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  1. TheGameArch

    Velvet - A Calibeen Story (ch.27~)

    That enema scene was rough. I do enjoy myself an enema, but the last one (and second one ever) at 3 cups hurt a lot after holding it for 15 minutes. Now I can only imagine what 4 times that amount feels like, and it isn't pretty. I feel sorry for Velvet. That said, I still enioy this story a lot and hope to see it continue, even if I feel that reading it is starting to affect me emotionally like only two or three stories have before (props to that, it's hard to get me emotional).
  2. TheGameArch

    Pokemon diaper moon ch7 (7/17)

    This was another great chapter. Hope to see more!
  3. TheGameArch

    Exchanged - Chapter 38 - 12-1-2018

    Oh, I am really thankful for the escape actually. I hate to see the main characters, that I come to love in pain, so her being able to get away, showing off her skills at the same time is right up my alley. The rest of the chapter was great too. I bet that thick diaper will cause some issues...
  4. TheGameArch

    Exchanged - Chapter 38 - 12-1-2018

    Why the cliffhanger Great chapter though! Looking forward to the next one.
  5. TheGameArch


    Yeah, I had the same issue back in january. No email showed up.
  6. TheGameArch

    Do you time your orders?

    Can't say that I do. I order when I order and hope for the best. In most cases it ends up being home delivery (which I will miss, since I am never home when the truck goes past our house), so I then pick it up from the post office at a later time. The other day I pulled off the feat of getting a 60cm (25") Stuffy into the house without family noticing. Luckily all the sneaking will get to stop sometime later this year when I can afford to move out.
  7. TheGameArch

    Angel Hunter

    That's too bad. There were still many things I wanted to find out about this world. But, you as the writer are bound to know when to best end it, so I am going to trust your instincts
  8. TheGameArch

    Angel Hunter

    I liked this chapter a lot. this fight must be drawing to it's conclusion in the coming chapters. Hope everyone gets out of it mostly unharmed.
  9. TheGameArch

    The Little Thief ---ch16(11-30)

    A great chapter. It will be interesting to learn more about Alice's background.
  10. TheGameArch

    Pokemon diaper moon ch7 (7/17)

    Second chapter was just as good as the first one! I really hope to see this story get a nice finish, even if it doesn't follow the Moon / Ultra Sun story all the way through (buy would that be many chapters).
  11. TheGameArch

    The Asylum at the end of Reality

    I figured as much. Its a welcome departure from the usual easy-to-follow stories, even if I wouldnt want every story to be like it
  12. TheGameArch

    The Asylum at the end of Reality

    I am so freaking confused, yet I found the story very good.
  13. TheGameArch

    Pokemon diaper moon ch7 (7/17)

    This is a pretty darn great start! I love how you follow the games closely so far, hope that continues.
  14. TheGameArch

    Angel Hunter

    This is really good. Glad to see a new chapter
  15. TheGameArch

    Would you want to be a "Normie"?

    I haven't had any real guilt (small bouts of asking myself "what am I doing?" but they never last long) about being an AB/DL. Thus I don't think that I would want to get rid of it completely. The key word being completely. I would definitely not mind it being slightly less pronounced.