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Found 23 results

  1. New ABDL Artist

    Hi everyone Im a new artist to the ABDL scene lifelong DL bedwetter padded 24/7 slowly losing daytime control too anyways enough about me If you would like to check out some of my art visit my tumblr or insta: thepaddedpenciller Will be taking commissions too so if you have any dreams you would like to see made into art or just want to show appreciation to a fellow ABDL then, visit stare at my pics, read my tumblr, like, reblog, wet, mess, dribble whatever you like still finding my feet in the community with a waddle thepaddedpenciller
  2. The road to incontinence

    Hi guys. I've only recently joined this forum, while having had an attraction to the lifestyle for as long as I can remember I want to take it to the next step. I've read through the twelve month program as well as other posts on 24/7 wearing with the aim of losing control, and was wondering if anyone has any personal tips/experience that could help pad out(phrasing) the program. I've been wearing every night for little over a week now and am starting to wear more and more through the day, and just recently wore out in public while in the company of a friend (I can say the fact no one gave me a sideways glance was liberating, though it will be a while before I'm confident to wear at work). Yet I don't consider myself to have started a rigid program yet. Any advice would be great in helping me try to figure this out. Regards -BaybayJay
  3. About to Give 24/7 a Shot

    So a fantasy of mine has always been to go 24/7, even if its only for a short period of time. 3 weeks from today is our tentative start date. Is there anything I should know going into it? Does anyone have a go to everyday diaper?
  4. Should I try to bedwet?

    So basically I have a desire to wear 24/7. Now I saw on Amazon you can get 44 Pampers Underjams L/XL for only $23. With this price I could probably buy a whole years supply. I would only be buying Underjams due that they are small, thin, and quite. Also I am pretty sure more absorbent then Goodnites, correct me if i'm wrong. Now I am still living with my parents ( No i'm not underage, just haven't moved out yet lol ) and I would like to keep it to my self as there is no need to involve your parents into this fetish . Now I would only be wetting the Underjams, no poop as it is too much to take care of. So my question is, do you think I would be able to wear 24/7 without family knowing or questioning it? Also do you think I would possibly get use to wetting the diaper that I would wet without knowing ( kinda like incontinence, but just untrained I guess... )? And one last thing do you think they would hear the Underjams under my boxers and pants? Let me know what you think about this, should I do it or no, money is not a problem. Thanks for reading and hopefully some of you can answer my questions and give your opinions on this. Instead i'm looking to bed wet again. I have the finances and also a disposal for the diapers un-noticed. I would be wearing Tena Ultra Briefs. I would buy a diaper pail to keep the diapers till I have time to get rid of them, also it will keep my room smelling the same. I will wear a diaper each night with full confidence in them, I will also drink some water before bed. Now I would go through with this if I only knew how to make myself wake up through the night to go pee and how to shrink my bladder. I don't want to invest money into if I can't ever get up to pee, or not be able to shrink my bladder which is a big part in bedwetting IMO. Can anyone recommend some ways to wake up through the night to pee and how I could shrink my bladder size? I have heard about taking 1-3 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide with a 12-16oz glass of water will shrink your bladder immediately. No it is not harmful at small doses, plus it is food grade, so no stabilizers or chemicals, correct me if i'm wrong please. Anyways, let me know
  5. Hello to all the special people, who got (or want to get) urinary incontinent by wearing diapers 24/7. And hello also to all people, who are actually on this struggling way with incontinence desires... I´m interested in the percentage of the effort in doing this. And in detail I´m interested, how much time the process of becoming incontinent has token for you. Thank you very much for your participation! Lalelu Kid
  6. Diaper Samples

    I have a large variety sample of top quality domestic and import adult diapers. Great opportunity to figure out exactly what works best for you, without buying lots of packs! All diapers are size medium (with exception of ConfiDry 24/7, as their small=medium dimensions). Attends Slip Regular 10 ID Slip Expert Night ABU Super Dry Kids ABU Cushies Tena Slip Maxi (full plastic backing version) Abena M4 (full plastic backing version) Abena Abri-Wing Molicare Super Plus (full plastic backing version) ATN Bambino Teddy Bambino Bianco Bambino Classico Bambino Bellisimo Total Dry X-Plus Aww So Cute A+ Level 4 ConfiDry 24/7 Cuddlz Drydaz Cuddlz Frontal Print Cuddlz All over Print Fabine ComfiCare M10 Northshore Supreme Snuggies Diapers Seni Quatro (best cloth backed diaper) Also, I have Abena Abri-Let Normal boosters and Attends boosters. Shoot me a message if you're interested. Prices vary (but very fair). I can ship, and use Google Wallet for transactions. I'll find the cheapest shipping option I can.
  7. Diaper Lover in Japan

