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Beloved friend dlb has passed away


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Some of you may know him from the original chat days way back when. His name is dlb with a my little pony icon. He was a great friend with a very kind heart. He recently passed away this week. He was a burn victim and suffered with several complications with different organs. But his body said it could no longer keep fighting and he is now resting in peace and hopefully running, jumping, climbing, and playing again. 


For any of you that do remember him, I just wanted to share. 

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Although i didn't know of dib, I send my condolences:  May he always rest in peace, and be able to play and chat to his hearts content in the heavens above.  To those that knew him or knew of him, He will always be a part of this community, and I do agree with @spoonchicken - He deserves a posting in the ADBL Memorial Forum.



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Passed away on Dec 12th from COPD complications. He seemed to know it was coming because he asked his brother for a celebration of life, not a funereal. 

He was a Brony, an avid Star wars fan, and he loved his Starbucks. Volunteered at burn camps frequently. 

Overall, just a great person who overcame so many hurdles in life 

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Sad to read about this. Never knew him, but vaguly remember seeing the screen name in either postings or chat....sorry to hear he lost his battle, but actually went on to graduate to something more...


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