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  1. Car advise

    I would also consider Mazdas, as they are also quite reliable and fuel efficient, but come at a cheaper price as they are usually underrated.
  2. Hey Bettypooh, there is already a brick-laying robot for example, fyi. Due to the speed at which construction occurs, automation kind of needs to happen though. All this complaining about automation though reminds me of the jobs we don't miss, because they were less desired and did not pay very well. Truck drivers will be phased out, but despite an ever increasing population size and increase in automation, national unemployment seems to maintain a low value which is more or less dependent on the economy and less on other factors. Of course, that is not to say certain regions of the country won't feel it more, especially in areas where there is already not much for employment.
  3. Unfortunately you don't get to choose which kind of diaper you are interested in if it is a fetish for you. If you into one, you'll have no interest in the other typically. On the other hand, if you want to compare the two, manufacturing of both can be quite sustainable, especially as economical methods of creating plastics from sources beside oil are on the horizon. Other resources used are renewable such as cotton and wood pulp. Disposal is far trickier though for both ypes of diapers, but that's true with anything we use. In theory , you could run out of landfill space, but not anytime soon. There is however a demand for more advanced recycling technology that would provide economic viability for the recycling of more materials. I'd say cloth wins, because it has far less waste to throw away. Washing them is not a big deal to me. I wash tons of clothes already. An extra load a week would not have a significant impact on my energy bill but I would save quite a bit of money on buying diapers each month which typically costs $150 diapers every other month.
  4. Advise on issue

    Been there, never doing that again. I had a similar situation with someone, only they were smoking weed. Best to not offer help to these people unless the child is in trouble as it is a was a waste of effort for me. Also if you go anywhere with them, make sure they have their wallets with them, because, well, you know.
  5. Security

    No way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on the leader of any country in the world. For instance, you would be pretty stupid not to have an opinion on Brexit, because that affects everyone, just like the election of Donald Trump.
  6. Security

    I like vice news quite a bit, because they are one of the few news sites that shows you what is happening rather than just telling you. They became famous awhile back after successfully embedding with the Islamic State. You have to have HBO though to actually watch them now, but all their stories are online. BuzzFeed was the first to post the dossier report, which was dumb, since it was unverified. Before that though, there was speculation of collusion between Russia and Trump after the DNC hacking when it was determined Russia was the source.
  7. Security

    Yep, but I haven't been watching TV news, so I don't see that junk. Leaks, like the dossier report, have to be verified with solid evidence before they can be believed.
  8. Security

    In short, I think the president should be impeached, but the better question is can he be impeached. I think as facts continue to drip out via leaks it looks like a Republican Congress may be more willing to impeach Trump on obstruction of Justice, but there are many other possible charges. As it becomes more clear that Trump cannot fulfill the Republican agenda and is willing to jeopardize our security, they will turn on him and put Pence in charge. As the facts come to light, it's only going to get worse.
  9. WIfe says 24/7

    Lol, it is possible to wear diapers 24/7, but you will never get to experience being a baby 24/7. That is the difference everyone is arguing about. Unless you have some sort of psychosis, that is just not possible. Life is full of responsibility that cannot be ignored. Job, family, friends, your very livelihood, etc.
  10. What shall we call non ABDLs

    Yep, it is a different kink. All those things you listed are added to intensify the humiliation. It is not LG if that is what you are wondering.
  11. What shall we call non ABDLs

    Wow really, no one can figure out what sissy is. It is male crossdressing sexualized with ridicule mixed in.
  12. My car died!

    Horsepower is a measure of work per second fool, but they absolutely should move in that direction. It has already been done with diesel engines on train; however, once the next gen battery comes out, which is soon, there will be probably be a push to design full electric trucks.
  13. Am I a baby or am I an adult or some kind of hybrid?

    It's value is actually significantly reduced when placed in a review article. For one, you can't quote verbatim, because that would be plagiarism. Unless you go and read every article referenced, which you probably didn't, it is still second hand. Lastly, the journal is called the New Atlantis, seriously? They have an impact factor of near zero, which means they are hardly ever referenced. You'll also see this journal is not about publishing new scientific discoveries, but rather the journal is politically motivated. As a result, the article you linked is junk just like the journal it came from. Also, I think I acknowledged that my third paragraph was a hypothesis, so it is completely unsupported, just like your second paragraph from the post above.
  14. Am I a baby or am I an adult or some kind of hybrid?

    Huh? That journal is not peer reviewed and it is filled with opinions. The article also contains no results. It is more like a review letter than anything else. WBDaddy's linked article on the other hand comes from a peer-reviewed journal that contains an actual study were data was obtained, analyzed, and interpreted. They will certainly need to run more tests to verify their conclusions, but I believe they are off to a better start. Of course, Christine can still be correct in that gender is a learned behavior, since they tested adult subjects. You would have to test infants using the same tests to prove that gender is something you are born with. Even though it may be a learned behavior, it sill does not necessarily mean you can choose your gender. My current hypothesis is that gender is learned. Experience goes a long way defining who a person is. As a parent of two children, you can see instantly how perceived sex changes the way the child is treated, which toys they are given, and how much they are coddled. Corrections: If you read WBDaddy's linked article, they used MRI, not CT scans. They are also not referring to any specific hemispherical part of the brain as they were analyzing the white matter fibers within the entire organ.
  15. Am I a baby or am I an adult or some kind of hybrid?

    Can you post a link to the study?