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  1. Northshore Care

    We're $3 cheaper (after their $10.95 shipping cost) and most of our orders are delivered in 1-2 business days depending on your location (we ship from the closest of 10 warehouses across the country). Here's our delivery times map https://www.llmedico.com/content/22/delivery-times/ https://www.llmedico.com/product/126/tranquility-atn-all-through-the-night-disposable-briefs/
  2. Hi Everyone, We have some items that we accidentally purchased and would like to sell at a discounted price. They are plastic pants from Gary. We have 12 High Back Enclosed Elastic in Milky White 4 gauge. We usually carry these in the Softwear material but accidentally ordered them in the Milky White 4 gauge. Please give me a call if you are interested and it is first come first serve! Thank you! Heather Jensen [email protected] 855 422-4556
  3. Hello DD Members, We'll be taking the banner spot NorthShore currently has at the top of the page starting January 1st. I'm not the best designer so instead of outsourcing it to another company, I thought it might be fun to see if any of you designers out there would enjoy making one for us. Prizes 1st place - $75 voucher to use on LLMedico.com 2nd place - $25 voucher to use on LLMedico.com Would like some of the following ideas incorporated Our logo (attached). Would like to use keywords related to our product lines (adult diapers, pads, plastic pants, etc.) that you feel this sites visitors are most interested in. You can use any images from our website including product photos and manufacturer logos. Use phrases such "Free shipping over $49", "1-3 day delivery", etc which you can find on our site. Some sort of call to action button such as "Shop Now" Deadline is December 25th and I'll announce the winner shortly after. Please post your submissions below. Thanks everyone and have fun! Alex
  4. Hello Everyone! We have a Cyber Monday sale going on right now. 10% off all disposable products (i.e. disposable adult diapers, pads, etc). 20% off all reusable products (i.e. cloth diapers, plastic pants, etc). *excludes already marked down sale items www.llmedico.com
  5. Wet Diaper Bag

    Thanks for the review! Great to hear you found another use for them Alex Owner/Operator LLMedico.com
  6. Plastic Panties Going Away?

    Hi Christine, We definitely are not stopping the selling of our plastic pants. We are just trying to get rid of some inventory for products and vinyls that Gary no longer carries. Thanks, Alex Owner/Operator LLMedico.com
  7. Best value-priced diapers

    I agree, Tranquility ATN's are a great choice. As well as the Prevail Extended Use Briefs and the Cardinal Health Maximum Absorbency Briefs. -Alex
  8. LL Medico

    Thank you guys for the wonderful comments! We really appreciate hearing your feedback and Heather and I (it's just us 2 ) strive to give the best customer experience possible. Hope to see you all back shopping with us in the future! Alex Owner/Operator LLMedico.com
  9. Hello everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that we now sell TENA, Molicare, Attends, Depends, and more! If you don't see it on the site, I just might not have gotten around to adding the items yet. Reply back here or shoot me a PM and I'll let you know if we have it. Everything ships the same day and will arrive at your door withing 1 - 3 days (lower 48 states). https://www.llmedico.com/27/adult-diapers/ If you have any questions, please let me know or email us at [email protected] or call us at 855-422-4556 (between 9-5 M-F Eastern). Thanks and have a great day! Alex Owner/Operator LLMedico.com
  10. Abri form l4 plastic backed

    The M4 and L4 plastic backed Abena's are great diapers for sure! One of our most popular along with the DryCare 24/7's.
  11. Most absorbent pull up cloth diaper

    Here's a review that just came in today on them too As a totally incontinent young man I can give this diaper my highest recommendation. This is the best cloth diaper I have ever used. It is very comfortable to wear - even after I have had heavy wetting or messing accidents. In combination with a good pair of plastic pants this diaper gives me the best protection I can get. It is easy to change - at least when wet only - and I can have my diaper changed while I stand up - which is a huge benefit when away from home. I dont need to lay down as I usual do when I am having my diaper changed - which can be difficult when away from home. The diaper is bulky and it is impossible to hide that I am wearing a diaper when I have it on - but I prefer to live with this openness and wear a diaper that suits diapering needs perfect.
  12. Most absorbent pull up cloth diaper

    We do Gary Pull-On Cloth Diapers https://www.llmedico.com/product/39/gary-pull-on-reusable-adult-cloth-diapers/
  13. Plastic Fetish

    Twin size would be around $90. -Alex
  14. Plastic Fetish

    Gary makes them. We can special order them for you if you'd like. They would be around $100 for a full or queen size. Email us at [email protected] if you are interested and we can get you an exact price.
  15. LL Medico

    Glad to hear vvp39 and thank you for your business! -Alex