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  1. Just changed out of my night time diaper, tena slip maxi with a tena maxi insert to my day time which is tena slip plus.
  2. So, found out that there is someone locally that sells cloth diapers, decided to buy a pair to give it a go at least for night time use for now. Quite looking forward to it!
  3. Cant believe it's been 4 months already. I kind of gave up at some point, with full tape on diapers at work. Ive reverted back to pull ups at work, abena pants L3. When I was wearing full on diapers I was stressing a bit to much at work with changes, changing to work clothes etc. The pull ups does give me a lot more of freedom. Maybe I will try diapers again at some point, when I am fully comfortable with the thought!
  4. Just got home from a 11h travel abroad, wearing diapers almost the whole trip. Skipped the security check, had no problem finding a disability toilet to change into one. Was harder to find a place to change at the stopover place. Copenhagen always seems so busy, and feels so wierd going into the disability toilets when they are highly visible.
  5. Update 4. So my first month is completed! Time has really gone by. It's still pull ups during work and gym/football. Got roughly 60 pull ups left, which should last me for about 2 months of use. After that I need to figure out if I want to continue with them at work or go over to tape ones. Not noticed much change in the bladder. Do think my next focus is going to be to let go at any urge as I feel that I am quite comfortable wetting in most positions by now.
  6. Thanks for the tips. I do have a pair of PU pants, not absorbent though and doubt they would have done me any good this night. I'll see if I can find any of those if it's possible to get at my country!
  7. Early post today. So I was having a few beers last night, being close to the weekend and all and 30 minutes ago, I woke up to this huge puddle in the bed. Both happy and annoyed, glad I wet the diaper while sleeping, not happy about the massive leak. Luckily I do have a mattress protector, and also using an old duvet, but might consider getting a protector for that one as well. Also ordered a washable bed pad yesterday. Now I just want 4o wet with no alcohol involved..
  8. I believe the current most absorbent diaper on the list is Trest.
  9. Update 3, 12.08.23 Huge progress this week. I am still sticking to pull ups during work, since I got so many many left. On the positive side my first shipment of Tena slip plus came in. 5 packages, which will now come once a month. Being able to pee while lying has become much easier. Now I only have to relaxe for a minute at most to be able to let go in bed. Before I would have to have a really full bladder to be able to. Now its 1 minute tops. I also woke up wet twice this week, but only after a few beers. Woke up with a wet pad once. Need to figure out where it's leaking from and maybe get some PU pants. Overall a good week and hoping for more wet morning diapers without any alcohol the evening before!
  10. Update 2, 05.08.23. Done with my second week. This week has had it's up and downs. I reverted back to wearing pull ups during work 4 days this week. Mainly because the toilet Ive been using to change at had it's door broken. Hoping to be back in taped diapers soon though! The luying in bed practice seem to have worked somewhat. Had a decent amount of alcohol yesterday, and when I woke up this morning I had even leaked. Luckly the pad had soaked it up. Tad embarrasing, but also positives to take from it. wetting while sitting also seems to get easier, nut still lots of practice left to do. Also had a horrific experience this week. Somone at work needed a tool, as I was up in a lift, I told him it's down there someone and he actually went to my own bagpack where I keep my changing supplies. He had already opened it up, when I noticed what he was doing. Don't think he understood what he saw though as nothing was said. Not fun at all. Total diapers used this week: 24.
  11. Thank you for the reply! The social stigma part I think more relates to work colleagues, or people that I know. Don't care to much about strangers. But do get your point.
  12. First update now 29.07, as it has been roughly 7 days of constant wearing. I changed my mind a bit and decided just to plunge into wearing the slip supers all the time as daytime diaper. Ive been practicing wetting the diaper while lying down for 20 minutes before going to bed and 15 minutes every morning, and even though I still find this position a bit awkward, there is progress. Wearing to work the first week has been suprisingly fine. Allthough things did take for the worse on thursday when the bathroom Ive been using had its lock broken, so when its change time I have to use another one that also has another bathroom beside it, where the other occupant might hear something. For changing Ive been aiming for around 4-5h, to avoid any skin issue, even if the diaper is not well used. Last in this update is a few stats from the diaperstash app: Favorite diaper: Tena slip maxi. I have an abundance of these at the moment, so they have been my go to diaper while at home after work. This will change once I get my first shipment of the slip plus. Total diapers used the first week: 36. At the moment I am roughly going through 5 diapers in average per day. 34 of these were wet, while two were dry when waking up in the morning and unable to make myself go while lying down before work. Average time per change: 4h,35m. Well within my goal for diaper changes. For the next week I will continue my practice to wet in different positions.
  13. Hi and thanks for your concern. I have not mentioned it to my doctor as I rarely go in. But with what you just said it might be a good idea to make an appointment, just to rule certain things out.
  14. Hi! short intro first. Ive been a life long abdl who had the interest in diapers from a pretty young age and always been fascinated by them for some reason. The recent years my mind have been going towards full time wearing and I think I am getting to a point where its time to actually take the leap. I have been having some small issues with post-micturition dribble, but been doing ok ish with just taking extra time on the toilet before getting off it. I am hoping that having this log will make it easier to go through with the steps during the diaper training. Sort of make me accountable and not chicken out and go back to the good old normal underwear. Recently I found out that the pharmacies here have a subscription, so when you place an order you can make an arrangement that they will continue shipping it to you every 2 weeks, month and so on. This will ensure that I always have a steady stream of diapers and have to take an extra step if I ever get the urge to stop. My plan is to start with pull ups during work and diapers at home. Then gradually increasing time in diapers at work. My choice of pull ups is the tena pants super and tena slip maxi at home for now and during night time, then later on change from the pull ups to tena slip plus or super at work and at daytime when home, while still sticking with the maxi for nighttime use. With the training, I am only settling for #1 and possible bedwetting, allthough I know this will be a long and hard thing to accomplish. The hardest part for me is the social stigma and being worried what others might think, so the psycological aspect is my hardest challenge so far. Any tips is greatfully apriciated! So officialy this is my first weekend back in diapers. I still plan to wear boxers as a fixation pant and also to sort of hide the diapers somewhat at work.
  15. Trying to transition over to 24/7 and so far I have been testing out tena slip super for day time wearing and tena slip maxi / Abri-form M4 as night time diaper. For sports I am leaning towards Tena slip plus. Hard to come by thicker diapers in Norway, unless you want to spend a good fortune for better-dry etc etc which is 36 dollars for 15 diapers.
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