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Have you worn a diaper to a massage or chiropractic appointment?

Little Sherri

Have you worn a diaper during a massage?  

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  1. 1. Have you worn a diaper during a massage or chiropractic visit, and if so, what was the experience like?

    • No - I don't use massage or chiropractic services.
    • No - I specifically avoid such appointments because I wear diapers.
    • No - when I go, I don't wear a diaper.
    • Yes, I wear diapers during massages, but it's stressful.
    • Yes, and it's no big deal - they're professionals, they've seen everything.

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It's once again the time of year where my wife starts reminding me that I haven't used up any of the paramedical benefits I get from my employer, chiefly RMT and chiropractic services. She always threatens to book a couple of appointments for me before the end of the year, but, I keep running into the same consideration... in my 4.5 years of wearing diapers full time, this is one thing I haven't done yet. I'd wear shorts overtop, but still... once they get around to the lower back and the upper thighs, I feel like it's going to be obvious. 

What have your experiences been with respect to wearing a diaper during a massage or chiropractic visit, or, do you avoid it? 

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I go to Massage Envy routinely and I wear 24/7. It's no big deal. I informed my first massage therapist before we started, but in the last two years, I stopped bothering with it. It's underwear. I make it a point to be clean and dry before the appointment starts. No one has ever raised it as an issue. It is no different from going to a doctor appointment. I try not to impose on the therapist, but they are professionals, and I am not their only diapered client.

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I have had 4 different massage therapists in the past 3 or 4 years.  They want you to fill out a medical background form, usually on line before booking.  It's smart on their part to know if a person has cancer, heart problems, strokes, any issue at all including joint replacement, hyper tension, all that.  I explained I have bladder issues and wear protection.  The actual fact is some mornings I have to pee every 30 minutes but usually about every hour to hour and a half.  It's a 35 minute drive for my hour long appointment so chances are I will have to pee sometime during my massage.  Add to the fact that my massage therapist is working on my lower back means I could dribble a bit from the pressure on my spine.  Better safe than sorry. 

I undress in privacy, get on the massage table on my stomach and cover myself with a sheet.  My therapist will pull the sheet down when working on my back but will keep my butt generally covered.  She does have to push the back of my diaper down to get at my lower back, she will massage my hips through my diaper and once she actually put her hand down inside the back of my diaper to massage my hips. 

All my massage therapists are professionals, some worked for hospitals giving massages to elderly and cancer patients.  Yes, they have see it all.  I have worn Betterdry, Abena L4 and other premium disposable but just last moth I wore a snap on cloth diaper and vinyl pants.  I am in great need of shoulder surgery and it did help to just snap on a cloth diaper without having to pull hard with my arm across my body to snugly tape on a disposable diaper.  This last time I did need help getting up off the narrow table as I finished laying on my back so my thighs could get worked on.  I did have the sheet off so I could get helped up, swing my legs off the table and then stand up while she was holding my arm to help support me.  Yeah, I was standing in the room with nothing on but my diaper and plastic pants, but again, not a big deal either way.  Nothing is ever said one way or another about me being in diapers (it would be rather rude to bring it up with a client), but we have talked about other issues such as my knee, ankle, other medical issues both ways.  One was losing her sight and no longer can do massages.  One other had an autistic child, another had a child with vision problems.  It's basically just a massage even if I am wearing only a diaper.         

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9 hours ago, WeaselDiaperBoy said:

I informed my first massage therapist before we started, but in the last two years, I stopped bothering with it.


6 hours ago, Snugglebear_69 said:

It's literally a non issue.

Do you guys wear something over the diaper, or just a diaper, under the sheet? 

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24 minutes ago, Little Sherri said:


Do you guys wear something over the diaper, or just a diaper, under the sheet? 

I just wear the diaper under the sheet. Sometimes I have a plain medical style diaper, other times it is an AB/DL style, but the therapist keeps the sheet over the diaper, so they don't really have to look at it.

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I have been going an osteopath once a week for about 9 years.  I have always worn a diaper to my treatments and it's never been an issue.  I told her at my first appointment that I had bladder control problems and needed to wear protection.  As time went on, my pull-ups became tape on diapers, leading to quite a few discussions about incontinence.  She told me early on that I was not her only incontinent patient and reassured me that she had seen it all.

