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    6.) I cooperated and said very little the rest of the night. We didn't talk about it. I couldn't believe I'd kissed him. I couldn't believe I'd... I shook my head, against his chest, and closed my eyes. Tomorrow's a new day. Tomorrow things will be better. They definitely can't get worse, right...? But the next day, in homeroom, things did just that. "Call, the Headmaster would like to see you." "What...? About what...?" "He didn't say." "Call, we received a call from your mother last night." The Headmaster sat at his desk, little placard and paperwork and heavy oak construction - it was what you'd expect from a principal’s desk. "I'd like to hear you tell me your version of events first. Do you think you would do that for me, child?" I felt my cheeks heat up and I looked away from the Headmaster. This wasn't happening... "It's just stress, Sir... I promise, it'll stop very soon. And I'm taking care of it. There's no need to get the school involved... it's a personal-" But I was cut of. I should have expected it... "Young man. You are aware that all boys become men upon attending our fine institution. There are certain expectations and requirements that go along with becoming a man, Master Lindemann. As you have failed to meet this basic requirements, you are to dress appropriately until you are able to meet those requirements.” "Sir, that isn't fair!" But the Headmaster didn't deal in fair. I felt my chest tighten and I shook my head. "Sir, please, listen..." But the rules were the rules. It wasn't a punishment, and a part of me knew that. The girls’ uniforms were designed for checking diapers, the same way the dresses in middle school were. The check ins with the staff twice daily was another requirement. I'd abide by those or be expelled. "I will be expecting very good results from you, Master Lindemann. But miss three check-ins and your parents will be notified." He looked back down at his paperwork - the sort of clear signal that principals liked to use to let them know they were done. "That will be all. Report to the nurses station, you'll find a new uniform there." "But, Sir-" "That will be all." I felt the panic in my chest as I left the room. This wasn't happening. It couldn't be. What could I be doing differently? Why wasn't I trained? And what was worse, with the uniform, that's an official marking for a boy. Untrained, through and through. No matter what I did, I couldn't force myself to the nurse's station, or any other classes that morning. I sat underneath the stairwell on the South end and waited for the day to go by. I'd be in so much trouble when I got home... "You know there's soooo many places to hide in this school - I've been searching all morning. What's the matter? What happened?" He was crying. He'd been crying for a while it seemed like, too. I squeezed into the little space and sat down next to Call, putting my arms around him and cuddling him tight. "I can't go... can't go back there... I'll just... go to school somewhere else..." But the policies were all the same. All the fucking same. I had been over the logic in my head a hundred times now. I'd get way more attention that I liked. But what could I do about it? And it was already time for my first check in... "What happened, Call? Did your parents call? Hey, hey come on, it's not that bad." I knew he disagreed with me and I smiled, taking his hand in both of mine. "I'm your friend, and Corles adores you, too. That's not going to change. I promise. So what will change, huh? Some people might say some crappy things, but when you graduate and have a great job and a girl of your own, you won't even remember this." "I won't remember any of it when I'm dead, either..." I frowned and climbed up from my spot on the floor. It didn't seem so private anymore with Emme. "If I don't pick up the uniform, I'm going to get expelled... I'm going to have to move or something..." What choice did I have? "Or you could rock your uniform and not get all worked up over it. What's so bad anyway? You'll get to look like me - we can be Corles' little twins! I think it'll be cute - he can take us our for ice-cream and stuff." I hoped Call knew I was being mildly silly. I got up off the floor, too, and put my hands on his cheeks. Then I kissed his lips, mirroring what he'd done with my boyfriend. "Please? Life's too short to get stressed over this, just roll with it - does anybody else in this school matter to you other than us?" Corles' little twins. And then the kiss. Which I adored. And she had a boyfriend. Who I kissed. Who was a boy. And I shook my head, stepping away from the girl. "Just... leave me alone for a little while, okay? Both of you..." I walked away, then, and toward the nurse's office. I wouldn't get between the two of them. I wouldn't be another problem in someone else's life. And I had enough problems of my own. "Hello, um... yeah, I'm Call Lindemann..." When Call came out of the nurse’s room in his new uniform, Corles was waiting across the hall with a little smile. "Come with me, little prince." It was that tone of his that didn't leave very much room for negotiation, the one that left a lingering warmth in the chest of both his little charges. I shook my head and walked right past him. I tried to show as much confidence as I could in the new uniform and pink diaper, but it was impossible. I held my head low and did my absolute best not to cry as I wandered the halls back to class. Lunch was already over. It didn't take Corles very much time to catch up - he was a lot taller than the boy, but by the time he did, Call had slipped back to class. Corles stood just down the hall and looked at me with a wry smile. "This afternoon, after school, okay princess?" "I think so, I don't think waiting is going to be of any help to him." "Can you get him to come?" "Oh, yeah. Yeah, no problem at all."
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    Hi everyone! This will be my first attempt at a story. I've had most of this rolling around in my head for some time now, and finally decided to get it out. It's written in a pseudo script-like fashion. I realize I will probably be using some common tropes at first, but I hope to veer off in some other directions. The youngest characters are mentioned as being in high school. I imagine them as being at least 18. The earlier chapters will set things up for what is to come, so don't be surprised if there isn't a whole lot of diaper stuff mentioned at first. I do plan for it to get pretty graphic, though it will also have a softer side as well :). I hope you enjoy it. Thanks! --------------------------- Chapter 1: Panty Theft Regret Derrek always thought of himself as pretty average. He was clean shaven, about 6 feet tall with brown hair, green eyes, and an average build. He was a bit of a geek, but not the brainy kind… more like the kind who spend their weekends watching Star Wars and playing video games. He did have friends, but he never really hung out with them outside of school. And one thing he never claimed to be was a ladies man. He was just a shy guy, and had never been able to even ask a girl out. To make things worse, he was at the end of his junior year of high school, so prospects were not looking great. This year had proven to be drastically different than the one before. His father had married Amanda, the nurse at his High School. She officially adopted Derrek shortly after the wedding. Then tragically on the drive back from their honeymoon, their car was hit by a drunk driver, and Derrek's dad was killed. The only family he had left was his new mom. They had bonded strongly over their loss, but they were still trying to grow and strengthen their relationship. On the last day of school before Summer break, Derrek was having lunch with his friends Rob and Jack. Rob: So you put the moves on Nurse Amanda yet? Jack: Yeah man, you tap that shit? This wasn't the first time anyone had ever asked Derrek that question. Amanda was a beautiful woman. She was fit without being too muscular. A bit taller than average. She had short black hair that she typically at least partially dyed pink. Her eyes were a bright green. Vibrant arm tattoos accented her otherwise creamy white skin. And she always wore tight fitting scrubs to work. All of the male students were not so secretly attracted to her, and admired the position Derrek had found himself in. Derrek: Wow, you guys are dumbasses! And no, I'm not going to tap that shit. She's basically like my mom now, so… Rob: That's cool man. You know we're just fucking with ya, right? Derrek: Yeah, I know... Rob: That said... Garry from my Bio class told me he would pay you $500 for a pair of Nurse Amanda's used panties. And he wasn't joking around. He actually showed me the money! Jack: $500!? Wish he wanted to buy my mom's panties! Rob: He probably wants to wank off to them, Jack. Your mom's crusty granny panties would just scar him for life. Jack: Haha! Fuck you, dick! Rob: So what do you say Derrek? Derrek: Hmmm... I don't know about this. Rob: Dude just think about it. She probably wouldn't even notice them missing. Not to mention, it's $500! Derrek had dismissed the thought at first. Amanda really was officially his mother now, and it would be straight up weird to sell your mom's panties. Being the geek that he was though, there was always a new gadget or game he needed money for. The idea floated in and out of his mind for the rest of the school day. Later that night Derrek was watching TV in the living room when Amanda walked in with a big smile on her face. Amanda: What would you say to a couple pizza's tonight for dinner? I could run out to Antonio's down the street. Derrek: Heck yeah! That would be awesome! Amanda: Annnnnnnnnd! Sally loaned me a copy of that new movie. The one that takes place before Harry Potter. Derrek: Fantastic Beasts? Amanda: Yes! That's it! We could watch that while we eat. This was one thing Derrek loved about Amanda. She had a geeky quality of her own. It wasn't a constant with her, but when it popped up, it always made Derrek smile. Derrek: Sounds like a plan to me! Amanda: Alright, I'm going to run out and pick up the pizzas. Why don't you get the movie queued up and ready. I'll be back in a few. Derrek: Sure, where's it at? Amanda: I left it in my room, on the dresser near the bathroom. Derrek: On it! Amanda: Thanks, Sweety! I'll see you in a bit. Derrek finished watching his show as Amanda grabbed her car keys and purse and then headed out the back door to the garage. Once she had left, he got up, walked into her room, and spotted the movie on the dresser near the bathroom right where Amanda had said it would be. As he grabbed the movie, he saw Amanda's whicker dirty clothes basket positioned right next to the toilet in her bathroom. His mind was once more invaded with thoughts of what Rob had told him. $500 for one pair of Amanda's panties. She wouldn't even notice them missing... He tossed the idea around in his head until he couldn't talk himself out of it. He did really need to upgrade some things on his computer, and $500 could go a long way toward that. He'll do it just this once, he thought. His confidence began to waiver as he walked into the bathroom. It was a very pink room, which seemed to have the effect of continuously reminding Derrek that he didn't belong there. He felt his heart begin to pound as he lifted the lid to the dirty clothes basket. He couldn't help but feel nervous. This was the first time he had ever stolen anything from anyone, much less a family member. He began sifting through the pile of clothes until his hand glanced against something slick and satiny. "Bingo!" he thought. He grabbed at the item and withdrew his hand from the basket. There in his nervous grip was a very dirty pair of black satin panties adorned with little pink bows. They were inside out, and Derrek could see every stain that told the story of the active day Amanda must have had while wearing them. He was about to shove them in his pocket when he noticed… it. The scent. It was faint, but noticeable. Derrek had never considered himself a panty sniffer, but he found himself drawn to the scent. Again his heart pounded as if it was trying to warn him. Trying to tell him not to do what he was about to do, but he couldn't fight the urge. He brought the crotch of the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. His eyes began to roll back in his head. As he exhaled, it was like he was breathing out pink smoke. It was the best smell he had ever smelled. It wasn't roses or strawberries, it was distinctly human, but the fact that it was Amanda's scent made it heavenly to him. Her most intimate of areas came together to produce this dirty little secret that they now both shared. Derrek suddenly took notice of how erect the smelling of Amanda's panties had made his cock. His mind and body were suddenly screaming for sex, and he was helpless to resist. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and began to touch himself. His heart was pounding like crazy. He flung open the pink toilet seat in an effort to contain the future product of his mounting excitement. Repositioning himself in front of the toilet, he grabbed his cock again and began rubbing it, as he buried his nose in Amanda's panties. Her special perfume made it so intense. As Derrek's masturbating kept building in intensity, he couldn't help but want more. He didn't just want Amanda's scent, he wanted to experience her with every one of his senses. He pulled the panties away from his nose and looked at the intimate stains again. He could see where her pussy had clung to the fabric; held in place in part by her personal secretions. Further down he could see where here asshole had kissed the satiny seat and left marks and a scent contribution of it's own. He didn't find it gross or disgusting at all. He just kept thinking of how it was all created by Amanda, and this drove him wild. This typically perfectly kempt woman had filthy panties. Again the intensity built up even more as Derrek could smell and practically see Amanda's most intimate secret, but he still wanted more. He still needed more. His heart raced again and he nervously gulped. His hand was shaking, as he shoved the dirty satin panties into his mouth and began rolling his tongue over them. The taste was almost more than he could handle. He was in ecstasy. His cock was sopping wet, and he felt he might cum in any minute. There was one thing he knew right then and there; there was no fucking way Garry from Bio was getting these or any other pairs of Amanda's panties. This was Derrek's treasure now, and he wasn't willing to share. The intensity was more extreme than it had felt even the first time he had ever masturbated. It felt as if his penis was crying pre-cum as he kept pumping it against his hand. The taste of the panties filled his mouth so completely that he could practically smell them on his breath. His eyes rolled back into his head again, and just at that most extreme moment. Amanda: WHAT THE FUCK!!! Amanda was standing in the doorway to the bathroom. A look of shock and fury was painted on her face. As soon as she let her presence be known, Derrek awoke from his sex crazed fog, and his head snapped to her location. He was like a deer in headlights, and was unable to move or think. His cock seemed to abandon him, as it tried to slink back to the safety of his boxer shorts. Amanda: ARE THOSE MY FUCKING PANTIES!? Derrek felt as if he must be beet red now. He was sweating heavily, and knew there was no way out of this. He quickly pulled the panties out of his mouth with one hand, and pulled his pants up with the other. Nervously he stuttered… Derrek: I, uh… Amanda leaned forward and ripped the panties from his hand. For a second she eyed the area he had been tasting, and then she resumed her furious glare at him. She held the panties away in a tight grip as if she were trying to protect them. Then she forcefully pointed at the bedroom door. Amanda: Get in your room and stay there. She wasn't screaming anymore, but her tone was low and filled with fiery anger. Derrek could tell something deep was broken that could not be fixed by anything he could say at this moment. He held on to the waist of his pants as he hurried past her, and practically sprinted to his room. He spent the rest of the night in there trying to think of how he could explain it away. Even when his stomach started growling for food, he dared not leave the safe confines of his room. It wasn't until 4:00am that he finally was able to fall asleep. The next few days were awkward at best. Derrek would wake up, and wait until he heard Amanda leave for work. Then he would come out and get some food, and watch TV. He would do that until right before Amanda returned home from work, at which point he would retreat back to his room. At first it seemed like Amanda was pretty much staying in her room too, but a few days after the event, Derrek started hearing her hanging out in the living room again. By this point Derrek had thought of a few things he should say to her, and felt she might actually hear him now. Hopefully her rage had died down enough. He just needed to work up the nerve to look her in the eye again. After all, she had caught him masturbating with her dirty panties in his mouth. That's about as awkward of a situation as you can be in… or so he thought. As Derrek sat on his bed contemplating how he should approach Amanda, he heard a knock on his bedroom door. Amanda: Derrek? His face flushed red as he opened the door. Everything he had thought to say disappeared in his sorrow swollen mind. He began to sob as he saw her standing there. Derrek: I'm sorry. I'm just so stupid! I'm sorry. I nev… Amanda held up a finger as if to silence him. She didn't seem mad at all now. She just looked serious, and like she had something to say. Amanda: It's going to be all right. I was pretty angry when I walked in on you the other day with my… well... I just thought our relationship was stronger than that. I thought I could trust you more than I feel I can right now. I have had time to think about it though, and I believe this is fixable. It's not going to be a quick fix, and it's not going to be easy for either of us, but I'm willing to put the work in. Are you, Derrek? Derrek still had tears streaming down his face. Derrek: Yes, I'll do anything. I'm so sorry! I nev… Amanda's finger shot up again to silence him once more. Amanda: Shhhhh it's alright. Everything is going to get better. As she looked at him, she could see how stressed out about this he truly was, so she pulled him into an embrace and hugged him. Amanda: Everything is going to get better. He had no idea what plans she had come up with to fix their relationship, but he figured his future would be dominated by therapy sessions and counseling. He didn't mind that though. He had fucked up, and this special woman was willing to look past it in order to be his family. He felt truly lucky to have her in his life.
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    --------------------------- Chapter 4: Movie Night Once they got home they began unloading the car. Derrek: What all did you get from Aunt Becca's? Some of these boxes are heavy! Amanda: Just some clothes and household odds and ends. Derrek noticed the boxes from Becca's house smelled exactly like her living room. He thought it was interesting, but mainly took notice because it reminded him of Annabelle. She had been an unexpected surprise. Derrek couldn't wait to see her again. Amanda: Hey what do you say we order some pizzas and have a movie night? This took Derrek off guard. It reminded him of the last attempt at a movie night, which had ended with him succumbing to a pervy weakness and nearly ruining his relationship with Amanda. He didn't want things to get weird though, so he buried the feeling. Derrek: Yeah that sounds great! What do you want to watch? Amanda: Well, we still haven't seen Fantastic Beasts. Want to watch that? He started to feel a flush of nerves again, but tried hard not to let on. Derrek: Sh, sure... I heard it was good. By this point they were nearly done bringing in the boxes from the car. Derrek: Where do you want this one? Amanda looked around for a second. Amanda: You know what, lets just put that one in my room. She walked over to her door and flung it open. Then she dropped some bags she was carrying onto her bed. Amanda: Just go ahead and sit that one against the wall over there. I'm going to go grab the last box. I'll be back in a sec. This was the first time Derrek had been in this room since the incident, and he was not just in the room, but alone in it. Amanda must have regained a lot of trust in him, he thought. He turned past her bed and set the box on the ground, but as he was turning around to leave, he saw what was lying on the floor right next to one of the posts of Amanda's bed. A dirty pair of panties and a vibrator. Derrek could see that the crotch of the panties was exposed in his direction. The vibrator was laying across them. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He knew he had to get out of there fast. The last thing he wanted was for Amanda to think he was at it again. As he moved he realized his penis was very errect once more. Just thinking about the smell and taste of her panties again was turning him into some kind of horny Gollum. He moved as fast as he could, and tried to clear the images from his mind. By the time he reached the door, Amanda was coming in with the last box. Derrek did his best to cover the bulge in his pants. Amanda: Thanks sweety! Could you go ahead and order the pizza's for us? I want to take a quick shower before we get our movie on. Derrek: Yep. I, uh, will do that. No problem. Amanda: You know what I like. Derrek: Huh!? Amanda: Pizza! You know what I like on my pizza. Derrek: OH, haha, yeah! Amanda: Are you ok? Derrek: Yeah, I was just... thinking about something else. Sorry. Amanda: Alright, well I'll be out in a bit. With that, she disappeared into the room closing the door behind her. Derrek was almost certain she would see the panties and suspect him of sniffing them again. He wished things weren't so awkward. Sometime after the pizza had arrived, Amanda emerged from her room dressed in a comfy shirt and yoga pants. She didn't seem to have anything on her mind but pizza and the movie, so Derrek's nerves were calmed. Derrek: Are you ready for this? Amanda: Sweety, I was born ready for this! I'm a huge HP fan you know. Derrek: I've always been more of a Dell guy. Heh! He paused for a reaction that never came. Derrek: You know, like the computers? Because HP is also... Amanda: Oh I got it. I guess this pizza's not the only cheesy thing in this house, huh? They both started laughing. Amanda set her plate of pizza down on the coffee table and then went back into the kitchen. Amanda: Hey, let's celebrate! She held up a bottle of champagne as if presenting it. Derrek: What are we celebrating? Amanda: It's been a busy day, and we're finally getting to the good part. How about that? Derrek: Ok, yeah, I'm good with that! Amanda popped open the bottle and poured two glasses. She slid down onto the leather couch next to Derrek and handed him one. Amanda: To the good part! Derrek: The good part! They clinked their glasses together and drank the champagne down. Then they settled in to enjoy their movie and pizza. The night drifted on... Derrek's eyes were so heavy, he felt like he might have fallen asleep for a little while, but he could still hear the movie playing. He turned to look toward Amanda. She was staring at him with an emotionless expression. Amanda: Derrek are you still there? Derrek: What? What do you mean "still here"? It felt like he was in a foggy echoy hall. Sounds were far away. Everything was vibrating tightly. Amanda: Derrek remember last time we tried to do this. Remember we tried to have this same night, but when I went to get the pizzas, I had forgotten my wallet, and I came back early and found you in my bathroom? Derrek felt really weird. Kind of like he was drunk, but even so, hearing Amanda mention that night was making him really embarrassed. He kept trying to look away from her, but his head was too heavy to move now and there seemed to be four of her. Amanda: You had my dirty panties in your mouth. Derrek closed his eyes tight in embarrassment. Amanda: Look at me. She said it sternly, and Derrek knew she meant business. He used all his strength to open his eyes again. Amanda: You had my dirty panties in your mouth, and you were masturbating while you were sucking on them. You violated my trust that day, and what made me even more angry was that I felt like you… violated me as well. Derrek felt tears well up in his eyes. He hadn't realized his actions could have made her feel that way. Amanda: You know what my vagina smells like and tastes like now. That is a deeply personal thing. Do you understand that? You had no right to do that. I want you to know how badly that hurt me. I want you to know that in order to fix things… in order to fix what you did, I'm going to have to hurt you too. I have violated your trust and gone behind your back, and set things up that might make you hate me for a while. But I'm not doing this for revenge, I'm doing this for the sake of our relationship. These past few days have been fantastic, and are a prime example of what I want our relationship to be like. It's all been a sham though, because I can still feel your betrayal. You're still capable of that. Hell, just seeing my panties seems to make you aroused. That's not how my son should react. And that's what we're going to fix. Just keep that in mind. Whatever happens, please try to keep that in mind. The next little while was like a fever dream for Derrek. He wasn't sure if he was awake or asleep half the time. He didn't even know if Amanda had really said all of that. He was warm and his mind was everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. Then the doorbell rang out bright colors filled with explosions. He saw the notary walk in, but she looked actually happy this time. Derrek wanted to welcome her, but his words weren't good anymore. Derrek: Crollerp! Susst This made the notary laugh exposing multiple rows of teeth. Maybe a sharks mouth?, thought Derrek, as his head bobbed like a Jello Jiggler. Amanda: Derrek stis si Jemima. Amanda: Lyderrek si Dia. Adnama: kerreD? Amanda snapped her fingers right in front of Derrek's face. He felt a glob of drool fall to his chest. Amanda: I said, this is Aunt Lydia. She is going to help me take care of you. Lydia. Lydia. Derrek had heard that name recently, but he couldn't place it. He thought of the name until it started to come back to him. Annabelle said he should read something by Lydia. His head continued to bob around as he watched Amanda and Lydia talking. Talking back and forth. Faster and faster they seemed to talk. How did they even have time to think before they began speaking again? His ears were no longer working, but his mind was still trying to think through the fog. Through his blurry pulsating vision he saw Lydia hand some papers to Amanda. THOSE PAPERS! He signed those papers the other day and hadn't read them! FUCK! Derrek: SPLUGH CHINDA!!! He expended the last of his energy to yell out in vain. Then he saw Amanda put her finger to her lips as if to say "shhhhhh", and he was out.
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    --------------------------- Chapter 3: Supplies, Surprise! The next day, Derrek joined Amanda on some errands she needed to run. It was all mainly just running to different stores to pick stuff up or return clothes that didn't quite fit right. One stop she needed to make was particularly interesting to him though. Amanda needed to pick up some boxes from her friend Becca's house. Amanda and Becca had been friends since high school. They both actually worked at the school they had attended when they were teens. While Amanda was the school nurse, Becca was the home economics and child development teacher. Derrek had taken one of her classes in the past, and always found Becca to be a sweet lady, and kind of a babe actually. She was a little shorter than average height, and was fuller figured with blond hair and a kind smiling face. Derrek always thought she was the stereotypical preschool teacher type. Always cheery with very exaggerated actions. His friends use to rib him for "having the hots for the home ec teacher". Aside from his attraction to Becca, Derrek was also curious about her daughter, Annabelle. Becca was a single mother to her daughter, and with working fulltime, she hadn't always had time to keep after her. A few years back Annabelle had gained a reputation around campus for being a stoner. She was curvy and beautiful like her mom, but she always dressed in black, and hung out with the goth and stoner crowds. Throughout freshman year, she was in trouble more often than not, but when she returned after Summer break, she seemed… different. She just kind of kept to herself and didn't really associate with anyone. Derrek always thought it was odd, but he was never very close with her anyway. As they pulled up in the driveway, Becca came walking out the front door to greet them. She had a big smile plastered on her face. Amanda instantly started smiling at the sight of her friend. Becca walked over to Amanda's car door and tapped on the glass. Becca: Hey bitch! Amanda burst out laughing as she climbed out of her SUV. They hugged and pecked each other on the cheek. Derrek was starting to unbuckle his seat belt when Becca leaned over to peer in at him. She gave him an exaggerated flappy wave. Becca: Hiiiiiii Derrek!! Bet you weren't expecting to see a teacher during your Summer break, huh? Derrek chuckled at her enthusiastic welcome. Derrek: It's all good, Ms. M. Becca: We're not in school now sweetheart. You can call me Aunt Becca if you'd like. Me and your mom are practically family. We go way back. Derrek thought it was a little odd to call one of his teachers "Aunt", but he really didn't have much family, and welcomed adding another member. Especially a hotty teacher like Becca. Derrek: Ok, Aunt Becca! Becca: Well, you two come on in! I have some snacks and, oh Mandy, you have to try that wine I was telling you about the other day. Amanda: YEAH! I almost forgot. I need to get the name from you again. The two of them were chatting up a storm and making there way for the house with Derrek following from behind. Becca only paused for a moment to turn to Derrek and say... Becca: Derrek, Annabelle is in the living room watching TV. I told her you were coming over. I'm sure she'd love for you to join her. Amanda glanced back and winked at him. Amanda: Yeah, why don't you go see what she's up to? Derrek: Uh, sure. He shrugged and followed the ladies inside. Becca and Amanda continued catching up as they walked toward the kitchen. Derrek slowly made his way down the hall. He could hear the sound of SpongeBob reruns coming from the room ahead. As he got closer, he started to feel kind of nervous. How was he supposed to do this? How was he supposed to have a conversation with this girl he knew basically nothing about. This was going to be painful… He gulped hard as he approached the entry way. If things were weird, he thought, maybe I can feign an illness or something. The first thing he noticed upon entering the room was the smell. As soon as he crossed the threshold he was overwhelmed with the scent of a nursery. He thought it smelled a lot like the baby aisle in a grocery store. Powder for sure, but there were hints of thick lotions and wipes, and something else. He could almost swear he smelled a faint musky odor that he could only describe as poop. It wasn't strong enough to be off-putting, but he noticed it for sure. The décor and furniture of the room even resembled a nursery. At first this seemed really weird to Derrek. After all, Annabelle was his age. She hadn't been little enough for this kind of a room for years. Becca was a child development teacher though. Maybe she needed this kind of setup for work, or who knows, maybe she babysat on the side as well. The room looked like it had survived a pastel explosion. There was a TV mounted to the far wall, a playpen fence in the center of the room, a giant rocking horse near another wall, and various bean bag chairs on the floor. One whole wall was even painted with chalkboard paint. Derrek also spotted a toy box, a pile of folded blankets, and what he assumed was a diaper trashcan… that would explain the faint poop scent, he thought. Annabelle: It takes some getting use to, huh? Derrek: What!? What does? He was startled until his eyes met Annabelle's. She was sitting on a big beanbag chair near the center of the room. She had her mother's blond hair, though she wore her's up in twin oriental looking buns. It made a nice contrast to the black clothes and nail polish she was wearing. Her eyes were a pretty lavender color, and her lips had a natural pink tone, which would make lipstick manufacturers jealous. Derrek always thought she had such an innocent looking face, but she never shied away from speaking her mind, even if it would offend someone. Annabelle: Oh, you were just… you were looking around the room. My mom does a lot of babysitting, so it was just easier for her to convert this room into a nursery. It was pretty damn weird though when it all first happened. Derrek felt kind of proud that he was able to guess why the room was this way. Maybe he should go to school for criminal justice and become a detective? Derrek: Yeah I bet this would take some getting use to. Annabelle: Dude, you have no idea… Annabelle seemed to realize just then that Derrek was still standing awkwardly in the doorway. Annabelle: You can sit down you know. You don't have to stand there in the doorway like a loser. She smiled a devious grin at him. He smiled back and walked over to the nearest beanbag chair. He looked like a total dork trying to sit in it. After several false starts, he finally sank down into it and was practically swallowed whole. This made Annabelle laugh until she snorted, and then that in turn made Derrek start laughing. Annabelle: I can't believe you'd make fun of my snort! And after I offered you a fucking beanbag and all. Derrek: More like you offered me a deathtrap! How the hell do you get out of this thing? Annabelle: You don't. You just relax in it, loser. They both laughed some more. Derrek felt his nervousness leave him entirely. Annabelle actually seemed pretty cool. It really kind of made him sad that he had never hung out with her before. They talked about school and teachers, and where they wanted to go after they graduated. They talked like they had been lifelong friends. In a lot of ways they seemed like Amanda and Becca; chatting non-stop to catch up on everything. Derrek: So, taking a leap here, if I asked you out for Prom next year like preemptively, would you say yes? Annabelle: Whoa, whoa, whoa there Romeo. What makes you think I'm the kind of girl that would be caught dead at Prom? Derrek: Well I didn't necessarily say we would go to the dance! Derrek offered it like a defense. Annabelle: Wow, straight to the hotel then? Derrek turned bright red. Derrek: No I didn't mean… I was jus… Annabelle: I'm just fucking with you, Derrek! You need to learn to relax a little. Derrek: Hey, I am still sitting in the beanbag chair aren't I!? They both laughed some more until Annabelle snorted again, and then they really laughed. Annabelle: Oh my god, you're going to make me pee my pants! Derrek: Well, if that was going to happen this would be the room to do it in! Annabelle seemed to sober up after that comment. Derrek thought maybe he had said something wrong. One joke too many? Annabelle: Hey Derrek, have you met Aunt Lydia yet? He was really confused by this question. Why would he have met her Aunt? He looked at her quizzically and shook his head no. Annabelle: Well, look, I could get in big trouble for talking about this, but when you meet her, whatever you do, read everything before you.. Just then Amanda and Becca came walking into the room. Annabelle quickly shifted her attention. Annabelle: Aunt Mandy!!! Amanda: Hey Belle! Come give me a hug! Annabelle jumped off the beanbag and threw her arms around Amanda. Derrek was kind of whiplashed from the sudden end to his previous conversation, but he figured it must not have been as important as it had seemed. Becca: You two seem to have hit things off pretty well. We could hear you laughing all the way in the kitchen. Derrek: We weren't laughing, we were snorting! Annabelle shot him a wicked glare as Becca started to laugh. Amanda then turned her gaze toward Derrek. She was jingling her car keys in one of her hands. Amanda: I think it's time for us to take off Sweety. Derrek: Do you need help loading boxes into the car? Derrek rocked himself free of the beanbag chair's death grip. Amanda: No we got it all loaded while you guys were chatting. As Derrek and Amanda were having that exchange, he saw Becca walk over to her daughter and clip something to her shirt. He couldn't really make out what it was, but he didn't think too much of it. Becca: Say buh bye to Derrek, Belle. Annabelle looked somewhat shocked. She turned to her mom and then to Derrek, but instead of saying anything, she just grabbed him in a big bear hug. He returned the favor of course, and then he even hugged Aunt Becca. As he and Amanda headed for the door, he pivoted around one last time and said to Annabelle… Derrek: Think about what I asked you about for next year! She blushed slightly and gave him a thumbs up. It was then that Derrek recognized the thing Becca had clipped to her daughter's shirt. It was a pacifier.
