she hugs the mostly naked girl and gently pats her back. She’s discreet about it, but as she hugs, she keeps patting with a little more pressure, hugging, soothing, but also trying to coax any post-bottle gas out. “Just do it,” Mel sniffs, realizing what’s about to happen. Kennedy starts patting her more firmly on the back, and after a moment, Mel let’s out a large burp, followed by several smaller ones as Kennedy continues. After Kennedy relents, she nuzzles into her shoulder. “I’m sorry. You’ve been really nice so far and I’ve been a brat. I just… I hate all of this. I didn’t want to have to sign up at all.” “I know hun, but you also know what’s happening with your body and you’re not going to win the fight against your new nature. Come on, I think it’s been a long day for you Mel and you could use some rest,” Kennedy says. She gives Mel a kiss on the forehead for surviving her feeding and not hating Kennedy for what she’d had to do. Getting up, Kennedy took Mel by the hand and led her waddling toward the nursery. She grabbed the pacifier along the way. Even though Mel had mentioned multiple times about where she would not be sleeping, that was most certainly the only place she WOULD be sleeping. She stumbles a few times, clearly not used to her new hooves. Especially with the padding between her legs. “Please don’t make me sleep there,” she squeaks, not quite fighting Kennedy, but pulling against her just a bit. “Can’t I sleep on the duvet?” “A calf has a tendency to toss and turn in their sleep,” Kennedy tried to reason with Mel. She steered her toward the crib but stopped short to use her hand and cup the front of Mel’s diaper, checking how bad her accident was and to see if she’d need a change before bed. It’s only a little wet, but there’s an odor, as she probably hasn’t had enough water to drink. “I don’t think you need a change just yet, but I’m going to get you another bottle of water to let you have in case you get thirsty in the night hun” Kennedy took the pacifier and brought it up to Mel’s lips, pushing it in again before giving her bottom a swat to send her toward the crib with the side down. “This is your sleeping spot for the night. I promise its comfy and I’ll keep you warm. I even have a monitor ready in case you get worried,” she pointed to a baby monitor on the table nearby. “But… It smells!” Melissa blushes, “Can’t you at least change me if I have to sleep in a crib? You said you were going to take care of me,” she huffs. “Heh, I can. See, you just have to ask hun,” she said as she took Mel by the wrist and led her to the changing table. She gave the table a pat hoping that this time Mel would be willing to sit up on it without having to be put on it. Melissa climbs up and lays back. She crosses her arms and stairs up at the ceiling, squirming a bit but at least happy to have her diaper changed. “I’m still not happy about all of this,” she huffs. “Duelly noted hun,” Kennedy said pressing the pacifier back in again, to help calm her. She untaped Melissa’s diaper and took out some wet wipes. When she had Mel’s legs up, she balled up the wet diaper and took the wipes to start cleaning her intimates, being thorough as she ran it over her pussy and bottom before getting out more rash cream and powder along with another thick diaper. Melissa lets out a low “moo” as Kennedy runs her fingers across the cowgirl’s labia. She turns bright red when she realizes what she’s doing, and looks relieved, this time, when Kennedy pulls the diaper up and secures the tapes. “Uh, thanks…” she blushes, hopping off of the table. It’s only about 3 steps before Mel starts to wobble, nearly falling over with the combination of hooves and diapers.Kennedy is quick to catch her, helping tug the girl up and do a buddy carry. “Do you want something to wear to bed? I don’t mind if you just want to sleep in your diaper, it is a little warm, but I also don’t want you to feel like you’re an animal and not allowed to have clothing. It’s your choice.” Mel didn’t answer at first, instead just letting herself be led over to the crib. Kennedy gave her a few reassuring diaper pats to try and ‘corral her into the pen’ so to speak. Mel climbs in, giving a few bounces on the mattress. “I’ll sleep like this, but do I get a pillow? Or a blanket or something?” “You get both, as well as a new stuffed animal friend, a bottle of water in case you get thirsty, and a night light,” Kennedy said, giving the girl a rub between the horns again as she started to do up the crib bars. She went around the nursery gathering up all the things requested and left the room just a moment to get the bottle of water and the stuffed animal… which happened to be a cartoonish cow, complete with little tinkling bell on its collar. “Oh great, a new friend,” Mel deadpans. “Do I get to name it, too? Maybe I can get a matching collar and diaper to remind me of how much I hate this. Just give me the damn pillow and blanket so that I can sleep.” Kennedy gave her the pillow and draped the blanket over her. “It’ll get easier, if you need anything, I’ll have this set up,” she said with another gesture to the baby monitor. She gave another fond pat between Mel’s horns before turning on the night light. Rather than leave Mel right then and there, Kennedy turned down the lights and then hopped on the duvet, taking out the book to read it once again and keep Mel company. There was a loud ‘hmph’ as the cowgirl made a pouty show of turning over in her crib to face away from the farmer, but soon enough Kennedy could her the slight suckle of someone drinking her bottle of water. It was about 10 minutes later that Kennedy heard the steady breathing of a calf who had finally fallen asleep. She got up and stretched a little before quietly leaving and shutting the barn door. --- It was about 3AM when Kennedy was awoken by a shriek through the baby monitor. “KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” Mel’s voice came through. Kennedy shoot up in her bed, looking at the baby monitor. It took her a moment to realize she had a distraught baby calf on the other end. Stupidly though, the baby monitor was one way. She stretched in bed, yawning and got up, naked for the moment, but getting a night robe and stepping into rubber galoshes, she put her hair in a bun and started heading out of her home and to the barn. In the nursery, Mel could hear the barn door open. “Hun? You okay?” Kennedy asked as she came into the nursery, lit only by the dim glow of the night-light. Mel is sitting up in her crib, fingers gripping the bars. The problem -- and the smell -- is immediately apparent. “I woke up and it was just happening!” Melissa wails. Kennedy comes over to Mel, not even having to guess as she sniffed the problem. “Awww sweetie,” she said as she started to lower the side of the crib. She took Mel by the hand, helping her out of the crib and onto her feet. As discreetly as she could she used her other hand to cup the back of Mel’s diaper and survey the damage. It seemed like the diaper certainly could have held on till morning, but that was only the lack of sleep giving Kennedy rude suggestions. “It’s just a poopie diaper, its okay Mel. That’s kind of the reason you’re in diapers in the first place,” she said. She was already guiding Mel to the changing table. “But it’s all mushy and gross!” Mel sniffles. “It’s disgusting!” Her tone is still well above normal volume. Kennedy pushed the pacifier back into Mel’s mouth. “Shh, lets get you changed. Its late hun,” she said as she guided her up to the padded surface, trying to have her lay back gently without squishing her messy bottom too much. Melissa let’s out another wail as the mush squishes even a little bit, sucking on her pacifier even harder. “Just… change me so I can go back to sleep!” Yawning, Kennedy got to working, doing just what she said she’d do and what Mel obviously couldn’t wait to have done. It took a little longer then earlier, simply because Mel was a bit more of a baby with the mess she made. Still with legs held high she was wiped clean and then cream and powder was applied once more before another thick diaper was taped on. “Better sweetie?” Kennedy asked when the ordeal was over, taping up the used diaper and putting it in the diaper pail. “Yes,” Mel nods, standing up to waddle back to bed. Again, she wobbles a few times, especially in the dark, and nearly falls over after a few steps. Kennedy comes over to help Mel, “I think I might need to get a soft throw rug in here just for you hun… You’re more wobbly than a wagon missing a wheel. When you’re sleepy crawling might be easier,” she said in a hushed voice. She didn’t make Mel do it right now, she just helped her over to the crib, but she had a suspicion Mel know that it was true. “No,” Mel blushes, still above speaking volume. “I’m putting up with all the other stupid baby stuff, but I am not crawling.” But even as she says this, she grabs the cow stuffie as she gets back into bed and puts the pacifier in her mouth before cocooning herself in the blanket. Kennedy raises the side of crib. It was going to be another thing that Mel found out on her own. A few falls would remind her. --- Kennedy was up early the next day with the sun. It was a habit that she was pretty sure was in the family thanks to so many generations of farming. She fixed herself some coffee as well as a hearty full meal before heading over to the barn to check in on her girl. It was just about sunup as she was opening the barn door to let herself in. She went to the nursery, gently turning the lights up. “Wakie wakie Mel.” Mel pulls the blanket over herself, blocking the light. “What time is it? Why the hell are you waking me up so early?” Kennedy pauses a moment. Usually she got up earlier because the best time to knock out chores was in the morning before heading into town… She didn’t strictly have to get Mel up now, but she wanted to start something of a regular schedule. “Usually I do my chores first thing in the morning and then head in to town around noon.” “That sounds nice,” Mel groans from her crib. “Am I a chore then? You can leave me in peace, to sleep in to a normal hour. You know, like civilized people.” “Sure… I can go take care of fields first,” Kennedy joked. She went over to Mel while she was cocooned and gave her bottom a pat, checking the state of her overnight diaper. Since she’d be changed in the middle of the night, it was only a bit wet. “Hey!” came a grumble from under the covers. “Just a bit wet, I’ll be fine in the fields for now hun. You get some more rest. I’ll be back.” Mel mumbles something containing swear-words but doesn’t reply further as Kennedy leaves the barn. Its another hour or two before Kennedy returns. She dusts her hands on her overalls as she comes in and heads over to a deep sink to give them a quick wash. She looked over to Mel to see how she was doing in her crib, and thinking on it, she wandered over next to it, and even if Mel was trying to sleep (or pretending too) she whispered “I’m going to check your breasts.” Mel brushed her hand away and did it for her, her breasts feel a little more plump, but no milk comes out as she checked herself. “They’ll hold for now,” Mel sighs, pulling the blanket back around her (with the stuffie still in her arms, too). “But if you’re giving out handjobs, I’ll at least take a change before you go into town. Maybe then I can sleep in peace,” she huffs. “I’m guessing you don’t want to go to the changing table? You want to stick here in the crib?” “I want to go back to sleep,” Mel huffs. “So no, I don’t really want to go to the changing table. I don’t really want to be awake right now.” “Well a wet calf said she wanted a change, so you’re getting that, then you can go back to sleep,” Kennedy said in a more jovial voice, trying to overcome Mel’s apparent lack of being a morning person. She went back over to the changing table and got the supplies before going back to her big baby in the crib. She gave a pat to Mel’s diaper, confirming its wetness and offering a gentle cluck of her tongue before trying to pull Mel so that she was laying on her back. Mel rolls her eyes before closing them again, but complies, not offering any resistance. As Kennedy starts changing Mel’s diaper, she can’t help but mumble with her eyes closed. “So… what’s the town like? Are there lots of stores and stuff?” “Oh it’s a nice little place. Few stores, a pub, they all welcomed me like a family when I got here a year ago,” Kennnedy said as she went to work on Mel. Even though she was primarily a farmer, Kennedy seemed to be fairly good at changing diapers. She untaped the sodden diaper, got some wipes and started wiping the calf’s intimates. Her legs were lifted and the diaper removed before another thick diaper was placed under her bottom. Rash cream, powder, and another snug taping had the baby calf nice and dry. “There we go, all dry!” “Hmph,” Mel grumbled. “I’m sure the people in town will like you. “ “Fuck people,” Mel grumbles, cocooning back up and closing her eyes. She rolls over to the far side of the crib and tries her best to ignore Mel. “They’ll like you just fine. Marnie sure seemed to like you,” she said, giving Mel a sidelong look. “If she liked me, should have made sure I wasn’t leashed to a ring in a cattle car for 8 hours.” Kennedy couldn’t really reply to that. She sighed a little and nodded.
