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Found 9 results

  1. I think building tension in stories is the best way to excite the reader. They are especially helpful when reinforcing power dynamics (a major part of any story with D/S elements) amongst the characters. When you're writing for a fetish, you have the benefit of assuming that your reader is aroused or is looking to become aroused. Because of this, I think the best approach is to tease them a little and to hint at what's to come then from there build it by dragging out. For example, say you're making a scene where the tension is wetting, it would go something like this: "You were such a good girl drinking both your bottles for Nanny! Weren't you? Yes you were!" Katie hated that this woman could do this to her. Her Daddy knew she didn't like Nanny, a woman only 10 years older than her, yet fully in charge while Daddy was at work. But in her marriage, she didn't make the rules. So here we have a power dynamic created, the reluctantly submissive infantilized wife, who is competing against her caretaker while her Daddy is away. The use of a Nanny is especially good because the reader knows that Daddy will win no matter what, even Katie has accepted that. If we wanted Katie to get punished for something she could compete against him. But this Nanny, well...maybe Katie can retain some control over her situation after all. Nanny might be an agent enforcing Daddy's will, but she isn't Daddy. We've also introduced an element that will have to be addressed, the not one but two bottles Katie has ingested. The fact she was praised for this implies it was somehow harder to do and potentially challenging. It also implies she has done something Nanny wanted. So, score the first point for Nanny. "Now come along Katie, crawl alongside Nanny to the rocking chair. That's a good girl. Up on Nanny's knee, it's ok to stand up." Using her helpless mitten-encased hands, Katie pushed up and begrudgingly sat on the vile woman's lap. Her large pacifier hid most of her scowling expression, but her eyes still blazed resentment at her situation. Her thick diaper crinkled as she lowered herself onto Nanny's knee. "Sit up straight now darling," Nanny corrected. Katie straitened up, her naked breasts peeking out from under the bottom of her bib, nipples dangling in front of Nanny and ensuring she had no modesty here. So these were just a few little battles that Katie has chosen not to fight Nanny on. Maybe she has tried earlier and lost. Maybe her bottom is still sore from the last time Nanny had to tell her to sit up straight. She had to get permission just to stand up? More to the point, Katie didn't stand until she was told it was ok. The point is, these are easy little ways to reinforce who is in control here. Even calling her darling, when Katie has clearly shown she is not her darling, is a great way to reinforce who is running the show. Nanny is scoring more points, but they're small ones. But allowing Nanny to score them is important, because the reader likes being reminded in unique little ways that Katie isn't in control. We've set the stage for something larger though, now let's find out what it is. Nanny reached up and removed the pacifier from Katie's mouth. "Don't worry little one, I'll make sure you get it back as soon as we're done." Nanny's smile was not returned. Suddenly Katie felt a hand gliding up her back, stopping in the middle below her shoulder blades. Gently, yet forcefully, Katie felt the hand rhythmically begin patting her back. "Let it all out little one. That was a lot of milk you just drank." Katie stared at the wall in front of her, feeling her face redden. Nanny only smiled. A text alert came on Nanny's phone, but she didn't lose pace for a second as she reached for it with her free hand. Katie felt a slight urge to burp and, with embarrassment, gave a little squeak. "Very good baby!" Nanny cheered as she unlocked her phone, never lifting her eyes. As much as she hated it, she knew her caretaker wouldn't stop until Katie had done this at least two or three times. Katie lowered her face to try and sneak a peak at Nanny's phone, held in the hand that now rested on Katie's smoothly shaven legs. Without taking her eyes off the phone Nanny told Katie "eyes ahead" with a tone of warning, all the while never stopping her rhythmic patting. "Well baby girl, it seems your Daddy will be home early today." Katie's heart practically lept for joy with the knowledge she would be freed of her tormentor earlier than expected. "How long?" Katie could feel angry eyes looking up at her, so she quickly added, "Nanny". This seemed to placate her. "He'll be here in an hour or so, maybe a little longer." This was excellent news. If Daddy was going to be here in an hour, that meant she wouldn't have to put up with Nanny giving her another change. She was beginning to feel the first inklings of pressure from her bottles, so she knew would be close, but Katie could manage. Buoyed by this pleasant news, Katie gave another little burp, much to Nanny's delight. Now we know what's at stake here. Katie does not like being changed by her Nanny. She can