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  1. Diapered Jason

    Socialization questions

    Have something valuable to say and say it with confidence. People will like you more if you do, so start reading.
  2. Diapered Jason

    Predestination: An infallible argument?

    Hehe, for the op, maybe freewill cannot be obtained by thinking about it this much, because with all this philosophizing, you will have no time for any thing else in your mind. I'd say you have psyched yourself out, but that message is probably not going to get through by the time I check on this thread in a few days. After all, it's just a thought, which has no value, because no action can come of it.
  3. Diapered Jason

    And end to ABDL?

    I think the most nauseating thing with this thread is the use of religion as a cop-out. Miracle cures are great and science doesn't have all the answers because it is science; however, if you investigate and really leave your preconceived notions at the door, with time you can find an answer.
  4. Diapered Jason

    And end to ABDL?

    This is irrational and an Occam's Razor violation. You have no evidence, only an observation. Therefore, you cannot say that Oliver d is rejecting evidence when all you got is an observation. I can believe the author's account to the fullest extent that I can, but obviously there is no evidence that a god did anything.
  5. Diapered Jason

    Parents being a jerk

    Yeah, they are 3-4% now, which makes it easier to invest while paying off a house.
  6. Diapered Jason

    Parents being a jerk

    Hehe, the way to win in society is to never buy a new BMW or a used one for that matter. Those cars are a waste of money. Also, if you do the math on mortgages, you pay at most 2 times as much if you pay for 40 years. If you pick the 15 year mortgage, it will be ~30% more than the price. Of course, you can just buy the house with cash. Never heard of paying 3-5 times the initial price.
  7. Diapered Jason

    Parents being a jerk

    Also, why do people think renting is so bad. If you are not ready to own a home, you are not ready.
  8. Diapered Jason

    Parents being a jerk

    Those are good thoughts, but I think Firefly should start with some personal development, before picking a direction to run. There are some useful books like the 7 habits of highly effective people and on Youtube there is even some videos on financial planning and investing that have helped me out quite a bit. The way I see it Firefly, you have the opportunity to live with your parents with a $150/month lease with I assume free electricity and internet. That is a really good deal. If you have a job now, you can save for college and then pay for it with cash, no student loans. Do you know how well off you will be without having to pay off student loans when you get out of school? Really well. If you play your cards right, you can own your first house before you are 30.
  9. Diapered Jason

    Parents being a jerk

    So this is pretty abnormal, but I have heard of crazier things. Realize that no matter whether or not you choose to move out, I recommend counseling, specifically a counselor that is kink friendly. It would be beneficial for your parents to see the same counsler together, because I think you and your parents would benefit from an objective viewer. As a parent, I can attest to how easy it is to go too far, especially when you are misinterpreting what is going on, but your parents might already be growing suspicious of your bedwetting claim, which could be making them think the worst and driving them crazy.
  10. Diapered Jason

    wearing in your backyard

    Everyone settle down and realize this is a stupid tabloid magazine. Also, everyone realize we already have police oversight like this in the US in the form of cameras everywhere. Personally, I think the idea is pretty smart for weather, disaster, conflict, and mapping applications.
  11. Diapered Jason

    FB Fallout

    I hated Facebook anyway, because it is a serious time waster.
  12. Diapered Jason

    Student Loans

    Speaking strictly about the loans and not your living situation, the value of the minimum payment is not going to matter unless you have higher interest debt like credit cards, because you are going to want to pay as much as you can to get rid of loans starting with the highest interest debt first, which means paying more than either of those minimum payments. The problem is they usually sit at an APR of 6-8%. That means you can't contribute toward a down payment on a house, your retirement, or investing in stocks until they are gone because the loans are going to cost you more on a per month basis then what you gain. Compound interest kills you and it will take considerable time with the minimum payment to actually attack the principal. If the loan was less than 4% APR, then you could pay the minimum payment and accomplish other financial goals at the same time, but be careful to properly balance spending and saving so that you don't make yourself too unhappy. No matter what though, don't forget to have your emergency fund of $10000 built up, so in case you end up living in "a toxic situation," you can just leave. Loans don't matter if your safety is at risk, so prioritize this, then the loans, then move on to other financial objectives. If you don't have any liquidity right now, it might be useful to take the lower payment on the student loans for the very short term, then quickly start paying them down when you are out of your bad living situation.
  13. Diapered Jason

    Pointless Mommy Rant

    I think many abdls on here don't get relationship dynamics. They are hard. Abdls vary too and it is great to find a mommy that complements your interests in diapers, but none of that matters if you can't be compatible in a relationship. Awhile back when I was dating, I looked for people with an interest in BDSM who were also dominant, because I also had interests in BDSM as well. I did not look on any dating websites though.
  14. Diapered Jason

    Sunrise Coffee

    The hardest part of that job is getting the transmission back in with the splines properly aligned. Of course, I had a bad transmission jack and a fwd vehicle, so I sort of made it the hardest part. Other than that though, it was quite fun.
  15. Diapered Jason

    Mini Bitcoin Farm

    Agreed, but don't concern yourself with short term loss or gain. By investing for the long term, you can make money in a bull or bear market. When the dust settles, the stocks will go back up. If Boeing stocks continue to fall for example, you can buy more. In ten years, when Trump is long gone, hopefully we will have negotiated another TPP which is what would have fixed the intellectual property theft issue he thinks he can fix now with tariffs. Trump proved he was dumb as shit when he cancelled that deal his first day in office.