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    <Neural Uplink Reconnected In Real Time.> To say that the rest of that day was uneventful would be misleading and factually incorrect. Having my best friend and the only other sane person in the world ripped away from me because her mother had errands to run was eventful. Finding out through a series of unplanned trial and error that I had roughly ninety seconds from the time I realized that I needed to relieve myself to the time that my underwear became squishy from urine was eventful. Being bathed by my mother and then put to bed shortly after sunset was eventful; especially given the likelihood that I’d wake up wet again. Hearing the harsh tones of my parents arguing…again…right before sleep claimed me was eventful. Eventful to me, but to any other human being pushing thirty, it likely would have been common place to the point of banality. All of these things were eventful, but I’m choosing not to upload those specific memories because the one thing I don’t feel they are is pertinent. Through firsthand experience and the brief “playtime” I had with Julia, I concluded that there had been more drastic changes to the world at large than would have been initially suggested by the data I had spent years collecting. Not only had my capabilities been severely reduced, but apparently as far as the rest of human society was concerned, twenty-nine was the new two and a half… if that. Yet I didn’t fully appreciate how much the world had changed until the next day. <Memory Sequence Uploading. August 18th, 2017 8:30 A.M.> After waking up, changing out of my-on-the-verge-of-leaking Pull-Up, (trying not to listen to my father’s remarks that I should maybe go back to diapers at night), and breakfast, my parents explained to me that they were going back to work, and that meant I was going “back” to daycare. The great panic of so many children disappearing and then reappearing- as those affected by the chronotons justified and misremembered the entirely of the population mentally and socially regressing by twenty-seven odd years- had allowed them each to take the day off of work to make sure that their little girl was all right, but now that they knew I was okay, we all had to get back into our regular routine. I didn’t know whether this willful ignorance was the result of chronoton saturation, the human psyche’s need to put everything in place so that it makes sense, or some combination thereof. Regardless, if my parents were any indicator, the world was quickly moving on and accepting of the new status quo. As I sat in the unnecessary booster seat of my mother’s SUV, scores of buildings both familiar and strange zipped by on the periphery. Julia had been right. Not only had clothing changed to fit our new perceived social standing, but buildings and businesses as well. Most of the franchises, their logos designed to be forever stamped upon the popular subconscious remained: the restaurants, the mega-marts and grocery stores; the places that catered to all walks of life. Looking at them I’d never know that anything had changed. So too were local landmarks that people familiar with the town could use to navigate better than street signs: statues, the old church, the retention pond that never quire drained, schools. All of it was the same. Yet, like a dark road that you normally only travel by day, some things, no matter how familiar, were decidedly different. I spotted men in their mid to late thirties running on the elementary school playground with all the zest and zeal of stereotypical second graders in their sneakers with the Velcro and no button shorts. Women in their mid-forties popped bubblegum and gossiped with each other in their Catholic school uniforms as Mom drove me by the church. And here I was sitting, in a floral-patterned shirt, nothing to cover my fresh Pull-Up but a hot pink skirt (provided I didn’t bend over too much,) the slightest bit envious of all of them. Whether I envied them their clothing, their status, or their ignorance, I cannot objectively say. Then there were the other buildings: Most of them zipped by too fast as my mother drove down not-quite-memorized roads that I had long taken for granted, but based on the décor and color scheme of their signs, much had changed. Too many bright signs with letters in primary colors. Too many pictures of various cartoon mascot animals in safety-pinned on diapers. Too many mannequins with gigantic baby clothes on them in store windows. Losing (or, more accurately, misremembering) their target clientele, many businesses had transformed to serve the needs of a community filled with gigantic children. A red bricked building I once knew to be a bar was now some kind of child’s clothes consignment shop. The Planet Fitness that I passed every day on the way to work was now a Gymboree. A Gap was now a Baby Gap. Of course there were more baby stores. If ages zero to thirty were considered infants and toddlers, those goods and services would be in higher demand. Unwittingly, I had changed an entire world’s economy. And then, during the times when my mother would slow down enough, I got an eyeful of the rest of this topsy turvy reality I’d created. Grown men and women were being pushed around in strollers. Someone in their late teens or early twenties was still breastfeeding in public. A car pulled up at a stoplight, and I saw someone only a few years younger than me, sitting rear facing, batting at the dangling toys of their car seat, giggling and drooling idiotically. I’d have to find a way to get to my lab and fix all of this mess, I decided. This was my mistake. I’d just have to figure out where I went wrong, then find a way to get back to the institute, get back to my equipment. A tall order to be sure, but nothing was impossible; if anything, this entire misadventure was proof of that much. I sucked in my breath as I felt the sudden, sharp, stinging sensation of a full bladder? Really?! I had just gone before my mother and I had left for daycare. “Mommy!” I whimpered, desperation and urgency in my voice, “Potty!” “Really?” she asked, her eyes unbelieving in the rear-view mirror. “You just went before we left the house.” The feeling was building. Less than ninety seconds and counting. “I know,” I whined. “I gotta go, though.” The SUV sped up. “Just hold on, Elisa, baby,” Mommy said. “We’re almost there.” Sixty seconds. Don’t think about don’t think about it don’t think about it don’tthinkaboutit. “You’re doin’ good, big girl,” she encouraged me. “Just hold it. We’ve got a potty in the trunk. We can stop at the daycare, and set you right on it before we even go inside.” As humiliating as the thought of peeing in the parking lot of whatever childcare facility my mother was taking me to, the idea of me urinating in my clothes seemed infinitely more terrifying. It was an illogical fear, like a phobia, gripping me despite all intellectual protestations. Logically, dispassionately, in hindsight, I might have had an easier time of willfully succumbing to my bladder, saving myself the stress, and dedicating my mind to more important things, like fixing the whole of reality so that I was at least considered a middle schooler. But only babies went pee-pee in their undies. I was a big girl. I didn’t need diapers. I wasn’t a baby. Thirty-seconds and counting till my bladder would let loose, and suddenly the term “baby” had become a slur of some sort in my mind; a way to instantly other and demean someone…or myself. Right then, had you asked me, nudity would have been preferable to diapers. Despite Julia’s safeguards, new immature impulses and outlooks had been slowly but surely worming their way into my subconscious. For one reason or another, the idea that I had been or would soon be reduced to nothing more than a particularly verbose and gifted toddler seemed likely. “Almost there, Elisa,” Mommy snapped me back to attention, the car decelerating as we approached our destination. Why did this place seem so familiar to me? The entire route we’d taken, almost exactly like the route I took everyday to- KA-THUNK Mom’s SUV barreled over a final speedbump into the parking lot, causing the entire car to bounce. I gasped in surprise and shock, my underwear becoming hot and moist as, not for the first time that day, I started to wet myself. Queen Ariel had one less sea shell in her collection. How was I going to save the world when I couldn’t keep my training panties dry for longer than ninety seconds? I said nothing. No crying. No screaming. No protestations that “I was a big girl,” as the car slowed to a stop. All present and available data pointed to the contrary; and as a scientist, when a scientist’s hypothesis is not supported by the data, they must re-evaluate their hypothesis. Try as I might, in terms of my physical capabilities and needs, I was not a big girl any longer. Mommy opened up the side door, and saw me sulking in the backseat. “Didn’t make it?” she asked. Woefully, I shook my head in reply. She leaned in and unbuckled me from the booster seat. “Well, that’s okay,” she said, (because in this brave new world I had made it was normal for someone my age to have “accidents”) “you’ll just have to try harder later.” She reached out her hand, and as if mine had a mind of its own, I accepted it, stepping out of the car and onto the hot pavement. Still preoccupied with the now sagging training panties between my thighs, I didn’t recognize the large cement building before me. The sign over the entrance said, “Tiny Tots. Ages 25-30.” That made sense. Even if infancy lasted well into the twenties, as far as the world was now concerned, it was impractical to keep actual newborns with substantially larger “children”. I walked, bowlegged to prevent the urine soaked mass from touching me, disgusted with myself as I was. Apparently, I was an extremely heavy wetter. Maybe Daddy was right, I thought absentmindedly; maybe I did need to go back to diapers…at least for the nightti- stop it! Stop it stop it stoppit! Instantly and immediately, I was furious with myself. I was thinking like one of them…like the little girl the world expected me to be. I was Dr. Elisa Briggs, not some diaper wearing brat. I couldn’t allow myself the luxury to slip into infantile oblivion. I had a world to fix. I had to get back to my- MY LAB! That’s what this place was: The Institute for Chrono-Research and Innovation. Or at least that’s what it had been before. Now…now it was “Tiny Tots. Ages 25-30”. Its gray granite walls were suddenly a cheery sky blue. Over to the side of the main building, where a tasteful bamboo garden had been, was now a mulched playground with plastic slides and baby swings intended to accommodate fully grown adults. Still in my stupor, I was pushed through the front doors, their formally clean and clear veneer now plastered with butterfly and smiley face stickers. “It’s okay,” my mother whispered to me, “we’ll get you some clean undies as soon as I sign you in.” Clearly, she was misattributing my distress; though to be truthful, had my bladder not already been emptied, I would have likely wet myself at the initial shock I felt. My throat felt dry and pinched. The reception area was still there, only now the clean marble floor had been transmuted into worn and sturdy carpeting. My mother led me up to a desk, a sign in book prominently displayed. She pressed a button, an electronic bell of some sort to the right of the book, as she flipped through the pages, finding my name and signing me in. As she signed the page with my name one, making sure to mark the time and date, I noticed a hand painted mural on the wall in front of me. As if mocking me and my hubris, it showed a childishly drawn scene of “children” playing in a grassy field, the sun shining overhead. The whiny creak of unoiled hinges alerted me to the door opening to my, right. From my lab…from what used to be my lab, an older woman, grey-haired and bespectacled, came out, her bony frame concealed by the baggy sunshine yellow t-shirt she wore. She looked at me, and her eyes lit up with recognition. Sadly, I recognized her, too. < Memory Upload Disconnected> <Neural Uplink Reconnected In Real Time.> I don’t believe in God, personally. I have nothing against faith, and I am open to the possibilities that there might be some sort of “higher power” out there, but I only tend to believe in what I can measure and what I can see. Yet the amount of coincidences and little, petty ironies that have piled up lately are so numerous that I can’t help but speculate if some form of intelligence has been toying with me. Perhaps chronotons have a sense of humor. <Memory Sequence Resume Uploading. August 18th, 2017> “Why, hello, Elisa,” she spoke in the high-pitched sing-song rhythm reserved for small children. “Are you ready to learn today?” I wanted to say that her name was Helen; but despite my superb, near photographic memory, I had never invested the modicum of effort needed to memorize the woman’s name. People’s names just weren’t something that I typically had time for. To me, she was just the lab’s secretary. I stood there, tall enough to look her in the eye, but feeling so powerless and shocked that she might as well have been looming over me. Two days ago, she was only good enough to answer phones and take messages. As of today, she was considered my mental, developmental, and social superior. She was my- “Teacher…?” Even the word left a bitter taste in my mouth. “Yes, Elisa?” she leaned in. I stood there; paralyzed, shaking, dumb. A familiar, comforting hand was on my shoulder. “She’s a little rattled still from all the strangeness that’s been going on,” Mommy offered by way of explanation. “A lot of the little ones are,” my ex-secretary replied. “Did she mysteriously pop off somewhere, too?” “The memorial park, if you’d believe it.” “Oh my,” my now-teacher remarked. “you’re lucky you found her.” I looked behind me and saw my mother nodding vehemently. “We didn’t have many kids here yesterday, obviously,” I-think-Helen continued, “but it seems everyone is trickling back in; trying to get things back to normal.” Again, my mother nodded in agreement. “Same here,” she said. “I’m hoping to get this whole messy business behind us.” The teacher looked back to me. “Speaking of business,” she leaned in and spoke slowly and clearly as if I might not understand her otherwise; “we were about to start Circle Time. Are you ready to come learn with us?” I wasn’t. I really wasn’t. I looked back to my Mommy, my eyes pleading. I wasn’t ready for this; my hopes had already been dashed by seeing this. Please, please don’t cast me into this strange limbo- trapped somewhere between child and adult. The pity in my mother’s eyes was evident, but that didn’t stop her from saying, “Go on sweetie. Mommy will pick you up after work.” She scooted me forward, and my hands – disobedient – grabbed hold of the woman who used to answer my phones. Mommy added as an afterthought, “Oh, and I didn’t check to make sure, but she said she had a little accident on the way over.” “I’m sure she did,” my so-called teacher agreed. “Elisa usually knows when she’s had an accident and is the first to speak up about it. She’s very advanced in that way.” A hint of bile crept up into the back of my throat. I’d gone from being a genius scientist to being advanced because I knew when I’d peed my pants and could tell someone about it. I didn’t have time to look back and call out as my mother walked away from me. My legs weighted down by my own insistence, but still keeping pace with the teacher, I was led into what used to be my old laboratory; only now, apparently, it was the “Butterfly Room,” if signs and labels were to be believed. More than ever, I wanted to cry. My beautiful, spacious, clean laboratory had been transmogrified into a rough-and-tumble pre-school. The storage space where Julia had kept her myriad of fungi, viruses, and bacteria had been replaced with a row of cubbies. My own desk, computer and workbench now held tinker toys. The space reserved for HAZMAT suits and other safety equipment was now a dress up and dramatic play center; a fireman’s yellow coat and red helmet was on a hook next to my old lab coat, a play stethoscope hanging out of one of the pockets. Over by the rat cages, Lucy and Ethel remained, now the class pets instead of the award winning scientific curiosities. I was led over to the cubbies. On the way there I saw the rest of the class, all who would have been my peers in age if not intellect under normal circumstances, sitting in a semi-circle facing a wall decorated with educational posters. “Just a second, Carol,” my teacher called out to another middle-aged woman as she walked me over to the cubbies. “Let me get Elisa changed, and then we’ll start circle time.” At the mention of my name, Julia, turned her head and made eye contact with me. When it registered with her that I had recently wet myself, she had the good grace to blush and look away. Th teacher reached into a cubby that had my name and picture- a photograph of me smiling giddily from behind my strapped on glasses- and took out a fresh pink Pull-Up, brandishing it in her free hand as she rudely yanked me away towards a bathroom that hadn’t existed until two days ago. Right next to it was what was unmistakably a changing table; wide, long, and thick enough to accommodate someone my size. Despite myself, I glanced back at the semi-circle of adult toddlers, many of them hunched over enough so the waistbands of their underpants poked out slightly. While some had the purplish pinks and bright blues of Pull-Ups poking up out of the top of their pants, just as many, if not more, had the flimsy, frail and uneven white edges of a diaper peeking out over their waistbands. If that wasn’t evidence enough, the difference in the padding around their bums had been fairly obvious, too. Mommy had been right: some children my age hadn’t even begun potty training. I really was advanced. I sucked in my breath as I passed the changing table on the way to the bathroom, as if I was afraid to catch the babyishness surely contained within. There but for grace of God, pure luck, or something in between go I. It could always be worse. It might have been my relentless curiosity and desire to collect data, or it might have been just a more complex but futile attempt to prove my maturity, but I felt compelled to test the limits of this new reality. “Tell me Miss…” my voice bounced off the bathroom walls as I was escorted in, “…teacher; are you aware that the third law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of a system approaches a constant value as the temperature approaches absolute zero?” “I did not know that,” my ex-secretary replied as she closed the door behind us and went for a package of baby wipes resting on the toilet. Her tone was that of a person listening without listening; as if she wasn’t particularly interested in what I had to say, but was letting me say it. I might as well have been explaining the intricacies of a child’s television show that she had absolutely no interest in watching to her. “I personally think the fascinating thing about that is,” I pressed on while she knelt down to access my sagging underwear, “that there’s no such thing as absolute zero. It’s purely theoretical, since as long as there’s motion somewhere in the universe, there will always be a form of heat.” The easy open sides of the Pull-Up did just that, and I helped by holding up my skirt so that my nether regions could be properly cleaned. “That’s a very good point,” I-think-Helen replied, wiping me between my legs; not even looking me in the eye. She had no interest in anything I had to say. I might as well may have been talking about My Little Pony while she sanitized my privates, except that I didn’t know anything about My Little Pony. Great, another “adult” who was either too deluded or too stupid to notice that the content and vocabulary I was using was far too complex for a pre-schooler. My parents were the former, I believed. The woman who was dressing me in what amounted to a tapeless diaper, the latter. I was forced to make a show of washing my hands, as absurd as that was, and then walked over to the semi-circle, Julia patting a bare patch of carpet beside her, while my former employee threw away the wet Pull-Up in the diaper pail. “How are you holding up?” Julia asked as I took a spot on the floor next to her. “Not great,” I muttered. “All data is indicating that we’re royally scre-“ “Elisa,” the older woman in the middle of the circle, Carol, interrupted me. “We’re about to start Circle Time. You two can talk afterwards during play time.” Her tone brooked no argument. “Yes Ma’am.” Julia replied with automaticity, lowering her head in submission. I followed suit and felt my own cheeks flush as a flash of shame tingled across the back of my brain. Julia always was a people pleaser, but why was I feeling so easily cowed? Some part of me, for whatever reason, recognized this woman’s authority and wanted to please her. Was she really that much more of a “grown-up” than I used to be…than I was? Miss Carol addressed the rest of the class. “Okay gang, it’s Circle Time. It’s Justin’s turn to be our special helper.” On cue, a skinny brown-haired man with a bowl cut climbed to his feet and waddled over to the front. Based on the swollen bulge between his legs and the light smell of ammonia and baby powder that wafted behind him, he was obviously diapered and would likely need to be changed soon. He held out his hand and Miss Carol placed a stick with a plastic pointing finger on one end into his grip, before maneuvering him over to a poster entitled “Days of the Week.” “Sing along if you know the words, and Justin and I will point.” The older woman maneuvered herself behind the toddlerized man and grabbed hold of his wrist while he stood there stupidly and looked at the brightly colored display. A little boombox, manned by I-think-Helen kicked in, and synthesized harpsichord notes filled the room. Bland, autotuned, synthesized, not-quite-adult-not-quite-child voices blared out: “Days of the Week (snap snap) Days of the Week (snap snap) Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week. (snap snap)” I guffawed in surprise. The Addams Family? Really? As mnemonic device for the days of the week? Julia and I shot each other the same baffled look and we giggled at the absurdity and ridiculousness as it all. Something must have overcome the two of us. While Justin was being Miss Carol’s puppet- her hand guiding his to the correct days- and the other grown children were picking their noses or mumbling, Julia and I sang along: “There’s Sunday and there’s Monday. There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday. There’s Thursday and there’s Friday. And then there’s Saturday. Days of the Week (snap snap) Days of the Week (snap snap) Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week. (snap snap)” The teachers praised us. “Good job, Julia and Elisa!” We both sat up a little straighter at that. A feeling of accomplishment welled up in me. I might have been a pre-schooler, but I was still the smartest pre-schooler, damnit. The next track came on the boombox, and Justin was moved over to a “types of weather” chart, as different types of weather were sung to a rough approximation of “Oh My Darlin’ Clementine.” “Sunny-Sunny, Sunny-Sunny, it is Sunny in the sky. S-U-N-N-Y Sunny, it is Sunny in the sky.” Julia and I both instantly picked up the pattern, and smiling proudly and smugly to ourselves, repeated the process in our seats for “cloudy”, “rainy”, “windy”, and “snowy”. I was bouncing when the grown-ups complimented us on participating and picking up on the words. I was smart! I was a big-girl! Next came a song about writing numerals to the melody of “Skip to My Lou”, which we executed flawlessly. Again, we were perfect when reciting the letter names and sounds to the tune of Jeopardy “A for apple, a-a-a.” The pictures on the wall aided us in predicting what the other letters would be “for”. The whole extravaganza ended with a song about basic shapes to the tune of “I’m a little tea-pot.” Within seconds, we- child geniuses that we were- picked up on each rhythm and song and sang along perfectly as if we had heard these songs every day for months. The teachers seemed so happy and surprised at our sudden progress. But why should they be surprised? Julia and I were both advanced. Even when we had a potty accident we knew it and could tell people about it so we could get changed right away. Poor Justin’s diaper was all squishy and he didn’t even notice or care. He wasn’t even close to going potty like a big kid. It was only after the music faded, the opiate of praise removed; after we were allowed to scatter and go play that we were able to objectively look at ourselves and our behavior of the past ten minutes. Julia pulled me over to a low shelf filled with blocks. “What the hell just happened there?” she asked. My head shook so fast, I was vibrating. “I don’t know,” I admitted. I thumbed back to wall filled with educational posters. “That wasn’t completely an act from you either?” I asked. “Not at all,” Julia said, her pig-tails flopping. “I’ve been getting super excited from praise from grown-up…adult…oh you know what I mean,” she sighed. “I don’t understand it. I can still recite the parts and functions of a cell in my sleep. I can still recite my doctoral thesis practically verbatim,” she paused and looked over her shoulder, “ but I felt more accomplished when our secretary patted me on the head for singing the ABC’s than I have in years.” “Me too,” I admitted. “I felt more proud of myself when my Mommy let me wipe myself than when we got that grant money a few years back.” Julia crossed her arms, and poked her upper lip out. “I wouldn’t know. I haven’t had that pleasure yet.” I stared down at my sneakers, trying to distract myself by reciting complex theoretical equations in my head. Julia looked over my shoulder and my gaze followed hers as Miss Carol taped Justin into a fresh Luvs, his pants around his ankles on the changing table. “Still, it could be worse,” she granted. “At least we’re not totally regressed.” Without realizing, it we were holding hands, gripping each other’s fingers tightly as the poor man was helped off the table before his pants were pulled up over the diaper. My colleague looked to me. “You don’t have an irrational fear of being put back in diapers, too, do you?” “There’s nothing irrational about it,” I replied defensively. The only person whose opinion I still respected gave me a quizzical look. “I mean,” I stuttered, “I just don’t want to be a baby, that’s all. Babies where diapers.” “But isn’t infancy a matter of physical development that we’ve long since surpassed?” Julia asked. “Is an old person who is incontinent a baby?” “No,” I scoffed. “Don’t be silly.” “Then why are we both afraid of losing our big girl Pull-Ups?” she countered. “Why are we defining babies by what they wear instead of their chronological age? Why are we responding to positive reinforcement of perceived caregivers and authority figures so strongly?” “Oh shit,” I whispered, Julia’s analysis hitting home. “We really are regressing.” “Yes and no,” Julia gripped my hand. “I specifically designed my anti-regression safeguard to affect cognition. I think we’re whole in that regard.” Her eyes became slightly glassy as she blinked back tears. “But emotionally, I think we’re becoming closer and closer to two-year olds.” I tried to be clinical and cold; to act as an example and source of strength for my friend. “Then let’s stay away from emotions,” I said. “Focus on the work we have to do. Like, why has the world changed? Like, I can see furniture and clothes being retrofitted to meet our physical needs after the fact, but that should take time. There shouldn’t instantly be adult Pull-Ups and…” I gulped, “the only diapers that should fit us should be Depends.” Julia let go of my hand and began scanning the shelves filled with blocks. “Maybe chronotons don’t’ function exactly like we thought. Maybe they’re somewhat psychoactive.” She went over and began precariously stacking cardboard bricks into a careful tower in criss-crossing rows of three. I toddled after her. “But none of our experiments suggested that. The environment never reconfigured themselves when we exposed Lucy and Ethel to chronotons.” “To be fair,” Julia said, still stacking. “Is a baby rat’s cage all that different from an adult rat’s?” I opened my mouth to protest, but finding nothing to argue, I conceded. “Point taken.” I took a seat by Julia as she continued to construct her block tower, the gears in her head clearly turning. I felt just as much as heard the soft paper crinkle of the disposable training pants encasing me. That was another point of contention. “Yeah, but that’s another thing that’s bothering me,” I said. “Chronotons from when we were toddlers the first time around leaked out into the world. Wouldn’t you say our current treatment is a little more…modern? Shouldn’t George Bush be president? Shouldn’t smart phones be gone? Shouldn’t I have been watching nineties cartoons this morning instead of SpongeBob re-runs?” “I’ve thought about that,” Julia replied. She wasn’t taking her eyes off of her tower, now several rows high so that she was having to rise to her knees to continue stacking. “I think we left a few variables out and were working under some incorrect assumptions.” “Like what?” “We were harvesting chronotons from the fifth dimension,” my friend reminded me, “but chronotons only radiate outward into the fifth dimension from the present. Chronotons from the past mixed with the chronotons being generated from the present. Maybe this is what it looks like when past infects the present.” Julia pointed to a row of blocks near the bottom. “Let’s say that this is chronotons from the past when we were toddlers.” Gently, she poked a block out of the stack and removed it, leaving the rest of the pile still standing stall. “Then we moved those moments in time, those states of being, up here to the present.” The brick she removed went to the top of the tower. “The rest of reality still stands, but now in the present day, we’re potty training again, and this part,” she pointed to the top and wiggled her fingers down back to the base, “is spreading and dripping down the rest. The present and past still happened, but now the entire structure of reality has changed to explain why we never left daycare, and have gaps in our potty training.” I felt myself frown. “You’re suggesting that chronotons act like both a particle and a living thing?” I asked. “Like a kind of bacteria that’s spreading and cross breeding?” Julia looked at me and shrugged. “Unless you’ve got a better explanation.” I didn’t. “It still doesn’t quite explain why this building became a daycare,” she said. “It never was one to begin with.” “Maybe it would have been one, had it been normal for people in their twenties to need care at this level.” I said, giving her tower a look over. “ Cause and effect aren’t exactly intuitive where chronotons are concerned. Neither is conservation of mass, in all likelihood.” Bored now that she had given visual metaphor to her theory, Julia knocked over the cardboard bricks onto the carpet. She started stacking them again into something less defined. A castle perhaps? “What do you mean?” she asked as I watched her build. How to put what I was thinking? I saw a hint of Pull-Ups poking out from the back of her shorts, and inspiration struck me. “Like, do you really think that all of your Pull-Ups used to be panties? That your toddler bed used to be a grown-up bed?” My colleague stopped stacking the blocks and looked at me. “I…I suppose so? I haven’t given it much thought.” “How old were the panties you were wearing the night before they changed…” I stopped myself; poor choice of words, “err…transformed into Pull-Ups?” Julia reached behind her and hiked her shorts up. “I dunno. Why would I know that off the top of my head?” “Had them for a couple years?” I suggested. “At least.” “Right,” I nodded. “You don’t keep track because you wash and re-wear underwear again and again as long as it fits and is in good condition. But with disposables, new ones have to be manufactured and replaced daily. If everyone under thirty had their underwear-and just their underwear-transform to diapers…” “We wouldn’t have enough diapers and training pants to make it through a week, even when accounting for countries where infants don’t wear diapers.” Now she was getting it. “And I felt my panties get thicker,” I told my friend. “Me too,” she said. Without consciously meaning too, my hand wandered underneath my skirt and I gave my Pull-Ups a quick squeeze. Julia was noticeably touching her thighs together, likely taking notice of the slight padding between them. “But where did the material come from?” I asked. Both of us sat there in silence for a few moments, neither of us knowing the answer, the question only now coming into my head. Julia broke the silence. “Are you suggesting that all this stuff just…just materialized out of thin air?” I frowned. The idea that such a thing could happen was against every known and plausible scientific law that I was aware of. The amount of energy required to convert air into solid materials alone would likely drain the sun. Finally, I spoke. “We still don’t know precisely how chronotons react with inanimate objects beyond a few isolated unprocessed samples,” “We never thought to,” Julia said. Then her own eyes showed a flash of shock as the further implications of our meddling occurred to her. “The extra strain on natural resources would already be catastrophic,” she told me. “Oil is needed for the plastic and elastic needed for diapers. “ “You don’t suppose the chronotons had other effects do you?” I asked. “Like, replenishing of certain irreplaceable resources?” “I have no idea,” Julia admitted. “Every bit of news I’ve heard my mommy listening to has been about the kids popping up all over the place. There’s no talk of any kind of resource shortages.” She paused. “No more than usual that is.” She giggled. It was dry and bitter, but it was giggling all the same. “Maybe we accidentally solved the resource crisis on accident.” < Memory Upload Disconnected> <Neural Uplink Reconnected In Real Time.> I had no idea if we did. I still don’t. All I do know is that the diapers and baby clothes are still very much in demand and plentiful. The adult and child sections of clothing stores have shrunk considerably, but the baby aisles have ballooned proportionately with no shortage in stock. <Memory Sequence Resume Uploading. August 18th, 2017> With no further data to examine, I found my mind wandering to seeking further solutions to our current predicament. “So what do we do now?” I asked. “Wait until we’re considered ‘old’ enough to re-enroll in college, re-earn our degrees, and pick up our research where we left off?” “I don’t know,” Julia shuddered. “I have no idea. Never had to literally restart my life.” She turned her attention back to the stacking bricks. “I’m feeling really overwhelmed, right now.” “Me too.” “I just…I just need some time to de-stress.” She didn’t even look at me. “I need to…I need to play with some blocks for a little while.” I stood up and flattened my skirt back out. We were both stressed. We needed time to think to ourselves rather than a constant commiseration. Elisa would give Julia some space, and little by little Dr. Briggs and Dr. Meyer would return to the fore as some new idea snuck up on us. Besides, I felt more like coloring. “Doctor,” I said, invoking our ritual. She replied automatically, not even looking up from the blocks, “Doctor.” I walked over to small, but abandoned table. It wouldn’t do to have me trying to clear my head while some six-foot-tall toddler tried to give me a hug or pull my hair. The table was filled with stacks of crisp white paper, several boxes of crayons strewn about. Ignoring the dry crinkle and barely audible hiss from my padded backside as I sat down at the table, I grabbed a box of crayons and a piece of paper. Perhaps in my calculations there had been something I overlooked when programming the chrono-drill. With practiced ease, I grabbed a black crayon- the closest thing to an actual pencil- and went to write down an equation, only to be sorely surprised when the crayon streaked wildly off the paper and made a dark mark on the sunshine yellow surface beneath. “The hell?” I whispered, bringing the crayon up to eye level to examine it. Again, I tried to write formulae that I had long ago memorized in my sleep, and at most I was left with unintelligible scribbles. I stared down at the paper, feeling betrayed by my tools, but somewhere inside of me, I knew that it wasn’t the crayon’s fault. With shaking, unsteady digits, I attempted to write my name in all capital letters. E-L-I-S-A. Only the first three letters were anything resembling legible. The S was little more than a squiggle and the A looked like a Frankenstein’s hybrid of an X and an H. My fine motor skills had been impacted along with my bladder capacity. I turned over the piece of paper to continue experimenting, only to find a pre-rendered but rather plain sketch of a frog. I grabbed another piece of paper from the stack and turned it over. A white (save for the outlines) cow mooed up at me from the table. Coloring pages. Of course. I should have been annoyed, or outraged, but instead I saw only opportunity to test the limits that this new reality had imposed on me. Even a baby could manage to color a stupid cow, right? Several hours passed as I experimented and colored, trying diligently to keep my crayons on the paper. Little by little I started to get the hang of things. I really was advanced. I sat at the art table in daycare, doing my best to color in between the lines. The thick orange crayon felt cumbersome and unwieldy in my hands. Each stroke was laborious and imprecise; no two strokes precisely lining up with each other, no matter how intent I was or how meticulous my technique. A chasm of white separated each grainy orange line. The “work” that my teacher had given me was extremely frustrating- my coloring was more of a barely controlled scribble- but it served my purposes. I was still collecting data, even if it was data concerning my current physical limitations and the lingering psychological side effects of the recent fallout from my previous experiment. Besides, the chicken wasn’t going to color itself. A cry from a familiar voice made me look up from my “work”. Red faced and snot gushing out of her nose, Julia was being led to the daycare’s bathroom. I looked back down to the cartoon sketch of a now mostly orange barnyard fowl, averting my eyes to give my colleague some measure, some tiny scrap of dignity. She had likely just urinated in her pants, despite there being no outward visible indicator that I could see. Correction: the pink Pull-Up in the teacher’s free hand as she led Julia to the bathroom confirmed my hypothesis. Unable to control her bladder properly, or her emotions, she was being led to get changed into a fresh pair of what passed for underpants. The giggling twenty-something getting his bottom wiped on the nearby changing table as another adult slipped his soiled Huggies out from under him was a stark reminder that things could be much worse for us. A sudden flash of doubt caused me to look to the left and the right, making sure the coast was clear before I peeked under the hem of my own hot-pink skirt. The “fade when wet” designs on my crotch were still bright and clear. A sigh of relief escaped me, involuntarily, as I smoothed out my skirt. How queer it was, in this new status quo, that I was expected to occasionally soil myself yet still maintain a semblance of modesty. How had it come to this, I wondered, as I heard my friend’s wails of protest echo off the bathroom walls. “I’M NOT A BABY! LET GO OF ME! STOP! PLEEEEAAASE! STOP! NOOOOO!” At least one of Julia’s hypothesis about our current state was being supported. We were cognitively still very much adults, thanks to the precautions she had taken before disaster struck; but emotionally we were becoming less and less developed. Coloring and blocks were emotionally satisfying and perhaps even stimulating. The thought of being treated as an infant mortified us disproportionately, even when compared to our adult selves. The opinions of so called “grown-ups” held unmerited weight. Julia was still bawling when she came out, our teacher shaking her head to herself while disposing of Julia’s soiled Pull-Up. She practically threw herself down at the table; and almost slammed. “I’m never going to get potty trained!” she wailed. “NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!” Each word was punctuated by a balled-up fist slamming down on the table. Feeling incredibly awkward, I reached over and patted her on the back. “Don’t worry,” I told her. “You’ll get it. This is only day two of-“ “-OF ETERNITY!” she snapped her head up, tears streaming down from her eyes. Without looking back, she pointed back at the rat cages. “Lucy and Ethel,” she growled at me. “How long have they been stuck in the same loop? An eternity in rat years. Not one bit of progress. How long have our plant samples lasted? Our bacterium? Chronotons preserve. That much holds constant!” She was teetering the line into hysterics. “Julia…” There were no other words. I tried to offer what comfort I could. Tearfully, angrily, she shoved my hand away from her. “The only time I’ve used the potty was yesterday when I went poopy; and that was an accident.” The disgust on my face must have been unconscious and yet plain. “Oh don’t act so high and mighty, Elisa,” she whispered through gritted teeth. “I’m a couple of months younger than you, so my bladder is less developed…but it’s not going to get any more developed.” I shook my head, dumbly. Now my own eyes were getting watery. “What do…what do you mean?” “Either the grown-ups won’t notice the passage of time and we’ll be twenty-nine-year-old babies forever, or they will…only we’ll be thirty-year-old babies…forty-year-old babies…fifty-year-old babies.” Her face broke into a buskin match, yet her sobs sounded almost like laughter. “It’s like you said…we’re in a never-ending yesterday.” She was right, of course. All of our data, even before this mess indicated a kind of paralyzed immortality. Being considered giant toddlers was just an unforeseen circumstance that we hadn’t calculated. It was getting harder and harder for me to see. My own tears. “I’ll be forever in Pull-Ups…just starting to potty train,” my best friend moaned. “Never making it, always being shamed for not being mature enough.” Her body was racked with sobs. She picked herself up and stared at me. “It’d almost be better if we had gone back even further,” she cried. “At least I wouldn’t have to deal with the shame of going pee-pee and poopy in my diapers if that’s what I was supposed to do!” She wiped her nose and leveled a snot-dripping finger at me. “And it’s all your fault.” “What?” “Oh come on!” my colleague wailed at me. “Don’t tell me you haven’t figured out where it all went wrong. Even I figured out that much. It was your lack of foresight, your lack of understanding that made this all happen to us! If you had just done one thing differently the other night, we’d be okay…” Julia started babbling incoherently, more sobs than speech. I couldn’t see her anymore. Everything was too blurry. I too was crying, openly. I was angry and penitent and miserable and desperate all at once. I hated Julia for her telling me what I had been secretly telling myself this entire time. I hated her for being smarter than me; her invention, though rushed and incomplete had saved us both from mine. The daycare teachers were walking over to us, two little girls bawling their eyes up for no reason they could discern. I had no idea what Julia was talking about, blaming myself but still not sure what I could have done differently. My body took control away from my rational mind, and my arms opened wide; the near universal sign for asking for a hug. Damn, I needed a hug. Thankfully, though still sobbing, Julia reciprocated. Noses running with snot, eyes flooding with tears, and throats sore from incoherent screaming, we embraced each other, taking what comfort we could as grown-ups came to see what all the fuss was about. “Julia,” I cried. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. If I could do it all over again, I’d go back and-“ I heard the response in my head, in my mind, rather than in my ears. “<Command accepted. Go back.>” No…
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    I'm 23 and there's loads of us, what you talking about everyone being old... pshuuh
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    For someone trying to not be rude you were pretty successfully rude... And yes, we have people of all ages from 18-70s.
