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I'm THAT old


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I show my age when I rattle off what cartoons I watched (Transformers, GI Joe, Star Blazers, Voltron, etc.) and what the first video games I played were (Yars Revenge, Asteroids, Space invaders, etc. on the Atari 2600, Pong)

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17 hours ago, ValentinesStuff said:

I remember when I was the TV remote.

I was one of the TV remotes it depended on what kid was the one that didn't want to get punished . Back in those days we got it when dad took off the belt we knew it, and the pain started in our head beforehand . And also the schools Principal had a wooden paddle and he spanked us for what ever he decided we needed it for. I for one was a daydreamer , and when I floated off while I was supposed to be paying attention to the teacher and I couldn't tell her what she said?? I had to go to the principal and got another ass busting ...

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11 hours ago, Stanley_19802 said:

How about these two. My first cell phone back in 1999. And if you lived in a poor household like me you might remember paper food stamps. Back before the current EBT cards. Man time flies. 


food stamps.jpg

My first cell phone was a BAG phone it was about 10 pounds, from Radio Shack we had to pay $125 for it then we paid about $100 a month for 20 mins and 95 cents a min after and I was just glad to have a cell phone because my boss wouldn't pay for one and I did a lot of traveling for work .. the phone looked and was as much as my ( shower strap)  oxygen portable, I use now. 

3 hours ago, Babygeebee said:

I remember having to carry travelers cheques when travelling. 


Don't they still have these? If so it's much safer than a credit card, when you get robbed on vacation .

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Pfft; big deal. MY first cell phone was the one the fuzz brought to me so I could call a lawyer from jail back in '63

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1 hour ago, OzarkMtn said:

I'm so old I remember when Levis were made in the U.S.A.

You call THAT old? I remember when the Big Dipper was a Dixie Cup

Well, I do remember the first TV episode of GUNSMOKE, or more correctly, where I was when it came on and watching it

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I can remember when Hostess cupcakes were a dime and Devil Dogs were a nickel

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And penny candy, I remember walking down the street a block away to a little ma pa store it was a house made into a store/ home. Anyhow I was maybe 4-5 yrs old my sisters and brother would go by ourselves and we got a dime or a quarter , and came home with a little brown paper sack full of all kind of candy....When it was safe to walk to the Store .

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When 3 out of 4 times "rubber panties" meant just that -- Literally

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On 2/2/2024 at 11:54 AM, rusty pins said:

I remember when everyone in the USA were saying, "Who the hell are these Beatles?"

I remember seeing the Beatles in concert in London.

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On 2/2/2024 at 6:54 AM, rusty pins said:

I remember when everyone in the USA were saying, "Who the hell are these Beatles?"

I remember when they were saying "Who the hell is Elvis Presly?"

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