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  1. Cody couldn't believe the humilating position he found himself in. After finding out his college roommate Vincent wears and uses diapers. He told all his classmates. Unfortunately the next morning he found himself strapped down to the his bed naked and standing next to his bed was his college roommate in just a thick diaper. Vincent told him how Cody humiliated him and everybody was calling him diaper boy. Also had girls slap his padded ass or pull back his pants waistband to give him a diaper check. He told Cody how much he loved diapers but it was supposed to be a secret. Now that it was out Cody's roommate decided it's time for some revenge. So he told Cody that now it's time teach him a lesson and that now they will becoming much more closer then just roommates. Vincent was now going to be Cody's master. Cody saw Vincent holding something his hands and then saw it was a chastity cage. Cody's roommate laughed then slowly started to attach the device to Cody's member. Vincent said from now on Cody will do what he says if he ever wants to make cummies ever again but unfortunately Vincent wasn't done with Cody just yet. He climbed on top of Cody then planted his diaper butt right infront of Cody's face. Cody then heard rumbling but it wasn't coming from his tummy. It was Vincent's tummy. Cody knew what his roommate was about to do. Vincent looked back at Cody and smiled then said "I made sure to have a big nice breakfast today. Some taco bell breakfast! Now your going to get a front row seat and get to take a nice whiff of my stinky butt". Cody begged for Vincent not too but it was too late. He heard a huge loud fart echo from Vincent's diaper then heard a big slush of mess enter the diaper. Vincent's diaper butt expanded getting closer and touching Cody's face. Then Vincent lifted up and said "smell the roses" then plopped hid stinky butt on Cody's face! Cody smelled the terrible odor coming from his roommates diaper. After smelling his roommates diaper. Vincent got up and then said "I got a special treat for you. Well two I should say so let's start with a nice warm enema. You better hold it in too. No going or il put my filthy dirty diaper around that head". Vincent grabbed Cody's legs and lifted them up and exposing his butthole. Vincent smiled "Here let me help lube it up" Vincent then tounges Cody's butthole making Cody squirm and get hard. Cody's hard dick strains against the cage and starts to precum like crazy from the rim job. "Daww looks like somebody loves their butt getting attention. If you love that you'll enjoy my toys but we can do that later time for your treat. Bottoms up" Vincent laughs sticking the enema inside Cody and then releasing all into Cody's tight ass. Cody could feel it filling up. He couldn't believe how real this was. He was a Dom not no sissy sub boy. Vincent then took out the enema and then could see Cody squirming. "Now now you better hold it in. Be a good boy for me. You can release it all out once we get your fresh diaper on" his roommate chuckled. Cody eyes widened and begged Vincent not to put a fresh diaper on him. Vincent smiled "hmmm ok fine I won't put you in a fresh diaper then if you say so". Cody felt relieved. Vincent then took off his messy filthy diaper and Cody almost gagged from how bad it smelled but then Cody noticed Vincent lowering the dirty diaper on the bed. And lifting Cody's legs in the air. In Cody's horror he saw Vincent place the monster filthy diaper underneath his butt. Cody then yells "Wait I don't want to wear yours! You said you wernt going to diaper me! Please don't do this!" Vincent then laughed "Well from your words exactly you said you didn't want to wear a fresh diaper. So im giving you what you want. Putting you in a "DIRTY" diaper haha". Vincent then lowered Cody's butt into his messy diaper. Then tapped Cody up. He then untied Cody and them lifted him up and planted Cody on his knee and bounced him just like a baby. So diaper slut how do you like my dirty diaper. Cody didn't say anything he was too grossed out from what was happening but something felt good. He couldn't help but moan. Something about the filthy dirty diaper felt so good. He couldn't explain why. He tried to not enjoy it but his dick strained and precummed more. He just started moaning more and more. "My my somebody really loves my dirty diaper. This is new. I was not expecting you to enjoy this so much. Btw Cody turn around and smile for the camera" Cody turned around and saw a friend of Vincent holding a camera aiming at him and his dirty pampers. Cody tried to cover his face but it was too late. Vincent laughed "Now lets see we got footage of you enjoy my poopy diaper and expressing it on camera. So here's the deal Cody! Your going to be my sissy diaper slut from now on. Every day after class I will diaper you up in a diaper or if your lucky my dirty diaper. And we will have lots of diaper play! If you don't do what I say then the whole school will see this video of you enjoy my dirty diaper! So do we have a deal?" Cody couldn't believe his roommate blackmailed him but he couldn't exact say no. So he agreed to the conditions of his new life to save his dignity. Unfortunately Cody felt a stranger sensation. He forgot about the enema that was given to him and held his tummy. Vincent noticed then said "oh perfect timing looks like you ready to add your own mess to your diaper. Well let's get you to the couch and get the camera set up. One video isn't enough. Got to have a backup just incase. But before that let me just quickly draw on the back of your diaper" After Vincent drew on Cody's diaper, he took him to the couch then Vincent put on his pup hood. And place Cody over his lap. Then the camera started recording and perfectly on time. Cody started to fill his already filthy diaper with his own stinky poo. The diaper surprisingly held it all. Then Vincent started to rub Cody's diaper butt squishing all the poo that was mixed against his butt. The mess started to move towards the front. And Cody started to moan from the rubbing. The camera captured it all even the drawing on Cody's diaper butt that said "diaper loading" with a bar half colored in with a 79% written under the bar. Cody couldn't believe that this was his new life now! He better be lucky that Vincent doesn't start making him wear diapers to class.
  2. Hi Everyone. Long time enjoyer of the forum, first time poster. I've enjoyed reading stories about ABDL for many years now, both on her and across the rest of the vast internet. I'm not new to writing, however this is my first ABDL story that I've written, or at least the first one that I felt good enough about to post. I posted this story first on the abdlstories subreddit, and decided "Hey, why not post it here too." I've completed only 2 chapters so far, but I'll continue working on this story. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and I welcome any sort of criticism. Thank you. Chapter 1: A Day of Relaxation Gone Awry June 2nd, 2023. 2:13pm “Wow, what a shitshow.” I say with a sigh as I unlock the door, stepping into the house. Another tedious day at work. I swear, people always think data entry is an easy position; well I’d like to see them try dealing with the shit I have to deal with. If it’s not my supervisor breathing down my neck, it’s one of my colleagues needing some help with a monotonous task. “Well, at least I got off early today.” I couldn’t be happier with the early release. Mostly because I was about 2 seconds from murdering that idiot Beth. Seriously, how hard is it to save a spreadsheet before you close it out! Well, whatever. Not my problem anymore; at least for the weekend. I hang my coat up on the rack, kick my heels off, and sluggishly make my way over to the couch. I sit down, feeling the weight of the day release from my shoulders. Grabbing the remote from the coffee table, I turn on the T.V and begin to scroll through Netflix, hoping to find something to distract me from my hellish day. From across the house, I can hear the shower running, and a smile forms on my face. No matter what bullshit I have to deal with, I know it will be alright. I know I can come home to my favorite person: Emma. I hear the sound of water cease, and a few moments later, I see what I can only describe as the definition of beauty exit the bathroom. Her long, dark brown hair hanging over her shoulder, still damp from the shower. Her skin covered by a towel around her waist, leaving me just able to see glimpses of her fair, glistening skin. I watch as she begins to head to the bedroom, before doing a double take towards me. I watch as her face brightens up. “Roxie! I didn’t know you’d be home so early! How was work?” She walks over to me and pecks me on the cheek, careful not to let her towel fall. “If I have to fix one of Beth’s screw ups one more time, I’m gonna demand a raise for the extra work.” I say, half sarcastically, but with a hint of seriousness within. “She somehow manages to make extra work for me to do on a daily basis.” I shouldn’t be too hard on Beth. I mean sure, she fucks up a lot, but it’s not exactly her fault. Beth joined the company a couple years back as a receptionist, and she really flourished. I remember when I went in for my interview, and she made me feel welcome, calming my nerves. I’d even go as far to say that she was my first friend over there .Unfortunately, the company has been short staffed these past few months, and moved her over to the data entry department. It’s not like she’s the worst member on the team either. Data entry just isn’t her specialty. Most of the time, I don’t even mind helping her out, but with the rest of today…well I guess it just got on my nerves. “I feel bad for her.” Emma remarks. “It can’t be easy being moved around the company like that.” “Yeah, I know. I’ll text her later and tell her not to worry.” I just hope I don’t forget. My brain feels overworked today. I look up at the clock and take note of the time: 2:30. “Hey babe, don’t you have that meeting in an hour?” A look of surprise shoots across Emma’s face, and I can see a bit of panic in her eyes. “Dammit, I thought I had more time! Oh shit, where did I put my outfit…wait yeah I laid it out on the bed! Sorry babe, we’ll talk more later!” “Do you want some help getting ready?” I ask, wanting to remove some of her worry. “No, I should be fine. You just relax for now. You’ve had a long enough day already.” With a second peck on the cheek, I watch as she hurries her way to the bedroom door, hips swaying as I watch her disappear behind the doorframe. I feel sorry for her at times. Being an account manager for her company's high level executives comes with many perks: free travel, time off and a lucrative salary being some awesome bonuses. However, it also means having to make herself available for dinner meetings, out of state conferences, and other hindrances. I decide to resume my task, and after a couple more minutes of scrolling, I settle on a classic; She-Ra. God, I can’t count how many times I’ve rewatched this series, but here I am, going down the rabbit hole once again. I watch as the red N flashes across the screen, and the title intro plays. After a few minutes, I begin to feel a bit parched, and decide a cool beverage is in order. I get up and make my way to the kitchen. As I walk, I hear Emma getting louder in the bedroom. If I had to guess, she misplaced something. “Where the hell did I put those earrings?!? Come on, I just had…oh, they’re on the desk.” I chuckle to myself. This is pretty normal for Emma, rushing to get ready. I know to give her some space when she gets heated like that, so I continue to the kitchen. Reaching into the fridge, I grab 2 cans of Diet Coke. “It’s not like I wanna get back up later.” I reason to myself. Satisfied with my choice of soft drink, I make my way back to the living room. “Damn, I missed Adora finding the sword!” Having seen the show more times than I care to admit, I elect to not rewind, and just continue watching. I watch through to the credits of the first episode before I hear the bedroom door open. Emma walks out, her outfit finally complete. “How do I look? Ready for business?” She asks, fishing for a compliment. “You look gorgeous as always.” I say, sincere in my words. To me, she is, and will always be the most beautiful woman in the world. Today though, her look is that of an absolute professional. Her white, button down shirt buttoned up, with her black blazer overtop, just screams “I know what I’m talking about” while her ironed dress pants complete the ensemble. She looks at me and her lips, crimson lipstick freshly applied, turn into a smile, and a slight blush appears on her face, clearly enjoying what she heard. “Hearing that makes the effort worth it.” I watch as she walks over to the door, grabbing her purse off the coffee table along the way. As she pulls out her keyring from the bag, she turns to me. “I’m not sure how long this meeting will run, but I’m willing to guess it will be a few hours. You know Andrew; he never shuts up.” She didn’t have to remind me. Andrew is her partner at the company, and he truly doesn’t know how to stop talking. When I first met him at the company Christmas party, he went on and on for over an hour about his trip to the Florida Keys. I was only able to escape due to Emma’s timely rescue. He’s a nice guy, don’t get me wrong, but man can he chat your ear off. “Yeah, don’t let him go off the rails again, or you may not come back till tomorrow.” Emma chuckles at my remark, before opening the door. “Okay, well I’ll see you afterwards, no matter the time.” She jokes back. “Love you Roxie, and don’t forget to message Beth!” “Oh shit, thanks!” I can’t believe I already forgot. “I love you too Amore.” I didn’t learn many words from my heritage, but I learned that one. I should really learn more Italian though. With one last smile, I watch as Emma walks through the door, locking it behind her. A couple moments later, I hear the sound of her BMW starting up, before quieting down as she pulls out of the driveway. I sigh, missing her already. With nothing else to do, I return my attention to the T.V, noticing half of the episode having played whilst my attention was pulled. “Aw man, I’m missing all the good parts.” I say before pausing the episode. I sit back, contemplating what else I can do to pass the time. Just then, a realization strikes me; I have the place to myself for a few hours, and no plans for the rest of the day. I smirk as I figure out my new plan. I have a chance to engage in my own little secret. I get up from the couch and, with a brisk pace, I make my way over to the spare bedroom. Closing the door behind me, I lock it out of habit. I know I have the place to myself, but I still can’t get over my fear of being discovered in my secret activity. I walk over to the guest bed, and bend down, getting on my knees. I reach my hand underneath the frame, feeling around until I find what I'm looking for. With a bit of effort, I pull a wooden chest out from underneath the bed. A simple design, one almost wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, at least until they look at the heavy duty lock on the front. I walk over to the walk-in closet, and head to the back, finding the second part of my lengthy process of hiding my secret. I open up a shoe box filled with a pair of old sneakers. I reach my way into the right shoe, and pull out a small key. I then return the shoe box to its place, and return to the chest. Placing the key into the slot, I twist it with shaking hands, my excitement building with each passing moment. With a click, the lock unlatches, and I place it off to the side, making sure to leave the key inside so I don’t forget where I put it. I slowly open the lid, and reveal my secret treasures. Inside the hidden chest, there are many different items that share the same theme. In secret, I am an ABDL. I’ve had a love and fascination for the kink for as long as I can remember. Once I moved in with Emma, I locked my stuff away in secret, afraid that she would think I’m some kind of degenerate…and I wouldn’t be able to stand that. Pushing that dark thought aside, I look over my collection of goodies, and after a moment, I pull out my first item. I’ve always been a bit of a goth, so when I found out about Rearz Rebel design, it was a perfect match for my aesthetic. I pull out the thick padding, and trace my fingers over the small skulls placed throughout. I quickly pull myself out of my mini trance, and grab the rest of my changing supplies before throwing them on the mattress. I lay myself down next to the supplies, before unbuttoning my black jeans, slipping them off of my legs and letting them fall to the floor. I take a look at my panties, looking over the similar design, black with little white skulls throughout. “No more panties today!” I say, making myself chuckle at my own bravado, before sliding those off as well. I then unfold my diaper, and place it underneath my rear, making sure to get the positioning just right. Once situated, I take a quick look at my body. While the hormones had done a bit of shrinkage, I still had a rather decent, if not average, sized penis. I know some Trans women have mixed or negative feelings about their traditionally male organ, I never quite felt that type of dysphoria. If anything, the rest of my figure was the issue, not the privates I have. Continuing with my mission, I begin to sprinkle a decent helping of baby powder over my nether regions. After all, what baby doesn’t smell like baby powder. Once satisfied, I raise the front of the diaper up, and take my time taping up the sides, wanting to make the fit as perfect as it could be. Finally secure, I let out a sigh of relief, before placing my hand on the front of the plastic, enjoying the thickness between my legs. Feeling a pressure on the front began to make my arousal grow, and I take a moment to enjoy it. “I should probably keep getting ready, otherwise I’ll be here all day.” I hop off the bed and return to the chest, pulling out a black onesie with a cartoon skull on the front. You could definitely say I have a theme for this outfit. I temporarily place it on the bed so I can strip out of the rest of my clothing. I unbutton my black button up shirt, letting it fall away, exposing my bra. I debate for a moment if I should keep it on, before reaching behind my back and unclipping the garment. It just wouldn't feel right to wear right now, with the rest of my infantile outfit. I pick up the onesie, and unbutton the snaps on the crotch before slipping it over my head. I feel the fabric expand and constrict to my form as it gets into place. I reach between my legs, and re snap the crotch of the garb. I reach into the chest once again, and pull out a black pacifier, before quickly popping it into my mouth. With a suckle, I walk over to the mirror to inspect the look. “Just like a baby.” I think to myself, and smile behind the dummy. I admire how the onesie confirms to my frame, accentuating the small curves I had developed over the years. I turn around, and look at the thickness surrounding my butt. Anyone looking would be able to tell what was underneath, especially with the design peaking out slightly around the legs. I finally look how I desire. Taking one last glimpse back into the mirror, I turn back to the chest for the final time, pulling out a black bag, filled with various other goodies. Taking it with me, I unlock the door, and head back to the living room. I situate myself back into my spot, feeling the cushion underneath me. I smile to myself, and I truly begin to feel the stress of the day melt away. After a moment of silent relaxation, I reach into the bag and pull out an oversized baby bottle. Deciding to stick to my already opened beverage, I carefully pour the can of soda into the bottle, before opening the second can and doing the same. I screw the lid back on, and begin to place the nipple towards my mouth, forgetting about the paci sitting between my lips. Giggling at my forgetfulness, I quickly attach the pacifier to the clip on my onesie, leaving it hanging within reach. I then return the bottle to my mouth, taking a sip of the refreshing, caffeinated drink. I place the