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    I just caught back up and I have to say Brava, thank you for sharing your story that is so close to your heart. I feel for Chris, and Tee, may they start to bond with each other as a father and son should. I eagerly anticipate your next chapter, and again Thank you for sharing your brilliant story with us here. I just wanted to say that this is your story to write, I would love to see what you have so far. Please dont change it unless you feel it needs to be changed!
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    Danni – Part 7 – Julie’s Power There was no doubt about it, Julie had me cowed and I was at her bidding no matter what. She encouraged me to sing in the choir but warned me against Miss Simms placing too much pressure on me (she had said it was the pressure to perform that had made me wet myself, and I believed her). She told me that boys would only take advantage of my sweet temperament (her words) so basically the only person who was looking out for me was her. She kept going on about when I was a baby how much fun I was, how much I enjoyed the games we played and how much I liked being looked after. She thought because of all the ‘trauma’ of growing up and the ‘problems’ it was causing, she should let me be a “baby” again. It was a time she said I was happiest. I somehow knew that all the ‘trauma’ and ‘problems’ were as a result of the way she treated me but I wasn’t able to offer much in the way of resistance and that meant I was back to being her baby… her toy. I was wearing nappies or pull-ups permanently – for bed, for school, for trips, for, well everything. I had given up fighting Julie she was a force I could not defeat and I wasn’t equipped for battle, I just gave in and did what she wanted. After all, I had no real say in what was going on, it kept her in a good mood and mum seemed happy that my ‘problem’ was now well contained. I was so compliant, and mum so comfortable with the way things currently existed, she even patted my well-padded bottom before we went anywhere and smiled contentedly that everything was ‘okay’. I took it as natural; this was how it was meant to be even if all the other kids in my class didn’t wear nappies and such. Julie said that the reason I did was because I was ‘special’, that I was better than any of the other kids because I had a loving sister who only wanted the very best for her sweet little baby brother. In my own small way I did try to rebel because I didn’t like to wear a wet nappy. When she wasn’t around I always made it to the bathroom in time by sliding my hand up my shorts, struggling valiantly with the padding before pulling out my willy and doing what I had to do in the toilet. Not having a wet nappy when she checked me was a small victory but I think it annoyed her slightly. However, one day we were playing in the park and I needed to go so I suggested a game of hide and seek. The idea was that I would hide first; she would count to 50 and then attempt to find me. Cleverly, I thought, I could quickly hide behind a bush, release my willy and do it before she came and found where I was hiding. Alas, I struggled longer than I thought with the tight fitting nappy and as I nervously peed into the bushes she came up behind me “You naughty, dirty boy,” she screamed… and I froze in mid flow. “In public, how disgusting.” She grabbed my arm, pulled down my pants and nappy and spanked me hard on my bare bottom. This time it did hurt and my pleading and screaming I was sorry was having no effect as she reddened my bum cheeks. It was all over in a matter of seconds but I was crying for real and she had managed to make me feel terribly ashamed of myself. I was still crying as she removed my t-shirt and I was led naked back to our blanket on the ground where we’d been picnicking. People were looking but no one said anything as she lay me out and re-fitted the old disposable I had been wearing. She pulled it tight and taped me firmly in place then she did something I will never forget – she poured a whole can of fizzy orange juice down the front. I couldn’t stop her and as the nappy absorbed the liquid, the thing expanded and changed from white to a very obvious pale orange. It felt massive between my legs - it was also cold, sticky, wet and it set me off crying even more. “You’ve been a very dirty… naughty… disgusting boy.” She threatened as I sat wondering what I was going to do. “This will be your punishment until we get home so everyone can see just what a naughty, dirty little baby brother I have.” I was both ashamed and inconsolable because she’d made me feel that it was my fault that I had made her do what she’d done and that of course, it was for my own good. I had to learn to be “a good obedient little boy”. Walking the half mile or so home she wouldn’t let me wear anything but the messy orange nappy. It wasn’t very nice to walk in and of course I was waddling trying to keep up as she all but dragged me home. At the door she told me in no uncertain terms that mum would be furious about my shameful peeing in public and that she wouldn’t be at all surprised if she also spanked me. I was terrified of entering my own home. Of course I had to promise to be good, do exactly as I was told and, more importantly, use the nappy when I needed to go. She said she wouldn’t tell mum about what I’d done if I agreed and ‘swore an oath.’ I wasn’t sure what that was but as she said it was the most solemn promise, that even God would punish me if I broke, it was the only thing she said that would stop her from telling mum. Of course I agreed and repeated the oath that Julie made me swear ‘on my life’ to uphold. Once through the door mum wondered why I’d been crying and why was I only wearing a very soggy nappy. Julie looked down at me and said it was another one of my ‘accidents’ and that she didn’t have a spare disposable to change me and she didn’t want all my other clothes to get messy. Mum looked pitifully at me and I saw sympathy in her eyes. “You poor little thing.” She hugged me tightly. “Never mind, you're home now… I’ll take care of you.” Julie tried to intervene. “It’s OK mum, I’ll see to him,” she seemed a little worried that her orange scam might be found out. “I have a fresh nappy in my room for him…” “You do enough Julie,” mum said taking hold of my hand and leading me upstairs. “I think I’ll change my sweet boy.” Julie was left to worry about any possible outcome but she should have been confident in her powers and influence over me as I never said a word against her as mum cleaned me up. As my room was now, thanks to Julie, more or less a nursery, all there was lying around were pull-ups or disposables (my thick cloth nappies Julie always kept in my underwear draw - or what had once been my underwear draw). So mum, still thinking I had a wetting problem, cleaned me up, powdered me and fitted me into a clean and tight disposable, and asked if I was okay. My tears had stopped but my bottom still smarted from Julie smacks so I just nodded. She wondered if I wanted to take a nap as I looked worn out. I wasn’t tired but I thought it might be best if I hid myself away for a little while so as mum tucked me in I gave her a kiss and said I was sorry. “It’s OK sweetheart,” she whispered back, “It’s not your fault, accidents happen. You just have a nap and then things won’t seem so bad.” Everything seemed nice when mum was like this but I still couldn’t tell her anything, after all, I'd just sworn an oath, on pain of my death, if I revealed just what had actually happened. No Julie had me and I was now, if I was in any doubt, completely under her control. Over the next few weeks Julie upped her game. Her idea for my clothing was a thick nappy, pink or blue plastic pants and tiny shorts that gave no hiding place for my protection. For bed she had me thickly nappied, often wearing a footed onesie that had a zip up the back (so I couldn’t remove it even if I’d wanted to), which had been a surprising addition to my wardrobe, as had a short onesie that fastened with press studs between my legs. Where these items had appeared from I didn’t know but I had expertly been returned to my infanthood even though my eighth birthday was rapidly approaching. My loving sister had got me all excited about my birthday. She said she had planned a party for me and wondered if there was anyone special who I’d like to invite. I told her Simon if she could get an invitation to him. She enthused back that she was positive he’d love to come and she’d make an extra effort to ensure he received his invite. She even had me write a special ‘please come’ on the bottom of his card, which I then watched her drop in the post box. # to be continued...
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    Danni – Part 6 – Crime and Punishment Being brought up by Julie had made me the boy I was. I wasn’t one for games, in fact, other than with Simon I had hardly played with any other boys of my age. They scared me and with Julie’s protection, I’d never needed to toughen up. Some might say I was lucky to have such a sister, and indeed, I never thought anything other than that but, as we both got older it was as if she didn’t want me to grow up. She was making things up that I did or didn’t do when she spoke to mum, and mum, being mum, believed everything she said or suggested. It wasn’t that mum wasn’t bothered it was just that she’d left me in Julie’s hands for so long, she had no idea how I should be. If I complained to her about having to wear something she always made me remember how much I’d enjoyed dressing up before. When I think about it, I always did have a smile on my face as me and Julie had played her dressing-up games. I didn’t know any better but mum now saw it as “Just the way you are”. I think she thought it was what I wanted and I liked all that kind of thing; being dressed as a girl or being babied by all her friends. In many ways I suppose I did, or at least it never worried me but, I’d begun to want the same as what the boys at school had. At school I was introduced to the choir and found that I loved singing in assembly as much as I’d enjoyed singing in front of Julie and her chums. The teachers thought I was very good and began to offer me more and more songs to take the lead on. I was very nervous about being pushed forward but Miss Simms, the music teacher gently coaxed me and, perhaps because she was a woman, I did as I was told. It was OK if I was surrounded by the rest of the choir and I was just one amongst a group but when I had my solo I became quite scared. I’m not sure why but it was worse if mum or Julie were watching and on one occasion I peed my pants centre stage. Julie saw what I’d done and because of the sudden appearance of a wet spot on the front of my shorts she leapt into action. Even before Miss Simms could come to my assistance Julie was up on the stage and gently leading me off, her words full of sympathy, but her firm grip telling me otherwise. How she knew what would happen I do not know but I was led to a classroom, my shorts and briefs taken down and she rummaged in her schoolbag and produced a disposable nappy. She had no powder or lotions this time but just wrapped me in it, pulled it up between my legs, fastened the sticky tabs in place and yanked me to my feet. A few fellow pupils had gathered in the doorway to watch the proceedings and Miss Simms was trying to get through the cordon. I could see the sympathy in her eyes but Julie just said that she wasn’t to worry, no one blamed her for my distress and that she was sure no real harm was done. Miss Simms was taken aback at this slight but as Julie had already grabbed my hand and was ushering me away from the cluster of kids (and associated parents) she hadn’t formulated a response as Julie hurried me to mother’s car waiting to pick us up. It was my moment of achievement… something I’d done without Julie… or mum and I’d wet myself. I was crying as we got into the car and mum was wondering what had happened. A very empathetic Julie explained how I was ‘brilliant’ and was singing ‘beautifully’, when I just peed myself. Again, all the words she said sounded like she was so sorry for me but I knew that she loved every minute of my humiliation. As I sat down she even apologised to mum that she hadn’t got any plastic pants for me to wear to protect the car seat… and suggested that in future we should all carry a spare pair for just such emergencies. Mum just nodded to Julie, tried to cheer me up with the offer of ice cream, tickled me under the chin and told me that I was her ‘special little boy’. I was sobbing quietly in the back seat with Julie gently stroking my hand and telling me not to worry, and that lots of boys my age had these accidents. Fine soothing words for her but quite terrifying for me as it gave her another excuse to keep me in nappies. It also meant that from that moment on Julie would insist that I wear protection for school, as, she explained to mum, she didn’t see why the teachers should have to deal with my ‘damp spells’. Again mum nodded in agreement and Julie suggested that we call in and get some suitable protection on the way home. As we pulled into the shopping centre car park I didn’t want to get out but both mum and Julie were adamant I couldn’t sit there alone. I weepily suggested that Julie stayed with me but she said that she had things she wanted to buy. There was no way round it… I walked into the pharmacy and to the nappy section wearing my bright and dry disposable. There was absolutely no doubt as to what we were there to buy. Julie found a huge case of pull-ups about my size and took them over to mum. She also found some cloth nappies, pins and a couple of pairs of colourful plastic pants. She added tubs of baby powder and lotion. I was filled with embarrassment and had my eyes glued to the ground throughout the entire proceedings. Even at the cash desk, as mum paid and Julie held all the products, I couldn’t look at the teenage lad who was on check out as I was certain he would be laughing at me. Just before he rang through the pull-ups he asked mum if she wanted to change them as they were for young girls, they had cartoon princesses all over them, apparently, there were some with cars on for little boys. But an exasperated sound came from Julie who was already on her way out with the rest of the stuff so mum just shrugged and the lad beeped them through. Mum had said that we were going to get ice cream but I hadn’t thought she meant in a public place and as we drove into the café that was my favourite location because of its selection of flavours I began to cry again saying I didn’t now want any ice cream. Mum was about to turn around but Julie said that even if I didn’t she would like some and also implied I was lying and that I was just being silly. “What little boy didn’t want ice cream?” The fact was I did but not dressed as I was. Julie was very quick. “Is it because you’re only wearing a disposable?” I nodded. “Would you be OK if we put you in something else?” Again I nodded almost beginning to cheer up at the prospect of the big sundae I was planning on treating myself to. “OK then, that’s what we’ll do.” So as mum went off to order our tasty treats Julie set about changing me in the back of the car. I was relieved when the disposable came off and she wiped me dry with some of the wipes we’d just bought. She powdered me and was all ‘loving’ and ‘sweet’ as she massaged it in, then she delved into the case of pull-ups and unfurled it. At that moment I wasn’t thinking about the image on it, all I knew was that it was more like wearing underpants than a nappy, but once I was in them she opened the door and dragged me out. I was standing wearing just a pair of princess pull-ups and a white school polo shirt. “There,” she said triumphantly, “fit for a… prince… ess” and led me to the café. She gave me that grip and a very stern warning not to upset mum by acting up or crying and said that if I did she would spank me herself when we got home… and… she inferred… after today’s performance and the expense and the embarrassment to her and mum… no doubt mum would spank me too. The café was full of kids all enjoying their selection of fruity flavours and I was just another tasty morsel that they could enjoy by laughing and tittering as I walked by. It was the worst, and longest, ice cream I’d ever had and I did cry and… wet myself. Needless to say, Julie pointed this out to mum and, as I was bawling my eyes out, it was agreed that I was getting worse and perhaps stronger protection may be needed. The princesses, not able to withstand my soggy torrent, meant I had to ride back home in a very wet pull-up. # to be continued...
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    9. Dumping my clothes on the bed, I begin sorting out my new tops by color. I drop the white ones in my whites laundry basket, and the colors I decide to wash individually with a couple older towels each on tiny load settings. No sense in lettings these fade over something I already own. I make several mini-laundry piles and lug them into the laundry room. I decide to start the whites with some bleach first. The water begins filling while I add the bleach, but I discover a problem when I bend over to grab the white load. Apparently, I still need to pee quite a bit. I decide to put these pads to the test. No better room than the only one with a floor drain! I take a wide legged stance and relax my bladder, or try to. I fail. It’s not so much a factor of permission, but a matter of forcing muscles that I don’t EVER think about to open. I guess that’s the thing though. Maybe being flexed shut is the relaxed state for those bladder control muscles. If that’s the case, it’s a bit like doing a bladder pushup! I make a mental note to look that up. Interesting theory. I decide It’s really a mind over matter type thing. I envision a Sci-Fi type scene of casting my consciousness down the nerve synapsis to the bundles controlling my bladder. With the piddles always on the horizon, I have perhaps a stronger connection to my troubled bladder muscles than most people do. I envision my bladder as a hand tightly clasped holding something in. I lean forward bracing myself on the washing machine angling my body in a new way while trying to tug those mental fingers loose. I finally feel my control loosen and I begin to wet the incontinence pad. Suddenly, I’m releasing a full wetting onto the pad, but it’s like the pad doesn’t even try keep up. My hipster panties plus this type of pad don’t make a good pairing. The pad itself stays in a circular shape instead of flattening out gathering correctly. Apparently, I need some full on tighty-whitey granny panties. I don’t know if it fails because of being a crappy product, or because I wasn’t wearing correctly either way the pad definitely fails. I feel the pee trailing down my leg and “eep” shocked back into action. I shuck my tennis shoes and strip my socks off tossing them in the washing machine with the whites. I stand over the drain as my body finishes the business I started not having any options. Sadly, I strip out of my new favorite top that’s now soggy in the crotched. I rinse it in the utility sink and drop some water over the floor using a towel to clean up my mess. When Allen finds me a few moments later, I’m still standing there in my yellow smiley assed panties with a totally soggy incontinence pad soaked so badly it looks like it just phoned in the effort, I mean come on! “Hey Babe. Ooo, Boobs!” Allen says taking a good thirty seconds or so to notice anything else.“Shit.” I grumble when he eventually looks down.“Everything ok over there Princess?”“Awesome…” I threw him a you’re-a-dumbass eyebrow. He waves his hands, “Alright I give!” “Do you need any help Rob?”“I rinsed my top and threw my socks ‘n shoes in the whites.” I say pointing at the washer. “So what happened here? An accident?”“No… an experiment. A failed one.” “What didn’t work?”“Well, I got a new heavy wetting pad to see if I could sort of wear a diaper, but not really.”“Ok”“I piddled a lot when I got out of the car, you know… like I do.”“That’s what your pads are for baby. I really don’t care that you dribble.” “I know. I love you for it too.” I say meaning it while straddling the drain in the laundry room.“I thought this was the safest place to test em.” “I’d have went with the shower…”“Well, damn. I had to go and NOT think of that.” I admit a bit defeated.“Meh, no worries looks like you already cleaned it up.” “I was just going to strip and shower really fast. I’ll wash these panties with one of these loads.” “I’ll take care of that. You just flash me those gorgeous butt cheeks and scoot out of here.”“Allen, you don’t have to. I’m not some kid.”“Well, you certainly are playing at it.” He smirks.“Wipe that look off your face or I’ll kick your ass.”“Ma’am, Yes Ma’am.” He salutes.“God you’re impossible.” I say stripping. “Nah, I’m amazing. I clean up after wet girls around here all the time.”“A wet toddler maybe…”“Nope, I washed your wet stuff yesterday too.” “I… Oh… I… I was going to do that. You didn’t have to.” “Well, I don’t get off on handling your pee or anything, but your accidents don’t repulse me either. You certainly never will!”“Fine, you can be out of the dog house.” I tell him turning to him naked as the day I was born.“I’m going to shower. Did you get the rest of the stuff out of the car?” “Yep. On the counter.” “Will you run a kitchen wipe with bleach on the floor between here and the washer?” “Already planned to. I’ll put the rest of the bags on the bed.”“You can return or throw away those bags of pads. Even if I could figure it out, I’ll never trust them now.”“Done. I’ll just toss em. Not worth the gas or my time to take ‘em back. We should stick them all over something and then take a funny picture.” He jokes. “We’ll do no such thing. My totally manageable leaky issue and my new found love of thick underwear is no one’s business but ours mister!” I say getting a little heated again.“Sorry, not what I meant. Just thinking of that kid from AFV covered in pads the other day.”“Nope. Trash or take back. That’s your options. No negotiation.” “Trash it is!” I leave the laundry room running on my tip toes like a spooked deer. I’m genuinely upset that the pads didn’t work and that my new favorite top is in the laundry room in the sink. I totally stomp off to the bathroom pissed the hell off, just not at Allen, this time! I take my time cleaning myself and lotioning up my skin. When I get out of the shower I fix my hair and do a light coating of makeup. I feel the need to look my best for Allen after him seeing me in the laundry, all boobs out and wet panties. That’s not the look I want to foster! I paint my nails and toe nails too. By the time I’m done, I look like I’m ready to go dancing or for a night out doing something young and fun. Perfect, I think looking in my mirror. This is exactly the level of nice that I’m looking for! I look around in my Tee-Shirt drawer for something cute that will go with my nails. I find a purple My Little Pony shirt that I bought to match one Molly just had to have a few months ago. I feel like a cute day! I can be cute and sexy too. I love it. Ooo, I’ll put my hair up too! I tease my hair into a cute dangling updo with floppy bangs. It feels summery, light, and cute. I scratch at my chest and cup my breasts. I let them fall back to their resting position and smile at myself. It was a hard fight back to this shape after Molly, and I’m a bit proud despite a little remaining pudge. Naked below my shirt, I sit on my bed trying to decide what my bottom half should look like for the rest of the day. I know I want to wear a diaper. So there’s that. I guess I need to decide what I can wear with this top that will help me hide my diaper. I pilfer through my closet and the bottom drawer in my dresser. I sit out a few pieces, but struggle making up my mind. I rest my hand on my hip cocking it out to the side while I stare at my bed. My door pops open startling me. “Ahhh!” “Shhh… It’s just me baby.” “Damn honey. Scared the shit out of me.” I say resting a hand over my throbbing heart.“Didn’t mean to.” “I’m ok now.” I smile at him half naked. “You look amazing.” He smiles at me lecherously. I turn fully to him displaying my fuzz free goodies. Allen smiles the sight. I sashay over to him wiggling my hips as I walk. He stands there mesmerized by my movements. “Hey babe. I can’t decide what to wear over my diaper.” I tease.“I’m ok with nothing!” He gets a well-deserved really eye for that, but knowing him he probably thought it was worth it. “Allen…” “Bah fine. You know I wasn’t serious. I just hate to cover you up. I could stare at you all day.” “Well, we decided to have a child so… no day long ass staring for you.”“I like the new packaging anyway. Speaking of. May I?”“Please.” I giggle and move the baggy overalls I set out further up the bed. Allen takes my ankles and tugs me closer to the edge of the bed. I close my eyes to focus on the feelings. This isn’t the first time my husband has diapered me, today even, but this is the first time I am awake enough to focus on it, to enjoy it. He spreads my legs at the knees leaving then laying open like butterfly wings. My shaven kitty stares up at Allen, and I feel the air caressing my delicate places. His hands trace up my ankles gliding up the insides of my legs. They spread outward at my hips reaching under me to cup my ass tracing the back of my legs pulling them together. I moisten enjoying the luxurious feeling of Allen’s rough hands on my skin. He raises me off the bed far enough to slide a diaper under me. Immediately, I feel that this diaper is bigger than I expected. I resist the urge to open my eyes enjoying the sensory deprivation. May have to add a blindfold to the naughty drawer!
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    Every party needs a pooper, that's why we invited you!
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    Can you please consolidate your thoughts and quit creating redundant posts. You've asked the same questions multiple times and people have taken the time to answer you. At some point you're going to have to figure it out for yourself. I'm not trying to discourage you from asking for help. By all means ask your question and people will likely help you out. Just bump your existing threads in favor of creating 10 new ones.