    Hello I’m a DL, it’s the first time I’m finally admitting it and it’s kind of hard for me, even online, I will be living in japan sometime and since my arrival I have been mostly diapered 24/7, I willing to post reviews about the diapers they sell and answer the questions you have if I can. The first diapers I tried were some pullup style diapers, I can say they were great, they were super soft really, I mean it felt like I was sitting on a little cloud, even though they are super thin, they were able to hold 2 to 3ish medium pee accidents, fyi I don’t go number 2 in my diapers so I can’t review on that aspect. Ill attach some pics of the diapers I bought. Also recently bought a 17 pack of large diapers I’ll be posting a review as soon as possible but right now I’m double diapered in the diapers I brought from home so I think I won’t be trying these diapers until tomorrow. Also I can say I prefer plastic backed diapers but I recently have grown a certain love for clth backed ones too, since they keep me cooler in hot days. one more of the pullup diaper and one of the package of large diapers
  8. Hi Everyone! I had an amazing experience this morning and I wanted to get some feedback and see if others have had the same thing. I had my first messy accident while walking. To let you know, I am not 24/7 yet but I soon will be. Like the 12 Month Program says, pick a date that you will go back into diapers and prepare yourself. So at the end of the summer (October 1) I will begin my unpotty training with the goal of becoming completely incontinent. Until then I have been doing what I call 'practice incontinence' where I wear 24/7 for a specified period of time (like two days, two weeks, three weeks etc) and where I won't get out of diapers for any reason but which allows me to ease into wearing diapers full time as a lifestyle. This has really helped me get into the mental state of wearing diapers full time. Many of the little things that might derail my training later on (like interacting around family or dealing with a horrible diaper rash) are no big deal because I can take them at my own pace and decide when I am ready to do them with the expectation that by October 1st I will have passed all the big hurdles and will be completely ready (or already done) with any of the challenges that come with being incontinent. In this vein, I have already been practicing my loss of control. When I am in diapers I try to keep my bladder open and relaxed and try to keep it that way despite what I am doing (whether I am walking, climbing, crawling, lying in bed etc). Realizing that mental state is half the battle (which I also got from the 12 Month Program), I always try to mentally reward myself or encourage myself by repeating things like 'this is amazing,' 'I love this,' 'I am so free'and so on. I do the same for my messy diapers. I tell myself how much I hate the toilet, how I love my messy diapers, how great it feels to just let go and how I am wearing a diaper and I am safe and protected from any accidents messy or not. Well, this morning something happened that I did not expect. I was washing dishes and enjoying my cup of coffee when I began to feel the first rumblings of a mess coming into my diaper. My morning routine (when I am diapered) is to have breakfast and coffee and then to stand around doing dishes until the need to go happens. This has happened allot before, and I always try to mentally condition myself when it does. This morning was no different, and I was chanting how I love messy diapers and how I love being incontinent while I was waiting for my post-breakfast bm to slide (I try not to force any mess) into my diaper. While I was washing dishes and waiting, I discovered that I needed to run to the bathroom (not to use it) to grab something very quickly. Without even thinking, I just pressed paused on dishes and went walking toward the restroom. When this has happened before (me interrupting my morning bm) usually I run and do what I need and then come back and finish dishes and wait to make a stinky in my diaper. But this morning I started walking and just kept telling myself it is okay if you go right now, that you are padded and that babies cannot control when they go etc. Halfway down the hallway it happened. I was walking and I suddenly felt this slow release of my morning constitutional into the backside of my diaper. At first I didn't think what I was doing and then it dawned on me that I was messing while I was walking. I was so thrilled! I didn't even try to push or anything. It was coming out of me and into my diaper and I was waddling down the hallway while I was messing my diaper. By the time I got back to the sink I had finished and there was a huge load in my backside. Anyways, I am sorry for the long rambling post. The 12 Month Program says that there will be a lot of little changes at the beginning and because you are new to this they all seem earth shattering. Thank you for letting me be honest and tell you about an important step in my path to happiness and contentment. Now, please, I would love to hear your experiences. Has anyone had anything happen like this? Is this a normal step on my path to incontinence? Will it keep happening? Please let me know about you because I love reading about the journeys of others and what is going to happen to me in October. Take Care! Chris
  9. New UK Midlands based Little...