prevent this by waiting until Nanny leaves to need a diaper change. Note that it's inevitable that she will use her diaper, the two bottles Nanny gave her at the beginning of the scene have determined that, but she does have a chance at winning some control. This is what the audience loves. It's such a low bar to meet that requires such little control, yet we've magnified the stakes because it takes place in the larger context of the power struggle between Katie and Nanny. All the little battles Katie has been losing throughout the scene won't matter because if she can just get this one victory, she will have won the game. She demonstrates this by happily burping, indicating that there's only one fight she wants to take on. Now, let's add the tension. "Well Katie, I think that's enough of that for today. Those bottles should be nice and comfy in your tummy." Nanny gave her a little poke in her stomach to press her point. This annoyed Katie, but she was ready to get off Nanny's lap and back to her play pen to wait for Daddy. Katie shifted her weight forward to bring her toes to the floor. From there she would plop down and await the instruction to "crawl". Before polka dotted socks could touch the carpet however, Nanny pushed her back into her seated position. "Just where are you in a hurry to get to, little one?" Nanny demanded, looking a bit surprised. "I...I wanted to go back to playing with my toys," Katie lied. "Ummhmmm," Nanny hummed with a skeptical look. "Slide over just a little bit sweetie," Nanny commanded. Reluctantly Katie slid on her lap, guided of course by Nanny's hands, until she faced away from Nanny and towards the room, her diapered butt squarely on the tops of Nanny's knees. This shift had caused her legs to spread wide on either direction of Nanny's. The position caused a slight uptick in pressure in Katie's bladder. "Nanny, what ar-" "Shhhhhh," Nanny quieted Katie's worried question. She lifted her pacifier back up towards her mouth, the rubber barely clipping her naked breast before it found its way between her lips. Nervous, Katie gave a cautionary and accepting suck. "Thaaat's a good girl," Nanny said as she stroked her hair. "I wanted to surprise little Katie with a ride today! Yes I did!" With that, Nanny began a gentle bounce with her knees, causing Katie to breathe in with surprise. "See?" Nanny asked. "You're riding a horsey! Isn't that fun?" Katie looked alarmed. The gentle knee bounces couldn't get much more violent before the escalating pressure they put on her bladder could cause a problem. "Nanwy, I don't wike this game." Katie pleaded from behind her pacifier and over the loud crinkles of her diaper. Both the reader and Katie know about the urge to pee she is fighting. We also know that Katie is supposed to be in control of her situation. She picked her battle knowing she only had to beat the clock, but now Nanny has thrown off the routine! But it's too late to change the objective. Katie just has to work harder for it now, meaning we've raised the stakes. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward...but also the bigger the potential fall. Katie tries to get a handle on things by pleading with Nanny to let her off to play with her toys, not good in a battle of wills. Will it work? "Now now little one, this is a fun game. See?" With that, Nanny put her arms around Katie and intensified her bounces. Of course not! Nanny shows her power as the conflict escalates. Katie lowered her hands, pressing them into the front of her diaper in a bid to fight the building pressure. If she could only close her legs! Nanny reached out and grabbed her wrists, pushing them up above her shoulders. "Hands up on the horsey, baby girl! It's like you're in the rodeo! Weeee!" With a grimace and a look of disdain Katie bit down on her pacifier, meekly holding her hands up in the air as she bounced up and down, up and down...Her arms now bouncing as much as her exposed breasts, her childish bib flailing as if in the wind. The pressure was rapidly building, but Katie knew Nanny couldn't keep this up forever. She just had to hang on... Suddenly she felt fingers at her exposed sides. Just below her ribs they danced quickly across her skin. By reflex, Katie shot her arms down to defend her sides. She arched her back in an attempt to get away, her diapered butt knowing better than to try and escape from Nanny's knee. An unwilling smile formed and she bit down to try and keep her pacifier in place, another object that was forbidden to leave by anything by Nanny's hand. A pained giggle emanated from behind the plastic guard. Nanny stopped momentarily to lift up her hands and to remind her, sternly, that she was at the rodeo, doubling her bouncing efforts at the same time. Immediately, her fingers continued their torment. Katie was on the edge of bursting into tears, as much from the tickling and squirming she was helplessly doing as from the exponentially rising pressure in her bladder. Just hang on! Katie was yelling to herself on the inside. She was giggling uncontrollably, and each laughter weakened the dam she was trying desperately to hold up. She could feel Nanny's legs slowing