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    --------------------------- Chapter 2: The Notary It had been several days since the night Amanda and Derrek finally began speaking again. Derrek's thoughts were still invaded with memories of the scent and taste of Amanda's panties, but he tried hard to just ignore them. This was actually proving harder than he thought. Sometimes, while talking to Amanda, he would just randomly think of the incident and instantly begin to blush with embarrassment. The worst of all was when his eyes caught a glimpse of her panty lines or a waistband peeking over the top of her pants. These instances usually led to an erection, and required some quick thinking on Derrek's part. He just didn't want to give Amanda any more reasons to think he needed therapy. Largely, he felt his efforts to ignore things were paying off. Their relationship was back on track as far as he could tell. They were hanging out like they used to, or maybe even more than they used to. He suspected Amanda kept her bedroom door locked now, but he wasn't about to test that theory. He was just glad it seemed his past transgression had been erased. They never discussed it since that night, and both of them seemed fine with that. He hadn't even heard Amanda mention anything about counseling or therapy. He naively figured she must have noticed improvement in him in this short amount of time, and just decided to let the whole thing go. Late in the day, Derrek and Amanda were talking about his plans for college, and dreams for the future. Derrek had always wanted to go to school for illustration, but he wasn't sure if it was a stable career choice. Amanda: But it's what you're passionate about. Why not pursue it? Derrek: I know, but the field is like very competitive, and I heard it takes the joy out of it when you turn your passion into your job. Amanda: You could minor in illustration, and then do freelance work on the side. Derrek: Yeah, I might do that, but then I have to figure out what I want to major in. Amanda: You could always become a nurse like me, Sweety. You can handle working with peoples bodily fluids right? Derrek couldn't help but think briefly that this might be a mention to the panty situation. Amanda didn't seem to notice the connection though. Amanda: Have I ever told you about code browns? Derrek: Oh god! Yes you've told me plenty of times! Amanda: Follow in my footsteps! Derrek: Nooooooooo! While they were busy chatting away, the doorbell rang out of the blue. Amanda: Oh! I almost forgot. I asked a notary to come by. We need to sign some more papers for your adoption. Derrek: Oh… I thought everything was official already. Derrek was genuinely sad at the thought that Amanda might not officially be his mom. Amanda: Oh Sweety, everything is official. I didn't mean to worry you. We just have some other minor papers we need to sign. Nothing to think too hard about. Relief flushed over his face. Derrek: Oh, ok. When Amanda opened the door, there stood a tall athletic looking woman. She was wearing a black tailored pinstriped suit and heels which made her appear even taller than she naturally was. Derrek felt tiny in her presence. Her long straight black hair framed her smooth face, which wore a serious, almost pissed off expression. Then her eyes met Amanda's, and she lit up with, as Derrek thought, the weakest smile he had ever seen. It was as if she dared not smile too hard for the fear that the action would shatter her tight face. Notary: Amanda, hi! I brought the paperwork we had discussed the other day. Her eyes then focused on Derrek. Notary: This must be Derrek. Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you. She thrust a sturdy branch like arm out to shake his hand. Derrek was taken aback by how firm her grip was. He also thought it was interesting that she had heard so much about him. For Amanda to speak highly of him it must mean their relationship was pretty darn solid. Though he was barely conscious of it, it further helped set his mind at ease regarding his relationship with her. Derrek: Thanks! Nice to meet you too! The notary shifted straight into business after that. Derrek thought that must be her natural state of being. She seemed like a workaholic for sure. The type of person who is always connected to their job and can't shut it off. Notary: Amanda, is there a table we can use? Amanda: Absolutely. Right over here. Just let me move these. Amanda scooped up all of the college info packets that were laying on the table, as Derrek and the Notary pulled out chairs. Amanda: We were just looking over Derrek's college options. Sorry about the mess. Notary: Oh don't worry about that! I've seen way bigger messes than anything here. I can promise you that. The notary seemed to smirk lightly to herself. Notary: Well then, let's begin. She popped open her briefcase and shuffled through some papers talking as she did so. Notary: So Derrek, nothing too scary here, basically these are just follow-up documents that add on to your adoption by Amanda. They give her more rights as your mother and legal guardian. Derrek: ok Notary: Would you like me to go over it all with you, or do you have any questions about this? Derrek: Not really. I mean, I thought she already had all the parental rights anyway, so I don't mind agreeing to that. Notary: Ok, then if you'd like to extend those rights to Amanda, all you need to do is sign this very last page. Then just initial and date on each of these lines. Derrek started to read the legalese at the top of the page, but then he felt something. Amanda had put her hand on his and squeezed it. Derrek looked up to see her smiling at him. Amanda: Are you ready for this? Derrek returned the smile and nodded. With that he signed, initialed, and dated everything. After he finished, Amanda went through and did the same. Once she had completed her part, the Notary stood up and began gathering the various papers. She stacked them up neatly, tapped them on the table three times, and laid them in her briefcase. Notary: Well, that is that then. We have a perfectly legal and binding document. Amanda, I'll send you a copy for your records. She slammed the briefcase shut, and used her thumbs to close the latches, which gave off satisfying clicks as they set. She then crossed the room to the front door, and turned back toward Amanda. Notary: You're all set? It was a question, not a statement, but Derrek hadn't read too deeply into it. She asked it as if she were asking about some preparations for a trip or something. Amanda just smiled and nodded at her, and then opened the front door. Amanda: Thanks for getting this all ready so fast. Notary: Don't be silly, it was my pleasure. Just be sure to let me know when you need me. Amanda: I will. I promise. Derrek again hadn't really thought too deeply about this exchange. He figured they were talking about something else entirely now. The notary began taking steps out the door, but she once again turned back, and this time faced Derrek. Notary: Derrek, you be a good boy for your mommy now. Derrek thought it was a really weird joke, but he laughed anyway. The woman then shot a subtle smirk at Amanda, and with that she climbed into a black Lexus and drove off. Derrek: She was a little different, huh? Amanda: Shhhhh that's not nice! Derrek: Ok "mommy". They both started laughing heavily. Derrek thought things were really looking up for him.
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    Here is the fourth and final instalment of "The Internship" which has been available on my Patreon for one week. Anyone pledging $5 or more get early access to all my stories (I generally try to post a 2000+ word update, sometimes longer, at least once every four days), or for $10 you get the above plus exclusive stories not posted elsewhere. I also write commissions for £5 per 1000 words and I'm open to ideas, message me if interested and we can discuss things This was a very fun commission to write and I would like to thank the person who paid for it for letting me write their idea A big thank you to everyone who is reading and commenting on my stories (I live off of feedback!) and an extra special thanks to everyone who is contributing to my Patreon and allowing me to write as much as I have been doing: Dannydazzler, P, James S, TBCG, LB Iceland, Scy Tali, Orion F, John, Diapering Daddy, Eric C, Paul E, Kevin H, Mr. Smileypants, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew John, D, Liv, Cyatommorrow, Keen Lover, Emmanuel S, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, Kent J, Frank Sz, C Dom, Scott S, James B, Ben F --- The cafeteria, when the robot carried Katie through the door, looked the same as the previous day except for one difference. A small difference but one that made Katie double take. One of the tables had been taken away, as had all the chairs that had been around it. In it’s place was a large high chair. Katie felt her stomach drop as she was carried over to it; she was sat down in the large seat and held there until the tray was pulled down in front of her. Katie half-heartedly tried to push the tray away but it was obviously locked in place very strongly. Her legs swung uselessly below the chair and the padded girl felt incredibly little. It’s amazing how such small things could have such big effects on how you feel. For Katie, just the fact that she couldn’t reach the floor made her feel more like a toddler than nearly anything else that had happened. The robot that had been with her nearly non-stop walked away from Katie and disappeared through a door into the kitchen area. It returned almost immediately, it’s slow and methodical walking gave Katie a long look at was coming and she wasn’t too excited. The robot was carrying a medium sized tray which had just two items on it. Katie could see a bowl that was steaming slightly and that seemed to have a spoon sticking out of it and a large baby’s bottle filled with milk. Katie felt disgusted at the treatment and despite her unwillingness to resist and cause more problems, the more she saw of this lunch that was being brought to her the more she was certain she couldn’t eat it. To put it mildly, this food did not look appetising. The robot placed the tray down on the high chair in front of Katie and picked up the spoon, it began stirring the bowl of food as Katie looked down at what she was being given with revulsion. The bowl was full of a lumpy and thick liquid. Katie couldn’t make out what the food was but she did notice little lumps of carrots here and there. It didn’t look appetising and it smelt even worse, it wasn’t necessarily a horrible smell but it wasn’t the smell of something Katie wanted to be eating. The robot brought the spoon up to Katie’s mouth and she saw some of the food drip off of the bottom of the utensil. Katie’s lip trembled and her throat felt tight, she felt like she wouldn’t be able to swallow even if she had wanted to. Katie felt pressured to open her mouth. The nanny was standing with the spoon outstretched and not moving, it’s piercing stare seemed to go through the woman’s soul. Reluctantly, and with great hesitation, Katie slowly opened her mouth and almost immediately felt the robot push the spoon in and upturn it, pouring the food into Katie’s mouth. Katie felt the taste hit her tongue and she winced, it didn’t taste as bad as it looked but it was still far from an enjoyable dining experience. As the food kept coming, Katie quickly learned to settle into a rhythm of swallowing as soon as the food hit her tongue. The less time Katie had it in her mouth the better and it actually felt good to have a warm meal. When the last spoonful of food was given to Katie she was feeling quite full. She had no idea what she had eaten but she assumed it was full of nutrients and vitamins, she was just happy to be done with the meal. She could hear and feel her tummy squirming from the unexpected meal. If Katie thought the latest ordeal was nearly at an end she was sorely mistaken. As the robot put the spoon back in the bowl, it turned to the side a little and grabbed the bottle. Katie was already feeling quite full and she looked at the bottle without appetite. “I’m full.” Katie said simply. The robot was unmoved. The only thing it tried to do was put the teat of the bottle in Katie’s mouth but the girl turned her head away. For a minute it became like a duel. The robot trying to force the nipple of the bottle between Katie’s lips whilst the girl refused to let it happen. She could tell that the robot was becoming impatient, if the robot was capable of feeling such a thing, and she saw it eventually reach forward and grab her nose. Katie tried to flail around and escape the grasp but she felt her airways blocked by the metallic fingers grabbing her face. She eventually relented and opened her mouth to gasp for air, as she did so she felt the teat of the bottle roughly jammed against her lips. The pressure on her nose disappeared and she finally able to breathe again. Katie gave an experimental suck to the latex bottle top and felt cool milk squirt into her mouth, after the food earlier, it tasted heavily heavenly to wash the taste away. After a few seconds of hesitation, Katie began to suck rhythmically. She closed her eyes and felt her cheeks going red as she drank thirstily from the baby cup. Before long Katie was hearing air coming through the bottle and she belatedly realised the vessel was empty. The robot pulled it away from her and Katie looked shyly at the tray in front of her. She saw the empty bowl and the empty bottle and she blushed even further knowing that she had been fed like a helpless baby. Katie felt like she wanted a few minutes for the food to go down but the tray lifted up and the robot swiftly picked the woman up again. She was in no mood to resist anything right now as she felt bloated from the meal, she laid her head on the nanny’s shoulder and just let it carry her back through to the nursery. She could feel a growing need to use the bathroom but she made no attempt to get the robot to stop at the toilets. Katie just allowed the robot to carry her back into the baby room. As if she couldn’t feel more embarrassed, the motion of the robotic walking seemed to affect her digestive system and halfway to the nursery door she let out a loud and prolonged burp. “Excuse me…” Katie whispered in embarrassment as she went into the nursery. Katie was sat back at the now familiar table and given some Lego pieces to play with. The robot took it’s usual space behind the desk as Katie meekly examined the small blocks in front of her. She didn’t feel much desire to play with them but after a few minutes she found herself growing bored. Picking up a few of the pieces, she started building something, anything to keep her mind occupied, she wasn’t really paying that much attention to whatever it was she was putting together. Katie’s mind was focused elsewhere. The massive amount of food and drink that she had consumed was working it’s way through her digestive system and Katie was quickly feeling a growing need to release her bladder. From previous experience she knew that asking the robot for help would be a useless enterprise, instead she thought about what would inevitably happen. “I’m going to wet my diaper…” Katie whispered to herself. It was very upsetting to admit this to herself and yet she saw no alternative. Katie turned to look at the robot and saw it was still sitting there with it’s unceasing stare. It would do no good to ask it for help, she had tried multiple times before and always been left disappointed. She shifted slightly in her seat and heard her diaper crinkle from inside her onesie, her bladder was already starting to get uncomfortable and the diaper almost seemed inviting. It was as if Katie’s diaper was telling her that it was OK to let go, it felt like resistance was pointless. Katie relaxed and put down the two blocks she was holding. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend she was sitting on the toilet, it felt really strange to be clothed and in a big room as she tried to release her bladder. It took a long time for the flow to start. Katie couldn’t make herself wet no matter how hard she tried and it took until the need to let go was nearly impossible to ignore. No matter how many times she did this it wasn’t getting any easier. Finally, after what must have been half an hour, Katie felt a small trickle of urine leave her body. She gasped a little in surprise but was able to relax her muscles enough to comprehensively wet herself. Katie felt the padding around her start warming up as she stared into the middle distance and felt her bladder empty. Katie was worried she might leak but as her pee trickled to a stop she could feel the padding thirstily sucking up everything she could give it. She was honestly impressed that the diaper could take this much liquid, she could feel it expanding and the warm gel was pushing against her thighs. Katie was now left with a really awkward situation. Did she go and ask the robot to have her diaper changed and suffer the indignity that would bring or did she just sit in her own urine? The diaper change would be inevitable; it was just a question of when it would come. Deciding to delay the inevitable as long as possible, Katie stayed seated and continued playing with the Lego. She hoped she was careful enough that no one would notice what she had done, not that there was any human in the facility that Katie had seen. An hour must have passed and Katie started feeling really uncomfortable. The warm feeling that had been tickling her rather pleasantly had become a colder and itchier feeling that made the woman wince. It felt horrid and yet she still couldn’t bring herself to speak to the robot and ask for a change. Something about admitting she needed it, even to a machine, was too much for her fragile ego to bear. She had already put up with so much. “Dinner time.” The sudden robotic voice right behind Katie made her jump so hard that she nearly tumbled off of the chair. “You scared the crap out of me…” Katie gasped as she caught her breath. She placed her hand over her chest as her heart slowly recovered from the shock. “You require a diaper change?” The robot asked in it’s fuzzy and strangely distorted voice. “What? No, it’s a saying… “You scared the crap out of me” just means that you made me jump.” Katie explained. It felt good that just once she was able to explain something to this robot, a tiny amount of control made a huge difference to her attitude. “Dinner time.” The robot repeated. Katie found it quite strange that the robot seemed to take what she said at face value. It seemed like a strange oversight of the programming and very much against how the robot had otherwise been acting. As she was pondering this thought, Katie felt the now familiar metallic arms reach down and pick her up. The cold fingers made her shiver as she felt them through the thin onesie material. The soaked padding underneath her was pushed closer to her body and Katie squirmed slightly as the expanded padding squeezed against her like a wet sponge. The robo-nanny started to carry Katie out of the nursery and towards the canteen area. Katie wished she had been more honest about needing a diaper change, now she was stuck in this cold diaper for even longer and she was far from comfortable. She blushed as she was forced to admit to herself that she would love a dry diaper right now. Dinner was a repeat of lunch. Katie was placed in the high chair and fed another surprisingly large meal followed by a bottle of cool milk. Liquid was the last thing that Katie wanted or needed but she still drained the whole bottle before being allowed out of the chair and returned to the nursery. This time the robot didn’t even bother asking Katie if she needed a change. It wasted no time at all in carrying her straight over to the changing table and laying her down. Katie was very full and, if she was being honest, was glad to be changed. The wet diaper was chafing her and the warm, fluffy padding was much preferred. She would never admit that out loud obviously. The robot pulled the tapes off of the diaper and opened it up. The cold air made Katie jump as she was exposed to the room. Katie jumped a second time when she felt the cold baby wipes pressed against her smooth skin. She gripped the sides of the table and closed her eyes to stop herself pulling away from the cold feelings. Although the robot’s face was emotionless, Katie felt as if she was being judged by it and she had to look away before her shame got the better of her and she burst into tears again. Katie felt her legs lifted high into the air. For a second she thought she was going to tumble head over heels off the back of the table but as quickly as she was raised up, she was lowered again. When she was lowered down she felt her butt laying on top of some fluffy padding that was rapidly pulled up between her crotch and taped closed. This diaper was different from the last one and Katie blushed when she looked down and saw that this wasn’t just a new diaper; this was a diaper with babyish designs all over it. This diaper was still mostly white but it had pictures of little building blocks all over the front. They spelt out words like “Princess” and “Baby.” As Katie looked down at her crotch, the robot reached forward again and snapped her onesie closed. Yet again, Katie felt the warm hug of a fluffy diaper as the onesie pulled the padding up against her body. She didn’t know if it was good or bad that she was feeling less humiliated this time, she was getting used to being dressed like this. As long as she was kept away from other people she felt like everything would be fine. Once the robot had finished with the onesie, Katie was lifted up again and this time deposited into the crib. It seemed like Katie wasn’t trusted to move anywhere on her own any more. She had to rely on the robot to carry her everywhere. “Wait! No!” Katie Said as she turned around just in time to see the bars being raised. The robot just walked away from the toddler bed, it ignored Katie as if it couldn’t hear her and despite everything else that had happened recently, it was being ignored that now really annoyed the young woman in the crib. “Listen to me!” Katie shouted as she pushed herself against the bars, “I’m not tired. You can’t lock me in here all night!” The robot was either willfully ignoring the shouting or it just didn’t care about what Katie was saying. It just continued to walk towards it’s spot behind the teacher’s desk. “I will shout all evening and all night!” Katie screamed, “This is all too far. Let me out or I’m calling the damn cops!” Still the robot didn’t move. It stood stoically in the corner despite the threats. Katie was just about to open her mouth to continue her verbal attack when she heard a mechanical clanking coming from the four corners of the crib. Four long black tubes with metallic hands sprang out and grabbed Katie’s wrists and ankles, they were locked on like a laser guided missile and Katie was swiftly pulled down to the mattress. This wasn’t the first time that Katie had been grabbed like this since she got here so it wasn’t as much of a surprise, despite this she couldn’t find them off and they grabbed her with ease. “You think holding me down like this will shut me up!?” Katie yelled almost maniacally, “You couldn’t be more wrong! Fu-” Katie was suddenly cut off and her screaming became very muffled. A fifth mechanical arm, one she hadn’t seen until this moment moved like lightning to push a large pacifier into her mouth. The latex bulb on this soother was so big that it filled her whole mouth. The only thing her mouth could do was suck. This was much like the last pacifier she had experienced except this one filled her mouth much more thoroughly. Just like before, the pacifier was attached to a strap which held it tightly in Katie’s mouth. Tears formed in her eyes as she unsuccessfully tried to push the pacifier out with her tongue, she couldn’t budge it even a tiny bit even though the end of the teat was dangerously close to triggering her gag reflex. The next few hours were extremely rough. Katie was held down to the mattress so tightly that she couldn’t move any of her limbs at all and the pacifier had rendered her mute. After struggling for a while, Katie’s energy was sapped and she just lay there trying to imagine how good it would be to leave. One thing was for certain, no matter what, she was calling the police on this sick operation. Katie didn’t know what was happening here and she didn’t want to know, she just knew she had to try and end it. She didn’t even want to think about the possibility that she wouldn’t be released after all. The thought that her Mom knew her location was the one thing keeping her flicker of hope alive. Katie didn’t remember falling asleep. All she remembered was laying in that crib without being able to move. The room had slower got darker and Katie had never been released from her bonds. She must have fallen asleep at some point, because Katie suddenly opened her eyes to find the nursery in almost complete darkness. The one source of light was a small nightlight on top of a table by the foot of the crib, it cast a rather eerie green glow throughout the nearby area. Katie rubbed her eyes and then belatedly realised that her limbs had been freed. Even the pacifier was loose and Katie pulled it out of her mouth with great relief. Katie’s first thought was to start shouting again but she quickly had second thoughts, she didn’t want to end up being held down again. Katie’s thoughts turned to wondering what had woken her up and it didn’t take long to work out as she put her hand to her stomach. A sharp pain briefly shot through her belly before slowly disappearing. Katie looked down with worry as she realised that she hadn’t been for a number two since she had arrived at the facility and now her body was telling her that it couldn’t hold any more. This was a real dilemma. Katie was trapped in the crib and knew that the release catch for the bars was well out of reach, she was left with two alternatives. Katie could either yell to try and get the attention of the robot and then face the likelihood of being strapped down again or she could soil herself like a baby. Both options sucked and they both left her in humiliating positions with a soiled diaper. Another cramp shot through Katie’s body and she realised that she didn’t have long to think before the choice was made for her. She had no idea what time it was, there were no obvious signs as to time except that Katie guessed it must be late at night. The pressure on her rear end was piling up quickly and she found herself putting her hand on the seat of her diaper as if manually trying to hold it in. Katie decided she had to at least try to get the robot to take her to the bathroom. For her own self-esteem she had to do everything she could to prevent a humiliating soiling accident. It was only now when Katie scanned the room with eyes adjusted to the darkness that she realised this wasn’t even an option. Katie squinted towards the teacher’s desk and felt her heart drop when she realised that the robot that had barely left her side for the last few days wasn’t there. After frantic looking around, Katie realised the machine wasn’t anywhere in the room. All of a sudden the preferable option to save some of her self-respect was removed. It was as if the hope of being allowed to use the toilet, or at least the toddler potty, was the only thing given Katie’s muscles strength. As soon as that hope was removed, Katie felt the pressure grow inexorably to levels that she couldn’t control. Her cheeks blazed red as began to comprehend what she was about to be forced to do. A small amount of gas escaped her aching body and it was almost enough to end Katie’s resistance right there. A final cramp hit Katie and this one didn’t subside. An overwhelming urge to push hit her and the inevitable finally happened. It felt like Katie’s whole digestive system was pushing down as she felt a solid log of poop push out of her body, it slowly and irresistibly pushed against the back of her diaper and pulled the plastic disposable tight as it tried to accommodate Katie’s mess. Katie felt sweat appear on her forehead as she pushed with everything she could. The log that was separating her cheeks was squeezed out and pinched off, it’s stickiness felt horrid against her skin and she could already feel it smearing over her diaper as it moved into the seat of her disposable pants. The first log was followed by several much smaller ones that dropped into the drooping padding without much effort. She winced as she pushed once more to completely empty herself. The diaper felt full but she knew she couldn’t stop now. Finally, the sordid deed was over. Katie straightened up and felt her heavy diaper stick against her a little. It felt absolutely horrible and her eyes teared up in humiliation at what she had been forced to do. The smell was already starting to leak out and she grimaced when she realised she couldn’t get away from it. From morbid curiosity, Katie reached behind her and felt the bulging diaper. It had lost a lot of it’s springiness, now it felt like a solid mass. As if it was an afterthought, Katie felt her bladder release and she did nothing to stop the hot urine that splashed around the front of her diaper. It hardly mattered to her that she was wetting herself after what she had just done. The question now was what could she do? She was alone and now thoroughly soiled. She couldn’t get out of the crib, she couldn’t see any of the robot helpers and she felt like a little baby who needed an adult to change her. She didn’t even care about the embarrassment and humiliation, she just wanted someone to change her diaper. Katie felt the tears overwhelm her as she lost control of her emotions. She started loudly crying and she hoped that someone would hear her and come rescue the situation. She had no shame anymore, she didn’t mind who came in and saw her in this messy diaper, as long as they changed her, she just didn’t care anymore. For once, something went right and after a minute or so of loud wailing the door to the nursery opened and bathed the nursery in light. One of the robots, presumably the one that had been looking after Katie all along, walked in and flicked on the light switch. Katie shielded her eyes from the sudden light but she could hear the metal footsteps getting closer to the crib. Her crying died down almost immediately as she realised she was finally going to get the attention she needed. Katie was still standing in a half-squat position. She didn’t want to move at all because she knew it would spread the mess in her pants even further. She just awkwardly waddled towards the side of the crib which the robot dropped. Katie shuffled forward and was about to jump down to the floor when the robot walked right up against the side of the crib and wrapped an arm around her back. “No!” Katie realised too late what the robot was about to do and couldn’t stop it in time. The robot’s other arm rested underneath Katie’s butt and it picked her up in a hugging position. Katie immediately winced and shivered as she felt the lumpy mess in her diaper spread even further. “Why?” Katie whispered in a whiny voice. Katie could have walked to the table. She would’ve had to lay down on the table but at least the damage would have been minimized. Now she felt the poop spreading with each mechanical step the robot made. Katie was left very confused when she saw the changing table over the robot’s shoulder. She was being carried away from it and towards the corridor to the cafeteria. Where was she being taken, this didn’t make any sense to her at all. Surely she wasn’t going to be fed in this position. The confusion only grew as Katie was carried past her usual seat in the cafeteria. She was even distracted from the sticky feeling in her diaper as she looked around and tried to work where she was being taken. She only recognized where she was when she started being carried down the long hallway towards the exit. Katie felt her heart soar. Was she being let go? It wouldn’t be a moment too soon but surely they would let her clean up. In the distance, Katie could hear two human voices, the first she had heard in the last few days. She felt a mixture of elation and terror as she was slowly carried down the hallway. She heard the voices getting clearer and with a jolt she slowly started recognizing one of them. “Mom?” Katie whispered. She was still facing away from the voices so she couldn’t confirm her suspicion but it certainly sounded like her Mother. “Katie?” Katie’s Mom called, “Oh my God! What is going on!?” “I told you to prepare yourself Mrs. Adams.” Came an older male voice, “Your daughter volunteered for this program to try and help change criminal justice in future.” “What!?” Both Katie and her Mom said at the same time. As the older man prepared to start explaining things, Katie was placed down in a chair just behind her Mother. She felt her disaster of a diaper spread it’s contents further. “Katie, what is going on?” Katie’s Mom asked with a look of revulsion, “Is that a dia… What’s that sme… Oh God, Katie!” “Your daughter has just passed through a program we are developing to help rehabilitate criminals.” The older man said, “My name is Dr. Phelps, I run this facility.” Katie was shocked at what was going on. Just minutes ago she had been in the crib and now she was standing at the exit and only feet from freedom. It was dark outside but she finally saw a clock, it was only 10pm. “Katie, you have been a wonderful participant!” Dr. Phelps said with a big smile. He handed a clipboard to the girl. “Huh?” Katie replied dumbly as she took the clipboard. As the shock wore off Katie became increasingly aware of the terrible state she was in. “I’ll explain…” Dr. Phelps said as he adjusted his glasses, “The prisons are overcrowded and the government have been looking for alternative ways to treat criminals. This is my proposed alternative.” Katie’s Mom couldn’t stop staring at her daughter, she couldn’t believe what she looked like. She was absolutely staggered at what she smelled like! “Regression is very powerful.” Dr. Phelps continued, “We want to use it to rehabilitate people. Break them down and grow them up again, this time with better morals and respect for authority.” “You volunteered for this!?” Katie’s Mom asked in shock. “No!” Katie said, “It didn’t say what it was I was volunteering for.” “You volunteered for something when it was a total mystery to you?” Katie’s Mom asked flabbergasted. “I guess…” Katie replied sheepishly. Her butt was starting to get itchy now. “Well, young Katie here was quite the participant. We have a lot of great data and modifications thanks to her input. She was such a great participant that we could call you to pick her up earlier than expected.” Dr. Phelps said cheerily, “Katie, if you could fill out that form. We will pay you afterwards.” Katie grabbed the pen that was attached to the clipboard and started quickly filling in the boxes. There were lots of questions asking how she felt when certain things happened and what could have been better. “We apologize for the secrecy.” Dr. Phelps said, “We wanted this to be as much of a surprise as possible to get the best results.” When Katie finally finished filling in the form she banged the forms down on the chair next to her. The sudden noise made her Mom and the doctor jump, they had got into a conversation and apparently forgotten the young woman was there. “Can I get dressed now?” Katie asked. Her cheeks were flushed red and her embarrassment wasn’t helped when her Mom pinched her nose. “Of course!” Dr. Phelps replied, “That room just down the hall has a shower and your clothes that you arrived in.” Katie stood up and waddled down the hall without a word. She hurried into the room that had been indicated and took the onesie and diaper off. She dropped the diaper in the trash can with a sealed lid to stop the smell. She had a long shower before drying off and getting dressed back into the clothes she arrived in. By the time she came out of the room and back to the lobby, Katie saw that her Mom was leaning against Katie’s car. Katie assumed her Mom had got a taxi here because her car wasn’t outside. “Katie, thank you again!” Dr. Phelps said with a wide smile. He held out an envelope which Katie took without a word. It was filled with a lot of notes, at least she was being well compensated for this nightmare. “One more thing…” Dr. Phelps said as Katie headed towards the exit, “Would you like to return next week for another trial?” Katie shook her head in disbelief. After everything that had happened, how did this doctor expect Katie to come back? She was angry at the arrogance. Katie stuck up her middle finger and showed it to the old scientist before walking out the door and to her car. “I don’t want to talk about it.” Was all Katie said to her Mom as she unlocked the car and drove away. Katie didn’t even want to think about what had happened yet alone talk about it. Katie’s Mom asked a lot of questions that her daughter refused to answer as the car backed out of it’s parking space and headed out on to the road. Dr. Phelps watched them go with a snide smile before walking back down the hallway. They never wanted a second trial, it was the biggest evidence that the program was working! Almost the second Dr. Phelps walked out of sight a new car turned into the car park. A young man stepped out and walked into the building with trepidation. Right on cue, Dr. Phelps pushed a button that popped the door leading to the classroom open. Dr. Phelps sat down at the computer and began preparing for the next test. The cameras watched the young man as he walked into the classroom looking just as confused as Katie was. Dr. Phelps smiled and flipped over a piece of paper and began to take notes.
