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Found 29 results

  1. Pads

    My mommy wife came home with a surprise for me I was totally shocked. My wife doesn't encourage me to wear diapers, so I was in shock when she showed me what she got for me She purchased a package of Tena (pads) for me. I can't tell you the great experience Of adding a Tena pad to your diaper. Doesn't matter if your diaper is a cloth diaper or disposable. Make sure the pad is the. Tena super over night pad. You will be amazed how thick your diaper will become and how much liquid the extra pad will hold. Plus because it is a new disposable the liquid wicks away from your private parts. I'm not much of a disposable diaper wearer but these pads are great wait until you see how big they are plus the absorbents of them. Heck I might even try there diapers
  2. dg2695-01.jpg

    From the album DiaperGal Promo Pics

    New set at DiaperGal today. Victoria in a Tena http://bit.ly/diapergal
  3. Hi everyone, About a half year ago i reviewed the Tena Slip Maxi Medium diaper. The old "vintage" style original plastic backed version, the one everybody's in love with! Link: Tena Slip Maxi Medium Review I've reviewed some more diapers i like and wear, just check out my YouTube channel. Diaper Reviews YouTube Channel Hope you'll like it! And if not, tell me please and i will do my best to make you happy ;). Cheers, IvoDL
  4. hi i have to go to asia to work (singapore, but travelling around malaysia, thailand and hopefully more) anyone here with experience of buying adult diapers in asia? Except for singapore, most other countries are developing countries and do not really have an elderly care sector. i bought online from singapore and its actually even better in america as they deliver to me in 1 day, and prices are cheap. i bought from this site Adult diapers tena pants but for malaysia and thailand, surprisingly, not that easy to find tena. I found other brands, but.... i'm terribly suspicious of Asian brands, HAHA, especially china brands. you know what i mean right.... it really sucks if urine get out of the adult diapers. I seen some japanese brands that i may try (japanese defintely more trustworthy than china) but hope there are some experience guys here with feedback? will save me a lot of troubles and money to go for tested-and-proven brands thanks guys!
  5. Recently i bought my own pack of discontinued tena slip maxi diapers. and they turned out to be wonderful as one lasted me all night despite how thin it is. So what would be a good replacement for it now that they are no longer made?
  6. Hello everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that we now sell TENA, Molicare, Attends, Depends, and more! If you don't see it on the site, I just might not have gotten around to adding the items yet. Reply back here or shoot me a PM and I'll let you know if we have it. Everything ships the same day and will arrive at your door withing 1 - 3 days (lower 48 states). https://www.llmedico.com/27/adult-diapers/ If you have any questions, please let me know or email us at [email protected] or call us at 855-422-4556 (between 9-5 M-F Eastern). Thanks and have a great day! Alex Owner/Operator LLMedico.com
  7. image.jpeg

    From the album pOOpyBrian's Selphies

  8. Diaper Samples

    I have a large variety sample of top quality domestic and import adult diapers. Great opportunity to figure out exactly what works best for you, without buying lots of packs! All diapers are size medium (with exception of ConfiDry 24/7, as their small=medium dimensions). Attends Slip Regular 10 ID Slip Expert Night ABU Super Dry Kids ABU Cushies Tena Slip Maxi (full plastic backing version) Abena M4 (full plastic backing version) Abena Abri-Wing Molicare Super Plus (full plastic backing version) ATN Bambino Teddy Bambino Bianco Bambino Classico Bambino Bellisimo Total Dry X-Plus Aww So Cute A+ Level 4 ConfiDry 24/7 Cuddlz Drydaz Cuddlz Frontal Print Cuddlz All over Print Fabine ComfiCare M10 Northshore Supreme Snuggies Diapers Seni Quatro (best cloth backed diaper) Also, I have Abena Abri-Let Normal boosters and Attends boosters. Shoot me a message if you're interested. Prices vary (but very fair). I can ship, and use Google Wallet for transactions. I'll find the cheapest shipping option I can.
  9. Tena Super Brief

    From the album Koivu's Diapered Butt

    Totally an underrated diaper. I love the super brief!!

