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  1. erevu

    ABDL Product Wishlist

    Say you had access to a high-quality 3D printer. What kind of ABDL product(s) would you make? And if you found such an item for sale, produced in such a fashion, would you be interested in buying it?
  2. erevu

    Deluth trading company pants

    I have many pairs of the firehose, and have worn them over a diaper to work many times.
  3. erevu

    Diaper doublers

    @Yooo They are 16cm widest, 12.5cm narrowest (somewhat of an hourglass shape). They fit fine in the diapers I use: ABU SDK/Cushies/Kiddos Medium, ABU LittlePaws/Simple Medium, Rearz Safari Medium. Oh, and I have never had an issue with their adhesive. They always stay in place for me.
  4. erevu

    Diaper doublers

    I use TotalDry Ultimate BoostUps in every diaper. They really bulk them up. I haven’t had any leak issues with them.
  5. Whenever I’m in a diaper, my wife sees that diaper, because she’s the one who put me into it, and the only one who’s allowed to change it.
  6. erevu

    So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    That’s what I think. It’s nuanced but a huge difference.
  7. erevu

    So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    @WakkoWannaBe Sorry, I didn’t mean to make it sound like it was specifically at you. Your word just best summarized the vibe I was getting from many of the reactions. For those that have a negative reaction to it, I wonder why, specifically, and wonder if they just have a problem with trademarks in general.
  8. erevu

    So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    Why is it so “ridiculous”? “Space” has nothing to do with adult diapers besides the fact that ABU has a trademark linking the two. It’s not like they’re trademarking “ABDL”. And it doesn’t matter if they look different or you can tell. It will, in general, cause confusion. It’s not unreasonable at all that ABU would have a problem with this.
  9. erevu

    Tallest & Shortest

    The world’s tallest man hung out with the world’s shortest woman. It reminded me of the Amazon stories:
  10. If that gun gets used, it’ll be as part of the climax. It’ll be hard to just excuse that.
  11. erevu

    Creations for messing

    Sorry to be a killjoy, but I have some bones to pick with this. First: Let me get this straight: You are moving in with your girlfriend, who you have not told about your kinks, and you intend to drop that bomb on her after you do and expect everything to be ok because “she promised me that she would not leave me again”? 1. That is very manipulative. You don’t withhold information like that until after she’s entangled with you financially and personally. It’s a recipe for disaster. 2. Even the most devout Christian wives will leave their husbands if certain red lines are crossed, and she’s already left you once. Banking on her promise as if you have a license to take 100% and give 0% is incredibly foolish, selfish, naive and disrespectful. It’s never as simple as, “but you promised!” Second: The anus is not designed as an entrance. It does not have the defenses against bacteria and contaminants that the other end of the digestive tract does. Whatever you’re shoving up your anus must be very clean to minimize associated risk. What you’re suggesting is about the polar opposite of “safe”. It’s bad enough that you’re considering doing it with your own feces, but putting someone else’s up your anus is extremely dangerous. There are pathogens in feces that vary from person to person, and the bacterial make-up of the feces will change for the worse as soon as it leaves the body. You don’t have defenses against them. You will likely make yourself very sick.
  12. erevu

    ABU ending free shipping

    If the alternative is ABU going away, I’d rather pay the shipping.
  13. erevu

    Do the diapers make my butt look big

    Stop feeding the troll. I could write a small script to emulate him: 1. Bump thread every day with random nonsense. 2. Respond to anyone by repeating what they said, preceeded by “why would I” or “what do you mean”. 3. Play the victim whenever confronted, and block them. It would be a very short script.
  14. erevu

    Adorable art

    Yep, that does look like Tato’s style. I knew something was familiar with it!
  15. erevu

    Adorable art

    Who did the line art?