bottle down next to me, before reaching over to the remote, resuming the episode I was watching. I sat there for a couple hours, watching the adventures unfold on the screen. Having finished my bottle, I had gotten up and filled it back up with water, polishing that off as well. As the 6th..or is it the 7th episode began to play, I returned the paci to my awaiting lips, enjoying my own personal nirvana. Midway through the episode, I begin to feel the results of all my consumption. I take a moment to decide if now is the moment I want to release, before deciding to return my attention to the show. Another series of credits rolls across the screen, and I begin bouncing in my seat, the desperation reaching its peak. I realize that I soon won’t have a choice if I want to go or not. Pulling my legs onto the couch, I get into position, sitting on my knees. With a final sigh, I begin to feel my bladder release, slowly at first, but quickly turning into a flood. I feel the warmth spreading around the front of the padding, which eagerly ate up the onslaught of pee. Many seconds pass by, and after what seemed to be a minute, I feel the flow turn into a trickle, before finally stopping. I begin to unsnap the crotch of the onesie, wanting to see myself how soaked I had become, and I was not disappointed. The entire front of the Rebelz had turned a pale yellow color, and reaching my hand down, I could feel the satisfying squish that only a soaked diaper could give. As I was inspecting my results, I felt my arousal from earlier return in earnest, the front of my padding beginning to tent, my erection making itself known. This time, I decide to do something about it. Reaching back into the bag, I pull out my favorite toy, a wireless wand vibrator. Pressing the button, I feel the device spring to life. I sit back down, feeling the warmth had made its way somewhat to the back of the diaper, before bringing the wand to the crotch of the padding. “Oh, how I missed this.” I say as I revel in the sensations. I turn up the speed a level before beginning to move it around, my privates becoming fully erect in the process. I close my eyes, and begin fantasizing about my usual dream. Instead of my hands guiding the wand, it’s Emma, using the device to provide this pleasure to me. I imagine all the things I wish I could experience with her. My mind plays the scene, me squirming around, feeling the wand to its job, while Emma calls me her good girl, her soggy baby, her precious little. All too soon, I feel myself beginning to reach my climax. With the last few strokes of the vibrator, I feel myself begin to orgasm, spurting my load inside my diaper, which happily accepted the additional liquid. I turn the device off, and breath heavily, basking in the afterglow of my alone time. Just as I finish recovering, I hear a sound to my left, and I open my eyes. My heart drops. Having been distracted by my masturbating, I must have failed to notice the sound of the lock on the door, or the opening of it for that matter. There stood Emma, confirming my worst fears. I begin to panic, before noticing something. Where in my worst nightmares, I had always imagined her with a look of disgust, in reality, here she stood, with a massive grin on her face. “Well, out of all the things I expected to walk in to, this wasn’t at the top of the list.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (CW: Shame, Homophobia, Transphobia, Familial Abuse, Mentions of Violence) Chapter 2: Caught in The Act June 2nd, 2023. 5:48pm Dread. All I feel is an overwhelming feeling of dread. For years, my biggest fear has been this exact moment. (I can’t believe I was stupid enough to let this happen! I should have never unlocked that chest!) My internal monologue goes into overdrive, reminding me how I should’ve been more careful, should’ve stayed locked in the guest bedroom, should’ve never engaged in my perverse kink to begin with. I feel my anxiety building with each passing moment. “So…wanna tell me what’s going on here?” Emma asks. I’m unable to read her expression, whether that’s due to my rush of emotions, or her lack of displaying one, I’m unable to tell. (Just talk to her! What’s the worst that she could say? That you’re disgusting, a pervert, a mental case? Yeah…that’s definitely what she’s going to say!) I open my mouth, trying to get any semblance of a word out, just…something. But nothing comes out. Instead, I feel my body enter autopilot, my legs moving faster than I can think, rushing me over to the guest bedroom. I quickly lock the door before collapsing on the floor, holding my head in my lap as the tears begin to form. What if she doesn’t think I’m sexy anymore? What if she wants to leave me? Why couldn’t I just be normal?!? I continue to cry, wishing more than anything that this didn’t happen. But it did. The cat’s out of the bag now, and no amount of wishing would make it otherwise. So I cry; that’s all I can do, is just cry. Suddenly, I hear a gentle knocking on the door, and I hear a voice filled with kindness and concern on the other side. “Roxie, are you okay? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you. I tried calling you to let you know I was coming back, but you didn’t answer.” I mentally kick myself, looking over to my jeans and seeing my phone sticking out of the pocket. Me and my forgetfulness. “Listen, I’m not mad, okay? I just want to talk to you. I don’t want to rush you, but would you please open the door?” I sit there for a moment longer, before slowly making my way to the door. I pause for a moment before unlocking the door, and cracking it open, just able to poke my head through. “I’m so, so sorry Emma.” I say with fresh tears dripping down my cheeks. “I never wanted you to see me…like this. I promise you I’ll never do this again, just please don't…” I’m interrupted by Emma pushing the door open. (This is it, she’s going to yell at me.) I think, before quickly being enveloped in a hug. “That’s enough, Roxie.” She says, only warmth in her voice. “I’m here, and I’ve got you. It’s all right.” I feel nothing but kindness and love from her words, not even a hint of anger in her voice. Hearing the conviction in her voice, a new wave of tears emerge from my eyes. Not tears of fear, or of sorrow, but of pure relief. I stand there, wrapped in her embrace, and continue to let out the emotions I’ve been carrying for too long. It feels like years have passed standing there, although in reality, only a few minutes have likely passed. I feel Emma begin to pull away, and I look down at my feet, embarrassed by my emotional outburst. A moment of silence lingers for a moment longer, before I hear her speak. “Are you okay now?” I see the concern in her eyes, still worried about me. I sniffle a bit, and attempt to regain my composure. “I…I’m okay. Thank you…for the hug…” I trail off “Are you sure? It’s okay to not be okay, you know.” She looks at me, awaiting my response. “Yeah, no I’m okay now. It was just…a bit of a shock is all. Last time I forget my phone.” I attempt to make the situation a bit less awkward with my joke, and I think it worked, maybe just a bit. “Listen, I know you’ve probably got a million different things running through your mind right now, but let me reiterate; I’m not mad, not in the slightest. Why don’t you sit down, I’ll make us some coffee, and we can talk about all of…well, this.” I give a slight nod, and head over to the kitchen table. I watch as Emma walks towards the kitchen, turning back long enough to give me a reassuring smile. (I should take a moment to compose myself. I mean, we’ve gotta talk about it at this point.) I close my eyes, and take a deep breath, holding it for just a moment before releasing, and repeating the process. As I feel myself regaining my composure, I open my eyes to see Emma walking out of the kitchen. She places a mug full of coffee in front of me, plenty of cream and sugar inside, before taking the seat next to me. I take a whiff of the warm beverage, and bring the cup to my lips, taking a savory sip. “Before I say anything…” Emma starts “I want you to talk. What does all of this…” she points to my outfit “mean to you. No judgment, just start where you’re comfortable, and speak truthfully.” Where do I even begin, I wonder. How do I explain all of this? Do I lie? Make up some kind of excuse for why I’m wearing diapers and baby clothes? I look into Emma’s eyes, and I begin to feel at ease. I decide to tell her. I decide to tell her everything. “Well…I’m into all of this. I’m an “ABDL”, which stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover.” I see her expression remains unchanged, so I continue. “I’ve always had a fascination for Diapers, for as long as I can remember. I always dreamed of going back to the moments of my childhood, even when I was…well still a child. I would dream of being able to go back to Diapers, and just enjoy the carefree experience of an infant. As I grew older, my feeling began to change and evolve, becoming more…complex. Not only was I discovering my sexuality, and how it plays into my obsession, but I also began to figure out more about myself. I began questioning my life, trying to figure out why I felt like I was a stranger in my own skin. I would look online, trying to see if someone, anyone, felt the way I felt. Not only did I find out about ABDL, but I discovered that some people can be “Transgender.” After reading more about the experiences of Trans Men and Women, I finally figured out what was “wrong” with me.” I feel Emma place her hand on top of mine, giving it a gentle squeeze. From the moment I met her, she knew about my gender identity. Having always known that she was accepting, I still felt a little anxious, telling my whole story. I take a breath, and continue on with my story. “Maybe a part of me wanted to relive the moments of my childhood, because I never truly had “my” childhood. I was just pretending to be what everyone thought I was. Now that I knew who I was…I knew I had to hide it.” “Why?” Emma asks. “I mean, I get hiding your interest in Ageplay, but why did you feel like you had to hide your identity?” I wince, reliving the harsh memories like they were yesterday. “I hid it because I lived in the south, and it was the 2010’s. The folks down there aren’t exactly welcoming to those who are…different.” I pause, steeling myself for what comes next. “That included my parents. I knew full well how they felt about “Queers”, and I knew for a fact that they wouldn’t change their minds, not even for their own blood.” Emma looks shocked. “I…I knew you didn’t talk to your parents, but you never talked about why. I can’t…I can’t even imagine the feeling.” “Yeah, it was Hell. But I survived. I buried my true feeling deep down, and continued living a life that wasn’t mine. I got through Middle School, and even High School, hating the changes happening to my body, but unable to do anything about it. I just…tried not to think about it. I buried myself into my school work, doing everything and anything I could do to keep myself busy. Eventually, that paid off, and I graduated with honors. I even got scholarship offers from Universities. And then I finally realized…I could be free. I was about to be out in the world, on my own, free to do as I may. And suddenly, I began to feel alive again. I began making plans. I got myself into school, registered for classes, and got into the dorms.” “So you could finally live as yourself? Sounds like you found a way to be happy.” I looked at Emma. I always appreciate her optimism, but not everything works out as you hope in life. “Yeah it does…but then I made a mistake.” She looks at me with a mix of curiosity, confusion and worry. “It was supposed to be a happy day. I was moving out. I had my car all packed and everything. All I had to do was hop in, turn the key, and never look back. I didn’t do that. For some reason, I thought I could finally tell my parents about who I was, who I wanted to be. I told them I was Trans…and regretted it.” I see a tear form in Emma’s eye, too shocked to even speak. “My father told me I was a freak, a degenerate looser, and that I would be doomed to Hell for my sins. He…did more than yell.” I reached to the neck of my clothes and pulled it to the side, showing off my faint scar from all those years ago. I see a look of shock and anger fill her face for a moment, before returning her expression back to composed. She reaches over, feeling the surface of my skin. “That’s how you got that scar? I always assumed it was from something embarrassing, not something so…so wrong! How could he do that to you?” I’ve asked myself the same question over the years. “He told me to leave, and never come back, or else he’d bury me in the ground. Mom..my mother just stood there, not even looking at me. I don’t know if she was just scared of my father, or if she agreed with him. All I know, is that she wouldn’t even look at me. So…I left, and never went back. That…that was the last time I heard from either of them.” “Roxie, I’m so sorry. Nobody should have to go through something like that.” She reaches around the table and gives me a hug. No tears flowed from me this time though, that memory had already extracted all the tears it ever would. “It’s okay Emma. The story gets a bit better from here. I went to college out of state, finally leaving the bigotry of the south behind, and I moved into the dorms, free for the first time. I even had a dorm room to myself. I swear, when I found that out, I felt that my luck was finally turning around. I finally had the time, space and availability to start being me. I got a part time job, and since I didn’t have any other expenses besides my car insurance, I had a good amount of disposable income. I ordered clothes for myself, started practicing make-up, dyed my hair, and even started out on hormones. I was, for the first time in my life, living for myself. Once I got settled into my new life, my mind turned back to my…other interests. I ordered diapers, onesies, pacifiers, you name it, having it all delivered to a P.O box. People saw me bringing packages to my dorm room all the time; they probably thought it was more clothes or something. It wouldn’t have mattered if the did though, nothing was going to stop me, not anymore. I began letting myself explore my ageplay kink, and let me tell you, the first time I put on a diaper, I felt complete. Everything that I had lived through, all the pain, all the suffering, it was all worth it. So..I kept doing it. And well…that’s where we are today.” I wait for her response with baited breath. “Thank you, Roxie, for sharing your story. I can’t imagine your struggle. I mean, having to deal with all of that…your family, and…just wow. I’m glad you were able to find yourself, and embrace the little within you. I want you to know, I love you, and nothing you’ve told me has changed that.” Emma smiles at me, and I return it back to her. It was my turn now to lean over the table, embracing the woman that I love. Then, something hits me. I never mentioned the term “Little” in my explanation. In fact, Emma used the word “Ageplay” before I even brought it up. I then remember the smile she gave me when I was caught; like she knew what I was doing. Not one point during this ordeal did she ever question the fact that I was wearing a onesie, or a wet diaper for that matter. I break the embrace, and look into her eyes. I ask the question now in my mind. “Emma, you know more about Ageplay than you’re letting on, don’t you?” She looks at me for a moment, then returns that same smile I saw earlier in the day. “Guilty.” She says. “Since you were so open with me, I’m going to be open with you.” It was now my turn to listen. “I’m into Ageplay too. Specifically, I’m a Mommy. I’ve been a Mommy for a long time, years before I met you. I actually started out exploring BDSM, and while I enjoyed all the bondage, and the domination, it was always missing something for me. I was craving that touch of innocence that comes with Ageplay. I won’t hit you with my whole backstory right now. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not hiding anything from you, but you’ve had a long day, and I don’t want to dump too much on you at once. For now, know that I’m just as weird and kinky as you.” I sat there, mouth open. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine Emma, my girlfriend Emma, would even know about the world of Ageplay, let alone having been involved with it for years. My mind was swimming with questions, but she’s right, it has already been a long enough day. However, there was still one more question on my mind, that I just had to have answered. “That still doesn’t explain something. Why weren’t you surprised with me being into Ageplay? You didn’t seem shocked at all. It’s almost like…” “Like I knew?” She finished. “It’s because I did.” I see a guilty look appear on her face. “It wasn’t intentional, and I wasn’t trying to snoop, but I found your stash months ago. I was looking for my old sneakers, and was surprised to find a key inside the sole. You could imagine my confusion. Just as I was walking out of the closet, I…well, I tripped over my own feet.” I laugh, knowing full well that Emma gets distracted when cleaning and looking for things. “Yeah, laugh it up diaper girl.” We both get a laugh out of that one. “Anyways, I spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure out where I dropped the key. I looked everywhere. I checked behind the dresser, under the chair, and then looked under the bed, where I found your chest. At least I knew what the key went to, now I just had to find the key. Ironically, it was in my shoe. Don’t ask how it got there, I to this day don’t know how it happened. I unlocked the chest, and was surprised by the contents, mostly because I knew what everything inside was. I knew I didn’t have any supplies left in the house, and realized based on the sizes that they belonged to you. Plus, out of all the women I’ve ever met, nobody wears more skulls than you. I then panicked a bit, realizing I had intruded on your secret stash. I quickly locked it back up and put the key back in its hiding spot.” “Why…why didn’t you say anything? You had to know at the time it was all kink-related stuff?” I was now confused, wondering why she didn’t act on her knowledge, confront me, hell do anything with what she just learned. “I didn’t say anything because it was your secret to share. It didn’t matter that I was a Mommy, or if you were a Little, it was your secret, and you shouldn’t have had to reveal it before you were ready. If I was sorry for anything, it would be for not knocking before I came in…but this is my place too, so you could imagine how silly that would be.” I got up from my seat, and walked in close to Emma. She looked at me, unsure of what I was going to do. I move in closer, and bring my lips to hers, kissing her deeply. It lasts for a moment longer, before I begrudgingly pull back, needing to get the words out of my throat. “Thank you Emma, for the space, for listening…for everything.” “Don’t mention it. Now that the emotional stuff is over with, I’m suddenly hungry. How about I order us a Pizza, and we watch a movie, and just relax for the rest of the night?” “Sounds good to me!” I state enthusiastically, glad to put the negativity from before behind me. “Alright, how about you head to the couch and pick out something for us to watch? I’ll call the restaurant now.” As Emma pulls out her phone, I begin walking over to the couch, before realizing I’m still in my little attire. (I should probably get changed. Don’t want to push my luck tonight.) I turn around and start walking over to the bedroom, when Emma places a hand on my shoulder, stopping me in my tracks. “Where are you going?” she asks. “Oh, I was just going to change my clothes…for the movie.” I state, not quite ready to talk about my outfit aloud. I don’t know if I was just embarrassed, or if I was afraid she wouldn’t want me dressed like this right now. Emma then gave me a smile. “Don’t be silly, that’s a perfect outfit. Now get on the couch, crinkle butt.” She says, and gives me a quick swat on the butt, a crinkle sound emanating from my rear. A huge smile forms on my face, and I head back to the couch. I have a thought to myself. “How did I get so lucky?”