    Good Evening Guys and Girls, Im a newbie to this site. Not a newbie to wearing nappies. I am 37 yo, I live in West Birmingham and have been near enough incontinent for the last 5 years (Medical condition). I wear nappies 24/7 and use various brands. I am lucky enough to have an amazing girlfriend who supports me through this, who a while ago agreed to wear at night with me and who now doesn't wake up dry very often at all. I am blessed with this and know this is what a lot of people strive for in a relationship. We are lucky enough to know a lot of AB's and DL's around the Midlands, we are also the go to people for nappies. As we dabble in import and export, buying and selling. We don't do this to make a huge amount of money, mainly to help with those who struggle with discretion and cant have nappies delivered to their houses (Message us). We very much look forward to becoming an integral part of the UK community and hope to speak with you all very soon. M & K x
  10. Hello Everyone! We're now selling Dry Care ConfiDry 24/7 briefs! Free shipping on cases too! Check them out here https://www.llmedico.com/product/146/dry-care-confidry-247-max-absorbency-briefs/ And if you guys have any suggestions for what we should sell next, we would love to hear them! We started with Abena and now carry Abena, Tranquility and Dry Care. What next?? Thanks as always and have a great day! Alex & Heather Jensen Owners/Operators [email protected] www.llmedico.com
  11. I have been a DL (less of an AB) for years and while my wife took a while to get used to it, she eventually grew to love the role of Femdom/Mom. Even so, my time being put into diapers has never really gone over 24 hours. Then my wife had to travel for two weeks for work so she's keeping me in diapers for the entire time she'll be away! Thus far the rules have been- I get one change in the morning into a daytime diaper and another at 1:00PM I must send a picture of my diaper with the wetness indicator visible after every accident during the day. My daytime diaper must not have any inserts and can only be one at a time so as to get an accurate reading from the wetness indicator. At 7:00 I have to write an essay about why I have to wear diapers before I'm allowed to change into my nighttime diaper. I get two "allowances" where I can take my diaper off and change into a new one. - 1 allowance is in case I go "number two" either in the diaper or in the bathroom - another allowance is in case I go "number 3" I get a two hour break since this is normally when I would stop. Per the suggestion of another user on Fetlife, I've set up a network of Nannycams for which only she has the URL and can watch me at any time. Anything else must be explicitly allowed by her The only exceptions are if I need to meet with anybody we know in person, in which case I can wear training pants/pull-ups but I still can't use the toilet. She left on Thursday 9/3 so I am now going on day 7 of 24/7 diapers! My observations so far- I had initially figured that I'd eventually get bored with it and would probably want to "take a break" after a couple days... Boy was I wrong! I am now seriously contemplating the feasibility of being in diapers permanently! Indeed, there is something that "just feels right" about being diapered as if it was my natural state! I still have no idea how I could actually pull it off while also managing to make a living, but its certainly something new I learned about myself! Of course I'm not even halfway through my time and I still have 10 days to go, so we'll see how I feel on September 16th...
  12. I am wearing 24/7 and use my diaper as a toilet. Do you agree that this lifestyle sometimes take a lot of dedication to endure?
  13. July 4 24/7's

    Made these festive for the 4th and I know there is a girl in diaperland who will like how these pampers scented 24/7's look on her.
  14. Image1

    This is the new Confi-Dry 24/7 made pretty for my (future) diaper girl in case she wants more than white. They curiously smell just like pampers too.
  15. Greetings from Germany

    Hello all! I have read many of the threads in DD - it´s often a good source for new ideas, inspirations and somehow like a confirmation of the lifestyle, i have choosen, with diapers, pacifiers and so on. thank you all for the really really nice postings. strange: in german discussion-boards me is quite fast bored, because the "casual tone" is often harshly and the members are disputing about the right spelling ("Hey you, dude - you have forgotten a comma in your posting - therefore i wont answer your question!"...) - absurd - isnt it!? since august 2014 i wear 24/7 (but not #2). abena M4 and sometimes comficare, with stuffers additional. i have already experienced some changes of my body and pee-behaviour (like many others have written about here). but i am not yet ready in my mind for the incontinence-thingy. i am struggling psychically a bit, and of course: the friend+family problem *sigh* lalelu kid
  16. Hi there from Holland