however, weakening from the weight of bouncing an grown adult woman. Her fingers seemed to be tiring as well, as Katie forced herself to try and relax and stop being tickled. We're at the climax now, and in her darkest hour Katie can see rays of hope. She's at the breaking point. Nanny has thrown surprises at her but she has so far persevered. Can she hang on and win her battle? "Pleaseeee Nannnyyyyyy," Katie pleaded through gritted teeth. Finally, her tormentor removed her fingers. A few surrendering bounces stopped as her tired legs came to a halt. Nanny laughed as she looked curiously at the woman on her lap. Katie was breathing heavily and still desperately hanging on. A drop or two had been absorbed by her diaper, but only she would know. "Well, didn't you have fun at the rodeo, little one?" Nanny asked casually, quickly slipping two fingers under her diaper to check for wetness. They were a little slow to withdraw, almost as if disappointed. Katie smirked behind her pacifier, though from her position she was confident Nanny couldn't see. Ah haaa. Now we see that Nanny knew what game they were playing the whole time. Was this always her plan? Is that why she gave so many bottles, to force out a wetting? We don't know if Nanny has planned this from the beginning or adopted it when she got the text, but now we understand Katie has won a game with even higher stakes than she realized. This is a big victory for a woman (dare we call her by her real age? Has she earned that?) who doesn't get many at all. Taking one more deep breath to recover, her confidence was growing. With an air of victory Katie responded, "Yeth Nanny, I di-" Suddenly she felt two arms on her tummy, squeezing in tight. She had been looking towards the ceiling to conceal her little smirk and didn't realize Nanny had reached around her waist to give an apparent hug. With a gasp Katie exhaled, her pacifier falling towards her dangling legs. The force of Nanny's squeeze caused her top half to lose her balance, her back pressing into Nanny's waiting chest. The back of her head came to rest beside Nanny's own, gently on her shoulder. If someone had taken a picture, they would have seen a smiling caretaker holding relaxed adult baby girl, her legs spread wide and high in an attempt to regain balance, and a diaper puffing out on the superior woman's lap. Before she had even realized what was going on, Katie heard the sound she had dreaded every day she spent with this woman. The dark spot already forming on the white and puffy elevated diaper. Though their faces were right next to each other, they watched with different expressions. Katie's dismay at her failure bore out on her face as she bit her lip in an attempt to ward off tears. A confident smile appeared on Nanny's face, a quick flash a sadism telling the world she had achieved the result she wanted. Katie tried to sit up, but Nanny pulled her in tight. "Good girl Katie, just let it all out." Defeated, Katie simply relaxed against Nanny's body and froze into place. A muffled sniffle managed to be heard above the wetting, but the tears would soon form. "It's alright sweetie, we'll go straight to the changing table and get you a fresh clean diaper. I might make it a nighttime one, we've been saying these daytime diapers just don't do the trick for too long now. Yes, this one's gonna be sooo full when you finish." With that Katie could no longer contain herself. She let out a wail that filled the room. Nanny simply cooed and patted her head until Katie had finished. After the diaper could take no more, Nanny gently let the baby back on the floor. Soggy and wet, Katie waited instruction as she tried to quiet herself on all fours. Picking up Katie's pacifier from the floor, Nanny cleaned it on her dangling bib before plopping it back into her mouth. Katie looked up at her with defeated and watery eyes. Nanny gave her a gentle smile before looking forward and beginning to walk towards the door. She allowed herself a few feet a which Katie, surprised again, only looked at the back of her caretaker. "Crawl," she said to the front of the room. Soggy diaper in tow, Katie did. Ah yes, it's always fun to keep the reader on their toes. Even when Katie thinks she's won, Nanny snatches back a victory. It was a humiliating defeat for Katie and she can't even contain that she lost. She cried when she wet her diaper because she knew both of them knew she was trying to hold it in. Ironically, if Katie had just submitted and wet like a good little girl without a fuss, the victory for Nanny would have been like the others, uncontested and un-noteworthy. If the story had continued, it's this game where it's best if you don't play that slowly breaks down a submissive character. We can see in the future where Katie has lost so many battles like this she doesn't even try, she becomes the compliant baby that Nanny wants. But for right now, she is still fighting and losing, and that's the potent spice to the story. Katie chose to fight and because of that she lost more than just the right to avoid one of Nanny's diaper changes. That is how you can use power dynamics and tension to build up your story.
