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  1. I think you all do that very well @Bettypooh. I watched him drive you all right up the wall. Repaid1 had to temp ban him awhile ago. It’s a good illustration of whyI should never be a mod 😝
  2. If he wasn’t a troll, then he had the most breathtaking lack of social skills I’ve ever seen, which is entirely possible. But what are you going to do? If talking to someone is exactly like talking to a troll, it doesn’t matter if they’re sincere. Communication is not gonna happen.
  3. I was so tempted to post the gif below after his “No Way” comment, bit thought it was perhaps a bit much. In retrospect, it would have been absolutely on point. The intensity! Anyway, it’s been fun, particularly because he couldn’t see what I was posting. I offended him enough for him to block me awhile ago. I was looking forward to doing a David Attinborough narrator bit in the background of his next thread, tbh.
  4. It’s happened to me a number of times with TotalDry Ultras, but not super often. I don’t think you’re doing anything “wrong”, just that you’re reaching past the limitation of the booster. The bed was dry, so mission accomplished as far as the boosters are concerned, I think.
  5. Uhoh, you guys probably activated his internet tough guy trap card. Prepare to be told how he’s super dgaf and takes nuffin from noone. With plenty of witless profanity.
  6. The PeekABU shortage traumatized me. Must have buffer! There are now 170 PeekABUs on that shelf 🤣
  7. Mommy stopped letting me use tiolets years ago. She says little boys make such messes when they try to use tiolets, and it’s better to keep them in diapers. Mommy says my pee-pees and poopies belong in my diaper, and will stay there till she changes me.
  8. I have flirted with the idea of wearing one to the doctor ‘s office, but never have done so.
  9. Sounds like a pretty self-centered, dick move to me. Cleaning up urine is much easier and does far less damage than soda or coffee. Maybe consider how you’re fucking up someone’s day in the name of your shame?
  10. A safe word that is not respected is not a safe word. You simply don’t have one, which is certainly your prerogative.