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What Other Fetishes?


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Wow, after reading everyone's varied fetishes I feel kind of vanilla. Obviously I'm into diapers, and I like dressing like a little girl, but I don't really consider that a fetish. I just like to act like a brat, and that seems to be dressing the part.

As far as things that actually turn me on, well let's see. I have a panty fetish. Buying and trying on cute panties always gets me excited. A gift of panties is almost always rewarded. And even though I'm not really into girls, seeing another girl in cute panties gets mine sort of wet.

As a brat I like being spanked. I prefer to be spanked with my panties on, but bare-bottom is good too, as long as it's OTK. I like being felt up in the position too. I feel so vulnerable with my bottom in the air.

I like anal sex. Not really on the level of a fetish, but I do enjoy it from time to time. I have to be in the mood, otherwise it's just uncomfortable.

I love being taken from behind. Bent over a couch, face down on a bed with my fanny in the air, or even just a pillow under my hips. I masturbate in this position most times, while fantasizing about being fucked this way. My best orgasms have been doggy-style.

I LOVE oral sex. I give great head, and I love being licked. 69ing is the best. I've even done ATM, but only right after (or during!) a shower.

These are the things that turn me on. Thankfully they're easy to talk to new partners about, although I haven't had any new partners to broach the DL subject with.

This just sent me off into some amazing fantasies :blush: trying not to be to much of a perv, but...I uhhhh....think I need to go change my now sticky undies...not feeling as 'fresh' as I normally do...and then 'finish off' some business that this post inspired :blush: ....wow! :wub:

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Most of mine are pretty generic... I do have a lingerie fetish.. Vintage bras (I hate the newer molded ones), bikini panties, garter belts and stockings, half slips, camisoles, etc...

Women in a strap-on...

I think my favorite fantasy is to role play a lesbian while dressed in lingerie, with another woman. Ohhhh ...

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Im Open Minded about most "fetishes"

I like bondage, but its boring to do it alone and then your not fully tied up.. (never done it completely, with like a partner so cant say for sure if Ill love it or not..)

I like girls asses, in panties, naked not that much "fun" :P

I slap my own ass sometimes, not very hard cause that just feels weird and anything that hurts is hard to do...

Most my dreams are about being someones slave, mostly locked up in a diaper, strapped to a bed, doing all kinds of things to me, like anal !

Since im open minded and define myself as BI, I would like to be fucked in the ass, by a male, just to try it out, ive done it to myself (with toys) and never found out why I do it..

etc etc etc (feels like I went off-topic..)

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Way too many fetishes to go through but they range from pegging to cross dressing to tiff play to breath control, lol. I must say though that I feel very lucky because there really hasn't been any fetish my wife has declined to participate in other than her wearing a collar which was more for a demonstration of a fetish scene. She just recently acquired a new pink riding crop shaped like a little teddy bear. Needless to say I'm not sitting down happily right now.

We always enjoy trying new fetishes, experimenting and trying different elements and new scenarios in our favourite fetishes.

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Femdom, maledom, forced fem, sissification, forced bi, cuckolding, chastity, castration, cbt, crossdressing, interracial sex, swinging/group sex, enemas, humiliation, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

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Being bound and gagged is the big non-diaper one. Not much into specific bondage gear, I prefer ropes, handcuffs, duct tape and mostly do it yourself materials to armbinders and similar elaborate restraints. Ball gags are usually cool, but only if covered by tape or a bandana. Gags should fill the mouth AND cover it for me. Over the years, I've found I enjoy being left tied gagged and diapered in a closet so that my dom doesn't have to worry about me or hear from me till he/she wants. Though I'm still into kidnapping/abduction play, I've actually found I like incestuous setups being bound and gagged by a parent or older sibling for either discipline or for their enjoyment. (Note: I was not abused by either my parents iin such a way, and was an only child. Don't assume).

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I love little-girl dresses--the poofier and frillier the better--to such an extent I fear Christine might relegate me to the "sissy" category rather than "little girl." I think I like such examples of extreme femininity because they represent the polar opposite of the macho ideal I was supposed to aspire to. I also didn't get to go through the ultra-femme stage a lot of little girls pass through--I didn't get to play at being a princess, for instance, or wear the aforementioned cute clothes growing up. Naturally, I feel a bit angry, and that I'd been cheated out of the childhood I wanted.

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