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    WARNING: this story contains wetting, heavy soiling, and some sexuality. This is more of a self-contained short story, so I probably will not be adding more to it. At 22 pages I think it is a nice length for this type of tale. In this story a young woman in her early 20s becomes infatuated with her female boss. There's accidents, on-purpose messes, spankings, and even a failed attempt at potty training! ~ The Boss And Her Baby a story by AMRose ~ Part 1: Fresh Start Eileen was always a short girl. Even as an adult everyone towered over her. Her shoulders and chest were narrow and her hips were wide, making her bottom heavy. She always styled her hair into a tight bun in the back, preferring to keep most of it out of the way. Her bangs in the front were cut just above the eyebrows. Less than five feet tall, even in heels, she was determined to prove herself. She didn't want to just be seen as some cute little waif. She knew she was valuable and her work would speak for itself. During high school she had attempted to make friends with the other girls. It was a constant struggle to keep up with them. Being a late bloomer in middle school she had wanted to use high school as a fresh start. Things did not go so smoothly for her though. In her first year, during history class, she was not allowed a bathroom break, and she wet her pants. People jokingly called her a baby before because of how small she was, but after that incident the teasing was relentless. She would forever be known as the girl who pissed her pants in history class. It was terrible for her self-esteem, but it strengthened her resolve. She would reinvent herself the moment she was out of high school. She would make something of herself. Eileen walked down the hall of the massive building. She made it through her first year of engineering school being generally unnoticed, but now it was time for her to start her internship job at this new company called Leafletter. She had heard that the company was founded and still being run by a ruthless businesswoman, Ms Lenore Mayweather. Perhaps she would make good at the company and catch this woman's attention. Naturally, Eileen thought, a hard-nosed feminist like Mayweather surely understood another woman's struggles in the business world. Sometimes she would see Ms Mayweather while walking through the long hallways of the building. The woman was tall and imposing. Being over six feet tall she had dwarfed little Eileen more than most people did. Eileen was afraid to admit it, but she found this strong woman appealing in more ways than one. Sure, she respected her for everything she had done in the competitive business world, but she was also astoundingly attractive. Eileen was a curious girl, but she never thought she might be gay. Ms Mayweather is someone she would not mind having a homosexual experience with though. Having low self-esteem she figured a woman like that was out of her league anyway. Besides, she never really gave off this vibe like she was a sexual creature anyway. She just looked hot. One chance with her would be thrilling, but how could she ever get that chance? No, for now she just stuck to herself. Relationships, with anyone really, would have to take a backseat to her professional career. Eileen was starting at the bottom, and her manager at this level was an insecure little man that thought little of her. This new life was safe, but it was also boring. Unfortunately it would not be boring for long. Despite her best efforts, Eileen was having too many close calls during the day. She was getting a little cocky, thinking she could hold it in better than she could when she was a kid and teen. Still, she'd be rushing down the hallways at the last moment, only just making it in time and going in the toilet. The fancy suit she wore was her mother's. It was out of fashion, but that wasn't the point. It meant something to her. If she ruined this suit it would be devastating and not just because of the humiliating accident. She had to be more careful. One unfortunate morning, Eileen had overslept and arrived to work about two minutes late. She was not able to go through her morning routine. Her hair had not been done, so instead of the tight bun it was a lazily pulled back ponytail. She had to eat a cold pop-tart while she drove to work and drink a bottle of warm water. The worst part is that she did not even get to use the bathroom. She resolved to use the women's bathroom first thing when she punched in at work. The only problem was her mild tardiness was noticed by the weary manager on her floor. Instead of getting a break, the man ordered Eileen to her desk and to get started. She didn't feel like she was in any position to argue. It was just two minutes, but she still felt bad about it. She tried to simply concentrate on her work, frantically typing away at her desk. She wiped her brow, feeling anxious. Her body began to tense up. Someone was looming over her. Taking a cautious turn of her head she saw that beautiful woman, Ms Mayweather. "What happened today, Eileen?" the woman kept a strict but caring tone as she spoke to the little lady. "You're usually so punctual." "Just overslept." Eileen responded, looking back to her screen and avoiding eye contact. "Um, I'm sorry." "Well there's no need to apologize. Just do your job." "Yes ma'am, miss, uh uh, Ms Mayweather." Hearing Eileen stammer like that caused Lenore Mayweather to crack a smile. She silently left the young woman's work station, but she allowed her gaze to linger as she walked away. She would be keeping an eye on this girl. Time seemed to move slowly now. Eileen was becoming visibly agitated. She crossed, uncrossed, and re-crossed her legs, over and over. The pressure on her bladder was building. Some stray drops of urine leaked out, dampening her panties but not becoming visible on her dark skirt just yet. It was getting urgent and if she waited too long now it would be too late. She figured she got enough work done to take her bathroom break now. She stood at her desk and looked about like a prairie dog. Great, no one was looking. She slipped away from the work station and made her long walk down the hall to the women's bathroom. By now Eileen was walking funny. Her thighs were pressed together as she took small but quick footsteps. She didn't want to have an accident, not here, not now! She didn't want to have an accident after all she had done to this point, building herself up. It started to happen anyway. First it was a small trickle. The piss dribbled out from her slit, dampening her panties more than they already were. Eileen had no choice but to run now. Piss was flowing down her legs, rivulets streaking her pantyhose. Her footsteps made wet squishing noises as they became filled with her piss. She was leaving a dotted trail behind her of stained carpet. She shoved some other girl out of the way as she raced into the women's bathroom and made a beeline for the first stall. She yanked down her panties around her ankles, spraying piss everywhere and even getting it on her skirt. She raised her skirt and sat on the toilet. By the time she was on the toilet though the stream was but a mere drip. She felt like crying, but she held back those tears. She sat on the toilet, looking at her panties. There was an unmistakable yellowish stain from the bottom of the crotch to the back. She slipped her feet out of her boots. Raising her butt off the toilet slightly she poured the piss out of each boot into the bowl. Eileen sobbed, not knowing what to do. There was piss all over her clothes, making visible stains on her pantyhose and skirt. Maybe she could just sit in the bathroom until her clothes dried? Before she knew it, the sound of high heels were clacking into the bathroom. "Did somebody piss on the floor?" it was Lenore, her boss! She followed the wet trail into the bathroom. Eileen got quiet as she stood in the stall, frozen in fear. "I know someone's in there." her voice was just outside the stall door. "Come on, I can see your feet. Just come out here so we can talk." The woman's tone made Eileen feel strange. It was commanding, but at the same time there was a familiar comfort that came with hearing it. A warmth was spreading through her even as she pulled the now cold wet panties back up. She bashfully opened the stall door to look out at Ms Mayweather. "Ah, the new one. Eileen, is it? Is this going to be a continuing problem?" she asked bluntly. "N-no!" the shocked girl said, ducking slightly behind the door like a scared child, "I was in a rush this morning and I didn't even get to use the bathroom before I left otherwise I would have gotten here even later and I'm really sorry this wont happen again!" Lenore smirked at the long run-on sentence. She sighed and rolled her eyes back. "Why don't I believe you?" As the tall woman said this, Eileen's heart sank. She was being chewed out like some small child! Her face was turning redder by the minute. Lenore could see the shame washing over the girl, which only seemed to make her smile more. "Look, come with me. I might have some spare clothes for you in my office." This all seemed so unexpected for Eileen. She was sure that she would be making the walk of shame back to her car and would probably be fired. Lenore took off her jacket and tied it around Eileen's waist. It was the kindest anyone had ever treated her, besides her own mother. "Jesus," Eileen thought, "she is like my mother." Though this made her more embarrassed there was a comforting feeling to having someone care this much. She didn't fight it. She followed right behind the taller woman as she lead her through the building, heading for her private office. For the most part people ignored the two women walking through the hallways and work stations of the building. Coming to the large office at the end of the building Lenore locked the door behind them. She untied the jacket from around Eileen and took a good long look at her. "Just look at you. You're soaked!" Lenore started, "Why didn't you go use the potty?" "Wha- what?" Eileen stammered. "You heard me. The potty was right down the hall. You could have gone and saved yourself the embarrassment, but now you're covered in pee pee!" "It wasn't my fault! Seriously!" "Whose fault could it be? No one was holding you down and forcing you to wet your pants, were they?" "No..." "Then explain yourself." Lenore made good points. Just as a mommy would. Eileen got quiet. Her face was red. She could feel a warm blush that touched her cheeks and even down to her shoulders. This was the most shame she felt since she was a child, but now that she was an adult there were other feelings coming over her. Having a tall sexy woman chew her out must have been some deep dark fantasy she never knew about. Her pussy was warming inside the cold, damp panties. After a while of not hearing a response Ms Lenore Mayweather grabbed Eileen's arm and pulled hard. Eileen let out a tiny gasp as she watched her boss sit down. Lenore set Eileen over her lap, ass raised. Suddenly there was a loud smack as her hand came down upon Eileen's bottom. Eileen tried to say "no" or "stop" but all that came out was a breathy gasp for air. She was spanked more. Each smack to her bottom was a sensual experience. She never had any girlfriends or boyfriends. She never felt this way before at all! She had tears going down her face from the shame and pain of it all, but she was secretly enjoying it. Lenore left one more hard smack on Eileen's butt before she stopped. She helped Eileen stand and looked into her eyes. "Take off your clothes, young lady. I will have them washed and returned to you later." Lenore held out her hand, expecting to be given the clothes. Eileen found herself timidly undressing in front of the woman. First her top came off, then her skirt, pantyhose, and panties. She slipped out of her soggy boots as well. Lenore stood there and continued to hold each article of clothing until Eileen was only in a bra. "All of it." barked Lenore. Eileen reached behind herself, unhooking her bra. Lenore walked away, carrying the soggy clothing, underwear, and boots to a nearby closet where she set them inside. Eileen just had to stand in the middle of the room, which had a comfortable temperature, but it was still awkward to be completely naked at her place of work. She crossed her arms over her little tits. Wisps of pubic hair decorated her crotch, just above her slit in a V shape, like they were pointing towards her privates. Her shoulders and chest were weak and by comparison her rear and thighs were larger. After what felt like forever Lenore finally came back with a new stack of clothing in her hands. She set them on her desk. The statuesque woman sauntered over to Eileen and swept her arms under her, carrying her like a bride towards the top of her desk where she set her down. Eileen's eyes were wide. No one had ever carried her like that since she was a toddler! Eileen heard a ripping noise and soon realized what it was when she felt something cool and soothing against her wet skin. It was baby wipes. Lenore was wiping down the pissy girl with such gentle care. She then lifted a large white cloth, letting Eileen look at it and soon figure out what it was. This was a diaper. "Wait a minute-" Eileen was about to speak. Lenore put one finger to the girl's lips. As if by magic that made her turn quiet right away. Lenore grabbed Eileen by the ankles and lifted her, making it simple to slip the diaper under the girl's butt before setting her back down. Lenore parted the girl's legs and then applied a generous powdering of talc around the crotch and butt. She used her hand to rub the baby powder into Eileen's skin. She dusted her hands off, clapping them together. She then pulled the front of the diaper up over Eileen's crotch and taped the tabs together at each side. Eileen was now in a thick adult diaper, but it wasn't over yet. Lenore pulled a T-shirt over Eileen's head. She then put on a pair of lavender colored overalls. Eileen was just going with this for now. Her new outfit looked so cute! Lenore put the finishing touches on, knit socks with tiny kittens on them, and some clunky red sneakers that were a bit too big. Lenore muttered something about having to get shoes to fit Eileen's tiny feet. She helped the big diapered girl stand and look at herself. "You're going to stay in my office from now on. When you come in I expect you to head right over here and do your work right beside me so I can keep an eye on you. I know you'll be a much better asset to this company if you have fewer distractions." As Lenore spoke in her stern but caring tone Eileen just nodded along. When the lecture was finished Eileen rushed to Lenore and hugged her. Lenore pat the girl on the back. "O-kay, o-kay." Lenore sighed, letting the girl hug her. "Well since you don't have your desk in here right now why don't you just sit in Mommy's lap while she does her work?" Eileen felt a jolt of pleasure travel through her body when Lenore called herself 'Mommy.' She didn't argue. Once Lenore sat down, Eileen got right in her lap. She had to lean to the side. Despite being small, she was still adult-sized. Lenore smiled as she felt Eileen nuzzle into her neck while she worked. "Sorry about everything." Eileen muttered. "There's no need to apologize. You're just a little girl and you couldn't hold it." Lenore said back. "The important thing is that now you know to stay with Mommy so there are no more accidents on my nice carpets." Eileen couldn't help but smile. The day seemed to move much faster now. She cuddled her new "Mommy" while wiggling around to feel the thick diapers rubbing against her. It made her feel a bit awkward, but she had to give in to these new desires. It just felt too good. Eileen stayed in her boss's office for the rest of the day. It was safe there, and she felt better than she ever felt before. Could this really be her life now? Had she really worked this hard only to end up right back where she started? Just an overgrown baby girl that needs diapers. Part 2: Going Home By the time the work day was over Eileen had fallen asleep in Lenore's lap. Lenore jostled Eileen awake. Eileen's eyes shot open and she looked nervous. She fell asleep and that meant she probably wet herself! She reached down, grabbing her crotch and feeling the damp diaper between her legs. Lenore threw her head back and chuckled. "Relax. That's what your diapers are for. I figured you must be a bedwetter." Lenore stood and set Eileen back on her feet. "Do you wish to go home by yourself, or do you want to come back to Mommy's place?" She asked so casually. Eileen had to think about it. She stared at her feet before finally speaking up. "Could I change my diaper first?" she asked. "Well that depends on whether or not you're going home by yourself." Eileen kept her gaze down. Going home with Ms Mayweather sounded like a dream come true. She just never thought her first time sleeping over with someone would be like this. Lenore was growing impatient, tapping her foot as she waited for an answer. Finally Eileen agreed to have the woman drive her home. Lenore smiled, grabbing her coat and briefcase. She nodded in the direction of her personal closet. "I had someone wash your suit and clean out your boots. Go grab them would you?" Eileen's face turned red again. Some stranger saw her accident! She just hoped no one recognized the clothing as hers. Her anxiety faded when she felt Lenore's hand on her back, guiding her. The motherly touch was just what she needed. Eileen picked up the bag that had her things in it and followed Lenore out. The office was mostly empty at this time of day, but some people still saw them walking towards the parking lot. Eileen was grateful that they didn't have to walk far. The boss always got the best parking spot, naturally. Lenore opened the passenger side door, having Eileen step in. The woman then locked Eileen into the seat, clicking the belt buckle for her. Lenore got into the car herself and drove off. As Eileen looked out the window watching the world zip by she got the urge to suck to her thumb. It was something she did a lot as a child whenever she became overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by things like having a big public accident. She resisted, thinking about all the times she was called a baby. Her thumb was inches from her mouth before she let her hands rest back in her lap. Even though she was dressed in overalls and a thick diaper she still asserted that, in her mind, she was an adult, not a child. Lenore had played some lullaby music on the stereo. Combined with the view of the window and the gentle motion of the car Eileen fell asleep again. Eileen awoke when Lenore opened the door on her passenger side. Lenore unbuckled the girl's seatbelt and lifted her out of the car. She carried her like a small child towards the quaint looking house. Eileen wondered why someone as rich and powerful as Lenore Mayweather lived in such a little home, but when she looked around she noticed just how secluded the land was. Lenore apparently owned all this land and kept to herself. It was a quiet, peaceful place to be. Once inside Lenore set Eileen down on her feet and motioned with her hand. "Go ahead and explore. I'm just going to bring some things in and then I'll get that diaper changed." When Lenore said this, Eileen blushed a little. She had forgotten that she peed herself. She felt her crotch and wondered if she wet herself more during her nap. The diaper did feel kind of warm again. She waddled her way through the house, poking around into the kitchen first and then going down the hall. She found the bathroom. Dare she use it now? She took a few steps in when she was stopped by Lenore's strong arm, pulling her back. "ah ah ah," Lenore warned, "the toilet is only for big girls." With that she lifted Eileen up again, carrying her away from the bathroom. Eileen whined and pouted as she was carried off. Lenore opened a door, revealing an adorable pastel colored room. It was like some little girl's room with pictures of unicorns on the walls, a bunch of stuffed animals, a princess bed with bars on the side, and in the middle of the room was a table with a cushioned top. Beside the table was a diaper pail and an adult-sized potty chair. Eileen was taken out of her overalls and then sat on the table. Eileen had heard that Lenore was single and childless. In all her years there was never a mention of her having any kids. Eileen figured that an independent woman like Lenore just didn't need children, but perhaps having adult children was something that helped filled that having-it-all space in her life. Before she knew it her diaper was open and she was being wiped. "Someone just couldn't resist using their new diapers, huh? So much pee pees." Lenore commented as she slid the baby wipes over the girl's butt. She used some more wipes to clean off her crotch. Lenore's hand lingered for a bit too long over Eileen's privates. She finally let go of her, dropping used wipes into the used diaper before crumpling it up. She opened a tall metal cylinder and put the pissy diapers into it. It must have been the diaper pail. Lenore grabbed something from under the changing table. She showed it to Eileen, a pretty and pink pull-up, sized for a girl Eileen's height and build. It was decked out in Disney princess decorations across the front panel. "Now Eileen, darling, we are going to start from square one and try potty training you again. You'll wear these training panties while at my house and at the office. Instead of going to the toilet you will be starting at the potty chair. If you manage to do well with the potty training only then will you be allowed to use the toilet again." Lenore finished her speech by pulling the training pants up Eileen's waist. Eileen never felt more ashamed of herself in her life. She was grateful that Ms Lenore Mayweather was the only one who knew about this right now, but all of this was a major step back for Eileen who worked so hard to be taken seriously. Eileen was dressed back up in her overalls and set back down on the floor. Lenore smiled, patting the girl on the head. "I think we're going to get along just fine, little girl." Lenore showed Eileen through the rest of the house, explaining where she could and could not go. She stopped at the living room, having Eileen sit down in front of the television. She turned it on and then placed a DVD into the player. Eileen watched a cute and colorful cartoon playing, showing a ballerina dancing around in what looked like a diaper. The title read "Potty Training For Teens And Big Girls." Eileen frowned. She usually liked cartoons but now she was going to be forced to watch this? Lenore pat Eileen's head again. "Be a good girl and watch the movie while Mommy makes dinner." Eileen pouted, looking at the screen. It was just like any other potty training video except all the characters were adults. The narrator explained scenarios that seemed all to familiar to Eileen. Ignoring her body's urges, holding it for too long, laziness, and even stubbornness to use the potty. That last one brought back some memories. She did seem to recall that when she was three, almost entering her fourth birthday, her parents were still struggling to potty train her because she refused to give up her diapers. Eileen blushed as he thought about this. Was she really that much of a big baby? Why was she such a late bloomer? On the video the narrator explained that many "big girls" refuse the potty because of the pleasurable sensation of a dirty diaper. Eileen perked up at this. She felt her face warming with blush at the thought that she might enjoy how her diapers felt. Was this really something she longed for this whole time without knowing it? No, she couldn't accept that. She was a big girl! She just had accidents. As the video showed a grown woman getting her diaper changed Eileen felt a warmth distributing from between her legs. Her pussy tingled at the thought of being changed by Lenore just like the woman in this video. She tried to shake these feelings, but she couldn't. All her life she just tried to grow up, not grow down. Maybe she was being made to realize these feelings always existed deep inside her, and maybe Ms Lenore Mayweather was just more knowledgeable about these things. "I hope you learned something, little girl." Lenore said, surprising Eileen by appearing right behind her. She turned off the DVD for now. She puts her hands under Eileen's arms and helped her stand back up. She walked her to the kitchen. It smelled so good in there. On the dining room table was a big meal laid out for her. Eileen never really learned how to cook herself. She was the type of person to just microwave something. Eileen thought Lenore was amazing. She ran a whole business and still had time to be a mom. Still blushing from earlier Eileen sat at the table and felt the deepest gratitude towards her boss. "Thank you, Mommy. This looks really good." Eileen kept her gaze down. "I'm glad you think so, but it still looks like something is bugging you, kiddo." Lenore said, sitting across from Eileen and holding her hand. "It's just that... I could never do what you do. You're like my hero. I wish I could be you." Eileen bit her lip. "Hey..." Lenore leaned in and raised Eileen's chin with her thumb, "you're just a kid, and I don't just mean that because you're not potty trained. I will admit I've accomplished a lot for my age, but people like me are one in a million. You still have your whole life to accomplish all your goals." Eileen's heart fluttered. The encouragement from Lenore had her over the moon. Now unable to contain a large smile growing on her face Eileen felt she could get through this momentary hurdle. She ate her dinner quietly, sitting across from her hero, and actually feeling good about herself. After dinner, Lenore cleaned up and let Eileen wander around to do whatever she wanted, as long as it was within the house rules. Eileen knew that meant to stay out of certain rooms of the house. She waddled around, crinkling loudly underneath her clothes. She entered her adorable bedroom and looked for something to occupy her time. Searching through the stuffed animals she found a stuffed giraffe and a kitty with a frilly dress on. She sat on the floor and started playing with the stuffed animals, imagining a whole back story where they started dating and were in love with each other. As she made kissy sounds and pressed the animals' faces together she looked across the room at the changing table. She noticed that there were several pairs of diapers and pull-ups all stacked neatly. If she ever wanted to take one they were right there. She then looked at that plastic potty chair. She had never seen one that big before. It was a smaller and lower to the ground than a toilet, but it was still obviously bigger than a normal child's potty chair. Eileen stood up and walked towards the potty, lifting the lid and putting her hands all over it to inspect it. She realized how badly she had to pee just then. Normally she'd be holding it until the last minute, but with Lenore in the house she wanted to show her that she could use the potty like a big girl. "Mommy!" Eileen called out. She heard Lenore's footsteps coming to her room. "What do you need, baby?" Lenore looked down at Eileen standing by the potty chair. She smiled, "You want to try your potty?" Eileen gave a nod. Lenore got on her knees and helped Eileen out of her overalls. She pulled them down around her ankles. "Okay, show me what you learned from the video." Lenore said, watching. Eileen wasn't paying attention to the part where the girls were actually using the potties, but she was smart enough to know this part anyway. Eileen pulled down her training panties. She stood there, naked from the waist down now, just looking at the seat of the potty. She lifted the lid and then sat down. She was worried she might have a hard time going with Lenore standing there. It turned out to not be a problem at all. A jet stream of piss was erupting for her, making a loud piddling noise as it went into the bowl of the potty. The sound of pee hitting hard plastic echoed inside the potty chair. Eileen blushed a little, but part of her was proud to show her new mommy that she was going like a "big girl." Lenore clapped her hands "Good girl, Eileen! I'm going to put a happy face on your potty training chart!" Lenore kissed Eileen on the head. Once the stream died down Lenore put her hand on Eileen's shoulder "All done? Don't have to go anymore?" Eileen shook her head. Reaching under the changing table, Lenore handed Eileen the toilet paper. Eileen stood up and wiped her privates and then put the used paper into the potty chair. She then put the lid back down on the seat. It felt funny to be proud of something she already knew how to do, but considering the accident she had at work this was a small victory today. Perhaps going back to potty training was going to be good for her. The rest of the day Eileen was so happy and proud. She was so enthusiastic as she played with her toys. Any feelings of shame and inadequacy were washed away by Lenore's kindness and encouragement. As the day was coming to a close Lenore stripped Eileen out of her current outfit and got out her onesie. Eileen actually liked the onesie. It was comfortable. Lenore showed Eileen over to the princess bed, pulling the crib bars down on one side so she could climb in. She showed her how to pull the bars up and down just in case she needed to potty in the middle of the night. "Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight?" Eileen asked boldly as she climbed into the bed. She looked up pitifully as Lenore pulled the covers up to Eileen's chin and tucked her in. "You're too young for that, baby. Maybe when you're older. Besides, you and know both know how much of a bedwetting risk you are." Lenore kissed Eileen on the