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  1. I am personally one that would love to have no control at night, or even day, I do have some nights I wake up wet and don't remember, if I wake up with a full diaper I am happy.
  2. I can understand at a younger age not wearing in public, ,,,,,, But fortunately I am old, so I wear 24/7, in public, I don't use much in public, unless I really gotta go. and hopefully on my way home. So I can make a diaper change in a place I prefer,, my home. I have done it in a public restroom ,but not to comfortable with that. I go camping, and I replace my pull up in the shower and of course I need to carry it to the trash can, once or twice I had to do it in front of another person. But thats part of the growing process. I can use the older man excuses it they even ask, but so far no one has even cared.
  3. I have 2 beds, my main bed is a very expensive mattress, so it is in a zipped vinyl from the bed wetter store, its online, its about $25 I have a spare room thats a homemade mattress, all foam and several vinyls zipped up, but I ordered a hospital mattress, online its the blue poly vinyl encased zipped up and what looks like a nice foam mattress, I am waiting for it to get here can't wait, next week. I found it twin size for $229, Express hospital beds.com I have always liked the blue hospital mattress when I have been in the hospital, but this one is less than half price, Its List is $550. So I hope its what I expect this is going to be a replacement for my spare room. I regress, I say a good quality plastic, not from the department stores at all. bedwetting store.com is my best repeat store. cause they only last a yr or so. I sleep on the plastic, no sheets, and the oils from my skin seams to harden the plastic, I also use the vinyl pillow cases, from there, they only last me 6mos. I don't put a cloth pillow case on afterwards I like the plastic. Update, I got the new mattress yesterday, I Love it, If anyone loves plastic and rubber sheets,, you will love this mattress, it's a hospital mattress, Invocare is the name. A full foam soft mattress and I have peed on it and easy baby wipes clean up. I am trying to upload a pic,, we will see if it works.
  4. I'm reading your post, and it feels like you are talking about my ( recently disabled) she has to put up with my pain and me not able to do a lot of the things we need to have done. And my wife of 22 yrs, i'm not sure what to tell you. We watch tv, I play on the computer, she plays games on her iPad. I would never want to hurt her, but I feel we have some issues, maybe growing apart, due to both of us going through cancer, no sex in a lot of yrs, I have needs but don't want to talk about it because she feels bad, she has bad pain when we try to have sex. I fight with feeling like i'm bi-sexual, I have my toys, and really enjoy the thought of having relations with same sex. But would never do it, my wife means a lot to me, so here I am. I feel for you.
  5. I have been trying out a brand called McKesson, Adult Incontinent Brief McKesson Lite Tab Closure Large Disposable Light Absorbency LG 45-58 (72 ct) they are not for a heavy wetting, but the plastic is really soft, and they are $30 for a case on the DHS site, I ordered them first from Walmart, and paid $10 a bag, then the packing slip, said from DHS, call for a discounted price, I copied the info from there site, I am using them at night also, but I use extra padding in them, the ones I find in second hand stores. I use the ATN at night with extra padding when I can afford them. But I have tried a lot of cheap plastic backed , and I do like these so far.
  6. You may have luck using hypnosis wetting mp3, they are available on the web, I think I saw something on this forum about them.
  7. My wife knows, but my son lives on his own, I have at times thought about telling him, but I always chicken out. I have a spare bedroom set up, that I used to use as a electronics repair, for my own stuff. My son has been in there but before I added my extra bed covered in plastic, and my at present 20-30 bags of diapers, and plastic pants stuffed animals and a couple dolls, as I have gotten deeper into my fetish, it would be harder to share with a family member that doesn't already know. If my son found my stash,,,,, I would play it by ear,,,,, not sure what I would say.
  8. I don't know what age I started stuttering,, Like you I was young, maybe I always did, But I know in my teen yrs it was the main thing I think that lead me to smoke weed, because when I was high I didn't stutter. but in my older yrs it got better, I had to work on what I said most of the time concentrate on each word as to not stutter. And now after going through many health issues, cancer, neck back etc, I am on several drugs, and my jawbone, and muscles were damaged by the radiation I now have out of the blue,,, will loose control of what I am saying like a word will come out fluttered or a weird noise in the word. We have to just work through it. I guess its life, I have found out when I get around another stutterer, I end up stuttering more.
  9. If you wanted to just let the pee go through the plywood drilling small holes may wok, I would be concerned about the holes making the wood weak, so it would probably need to be 1" thick plywood. I wanted to add another thought, if you had a chance to go to a thrift store, or yard sale etc, find the metal bars piece that is made for a bunk bed, it is always welds together in one piece, the pee will go through just like it is now and it should firm up the mattress.
  10. Yes, cool if you are one like me that likes the pee smells, then I would just use the mattress, till it's end, and enjoy the smell, If my wife liked the smells I would have an unprotected bed, and just not even wear any diapers, just let it flow..... I have 2 brothers that when we were young we shared a room and they peed there bed, but since I didn't I had to sneak and play in there bed, I loved to play in it roll in the wet spots. And cover up with there peed blankets while I was in the buff. I would have no issues with sharing a bed with a spouse that peed the bed. I just saw that the box spring is wet, you may consider laying a mattress pad on the board ? so it won't get soaked? I am in envoy of your bed as I said I love the smells.
  11. If it was an expensive mattress, and peeing on it for 6 months made it sag, you didn't get your moneys worth. I personally like the plastic cover on a sagging mattress, but I am into that sort of thing. You can't really fix a sagging mattress, but you can put a piece of plywood between the mattress and box spring. to stiffen it up. then get a good quality zip up vinyl mattress cover from the bedwetting store. there an online store, and the only place I was able to find 6 gage nice quality cover. It will cost $25, for a twin size but it will last for several yrs. A lot of online stores will say it is good quality but its not. be sure the mattress is fully dry before putting the cover on it. I as well love the smells, but if you close up the mattress in plastic before it drys it will mold and sour. But I agree I don't think you can get any bugs from the pee, my brothers slept in an unprotected bed for yrs and peed it every night never saw any bugs.
  12. I to have on a lot of occasions have sucked in my pee. I am generally on the plastic covered bed, laying face down, and in the buff, and just let go, when I play in it, it will make it up to my face. Its great. and when I can flex far enough i lay on my back and pull my feet as far as I can over my head and I will pee directly on my face.
  13. A lot of good advise here, I didn't let my wife in on my secret diaper fetish, till we were married over 10 yrs. Patience is what I can say. Let her go at her speed.
  14. If my wife was ok with the possibility of me leaking on her blankets,,,, We sleep in a slit king, its basically 2, adjustable long twin beds, so I can keep my side plastic covered, and wet my stuff. I have another bed in a spare bedroom, that I have well protected also, I don't have any sheets on it, just mattress pad heater,under the plastic, and heated blanket, I warm it up, for maybe an hr and lay in it, peeee, if I have the time, I have taken a nap in my wet bed. This bed I have made myself, so it is less of the foam mattress in the middle, and will hold a lot of liquid. With it heated, i can really spend hours if I have the time. I do love a wet bed with or without sheets I also would have the bedwetter smells in our house, much much more if my wife liked it, but, she deals with a lot of me, with my health issues, pee is more of a fetish than a need for me, I have dribbles old age issues, but have always loved pee smells.
  15. Welcome, its a friendly place, I hope you enjoy it.