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  1. LLMedico.com

    Abena X-plus

    Still for sale with no impression from Abena that they will be discontinued. https://www.llmedico.com/abena-abri-form-comfort-level-4-adult-diapers-w-plastic-backing/
  2. LLMedico.com

    Where can I get samples?

    We have samples of the L4's https://www.llmedico.com/product/392/adult-diaper-samples/
  3. LLMedico.com


    We'll have the other prints in the near future
  4. LLMedico.com

    LLmedico shipping?

    We ship the cases in plain white boxes. Packs in plain brown boxes. Thanks! Alex LLMedico.com
  5. LLMedico.com

    BetterDry and Crinklz - 24 Hour Sale!!

    Just finished unloading the container and we're shipping all orders out today. 1 hour left at these prices!!
  6. In anticipation of our first container of BetterDry and Crinklz arriving tomorrow, I would like to offer the Daily Diaper community members 10% off all BetterDry and 5% off all Crinklz! Good for only 24 hours! Now through 2:00 PM Eastern tomorrow (Monday 05/14). Crinklz Code: CRINKLZ_5OFF BetterDry Code: BETTERDRY_10OFF https://www.llmedico.com/product/389/crinklz-printed-adult-diapers-w-plastic-backing/ https://www.llmedico.com/product/388/betterdry-60x-adult-diapers-m10-l10/ Thanks! Alex
  7. LLMedico.com


    Yes, same company makes both BetterDry and Crinklz
  8. LLMedico.com

    LL Medico

    Thanks for the suggestions but having separate products (same products but separate pages) is a big hassle due to tracking stock as well as Google HATES duplicate content and will penalize your rankings for doing such. Maybe in the future I will figure out a way of doing this but for now, ABDL products will be mixed in with our normal products like they always have. -Alex
  9. I am so excited to announce that we now carry these exceptional diaper brands. They are SUPER absorbent and both are plastic backed. The Crinklz have a cute print while the BetterDry are a plain white. Both will start shipping the end of April / beginning of May. If you have any further questions, please let me know! Crinklz: https://www.llmedico.com/product/389/crinklz-printed-adult-diapers-w-plastic-backing/ BetterDry: https://www.llmedico.com/product/388/betterdry-60x-adult-diapers-m10-l10/ Thanks!! Alex Owner/Operator LLMedico.com
  10. LLMedico.com

    LL Medico

    No, no separate AB/DL section but we've always carried some AB/DL items. We'll now be carrying the Crinklz diapers as well! You can pre-order them today (but they won't ship till end of April / beginning of May). Crinklz: https://www.llmedico.com/product/389/crinklz-printed-adult-diapers-w-plastic-backing/ Also BetterDry: https://www.llmedico.com/product/388/betterdry-60x-adult-diapers-m10-l10/ Thanks again Xander for the kind words! We'll look in to carrying onesies as well.
  11. LLMedico.com

    cloth pullups

    Give our Gary pull up cloth diapers a try. You won't be disappointed! product/39/gary-pull-on-reusable-adult-cloth-diapers/ Alex
  12. LLMedico.com

    Best flats

    We've been selling Gary cloth diapers for 20 years! High quality, super absorbent and made in America. Let me know if you have any questions. https://www.llmedico.com/product/38/gary-adult-flat-prefolded-style-cloth-diapers/ Alex
  13. LLMedico.com

    Abena X-plus

    Great video!
  14. LLMedico.com

    LL Medico

    Thanks for the nice review Xander. Alex Owner/Operator LLMedico.com
  15. LLMedico.com

    XP Medical - Ownership Change

    Abena changed the package quantity on the Abena Abri-Let Maxi's (cut the quantity in half) and have gone with a pretty plain clear packaging (I believe until they figure out the new packaging or if they stick with this quantity). Here is an excerpt from the memo we received from Abena regarding the "new" maxi's. Just found this in our emails from last year from our Abena rep. Hopefully this helps answer both of your concerns. We are proud to unveil the latest evolution in our Abri‐Let™ family of “Flow‐Thru” booster pads (Item # 4035). This premium “booster” product offers the wearer a specialized design with the ability to add 1300 ml of increased absorbency, to extend the wear of any other absorbent product. This supports the wearer with more security and odor control to promote confidence and security, while the increased absorbency allows for less frequent changing and overall cost savings. Our new design allows us to offer our end user customers:  Enhanced Performance: our new design now features Superabsorbent Polymers (SAP) and offers improvements in acquisition rate, absorbency and rewet – all which help the product to stay drier and feel more comfortable against the skin  Sleeker pack format resulting in a smaller shelf footprint and reduced freight costs on retail bag orders What Changes: ‐ New bag count: now 6 bags of 20 (formerly 3 bags of 40); lower shipping cost on retail orders ‐ New packaging design: we will temporarily offer this product in a white package and label as shown right, as we finalize the new packaging design later this year What Stays the Same: ‐ Item number: 4035 ‐ Case count: still 120 per case ‐ Pricing per case: has not changed Alex Owner/Operator LLMedico.com