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Found 77 results

  1. New mummy help

    Hi all I'm new to ABDL my boyfriend told me he likes to be a baby and enjoys being embarrassed. I love him and know this is a part of who he is but I want to take it slower than he does. within 2 months of knowing his abdl fettish I have put him in a nappy and put him in a dummy we have shared the same bed with him in a nappy. I'm not sure if I can be the full mummy he wants . please can I have advise from other mummies and daddies
  2. Hello Everyone I'm Carl :)

    Hello everyone. especially the littles My name is Carl and im a 26 year old. I always had Caregiver impulses and when I stumbled onto this forum after some research i've decided to give it a try. Feel free to ask anything, i'm an open book. I hope everyone is well and also hope you are having a good day.
  3. Hi From Scotland!

    Hello everybody. My name is baby loulou, i am 41 years old, 18 months old baby living in Scotland (but originally from France). It has been quite a while that I have been an AB but only recently i discovered your website and i thought that maybe i could meet people to discuss... As some ABDL, i am interested to finding someone and in my case a Mummy that could take care of me..... This website is new for me so a little bit confusing but i am sure that i will be able to find my way around it. See you around. Baby Loulou.
  4. How long and what to do?

    New to wearing diapers but I wanted to know if I wet a diaper how long can you stay in it and what fun can I get up to in wet or messy diaper?
  5. New to diapers

    Hello, I'm fairly new to being in diapes, I have tried it a few times and really enjoyed it but in wanting to know about wetting. I have wet a diaper before but always changed out of it right away, but I was wondering can you wet a diaper again? And stay in the same diaper after wetting it? Manu thanks Opus
  6. Introduction

    Hi, my name is Mike. I'm a 23 y/o Bi male. My body type is best described as a "cub". I'm completely new to this whole thing. I guess I didn't even really think it went as deep as it does but it doesn't surprise me. I was originally attracted to this idea of having a couple treat me like their son while we have sex, but I never considered acting a different age. I also didn't realize that diapers were such a large part of this. I don't know what I like yet and that may take some time to figure out but I'm open to trying pretty much everything. Not only am I new to this fetish(?not sure if that term offensive or anything) I'm a virgin with sex in general. I don't have an inerrant desire for the non-sexual age play stuff but like I said I'm willing to give it a shot. I like to cast the widest net possible because I've found that it's the best way to find people or ideas you can connect with. Feel free to ask about anything or if you have suggestions for me about some better information I could provide I'd be happy to hear it. If you want to chat about anything in general, sex stuff, silly stuff, serious stuff, personal stuff, or whatever I like talking and am an open book. I have a few social media accounts. If you would rather talk there or see what I look like. You can message me for details about those.
  7. New Momma

    Im looking for a baby girl around my age who needs a mommy. 18-27 preferred. Must have a skype acc. Just want someone as new to this as i am.
  8. First post ever!

    Ok, so my first ever post! I'm a little shy, but still wanted to try and say hello. I have been lurking on here for a while and just finally made a profile and decided to introduce myself. Yehhaaaa!
  9. Hi

    Hi. My name is Danny. I have been looking around on forums for a while and reading abdl stories. I have never participated in the community much, but now I have decided to change that. I joined this forum, and I started a blog telling a story that I have. I would like to read more stories that are similar to my type of fantasy. I like regression, bedwetting, and day wetting. I like to pretend I am a 8 to 12-year-old boy who has wetting problems (bed and day, but for sure bedwetting).
  10. Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, I'm a little nervous about joining the site as I've been a closet ABDL for some time now. That said, its nice to be here and I hope I'll see you around the forums.
  11. New diaper amino

    Hello i recently started up a new amino for diapers, if anyone wants to join here's the link http://aminoapps.com/c/abdl-community
  12. New face around here =)

    Heya. I've wondered for years what it would be like to interact with others in the abdl community. I've been quite shy and it has taken me awhile to finally show up.. but here I am! It is nice to be here, I will see you all around in the forums!
  13. Yesterday my bambino diapers arrived and that was my first time in adult diapers! I have always secretly loved them and been stuck slipping smaller diapers in my underwear. Last night was my first time actually wetting and sleeping in a diaper and now I'm at work counting the minutes until I can go home and put on another one for the night I'm spending my lunch break at the store getting a bottle and some diaper cream for when I get home. if anyone else new can share their first time experience that would be great!
  14. So I'm considering trying this whole diaper experience. I'd really like to meet a girl who would be okay with helping me out. I've never messed around with diapers before, but after reading several hundred posts on here, I'm actually considering it. If you are in the Panama City area and would like to talk, shoot me a reply
  15. Hello everyone

