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  1. Getting Rid of Your Undies

    love wearing a control panty or girdle to keep the diaper against me, preventing leeks, and keep me warm and excited during the day.
  2. Tucking Device

    exactly!!!!Panties, no tape. Makes it funner to feel the wet spot when tucked. I love sitting and peeing while wearing mine.Wipe the panty crotch and be warm and sticky for about 20 min. Keeps you flat in front, like a real gg.
  3. Tucking Device

    look under the topic "gaff" when looking in a tv , transgendor, or ts, magazine. Just need to know what to ask for.
  4. Thoughts Of Disposable Diapers For Sissies

    love the always discreet panties ---very assorbant, 4 star heavy assorbant panties. I can go 4 times in them, before leaking. The new depends REAL_FIT panty. I love. Looks unisex, very asormant and light to wear. Feel like I'm putting on panties to go to work in. I usally wear a control brief over them, to keep them tight against me when sitting.I love the warm feeling of being wet on the inside.ONly need to change 3 times a day.
  5. Bliss

    wear a panty girdle or control panties over your diaper to conceal the bulloness. I love wearing tontrol top pantyhose or tights over my diapers. Feels even better when a slow warm leak goes on my inner thigh. Feel like I'm fertilizing.
  6. love wearing the boosters when wet.and tucked. Getting that full warm feeling around my sac, makes me feel like I've fertilized.

  7. Not a DL but married to one

    for fun, go buy yourself a 4 pk box of the new depend Sillouttes disposible bkini bladder control panties, They will feel like you bkini underware, but protect you in case you drip from pee, post orgasm, or menstruation. Give me security when I fly,. If yo9u do have an accidnt, try to pee short keagle exercise shots in the panties. It will make you feel like a good orgasm does.
  8. instead of just blasting loose, try slow keagle spurts. It give diaper time to asorb, you can wear thinner diapers, and pee two or three times in them duriing the day. I love wearing that warm and wet feeling.

    1. justagirl4fun


      I'm not really sure why you're telling me this, or where I ever said I only "blast loose" in diapers but okay...

    2. sherryt


      sorry, thought you were having problems with leaking diapers, and looking for a solution.

  9. To shave or not to shave.

    shaved with a litlle 1x2 landing patch, no ball hair. Makes it more sensitive when wearing a wet or spermy diaper.
  10. Would you have worn it for a test/examination?

    i would wear if I knew I had to pee every hour, or had an upset stomach. However if not-NO. It would have me feelieeling and thinking sexual during the exam. I need to be concentration on the test instead of my fertile penis.
  11. Diaper Love And Sexy Time

    love wearing my s/o "s warm wet diaper. Makes me spray my fertile pee.