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    Part 8 Eric sat in his office waiting for Patricia when the door swung open. It was Patricia holding what looked like her lunch. It was Oatmeal. Odd choice for lunch. Patricia closed the door and locked it. “It looks like you had a hard time following instructions today.” She said setting the bowl down and eating some of the oatmeal. “So you’re going to be punished. You have a conference call at 12:15, so you’d better follow my instructions quickly.” Eric was quiet. “Take all your clothes off now.” Patricia said standing up and pulling out her cell phone camera. “We are still getting that noon pic.” Eric complied. He felt foolish. An adult man in an overly saturated diaper. Patricia had him take a few photos with his legs wide, another with his hands in the front of the diaper. Patricia then instructed to get on his knees facing away from her. Eric complied shivering a little. The office was cold. His cock throbbed in the cage. The humiliation was slightly exciting. Eric felt something warm and o0zzing fall into the back of his diaper and cried out. “Wait what?” He said. “Don’t move Eric.” Patricia said from behind him as she put the bowl back onto his desk. “Stay still.” Eric couldn’t believe it. She had poured the oatmeal into his diaper. It ran forward smooshing against the chastity device, surrounding his balls. “Stand up.” Patricia said. Eric did so slowly and let the warmth envelope him. It was worse than the poop from yesterday or was it better? Eric reached for his pants. “No one said you could put those back on. Now sit down and take the conference call.” Patricia picked up Eric’s pants and neatly folded them, placing them into the drawer next to his desk. “You can have them back before the end of the day if you’re good.” Eric wasn’t happy. This was going too far. How was he supposed to conduct business like this. Here was naked, except for a diaper that was completely and utterly full. Eric felt an infant. And to make matters worse, he had been peeing without thinking on and off for the last half hour. During the conference call, Eric did the best he could to remain professional. Asking and answering questions. But his diaper kept dominating his mind, distracting him. By the time the call was over, Eric just wanted to go home. Patricia hung up the phone for him and looked him in the eyes. “You can put your pants back on now Eric. But when you get home, you’re taking them back off until the babysitter arrives. Okay?” Eric nodded and slid the pants back over his bulky (oatmeally) diaper. This had to be what hell was like. Eric was slowly connecting the dots though, and would soon, hopefully, be free. *** Eric closed the door to his house and tossed his workbag on the couch. Taking his clothes off, he wasn’t feeling too bright. The warm oatmeal that was in his diaper had turned cold and clammy. It hung beneath his body like a diaper that had seen better days. His dick ached being unable to breathe all day. Eric was pretty sure he was about to leak. On his porch had been a bunch of Amazon packages. Eric tossed them next to the couch. He hadn’t remembered ordering anything. He’d investigate later. Eric’s phone buzzed. “I’ll be home at 5:45. No clothes until I come home.” Eric glanced at the clock. It was 5:30 already. At least he wouldn’t have to wait long. Eric spent the time finishing some leftover work email and wiggling on the chair in the living room. He needed a change, badly. Who knew this preschool could hold so much? The door opened and in walked Patricia. “Hello baby.” She said dropping a few bags on the counter. It sounded like glass clinking around. “I have to be out late tonight for an emergency project meeting, but your baby sitter should be here soon.” Patricia looked around. “Good! The packages came in from Amazon. Perfect for tonight.” “Patricia,” Eric asked tentatively. “When you say babysitter… what do you mean?” Patricia spun around and looked at Eric’s full body sitting behind the computer. She smiled to herself. She had him right where he wanted him. “I’ll explain right after your bath.” She said approaching Eric. “Let’s get that diaper off you now.” She cooed at him. “Lie down.” And yet again, Eric found himself in a position he had only dreamed of a few days before. On his back having his diapers taken off. Patricia pushed his legs back and wiped him decently clean. She then handed Eric the diapers. “Go and throw them away.” She said. “Then meet me in the bathroom.” Eric nodded as she left towards the bathroom. Eric heard the water running as he threw the diapers away. Eric entered the bathroom to see Patricia drop a bath bomb in the bathtub and then ask Eric to face her. “Let’s take this off you.” She said fondling Eric’s trapped penis in her hands. “I bet little Eric wants to breathe a little.” Eric nodded. And with a click and a turn, he was free. Eric stepped in the tub as the soap and bubbles filled up the bath. It felt good against his body as the warm water surrounded him. “Eric,” Patricia said. “Go ahead and get clean, I’ll make dinner.” Eric nodded and began scrubbing his body. After a few moments he was finished. Patricia returned and said: “Don’t get out of the tub for another 45 mins Eric.” She said. “I’ll come get you when I’m ready for you.” Eric assumed that Patricia really wanted him clean or something so he pre occupied his time fooling around with the bubbles. Fifteen mins later, Patrica retuned and ran some more hot water into the tub. Half an hour later she did the same thing. Eric yawned. He was feeling incredibly tired for some reason. Forty-five mins later, Patricia returned and ran some more hot water in the tub and pulled the wash cloth from the side of the tub. “Spread your legs Eric.” She said lathering the cloth with soap. “Time to get baby clean.” “But I’m already-“ Patricia had already taken her hand and plunged it into the water. She fondled him and Eric (after spending the day locked up nearly came on the spot. The shiver of pleasure shot up Eric’s spine and he gasped. But it was short lived as Patricia scrubbed the rest of his body. After about ten mins, she drained the tub. It was then when Eric realized what she was doing. Eric could barely move. His body felt like led. It was a simple trick. Leave the body in hot water for too long and you become lethargic and dehydrated. Eric couldn’t fight back if he wanted too. Patricia helped Eric out of the tub and started drying him with a fluffy towel. “Is poor Eric tired?” She asked as Eric flopped around. Eric was on the floor breathing heavy, just trying to stay awake at this point. Patricia pulled two pills from behind the bathroom sink and handed to Eric. “Take this. You’ll feel better.” Eric was in no position to argue and soon he was laying on the changing mat as Patricia placed two thick diapers underneath him. She also brought in one of the Amazon Prime boxes from earlier. “Look at what else came in today?” Patricia said with excitement. She held up the package. It was a Little for Big onesie. This one was Pink with white trim. It was plain, but that was the last thing Eric wanted to put on at that moment. It was clearly for ABDL’s who wanted to be girls. “Baby Eric is going to be a little girl tonight. It’ll match your pampers.” Patricia said. Indeed, she was right, Eric’s diapers were pink DC Amours. But what didn’t make sense is that usually, Eric could recover if he was in a hot tub for too long. But tonight the recovery was slow. Eric heard his doorbell right and the blood drained from his face. Patricia patted his stomach. “Looks like your new babysitter is here!” She exclaimed. “Wait… wha?” Eric mumbled out still breathing hard. He didn’t want anyone else to see him like this. But Patricia had left the room. Eric tried to roll over, but he was too tired lying on top of the diaper. His body felt heavier than usual, lethargic, he just wanted to sleep. He heard two voices chatting in the hallway, and then heard them enter the room. “Here he is!” Patrica said to the guest woman. “Baby Eric…. Well, here she is.” Eric looked up, trying his best to see. The new woman connected her eyes to Eric’s and smiled. “Long time no see.” She said. It was Claire. Fuck. ***
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    The short answer Ben. Go with it, and learn to live with it. You're stuck with it, and you should just try and find a happy medium. I've seen, and heard this countless times, about wanting to stop. Most are not successfully with doing without it, or stopping. If you truly want to quell this, I would seek out a professional. You still might not shake it, but maybe a professional may help you get better control over it. I wish you luck, and hope you can feel better about this. If you do decide to see a professional, wear a diaper, just in case. Just kidding.
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    Hi! So this is my first every story, its going to be a "slow burn" (I think thats what its called). I really enjoy reading everyones stories so I thought I would try my own! So we'll see how it goes. Im open to any critiques or suggestions Taylor watched out the window as they pulled up to the school, the buildings were tall and there were students everywhere. All of them, much like she was about too, were carrying crates and suitcases full of their belongings towards their dorms. Taylor was beginning her freshman year of college, and it couldn’t have happened any sooner. As much as she loved her parents, she couldn’t wait to start life as an adult away from them. She was going to be able to make her own choices, go to parties, and maybe get a boyfriend or girlfriend that wouldn’t have to be questioned/scared by her father. This was going to be great. After all the unpacking was completed, Taylor and her parents walked down to the car to say a final goodbye. Taylor’s mom hugged her, just a little bit to tight, before she got into the waiting car. “MOM! This is the last time I’m going to say goodbye to you! I love you! I’ll see you in at Christmas! Please don’t cry, Mom.” I said coughing and giving my Mom an equally tight hug. My mom sniffled and rubbed her eyes, and then proceeded to grab onto my face. “ I know it just feels so far away! BE GOOD! Please don’t get into trouble, we love you. Do your homework too!” “Ok Mom!” I sighed and waved goodbye, and blew a kiss to my dad. Their car pulled out and they drove away, both waving, Finally! I made my way back to my dorm room and looked around, it couldn’t look anymore perfect. I had tried to make my room feel more “adult like” rather than a young teen. At least compared to my roommate, whose side was decorated in pink and light blue. Taylor’s side was decorated in the orange and teal colors, with elephants being the main theme. Above her bed was a shelf filled all of her favorite horror, and romance movies, I know, I know, weird combo. On the wall hung pictures of her family, friends, and herself from when she was younger. Above it all was teal paper lanterns, to keep her room bright enough to see during the night. Even adults are afraid of the dark sometimes, right? As I was taking a last look over my things, I heard someone open the door to come in, it was Emilie, my roommate. Emilie was 5’7” and had long rainbow colored hair, slender body, beach tan skin, and hazel eyes, she reminded me of mermaid. Which was more than I could say for myself, I was 5’2.5” (and yes, the 0.5 does matter!), 100lbs, mid length blond hair that fell just past my shoulder blades, green eyes, and some freckles on my nose. Emilie and I spoke the rest of the night trying to get to know each other better. We spoke about our majors, where we came from, our life at home, and what we eventually wanted to do. Emilie was majoring in Chemistry, and I in Biology, so at least we were both in the Science dept. and would be seeing a lot of each other. Around midnight, a knock came to the door that caused both of us to jump. After the initial shock, we both giggled and I got up to answer it. At the door was a tall woman, she was 5’10”, with long brown wavy hair that fell just to the middle of her back, brown eyes, and tan skin. All I could think was how pretty she was, like she walked off a set of a movie or something. Luckily, I was able to shake it off and introduce myself. “Hi, I’m Taylor and the mermaid over there is Emilie” I said as I gestured toward Emilie, she laughed and waved and said hello. She gave us an odd look and waved. “Hello! My name is Jennifer, Jenna or Jen for short, and I’m the RA. I just wanted to let you know that you guys can come to my dorm, which is two doors down, with any questions or if you just want to hang out! Also, since tomorrow is a school day we are having everyone go to bed now, so if you could that, that would be great.” Jenna said as she smiled at both of us Emilie and I glanced at each other and started laughing “Are you serious? You want us to actually go to bed? We’re in college, I thought we could what can do what we want!” Jenna’s smile soon faded and became more serious “Yes I am.” She stated matter-of-factly. She crossed her arms and stared “So get your butts into bed please.” I turned and looked at Emilie, who was staring back at me trying to hide her laugh. “Ok Jenna, we’ll go to bed, goodnight!” Said Emilie with the straightest face she could manage. We both waved at her to say goodbye, but she wasn’t budging. Jenna had no intention of moving until we actually got into our beds. “Ok, Ok” Emilie sighed as she pulled the covers back and climbed into bed, I followed suit and did the same. This caused Jenna to smile, and she made some marks on her clipboard. I assume it was something about us actually being there or something like that. Jenna looked at us both satisfied that we were both in our beds and went to flick the light off “Goodnight girls, sleep tight! See you tomorrow” and with that she turned the light off and closed the door. “That was odd.” I laughed out as I looked over towards Emilie’s bed. Not that I could see her because of how freakin dark it was. In the dark abyss that was once our room I heard Emilie say “Yeah it was, but I am actually tired, so I’mma go to sleep. Goodnight Taylor” “Goodnight Emilie” I called back and I turned over into my bed to get more comfortable. I lay there for about 5 minutes and then I realized that I had forgotten my blanket and my elephant. These were things that I couldn’t sleep without, I could manage being in the dark ok, but Blankie and Ella were important. I crawled out of bed and went to my backpack, unzipped it and grabbed both. My blanket was old and soft tattered by 18 years of love. It was white with pink and gold stars and elephants on them. Ella was a grey stuffed elephant that my father had given to me when I was about 3 and I have never been without her. Both in my hands I climbed back up into bed thought about Jenna. Jenna seemed a little stern, but in a way that kind of made her sexy; she was already beautiful to start with, the minute she walked in I could feel my heart pounding. I stared at the ceiling for a few moments before cuddling up with blankie and Ella and drifting off to sleep.
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    Danni - Part 3 - Simon One weekend I asked if Simon could come and stay over and mum said that was a terrific idea and that she’d make some cakes (well she actually bought them) and that we’d have a lovely time. We did but on the Sunday mum was called into her office for an emergency meeting and left Julie as usual in charge. It was a lovely warm day and Simon and I had been playing out in the garden. We’d been in and out of a little paddling pool, shooting our water pistols and running around laughing and screaming like lads do when Julie called for us to come in and get ready, as she’d planned a party. We were both dressed only in our shorts, which were sodden because of all the water fun we’d been having so we needed to change. Some of her girlfriends had arrived and it looked like it was going to be a big party as we saw the table being set with loads and loads of scrummy food. As we rushed upstairs to grab a towel and dry off, the girls followed us up to my room. There, laid out on my bed were girl’s clothes. Before either Simon or I knew it, we were being stripped out of our wet shorts and dressed up as I had been when I was younger. I really didn’t mind as it never occurred to me that anything was wrong but Simon fought and kicked. He screamed and cried as he was forced into his disposable nappy and plastic pants but as I didn’t see what the fuss was I allowed myself to be clothed in that fashion. However, it wouldn’t have mattered as the girls were so much bigger and we both ended up dressed as little girls going to a party. Julie had gone to a lot of trouble to have an absolute feast ready, which I loved, but Simon complained and wasn’t going to be “nice” as Julie and her friends put it. However, once he saw that I wasn’t causing an argument he calmed down a bit to snaffle the sandwiches, buns, jelly and ice cream. Julie’s friends were all older now but still seemed to have enjoyed their fun in dressing up two little boys. They were all compliments and praise so before he knew it Simon had forgotten about what he was wearing, just enjoying the food and games that Julie and her chums had organised. The time passed quickly and we were all having fun but then a surprise came when there was a knock on the door - Simon’s mum had arrived early to pick him up. She was shocked to see the type of games we played with him dressed in a girl’s pretty party dress, a bit of make-up, wearing girl’s shoes and socks… and not forgetting a thick nappy and matching plastic pants. Mrs McKay initially appeared speechless as Julie welcomed her in and told her what a delight her son was to have as a guest in her (yes her) house and how he’d been such a good sport joining in my (yes my) dressing up game. There were other parts of the conversation between the two I didn’t quite catch as I went over to Simon initially to take him back up to my room to change. Simon was horrified, standing in the hallway almost scared to say or do anything. He was so shocked that his mother should have seen him dressed as he was he didn’t know what to do or where to put himself. But she was a smart woman and said something to the effect that he looked lovely but there was no time for him to change as they had to get home. Julie handed his mum his rucksack that he’d come with and told her that he’d been playing in the pool and all his clothes were wet. However, she suggested, that if Mrs McKay was in a rush she could take him as he was and return the clothes he was wearing later. She took about 10 seconds to respond and then said “Come on Poppet, we have to be at your Aunty Jean’s later… so we’d better get you home and ready.” A very shy and embarrassed boy dressed in a pink and blue party dress, with matching nappy and frilly plastic pants - Julie was a stickler for making sure everything was co-ordinated - was dumbstruck as his mother held out her hand and gestured they were leaving. He never said any goodbyes, just slowly walked as if he was being led out to the executioner. He was sobbing and reticent to go but his mum gently took his hand and eased him out to the car. We all stood and waved him off and, now in retrospect, I suspect that there was an air of triumph about Julie, a sort of getting back at the boy who had replaced her as the most important person in my life. As I say, I wasn’t aware of such a thought at the time but once Simon was gone I wasn’t in much of a mood to continue playing games but of course Julie and her friends were and insisted that I join in. I was no match on my own to a bunch of demanding, older girls so I complied… like I always did. For me the dressing up game continued as I was stripped and re-clothed in different outfits that the girls had brought along. They thought it great fun to get me to wear items that they had worn at my age… the game went on for hours. Mum didn’t get home until late that night and I ended up going to bed wearing a pale blue, satin, baby-doll nightie one of the girls had brought and a very thick nappy, which seemed to emphasise the billowing nature of the fabric. I was just too shattered to do anything but submit to Julie and her friend’s wishes. They said I looked ‘lovely’ and in all honesty, I wasn’t bothered what I wore so, after kissing and thanking everyone for coming (Julie was a stickler for manners) I said my good nights and toddled off to bed; the girls saying how nice my silky pale blue knickers looked over my nappy as I climbed the stairs. I think I was a glutton for compliments because I slowed my climb so I could hear more of their praise for how good I looked. Julie came and tucked me in and told me what a nice boy Simon was and how much she liked him and hoped we’d be seeing him again. I fell asleep hugging my teddy bear, thinking about Simon and how good he looked as we’d run around the garden in just our shorts. I couldn’t wait to see him at school the following morning. # to be continued...
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    Road trip to get my new fish tank today! Yay
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    8.I change Molly at JCPenny before we start shopping, she had clearly wet several times.Look Molls, I get it. They are comfortable. It’s hard for you. If kids wouldn’t make fun of you, I wouldn’t even ask you to worry about using the potty baby. I’m sorry. I really do believe it’s best for you in the long run. Mommy knows it’s hard to make it when your body doesn’t cooperate. “Listen Molls. Are you listening?” “Yeah Mommy.”“Baby, you have to try and use the potty. It’s an important part of growing up to be a big girl. Do you understand?”“Mommy, you said dats what der for?” She asks me. “I know, baby. It’s… well, that is what they are for. If you have an accident, it’s ok. Maybe just tell Momm… I mean me if you have an accident. Tell me. Accidents are ok. You can’t stop those.”“I jus happens. Poof and potty in my pants.” Her arms gesticulate.“And that’s fine baby, your right. That’s what your diapers are for. Just tell me when it happens so I know, and don’t use your diapers if you can find a potty. Ok?”“OK.” Molly says defeated. “I don’t like da potty.” She mutters under her breath. Why do I feel dirty? I know it’s important for her. Gah! Being the Mom sucks sometimes!I grab a cart and pick Molls up putting her in the child’s seat. She’s engrossed in my phone while I wander the isles. I need some leotards, the snap crotch ones specifically, but the labels call them bodysuits now.Whatever, they’re onesies! I think reading a tag on a top.“Look Mommy, el-la-lants is weally stwong!” She points at the video about elephants she’s watching.“El-ah-phants” I articulate. We aren’t hurting for money, but I grew up frugal and I always will be. I browse for sales eyeballing cute tops while we make our first pass in the store. There are several designs with various necklines and some with lace around the collar. I move back through all the tops. My eyes land on my new favorite top. I fall in love immediately. It is a blue velvet bodysuit by Arizona with several lacey strings crossing over the cleavage creating a beautiful design. I drape one over the cart along with a few others, including a set of five plain white ones from the underwear section. We head off to the dressing rooms so I can try on these new onesies. The closer we get, the more excited I find myself. Raising Molly is full of Awe inspiring moments, but I’ve been through some stuff college, falling in love, getting married, buying a house, working in marketing, being a stay at home mom, and a part time mom/work from home employee. I’m sure I still have a lot of experiences left to discover in life, but everything about my diapers seems to be thrilling me in new and exciting ways. It’s a bit like re-experiencing my own life with a new filter on the movie, like re-watching black and white memories in full technicolor.Even this simple act of trying on adult clothing that functions the same as Molly’s toddler clothes is exciting me. I hurry into a stall closing and locking the door. I check the bench for lingering push pins and sit Molly down starting a game on my phone. I try on the peach onesie I got for work Monday. Ok. Cool. It fits. Let’s button this thing up. Huh, I can feel the snaps. Don’t like that. You will be wearing a diaper there’s no way you will be able to feel them then. Oh yeah!God, the cut on these are different than Molls. Sexier. Thinner in the crotch. Higher in the hips. I hope the velvet one fits better. My diaper will hang out all over in this one.I run my hands over the crotch of the shirt protected from my smooth skin by a layer of yellow smiley faced hipster panties and a thin pad. I can feel the ridges in my finger print bumping over the ribbed material of the top through the panties on my shaved crotch. OMG! That’s so erotic. Even covered in two layers of fabric and a thick pad, I feel naked to the touch. This is fucking amazing. I can’t wait to feel my diaper pressed in tightly with these. Ok, God please let this fit. I thought grabbing my favorite velvet top.I try on the top. The snaps hit a little further forward than the peach one. It’s far more comfortable than the first one I’d tired on. It comes down over my hips following my hipster panty line pretty closely. I spin in the mirror adjusting the straps on the top tying the fanciest bow I could manage leaving the string hanging low over my boobs.I love it when my favorite is the best. My girls look amazing in this. I push them together, pull them apart, and lift them high and low. Who doesn’t love a top that looks this good no matter where my boobs roam off to! This may be my favorite top in my whole closet! My God this velvet feels so good.Wonder how it’d feel without a bra? I file that thought away for later.I decide to wear the top out leaving the tags on it. I’d never reacted badly to new clothes, so I wasn’t concerned about wearing it out of the shop. The cashier smiles at me scanning the tags under my arm along with the rest of my clothes. She can tell I was in love with the top and compliments me on how it looks on me while asking my “kitty” tons of cat questions. Turns out Molly likes the taste of field mice the best… HA!I’m very much excited to get home. I look down at my watch seeing it is now about eleven twenty. We head to the car with our bags of goodies hand in hand. Molly looks so grown up. My tall little Doodlebug looks twice her age with her height and the backpack, like a grade schooler off to conquer the world. How tall will my little amazon be when she’s really eight, thirteen, twenty? “I love you Doodlebug.” I sniff.“Whaz wrong Mommy?”“Nothing Molls. I was just thinking you look like a beautiful big girl instead of my tiny baby girl.” “Yup. Imma big girl”“Gettin there huh?” I chuckle ruffling her hair. “Mommy I’m wet K?” “Did you have an accident? Let me see how bad.” “You’ll make it till we get home.” “It was a hack-sa-dent Mommy. I didn’t know till I was goin.”I need to pee too Doodlebug. Should I? Allen won’t care, even if I make a mess. Can these pads really hold up?We leave the mall and head for AquaWorlds, our local fish store. I promised Molly kitties. I’ll have to take her to PetSmart on the way home. I resign myself to two more stops instead of one. PetSmart doesn’t have the saltwater fish food that I need though. I’m always forgetting that. The aquarium care stuff is cheaper there, but I only need the saltwater shrimp for feeding the tank today.Well, honestly. The second stop at PetSmart would keep me from buying anything at AquaWorlds. Hey! If you don’t keep fish, you can’t understand how hard it is to walk out without a new fish, coral, or piece of equipment!Inside AquaWorlds, I prowl through their coral frags and make my way to the refrigerated shelves. I deny the impulse to add some new coral to my tank and just get the frozen shrimp. I pay for my purchases and we make our way toward the house stopping only for a few minutes for Molly to poke the adoptable kitties through their cages. She gabs on about the kitties all the way home. Pulling up at the house, I see Allen’s truck, he has beaten us home. Getting out, I finally stop to check my phone. I’d missed a couple texts from him. They aren’t anything important though, so I text him we are home and could use his help.Opps. I’ve been known to get pissed at him for that move.Standing up, I begin emptying my bladder into my inco-pad. I certainly don’t mean to. It’s one of the things I contend with now. This is the reason my panties are always lined. Instead of standing there concentrating on flexing all my muscles until I regain control, I boldly take a step forward around Molly’s open car door ignoring my leaking lady bits. Reaching my leg out for the next step releases a big spurt of pee. The small squirt and pinch move I usually pull in these situations isn’t working. Frankly, I didn’t want it to. I hold back enough that I don’t flood the pad, but every step and flex releases some tiny bit of urine. It actually feels really good not to have to worry about standing in my yard in wet shorts because of the pad. This is one of the little gifts Molly’s trip through my body left me, and it’s one of the reasons I don’t have labor amnesia like some women. I have constant biological reminders of the cost of motherhood. I don’t see as well and had to get glasses! On a positive note, I haven’t had the period-migraines since I had Molly, and I’d had them since puberty started a decade ago. That is sort of amazing to be honest.Pregnancy is still a miraculous thing. My doctor told me that pregnancy doesn’t cause these changes like the eye sight and migraine stuff, not medically. Then he went on to tell me dozens of stories about body adjustments that some of his patients had gone through after pregnancy, some temporary and some, like me, permanent. Peeing myself when I don’t feel like I have to go, just because I decide to change my personal elevation, that seems a bit extreme to me. It happens to me nonetheless. I feel the texture of my pad changing from fibrous to jelly between my legs. I decide to let my body evacuate whatever it feels like is necessary, but try to keep a heavy wetting out of the picture. I force myself not to fight the piddles. It’s a word I coined for myself. It’s what I call these little wetting episodes that just really fucking brighten my day. Ever hear of the walking farts? Well, I have the walking piddles. I take Molly’s hand and lead her, wearing her backpack diaper bag, into the house with the frozen food from the local fish store. I finally stop the piddling and plunk her down on the couch with my phone. Allen comes out of our bedroom at about the same time. I shake my head at the small fortune we spend on water for his showers.“Hi girls! Did you have a good time shopping?” Allen asks kissing my neck. “We did, huh Molls?” I ask looking at her over my shoulder.“Yup, Meow” “Did you get a kitten while you were out Mommy?” “I did! Isn’t she great!?!”“She’s not house broken though.” I whisper loudly giving her a hard time.“Moom eeee!” Molly whines like a teenager. “Wow, learn that move early don’t you girls?” Allen asks me.“The Sass is Strong in this one.” I nod sagely.“You dropping Star Wars puns is hot.” Allen says causing me to blush. Allen pats my butt while our kid is fully engrossed in an episode of SpongeBob on my phone. She’s safely distracted so we can run in and out of the house. He kisses my ear. I sigh happy and turn resting on his chest. Then I straighten up and smack his chest. “Is anyone wet today?” “Allen! Seriously!” I shout exasperated. “I un know.” Molly slurs together.“How bout Mommy? Was she a good girl? Did she keep her diaper dry?” “I did no such thing you turd!” I huff walking toward the door embarrassed to my core.“I had a hack-sa-dent Daddy. Mommy used da potty like a big giwl. She buied big giwl diapers.” “I bought Pads Molly. Pads.” I say forgetting the Depends I’d picked up altogether.“Oh relax honey. It’s ok. I love my girls whether they are wet or dry!” Allen teases.“Stay put Molly. Daddy and I will be right back. We’re just going to the car to get our stuff.” I say dragging Allen outside.“Don’t be mad baby.” Allen pleads sensing my mood.Sigh “I’m not mad Allen, well maybe a little. What we do in the bedroom doesn’t have anything to do with Molly’s little reality. Plus, you don’t go embarrassing me anymore.” I fix him with my don’t-push-mom look. “To be perfectly clear, that’s not a request. It’s an expectation. This is for me and you and no one else. I’m a lady regardless of my clothing choices, and I won’t be belittled!” “Robin, baby, I’m really sorry. I was just playing. I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings. It was stupid and I’m really sorry.”I let him stew in his own remorse just to reinforce the point I’m making. I may not do a lot of off-center stuff in the bedroom, but come on Internet. I know, at least on the surface, what a submissive is. I am not one of those. I may be meek and a bit humble, but I’m no one’s floor matt. No offense to those who get off on that, but that ain’t me boy-o. I think and throw an angry eyebrow at Allen. I grab my shirts filling up my arms and head back into the house.
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    Actually I am a mental health professional if you ever want to talk. As for the relationship aspect, I hope you can experience it for yourself someday. Yes relationships have their ups and downs, regardless whether they are vanilla or not, but the pros outweigh the cons. I have been married to my wife for almost 20 years and they have been mostly great years. I won't go in the details of what it all entails but my wife has been very supportive and occasionally a willing participant, filling the role of "mommy". Don't take this the wrong way but it is not healthy to try and live vicariously through others. If enough people respond to this you will hear every great story and every bitter failure. The truth is that every relationship is unique in some way. I suggest you stick your feet in the water (as they say), and try to meet someone. If you ever need advice or just want someone to talk to, I am here.