    Hi, Where to begin? I'm 45 now and started, again, with diapers at the start op puberty. But realy came out of the closet around 40. Now everyone who knows me well knows I like to wear diapers. (oops today my spelling is horrible) My previous partner also knew about it but did not completely accept it. I guess that happens more often. In my daily life I'm an inventor and now I'm bussy marketing the latest invention. I'm no marketeer so I find it hard to do. On the other hand living in Holland has its perks, also for inventors. So I have a lot of free time (yes there is a hidden twist there) and in the spring, summer and most of the fall I live on board of my sailboat. The rest of the year I live at home and call that place my litte factory. I would love to move to a small place in a forrest or someting away from the city. But who knows... I came to this board because some of the discussions are very open and interesting. Lots of people who like to wear diapers. For me I wear a diaper when I like it. But for a while I did so 24/7 but did never become incontinent. My bladder did srink a bit though. It is funny but people do not notice when I wear a diaper (tena ultima medium). Even my partner did not notice, she had to feel to be sure. I chose my clothing so It would not be noticeable. I also sleep with 1 or more big teddy bears, and came out of the closet about those first, at 38. I started sleeping with a teddy bear at 30. Some people start late... and never stop. So that is it for now.
  17. Reinforcing techniques

    One thing I've found to be a useful consideration as I considered and discussed pursuing intentional incontinence has been the idea of 'reinforcement'. Many folks here on the IC-desires board will tell you about the notion that seeing yourself as incontinent can be a major step in the process of moving into full-time diapering and pursuing incontinence, whether urinary alone, or complete incontinence. And that's why I was hoping to open a new topic of discussion: I want to discuss the notion of 'reinforcements', ways to help remind and enforce the notion that you are incontinent when you're pursuing incontinence intentionally, as many folks on this board are. So, I've tried to just write down a few notes (nothing particularly long, complex, or developed) in order to come up with a nice list of things that can help you remember your goals and even perhaps help pursue them more effectively. So, to start here are a few things I've found, read, or discussed about helping to reinforce diapering and incontinence behaviors: Note that I am not far along on this path, definitely have had my slip-ups, and admit that I'm not the 100% clear and confident person some folks seem to be on this forum...but my advice might help you which is my goal. 1) Get rid of your old clothes. This is a staple of the 12 month program for a good reason: Getting rid of other underwear or any pants that you can't easily wear over your diapers is a key to helping keep you on track and preventing you from reverting your decision in moments of momentary weakness that you'll later regret or berate yourself for. Further, this is practical: When you see yourself as incontinent, you see yourself as NEEDING these diapers, and consequently there's no reason to have pants or underwear that don't suit your NEEDS. 2) Admitting your incontinence to a close friend, or doctor. Telling someone you're incontinent or struggling with incontinence (a wording that is still true whether you're struggling for the reasons people might assume or not...) can act as a sort of reinforcement, because now you NOT wearing diapers would seem out of the ordinary to these people. For me, I went to a doctor for a real urinary problem and was suggested to wear a condom catheter or incontinence garment, and the next time I saw that doctor he addressed me as someone who he knew from the start was incontinent and would likely be wearing a diaper or catheter. So, for me I now felt 'recognized' as incontinent which was a big step in my personal journey and definitely helped eliminate and address a lot of the serious fears and worries I had felt in my first few weeks and months on my incontinence journey. 3) Associations: This is different for everyone, but for me I found it very useful to remind myself to not clench my bladder's sphincter at regular intervals. For example, I slowly but consciously trained myself to remember to relax my muscles every time I drink water, think of diapers, or anything diaper related. As time has gone on and I find myself taking these active habits and making them into unconscious ones, I find that incontinence becomes almost second-nature (though I still seem to have to 'work at it' and remember to relax and stay unclenched more than a lot of people who are further along, like Blake and Mahleedl on this forum). Consequently, I find that I wet at least a few times unconsciously, which is something I didn't expect to start happening for many more months down the IC-desire road. 4) Spares and preparation: At first, the many times I decided to hold my bladder or to change too quickly and worried about seeming wet (and thus was consciously or unconsciously holding, thus preventing the same bladder-weakening I really wanted!) tended to come when I wasn't confident about my diapers. For example, I'd forget to bring changing supplies with me on a car ride, or I'd forget to pack enough extra diapers to be 100% sure I'd have enough if I went out for drinks with a friend ('breaking the seal' can be a pain when in diapers if you aren't 100% sure you have extras more than usual to change into!). So, being prepared took that issue off the table. I first put extras in a bag in my car along with extra changing supplies that I only use if I have somehow forgotten my normal diaper-supplies and diaper bag. Second, I found a way via a specific bag to always have supplies with me at work, even if I didn't have an entire secondary diaper bag separate from my work-supplies, and third I found tips and tricks for getting to the bathroom without feeling conscious about my bag (choosing a desk near the restroom at work, choosing a private bathroom down the hall instead of the 5-stall bathroom nearer to the rest of the office, etc). These things HELPED A LOT! 5) A personal note, mantra, or message to hammer home the notion of your incontinence: For me, this is something that helped a ton. In a notebook every day for a month I wrote, every single morning, a brief note to myself reminding me of why i was doing this, and repeatedly reminding myself to see me as incontinent. I learned quickly that this changed my internal viewpoint faster than anything else I'd experienced before this. Once I started to tell myself I was incontinent, and truly believed my own words, the fear dropped considerably. I'm still nervous around family gatherings since I haven't admitted to everyone my situation, I still worry a tiny bit on the rare occasions I feel a hint of wetness or leaks...but I now see myself as incontinent, so I'm not worried about getting 'caught in diapers'. Instead, I think of it more like this is a private thing no one else needs to know about, but it's who I am, and if they know I'm in diapers they aren't going to be finding out about a fetish or desire of mine, they're finding out about a health and identity issue that is simply a fact: I am incontinent, and I wear diapers, and that change of perspective was enormous. Anyone else have advice, thoughts, or their own mantras/reinforcement techniques/ideas? I really want to know, for me as well as anyone else coming to the board for more info! Thanks for reading this guys and gals and always stay diapered Science Scribbler
  18. Economical Diapers

