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  1. I have been watching Troll Hunter on Netflix, and in Episode 7 a baby gets swapped for a changeling. The changeling looks like a normal baby most of the time. But he also looks like a miniature troll wearing a diaper also. Eventually the sister of the baby becomes aware of trolls and Jim's role as Troll Hunter, and understood that her brother was swapped. In Episode 14, the baby's sister is talking to Jim about rescuing her brother. Her comment to Jim; "Do you know how many times I have to change him (the changeling) each day? He knows how to use the toilet. He chooses the diaper!". I really enjoy the show. It's animated, and it's written for young teens, but it is a fun story.
  2. Just watched it on Netflix. It wasn't bad. I enjoyed the show.
  3. I just watched the full season over the last 3 days. Awesome show.
  4. I was around 11 or 12 when I started to make or steal diapers for my own use on a regular basis. But I did try on a diaper when I was around 7.
  5. Rum and coke usually.
  6. I did not have an accident at school, but I may as well have. In 6th grade I was accused of wetting my pants a little by the class bully. He sat in the desk next to mine. He told his buddies I wet myself and pushed his pencil eraser into my zipper and said that it came back damp. I made the mistake of asking him to say he was only kidding, and he said he would for a dollar. I brought it in and he told his friends that I tried to bribe my way out of being a pants wetter. All the kids teased me for weeks. It seemed like an eternity. We later were on friendly terms, but he really humiliated me. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  7. I loved Bullwinkle. F-Troop, Get Smart, Adam's Family, and Gilligan's Island were also good. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  8. I still have mine too. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  9. When I was younger, I did try to see how long I could go in a diaper. I was using cloth and plastic pants. I think my longest time was over 24 hours. I have since learned my lesson. I change when the diaper needs to be changed. If I am wet before bedtime, I will change before I go to sleep. Bad rashes aren't worth it.
  10. 1 - I used to have urgency issues with peeing, but now I take pills for that. But I have delayed going potty before and on one occasion when I was on a business trip and coming back from dinner I really needed to poop. I got back to the hotel and had to park in the rear of the hotel. The backdoor needed my key card for entry, and while I fumbled for the key, I lost it. Fortunately it was late, and I got back to my room unnoticed. Threw out the underwear after getting cleaned up. 2 - Making it to the potty just in time (JIT) and almost in time (AIT). Since I hit 50, getting to the potty on time has been an occasional chsllenge. I sometimes leave dribbles in my underwear.
  11. ^ Frequently occupies the Group W Bench.
  12. A long time ago (30 years or so) I went 10 days. I loved it, but I was off work. I don't mind a poopy diaper on occasion, but it is too much work to keep clean and not become to smelly. Diapers full time would be tough.
  13. I watched it and wasn't bothered by the way ABDL was portrayed.
  14. Do you folks ever meet during the week? I am not available on weekends usually.