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  1. Plain and simple. I would appreciate it if the manufactures would listen to its customers. A non-leaky diaper, side absorption, plastic backing material, no ripping, refasten able tapes that actually work. With the given parameters provide a wide range of absorption levels so there is a diaper available for every situation. Most important, drop the urge to constantly change for not every change is automatically an improvement.
  2. Well if you do not mind buying internationally on EBay this is also a very nice option. I like them a lot. Here is the URL see for yourself it is located in Germany: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Original-Septa-Schutzhose-Gummihose-PVC-Schwedenhoeschen-Johnson-Johnson-NEU-/262803800764?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368
  3. Jamestena, PUL made the ones you can see in the picture`s I've posted indeed they are very helpful as it comes to making specials
  4. For no apparent reason ever since the start of this topic I’ve been paying extra attention as to how far I can push it before my diaper becomes noticeable, I don’t want it to be noticeable. Never really paid any specific attention to it, always thought it would be ok as long as you could close the zipper on your pants, without using too much force. The biggest change I have noticed so far; your butt crack disappears for your bottom becomes more rounded off. Wearing a thick diaper or even layering diapers really doesn’t show all that much. For sure you’ll have to use common sense. If you wear loose fitting clothes, a nice sloppy sweater or long t-shirt you’ll be fine before you know it. Unless your diaper shows above your waistband, have telltale leaks or deliberately overdue it, I doubt there are a lot of giveaways.
  5. Well in can imagine someone needs help under these circumstances if the desire is really strong. On the other hand some basic information would have been nice, things such as where do you live (no specific details), what are you exactly looking for, what size, things like that.
  6. Taken the information on the site of Everynappy is correct this might prove to be the start of a very positive change. If some of the diaper manufacturers become aware that turning cotton feel wasn’t the best choice they have made, we could be in for a surprise. I do have to agree with the remark Frankt1234 made. The padding of the diaper used to break apart if wet and if it still does I would have been nice if they’d had changed that too.
  7. Yep I share the desire. No such thing unfortunately.
  8. I think it is a truly amazing phenomena, people whom seem to show first signs of incontinence after a rather short period of trying to un-train themselves. Let me start by saying I do not say it is not true or that it can’t be done absolutely not. The reason why I think it is truly amazing is plain and simple. For oh so many years I’ve have the same desire and I have tried a number of thing to achieve my goal, hypnoses cd`s, constant training of the old brain that it is ok to just go when needed (affirmations), wearing 24/7 under almost if not all circumstances, using catheters, using stents nothing seems to work. So as it comes to the mental awareness that is ok to go in my diaper, it should be taken care of by now, cause I wear 24/7 for the last eight- nineteen years and the last five maybe six years catheter and stent play were added to the desire to achieve my goal. I am perfectly happy with the status quo for my self-induced incontinence works miracles for me, incontinence with an on and off switch. Maybe it is still some subconscious thing that is holding me back but if it is subconscious I wouldn’t know what to do about it to counteract it. Let me finish by saying I am happy for you if it is something you really desire.
  9. I had a short break well, define short, two weeks. Under normal circumstances I wear 24/7 but during these days I was able to live out my desires as I see fit. Lounging in my diaper and just a t-shirt is most definitely a part of it, stretching the changing times to its maximum, awesome.
  10. No, I live in the Netherlands. Frankly I have no idea if Suprima makes special garments. Another option could be the Suprima 1252 they should have some sort of pouch in them, not that I ever owned one. I am happy to help for I do know how strenuous a search for the right pant can be, maybe it is interesting to source for the pant as mentioned by Darylleanne as you live in the UK.
  11. I am no expert as it comes to plastic pants, probably not by a long shot. On my quest to find plastic pants which I remember from early childhood, I bought literally dozens of plastic pants only to find that the majority are from a pour quality or do not match the description not even close, very disappointing. For that reason I decided to have pants made to my likings of which these pictures. I do not weld them myself nor do I manufacture them myself, I have them made to my specifications. The only downside I have so far the film being used still differs from what I have in mind. The cut however, especially the low cut version, is spot on with the memories I have. As for the answers to your questions. There is only one size, mine to be honest, as I have them made “made to measure”, somewhere around 34 true 40 inch I suppose. I am sorry to tell you they are not available in the open market. I own the three templates of the manufacturer. As for use, I favor cloth diapers but they are not always convenient. I use the pant in three different ways depending on my mood. A cloth diaper tucked in the pouches you’ll have a lot of skin contact with the plastic film, looks very retro like. Second, a couple of folded diapers inside the pant, almost no skin contact with film however a decent absorbency. Last but not least a disposable and used for extra protection against leaking. Like I said I’ve used the Suprima 1201 as a template for the design which I later converted to a low cut version for daily use. Maybe the Suprima is what you are looking for but they do not have any pouches.
  12. @ Old pa. I am not circumcised. On rare occasions I can feel dribbles but in general I only feel gushes pretty much as you described, usually while standing up. Then again I really like the warm explosion in my diaper. If I feel it coming and if I try to counteract it, there is nothing I can do about it. That for me is the true incontinence experience.
  13. As said in my previous entry I really like plastic pants with pockets to. In addition to that I like the old type of foils with a structured pattern, almost impossible to come by. Now days I have them made to my specifications. I used a Suprima 1201 as a template. The picture here is one of the earlier versions fully welded. The more resent version has some alterations made to it and I now have a low cut version for daily use under regular clothing. I have no picture of the low cut. I hope you like the pictures.
  14. I just read your entry in the forum IDI. Drawing from own personal experience I can only say, trying to find a solution in something as “using a stent” I seriously doubt it will bring you anything. For sure covering your current feelings by something you desire will provide a temporary relief. Using stent is an awful lot of fun I think, but to resolve your depression I would advise you to seek help by relatives, loved ones or maybe even a professional. Just to share my thoughts. As far as boiling of PVC goes certain types of PVS lose some of their plasticizers which might be the reason why it turned color. Boilable PVC does exist however to the best of my knowledge they have a different composition / plasticizers which allows it to be boiled often referred to as medical grade.
  15. I have to agree with the opening line of ONZL we worry to much as it comes to others figuring out what we wear. For sure if you wear tight fitting clothes and wear a thick diaper there is an increased chance others will notice. I am currently in the midst of a two week vacation and wear a rather thick diaper combination throughout the day, an Abena M4, a folded cloth diaper over it and top it off with a snug fitting plastic pant. So far and as far as I can tell nobody ever noticed. To cover my diaper I usually wear some sort of sweat pant and a sloppy sweater. For me the combination is golden. Once you get more trusted with your garment and if you do not draw the attention towards you and especially towards your diaper one should be ok.