  3. Chapter One Fern stood before the rich mahogany door, hand trembling as she willed herself to move. (I’m just going to look. There’s no harm in looking, right?) She rolled her eyes at herself–there was plenty of harm in looking. If her landlady caught her, Fern might find herself homeless within the hour. She didn’t expect Aurelia to be forgiving of a tenant snooping around her bedroom. Fern had found herself a good place–the shared house was practically a mansion, even if she shared it with three other women, and the rent was comfortably within her price range. She was only a ten minute jog from her new job, and her new housemates were friendly and polite. It would be the height of stupidity to risk all that for mere curiosity, and yet… … Two nights earlier “Ah-AH!” Fern jumped, alarmed by the sound. She hadn’t heard anyone come home, but at some point during her midday nap, someone had come in, and they were…screaming? Heart racing, Fern crept to her bedroom door with quick, silent strides. She was still wearing her scrubs from work, she hadn’t taken them off before crashing into her nap. Her socks on the hardwood floor didn’t make a sound, and she held her breath. Could it be a home invader? She heard a loud SMACK! and a second yelp of pain in a different register. Then a voice, loud, stern, and familiar. “I don’t want to hear it–this is what you get when you don’t listen.” Aurelia’s voice, there was no mistaking it. Fern’s landlady, the matron of the house. As confident as she was rich, Fern had never heard the woman sound uncertain about anything, but now her words carried notes of diamond, hard and unbreakable. “Please, I told Leah we shouldn’t, but,” Carolyn’s voice echoed through the house, muted by several walls but no less distinct. “I just–” SMACK! “You are responsible for your own choices, young lady!” Fern built a mental picture as she crept into the hallway, towards the door on the opposite end of the wing. Aurelia had two nieces, Leah and Carolyn, and they’d done something to upset their aunt, something that had pushed Aurelia to hurt them. (Did I rent a room from a monster?) As the smacks and cries of pain continued, Fern stepped up to the door, crouching, peering through the old-style keyhole. It only offered limited flashes of the room beyond, but she saw enough. Two round, pert butts were pointed towards her, raised in the air, displaying bright pink stripes that criss crossed over light olive skin. Heart pounding her chest, Fern could only watch. … Shaking away the memory, Fern grabbed the handle of the bedroom door and threw it open, unable to fight her curiosity any longer. She half expected to find some array of punishment devices laying around the room, but Aurelia’s bedroom seemed remarkably normal…or, at least, normal for someone with her income. A bed against one wall, a private master bath, plenty of space, a shelf stacked with well-loved books. If Fern hadn’t seen what she’d seen, she never would have suspected the truth. Only her spying told her where to look, spotting two pairs of scuff marks on the hardwood floor, pointed towards… She swallowed, eyes raising up to the bookshelf. Walking forward as though in a trance, captivated by the need to see for herself what lay beyond it, she looked over the shelf, skimming titles until she found the unique choice amongst them. Histoire d’O. The title was the only French novel, but more than that, the subject matter couldn’t be a coincidence. Hand drifting up, Fern pulled on the book with a finger. It leaned forward slightly, then the bookshelf swung away from her, revealing the secret room hidden within. … Peering through the door, Fern held her breath, straining to see. Aurelia brought down a cane onto the exposed asses of the girls. By shifting her view, Fern could see that the girls had been stripped and made to bend over, heads down so that their long brown hair dangled almost onto the floorboards, touching their toes, leaving their bare butts completely vulnerable. Aurelia stalked from side to side, striking the two girls without mercy. With every impact, Fern’s heart slammed in her chest, anticipation building. Though horrified, she couldn’t look away, needing to see every mark, every crack of the switch. She craved it. Finally, Aurelia stepped back, her voice as steady and dominant as ever. “That’s enough. Standing.” Both girls stood together, adopting similar postures, their shaking legs shoulder-width apart and their naked bodies facing their aunt. Leah moved to rub at her cheeks, to soothe the soreness, but that only earned her a crack of the switch across her knuckles. Fern caught the flash of a smirk on Carolyn’s lips, the girl’s brown eyes sparkling for just a moment before her expression returned to quiet submission. “We’ve learned our lesson,” Carolyn promised. “We shouldn’t have stayed out–” She froze, swallowing, reacting to an expression on Aurelia’s face that Fern couldn’t see. “Your lesson,” Aurelia explained, snapping her cane in her hand for emphasis, “is not over. I don’t know when Fern will be home tonight, but tomorrow night, she’s been scheduled for a double shift. We’ll have the house all to ourselves, and then we’ll see if you’ve really learned your lesson. Do you understand?” Whimpering, both girls nodded, eyes down, refusing to so much as look at their aunt. Fern swallowed, and she felt immediately that she had to know more. … Stepping forward in a daze, Fern looked at the treasures arranged in the hidden room. It was more than she’d ever imagined. Some of the implements she’d seen before, when–last night–she’d arranged to have her shift covered and snuck home to witness the girls’ promised punishment. Fern had been unable to resist the allure, the need to know, and so she’d made her way back to her peephole, silent as a mouse, to watch the punishment. Two leather benches took up the center of the room. Fern could visualize the images from the previous evening that were now burned into her memory. The outline of two girls bent over them, butts in the air, hands and ankles cuffed in place so that they could not escape their torment. Arranged so that they were opposite each other, the girls gave Fern a perfect peep show. She could see Leah’s face, her narrow brown eyes burning red, tears streaking her makeup, while Carolyn’s exposed ass demonstrated why–bruises mark the skin, a canvas for an artist who worked with paddles and floggers. They’d each been allowed a little slack in the cuffs holding one wrist, so that they could reach out, holding each other’s hands for comfort throughout the torment–their only source of respite as Aurelia struck them, again and again. One shelf was taken up purely by implements meant for spankings. A half-dozen slender canes, some willowy and flexible, others thick and hard. A rain of blows left a dozen parallel stripes of pain on Carolyn’s skin, and each mark is matched by a desperate, high yelp. In contrast, a thick, small leather tool sat all alone, one end weighed down by lead shot. Bruising impacts fell, heavy thuds that forced Leah’s body into the bench. She whimpered and begged in a throaty, desperate voice, but her aunt showed not an ounce of mercy. Heart fluttering as she looks away from the spanking tools, Fern stepped up to a tall steel stand. Two clear plastic bags hung from the top, long hoses dangling below, with valves to control water flow. Still restrained, both girls were helpless as Aurelia stalked around them, holding a pair of identical nozzles that dangled from matching enema bags. The bags sagged on the stand, full of sudsy water, so much that Fern didn’t believe it could all possibly fit inside the petite girls. “Let’s see if you can do better than last time,” she taunted, stopping behind Carolyn and plunging the tip of one nozzle deep inside. Carolyn inhaled sharply, gasping as the enema hose filled her up. Leah took it better, biting her lip and closing her eyes to brace for the penetration. They both held their bodies tight and tense. Their freshly bruising bottoms quivered, knowing that this would only be the start. “One quart each,” Aurelia said, and Fern realized only then that the girls, with their heads low and eyes downcast, couldn’t see how full the bags were. “But–” Leah began. “Shut up!” Carolyn snapped, before the other niece could get them into further trouble. Aurelia smirked and laughed. “You should listen to her, unless you both want to try the full three quarts.” “But that’s–” Leah repeated, eyes widening as she realized her mistake. Carolyn shook her head, butt wiggling slightly in the air, but she couldn’t stop the words after they’d already been said. Aurelia only smirked. “Two quarts it is. Do you want to go for three?” Both girls fell silent. Nodding, Aurelia reached up and released the nozzles. The water lines began to lower, sloshing into the girls, who whimpered as they were filled up with painful, dribbling slowness. She left the girls there, leaving for just a moment. “You brat!” Carolyn snapped, while they had a moment of semi-privacy. “I’m sorry,” Leah whimpered in response, helpless squeaks of discomfort escaping her throat as the enema filled her more and more. “I–I couldn’t help it!” Before they could say anything further, Aurelia returned with a large pitcher, making good on her threat by topping off the enema bags. “If this doesn’t help you learn,” Aurelia mused, grinning wickedly as she watched the two girls squirm and squeak, wriggling their bruised bottoms in the air as water poured into them drip by drip. “We may have to try a more enduring lesson. I wonder–would daily spankings for a week keep you both in line? Or daily enemas?” Both girls whimpered, shaking their heads. “Of course,” Aurelia said, as though they’d answered her. “It should be both! So remember–that’s what will happen if you fuck up again–and that’s if I choose to be merciful.” Back in the present, mind still half lost in the memory, Fern’s eyes fell on the rear-most shelf, and her breath fell still. Upon that shelf, in styles ranging from plain white to decorated and juvenile, were dozens–hundreds, even–of stacked adult diapers. Whimpering as they returned from the privacy of the bathroom after being allowed to release their enemas, the girls laid down, squirming but silent, onto a pair of pads on the bed. Fern’s peephole could just barely see that far to the side, letting her watch as Aurelia wrapped the squirming girls up in their diapers. “Let’s see if you’ll still stay out late wearing these,” Aurelia warned. “Or do you think nobody will notice your puffy bottoms if you go dancing in your miniskirts while wearing your diapers?” Fern moved towards the thick, puffy garments in a trance, reaching out to touch the object of her obsession,, to feel the slight plastic crinkle beneath her trembling fingertips. Near the end of the stack, a pair of handcuffs had been left out away from its home with the other restraints, sitting on one of the diapers. The contrast between the two–a juvenile object of comfort and a hard, sharp tool of bondage–left her feeling dizzy. Her gaze fell over the pair of glimmering steel handcuffs, polished to a mirror shine. She saw herself in the restraints, her own dark eyes enormous puddles of desperate need, her nut-brown skin flushed, sweat beading on her forehead. She felt as though she’d been running for miles, heart beating fast, but instead of fatigue, she wanted something, wanted to– Fern’s eyes widened further as she saw another face reflected in the cuffs, and she spun, yelping in alarm. Aurelia stood in the closet doorway, looking like a Greek goddess of vengeance. Arms on her hips, standing tall, the older woman glared fire down at the trembling Fern. “What, exactly, do you think you’re doing?” ... Written as a commission Two more chapters of this story are on their way soon! If you want to support the creation of stories like this, please consider subscribing or getting a commission. (Or both! One perk of subscription is that you get discounts on commissions!) 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  4. “I am not going to be their flower girl,” I shouted at my Mistress. We had been arguing off and on since last night, when our closest friends revealed the part they wanted me to play in their kink wedding. Our friends were having two weddings actually. A traditional, normal, wedding for all of their friends and family. Then a second wedding, to share with their friends in the kink community to celebrate “their true selves,” and where everyone could celebrate as “their true selves.” I had known for months that I was a groomsman for their traditional wedding. I assumed that I was going to be one as well for their kink wedding, but instead, they told me last night that they wanted me to be the flower girl for their kinky wedding the next day. Mistress and I had been arguing ever since on whether I would be doing it or not. “Yes, you are sissy,” Mistress replied. "They said that for this wedding they wanted a diapered sissy flower girl and that means you." "I don't care," I said. "I don't want to be a flower girl, I don't want to wear a dress, and I don't want to wear diapers in front of everyone. There's nothing you can say or do to make me!" "Oh, we will see about that," Mistress said grabbing a hairbrush from the dresser. Immediately she began swinging it wildy at my thighs, not caring what part of me she hit. The few blows that landed mercifully hit the outside of my thighs, but they stung like hell. The inflicted pain, and the fear of catching the hairbrush in the head or nuts, soon had me running from the bedroom, and Mistress was able to herd me with the hairbrush into our playroom. A well aimed strike from her landed hard and fast on my ass. I cried out in pain, and this gave Mistress all the opening she needed to manhandle me onto our spanking bench. She must have planned to do this, because impossibly fast a strap is around my waist pinning me to the bench. I made the mistake of flailing my arms around trying to find and undo the buckle, but this just made it easier for Mistress to grab my arms and force them into the cuffs attached to the table. Soon I was helplessly immobilized while Mistress searched through our impact toys, selecting a few that she thought would persuade me to see things from her point of view. After a few minutes of terrified anticipation, I felt our narrow, rubber paddle caressing my ass cheeks. That was a relief, because this was the toy Mistress used as a warm up before one of our impact sessions. If she had wanted me to be miserable, she would have grabbed a wooden paddle. Not to say Mistress’s first strikes didn’t sting, and the strikes quickly went from a sting to full blown pain quickly. After five minutes, I was squirming as much as I could in my bound position. After another five minutes, Mistress switched from the rubber paddle to a flogger. Each heavy thump of the flogger across my shoulders, ass, or legs dropped me a little bit deeper and a little bit deeper into subspace. Mistress kept this up for fifteen minutes as my body sank into a numb pain from the strikes of the flogger. Then, to ensure my complete descent into an obedient subspace, Mistress pulled out a riding crop. She struck at any strip of flesh on my shoulders, ass, or thighs that was still pale. Once she finished, I was nothing more than a quivering, submissive mass lost deep in a haze from pain and subspace. “Now,” Mistress said, setting the riding crop down and cupping my chin in her hand, lifting it up so I was looking at her, “are you going to be a good little diapered sissy flower girl this afternoon?” I could only gently nod my head yes in her hand, non-verbal and still dazed from the impact play session. Mistress responded with a smile, then worked her way around the spanking bench, undoing the restraints holding me in place. Once the last strap had fallen away Mistress helped me to my feet, guiding me up onto the massage table in our playroom. She then disappeared, leaving me to return to coherent thought. Mistress returned about five minutes later, a large, filled enema bag in her hand. I tried to protest, but a gentle finger to my lips and a reminder that the riding crop was still out was enough to silence my protests. Soon the enema bag was secured to a hook above me, and I felt a gloved finger gently fingering and lubricating my asshole. Once Mistress felt I was ready the finger disappeared and was replaced with the cool tip of the enema nozzle. It slipped inside of me easily, and then I began feeling a building pressure as Mistress inflated the balloon tip. She didn't stop squeezing air into the plug until I started begging, crying out that the plug was ripping my ass apart. Mistress then unceremoniously opened the valve on the enema hose, letting the warm water flood my rectum. She then left me alone while the bag's contents flowed into me, knowing I was too tired and submissive to stop the enema. Mistress returned about ten minutes after the bag had fully emptied into my stomach, and I was writhing in pain on the table from cramping and the pain of the inflatable plug. Without saying a word she helped me off of the massage table, and led me back to our bathroom. Once I was seated on the toilet the sound of rushing air was followed by a pop which was followed by a cry of pain as Mistress unceremoniously deflated the enema plug and yanked it out of my ass. While I released the enema, Mistress began preparing a bath for me, filling the tub with warm water and bubbles. Once everything had been expelled from me, I was gently ushered into the soothing waters of the bathtub. Mistress let me enjoy the warm waters and play in the tub for a while, gently pushing mountains of bubbles across the water, before she began washing me. As always, it was pure heaven. I usually only had my hair cut twice a year, and it had been some time since I had last sat in a chair at the salon. This meant I got quite the long and luxurious head massage as Mistress worked the fragrant shampoo into my hair, her gentle fingers rubbing my scalp as she turned the gel into a lather. Occasionally, she stroked my earlobes, knowing that it relaxed and seduced me. Once she was satisfied, Mistress gently ran warm water through my hair, cleaning the foamy shampoo out of it. She then repeated the massage, this time working conditioner into my hair. She then took a small brush, lathered up the bristles, and began washing the sweat and grime off of my body. The bristles provided a pleasurable, scratching sensation as they worked their way across every surface of my body. Mistress was firm enough that the sensation couldn’t be ignored, but gentle enough to not be uncomfortable. The overall effect was quite arousing, which Mistress took advantage of, giggling in delight at the expressions that played across my face as she washed my erection with the brush. The bristles were not as pleasurable of a pain on the head of my penis as they were on my forehead or armpits. Once I was a muling mess, begging for respite from the bristles on my intimate areas, Mistress coincidently decided that I was now a clean little sissy baby. She