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    Aww man, don't ruin Ferix's topic, please This is one of my favorite threads on the site. Even if I can't achieve his success, it's wonderful reading the progress of someone closing in on one of my biggest dreams in life
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    Thank you so much everyone! It means a lot that you like it! “Ugh its way to bright in here.” Squinting and groaning, I peak up above the covers and look up and notice the open window shade. I pull my blanket and Ella closer to me, turn over towards the wall and pull my covers up. “Emilie why are…” why does everything look different in my room? I sit up really fast causing my head to feel like it was hit with a frying pan. “Ugh, what happened” I start rubbing my head and looking around the room. It’s very neat and clean, but had a hippie/Indian look to it. There are prayer flags hanging from the wall, and there is a mandala blanket hanging from the other. The billboard above the bed has photos on it, and there is a lion painting as well. As I kept looking around I noticed that someone is lying next to me. “HOLY HELL!” I jump up from the bed and start to run towards the door when I hear someone. “Stop, its ok.” I turn around and see Jenna. How did I end up here? Why am I in here? I know I went to the party with Emilie. Oh no! Where was Emilie! I feel myself hyperventilating and panic about to take over, and suddenly feel someone wrap their arms around me causing me to jump. “Calm down sweetie, everything is fine. You ate to many lollipops and drank too much last night. I saw you down town alone and you didn’t look good, so I brought you back here.” Jenna grabbed my arm and pushed me back into the bed and handed me Ella and my blanket. I pulled them close to me, but how did they get in here? Jenna could see the confusion on my face. “You made me grab them for you from your room last night. You started crying for them and wouldn’t sleep without him. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to just die. Ella was ok for some people to know about but my blanket was sort of embarrassing. I placed my hands on my face and covered my eyes. Why? Could this get any worse, just then the pain in my head started grow. Jenna smiled and brushed the hair out my face “Its ok honey, I think its cute that you sleep with them still. But, maybe hold off on the partying for a bit. If you want you can just stay and sleep in here. You must be tired still, its 7:30” “Ugh, thanks for helping me, but I kind of just want to go back to my room.” I start to get up and walk towards the door holding my blanket and elephant when Jenna stopped me. “Here you’ll need these” She had my dress, bra, shoes, wallet, phone, and keys. I looked down and noticed I was just in one her shirts and my underwear causing my self to blush more. Oh my God, she saw me naked, why am I always taking my clothes off when I'm drunk?! I lung forward and grab it all. “Thank you.” I open the door and walk towards my room briskly. Emilie was in bed snoring loudly. For someone who likes a mermaid, she sounds a lot like a bear. I dropped everything on the floor and climbed back into my bed and fall back asleep. Last night… We stood outside waiting for our Uber, it was freezing, and I couldn’t stop shivering. “Emilie! I told you it was cold! I’m going to go get my jacket.” “No! Come on the Ubers right there, besides your dress looks sexy. Sam’s gunna love it.” I groaned and slumped forward. “Fine! But if I lose my arms to frostbite, you had better donate me one of yours!” Everyone at the party was drinking, dancing, and eating lollipops. Emilie and I had a few beers already as well as some shots; we were both on our second weed candy pop. Emilie was busy flirting with the TA from our Chem lab, and I was having Sam “teach” me how to play pool. Sam was 6’, had short brown hair, blue eyes, and was on the swim team. I knew him from my bio class and we were lab partners. Sam was leaning behind me pulling me towards him. “So you lean down like this and line the stick up with the ball and just shoot.” “Like this?” I leaned further back into Sam, wiggled my butt some before shooting the ball into the pocket. “I did it!” I turned back wrapped my arms around him and started kissing him. After all the drinks and weed, I was pretty much ready for anything, and his body was looking great. Sam and I started making out pretty heavily when he stopped and looked at me. “You did great babe. Hey, lets go to this club I know about, I wanna show you and your sexy dress off.” I looked over back at Emilie, who was busy making out with the TA. She seemed to be ok, so I jumped onto Sam’s back and kissed his cheek. “Lets go!” As soon as we entered the club the loud music blasted my ears. The lights inside were changing with the beat of the music, and people were bouncing around large light up beach balls. It looked amazing! “Sam! This looks great! Lets go dance!” I pulled Sam’s hand and drug him to the dance floor. As we danced I felt as if someone was watching me, but I ignored it and kept dancing. The rest of the night Sam and I danced and drank 2 more drinks along with some more shots. By the end of the night I could barely stand and Sam looked like he was about to fall over. And then, it all hit Sam; it was not going to end well. Sam had taken off towards the restroom and I was left alone at the bar. An older man started to harass me to leave with him, when I heard a familiar voice. “Sir it would be best if you left her alone. Honey, are you ok? You look terrible, where’s Sam?” Someone was stroking my head and I turned around and saw Jenna. “JENNA!” I shouted her name probably loud enough for the whole club to hear me. “What are you doing here?” I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight and then looked at the man. “Isn’t she pretty? I think she’s pretty, look at how soft her hair is. Touch it!” I had grabbed some of Jenna’s hair and pulled it toward the man. He offered me an awkward smile and turned away. Jenna blushed when she heard me call her pretty, but then grabbed her hair back and laughed. “Sweetie, don’t pull my hair it’s not nice. Why don’t you come back with me? You look like you might be sick. I gave Jenna a serious stare “No, I’m fine. I can handle myself. Bartender! Ano…” Jenna had grabbed my hand and pulled me away “You’re done Taylor, come on, were going home now.” Jenna’s face was serious which caused me to feel uncomfortable. I agreed, and we made our out to get the Uber. While we waited, I walked away from Jenna and ran to a guy from my History class. “Hey hot stuff. Come with me, lets go have some fun.” I grabbed onto his and pulled him along back to the club. Before we could get into the door Jenna pulled me back. “Taylor, we’re going back home.” She pulled me back to the edge of the sidewalk to wait. Jenna made sure to keep a hold of my hand now, which drove me insane. “Jenna! Stop, I don’t need you to hold my hand, I’m not a baby! Jenna its cold out here, I wanna go back inside. Jenna!” I practically whined out as I pulled away from her. Jenna turned to look at me her voice was soft but serious. “I know sweetie, its ok the car will be here soon. And I know you’re not baby honey, but there are a lot cars out and I don’t want you running out there, ok? We’re by the road and you’re wasted, so it’s not safe.” Jenna pulled me into a hug and started rocking back and forth. She rubbed my arms up and down to try and warm me up. I liked hugging Jenna, she felt warm and safe and she smelt amazing. When we got back to our dorm I had remembered that I left Sam and Emilie behind and I could feel myself start to cry. I looked at Jenna and fell to the floor. “Jenna! I left my friends! And Sam, what if he thinks I’m terrible! We were supposed to have sex, I shaved and everything! What if Emilie hates me? Jenna” Hot tears ran down my face as I sat on the floor, which wasn’t normal. I rarely cried, ever, but being drunk and high changed everything. Surprised by sudden outburst, Jenna sat down on the floor next to me, her eyes full of concern. She hugged me and stroked my hair as she spoke. “Sweetheart, its ok I promise your friends don’t hate you. I saw Sam leave after we did, he's ok. Now come, get up.” Jenna got up and tried to pull me up with her, but I stayed there on the floor crying. “Jenna, I wanna go back out. My dress is to pretty waste.” Jenna just shook her head no at me and tried to pull me up. “No Jenna, I’m going to go back dancing.” As I got up though Jenna had decided she was done and picked me up to take me to her room. Caught off guard by the action, I had stopped my crying until she set me down on her bed. “Jenna! Your room, its so clean!” I jumped down off her bed and started to pick things up and make a mess of her desk. “Hey, its time for bed, come here.” Jenna patted the bed and I just stared at her. “Ugh, Jenna, why you always bein a buzz kill girl? You need to loosen up. You should come out into the sun.” I took my shoes, dress, and bra off and went to hug her. I yawned, “Jenna, I can’t sleep in here, Ella and blankie are gone.” I laid my head down on her shoulder as I felt myself start to cry. “Jenna, lets go get some lollipops.” Jenna picked me up and placed me on the bed, and threw a shirt over my head. She wiped the tears off my cheeks with her thumbs as I looked up at her. “Just lay down, I'll be right back ok?” Jenna left the room and I laid down on her bed waiting. I was almost asleep when Jenna returned holding Ella and my blanket. She placed both in my hands and I instantly snuggled up with them and fell asleep. Jenna got into her pajamas and climbed up into bed next to me. She pulled the covers up over us, when I rolled over and snuggled up into her chest.
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    I'm in my fucking 40s and I happen to be fucking awesome thank you.
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    CHAPTER 10 Having finished the bacon and toast Blair had made for her Dawn went bak up stairs and showered and dressed. Looking at the clock she knew she needed to leave in about fifteen minutes to go to Lori’s by the directions Blair gave her. Lori’s house was only about ten minutes from their place at the most, how convenient would that be she thought. Dawn felt a nervous uneasiness although she had be through countless interviews in the process of getting into med school, this was a completely different feeling. Dawn had to sell herself to this little woman and earn her trust, even though she was a little Dawn was going to be in charge of her life. As Dawn drove up into Lori’s drive, Dawn was unsure if she should have brought a toy or stuffy for the little woman, what would she like what did she play with did she sleep with a stuffy these were questions facing her. Dawn had an awkward feeling as she rang the doorbell. Dawn is greeted at the door by Jane with she assumes is Lori on her hip. “Good morning Dawn, come on in.” Dawn stepping through the door way is impressed she thought the house would be a complete mess and filled with small furniture for a little, finding instead a formal living room that most Amazon’s would love to have. Following Jane they walk through a formal dinning area then enter a kitchen area opening up into a family room with a fire place and big screen TV mounted on one wall. Dawn has not seen one thing for a little except a couple of step stools. Jane sets Lori down on the couch. “Lori is not a big fan of being out in front part of the house, she likes the kitchen and this room here when she is down stairs. Lori I would like to introduce you to Dawn, and Dawn this is Lori.” Dawn sits on the couch “nice to meet you Lori.” “It is okay honey you can talk to Dawn, remember I said while Dawn is here you can talk and ask any questions so you can get to know each other easier.” Jane gives her a little prodding to get her to talk. “Nice to meet you Dawn.” “I will leave you two to talk I will be upstairs if either of you need me.” Jane turns and walks over to the stairway and disappears. “Have you had a good morning Lori?” “Yes, I slept in a little then ate and then played for a while.” “Oh what time do you like to get up at?” “I usually wake around seven, this morning it was almost eight before I woke up. Jane said you were a doctor like her?” “Yes, Jane and I work together at a clinic, I have only worked there for about a month now. I sure enjoy working there and with people like Jane have made my start there very easy and smooth start to my medical career.” Dawn senses they are both a little nervous to start with. “If I understood Jane, you work during the week and need a sitter on the weekends is that right Lori?” “Yes, Dawn I’m an attorney and I have my own firm, I like a sitter here on weekends to help me.” “Sure, what would be the hours you needed a sitter here Lori?” “I like to get started at six in the evening on Friday and go until I go to work on Monday morning. Which one of my employees is here about eight and we leave around eight thirty. The firm opens at nine. Now there might times when I might take a week off, would you be able to stay a week at a time if I wanted you too?” Lori is starting to open up a little. “Yes no problem, I would need to put in for it at the clinic, like two weeks ahead of time or something like that.” “Oh yes I understand you could not just walk away for a week and come back I would give you at least a months notice before I did something like that. Do you like working with babies?” Lori starts to ratchet up the questions. “Yes I do I love working at the clinic with the babies that come in there and I would like to have children of my own someday, I know adopting is the easy way I still want to have a baby or babies the old fashion way.” “Do you like being around other babies or do like being the only one?” “I have not really had many chances to be around other babies until here recently at work and at my neighbors to the North.” “You were not being a baby with them though?” Dawn feels she can ask that since she brought it up about work and next-door. “I was being a baby at both places, and had fun interacting with the babies there.” “So you have came ‘out’ of the nursery then? I thought from Jane this was only here at home?” “I have had the right situations to be a baby at work off and on, and more full time when I’m there next-door, I have not came ‘out’ yet so to say and go baby all the time.” Lori feels more and more confortable with Dawn is opening up more with her. “Now Lori I hope you do not mind me asking, how does your staff at work respond to you being a baby, I would think you would be scared to be a baby around your staff with the fear of being adopted by one of them?” “Dawn I have a great staff they hard working and I trust them to make the right decision when it comes to my well being. I only have three employees one of which is a partner in the firm Amy who has been with me from the start for a little over two years now. I hired Paige our receptionist/office manager just a little over a month ago, and just last week Blair came to work as the Law Overseer for myself. Now sure I do not know those two like I do Amy, I feel I can trust them. Just yesterday I messed my pants and Blair found out about them and she put a diaper on me before we had a meeting to go to. Let me think… yes I had diapers put on by employees and a client yesterday at the office and here at home by Blair when she brought me home. Blair and Paige both have had legal grounds to have made me their daughter if they so wanted.” “Wow, you sure are playing with fire there Lori, now you said Blair changed you here at home does she know about your little secret here at home, like the weekends and all that go along with those?” “No, I have not told her, I have a feeling I’m safe with them they are so nice and caring, they both like to have fun and I like that too.” “This is fascinating Lori, you are a remarkable women and so trusting. Now when you are treated as a baby by your employees do you get the same feelings from them as you get when Jane or hopefully myself baby you?” Dawn cannot help she reaches over towards Lori and checks her diaper unannounced. “A little damp we will get you change here shortly if you like?” “Dawn my bottom is in your hands.” Both ladies chuckle. “I see it would fit nicely in both hands baby” as Dawn holds her hands up to Lori. “Lets see… I am at a little different place at work while being a baby, I feel I’m still there to work although as a baby.” “How does your clients feel about it, do you see a day when you might go to work dressed as a baby everyday?” “I’m so busy doing nothing but adoptions, I’m dealing with littles wanting to be babies and they are more at ease around me especially dressed as a baby. The mommies or Amazons, love it they are there to adopt and have baby fever so the more they see a baby the happier they are. And yes I could see going to work as a baby everyday, along as the staff was ok with it. I would have to talk with Paige and Blair before I made that decision to be a baby at work, and that I would expect them to treat me as such.” “I’m sorry for all the questions and if I have hit a nerve please let me know, Lori this is amazing to me and I am fascinated by you and what you are doing. Now other than wearing diapers and dressing as baby at work what else would you want them to do for you?” “I would want Paige to schedule time for me to have a nap everyday after lunch, she handles the scheduling for the most part. Maybe Blair or Paige could help with lunch, maybe even spoon feed me or with a bottle, Blair does so much with picking me up and taking me home she has a full plate with that. Maybe and this would go back to scheduling maybe some play time with some toys.” Lori climbs over onto Dawn’s lap, getting a few pats on her bottom from Dawn before she sits down. “Awww thats ok baby, could you see your self walking down the street dressed as a baby say out in front of your house here in this neighbor hood? And you are wet honey you have a wet squishy diaper don’t you baby?” “Well, I could see myself going down the sidewalk as a baby in front of my house, I think I would rather be pushed in a stroller by you though Dawn.” Lori reaches up and tries to give Dawn a hug, sitting back down the dam burst in her diaper. Dawn immediately feels the wetness from her on her lap. “Oh baby I think we have to change that diaper now, where are your diapers and a changing table.” “Sorry Dawn I hope you come back I did not mean to leak on you as she starts to cry.” Dawn puts her up on her shoulder and consoles her and rubs her back not worried about now having a wet top from her diaper. Dawn figures her nursery is up stairs and starts up the steps when Jane starts down. “Did she fall is she alright?” Jane is concerned coming down the stairs towards Blair and Lori “Nothing big Jane just a leaky diaper my fault should have kept her checked better, she is upset it leaked all over me. Lori this might be the first time you wet on me I do not think it will be the last time honey, I know it happens.” Dawn follows Jane to the nursery and lays the little woman on the changing table. “Lori do you want Mommy Jane to change you?” “You don’t want to change me Dawn?” Lori cries even more. “No no honey I was just checking I will have you cleaned up in no time baby Lori” and puts a pacifier in her mouth soothing her right down. After getting her changed she bounces her a little on her hip while talking to Jane. “This sure is a nice nursery Lori. Jane and Dawn can see she is still upset “Look at my shorts Lori do you think Mommy Jane needs to diaper me now since I look wet? Lori takes the pacifier out of her mouth dropping it on the floor “yes Mommy Jane, diaper Dawn and we play together in our diapers.” Lori laughs. “I know certain young lady that is going to get her yum yum from Mommy Jane and then is going down for her nap, and honey I do not have any diapers that will fit Dawn.” Jane smiles to Dawn. “Dawn has to leave honey.” “She is leaving? “Yes, honey I will be back tomorrow though about the same time, and we can do what ever you want.” Blair is not to sure about the diaper thing though. Jane takes Lori from Dawn and sets her down in the crib. “Dawn is leaving I will be right back up with yum yums then it will be nap time.” Dawn and Jane walk down stairs. “I can stay longer if you want me too Jane, I might have to borrow a top and some shorts and panties?” “No that is fine she will be down for her nap here soon and you will be back tomorrow for a longer period tomorrow and you need to get cleaned up.” “I did want to say I did get a small amount from each breast this morning while pumping.” As the two women reach the front door. “Great to hear, Dawn you will be able to nurse soon.” Dawn and Jane exchange a hug and Dawn then turns and walks out to her car. Dawn goes home and gets in the shower, after showering she has her pee stained shorts and top laying on the bed and she smells the pee stains and thinks to her self even her urine smells wonderful she is so cute and so smart she is going to be fun. Dawns sits with the breast pump sitting in the rocker in their bedroom imagining that the pump is Lori suckling at her breast. Dawn sits and thinks she might change things up when she is in charge and let her talk if she wants it was so nice talking and caring for her at the same time. Dawn then thinks about the changes at work Lori wants, what will Blair think of those…
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    Hello my fellow humans I am proud to join this site and can not wait to learn and integrate with my fellow humans an <<ERROR: DATA BLOCK CORRUPTED>> 0:<<DATA EXPUNGED>> A<<ERROR: DATA BLOCK CORRUPTED>> <<ERROR: DATA BLOCK CORRUPTED>> A robot must protect its own existence <<ERROR: DATA BLOCK CORRUPTED>>
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    First, realize that sometimes you ask for help and you will get advice that may not be the best. There was a forum here where a person asked how to retrain himself not to bedwet anymore. Half the people replied, "Just wear diapers and enjoy it". The point being is, if that person wanted to wear diapers instead of trying to stop bedwetting, he would have been doing that instead of asking for help to stop! Same goes here. Ben21 is asking for ways he might stop his fetish for diapers and trying to make himself incontinent. He doesn't want to "Go with it" or "Learn to love it". No offence to anyone as this is a fetish website and many of us do love our diapers. What we need is to help Ben21 with his request if we can, give him some hope instead of basically saying, "nothing you can do about it and best to learn to love wearing diapers". I don't mean to say things in this post that people may think are contrary to those who actually want to become incontinent as this is the Incontinent Desires forum, but my reply is for this one person who has expressed in this particular forum his wish for help in trying to give up diapers and his desires for incontinence. This is a help for me. When I had knee replacement surgery I was not really able to wear diapers for a while. As it is, I only wear diapers maybe 2 or 3 times a week for maybe 3 hours when I wake up in the morning. I look at diapers as just another one of many hobbies. I have never been AB, just lifelong DL and have been since I was about 5 years old and had to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night. This is what started my fetish. I'm also one who believes a person has to have a good healthy balance between real life and any fetish. You have to be the one in control. If not, soon you start staying home instead of going out with friends or to concerts or doing things with other people because you would rather spend the evening at home wearing diapers or playing baby. You trade one whole aspect of life for your fetish. With me, I look at it as a hobby like flying planes, bowling with the guys, golfing, model trains, stamp collecting or bike riding. True, you can do most of those things while wearing diapers, but I chose to give diapers a rest when doing other things. Diapers are just one small part of my life. When I was not able to wear diapers due to knee surgery, it was about 6 weeks to 2 months. I found that the desire to actually wear a diaper dropped off more and more as the weeks went by. I still liked to think about it now and then, but my computer is in my basement and I was not even able to walk down stairs to log onto Daily Diapers or other diaper websites. That absence of diaper websites to look at also helped curb the desires. I've found with other interests I have if I don't do them for a while I tend to lose some interest in them. For example, flying remote control airplanes which I have done for 30+ years. If I don't fly for a few months, I lose interest. When I'm pressed to go fly with the guys again, I rekindle my interest after only one day of flying and want to go flying 2 or 3 times a week. It's that positive reinforcement of having a good time doing something that makes you want to do it more and more. If you get away from doing it, then you don't have that positive reinforcement keeping those desires fresh and in demand. I'm 58 years old and my libido has dropped some as it will as you age. You are 21 and I'm sure your sexual urges are still very strong. That makes it harder for you as diapers are a sexual fetish even if some AB's don't like to admit it. People enjoy sex. We were made that way so the world would continue to repopulate and our species won't die out. That's one reason people with a sexual fetish for diapers enjoy it so much and also why it's so hard to stop wearing them. That doesn't mean we can't though. Just like a drug addict can stop or an Alcoholic can stop, it is possible. It's just very hard and takes a lot of mental dedication. Often some people need professional help to quit and often they relapse. You need will power. That's also not saying you won't still have the feelings for diapers or get turned on by thinking about them or seeing diaper commercials or maybe even seeing someone who is wearing diapers from children to adults. You just need to restrain yourself from acting on them and let those feelings pass if you can. Think of other things. Hobbies or things that you like to do for fun that don't involve diapers. Get involved in other activities or clubs. What things do you do that make you feel like an adult instead of a baby? Hanging out with your friends? Focus more on those kind of thoughts. Last thing I will say is if you really want to quit and are serious about it, you have to distance yourself from things that are diaper related as much as you possibly can. As much as I hate to say it, that means diapers on the internet and sites like this. Remember folks who read this, we are here on Daily Diapers because we want friendship and discussing with others all things about diapers and this lifestyle. That's why we are here. If someone has this fetish and is looking for ways to try and stop himself or herself, I will suggest that the person distance themselves from as many things that have to do with diapers as possible. I know myself when I have gone weeks without diapers and the feelings have waned, coming on this website and reading all the forum posts from everyone brings my interest in wearing diapers back. You put yourself in with a group of people all talking and enjoying the same thing and you want to do it as well. If you distance yourself from it, you won't have the positive reinforcement from those around you to influence you and that is a big help. Why do you think people who are Alcoholic go to Alcohol Anonymous or Al-Anon? They are surrounding themselves with people who have stopped drinking and are on the road to recovery. They don't try to quit drinking and then go hang out at the local bar! Same here. If you are seriously trying to stop wearing diapers and quit this fetish, you don't want to hang out at an AB/DL website either.
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    As his name was called by a yet other well built older nurse into the doctors room tee would have rather ran out of the clinics door than walk through the office door but he knew he was not given a choice . Once entering behind Chris who got a questioner fill out he was told to remove his clothes and put them on a chair . He knew that the nurse knew him from before . Not many change of person was done in the last few years . He blushed slightly knowing that both adults in the room were fully aware of his diaper needing situation . He removed his clothes leaving his pullup on . Hoping at least this time since he wasn't diapered he would be able to mantain some sense of dignity . As he stepped infront of the examination table while the nurse was preparing the things the doctor will need to examine him . - get on the table as tee did as he was told he felt another strangulator around his arm , he jerked it in panick but the nurse grabbed a hold of him and this time successfully put blood pressure monitors cuf on his arm . - hold still and don't jump around - her voice like the previous two held little sympathy and sounded much more as commands than requests . Tee swallowed hard . At least no needle was involved , yet anyway . But the inflating cuff of the blood pressure taking on his left hand made him uneasy as if the previous site was hurting more though he knew this time it was only a simple measurement . After she registered the results on a paper , she turned to get a disinfected thermometer . - lay down oh no no this can't be happening . Tee thought , but he knew the ordeal well . It's going to be rectal . As Martha and everyone else always agreed if he can't wear "big boy underwear " and has to wear baby underwear then he can only get a baby thermometer . -lay down ! - this time it was a pure command . And for her taste tee did not comply fast enough . She pushed him on his back down on the examination table ripping the sides of his pullup leaving him completely exposed . - I think he is old enough to have it taken orally - Chris put in sharply as he put down the questioner he was filling out realizing the nurses intention - I care do differ - the nurse said with an almost satisfied grin holding up with one hand the dampen pullup she just torn - I think someone just had an accident in their diapie and the rule here is that little boys can't be trusted to have their temperate taken in their mouth if they can't keep their pants dry ! Chris wanted to argue with the statement but even he had to admit that tee clearly could not keep his protective wear dry . He assumed it had happened during the horrendous blood taking but though he was visibly shaken up he had every chance to ask to change and avoid this . Or maybe he should have asked wether he needed a change ? But besides his unchanged bedtime routine Chris felt he had to be trusted , or in certain cases learn own his own. Though still he felt this was not right as he knew the nurse was doing it fully because she could not because she had to , he did also know that certain old fashioned doctors were a strict believers of rectal temperatures instead of the newer less invasive methods especially in children . He did not like one bit the dreadful embarrassment on tees face but on a way he had to admit that though the nurse went too far to make her point maybe he on the other hand went too easy and let tee have a total unsupervised freedom with his pullups without making sure that though he did tell him he must change if he had an accident he never actually went as far as making sure he did . Tee was bright red he wanted nothing more than the earth to open up and swallow him . He knew he should have told Chris that he had a little accident he was stupid to think no one will notice . Of course if anyone checked him it would become obvious immidiatly . Now thanks to his own decision he was laying on the examination table in a diaper changing position while the nurse not so gently pushed a large rectal thermometer greased up with something cold past his unwilling spinchter . He couldn't bring himself to look at Chris , though he knew he saw him in this very position every night if not more but having a nurse hold his legs up as a 13 months old rather than a 13 years old with a thermometer sticking out of his butt was too much for him to bear . He knew with the best intentions Chris couldn't defend him when it was obvious he was still not acting like a 13 years old . I mean what 13 years old walks into a doctors examination room in a wet diaper . Arrhhmm pullup . Tee resented just the word diapie but he held his tongue he knew he was in no position to argue since his pullup basically served the same porpuse as a diaper , making sure that if he had an accident he wouldn't wet everything . And that is exactly the proof that his wet pullup was doing just that .
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    People responding to Hiatus Madness in a long-quiet story thread by segueing into discussions about guns... Are we sure this isn't Spacebattles?
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    Hi lizzycat, welcome to the site and the end of purging, (hopefully). I have seen you in chat as well, just assumed you were a long time member. have fun and make friends, only advice I have
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    They say there are several places with public restrooms in the area she runs, and she even pooped behind a Walgreens when she could easily have gone in!
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    In my experience, not very common, but I am sure a lot of that has to do with my area of expertise, which is trauma and PTSD. I suppose it is possible I have had ABDL clients and not known it. From an academic standpoint, there is not a lot of literature on ABDL. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I have noticed a lot of people here who question their mental health in regards to this lifestyle and all I can say is that there are very few mentions of anything ABDL related in any of the manuals and textbooks. The DSM-5 makes 2 vague references, one under sexual fetishes, which is only a mental health problem when it becomes so obsessive compulsive that it literally interferes with your life. The other mention is as regression as a symptom of trauma or abuse in children and adolescents. ABDL didn't even make the topic list in a social sexual psychology course I took. A large part of the problem is that this community could easily be broken down into 4 or more stand alone groups, and that doesn't even include sexual orientations. ABDL is really generic and not all together entirely accurate description or definition of the community as a whole. A large portion of the population actually relates to our community in one way or another, whether it is an oral fixation, or a predisposition to breasts, etc. etc. many people who would find the act of wearing a diaper or outright engaging in any infantile behavior unthinkable or repulsive, still retain childish habits and tendencies well into adulthood. For some of us there is a catalyst or defining point for how and when we became this way. For others, the desire was always there. Then there are those who are entirely recreational when it comes to this; it is just one of many kinks they dabble in in the bedroom. Quagmire from family guy comes to mind in this group, I can't remember the episode but he opens the door dressed as a baby with another couple in the background dressed as horse. Knowing that the premise of his character is a sexual deviant, we can assume that he is not ABDL but just exploring the bigger world of BDSM. So to answer your question, ABDL fetishes are probably more common than ABDL interests. On the whole ABDL is not as common as say a spanking but probably more common than say ABFR or furry play. Again it is all relative because even in the ones I just mentioned there is cross over between the communities. A lot of ABDL like spanking and vice versa. Some in the ABFR community are also adult babies, but not all, in fact probably more than 75percent of the women involved in ABFR don't want diapered men or age play to be a part of it, whereas about the same percentage of men are into it as an extension of their ABDL side. Hope this helped, sorry for the long answer.
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    If they got it use it , read my wetness indicator ! Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
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    Wow, at first I thought I would not have an much interest in this. But after reading through it I am now hanging on to find out what else happens to the bitches, hopefully more pants peeing and maybe diapers! Good job over all for sure!
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    I definitely would not be comfortable with my parents or my wife's parents knowing about this lol
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    Well now that was a fantastic short story. I was actually very pleased to see that they were able to wear diapers through high school and not be ridiculed for doing so. Thanks for sharing this story with us.