    I'm going 24/7 and using my diapers for everything and 24/7 will be expensive, especially when just starting out. I need to know some recommendations for a brand or cycle of brands that I can rely on. I only plan to change 3-4 times in a 24 hr period, preferably 3, but no more than 4 under normal circumstances. It could be a brand that can hold up well on its own for day and night time without a booster, or a brand that hold up well for day time on its own, but I don't mind using a booster for night time. I could also have a set day time diapers, and a night time diaper. I may get emergency cloth diaper but I'm mainly sticking to disposables for their convenience for my partial fecal incontinence due to my IBS. Another word of advice I'd like is maybe some cheap sources to buy diapers from in bulk as well as other supplies, like wipes, powder, etc. Maybe some efficiency questions like baby vs adult wipes. Any suggestions?
  19. Ghost House

    This shall be my second story, and once again is about a scary experience with a DL. Summary: ~ 19 Year old Brendan has enough to worry about now that his family has moved to Upstate New York, but when the occupants of the new house start to drive him insane, his life starts to go into chaos~ _____________________________________________________________________ “... and over here, we have the Master bathroom.†the real estate agent said as he finished off his tour of the house. “Now, let’s get into the details of the place, it’s about...†the agent continued to walk around the house, followed by my mom and step-dad, with my 26 year old brother, Brett. - I didn’t mind moving out of Rhode Island, exactly, but leaving behind everything, to start a new life in Upstate New York wasn’t exactly my dream either. With our financial status moving up, following my mom’s new job, she didn’t want to stay there. My step-dad married my mom in Late 2009, after she divorced my dad when he would refuse to provide us money to pay for the rent, or anything useful. We didn’t see him much growing up, and my mom continued to have fights with him, but he just didn’t care about us. Dan, our step-dad, was a cool guy, relatively tall, beard and mustache, and worked as a law enforcement detective. I was used to it all back in Rhode Island, and I was going to college! A 19 year old, with a job in PR, I could afford whatever I wanted, but I saved most of it. Now that we are moving, I’ve been paying my way, for what I want. After I turned 18, I admit to my mom and step-dad that I would be taking up a life of wearing diapers 24/7, which they frowned upon majorly, at first, but after speaking with my therapist, and going over the facts, they finally accepted it, and, later on, got used to seeing me in diapers. My parents would move heaven, if they’d know it would make me happy, and I greatly appreciate them accepting this part of me. Diapers, to me, will always be my sanctuary. They provide me with comfort, peace, and a place to go to the bathroom wherever I want, and now that I’m moving someplace new, I can make friends who like me, for me. A lot of my old friends didn’t particularly enjoy my new life style, but they dealt with it. At least, those of them I told. - “This house is just 5 miles away from the local community college, 2 miles from your local shopping center, and 8 miles from the mall. So what do you think?†the real estate agent continued. “We’ll take this house.†my mom gave input. My mom looked toward Brett, who shrugged his shoulders. He could have moved out anytime last year with his girlfriend, but after he told her, she said she couldn’t work a long-distance relationship, and broke up with him. I didn’t feel bad for him. The two have only been dating for a year. “Alright, we’ll just get the paperwork ready, and you’ll be all set. Is your stuff on the way?†the agent asked. “Yes, we hired a few people to help move our stuff, and now it’s just waiting to be delivered.†my mom replied. “Great! Welcome home! We’ll have you guys moved in next Monday.†the agent continued. I got a weird vibe from this house from the start. All the doors were an old wood, the floors creaked, and the railings were a cold, unpolished metal. Not to mention how dark the house was. The cypress trees in the dirt path around the house blocked almost all the sunlight around the house. But I didn’t complain. I’ve got no where to go, and no one to connect with. At least, no one, yet. I have been talking with a cool dude from Rochester, who is 21. Nathan is his name, and him and I have been texting a lot recently since I told him I was moving up here. Nathan is a diaper lover as well, and he also wears diapers 24/7. He got a job working as a paid intern last September, and now works next-to full time at the news station he works for. When him and I started talking, I was afraid he would be some weird-pedo guy, but turns out, he’s just as normal as I am. Plus, he now owns a home here, and pays for whatever he likes. “Do you like our new house, sweetie?