  2. curious what the going rate would be to visit a nanny or babysitter. non dom type i guess... has anyone done this before what was your experience like
  3. Doctor who fanfiction

    Amy and the strange nursery Amy watch as the Doctor run around the tardis console pushing buttons or just slamming things, her husband Rory was throwing darts. She was bored! Amy went up to the doctor as he was tiring wires together. 'Doctor where are we going?' The Doctor gave her a smile 'don't know, been playing with the randomiser, we could be anywhere in time and space isn't that fun?' Amy groaned, she decided to play darts when the tardis landed. 'Ok where are we now?' Said Rory walking up The doctor notices some strange readings but Amy just walked out the door, 'Amy wait!' Screamed the doctor but the door slammed behind Amy and the tardis started teleporting. Amy tried to get back in but it disappeared. 'Oh great' said Amy as she started getting cold, 'why do I have to wear a skirt today?' She walked around when she notice a building, she quickly walk towards it and open the door. 'Oh it's so warm' she said as she shut the door, she found a switch which she pressed to light up the room. She found herself in some sort of giant nursery, there were cribs, toys, change tables even adult nappies. Amy saw some pictures on the walls of pictures drawn by babies. Amy chuckled, 'what sort of place is this?' She then went to the change table, it looked big enough to lay on it, probably have my nappy changed..... Amy stop, what was she thinking, she's too old for nappies and she can go to the bathroom just fine. She decided to wait here until the Doctor could get her. She sat on the table waving her legs, she notice a button next to her, Amy know not to press it but she was too curious, beside it won't hurt anyone. Amy pressed the button and the table started to rubble. Amy tried to hop off but two metal arms grab her and pin her down on the table, Amy screamed as more arms started to pull her skirt. "Change time for the baby" it said as Amy saw it took off her skirt. The metal fingers went to the sides as it took her panties off, 'stop it' said Amy but it grab baby powder and powdered her privates, Amy watch as it pulled out a adult diaper, Amy gulp in fear but strangly she was looking forward to this. The arms lift her legs as it slid the nappy under her. As soon as it was taped and fitted snugly around her the arms went away and Amy sat up to look at her nappy. Amy couldn't help but giggle as she poked the plastic. She got off the table and stand wobbly as the nappy were spreading her legs apart. 'Great, I'm diapered and bored' she said, but she notice the toys, it wouldn't hurt to play at least for an hour right? She waddle to the toys, sat on her diaper ass and started playing. She made noises as she played with the stuff toys, she took her jacket off, leaving her in her pink shirt as she crawled towards the blocks, Amy build a tower, getting it as high as she could, when a robot walked in the room. Amy yelped as the robot pick her up, "time for num nuns" it said as it carried Amy towards a adult high chair. It put Amy in, tied a bib around her neck as the robot started feeding her baby food. Amy ate as the food mush around her mouth, 'oh this is soooo good' she moan as the robot continued to feed her. Amy ate and made a mess on her bib and shirt as she greedily gulp the food down. Once he robot was done it took the bib and Amy's shirt off, it then took her bra off, leaving Amy sitting topless on the high chair. The robot took Amy off and place it cold hand down Amy's nappy. "Time for a nappy change" it said as it carried Amy to the table. Amy couldn't help but smiled, she can't denies that she's been looking forward to this. As the robot took her nappy off, it powdered Amy and try to put a clean one on but Amy just waved her legs, laughing as the robot tried to put the nappy on her. The metal arms came back as it held her legs down and the robot taped up the nappy. 'Awww you got me' said Amy, the robot thenulled out a pacifier and put it in her mouth. Amy suckled as the paci is making her tired. The robot carried her to the crib and place her in. Amy slept as the robot left. Amy suck her thumb as her diaper began to expand, a horrible smell arose as Amy mess her nappy. Once Amy woke up, she feels the back of her nappy as the poop mush against her ass. 