then used warm water to again clean the soap and conditioner off my body and hair, and began draining the water out of the bathtub. I wasn’t allowed out of the tub though. Instead, Mistress retrieved some shaving cream and a razor, and began coating me in the shaving cream. She covered every part of my body except the hair on my head in the white foam. She then waited nearly ten minutes, letting the shaving cream soften my body hair, before she began shaving me. After a lot of work, and several more applications of shaving cream, there was not a single hair anywhere on my body from my face to my armpits to my balls. The only hair that remained was the hair on my head. She then washed any leftover shaving cream off of my body, and helped me up out of the tub. She then made me lift my arms up above my head, before wrapping me in a large pink fluffy towel. "I need my little sissy baby all dry and cozy for their diaper," she said as she dried me off. She spent extra time dabbing my crotch and butt crack off with the towel. After five minutes of stroking and patting me with the towel, Mistress decided that I was ready to be dressed. Naked, she led me back into our playroom, and helped me back onto the massage table. She laid me down on my back, then pulled a thick white diaper out from a storage container underneath the table. "Your outfit is going to cover your diapers up, so my little sissy doesn't need one of her pretty diapers," Mistress said, grabbing my ankles to lift them up in order to slide the diaper underneath. She then placed two stuffers in the diaper for extra thickness. Mistress then grabbed the baby powder, sprinkling quite a generous amount over my crotch, before rubbing it in with her hands. This was Mistress’s favorite part of diapering me, slowly rubbing her hands all across my cock, balls, taint, and ass in order to make sure every part of my diaper area was coated in the sweet smelling powder. She especially loved rubbing the powder across my cock, feeling it expand and grow in her hand as her gentle ministrations elicited a massive erection from me. “Now I am trusting you to be a good little sissy and not make any cummies like a bad little baby at the wedding,” she said, finishing powdering me and rubbing the excess free from her hands, “If your a bad little sissy, I won’t hesitate to pull down your diapers, spank you, and lock your cock up in front of everyone for the next three months. Now, before we tape this diaper up you need one last thing.” Mistress walked over to the dresser that contained all of our sex toys, and returned with a bottle of lube and one of our favorite toys. It was a vibrating, inflatable, remotely controlled buttplug. It had been an expensive indulgence, but the number of mind-shattering, leg-shaking orgasms it had produced in the both of us made it worth every cent. Without saying a word Mistress put on a latex glove, before lubing up a finger and sliding it in and out of my asshole in order to get it ready for the plug. This only took a minute to do, as the prior enema with the inflatable nozzle had left my ass loose. She then poured some lube on the plug and slid it in, before inflating it until she was sure it would be stuck there for the rest of the day. “There. That way no one will have to worry about smelling any messy diapers at the wedding,” Mistress said as she pulled the glove off of her hand and threw it into the trash. She then repositioned the diaper underneath me, spread a bit more baby powder into my ass crack to absorb the excess lube, and pulled the front of the diaper up and over my crotch. With swift, decisive actions she fastened the tapes, and the diaper firmly and comfortably cocooned my cock, balls, ass and buttplug. “Now, sit here while I get the rest of your outfit,” Mistress said, helping me up into a seated position before wandering off to collect all of the raiments I was going to have to wear today. The first garment put on me was a pair of locking plastic panties, “to help me be a good little sissy who doesn’t touch her diapers, and to make sure I don’t ruin any of the nice clothes Mistress bought me,” she said as she slid them up my legs and into place. Next a pair of sheer white tights were rolled onto my feet and up my legs. Next came one of my personal favorite pieces of clothing. It was a white onesie, with a thick petticoat sewn into the waist. I loved it because of how locked into my sissyish outfit it made me feel. I lifted my arms up so Mistress could slide it over my head and down my chest, then squatting and spreading my legs slightly to make it easier for her to snap up the buttons between my legs. She then slid a couple more short petticoats up my legs to set them underneath the one sewn into the onesie. Mistress then pulled a small corset and pair of panties from the wardrobe. The panties were a pair of slightly padded, pink rhumba panties with lace sewn across the leg cuffs and rump, with “Sissy” embroidered into the front. The corset was a simple pink band designed to cinch in the waist and be worn under clothes. “Are those really necessary Mistress,” I whined. I already couldn’t comfortably bring my legs together, and the panties would give me a pronounced waddle, in addition to dying shame if anyone saw them. The waist cincher would make it an even longer and more uncomfortable day. “Oh yes of course,” Mistress responded, ignoring my whining tone, kneeling down to slide the panties up my leg. “You want to have a pretty, tiny waist instead of that ugly beer belly of your’s, don’t you sissy?” I cried out “Yes Mistress” when she pinched my leg after I didn’t respond. “And people will be expecting to see something pretty when they flip up your pretty skirt. You don’t want to disappoint people, do you sissy?” “No Mistress,” I responded promptly this time as she finished adjusting the panties around my waist so that none of the lacy ruffles were tucked into the panties. Satisfied, she had my lean against the massage table to put the waist cincher around my belly. I had to stand with my legs splayed, the layers of diapers and clothing preventing me from being able to close my legs. Leaning against the massage table, I shrunk my belly as much as possible for Mistress, letting out a deep breath while sucking in my chest. Mistress then wrapped the cincher as tight as she possibly could around my waist, securing the hooks to hold it temporarily before properly tying it up. When she was finished it felt tight across my stomach, but not painful thanks to the fabric of the onesie preventing it from digging too tightly into my stomach. “Oh, you already look absolutely adorable. You are going to be absolutely adorable in your flower girl dress,” Mistress said, stepping into the hall to grab my dress. She returned a minute later with a dress that made my legs buckle, my cock grow hard, and the sissy inside of me squeal in delight. The dress was a soft pale blue. The skirt was layer upon layer of ruffly lace in the shape of flower petals. On the chest was a massive fabric rose, with the stem embroidered down the center and the fabric petals protruding out from the chest just below the neckline. Completing the dress were puffball sleeves and ribbons to tie into a massive bow in the back. Mistress unzipped the dress, and lifted it over my head, sliding it down my waist and over the layers of petticoats. I let out a sigh as I felt the dress tighten across my body while Mistress zipped up the back. I really shouldn't have been surprised when I heard the small click of the padlock as Mistress locked the dress shut until she was ready to release me. She then drew the ribbons back tightly and tied them into a massive, girly bow behind my back. Finally, Mistress pulled out a pair of white leather pump heels and helped guide my feet into them. "You look absolutely adorable, baby. The absolute image of sissy perfection. You're going to have to be the model of good behavior today dear or there will be no shortage of Doms wanting to pull your frilly little butt over their laps and go to town until your crying," Mistress said. I tried to get a peek of myself in the mirror, but Mistress dragged me out of the room before I could see how I looked. "That better not happen, though. If it does, I will spank you again for ruining all of the pretty makeup I am about to put on you. Mistress led me back into the master bedroom, where she had already set up a padded stool next to the dresser with all of the makeup spread across it. Once again I tried to get a glimpse of how the full outfit looked, but I still wasn't able to see myself in any mirrors. Mistress began by rubbing moisturizer into my face. She then took a small brush to apply various shades of concealer, hiding the usual under eye circles, blemishes, and most importantly, the last vestiges of my facial hair. Satisfied that all these imperfections would disappear under a layer of foundation, Mistress squirted some of my foundation onto the back of her hand before dabbing it onto my face with a sponge. The foundation felt cool as it was softly applied to my face before drying onto my face. The foundation left a feeling, not quite a weight, but definitely noticeable. I sort of enjoyed the feeling. It gave me a sensation to focus on, one that helped distract me from my normal day to day thoughts and fall into my sissified state. Satisfied with my foundation, Mistress then began working on my eyes. First she covered my eyelid and eyebrow in a white eyeshadow to serve as a base. Next, she applied a small amount of eyeliner to my top and bottom lashline. I tried not to squirm while she traced the lines, but I always hated the feeling of the tip so close to my eyeballs. While I always enjoyed how it looked when it was finished, it was a step of my makeup that I was always happy when Mistress left out. Thankfully, Mistress only applied a small amount of eyeliner to help accentuate my eyelashes, so this part was over quickly. Next a soft powder blue eyeshadow was applied to my eyelids and the crease of my eyes, then blended with the white eyeliner. Finally a brighter, sparkling blue eyeshadow was placed on my eyelid. To finish my eyes, Mistress applied a first coating of mascara to my eyelashes. Next came a set of false eyelashes. They felt heavy on my eyelids as they solidified into place. Finally, a couple quick presses of an eyelash curler and another coating of mascara were applied to blend my real and false eyelashes together. Highlighter and bronzer were applied next, turning my brow, nose, and cheeks from masculine, broad surfaces to feminine, angular ones. Next a fluffy brush was packed with blush before Mistress brushed it into the apples of my cheeks. This left me cheeks so rosy and glowing Santa would be jealous. Last a large powder buff was patted against my face several times, setting all the powders in place for the next several hours. Mistress then applied a pink lipstick, and several coats of lip gloss to finish my lipstick. "There," Mistress said as she applied the last coat of lip gloss, "you can kiss all the pretty boys and girls and not have to worry about constantly fixing your makeup sissy." My face flushed a bright red at the thought, though it was hidden under all of my makeup. Making me ask others for a kiss was one of Mistress's favorite things to do when I was out in public as a sissy. "Now," Mistress said, cupping my face in her hands, " i don't think we will go with a wig today. That will be too hot. Plus we want to show how pretty your natural hair is, right sissy?" "Yes Mistress," I responded. My hair was fairly short, not leaving Mistress much to manipulate, but soon I felt a brush passing through my hair. This was followed by several liberal douses of hair spray, and ended with what felt like a heavy hairbow being clipped into my hair. "There, I think my sissy is all ready for the wedding," Mistress said. “Would my sissy finally like to see how I’ve dressed her?” “Yes please Mistress,” I begged, trying to sound as pleading as possible. “Ok sissy, stand up and come to the mirror,” Mistress said, helping me up off of the stool and leading me over to the mirror. My cock twitched painfully hard in my chastity cage and my knees nearly buckled as I looked at myself in the mirror. Looking back at me was a frilly, delicate boy, and I had never felt more feminine in my life. My hair and makeup made me feel soft and girlish, while the lacy dress swishing around and revealing my frilly panties made me feel like helpless, simpering sissy ready to do as told. “You look absolutely gorgeous sissy,” Mistress said, holding me from behind as I continued to gaze at myself in the mirror. “I am going to have to keep my eyes on you the whole night to make sure no one tries to kidnap you and take you home for themselves. And to make sure you don't ruin your beautiful outfit.” Mistress tied my large, frilly bib with the phrase “Mommy’s Sissy Boy” embroidered on the front around my neck. “We don’t want you getting anything on your pretty dress, do we sissy?” “No Mistress,” I replied obediently, worried how long the embarrassing bib would remain around my neck. “Good sissy,” Mistress said, “now, why don’t you sit on the couch and watch some cartoons while I finish getting ready?” Mistress led me downstairs to the living room, where she sat me on the couch. “Now you be a good little boy, watch cartoons, and don’t move a muscle from this spot.” “Can I watch Bluey Mistress,” I asked, hoping I would be allowed to watch the show. It may have been one of my favorite shows, even as an adult. “No sissy, not today,” Mistress said. “You turn into a cheeky toddler when you watch Bluey, and we want you to be a well behaved sissy boy today. You can watch something else instead.” Mistress turned a different, more babyish cartoon on for me instead, handed me a sippy cup of water to drink, and headed back upstairs to finish getting dressed. As she walked up the stairs, she reiterated, “I don’t want you to move a single inch from that spot baby, got it?” “Yes Mistress,” I called after her as she left. It felt like it took ages for Mistress to finish getting ready herself. Though the wait may have felt longer due to the mind numbing boredom of the children's show she had put on for me, or the humiliating and wonderful way I was dressed, and the growing sensation of needing to pee as I continued to suckle on my baby bottle. Mistress eventually returned though, looking absolutely stunning. She was wearing a white dress with blue flowers spread across it. Her long hair, normally worn up in a loose bun for work, was down. Her hair framed both sides of her face and flowed down her back. She had also done her makeup. While my makeup was girly and cute to emphasize my sissyness, her makeup was refined and made her look ravishing. "Good sissy, you didn't move at all, just like you were told. You only need to sit there a few more minutes while I pack your diaper bag. Do you need more water before we go sissy?" Mistress didn't wait for a reply, snatching my baby bottle and refilling it in the kitchen before giving it back to me. She then scurried around the house for a few minutes packing a massive diaper bag meant to last me through the day. Once it was finally packed, mostly with extra diapers and a few more baby bottles, Mistress helped me up off of the couch and led me to the car. She buckled me into the backseat of her car, clipped a pacifier to my bib, and then sat behind the wheel of the car, driving us to the wedding. "Now sissy, we don't know how hectic it will be once we get to the wedding, so I want that bottle drained by the time we arrive. Also, if you aren't sucking on a bottle, I don't want that pacifier out of your mouth without permission. Got it?" Mistress said as we drove down the road. "Yes Mistress," I said, before slipping the nipple of the bottle in my mouth. The car ride to the wedding was a long, internal struggle for me in many senses. Traffic was heavy, so I did my best to stay low and out of site of the other motorists as I sucked my baby bottle down as rapidly as I could. As the car ride continued though, my need to pee became excruciating. I was trying to hold it as long as possible, since I didn’t know when I would actually get a diaper change. Eventually, I gave in, and let out a moan as warm pee flooded my diaper, spreading around my crotch before being sucked into the thirsty padding. I caught Mistress looking back at me in the mirror as I filled my diaper, a smile on her face, knowing what I had just done. I finished my bottle well before we reached our friends' wedding. So naturally, I had to pee again as we pulled into the parking lot. Mistress had trained me well, so I sat patiently in the car waiting for Mistress to undo my seat belt. Before undoing my seatbelt, Mistress stuck her hand up my skirts, trying to feel the state of my diaper through the layers of fabric. I peed into my diaper again as Mistress checked me. A smile lit up on her face upon feeling the diaper warming up as she touched it. She squeezed what fabric she could in her hand until I had finished. "I think your diaper can hold on longer before you need another change," Mistress said, unbuckling my seatbelt and helping me out of the car. She held my pacifier up before my face, reminding me that it was supposed to be in my mouth, before plopping it between my lips. "Come on, let's let them know we are here and see what we can do to help," Mistress said, leading me in search of our friends. We entered the event hall. The wedding and reception were to be held outside, so the hall was mostly deserted and it took some searching to find who we were looking for. This search was unpleasant for me. I had never worn an outfit so prissy, sissy, or embarrassing out in public before. Additionally, my now well soaked diapers spread my legs out further, giving me a very pronounced waddle as we walked. Eventually, we found the groom, Dave, and another mutual friend of ours, Karen. Karen was helping to organize the wedding. "You look beautiful," Karen said to my wife. To me she said, "I know I've seen photos on fetlife, but what a darling little sissy baby you make. You will be just adorable simpering down the aisle." My cheeks burned a bright shade of red as I muttered out a "Thank you, ma'am," around my pacifier. It was only for a moment, but I saw a look of approval on Mistress's face. That was the only thing I said during the conversation. Mistress, Karen, and Dave conducted the rest of the conversation as if I wasn't there. They discussed the schedule, guest count, and what they wanted me to do during the wedding all in front of me as if I were a small child. Mistress finished the conversation by saying, "all right, just let me change the little sissy and I will leave him with you Karen." Karen replied though, "If you are comfortable with it, I don't mind changing the little sissy's diaper so you can go help Maria get ready sooner. I will keep them so they don't miss their cue for the wedding." Mistress looked at me for a moment, thinking about the offer. I pleaded with my face as best I could to not let Karen change my