  12. Alright, not sure if this post has been posted before, but I think this is more of a unique post. I am looking to start bedwetting again, bedwetting as in peeing while asleep and waking up in the morning in a wet diaper without knowing I peed. Now I have done a lot of research into this, but still have a few questions I need answered, if anyone can answer them. This is my plan to start bedwetting: Wear a Tena Ultra Brief to bed Drink extra fluid before I go to bed When I have the urge to pee I will pee in the diaper and go back to sleep Now all this will work with repetition, but I have a few small problems. No matter how much I drink before bed, I don't wake up to pee throughout the night and when I wake up I have to pee to the point of bursting. Now this isn't going to work to bedwet if I can't wake up through the night to wet the diaper and fall back to sleep. Also I want to shrink my bladder size so I can't hold much at night so It is hard to hold the pee and I just go or wake up to go. I have heard taking 2-3 drops of 35% FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide in a 12-16 oz glass of water will shrink the bladder immediately, has anyone heard of this and is it safe? Here are my questions: How can I wake up through the night and go pee in the diaper, then go right back to sleep? How can I shrink my bladder so at night I can't hold much pee? Does taking the FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide shrink my bladder, and is it safe? If anyone can answer these questions and give me your opinion on my plan if it would work, let me know! Thanks!
  13. I thought I would try my hand at writing a story and see how it went. So here it is! Hope you enjoy it. My Fantasy- Omorashi-Diaper Written by BobStewart/GalaxyPhotography Help with and Edited by Jess Kander It is late Sunday morning and we are on the road headed west. I look over to the passenger's side of the car as I admire the woman of my dreams singing along to the song playing on our car CD player while looking out the window. It is a nice late spring day. The sun is shining, the windows are down just enough to let in the cool morning air as well as all of the fresh country smells of cut grass, and flowers floating in the air. Kelly has brought along a mix CD we made of some of our favorite songs that we are singing along with in the car. We both like the ballads from Journey, BonJovi, etc. from back in the 70’s thru the 90’s. At this time of day traffic is light but starting to get heavier. Kelly is a beautiful blond, with traces of her roots beginning to return to their original natural dark brown color. I am thinking that she needs to get it touched up again soon. Her hair is down past her shoulders in length which is how I prefer it. She has it kind of feathered on the sides yet back from her face and then slightly curled on the edges and around the back. I like It that way as it really highlights her natural beauty that she has enhanced with just a touch of makeup. Just enough that it does not look fake or over the top. She is about 5 foot tall has retained her endearing British Accent despite having had 5 years of american influence on her linguistics. Her body is slender, and she has kind of wide hip bones. She is wearing dark blue very form fitting jeans that when she sits a certain way or stretches shows a little sexy cameltoe which is so hot. Her feet are in nice conservative red high heels, and her outfit is finished off with a nice low cut dark pink T-shirt that shows her flat belly. She is a simple girl. No ink, and just some lovely looking yet fake diamond earring studs in her ears. She has on the perfect red nail polish to match her lipstick and shoes. When she smiles her top front teeth have a small gap between them and I think it is cute. Her Eyes are a crystal blue, and with her eyeliner framing them, they really stand out. We are headed for a day of visiting antique dealers at a show on the fairgrounds in the next County over. It is about a 30 minute drive once you factor in the traffic through the two cities at either end of the trip. The Interstate highway is too far south from where we want to go, so we are taking the more scenic old state route which was the original East West route for this area. I like it better because we get to enjoy not only each other's company, but also the small communities and views of country living and small farm life along the way. It is now about 15 minutes later and we have now arrived at the fairgrounds. As we drive up the gravel road and then pull into the huge gravel parking lot we find it is really full. We end up having to park toward the back of the lot and actually onto the grass just off of the gravel area because we arrived late, the show started 2 hours ago. We get the car parked, and I ask her if she has everything, purse, etc. And she nods to me that she does. I lock the doors, take her hand and we walk toward the show. They are holding this show in the fair ground buildings so in case it would rain the vendors would be protected as well as those of us visiting. Each vendor has a few tables and a cash register at the end so you can shop and then pay for your goods before you leave for the next vendor. Kelly is taking her time looking at all of the things spread out on the tables. I tell her I am heading over to the tables in the back corner as I am looking for some old tools, and boiler parts from decades past and I will meet her around 2 at the furthest building down. She kisses me and says “good luck finding stuff baby”. I walk away headed for the cool tool stuff. I am not really sure what she is looking for. I would guess something for our house. As I continue to stroll from table to table on the huge fairgrounds complex carrying my bags of misc. tools and things I have purchased, I start getting a little hungry and look at my watch and I notice that it is almost 2 PM already. Kelly and I meet back up again toward the entrance to the last building on the far end of the fairgrounds. I found a few tools that I could use but no good boiler parts, and she found some books to read, and some cool antique dishes with pictures on them for the kitchen display shelf. She wants to check out one more table and say’s she will be right back as I finish up looking at an old Monkey Wrench from the 1930’s. I decide not to buy it, I set it back down and turn looking over toward her at the other table, I notice she is standing with her legs crossed tightly, and occasionally rocking back and forth. She then pace’s a couple steps forward and back and crosses one leg over the other. I know this sign, it means it is time to go. So I walk up to her and say “honey, I am getting pretty hungry! It is already after 2. ” She replies “I am hungry also, and I really need to pee.” (See we don’t use public bathrooms as they are so gross, Usually we both just wear diapers, but today she wanted to wear her tight jeans so she choose not to wear a diaper. Out here at the fairgrounds they only have a set of port-a-potties anyhow and they are worse than public bathrooms). She grabs a book she sees on the table, flips through it very quickly and heads to the checkout line. As we are in line she is pacing back and forth a little and can hardly stand still. Squeezing her legs tight together and occasionally she moves one of her bags from another vender in front of her body and reaches down behind it with her other hand and holds herself tightly in an attempt to keep from wetting her pants right there in line. As I watch her I am getting really turned on knowing at any moment she could lose it and piss her pants. All of the sudden I am jolted awake from my trance by the the person running the register saying “Sir…..SIR!!” and tapping me on the shoulder to get my attention. I was much more interested in what Kelly was doing and being really turned on watching her. I pay for her book, and grab the other bag and I take the ones she is carrying so she has nothing to hold onto and we head to the car which is a good 5 minute walk from where we ended up at the far building on the grounds. As we get to the edge of the gravel parking lot, about 8 rows of cars away from our car in the back she stops, grabs my arm and says “oh Honey, I wanted to at least make it to the car….I...I am pissing myself”. I look over at her waist and can see a dark wet patch spreading down her jeans from her nice now very wet crotch, down her legs, and slightly across the front of her jeans. There is also a small stream of piss now hitting the ground from the center of her crotch. As she shortly manages to stop peeing but the inseam of her jeans is now wet almost to her knees. I put my arm around her and walk with her next to me as we pass some people who are just coming in. They are looking at her pants and then up at me and then look away as I make eye contact with them. She asks me if I still have plans on stopping for lunch and I say “absolutely yes! I am starving” She says “ me too”. She smiles at me and says, “ you like?” I look at her, run my hand on her now wet butt cheek, and say “Oh god yes! Your awesome baby”. As we get to the car she stands next to me while I load the packages into the trunk, and she finishes peeing in her pants. I look at her as I watch the last little bit of urine cascades down her long sexy legs and drip off the bottom of her jeans onto the grass. I move my eyes slowly up her body to her face with a look of hunger in my eyes as I want her so bad right now. She smiles at me watching as I am almost drooling on myself knowing all too well I am extremely turned on by this. She takes her hand and rubs her crotch and down her leg spreading her pee more on her jeans. I walk over to her and pull her body close against mine and I kiss her. I can feel my jeans getting wet from her pee soaked pants pressing against me but I don’t care. I hold her and kiss her passionately. As I slip my tongue into her mouth and squeeze her tight against me she puts her hand around on my ass and pulls me to her. After a minute or so I lead her over to the car door and I unlock it, and then tell her to wait a second while I take the large plastic trash bag I keep in the car and I spread it out on the car seat. I then fold up one of the thick bath towels I keep in the car, lay it on the plastic bag for her to sit on for the ride home knowing full well this is only the beginning of a night I will enjoy to the fullest. She sits down on the seat and I buckle her in. I close her door and walk around to my side of the car. I think to myself This is one of the many things I love about her, the only one she wants to impress is me, and what others think of her does not matter, though it helps that we are about 30 miles from home and no one knows us out here. As we leave town headed home I am holding her hand and kissing it. I occasionally reach over and rub my hand on her wet legs and pussy just enjoying the awesomeness of her peed jeans. As we continue down the road, I spot a DQ ahead and I pull in to get us each a Burger, fried mushrooms, Vanilla ice cream and a couple large diet cokes. Obviously I have to go in to get the food while she waits in the car. My diaper is soaked as I have peed at least 2 times since putting it on at home, but my pants are still mostly dry. I purchase the food bring it out to the car and we sit there in the parking lot eating our lunch. The food is very tasty and the ice cream is starting to melt some. I pick up my spoon and hand feed her some ice cream. She laughs and it dribbles onto her chin. I lean over and gently wipe it off, and then kiss her sexy lips. This woman is so special, I would not trade her for the world. Mostly because she gets me. As I finish up my mushrooms she reaches for the radio to start the CD again that we were singing to on the way there this morning. She looks at me and smiles. My heart just melts. I would give her the world if she wanted it. And yet, she is completely happy with me just as I am and how I provide for her. Anyhow, time to get moving, we are finishing up our Coke’s as we head home. As we are driving and chatting about our day and the cool things we found. She says she has found a book at the fair that will keep her occupied for a very long time when I am at work. I respond “Oh? What’s it about?” She says “Oh…….girly things...You know...nothing you would be interested in!” she smiles at me “OH?” I ask? “Ha ha yeah, just things like whips and how to tie your woman to the bed” she laughs. I look over at her and say….”I would not be interested in that ah?” She smiles and replies “ ha ha I am just kidding, I know you know how to do that! I still remember from the other night. Actually it is a romance novel!” I look at her and she smiles at me. I smile back and reach for her hand, and bring it up to my lips, and I gently kiss the back of her hand and hold it. She grips my hand tightly and she goes back to singing along with the Journey ‘Don’t stop Believing’. It is now about 15 minutes into the ride and she taps me on the arm and points to her crotch as she is peeing her