forehead. "Now goodnight, my baby girl. We have a big day at work tomorrow." Eileen was sad that she couldn't get closer to Lenore just yet. God, she loved her. She wanted to kiss her, touch her body. She was pretty sure now she was gay, at least for her. Her light was turned off and the room was only lit up by the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. Sitting in bed and trying to sleep she thought about all the things she would like to do to Lenore. She put her hands under the covers and started to rub her crotch through her pajamas and pull-ups. In the quiet of the room all she could hear was the crinkle of those training panties as she played with herself. ~ Eileen awoke the next morning. It was still dark and according to the kitty clock on the wall it was way too early. All that napping she did yesterday must have helped her wake up early today. Normally she was the type of person to oversleep. She thought about going right back to bed when she suddenly felt a pain down below. She had to poop and it had to come out right now. She reached for the bars of the little converted crib bed and was about to get out when she got an idea. Maybe just this once she could mess her diaper and pretend it was an accident. She remembered back when she was four years old, deliberately going poop in her pants because it felt so good. She remembered how much trouble she got into for doing that too. Well now she was an adult, and no one was going to stop her. Even if she got in trouble with Lenore she could still try to pass it off as an accident. Her heart was pounding as she thought about what she was about to do. Sitting up straight in the bed she used her arms to raise her bottom up slightly. She scrunched up her face, pushing. She felt the poop as it came out, going into the back of her training pants. The sensation of having that warm, lumpy mess touching her crack and cheeks flooded her with nostalgic feelings. She lowered her bottom back down onto the bed and felt the poop getting smashed around inside the pull-up. She still had to go, so she pushed out the rest of the logs, feeling them creep up the back of her training panties. She worried now that she was going overboard, but it was too late to stop now. She sighed and laid back on the bed, enjoying her messy panties. As a child, the sensation of pooping her pants was just comfortable and satisfying, but as an adult pooping her pants there was a surprisingly erotic quality to it. Her privates tingled excitedly. She just had to reach down and play with herself. She placed her hands over her crotch and grinded the soft material of her trainers against her flesh. She much preferred completely outer stimulation when masturbating, so she didn't even have to undress. This was even better than when she played with herself last night. The feeling of a mess on her ass gave her some extra stimulation. After what felt like only ten minutes she heard the door to her bedroom click. She pulled her blanket back up and pretended she had been sleeping. Lenore walked into the room, wrinkling her nose. "Hey, stinky, get up." Lenore said in a commanding voice. "What? What is it?" Eileen muttered, pretending she just got up. "Don't play that game with me, sweetheart. I know you've been awake. Now get out of bed and let me see those panties." Lenore's tone was really stern right now. How much did she know, and how could she possibly know it? Eileen pulled down the bars on the side of her bed and crawled out. She stood in front of Lenore as the woman unzipped the onesie and yanked it off. Lenore shook her head. "There's poop everywhere!" she shouted. Eileen gasped. She looked down, genuinely surprised. The poop has indeed come out of the leg bands and coated her thighs. It also got on the inside of the onesie. "I didn't know, honest! It was an accident!" Eileen tried to excuse herself. "Little lady, this is no accident. There was a potty chair right there and you chose to poop yourself instead of using it!" Lenore did not raise her voice. She just sounded disappointed. Eileen actually felt guilty. Damn, Lenore was even good at guilt tripping like a mom does! Lenore sighed and pulled down the soiled panties carefully. "These are only meant for small accidents, but you just completely shit all over them." Lenore dropped the soiled training panties into the diaper pail. A teary eyed Eileen grabbed onto Lenore's night gown. "Mommy, I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to..." Eileen whimpered. "I'm sorry too, because now I'm going to have to teach you a lesson." Lenore grabbed Eileen, spinning her around. She wiped her ass clean roughly with the baby wipes as Eileen stood there naked. Once she was clean enough Lenore sat on the bed and pulled Eileen over her lap. The smaller girl's eyes went wide. No way, Lenore isn't really going to do this, is she? Just then she felt the woman's open palm smack against her bare bottom. Eileen howled at the first impact. She kicked her feet and begged Lenore to stop, but she continued. SMACK! the hand came down again. "Are you going to fib again?" Eileen shook her head. SMACK, another contact with her bottom. "And next time you'll try and poop in the potty?" Eileen nodded. She was spanked two more times before Lenore let up. Eileen's cheeks were red and burning now. She wouldn't soon forget her lesson. Lenore squirted baby oil onto her palm and then rubbed it over Eileen's cheeks and between her crack. Eileen winced a little at the feeling. Her bottom was still stinging from the spanking. Lenore patted down Eileen's crotch with some oil, reminding the girl of how she was just masturbating earlier. Eileen was mortified, but she still wished she had the chance to finish playing with herself. Lenore tugged the new training panties up around Eileen's waist. "Next time you poop your panties on purpose you are going back to diapers for a month, got it?" Lenore warned the girl. Eileen nodded quickly in agreement. Lenore started dressing Eileen again. She still gave her a childish T-shirt and overalls instead of her conservative suit she usually wore to the office. Eileen wanted to resist, but given how much hot water she was in the girl wasn't about to kick up another fuss. Lenore gathered the clothes from last night as well as the dirty onesie, sending them to the laundry room. She started up the washing machine. "As soon as the wash is done and the clothes are in the dryer we are leaving." Lenore told the girl. She lead Eileen to the kitchen and heated up a toaster pastry for her. She set it on a plate. "Let that cool and don't burn your mouth, sweetie." Eileen didn't need to be told that, she thought. She shouldn't have needed someone to tell her not to poop her pants either, but she still did that. Eileen sighed, blowing on the pasty and taking careful, tiny bites. ~ The ride to work was a little tense. Lenore seemed upset still, despite keeping her cool. The woman looked over at the girl, all decked out in her cutesy kiddie clothes. She smiled a little. "Sorry, honey. You know I'm just trying to help... Sometimes when you are bad Mommy needs to spank. You know I love you, right?" Eileen was surprised. Did she really say she loved her? Even if she meant like how a mother loves a daughter that was still enough for her. Eileen swallowed and then nodded in Lenore's direction. Lenore chuckled and reached over to pat Eileen's head. Coming into work today felt weird. Not just because of the night she spent with Lenore, but also because of the fact she was dressed like a toddler, walking past her old employees. Eileen ducked her head down and walked close to Lenore, not wanting anyone to see her. They might still notice she's not at her usual desk though. Maybe they'll think she is simply a niece of Lenore's as long as they don't see her face. She was short enough to pass as a teenager or a tween. Lenore shut the door behind them and sat at her desk. She picked up her phone. "Kathy?" Lenore spoke to her administrative assistant, "Ah there you are, could you bring in the potty chair from storage? Yes, I have a little one visiting again. Thank you so much." Lenore pressed another button on her phone. "Tony? Could you bring in that pink learning desk from the loading station? Uh huh, the cute one with the flowers on the side. Thanks." She then hung up the phone. Eileen gulped, looking nervous. People were going to come in here. Worse yet, one of them would be coming with a potty chair! Eileen scampered behind Lenore. The woman looks over her shoulder. "Now now, why don't you say hello to Aunty Kathy when she gets here..." Lenore stands and brings Eileen back around to the front of the desk. "And make sure you tell her thank you." Eileen stood there, anticipating more ridicule and humiliation. Of course Kathy was the first person to enter the private office, putting the larger than normal potty chair down in the middle of the room. "Why hello there, little girl, what's your name?" Kathy said. She clearly knew this was an adult. Eileen blushed and looked away. "Her name is Eileen." Lenore answered for her "Eileen, honey, what do we say?" "Thank you, Aunty Kathy." Eileen mumbled. Kathy bent forward. "Don't be embarrassed. I had a little sister that was a late bloomer too. Didn't stop wetting the bed until she was old enough to drive." Kathy assured Eileen. It didn't really make Eileen any less embarrassed, but it was kind of Kathy to try. Almost as soon as Kathy had left, Tony came in, wheeling the childish looking desk into the room. It was pink with flowers painted on the side just like Lenore said there would be. There were little distracting buttons and knobs on the desk too. They didn't do anything useful other than make noise and look cute. The desk was essentially an adult-sized busybox. Tony tipped his hat to the two ladies and winked at Eileen before leaving the office. Lenore got out the spare laptop from her desk and put it on Eileen's new desk. She pulled up an extra chair for her and had her sit down. "Now I expect you to work hard today, sweetie! Make Mommy proud." Lenore kissed Eileen on the head and went to her own adult desk. Eileen started up the laptop and began her work, logging into her company account. This new environment was perfect for her. Eileen was able to get a lot of work done today. When she needed to pee all she had to do was walk right over to the potty chair which was only a couple feet away from her. Whenever she was bored and waiting for something to process, she could play with the interactive things on her desk. Work was actually fun now! By the middle of the day Eileen had a large grin plastered on her face, swinging her feet from her chair. Eileen had finished more work today than she had before. There was clearly something to this treatment that Lenore was giving her. ~ When the work day was done, Lenore praised Eileen for being such a big girl. She made sure to point out the marked improvement in her workload as well as the greatly improved potty skills. Lenore showed Eileen the potty chart app on her phone which, despite one frowny face, had some other smiley faces on it for the times she managed to go in her potty chair at work. Eileen blushed, but she still felt proud. Lenore picked up Eileen and carried her out of the building. Eileen has happy to be carried after such a long day. She still buried her face into Lenore's shoulder, worried people might see her. She didn't really hear any murmuring or gossip though. During the car ride, Eileen had noticed they were not taking the usual way home. Confused and a little nervous she looked at Lenore for an explanation. Lenore just gave a sly look and winked at her. Soon enough the car was parked outside a building. A large colorful sign displayed the words "Klasky's Ice Cream." Lenore helped Eileen out of the car. It was one thing to be dressed like this at home or in her boss's private office, but this was a public place! Still, Lenore was also showing a kind gesture by taking Eileen out for ice cream. She did like ice cream. The shy girl stood behind Lenore as they entered the shop and stood in line. Lenore pulled Eileen out front. "Now Eileen, you have to tell them what flavor and toppings you want!" Lenore cooed, patting her butt to usher her forward to the front counter. Eileen got a bowl of vanilla and ended up asking for lots of different candy toppings. She went a little overboard, but she figured that she should get a treat considering what she had to endure. Lenore laughed and kissed Eileen's cheek. "Someone's got a sweet tooth!" she teased. Lenore got a more sensible small cup herself with no toppings. She sat at a booth with Eileen, watching her eat her ice cream and get it on her face. Lenore used a napkin to wipe around Eileen's mouth which made her whimper and whine, turning her face away. She sat still once she realized that resisting like that would only make her look more childish so she sat still the next time she got her face wiped clean. "Before we go, do you need to use the toilet, sweetie?" Lenore asked point blank, right in the middle of the shop where anyone could hear her. "No! Geez, why'd you have to ask me that right now?" Eileen's face was red hot. "I had to make sure. You know how hard it can be for you to hold it." Lenore said, not caring about discretion. Eileen groaned, lowering her head into her arms. She looked around to see if anyone had been listening in. Naturally a couple at a table across from them was looking over. They must've heard something! Eileen continued to feel embarrassed. Lenore held Eileen's hand. "You want to go home?" she leans in close. "N-not yet. I'm going to finish my ice cream." Eileen went back to eating, trying to pretend the humiliating exchange never happened. Naturally, she did have to pee, but she wasn't about to let Lenore be right. Not now after she just humiliated her like that. The car ride home wasn't so bad at first, but the longer they were in traffic the more pressure Eileen felt on her bladder. She squirmed in her seat, trying not to look like he needed to pee. She tried to subtly put her hands between her legs, bending forward as she did. The attempt to hide her desperation only drew more attention to her, making her look more childish. Lenore smirked. "You shouldn't play with yourself in the car, Eileen." Lenore teased, knowing full well the girl just had a full bladder. When Lenore parked in front of her house, Eileen darted out of the car. She waited outside the front door, groping her crotch and bouncing in place. Lenore took a medium stride up the door and opened it. Before Eileen could rush by though, Lenore grabbed her for a big hug. She spun around, holding Eileen close. "Thank you for a very productive and fun day, Eileen!" Lenore praised the girl, squeezing her against her body. Eileen whined. "Peeee!" she cried out. A loud hissing came from her pants as she soaked her pull-ups. Lenore set Eileen back on her feet and looked at the girl as she helplessly peed on herself. The pull-ups did their job this time, holding back the piss from soaking into the overalls. Still it was obvious from Eileen's face and body language what she was doing. Also the faint sound coming from her crotch was a dead giveaway as well. Eileen pouted at Lenore. "All right, sweetie. That one was my fault, I won't count it." Lenore smirked and patted Eileen on the butt. Eileen did a funny waddle to her bedroom, which made Lenore giggle. The woman followed her wet little girl to the room to change her into a clean pair of training pants. Part 3: Getting Naughty Eileen woke up feeling fresh. Her training pants were actually dry this morning! She walked up to her potty chair, pulling off her onesie and then tugging down her trainers. She lifted the lid and sat on the potty, sighing as a peed into it. She couldn't wait to tell her mommy! There was another reason for her to be happy. It was the weekend. Now she could spend all day just being a little girl and not having to worry about anyone looking at her or judging her. The bedroom door opened up and Eileen smiled excitedly, pointing at the potty to indicate she actually used it this time. "Hey, Eileen, I'm sorry but I need to come into work today." Lenore said. Eileen's heart sank and she slouched on the potty chair. "Oh baby, don't be sad. It'll only be for a couple hours. I just need to take care of an emergency. I have to run a tight ship, you know." "But, Mommy, I don't wanna go today! It's my day off." Eileen stood up, wiping herself. Lenore's face twisted as she thought. She rubbed her chin. "Well, Eileen. I can't really get a babysitter here on such short notice. Are you sure I can trust you to be all by yourself today?" "Yes, of course!" Eileen said. "I didn't become a total baby, I'm still an adult here." "Yeah, you say that, but I've changed your diapers a lot in the past couple days." Lenore remarked. "Fine. Just this once you're on your own. You call me if anything happens though. You can have a cold Pop Tart for breakfast, but I don't want you using the toaster." Eileen pumped her fist once Lenore turned away and whispered a quiet "yes" to herself. As Lenore walked out the front door, Eileen raced after her. She opened the door and shouted from the doorway. "I went on the potty this morning! Don't forget to put that on my chart!" Lenore waved from her car and then got in. Eileen watched her mommy pull away to head back to work and leave her all alone for a few hours. She hoped that Lenore would remember. Eileen sighed. She looked around the empty house and then shouted "paaaar-tyyy!" she ran up and down the hallways, yelling like a hyperactive child. She knew exactly how silly this looked, but she was alone so she did not care. She hopped on the couch, dancing around wearing nothing but pull-ups. She held her hands over her little breasts so she could bounce as much as she wanted to without her bra on. She looked over at the television set, seeing that potty training DVD just resting on top of the DVD player. Eileen thought for a moment. This was the closest thing to porn in the house. There were naked girls in it! Sure they were mostly sitting on potties and having their diapers changed, but she got to see their privates. Yes, Eileen was sure she was gay if this is the kind of thing she was going to watch to get off. With a happy grin she put the DVD into the player and started it back up. She sat on the floor in front of the TV, queuing the video up to the part where they show the adult women pulling down their pants. Eileen licked her lips and then stuck her hand down her trainers, using her middle finger to tease her clitoral hood while her other fingers just massaged around her mons. She didn't like to stick things inside herself, but she loved to stimulate herself on outside of her pussy. Maybe that's why it felt so good when she was wet? She was caught up in the moment, feeling mesmerized by the video. Suddenly a new chapter started, one she didn't see last time. "When your girl is being dirty." Eileen sat up straight to attention. What were they going to show this time. The video went on to explain how sometimes your baby girl will refuse to go on the potty. They showed a girl purposefully using her pants, showing a close-up of her face at first and then panning down to show her pants darkening around the crotch. The back of the girl's pants began to droop as well. Eileen paused the video. She was feeling awkward. She had another urge to mess herself, but she remembered what happened last time. She tried to think of a way she could get away with it. She remembered there was a stack of diapers just sitting there under the changing table in plain sight. Eileen stood up and rushed down the hall. She pulled out one of the large adult diapers and held it up. She had never put a diaper on anyone before, let alone herself. She pulled off her training pants and then set the thick diaper on the floor. She sat on the diaper and pulled it up around herself. She taped the sides shut and was surprised at how well of a job she did. It felt so snug on her, just like when Lenore put her in one! She tried to think if there was anything she missed. "Oh yeah!" she thought, grabbing the baby powder. She pulled the waistband back and puffed a generous amount down her diaper. Satisfied with the job she did, Eileen waddled back to the living room to continue watching the video. She started it up again, seeing the girl on the screen continue to wet and mess her pants on purpose. She looked pleased with herself. Eileen knew that look well. As Eileen watched and listen to the voice over chastising the naughty girl she relaxed her muscles and let the poop just slide out of her bottom as she sat there on the floor. The instant the poop made contact with the diaper it became smashed against her butt. Because she was sitting down the poop had little room so it just squished all over, spreading across her cheeks. Eileen felt so good after her accident. She rocked back and forth on the floor, feeling the poop get spread more. Eileen wasn't even paying attention to the video anymore. She was so content, having her poop smear all over the inside of her diaper. She was making such a mess of herself and she was getting away with it! She gasped, feeling her pleasure peaking, and she slowed down. She actually had an orgasm without even touching herself. She sat in silence, thinking about what just happened. Stopping the video and turning off the TV, Eileen stood back up, feeling diapers droop heavily from the weight of her messy load. As fun as it would be to stay in the diapers she knew she had to hide the evidence now. Eileen waddled back into the bedroom. She grabbed the baby wipes and climbed onto the changing table. She tore the sides of the diaper and let it fall open. The mess was everywhere on the inside, even coating her crotch. She knew it would be bad though. Digging lots of wipes out of their box she began to wash away the poop. It took a while and she wasn't sure if she was getting it all. She pulled the diaper away from her butt and got on all fours, trying to wash the mess away from her cheeks by reaching behind herself. She finally climbed down from the table and threw her used diaper and all those wipes down the diaper pail. She looked at her butt in the mirror really quick, just to make sure it didn't have anymore lingering mess on it. Sighing after the long deed was done she pulled her training pants back on. As Eileen got herself dressed she felt real proud of herself for basically getting away with something so naughty. She just had to smile about that. Eileen put on a fresh pair of overalls for the day and headed to the kitchen to grab a Pop Tart and then wandered into the living room to sit on the couch. Cocky and complacent Eileen kicked up her heels onto the coffee table and put the television back on, turning it to the cartoon network. She ate the cold pastry, getting crumbs on her chest as she laughed at the cartoon playing. After about an hour Lenore had finally come back home. Eileen dusted the crumbs off of her shirt and overalls and then ran up to her mommy. She almost knocked her back as she pressed against her for a big hug. "Oh my, someone sure missed Mommy! You didn't get into any mischief was I was away, did you?" Lenore combed her fingers through Eileen's hair. "No Mommy, I've just been watching cartoons." Eileen let go and skipped back to the couch. "Wait a minute, little lady, get back here." Eileen said, pointing down at the floor in front of her. What could Lenore want? Eileen took a nervous step forward, heading over to her mommy. Lenore spun Eileen around. "Surprise inspection." She announced as she undid the overalls and pulled them down around Eileen's ankles. Lenore tugged back the waistband of the trainers and wrinkled her nose. "Hmmm." She pulled the trainers down next. Eileen was getting nervous. Did Lenore know something? Was it just her motherly intuition? Lenore grabbed Eileen's cheeks and spread them. "Eileen, honey, did you go poopies today?" Lenore asked, tilting her head as she looked at Eileen's face. Eileen had to say something. "Um, yes Mommy..." Eileen said, "I went in the potty." Without asking for further details, Lenore held Eileen's hand and made her do an awkward walk with her pants around her ankles. She brought Eileen into the bedroom and looked at the potty chair. Lenore lifted the lid and looked inside, only seeing the pee from earlier this morning. "Eileen, have you been fibbing? Your potty doesn't have any poopies in it and yet your bottom looks like it's been wiped poorly." Lenore stood straight, staring down at Eileen from her full height. "No! No way, I mean um..." Eileen tried to think of a lie. "I used the toilet! Sorry, Mommy. I know you said I wasn't allowed on the toilet yet but I thought I might be ready!" "How did you go in the toilet? Why don't you show me?" Lenore said plainly. Eileen wasn't sure what Lenore's point was, but she tried to walk down the hall to the closed door of the bathroom, trying to pull her pants back up at the same time. Attempting to open the door, she found it was locked. "Well imagine that, the bathroom is locked. I wonder how you got in there without a key." Lenore leaned against the door, looking down at Eileen. She caught her. "All right, poopy butt, what really happened today while I was gone?" "Nothing! I don't know. I just had a dirty bottom today..." She tried to shrug it off, struggling to get the straps of her overalls back over her shoulders. Lenore grabbed Eileen by the wrist, dragging her back down the hall to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and once again pulling Eileen over her lap, holding one hand firmly on her back to keep her still. She got two hard spanks onto her bottom before Eileen cracked. "Wait, stop!" The girl sobbed, "I pooped in one of the diapers!" she finally confessed. "Tell me everything that happened." Lenore sat Eileen up on her lap and looked her dead in the eyes. Eileen sniffed, feeling guilt and shame over what she did and how she lied about it. "I w-wanted to be a dirty girl, like in the video..." Eileen admitted through her sobs. "I took one of the d-diapers and I put it on. Then I p-pooped and I played around in my poopy diaper." Eileen felt as if her whole body was blushing as she gave her confession. "And then what did you do, Eileen?" Lenore held her still in her lap, her voice calmer but still stern. "After I made myself feel good I tried to change myself and hide the evidence. I put it in the diaper pail." Eileen sniffled and rubbed her nose. Lenore set Eileen down and walked over to the diaper pail, opening the lid and looking inside. Sure enough there was the used diaper under some very messy looking wipes. She turned back to Eileen. "You've been a very very naughty girl." Lenore told her. "I thought you were interested in getting potty trained but I guess that was another fib you told me." "I'm sorry..." Eileen mumbled, chin tucked to her chest. "That's not good enough this time. You're in diapers for the rest of the month, got it?" Lenore stated strongly. "No no no, I wont do it again, Mommy! I promise! Please, I want to keep my big girl pull-ups!" Eileen started pleading. "I don't think you do. I think you want to pee and poop your pants and play with yourself." Lenore said, pretty much stating facts. Eileen knew it was true, but she couldn't admit it. "And you want Mommy to clean up after you. If that's what you wanted then you should have just been honest. Now because you weren't you are getting your privileges and your privacy taken away." Eileen whined and wanted to complain more, but Lenore just smacked her butt. She wasn't having any of it. She took Eileen by the hand and brought her into the bathroom. She took out her key chain from her purse and opened the door to the bathroom, letting both of them in. The bathroom was shimmering and clean. It was so spotless. No wonder Lenore never let Eileen in here. Lenore stripped Eileen of her clothes. When she pulled off the training panties she put them right in the trash. "Say bye bye to your big girl panties." Lenore got on her knees and started to draw a bath, adding bubbles. Eileen stood timidly in the bathroom, completely naked and shivering. She sniffled, feeling bad. She was left to think about what she had done and how she disappointed her mommy. She might have even gotten a lesser punishment if she didn't lie about it. Lenore pulled Eileen towards the tub and helped her in. "It's about time you had a bath anyway." Lenore said, lathering up a sponge. She scrubbed down Eileen's naked body, just working it like it was a job. It wasn't sensual or anything, though it did feel nice. "Hey, don't look so glum." Lenore said as the sponge dipped into the water and started to get scrubbed between Eileen's cheeks. "You'll be allowed to be as messy as you want and play with yourself in your dirty diapers all day until I decide you need a changing. Don't act like you aren't going to enjoy it." Eileen kept her mouth shut. Of course that part was going to be fun. The only problem was that now she might be totally exposed. Lenore said she wouldn't get anymore privacy. If she was granting the girl privacy before, then what was she planning to do to her now? She dreaded everyone at the office finding out she was a diaper using baby. Lenore pulled her hands out of the tub and dried them on a towel. She walked to the toilet and lifted her skirt. She then shimmied out of her tight panties before sitting onto the toilet. "I didn't get to do this since I got home. I had to deal with your naughty butt." Lenore complained. Eileen looked over at her mommy and heard her tinkling. The stream hit the water in the toilet bowl loudly. Eileen was actually jealous of this woman because she got to use the toilet while she wasn't even allowed on a baby potty. Sure, it was her own fault she couldn't use the potty, but she wanted to be a baby on her terms! Lenore stood up and dabbed her soft bush with toilet