'Strange I didn't need to go! She said as she got on her knees, her head above the rails. 'Hello! I need a nappy change!' Arms from the table started to extend as it pick Amy up, it laid Amy on the table and started changing her messy diaper. Amy started blowing spit bubbles out of boredom as the machine wiped her ass. Amy watch as the arms put her messy nappy in the bin and powdered her privates. It then taped a new clean nappy around her waist as it put Amy on the floor. Amy looked around the nursery, sure she like being pampered this way but she needs to find Rory and the Doctor, she got up and waddle towards to door, she tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. 'Childlock?' Said Amy 'ok it's been fun but I really need to leave' she shook the door, she bang on the door until the robot came back. It lifted Amy up by the armpits and held her, "warning, baby should not bang on the door" it said 'Buzz off tin can, I am not a baby!' Amy tried to get off but the robot won't let go, Amy started hitting it but hurt her hand. "Baby is being nitty, baby must be punished" it said as it went to a chair, it sat down as it laid Amy on its lap. Amy felt scared as she felt her nappy ripped off, leaving her naked as the day she was born. Amy struggled until the robot started smacking her ass. 'Owwwww!' Moan Amy as the metal spankings continued, 'please stop! I'm not a baby! I'm a grown women!' The robot continued, Amy started to cry like a baby as she thrashed around, shaking her arms and legs as the robot continued to smack her sore ass. When the spanking stop the robot lift Amy up, Amy still crying like a baby, started to suck her thumb as the robot carried her to the table as it placed a new nappy on her. Amy sobbed as the robot bridal carry her and started rocking her. Then the robot pulled out a bottle of milk, Amy tried to fight but the bottle was force into her mouth. Amy started drinking the milk. Amy drank until the bottle was empty, the robot put her over its shoulder and pat her back, making Amy let out a big burp, milk dribble down her mouth. Thrombotic wiped her mouth and place her on the ground, then it went through a door and disappeared. Amy started pulling at the nappy, but she can't take it off. 'Where are you doctor?' She said as she gave up and sit cross leg on the ground. Amy got up and walk to the robot door, she try to find a switch or something but it won't open. Amy then got an idea. She pulled out her messy nappy out of the bin and gagged as she went to the door. 'Did I really made this much of a mess?' Said Amy as she threw the nappy away, causing the robot to come out to clean it, leaving Amy to quickly go through the door. She ran but she fell, so instead she started drawing as fast as she could. She crawl into a room where she saw cameras of her in the nursery, 'Woah this is creepy' she said but the robot found her. Amy tried to run but the robot grab her, "baby will be punished now" 'No please' screamed Amy as she struggled until the robot deactivated. Amy started as the doctor and Rory came running in. 'Amy thank goodness, I see you found the vexones nursery, shouldn't go in there by the way' said the doctor as she notice Amy's nudity and cover his eyes. 'Amy are you all right?' Asked Rory 'Do I look all right?' Said Amy pointing at the nappy 'I've been treated like a baby for hours!' 'Yeah the vexones is the galaxy's nursery pros, they make a nursery for anyone' said the doctor, when Rory gave Amy his jacket to cover her breast the doctor removed his hand 'ok long story, the tar dis was forcefully being taken with us in it. We escaped, defeat the vexones and save you, now let's go before this planet blows up' the doctor started running with the ponds behind him to the tardis. As they escape and the planet exploded the doctor decide to take them to Vegas, Amy went to her room to change. As she put her bra and shirt on and about to remove the nappy, she remembers how good it feels around her waist, she pulled her pants over the nappy, deciding that she could wear for a few more hours. The end
  4. Professional Nanny visit