diaper. Whether my pleading eyes had the opposite effect, or if she simply ignored me, I don't know. "That's a great idea, thank you," Mistress said, handing my diaper bag over to Karen with a smile. Karen and Mistress made me curtsy goodbye to Dave, and then Karen took me by the hand and led Mistress and I away. Karen led us down a hallway, stopping at a set of wooden double doors. "Maria is in here getting dressed. I am sure she will appreciate your help getting dressed. It's really special." Mistress thanked her for taking care of me before disappearing behind the doors. Karen then tightened her grip on my hand, leading me further down the hallway until we reached the restrooms. Karen ushered me into the family bathroom, and spread my changing mat on the floor. She then beckoned me down onto the mat, and began sorting through the layers of fabric and ruffles to uncover my diaper. I wished I could somehow sink into the floor as this woman changed my diaper. We have seen each other naked before, but that was at play parties. This was different. This was far more intimate. I had never been dressed as A diaper sissy before in front of her or anyone but Mistress. Now she was working my plastic panties down my legs. During my diaper change, I had to hold up the numerous layers of skirts, which gave me something to hide my face behind, and not have to watch. That was very helpful. Not having to watch, I could somewhat lose myself in the sensations to get over my embarrassment. First there was the cold air as my diaper was untaped and unfurled, exposing my wet skin to the air. An even colder sensation followed as Karen used baby wipes to clean the stale powder and pee off of my crotch. Next she covered my entire crotch in a cream of some sort. It was hard to tell if it was baby lotion or diaper rash cream without sight. But I guessed it was lotion based on how she was rubbing it into my skin. This was the most embarrassing part of my diaper change, because it was at this point that she found the butt plug stuffed in my ass. "Oh, what's this?," Karen said aloud. I could hear the smirk in her voice, as she pressed the button, turning the vibrator in the buttplug on. A liberal amount of powder was then spread across my penis, balls, and ass before a new diaper was slid underneath me and then taped snug across my waist. While I lay there, losing my mind to the vibrations in my ass, sucking on my pacifier, Karen pulled my plastic panties and tights up over my diaper before redoing the snaps on my onesie. As she helped me to my feet, she said, "I was hoping I would get to put you in one of the cute baby print diapers I see you in all the time on your fetlife profile. It makes sense with all these layers and frills that your mommy would pack such plain diapers for you, but I'm still disappointed. I guess I will have to ask your mommy if I can babysit you sometime, so I can see what a little cutie you are in nothing but a diaper and bib. I can lock you in a highchair and feed you all the nummy foods like mashed bananas and pureed peas and carrots." I silently sucked on my pacifier as my cheeks glowed a bright red. Karen then packed up my changing supplies while I stood there sucking on the binky that filled my mouth. When she finished cleaning up and disposing of my used diaper, Karen said "you were such a well behaved sissy during your diaper change. I will be sure to let your mommy know." "Tank you Miss aren," I mumbled around my pacifier, knowing that that was the response she wanted. "You're welcome little sissy," Karen replied. We then left the bathroom and headed down the hall some more, stopping in a parlor. It was a simple white room with two open windows overlooking the gardens that would hold the ceremony. There was also a table, some cushioned chairs, and a tv that was turned off. Karen sat me in one of the chairs around the table. As my body sank into the cushioning of the chair, the added pressure multiplied the vibrations of the plug. I let out a grunt around my pacifier, trying to adjust to the increased sensations of the plug. "Don't start getting fussy now," Karen said as she set out a coloring book and some crayons for me, as well as an empty adult baby bottle from my diaper bag. "You start coloring a nice pretty picture while I get you something to drink and snack on." She gave my bib a little flick as she walked off. I opened the coloring book and began looking for an uncolored page. Finding one, I got to work coloring. Because this room was so close to where the ceremony would be, it was a little embarrassing whenever someone came into the room. Despite these occasional embarrassing interruptions, I became engrossed in my coloring. It was the most mentally stimulating activity I had done all day, and the only so far in which I had any sort of volition. Plus it helped draw my focus away from the plug in my ass. I was coloring my second page when Karen returned, this time accompanied by another woman a very short, black latex dress. I didn’t know her name, but I thought I recognized her from play parties before. She had a plate of cut up fruit and the baby bottle looked like it was filled with milk. I went to set my crayons down, but Karen said, “Oh you don’t need to do that baby. Valeria will feed you while you color. I told your mommy I would take care of you, and I don’t want to be blamed if you make a mess, even if it is just on your cute little bib. Unfortunately, I have to help again with the wedding, but thankfully Valeria’s master happily volunteered her to help feed you.” Directing her attention to Valeria, Karen said, “Now be sure that the drinks all of his bottle and that you feed them all of the fruit. They are a bad little baby that won’t eat it unless you make them. Also don’t make a mess. If the sissy doesn’t eat his snack or gets anything on their dress, you can be sure his mistress and I will punish you, before letting Sir Tom know. Understood?” “Yes Madam,” Valeria said quickly, letting out a nervous gulp as she finished. With that, Karen smiled and left Valeria and I alone. Valeria turned my chair slightly, then pulled up a chair so that we were angled to where she could easily feed me my snack. She picked up a slice of strawberry, and I obediently spit out my pacifier and opened my mouth as Valeria slipped it into my mouth. As I chewed, I tried to remember who Sir Tom was. I know I had seen his name on a few other events I had rsvp’d too on fetlife, but I couldn’t put a face to the name. The name Sir Tom also jogged my memory of seeing someone named HisValerianSlut rsvp’d to some events I had as well. I was guessing that this is who that was, and she used Valeria as a more usable scene name. I didn’t want to confirm my suspicions though. It was embarrassing, being fed by this woman that I barely knew. I wondered if Mistress had somehow planned my humiliation, or if this was all just serendipitous shame. I also couldn’t tell whether Valeira was a willing participant in this interaction. As soon as I finished chewing one piece of fruit, Valeria had another at my lips. I really didn’t like fruit, so it felt awful to me having to consume piece after piece so rapidly. It didn’t seem like Valeria was doing it to be cruel or sadistic though. She never said anything, and her face remained passive the entire time, so it felt like she just wanted the task to be over as soon as possible. Once she had fed me all of the fruit, the final pieces being nearly forced into my mouth, Valeria picked up the baby bottle, and brought it to my lips with the same vigor. The first few suckles at the nipple washed any remaining bits of fruit down my throat. It replaced the mixed tastes of strawberry, grapes, watermelon, and apples, and replaced it with a bland, unpalatable flavor I couldn't quite decipher. Initially, Valeria tried to get me to consume the baby bottle as quickly as possible practically shoving the bottle into my mouth. Thankfully, after a brief struggle to free the nipple from my mouth so I could have a breath of air, she slowed the pace. The baby bottle was still drained quickly though, and I didn't feel super great as I sucked the last few drops out of the bottle. Unfortunately, that's when Karen reappeared. She came over and smiled, seeing that all of the fruit was gone and the baby bottle was empty. "Thank you so much for your help Valeria," she said, patting Valeria on the head. Valeria smiled at the praise. “Why don’t you go find Sir Tom? I think he is ready to go find a seat for the ceremony, and I have everything in hand now.” Valeria practically bolted out of the seat, stammering out a quick, "No problem, happy to help," before disappearing out the door. Karen giggled a little at the speed with which Valeria made her exit before turning her attention towards me. "Alright sissy, ready for your big role?" I nodded my head obediently, but that was the last thing I wanted to do. My stomach was a mess from a combination of nerves and my forced feeding. Also, the butt plug had been buzzing in my ass for forty five minutes. My cock was rock hard in my diapers and I had leaked enough precum to create a noticeable slickness in my diaper. I had to steady myself as I stood up. Basically being horny all day from my outfit, and then having the vibrator, I was on the verge of exploding, and just the brush of my diaper against my penis as I stood had felt like ecstasy. Karen removed my bib, and the attached pacifier, placing them in my diaper bag. Next, she touched up my lipstick. Then, she handed me a basket filled with flower petals, before guiding me out of the parlor and outside to a small waiting area underneath an awning. “Alright sissy,” Karen began explaining to me, “We will be ready for you in about five minutes. You will just have to walk down the aisle, throwing the flower petals. Make sure the basket is empty by the time that you reach the end of the aisle. We can’t have you getting a spanking in front of all these guests for wasting flower petals, can we? Now, when you reach the end of the aisle, there is a small cushion set up next to John’s feet. We thought it would be just darling for you to kneel at his feet during the ceremony. It will really emphasize your femininity, and John’s masculinity. Plus it will give a nice symmetry, since your mistress will be on the bride’s side. Now, I just have to go make sure the bride is ready, and then I will be back to send you down the aisle. Understand sissy?” “Yes madam,” I replied, before Karen left me to stand under the awning by myself. I could see that John was already at the end of the aisle, standing on a small platform that had been put up in front of all of the seats. I could tell from the facial expressions of him and the man next to him, who I only knew as Ogre, were comfortably joking with one another. Ogre was the owner and dungeon master of the dungeon that Mistress and I attended regularly, and he had been asked to serve as the officiant for this ceremony. Looking out over the crowd, most of the spots for the wedding were now occupied. It seemed that every outfit imaginable could be found in the crowd. There were some wearing more traditional wedding outfits such as suits, nice shirts or blouses, and summer dresses. Others were far more kinkier. A few people were wearing leather or latex outfits that must have been sweltering in the heat. There were a few pets and ponies sitting in the grass at their owner’s sides, and I spotted some sissies in the crowd. Some slaves were even wearing rucksacks or nothing at all for the wedding. Before getting the chance to examine the crowd too closely, though, Karen reappeared. With barely a word she gave my diapered butt a firm shove and set me off, walking down the aisle. As I began my march down the aisle, I started taking stock of my situation. Has any of this been my choice? No. Was I completely miserable? No, not really. There were things I hadn't liked today, but on the whole, I was actually enjoying myself. I really liked my dress. My bath and Mistress readying me this morning had felt great. I was also the horniest I had been in a long time, and every step felt magnificent as my dick brushed against the inside of my diaper. Maybe I decided to stop fighting against the current determined to humiliate me. Maybe my arousal was strong enough to overthrow my inhibitions. Maybe it is simply that I am just such a big sissy at heart that I couldn't resist being the prissiest, most feminine thing I could be in front of a crowd. Whatever the cause, as soon as I reached the first row of seats my stride changed from a normal gait to prissy, mincing steps. Guests sitting next to the aisle were showered in petals as I tossed them in exaggerated throws that caused my petticoats to swish about me. Trying to maintain dainty steps while dramatically throwing the flowers actually took a lot of concentration. Which was good, because otherwise I would have immediately bolted down the aisle. I was soon beat red proceeding down the aisle from listening to the guests comments about my sissified state. Some recognized me, remarking that they didn't know I was a sissy. Most said nice things about how cute I looked. A few quests pondered if I had panties or diapers on underneath my petticoats, and I heard two men discussing how since there weren't any bridesmaids they wouldn't mind me sucking and fucking them at the reception. When I reached John and Ogre at the end of the aisle, I only had a few flower petals left. I sprinkled them around the platform, before kneeling on the pink satin cushion at John's feet. As it should be, the true belle of the wedding was the bride. Her parents obviously weren't invited to this particular ceremony, so Mistress was giving away the bride. The Bride's outfit was truly something. Her stomach and breasts were covered in a tight, intricate corset. The skirt fanned out behind her in rows of ruffles, but the front was shorter than a miniskirt, prominently displaying her frilly bridal panties. Silk stockings and garters peeked out above ballet boots as Mistress helped the bride hobble down the aisle. A silk blindfold replaced the traditional veil, and a bright white ball gag protruded between ruby red lips. Mistress held the Bride's Bouquet in one hand, and a white lead attached to a leather collar around the Bride's neck in the other. The Bride was incapable of holding her own flowers because of the arm binder restraining her hands behind her back. Every item the bride wore, from her panties to the ball gag was in the traditional white. Every guest was enamored by her incredible outfit. It took Mistress several minutes to lead the bride down the aisle. When they finally reached us, Mistress handed the bride's leash to the groom, but still stood next to the bride to help support her. I don't remember much of the ceremony. Truth be told, all I really remembered was the I do's. The groom said his, and then removed the ball gag from the bride's mouth. She then said I do as quickly as she could before locking her lips with the groom's in a passionate kiss. I couldn't remember much more than that because my buttplug had become slightly dislodged during my walk down the aisle. The long time inserted and all of the steps had caused it to slide out a little. Sitting on my knees on the cushion pushed my diaper into the plug, causing it to send vibrations throughout my diaper. I did my best to hold out, trying not to suffer the ignominy of orgasming in front of all the wedding attendees, but I lost that battle about a minute into Ogre's speech. It was one of the hardest orgasms I had ever had in my life. I tried maintaining my composure as much as possible, to not let everyone notice what I had just done. That left me in a stupor though, using all the power my post orgasm brain had to maintain a straight face. I was so lost, I only vaguely remembered the post orgasm piss warmly washing over my crotch. When I finally regained my senses, the bride and groom were exchanging their I do's and having their first kiss as husband and wife, owner and slave. The ceremony ended soon after that, with John carrying his bride and now permanently collared slave Maria down the aisle, followed by Mistress and I arm in arm, with Ogre bringing up the rear. The wedding party headed back to the parlor, where I had been sat to color earlier in the day, for a quick breather and some private refreshment. Once again, I was sat in a chair and left to myself as John and Ogre lavished over Maria's stunning outfit. Mistress was part of that conversation too, describing how much effort she and Maria put into getting Maria to look just right. After a while, the bridal party, I was not given a say, was ready to join the wedding guests at the cocktail hour. Mistress and I were the slowest to leave the parlor. When we were a distance away from everyone else, Mistress whispered into my ear, "Don't think I didn't see what you did sissy. Such a naughty little baby slut, making cummies in front of everyone. Did they feel good sissy?" "Yes, Mistress," I whispered back to her, burying my face in her shoulder from my shame. "It felt so good." "Awe, poor sissy," Mistress responded with mock sympathy. "Maybe we should give you public cummies more often?" I didn't verbally respond, instead burying myself deeper into her shoulder. The cocktail hour passed quite pleasantly for me. Mistress put my bib back on me, but she fed me some of the finger foods that were passed around. I was even allowed to have some wine, but I had to drink it from my sippy cup. Many of the guests came up to me and complemented Mistress for turning me into such an adorable little sissy. The only real embarrassment I suffered was when the mistress of another sissy came up to ask whether I was wearing diapers or panties. "Oh little sissy tinkles here could never go as long as that ceremony without having to potty. She's very thickly diapered under her dress," Mistress answered far louder than I thought necessary. Worse though, it was embarrassing as I wet my diaper two more times during the cocktail hour. During the cocktail hour, Mistress also made me go up to John and Maria, giving them deep curtsy to the point my rhumba panties showed from underneath my dress, before thanking them for letting me be the flower girl at their wedding. John patted me on the head, saying, "any time diaper butt." Maria gave me a long hug and a quick peck on the cheek, saying "I almost think you deserve a spanking for looking nearly as cute as me on my special day. We need to see you look this pretty more often." I gave a small curtsy again before walking away, trying not to show how embarrassed and warmed I was at Maria's words. When the guests started making their way from the cocktail hour to the dinner reception, Mistress took me to the family bathroom that I had been changed in earlier that day. Mistress gave my diaper a single poke before deciding that I was in dire need of a change. It took quite a while to undo all of the layers, but once again my face was buried in layers of ruffles as my diaper was opened and my crotch was exposed to the cool air. I think I orgasmed a second