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  1. Wetting until your diaper sags

    I really Love a loaded plastic backed diaper, I don't use washable unless money gets too low, because of the extra laundry But I think its a waste to take it off before its sagging
  2. Something All Of Us Could Use

    Love that onesie, and if you found a T shirt prints shop, or online you can get anything printed on a shirt, we have local shirt print shops, of corse you would need to take in the onesie and the picture or saying you want to have on it.
  3. Thanks, I grew up in Dayton Oh area. So i sometimes forget about the time difference , I am an insomniac and sleep the 10-11 o'clock and i'm up till 2-3am, PC time. I am on now
  4. Glenn63, if you want to start the chat? I looked on chat and didn't see your name
  5. have you sold the ATN's yet? what state are you located in? and are you willing to ship, If I were to set up a UPS pickup? I am in USA California.
  6. Baby diaper for use as soaker

    I would say try them and see, we all have our preference but I really do like the Huggies size 5.
  7. Baby diaper for use as soaker

    I don't know for sure if they are best price, you can always catch a sale and maybe get better price, Costco has them on sale sometimes. But I am wandering it the costco Huggies are made different, I had read somewhere that they were made especially for them. I think I had some from another store and they didn't hold as much. But I guess that will be a test I need to do.
  8. Baby diaper for use as soaker

    I have found that 4-5 is better than 6, for some reason it seams to hold more, especially the costco Huggies overnite size 5 . I was able to find some at a second hand store, I will be buying some from costco. They have a good price even better if on sale. They hold more than a depend adult does, try it, I just open up the tabs and attach them backwards. or just cut them off and put it in after you have put the diaper of your choice on. I used to do the potato chip style and open up the diaper, but way too much work. I go around my home in a depend pull up. and just insert my baby diaper in. Then when it gets heavy pull it out, insert a new one.
  9. Baby diaper for use as soaker

    The one that holds the most in my opinion is costco, brand nighttime, size 4-5, as you go up in size I think they hold less, maybe its because they are expected to have more control y then. also pampers swaddles size 4 is really good
  10. Germs and Anti Bacteria and soap

    I only use my diapers for pee, so I might not be much help, I only use Baby wash baby sent original, and I don't have to use desitin much maybe a few nights a week. I seldom have a rash issue. I have only gone poop a few times in mine, and the clean up was really not too bad with pampers baby fresh wipes followed up with a shower using my baby wash. I think its because its made for baby that have pooped and peed and dental on skin. now I sound like a commercial sorry.
  11. Plastic Fetish

    I think how long you can wear plastic pants without causing skin issues, it depends on your skin, and i can assume you pee in them, if you do then as long as your drinking a lot of liquids so pee isn't strong. Then you maybe able to wear all night. I have had a plastic fetish for as long as I can remember. I sleep on the plastic mattress cover and pillow covers. I have not used sheets in 4-5 yrs. I have slept in pee puddles with nothing on on a lot of occasions, I love it.
  12. Why Do You Wear Diapers

    I wear for many reasons, I have daily dribble and got tired of getting up at night, to pee. Since I already have for many yrs had a plastic and diaper fetish, its a win win. but the hard part has been the last several yrs of wearing 24/7, convincing my wife that its really easier for me to wear 24/7. She is not into them, so I need to keep the smells down, and cover them up so she dosent have to look at them. Would be much more fun if she liked them to.
  13. Where Do You Store Your Diapers?

    I have a spare bedroom I use for my storage, I have a bunkbed and it backs up to a closet, the top bunk is storage as is also the closet. Its always a work in progress, when I have the energy I rearrange it.
  14. footed pajamas info

    If you have Target stores nearby they usually have them in adult sizes, seasonal. In winter time
  15. Smelling wet adult diapers

    I can't send any diapers, I am married, and my wife barely is able to get past me using them, I do wear 24/7, but daytime is for dribbles, and night time, for prostate issues. but I started wearing as a pleasure. and she doesn't understand that. So not a good idea. Its still fun posting and finding out that I am not alone.