    A special Bed and Breakfast. Recently I had occasion to go and visit a professional Nanny for an overnight stay on a ‘bed and breakfast’ basis. I think this is a rare service but one that appealed to me. I had wanted to visit a Nanny for many years and this was a way of achieving that goal but as a ‘toe in the water’ so to speak. I arranged a time and date in advance with Nanny via email and, as a new client, was asked to make contact at an allotted time on the day of visit. This I dutifully did and was given the contact details and arrangements. I was nervous at the prospect of meeting Nanny but was equally excited, having been looking forward to the day for many weeks. When I arrived, I was uncertain as what to expect when I knocked on the door. Nanny greeted me at the door, and welcomed me into her home. We sat and chatted for a little while and Nanny asked me a few background questions and made me feel at ease and explained was would happen. I was offered a drink, which could include a bottle if desired. Nanny then showed me the facilities available. This included the Nursery, set up and ready to go; complete with high chair, full size cot, dressing table with television and dvd’s. There was also the changing room, with ample supplies and a full size changing table at a suitable height for Nanny. Nanny then showed me the sizeable collection of clothes and other items available for use. The ‘Special Bed and Breakfast’ allowed the use of the facilities and the pleasure of dressing up. So much choice. Whilst I had not opted for any Nanny Services on this occasion, they could be available at supplementary cost. Maybe that is for another day. After showering in the well-presented facilities, Nanny was kind enough to change my nappy for me. I was privileged to be told I was only the third person to use this new table. I proceeded, sorry waddled, to the dressing up area and admired the array of clothes. I made my choices and got dressed. It felt so good to have the freedom to dress in this protected environment and to be that little person. There is a range of boys and girls clothes, which did include mainly sissy style clothing. There were baby grows, a waddling baby vest, along with lots of frilly petticoats. There were plastic and fabric clothes as well as some school girl attire. So many clothes and so little time. Nanny has some DVD that can be watched including children’s programmes and some, let’s say, more grown up programmes. I was able to go downstairs and had a short time with Nanny before bedtime. I Once again, Nanny was kind enough to change my nappy ready for bed. I had double protection this time which, it turned out, was necessary. I was given my night time bottle and lay down on the comfy cot mattress ready for sleep. Nanny then gave me a pacifier and buckled it behind my neck. I settled down to sleep and Nanny fixed the side of the cot into position, wished me good night, turned out the light and left. In the morning, at a pre-arranged time, Nanny came in to wake me. Her smiling and comforting face was a positive start to the day. Nanny made breakfast which I was able to eat in the high chair. All this signaled my ‘special’ time was nearing its end and normality beckoned. After a shower and change to everyday clothes, and nappy, I packed my things and said my good byes and thank you’s to Nanny. I have to say, I was put at ease the whole time and was able to have time alone or with Nanny, if I wished. It is clear to see that nanny enjoys her work and this has to be reflected in the environment created. Nanny offers a soft and comforting experience with this facility, but for naughty babies I did notice the cot, changing table and high chair are all fitted with locking straps and buckles. Maybe those are for another day as well. The Bed and breakfast arrangement allows time for play that is a cut above the average budget hotel. If only this service was more widely available. Thank you Nanny from Baby Claudia. I have included a link to Nanny’s website. If you are in town, give it a go. http://www.adultbabyworld.co.uk/Home.html
  5. Catherine (Open Role Play)

    My name is Catherine Leigh Doyle. I am ten years old i grew up in dallas texas my parents names are emily and john. My mother is a very nice person bu dose not have alot of free time which is why i have a nanny her name is maria. My father is the ceo of a bank he works all the time even at home.