I have had quite a few massages in a diaper too.  That's a little more intimidating for me, as I usually get a massage while on holiday and never see the same therapist twice.  When filling out the pre-treatment paperwork, I put that I am bladder incontinent and tell the therapist that I am wearing protection.  I have learned to say that in a couple of languages to make it easier.  I had a funny moment once in Greece where the young therapist spoke English, but didn't understand "incontinence"  I wrote it in Greek, but she also didn't quite know what it meant, so I said very quietly "I have to wear a diaper".  She understood after that.

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I don't want to impose "this" on the innocent, and use a massage as an excuse to engage in secretive exhibitionism, but, if I'm going to go get a massage, then I want to relax while I'm getting it, or what's the point? I've been wearing diapers for over 4.5 years now, so, not being in one is distinctly not relaxing. But I wouldn't wear anything remarkable, needless to say - just a plain white plastic diaper, or one of my cloth-backed gym diapers. No pink bunnies or purple mermaids... I think you folks are bringing me around to the idea that I could do this, and that for healthcare professionals, it would be no big deal, they've seen far worse. Thanks for the input. 

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I do not use those services. But if I did, why would I wear diapers there if I did not need to? Remember when I said "A closed mouth gathers no foot"? So why would I ADVERTISE? Would I wear a babydoll or one of my romper skirts? Those are what I am in when I am in diapers. In short, why create potentia problems for myself. Just because people do not say anything in front of you, what makes you think they do nota talk about you behind your back? Which  sets up God knows what; and I am an atheist. But you can be sure that Murphy is just waiting for the right moment to pounce and lay down the Law

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You don't give a lot of credit to professionals who provide these services. Contrary to what you propose, the majority of health care professionals, and that's what chiropractors and registered massage therapists are, simply aren't gossiping about clients. As you yourself said, you don't use those services so how would you even know?

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I’m following thread with interest. I get a certain amount of coverage through my student plan every calendar year. I’ve used it countless times for medical and dental but never for a message. I also happen to work a physical job and plan to treat myself to an RMT appointment before the end of the year. I’ve gone before but not since returning full-time  to puffy plastic underwear. I followed the online prompts and got an appointment next week. Under medical conditions I put down “OAB”. While the cause is slightly self  inflicted how my bladder feels and the frequency with which I pee with is now is very real. I do not want to show off or make a thing out of my diapers and plan to wear a plane white one or a pull up. I’m definitely a bit nervous. I’m usually not nervous in my day- to -day diaper wearing at this point in my life.

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On 12/7/2023 at 5:21 PM, carsfan said:

While the cause is slightly self  inflicted how my bladder feels and the frequency with which I pee with is now is very real.

I feel the same way. Let me know how it goes!

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My Mom and Sister (both kinky) are aware of my wife and I's ABDL interests. My wife, Fretabwet, wears around my family because when she is out of the house she isn't sure if she can get to a restroom fast enough. Whereas I wear mostly only around my wife and like minded people. Okay. Now that the back story is over, on to my point. 

My Sister is a licensed Massage therapist. She owns her own business and rents a room in a chiropractors office. Both Fretabwet and myself have had many massages with her. Fretabwet wore her plain plastic backed diaper. I asked my sister if she has ever done a massage on someone else wearing a diaper. And she said yes. I asked if it ever bothers her, and she said no. Everyone on here who has responded with they are professionals is accurate. My sister has had men who have gotten a hard on while she massaged them. She has also had people pass gas. Our bodies relax in many ways, she didnt mention it to them and it wasn't a big deal. If you don't make it a deal, they won't. 

If you go into a massage and you feel uncomfortable with the professionalism of the massage therapist, seek a new one. But the key here is to be comfortable. If I were 24/7 and I had the option between cloth backed and plastic backed to go to a massage therapist, I would chose cloth.  I personally wouldnt be able to relax hearing the plastic crinkle under someone elses hands other than my wife. They are professionals. 

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I've worn pull-up pants with black PE-pants over them to a massage a few times.
Just a week ago, actually.
Of course, the pull-ups are visible in some places.

But that didn't bother the masseuse. I even asked her if the pants bothered her. 
She just replied: "You have to wear them. Sorry about that"

I replied: "Well, it's not that bad. It even has a few advantages."

So: no big deal....

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