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  1. FB Fallout

    I hated Facebook anyway, because it is a serious time waster.
  2. Student Loans

    Speaking strictly about the loans and not your living situation, the value of the minimum payment is not going to matter unless you have higher interest debt like credit cards, because you are going to want to pay as much as you can to get rid of loans starting with the highest interest debt first, which means paying more than either of those minimum payments. The problem is they usually sit at an APR of 6-8%. That means you can't contribute toward a down payment on a house, your retirement, or investing in stocks until they are gone because the loans are going to cost you more on a per month basis then what you gain. Compound interest kills you and it will take considerable time with the minimum payment to actually attack the principal. If the loan was less than 4% APR, then you could pay the minimum payment and accomplish other financial goals at the same time, but be careful to properly balance spending and saving so that you don't make yourself too unhappy. No matter what though, don't forget to have your emergency fund of $10000 built up, so in case you end up living in "a toxic situation," you can just leave. Loans don't matter if your safety is at risk, so prioritize this, then the loans, then move on to other financial objectives. If you don't have any liquidity right now, it might be useful to take the lower payment on the student loans for the very short term, then quickly start paying them down when you are out of your bad living situation.
  3. Pointless Mommy Rant

    I think many abdls on here don't get relationship dynamics. They are hard. Abdls vary too and it is great to find a mommy that complements your interests in diapers, but none of that matters if you can't be compatible in a relationship. Awhile back when I was dating, I looked for people with an interest in BDSM who were also dominant, because I also had interests in BDSM as well. I did not look on any dating websites though.
  4. Sunrise Coffee

    The hardest part of that job is getting the transmission back in with the splines properly aligned. Of course, I had a bad transmission jack and a fwd vehicle, so I sort of made it the hardest part. Other than that though, it was quite fun.
  5. The last few years.

    Bettypooh, I am well aware the short comings of the political system, but if you don't show up to vote, you are part of that short coming. Democracy depends on participation through voting and protest. There is always a better choice. I voted for Bernie in the primary and then voted for Hillary in the election. Obviously, Hillary was a flawed candidate in many ways and so was Bernie, but shit, Hillary would have been orders of magnitude better than what we got now. I made the right choice for my self. The only wrong choice was not voting at all. As far as everything else that you say, it is debatable and best left for another thread. I am just reminding you all to vote, especially my generation which failed to show in 2016. That way, we can avoid this situation in the future.
  6. The last few years.

    Bettypooh, there is always a better choice and I know many who made the wrong choice, which is not voting at all. I hear consistent complaints about the election results but then I ask them if they voted and they say no. This myth that both parties are bad and it doesn't matter who you vote for is one that is spread by Republicans, because they know the more people who stay home, the more probable it is for them to win. It is a strategy that Trump used by painting everything and everyone in black. Bettypooh, I guess I am disgusted by your pessimism. It is wrong. It is the reason we lost, but that will not be the case in 2018.
  7. Mini Bitcoin Farm

    Agreed, but don't concern yourself with short term loss or gain. By investing for the long term, you can make money in a bull or bear market. When the dust settles, the stocks will go back up. If Boeing stocks continue to fall for example, you can buy more. In ten years, when Trump is long gone, hopefully we will have negotiated another TPP which is what would have fixed the intellectual property theft issue he thinks he can fix now with tariffs. Trump proved he was dumb as shit when he cancelled that deal his first day in office.
  8. Mini Bitcoin Farm

    Bitcoin mining is a nice way to make passive income, much like investing, but unlike investing, the future outlook for Bitcoin is terrible. I'd rather take the money spent on electricity and the mining system and put it in stocks, but for me that might depend more on the price of electricity. With Trump in office, there is also some real bargains out there right now, like Boeing. If I were in say eastern Washington for example where cheap electricity is plentiful, I can see Bitcoin mining as possibly more lucrative in the short term.
  9. Isn't the NYS minimum wage increase annoying?

    I hear what you are saying and it is true, except a minimum wage increase is designed to adjust for inflation, not get you ahead of it. You need to get a pay raise for that. The decline of industry in certain regions of the country is a topic left best for another thread.
  10. Isn't the NYS minimum wage increase annoying?

    This isn't the case at all. You need to review why minimum wage laws we're made in the first place, what entry level career positions actually pay, and read the latest econmoic reports on minimum wage increases in Western US cities. Stop going with your gut and actually read the facts out there on the effect of minimum wage increases.
  11. Isn't the NYS minimum wage increase annoying?

    Well, what happened in Seattle was a drop in hiring as the minimum wage was increased, but it was difficult to actually see a price increase in good solds there. It is impossible for businesses to pass the minimum wage increase completely on to the customer since they still have to remain competitive, therefore they find offsets elsewhere. I support higher minimum wages in high cost living areas when unemployment is low like it is now. For example, a $15 minimum wage is probably not good enough in NYC, but could be too high in rural areas within the state. I would set minimum wage by county, not necessarily by state.
  12. Car advise

    That's because they used a rotary engine instead of the normal inline four or V6. Inline fours are probably the most reliable engine type. While the rotary engine could have been better in terms of efficiency, power, and reliability, the engine must burn oil to operate and that was not desirable.
  13. ABDL Population and rough estimates. How rare are we?

    The diaper manufacturers know.
  14. Eating healthy is expensive

    Misinformed, fat logic myths. I had to google that latter term by the way. I am just stunned. I tried to explain psychologically why people fail in trying to lose weight, but all I hear are anecdotal observations of the state of being obese and bad diet advice. That is the theme of this thread. Drynot, the Keto diet could have been dangerous if your high blood pressure was caused by high cholesterol, since it seems most of the foods in the diet are high in cholesterol. Just go to you doctor. I am banging my head on my desk now. Stay scientific everyone.
  15. Eating healthy is expensive

    I read your post about starvation. Bad idea. Anyways, I see some confusion about what I have written, so let me make this perfectly clear. When it comes to diets, FOLLOW YOUR DOCTOR'S ORDERS! I put "healthy diets" in quotation marks because I was mocking the concept. This is not to say you all should not be eating better and exercising, but a real healthy diet should be tailored to your exact needs. For instance, if you have trouble with high blood pressure, then you should not do the Keto diet as was recommended earlier, because that diet will put yourself at serious risk of death. As for specifics into the science of obesity, I highly recommend reading the lastest scientific results on the matter. Nature.com is a great place to start. Here is also a word to the wise, never assume anything is true until it has been tested even if logically it makes sense. To address Spokane girl personally, if after you quit exercising, you gain significant weight, you could have an underlying medical issue such as a hormone imbalance that should be addressed by your doctor.