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  1. Welcome, its a friendly place, I hope you enjoy it.
  2. we have a split king adjustable, so its really 2 twin beds that are almost attached, so I have my side very well protected, but I always sleep on the plastic, no sheets and diapered, with a towel to catch overflow so the blankets don't get wet. If I want to sleep in the buff, I have my extra room to go to, and do as I please.We are happier if we do respect our wives, that would be interesting and a little fun if my wife did what yours did with the motel to me. My wife is not interested at all in my fetish. I worked out of town foe several yrs, and I just used an air mattress in the motel, so as to to have to ask for the mattress protection.
  3. I love to wet the bed with or without a diaper, Lets start with I also have a spare bedroom,, that is setup for me, the mattress I made from all foam, I have put several zip up covers on it, I have a mattress pad that is electric, like a blanket,, I purposely cut out the middle of the foam, to make it have a sunken middle, so when I get undressed and lay in it,, I just let go pee, and play and because it is heated, in the winter time I can set the setting where I want, and cover up and fall asleep in a pee puddle, but I mostly end up playing, in it, but I do dose off afterwards in a nice warm wet bed. I have always had a pee and plastic fetish. since my wife is not into it, this works well for me.
  4. I personally would love to wet the bed,, without knowing it,,I am a little older than some, and it is not a big deal it at my age if you wet the bed, and wear diapers. But my problem now is I have dealt with prostate issues, that make it really hard to pee day or night. I have worn 24/7 for about 4 yrs, by choice, because I have loved diapers since I was young., I had to get up at night several times to pee, and have weak stream, and dribbles, But I really enjoy wearing diapers, and I do agree it can be work, if the bed is not protected really well, I do enjoy sleeping directly on the plastic. I haven't used sheets for years. as well as protect your furniture I keep a pad in my chair. If your young, its a big decision, your future partner will be directly involved with the wet bed and diaper smells etc. If you can plan things out to find a spouse that likes it, that will make your life easier. I kept my fetish a secret from my wife, until several yrs ago, it has its good and bad days, but we have been married long enough to be able to most of the time work it out. I guess what I'm saying think it over (as far as permanent) cover the bed, and enjoy
  5. My meds have had some effect on sex life, but about 10 yrs ago my wife and i both went through cancer, different kinds and one after the other, she was finished with treatments, and the next month mine was found. since then we have only had sex a hand full of times, all a bust. we have had to learn mostly me, as to it is easier I think for a woman to have a relationship without sex. I have had to take care of myself, while she has learned mostly to give me some privacy time in a separate bedroom, I have set up for my diapers, and wet play etc. I am currently on several meds, and they don't effect me to having what is now my new normal sex. I have always had fetish of plastic and pee, so I do ok. But (dmavn) I would not give up on a relationship because of sex, there are people that have successful marriages just being there for each other, and if sex is there ok, if not ok.
  6. That just may work, with it used in a tea form, I never tried making tea out of it
  7. I was a full time user in high school, and for yrs afterwards, I think maybe it just relaxed you so much you had to pee. I don't remember it having an effect on my needing to go pee. But we are all different, so who knows.
  8. I put leave it that way, I would not take meds or surgery to fix it. I wear 24/7 for a little leakage, and I think I would go to a Dr only for a diagnoses to possibly get some kind of cheap diapers paid for, and to have a medical reason to wear, besides just me wanting to be wet always day and night.
  9. Hi, welcome to the site, i am a DL, and my wife also wants nothing to do with it, hang in there. I wear 24/7 now, mostly out of choice, I am one that was a DL all my life, and only could wear on occasions when by my self, till a few years ago. My wife has little by little getting used to me being a DL, she still wants nothing to do with it, but with patience things will work. I have played around with baby stuff on occasion, so maybe a little bit AB. Hope you enjoy playing on the site
  10. I can't go to a Target, Kmart etc, without going through the baby section, I Love the baby stuff, and especially the powder smells, my wife is now ok with me buying pampers when she is with me, that's really big to me. i use them as an insert in my diapers. I really do fantasize about the cribs and pacifier but don't know if I would ever get the chance to be babied. I think it would be fun to try it for a few days, I am really more of a DL.
  11. The older i get i seem to not be able to hold it as long, if I am sitting around at home, (i am always wearing) i just let out the dribbles, i have i think become more relaxed with it being a natural thing? in the beginning of this several yrs ago, i had to get used to the accepting the whole thing about me loving being wet, now i really don't care if a dr knows etc, my age makes that more accepting for them. i wear every night, because i need to pee several times a night, and its a real hassle to get up with the added issue of using a CPAP and i just really enjoy being wet at night because i sleep better.
  12. I am a few yrs older than you, and though they don't seem to think my prostate is a problem, ( i am 59) , i have a hard time during the night getting the flow started, i have worn 24/7 for 3 yrs maybe more. and would love to be able too wake up wet really wet, without knowing i did it. I may have a few times in those few yrs. i drink a lot of liquids, its possible some of my meds may make it harder to become a bedwetter. any ideas you have ? i have read a lot of the threads, and outside of hypnosis i have done i think everything.
  13. you say there are like 3 states that will pay for quality diapers, do you know what sates? i know it has to do with ins also, i haven't tried to get a prescription yet. tying to decide if its worth it.
  14. i am as well at an age were i can use the dribbles for an excuse, but it was really weird when i had a check up with my skin cancer DR, and after he looked over my upper body, i had a spot on my side, and he just said drop the drawers, i was wearing a pull up, next week i will be seeing a surgeon about getting my second hemorrhoids surgery done,( the first one lasted 18yrs) i shave myself down there, and i am diapered 24/7 now. mostly by choice, cause the dribbles. i have just been slowly accepting over yrs,,,,that i really do love wearing and using diapers. so i just take each Dr appt, or what ever as they come. its a part of Life as DL's. As i do get a little older i am more able to get over the shock of the experience,, and i get stronger in that part of accepting who i am.