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  1. Diapered Jason

    Argument Question

    That is very well put. Could not have said it better myself.
  2. Diapered Jason

    Argument Question

    Yes it is as long as it is a testable hypothesis. If it is not testable, if it cannot be measured, then it is a philosophy question and evidence is either irrelevant or non existent. Of course, that is not to say that you can always be right even if it is testable.
  3. You realize that you would have at max a few hundred thousand dollars after taxes and charity. A million dollars is not that much. Feds take 40%
  4. Pay off mortgage and invest the rest, but I never waste money on the tickets. Statistically speaking, most people go bankrupt after winning the lotto anyways.
  5. Diapered Jason

    My mom opened my package from north shore

    You can flip that stuff on eBay or similar websites. On eBay's site, you can look up sale statistics for any particular item. Overtime, you will learn what sells and how to sell it. You could easily make an extra $1000 a week. When you get to that point, you'll probably want to report it as an LLC, but till then you will not have to report it as income. That said depending on your county's rules, having an LLC is often a neat way to say you are employed, but not making much yet, so you could qualify for more assistance, like daycare and food stamps. But once you are successful in your business, obviously, you won't need them anymore.
  6. Diapered Jason

    My mom opened my package from north shore

    Well, what works is something you enjoy, but won't also have to report as income. Do you like going to garage/yard sales or thrift stores?
  7. Diapered Jason

    My mom opened my package from north shore

    So you are not doing financially well then? I understand the welfare system and it is very limiting and frustrating. It is a stop-gap measure, nothing more, don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise. I don't know your situation, but believe me when I say the government is going to fuck you over the longer they support you. All it takes is one misplaced piece of paperwork that they lost, and you can lose it. So please, for your own benefit, think about how to raise your income in the long term.
  8. Diapered Jason

    My mom opened my package from north shore

    Hmmm, never seen those words together in a sentence before. Have you thought about starting your own business. If your doing well financially, then you should be able to do it at your own pace till you get things going. About the original topic, living with your parents is alright if you are going through a crisis, but once you are back on your feet, you should get back out there. I am not one of those helicopter parents that likes to control them when there that age by making all kinds of rules, because that would mean I already failed as a parent. By the age of 18, my children should be able to make responsible choices without me telling them what to do. I know that might sound silly, but it's true. On the other hand, I know what freeloading looks like too, but dealing with that situation is not as easy as it sounds, hope I never have to.
  9. Diapered Jason

    Facebook Rant

    I'm not a fan of Facebook, but I have the same issue with banks. I say don't sweat it unless your Facebook account is part of your business.
  10. Diapered Jason

    Socialization questions

    Have something valuable to say and say it with confidence. People will like you more if you do, so start reading.
  11. Diapered Jason

    Predestination: An infallible argument?

    Hehe, for the op, maybe freewill cannot be obtained by thinking about it this much, because with all this philosophizing, you will have no time for any thing else in your mind. I'd say you have psyched yourself out, but that message is probably not going to get through by the time I check on this thread in a few days. After all, it's just a thought, which has no value, because no action can come of it.
  12. Diapered Jason

    And end to ABDL?

    I think the most nauseating thing with this thread is the use of religion as a cop-out. Miracle cures are great and science doesn't have all the answers because it is science; however, if you investigate and really leave your preconceived notions at the door, with time you can find an answer.
  13. Diapered Jason

    And end to ABDL?

    This is irrational and an Occam's Razor violation. You have no evidence, only an observation. Therefore, you cannot say that Oliver d is rejecting evidence when all you got is an observation. I can believe the author's account to the fullest extent that I can, but obviously there is no evidence that a god did anything.
  14. Diapered Jason

    Parents being a jerk

    Yeah, they are 3-4% now, which makes it easier to invest while paying off a house.
  15. Diapered Jason

    Parents being a jerk

    Hehe, the way to win in society is to never buy a new BMW or a used one for that matter. Those cars are a waste of money. Also, if you do the math on mortgages, you pay at most 2 times as much if you pay for 40 years. If you pick the 15 year mortgage, it will be ~30% more than the price. Of course, you can just buy the house with cash. Never heard of paying 3-5 times the initial price.