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  1. SunOfSheep

    leaking diapers at night

    Almost allows on my legs, tho sometimes on the back depending on how im sleeping that night.
  2. SunOfSheep

    Diapers causing me fecal incontience?

    Id recommend a doctor, iv worn alot (well over 75%) of 8 years and never had such things happen to me its a lot easyer for me to fill my diaper now but i dont think your useage has done this to you unless you wore 2 years constantly, never used a potty and put a large work to going without trying.
  3. SunOfSheep

    Greenville/New Bern/Jacksonville Area

    just going to poke this agein
  4. SunOfSheep

    Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    Maybe im different here but i trade off between the two depending on witch is easy er, how i feel etc. Some examples : At work i perfer a pullup reason being if i need to go #2 or for some reason have the urge to use the bathroom and stay dry a pull up is 100% totally practical to use in a stall and it just slides on and off were a tape on one is much more work to get on and off without notice. but, if i need to chage in public, its defiantly a tape on im changing into so i dont need to undress to get the new diaper on. The same is true for at night, i have both pull up and tape on diapers in both cloth and disposables, i rarely put much thought into what im going to were before putting one on. At lest for me a mix of both is perfect, id prefer what the real pullups brand has with removable sides that can be reattached, but also realize it dose not exist in my size and make due with ether.
  5. SunOfSheep

    preference on thickness

    At night for me is normally a cloth diaper that results in noticeably different walking for me but isn't that noticeable to others, in the day m3/m4/s4 abena or when money permits abu space or preschool i fell extremely comfortable in
  6. SunOfSheep

    When did your diaper last leak

    3 days a go i think, in bed, i forgot to add a few inserts to my cloth diaper before bed and leaked all over my bed
  7. SunOfSheep

    How do you sleep?

    It varies for me, in the winter its a diaper and onesie pajamas, i have a few tho Little Keeper Sleeper is my fav. I normally wear a cloth diaper (because bed wetting is expansive) and i go to bed dry as to not wake up in a lake. If in the off chance im in a disposable, il go to bed a little wet, but if its more then a little im changing. In the summer im more for a XL shirt and diaper, i get super hot at night and onsies make me way to hot. In ether case il go to bed in my awesome sponge bob bed, with my fav plush.
  8. I dont normally wet a lot a night so i like superundies or dependeco
  9. SunOfSheep

    Question about baby wipes

    I also use parents choice wipes, have for at lest 2 years
  10. A diaper, normally super undies with 2 inserts, and depending on the weather ether, nothing else, a large shirt or my Little Keeper Sleeper onesies if its vary cold out.
  11. SunOfSheep

    Explain Your Screen Name

    Im actually a ball of flaming gas and plasma with sheep all around me. True Story
  12. I dont poop in my diapers often, the only time i do generally is when im alone and need to go and dont want to go to the bathroom. Like when im playing a game or watching tv. It defiantly makes me feel more childish knowing that id rather fill my diaper and change after cartoons then take the time to go potty.
  13. SunOfSheep

    BDSM Test

    == Results from bdsmtest.org == 100% Boy/Girl 75% Ageplayer 57% Submissive 45% Daddy/Mommy 42% Vanilla 42% Master/Mistress 38% Brat 29% Slave 25% Experimentalist 24% Non-monogamist 23% Rope bunny 18% Pet 17% Rigger 9% Masochist 7% Voyeur 5% Dominant 3% Exhibitionist 2% Primal (Hunter) 1% Degrader 1% Sadist 1% Degradee 1% Primal (Prey) 1% Switch 1% Owner
  14. It took me around 4 years to get to the point that il wet the bed, with or without a diaper on. Around 19 i started to wear diapers a lot, and moved to cloth diapers at night, this allowed me to wear every night and i did. Id allows use my diaper if i felt any need to go at night. I never honestly thought i had done anything untell i stayed at my friends hose one night and didn't go to bed with a diaper on and woke up mid pee, thankfully it wasn't to bad, noticeable but not soaked to the bed. after that ive worn a diaper every night seance and theses many times i wake up mid pee (i dont know why but i allows do). I dont know if it counts as true bed wetting, as i dont actually sleep threw it, but i have no choice in whether or not to wear a diaper unless i want to soak the bed.
  15. SunOfSheep

    Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    @Wannatripbaby isnt who he claims, hes actually Gerald Evans the CEO of hanes, they are trying to get all adults into these awful underwear things they sell, witch are basically diapers but dont hold anything so theirs no reason to actually wear them. So far they have sold millions and basicly every grown up has fallen for underware and getting dedicated rooms with toilets that you have to use instead, they market this all as the more mature way to be an adult. I dont understand how being required to go spend time on a dedicated device (thats often cold) in a room could even come close to just being able to go at any time, change any ware and not be forced to spend time on a task as simple as peeing or pooping. But mr. Wannatripbaby (witch isnt his real name) has worked closely with the government to increase there income by geting people to use these toilet things, its paid off big in citys with expensive water and places that dont have water. Guess how much water my diaper requires! a moist wipe not a huge flush! Dont lesson to this "Wannatripbaby" guy as hes just trying to trick you with these new "grownup" things that he makes money off of and we get a worse deal from!