paper. She tugged her perfectly, pure white panties back up and pulled her skirt back down. "Up and out." Lenore reached into the tub and pulled out the drain plug. She helped Eileen stand up and then wrapped her in a large towel. Eileen stood still as she felt the towel rubbing all over her body to dry her off. Lenore lead the girl back to her room, raising her up onto the changing table. She pulled out one of the thick diapers from under the table and placed it under Eileen's butt. She sprinkled the baby powder all over and then rubbed it in with her hand. After dusting her hands off she folded the thick pampers around Eileen's waist and taped them shut. Lenore indeed does the best job when it comes to diapering up Eileen. Lenore pulled Eileen back to her feet and sent her to the closet. She picked out a very frilly pink and white dress. It looked like the kind of old-fashioned dresses babies wore in black and white photos, only sized for an adult. The dress did not even go down all the way, leaving Eileen's thick diapers completely exposed. The opened a drawer on the night stand by the bed and took out a large pacifier on a string. She put the string over Eileen's head and then stuck the pacifier into her mouth. "Don't you take that out now until I tell you that you can." Lenore picked up a little stool from the floor and took Eileen by her other hand, walking her out to the living room. She set the stool in the corner and then made Eileen sit on it. "You're in time-out for ten minutes." Lenore told her. She left her alone and walked away, getting on her phone. Eileen sniffled, tears rolling down her cheeks as she sucked on her binky. This was by far more embarrassing than what she experienced before and it was all her fault. To make the situation even more awkward she was feeling very aroused, the crotch of the diapers heated up nicely. The ten minutes of corner time seem to stretch out longer than expected. Time went so slowly, as if she really was a little kid again. She remembered how excruciatingly long these kind of time-outs felt when she was younger. "All right, Eileen." Lenore came back to her once the time-out was over. She had her stand up. "Aunty Kathy is going to be here soon to help me watch over you tonight." It looked like Eileen's punishment was just beginning. Eileen wondered who else would find out she was a diaper wearing baby. It was a mortifying experience and yet she still felt all tingly between her legs. Eileen waddled across the room. She sat on the couch, lazily watching the television as she didn't know what else she could be doing right now. Kathy eventually showed up. She lived a half-hour away but she didn't mind coming over. Eileen heard the two women talking to each other in the next room. She tried not to listen to what they were talking about, but Lenore was just so loud. "Yeah. She's been pooping herself on purpose. I really think putting her back in diapers for a while is a good call." Eileen's ears burned as she heard her mommy talking about her. She sucked hard on her pacifier and sank into the couch. She tried to turn up the volume on the television so she didn't have to hear anymore of her mommy's insulting and candid comments about her. Kathy walked into the living room and sat on the couch next to Eileen. She put her arm up on the back on the couch and inched closer to the big baby. "So, your mommy caught you being a dirty girl, did she?" Kathy smirked. Eileen pouted and spit out her pacifier. It dangled around her neck on its string. "Leave me alone." Eileen crossed her arms tight across her chest. "Hey, I know this punishment seems harsh, but you can get through it." Kathy patted Eileen's knee. "They key is to always be honest with Lenore. She appreciates totally transparency above all else. You give her that and she'll treat you right." Eileen thought about what Kathy said. It seemed to be the right way to go. Kathy let her arm hang down lower until it was draped around Eileen's shoulders and she pulled her in close for a hug. Kathy stood up and was about to walk away. "Thank you, Aunty Kathy." Eileen spoke up. Kathy smiled at her as she slid off into the next room. Kathy and Lenore talked for what seemed like a long time. Eileen was no longer paying attention, having gone back to sucking on her pacifier. She could hear pots and pans scraping around in the kitchen. The two women must be cooking something. Eileen kind of wished she could help, but Lenore would probably just remind her that she's too much of a baby. Eileen spread her legs and relaxed, pissing all over herself. She sighed and let a smile creep up her face. If she was going to be forced to wear diapers she thought she might as well enjoy them. The thick diapers quickly absorbed her pee so she didn't feel too wet for long. "Eileen, honey, dinner's ready!" Kathy called for the girl. Eileen got up from the couch, letting her pacifier fall out of her mouth as she waddled to the dining room table. A fancy adult-sized high chair was at the table now. Lenore lifted Eileen up and put her into the high chair. The tray in front locked her in place. Kathy tied a bib around Eileen's neck while Lenore handed her a plate with all her food cut into very tiny bites. She also got a tall baby bottle filled to the brim with milk. She did not get a fork though. Eileen realized that Lenore must want her to eat with her hands. While Lenore and Kathy talked as if Eileen wasn't even in the room the girl began to pick up her food with her fingers. She tried her best not to make a mess, but her hands and face were covered by the time she was halfway through her plate. She picked up her bottle and practically chugged the milk. Kathy and Lenore's conversation was suddenly interrupted by Eileen letting out a loud burp. The two women giggled and Eileen let out a nervous laugh herself. After dinner was finished the two women helped clean up Eileen's face and hands. They lifted the girl out of the chair and Lenore carried her to the adorable bedroom. "I'm not sleepy..." Eileen whined. "That doesn't matter. Your new bedtime is 8pm." Lenore informed her. Eileen was set in her bed. This time when the bars were raised Lenore put a padlock on them. Eileen could probably still climb over the bars, but she knew that the lock was mostly just to send a message that she shouldn't get out of bed. Lenore gave her some plush animals and toys to play with while she was in the crib. She then set a baby monitor on the night stand. Eileen sat in her crib and watched the glowing stars light up the ceiling as the light went off. She sighed and figured that tomorrow would be a better day. Soon she began to hear voices. It was Kathy and Lenore, and they were apparently coming through the baby monitor! Lenore must have set the monitor to go both ways. "So the baby's in bed?" Kathy said, the sound of bed sheets rustling behind her voice. "Yeah. I think she's learned her lesson, but I'm still going to keep her in diapers for a month." "Well she's your baby. I sure you know what's best for her." "Damn right I do. I love that little brat." The two women giggle. "You know who else I love?" Lenore said in a raspy whisper. Eileen listened closely now. She heard the faint sound of lips smacking. There was heavy breathing that intensified. Eileen got a warm blush all over. She was actually hearing her mommy and aunty making out through the little monitor. She rolled over onto her tummy and listened closer. She heard the soft moans of love making. Eileen was so jealous of Kathy right now. She knew her chances with Lenore were slim, but still, she wanted that woman so badly. For now she could only enjoy her vicariously. Lying on her tummy she began humping against her bed through her diapers as she listened to the two women pleasure each other. Eileen was having trouble stimulating herself through the layers of thick diapers so she forced a little more pee out. Feeling the hot wetness on her crotch she began to hump against the bed again. It felt much better to grind her crotch against the soggy material. She wondered if the two women could hear her movements. She tried not to think about that. When she heard Kathy climax Eileen tried to imagine herself feeling the same release with the help of Lenore. She closed her eyes, imagining Lenore licking her. She shuddered and accidentally moaned. She pressed her face to the pillow to quiet herself. She looked up from her pillow and stared at the monitor. She heard the women whispering lower. Eileen rolled onto her back and got quiet. She picked up her pacifier and stuck it into her mouth. Sucking on the pacifier helped her get to sleep. ~ The next morning as Lenore lifted Eileen out of the crib and made a comment about Eileen being a stinky baby. She carried her to the table and set her back. Lenore tore the sides of the diaper and let it fall open. As Lenore was cleaning up Eileen's mess the girl thought it would be a good time to be transparent with her like Kathy told her. "Mommy?" Eileen spoke up in a weak, barely-awake voice. "Yes, my little one?" Lenore responded, smiling down at her. "I really like my diapers." Eileen admitted. "I know you do." Lenore said back. Eileen bit her lip and looked off to the side. She turned her gaze back to her mommy. "I'm really sorry I didn't tell you about using one of my diapers yesterday." Eileen said, twisting her dress in her hands. "It's just, well, I never really had these feelings before. I've always been kind of a baby though. I used to poop my pants a lot until I was five years old, and I wet my bed almost every night. When I was in school everyone called me a baby because I there were a couple incidents where I wet my pants. It only happened a couple times though! I thought I could leave all that behind when I got my job at Leafletter, but then you noticed my accident and then all of this started all over again." Eileen sniffled, her voice started to tremble as she bared her soul. "Then when I was given the option of diapers again I guess it sort of made some feelings come to the surface that I didn't know I had. I liked going pee and poop on myself. I just didn't want anyone to know. I wanted you to think of me as a big girl." Eileen pouted and looked down. "Well, you're not a big girl." Lenore finally said after some seconds of silence, "but that's okay." Eileen looked back up into Lenore's eyes. She saw a loving expression. A look of pure motherly adoration. It wasn't the affection of a lover though. "I know, but..." Eileen sighed, "I wanted to be on your level. Maybe not equals, but someone you could respect enough to go out with and kiss and make love to." Lenore pursed her lips. "Aw, poor baby." she said. The comment cut through Eileen's pride, hurting it more than it already was. "Well, tell you what, you keep telling me the truth and maybe after lots and lots of begging I'll finally give you what you want." It wasn't a great deal, but Eileen was desperate enough for Lenore's approval to take it. Eileen giggled and smiled at the thought that, some day, she might get to do sexy stuff with Lenore like Aunt Kathy did. "You think I'll ever graduate from diapers, Mommy?" Eileen asked, feeling the cool wipes now rubbing over her sensitive privates. Lenore looked down at the girl. She was always perceptive enough to know that Eileen liked being touched like this during her diaper changes. "I highly doubt it. I think you might be in diapers forever, or at least as long as I am around." Lenore said. She sprinkled baby powder onto Eileen's butt and crotch and then leaned forward as she rubbed the powder in. "But don't let that stop you from trying to reach your other goals. There's no rule that says you can't be a big success while wearing a big diaper on your butt." Eileen sighed contentedly. Lenore knew exactly what to say, and she did it while giving her a pleasurable diaper change too. Lenore folded the fresh diaper around Eileen's waist. She picked up the little girl from the changing table and bounced her in her arms. "I see great things coming from you." Lenore said with a wry smile. "And I will be there every step of the way to cheer you on, even as you're dropping loads in your pants." Eileen had to giggle at this. She hugged Lenore and kissed her on the lips. Lenore turned her head away and laughed. She then turned back though and gave Eileen an innocent kiss right back on the lips. "Hey, don't you two go hogging all those kisses now!" Kathy poked her head in through the doorway. She walked between Lenore and Eileen, letting the both of them kiss either cheek of her face. The three ladies laughed, sharing this moment and hugging each other.
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    After far too long (Sorry!) finally, an update to the story. It has been about three months since I last worked on this story and I wanted to apologise for the long break. I mentioned the reasons for it a little earlier in this thread and whilst I'm still struggling with a lot of things, I still love writing and I still love this story and providing a small amount of entertainment for all of you who read the story! I will do my best to make sure updates are faster and hopefully my renewed interest in writing continues. I am more open to commissions as well at the moment so if anyone is interested in having a story written for them send me a message and we can discuss it. I hope you all enjoy the first part of the next chapter and, as always, any compliments, criticisms or complaints are welcomed in the comments Enjoy... Chapter 21 – Sleepovers The short waddle to the car was a strange experience for Nick. He felt quite uncomfortable as he awkwardly walked away from the elevator but at the same time he couldn’t help but giggle a little at what he had done. He knew how infantile it had been, how he had embarrassed himself on purpose to shut the annoying people up and yet he felt strangely proud of it. He was too timid to speak up and just tell the women to shut up, messing his nappy in such a way had seemed like the best method of stopping them from talking. Sarah was lost in thought on the way back to the car. She could hardly believe what her husband had done, it was hard for Sarah to know whether she should find what Nick had done funny or whether she should be angry that her husband had been so obvious and rude. The two women in the elevator were certainly annoying Sarah as much as they were annoying Nick but she almost felt like she should chastise her husband for being so rude. She certainly didn’t want to encourage that kind of behaviour; she didn’t mind Nick being embarrassed but she didn’t want to be embarrassed by him! As they reached the car Sarah opened the backdoor and awkwardly helped to lift Nick into the enlarged child seat. She looked around and saw that they were practically alone in that area of the car park and, from the smell, she was very grateful of that fact. Nick’s stinky mess would certainly be no secret to anyone passing nearby. Nick gently lowered himself into the seat and grimaced as he felt the hot and sticky mess spread even further around his nappy. The soaked and dirty padding had taken a beating and Nick was grudgingly impressed that it had managed to hold everything. Neither Sarah nor Nick said anything as Sarah buckled her husband into the seat. The elation of a victory was slipping away now and as Sarah closed the door and walked around to the driving seat. The air in the car quickly began to sour and Nick recoiled slightly from his own smell. Every slight shift in his weight coated a new area of his nappy in his excrement and he felt intensely uncomfortable. He was rather forcefully reminded of how much of a toddler he was acting, of how much his stock and confidence had fallen. Sarah quickly filled the boot of the car with all the shopping she had done, Nick craned his head around and looked at his wife who was had that clear expression on her face of someone who had smelt a very unpleasant smell. The driver’s door opened and, a second later, Sarah stepped into the car. Without a word she turned the engine on and reversed out of the parking spot. Sarah drove down out of the multi-storey car park in silence, her only concession being to wind down her window to let some fresh air in. It hadn’t taken long for the smell of the very used nappy to fill the air and the pungent odour soon seemed to almost be choking the occupants of the vehicle. Nick, sat helplessly in his car seat, could only blush in silence as the smell of his nappy enveloped him and his wife. He felt himself tear up through humiliation but he willed himself to not cry, he couldn’t get the image out of his head of a toddler with a dirty nappy needing a change. He didn’t want to start wailing like a baby and proving that this demeaning treatment was necessary. The car slowed as it reached the exit of the car park. There was a very bored man in a little booth in front of the barrier that collected the tickets of people leaving the car park. The man was on the older side and looked like he was approaching retirement, slumped forward with his head propped up with his hands, the man looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. Nick empathised with that feeling as the car rolled to a stop in front of the window. “Ticket.” The older man said in a bored voice. Nick cringed and tried to sink into his raised car seat. He was certain he was very clearly visible, if the car park attendant even glanced his way he would get quite the surprise. Sarah handed the ticket to the attendant with a smile. She acted as if any mother with a toddler in the back would act. Sarah watched as the attendant took the ticket and fed it into a machine which quickly flashed up how much she owed. “That’ll be…” The man started in the same bored tone of voice as before. The man’s eyes slowly opened wide and his jaw dropped. The furrowed brow revealed a man trying to work out what he was looking at in the back seat of the car. Nick watched as the ticket inspector did a quick double take. Nick quickly looked down, he knew that even though his nappy was hidden under his shorts that the smell wasn’t and neither was the obvious car seat he was strapped into. “I think it is £3, isn’t it?” Sarah asked. She rooted around in her purse for spare change and pretended that she didn’t notice that the man was staring at her infantilised husband. “Y-Yes Ma’am.” The attendant said softly, unable to take his eyes off of Nick. Sarah held out the money to hand it to the employee but found the older gentleman was so distracted that he didn’t even notice. She couldn’t help but smile at the shocked look on his face as she followed his gaze to her humiliated husband. “Sorry about him. He had an accident and we need to get him home.” Sarah said casually but loudly. She saw Nick visibly wince out of the corner of her eye but didn’t react. The man was still just staring open-mouthed at Nick, he gave no indication as to having heard Sarah as he continued his unabashed staring. Sarah found it quite amusing but was becoming increasingly aware of traffic building up behind her, plus the smell was getting overbearing and she really wanted to get home and get Nicky out of the disgusting nappy he was sitting in. “Ahem!” Sarah loudly and dramatically cleared her throat. The car park attendant finally snapped back to reality. He shook his head slightly and turned to face Sarah again, his mouth was still hanging open partially and he looked from Sarah’s face to her hand full of money. It seemed to take him a few seconds to remember who he was and what he was supposed to be doing. “Oh… Yes… £3. Thank you, ma’am.” He slowly said as he accepted the money and pressed the button to lift the barrier. As Sarah thanked him and drove past the open barrier Nick could feel the attendant staring at him until they were all the way out of sight and down the road. Nick breathed a deep sigh of relief as the car hurried down the road. He knew it wouldn’t be too long until he got home, it wouldn’t be a moment too soon either as the nappy that Nick was sitting in was absolutely gross. The little bumps in the road all caused the mess to spread further and with every inch of clean skin getting covered it made Nick feel worse and worse. By the time the car pulled into the driveway, Nick was desperate to get out of the car and out of his underwear. He was shocked he hadn’t leaked since it felt like his entire nappy area was coated in his own excrement, he was very grateful that the nappy had held up though because he knew that if it didn’t it would only lead to more issues for him. “Come on then.” Sarah said as she unbuckled her husband from the large child seat and gingerly helped him to step out of the car. Nick noticed that she seemed hesitant to touch him and he could hardly blame her, he felt disgusting. As he stood up, Nick felt his nappy stick to him unpleasantly. He grimaced as he took a couple of wide-legged steps towards the house, Nick had no idea if neighbours were watching his walk of shame since his mind was totally preoccupied with getting himself up to his bedroom for a change. A clean and dry nappy at that moment sounded like heaven. As soon as Sarah turned the key in the lock of the front door, Nick pushed it open and awkwardly headed up the stairs. “Go to your room and wait for me.” Sarah said authoritatively as she turned to go out to the car and bring in the shopping. “Where else am I going to go…” Nick muttered under his breath as he stomped up the stairs. In Nick’s mind it was true. Where else was he going to go? The thought never entered his mind that he would head to the bathroom or clean himself up, it wasn’t even an option to Nick to clean himself up. He never considered that he didn’t really require his wife for everything, he just obediently trooped up to his bedroom and stood in the middle of the childish space. His legs were rather tired from walking around the shopping centre but he avoided sitting down, he did not want to make the mess any worse. The smell was awful. Nick could barely stand his own stench and waddled over to the far side of the room to throw the window open. The fresh air tasted delicious to the messy man as he waited for Sarah to put the shopping away and come upstairs. He quietly cursed under his breath when a couple of minutes passed and he was still left sticking his head out of the window and gulping as much fresh air as possible. “Come on…” Nick said a little louder than he had planned. What could be taking Sarah so long? Nick reached back with one of his hands and gently touched the rear of his shorts. He grimaced when he felt the lumpy mess that was coating his bottom. When Nick prodded his finger against his padded area he felt the bulging backside and quickly withdrew his hand. “I know, Jack…” Nick suddenly stopped his self-examination has he heard Sarah’s voice just outside the front door. She was talking in a hushed voice but it still carried upstairs. Nick presumed she hadn’t noticed that he had opened the bedroom window and so thought she was alone. Nick waddled closer to the window and carefully peered out, he tried to silence the crinkling that accompanied him as he looked down at his wife. Sarah was sat on the porch with her mobile phone held against her head. She was looking out towards the car and giggling as she talked to someone. Nick felt an innate naughtiness at eavesdropping on his wife but turned his head so his ear pointed down and listened to the conversation below. “I know!” Sarah said with a barely audible giggle. Nick frowned in frustration, every time the wind rustled the trees or a car passed by he found the conversation below was drowned out and he strained even harder to hear the conversation. “No, he needed to go badly for a long time but held it all the way back to the elevator.” Sarah continued, “Then, just when I thought he would get back to the car, he messed himself right in front of these two annoying women. It was actually quite cute, like he was sticking up for me after one bumped into me.” Nick couldn’t help but feel his heart flutter slightly at Sarah saying he was cute, though the embarrassing scene from that morning being shared with other people caused him some trepidation. Nick knew she was talking to Jack again which was one of the main reasons he felt the need to eavesdrop. Without a second thought, Nick relaxed his bladder and felt a warm liquid spread around his nappy. He hoped he wouldn’t leak but he wasn’t going to take the blame if he did, Sarah should have been straight up here and changing him! “Oh no, I’m fine. Just got shoved into a corner a little bit.” Sarah continued, “Not on purpose or anything, just a couple of loud assholes.” There was a pause where Nick assumed Jack was talking. The silence was broken a few seconds later by Sarah’s high pitched laugh. “You should have seen their faces!” Sarah said through the giggles, “They had looks on their faces like… Well, like someone had just pooped in front of them!” Nick scowled as his wife broke into a renewed fit of laughter. He couldn’t believe his wife would be broadcasting his embarrassing life to other people so brazenly and publicly. “It’s the day after tomorrow that we have our plans isn’t it?” Sarah asked when her laughter had died down. Nick’s eyes flew wide as he wondered what his wife could be planning. Whatever it was, if it involved Jack, Nick knew it wouldn’t be a nice surprise for him. Absentmindedly, Nick reached back and tried to scratch his rear. The messy nappy was starting to get exceedingly itchy now and Nick was frustrated that he couldn’t stop the irritation. “What have I got planned for Nick that day?” Sarah said, clearly repeating something Jack had asked, “Oh that is all planned. Nick will…” Right at that moment a truck drove by in the otherwise quiet street and drowned out the rest of the sentence. Nick cursed this stroke of bad luck as the truck drove past and, try as he might, he couldn’t hear anything Sarah said. “… No doubt Nick will be learning some new things.” Sarah finished mischievously when the trucks noise died away. Nick scowled in frustration. He was now intensely curious as to the plans for him but he knew he couldn’t ask about them, if Sarah knew he had been eavesdropping he knew he would not like the consequences. “Anyway, I will speak to you soon. I need to go upstairs and sort out Mr. Messy Pants.” Sarah said with a laugh. Knowing that she would soon be up to check on him, Nick slowly and quietly closed the window and moved back towards the changing table. It was not long until he started to hear footsteps coming up the stairs and as the bedroom door opened, Nick sighed in relief. No matter what was planned for him, at least he would get out of this disaster of a diaper! Sarah hummed a happy tune as she lifted Nick up wordlessly and deposited him on the changing table. As Nick sat on the edge of the table before lying down he instinctively winced a little but, with his nappy already in such a state, he barely even noticed the squashing of his rear and the further expansion of the mess covering his backside. Nick laid back and Sarah quickly pulled off his clothes to reveal the scene of destruction that was Nick’s underwear. “Woah… Going to need a hazmat suit for this one!” Sarah joked. Nick failed to see the humour in this situation and as he watched Sarah laugh he contemplated complaining that if she had changed him promptly like a good mommy would that he wouldn’t be in such a way. Of course, there was no way he could say anything like that and basically admitting he needed Sarah to change him. Even if he could physically do it himself he knew, even if he didn’t want to admit it, that he was mentally incapable of changing himself. There was just no way he would allow himself to risk Sarah’s wrath even if it meant being more comfortable. Sarah opened the nappy and grimaced when she saw the contents. Grabbing a handful of wipes, she began the process of cleaning her husband. As much as Sarah loved the control, messy nappies were not particularly fun to change. It took several minutes of wiping to make any progress and the smell in the room was undeniably bad. At this point Nick had been in his messy pants for so long that the smell had disappeared into the background a little bit. He didn’t realise it but he was getting used to the smell of his own bowel movements. “There we go…” Sarah finally said five minutes later as she inspected Nick’s backside, “Looks like that is all of it.” She dumped the wipes and used diaper in the trashcan near the door and quickly pulled out a new nappy. In a well-practiced routine, Sarah lifted Nick’s legs and placed the new plastic disposable underneath him. Lowering him down she pulled the front of the nappy up over Nick’s tool, which she noted with some satisfaction had begun to stiffen a little, and taped the infantile underwear tightly and securely around his waist. Sarah lifted Nick off of the change table having barely said a single word to him. Nick was actually pleased for the silence since he was sure the only comments he would have received would have been negative. He would like to have heard about the plans for him regarding Sarah’s meet up with Jack, but Nick couldn’t ask about it without revealing he had been eavesdropping. Sarah walked Nick over towards his makeshift crib and lifted him into the baby bed before promptly lifting the rails up leaving Nick, naked except for his new nappy, locked into his little cell. Nick wasn’t surprised that he was being expected to nap bearing in mind it had been normal for the last few days and, to Nick’s slight annoyance, he found himself yawning as his body expected sleep. Once Nick was safely in the crib, Sarah turned to exit the room. The only words she said was that she would see him in an hour leaving Nick completely in the dark about future plans. When Sarah closed the door behind her, Nick was left laying alone and as he closed his eyes his mind wandered to what might be coming in his near future.
