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  1. Diapered Jason


    Right now, I believe the market to be too volatile now and I am not sure if the currency is going to make it. Of course, I had mostly index funds, so I took a hit in December, but I'll recover. Going to diversify next by buying pharmaceuticals or something like that.
  2. Diapered Jason

    Question on polar ice caps

    Joep we know who you are, you can stop trolling by changing the subject and saying whatever nonsense you find on the internet. Everything you have said so far takes an argumentative posture and you have done this before. If you really wanted to learn about climate change you wouldn't be here since most people here are not scientists.
  3. Diapered Jason

    Dill Pickle's electronics helpline

    In the bios, you can change boot priority, but sometimes with SSDs, the computer may not see the ssd. I have similar problems sometimes with my ssd, but my Corsair is very old and so is my computer. If you cannot fix it in bios, you may need to check your drive connection, especially if you have an old fashion ribbon cable. Otherwise, the drive itself may need to be tested. Of course, what I am saying is very preliminary. I don't know how to read those error codes but it sounds like incompatiblity problems or flaws in the hardware setup itself.
  4. Diapered Jason

    Dill Pickle's electronics helpline

    Sounds like you need some transformers and rectifiers. There is also a special circuit to prevent over charging of the battery.
  5. Yeah, you have to pay your credit card bill.
  6. It's not over yet. Capitol one is clearly not on your side, but call Visa or MasterCard depending on who services your card and contest the charge. If you did not get anything, you have a really good shot of getting your money back. Once that is done, cut up your card. Capitol one is an awful bank to deal with.
  7. I am confused as to what the debt's legitimacy is. I heard something about automatic billing and diet pills. If you think it is a scam, don't pay. Call VISA or MasterCard to get this settled if they already took money from you as it sounds like it is on a credit card. Your bank can also be of assistance.
  8. Diapered Jason

    Astronomy History

    When the photos came back from Pluto, I managed to catch the seminar from one of the project leaders. It was mostly on the chemistry aspects of the mission and I don't remember much, except for the heart shaped plain of nitrogen ice. Very impressive and a bit unexpected considering it is not blue, haha.
  9. Diapered Jason

    Trump's latest attack on trans people

    This is false. Besides the fact that women can kick men's ass, just that women are forced to play by a different set of rules; hrt must be ongoing for a year to compete and by that time, there have been significant changes. There is no problem there, same as the bathroom shit. Also, the sexual harassment protections are actually being stripped away by our awful secretary of education, worst ever in my opinion. It's obvious Trump is making a direct attack on the LGBT community to make his uneducated base feel safer while at the same time empowering white males. Betsy Devos is setting the tone and it is no surprise a rapist went free again. Kind of off topic but related since it was stated women were also being marginalized. True, but not because of trans women.
  10. Diapered Jason

    The Domme on the Bus

    This is a wonderful story. Well thought out and very cute. Thank you.
  11. Diapered Jason

    thnking of going back to school

    No, you complete your bachelors, study like made for the GRE, then apply for graduate school. Graduate school is pretty much only for a PhD. Most universities don't offer a Master's degree program. Typically a masters is obtained on the way to the completion of a PhD or when you fail to get your PhD. Some departments offer a three year program where you obtain a bachelors and a masters together, but that is on a different level than a PhD. To get your PhD, there are typically three major exams, your second year exam, your thesis proposal, and finally, your thesis defense, all of which is done in front of your thesis committee. The first one is the toughest, but it gets easier especially if you know your stuff. If you are ready, the defense is actually the easiest, but it takes time to get there. The whole thing takes 4-6 years depending on how disciplined and how much time you can allocate to your research, but only the first 2-3 years are you taking courses, and only 1-2 at a time. Most of what makes up a PhD is time spent in research with your professor. It is a job and you are employed by the university as a research assistant, but it is a fun job if you enjoy research and working with your professor.
  12. Diapered Jason

    thnking of going back to school

    I second this. Start at a community college to further cut costs. Also, try to pay without student loans by working a job or running a business while you are doing this. FYI, you can also make your own business. It takes work, but not anymore work than school. Physics is good. I'm an expert in that area myself, but my field of study was something else. Unfortunately Bettypooh, in physics, you have to get a BS as an associates is only good for transfers to a university and not much else, so skip the lower degree if you want to work in your field. If you go for a PhD though, you won't accrue any tuition bills. They don't cost money in the physics and engineering disciplines since you get tuition payed+stipend when you work as a TA or RA, only costs 4-5 years of your life, but if you enjoy research, it will be the best 4-5 years of your life.
  13. Diapered Jason

    Argument Question

    That is very well put. Could not have said it better myself.
  14. Diapered Jason

    Argument Question

    Yes it is as long as it is a testable hypothesis. If it is not testable, if it cannot be measured, then it is a philosophy question and evidence is either irrelevant or non existent. Of course, that is not to say that you can always be right even if it is testable.
  15. You realize that you would have at max a few hundred thousand dollars after taxes and charity. A million dollars is not that much. Feds take 40%