pants again. The towel is doing its job very well as I can see her urine stream as it exits through her jeans from between her legs at her awesome thigh gap, and is pooling on the towel before it soaks in, as well as wicking up on her jeans over the pockets at her waist just a little. She pulls my right hand over and pushes it between her legs as she spreads her legs wider letting me feel her warm wetness on her jeans. I am trying to pay attention to the road and driving as I began to rub round and round on her pussy as she is still peeing. I then start using my finger in a slight up and down stroke, working my way through her pussy, then slightly round and round on her clit through her jeans as she is completely soaking my fingers. I start to press and rub a little harder as she is finishing, She moans a little and says “that is really turning me on”. She holds onto my fingers and starts to press them harder against her pussy, and then she moves them as it feels the best. I am really getting turned on but trying to pay attention to the road and cars around me. I can feel my cock getting hard now as she is driving me crazy. I am about to cum in my diaper just from watching and feeling her, but I am able to keep my attention also on the road and traffic which is starting to get heavier. Thankfully that is keeping me from growing too excited so I can control myself. We stop at a red light, and I reach down with my left hand and rub my cock through my wet diaper and jeans and it feels so good. I look over at her and she is not even trying to keep composure even though there is traffic around us. She is so turned on she is beginning to yell out loud “Oh God….OH GOD…..OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO CUM”. She is squeezing my hand really tight and tensioning up her body. The seatbelt is the only thing keeping her on the seat. As we start to pull out from the green light she has stopped screaming. Her body relaxes and she starts to breathe normal again, looks me in the eye and says “I just came in my panties.” She smiles, leans over, pulls me toward her and kisses me. I move my right hand back to her crotch and feel her pee soaked jeans. Glancing over there is a little hint of white cream showing through the crotch. I ask her if she would just take her pants off and ride the rest of the way home in just her soaked panties. She says “…...If you want to diaper me will take my pants and panites off and ride home in just my shirt and a diaper with you, but these Victoria Secret bikini panties don’t cover enough….especially now that they are soaked. They might be see through…….oh and By the way these panties are yours now!” OMG I am so turned on right now.. I look at her and say “you are driving me crazy. GOD I want you right here right now so bad……...thank you baby, and yes I will be keeping those panties for ever!…...but sadly for me, I didn’t bring any diapers with us. But I will take you up on that offer in the near future for sure”. She looks at me and says “anytime you want baby, you know I like wearing diapers also”. I smile at her and blow her a kiss. I am trying to drive with my right hand on the steering wheel while with my left hand I have to reach down my pants and into my diaper to rearrange things to be more comfortable. As soon as I pull my hand out of my diaper, she reaches over and puts her hand down my pants and into my diaper and has starts playing with my cock. She is gently touching me, and slowly rubbing up and down my dick. I can feel myself getting really ready to cum. Honey I say to her “with me driving in this traffic, we really can’t play right now”. She says “Ok...then pull over in that shopping center parking lot. I had my turn to cum, now it is yours.” I can’t argue with that logic so I pull our car into the shopping center parking lot and find a spot in the back, she begins to unfasten my pants, and reaches her hand into my wet diaper. She takes off her seatbelt and says “baby the diaper has to go, it is too tight”. So turn and reach into the back seat and bring up the other bath towel, fold it up thick and slide it under me on the driver's seat for me to sit on. I slide my pants down toward my knees under the steering wheel, and she removes the tapes from my diaper and I raise my bottom up off the seat as she pulls it out from under me. As she rolls the diaper up and tosses it in the back seat, I pull my pants back up on me leaving them loose as I watch out the window for someone driving or walking near us. She grabs a hold of my now throbbing hard cock and begins to rapidly stroke me up and down, harder and harder and then stops, leans over and puts her mouth on my hard cock and with her tongue begins to move around the head of my cock and then she sucks on it. She moves her head and tongue up and down on my cock until I just can’t take it anymore and I tell yell out “OH God…….. I am going to cum!”. She pulls her mouth off of me, and cups her left hand over my dick as she strokes with her right hand until I explode with cum all over her hand. I collapse in the car seat as she reaches over and kisses me gently on the lips and says “I love you baby”. She pulls her hand away and wipes it off with a towel. As I relax and let myself recover, she gently lays my cock back facing down in between my legs, and fastens my pants. I put the car back in gear, Lean over and kiss her one more time and hold her hand as I pull out of the parking space. A short time later, I ended up getting a strong urge to pee and begin to wet my pants. I just relax and let it happen as I have little control now anyhow. I look down and can see the growing wet patch in my crotch and onto my legs as it soaks into the towel I am sitting on. “well, I guess you're not the only one with wet pants now dear” I say. She looks over at me, reaches her hand over and rubs on my jeans feeling my warm pee. She says “someone should be in just his diaper and a shirt so there would be no mess like this” and she smiles at me. I look her in the eye “ baby you know I would do it in a heartbeat with you, but I don’t have a diaper in the car”. She then responds with a sigh and says “ Gosh I can’t wait till we get home”. She smiles at me, and I smile back. As we continue on our journey home she turns up the radio loud as ‘Eye of the Tiger’ begins to play and we both start signing along to it and sort of dancing in our seat. It is now several minutes later and we are pulling into our driveway at home. I park the car in the driveway beside the house. Our house sits about 25 feet from the sidewalk on the street. I pulled the car in forward. There is a fence along the driveway from the house to the sidewalk. This means that we have to walk down the driveway toward the road, around the fence and onto sidewalk along the road to get to the front door. I get out of the car, go over and open her door for her, help her out, and then I walk back to the trunk to get our packages we bought, as she reaches in and grabs the soaked towels off the front seats and rolls them into the plastic bag I had her sitting on. I open the trunk and reach in to get our packages as she walks up and stands there beside me at the back of the car holding the balled up towels in the bag. As I start to lean over the back of the car to grab the first package, I hear the all too familiar splashing sound of liquid hitting the ground. I turn my head in her direction and she is standing there at the back of the car peeing her pants again. There is now a puddle running toward my feet from hers, I turn around and look behind me and I see traffic driving past us on the road in plain view. I look at her right in the eye and tell her “You are so damn HOT, I want you right here right now!” I reach over to touch her soaked pussy, where her jeans are now sticking tightly to her body, outlining every detail of her lovely legs and mound as jeans do when they are wet. She backs up and pushes me away, saying “Not here People driving past and can see us……….you know……. It looks as though I can’t be trusted to go without a diaper on. You need to fix that.” Then she smiles and says “just remember our deal……...I pee my pants and wear diapers for you, and you take care of me in the bedroom!” I say bad girls that pee their pants might just end up with a spanking also! she winks at me and smiles really big, then starts walking toward the street to go around the fence at the entrance to the driveway, and up to the front door and stands there waiting for me. I am just standing here in total awe at this very sexy woman as I watch her cute ass and long sexy legs walking away in her tight pee soaked jeans. I grab the packages, close the trunk, walk up and unlock the door and open it. As we walk in, I let her in first. She kicks off her wet shoes and stands on the tile at the door entrance as I close the door behind us. She is waiting for me to take her into the bathroom and clean her up. I set the packages down, and take the wet towels from her hands and head to the basement door where I toss them down the steps to be dealt with later. In the bathtub we have one of those shower heads you can remove from the wall and hold in your hand and move around your body, so I go into the bathroom, turn on the hot water and adjust it to a warm but comfortable setting. I leave the water on and go into the bedroom and light some candles, turn on some soft romantic music, turn up the furnace to make it warm in the house, then I head to the front door to get her. I pick her up legs over my one arm, and her back/ butt on my other as she puts her arms around my neck to brace herself. I carry her into the bathroom so that she does not walk dripping pee from her jeans onto the carpet. I stand her in the bathtub and take my hands and touch her. I gently rub my hands on her legs, over her pussy, and around on her tiny flat, but adorable ass through her soaked jeans. She spreads her legs and lets me play and feel all that I want to until I am satisfied and have enjoyed her enough. I take the shower head in my hand and began to rinse off her jeans as she pulls off her T-shirt and bra and tosses it across the room. I unbutton her jeans and run the warm water down the inside of her pants and onto her panties. I then peel (with her help) the jeans off of her body and continued to rinse them and hang them on a towel rack to drip dry into the tub. I then pull her pink soaked Victoria Secret bikini panties out a little from her smooth flat belly and run water down the front to try to help rinse out her panties, The water is pouring out through her panties and down her legs. It is warm and just a little pressure. as I take my other hand and run my finger up and down her clit. I then stop as she looks a little turned on spreading her legs more and holding onto the shower wall. I then slowly remove her panties and hang them to dry also for me. I rinse her pussy off and her legs. I turn the shower attachment up and with slow up and down motion I let the water jets hit her pussy as she begins to lean back, spread her legs a little and then says “That feels really good”. I keep playing there as she gets more and more turned on. I put the shower on the hook and then remove my shirt and step into the tub with her. I rinse myself off and then run the water down my jeans to get the pee off of me also. I take my jeans off and hang them up to drip dry with her stuff, and I lean over and kiss her lips and hold her tightly against me. I run my hand down her ribs and around the front of her body,...this time slowly running my finger up into her. I begin feel around for her G spot as I kiss her neck and chin and with my other hand hold her tight against me with the warm shower water on us. As I feel inside her pussy, I bend my finger back toward her belly and I can feel the slightly rough spot that I need to gently rub as I continue kissing her neck, she begins to grab onto me and I slide my finger in and out of her pressing gently on the front of her body from inside her. She says “OMG I am going cum”. I say “ let go baby, do whatever you need to do. Let it out... cum for me”. I can feel her juices running down my finger from her pussy as she begins to tension up, and I feel the familiar warmth as a little urine escapes her bladder. She wraps her arms around me and hangs on tight as she cums again. She kisses me then she slowly backs up and takes her hand and holds onto my cock slowly rubbing up and down on it making me burn with passion for her. I am so hard and turned on right now, as she is slowly bringing me to the point of cumming. Just before I get there, I take her hand off of me before it is too late. I turn around and shut the water off and try hard to think about something other than her naked body there with me and how turned on I am. I step out of the shower and I take her by the hand and walk both of us still dripping wet into the bedroom and lay her on her back on the bottom part of the bed. The candles are burning, and smell so nice in the room. The music is Low, soft, and romantic. It is soft Jazz without Lyrics to distract