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    Hey everyone, it's the final chapter. Thank you so much for sticking with this story. Expect to see it up on the main site sometime soon! --- Fourteen: That’s A Wrap, Folks Three dozen eyes tracked me around the room. I didn’t move. I didn’t speak. All I could do was stand there, in total silence, and wait. At the head of the classroom, Greg finished his introduction and turned to me with a smile. “They’re all yours, J-Man,” he said. I flashed him a grin. “Much obliged, Greg.” Greg sat down near the front of the class, and I took his spot at the podium. It felt surreal being on this end of the education system, even though I was used to having an audience. And that feeling didn’t get better when I realized that most of these college kids were only eight or seven years younger than me. There weren’t all that many years between us. Ah, well. After my previous month, this was nothing. “Morning, guys and girls,” I said. Clapping my hands together, I looked around. “So, who here has ever seen community theater...?” *** Dust floated through a shaft of sunlight in the window. It swirled around, caught up in a sudden gust from my feather duster. A few quick swipes removed another layer from my den’s shelves and added to the mixture in the air around Emily’s head. She glared up at me from underneath the TV table. Well, more like she pouted, which was still pretty adorable. “Ugh,” she exclaimed, “I am taking the longest shower after this.” “You want some company?” I teased. “Keep dreaming, girlie.” “Hey, you girls shower together all the time, right?” “Ha! Only in your wildest porn collection.” “Like yours is any cleaner?” I brandished my feathery tool at her. “Apparently, you’ve got a thing for guys in women’s clothing—” She jumped up from her crouch. I dodged the snap of her dusting cloth from her left, and then the playful slap from the right. Emily giggled through her fury, and I couldn’t help but laugh, too. It had been a memorable two weeks. In that time, the only contact we got from Mr. and Mrs. Parcher was through their attorney, which suited Emily just fine. Several signed pieces of paper later, all of her ties were finally cut. No more guilt trips. No more surprise calls. No more private detectives. Emily was a persona non grata, and she was free to give up the house that she could no longer afford on her own. She was also free to have a few late-night crying sessions. I took it upon myself supply all the requisite cuddles and tissues so she could sleep. But once the house went up for sale, she began to pack up all her things. I offered my help with that, so long as she could help me prepare my place for a new housemate. What amazed me the most, though, was how little we saw of the “other” Jordan. I still occasionally put on my wig and a cute skirt, but Jordan Baker only came out once the sun went down and all the dishes were put away. Emily, to her credit, treated me about the same in both personas, so my alter ego wasn’t needed as much to help with the transition into a real couple. But when she did come out, the sex was pretty mind-blowing. Back in the present, I took up a box marked “Fragile.” I gave it a cautious shake, heard glassware tinkling around inside, and gently set it back down on the floor. Emily watched me with her arms crossed and a teasing smile. “Look,” she said, “if it’s marked with a ‘G,’ that’s from my grandmother, so don’t break it.” “Okay. How about the stuff marked ‘M’ or ‘D’?” “All stuff from Mom and Dad.” Emily shrugged. “Break as much of it as you want.” “Don’t mind if I do!” I threw back my head and let out a wild cackle. Then, without missing a beat, I spun around, sweeping my leg up for a devastating kick that would destroy a small shopping bag marked "M." Of course, I froze my leg in the air a few inches above the bag and glanced over my shoulder at Emily. She shook her head and smiled. “You’re such a dork.” “I know you are, but what am I?” “My new idiot landlord, apparently.” I withdrew my leg and frowned. “Hey, now. That’s not fair. I’m letting you stay here rent-free.” “Uh, remind me how that works again?” “Ok, maybe not entirely for free. You’re paying me back in groceries, an extra hand with keeping the place clean, and, you know, the general pleasure of your company.” Emily went quiet for a moment. I could see how much those kinds of compliments affected her. And every time I saw that, I let loose a mental flurry of insults against the nonsense that George and Virginia had put into her head growing up. How could such a talented artist have so little concern for herself? “You really mean it, don’t you?” she finally said. I smiled and walked over. Putting my arms around her, I whispered, “You know it’s true.” Emily sighed into my shoulder. “It’s okay if I keep asking you that a hundred times over, right?” “Sure. And I’ll answer the same every time.” She sighed again, and her fingers dug into my shoulders. I closed my eyes, and we took a much-needed break in our chores. Around us, the dust swirled through a shaft of sunlight and settled across us without protest. *** “...Now, the really cool thing is, no matter what, you’re never really alone on stage. It might say in the script, ‘And here is where Prince Hamlet delivers his soliloquoy,’ but that’s not true. He’s got characters like Ophelia and Claudius spying on him. He’s not supposed to know this, of course, so he thinks he’s just thinking out loud. And more importantly, you’ve got an audience watching you. Intruding on a private moment like the filthy voyeurs they are.” I paused and soaked in the class’s laughter. Then, with a chuckle, I stepped back. “Well, that about wraps up my lecture.” I glanced around the room. “Any questions?” Several hands shot up. I called on a black girl in a yellow sweater. “Is it really hard to get into theater?” she asked. “Like, you know, are you giving up your life to be on the stage? Or is it something you can manage with other projects or jobs?” “Good question!” I answered. I thanked her with a quick nod, then swept my gaze over the room. “So, if you’re a sad little geek like me, then, yes, the theater will devour every waking second you have.” I paused for another round of laughs. “No, but seriously, you’re already figuring out as college students how to find the right work-life balance. Trust me, it took me a few years to get it right, too...” *** Not even a day after we finished moving her in, Emily became the center of the neighborhood’s attention once again. Maureen, Janice, and Alice organized a small get-together at my place. An “impromptu housewarming party,” as Maureen put it. Complete with angel food cake and white wine. Even though I’d been living there for years without the same treatment, I didn’t complain. I mean, how could I when I saw the giant grin on Emily’s face the entire night? I had to admit, for all her gossipmongering, Maureen was an excellent hostess. She whipped up the cake herself, and her neighbor Alice—whom I now suspected of being more than just her neighbor, given the way they smiled at each other when they spoke—had brought the wine from a friend with a vinyard. Janice, meanwhile, spent the entire evening bending poor Emily’s ear about her grandchildren and about parenting, and then apologizing every time she brought up the subject of parents, and then awkwardly complimenting Emily’s dress for the fortieth time. Now, that last part made me laugh. Emily had originally picked out that floral print dress for me. That was the other surprise of the housewarming party. None of the three older ladies made a single comment or query about my crossdressing. I couldn’t decide if they were too embarrassed to ask or if they were actually being respectful. And then, I decided I didn’t care either way. The little smile and thumbs-up that Emily gave me from across the room was all I needed to see. *** “...And that’s all you need to know about the AEA.” I shrugged. “To be honest, though, you could look up all this and more on your phones in, like, two seconds. But thank you for your question... Josh, was it? Yeah, thank you, Josh. It’s good to get informed early on.” I scanned the room for more eager faces. As I did, my eyes caught something on the periphery. I half-turned and noticed a familiar face smiling at me through the window of the door. “Sorry,” I said to Greg. “I think I need to cut this short if that’s cool.” “Hey, no problem.” Greg turned and raised his voice for the entire room. “We had a great time as it was. Right, guys?” A chorus of yeah’s and a round of applause came back to us. I laughed and shook Greg’s hand. Then I offered waves and smiles back to the room as I headed out. In the hallway of the community college building, Emily stood next to a small bench across the way. She wore a green dress underneath a white cotton jacket. For some reason, as our eyes met, I got the strangest feeling of déjà vu. Like we’d met under the same circumstances not too long ago. But I shook my head and took a step toward her. Emily fell into my arms with a giggle. “How’d it go?” “They’re sharp,” I replied, pausing for a kiss on her cheek. “The next generation’s in good hands.” “Awesome. I’m so glad we got to do this.” “Me, too. Wanna celebrate?” Emily looked up at me, teasing her bottom lip through her teeth. For the briefest moment, I felt like I’d said something troubling. “Um, sure,” she said. “I was, uh, gonna suggest the Adams Bistro, but... well, that’s not exactly a place I want to visit anytime soon.” I nodded. “Sure, sure. Consider it crossed off the list of suggestions.” “But, you know, there’s that little Asian market on the way home. How about I treat you instead to a plate of spaghetti and a bottle of Merlot?” I chuckled, looping my arm around her shoulder. “As served by a cute girl like you? Count me in.” “Don’t forget. This cute girl can pin you down anytime she likes.” I grinned at her enthusiasm. Then, as I looked her over, I got a terrible impulse in mind. Without no warning, I slipped my hand down from her shoulder to the small of her back. Very gently, I teased a finger across her waistline, where I felt—and heard—a distinct crinkling. “Oh!” Emily’s face turned bright red. She glanced around the empty hallway. Then her eyes found me again in a vicious glare. “Really? You want to check me now?” “Relax, Em.” I grinned as we made our way back to the front doors. “It’s not so bad. Besides, if you need changing, I’d rather find a bathroom now than have you sit in it for too long.” “Hmph. You’re such a dad.” “And you’re cute when you’re mad. It’s only fair.” Emily opened her mouth to respond, but she stopped herself. I noticed a sudden, sinister glint in her eye. I didn’t resist when she slipped her hand down my side and gave the back of my jeans a not-so-gentle swat. I had to flinch when I heard the diaper underneath rustle in response. “For a Daddy,” Emily teased, “you sure do you enjoy being diapered, too.” Now it was my turn to blush. “You know, it’s not so bad when you’re trying to build your confidence. I forgot I was even wearing it halfway through the lecture today.” “That’s good!” Emily’s grin was merciless. “Practice for later tonight.” “Oh, don’t worry. I think cute little Jordan will make an appearance.” She laughed, and I slid my arm tight around her waist. Emily leaned into me, utterly carefree, and we pressed on through the doors, out into the quad, and back to my car. Overhead, birds were chirping, and a soft orange shine from the early evening sun touched everything we saw. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be out on a fine autumn day, in boring old Thebes Park of all places. If you’d told me last summer that I’d be happy to be there, I’d have laughed in your face and called you crazy. Well, I’d still laugh in your face now, but that’s only because I’m crazy, too. It helps considering the company I keep. THE END
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    part 3: Kept Jeremy was exploring the house again, his diapers rustling loudly underneath his cute bunny pajamas. The spooky parts of the house did not bother him as much anymore, but he still stayed away from the bathroom. He had gotten used to his new routine now. It was still embarrassing for him to constantly be in an infantile state, especially in front of such a beautiful woman, but the boy never had this kind of affection from the opposite sex before. Giving up his dignity for this real emotional connection was worth it to him. Val seemed to be getting something out of this too, clearly fulfilled by having him there to care for. Perhaps he reminded the witch of her late lover? Whatever her reasons for keeping him, Jeremy wasn't going to fight it. For now he accepted his role, but there was still a nagging thought in the back of his mind. His silly male ego couldn't let go of the thought that he was still in a submissive position. It's not that Jeremy wanted or even thought he deserved more out of this relationship. He liked to think he was a modern man with modern ideas, but it was hard to shake the influence his father had on him. His father gave him certain ideas about what makes a man. Jeremy heard the front door. Val had come home! He scurried down the hall to greet her in the foyer, almost running on all fours as he stumbled forward. Val beamed happily at the excited boy's greeting. She held a heavy looking box. She set the box down on the middle of the floor. "I have a surprise for you. I thought maybe you might be missing your modern creature comforts." Val pulled a CRT television from the box. It was bulky and looked like it came from the late 70s. She then pulled out an old video game system and cartridges. "Huh? Yes? Isn't this fun? Now you have more toys to play with!" Jeremy looked at all this stuff, which was older than he was! Still, he appreciated the sentiment, and no girl had ever given him a gift before. He really was happy to have the gift. He hugged Val and she let out a laugh, ruffling his hair. While she had the boy clinging to her she went and pulled open the butt flap to his pajamas and checked his diaper. It was wet, but did not warrant a change yet. She clasped the flap closed again. "Why don't you set it up? I'll get your bottle ready and start making lunch." While the technology was ancient and not what he was used to he did kind of miss having something like this around. Besides, the games on his phone weren't much different from the old games people used to play on cartridges. He actually found himself having fun hooking the television and system up. He wondered if there was some kind of special store witches got their things from. For that matter, what was Val doing whenever she left the house anyway? As he played the game he thought about how he never found his backpack or his phone. He then began thinking about how he would broach the subject to Val. What was going on in the outside world since he came to this witch's cottage? When he glanced over his shoulder he saw Val approach him with a warm bottle of milk. She pushed the bottle into his mouth, holding it for him. He put down the game controller and held the bottle in his hands. Slowly he rose to his feet, holding onto the bottle and sucking down the warm milk. It settled his stomach, relaxing him. Jeremy watched Val going back to the kitchen. He waddled after her, following her. Val looked behind her as she came into her kitchen. "Did you want to help Mommy?" she asked in a sweet tone. Jeremy blushed a little and shrugged. "Well you can just keep me company I guess. There are a lot of sharp and dangerous objects here that only grown ups should be touching anyway." She pulled out a little stool and had Jeremy sit on it. Sitting on the short stool made Jeremy lower to the floor causing him to have to crane his head up to watch Val. Even though it was hard to see from his low position he got to witness Val using her magic to cut and dice vegetables. "How come you use magic for some things but not for other things?" Jeremy asked, holding his bottle in his lap. "I just do." Val stated with a shrug, "It all comes down to my preference. I was mortal once and there are some things I like doing the old fashioned way because it connects me to that part of myself." She looked down at her adorable baby boy. She patted him on the head "It's a grown-up thing. You'll understand some day." "I understand!" Jeremy pouted a little, his voice coming to a squeak. This made Val giggle and blush. She thought that pouty response was really cute. "Alright mister smarty pants, let's get you into the dining room." She picked up Jeremy, carrying him to his place at the table. She took out a bib with a picture of a black cat on it and tied it around his neck. Sitting down at the table she ate with Jeremy quietly. Jeremy thought now would be a good time to ask about his personal effects. "Mommy," he started, figuring he could butter her up with the handle, "Where's my backpack?" "Eat your food." Val didn't even look up from her plate. "But Mommy..." Jeremy whined a little. "I want my phone, and my clothes, and-" "Eat." Val narrowed her eyes at Jeremy. Defeated, Jeremy goes back to eating his food just like Val told him. He did not want to disobey or disappoint her. Whenever Valdis got angry it made Jeremy actually feel like he was being a bad little boy. He wasn't a troublemaker or anything, but he couldn't remember the last time he took orders from someone so readily. The whole reason he ran away was so that he wouldn't have to listen to anymore authority figures. Now here he was, accepting this subordinate role. Part of him was actually enjoying it too. After the meal was finished Val used the bib around Jeremy's neck to wipe his face clean. She then gathered the dishes and brought them back to the kitchen to be cleaned. Jeremy followed, waddling a bit along the way. He stood in the kitchen, watching as Val cleaned up. Her expression was blank, not really showing any anger, but she did not seem happy either. "I'm sorry, Mommy..." Jeremy mumbled. As he stood there he felt himself helplessly releasing pee into his diaper. He was only aware of what was happening until the stream was already going. He looked down at the crotch of his pajamas and listened to the faint noise of his piddle hitting the inside of the cloth. He knew Val could probably tell he was urinating. It was pointless to stop now so he let the full force of his pee stream into the diaper. It felt a little awkward to be peeing on himself after such a tense moment, but it's not like he could help it at this point. He let out a sigh as he felt the stream ebb and then stop. Val finally looked down at him. "I did not mean to yell. It's just rude to speak while eating. You should also always listen to me because I know what is best for you." The woman spoke down to Jeremy, so sure of herself. "You need to trust me when I say that everything I do for you is for your own good." Jeremy looked down at himself and then nodded. She did save his life. She could have left him to die. She could have possibly eaten him too. He heard that's something witches do. "I could give you your phone, but then I'd have to send you away. I would have to take the enchantment off of it so that you could actually use it. If someone were to track you here and find me, well, let's just say people do not have a good history of being understanding... especially when it comes to witches." She held the kitchen counter top as she spoke. She took a deep breath and the continued. "Either you will end up going away or I will. Is that what you want? I thought you were happy here. You called me Mommy." Jeremy started feeling a little guilty now. He hadn't thought about what might happen if someone tracked him down here and found the witch's home. "I really didn't mean to offend you." Jeremy spoke after a while of silence. "I want to be with you. I was just wondering what my old friends were doing back at home. If it would cause that much trouble I don't think it's worth it. I'd rather just leave my old life behind." Jeremy was sounding pretty mature in that moment. It was a little hard to take him seriously knowing he had a wet diaper on under those bunny pajamas. Val finally smiled. She let out some nervous laughter. "I am not keeping you here against your will, Jeremy. You may go any time you wish, but if you do then you may never come back here." She stared at him with her crimson glare. Her eyes watered slightly. She clearly did not want him to leave her. She opened up her heart to a new boy after so many years. Jeremy was wising up to this. He called her Mommy and made a commitment. If he were to back out now it would be too cruel. He reassured the woman with a big hug, his head nuzzling just under her chest. Val hugged her boy back. She then grabbed his butt, squishing the wet diaper against him. "Care for a change, or do you want to finish filling your diaper first?" "Um. I d-don't... feel like I need a change." Jeremy blushed as he said this, basically admitting that he wanted to stay in his wet diaper for longer. The amusing exchange did ease the tension somewhat. "Well now, how about you come with Mommy on her walk today?" Val beamed. "Okay, sure!" Jeremy's face lit up as well. He was going to get to see where the woman went on her daily outings, or at least see one of the places she wandered off to. "Oh, but first, let's get you dressed. I made some modifications to your old clothes." Val seemed excited. She proudly lead the boy to her bedroom. She pulled up clothes from the closet. His old jeans