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  1. I get a diaper change when mommy decides I do. She typically won’t change my diaper unless it’s poopy or nearly leaking. That can be uncomfortable when she puts me in a boosted safari. Those last forever.
  2. Mourning Las Vegas

    Weak. What you did is the very definition of trolling. You came into a memorial thread to shit on all theists. The hatred in your heart is on full display. You are devoid of understanding. You could use a lot more grace in your heart. You have none.
  3. Mourning Las Vegas

    Your trolling is getting really old.
  4. Do You Have A Diaper Bag?

    Is it a full length mat? Do you have a link to it. I want to show it to my mom mommy.
  5. Do You Have A Diaper Bag?

    Do you change her on the floor? Or have her stand? I am imaging the mall near here. They have family bathrooms but no benches that could support an adult.
  6. Do You Have A Diaper Bag?

    @BabyLexisMommy do you change your baby’s diaper when out, and if so, how do you approach that?
  7. Why Do Adults Want To Baby Diapers?

    Lol wut? What does trump have to do with that in particular? What are you even talking about?
  8. Why Do Adults Want To Baby Diapers?

    Tykables was formerly known as “Snuggies”, and I’m sure they changed it due to frightening letters from powerful lawyers. Even if a lawsuit was baseless, a big corporation can crush a small business under legal fees if it wants to. They even have a word for it: Lawfare.
  9. Here today, gone tomorrow. I could not find the vendor.
  10. Drink more water and less other beverages (sugary drinks for example). But definitely more water overall.
  11. Mourning Las Vegas

    And please please please please PLEASE don’t make this thread political.
  12. Faking incontinence

    There is no need to involve a doctor. Family members shouldn’t be sticking their nose into your business to the point where you need actual documentation from a doctor. There isn’t even a need to lie to family. Say it’s a personal medical matter and leave it at that.
  13. How do you even function in real life, with how you ask us all these basic questions? Don't you have anyone in real life to ask, maybe the person who ties your shoes? It's getting impossible to not believe you're a troll. How old are you? Why do you behave the way you have here?
  14. Your issues may be beyond us if you ask this in a thread where you are worrying about being noticed while wearing diapers in public.