us. I reach over and pick up the body lotion and spread some on my hands to warm it up and I begin to rub her legs and feet. I work my way up her legs and inner thighs to her luscious juicy smoothly waxed pussy adding just enough lotion to keep my hands sliding smoothly over her body as I work the lotion into her skin, massaging up her legs and inner thighs then stopping just short of touching her pussy. I spread her legs apart more and then lay my body gently down working my way on top of hers by kissing her belly and working my way up to her neck, and then her ears, and around to her sexy lips. I begin to french kiss her as I squeeze her tightly with my arms while my now throbbing hard cock is laying right against her warm wet pussy and my pre-cum is beginning to dribble on her lower belly. I rock myself back and forth with my hard dick sliding into and out of her slit. When I feel myself getting close, so I stop moving, and then kiss her neck and shoulders, and slowly work my way down to her breasts where I then rest a moment sucking and licking on her now very hard nipples. I roll my tongue around them and then put my lips on them and suck slightly as I pull away, then when her nipple drops from my lips, I go back and lick around them more..then onto the other one. I slowly back myself off of her and with my fingernails I very lightly trace a line around both of her nipples, and onto the center of her chest where I spread all of my fingers out on both hands covering her entire chest area and in just a slight tickling fashion I move down her body and around her belly button then onto her pussy. She tightens her muscles with a combination of of feelings as it tickles a little, but also is relaxing, and is keeping her turned on and wet. I spread my hands apart and place one hand on each inner thigh and then continue down each leg to her feet. Spending time very lightly tickling her legs all the way up and down inside and out, I then begin to focus on her inner thigh muscle making light movement up to her pussy and then returning to her knee on both legs. Every time I get close to her pussy she seems to move and tension up just a little. I see her wetness actually slowly oozing out of her pussy and down toward the bed. I begin to kiss and slightly lick her left ankle and up her left leg on the inside of her thigh to the top, where I stop, kiss her pussy and then return back down to her right foot and start again. I kiss and lick slowly up the inside of her leg, and her inner thighs to her pussy and then stop and rest my tongue on her pussy taking her juices into my mouth. I go back and do more light touching of her legs and belly all around her pussy just missing it, but circling and teasing her, making her want me more. I gently raise her legs up in the air and bend her knees spreading her legs and resting her feet on the edge of the mattress. I lay myself down on the bed and have my face now right on her pussy and I begin to kiss and then lick and suck on her pussy. Working my way up the sides, and then right up the middle of her slit, I find her juices are tasting really good as she spreads her legs very wide giving me full access to what I want. I bring my tongue down lower, as I dig deep inside of her with the tip of my tongue and then work my way back to the top in a fast side to side motion sort of flicking her pussy lips as I move up and begin spending time on her clit. As I lick, kiss and suck on her pussy she is driven to orgasm again. I feel her squeeze her legs against my head as there is a sudden release of juices onto my mouth and onto my chin and her body is all tensed up hard as she begins to moan, then grabs my hand and squeezes it hard. I slowly back off to catch my own breath as she needs to rest now for a moment to recover. I then keep in mind that some time ago she made up a rule that I have to wait until bedtime before I can cum in her. And knowing that I am only good for two cum’s a day, I know I must wait now as it is not bedtime yet. Though right now it is taking all of the will power I have seeing her lying there naked, her smooth sexy skin on her long legs leading up to smoothly waxed heavenly mound. I want so much to take my throbbing hard cock, and press it into her dripping wet pussy and fill her full of my cum. She is laying there with her legs still spread just completely relaxed in ecstasy. But her rule is, She gets to cum as much as she wants and I have to make it happen for her. Pretty much almost every time she pees her pants during the day or night, or fills a diaper full, I have to changer her, clean her up, and then part of the job if she is in the mood is for me to make her cum without using my cock. She is not a fan of toy’s though we do have one that I occasionally bring out. Now that I think about it, it’s no wonder she is always so relaxed! I turn around and reach over to get the diaper wipes off the dresser and wipe her bottom, pussy, and legs, to try to clean her up from the mess we made. She is just laying there and can’t hardly move. I reach in our diaper drawer and pull out a nice thick Confidry 24/7 diaper and some body powder. I open the diaper up. I raise her bottom up and slide the diaper under her. I then apply a gentle coating of powder to her bottom, and around her pussy and legs. I use my hand to spread it out as to try to protect and cover all parts of her. I wipe the powder off of my finger so it is clean and then I run my finger in her pussy from the bottom to the top slowly and gently just reminding her that I am in control right now and she is mine, and then lick my finger to get one last taste of her before I diaper her up. I spread her legs apart and pull the diaper up between her legs, I push her legs back toward each other and take the front of the diaper one one side and wrap it tightly around her hip, then pull the back side up and tape the bottom tape. Then I repeat the process on the other side. Then I pull the back up and tightly tape the top tapes on. Now she is nice and snuggle fit into the diaper. I walk out of the room and grab her bra and T-shirt and bring it back in, I sit her up and hand them to her. she puts her bra and T-shirt back on. I reach for another diaper wipe and clean my my mouth and face the best I can, she reaches over with her hand and wipes some of the pre-cum off of my still hard cock. She holds onto it tightly and says, “this is mine as soon as I fill this diaper full” and then stands up and kisses me. She says “I love you baby.” She looks at the clock on the wall......”Oh It is time for me to start dinner.” She gets up, puts her flip flops on and walks out of the room and heads for the Kitchen. I watch her cute diaper butt wiggle as she walks away and around the corner out of sight. I grab a Northshore Supreme diaper and put it on myself. I blow the candles out, turn off the music, Put on a Tee shirt and head out of the room. For the next few hours I get to watch her walk around the house in just a diaper and a shirt. My god this woman is so hot. She looks so adorable in that diaper. Her long sexy legs bare and smooth. I go into the kitchen and walk up behind her and smack her bottom with my hand on her diaper. Kiss her cheek and then head back out of the kitchen. I go into the living room and turn on the tv to watch an old episode of Adam 12. After a while I start to smell onions, and other spices as she is busy in the kitchen. The next commercial comes on and I get up and go peek in on her as she is standing at the counter cutting away and mixing stuff, and I notice her diaper is wet between her legs as she is standing there working. I go back into the living room and sit back down on the couch and watch tv. she comes in and sits down with me and says “dinner is in the oven baby”. I hold her in my arms and kiss her. A half hour goes by as we both are kind of tired, snuggled up on the couch. The next thing I know She is tapping me on the arm and saying “wake up baby, we fell asleep and the oven timer woke me up”. I stand up and almost immediately get that sudden urge that is so strong I can’t hold it and I start peeing in my diaper. This is typical of my OAB/urge incontinence that I now have. She walks in and gets dinner out of the oven and puts together the salad and other things and brings it into the dining room table. I set the table with our plain white plates and bowls and silverware and I sit down. She made a roasting Chicken and stuffed it with Stove Top dressing mix and a salad and red skinned potatoes with butter and garlic. She brings in a pitcher of water and says “half of this is yours, we can’t get up till we drink it all. It is very important that we stay well hydrated both for our health and our diapers!” This is also her plan to keep me from eating so much and making me lose weight which I need to do. I fill up on water first, then get to eat the food and I don’t want as much. At least in theory...though sometimes depending on what it is, I still can pack away quite a lot. It smells so good I could almost taste it from the aroma in the air. We begin to eat and take the first bite of chicken as it pretty much falls off the bone and is dripping in its own juices from baking in the oven, I look over at her and say “ wow sweetheart, this is so good. I am the luckiest man alive” She blushes and says “oh stop it. You are too good to me. I was thinking tomorrow when you're at work I will……..” All of the sudden She stops and looks down at her legs, looks up and smiles..”I did it!” she says “I am so comfortable with diapers now that I actually just sat here and peed in my diaper while talking and eating! I also peed earlier making dinner. I did not even think about letting it out either time. I felt I had to go and I relaxed and it just came out. I think I am finally getting diaper trained like you want.” I give her a high 5 and say “that's my girl.” We laugh and go back to eating. I look over at her “oh...you started to say something a moment ago? You were going to go somewhere while I was at work?” She looks at me with a puzzled look..then says “oh….Oh yeah.. HA HA! I need to get some new sheets for our bed, and window blinds that keep the light out for the bedroom windows so we can sleep in longer in the summer mornings”. “Ah yes, That is a great idea baby, With us both wearing diapers with a booster in them to bed at night, We don’t have any reason to get up all until we want to, That way the sun won’t wake us up too early” I say. A few minutes later we have finished eating and I am helping her clear the table and she is starting the dishes. Kelly has a small bladder so she pees a lot, but not a lot at a time. So it will take quite a while for her to fill up that Dry 24/7 diaper I put on her. I think I should have put a thin Tranquility ATN or even Pampers size 6 on her instead though I am not personally a fan of baby diapers, she can fit in them and they work for her. I remember a few weeks ago she decided to go hiking in the national park with several others. She had tight very short shorts that she wanted to wear which would mean she would have to either show her diaper, or just pee her pants on the trail while walking with 14 other people. I suggested she wear Pampers, and she said let's try them. I drove to CVS and bought a package of size 8 Pampers underjams pull ups. She took one out of the bag and put it on and it fit her perfectly. Slightly tight but not bad at all. She was able to pee one time in it with no leaks at all. And the second time she peed in it a tiny bit over flowed the diaper and dripped down her leg. But not so much as to be an issue wearing shorts. She was happy with that solution. When she returned home she told me this: she wore the Pampers under her very tight shorts, and no one could even tell. She peed one time on the hike and it filled up the diaper and it swelled quite large so that there was now a noticeable bulge in the crotch of her shorts. But honestly it looked more like a period pad than a diaper at this point. She stepped behind a tree, slid the shorts down just a little to they were not so tight on her crotch which then left a little of the top showing. She rolled the top of the diaper down and tucked it under her shorts just incase her shirt rode up if she bent over for something. Upon returning to the car after the hike was over, most of the people shot for the single stall nasty bathroom/port-a-potty there. As Kelly arrived at our car, one of the ladies there came out of the bathroom and struck up a conversation with her. Not wanting to be rude, and not really having to be home for a while, she stood there and talked. For quite some time with her. Soon she needed to pee again and the need was getting bad. She remembered she had a diaper on and just let it go. She forgot she had already peed in the diaper and soon there was a small but solid stream of pee falling from her shorts alongside her leg and hitting the ground as the diaper was already saturated and could take no more. About the time she realized what was happening, the woman she was talking to looked down and