were now like a toddler's overalls with an expanded seat so they would fit over the diaper. His T-shirt now had a patch sewn on it of a cute baby bat. She got Jeremy out of his pajamas first, folding them neatly and then stuffing them into the closet once again. Then she began to dress the boy, pulling on his socks first. She then tugged the shirt over his head before tugging up his overalls and securing the straps. She tightened them in place. She even put on his shoes and tied the laces for him. A couple days ago Jeremy would be so embarrassed over being dressed like this, but now he was used to it. Val picked up a bag with a long strap on it. She pulled the strap over her shoulder and then took Jeremy's hand. Jeremy was a little excited, his heart beating faster. He was becoming anxious. What if someone was out there? Surely they were all alone out here in the dense forest, but the thought of running into someone out here was scary. Sure, Val could defend him and protect him, but it would still be humiliating to be seen like this. He clearly had on a diaper under those childish overalls. Val took long strides through the crinkly leaves, but she moved slow enough that Jeremy could keep up. The forest was not as scary during the daytime. In fact, he could really appreciate the beauty of this place when he wasn't running around and fearful for his life. The two of them began to walk uphill and soon they were around a bare patch of ground with no trees or other growth on it, only some darkly colored rocks. Valdis bent down to inspect between the rocks, finding what she was looking for. She picked some multicolored mushrooms, putting them into her bag. Jeremy climbed on the rocks and started walking on top of them, playing a balancing game and seeing how many he could hop to without falling. He stood above Val for once, never really seeing the woman from an angle this high before. He felt his stomach cramp up. A large poop was coming and there was no way he was going to be able to hold this in on the way back. He stood on the rock and announced to Val. "I'm going poop now." Bending his knees he let the thick log slide out of his bottom, spreading across his butt cheeks as it emptied into the cloth diaper. He smiled, feeling satisfied after his mess. It didn't embarrass him to be wet and messy in front of Val anymore. Accepting his role as Val's baby actually came easy for him now. "Did you leave a big poop in your diaper for Mommy to clean up?" Val asked, looking pretty pleased as she smiled back at him. It felt so strange to Jeremy to be praised for something that used to get him spankings and time outs. Before Jeremy could say another word he saw two hikers in the distance coming from around a large thorny brush and into view. Jeremy ducked down behind Val and whispered. "Mommy... there are people here..." Val stood up straight and shielded Jeremy from being seen. "Pardon me, may I help you?" She called out as the two hikers got closer. They paused, seeing the pale-skinned, black-haired woman just standing there in the middle of the woods. The two hikers look at each other and then back at the woman. "We were just on a hike." The red-haired hiker said, holding his backpack against himself. His legs wobbled nervously as if he knew just what Valdis was. "This is private property." Val informed the hikers. "Did you not see any signs telling you not to cross in this direction?" her voice grew stern, more commanding. "We're very sorry to have intruded. We'll be getting out of your way now." the hikers backed out. As they left Jeremy peeked out from behind Val's hips, holding his hands onto her torso. Val sighed "Good thing I didn't have to kill them." she then looked down at Jeremy. "I'm kidding of course." Jeremy sighed with relief, glad that he was saved some more embarrassment. It was one thing to be a baby in front of Val, but a completely other matter to be seen as a baby from other people. If they had seen him who knows what they would have thought. If they had smelled him then it might have been even worse. They might have even assumed that Val had him as her prisoner, and he wasn't about to be taken away from his new mommy. "Let's get you home, stinky." Val whispered. She grabbed Jeremy and lifted him into her arms, holding him close. She carried the boy the rest of the way back to her cottage. All the while she hummed into his ear, soothing him. She could feel just how fast his heart was beating after the encounter. She did her best to show him it was all right now. As soon as they entered the house Val set Jeremy on his feet. She loosened the straps to his overalls and pulled them down around his ankles. She cupped her hand to the drooping backside of his full diaper. "Now that's a big boy mess!" she commented. "Quite impressive!" She picked him up, carrying him with her hands under his arms, and lying him back on the table. She pulled down the rubber pants and then undid the sides to the diaper. She let them hang open and did what she could to clean out the mess inside the diaper and around his butt. As Jeremy was lying there getting cleaned up his dick became erect, slowly pointing upward in the air. Jeremy blushed a little, but he still smiled, knowing that Val was sweet and understanding when it came to that sort of thing. "My baby loves his diapy changes, yes he does!" she cooed down at him, her hand grabbing at the shaft. She started to stroke it, staring down at him. She breathed hot and heavy as she held the hard cock in her hand. Jeremy gasped, arching his back. This was the first time a woman ever touched him like this. He had always thought things like handjobs and blowjobs were something only tough, dominant guys received. Having his hard cock in Val's hand and surrendering his will to the woman's touch made him realize just how helpless he was in this position. Val was still in complete control, and now she was going to be the one controlling his orgasm. She looked down at the boy's twisting face, seeing him writhe on the table as he was brought closer. Her stroking slowed down. "Say you'll never leave me. That you will always be my baby boy." Val requested in a hot whisper. "I wont, Mommy!" Jeremy groaned, desperate for release, though he meant it. He really did not want to stray from Val, not ever. He didn't think there was anything better outside of his new life he built with this beautiful witch. "I want to be your baby boy forever" he said, almost crying out in pleasure. Val got the response she wanted and quickened her pace, stroking the boy faster until the white hot cum spurt out and drooled down her fist. She continued to stroke until she was sure she had milked him all the way. She moved her hand off his dick and wiped the cum off of her hand and wrist. She then wiped the boy's dick, which was getting softer now. She was able to continue with the diaper change again. Jeremy was just lying there completely still now. In his blissful state he moved his thumb to his mouth and sucked it. Val grabbed his ankles and shoved a brand new diaper under his butt. She folded it up and secured it around his waist before pulling his rubber pants back up. She then finished off by having him stand and putting his overalls back on. She took the box with his used diaper in it and set it in the back yard to be washed later. "Why don't you go play with your toys now, sweetie? Mommy would like to watch you having fun with the presents she got you." Val walked into the foyer and sat on her sofa, She crossed her legs, showing off the knee-high heeled boots that had been hiding under her dress. Jeremy did as he was told and was happy to show his Mommy how the games worked. He sat there on the floor, turning on the tv and the game system. It was like something out of a dream. He had always wanted to spend quality time like this with his mother or father, but it never seemed to work out that way. Now he got to relive a part of his childhood that he never got to experience before. He pointed at the screen, explaining all the things he could do in the game and what each character was supposed to be doing. Val just chuckled, thinking it was silly, but it amused her how much Jeremy liked engaging in the silly activity. Jeremy could tell Val wasn't that interested in the game or its universe, but he still spoke enthusiastically about it, figuring Val at least enjoyed listening to him. Her red eyes were fixed on the boy. Her expression was filled with unconditional love and adoration. After a while of him silently playing Val raised herself from the sofa and went into the kitchen to make supper. Jeremy was now fully engrossed in the game. Sitting with his legs spread he let out a purposeful stream directly into his diaper. A broad grin creeped up his face as he felt the hot wet piss spread over his crotch once again. He was really getting the hang of using his diaper on purpose! The thought of Val changing him and rewarding him with her touch again caused his dick to become erect once more. He ignored the hard-on in his diaper for now, focusing on his game. Soon there was another distraction though. "Jeremy, dinner's ready!" called Val "Aw but I'm in the middle of this!" Jeremy whined, trying to get through a difficult part of his game. "I said now, young man. Don't make me call you again." Val knew just the right tone to use on Jeremy. He paused his game and stood up, waddling to the table. This time Val used some restraints, buckling Jeremy into the chair so he would be still through the whole meal. She tied the bib around his neck once again. She set the plate in front of him as well as a baby bottle of milk. She sat down near him and started eating. Jeremy ate too, going a little fast so he could get back to his game. "Slow down, Jeremy, it's not a race." Val commented. Jeremy had gotten food all over his mouth and on the bib. He didn't notice until he wiped his mouth with a napkin. He let out a nervous laugh and ate a bit slower. Val sat there, watching him eat now before she took another bite of her own meal. She waited until he was finished and then cleaned his face for him. She untied the bib and took off the restraint on his chair. "Okay, you can go back to playing your little game." Jeremy almost bolted off, but Val grabbed his arm. "What do we say?" "Th-thank you, Mommy." Jeremy blushed with a little smile. Val smiled back and let him go, watching him run back to the television set. Val finished eating her meal in the dining room while keeping an eye on her boy in the next room. When she was done she gathered the dishes and sent them to the kitchen where she would clean them. Jeremy was deep into his game world again. He didn't even notice as Val walked past him and patted him on the head. He paused his game again and looked over his shoulder as she disappeared down the hallway. "What're you doing, Mommy?" he asked with a creak in his voice. Val peeked back from the hallway, looking down at her boy. "I'm just going to be doing some work in my lab. I can trust you up here, right, big guy?" Val watched the boy as he sat there, thinking the question over. He nodded. He knew that the 'big guy' comment was condescending, but it still felt nice to be called that. Jeremy watched as Val was off again, heading down those spooky stairs to work at her enchanting table. He was a little curious about what she was doing down there, but past experiences told him Val always had good reasons for doing the things she did. If she wanted to tell him then she would. Jeremy yawned, staring at the colorful television screen once again. ~ After an hour, Val had come back upstairs to see Jeremy asleep on the floor in front of the tv. She clasped her hands together, seeing her little man all tuckered out. She reached down to pull him back up, carrying him to the bedroom. Jeremy groaned, half awake as he was sat on the large bed. Val undressed him, all the while singing to him softly in that strange language. She got him stripped down to just his diapers and rubber pants. After she puts away the clothes in the closet she brings out a new set of animal pajamas. They're like the bunny ones from before, only now they're purple in color and have fox ears on the hood and a fluffy tail in the back. Jeremy looks at the cutesy pajamas and perks up a little. Val helps him step into the jammies one leg at a time and then pulls them up, zipping the front and then pulling the hood over his head. "Sometimes you're my cute baby bunny. Other times you're like a mischievous little fox!" She whispered, pressing a finger to Jeremy's nose. Jeremy actually let out a giggle. Val pulled out the trundle bed and settled Jeremy into it. When he was given the stuffed animals he gravitated to the stuffed giraffe, having formed a favorite now. He hugged the plush toy to his chest. Val raised the bars on the sides of the bed and then climbed into her own bed. Val leaned over the edge of her bed, tracing her finger around the frame of Jeremy's body and watching him get sleepy again. "Sweet dreams, naughty boy." she whispered. She saw Jeremy grinning at the comment. She kissed her fingers and then placed them on the boy's temple. "I love you." she said as quietly as she could. Jeremy must have heard her, because he muttered "Love you, Mommy." before going to sleep.
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    A lot of the stories I posted here over the years managed to get scrogged by the character set encoding problems when they upgraded the version of Invision last year. Someone wanted to know if I had a clean copy of Restricted License (one of my stories). I decided that in addition to fixing the text encoding, I really should clean up the story in general (most of the time the postings on DD are hot off the press so they have problems. So I created my site to give me a place to put the revised stories. There's also a list of links to the original versions of the stories (either on this site or a couple of non-diaper sites I post on). Enjoy: http://www.willnotwill.com
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    Your quite the interesting fellow...With that name and liking the Raiders, quite the combo...Why not introduce yourself to people and make some friends. Let's try that before you disrupt our females in some weird quest (as that is how your coming off)
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    I'm on a daily regime of Spironolactone (200mg) and Progresterone (2.5mg) myself and have been at this for about 3 months I have noticed my desires go up one moment and straight down the next. Honestly it depends on my mood but overall I'm happy with the results. When I first started with Spiro it was as if I had no libido at all but now that my body has adjusted to the chemical changes it's evened out. One thing I have to note is the salt cravings I get when taking Spiro, so I'm doing what I can to moderate that. I wish you all the best on your journey, hun as I'm right there with you.
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    I know it's been a while, I must admit the lack of comments sort of made me feeling less like writing, so it would mean a lot to me if you could say what you think, but I understand if you wouldn't! Anyway, here it is. --------------------------------------------------------- In another life it might have been like floating in space. Ears plugged, blindfold pitchblack and those pristinely clean beadsheets so pure and heavenly soft, it tricked the body into the illusion of flying. But the body can be a prison, where a conflicted mind is a nasty cellmate. Deprived of her senses, there was nowhere to escape to for distractions. The train of unpleasant thoughts ploughed on. How long had been? How long would it be? A bead of sweat ran down her brow. Had the heat been turned up? After hours of lying there cuffed up, she had circled through the same thoughts, again and again. How she must look, that humiliating shirt clinging to her body and worse even, those thick puffy diapers holding her crotch and butt hostage. Turning to more pleasant thoughts was a real hassle, and bodily sensations always pulled her back into her personal little hell. She was so warm. So embarrassed. Thirst had made her mouth dry around the huge ballgag and even more urgent: her bladder felt like it was about to give birth to the moon. When a soft woman's hand pulled out one earplug, while another rested on her burning cheek, her near-hallucinative state crashed into a million shard. In shock of the sudden touch, having thought she was alone, she kicked in her bonds. A purely instinctive reaction that was regretfully more than enough to instantly decide a losing battle. She bucked and heaved through her nose as her body gave in, her bladder squeezing with every muscle she had in her body. Moaning in anguishful relief, she bucked and writted as she beamed a laser-jet of piss into the waiting padding, for what felt like more than a minute. The release was painful and long overdue, but the release of pressure was as orgasmic as uncomfortable. A small amount of drool ran down her chin, the padding rapidly soaking up its price and swelling nicely against her crotch. Shame only came later: she wasn't aware of the wet, glowing warm feeling of the soaked softness that clung to bum cheeks and crotch until the full evaction was done. And she had been watched too, just now that the inevitable hat occured. "Oh geez.." Came an embarrassed femine voice and she heard the unknown girl or woman take a step back in hesitation. Or perhaps disgust. Lynn let out a muffled sob, but otherwise the silence stretched "... Look I just... was sent here to feed you, because he has to work a little late. I'm sorry if you were saving that for him.." Her chance of escape. Someone from the mediator's office. Had she heard the voice before? Possible. Everything was blurry. But a chance was a chance. Yes, there were already tears in her eyes, but the blindfold was hiding those efficiently, and so the desperate girl began to buck and kick in her bonds, arching her back and pressing those hips of hers high into the air, the only sign she could make to tell she wanted out. A shiver of disgusting ran down her spine as it was accompanied by trickles of urine that had yet to be absorbed ran down her buttocks and through her asscrack, towards her lower back. A hand pressed harshly on her diapered spungy crotch until she rested still on the bed again. "Stop that, I'm not allowed to play with you!" The stranger commented sharply. But when she felt a warm breath again her ear, that same voice took on a completely different tone in a whisper "... though maybe when I can book you for myself some time.. I'm not into this but I've seen that list of yours.. damnn crazy". Lynn lied there as if frozen. Not just at the reality crash that things were being recorded and given out, but also to get that hand off her pissy crotch. A chance for self-pity, to mule on the threatening realization that recordings were of course also not noted as a limit due to her lapse, was not given. Instead her full focus was pulled towards a latch on her ballgag being pried open and a tube being attached to it. A solution to one problem proved to be not so wanted at all in hind-sight. True, she was finally given that long craved drink, albeit forcefully squirted against her tongue to the point she had no choice but to gulp down mouthful after mouthful, but with the 5 minute lasting force feeding that followed, she'd turn it all back if she could. By the time she had worked down what felt like gallons of goopy oatmeal, she was sweating and heaving profoundly, feeling even more violated due to her exposed overstuffed belly being rubbed through the whole thing. And with that, the tube was disconnected and the gag closed neatly, her brief encounter of shameful human contact ending. But not before hearing that sigh of disappointed, followed by the words "I'm glad I'm not on monitor duty tonight. Seeing that stuff kick in, that'd ruin you for me. Why you didn't at least choose exposure or voyeurism as a limit I'll never understand". New words to think of in her prison of self, when the missing earplug was carefully pushed backinto place, Lynn stuck with the person she most loathed right there and then: herself.
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    This is a great story of a mothers luv, and a boy who needs it. I hope you continue with more chapters, and the two of them continue to nurture this love-me thinks it is almost time that mommy starts to lactate (maybe that is what is happening in her enchantment room), as what better way to create a tight bond than to nurse her baby.
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    Whilst I have had a want for nappies since I was a very small child, these days I see myself as more of a teenager when age playing than anything younger. I'm very much into the humiliation aspect of wearing so I like to see myself as a teenager that is forced to wear and experience baby treatment for whatever reason. I know many people around me say I act like a teenager a lot of the time.
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    Win of these adult-sized pacifiers. To enter: Like this post and reply with a comment on why you like being here! Open to those 18 and over anywhere in the world. Ends 12/10/2016. Value of prize: 8.99 - Odds vary based on number of entries. Prize supplied by Mikey. A new study says most people stop reading fine print after the first few lines, which is why I feel confident calling you a stinky-poo.