    © Koivu

  10. I am pretty much wearing my first adult diaper ever! If I was honest with myself, I always wanted to wear a diaper. I frequently wear them when I dream at night. When I was eight , I got my mother to buy me a pack of Goodnites. My father caught my in them and he may me take them off. I didn't wear again. I am now 24. When I was 22, I started to find BDSM appealing. As time went on, I found myself fantasizing about being dominated more and more. Some of those fantasies involve wearing diapers, being spanked, and being told I'm naughty. A few days ago, I started making 'diapers' using multiple pads (like ten thin ones). Wearing that felt good, but I didn't know I should have avoided flooding the 'diaper,' and the results were not good. Since I wanted to try out 'the real deal,' finally decided to order some Tena heavy protection underwear and some Tena serenity overnight pads early yesterday morning. I requested one day shipping. They came and I'm wearing a diaper and a pad right now! I decided to dribble a bit, and it seems as if I were to pee more, urine might spill over the back of the diaper's pad. I will most likely try again while sitting on the toilet and I may move my pad back a bit. I'm surprised by how relaxed I feel. I thought it would just feel nice to be padded, but I never expected to feel so relaxed. I will be posting some pictures wearing the diaper underneath some jeans and sweatpants. Though I'm aware one kind of diaper may fit everyone differently, I think it might be helpful for others to see what the diaper might look like under pants.
  11. I have collected many different top quality diapers, but don't have the room to hide them, so I'm getting rid of some. It's a great opportunity for anyone who wants to try a bunch of different top quality diapers, without having to buy a bunch of bags or samples that cost 10 bucks for 2 diapers. The sample includes 21 diapers, all medium (except Dry 24/7, since their small=medium), and plastic backed. They include: Attends Slip Regular 10 ID Slip Expert Night ABU Super Dry Kids Tena Slip Maxi Abena M4 Molicare Super Plus ATN Bambino Teddy Bambino Bianco Bambino Bellisimo Bambino Classico Total Dry X-Plus Aww So Cute A+ Level 4 ConfiDry 24/7 Cuddlz Drydaz Cuddlz Frontal Print Cuddlz All Over Print Fabine ComfiCare M10 Northshore Supreme I'm asking $55, plus shipping or free pick up if you are in the seattle area. Cheaper than you could ever buy samples of each of these for. I can also do some different combinations or full bags, just let me know. Let me know if you are interested. I have pictures too if you want them.
  12. Looking For Diaper

    Does anyone know of any diapers similare to TENA Stretch? I like them but they're not sold anywhere near me and online isn't an option.
  13. nappy boy

    From the album Me!

    Wearing t-shirt and a Tenaslip Maxi nappy

    © nappystevey 2014

  14. Me in a Tena size small

    From the album My Photos

  15. Tena Slip

    From the album Me in diapers

  16. me, again.

    From the album evilengine

  17. tena maxis

    From the album evilengine

  18. Tena Maxi

    From the album evilengine

    my new shipment of tena maxis
  19. im no fat

    From the album the pinkie boy

  20. look at me

    From the album the pinkie boy

  21. First off I want to introduce myself. I've been on this site numerous times now and I've been a member for a while also, but this is really the first time that I'm trying to get more involved and join in on conversations. So hi everyone! Alright, now for what the title entails. For the majority of my life that I've been buying diapers, I have always only had a bag or two on hand. (I still live with my mom, I have told her I am abdl, but we dont talk about it and I dont wear infront of her) But I got my check this last week and It was a really good size check because I have been working so much overtime, and I decided I wanted to treat myself to some more diapers. I bought 200 diapers on ebay! I ended up getting 100 Tena Classic Briefs, and 100 First Quality Adult Diapers. I wanted cloth backed for daytime use and plastic backed for night time. I'm curious if anyone has any good thoughts about the brands/diapers I got? I have never tried either one and I am really going on a wim here. I can't wait to get my packages!!
  22. Looking for a diaper

    Hey guys, sorry that its been so long since I've posted on here but I've been through a horrible rough patch in my life. Anyways I need you're guy's help in my search for a diaper that I saw on DPRTube. The video has it named as Tena Slip Stretch but when I search for it I can't seem to find it, I only turn up results for Tena Stretch Brief which looks really close to the video but the tabs are huge and the one I saw really didn't look that big. I also know that its cloth like, if you guys could help in my search I would be very thankful. I also need to buy it through amazon and I really would like to know if amazon does discrete shipping with adult diapers. Thanks again guys.
  23. Tena Flex Sizing

    TENA from what I see is mostly for girls however they look like something I would enjoy wearing. I have a 32inch waist, I'm a guy, not over weight, average body, butt and legs. Please tell me what type I should try (I like the look of the flex) and the size (I think either small or medium). Any other suggestions as to other types of diapers I may enjoy that I can get at my local stores is also appreciated. I have tried Goodnites (both boxers and briefs) Pampers Cruisers size 7 (Favorite so far) and Depends (pull-ups, extra absorbency, and maximum protection). Looking for something new that will fit me and is easily bought. I would really like to try Bambino and Cushies but cannot ship them yet. All suggestions are appreciated so please help me. Thanks in advance
  24. First Pic

    From the album Loving the Diapers

    Ready for the morning in my dry Tena.
  25. I'm wondering on opinions on the selection where i live (Vancouver BC) I have available in-store (Cant find any-others) Depends Maximum Protection (Use these 90% of the time) Tena Super Underjams Goodnites I like diapers that are thick but i seem to grow tired of the selection.