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  1. 65 single retired 24/7 because there is no reason not to wear.
  2. Finding a adult diaper in a Casino parking lot is not that uncommon. And even though they are AB/DL diapers i know a good number of the incontinent population does buy them for special use. Sounds like a problem gambler and this is quite common. http://www.theeap.com/hrwebcafe/wearing-diapers-in-casinos-a-sure-sign-of-a-gambling-problem/ Since there are different brands tossed around town you may be seeing signs of a number of problem gamblers and not AB/DLs
  3. I was a bed wetter till 12 but by the age 6 i knew i liked wetting my diapers. Both of my sisters were also bed wetters so we had plenty of diapers around. By age 8 i was only wetting the bed about twice a week but i always had a wet diaper in the morning because if i woke and needed to pee i just went and went back to sleep I was raised as a nudist. By age 9 i liked to just walk around the house i just a diaper and clear plastic pants or nude
  4. For any worker in Vegas getting caught stealing from from a visitor to vegus is a quick way to see the inside of the clark countay jail and never work in nevada again. The Las Vegas hotel and casino owners just will not tolerate it Plus to work in nevada you have to have a work card issued by the sheriff. i have a clock that i put on the table next to my bed aiming a my luggage. http://www.bigsecurity.com/alarm-clock-hidden-spy-camera-with-dvr-720x480-alarmclock-dvr-v1.html?gclid=CjwKEAiAr4vBBRCG36e415-_l1wSJAAatjJZDaYlNrd5T9dzmv9Of_NTNmFOgNqylVO-RxM1On6cYBoC_Bnw_wcB
  5. The convention that the gun show was at was the Soldier of Fortune convention. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soldier_of_Fortune_(magazine) we were there for the gun show that was open to the public not for the Soldier of Fortune convention. .http://lasvegassun.com/news/1999/sep/15/soldier-of-fortune-convention-will-honor-the-man-w/
  6. I and two other at one place i worked at were fired after going to a convention in Las Vegas. This was after we were filmed in the background by a news crew at a gun show at this convention. Within a month the three of us were terminated for different petty reasons but the timing told us the real reason This Oklahoma based oil and chemical company did other strange things. I found out later that they hired a Private Investigator to check the moral values of people wanting employment. Fhe funny part is i found this out from the private investigator at a nude hot springs we both went to.
  7. Was a bed wetter till 12. by then i was hooked but had problems finding diapers. About 23 the adult disposable diapers started hitting the market and i got my first box of Attends with infant disposable diapers for boosters. Been wearing ever since. now at age 65
  8. Two days is the most i have ever had a catheter last before it plugged and i ended up flooding the bed. I told them it had plugged up and it was going to leak around the catheter. both times they told me it could not be plugged and i could not pee around the catheter. Both times i just let my bladder empty conpleatly before ringing the nurses buzzer. The doctors and nurses still can not come up with a reason my urine causes catheters to plus
  9. after i was sc**w by pay pal a few years ago i now only use paypal as a guest so i no longer have to give them my banking info.
  10. Now i wear A+ level 4 with a large booster from XP medical. with a normal water intake they can last 24 hours between changes.
  11. Minor. but if i set to long and get up i find i suddenly need to go right then and have to find a bathroom fast. Diapers mean i don't have to run to find a bathroom and i can travel without having to hunt a place i know where the bathroom is.
  12. 30 years ago when i wore only part time i did get rashes a few times during the hot summer. Now that i wear 24/7 and wear thick premium diapers wet for as long as 24 hours i don't get rashes. The really strange thing is i have had a major problem with a underarm rash for the last 6 months and my doctor has been unable to find any thing to cure it.
  13. Know that i am a abdl, no. My sisters know i wear diapers but they think its medical do to a neurological disorder. They both along with me wore for bedwetting till teens.
  14. I know just what you are going through. I was a EMT for over 30 years... Suicides never bothered me. It was the car loads of kids killed by drunk drivers.
  15. He may be a DL, may not. If i am going to someplace local i wear lose pants and a thinner diaper. But if i am going out of town (over 50 miles) i wear a A+ level 4 with one or more of the large thick booster pads from xpmedical. If i am someplace no one knows me i could care less if anyone can tell i am wearing a massively thick adult diaper under my pants.