†my mom hugged me, as she handed the paperwork back to the agent. “I really do!†I exclaimed with a smile. I lied about that. I didn’t like the house. It was old. Much older than our other house. “Baby got what he wanted,†my brother snickered, but I ignored him, as Dan started talking. “Have there been any issues with the previous owners? Any pipe damage, asbestos, floor damage?†he spoke softly. The agent made a weird face, “Nothing that I’ve heard about. The previous owners just let this house foreclose, and after an inspection by the city, it was put up for resale in Decemberâ€. My step-dad nodded in acknowledgement. I too wondered about the previous owners, and why they would leave such a large house. This house had 3 rooms, and a master bedroom. I didn’t even know what we’d do with the extra room. But I didn’t think twice. These were hard times we were living in. My step-dad got a work transfer, and will starting to work 9 hours a day, while my mom works 8. The house will be occupied by just my brother and I for 10 hours a day! On Monday, the Uhaul trucks started showing up. I finally could be back in a house of my own. I helped quite a bit during the initial unpacking, moving mattresses, dressers, picture frames, everything we had at the old house. My mom stayed around the kitchen, putting the food away in the cupboards, while my step-dad, and 4 movers put stuff into mine, my brother’s, and my parent’s rooms. Every once in a while, I could hear my diaper crinkle. As dry as it was, my Bellissimo diaper made quite a sound with all the activity going on. After 6 hours of sweat-inducing labor, we decided to call it quits. The more important stuff was moved in, while all the smaller stuff we left in boxes in the garage. It was already 7pm, with the sun well set. We had dinner, with the movers, and then afterwards, we thanked them, and they left. I went back upstairs, to go see my new room. Same old desk, bed, and chair, but the new room had only one window. A small rectangular one, pointing out to the left of the house. I could barely see the cypress tree tops with the sun having set. Thankfully, the previous owners left the blinds. I took my pants off, revealing my still dry diaper, and I put on my dark grey hoodie, which I’ve become notorious for wearing. Just as I was getting comfortable, my mom opened my door, “Hey, hon, I was jus- Brendan! if you’re going to wear only diaper, at least let me know, so I can knock.†my mom said through a smile. “Sure thing, mom! I’ll put a sign on my door, that says ‘knock first!’†I replied sarcastically. “Alright, but I was just going to remind you to set your alarm for tomorrow, so you could start looking for a job.†I was going to start looking for a job, but I wanted to get to know this place better first. “Ya’ know, mom, I think I’m going to just take this week off. I want to get to know this town better. I don’t know anyone, and I’m not going to college right now.†I said. “Okay, sweetie, and here,†she set down a bottle of Febreze on my desk, “If you’re going to “use†your diaper, at least keep the house from smelling, or your own room.†she remarked. When I made the decision to wear 24/7, I meant I would be using it for everything. Back at my old house, my consistent changes led to my room smelling bad. This resulted in me keeping my window open almost all the time, as well as my mom getting on my ass about hygiene and whatever. But, when we started to move, she was told me that I would have to do better with my lifestyle, so to not interfere with everyone else’s. I pointed over to a silver metal trash can. “I bought this thing a few days ago, to keep my diapers in when I throw them away.†I said. “Gotcha, and the trash cans are out back. Me and Dan are going to bed early. A lot of first impressions to make tomorrow! Good night!