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  1. Oh my gosh!!! He knows when a cartoon is over? He doesn't get mad when the cartoon ends w/o you turning it off? This is so impressive! Tannnnnneeeeerrrrrr you're so smart, I love you!
  2. I'm not sure if there are any regular events in Indy, but there are definitely ABDLs scattered across this state! That doesn't answer your question, but hopefully it instills some hope
  3. I've never heard of someone who has two separate little sides, but the concept is an interesting one. I don't see why it isn't possible. One thing that sticks out is having sex at the age of 12. I'm not sure that 12 year old kids are even capable of sex, or have a desire for the act of sex itself (sure, they might have romantic desires, or they might understand that they're supposed to have desires at that age, but do 12 year old people want to get naked and do the dirty? do they want to go that far? I don't have the answers to these questions, as I'm asexual and somewhere on the aromantic spectrum). Smoking and drinking are easier to imagine at 12 years old but it's definitely abnormal for the standard AK profile. Overall, though, understanding your desires as a little / AK is a process that takes time, and oftentimes we don't want to give ourselves time to understand things. We want to know, and we want to know now! Probably the best thing for now is to continue thinking about what desires you have, and do you desire those as an adult or as a kid (which, it sounds like you've already been doing that). Maybe it would help if you were to ask yourself "how does my 4 year old little side get what they want?" Or ask that question about your 12 year old side, for that matter. Maybe flesh out a little bit how the little side does what it does and go from there. In any case, I hope that this is slightly helpful. I sometimes feel like an Adult Kid, and I sometimes feel like a simple DL. Labels are weird, they help us and they limit us. So, just give yourself time to understand this / these sides!
  4. Yeah I'm a DL also, and I usually go for the plain white diapers but the Little Pawz are great! Of course, I haven't even finished going through my stash of little pawz, and I'm starting to want to wear plain whites again haha. Such is life.
  5. Welcome to DD! I'm sorry to hear about the sibling struggle, that's actually quite rude of them! But you seem like you turned out alright =p. I'm also currently rocking the Little Pawz, they're very cute! I hope you enjoy the community here and, again, welcome!
  6. I must admit that I thought that someone was arrested for owning diapers (read: I'm echoing Elfy). In which case, I would be very afraid for a cop to see the back of my closet! It's unfortunate that this happened. this person likely does have some issues to work out. Hopefully he gets the help he needs. Also hopefully, this doesn't give too much bad PR to ABDLs.
  7. and the crowd gets bigger!
  8. An IRA or a Roth IRA might be a good choice if you're looking to put money aside, rather than just simply trading in the stock market. Dividend will still rely on how well the stock market does, so there is a connected risk factor. With (roth) IRAs you just basically rat hole a little bit of money away each year. They're basically the same but there are some minor rule differences on when you can touch the money you've put into the account and if it's tax free when you put it in, or when you take it out.
  9. I'm also in West Lafayette, hello to you both!
  10. ...Who is Wacko? Is he the one who stole my candy???
  11. I haven't tried very many premium diapers, but the ABU Space just didn't do it for me. It's a nice diaper on the inside, it holds a lot; all that jazz. But the design and the feel just wasn't for me. Weirdly enough, ABU Little Pawz are my current favorite haha. So it evens out in the end. Just to chime in on the M4, since everyone seems to be mentioning it: I bought a pack once, and I don't really remember it very well. I wasn't super impressed, but IIRC I liked them overall. OFC, I say that but I haven't ordered another case, haha. You can't win 'em all.
  12. Hi

    Hi Stew29, The Indiana crowd seems to be growing (I saw your post for Ft Wayne)! I'm glad that you're at peace with diapers. I hope you enjoy your time here at DD!
  13. I'm not from Indiana (Texas is my home-state), but I currently live in West Lafayette!
  14. There's a few of us in Indiana, yes. Welcome to the boards!
  15. What I've learned over the years is that people come and people go. It's just something that you learn to appreciate, tbh. Like, yes: you're no longer friends, but also yes: you have these great memories and you get to appreciate how this person effected your life. It was kind of rude of your friend to tell you straight up that you're not friends anymore. They must be going through a lot of changes in their life, or something. But, the thing with friends is that you usually can find a new one. It won't be tomorrow, and it won't be all at once, but you'll get a new bestie. And they might drift away from you one day, too, but the important thing is the good times you have together. I'm probably being a bit too dark haha. But that's just life: ubi sunt, more or less.