noticed. Kelly was not sure what to say, so she said nothing for a moment trying to get her pee to stop coming out. The woman looked her right in the eye and said..”Oh...you have that problem also? Don’t worry honey, I wear poise pads all the time because I can’t hold my bladder well either. Kelly said, “yes, thank you. I should probably get home now”. The lady agreed and said bye. Kelly sat in the car not realizing that her totally soaked diaper also could not handle the pressure of her sitting on it. She sat down and entire bottom of her diaper squeezed all of the pee in it out onto the car seat, her shorts, and even onto the carpet in the car. She did not really even realize it was happening until she got almost home and happened to have an itch on her leg. She pulled her hand back up and it was wet. So we don’t use Pampers much unless she is only going to be gone long enough for one pee and then back home. Anyhow, now that things are cleaned up She walks into the living room to sit down and I say “ Baby I just remembered that I forgot to bring in a package from the car with your books in it.” She said “oh no problem baby, I will get them.” She opens the door, walks out on the front porch, down the walkway to the sidewalk along the road, around the fence and then up the driveway to the car in just her diaper and T-shirt. OMG how freaking hot is that? I hear a couple cars drive past and I just know they had to have seen her. I look out the window and she is taking her good old time walking back up to the house and comes back in closes the door, and sets the small box down on the coffee table. She comes over and sits beside me on the couch. It is StarTrek night, and we tune in as it is just starting, I turn so I am sitting with my legs spread laid back on the couch, My right leg against the back of the couch straight out, and my left leg is shifted over so my knee is bent and my foot is on the floor. She comes over and sits between my legs with her back against my diaper and her head on my chest both facing the tv. I put my right hand on the top of her diaper and around her belly and hold her left hand in mine. As we are watching the program I had to go again and so I started wetting my diaper. She sits up, and turns around and says “wow I felt your diaper getting hot, you must be peeing! LOL” I said “yes I am!” She giggles reaches around and grabs my diaper and squeezes it a little, pats my diaper and then turns back around and we go back to watching the show. It is now 90 minutes later, and the Star Trek episode is over as well as Two Broke Girls that came on directly after. She gets up and then stands really still. She says“sorry baby, I tried to pee while laying there on the couch but couldn’t do it like you do.” I look down at her diaper and watch as the front of her diaper fills up really full. “oh baby, looks like your diaper is full enough now for me to change you!” I say. She says“nope! Not yet it is isn’t, there is still plenty of room in this diaper!” She winks at me, reaches down and pats my diaper, and walks into the kitchen to get us a snack. She comes back in with some Cashews and dark chocolate that we both munch on a little. She snuggles back onto my chest and we turn the channel trying to find something to watch. Friends in on so I leave the channel there and set the remote down. Friends is not one of her favorite shows, but she is ok with it. She knows I like Courtney Cox, and honestly there is nothing else on. She rolls over pulls my right leg away from the couch some and then lays on me with body straddling my right leg. Her diaper and crotch is just above my knee, and her head on my chest. She is relaxed and getting tired. She put her arms around my back between me and the back of the couch arm I am lying against, and snuggles in. I kissed the top of her head as that is all I could reach from this position. Soon she is actually snoring lightly and I am afraid to move. I don’t want to wake this sleeping beauty. I rest my right arm on her back in an attempt to hold her and comfort her. I continue watching the show and while I am actually a little uncomfortable now, I don’t want to wake her. The next episode comes on and she is now sound asleep. I feel her moving a little like muscle twitches as she is dreaming. I try to stay really still and just rest my hand on her to cuddle her. I go back to watching the show when all of the sudden I feel my right leg getting really warm, and now a feeling of something moving down over it. It feels wet…. and an odd warmth under my leg spreading. It startles me and I jump a little which in turn woke her up. I gently rub her her and say “honey..Wake up” She raises her head up “what?” I reply “I think you peed again…and it leaked out of your diaper”. she says….”I did?....I...OMG I dozed off?” She sits up on her knees then stands up, and her diaper on the outside and my leg is soaked. Pee starts running down her legs from the saturated diaper, and there is also now a good sized wet spot on the couch under my leg just above my knee headed both toward my diaper and down toward my knee. She looks at me puzzled feels her diaper as she is trying to wake up. I say “ See honey, I told you your diaper was too full”. she says “ha ha, well maybe it was!....... Wow, I remember now…. I was actually dreaming we were standing in the parking lot of Target, I don’t know why were there because you did not have any packages or anything…. but I had to pee bad and you told me it was ok to just pee my pants and remember relaxing and letting it out and looking down and seeing it on my pants as you woke me up. it seems in reality I peed in my sleep also. I have not done that in a few months…..OMG. I guess I need to be in diapers all the time now.” I agree with her by shaking my head. I said “that has been my plan all along for you. You should always be in diapers” as I smile and get up to turn the TV and the living room light off. I take her hand and walk her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed. I slightly spread her legs and bend her knees again so I can take her diaper off. I remove the tapes from her soaked diaper, and pull it down trying to rub any excess pee from her pussy and off of her bottom. I lift her bottom and pull the diaper out from under her. I roll the diaper up, tape it together so it stays in a ball, and toss it into the diaper pail. I put my face in her crotch and began to lick her pussy clean. I lick deep and hard on her clit, and rub her inner thighs and legs with my hands, I move my tongue again up and down the sides of her pussy and slide my right hand under my chin so I can insert my finger into her pussy while my tongue concentrates on her clit. Soon I haver her climaxing again. I look up and over her pussy to her face and say…."well, that is number 3 today”! I slowly back away and let her rest a moment. I stand up and remove my wet diaper, and then straddle her with my now hard cock and allow it to just lightly touch her pussy. I begin to move my body back and forth causing the head of my hard cock to rubbing up and down in her pussy on onto her clit. As I do this I am getting her juices all over me. I grab my dick and push it down into her hole, and gently push myself into her and then pull it back out and slide it up the inside of her pussy to the top spreading her cum and my pre-cum all over her. After I am well lubricated I take hold of her legs and pull them a little wider and pull her bottom up off of the bed just a little. I lower my rock hard dick down and then again slide it in her pussy. I slowly began to gently push myself into her. Slowly working in and out as I collect her juices on my cock and get her accustomed to me being there. She looks at me and says “Oh baby, I want you so bad….I want your dick shoved in me and I want you to pump me full of your cum”. I push harder and slide myself all the way in her. My balls are now against her butt hole as I am fully in her. She reacts with “oh baby, I can feel you all the way to my belly button...Oh my God, OH MY GOD” I begin to slide my dick in and out, in and out…. I move in and out of her harder. I feel her squeeze her muscles tight around my rock hard dick and I can feel myself getting ready to cum. Soon her muscles contract again and I feel the pressure in me build and build to the point of no return. I let out a slight yell as I say “I'm cumming baby” as I explode with my load into her pussy and then collapse on top of her as I finish pumping her full of my hot cum. I kiss her and tell her I love her. she says loves me too. I lay there for a couple minutes, my cock is still in her and growing relaxed now. Then I slowly pull myself out of her. Knowing we are both sensitive now, I am very careful to be slow and easy. I crawl up in bed beside her and hold her for a while as we snuggle and rest. After a while we get up and go into the bathroom again and into shower to wash off. We lather each other up and rinse and then dry each other. I look her in the eye and tell her“Kelly, You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I love you so much” She kisses me and says “aww thank you baby, I love you too more than words can say”. We head back into the bedroom, and she lays on the bed and I put her in a Northshore supreme diaper with a booster, and I put myself in the same. We put on a t-shirt and socks and crawl into bed. I turn the light off, and she snuggles up against me and we drift off to sleep diapered and relaxed after a perfect day. The end!
  14. In 2016 I kept a plog (pee log) at omorashi.org of almost all of my 58 experiences of waking up wetting or already wet: https://omorashi.org/topic/30577-waking-up-wet-iii/. I was surprised at how varied the experiences were. Sometimes I would wake up just as I began to wet. I might clench my urinary sphincter and stop the flow, or I might manage to stay relaxed until I finished emptying my bladder. I might be diapered or I might wet the bed. I might realize immediately that I was wetting involuntarily, or I might be confused about what was happening and whether I had begun to wet deliberately. I might be wetting in a dream and continue in a dreamlike state after I began to wake up wetting. Several people at OmoOrg told me they enjoyed reading my plog, and a friend here has encouraged me to resume plogging here. Okay, I'll do it. I wear and wet a diaper and booster pad every night, partly for fun and partly because of how often I began to wet in my sleep last year. I will only report involuntary wetting, not the times I wake up dry and needing to pee and consciously decide to wet. As a prequel I want to report that after October 29, the last time I reported wetting at OmoOrg, I was dry at night for seven weeks, which astounded me. After wetting six straight nights earlier in the month, I was expecting to wet almost every night. The next time I wet was December 17. I was visiting relatives for two weeks and had only six pull-ups with me. I planned to keep my padding dry and use the toilet, which for the most part I did. Once again I was confused about whether I had wet involuntarily or deliberately. I suddenly realized I was wetting, so I eventually decided I must have begun wetting involuntarily. In the morning I continued to wet my diaper, since I was going to have to throw it away anyway. The only time I wet after that in 2016 was December 20. I went to bed very tired from a bad respiratory infection. In the morning I vaguely remembered wetting the pull-up that I was hoping to keep dry in my relative's bed. I must have been too sleepy to resist the urge to urinate and just wet my diaper. When I later woke up needing to pee, I knew my pull-up was wet, so I relaxed and wet it again. With wetting so rare, I really enjoyed my two chances to wet on that trip. Now two days into 2017, I've worn and wet a medium NorthShore Supreme taped brief and large booster pad both nights. All my wetting has been voluntary, as far as I know. I've not woken up confused about that. Let's see how long I can keep all my wetting deliberate.
  15. Hiya. So to preface, I hate living alone. I'm kinda a naturally lazy and unmotivated person who pretty quickly becomes anti-social if I'm not forced to interact with folks. As such I tend to prefer even the worst of roommates to living on my own. However, last I lived alone was over two years ago, and there is one major regret that I have from that time, and that is not building a greater surplus of diapers, not mail ordering some fancy babyprint ones (not that I have any actual beef with the goodnights, tenas, and depends available at my drugstore), and maybe even wearing 24/7 a couple times. Now I was super unemployed at the time, so I didn't really have the extra scratch to spend on fancy diapers or having an excess of different types, but I'm still so excited for the next point in my life I get this opportunity, now that I have a better idea of how to take advantage of it. I've never desired a true 24/7 lifestyle but I'm just real disappointed in myself for not having more 24/3 moments when I had that chance.