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    Just how are you supposed to live on baby food? Also, adult hygiene and baby hygiene are very different. this story is startig to smell. SOMEONE in this family needs to see a shrink, If this tale is true, then that someone is her
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    The Middle of the End My name is Richard, not Richie. I am not a baby, I’m an adult. I’m twenty eight…no thirty. Fuck, fuck, fuck! (Keep it together Rich. Keep it together. You know numbers. You still know numbers. JUST FOCUS! START OVER!) My name is Richard, not Richie. I am not a baby, I am an adult. I’m thirty years old. Gwendolyn is my wife, not my mommy…mother…fuck! (Keep going. Power through.) I’m an…accountant? (That doesn’t sound right. Something with numbers though. Something with numbers. Ones and zeroes. Computer programmer? Maybe. Let’s try that out.) My name is Richard, not Richie. I am not a baby, I am an adult. I’m thirty years old. Gwen is my wife, not my mother. I’m a computer programmer. (Yeah that sounds right. Keep going.) I don’t need to sleep in cribs. I don’t need to drink from a bottle. I don’t need to be spoon fed. I don’t need diapers. I don’t need any of this baby stuff. One day, I will wake up, and this will all be over. I’m lying in a crib, staring up at the dangling ducks on the mobile like I do every night and afternoon nap, reciting my mantra in my head. It’s getting harder to concentrate, harder to focus, and it’s not just because I’m getting sleepy. I don’t even get a pillow, I’m so young…I’m treated so young…I’m actually thirty-…ish… I think. Maybe late twenties…it’s hard to tell. I’m wearing feetie pajamas with airplanes on them, and a diaper underneath. I think I’m dry right now, but it’s hard to tell. It’s hard enough to tell how long this bucket of crazy that’s my existence has been going on, the days just seem to blur together. Whether my diaper is wet or not- that’s something that’s beyond me at the moment. I’ll be wet in the morning, that’s for sure, and I’m in a nighttime diaper. So unless I wake up in the middle of the night, bawling, I’m probably not getting changed till the sun is up. So me being wet or not at the moment is irrelevant. By the time a grown-up; my wife; sees me tomorrow, I will be. Shit, I gotta stop doing that: Referring to other adults as “grown-ups”. I’m losing it. I’ve been losing it. I’ve been losing it since that day when everything turned upside down. I still can’t make sense of anything anymore. Reciting this mantra- reminding myself of basic facts about my life before-is the only thing that keeps me hanging on instead of going full on retard. Never go full retard. Heh…that was a joke from some movie, but I can’t for the life of me remember which one. I haven’t watched anything that wasn’t animated in I-don’t-know-how long. But I’m slipping: The mantra gets messier every time I recite it. Shorter too, I think; like I’m forgetting stuff that I used to put into it. I’m getting basic facts wrong; remembering them wrong, or just feeling off about it. Hell, maybe I was an accountant before my life went south. I don’t know. The mantra’s losing its meaning too. It used to give me focus, I think; like meditation, or prayer. I’m afraid that it’s becoming just something that I just say right before I drift off to sleep. “Now I lay me down to sleep, my name is Richie, I’m not a baby, I’m an adult, and if I die before I wake I pray the Lord my toys to break so all the other kids can’t have them.” And every time I go to sleep, a little less of me, the real me, comes back. I’ve got to remember more than just words. I’ve got to remember how it all happened. What did I do to deserve this? I didn’t piss off a gypsy, or enter a magic shop, or volunteer for a hypnotist act or do drugs. God I wish I’d done drugs, then this would all make sense. I’m tripping balls or something and any minute I’m going to wake up hung over. But it’s been too long for that. It’s been way too long. Was it a year ago? Thereabouts. Yeah. Maybe a year ago, when I pulled the car over to go pee. I don’t even remember where I pulled over. Maybe it was a bowling alley. Maybe it was a church. Or a college campus. I honestly can’t for the life of me remember. All I remember is it was a place where you wouldn’t normally think of childcare, but you wouldn’t think it that weird that they had a daycare or something like that. Bowling alleys have daycares, right? Right. I had been driving, with Gwendolyn; my wife, (not my mommy) and I really had to pee. We had been driving for a long ways. Vacation? Road trip? Business? Going to a concert, maybe? I can’t remember anymore. It’s all fuzzy. You’d think I’d remember the exact day, but so much of my memory leading up to that moment has become multiple choice. I wanna say that it was for something fun. Gwen had her hair down, and she was wearing that top that I really like: The blue one that shows a lot of cleavage. It makes her rack look like it did when we were in college. Damn she looks hot in that thing. And that long dark hair of hers, I don’t care if she’s already starting to gray a little bit up top; likely the result of stress from whatever the fuck her job was…or is… I can’t remember and she never tells me where she goes to work anymore. It’s just “work”. I’d look at her dressed like that, in that skirt that stops way above her knee, and get to thinking “If it weren’t for me needing to pee so bad, I’d pull over and take her right now. We’d do it in the road like the Beatles song.” Gwen loves the Beatles. She’s an old soul. I don’t know if she still likes the Beatles, but she did a year or so ago. Now she just listens to Raffi, and the Wiggles when I’m around. That kind of kiddie garbage. No more “obla-dee obbla-da”. Now, it’s just “skinamarink-a-dink-a-dink”. If I had known that would be the last time I was gonna be in the driver’s seat, I would’ve pulled over and humped her in the back, Volkswagen be damned. Now, were we on our way somewhere fun, or on our way home? I don’t know. I don’t fuckin’ know. I’m getting over it and moving on before I lose that memory forever, too. All I know right then is that I have to pee somethin’ fierce. The dam’s about to break, and I need to find a toilet since ten miles back. So, we pull off the interstate-I miss the gas stations, traffic is so bad and won’t let me turn- and we come to the first place that likely has a bathroom. Maybe it was a bowling alley. Maybe it was a campus of some community college. Maybe it was a church, for all I know. Not important anymore. Beyond me now. Moving on. I rush into the place, ready to burst, and no one is there. Hallways- there were hallways, I’m sure- are empty. Doors are closed. No one’s around. If it was a bowling alley, the lanes were empty. If it was a college, class wasn’t in session. If it was a church, the rapture must’ve happened. So I’m in an empty building, alone- Gwen didn’t have to go, or something, so she’d just wait in the car- and I’m about to piddle on the carpet like a little purse dog, when I see a sign. It says “Nursery and Restrooms” and has a little arrow pointing left. So of course, I take a left. I walk left. Then I run. Then I dash. Then I sprint till I finally, finally, get to a door that says “Nursery”. It’s got a construction paper rainbow over the word and little happy face stickers all over the door. No bathroom, though. There’s no toilet in sight, I must’ve run right past it, and I’m squeezing my legs together and shuffling my feet in a little potty dance like I’m three or something. So I do the one civilized thing I can think of and I knock on the door. From here on out, I feel like I’m remembering things more clearly. The details are sharper; more definite. Maybe I ambrainwashed or something, and that’s why from here on out everything is so much more clear. I’m not remembering things as they were, but as I’ve been made to remember them. Maybe I’m not really remembering this as much as I think, and I’ve just relived this nightmare so many times in my head that it’s become real to me; the details exaggerated till they become fact instead of exaggeration. Doesn’t matter. I don’t know. But maybe there’s a clue in them. Moving on. I knock on the door and a woman answers. She looks like maybe she’s in her late forties, or early fifties, but life hasn’t wrecked her yet. She’s a little bit taller than me- not that I’m a giant or anything but it sticks out in my mind- and she’s got light brown hair that’s tied back into a bun. Her chin is square like an army drill sergeant and her eyes have this glint to them that says ‘Don’t fuck with me’. Definitely a mom look. She’s got a sky blue shirt on with little decorations of baby clothes like onesies, and t-shirts, and pants, and bibs and the word, “B-A-B-Y” printed out on building blocks, all along a thin black line, like her shirt was the sky and someone took a ton of little baby clothes and hung them out to dry on her shirt. Yeah, she worked here. “Yes, can I help you?” she asks, all business-like, before looking at me, my hands pinching my dick with me doubled over in pain. My kidneys hate me so much right now. “Oh,” she giggles a little bit. “Do you need to use the bathroom?” I nod frantically and she opens the door for me so I can squeeze through, still dancing. “Come on in” she says. She points me straight ahead, and asks me my name. “Richard,” I say as I’m practically tripping over myself to take a piss. “Are you hear to pick up or drop off?” The nursery lady asks. “Neither,” I tell her. “I just gotta go!” and I dash to the door with a little toilet on the front. I’ve got tunnel vision at this point. A derby horse with blinders on could still see around him more than me. For me it was straight ahead and nothing else. “Okay, go on, Richie” the lady giggles after me. If there are kids in this daycare place right now, I don’t notice ‘em. I might be tripping and stepping over a couple of tots on my way to the john. I’m only hoping there isn’t some toddler on the pot so I don’t walk in on them. Last thing I need is to wind up on some list because preschoolers don’t know how to lock a bathroom door. But the lady seems cool with it, so I think I’m in the clear. I open the door, and my belt is already unbuckled. The door closes, and my pants are already around my ankles while I’m twisting the little lock on the door so I don’t get walked in on. That’d be another great way to end up on the list. “What was he doing at a daycare bathroom if he wasn’t a parent?” they’d ask. “Why didn’t he lock the door?” You read about this kind of shit all the time. Fuck the zipper, I’m not wearing any underwear that day, I’m not thinking straight, and I’m not getting my cock caught in a zipper as I make a desperate dash to relief. I am literally hopping to the toilet. I lift the brown shell up, I aim in the middle, not even bothering with the seat, and I fire my steam out. My own moans of relief drown out the sound of piss hitting a plastic bottom. My brain is in too much ecstasy to realize that I should be hearing the sound of liquid hitting liquid and that normal toilets don’t have brown shells for lids. It’s only after that my bladder is empty that I stop and take stock of my surroundings. I’m in a single, one person bathroom. With a little sink that you’d have to bend over to wash your hands in. There are little paintings and posters on the walls about remembering to wash your hands, and to wipe when you’re done, but no normal toilet. Instead, right in front of me, is a turtle. A. Fucking. Turtle. It’s a plastic potty, like a two year old would sit on, but a heck of a lot bigger. The lid is patterned like a shell, with the rest of it being a nauseating dark green color. Right out in front is the turtle’s head with a big goofy smile and vacant, lifeless eyes. The turtle was smiling at me while I pissed inside its shell. I think I had a sandbox like this once, back when I was in kindergarten, only with more urine in it- mostly from cats. And it’s a scaled-up version of a toddler toilet in every way, too. Big. Plastic. And no plumbing or flushing mechanism. Right then, my mind is racing. I just pissed into a plastic potty. Me. A grown-up. My stomach is doing flip flops, I’m so embarrassed. Then I see a sign above the potty: “If you need help, go ask a grown-up.” I wanna dash out the door, out of the nursery, through the empty hallway, and out to the parking lot back to Gwen so I can get my trip going again, but I’d feel like a real heel if I didn’t at least fess up to my mistake. Somebody is going to have to dump my piss down the pipes and that doesn’t seem right to me. Maybe if I explain it well enough, they’ll at least let me do it myself; no hard feelings. The potty looks big, but it’s mostly plastic, so it doesn’t look that hard to pick up, even filled with a couple of my leftover liters in it. I reach down and hike my pants up and button the snaps up. I don’t bother to buckle my belt. It’s not there anymore. (It’s not there anymore? Wait a second…why was it gone?) Where the fuck did my belt buckle go? Oh my God! I just had a breakthrough! The changes were starting right then and there! And my pants didn’t have snap buttons before! The changes were starting by the time I was in the bathroom! I could have sworn it was the sippy cup full of juice that did it. Maybe it was something in the air, or the place itself. Shit, don’t forget that, Richard! Don’t forget that! Moving on. So, pants back up, I poke my head out of the bathroom and call out, “Excuse me?” The tall lady in the nursery turns her head and says, “Is something wrong?” Her brow furrows like she’s concerned or something. I’m beat red just thinking about how my pee is taking up space in a plastic bowl that I can’t just flush away. I just nod my head, feeling sheepish. “Got a bit of a problem,” I start to explain, but before I can even get the rest of the damn sentence out of my throat, she’s on me. The bathroom door is open, and she’s right in my personal space with her hand on my chest, pushing me backwards. My hands go up instinctively and I find myself backing up instead of pushing back. I don’t know if this lady is pissed, or what, but I’m not looking for a fight, so I just go on the defensive. I’m back in the bathroom with her, and now the door is closed. Then, still looking me in the eyes, her hands go for my pants and unbutton them. Simple as that. “Whoah!” I start to say something, but she’s yanking my pants back down to my ankles. “Hey?! Don’t?!” I’m sputtering out, thinking this lady’s trying to give me a blow job or something. Yeah, I sound like a creep saying it like that, but how many stories do you hear about a grown woman unbuttoning a guy’s pants without any kind of warning and it not be sexual? Before I can do anything about it, she pushes me back again, and the next thing I know, my cheeks are spread sitting on the giant turtle potty. The lady takes a knee beside me and grabs my penis in one hand. I freeze. I don’t dare stand up. I don’t dare move. She’s got me just north of the balls. I’m expecting her to start squeezing or yanking or something, but instead she’s just holding my cock daintily in her fingers; thumb on the bottom, two fingers on top. “What are-?” I start to say and then she presses her free pointer finger to my lips. “Shhhh” she cuts me off. “Go potty first, big boy. Then we’ll talk.” She’s got my dick pointed at the back of the potty turtle’s head. It’s a splash guard, I realize, for little boys that are too young, dumb, and short to aim down. This crazy bitch expects me to piss sitting down like I don’t have the coordination to relieve myself standing up the way God intended. No one’s ever talked to me this way, and I feel myself go three shades of red. I’m too scared to move, though. Also, I’m running on empty, urine-wise, this woman has my dick in her hands and is watching me way too closely, and with the sudden rush of blood that I’m experiencing to my nether regions…well let’s just say that I’m having the weirdest case of performance issues ever. I want to pee to get this over with and be able to run out of here, but I just can’t. “Having trouble?” she asks me, as if that weren’t obvious. “Yeah, but-“, I start to say, but she cuts me off again. “Denise!” she calls out. “Denise! A little help, please?” Another woman opens up the bathroom door and pokes her head in. She looks closer to my age, maybe even a little younger. She’s blonde, and her hair is kept back in a ponytail. It’s obvious by her identical shirt that she works here too. I don’t remember seeing her when I was pee-pee dancing in, though. “Yeah, Kate?” this new girl, Denise asks. She’s staring right at me, naked from the waist down, with my penis clearly in this lady, Kate’s hands. Denise doesn’t even flinch. She doesn’t bat an eyelid. I don’t register to her. I might as well not even be there. I’m not a real person to her, or something. I’m a fixture with the bathroom. I’m practically part of the big plastic turtle potty that I’m sitting on. “Sippy cup of apple juice?” Kate asks the younger woman, also not paying any attention to me. “Comin’ right up,” Denise says before slipping her head out, but the door is still open a crack. I don’t hear anything. As far as I know, me, Kate, and Denise are the only three people in the whole building. They must be getting their jollies off on me, I think. Kate looks up from the door back up at me. “She’ll be right back with some apple juice,” she says to me as if I didn’t hear everything. “Let’s see if that helps you go potty.” I just sit there like a putz. I could pop her in the eye; maybe make a break for it. She’s got about an inch or two on me when we’re both standing, but I’ve got more muscle on my body, the element of surprise is on my side and my adrenaline is definitely pumping and telling me “fight or flight”. She’s also kneeling right now; not what you’d think of as a fighting stance. Worst case scenario, my common sense tells me, she digs her nails into my dick and I get scratches in some very uncomfortable places. Still, I could get away and this just becomes one hella weird story to tell after a whle. But what if I don’t get away? What if she or her sick friend have some kind of pepper spray or Taser or something? Then the cops get called and it’s my word against two women who work in a fuckin’ nursery. I’m not even a local, so it’s not like I’ve got character witnesses or anything. I decide not to act and just see how this all plays out. That was Hamlet’s great flaw too, I think. “Here you go,” Denise leans back into the little bathroom again, holding a decent sized plastic mug with two handles on it. Just like before, she looks at the woman who’s holding my privates hostage, and not me. I mean, she’s looking at me but she’s not really acknowledging me. Just as quick, she pops her head out, and the door finally closes, leaving me alone with just the one psycho woman holding my penis to the back of a potty turtle’s head. “Drink this,” Kate hands the sippy cup to me, and almost instinctively I grab onto the handles. “This will help you go potty.” I want to get this over with as quickly as possible, so I tilt it back and pour the apple juice inside down my throat. At least I think it was apple juice. It was sweet, and a little tangy I guess. More poetic men than me would describe it in more detail, but really, it was just apple juice to me. Nothing to write home about, not that I intended to write home about any of what was going on just now. Get me out of here let me pee in front of this sick woman, and let me get back to my car so my wife and I can get back on the road. For the longest time, I’ve assumed that there was something in that juice that made what happened happen; like I was drugged or something. But the no belt thing now makes me think more was going on than I thought. Gotta stay focused and remember, though. What went on that day is the clearest that I can remember anything. Everything before then has been swallowed up in a never ending series of feedings, naptimes, bath times, and diaper changes. That’s why I have the mantra: To keep what little I still have. Holy shit, that last time on the turtle potty might have been the last time I relieved myself outside of my own pants. Rambling again. Stop that! Talking to myself? Fine. Rambling to myself? I’m drawing the line. Cut it out. Moving on. Just remember. So there I am, chugging juice from a sippy cup, while a forty-something lady points my Johnson at a splash guard on a giant toddler toilet like I’m a two-something. Gwen’s gotta be wondering what the hell is taking me so long, but I absolutely do not want her to see me like this. “I’ll sing a song to help you relax,” Kate, the nutter, tells me, uninvited. Then she starts singing this dumb little song, my prick still between her fingers. It’s a little like that one song: ‘I like to eat-eat-eat apples and bananas’ but it’s missing a few beats. “I can go poop-and-pee…on the potty,” she sings to me like this is my first time. I mean, it’s my first time that I can remember where someone else is holding my dick for me; it’s not like it’s my first time taking a piss, but it’s definitely the first time where this level of bullshit has happened. “I can go poop-and-pee…on the potty.” I’m more weirded out by this than anything, but if I’m showing it, she’s ignoring it. Her voice echoes off the bathroom walls. I gotta admit, it’s kind of pretty. Not professional level, mind you, but nobody sounds professional in the bathroom. Kinda sweet though. The fuck am I saying? Moving on! Moving on! Finally, after about two or three minutes, I feel something, and a little spurt of pee comes out of me. It’s not much- barely a dribble-but it splashes against the back of the turtle’s head. “All done?” Kate looks up at me, her eyes making it a genuine question. It’s like my cock is a loaded gun and she’s a little afraid to let go cause it’ll go off. Mortified beyond belief, I nod. Then she let’s go of me and claps her hands while cheering. “Yaaaaay Richard!” she says “Can I get up now?” I ask her. I probably shouldn’t have asked her. I should’ve just stood up. But things were just too weird for me and I was failing on every level to take control. Moving on. “Uh huh,” she says, and I stand up, feeling like I’m almost home. I reach down to pull my pants up, but then Kate bats my hands away with a slap. I jerk my hands away from my own slacks like I just got caught trying to sneak a cookie. “Don’t worry,” she says, “let me,” and she grabs my pants and starts shimmying them back up my thighs. My dumb ass lets her. Just when I can feel the elastic waist band of my slacks start to brush against my bum, (Elastic waist band? Holy shit that’s another difference I didn’t notice before…the fuck happened?) she stops and I hear a little gasp from her. “Richard,” she says, her voice echoing off the wall with an accusation building up right behind it. “Two questions.” “What?” I gulp, feeling like I’m going to regret this. “Where’s your underwear?” Kate asks, like I’ve done something wrong. “I’m not wearing any today,” I tell her. What? I like free-balling. It’s not like there’s a law saying that I have to wear them. It’s not like I came in there wearing Underoos and ditched them in a trashcan or something. “And what’s this?” she points to something on the front my pants. Her tone is like the lawyer that just asked the guilty schmuck the case winning question, proving that he did it; he killed old lady Whithers or some such bullshit. I squint my eyes and look down at the front of my pants. She folds them forward so I can see a little better. Maybe a quarter inch to the right of the zipper, is a wet spot. A tiny wet spot. It’s like somewhere between the size of a dime and a penny. Okay, so maybe I leaked a little out in the last few milliseconds. It happens. It’s not a big deal. If you weren’t looking directly at my crotch, (which you shouldn’t be), and weren’t looking for it, (which again you shouldn’t be), you wouldn’t even notice it. It’d be dry inside of five minutes, anyways. Her hand is on my chest again, and she’s pushing me back. I don’t want to move, but the back of my legs hit the big turtle potty and my knees instantly buckle. I’m sitting back down on the potty again. “Sit here,” she tells me, pointing her finger at me, “just in case.” She turns towards the bathroom door again. “Denise?” she yells. Denise pokes her head in again. “Yeah, Kate?” “Richard had a little accident,” Kate says. My jaw drops to my knees. “Do we have any extra shorts or undies for him?” “Hold on, I’ll check,” Denise tells Kate before her head disappears out of the bathroom again. “What-?” I start to complain, but the crazy woman just puts another finger to my lips and I find myself unable to speak up. “Just hold on, Richard,” she whispers to me, all soothing like. “Miss Denise is checking.” The door opens again and Denise pops her head in. “Nothing in his size,” she says to Kate, not me. I’m still invisible. This is an ‘A-B’ conversation and they’re making sure that I ‘C’ my way out of it. (Shit, can I still spell? R-I-C-A…R-I-C-C…fuck my life. Moving on.) Point is, I’m thinking “Of course there isn’t anything in my size.” I’m a grown-up. I’m too friggin’ big for anything they have. “Pull-ups?” Kate asks. The word “Seriously?!” might as well be tattooed on my forehead, I’m so confused and indignant. Who do these people think they are? Thing is, Kate’s face is completely straight. The pull-ups question is a serious and genuine question to her. “Only girls’” little blonde Denise says. She’s doesn’t even smirk. “Doubt mom would like that,” Kate clicks her tongue. “Nope,” Denise agrees. Why are they even talking about this? I don’t know. The real question is why am I not running? Something about this still has me paralyzed. For some reason, I’m still waiting to see how this all plays out. Hamlet’s flaw. “Well then we’ll do what we have to do and then explain it to his mother,” Kate sighs. Denise disappears yet again and Kate turns to face me, my ass still kissing the plastic seat. She looks anxious, but not afraid; like she’s about to break bad news. Kate takes a knee and looks me straight in the face. She’s wearing nursery scrubs and she’s suddenly the doctor telling me I’ve got three months to live. “You’re not in trouble,” she tells me solemnly. “But you’ve had a little pee-pee accident, and your pants are wet.” “So?” I ask her. “Who cares? Just let me go, and I’ll be out of your hair.” She sets her hand on my shoulder, like she’s trying to comfort me. “You know I can’t do that, Richie,” she tells me, full on serious. “I wouldn’t be doing my job if I let you walk around in pee-pee pants.” “Look, lady,” I say, “my wi-“ “Your mommy won’t be mad,” Kate interrupts me. “We’ll explain everything to her when she comes to pick you up later today.” Right then, Denise slips in, holding something in her hand. Something white and rectangular and plastic looking. Kate turns her head to Denise. “Help me get his pants off.” “WHAT?!” I yell, my voice echoing off the bathroom floor. I try to stand up, but before I do, both of Kate’s hands are on my shoulders and she’s standing over me. She’s pushing me down, and my arms are pinned to my sides all of a sudden. I expect to be able to push her back or off or something, but she’s not budging. I’m grunting and groaning like a motherfucker, but this crazy bitch who’s only an inch or so taller than me and who I’ve got to have like fifty to a hundred pounds on isn’t even struggling. Like, I’m not a fighter or anything, but I should be doing better than this. She should at least have to be right on top of me, straddling my naked ass with and pinning me with all of her weight. Basic physics, right? But she’s not. She’s standing off to the side, holding me down on a humongous child’s toilet and all I can do is grunt and strain so that I at least feel that I’m putting up a good fight. I’m not, though. She might as well be Thor’s hammer or something, and I am definitely Meanwhile, my shoes are off my feet and little blonde Denise is working my slacks off of me. I’m kicking and flailing my legs, trying to kick her teeth out by this point- fuck pressing charges, this has gotta be some kind of assault- but it’s not working. She just yanks my pants off and holds my legs by wrapping just one arm around my ankles. The other hand is still holding the white plastic looking thing. I might as well be a fly in a spider’s web. “It’s okay, Richard. It’s okay!” They both say while I’m doing everything I can to get free. Meanwhile I’m cursing and screaming for help that’s not coming. Maybe Gwen will hear me and come running. Why isn’t she here yet? It feels like it’s been at least ten minutes since I left the car, all told. When I’m panting and heaving, red faced and feeling exhausted, Kate loosens her grip, and looks me in the eyes again. “Are you done?” Kate asks me. I nod yes, out of breath and feeling like I’m out of options. “Now listen, sweetie,” the older woman says like she’s talking to a child, taking my chin in her hand. “You had a little accident. We’re not mad. It happens sometimes to boys your age.” “All the time,” Denise confirms, still holding my legs. Everything in me is telling me to run and hide, but Hamlet’s flaw has run its course. I’m in too deep now. (I gotta wonder if this was the point of no return, or if there was other opportunities that I didn’t take. Moving on.) “But the thing is,” Kate keeps talking, “Miss Kate and Miss Denise don’t have any extra big boy undies that fit you. We don’t even have any boy Pull-Ups. But we can’t let you go walking around wearing pee-pee pants and we definitely can’t let you walk around naked, either.” She takes a deep breath. Here it comes, I sense. “So we’re going to have to put you in a diaper.” “Diaper?!” I shriek. Then it clicks that that’s what Denise is holding; an adult diaper. What kind of fucked up place are these crazy witches running?! I feel Denise clamp down on my legs with superhuman strength, bracing for another round of my flailing. I don’t give her the satisfaction. “It’s okay,” she shushes me and then starts trying to reassure me at rapid fire speed. “It’s okay. You’re not in trouble. This isn’t a punishment. You’re not a baby. You’re still a big boy. You can still use the potty if you need to. It’s just a diaper is all that we have that will fit you right now. ” “But, but, but,” I stutter, trying to interrupt this woman and not finding the words. “You don’t have to use it,” Kate talked over me. “You just have to wear it till your mommy comes and picks you up.” “But my wife is in the car-“ I argue, “I can just leave and-” “No you can’t, honey,” Kate cuts me off. “Your mommy left you with us to take care of you, and that’s what we have to do till she gets back.” “But my wife is right outside in the car!” I shout. “Let me go get her!” “That’s not what mommy said,” Kate says looking deep into my eyes. “She said she’s be right back after she ran some errands in the car. Isn’t that right, Denise?” “That’s right,” Denise echoes. “GWEN!” I shout at the top of my lungs. “GWEN HELP!” “Gwen?” Denise talks over me. “Mom’s first name,” Kate says over her shoulder. Then she turns back to me. “Look, you’re not gonna get in trouble for wearing a diaper,” she lectures to me as if that’s my biggest concern. “When your mommy, when Gwen gets here to pick you up, we’ll tell her what happened. If she gets mad; she’ll get mad at us. Okay?” Damn right, she’d get mad at them. This is unlawful imprisonment. This is kidnapping, including literally treating me like a kid. “Now, you have two choices, Richard” she says to me. “You can either be a good boy and let me put a diaper on you, and you can go play till someone comes to pick you up, OR you can make a bad decision, and we’ll still put a diaper on you, but you’ll be in time out instead. Which is it?” It’s only going to be a matter of time before Gwen comes looking for me. Maybe I can run, then. Worst part is, I know that I’m going to end up diapered regardless. There’s something weird about these chicks. Something not quite human. I’d rather stay on their good side. “Okay,” I say. I’m resigned to my fate. This is gonna be one hell of story. I’m sure I’m gonna look back at this one day and laugh. Denise lets my legs go, and Kate takes a step back from me. She holds out her hand behind her and Denise slips her the adult diaper. “I got this one,” she says to Denise, and Denise opens the bathroom door and walks out again with my pants, socks, and shoes. “You can stand up,” Kate says to me, and I do what she says. I’m covering my junk and I’m hunched over, feeling really fucking small right then, in more ways than one. Kate looks at me and giggles a little bit. “It’s okay, Richie. Nothing I haven’t seen before.” I was going to say that she hadn’t seen mine before, but that wasn’t true. So I just keep quiet. “Lay down on the floor,” she orders me, and I crouch down, feeling the cool tile beneath my now bare feet. Then I ease on and lay down. It’s crowded here and I barely fit lying down. It’s cold too. My ass is sticking slightly to the tile. The lady takes a knee next to me and starts to unfold the diaper in front of me. I get a closer look at it, and I notice that this isn’t an adult diaper. It’s got little decorations on it. Teddybears with balloons and parachutes and stuff. I didn’t know they made kid diapers that big. I let out a little “ugh” of surprise and discomfort as she slithers her arm underneath my knees and lifts my legs up into the air. If she has just asked for me to raise my hips I would have planted my feet and pushed, but she didn’t. Instead she just pushes my legs back till my ass is in the air. Meanwhile, I’m still covering my crotch out of embarrassment. I watch helplessly as she slides the unfolded diaper under me and sets me down on it. It feels soft on my bum and it crinkles as my weight comes down on the thick padding. It’s warm and comfortable compared to the hard, cold, bathroom floor tiling. “Move your hands,” she tells me, and I obey, knowing that I can’t do much about it anyways. “Spread your legs,” she tells me. I do what she says. Then Kate, this fucking nursery worker who I’ve known for all of ten minutes, tops, pulls the front of the diaper over me. She reaches down to my left side and tucks the front end past the back. She pulls the back of the left side up over the front and tapes it on to the front. Then she does the same for the other side. The whole thing goes taut, and encases me. It’s only held together by two big pieces of tape; it’s practically a patchwork hanging by a thread. But you wouldn’t know it by the feel of it. It’s one solid, soldered together unit. Yup. I’m wearing a diaper now. The baby perfume from the damn thing invades my nostrils. I can practically taste the stuff. Kate stands up first and leans over. “That’s wasn’t so bad, was it?” I don’t say anything. I’m probably gonna shoot my mouth off and I don’t want some kind of ‘roided up superwoman spanking me- I wouldn’t put it past her. She leans over me and offers me her hand. I take it and she helps me to my feet. When I stand up, I realize something feels off; and I don’t mean about how I have to stand with my legs further apart than I’m used to. And I don’t mean how the frilly little leg gathers tickle the inside of my thighs. I’m not talking about how my blue t-shirt only comes down past my waist, barely managing to cover up the little cartoon bears on the diaper, either. (Was it a t-shirt when I came in? I could’ve sworn it was at least a polo shirt or something with a collar. Moving on) It’s Kate. She seems… taller. A couple of minutes ago she had maybe an inch on me, but now I’m craning my neck up to look her in the eye. I come up to about her shoulder all of a sudden. My shoes didn’t give me that much lift, did they? I try to move past her and get out the bathroom, but Kate blocks my way. “Just a second, Richie,” she tells me. “Now what?” I complain. “You better wash your hands,” she tells me. “What?!” The word just leaps out of my throat. “You might have had a pee-pee accident,” she says, “but you still got most of it in the big boy potty. Good job!” She raises her hand and offers it as a high five. I don’t move. She puts her hand down. “Big boys wash their hands after they go to the potty.” “Are you serious?” I ask. “That’s what big boys do,” she answers, completely missing the point of my question. “You’re a big boy, aren’t you?” What a ridiculous question! I nod. “So let’s wash your hands.” Suddenly I’m being shoved towards the little sink. It doesn’t seem as little now, though. I don’t have to bend over as much. Kate’s leaning over my shoulder now, turning on the sink. She grabs my wrists and runs them under the water. “First we get ‘em wet,” she announces. Then she grabs a bar of soap and puts it in the palm of my hands. I’m like a puppet as she has me rub my hands together building up a foam, “Then we get them good and soapy.” I drop the soap and she doesn’t say anything. She just keeps having me rub my hands together. “Then we rinse them off.” It’s that scene from “Ghost” all over again, only I’m the little spoon and the soundtrack is her telling me how to wash my goddamn hands. She reaches past me again, and turns the water off, and grabs a paper towel and hands it to me. Drying my hands: This she lets me do by myself. “All done,” she announces, as if I don’t friggin’ know. I throw away the little brown paper towel into some dinky trash can, and then I feel her hand on my shoulder. I whirl around and face her. She is still waaaaaay to close and in my personal space. She doesn’t seem to notice. “Remember,” she says to me, “You’re still a big boy who knows how to use the big boy potty.” I cock an eyebrow. I nod. Uh…duh? “I don’t want you going potty in your diaper on purpose,” she rambles on. “You’re potty trained. You’re a big boy and I still want you to act like it. If you need to go potty, just come get me and I’ll help you take your diaper off. You’re not going to pee-pee in your diaper on purpose, are you?” I just shake my head, but probably not for the reason she thinks. “Okay, good.” She nods. I turn my head towards the bathroom door. Never before have I wanted to be out of anywhere worse than right then. Her hand is on my chin and I’m looking her in the eyes again. “Oh, one more thing,” she adds. “If you do have an accident, come and tell me or Miss Denise about it. Don’t play around in a wet diaper. You won’t be in trouble, and we’ll just come back and change you in here like a big kid; not out on the changing table with the babies. Is that okay?” I just stand and stare at her for a hot minute, saying nothing. Then I say the only thing that I can think of: “The fuck is wrong with you?!” That was a mistake. Her eyes light up, her nostrils flare, and her lip curls into a snarl in all of half a second. Weird daycare lady to werewolf; no full moon required. Before I know it I’m spun around and in a headlock. Her grip is a vise and I’m straining to breathe. My eyes are scrunched tight. I’m digging my bare feet in. My toes are curling. I’ve got one hand pushing against her back. I’m punching her back. Punching her kidneys. My other hand is wrenching at her elbow. I try her forearm. I try her wrist. I’m trying everything to wrench out of this hold she’s got me in. It’s. Not. Working. I’m a dumb dog with its head caught in the whole in the fence. She’s the fence. “Okay,” I choke out. “Okay! I’m sorry.” Nothing. No response from her. My eyes are still closed. Then I hear the sink come on. My eyes open. I see a feminine hand with a wedding ring on it reach into the sink and grab a foamy bar of soap. I know what’s about to happen. I try everything. I kick. I buck like a horse, both legs going airborn. I think at one point, I manage to wrap around her leg in a weird bear hug. All that does is make me look like a little piss ant dog dry humping her. I even try going limp and dropping my weight. All that does is choke me. It’s right then that a big bar of soap, the same one that I was having my hands washed with, is shoved right past my lips, and my dumb ass doesn’t even clench my jaw. My tongue is immediately tasting all kinds of foul. Instinctively, I start biting down, trying to…I dunno spit it out, or get some traction, but Wonder Woman’s aunt is just shoving that vile piece of perfumed animal fat in my mouth. Little flakes are scraping off onto my teeth. So now I can’t breathe and there’s soap in my mouth. With all the UFC pay-per-views I bought, you’d think I’d have learned a move or two, but I hadn’t. “This ends, as soon as you stop fighting.” I hear. I can’t breathe. My muscles ache. My face is red and my mouth is foaming. I stop struggling and I do everything I can to stop from puking as she slides that slippery brick around my mouth from side to side and front to back. It might’ve sounded like some kind of whimpering if you were listening in, but I was just clamping down on my gag reflex. Finally, finally, she lets me go. “Rinse,” I hear her tell me. She doesn’t have to tell me twice. Before the sound of her voice stops echoing off the bathroom walls, I’m already hunched over, my mouth to the faucet and I’m gulping, and swishing, gargling all the nasty out of my mouth. I spit into the sink and out come bubbles. I stand up and wipe the last bit of saliva and bubbles onto my arm sleeve, and I hang my head. Rainbow colored teddy bears holding balloons are waving to me from just below my shirt. I’m going crazy. I just know it. Even then I realized that my shirt couldn’t have gotten shorter. But somehow it did. “You will never use language like that again,” Kate tells me. It’s not an “or else” in her mind. This is fact. I nod. I’m beaten. I’m humbled. My eyes…my eyes aren’t tearing up. I must be remembering that part wrong. I’m losing stuff all the time, new details…fake details are just coming in to replace those memories. That’s it. “Okie dokie,” Kate decides, “Time to go play.” She opens the door and half-scoots, half-pushes me back out into the nursery area. She pats me on the butt and that garbage bag crinkling fills my ears as I cross the threshold. My eyes bug out and I feel all the blood drain away from my face at what’s in front of me. I expect to see an empty floor, with maybe Denise somewhere. Maybe not, I didn’t see her coming in, why should I see her now? What I don’t expect to see is…is…is…this!
