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  1. Adult SuperUndies

    Ive used superundies for a long time, around 3 years at this point, I have 3 night time ones, and one daytime snap on. These are in my normal rotation of cloth diapers. Over the time i have had one fail, the top elastic give out on a blue pare of mine after owning them for a few months, thankfully they sent me a new pare for a few photos! The nighttime ones are good, they hold up for me with out any added inserts all night (assuming i actually try to stay dry) and its rare they leak. I dont take any special care of mine they get washed with all my clothing and ive let them sit wet for over a week with no affect (other then vary vary bad smell) and normally just rewashing them helps to remove the smell. Images
  2. Cloth pullup diapers for bedwetting

    I second superundies, Ive used super undies for over 3 years and vary rarely get leaks. Its a little pricey for the diapers and you will want a few boosters. but considering i have a few pares going on 3 years with night time rotation id say they are worth it. I also use dependeco pocket diapers and have been vary happy with them also. Super undies are just so perfict, i can slide them on, if i wake up to pee i can pull them down easy, if i dont they wont leak, its perfect.
  3. Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    Awww yes the to change or not to change. I often wear a ABU preschool to work, with a booster and keep a diaper change in my backpack, just incase. Im normally fine with staying and rarely change at work when i do i change in the normal bathroom in the stall, its a little unsettling and all but ive done it for over a year so far with no one asking anything. Its just geting comfy with your diapers and being able to change when needed.
  4. Turkey Day Coloring Contest

    I would have entered but i dont have a printer , well i do but drivers suck.... in any case, coloring books are better! My official, supper late and not correct submission -> https://imgur.com/a/GLD4S
  5. Begging: Need 5 People to Upgrade!

    Sent 20$, its not much but i hope it helps
  6. Turkey Day Coloring Contest

    Who won?!?!
  7. What's your favorate cartoon?

    SPONGEBOB AND/OR PAWPATROL are the best shows in this world, you all are crazy for picking shows not nearly as good as these two
  8. footed pajamas info

    Ive been VARY happy with my LKS pajamas, http://www.littlekeepersleeper.com/ Granted they are meant to not be removable (and i sure cant get them off) but the fabric is vary nice, its form fitting, warm but not hot. and they are fairly cheap.
  9. Vary minor in the day, Like im practically a normal person unless im drinking alcohol, then i defiantly prefer a diaper just encase. At night... i cant sleep with out a diaper because im to worried i wont be dry in the morning, I dont wet the bed that often, maybe once or twice a week but mentally it worries me without a diaper.
  10. Looking for betatesters

    I'm a size 29-30 and generally prefer small size diapers, but that prints to girl for me!
  11. Who woke up wet this morning?

    I fully expected to not wake up dry, I was drinking lots, not limiting fluids at all, padded up with 3 layers of cloth in a dependeco pocket diaper. And I was dry... Now had I put a goodnite on I bet I would have flooded it.
  12. ConvertUps Baby Diaper Converter

    38$ is just way to high for me, well it would be nice to be able to use size 6, they don't hold up to adult usage.
  13. Decently sized childish rucksacks

    You see them all over online, I'm thinking about this one. http://www.sprayground.com/spongebob-no-pants-sneak-attack-backpack.html
  14. I went shopping at the local dollar store with my mom, diapered up like normal. Well this kid, likely 3-4 had clearly messed him self and his mom was quickly rushing him to the bathroom. My mom missed this hole exchange but quickly smelled what happened and gave me the worst look ever followed by "that better not be you".

  15. Adult Baby Lots Ebay

    Welcome to 2016!