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    Thirteen: Like There’s No Tomorrow Honestly, it was the silence that was the worst of it. We sat around a table in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by other families enjoying their wine with fresh-baked salmon and roasted chicken. Emily gripped onto my hand as she faced down the death glare from her parents. George and Virginia Parcher sat across from us, their drinks and dinner untouched. George didn’t offer a word as we sat down. He didn’t seem willing to even acknowledge that we were there anymore. Virginia, meanwhile, was less willing to keep quiet. She offered a sniff of disapproval when her eyes finally settled onto me. “It’s disgusting, what you did,” she declared. “It’s worse than fraud. It’s perverted! It’s hideous! I can’t even begin to describe how awful you’ve been!” Shouting matches in public were, sadly, nothing new to an actor. I didn’t mind the eyes and ears that turned our way once she spoke. And I’d even memorized my lines for the occasion. Nothing that Virginia had hurled my way was a surprise. I’d expected to get about this much abuse. “I know,” I finally said. “I’d like to apologize. I can’t offer any excuse for what I did.” “Jordan, don’t,” Emily started to say. Her mother, however, cut her off with another glare. A waiter came and went, refilling half-empty glasses of water and, unusually, not bothering to ask how we liked our dinner so far. He must have read the temperature of our little party. “I always thought that you were wasting your time here,” Virginia continued, “but I’d never imagine that you were being so outrageous, Emily. I mean, dear God. Living with an unmarried man? Dressing him up as your roommate? Have you no shame?” Her eyes snapped toward me, her stare as black as coal. “Do either of you? Or are your father and I the only sensible people left on this earth? We must be, because they’d never let us back into the country club if they knew about this. About the things you’ve done! Your whole neighborhood was talking about all those horrible things—” “Mother, please!” Emily’s voice came out in a harsh whisper. “Keep your voice down!” “Oh, so now you’re concerned about your propriety? Well, there’s a surprise!” “Mother, you’re being petulant and you know it. I really am sorry I deceived you, but it... it wasn’t as if I had any choice!” “No choice? Emily Louise, you had every right to—” “No, Mother. No, I didn’t.” Emily’s eyes flashed up to her parents, and this time, she was the one glaring daggers in their direction. “If I had to choose between my independence as an adult and being married off to the likes of Calvin Winchester, then guess what? I’m gonna damn well choose the former. Even if I have to convince my next-door neighbor to dress up like a girl to sell it, because that’s how much I hate this whole thing.” I couldn’t have been prouder of Emily when she said that. True to our agreement, though, I said nothing in her defense. It was the hardest thing in the world to sit there and keep silent, but I did my best to radiate strength at her. And I saw that confidence that her parents kept trying to shatter rebuild itself piece by piece, right before my eyes. Virginia, however, didn’t like the confidence one bit. She glowered in her next salvo. “Calvin Winchester is a fine young man. He’s good-looking, he comes from a respectable family, and he’s set at his father’s company to make more than enough money for the both of you. You’d be out of your mind to turn him down.” “Well, guess what, Mother? I am.” Emily blinked. “Turning him down, I mean. Not that I’m out of my mind.” “Hmph. So you say.” Her gaze snapped over to me again. “And you’re going to defend her on this? Honestly, if you were really her friend, you’d tell her to stop being so silly.” “Don’t drag him into this!” Emily protested. “I asked him to be here.” “Why? So you could humiliate us further?” “Mother, please. Your voice. You’re the one who’s being embarrassing—” “Emily, that’s enough.” All eyes shifted to George, who had finally spoken. He remained seated, completely still except for a subtle twitch of his mouth. In the corner of my eye, I saw Emily shrink back, her body language already conceding defeat. A scared little girl when Daddy spoke up. “You watch your tone, little lady,” George continued. “You’ve abused our trust and our money long enough. You need to straighten yourself out.” Emily opened her mouth, but he didn’t give her a moment’s pause. “It’s come down to this. Either you come back home and accept Calvin’s proposal, or you’re cut off. For good.” “Cut off?” I didn’t recognize the tiny voice that came out of Emily’s mouth. “Daddy...” “Emily, that’s final. Do you understand?” I didn’t say a word. To his credit, George didn’t look at me. I wasn’t even part of the equation in his mind. This was a long time coming between him and his daughter. Looking over at Emily, I saw tears in her eyes. It took every ounce of willpower not to offer her a handkerchief or stroke her hair. I did neither of those things. My role required perfect stillness. Whatever Emily did then, I couldn’t interfere. Really, that was the whole point of this meeting. To prove that she was her own person. That her life was hers. Emily closed her eyes and drew a deep breath. “Mom? Dad?” She lifted her chin. Her eyes opened and she looked at her parents. “I think we’re done here.” “Think about what you’re doing,” George hissed. “We’ll cut you off, Emily. Say goodbye to that house. All those car payments. All those free tickets. All gone.” “I won’t miss it.” “Emily!” “Sorry, Dad, not this time.” Emily pushed herself away from the table. She stood, as did I. “Let’s go, Jordan.” I nodded. “Right behind you, Em.” I turned back to her parents and nodded. “Good night.” Emily led the way out of the bistro, even with half the restaurant’s patrons watching us go, even with the shocked silence of her parents trailing behind us. As soon as we cleared the doors, I reached for her hand and held on tight. She smiled through her tears and squeezed my hand back. *** Neither of us said a word on the drive back to my house. Lights flashed across the windshield, guiding through us half-empty streets in the dead of night. I barely noticed the familiar contours of the neighborhood as we pulled into my driveway. I got out first and went to open the door on Emily’s side. She didn’t speak, even as we reached for each other’s hands and walked all the way inside. I barely even noticed how cold it was. She jumped me the moment I closed the door behind me. One second, she was perfectly still, and the next, she was throwing herself at me, her arms around my waist and her lips pressed against mine. I stumbled back a few steps, but caught myself against the door. I kissed Emily back. I kissed her back hard. We moaned and sighed against each other for a long time. I didn’t bother turning on the lights. Making out in the dark, empty living room was fine by me. “Jordan...” Emily moaned into my ear as she pulled herself away. “Jordan, I... God, I-I love you. You were so good, you were amazing...” “Me?” I brushed my lips against Emily’s forehead. “Honey, if anyone was amazing tonight, it was you. Only you.” My hand traced a line across her cheek. “I’ve never been prouder to know you than I am right now.” “Christ, though. My house. I’m... I’m gonna have to give it up now.” “I know. We’ll figure something out.” “We will? Jordan, I couldn’t ask you to—” “You never have to ask,” I said, maybe a touch more delirious than I realized. “I-I don’t care either, Em. Maybe it’s the adrenaline talking, but screw it. Stay with me. I don’t know how we’ll manage it, but we will. Because, after this? I don’t want to deal with those awful parents of yours ever again. This was...” I rubbed at my eyes. “Geez, this was the best thing they could’ve done for you. For both of us.” Emily nodded. “I think you’re right.” My heart skipped a beat. “Is... is that a yes?” “Are you kidding? Of course it is!” Emily leaned in to steal another kiss. “Mmph. God, yes. Let’s do this, Jordan. Let’s do this and never look back!” My heart sang when I heard those words. I enfolded Emily into my arms and carried her off to the bedroom. For this night, for at least this moment, we could forget the rest of the world and just be happy. *** The next morning, before Emily could wake up, I got changed and headed out early. It was a cool, foggy morning, with no glare in the overcast sky. With the weather and my mood in perfect sync, it seemed like as good a time as any for a little walk. I wandered up and down familiar streets, looking at them with new eyes. I’d driven these streets as both a man and a woman. I’d been two different Jordans, and my neighbors knew about both of them. So which one was I to them? Or was I not even someone worth knowing anymore? The question nagged me all the way through a small park and along the main boulevard. I wore my sweater’s hood up and tried to ignore every older, white couple I passed by. Their faces reminded me too much of George and Virginia’s disapproving stare, even if they were just nice folks out for a stroll. After some backtracking, I decided what I needed was a little bit of C and C to go with my R and R. C and C, of course, meaning carbs and coffee. Fortunately, I’d wandered back enough that my usual coffee joint was only half a block away. I dropped my hood and let out another sigh. I didn’t feel great as I pushed open the front door to the shop, but at least I’d have something to take the edge off. “Jordan!” My blood ran cold at the sound of her voice. I almost backed out of the shop, but Janice McCain came up to me with a sweet smile. Same as she ever was, then. “H-hey, Janice,” I murmured. “How’s it going?” “Jordan, come on now.” Janice surprised me by putting a hand on my shoulder. She guided me out the doorway and back to the open sidewalk. “Don’t worry about lil’ old me. What about you?” “Me?” “It’s okay, hon. I... I know everything.” I closed my eyes and sighed. “Christ, Janice, for once, could you not be such a gossip hound?” Janice drew back. Her eyes dropped to the pavement, and my heart did, too. I shuffled my feet around and stuck my hands in my pockets. “I’m sorry. I’m... I’m sorry to snap at you like that.” My eyes refused to part from my sneakers. “You didn’t deserve that.” “No, it’s... it’s fine. Really, Jordan.” Her sympathetic tone caught me off-guard. I looked up and saw Janice smiling at me like a kindly old grandmother. Which, as it took me a second to recall, she already was. “I’m sorry to spring this on you. I can’t begin to imagine how you must feel.” “How I feel,” I replied, “is fucked up.” Janice nodded. “I guess you would.” Then she brightened. “But I must say, Maureen Davis told me she saw you and Emily at the Adams Bistro last night. She told me the whole story.” “Oh, God. She saw all that?” “Yes! And I must say, we’re all so proud of you!” “Well, it was only a matter of... wait, what?” I blinked. “What? Proud?” Janice nodded again. “Dear, you have no idea how long we’ve been worrying over poor Emily Parcher. She’s such a sweet thing, but she’s unsteady. And we couldn’t imagine a better fit for her than someone like you. Someone with a good head on his shoulders.” Her teeth flashed in a grin. “Oh, and you should’ve heard the way Maureen talked about how you stood up to her parents. Honestly, the nerve of some people! How Emily turned out as well as she did, I’ll never know!” “Yeah...” My head was spinning. Without even thinking, I grabbed the pole of a nearby parking zone sign by the curb. It was a grimy, decades-old pole, but at least it kept me from falling over onto the street. “Oh, but don’t worry, dear.” Janice patted my shoulder again. “We don’t think any less of you for your little, er, dress-up with Emily. Whatever makes you two happy is none of our business.” “I’m sure...” If my sudden insecurity were to get any worse, I felt I’d regret not wearing a diaper. The tightness in my bladder contrasted with the constant spinning in my head and stomach. “And, you know, if you ever need any help, you come talk to us.” “Help? Help with what?” “Well, I mean, I’m sure Emily’s parents meant what they said, didn’t they? They’re cutting her off?” “It sure looks that way.” “Then, you know, if you two need anything like new appliances or help with moving boxes, just let us know.” Janice winked. “The neighborhood is here to help!” I was at a loss for words. Everything I thought I’d known about Janice McCain and her little clique had fallen apart. The fact that she spoke so casually about my private life still irked me a little, but I could forgive it for how generous she was revealing herself, and her friends, to be. “I... well...” I shrugged. “I guess...” Then I smiled. “‘Thank you’ is what I’m trying to say.” “Don’t mention it, kiddo.” Janice pulled me in for a hug. “Now, as our dear Emily’s savior, can I at least buy you a cup of coffee?” “Janice, I think I’ll let you this one time...” *** When I came back, Emily was sitting at my kitchen table, fully dressed and clutching a mug full of hot tea. I noted the half-eaten piece of toast on a plate by her elbow. It matched the expression she wore: vacant and thoughtful, like she’d forgotten she was hungry halfway through. “Em?” I leaned over, hands planted on the tabletop. “Hey, Earth to Em?” “Hmm?” Emily blinked. When she noticed me standing over her, she blushed. “Oh! Hey.” “Good morning to you, too.” “Excuse me for not being so chipper. I’ve got a lot on my mind.” “I can tell.” I pulled out a chair across the table and sat down. When I flashed her plate a questioning gaze, Emily sighed and pulled it closer to herself. She took another bite of toast, but nothing in her face said that she relished it at all. “So,” I added, “I just had a bizarre encounter.” “What do you mean?” I proceeded to tell Emily the whole story about running into Janice. Her face went through several emotions over the course of the tale. Silent horror. Wide-eyed amazement. By the end of it, I noticed that she’d set down her tea, which had lost its steam over several minutes. Her hands gripped each other on top of the table, wringing her fingers out before she could speak. “That’s... geez, that’s not what I expected.” Emily blinked. “You’re sure we’re talking about the same Janice?” “I know, right?” “Well, that is sweet of her. I can’t deny that.” “But what about you, Em?” “What about me?” “I mean, what do you want to do next?” Emily was silent for almost a full minute. When she raised her eyes from the table to my face, her lips curved into a tiny smile. “I thought that was obvious after last night,” she answered. My heart did a backward somersault in joy. “Emily...” “Shh.” Her finger reached across the table to press against my lips. Emily was halfway out of her chair. Then she stood the rest of the way and circled over to me. I made room for her as she plopped onto my lap and slid her arms around me. Emily’s head dropped onto my shoulder, and I cradled her to my chest, pulling up her legs like a little girl. She let out a happy sigh, and I responded with a lingering kiss to her forehead. With each passing second, whatever else we’d done or said the night before was forgotten. All that old pain, all that long-suffering dread. All cleansed at last.
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    Epilogue by Andy Diddnt.
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    February 25, 2017: During the night I woke up feeling a trickle of urine flowing out of my body and into my NorthShore Supreme diaper and booster pad. This was the first time I've woken up wetting in four weeks, and the least dramatic such experience I've had. There was no dream associated with the wetting but also no intention to wet, so it was definitely an involuntary wetting.
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    Hi there!! Sorry I didnt reply earlier, I didn't see this! Thank you for your kind message. It is nice hearing from other abdl all over this site!
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    Just as a forewarning the story gets pretty gay here for a little bit. Chapter 3: Kenny opened his eyes and thought he was dreaming. He was laying in a large crib, in a dark nursery, with a pacifier strapped into his mouth, and his hands tied down. He also noticed that he was wearing a soaked diaper and a onesie. He had no concept of time, only that it must be night because it was totally dark. As he became more and more awake he concluded this was not a dream. He thought to himself: "Shit, how long have I been asleep. I came here on Friday, it can only be Saturday, right? Oh god I have to poop." Kenny was now wide awake, trying not to defecate himself. He struggled to hold it in for what seemed like hours, and finally caved in. With a loud pppffflllluurrggggg he filled his already soaked diaper. He also emptied his bladder. Now he was sitting in a totally soiled diaper, and he had no idea how long he would be there. "Oh god it smells so bad. I hope it doesn't leak" Moments later the door creaked open and Dan poked his head in. "Hey sleepyhead, It sounded like someone made a little mess for daddy." All Kenny could manage was a muffled groan through his pacifier. "Ok well lets get you changed, after all we have a big day today, wouldn't want you to get a rash." Dan flipped on the lights in the nursery, temporarily blinding Kenny, walked over to the crib and undid the restraints from Kenny's hands. He lifted Kenny and carried him to the changing table. He laid Kenny down on the table and put his hands in a set of restraints attached to the table. He opened the onesie, slid off the plastic pants, and pulled open the tapes of the diaper. "PHHEWWWW you really had to go huh" Dan expertly took a baby wipe and went to Kenny's diaper area. Kenny started to get hard again. After Dan had Kenny totally clean he threw the soiled diaper in the diaper pail and slid a fresh diaper under Kenny's butt. Instead of taping up the diaper Dan said: "Well now you're all hard and I couldn't tape you up with that. I'll take care of that, you'll pay me back later" Kenny pondered what that could mean, then Dan took Kenny's penis into his mouth and started to blow him. Dan was incredible at giving head. Kenny was getting close to blowing, all he could too was gargle through his pacifier" "GGGllllluuurrrrrggggg" Kenny started to buck his hips making Dan suck faster and faster. He finished in Dan's mouth. Dan undid Kenny's pacifier strap, pulled the pacifier out of Kenny's mouth, and gave him a huge kiss, swapping all of Kenny's cum into his own mouth. Dan swiftly put the pacifier and strap back on before Kenny had a chance to spit any of it out. "Swallow it all!" Kenny didn't have much of a choice, he had never liked the taste of cum, it made him gag, let alone his own cum, but it was either hold it in his mouth and keep tasting it or swallow it. With one big gulp Kenny swallowed his own load. He thought: "Wow! I haven't cum like that in awhile, the was a lot" Dan went about powdering up Kenny's butt and taped up his fresh diaper. "Looks like baby really liked that huh?" Dan lifted Kenny off of the table and carried him to the living room. He placed Kenny into the playpen. "Now behave while I make breakfast" Dan walked into the kitchen and left Kenny alone. Kenny looked around the room, he never realized that this was essentially a man cave, with a playpen set up in front of the tv. He noticed that there were pictures of Dan and other people around the room. He noticed one similarity in particular. There was a woman in every one of the photos. It was the same woman, she looked like she was about Dan's age. Kenny wondered who this mysterious woman was, maybe a good friend of Dan's, maybe his sister. His thoughts were cut short when Dan came back into the room with 2 bowls. He lifted Kenny out of the playpen and sat him on the couch next to him. He unstrapped Kenny's pacifier strap and pulled it out of his mouth. "Ok Kenny I made you a tasty apple oatmeal. You're going to eat it all" "O-ok daddy, But I wanted to ask you a couple of questions first" "Nope you can ask after your breakfast, now open wide, here comes the train" After Dan was finished piling food into Kenny's mouth he allowed Kenny to ask his questions "So I wanted to figure out what day it was, I have class on Monday." "Kenny, I know that you have class on Monday, its only Saturday, how long did you think you were out for?!" Kenny replied "Well I lost track of time I guess. Also I saw in all of your pictures there was a woman, who is she?" Dan pondered for a second and then said "Well that would be Claire, she is my wife. She is currently on a business trip in New York. You'll have a chance to meet her next week." Kenny was taken aback. He thought to himself "This man just gave me a blowjob and he has a wife!? Surely she must know about this right..." Kenny just muttered "Ok I gotcha" Dan said "Alright I am going to clean up, can I leave you without your pacifier? I'll turn on the tv for you but try to play with some of your stuffed animals there" With that Dan stood up and walked into the kitchen.
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    I have had this desire for a long time, I am lying in bed with a wet and messy goodnight. I had this problem as a kid and wonder if this is why I enjoy it so much?. My roomate bought me a pack of goodnites as I confessed to her about my desire to wear goodnites/diapers . I have been wetting them and once and a while messing them, last night I went to bed dry and only wanted to wear a goodnight and not wet it, I woke up soaked. Is this a happening as my body is use to wearing a diaper now (its like day 28 in a row of me wearing a diaper to bed or is it fluke? Not surw if I want to be a fulltime wetter again.
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    When I was a kid I used to regularly wet my pants but it never resulted in being put back in nappies. When I became incontinent a few years back my wife suggested nappies and I've been in them ever since.
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    I would to admit im a pants wetting baby that needs protection then begin to cry Wwyd if a nice lady told you forgot to zip your aka backpack diaper bag as strolled threw the mall and begin to look suspiciously at the diaper you dropped a 100 meters back
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    I have assembled a bunch of abdl clothing over the years .oneie where the hardeds makers come and go. A couple i have gotten where poorly made and i got rid of them. Then i found some really good quility ones that fit perfectly styles spot on and made well. But the maker also.left the market..... so all i can say is you need to shop around tuff on a tight budjet...... i have a few footed pjs that are made very well and fit right but i also recomend none footed pjs too. I like them for all day where since i can where shoes with them makeing them more practical for household chores ...adult pj are supper easie to find today becauae they recently moved into the mainstream market...... what im really on the hunt for know is a good pear of tottler style overalls. The work style you find at farm supply are just little enouf
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    Welcome, AbabeBill. I am pretty new here myself. I too must say that your DL history is a a lot like mine except I never had any bed-wetting issues at any time. I just thought that wearing diapers and plastic pants was something I really wanted to do from around age 5. I'm about the same age as you and wore cloth diapers with plastic pants as a baby way back in the 60's before the astronauts landed on the moon wearing their space diapers. I won't go into my complete history, other than say it is similar to yours. It is all in my intro. Strange how this diaper/plastic pants fascination manifested itself in similar ways and at about the same age for so many people.
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    Wanted to say my hello's to everyone. I've known of daily diapers for a long time. I finely kicked in, (the playpen) to join up. Mommy always says, to wave hello to new people, so I'm waving! I'm a strait toddler boy, in my early 50's. I live at the Jersey shore. I'm married to a great lady, who knows about my ABDL- ness. We actually met on line, at another fetish site. I've loved diapers all my life. I started out in cloth diapers and plastic pants, being from the 60's, so that's my most loved maternal. But disposables are fine with me too. I'm not sure how or why, love of diapers, and especially plastic pants was sparked in me, but it's not as important to me, as it once was, whatever! I was a bedwetter till about 6, but no diapers for that. I did have a plastic sheet on my mattress though, oh yuk! It saved the mattress, but that's all. I still have vivid memories of waking up soaked, top sheet, blankets, underwear, PJ's. And, having to wake mom up, to get me all dry again, yuk again! I was a bit of a victim of teasing, from my older sister. At least, when mom was not around, that is. Even back then, and before, I liked diapers and plastic pants, but I would not have been keen on wearing them for bedwetting. I guess because of fear, if that got out, it wouldn't be good. But deep down, I would have loved it. Mom would have had none of that either, I was out of diapers, and I was going to stay out. I think, she thought I wouldn't stop wetting the bed, if I had diapers. Probably, I would have been better off with them. No wet bed, clothes, sheets, and everybody sleeps through to morning, oh well! As I said, I knew I liked plastic pants, even before the bedwetting time. I use to wear them on my head, while I ran around yelling "RUBBER PANTS, RUBBER PANTS"!!! (Mom called them rubber pants, even though they plastic.) I think, I was in the potty training stage at this time. And, I think my sister put me up to wearing them on my head. Moving ahead a bit, and to confirm I knew I liked plastic pants, I never missed an opportunity to see some. If I was at a store, I'd get away from my mom, and head for the baby isle/section. I would always try and be around, if younger kids were going to have a diaper change, or whatever presented a diaper/plastic pants encounter. Growing up, I would wear several pairs of underwear, tape on plastic bags, use old towels, whatever I could to feel like I had diapers. I kept this secret my whole life, and I always thought there was something wrong with me, but I still did it. There were times, when I thought maybe some others liked this too ??? But, that was not confirmed to me until I was in my early twenties, when I saw a magazine (Nugget). I, for the first time saw pictures, stories, etc. on the subject, WOW! Then, came the internet. I didn't have to sew Pampers together anymore! LOL. OK, there's lots more, but this is long, and I just wanted to say hi, and give something of who I am, and how I got here. I hope to see lots of people round here, thanks!
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    Good chapter. Stu was extra lucky especially knowing now that the guy had planned on killing all the men present. The guy obviously didn't txke a very close look at the threat he was facing or Stu would have been one of the 1st shot. I will be watching for more.
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    That would be six minutes ago. Woke up and put on a fresh diaper for the day, and within two hours it was thoroughly soaked. As soon as the urge came to mess, I bent over and grunted until the backseat of my diaper was full with a warm, soft load. Changed out of that, and did a second diaper. Soaked that one, and thought about messing it too, but I hadn't put on any cream, and my butt was starting to develop a rash. So, I did something I've never done before; I double-diapered. Took off the soaked one, cleaned myself up, applied powdere and lotion and ointment, popped a glycerin suppository into my butt, then put on the new clean diaper. Tapped the old, still-warm, soaked diaper overtop the fresh one. And then, I went out for a walk. I made it seventeen minutes before my body did what it wanted to do, and with a little push while walking, immediately filled the backseat of my fresh diaper. As soon as I did that, my bladder gave out too, so now I'm soaked on top of the fresh mush on my backside. Actually, it feels pretty good. I think with a little more pushing, I may be able to mess a little more and fill in the little space left in my double diapers. But I can only spend the next thirty minutes in it. Daddy wants me in a clean diaper when he gets home from work in the next hour.
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    I vote camo especially if it's digital camo like this... Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
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    Someone who is bowel incontinent working a long hard day might confuse people if he said, "Boy, am I pooped!" Coworkers would either say, "Better go home and rest", or "Better change your diaper then!"
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    TBH ... I don't know if this will get comments or not; however I wanted to say accepting people are out there. As I chicken peck this out two of my best friends are at home sleeping. However I made sure to tell them this evening how much they mean to me though (en vino veritas ) or something like that....lol! They are accepting and loving and I am still sober enough at this point to remember reaching for my paci and his his wife saying "If you would've asked I would've handed it to you." On that note however I am going to go out to grab my nuk 5 paci with my (not) sober crinkled ass ( which they knew about:) lol! and enjoy the rest of the morning! Stay padded and stay awesome!