    Hi everybody. My name is Crinkles The Bunny. I am a babyfur of 2 years old. I'm shy but love to make new friends. So please, don't hesitate to say hi.
  16. Hello im 26 m from bendigo australia. New to site. Been visiting the site for awhile. Finally thought id join and hopefully make new and awesome friends . I guess i consider myself dl havent done much i have worn a couple disposables i find im also able to quite comfortably and easily fit in to huggies drynites the up to 15yr ones. Hope to chat with yas soon
  17. I'm new here (???)

    Hey all! I'm Mia and I'm a gender-questioning DL (open to AB stuff though). I decided to finally join an ABDL forum since I'm having trouble meeting other people who I have these things in common with, in addition to the fact that I'm shy and have trouble socializing to begin with. Anyway, I'm just here to meet friends and build relationships (as far as relationships go though, I prefer females) and this seems like a nice community. Feel free to message me if you wanna be friends or whatever. (=^?^=) Not sure if we're allowed to post introductions in this particular forum section or not, but I felt more comfortable doing that here than in the Meeting Place section...
  18. new here!

    just saying hi !
  19. Howzit, Hi, Hello!

    So, this is what it's like to be a part of a community? Skits. Anyway, Hi. I'm new here and I'm just looking for advice on how to get started, I guess (Going on to the chat wasn't a good idea apparently. I no longer have permission to use that. All I said was 'Sup guys' :/) And please don't disapprove of me because of my age. It's hard to find places like this where I can feel accepted. I just want to belong.
  20. New. Advice. Help.

    Hello world, I was introduced to the community by my boyfriend of two years. He recently came out to me about a year ago. I can imagine this being hard for him but I'm a rather accepting and understanding person. Only wish I had known sooner so we could play. He expressed to me that he is a DL not an AB, which either way is dandy. I'm cool with his interests and allow him to play as he sees fit and will more often than not join him. My questions are necessarily about why how etc etc but more details. When I ask him or read online about how to go about sex and making the experience more enjoyable for the both of us I get generic answers. I want specific details on what to do and how to do it. We have regular sex and are switches. I'd be interested in letting him "be my daddy" or I "be his mommy", or at least trying it. I just need specific details on how to do things or again what to do. Neither of us would neccessairly be interested in full baby play such as, pacifiers, clothing, or baby talk. I need help so I can fully satisfy my boyfriend and gain some satisfaction for myself.
  21. Hello!

    Hi, I'm new to dailydiapers and just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Boris and I am an ABDL (plus full-time nappy wearer). I live with my daddy and older brother. Feel free to introduce yourself below aswell or just say "hi!" Sincerely, Baby Boris
  22. New toddwer fwom Missouri

    Hi awl New toddwer fwom Missouri. My wocation some can says is dwead center owf the countwy. Been a diaper lover since I was a young child. Became a paci lover around the age of sixteen. College and lack of privacy put a hinderence on everything for a few years. regained some privacy and I have flitted with DL and paci love off and on over the years. Just recently, I have decided to become full ABDL when I am not at work. I still remain partial ABDL though as I make a point to where onsies under my proffesional clothing to work. I think they have been spotted a couple of times, but I don't care. When I am not at work I am in my recently purchased AIO cloth diapers and other baby clothing. I am loving this life and the freedom. I just need a mommy or daddy to share with and treat and care for me like a toddler (good hawd spankins fow this stwubewn own espeswy two make me wegitimatwy cwy).
  23. Hello

    Hi i'm new to the forums, though it would be fun to finally open up a little i guess. I'm a little introverted so sorry if i seem snappy in my replies and what not.
  24. Hello from london

    Hey so my name is Alban but please call me pepito i sighned up here a while ago but just forgot about this site so now that im back im just going to give a little intro as i haven before. I enjoy rock climbing and pc gaming my favroute game to be runescape i come on the chat alot so dont be frightend to pm me i am not a mean person misunderstood yes but felll down chat is allways open to anyone im at the moment 20 years old Homosexual with a partner who has autsim to we been to gether nearly a year now. I think this the bit people want to now the most why do i wear i dont now just been in diapers when i was growing up and have exdents in public like school and being public humlated i just toke the safe route so i wear em 24/7. If anyone has anything to ask about me then go ahead as i said i dont bite