time as with a whoosh and a pop the air was released from the buttplug and Mistress pulled it from my rectum. "Did it feel good pooping out that big mean plug sissy?" Mistress teasingly asked as she thoroughly wiped every part of my diaper area. She spent a particularly long time with a baby wipe wrapped around her finger, delicately swapping my rectum with it. She had to wipe my cock off again as she had milked out the last few drops of cum inside my balls by cleaning my ass so thoroughly. Finally clean, a thorough amount of diaper rash cream was again spread over my loins. Then my nethers were coated in an excessive amount of baby powder before a new diaper was slid under my bottom and taped snugly around my waist. With more effort I was in a fresh pair of plastic panties, my onesie was resnapped, tights and panties around my waist, and skirts and petticoats in their proper place. Mistress and I then found our seats for dinner. The bride and groom had a sweetheart table, so Mistress and I sat with Karen and a few others who had helped to put on this version of the wedding. They were all mutual friends of ours and the bride and groom. I don't know if that made dinner better or worse, since I had my big, frilly bib on the entire time. Mistress also didn't let me feed myself. We took the longest to eat of anyone at our entire table, because Mistress insisted on feeding me my food. She would take a couple bites of her salmon, before carving dainty chunks of my steak off feeding them to me. She did the same with the mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and asparagus. I was glad she fed me the wedding cake like this though. Usually she made me eat cake with my hands like a baby whenever I was wearing a diaper, and I hate doing that. Of course, everything I drank was sucked out of a baby bottle as well. Once all of the guests had had their fill, the bride was carried out on to the dancefloor by the groom for their first dance. Because she was still in her ballet boots, most of their dance was the groom carrying her in time with the music, but everyone still watched with rapt attention and applauded when the couple finished. Then the dance floor opened up to everyone. I was surprised that someone wanted to dance with me on the second song. An acquaintance of ours, Alex, said a word to the DJ before asking Mistress if "he could have a dance with her little sissy." Before I even had a chance to process the request Mistress enthusiastically agreed and Alex was pulling me onto the dance floor. Alex had asked the DJ for a fast paced swing song, and when the music started he proceeded to have the time of his life twirling me around the dance floor. With every twirl and open break my petticoats went flying, giving the crowd a glimpse of my rhumba panties. I had always considered myself to be an ok dancer, having taken lessons with Mistress for quite some time now, but I had always led. This time, I was the girl, and the thick diapers between my legs forced them unnaturally apart. This combination made me feel like a toddler, waddling about the dance floor trying to keep pace while Alex gracefully twirled me this way and that. As the song ended Alex twirled me out and back in one more time, deftly sliding his hand underneath my skirts and slapping it against my diapered bottom, before raising my skirts up to reveal my panties to the entire crowd. There were quite a few applause and hollers from this finale. Mistress strode out on to the dance floor at this point. "What do you say, sissy?" Mistress said as she reached us. "Thank you for the nice dance sir," I said, curtsying for Alex. "Is that all a sissy does to say thank you?" Mistress continued. I whined, but nonetheless gave Alex a quick peck on the cheek. Satisfied, Mistress then took me by hand, letting me lead her in a waltz. It felt like I spent most of my time on the dance floor, only getting two songs max to rest before being swept onto the dance floor once again. Most men, and a few women who asked for a dance led me around the floor. Some women, and half of the other sissies at the wedding who asked for a dance, let me lead though. One of the women who let me lead them on the dance floor was Valeria. We danced a slow waltz, mostly making a circle with the box step while talking. She wanted to apologize if she had made me feel weird, or if there had been any uncomfortableness in the afternoon when she had fed me my snack. Valeria explained that they had run into Karen when they arrived, and had asked if Karen needed any help. She had mentioned needing to feed me, but was feeling a little time crunched. Valeria had told Sir Tom the night before that she was interested in trying to be more dominant, so when Karen said this Tom had suggested that Valeria be the one to feed me to try getting some experience as the top in situations. Valeria continued on though that, when push came to shove, she had panicked. I told her it was alright. She had done a fine job, just to go slower the next time. At that our dance came to an end. As we walked back to the tables and chairs she said, "Maybe I will have to see if you need a babysitter sometime while your Mistress does grown up things. Then there can be a next time for sure." By the end of the night I was a hot sweaty mess. I was so tired, and had already been so thoroughly exposed to the crowd as a diapered sissy, that I let go of my inhibitions and toddled around the dance floor in my wet diaper without a care in the world. One dance had been awkward. A leather daddy led me in an argentine tango, keeping his hand cupped on my diapered ass the entire time. Otherwise, I had a wonderful time twirling around the dance floor in the arms of the wedding guests. As the night drew to a close we said our goodbyes to Karen, Maria, and John, before making our way back home. Mistress let me ride beside her in the passenger seat on the way home. This time I didn't bother ducking as other cars drove beside or past us. I was too tired and happy to bother caring if anyone saw me. When we arrived back home, I hoped Mistress would let me go straight to bed. She had other ideas in mind though. She made me kneel facing the couch while she undressed. She then sat naked on the couch in front of me, legs spread. I knew what to do, and stuck my head between her legs. "I've been waiting for this all day," Mistress said as I licked her clitoris and pussy. It didn't take long to bring her to orgasm, her legs tightening, wrapping themselves around my head in a stranglehold until the waves of pleasure subsided. As she lay on the couch, petting my head as I lay on the floor underneath her, she said, "You know, today has had me thinking. Maybe we should renew our vows. Only this time, you can wear the dress."
  5. What size of enema (just your standard lukewarm water maybe some salt) + holding time do you think would produce the biggest and loudest mess? I personally would think that a 2Q with a bit of salt and ~15 minutes would do it but I tried it recently and haven't gotten any noises. There are other enemas but I don't want to keep buying mineral oil or castor oil to do the trick. Here are some ideas / questions I've had: Do I need more salt? Hold it in for double the time (or an hour if possible)? Do a larger enema? Insert the enema with my bum in the air / gravity enema? Shower head enema?
  6. I'm trying to get a huge messy diaper (i have no idea why I thought it'd be fun) and I am wondering if I use 2-4 boosters if that would help it be huge but also hold some stuff. If some brands can hold it up or vise versa please tell me!
  7. Hello All, Most of us have other kinks outside of of ABDL. One of mine is slimes. The tentacles, forced feedings, breeding, etc. I find them all erotic, but I thought some of you might enjoy a combination of slime and ABDL. I don't plan on developing this story any further, however, if you all end up liking this I'd be willing to write more. Let me know. Slime Mommy The night was cold and the air whipped past Reina’s curled, fiery hair. Her motorcycle hummed with a steady rumble as the trees passed her by in a frenzy. Autumn was at its end and the cold winter nights were coming to her small farming town. Though she had stayed in the town she had grown up in, the feeling of wanting to travel to greater places always seemed tantalizing and the bike she now rode was the first purchase she made as an adult. All in the hopes of riding it to greener pastures one day. Fantasies of it carrying her away always crept up in her dreams, but the right time never seemed to present itself. Slowing down she banked towards a dirt path she had stumbled upon many years ago. A road less traveled that led to a pleasant hill with an old oak tree at its top. Friends, lovers, and just her thoughts had been her company to this wonderful little get away out here. Removing her helmet and making sure the kickstand was firmly in the ground Reina made her way up to her usual spot at the base of the old tree. Her leather jacket easily kept her warm enough and as the sun fully set she found a quiet peace in the twilight around her. “I’m not sure if I’m ever going to be able to leave this place.” She mumbled to herself as the first stars began to show themselves. Out here, the light pollution was minimal with the closest city being half a state away. The smell of forest was still barely present and the feel of soft grass below her beckoned her to lay a while and enjoy the view. The hum of crickets and the dancing of fireflies around her was like a lullaby to her work weary body and slowly she closed her eyes to rest for a moment. Staying out all night here would have been a bad idea, but a quick rest before going home would be perfectly fine. The dreams were covered in mist as she remembered her time in highschool, her first kiss, and then more passionate memories. It had been a while and her subconscious was all too happy to remind her of her time spent in warmer beds. The comfort of a plush carpet and the smell of herbs was pleasant in her dreamlike state. Reaching down she could feel the warmth radiating from underneath her. “God, why can’t all dreams be this pleasant?” Thinking to herself that the time to wake up was now, she began to flex her muscles and extended her fingers to dance upon the grass. Instead the plush carpet of her dreams met her fingers. Sitting bolt upright, the young girl tried to gauge her surroundings. Gone was the grass field. Replaced with a confusing union of plush white carpet and shiny metal roof. The room she found herself in looked like a half dome from some modern science fiction film. The soft glow of various colored lights dotted the ceiling with the very center dominated by a light that shined down upon the entire area. Was she still dreaming? No. The warmth of the floor and the clearness of her surroundings was too realistic. In a panic Reina rushed to the edge of the room. Hands slapped against cold steel as she frantically searched for the exit. Running along the circle it had to be the size of a baseball diamond, but with no way out. Frantically she began banging on the walls, “Hellllooooo! Is anyone there? What is this place?” Silence met her calls and the fear began to creep up on her. Curling up into a ball she began to try and make sense of the situation. In the midst of her panic a squelching sound came from the opposite side of the room. Between the cracks in the panels a green substance was oozing out. Horrified, Reina could only watch silently as the ooze continued to pour through until a large mound, the consistency of jello and the size of a small car formed from it. Nothing happened for what felt like minutes until suddenly the goo began to swirl around itself. It compressed into a cylinder standing over 8 feet tall before splitting apart into various tendrils. Certain areas seemed to darken, mostly towards the top, and eventually the slime sculpture was complete. A curvaceous giant woman stood before the frightened girl with dark green hair, light green eyes that glowed, and…...nipples? Finishing it’s human form the slime woman stepped towards Reina who began to shake violently. As it approached she felt a warmth spread from her crotch. Unable to take her eyes of the giant figure now casting a shadow on her tiny frame, the fact that she had just wet herself barely registered. A piercing scream came out of the redhead's mouth as the two translucent arms reached down towards her. The feeling of solid liquid surrounding her midriff and under her arms was unlike anything she had felt before. She felt in equal parts like she was both trapped and could slip through the substance at any time. Tears streamed down her face as in terror as she was pulled towards the monster. One of the arms seemed to reach down and hold her by her bottom as her face was pressed into the shoulder/neck of slime. She’s going to eat me! The horrifying thought screamed in her mind as she waited to be pushed into the green ooze, however, once her face actually met the surface of the creature, she could feel the surface resisting. Almost like a waterbed she felt her right cheek squished into the slime woman. Still scared for her life, Reina continued to cry and shake, desperately hoping something would save her from this monster. She felt a slight change in gravity suddenly as her vision went up and down. The hold on her butt was pushing her slightly up and then letting her slide down. Is she bouncing me? Like a mother carrying her infant, the slime woman was bouncing the young girl up and down gently in her arms and began pacing back and forth along the length of the room. Fear began to subside as Reina was now filling with questions. “Ummmm. Can you understand me?” Silence. If this thing could understand her then it gave no indication. Reina decided that instead maybe someone watching this would be able to help. “Hello. Ummm. Whoever you are. Could you maybe let me in on what's going on?” Silence. “Helllllooooo!” Silence. Now she was getting mad. What the fuck was actually going on? Suddenly, she felt a fizzy bubbling sensation down where the rapidly cooling seat of her pants were. Obviously concerned Reina tried to pry herself away from the weird creature trying to comfort her. Its grip was like iron though and the best she could do was crane her neck an inch or so. The hand that had wrapped around her bottom had thinned out and spread over most of her pants. She watched as it continued to travel down her legs toward her boots. Underneath the surface of the ooze small bubbles were forming along her pants and gently floating upwards. The color of her jeans changed in one spot which began to grow. A deep black could be seen on her left butt cheek through the slime. Then another spot appeared close to her lower back. Once the spots were big enough Reina realised with horror that it wasn’t a spot, but a hole! This stuff was eating her jeans and now her black boy shorts were becoming completely visible. Reina began to thrash against the slime and shouting up at its nearly featureless face, “Hey! Stop that. What do you think you're doing with my pants?” But it wasn’t just her pants. Soon the bubbling reached her skin through her panties. A soft bubbling could also be felt along her toes as the boots she was wearing were now filled with the ooze and were suffering the same fate as her pants. Hoping that anyone would hear her and come to help, she began yelling as loud as her throat could handle. “HELP! HELP! Please someone. Anyone! HEEEEEELP! Heeee...mmmmm!” With her mouth open, a sudden rush of liquid quickly silenced her. She could feel it push her cheeks out with force, but thankfully it seemed to only fill her mouth. Instead of drowning in whatever material this was she instead was just effectively; gagged. Crossing her eyes she could see the hand that had been holding her back had split into fairly detailed fingers, with nails and even knuckles. Two led to her mouth and she could see little bumps slowly leading towards the tips almost like a 90s cartoon firehouse. The filling of her cheeks stopped after a short minute and as the creature pulled back its digits a shield formed at the entrance to her mouth that just touched her cheeks and nose. A tentative bite down was met with a rubbery flex that once she relaxed pushed her mouth open again. Several attempts to bite, chew, and tear through the gag proved useless. While she was preoccupied with her mouth, the slime on her pants finished its job and retreated back towards the hand holding her up. Embarrassment filled Reina as she realised she was completely bare down below. The feeling of slime moving across her cheeks, down her crack, and then finally covering her sensitive areas was a shock. Fearing the dissolving from before would also eat her skin made her blood run cold, however, the feeling of flesh melting never came. Instead the ooze continued to roam and cover her entire bikini area and up slightly towards her lower back and belly button. It was almost like high waisted underwear. However, using her eyes to follow the arm that was causing this new garment to appear on her she could see the bulges similar to the ones that gave her the gag continue to pump material downward. She could feel her legs pushed apart as the relatively thin slim panties began to inflate like a balloon. After several minutes the bulges stopped, as did the pacing and bouncing. The arms holding her close relaxed and slowly lowered her back down to the carpet. As her feet touched down and she began to hold up her own weight, she suddenly lost her balance. The bulk of the slime had caused her to lose her center of gravity and she began to flail, trying to regain it. Like a bolt of lightning, a green flash passed her vision and she felt a giant firm hand hold her back and push her back to a straight upward position. Looking up, the eyes of the slime creature thinned and its head tilted to the side. Almost like it was miming, “There you go. Be careful.” Bow legged and mouth firmly sealed Reina watched as the creature gracefully walked off towards another part of the room. It began touching the panels of the wall. Curious if it was going to squeeze itself out, the young girl watched as instead a pink ooze began to come out of the walls. The creature waited until a fair bit had come out, before moving its arms in a sweeping low arc. The pink slime followed the path and moved along as the woman directed it over closer to the center of the room. Once they had reached the apparently preferred destination the woman began to build the pink slime up into what looked like a box. With smooth flowing motions slots were cut out and different sections took on a glass like rigid look before becoming opaque. Pink bars began to appear and slowly Reina began to recognize the shape. Is that a crib? Looking down at the balloon of slime at her waste and the shield covering her mouth, the pieces began to fit together. Realizing what they were brought a pink blush to her cheeks. That thing made me a diaper and pacifier! Satisfied with the crib the woman returned to the wall and began to lead another section of pink slime to another area, before beginning construction on another object. Why the hell did it put me in a diaper? Oh. The recent memory of wetting herself and then screaming/crying came to mind as the blush deepended from pink to deep red. Being put into a diaper made of slime was one thing, but in a small way deserving it, was infinitely worse. Maybe if I convince this thing that I’m not a baby, it’ll help me figure out what the hell is going on. She stumbled taking her first step but quickly picked up an exaggerated waddle as she made her way over towards the creature and its newest invention. Unsure of how to get its attention, Reina felt her ears burning as she did what any child would do to get Mommy’s attention; she gripped its leg and gave it a soft tug. The thing must have some sort of sensors on its “skin” as the tug had the desired effect. It rose to its full height before turning around and looking at the small human in front of it. Now what do I do? It would be nice if I could talk to it. Gotta get this thing out of my mouth first. Reaching up with her hand, she pointed at the shield of her pacifier and mumbled as well as she could, hoping the message would get through. The creature stared at her for a moment before closing its eyes, something Reina took as its way of smiling….maybe? Its arms reached down once again, picking her up and bringing her close, this time in a cradle. Once she was secured in the crook of the slime’s arm she felt herself falling with the giant as it fell backwards into its new addition to the room. Once it was seated, the slime pushed with its legs and began to rock the both of them back and forth. First a crib and now a rocking chair, I have to stop this quickly. Once again she pointed to her pacifier, this time trying to act out a pulling motion as she grabbed at the edges. The arm not holding her reached up and touched the shield covering her mouth. YES! Success. She could feel rubbery material squirt past her teeth and out of her mouth. Able to once again breath through her mouth, Reina took a deep breath. Thankful for the opportunity she plotted her next words carefully. As she was finally prepared the slime must have sensed her intention as it turned Reina face to face with the young girls right cheek pressed up against the sizable breast with its...unsettling areola also in view. “Ummm. Hello. I think that there’s been a mist…..” Once again she felt her body shift as the hand that had just removed the pacifier was now at the back of her head pushing her face directly into the slime’s massive boob. With her mouth open the teat, easily the size of a cow udder, was jammed into her mouth. “MMMMmmmmm! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!” Ew. Ew. Ew. Gross. Ew. Reina struggled once again. Shoving her hands into the boob now forcefully held against her face. The entire teat went well into her mouth and the thought of what was happening made her want to vomit. Suddenly, the skin of the slim seemed to give way as her hands were pushed into the mammary before stopping and being held at her wrists. Trying to pull her hands out proved useless as she was now fully attached to this massive breast. Trying to pull her head away, she was shocked as liquid came squirting out and hit the back of her throat. Fear of drowning once again filled her mind as she attempted to close her throat. Instead of her mouth filling, however, the liquid seemed to have its own mind, as it forced her throat open and pushed down into her stomach. She could feel gush after gush push itself down her throat as tears came down her eyes. She was being force fed some kind of liquid from a living giant slime woman out of its boob. The liquid was warm as it filed her stomach. Her constant struggling caused it to slosh and coat her insides as she was quickly becoming full, yet still it came. Just as she was feeling ready to burst, the gushing stopped and a pop could be heard echo through the room as she was pulled away from the suction of the breast. Breathing heavily she could only lay in the crook of this slime's arms as her distended belly hung out below her breasts. Wait… when did my shirt and jacket come off? Unaware of anything but the gallons of slime being forcefulled breastfed to her, the giant woman had taken the time to also dissolve the rest of her clothes. “Wha… what are you doi…” Once again the feeling of slime entering her mouth stopped her questions. Instead of going down her throat, the pacifier from before was reformed from the tops of the woman’s fingers. Looking up in a pleading fashion, Reina hoped that whatever this was would relent. While she lay there helpless and full, she also noticed something strange. Are her boobs smaller now? In hindsight, it made sense. The liquid now resting heavily in her stomach had to come from somewhere, but the thought nearly made her want to gag. In fact she could feel the usual feeling in her throat that meant bile was on the way. However, the feeling just...stopped. Whatever was in her seemed to want to stay inside her. At least it was warm. Like a thick creamy soup, her stomach seemed to radiate heat. She could feel it course through her all the way from her head to her toes. Her skin even warmed as she could feel the comforting warmth tingle across her skin. She could feel every inch that the slime woman touched as her hand once again reached down to her diaper. The hand melded with the diaper and the familiar bulges came racing down to inflate the diaper even further. Before she could try to comprehend what was going on, the increase stopped and the hand traveled up past the diaper towards belly. Electricity danced across her skin at the very touch of the giant hand. As it slowly flowed up past her belly button and up towards her chest she could feel every nerve it passed light up with a fiery passion. She couldn’t help but let out a deep moan behind her pacifier as the hand spread out to cover both of her breasts. The feeling of the warm slim rushing past her nipples was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Arching her back she looked on in the throws of arousal as the bulges returned and allowed a thick membrane to form over both her breasts. While not particularly proud of her pert B cups, she was shocked to see that once the hand was removed, she had easily grown to Ds if not DDs. The slime on her chest retained its clear green color, but seemed to adhere to her skin in a way that left no ridges or bumps. As she reached up to examine her new figure, the sensitivity of her skin seemed to extend to the slim. Closing her eyes in rapt arousal, she could barely tell the difference between what was skin and what was the newly formed slime. She could barely help it as she tweaked the newly formed bumps coming out of the slime boobs only to feel her own nipples were being lavishly sucked on. She felt herself being lifted up off the chair along with the creature and then carried over to the fully formed crib. At some point a mattress had formed with some kind of fur like sheet fitted over it and as she was lowered down onto it, the soft feel of fur across her skin was like a million fireworks dancing across her skin. Completely consumed by a primal sexual drive she thrust her entire body along the sheets to feel the white hot sensation tickle her entire body. Turning over onto her back the feelings continued as she grabbed both of her enlarged breasts with her hands and began furiously kneading the sensitive mounds. A gasp left her mouth as she felt movement from below. Looking down in shock she could see the opening of her womanhood slowly spread apart within the diaper. The feeling of a thick girth penetrating her left her desperately gasping for breath from behind the pacifier. The slime began to fill her completely before withdrawing. The slime seemed to mix with her own lustful secretions as it easily glided back in. The penetration only increased in speed as she could just barely see the outline of a massive cock sliding through the thick slime. She felt like she might explode at any second as each thrust was met with her own desperate need to rub as much of her body with her own hands and against the mattress below. Her climb towards pleasure was suddenly halted as yet another opening down below was slowly being spread apart. No. Not there! She reached down and desperately tried to grab at her bottom, but the diaper easily kept her hands from reaching what was happening. Suddenly a filling sensation had her desperately arching her back as the ooze began to trickle into her now gaping bottom. She flung herself over to her stomach to try and claw at the slime. As she did though, her full stomach let out an ominous noise as the pain caused her to bend her knees and relieve the weight on her stomach. With legs spread, face down, and bottom up she continued to try and stop the slime from filling her like an enema. The diaper didn’t seem to take any notice as once again, the semisolid cock was plunged deep into her slit. Thick beads of sweat rolled down her sides as the churning in her bowels were met with a sinking sensation in her gut. There’s no way. That’s way too quick. No matter what the poor girl thought. The dinner from before, provided graciously via breast from the resident slime giant, was making its way past her stomach and into her digestive system to meet the enema she was currently receiving. Horny, sweaty, sensitive all over, full on both ends, and desperately confused with all these feelings Reina looked up towards the towering figure looming over the side of the crib. Only able to desperately moan towards the creature that had put her in this predicament she prayed that she would be able to find release in one form or another. What had now been labeled as a smile, the woman slightly closed her eyes before reaching down towards the desperate girl’s face. Touching its fingers to her pacifier she was hoping that it would be removed. To her shock and horror, more bumps appeared along the slims arm and as the rubber inside her mouth inflated. It was now taking on a longer form moving towards the back of her throat. However, instead of the gushing feeling like the breast feeding this was more solid. As the hand was carefully pulled away, the shield also seemed to thicken. Looking up in confusion she suddenly gagged as the pacifier pushed itself deep into her mouth and then into her throat before withdrawing. The front of the pacifier was pushed out like a spring cord before plunging back in. She was being face fucked! As the pacifier pushed its phallic bulb back and forth in time with the cock in her pussy, she was left part way between moaning and choking. The sensitivity only seemed to be increasing as well as the fire that danced across her skin began to make the violation its own form of twisted pleasure. Throwing herself into the waves of ecstasy, Reina abandoned all hope of stopping what was happening and tried to match her own rhythm with that of the slime. Sitting up she began to grind her crotch into the mattress as she once again returned her hands to her chest. The sudden shift in position had another unintended consequence as her bowels also seemed to loosen. The spreading feeling of her anus completely dissipated, leaving her feeling completely filled throughout all of her insides, but without any more going in. Rather, it all seemed to want to come out. Stopping her gyrations she attempted to clench down on her sore anus. The sweat from her brow dripped past her eyes as she tried to concentrate, however, the cocks penetrating her mouth and pussy had no such concerns. They continued on pushing her further and further over the edge. Without warning there was a sensation of a wet tongue at her asshole, as the slime slid across her sensitive backdoor. The motion repeated itself, beckoning the deluge of waste outward. Desperately horny and desperately trying to prevent herself from embarrassing herself furth, she was caught with a choice; find sweet relief and fulfill the burning desire of her loins or hold back the inevitable. The choice was made for her as she felt large firm hands on either shoulder, pushing her down, before relaxing. She looked up as she was bounced up and down on the mattress in rhythm with the thrusts. Completely giving in, a wave of pleasure built inside as she relaxed her clenched cheeks. As she could feel the slimy poop gush out of her bottom, an orgasm unlike anything she had ever felt before washed over her entire from. Wave after wave of heated pleasure crashed down on her sweaty exhausted frame. The bouncing continued as all the muscles in her body went limp and let the process continue. The pleasure didn’t stop as she could feel her pussy bursting with juices for wave after wave. Never before had she squirted with such force. Were it not for the diaper sealed around her lower half, she was sure whatever bedding she was on would be ruined. Eventually the bouncing stopped and the slime cocks that had penetrated her receded. She was lowered onto her back desperate for air as she looked up at this strange alien creature that had just given her the most pleasurable experience of her life. She looked up with exhaustion, confusion, and maybe even just a hint of appreciation at what she was just given. Looking down at herself she could just see past the massive slime boobs towards the equally large slime diaper. Brown chunks were floating amongst the sea of green. Disgusted at first, Reina watched as they were quickly dissolved, much like her clothes, until there was nothing left but pure slime. The slime woman reached down to wipe some of the sweat from her brow and then to softly caress her cheek. Reina welcomed the kind jester until she felt the hand slid down her face and cup the side of her head over her ear. Too tired to stop it, Reina shuddered as she felt something trickling into her ear. She could feel the slime enter into her hearing canal and make its way gently past her eardrum. The feeling was entirely disgusting and fear gripped her heart, but the look from the slime woman felt almost reassuring. Sure, everything had been weird, but she hadn’t been harmed, and in fact had ended up enjoying the sexual play that she had just encountered. Reina fully relaxed her body and let the warm feelings that were creeping across her body continue to spread. Unlike the arousal from before, this heat was one of comfort. Never before had she ever been this relaxed. The warm smile from Mommy above was reassuring, her diaper was comfortable, and the suckles she performed on her paci kept her nice and calm. No more worrying about adult responsibilities. Just Mommy, booby time, and playtime came to the progressively altered mind of the young girl. Maybe Mommy will let me make more cummies. I love cummies, and I love Mommy. A gurgle could be heard behind the pacifier and the suddenly energetic Reina kicked her feet aimlessly while enjoying the soft cot below her. Her legs were spread apart from the bulk of the nappy around her bottom as the crotch area began to grow. A small orb was forming as the rest of the diaper shrank to its first size. Once the orb was fully formed, the surface split and the newly formed slime ball fell forward off the diaper. Smiling at this development, Slime Mommy retracted her tentacles from the infantilised mind of the baby woman squirming in her cot to pick up the slime ball. As she raised it to her face and let out a joyful hum as two eyes formed on the orb. “A successful reproduction!” Slime Mommy thought to herself. “And on the first try.” Looking down at the babyfied human in the cot below the translucent alien was giddy at her thoughts of the future, “This race of humans might just be what we are looking for. So compliant after just the smallest alterations. I might not even have to change anything with how this one reacted to positive stimulus all on her own.” Reina rolled back onto her stomach and began to crawl forward, inspecting all the crib had to offer, much to the amusement of her captor.Looking down at the newly formed slime in her arms, the alien felt her own excitement building. “Gotta get this new one to the incubator to develop.” Walking away from the cot, Slime Mommy began to prepare her body to leave the nursery. “I’ll have to tell my sister’s of this planet.” End. Thanks for reading!
  8. My Fav Things: Shower, specifically, getting a diaper full of water and rubbing it Enemas / Diarrhea (Do I even need to explain this nice feeling) Stain (using enema, diarrhea, pee) the backside, underside, front side, etc.. Pour oatmeal that I made watery on purpose into a clean diap Mineral / Castor Oil because it affects me in a way to where I have questionable poots that turn into a flood Squish the mess, pee, diaper fillers (oatmeal) Last but definitely not least: walk in public with a short skirt that exposes the diaper well
  9. Hi everyone, i was wandering if anyone knew the capacity of the TENA slip super, unfortunately i wasn't able to find it nor online or on tena site. Indipendently from the previous question, do you think from your general TENA knowledge if theese would hold an enema without leaking or stuffers may be needed? and, if yes ,is anyone familiar with baby diaper as stuffer?
  10. This is my first actual post on here asking for a decision to be made!
  11. If there's any dominant females out there that want to make this dream a reality, please DM me. We go out to dinner, have a great time and then hit up some bars after. Come home, have sex and pass out. As I wake up I notice there's some sort of pressure in my ass, I feel down, it's a hollow anal plug. I ask you about it, you giggle and say, "oh fuck, I kind of forgot about that." I ask, "Well what's it for??" You laugh even harder, "Well, the bananas." "The what??" You then tie me down, face down, spread eagle. Get the lube and spread it all over my mid section. You then start to peel the bananas, still laughing. Your lubed finger touches my asshole and then something bigger, half of a banana. It touches, my asshole resists, and then... plop. It's in. You don't waste any time. Plop. Plop. Plop. Plop. As the fifth one goes in I grunt in pain and pleasure. You ask, "Oh is that all you can take?" I respond, "Yes, I feel so full. I can't hold it much longer." As I finish the sentence my butthole is penetrated by something that feels like a fist but then is just stuck in me. It's a huge buttplug. You laugh and slap my ass. You then, surprisingly, untie me. You pour us both a drink and put a diaper on me. We drink and you tell me that we are going out for one more drink, even with all the stuff going on inside me. I feel like I am going to burst but you say if I poop my pants you will expose me to everyone at the bar. I thankfully hold it in. But we get home and you are on another level. You ride me harder then you ever have before, with my diaper on. You're about to cum, and so am I, right before you RIP the plug out, and everything comes out with it. You cum harder than you ever have, as do I, and then we lay there, out of breathe and more satisfied than we ever imagined.
