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What diaper are you wearing now?


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On 11/26/2023 at 7:13 AM, astrodiaper said:

Attends cloth back. Wet it right away. Wearing these due to something I ate early last night loosened up my stomach. May change after a shower and stay padded for church, in case my issues have not resolved themselves. 

Good idea for church if you may have a bowel accident.  You don't want to be "Phew" in the pew!

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A Patite  BabyDoll that I have wet twice since I have been in it sence 6:10 It is now 8:59. It may be possible to make a Petite BabDoll go 12 hours between changes as a matter of course by using a booster made of two ordinary thickness prefold diapers. That would double the number of diapers I have since I would not be using two at once except for speciall occasions

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I changed out at about 8 AM. Got cleaned up, and, at about 9:45, into a clean Petitie BabyDoll. The old diaper was still dry in spots and, overall, only moderately wet. We will see how long this one goes between changing. The new standard may be a single diaper and a booster, since I am not double-diapered then I can have more material between the legs without causing harm to the delicate tissue there

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I changed out and cleaned up and into my corrent Petitie BabyDoll at 8:30, which I wet a little bit by 9, The one I changed out of was well wet all over. It looks like using a booster will get me 12 hours without needing to use two diapers, which will double my supply. I have no idea what I will call the new model

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A DRY Pink Megamax, and for the last 3 nights, I've been wearing wet ones - They feel good to wear, but you still have to be careful NOT to wear them wet to long, or you may end up with a red angry rash.  I've been using them more often, and can tell you that by tomorrow, the diaper I have on will be SOAKED :)


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I changed out of the Petite BabyDoll diaper at 8:10. It was wet between the legst, in front and in back and damp on the sides

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15 hours ago, Crinklz Kat said:

Red Bearon tonight.  Just 1 left from this bag. 

Don't you mean heavy doody?

Boy howdy

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I am up this morning in a wet and now messy Crinklz Fairy Tale diaper that is holding up nicely with the requisite wet diaper bulge in the front and now messy bulge in the back. After I change I will be wearing a Classico V2 diaper for the office.

Update: Of course I changed, got nice and clean and fresh, now more than halfway through my day at work and my Classico V2 diaper is wet, but should last me until I get home, no leaks on my pants or office chair, please.

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I changed out of a Petete BabyDoll that I had been in for 12 hours and have put my diapers in the wash

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11 hours ago, superdiaperboy said:

i'm wearing a freshly clean tykables overnights ready for bed.

That's very nice buddy. It must feel great to be in a nice, clean, fresh, diaper ready for bed, waiting for Mommy to tuck you in.😁😊😉

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Right now I have a size 8 Pampers Swaddlers diaper inside a Total Dry X-Plus diaper.  With some baby powder and a diaper cream I found on Etsy.  I have already wet it once and will see if it will hold a second wetting!!!

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