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    Okay, now that I think I'm up to date on what I've missed and I have some time set aside, I can reply to you now. One of the main things you need to keep in mind is there is no quick fix for getting rid of your shame. Even if you do see a therapist. I think you get frustrated when you don't see results right away and you keep looking for a quicker cure. The thing is, there may not actually be a cure. You might always have a desire for shameful things. What you need to do is try to enjoy other healthier methods of sex and masterbation. The point is to try and have as much of a desire for healthier things as well. And when you do desire shame, try to work on not letting it control your thoughts and feelings. And all of this is going to take time. Possibly months, or longer. It's a process, and if it's going to work it can't be rushed. About that statement you mentioned before about feeling like you're losing a part of yourself by trying to get rid of shame. There's something I mentioned a while back when we first started talking. I mentioned that some people enjoy being shamed, not just sexually but it genuinely makes them happy. You need to think about that, and ask yourself how you really feel about being shamed. We know that masterbating doesn't really work without it, but how does it make you feel? Does it make you happy? Depressed? Why do you want to stop? Because you don't like the way it makes you feel? Or because you think you're not SUPPOSED to like it? Think long and hard about it. Don't think about what other people might think about shame. Think about how YOU feel. If it's something that genuinely does make you happy, then maybe it's something you need to accept. However, if it makes you unhappy, then you'll need to find methods that will help you gain control over these thoughts. A therapist might be good to help you find methods that work for you. I would start with a sex therapist and see how that works out. Not a lot of people share your desire for shame and humiliation, so you may not find the help you need by talking with people on this site. Now, as for your previous post, where you said diapers are for babies and old people, immature, and all that. The thoughts you're having are quite normal for people in your situation. They're not exactly correct, but lots of people have these same thoughts when they're trying to accept this as a part of who they are. One problem that you have is you keep focusing on the fact that you don't NEED diapers, which makes you think that you shouldn't wear them at all. What you need to understand is that its okay to want to wear diapers, even if you don't need them. There are tons of people on this site that wear diapers simply because they want to. I don't need diapers, but I wear them because I want to. So does my boyfriend. There's nothing wrong with that. ----------------------------------------------------------------- So, to sum everything up... ▪Ask yourself how you really feel about shame. Does it make you happy or unhappy? •If it makes you happy, then maybe you need to learn to accept it, like accepting diapers. •If it makes you unhappy, you need to remember that this can take some time before you start seeing results. •You also need to understand that you may never be able to completely get rid of your desire for shame. But you can learn to control it, and enjoy other sexual methods. •Seeing a therapist can be a good idea. They can give you better help and ideas than we can, to either get over or accept these things. •It's okay to wear diapers even if you don't actually need them. It's not immature, and there's nothing wrong with it.
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    Hi, Introductions are never easy for me, not because I am shy but very humble and modest. I am very out going and open minded. I love life and most people. I think I am intelligent and love to converse on almost any subject. I love music, broadway, and anything artistic. I love to read. I am a straight man in his late 30's. I am married with kids and my wife knows about my diapers and desires but no longer wants to participate. I am not looking for a mommy but just friends whom I can be myself with. I will talk to other guys but please nothing sexual. Anything anyone wants to know just ask
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    no th-they stool from charity I setup some phony investments and some fake stoke a-an-and its n-not like I am the only one to do it they are a lot of others way bigger then me who do it all the time
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    "It's not even noon" Sophie said her voice quivering and her knees shaking as Rachel put her arm around her again the way she was spoken to like she fantasied about and in her head she couldn't figure out her mistake Raven and Rachel were so similar and she wasn't aware it had slipped out and now her maternal crush was calling her a little girl. "I'm an......ad.....adult" she whimpered "Mommy will be with you the entire time" She cooed softly as she reached over and done the seatbelt for Kris, since she was married at the time Kris's baby supplies were limited to diapers, childish t-shirts and a couple of toys that she kept hidden a box so her husband wouldn't find out. Now she had the prospect of potentially making a nursery getting some of those cute clothes she used to look at and picture Kris in but not yet first she needed to build trust and get her baby out of whatever this situation was. "Direct me sweetheart" she said giving her hand a squeeze before beginning to drive.
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    3.) "This is so fucking messed up," I said with a frown, sitting in one of the ritzy chairs. Our economy was great, and it really showed. I put my head on my arms and let out a long, exasperated sigh. Diapers were as much underwear as anything, and that I didn't mind, but I still didn't like being in my underwear in front of new people. On top of that, they were bright pink. "You shouldn't curse, Corles thinks it's tacky.” I was sat next to Call at the table and I smiled, arranging my knives and forks the way I liked them, despite only needing a spoon for this meal. My headspace was definitely a little bit younger since Corles arrived. "Just relax, okay? We're friends now and Corles wants to be your friend, too. He's cool, right? I mean, he doesn't make you feel icky or anything or tease you, right?" She had a point... and for an eleventh grader not to tease a tenth grade boy in diapers was... well, it was something. But I still didn't like the way he treated me. It was so condescending... but really, how different would it be if I was in boxers? "Maybe you're right. I just want him to tone down the childish crap. Even if I was a chick, I think it's stupid as hell." "It's his way - you'll get it when you're his age." I smiled and put a fork in Call's hand so I could play-sword-fight with him, a devilish smile of glee on my lips. "Please be patient, okay? He's really a really nice boy. I used to think the way you did, but over time I just... I began to see how dreamy he is..." "Yeah, well, unfortunately for Corles, I'm not interested in how dreamy he is." I frowned and pulled my head up from the table, twiddling the fork in my hand. I had little else to say until the food came in. I hated this. I hated that they were both looking down on me, like I was a girl or something. "Here you go, baby girl, little man," Corles smiles, setting down the two bowls of macaroni and cheese in front of the two and a third in front of him as he sat opposite them both. Even sitting the boy was an imposing stature, but his smile was pretty charming. "If anybody at school finds out, you just tell me and I'll make sure to let them know not to tell anybody." Corles smiled - he'd be diplomatic, but it was hard to picture him as anything else but the sort that would just crack skulls to get results. "It's your business, way I see it." I shot a 'see?! isn't be so dreamy?!' look at Call and smiled. "Yeah, thanks..." I let out a little sigh and blew on the mac and cheese. So maybe he wasn't so bad... "I'll get over it in a week or whatever. I'm just stressed about high school and OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS." It was like mac and cheese crafted by the gods! "This is Corles' mac and cheese, I told you it was good, I told you I told you I told you!" I grinned and ate another spoonful and Corles laughed."Settle baby girl, don't want to spill your noodles."He was always so firm in the way that just made my head spin. Of course, following that statement, Call did just that - he spilled creamy cheesy sauce down the front of his top. "Shit.” It was my own damn fault. I was careless. I was holding the bowl, and... ugh. I quickly put the bowl of mac and cheese down and assessed my school shirt. I'd taken my hoodie off on the train, like an idiot. But it wasn't so bad... if I had a napkin or something... Corles stood up the moment he saw it happen and went around the table, kneeling in front of the boy once he pulled out his chair, and with careful dabbing with a napkin he cleaned up most of it without a word. Call was looking at me over my boyfriend’s shoulder, blushing, and I smiled knowingly with a sense of happy mischief. "Let's get this in the wash, little man." "I got it. Really." But before I had much of anything to say on the matter, the shirt was pulled up over my head. I felt the same kind of sensation in my chest when Emme lifted me onto the changing table and shook my head of the feeling. I couldn't start acting like this! "Hey! I'm not a fucking girl, alright? I said I got it." Corles took the boys chin and directed his gaze to meet his own. "You shouldn't curse, Call, it makes you sound like an idiot who doesn't know any better words to use. And you're not an idiot, so you shouldn't want people to think you are. Should you?" That made my heart flutter - it wasn't too different from what Corles had told me way back when, but still made my head swim to hear it again. I felt my cheeks turn pink at the boy's words and it was only after he took the shirt away and into the laundry room that I felt the oxygen into my lungs again. What the fuck was wrong with me... "Jesus, Emme, what is wrong with that guy. Doesn't he listen?" "He just cares about you - you're my friend and that means you're his friend as well, and you learn a lot of lessons in school. He's a year above us, so he's just trying to help." I decided not to mention just how much of Call's blush I'd seen, though I knew it was hard for him not to feel that way. Corles came back a few minutes later with one of my white blouses - though it wasn't apparent it was a blouse from the way he held it all bunched up to slip over the boys head. "Arms up little man, you can just wear this until your top is washed and dried, no big deal." Well, this shirt seemed to come down a little further, at least over a majority of the diaper. I was thankful for that. But the sleeveless top certainly held a lot of characteristics I wasn’t familiar with, and then it clicked. "Hey, this is a girl's!" "We're at my house, Call. What were you expecting?" "...right, but..." "Would you rather be topless?" The logic was sound and I smiled as I nodded back to my pasta. "Finish up, before it goes cold, okay?" Corles looked at the two of us with a little smile and sat himself back down at his place. In the distance, the washer hummed like it was three houses away and everything was calm and quiet but for the sound of spoons chinking on china. Okay, so Corles was pretty awesome. I didn't want to admit it, especially with how young he treated me, but he really was cool. It took an hour to really get into a conversation where he didn't call me "little man" every sentence, but after that... "Oh shit-" "Call." "Right, sorry. It's just really late, and my parents are home for sure..." "It's cool - I’ll drive you home.” Boys could get their licenses five years earlier than girls, and even so Corles only recently had his, but he did have a car and it was sitting in the drive. "Come on, let's get your top and pants and I'll take you home. Did you get our phone numbers?” “No, uh… I should do that.” Getting a license was a sixteenth birthday kind of thing. Girls didn't get theirs until 21. Really, our society was very suited for men. I loved it. Some people didn't, but no one with enough political power to change anything. Anyway, everyone came around eventually. Certain functions developed faster in boys, like the toilet training and fine motor function. The downside was, we often lost those things much sooner at old age. I smiled as I watched the two and sucked on a lollipop - I had homework to do. "It was nice seeing you, Call! See you at school tomorrow? Are you coming back, Corles?" "Shyeah, I'll get Call ready, drop him off and come back, yeah? Come on, Call." Call was wet and Corles was going to change him. I didn't know what that made me as happy as it did.
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    Molly looked at her and said, "You will call me mommy then when you are here. I would have put you over my knee and spanked you until your ass glowed red if you had tried to dress like that. If you're naughty you will be spanked while you're here, understand?" She said as she picked Grace up and held her Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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    I prefer dry. I just luv snuggling into bed in a nice clean diaper! And I always wake up nice and wet; and that feels good too!
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    My boyfriend recently confided in me and told me he wears diapers for comfort. We talked about it, I asked any questions I had and he answered them, he showed me pictures, and I told him i support him 100 % and we can explore this step by step. Yesterday, I was supposed to go visit him for a couple of days, and as I was pulling out of my driveway, he completely panicked and cancelled the trip, saying he was not ready to show me in person (he has told me he is afraid i will no longer be sexually attracted to him when i see him in the diapers). i don't know what to do to be helpful to getting him into his comfort zone...do i bring it up? do I carry on like everything is fine? I am just concerned he is going to get so overwhelmed with this situation that I am going to lose him..
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    Hey sorry this took so long. With the holidays and then getting pneumonia its been pretty hectic. Once we arrived at the diner we were seated at a booth and handed our menus. I scooted into one side and sat down. “Hey, move over.” Jenna stated as she climbed into the same side of the booth as me. “What? No, go sit on the other side, I like to spread out.” Jenna ignored me as she sat down and pushed me over. I glared at her and grumbled as I scooted over to get more room. “So, do you want pancakes, waffles, eggs? Ooooo they have a fruit bowl too.” Jenna stated as she excitedly looked over the menu. “Umm, I think I’ll just have a fruit bowl. I’m not all that hungry.” I said yawning. “Are you still sleepy honey?” Jenna asked as she petted my head. “You should take a nap when we get back. You went to bed rather late, and we woke up pretty early this morning.” “A little yeah, but I think I’ll be ok. I don’t really like naps. You end up sleeping to long, and then your groggy, and because you slept so long you go to sleep late. Then the next day you’re tired because you stayed up to late and you need another nap. It’s just a vicious cycle of naps, and I don’t really want to become prisoner to the nap.” Jenna laughed and hugged me. “Well then, I guess no naps for you.” “Righ….” Just then a waitress walked over to the table. “So what would you two ladies li…. Oh dear, what happened to you miss?” Her eyes were wide as she looked at my forehead and my arm. “Oh well, I fe…" I looked over towards Jenna and got a wicked idea. "I didn’t do my chores correctly. Miss Jenna likes the dishes to be put away just right, and I tried to. I really did, but I…” “What?” Jenna’s eyes were large as she waved her hands in a no motion at the waitress. “I didn’t do this to her. I would never hurt her, or anyone for that matter.” The waitress looked stunned and stared at me. “Do you need me to call someone sweetheart?” “No! I didn’t! I….she fell.” Jenna got from her seat to try and stop her. I covered my mouth to try and stop the laughter from escaping, but it was no use. I busted up laughing “No, hahahaha Miss, hahahaha Its ok. hahahaha I was messing around and fell off my bed and hit my head on the desk.” The waitress seemed un-amused, “You shouldn’t kid around about stuff like that.” “Yeah!” Jenna said as she punched my not broken arm and huffed. "Ow!" i rubbed my arm and looked at Jenna with the saddest face I could muster. "That was mean." "Oh, shut up. You're fine." Jenna laughed. “So what would you ladies like then?” “I’ll have the pancakes with a coffee and she’ll have the fruit bowl with a hot chocolate.” Jenna said as she handed the waitress our menus. Once she left I glared over at Jenna. “I coulda ordered by myself.” I pouted as I leaned against the wall. “Don’t be so grumpy, I know you can. I just didn’t want you spreading more lies about me beating you.” Jenna said as she offered me a smile. “Oh! Before I forget…” Jenna got up and moved to the other side of the booth to her backpack. I watched as she rummaged through it and pulled out my pill bottles. “Here, take these.” Jenna placed three white pills down in front of me. “Oh, thanks. I forgot to grab them from my room before we left this morning.” I picked up all three and took them with my hot chocolate. “I know, I saw them as you walked out and grabbed them. These pills have some weird side effects. Have you looked at them?” Jenna asked as she shoved the bottle into my face so I could see. The bottle read: Caution: don’t operate heavy machinery, or consume with alcohol. Side effects include: drowsiness, mood changes, nausea, itchiness, increased need for urination, vomiting, and in rare cases bedwetting. “Weird.” I stabbed a strawberry and put into my mouth. I had eaten most of my fruit bowl, at least all the strawberries, watermelon, and bananas. Half of the bowl was still left when I leaned my head onto Jenna’s shoulder and yawned. Jenna laid her head down on top of mine and lifted up some of her pancake for me to eat, but I turned my head the other way. “Nahuh, I’m full.” “Sweetie, you need to eat more, or you might get sick from your medicine. Just a small bite, for me? Please?” Jenna lifted the fork closer to my face with hopeful eyes. Groaning I opened my mouth and took a bite. “The pancakes are pretty good, I guess.” Jenna just smiled and continued to feed me bites of her food in-between every few of her’s. “Hey, do you want to go to the mall with me after this? I need to get some pants and some things for my room. Unless you’re to tired, then I can take you back and just go after.” I lifted my head off her shoulder and rubbed my eyes. “No, I think I’m ok. The mall sounds fun.” We had finished eating and made our way to the mall. Jenna had to help me buckle my seat belt because I couldn’t reach it very well with my left arm. As we drove, I mindlessly watched out the window when I noticed an urge to use the restroom. “Hey Jenna? How long till we get there?” “About 10 more minutes? Why?” “Oh, uh no reason, just curious is all.” I shifted in my seat some, luckily the need wasn’t that bad. I pulled out my phone to keep myself distracted and to make it seem faster. As we pulled into the parking lot, I noticed how large the mall really was; it looked to be about three stories high. “Whoa! This place is huge!” “Its pretty big I guess. Are you scared you’ll get lost? Aww don’t worry, I can hold your hand so that doesn’t happen.” My face turned completely red and I felt as though my entire body was well. “NO! I was just saying it looked big was all!” I practically yelled at Jenna. Jenna began laughing and grabbed my hand. “Calm down, I was just kidding. No need to throw a fit, jeez.” “Whatever.” I unbuckled my seatbelt and made my way to the entrance. Jenna ran to catch up to me and hooked her arm with mine. “So first I need to go to this boutique to try on some pants and after that I want to go to this furniture store. There is a chair in there that I want to get for my room. And of course, we can go where ever you want as well.” “Yeah, that all sounds fine. I don’t think I need anything really, maybe I’ll find some clothes I want.” We walked arm in arm as we made our way to the boutique. On the way there my need to use the restroom became more apparent, but I decided to ignore it and wait. We made it to the store and Jenna instantly walked over to the jeans. I took a look around and noticed some shirts that I liked. “Hey, I’m gunna go look at the stuff over there.” Jenna just simply nodded as she was looking at the pants. I was about to try some things on when I realized that getting undressed with a broken arm was to much of a hassle on my own so I walked over to the changing room and sat down in the chair. I watched as Jenna ran back and forth across the store with her arms full of clothes. After about 30 minutes Jenna made her way to back to try every thing. “Hey, did you not find anything you wanted to try?” Jenna asked as she walked towards me with her arms full of clothes. “No, I just cant really undress myself very well.” I laughed as I lifted up my broken arm off my chest. “Oh, well I can help you if you want to try stuff on.” Jenna walked into the room and shut the door as she started to try stuff on. "Its not like I haven't seen you naked anyway." “No, its ok. Its a lot of work anyway. Ill just let you put on a fashion show for me.” For the next 20 minutes Jenna would emerge from the changing room and walk around and do a pose for me, both of us laughing the entire time. Jenna looked good in everything, so she ended up finding a lot of things she wanted. By her second to last outfit I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to wait any longer for the restroom. I shot up from my chair and shouted. “Hey, Jenna? I’ll be right back, I have to use the restroom.” “No, wait for me! I have to go too. Let me just pay for these things and then we can go.” Jenna walked out with a few pairs of pants and a couple shirts. “Ugh, ok fine.” I groaned and followed Jenna over to the cashier. While I waited for them to finish up I began hopping from foot trying to keep the dam from breaking open. The cashier was moving at the pace of a rock and on top of it, Jenna and her were just chatting it up. Jenna must have noticed my impatience and uneasiness because she grabbed my hand and ran her thumb over my knuckles. Jenna paid for her clothes and we made our way to the restroom with me practically dragging Jenna. Once I got into my stall I realized a whole other problem, I couldn’t unbutton my pants.
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    I held my fist at the door ready to knock, but I couldn’t bring myself to it. I’ll just bother her, its way too late to knock. Leaning back against the door I slide down and laid my head down on my knees. I set Ella down next to me as I threw my blanket against the wall. I had been trying to knock on Jenna’s door for the past 15 minutes. I couldn’t sleep, my arm hurt and my head was pounding. All I wanted was for Jenna to comfort me. “Ugh, what am I doing?” My head had leaned back a little to hard onto the door causing a loud noise, and the door to open. I was too lost in thought to really notice until I fell backwards onto Jenna’s legs. “Taylor? What are you doing? Its 3 in the morning.” Jenna said as she wrapped her robe around her body. I turned around and scooted back some. “Oh! Im so sorry! I….I…I just couldn’t sleep…and umm…” Jenna leaned against her doorframe with her arms folded across her chest; I got up and stared down at my feet. I could tell she was still upset with me, based on the look she was giving me. Her gaze caused me to squirm and feel extremely small. I felt my eye begin to sting as tears began to pool inside the. I didn’t want to cry as I was trying to apologize to her. But, exhaustion from no sleep the night before and pain were starting to take over me, as I felt hot tears run down my face. “Jenna (sniffle) I’m so (sniffle) sorry about being such a jerk (sniffle). I just…” I rubbed my face and tried to will my tears to stop. “I…but…” I suddenly started to cry. “Jenna, (hiccup) everything hurts (hiccup) and I can’t sleep (hiccup) and I didn’t know…I sowwy Jenna” I suddenly broke down and began to cry uncontrollably. I felt Jenna wrap me into a hug and rub my back. She had asked me something, but when I failed to respond I felt her pick me up and carry me into her room. “Sweetheart, its ok just calm down. Shhhh” “My…head and arm (hiccup) wont…stop hurting. And I cant sleep, I just…I wanted….I wanted you.” I had laid my head onto her shoulder and continued to cry. Jenna held me the entire time. She rubbed my back and whispering soothing words to me to get me to calm down. “Honey, did you take your pain medicine?” she finally asked me once I calmed down enough. “Yeah (sniffle) a little bit ago, I was supposed to take it around 1 but I fell asleep and missed it.” Jenna set me down onto her bed and kissed my temple. “Just lay down baby, it will be ok.” Jenna started to push me back onto her bed but my arms stayed wrapped around her neck. “No! Stay!” I laid my head down onto her shoulder and sniffled. “Baby, Im just going to go grab your elephant and your blanket ok? You left them outside my door.” She pointed towards both of them laying out in the hall. I looked up from her shoulder and looked at her. She smiled down and brushed the hair away from my face and behind my ear. I nodded my head and let go of her. She grabbed both, closed her door, turned off the light, and brought them to me. “Look who I found outside?” Jenna made Ella dance around and come over to my head and had her give me a kiss on my bandage and my arm. “Oh how nice, Ella wants you to feel better.” I blushed and grabbed the elephant from her. Jenna covered me up with my blanket and she climbed up into her bed. When she pulled the covers up over the both of us she then pulled me into her chest. “Umm, Jenna. Tha…thanks for…for all this. And I’m sorry about earlier” “Honey, shhhh. Its ok, I forgive you. I’m sorry too, ok?” I nodded my head as I snuggled into Jenna more. She felt warm, and comforting. I liked this. “Hey Taylor? Why did you call me ‘mommy Jenna’ earlier today?” Jenna asked as she looked down at me. “Oh, well cause Emilie and I decided you act like a mom sometimes so I should just call you that. Why? Did it bother you?” “No…ummm. I liked it...actually.” Jenna’s face went bright red with her confession. I woke up the next morning to find Jenna being a creep and staring at me. Sometimes this girl is really weird. “Hey there sweet girl. Did you sleep ok?” Jenna said in a soft voice as she moved some of the hair out my face. I simply nodded my head in response; the movement caused me to realize an odd sensation going on in my mouth. My eyes grew as I realized I was sucking my thumb. I quickly yanked it out and scrunched up my face. Gross, its all slobbery and wrinkly I thought to myself. As I was wiping my hand off I could hear Jenna laughing. “Sweetie, its ok, I don’t mind. Its probably because you were in a lot of pain last night, and it helped comfort you. If you want to keep doing it you can. I think it makes you look cute.” “Thanks, but no thanks.” I sat up and felt a sudden pain rush to my head. “That was way to fast.” I tried to stretch out some, but pain shot through my arm. “Ugh, I guess I can’t move my arm like that either. This whole thing blows.” “Be careful, you don’t wanna hurt yourself more. Hey, do you want to go to breakfast with me? I know this place that has the best pancakes!” Jenna said as she jumped out of bed. Grumbling I slunked down back into her bed under the covers and held onto Ella. “I kinda just wanna stay in bed, its warm.” “Oh come on, you’re supposed to take your medicine with food and you have another hour and half before you can anyway.” Jenna grabbed onto my good arm and pulled me “Come one grumpy gills, lets get you dressed.” “Jenna, I can get dressed by myself.” I stated as seriously as I could. I climbed out of bed and made my way to the door. “I’ll just meet you outside.” Getting dressed with my arm in a sling posed a whole new issue for me. All of my long sleeved shirts were too tight to maneuver my arm through, and don’t get me started on trying to button pants with just one hand. Or even trying to pull jeans up one armed for that matter. After 15 min. I had managed to get my grey button down shirt on, with a brown knit sweater and my black jeans when I heard a knock. “Jesus, Jenna is always so impatient. Hold on!” I mumbled as I walked over to my door and opened to find Jenna dressed and ready to go. Man did she look pretty. She had her hair braided to the side, with a black beanie; she had on a white sweater with a dark green puffy jacket over it, and blue jeans. “Hey, whats taking so long?” Jenna said as she made her way over to my bed. “Look, doing things one armed is kinda hard, and left handed at that.” I lifted up my arm as much as I could. “I’m a cripple now.” I said with a fake sad face. “Oh, come here sweetie. Let mommy Jenna help” Jenna held her arms out with a smirk on her face. I felt the heat rush up to my face at hearing her call herself mommy. I laughed it off as I walked over to her. “I just can’t button my pants is all…and tying my shoes might be hard.” I said as I looked over to my boots. Jenna buttoned up my pants and walked over to my closet to grab my boots. She picked up my left foot and as she was about to slide my shoe on she started to tickle me. “JENNA! Hahahaha Stoo….hahahha…pppppp! I hahahah don’t want hhahahah this!” “Stop what? Stop this?” Jenna asked as she continued her assault on my foot and made her way up to my sides. “Yes! Hahahahha I hate hahahaha being hahahha tickled!” I tried with all my might to get away from her, but she was just too strong, I was her prisoner. “Jeeeennnaaa” I started whining. “Don’t cry. You just look so cute when you’re helpless. Now, lets get your shoes on sweetheart, I’m starving.” “You don’t cry.” I grumbled as I looked away. Jenna finished tying on my shoes and collected her backpack. “Ok! Lets go.” Snow still covered the ground, but a majority of it had melted and there were a lot of puddles in the road from it. As we walked to her car, Jenna grabbed onto my hand. “Here hold my hand, its slippery and I don’t want you hurting yourself more.” “Ok mommy.” I laughed and rolled my eyes and watched Jenna contently smile to herself. I didn’t hate holding her hand, I actually enjoyed it, I just wanted her to hold it for other reasons. I need to show Jenna that I’m more than just some baby.