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    grumble grumble grumble, I keep forgetting to come back to this and pick someone. I declare @eatenbywo1ves the winner. And @diapersalways a second winner for the reminder
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    Student's Pet A Diaper Dimension Story Part Seven By Babystevie26 "Look Estelle! It's Miss Benton!" Cathy sat in the baby seat of a shopping cart, trying very hard to ignore the fact she was flooding her diaper in fear. Allison looked like a deer caught in a car's headlights. Striding towards them was the younger half of the mother-daughter pair that had placed Cathy in their sights for adoption. The mother-daughter pair Allison had thwarted at the last minute. Mercedes released the hand of the In-Betweener and walked right up to Cathy, completely ignoring Allison. "Lookit'chu, Miss Benton, you are just the cutest ever, yes you are!" Mercedes reached up and pinched Cathy's cheek. Cathy couldn't quite help crying out in pain at the Amazon's grip. The sound seemed to rouse Allison, who immediately placed herself between her Little and her upperclassman. "And who are you?" Mercedes asked Allison sweetly. "Oh, I know. I heard that Miss Benton was taken home by a seventh grader after she had a pee-pee accident." Mercedes smirked. "You must be her little sister!" Even though Allison had her back to Cathy at that moment, the Little could almost feel Allison's face turn red. "What grade are you in, honey? Third? Fourth?" Allison's grip on the cart tightened. "I'm in seventh," Allison replied. However, it was so quiet Cathy had to listen to hear her. The In-Betweener girl tilted her head, as if she hadn't heard. "Don't be shy, sweetie," Mercedes went on in that syrupy tone. "Did you say second? You're a bit big for second grade, though. Had a growth spurt early? I've been there. It's hard to be the biggest girl in class." "I said I'm in seventh," Allison said through clenched teeth. Mercedes smiled a predatory smile. "Don't lie, now, cutie." Mercedes wagged a finger at Allison. "You can't be in seventh grade. You're too tiny. Oh, I suppose you could have skipped a grade or two. But, you see, I don't think that's the case because anyone smart enough to do that wouldn't have been stupid enough to take what's mine!" The last sentence came out so hard, so fast, and so suddenly that that Allison flinched as if she'd just been struck. "I know exactly who you are, little girl." Mercedes grabbed the In-Betweener's arm and yanked her forward. The girl let out a "meep" of surprise as she was pulled. "Estelle here was our lookout on Friday. She was supposed to tell us when Baby Cathy here peed her pants. Only you got there first, and Stella didn't even try to stop you, did she?" Mercedes directed the last words to the In-Betweener, who shook her head miserably. Cathy realized this was the girl she had seen briefly as Allison had left the bathroom with her. "We actually don't blame her for that." Mercedes patted Estelle's head. "Stella here knows her place well enough not to try to stop an Amazon, even a midget. She told us she tried to find us and tell us what had happened, but you know who she found instead?" Allison shook her head. "The vice principal caught her in the halls without a pass. The stupid man even took her to his office and lectured her. By the time she got out and told us what went wrong you were long gone." "I- I said I couldn't-" "You couldn't find me or Mother." Mercedes patted Estelle's head again, then that predator's smile appeared. "You say that, but didn't you have your phone the whole time? In fact, weren't you supposed to call us when the time came? You never actually did that, did you?" Once again, the final words came out so unexpectedly harsh the In-Betweener flinched. "N-N- It was…" "Speak up, Stella," Mercedes said sharply. "I didn't!" Estelle shouted. Some eyes of the other customers looked their way. The small girl turned red and began to tear up at everyone's sudden scrutiny. "No, you didn't." Mercedes turned to Allison again. "In-Betweeners… they aren't much better than Littles when you get down to it. Why when Mother started making her displeasure known, wittle Stewwa hewe went pee-pee, didn't she?" Estelle started openly crying now. Mercedes turned back to Allison. "Right onto the floor of the home ec class. Well, my mother knows how to deal with tiny people who can't keep their underpants dry." With that, Mercedes reached down and lifted Estelle's dress, revealing a thick diaper underneath. The In-Betweener fought Mercedes for about half a second before a glare from the taller girl made her put her arms to her sides. "Still dry?" Mercedes asked sweetly. "Good girl, Stella. Keep it up and maybe you'll be back in Big Girl Panties on Monday." Mercedes patted Estelle on the head a third time and addressed Allison again. "She's staying at our place this weekend, you know. Mother thought Rafael could use a playmate and her parents certainly didn't object." Didn't dare object, you mean, Cathy thought to herself. In-Betweeners were barely a peg or two above Littles on the Amazon social order. It was less common for them to be adopted and babied like Littles, but it was not unheard of. It wasn't difficult to imagine the senior Ramirez arranging a permanent adoption for Estelle and her parents if they didn't consent to letting her "borrow" Estelle herself for only a couple days. Allison bit her lip, her eyes wide as she watched the In-Betweener be humiliated in front of her. Mercedes let her stare a few seconds longer before speaking again. "Now, Jawalski-" "Jaruwalski," Allison managed. "Don't care," Mercedes said, quick enough that Cathy wondered if she'd expected the correction. "I don't know whether you realized what you were doing when you took Cathy here home. Mother thinks you did, but me, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were an idiot instead of an obstacle. So, here's what we'll do." Mercedes wrapped her arm around Allison like they were friends. "You give Cathy to us, we go our separate ways, and we all pretend this unpleasantness never happened. We can have our mothers negotiate the details if you think it's needed." "A-and i-if I refuse?" Mercedes looked at Allison in disbelief for a moment, but recovered quickly. "If, for some reason, you're foolish enough, to tell me 'no', then I will use all the clout I have as the popular girl and make your life a living hell." Allison's face became pale. Mercedes removed her arm and turned Allison to face her, looking down at the smaller Amazon. "You see, right now, you're just some scrub. You are beneath me in more ways than just eye level. Nobody in school knows or cares who you are. You defy me, and I'll see that changes very quickly. Catch my drift?" Allison have a shaky nod. "Good. Now, what's it going to be?" Cathy watched Allison. From the new angle Cathy could see her face. Her eyes were wide and flitted between Mercedes, Cathy, and even Estelle the In-Betweener. Cathy saw Allison's hand still on the cart trembling. Mercedes's intimidation was doing its work, frightening Allison and keeping her from thinking clearly. Every time Allison's eyes met Mercedes's, Cathy saw the girl shudder again. Cathy realized her Mommy was moments away from giving in if nothing stopped her. Cathy wanted to speak up, to tell the Amazon girl not to listen to Mercedes. Yet the older Amazon's attitude was having an effect on Cathy too. Her bladder was still releasing everything she had been holding since she woke up into the diaper she wore. She found herself unable to utter a word. Then she realized she didn't have to. Instead, Cathy allowed herself to give in. A new sound entered the conversation. It started small, then grew steadily louder. All eyes turned to the shopping cart where Cathy Benton sat. She was whimpering. She remembered herself in that bathroom stall. She remembered what she felt when she heard the door open. When she heard an Amazon's heavy footsteps while she stood in the stall with pee running down her legs. There was only one emotion a Little could feel in that scenario. Cathy remembered that, but this time she didn't try to hold it back. "Uh-ohhh… did wittle Miss Benton have an accident?" Cathy's whimpering became crying as she let the memory of that terror overwhelm her. As she imagined what could have happened had it been the spoiled adolescent who had come to claim her then. "Oh, dear. It seems Catherine made a stinky. Now, who's going to change her?" She remembered the Little, Rafael, and saw his fate becoming hers. She thought of that and did nothing to hold back the fear like she would have before. Cathy cried in unmistakable terror. "I didn't want anything bad to happen to you, but the only thing I could think of was take you before they did." The hand on the cart ceased trembling. Allison turned her back on Mercedes to immediately see to Cathy. "Oh, baby, what's wrong?" she cooed in calm voice. In her current state, Cathy barely noticed Allison lift her slightly. "Oh, dear. No wonder you're upset. You're leaking all over. My little Kitty Cat must have been holding a lot of pee-pee in since this morning. That's why you should just go when you need to, silly kitty." Allison ruffled Cathy's hair. "Don't you cry, now, Mommy will get you changed right away." Allison moved to take Cathy away for a change when a hand gripped her shoulder. Through the tears, Cathy thought she saw Allison wince. "Hey, we're still talking," Mercedes said angrily. "No, we're not." "What?" Mercedes Ramirez said in that low voice. Allison turned, threw off Mercedes' hand from her shoulder, and met the larger Amazon's eyes without flinching. "I said we're done here. I won't give you Cathy," Allison said. "You're not going to turn her into another doll for your collection or… or some pet to humiliate just because you can. You're not going to hobble her so she can't get away from you. Yeah that's right." This was in response to the surprise on Mercedes' face at the last remark. "I've seen those scars above Rafael's feet. I researched what they were. You just go ahead and do your worst, bitch, because you will never touch my baby girl!" With that, Allison grabbed the shopping cart and left Mercedes Ramirez staring at her as she took Cathy too change. Allison didn't see the shock become rage, nor did she see Mercedes grab the In-Betweener Estelle's wrist and yank her away in a different direction.
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    I'm sitting in a wet, poopy diaper right now. My second this morning! I got up early, got diapered, had coffee, then pushed out a nice load of soft, warm poop while I lay in bed. I peed several times over the next couple hours and eventually made breakfast. By the time breakfast was ready my disposable diaper was sagging so badly from all the wetness from even more coffee that I was afraid to sit in it for fear of a leak, even though I had plastic pants over it. I had to eat standing up. I finally had to change because that diaper couldn't hold any more. I love the squishy feeling of a disposable diaper that is completely saturated. When I took of my plastic pants to change, the whole bottom of the diaper had a nice brown blot showing through the white plastic backer. I finally took it off, got cleaned up, and thought that would be it. After I got my big boy underwear on I started to feel like there might be more poop on the way. I don't have anything going on today, so I wasn't going to let the opportunity be wasted, so back into another diaper. I had another poop, not quite as much as the first, and then peed a bunch more, so my diaper is just as soaked as the first one. I can feel it starting to wick up the top of the diaper in back and I can really smell it, so I'll have to change as soon as I finish this. It has been a very wet, squishy, stinky morning.
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    Our business name, nothing that gives you away
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    I'm not missing anything. The CC said he thought the guy was reaching for something. This is his uneducated opinion (or perhaps even an outright lie). This is why we train police beyond the laughable minimum required for a carry permit. If the guy had been defending himself or the walmart employee properly when he inserted himself into the altercation, such a fear might apply. However when you go in playing police, you can be expect to be held to a higher standard. Likewise, if I throw a punch at you, it's going to be hard for me to claim assault when you throw one back. Understand, I AM a CHP holder. I have many guns and carry them and participate in 2A activism, but this one stinks to high heaven.
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    Lucy could only chuckle in response, "You want something to drink but not in a bottle?" asked Lucy with a grin, "How about next week? I'll give you something else rather then a bottle? Would you like that?" asked Lucy grinning. She knew Kayla didn't want to drink from a bottle but there was more worse alternative's such as being breastfed but she doubted her baby had thought of that! Her baby was so cute! And utterly silly. It was so charming! She picked Kayla up and cradled her still in her arms as she went over to the small counter in the nursery that had baby bottles lined up in a row, baby formula and other baby items for the baby to drink and eat. Lucy hum'd as she made the bottle right in front of Kayla, "All done!" exclaimed Lucy with a big smile as she headed back over to the rocking chair. Lucy placed the nipple of the bottle at Kayla's lips and started to rock her again, "Such a good baby!" coo'd Lucy.
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    I wheel the stroller into the baby changing room, "I guess Jack, Holly and Harry will have to watch their 14yr old sister being changed then"
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    More than that she wants him to remain her baby, it would seem as though he wants the same thing. I want to see Tabi get put into a diaper. She brought this into herself and now needs to deal with the consequences. I am a bit concerned about the uneasy feeling that Josh keeps getting. There has to be something lurking in the background and I don't think it's a good thing. Loving the story and can't wait to read more.
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    Yeah, it may be nothing, but it looks like auntie is a bit too sure about ther magic sense.
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    And here is the next part of Jennifer New Perspective. I hope you will like it^^ Jennifer Chapter 4 Samantha smiled brightly as Jennifer opened her mouth and let her feed her. And as she promised, she freed Jennifer's arms from under the Highchair-table and let her feed herself while she took place beside her on the "grown-up" table with Manda taking place beside Samantha. Jennifer couldn't deny that the Lasagna was pretty good as she was eating with enthusiasm. She could hear Samantha giggle beside her and she looked up to see what was so funny. Samantha said nothing but instead took a kitchen towel and started cleaning her daughters face. "Stop that! I can do that myself!" said Jennifer angrily and squirmed to get away. Samantha laughed a bit and stopped after a moment. "For someone so grown up, you eat like a little Tepig." Said Samantha in a playful tone and before Jennifer could protest, she tied a red bib with a little Vulpix on the front around her neck. Above the Vulpix were in colorful letters the words: "Messy Kit" As Jennifer read that, she turned to Samantha with an blush and angry look. "Don't look at me like that, hon." Said Samantha in a calm voice. "I just want to make sure your cute outfit stays clean." Jennifer still looked angry, but continued with her meal. Samantha and Manda were talking to themselves about something. Jennifer didn't complain at the lack of attention to her. She felt like she could burn her fake Fennekin ears from the blush she got as she reflected at her situation. Here she was: Eating dinner while wearing a baby bonnet and bib, and sitting on her pampered butt in a highchair. She finished her meal and asked to be let out of the Highchair. Manda looked to her and started to stroke her cheek with one of her tails while saying with a smile: "Not now, sweetie. Your mommies are still eating." Jennifer opened her mouth to protest, but that only got her a pacifier from Manda. Seeing that arguing wouldn't help her here, she slumped a bit down in her Highchair and just looked around. Samantha and Manda finished their own meals and Samantha freed Jennifer from the Highchair. But instead of putting her to the ground, she cradled her daughter in her arms as she made her way to the living room. Jennifer started to squirm again and let the Pacifier fall out of her mouth and dangling at the ribbon that was attached to her shirt. "Let me down. I can walk just fine." said Jennifer. "I know you can walk, sweetie. But I can't help myself cuddling you." said Samantha and stroked her daughters cheek with her nose. The warm breath that comes from her mother's nose tickled Jennifer and she couldn't help herself and giggled a bit. As they got to the living room, Samantha sat down on the couch, still cradling Jennifer in her arms and rocking her slightly. Jennifer grunted in annoyance and squirmed again to get out of the hold of her former Pokemon. But Samantha just adjusted her grip and Jennifer was unable to get away. Just a few moments later, Manda entered the living room with a baby bottle of milk holding in her tails. She got over to the couch and handed Samantha the bottle. "Here, this will help to calm our little kit down a bit." said Manda and took her place on the couch, so she could look down at the face of her daughter. Samantha thanked for the bottle and moved the nipple toward Jennifer's mouth. "I don't wanhmpf!" as Jennifer wanted to protest against the bottle, Samantha put the nipple in her daughter's mouth. Jennifer tried to move her head away, but she couldn't move much since Samantha had her head lying in her elbow. "Jennifer... you agreed to the bottle, remember?" Said Samantha with a soft tone. "You always liked moo-moo milk. I promise it will taste great, sweetie." Jennifer still refused to suckle the bottle and just glared at her "mother". Manda meanwhile wouldn't take the glare from her daughter and used one of her tails to hold her daughters nose. Samantha understood what her mate was doing and smiled thankful to her before turning back to her daughter. Jennifer tried to hold her breath, but in the end, lost the battle and breathed in with her mouth which got her a bit of the milk from the bottle in her mouth. She tasted the milk around in her mouth and found her Pokemon was right. It really tasted good. With a frown, she started to suckle more milk from the bottle and got in a steady suckle rhythm. Her mother's "Awwwwwed" at the sight of her little kit drinking from the bottle. Samantha gave her a kiss to the forehead and said while stroking her hair gently: "That's right sweetie. Drink your milk to grow big and strong." Jennifer got uneasy and wiggled but soon calmed down as she again noticed she couldn't get away. She continued to suckle the milk while her mother's continued to coo at her for being such a cute girl. As the bottle was finished, Samantha took her daughter and hold her with her head over her shoulder. Jennifer had an idea what would come next and was right as she felt Samantha to pat her on the back. "Sam. I don't thi... *BURP!*" Before Jennifer could finish her sentence, she let out a loud burp. Her face turned bright red as she realized she just got burped from her own Pokemon. Manda giggled as Samantha sat her daughter back on her lap. "Sorry sweetie. What did you say?" asked Samantha with a smile. Jennifer sighed and said: "Forget it. Now, let us talk about..." she gestured to her outfit "...this." "Don't you like your outfit? I brought it especially for you to show everyone what a cute little kit you are." said Samantha with a proud smile. "Sam! I'm NOT your baby! I'm your trainer! And more importantly, your FRIEND!" said Jennifer with frustration, getting tired of this whole situation. Manda and Samantha looked at each other and sighed. They know it would take time before she would accept her new life. "Jenny... look at me." said Samantha with a soft voice. But Jennifer refused and looked away. "Jennifer. Look at me." repeated Samantha, this time with a more stern voice which Jennifer didn't expected from her. Reluctantly, she turns her head to Samantha and looked her former Pokemon in the eyes. "Jennifer. I know you don't want this. That you think you could get back to the old days where we travel the land and face every challenge together. But the truth is... that will not happen." Jennifer tried to protest but was silenced as Sam put a Pacifier in her mouth and hold it there while she explained further. "I myself would like to go back to these days. But I accepted the truth and found a new purpose in life. And that is you. I love you, Jenny. I love you like you are my own child." Jennifer had stopped her struggling and was now looking at her Pokemon with a confusing look after the confession of her feelings towards her trainer. "I even had this feelings before the revolution started but I couldn't express them while you where my trainer. But now... now I have the chance to hold you in my arms and cuddle you. Telling you every day I love you and take care of you like a mother would do." Samantha smiled at her little kit in her arms and continued: "I want to help you to find a new purpose in this new world as well. That's why I want to raise you from the start. To help you to grow up properly in this new world and see it in a new light." Well, that will give little Jenny something to think about. But will she just accept this new live her former Pokemon and now "mother" has in mind for her? We will see in the next chapter.
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    As long as these occasions are not too many. Recently I wore a Comficare on a winter hiking tour with a friend. I did not want to change in the cold.
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    She seems awfully nice
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    Five: One New Message Coffee had been my instant remedy all through my years of theatre training. At least, it was during the day. I knew all too well what a few late-night rounds of coffee did to my bladder when I slept. Waking up to a leaking diaper was just the worst. But still, between sunrise and sunset, I had to have my caffeine fix. It was early in the morning when I walked down to the local coffee shop. Wearing jeans and a simple hoodie was reinvigorating. I didn’t have to hide around Emily’s house, just in case someone saw me in women’s clothing. For a short window of time, I was free to be myself again, sans diapers, sans wig and makeup. And I soon realized how much I’d missed the warmth of sunlight on my face and the fresh autumn air chilling me to the bone. Standing in line for my drink, though, I looked around at the regulars with a new pair of eyes. The actor in me wondered how these people would react if the female Jordan walked in, or how she might react to them. After all, she only existed inside Emily’s house, especially when her parents were due to be there. She didn’t actually go to the mall or to her job in Hollywood. Those were just lines from a script. I frowned. Ahead of me, the barista smiled. I stepped up and ordered my usual. The girl, however, was new. She picked up a black marker and held it to my cup before asking, “And your name?” Her eyes flashed up at me. I froze. For a split second, she looked at me almost the same way that Emily did. I stumbled over my tongue. “Ahh, Jordan. Thanks.” After she rung me up, I wandered over to the pickup counter to wait. But my mind wandered farther. I kept seeing myself back home with Emily—and I was surprised at how easy it was to think of her place now as home—and wanting to just lounge there with her. There’d been something so carefree in the way we’d snuggled up on the couch, binging on Netflix shows and having heart-to-heart chats, just like how real roommates did all the time. My thoughts swirled around those moments. I could have floated in that headspace forever, were it not for two voices reaching me in quick succession. “One large coffee for Jordan!” “Jordan, hello! So good to see you!” The first voice belonged to the barista who now served my drink. The second, though, was from behind. I grabbed my coffee and spun around to awkwardly smile at my neighbor Janice McCain. I felt awful for thinking this way, but every time I saw Janice, I used her as inspiration for whenever I had to channel an old person’s voice. She was easily twenty years my senior, and while she looked good for her age, I could always hear those years in her slightly cracked voice. The obvious brown dye in her hair didn’t do her any favors either. But, as I looked her over in the coffee shop, I had to admit she took great care of herself. Not every housewife could look so good in jogging clothes. “Janice, always a pleasure.” I raised my coffee in a mock salute. “Just get back from your run?” “Oh my, yes!” Janice replied with a giggle. She grabbed a drink with her name on it from the counter. Some kind of fruity-flavor juice, loaded up with enough fructose that I could almost smell it. “You know, these old bones don’t treat me as well as they used to!” I smiled. “Well, you’re an inspiration to us all. I can’t remember the last time I even hit the gym.” That was a lie. I knew exactly how long it had been, but you had to say some things just to make polite conversation. Janice, meanwhile, had leaned in conspiratorially. “So, have you heard the big news?” I blinked. “No. Care to fill me in?” “Oh, honey, I thought you would have seen it yourself.” “Okay. Still not sure what we’re talking about—” “About Emily.” Janice tilted her head to the side. “I thought you two were close.” My stomach lurched, but I stayed on my feet. I kept up my poker face as I said, “We’re close enough, but I’ve been a homebody for a week now. What’s up with Em?” Janice brightened. She never could resist a juicy bit of gossip. “Well, Maureen Davis told Alice and I over brunch that she saw Emily has a new roommate. And a cute one, too, by the sound of it.” Now my stomach dropped several inches. If Janice had kept talking, I’m sure it would’ve pierced the earth’s mantle in a matter of seconds. My brain was split between trying to come up with a reasonable reply and straight up panicking over what would happen next for Emily and I. If the neighborhood knew, what might they say? And how would poor Emily handle the extra scrutiny when she already had her parents to consider? I swallowed. My voice came out in a soft murmur. “Well, good for her. I’m glad to know she’s got a good friend living with her.” “She is quite a darling,” Janice added in agreement. “Did you know she took such good care of my garden when Ted and I were on vacation last year?” “I didn’t.” For once, that wasn’t a lie. I never pictured Emily as someone with a green thumb. Janice rambled on in this fashion for a few more minutes. I played along, taking judicious sips of coffee and going, “Oh, really?” every thirty seconds. Fortunately, my older neighbor didn’t need much to be satisfied. Any warm body with functioning ears would do. After that, we shook hands and she left to continue her jogging routine. Suddenly, I needed a refill of my coffee. As I got it from the counter, I grabbed the first available armchair and plopped myself down. It was time to think things through. I needed to lose myself in this new role. That meant giving the world less of Jordan Kim and restricting myself to Emily’s house as Jordan Baker. Let the neighbors talk. I’d give them all a fine show. *** I was on my way back to Emily’s home when my phone buzzed. Stopping at the corner, I checked and saw I had a new email alert. Opening it up on the app, I read while I waited for a line of cars to pull through the intersection. Then I nearly pissed myself. Of all the times to not be padded! The email was from Greg, a good friend of mine who taught at the Community College. And what he had was an offer of a lifetime. We just got a new slot open for next month, Greg had written, and I know you’ve always wanted to teach. Would you want to host a seminar for our acting class by this date? It would be awesome to see you talking shop with the new generation, Jordan. My heart skipped a beat. I was ecstatic and terrified. An actual teaching gig? How could I say no to that? I’d loved mentoring the younger actors who came onstage with me at the community theatre. Seeing their enthusiasm made me want to work hard, to show them what a real performance could be. And here was my chance to have a lasting impression on the next big wave of talent. But the email flew in the face of everything I was setting out to do. I needed to help Emily. I wanted to rescue her from her miserable parents. And I couldn’t do that if they ever spotted me walking out of my house in my finest suit. I hung my head. The email sat in my inbox, unanswered, as I finally crossed the street. *** Emily looked at me from across the dining room table. She looked like she was about to cry, and I hated myself for that. “It’s all my fault,” she whispered. As I grabbed her hand, she shook her head. “I’m just standing in the way of your career. I’m so stupid.” “Em, don’t say that. You’re smart and beautiful.” I winced as soon as the word beautiful slipped out. If I’d been dressed and acting like her female roommate, it would have been less weird. But not so much coming from the guy next door. “I just don’t know how else to handle this,” Emily insisted. “My parents are gonna figure it out, and when they know I’ve lied to them, they’re gonna make my life a living hell.” She sighed. “Scratch that, they’ll make my life even more of a living hell. And yours, too, probably.” “They don’t know me.” “Doesn’t matter. They’ll still tear you down.” “No, I mean, they still don’t know me, Em.” As I spoke, I felt a little of Hamlet’s stratagems slip into my brain. To find a method to my madness. “That makes me dangerous, even if they don’t know it.” Now Emily glanced at me. “What are you talking about?” “Listen. Whatever happens when they get here, I can handle it. If they find any reason at all to criticize you for something, I’ll take the blame instead. I’ll make them see how good you really are, Em.” I grinned at her. “Because that’s what roommates do.” Emily stared at me. Then she sniffled and wiped at her eyes. “You’re nuts, you know that?” I gave her hand a squeeze. “Of course. That’s why this plan is gonna work.” For a second, she said nothing. Then Emily reached her other hand out and laid it on top of mine. She gave me a squeeze back and smiled. “Thanks, Jordan. Let’s get started.”