  16. so cuddlz have a new diaper in the range has anyone used these yet if so how are they http://www.cuddlz.com/cuddlz-size-large-adult-nursery-pattern-all-over-printed-nappy-diaper/
  17. Can someone post a review of these, please?
  18. Just wondering if there were any other diaper lovers around the London, Ont area. Looking for platonic friendship (m or f) to have hangs out, or game with etc... Just want to get to know people who love diapers as much as I do!
  19. From the album got a new crib

    got this from the most kindest person ever.
  20. It's been a while since I wrote a diaper story. If you like it, please leave feedback. The Weird Scholarship Chapter One: The Drive I drove down the highway with one hand held between my legs. I had to pee and being stuck in a car didn't help. A sign up ahead said that the next rest area was only fifteen miles up ahead and I could certainly hold it. It was just a bit uncomfortable and I didn't know what I would do when I got there. My phone rang and I answered it. I know you are not supposed to talk and drive, but at least I wasn't texting. I looked at the screen and saw it was my best friend Kara. “How's the drive?†“Weird,†I said. “I'm almost to Massachusetts though.†“Good timing,†she said. “What's weird about it?†“You know.†She very well did know why I felt weird. This was her plan. “I'm wearing a diaper.†“You better be, Nora,†said Kara. “You don't want to be found out as a faker and lose your scholarship.†“Yeah,†I said. “That's the problem. I'm not really incontinent. They are going to find out.†Kara giggled on the other end of the phone. “No they're not. Just act natural.†I rubbed myself in the thick padded material between my legs with my phone to keep from peeing. I then picked the phone up and said, “This is not natural.†“Well, get used to wetting yourself,†she said. “You probably should show up in a wet diaper. That way you won't look like a faker to the other girls who are used to wetting their diapers.†“Why did I let you talk me into this?†I asked. “You got a scholarship to MIT. The IRS took your college money, remember? This is your last chance to go to college.†I sighed. “Goodbye, Kara.†“Bye. And trust me about arriving in a wet diaper.†I hung up. I don't understand how things got so weird. My father had saved enough in my college fund to pay for all four years of school. So my junior year of high school, I didn't really need to bother with scholarships. When we had to go to the library to research scholarships, Kara suggested I choose the weirdest scholarships. There were actually scholarships for people who entered a program to study yodeling. Like I could get a job doing that. There was also a scholarship for incontinent girls who were studying engineering at MIT. That was a pretty specific scholarship and it was a perfect target for my entertainment during library time. So when the IRS investigated my father, somehow my college fund was where they though he was hiding the money. It was the summer before college and I had no money. The only scholarships I had applied for were for yodeling majors and for incontinent girls studying engineering at MIT. The scholarship was generous. It paid for everything I needed for college. I remember getting the phone call where I was given the scholarship. “Is Nora Stevens there,†the woman on the phone had asked. “This is Nora.†“This is Elizabeth Jones from the scholarship selection committee. I am pleased to inform you that you are next on the list for the Scholarship for Incontinent Girls in Engineering.†My mouth was opened in shock. I had though my college dreams were over since I lost my college fund. I was in until her next line. “The other girl didn't measure up. She was faking incontinence just to get the scholarship. I made this scholarship so incontinent girls can have the full college experience. That includes living in the dorms. To do that we want to make sure that we pair you with another girl in the dorm that is in your same situation. Will this be a problem for you?†“No problem,†I said. “Good. We are having a summer camp to get to know the other girls. Attendance is mandatory.†Kara had laughed and laughed when I told her, but she had been a big help in getting me adult diapers. They do sell diapers in stores, but the kind that real incontinent people wear are only found online and I had to order some ahead of time. The rest area came up soon after the sign that said that I was entering Massachusetts. I almost stopped, but then I thought about what Kara said. An incontinent girl would show up in a wet diaper. To be convincing, I would do the same. I relaxed and pretended I was siting on the toilet, even though I was sitting behind the wheel of my Ford Fiesta. I still had to keep my eye on the road. As I started to wet, it was so warm as the wetness spread around my crotch and under my bottom. The first time I wet the diaper, I was surprised it felt good. This was the first time I had tried to wet while sitting down. The first time I wet a diaper I was standing. Both times, I was shocked at how good it felt. I looked back at the rest stop through the rear-view mirror. The rest area, like my toilet training, was behind me.
  21. * it is the first day of school and when i was in class i felt i needed to go to the bath room but was not able to so i tried to hold it but i couldn't. i had just peed and pooped in my pants and go to the office *(my name is going to be jeremy) Can i see the nurse please?
  22. This was a short five page commission (I added an extra page for free though.) The original commissioner has allowed me to share it here. If you're interested in commissioning me for stories check out my signature or send me a private message. Thank you all for enjoying my stories so much! I am grateful to you babies. Adam Goes Back To Diapers Adam yawned, rolling over in bed. His bed was dry for once. He reached down, feeling the bed sheets and the covers, just to make sure. The boy sighed, feeling a bit proud for a moment. Every day he woke up dry was a small victory for him and considering this was his seventh day in a row being dry he figured he would start being treated like a big boy for once. You see, Adam was nine years old, but he was very short for his age. Even his six year old sister was a little taller than him. She would often teasingly say that he was her "little brother," but it was even worse when people believed her. He wasn't thinking about that now. He called his mother into the room. "Mommy, Mommy!" the boy shouted. The woman rushed in, tying her bathrobe shut as she entered the boy's room. "Mommy, look, I'm all dry!" He threw back the covers to show his bed. Mom pressed her lips together and tried not to laugh. She shook her head. "Oh sweetie... You passed out in front of the TV last night and wet all over yourself. I had to take the cushions off and wash them by hand and THEN I had to clean off your pee pee soaked clothes." Mom walked toward Adam's bed as she explained this. She pulled down the boy's pajama bottoms and showed him the thick diaper she put on him. Adam frowned upon seeing the diaper. He really thought he was on a hot streak, having a record number of dry nights. "I think it's going to be a good idea to put you in diapers for night time wetting again." Mom said calmly. "Just at night!" she added. It wasn't very reassuring though. "It was just a little slip-up! I don't need diapers anymore, Mommy!" Adam said, climbing out of his bed wearing just his pajama top, his thick diapers showing. "I'm a big boy now!" he pouted. "I'll even wash my own plastic sheets! Please, don't make me wear diapers to bed!" Mom started to giggle. She didn't mean to laugh, but considering she had been doing his laundry for so long and seeing his potty training progress falter first hand she just couldn't see him as a big boy. "I'm sorry honey, it's just that, well... big kids know how to keep their undies clean and dry." She picked up Adam and set him on the changing table, which she never bothered to remove from the boy's bedroom. It was still getting plenty of use after all these years, as was the diaper pail. "I keep my undies clean!" Adam said, crossing his arms tightly over his chest as his mother opened the diaper. It was only slightly damp, but he did just completely wet himself before he was diapered. Mom wipes him gently and leaves him bare down there as she goes into the boy's dresser. "Well let's see if you have any clean underwear in here, shall we?" Mom said, pulling out various pairs and dropping them in a pile. "Nope, no, nope... Wow, so many of these have skid-marks and pee stains!" Mom said candidly. She turned around and showed one of the dirty pairs to Adam, turning it inside out. She pointed at the brown stains on the seat. "You see this? You're nine years old! You should know how to wipe yourself at least!" "But I still make it in the toilet!" Adam offered, his face pretty red. Mom wasn't impressed. "Your little sister Rosey doesn't have this problem and she's thee years younger than you!" Mom pointed out. Every time mom pointed out how much mature and responsible his little sister was it always made Adam feel smaller, not just physically. It made him feel like a baby! "Whatever..." the boy mumbled. He looked over at his mother who was still rummaging through his dresser. He sat up on the table. "Come on, Mommy, I'm getting cold!" he whined. Mom gathered the pile of underpants and threw them into one big trash bag. Adam whimpered. Some of those were his Spider-Man Underoos! Adam held back his tears, feeling like he was about to cry, but he resisted the urge. Sure, the Underoos had seen better days, and Spider-Man had lost some of his color since the fabric had to be washed so many times, but the boy still loved those underwear. It didn't matter to him that the seat was all stained with brown! "Adam, you don't have any clean underpants left, and I'm not going to get you more until you start learning how to keep your dirty butt clean!" She grabbed one of Adam's training undies from the top drawer. They were a little thicker than his regular underwear, especially around the seat. She slid them up Adam's legs and secured the little underpants around the boy's waist. "Aw jeez, Mom, not the trainers!" The boy whined. Mom wasn't listening to him though. She finished dressing him for the day, putting him in his blue jeans and Spiderman t-shirt. At least he had his shirts, he thought. Adam climbed off the changing table with his mother's help and she had gone to the kitchen to make breakfast. Adam felt kind of silly as he walked around feeling the slightly thick trainers hugging him down there. He tried to distract himself by sitting on the couch to watch tv. He noticed though that the couch cushions had now been wrapped in tight protective plastic covers. That's when his little sister Rosey walked in and sat beside him. "You peed your pants last night." She said with a big grin. "You weren't even in bed this time!" Adam sulked, crossing his arms and sinking into the crinkly couch cushion. Rosey didn't push the matter further. She didn't have to. Adam often talked a big game, making it seem like he was a big boy, but he just couldn't get over his childish habits. Like right now Adam really needed to use the bathroom, but he was stubbornly holding it in rather than just getting up to use the toilet like a big boy. Rosey suddenly gave him a hug, which made Adam lurch backward. "What was that for?" the boy asked, confused. "Jeez, I was just trying to be nice!" his sister said, shrugging. Mom called her children to the breakfast table where some bacon and eggs had been laid out for them. Adam frowned when he saw that his mother had cut up Adam's strips of bacon just like she does for Rosey. He wasn't going to let it bother him today though. He was going to play that new Spider-Man video game his mother got for him. He scooped the food into his mouth quickly and then handed his mommy the plate. Adam scurried away quickly to the game system, opening the new game box and putting the disc in. He grabbed the game controller and hopped over to the couch. He legs parted wide, taking up as much of the couch as he could. Mom walked over to see her boy lazing on the couch and she just sighed. She left him be and went to clean up his room since he wasn't going to do it without putting up a big fuss. At least Rosey always cleaned up after herself, another thing Mom would point out to remind Adam that he acted more like a child than his little sister. Again, Adam wasn't going to let it bother him. He was focused on his game. He licked his lips as he stared intently at the screen. While he was playing and distracted by his game, Adam felt like he had to pee. At first he just crossed his legs, deciding to ignore the signals his bladder was giving him. Eventually it was getting to be too much to bear. Adam decided to just pee into his trainers a little to relieve the stress on his bladder. One little squirt turned into a mini flood though. He blushed, knowing that the inside of the trainers must be soaked now. He looked down between his legs and inspected his pants, pawing at them with his hands. They seemed dry, at least on the outside. It wouldn't be long before he needed to do more than pee though. Adam finally decided that pausing his game would be a good idea and he got up from the couch to walk to the bathroom. Right as Adam was about to reach the door, Rosey ran ahead "excuse me, I gotta go!" she announced, slamming the door behind her as she got in the bathroom first. Adam ran up to the door, tugging on the knob and trying to get in, even though Rosey got there first. He thumped on the door. "Hurry up, I gotta go too!" Adam also announced, placing his hands on his bottom. Now Adam was silently cursing at himself for not getting up sooner. He did a funny little soldier march in place as he stood in front of the door. He stopped moving suddenly and stood perfectly still. He could full a solid lump now warming against his bottom as he pooped his pants. He turned around and slinked away from the bathroom door, acting as nonchalant as he could. Adam sat back down on the couch carefully, trying not to mush up his mess. As he sat there he knew it was futile to try and hold his pee anymore so he just let the floodgates open and he soaked his dirty training pants completely. He let out a heavy sigh, fully relieved now. Soon enough his sister was done in the bathroom and she came out to find Adam sitting by himself on the couch. "Hey, I'm out of the bathroom now, so you can use it." she said, tugging at her pretty dress skirt. Adam just sat silently on the couch, not saying anything. He reached for his game controller. "Uh, did something happen?