  6. The Robot Nanny

    Chapter 1 Billie Piper sat in the kitchen feeding her baby son, Eugene in his High chair as her other son Winston was at school. Billie sighed as she put the empty baby food down and put Eugene down in his playpen. 'Man, I need some help around here' her husband was off in Africa shooting a movie, and Billie can't find time between acting and lookinafter her kids. As she sat on the couch and put on the TV, a ad came on. "Behold mothers! Tired of taking care of your children without any time for yourself? We'll get the new Robot Nanny! So you don't have to worry about leaving your kids with an untrustworthy babysitter, you can just set the dial on it and it does the rest! So you can enjoy a nice day with your husband! Get the Robot Nanny NOW!" Billie looked at the number on the screen and started dialing it now. Hours later the package arrived in a human size box. Once Billie open it, the robot nanny rolled out. Billie looked at it, it has the face of a 21 one year old, wearing a maid outfit and extendable arms. Billie read the instruction manual, 'ok I got to give it pictures of my kids for it to know who is the children' semis simple enough, Billie grab a picture of her at the beach with Winston and Eugene sitting next to her. Billie admired the way she looks in that red bikini, all the guys were staring at her that day, she insert the picture in the robot's mouth. The nanny downloaded the picture in her data banks as it determines the ages of the children. Then it start scanning the people in the picture. Winston James Age 6 the oldest of the children and goes to school. Eugene Fox Age 2 still a baby and started potty training Billie Piper Age 1 youngest of the children It looked at Billie, scanning her white top and sweat pants Baby Billie not wearing suitable clothing, must have gotten into her mothers closet The nanny started rolling around the house, Eugene stared in awe as Billie smiled, maybe it's working! 'Ok Nanny!' She called out to her, the Nanny turned towards her, 'take care of my kids while I go out with friends!' The nanny looked as Billie went to her bedroom to change. It started going through her programming. Parents not found. Winston at school. Eugene and Billie left alone. Job: take care of children till parents arrived Billies came out, wearing a sunflower dress as she grab her purse and walked to the door when the Nanny blocked her way. 'Ummm. What are you doing?' Asked Billie as she lowered her sun glasses 'Billie not allowed to go outside by herself' Annouced the Nanny 'Uh yes I can, I'm the mother!' 'Incorrection! Billie is a one year old baby and must be taken care of until parents arrived' the Nanny took her purse and put them on the table. Billie started to get a little mad, 'Nanny! I'm the parent and I'm telling you to take care of the children while I'm away!' She yelled at the tin can Billie yelped as the Nanny picked her up. 'What are you doing?' Shrieked Billie as the nanny started bridle carrying her to Eugene's nursery, 'put me down this instead now!' She screamed but the Nanny just held her as Billie struggled and thrash and kick, trying to get off but it just held her tight as they entered the nursery. The Nanny sat Billie on the change table, Billie try to get off but it just held her tight and place a pasi in her mouth. 'Now relax' it said as it laid Billie down, she spat out the pasi as she sat back up, 'Nanny! Who is the parent here!' The Nanny went through her files, 'Laurence Fox and Billie Piper' 'Yes!' Yelled Billie happily 'They have three kids, Winston James age 6, Eugene Fox age 2 and Billie Piper age 1' 'No!' Yelled Billie, then she reliaze her mistake with the photo, 'oh no you tin can! It's the kids in the photo you have to babysit, not me as well!' But the nanny just shush her as it stared to pull up her dress. 'Hey what are you doing?!' Yelled Billie as she try to pull her dress down. 'Billie needs to be in her own clothes, can't go through her mummy's clothes' it as as it continues to pull the dress off but Billie just keep grabbing it, they fought over the dress when they accidentally ripped it. