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  1. erevu

    Reactions of your doctors

    I have flirted with the idea of wearing one to the doctor ‘s office, but never have done so.
  2. erevu

    Want to hide stains? – Make it worse!

    Sounds like a pretty self-centered, dick move to me. Cleaning up urine is much easier and does far less damage than soda or coffee. Maybe consider how you’re fucking up someone’s day in the name of your shame?
  3. erevu

    Some People Take Bondage -----

    A safe word that is not respected is not a safe word. You simply don’t have one, which is certainly your prerogative.
  4. erevu

    i got that VR Occulus

    Huh. That looks pretty cool!
  5. erevu

    90's console gaming

    I was a Nintendo kid. Had the Game Boy, NES, Super Nintendo, and N64. I stopped caring about consoles after that for awhile. I preferred PC games for increased complexity, better graphics, and better controls. I have gone back from time to time though. PS3, Wii U, and now Switch and XB1X. Looking forward to the PS5.
  6. That’s a shame. The idea that putting a rainbow on a mediocre diaper somehow makes it special and worth shilling out for strikes me as a bit insulting. That could just be me, of course, but I cant imagine a print that would be worth sacrificing functionality for.
  7. Hs anyone done a review of this diaper?
  8. erevu

    Follower questions

    Is there a limit on followers?
  9. erevu

    Crinklz Aquanaut or Astronaut?

    I think the aquanaut design pairs well with a wet diaper. It’s a nice aesthetic. I’ll probably get a case of them if the PeekABUs don’t restock soon.
  10. My wife wore her hooded unicorn sleeper to the grocery store recently. It was late at night. No diaper though. She was just feeling too lazy to get dressed.
  11. I am pretty sure that you are not obligated to go through any treatment or test a doctor suggests simply be because they suggest it.
  12. erevu

    I accept my self for who I am

    A+ trolling.
  13. erevu

    Should I tell my parents I’m a DL?

    It’s hard to give you sound advice without knowing the nature of your parents, so the safest answer is to tell you not to tell them. If you do decide to tell them, don’t throw it in their faces. If you tell them face-to-face, don’t be wearing a diaper at the time. You could also tell them in a written form, such as email. Also, don’t expect anything to change much. The only guarantee is that you’ll know they know. That may offer you some peace of mind, but don’t expect them to be ok with you exposing your diaper to them just because they know. Of course, you risk getting into a number of bad situations depending on how they take it, particularly because you’re still under their roof. At least they’ve heard of AB, so they’ll likely not think you something horrible like a pedophile. It’d be less complicated if you had your own place. And personally, my parents do know. Dad confronted me about it in my early teens and I did have a moment where I felt compelled to tell my family, and did so. It was rocky, awkward, and dad feared particularly bad things. He had me go to therapy against my wishes, and relented after a few sessions when I pointedly told him that he was wasting his money. I have a good relationship with him now (it feels like I’ve always had), but all I’ve ever got on the diaper front is acceptance, not understanding. But that’s fine with me. He comes to visit, and may see the bags of ABU diapers in the storage room, or the changing table in my bedroom, or the goofy oversized pacifiers, and it doesn’t bother him or me. Also, I’ll wear diapers but won’t expose them to him, because doing so would be disrespectful of his boundaries. Overall, I don’t have regrets over my decision to tell them. Your mileage may vary.
  14. erevu

    Changing table

    The restraints hold the wrists above the head. I’m entirely on the table. True that there may be additional restraints that wouldn’t get in the way of a diaper change, but (1) modifying the table to accommodate them would be problematic and damage the resale value, and (2) it’s taxing on a caregiver to deal with numerous restraints for every diaper change. A few times may be fun, but it would get old.
  15. erevu

    Changing table

    Those are wrist straps for keeping hands out of the way during diaper changes. Any additional restraints would hinder a diaper change.