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    Here is the next part of the chapter. This could end up as quite a long chapter because I get the feeling this will be a long day for Nick! This is a non-commissioned story, if you would like to commission a story from me then please don't hesitate to send me a message so we can discuss what you are looking for. My price is £5 ($6.57USD depending on exchange rate though I accept commissions from anywhere.) I am usually open to pretty much anything in terms of content, if you are interested then let me know and we can discuss it. Without further ado... As the door swung open Nick felt his mouth drop at the sights he was presented with. The room was a light, pastel pink colour with white furniture. Nick immediately recognised the various items in the room. The crib, the changing table, the toys… They were all very similar versions of what Nick now had. The only difference being that it seemed these were newer. Nick was confused because it seemed the room was unoccupied; it was very clearly a room for George but there seemed to be no George in the room. Nick was confused at the décor as well, this seemed like a room for a little girl rather than a little boy. Nick stepped into the room and peered at the corners looking for George. Still no sign of the big baby but Nick realised he wasn’t in the room alone when he heard movement from somewhere. Nick looked around but couldn’t locate the source of the noise. “George?” Nick said into the otherwise very quiet room. Sounds of body weight shifting and a muffled voice were the only response. At least Nick could now focus on where the noise was coming from. The crib, which had its side lowered looked empty at first glance but now Nick realised that the bed covers were covering up a person. Nick stepped forward and grabbed the edge of the cover. He pulled them off of the figure before taking a step back in shock. George was lying in the bed tied to each of the bed posts with straps. He was dressed in a huge pink dress that, after being flattened by the covers, suddenly expanded out with their new found freedom. Nick could clearly see the extremely thick nappies that George was wearing under the dress and they were clearly very used. Nick’s shocked gaze went up the struggling man’s body to his face where he could see a shocked and scared look in George’s eyes. That was basically all he could see though as the rest of George face was covered by a leather mask and a gag that appeared to have a pacifier tied built into it. Nick took a step back when he saw this scene in front of him. Nick could barely believe his eyes; it was like he had just stumbled on to some depraved BDSM scene. It was only after taking a step back that Nick noticed a note that was taped to George’s front. “To Nicky.” The front said. Nick stepped forward cautiously again and reached forward to take the paper. As he pulled it off the smooth pink dress he brushed his hand against what felt like a false breast that George seemed to have on under his dress. “Sorry…” Nick mumbled as he blushed. It felt very realistic and if he hadn’t known there was a boy under that dress he may well have assumed it was a woman. Nick turned away from the bizarre man on the bed and unfolded the note to read. It took Nick a minute to decipher the message as it seemed to be written in crayon and the handwriting was anything but neat. “Dear Nicky.” The note began, “Mummy has left me tied here all night because I was a naughty girl who rubbed her nappy. Please release me when you see fit. Love Georgina.” “Georgina?” Nick said out loud. He turned to face the man in the crib again and he saw George quickly look away in apparent embarrassment. It was a look that Nick had begun to recognise well. Putting the note down Nick started untying the straps holding George’s arms and legs to the bed. He let George sit up in the bed before he undid the straps holding in the pacifier and pulled off the tight leather mask that was wrapped around George’s head. George felt very sweaty and almost as soon as the mask was removed George shuffled over to the far side of the crib to grab the bottle that was lying there. Without any hesitation he brought it up to his lips and furiously sucked down the contents. As George drank, Nick considered how it must have been torture for George to be strapped like he was to that bed in the heat with a drink in sight but just out of reach the whole time. Nick was soon distracted though as George’s short dress flared up a bit and gave Nick a big look at George’s wet nappy from very close by. Nick felt himself getting a little excited at the sight but he couldn’t, for the life of him, work out why. Eventually George finished the bottle and dropped it back on to the crib. He slowly got out of the crib and stood in front of Nick. His big, ruffled pink dress seemed even bigger now that he was standing up. Nick had never seen anything like this before. He had learned from the TV that apparently there were people who liked to be treated as babies but he did not know why a man would be dressed like a little girl like that. For almost a full minute there was silence as both men struggled to look at anything except their own feet. Each felt a certain amount of shame for the way they were dressed in front of each other. This feeling was much worse for George. “H-H-Hello Nicky.” George eventually stammered. His voice seemed a little higher than Nick remembered it but he didn’t know if his memory was playing tricks on him. Perhaps Nick was just hearing a higher and more feminine voice because of his friend’s attire. “Hi George…” Nick said letting the last word hang in the air a little bit, “Or Georgina?” George blushed deeply and smiled in a wry kind of way. “You can call me either.” George almost whispered as he stared at his shoes. Silence fell again. Both of the men had questions and things to say to the other but neither were willing to open the conversation. George walked away from the crib and towards his box of toys. Pulling out two colouring books he sat down on the rug in the centre of the room with one and held out the other for Nick. George, seeing Nick’s hesitation, put the book down just above his own and started colouring. Nick was surprised at how quickly and easily George just started doing an activity that seemed so… Childish. He was also surprised that although he was obviously embarrassed, George was dealing with being seen dressed as he was remarkably well. After a few seconds Nick moved over to George and sat down in front of him. He didn’t touch the colouring book but instead watched the man in a dress in front of him. “How are you Nicky?” George eventually said without looking up from his book. “I’m fine, and you?” Nick responded. “I’m fine.” George replied shortly. After another silence fell nick decided that he would just ask the question that was burning in his head. “What’s with the dress?” Nick asked rather bluntly. George stopped colouring and slowly looked up at Nick. His face was a light red a combination of embarrassment and the heat. “Well… Mistress Kirsty likes me to be a little girl.” George said quietly, “So sometimes I have to dress like this.” Nick was both shocked and not shocked. He was not surprised that Kirsty would do this to another person, Nick knew she had a mean streak and that she probably got off on treating men like this. But Nick was shocked that someone would allow this to happen to them. “You… You let her do this to you?” Nick asked hesitantly. He had a slight look of revulsion on his face. “Well… Yeah.” George said blushing slightly, “I like it.” Nick narrowed his eyes in confusion. How could anyone like this sort of treatment? “How coul-” Nick began. “Well look at you.” George countered with a smile, “You may not be a dress but you are clearly very padded down there. I set up your crib and changing table too so I know that apart from the dress we are very alike.” Nick closed his mouth and scowled at the big sissy. It was an uncomfortable truth. “I don’t like it.” Nick mumbled. “Then how come you let it happen?” George asked. This time it was his turn to be confused. Nick thought about it for a minute. It was true that for the most part Nick didn’t enjoy the treatment. He didn’t like having to use his nappies, he didn’t like the baby treatment and he definitely didn’t like his wife suggesting he wasn’t man enough for her anymore. When it was clear an answer wasn’t forthcoming George clumsily climbed to his feet and turned around to face away from Nick. He started walking towards the shelves against the wall. Nick looked up and watched the big sissy waddle toward the shelf. His eyes fell on George’s big padded rear end. Nick found himself almost mesmerised by the bouncing hemline of the dress, the bit of nappy peaking from underneath the dress and the crescendo of crinkles that accompanied George’s movement. Nick felt something stirring in his loins, he was stunned and brought back to reality when he realised that he was rapidly stiffening inside his nappy. George reached the shelf and reached up towards a couple of small boxes. As he went up on his tip-toes to try and give him some extra reach his dress was pulled up further revealing more of George’s nappy and even more than that, it showed a large wet patch where George had clearly wet himself. Nick found himself swelling up even more in his nappy and he didn’t know why. He tried to look away, he wanted to stop what was happening in his nappy and yet he found himself drawn to the view in front of him. Nick’s tool soon reached its full size as his sexual frustration threatened to bubble over, after days of not being able to touch himself he seemed to be extra sensitive now and despite wanting to look away he found one of his hands almost subconsciously move towards his nappy. He was desperate for those pleasurable feelings. George finally managed to grab the boxes he was after and turned back around causing his dress to twirl around him. He looked over to Nick with a big smile and saw Nick staring at him with one hand over his crotch. “Like what you see?” George said with a giggle as he waddled back over to Nick. Nick blushed and moved his hand away from his nappy, though inside his nappy he was as stiff as ever. He wanted to deny George’s question but he couldn’t lie, he did like what he saw. “So do you like guys? Or do I just look feminine enough that your body is confused.” George said giggling again. He shook his butt in Nick’s direction before sitting down opposite Nick again. Nick didn’t know what to say. He had long questioned his own sexuality, he definitely liked women but occasionally he found himself attracted to guys as well. It wasn’t often but it happened just enough to make Nick question himself sometimes. “It’s OK… You can trust me to keep a secret.” George said with a warm smile. He reached his hand forward and slowly placed his hand over Nick’s shorts, right over where his twitching tool was still straining against the confines of his padded prison. Nick let out a slight moan before biting his lip. He went very red at his friend’s sensitive touch. Should he be enjoying this as much as he was? He was certainly doing nothing to stop it from happening. George very gently gripped the front of Nick’s nappy slightly harder and slowly rubbed his hand up and down. He was smiling widely at Nick who still had his eyes closed. George could see that Nick was enjoying it even if he wouldn’t admit it out loud. George suddenly pulled his hand away and quickly picked up his crayon and started colouring again. Nick slowly opened his eyes confused and rather disappointed that the pleasant sensations had suddenly ended. Nick was about to ask what was going on when suddenly the door to the bedroom opened up and in walked Kirsty and Sarah. Nick must not have heard them coming, lost as he had been, in his only little world of pleasure. “Hello babies.” Kirsty said in a high voice, “Having a good time?” Nick didn’t respond but George nodded with a big smile on his face. “How about you Nick? Doing some colouring with your little friend?” Sarah asked her husband who was still sitting with his legs open in front of his colouring book. “Huh?” Nick said before looking down at the colouring book in front of him and then up at George, “Oh yeah…” “I told you they would get on well.” Kirsty said to Sarah. Both women laughed. Sarah walked into the room and up to Nick. She crouched down next to her husband and placed her hand over Nick’s nappy to check if he needed changing. What she felt was Nick’s still excited penis. She frowned slightly and Nick, after trying to look at his wife, dropped his gaze and went red in the face. “You don’t need a change yet.” Sarah stated out loud whilst still staring daggers at Nick. “How about you Georgina?” Kirsty asked from the doorway, “Does my dirty little girl need a change?” As George shook his head in embarrassment, Sarah noted that she felt Nick twitch slightly in his nappy as Kirsty asked the sissy the question. It seemed the humiliating treatment of George was actually making Nick excited! Sarah eyed her baby suspiciously before standing up again. She started walking towards the doorway when she was stopped by Kirsty. “What’s that you’ve got there Georgina?” Kirsty asked pointing towards the two little boxes that George had collected from the shelf just before the two women had come in. George shyly lifted up one of the boxes up and opened it to reveal a pacifier. He held it out to Kirsty and Sarah and blushed a little as he watched Kirsty smirk whilst Sarah read the little inscription of “LG”. It didn’t take a lot of imagination for Sarah to work that it meant “Little Girl.” Sarah certainly found the scene in front of her very interesting. For the first time Nick was interacting with another person in a similar position to himself. Sarah was rather lost in thought over what she had felt when she had checked Nick’s nappy, there was no doubt about what was in Nick’s nappy. The question in her mind was why he was in that state. Was it seeing George dressed as he was? Was he getting used to, and even enjoying, the baby treatment? Had he been that excited to meet George? “Aww, you wanted your dummy? And you got one for your little friend too?” Kirsty asked as she stepped forward and took the pacifier out of its box and planted it between George’s lips. George nodded and as he accepted his dummy he lifted up the other small box and he opened it up whilst holding it out for Nick. There was a slightly wet sound echoing around the quiet room as George sucked on the rubber bulb in his mouth. Sarah looked on perplexed as the scene unfolded in front of her. It looked to all the world as if George was proposing to Nick from the way he held out the little box. It seemed almost symbolic of someone who had accepted their baby status offering an item to someone still struggling to accept it. Nick looked at the little box and the pacifier within it. He didn’t really want to take it, the idea of having it in his mouth was not an appealing one. He looked up at Sarah, subconsciously he had reached the point where he needed her approval to do something now. His initiative had been worn away by being so tightly controlled and now he looked at her as if to ask what he should do. After a moment of thinking Sarah nodded slowly. She was very interested in everything she was seeing and she was sure if Jack was here he would be taking a lot of notes on the psychology of everything that was happening. Nick sighed and reached forward and pulled the dummy out of the box. He looked up at Sarah and Kirsty who were both watching him. He slowly brought the dummy forward and placed it in his mouth. As he closed his lips around this weird new feeling he realised that these dummies were a lot bigger than regular baby ones. Kirsty gave a bark of a laugh and smirked as she turned towards the doorway. “Come on Sarah, we have a lot of catching up to do. Let’s get a drink and have a gossip. These two will be fine up here playing with each other.” Kirsty said as she put her arm around Sarah and the two of them walked out of the room. Sarah looked around once more as they left the room. She saw that Nick and George were looking at each other again, their pacifiers bobbed against their mouths as they sucked. Sarah wasn’t sure why but she just felt that something seemed different.
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    Class droned on, and I had to pee again, so I just zoned out and wet myself. Now I felt a bit damp, and I looked back at the schedule and noted that diaper changes were promised during lunch. As lunch time approached, I heard things being moved behind us. I turned when Ray finished talking to see that high chairs had been set up. Mr. Ray and Nurse Jackie were leading students one by one to the chairs. Jackie came for me and took me by the hand and set me in the chair. She slid the tray into place in front of me and then fitted me with a bib. I sat there still sucking my pacifier when Kimmie was placed in the chair next to me. “So how long have you been into AB stuff?” Kimmie asked me pulling the pacifier from her mouth. I let mine fall to the tray. “Since about eight o’clock this morning.” Kimmie gave me a confused look. “It was the only traffic school I could get in on short notice.” “How do you like it?” she asked. “Well, it’s different. Not too bad, I guess.” A bowl of some sort of porridge, oatmeal or something was presented to us along with some other colorful globs of baby food. A rubber coated spoon was provided, and we started to feed ourselves. I shoveled the food in being real hungry. Kimmie was having fun with hers, smearing a good amount of it on her face in the process. Bottles were presented, and I started sucking the milk in mine. After I’d finished my bottle, Jackie came over and asked if I was finished lunch and I nodded. She wiped my face and removed my bib and set the tray aside. I stood up, and she reached down and felt my diaper. “Let’s get baby’s diaper changed,” she announced. She led me back to the locker room and unsnapped my onesie. The old diaper was off quickly. She grabbed some wipes and started cleaning me. The moisture cooled my skin, but I was instantly erect. “You baby boys always like this part,” Jackie said but instantly replaced my diaper and snapped my onesie back down through my crotch. I was led back into the classroom, and Kimmie was led off for her change. When she came back, we headed over to a table and Kimmie squealed with glee. She pulled out a piece of paper and dipped her fingers in a jar and started to fingerpaint. She was having so much fun I had to join her. We smeared paint all over the pages, giggling and having fun until Jackie came over to get us back to our seats for the afternoon session. “You, messy babies!” she scolded grabbing paper towels and wiping my hands and arms clean of the paint. She cleaned up Kimmie and then took us both by the hand back to our seats for the afternoon session.
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    Nice way to wrap things up. Thank you for taking the time to write and post this story. It has been an interesting read all the way through.
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    great update I'll bet Mike and michelle will be in trouble if they still smell like pot when they get home
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    Viewpoint 2 Angel - formally Angela - tried to re-find the confident energy she'd had yesterday. When she'd planned to escape from her forced baby lifestyle, and get back to things like non-embarrassing adult underwear, her job selling stocks, and getting to control her own credit card. It didn't sound so good now, when she thought of it like that, but she was sure it was better than this. Wasn't it? Yes - of course! She didn't have to use diapers in that life. She'd tried to convince herself not to surrender to this forced second childhood. To flare up some of her sense of maturity beyond just the indignant fuming beneath the surface. Amazon culture was so wrong about what littles were! Of course, their size and ability to enforce their views made them a reality in the end. Angela was going to find that adult part of herself again, she'd told herself. She'd been so sure of her escape plans. So sure that when she visited her playmate Peaches - she wasn't even sure if that was her real name - the other girl would be overwhelming keen to similarly join in. Yet somehow, her Mommy had picked today to remind her of what a baby she was. She'd awoken to a very messy diaper, after Mommy had insisted on the need for a suppository the night before. It had been bad enough having to get to sleep in it, but waking up and tossing and turning for a further two hours had only reminded her of how much she wasn't really an adult now. She'd seen littles like herself back when she'd been getting by as a sneaky but free adult. In strollers and sucking on pacifiers with startled looks on her faces. She'd never believed them of having any chance of getting back to regular adult life, so how could she believe it for herself? Thrashing in her crib for the morning hours in her messy diaper? Then Mommy had given her breakfast before changing her. There was no highchair or bottle for her this morning though - at least not straight away - instead Mommy had put her right on the nipple. Angela's mouth had been forced over the gross enormous nipple, while Mommy's squeezing cupping of her dirty diaper reminded her of how much of a baby she was. Angela couldn't even bite - a Little's teeth couldn't pierce a Giant's skin - instead she'd just had to suckle, like the baby which she was trying to convince herself that she wasn't. Then during her highchair feeding, she'd been made to recite her 'favourite' song from her morning kids cartoons show. It always involved a lot of bouncing and required forced giggling, and the state of her messy diaper on the hard highchair surface hadn't been reason to change today. Full with oats and prunes, she had played with her pink plastic princess doll in the bath. It had gone on for quite a while, as Mommy had cleaned every nook and cranny of her, head to toe. It was hard to feel like an adult after that. And then, as a final handicap, her adoptive 'Mommy' hadn't given her pants or a dress today. Instead she was just in a t-shirt and diaper, which would show everybody when she 'went to the bathroom'! She'd heard her Mommy saying something on the phone to Peaches' Mommy, and then they'd been off, nothing more to cover her diaper. She'd had to politely greet her host when they'd arrived on the porch, getting a smile and kiss from Peach's Mommy, as well as a pat on her exposed diapered backside and a comment about how she was such a good girl. Peaches, it turned out, had been wearing a similar outfit, making it even harder to perceive themselves as anything but two diaper-wearing babies as they sat there banging their rattles on the floor, while Peaches' Mommy sat looking on and knitting. Her hopes of feeling like an adult again today were feeling incredibly foolish. Instead she felt more like a baby than ever. Peaches rolled around a bit on her back and grabbed at her toes, making surrendered giggles and motions. Angel had refused to play with her at some point, and then had received the ultimate humiliation - a spanking from the supervising 'adult'. It was bad enough being spanked by her own Mommy, but a playmate's parent? While a guest in their home? It rather sealed the deal of her new permanent state as a baby for Angel. And the first thing she did for her quiet lay-down time-out to the side was stop holding back the galleon of pee which had been building up since that morning. The indignant adult part of herself retreated back down to a normal level for littles, as she was reminded of what a baby she was. It had only been a few hours since she'd spent an entire night in a soiled diaper, and now she was already wet again. She tried to begin getting comfortable, supposing that this was just what being a 'good baby girl' - a little in diapers - was like.
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    Thank you for inviting me here, Cody. I guess I feel like I belong since I do indeed wear diapers. A lot of what has been said about me on this thread seems to be based on erroneous information. I shall therefore start by simply presenting a fact sheet: 1. The surgery I seek is to convert the monoparesis in my left leg into monoplegia; not both legs. 2. I do not seek surgery in order to alleviate fibromyalgia pain. The pain in my left leg is not as severe as in my upper body, or in my back from the spinal cord injury (SCI). 3. I have no desire to get my leg cut off. 4. I was dropped by my health insurance as soon as I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Since then all medical expenses have been out of pocket. Nothing comes from taxes. 5. I have pain in all 4 quadrants of the body. I have fibromyalgia. 6. My BIID was not caused by anything that happened to my aunt. It is thought to be caused by a congenital dysfunction of the right superior parietal lobule. 7. Monoplegia would in no way impact my ability to do my job. I have been working from a wheelchair full time for the last four years. 8. There is no legal impediment to my desired surgery in the USA. It is simply a matter of public opinion. 9. The desired surgery is not contrary to the Hippocratic Oath. It does harm to my well being not to have the surgery. It is analogous to an amputation to improve function by using a prosthesis, rather than saving a damaged limb. 10. The specifics of the benefits I derive from using a wheelchair, as alluded to by Cody, are as follows: The chronic back pain resulting from the 2006 SCI is significantly alleviated by using a wheelchair. Without it the pain causes substantial blood pressure spikes which put me ay risk of stroke. For this reason alone, my physician recommended that I use a wheelchair as much as practicable. My left leg is not fully functional due to the combination of fibromyalgia, and monoparesis from the SCI. Without a wheelchair I am very disabled by BIID, which leaves me unable to focus on work or social relationships. The wheelchair goes a long way in treating this disability. 11. Chloe Jennings-White is in reality intersexed. A doctor I see, who is a specialist in sexology, stated this explicitly in a recent interview in connection with my BIID. 12. I identify as being intersexed because I AM intersexed (hormonal hypogonadism to simplify a bit). I am NOT going to post pics of my genitalia. If you doubt the word my doctor or my sexual partners there is not much I can do about your fantasy based belief system. 13. I am a woman married to a woman. I think that makes me a lesbian. 14. I do not take advantage of "Real Disabled people". Ask Cody. 15. I do not take advantage of Intersex people. I am a senior and well respected member of the Intersex Society of Utah. I have helped countless people through the psychological struggles that result from being intersexed. 16. I do not take advantage of lesbians. Try asking my wife! 17. Nobody who has met me in person has ever suggested that I should be put in a psych hospital. My psychotherapist says that I have an entirely rational response to my brain wiring. 18. I have nothing to do with running the website called transabled.org. 19. Participants of the website "gendertrender" have zero interest in facts or proof. They simply make up whatever they like about BIID, feminism, gender, disability, and anything else. 20. I have not the remotest desire for attention, pity, sympathy, or whatever. 21. It is offensive to millions of people to assert that fibromyalgia is not a true disability. 22. People who say they intend no offense, but act like bullies, are in fact offensive. People with BIID are prone to depression and suicidality. It is not acceptable to bully ANYONE. 23. In case people are wondering, I have incontinence from the 2006 SCI. I have tried self catheterisation, but my physician taught me another method with less health risks, wherein I can initiate urination with external pressure. This method does require diapers because reflex bladder emptying can still start spontaneously. I have no problem with wearing diapers because it seems appropriate for my paraplegic body image. 24. I am perfectly willing to answer any and all questions about my BIID if anyone is interested. If people have serious concerns I pledge to address them in good faith. However, I prefer not to waste everyone's time by responding to nonsense that people have made up about me.