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  1. Just put the lional trains away that where under the xmass tree
  2. Well all I haft to say is practice or some would call it training. Going poppy in my diapers has become almost an natural as going in the potty ...... And that's my recommation to others No drugs or bulk building.... I am know abail to have a full moment in my diapers with no major pushing or haveing to force it all out. . I have found that this have given my nice big loads that has that o so good felling when it spreads through out my diaper when I sit especially to the back of my diaper. This morning was so big that it complea filled my diaper all the way to the top. But my bambino still held it all.... Natural movements are the way to go
  3. Carseat, stroker, highchair. Anything that I can be straped into........ it appeals to my bondage side
  4. Same here only people I have spoyed in diapers where either elderly or odvisaly mentally or physically handicapped
  5. I don't think you really need to. Most people aren't looking for sings of diapers....... noone is really going to put two and two together and most that do.notice will not say anything. It's not like noone every heard of depends so they just assum you have medical problems unless your doing something inappropriate for wearing very baby like clothing in public. I helped a elederly couple change a tire and my diaper worked it's way out the back of my pants Like a toddler. The lady tiped me and sudjested I pull up.my pants. But never said anything about my diaper.
  6. You felling a little unsure because. Willing wanting to soil ones self in a diaper. In a world obsessed with personal hygiene is so taboo....
  7. Aren't you glad to know your not along
  8. If you half to ask then you know its not safe....... Pooping is just like wetting. Need lots of practice......... I'm almost to the point where I can have a full poop in my diapers without having to force the issue
  9. O have found its best to give yourself the hold day for poopey diaper fun
  10. I have wet my pants and bed without diapers. But I find that wetting my diapers whial my clothes stay dry is most enjoyable to me
  11. My records was a week str8 diapered 24/7 pee and poop whial I remolded my bathroom....... 4 days with out a shower to help cleanup after a poopie diapers was a real test on one comment to the life style..... One thing I learned was you suddenly don't mind sitting in a messy diaper bacause you don't want to deal with changing it is not a good idea.... I had held it for 2 days and had the biggest load ever. Stayed in it for 2 hours then pooped again. Shortly after the 2nd deposit of poop I slipped and landed right on my diapered but and had a honest diaper blowout and felt the poop ozz out the back of my diaper into my oneie and overalls.... This was something that I have done on purpose before but it was a totally different felling to have it happen when not planed....... I haft to admit it was the most little ever felt. I had hurt my self and I had poop smeared up my back a d the smell started over powered me....... It tuck 2 tubs of whips to clean up
  12. I see a lot of stories with forced sexuial gay or str8 on minors. Not to menchen outright child abuse.......... This is why people that aren't in the abdl community think we are all a bunch of child molester's. Unfortunately the very few that have crossed that line have made it very difficult for the rest of us
  13. If I ever won the lottery. And bought that estate I always wanted. I figgered I could hire a few abdl. The maintenance personal would have bib overalls with diapers and a mainds with short maid outfits with diapers showing
  14. Same here. If my wife finds evedence of anything but pee in my diapers I get a spanking.... My wife also like to make use of baby style clothing. She finds oneie with bib overalls work best at keeping little hands away from their
  15. Don't know what I like More. The baby power smell of a fresh diaper. Or the person smell in the morning from being in a wet diaper all night