  12. Thanks to anyone who has or is going to vote!
  13. Which enema should I do? Then should I use a suppository? Suppository before or right after enema? I am aware of the risks some of the enemas can cause! 1. Salt Water enema 1. No suppository 2. Coffee Enema 2. 1 suppository OR Do Mineral Oil enema + 2 suppositories or a couple marshmallows 3. My personal fav Mineral Oil 3. 2 suppositories 4. Warm soapy water 4. 2 marshmallows + 1 or 2 suppositories
  14. A/N: Hey all! I just wanted to post this quick little one-shot! It’s currently 5:00 am and I wrote this to procrastinate sleeping. Hope you all enjoy!! ooOoo Poppy Jacobs. His flower. His little girl. She was his favorite of the girls he’d acquired so far. He’d forgotten what it felt like to take care of another. How to be a true Daddy. It was the most precious feeling in the world. He knew he made the right choice when he spotted her one year ago. Parker Montgomery was her name. A young college student who thought she was too smart for the world. But now she was exactly where and who she should be. He smiled, snapping a picture on his phone of his flower, the pointed pink party hat secured around her chubby face. Her warm brown eyes, full of resignation, glanced up at the camera. The fight was fun. It always was in the beginning but there came a point when they realized it was a losing game. Their broken spirit was just as rewarding- the first step in becoming truly his. “Flower, do you like your present?” a warm feeling spread throughout his chest, the smile radiating across his face. His flower was perfect- absolutely stunning. Not like the other Poppy’s who’d wilted and died. “Yeth Dada,” her voice was high, airy, obedient. She knew better than to disobey. The welts on her bottom were testament. “Tell Dada how much you love your birthday present baby!" his voice rose in excitement Tears filled her eyes and a drop slowly dribbled down her flushed pale skin. The chains of the restraints around her ankles and wrists jingled- a sweet reminder of her inability to escape. “Poppy wove her pwesent Dada,” she answered dejectedly, shackled hands in her lap. Submission- the one thing he craved was what he now had. There was a time she would’ve screamed and cried. There was a time she would’ve tried to attack and run. He treated her with meticulous care. Not a strand of her raven hair was out of place, pulled back in two tight ponytails on top of her head. Her skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom, without a blemish and stomach round and full, due to her daily bottles of expressed breast milk and mashed foods. Now here she sat naked on her princess potty, body slumped down in defeat. Her sodden diaper stained yellow sat at her feet. “Dada knows it’s Poppy's birthday today and you want to be a big girl. If you can show Dada how you can use the big girl potty, maybe we can try pull-ups and potty training.” Her eyes lit up as if she’d just received a puppy. “You have ten minutes to make a tinkle and a poo-poo. When Dada comes back and if the princess potty is empty- bye-bye potty training. Do you understand, flower?” Like a bobble head, she nodded quickly, a new energy rushed through her body. “Words, poppy.” “Yeth, Dada!” ooOoo Today was March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. Also known as the day of her kidnapping. In her kidnappers mind- her birthday. She only knew him by the name of Daddy, Dada, or Papa. He was careful not to reveal any information about himself. The most she’d found out about him in the past year was that he was a violent and dangerous man. If the illusions to previous captive girls told her anything- they were dead. He referred to them as his Flowers and the others having “wilted and died.” If that wasn’t a symbol for death, she didn’t know what was. After many spankings, soapy mouths, catheters and enemas, she learned there was a breaking point. The twenty one year old- now turned one- was not sure when it happened but it did. Like a file cabinet, her memories of before were stored away at the back of her brain so she could become who she is now. Parker Montgomery: the fit, sociable, Nebraska State College student, majoring in History was a thing of the past. A distant memory fading each day. Nowadays her only goal was making her daddy proud, finishing her bottles and being the best little girl she can be. She did not want to wilt and die. While Poppy knew, she’d possibly never gain her adulthood back, having been rendered incontinent, this was a first step. A baby step. An odd feeling churned in her tummy, seated on the pink plastic seat. It had been so long since she’d been out of her diapers. It’s not that she liked them but she’d become used to them. The soft padding felt like being cocooned in a warm fuzzy blanket. This potty was hard and plastic. It was cold beneath her powdered bottom. Before, if she even looked at the toilet, a severe lashing was applied against her tender skin. Now he wanted her to use it. She didn’t understand. Poppy could hear him in the kitchen, just around the corner. The television played. It was set to the show, Mr. Potty Head. A show for potty- training littles. Her eyes widened, the inflated pink paci bobbing up and down in her mouth. This was a no-no show. Wasn’t good for babies. Babies like her went potty in diapees. She would wait patiently, squishing around in her mess for dada to change her. First there was the front pat to see how wet she was and then the two fingers down the back. She’d lay back, spread her legs, and wait patiently as her dada untapped the padding and ran the warm wipe across her princess parts before powdering and re-diapering her. Sometimes it was double padding, sometimes it was triple. He said it made her more cute, crawling around the house with her diapered bum wiggling in the air as she swayed unsteadily on her hands and knees. Rarely was she clothed because it would make it too difficult for a quick change. She’d grown comfortable naked, learning to ignore her chubby stomach and thick thighs. Now, she was being given a chance to grow up. To prove that she was a big girl- something she’d desperately wanted. Why was she so afraid? All she had to do was push. Her eyes squeezed shut, nose wrinkling as she attempted to loosen her bowels. To let loose a little dribble of pee. C’mon Poppy! Be a big girl- “Flower?” Oh no. Her eyes flashed open, the warm tones of the grey room flooding back. The man with sandy colored hair, tan skin and sharp jaw peered down at her. His eyes, an ocean blue, narrowed. He towered over her, already a foot taller and frowned. The color drained from her face. She whimpered, “Dada!” He sighed, shaking his head and arms crossed over his chest. “It’s been ten minutes, baby.” She got lost in her mind. Again. “Did someone make a present for Dada?” Lying was what naughty girls did but telling the truth could get her spankies… “Baby? I’m waiting for an answer.” His tone was short. Clipped. If he heard the shakiness in her voice, he chose to not to comment. “I…” the words were numb on her tongue. “I no able to go pothy.” Her head bowed, waiting for the stern rebuke. But it never came. “You did your best, Flower.” his voice was unusually soft with a hint of sincerity? No. She couldn’t be hearing that right. Hesitantly, her head lifted up, surprised by the fact he’d squatted down to her height. “It’s ok, Poppy. Dada isn’t mad.” He’s not? She sunk down on the seat, her hand in his. “You’re just a baby. Girls as little as you aren’t ready to use the potty. That’s ok though because we have diapers.” Once again, tears welled up in her eyes and snot ran from her nose. No, please! One more try. One more- Her restrained arms shot out, reaching for him to pick her up. “Dadaaa!” The wail of a baby echoed from her body. Parker no! You’re bigger than this! “Potty scawy!” Stop this nonsense! Do you really wanna spend the rest of your life in a diaper? “I know, baby!” he cooed. “We’ll try again next year on your birthday. How about that, hmm? It seems someone wants to stay my little flower.” Yes. she sighed in relief, suckling on the rubber object. No, Parker, listen to me! Listen— Maybe even next year the restraints will come off. She’s been a good girl. She has, she really has! “Now let’s get you into a clean diaper. I bet that’ll feel good. Won’t it baby?” he asked gently. The man didn’t wait for a response, helping her shift down to the ground were a changing mat was already laid out. “Now Flower,” he began, fiddling with a few other things she couldn’t see. “Dada doesn’t want to do this but I want my favorite princess to have the best birthday.” Oh no. Please god, not this- “I know they are not your favorite people but Mr and Mrs. Bubbles wanted to wish you a happy birthday!” she could hear the smile in his voice, setting up the enema and suppositories. “Afterward you can play in your jolly jumper, how about that?” Well… that did sound pretty fun. Sometimes it was best just to ignore the big girl voices in her mind because that wasn’t who she was anymore. She was just a little baby. His little flower.
  15. I'm taking a punt on this type of story, its going to be full of magic and vamipres, let me know if you like it and if you wish to roleplay with this theme or something similar. I've been told that I shouldn't put pictures in the story but I like too coz its better than a long list of what the character looks like. So this is Mattias Bourbon he is a thousand year old vampire. This is Matilda Rogers but she goes by Tilly. She is 18 years old. Chapter 1 - Sweet Girl We Meet Again Back and forth, back and forth. That's all I could do. It had been 8 hours, I could hear the church bells as the chimed on the hour. They called it a bedroom but if you have a lock on the outside of the door and bars on the window it's really a cell. I had been in this asylum for as long as I can remember. It was the only home I had ever known, not that it was much of a home. This really was a hell on earth. Lifting my dirty shift I had to wear day in and day out, I gently place my hands on my poor marked bottom. Sister Agatha had really done a number on it this morning. Stupid old nun. If she had let me speak at breakfast I would have told her I had to pee. I tried to get her attention but she had shushed me, It wasn't long before I felt the warm trickle of pee run down my legs and form a little puddle on the floor. I had tried to hide it as we left the dining hall but Sally the Snitch had to shout out "Tilly wet herself again!" Sister Agatha came up behind me and before I could do anything she had grabbed my ear twisting it so I was forced to bend over "YOU WICKED WICKED GIRL!" she shouts as she pulls me along the hallways to the punishment room. Pushing me down over the old exercise horse she used the straps that are attached to the bottom of it to secure my hands and feet. She then picked a switch, there was a bunch of them and the nuns liked to use them on us all the time. She roughly pulls my dress up and without warning she starts to whip me, I try to be brave but it isn't long before I break and beg for mercy "PLEASE SISTER!" I scream as the switch cuts into my poor bottom. "WICKED GIRL!" was all she said as she continue to whip me. My whole body was shaking when she finally finished. Unbuckling the straps I slide onto the floor. To weak and scared to move but Sister Agatha simply pulled me up and along by the arm. When we got to my cell she pushed me in and slammed the door. I crawled up onto my old army cot and sobbed. I could swear my bottom was bleeding but it was far too sore to touch. After I had finally calmed myself down I got up and I had been walking in straight lines since. There was nothing else to do, all that was in the room was an old army cot and a chamber pot. The sun had set about 2 hours ago, it was December so the nights came fast. It was so cold here, I had the blanket they gave to each of the girls, wrapped around my shoulders to try and keep me warm. I wanted heat and food, I didn't care which came first. Suddenly I can hear voices coming along the hall, it sounded like Sister Mary, the mother superior and a man. But that couldn't be right. No men were allowed in St Peter's Girls Asylum. They stop outside the locked door of my cell, fearing more punishment I quickly get into bed and pretend to be asleep. Keys jangle and the door opens. "Are you sure you want this one?" Sister Mary asks "Yes she is the one" the man answers and I feel him coming closer to the cot, he bends down, I guess to take a better look at me so I keep my eyes shut "Sweet girl, we meet again. I'll take her" Take me where? And what did he mean we meet again? I think. We weren't supposed to leave ever and I had definitely never met anyone apart from the nuns and other inmates. "Now?" Sister Mary sounds a little put out. She sighs before ripping the blanket away from me "Up girl" I open my eyes again and see Sister Mary standing over me with a man beside her. I had never seen a man before, not in real life anyways just in pictures and books when the nuns weren't looking. He looked like a giant. "Up up up!" Sister Mary repeats, clearly I wasn't moving fast enough for her, I sit up and move to get off the cot, my bottom touches the cot causing me to cry out "Ouch!" I jump up and rub my bottom. "She's been punished?" The man asks, his voice emotionless and cold. "Well Tilly here has a problem with wetting, we have tried many different methods to stop it but none have worked. So now she is whipped every time she wets" "I would like to inspect the damage" he says I think he is talking to me. I look at Sister Mary, unsure what to do but she simply nods. Hoping I am doing the right thing I slowly turn around and bend over a little before lifting my dress up to my waist. "Tsk tsk tsk" is all the man says as I feel a hand on my bottom, but it doesn't hurt like it should, it feels soothing. This is odd, I think. He removes his hand and I straighten up allowing my dress to fall back into place. Without saying anything else to Sister Mary the man turns to leave my cell "Come Matilda" he orders, not even looking back. Sister Mary grabs my arm as stay glued to the spot. "Go with him girl, do what he says or you shall be right back here" Without a second thought I walk as quickly as I can to catch up with the man. I dare not speak until we are out the front door of the asylum. "Where are we going?" I ask as he opens the passenger door of his large black car. He ignores me. "Get in young lady or sore bottom or not you will be punished" I quickly slide into the car as he gets into the other side. Reaching over me he pulls the seatbelt around me and clips it into place. He drives through the old gates and heads towards a dark and winding road. "Where are we going?" I dare to ask again. He gives a simple one word answer. "Home"
  16. The title says it all post your favorite enema recipes it can be painful, soothing,fun,or just down right weird/crazy looking forward to replies
  17. Hello, i am new here but just looking for some suggestions for something I'm going to try. I ordered an inflatable butt plug and a hollow "tunnel" plug and when they arrive I am planning on using them to fill myself up with bananas and enemas and then eventually messing my diaper. I have done the banana challenge a couple times but always have to let them out earlier than I would like.
  18. My next book that is being published on Amazon, Halo from Hell, will be free the weekend of January 25th through 27th of 2019. This is a story about Lola, a young Latina lady that gets into a car crash that leaves her in a halo cervical brace, leg braces and diapers due to her injuries. She is not the best patient and winds up getting a suppository for her troubles. When that doesn't teach her a lesson, she gets a bag of hot soapy water to fill her colon. Life can be hard in diapers for an adult. It is even harder when you can't feel your legs or move your head. Can she find love under a halo? I hope you take advantage of this and if you like it or not, leave me some feedback. I'd love a review of any of my books on Amazon if you feel the urge.
  19. Ok so my girlfriend gave me an alcohol enema earlier and it was way better than drinking it there was no bad taste no feeling sick no burning sensation because she used a 2qt enema bag with only 4 percent alcohol volume it didn't burn at all it went in smoothly I began to feel warm and very tipsy I held it for a little while and when I expelled it it did not hurt at all we used like 4.5 fl oz of 90 proof whiskey in a 64 fl oz enema bag I'm never gonna drink alcohol again when this is so much better but a little word of advice and a warning be sure and do not exceed 4 percent alcohol volume to water ratio and if it burns then stop because that means your solution is way to strong and also it takes a lot less alcohol to get drunk when it's in an enema I normally wouldn't even feel that tipsy at 4oz of alcohol drinking it but in an enema it really put me on my bottom Also I am not responsible for anything that happens if you do this So drink responsibly no driving please
  20. So basically, can a butt plug be used to hold in or stop an enema.
  21. So I've read the forums, the faq, and searched. I've seen lots of discussion of enemas and they seem pretty safe to use. It's my birthday in a couple of days, and I wanted to try one to see what it was like as a birthday gift to myself, but I've never done it before. I figured on just going to Wal-mart and picking up a generic one in the pharmacy and reading the instructions. But seeing as how I'm totally new to this, I thought I'd ask the audience for some tips...
  22. Lizzie is around 18 years old. She's average height, and a little chubby, but everyone thinks it's cute. Everyone thinks
  23. This is THE very first story I ever published on the web back in July of 1998. It first appeared on wetset.net in the early days of discovering my different fetishes weren't mine alone.
  24. I've had a double balloon nozzle now for a few years. Normally, I just take my enemas, expel and go about my business.
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