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow. Again, Adam was silent. Rosey scrunched up the bridge of her nose and made a face. "oh no, you didn't!" "I didn't!" Adam shot back, almost immediately. "I'm going to have to tell Mommy." Rose was about to turn around when little Adam grabbed her by the sleeve. "Please don't tell Mom! Please!" he whimpered, tugging Rose back. "But I have to!" she insisted "You can't just sit there in your messy pants! Besides, if we don't say something now she'll find out later and be really mad that you didn't tell her!" Rosey pulled on Adam's arm just like mommy does when she leads him around. Adam whined, feeling like even more of a baby now that his little sister was easily guiding him around the house as if she was his big sister. She was also handling this in a very mature way. She wasn't cracking any jokes or giggling, even though she must have wanted to. It was pretty funny how he just pooped himself right outside the bathroom door! "Mommy, Adam has something to tell you." Rosey said, nudging her brother forward. Mom looked across her bedroom to her two children just standing at her doorway. She put down her book and sat up in her bed. "Adam, you can tell Mommy. Come on, hop up here and tell me what happened." She pat the side of the bed, beckoning him over. "No, that's okay. I'll just stand..." Adam said, taking some awkward but careful steps towards Mom's bed. As soon as he was close enough Mom grabbed his hips and raised her little boy in the air. She sniffed around his pants and then nodded knowingly. "Yup. Someone went poopy." Mom said so bluntly. She set the boy back down. She pulled Adam's pants down to his knees and then placed her hand on the back of his pull-up, feeling the weight of the mess. "And it seems like it's a really BIG poopy too!" Adam's cheeks were almost glowing from blush. He winced each time he felt his mother pat the seat of his training pants and having his own mess continually touch his bottom. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to sit down in it. Maybe he should have gone straight to his mother once it happened! Then of course there was the nagging feeling at the back of his mind that he should have got up and used the toilet when he first felt like he had to go instead of waiting too long. Mom carried Adam back to his room and little Rosey followed right behind. Mom set Adam down on the table and then turned around to push Rosey out of the room. She whined about wanting to help, but Mom just told the girl that she could help once she was older. Adam was relieved that Rosey was no longer in the bedroom, but now he was hoping he could get potty trained before Rosey reached the right age to start changing him. He swallowed nervously and frowned, just thinking about being in such a humiliating situation! He knew it was time to start trying harder when it came to the toilet. That was going to have to wait for now though. He saw his mother holding up the diapers. "Yes, that's right. You're going to be in diapers for a full week until you learn how to go in the potty without making any messes." Mom sighed, hearing the boy start to whine. She cut him off. "Now you stop that!" she ordered, slapping the diaper down on the table next to him. "You made your mess and now you've got to lie in it! It seems like you're already used to doing that by the state of your diapers. You look absolutely soaked as well." Mom tried to carefully pull off the training pants, getting them down her son's legs without leaving too much of a mess. She drops the trainers into the diaper pail and gathered some baby wipes to clear up his mess. Adam squirmed under his mother as she cleaned him up. Mom just held Adam down with one hand, finishing cleaning him with the other. She dropped the used wipes down the diaper pail and the grabbed Adam's ankles, raising his now clean bottom off the table and sliding the new diaper underneath. She powdered him evenly with the baby powder and then folded the diapers up around Adam's waist. She tugged on the waist and leg bands, making sure the diaper was nice and tight. She helped Adam back down on his feet and lead him out his bedroom door. "Wait, don't I get some pants?" Adam whimpered. "You know none of your pants will currently fit over that diaper." Mom said. Adam hung his head and did the walk of shame out of his bedroom, right where little Rosey was standing. She tightened her lips, strongly resisting the urge to laugh at her shorter but older brother who was no in a thick diaper. She'd seen him in diapers before, several times, but this was the first time she saw him in a diaper since he turned nine! Adam looked away from his sister, shyly slinking away. He made his way back to the couch, crinkling the whole way. Adam decided to boot up his Spider-Man game again and play like nothing had happened. It was obvious something happened though by the way he was all diapered up. Rosey pranced cutely over to the couch and sat next to her big brother. She leaned against Adam. "Come on, don't bug me, I'm trying to play." The boy pouted. He tried to scoot away from his sister, but she just scooted closer still. It didn't take long for Adam to feel like he had to go pee again. He wondered if he could just discreetly slip away from his sister and go to the toilet. He tried to nudge the slightly taller girl off of him and hop off the sofa. Rosey pouted as the boy left the couch and walked over to the bathroom. Before he reached the door his mother stood in the hallway, blocking his path. "Where do you think you're going?" Mom said, hands on her hips. "Um, the bathroom." Adam responded, keeping his gaze down and not making eye contact. Mom grabbed his arm and pulled him back into the living room. "Watch over your brother, okay?" Mom left Rosey in charge. She was smiling smugly again. She hooked her arms around the big baby brother, hugging him tight. Adam muttered something about Rosey not hugging him so tightly. Mom came back into the living room, holding Adam's old potty chair. She set it down in the middle of the floor. "From now on when you need to go pee or poop you come tell one of us and we will help get you out of your diaper so you can use the potty chair." Mom explained. Adam's mouth hang agape. There was no way Mom would be serious, but then she started to pull off the boy's diaper. She sat Adam down on the little potty chair. Even though it was designed for a little toddler Adam's small stature meant that he was able to fit on it relatively well. Mom held Adam in place and waited for him to go. Adam struggled. He didn't want to go with everyone watching, but he wasn't going to have a choice. He was notoriously bad at holding it! He whimpered and started to pee. The noise of the stream hitting the inside of the bowl was the only sound in the entire room. After he was done tinkling Mom stood him up and wiped him gently in the front. She took the half full potty chair to the toilet so it could be dumped out. Adam grabbed his diaper and tried to pull it back up quickly. "Here, let me help." Rosey said, grabbing the diaper tabs and securing them tighter once the diaper was back around his waist. "I'm really proud of you for using the potty!" Adam didn't feel so proud. He was so embarrassed that he was now being forced to go in that little baby potty, and he knew he only had himself to blame for that. He groaned, stamping his feet back to the television. He was no longer in the mood to play his game. He just sat and sulked on the couch with his arms folded. Rosey grabbed the remote. "Can I watch my shows?" she asked. Adam shrugged like he didn't care. Rosey shrugged too and put on one of her girly little shows. Adam always said that Rosey's shows were for babies, but considering she wasn't the one pouting and fussing and soiling herself she didn't seem like a baby to him at the moment. Adam kept thinking about how he had to use the potty chair. It wasn't comfortable at all. What did feel comfortable though was the feeling of messing his pants. He wondered if it would feel even better to use a diaper. The material was a lot softer and easier on his bottom. Still, he was determined to show his mother and little sister he could be a big boy. He had to at least try. Unfortunately that meant telling someone whenever it was time to go. He looked down at the potty chair, which Mom had set back down in the middle of the living room after having it emptied. "Do you need to potty again already?" Rosey asked, tilting her head. Adam just shook his head no and sat back on the sofa. Rosey gave him a look like she didn't believe him. "All right. Fine." The possibility of pooping in the diaper kept rattling around in his mind. Using the potty chair was humiliating because it was so public. If he did it then he would need privacy. If he could just poop in his diaper and then change it without anyone noticing then no one would have to witness the very private action. Adam pushed himself off the couch and wandered into his bedroom. He shut the door behind him and looked around the room for a spare diaper. Mom did have a package of open diapers sitting right under the changing table. Adam sighed with relief. He took out one of the diapers and hid it under his bed for now. He then decided to pass the time by reading comic books. He hopped up on his bed, sitting on his tummy to read. Those diapers sure did feel nice. If only he could convince his mommy to give him diapers all the time without it being such an embarrassing subject! The time seemed to pass so much quicker now as he sat and read his stack of comics. He could feel the pressure building up in no time. Adam sat up on his bed, looking at the door. This whole time no one was bothering him, so he assumed it would be safe to use his diaper now. Adam stood up and grabbed the edge of his night stand. Supporting his weight as he leaned against the furniture he parted his legs and started dropping heavy logs into his diaper on purpose. A look of relief washed over Adam's face as he felt the poop coming out and filling the back of his diaper. It felt so good! He contemplated sitting down in the mess, getting the full experience of the messy diaper, but he didn't want to have to deal with the clean up. Adam started to tear at the tape on the side of the diaper when there was a knock on his door, followed by an abrupt and unannounced entry into his room. "Adam what're you doing in here?" His sister said, coming in uninvited. "Come on, Rosey, you can't just barge in here like that!" Adam snapped back. Rosey wrinkled her nose "are you pooping in here?" "No!" shouted Adam, answering a little too quickly. The guilt was all over his face. "Well..." Rose shrugged "I guess that's why you wear diapers." She skipped out of the room, calling her mother. Attempts at diplomacy between her and her brother had failed. She knew the boy wasn't going to admit to it this time, especially because he had gone into his room all alone. Adam was trying to retape the side of his diaper when Mom came in. Mom slapped Adam's hand away. "Just what do you think you're doing, young man?" Mom