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  1. Running Bear

    A Family Affair!

    You are doing a fine job... Please continue, as I will continue to read it all again... Great story...
  2. Running Bear

    A Family Affair!

    Good Stuff there... please continue, I'm sorry your story got eaten by the monster, but you are still at it...
  3. Running Bear

    A Family Affair!

    What happened to the rest of this story, last I remember I was somewhere near page 63, or so... Oh well... Good story
  4. Running Bear

    Confession (Update 1-5 final)

    WOW... That is all I can say...
  5. Running Bear

    incontinent and a truck driver

    Okay, I have been off the page for some time, but I will give answers to this person.... First off I'm double incontinent, Bladder, and bowel. Now not everyone knows, but a few close friends have figured it out over the years... I've been driving OTR for some time now, 28 years... since 99 I have been this way, 18 or so years now... the drug test issue is simple, if you are not watched, just pull your pecker out of your leg gather, let whatever comes out go into the cup, or ask for a clean draw catheter... if watched, then explain to them the situation, and again ask for a clean draw catheter, your urine test will come back dilute, but that is the incontinence doing that not drug use... In my truck I have all my supply in a cupboard in the bunk, out of sight, if an inspection is going to take place in my bunk, a warrant is required, as that is your home while on the road... they have to have reasonable doubt that you are hiding anything in the sleeper and have to get a judge to sign the warrant before they can leagaly enter the sleeper... as for dealing with ass hats at the border crossing, if they detain you, and you need a change, just let them know you have an issue to take care of, if they do not Comply with your request, sit in the bosses chair, and leak away... You asked, they denied, make that ass hat sit in a piss soaked chair for a few days... If you have any other questions you can email me at... [email protected] ... Thank you, and good day...
  6. Running Bear

    At what age were you fully potty trained?

    I answered other, for obvious reasons, I've been a life long bedwetter, I was not officially day trained till 8, or 9, maybe as late as 10, the night wetting started have continued to this day... my day control has been gone since 99, and things have not gotten better... As I'm seated all day driving, and have started losing feeling below my stomach, I've been having messing issues for about 10 years, but I deal as best as I can... Thank GOD I have a wife that understands...
  7. Running Bear

    What do you use your Diapers for?

    Totally incontinent, doc says it's neurogenic bladder, and bowel... From my back injury, and I believe him...
  8. Like I've stated, I'm an OTR Driver, I get home once a month if I'm lucky,
  9. Severe, total loss of both bladder, and bowel control due to nerve damage in lower back...
  10. Running Bear

    What diapers do you wear

    Tranquility ATN with a stuffer at night, along with a good pair of plastics, day is Depend, with a small suffer up front...
  11. Running Bear

    How Many Times a Night

    For me I go to bed dry, by the time I wake up I'm soaked, I don't know how many times I wet, or if I'm constantly dribbling in my sleep... My parents tried everything in the book when I was younger, and decided that dry nights were out of reach for me, as I have been a life long sleep wetter... I get up about 01:30 to smoke a cigarette, again at 04:30, and finally get moving out of bed by 05:00 every day unless I'm sick, or sleeping in for a day off... As far as I know at 01:30 I'm a bit wet, at 04:30 I should change, and at 05:00 I am changing unless I changed at 04:30... during the day I must change every 3 hours or there are leaks, and other issues... I am totally incontinent, My parents tried, but after I got hurt in 99 all bets were off...
  12. Running Bear

    Christmas Contest II (Blowing out the year)

    34 Front, 45 Rear
  13. A typical day is my night diaper, 1 ATN with a stuffer, after I wake up, and deal with the overnight mess it's an ATN with a booster pad in front, and change every 4 to 6 hours throughout the day... So about 7 total in a 24 hour period... If sick it can go to 10 in a 24 hour period....
  14. Running Bear

    What's your day job

    OTR truck driver, O/O. Of a trucking company... I am everywhere, and nowhere all at the same time.... 45 states will allow my truck in... The others are stoopid like CanIScrewYa...