†she said, as she closed my door. I took a sip of my Coke, and went back to watching shows on Netflix, before peeing my diaper. I barely even notice when I go anymore. I used to have to stand up and think for a while, but now, I just go whenever I want. It’s carefree, and I get, surprisingly, a lot more stuff done. I had 5 more Bellissimo diapers, and another bag left from the last case I bought back in Late January. I ordered another two cases the second I got the address to this house, so it should be here on Thursday. Today is Monday. Around 11pm, I thought heard someone talking in the bedroom next to me. I could hear it over my headphones. I took them off, and listened. The voices, though muffled, were not anyone’s I’ve heard before. I slowly got up, and was going to go see who was in the room, but before I got to my door, I figured it was my brother and some girl. After all, he did bring a good amount of girls home back in Rhode Island. Around 12am, I finally closed turned off my computer, and got onto my bed. My “bed†consisted of my queen sized mattress on the floor, a single sheet over it, and a blanket on top. I used to use Goodnites bed mats incase my diaper leaked, but after I switched over to Bambino diapers, I don’t need them anymore. _____________________________________________________________________
  20. So I've been wearing consistently on and off for about the last 3 weeks since I've moved out. I've found myself in a position of more privacy, and have some what exploited it to fulfill my desire of wearing diapers. Anyways, I've landed on a new favourite diaper in terms of both absorbency and discreetness - Abena M2's. I've tried M4's, but they were too thick, and wanted to try M3's but my local supplier doesn't carry those, so I decided to try the M2's. I can wear them under my jeans, and I wear skinny jeans primarily, with total confidence, so I've finally found a diaper I can feel comfortable wearing in public. Before I can commit to 24/7 though, which I really want to, I just want to ask those who have done so a few questions. First, is it possible to commit to 24/7 without having to mess them? I mean I want to lose bladder continence in going 24/7, but I don't really want to lose bowel continence, I just hate the clean-up! Has any one tried going 24/7 and not messing their diapers? Second, has anyone who's committed to going 24/7 done so without having anyone find out that they wear? I mean I'm a pretty private guy, but i'm not a total social recluse, I'm somewhat of a social introvert. I go to school, I socialize, I have friends and a loving family, but still wearing diapers is not something I necessarily want anyone to find out. I'm not totally adverse to having anyone find out, but I'm not sure how I would tell them why I'm wearing them. Has anyone who's gone 24/7 had a person find out that they're wearing? And if so, what was your response as to why you wear? I'm gonna try going 24/7 without messing or having someone find out, I'm just curious if anyone else has tried this too and what actually ended up happening.
  21. So my fiance, its still weird and exciting to say that, told me that for my birthday she will be taking me to Cathedral City for a weekend. We will drive there Friday night and we have a condo booked through 10 on Sunday. Saturday we will both be diapered ALL DAY! What I am hoping for is for you guys to be able to help me come up with some events and ideas that we can do on that day. For instance one thing that I want is for us to be able to go to the movie and either drink a lot causing us both to wet or me rubbing her till she cums. She has never wet before but I think she is going to this time. Or at least I am really hoping she does. She has asked me to compile a list of things I want to do, things I want her to do, events we can do as well as very detailed instructions. Please let me know anything you think would be good to do for a full diapered day away from home. As I will probably be showing her this full post feel free to address her personally. Now I should probably say that I am 95% DL and maybe 5%AB I was 100% until recently and something have started to grow on me. However I would like to stay DL for the most if not the entire time. I am also into bdsm, messing, enemas, suppositories, being dominated to wear or dominating. Please be as creative as possible and if you know anything to do in the palm springs/cathedral city area those are worth double points. Thanks a million. And for those who have followed my other posts on zity.biz you know that over the last 6 months I have come out to my girlfriend, gone from her not understanding to being hesitant to having her wear them twice and us being engaged. So far I have wet them around her but the last few times I haven't for whatever reason. She also knows about my enema.