asked sternly. Adam froze, looking fairly embarrassed and scared at the same time. She picked up the boy and set him on the changing table. She proceeded to tear off the tapes to the diaper and open it up. Looking inside, she saw the big logs of poop just resting there on the padding. "Why didn't you come tell me or your sister that you needed your potty?" "I don't want to use the potty chair!" Adam groused. "I want to use the toilet, I'm a big boy!" Mom shook her head "No, a big boy would have used the potty chair. You pooped your diaper on purpose though, didn't you?" Adam looked away shyly "I just thought that..." he tried to scrunch up to be less visible on the table. "I could take care of the diapers by myself..." "Well you thought wrong." Mom started wiping Adam. It thankfully didn't take too long this time. She dropped the heavy diapers into the diaper pail where they landed with a loud thud. "I'm not doing this because I'm mean. I care about you very much, Adam, but this habit of yours where you constantly wet and mess your pants has to be dealt with. I can't expect you to change your own diapers if you can't even wipe yourself properly. This is for your own good." Adam's ears were burning as well as his face. He sure got read the Riot Act this time! Mom slipped the new diaper under his butt and taped it around his waist. As if that wasn't enough she got a second pair of diapers and taped that around him as well. The extra bulk made it impossible for Adam to close his legs. When he was brought down from the table he did a funny bow-legged walk into the next room. Again, Rosey was trying not to giggle when she saw the boy waddling around in double diapers. Adam kept his head down as Rosey followed behind him. "You look cute like that." Rosey smiled. "I'd rather have a baby brother anyway..." Adam huffed "I'm not a baby!" Rosey took a step back "Sorry, but you gotta admit your butt really sticks out in those diapers now!" Rosey kept on following her fussy brother. "And it looks cute, like one of my dollies. I bet there are probably some girls at your school that think it looks cute too!" Adam couldn't really see the bright side here. He wanted to be tall and strong. Peter Parker never wore diapers at his age! Adam wanted to cry. He fought back his tears and tried to keep his dignity like a big boy. Rosey gave him another hug. He didn't push back this time. "I bet you feel better going back to diapers. I 'member the big fuss you made when we were littler because you didn't want to give up diapers! He he. I just got big girl underpants and Mommy was still trying to get you to sit on your potty even back then!" Rosey giggled. "You only changed your mind when you saw the Spider-Man Underoos. I bet if they made Spider-Man diapers you'd never wanna learn the potty!" Adam pouted, but it was probably true. "They make night time diapers with Spider-Man." he spoke up timidly. "I saw them at the store... but I bet Mommy would never get them for me. I think my diapers are supposed to be a punishment." "They don't have to be. I'll try and put a good word in for you and tell Mommy she should get you some. I think you just have to act good. I don't think Mommy even minds changing your diapers." Rosey smiled, looking at her brother. She could tell this whole conversation was probably embarrassing him greatly, but that blush on his cheeks only made him look cuter. Rosey had hoped that her brother would go back to diapers and just accept them. She knew he liked how they felt so if he could just get over his embarrassment then it wouldn't be so bad. "Would you ever want to wear diapers?" Adam asked, looking at his sister. "Ew, yuck!" She reacted quickly, grimacing. She saw this upset Adam "Well, I mean, they're just not for me! That doesn't mean you shouldn't get to enjoy them. I promise that when I'm old enough to change your diapers I'm not goin' to tease you about it or be mean like Mommy. I promise you'll like it better if you just enjoy your diapers." Adam looked at his sister. He felt grateful to have such a kind, caring sister. So what if he had to wear diapers for a few more years? With someone like Rosey looking out for him it could even be fun. Adam sat down on the floor. He got a happy look on his face. "You goin' potty again?" Rosey asked, watching her brother. "Just peeing..." he blushed, but he still smiled. Rosey smiled too. She sat next to him and pat him on the back.
  23. I was curious how other mommies and daddies here handle their little ones. I have been a mommy for a long time. I have been with all kinds of adult little boys and girls and have tried all kinds of methods to keep them feeling small and infantile. My main method of handling little ones is to always be a dominant mother figure in their life. Sure, they'll go to work and do their daily activities but when they come home it is time for them to be little again. At home I act just like any other mother would. I clean, I tidy up, I fix things, I cook the meals. I expect my little ones to obey me, no sassing back, no cussing, no disrespectful actions towards mommy at all! My punishments fit the crimes. If they throw a tantrum I put them in the corner for a time out. If they sass me or act naughty they get a spanking. If they wet/mess their pants, they get diapers. I enjoy dressing them in cute clothing. I like to over-emphasize traits. Boyish little boys get overalls and girly girls get sissy dresses. I may be a stern mommy, but I can also be gentle and caring. I love embarrassing little ones with overly motherly actions like feeding them, washing their face, checking on them. I like to sing lullabies and read bedtime stories using different voices. I like to just sit and watch them play with their toys or games. I like to listen to them tell me stories or nerd out about their favorite subjects. I am 100% a dom mom. I do not wear diapers or do anything childish. If I am feeling like a naughty brat I like to imagine I'm more like a big sister that teases and mocks her little unpotty-trained sibling. For me it is all about the power and control. It is very satisfying for me. Having these little ones recognize my superiority over them and to feel small and ashamed is what brings me joy. I also enjoy knowing how aroused it makes them. I am asexual myself, but I get a great big kick out of seeing someone get off. I like pleasuring them, an act that would normally be considered submissive, but to me it gives me a sense of power knowing I can get them off like that while they could never do that to me. What are some of your own personal touches when it comes to "parenting?"
  24. Melinda Gets Her Bottom Changed This is a spin off of Melissa gets Her Bottom Changed. The author of it dropped off the face of the earth without so much as an ending unfortunately. I do recommend reading what he did write since it's really good. http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/25526-melissa-gets-her-bottom-changed/ This is my first story so any criticism is welcomed. Anyway, without further a do. Chapter 1. Melinda was an average teenage girl. She was 17 with her birthday only a few months away. She stood at 5 feet 3 inches and had long flowing blonde hair. Her chest wasn't anything special but her backside was to kill for. All the men drooled over her and she knew it. She was very popular in her high school and had the group of bratty girlfriend's to go with it. But there was one thing different about her that no one, not even her closest friends knew. Melinda loved to wear and use diapers. She would often drive home in her sporty 5.0 mustang her daddy bought her, sneak into her little brothers room and steal a few diapers. She might have been spoiled but this wasn't something she could just have her parents buy for her. She loved to slip on a pull up when she was desperate to pee and just fill it to the max and sometimes over. She would do this before a shower so she didn't get caught and could avoid messes. During this is where we shall join her. Melinda just finishes Peeing and leans back on the toilet, sighing in relief. "Ohhh that feels good." She had turned on the shower beforehand to make sure no one heard her Peeing as these pull ups tend to be loud. Just then, she gets a knock on the door. "Honey, are you still in the shower? I got to go to the bathroom real bad!" Crap! It's her mom! She quickly stripped off the now soaked pull up and three it inside the cabinet under the sink and hopped in the shower. "Yes mom! Don't worry, I'm covered!" "Oh thank god." Her mom comes in and frantically pulls her pants down and sits on the toilet just as she bursts. "I didn't think I was gonna make it for a minute there." Melinda didn't respond. She was too busy thinking what would happen if her mom had just burst in without asking. "She would be so angry." She thought. Meanwhile, her mother had finished and was getting up when she noticed the cabinet door slightly open, so she peeked inside and was shocked at what she saw. "Oh my..." To be continued? Chapter 2. "Oh my..." her mother said quietly. "Again." She quietly took the pull up out and left the bathroom, leaving Melinda to finish showering. When Melinda heard her mom leave, she started to relax and by the time she finished showering, she had forgotten about the pull up. She dries herself off and slipped the towel around her body before leaving the bathroom and to her own room a few doors down. As she put her clothes on, she thought how much better it be if she was putting on a big diaper instead of panties. She sighed to herself and got out her homework. As she was studying, she heard her little brother in the next room over playing. Her little brother was 5 years old and loved to play. So much so that he would pout if he didn't get his toys. He also was slow with potty training and their parents were having a hard time getting him to the bathroom in time. Melinda sat there listening to him play and wishing she could just sit around and play like a kid again. Instead of doing homework and other grown up things. She was brought back to the now when she heard her mother call for dinner. She got up and realised just then that she needed to pee. "Maybe I can sneak away after dinner," she thought before heading down stairs. Dinner wasn't anything special, and soon she was done and headed back upstairs when her mother called her back down. "Honey, it's your turn to do the dishes." "Yes mom." She bounced a little before heading back to the kitchen. Her need to pee was rising. As she came in, she saw her mother pick up her little brother and check his diaper before carrying him gently to the bathroom for a change. Her mind want back to the diaper she had left in the bathroom. "Oh no! I forgot!" She thought. She quickly washed the dishes that were in the sink and hurried to the bathroom and looked in the cabinet. "Crap! It's gone! No no no this can't be happening..." She said softly. "What am I going to do now? My parents are gonna get so mad!" She sat on the toilet and Peed. All the while, her mind freaking out. After a moment of sitting there, she began to think. She will just have to see what happens. It's not like she could do anything about it now. She finished up in the bathroom and went into her room and laid on her bed, thinking about everything that happened. As she began to relax, she pulled out her phone and got on instagram. She loved seeing how many followers she had. Over 100 thousand of them. Most of them being boys. She loved teasing them. Always making sure she got her butt in the selfies she took. She wondered what then would say if they saw her butt in a big puffy diaper. She giggled at the thought and said out loud, "I'd probably lose all of them haha." She started looking at abdl accounts and started thinking again. One of her oldest dreams was to be babied again. Without a care in the world like her brother. He could sit in the middle of the living room in just his diaper and no one would care. "I can't even imagine what would happen to me if I tried that." She said aloud. But at least her parents didn't say anything about the pull up under the sink. The next morning, Melinda woke to the sound of her alarm going off. She hopped out of bed with an extra pep in her step. This is the last day of school before Christmas break! She took a shower and used the toilet before getting dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast. Her mother was already in the kitchen cooking when she walked in. "Hey sweetie. I made you bacon eggs and French toast. It's on the table." "Thanks mom." She replied as she spotted the food. She ate it quickly before grabbing her keys and heading out the door. And as she drove to school, she thought about her mom. She still hasn't said anything about the pull up. Maybe they don't care after all? Or she could be planning something... Either way, what's going to happen to her during this holiday season.? To be continued.