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIPED!!! Billies started in shock and sadness as her dress was ripped from her body, leaving her in her bra and panties. The nanny just shook her head, 'Notty notty, now I just have to replace this before your mummy finds out' 'But it's my dress, my beautiful dress' sulked Billie as she covered her naked body. The nanny just threw the dress in the bin as it proceed to grab her bra. 'Oh no you don't' said Billie as she struggled but the nanny just wrap her tightly with its arms as it manage to in hook it and take it away, leaving Billie's breasts exposed. Billies quickly cover her breasts, 'are you malfunctioning or something? What happens it my sons sees me like this?' She quickly looked out the door, hoping Winston doesn't come home now, or Eugene getting out of his playpen looking for her. The nanny threw the bra on the ground as it grab the sides of her panties. 'NO!!' Shrieked Billie as she kick the robot, but hurting her foot in the process as it can't feel pain. It laid the kicking and screaming Billie on the change table as it started pulling down her panties. Billie sobbed as she try to grab her panties but the nanny just hit her hands away as it pulled her panties off her long legs and discarded it to the ground. Billies laid on her son's changing table, where she change Winston and Eugene on. She looked up at the Nanny, who was pulling out a diaper and enlarging it with her ray, making it into a giant baby diaper! Billie screamed as she rolled off the table and started running out of the nursery, she doesn't care if she's completely naked she just had to get out of here! But the nanny was too fast for her as it grab her belly and held her up, Billie shrieked as her bare ass touch the cold surface of her uniform, as it carried her back in the nursery and back on the table. Billies screamed and kicked and hit and cried but it was no use, she spotted the diaper laying open on the table as the nanny sat on down on the padded surface. Billies gave up, her hands and feet was sore from the hitting and she was tired as the nanny lift up her legs and powdered her privates. Then the diaper was taped up around her naked waist. Billie looked at the mirror at herself. Sitting on her sons changing table, wearing nothing but a big diaper, she looks exactly like a baby right now. Billie cried as she was lifted up by the Nanny and carried put of the nursery.
  7. Creature from another Planet

    Chapter 1 Katy Perry put on her long red dress as she gets ready to go to the award ceremony. She put her makeup on as she walked to the living room to grab her purse when suddenly there was a bright flash in the sky. Katy looked out the window as she saw a shooting star falling in the forest near her house. Katy couldn't help but get curious as she walked outside towards the big smoke. She lift up the hem of her dress as she trudged through trees and dirt when she found the star, or a big metal dome. 'Wow' she said as she came closer, 'is this a spaceship?' She touch the cool metal surface as it beep and open a door. Katy slowly walked in as she found herself in a big empty open space. Katy gaped her mouth as she spotted a pink humanoid alien on the ground. Katy jogged towards it as she poke it, 'excuse me? Are you ok?' The alien was a long pink skin humanoid, with bright ink fur and antennas, when the alien open its full green eyes it stood up, Katy surprised it was taller than her, the alien rub its eyes when she spotted Katy. 'Woooow' said Katy, a real live alien! 'Hello' it spoke in a smooth motherly voice, 'and what is your name?' It said 'Hi I'm Katy Perry' said Katy 'and welcome to the planet earth!' The alien smiled, 'hello Katy, I'm Susannadeariares' 'Ok how about I call you Susan?' Said Katy 'Very well' said Susan 'my ship appear to have crashed so is it ok I used some of your parts to fix it?' It asked Katy didn't want parts it want to fix something this advance, 'sure.......' She paused 'I think I got some tools at my place' she point towards the exit. Susan nodded as Katy led her out of the ship and back to her house. Back at the house Susan looked around, 'this is a nice living arrangement you have' it said 'Thank you' said Katy 'hey I have somewhere to be so try not to destroy, or break anything' said Katy 'I promise' said Susan as she grab a trophy and accidentaly broke off the head, Katy sigh as she left her house. Susan grab all the parts she could find and walked back to the ship, after all she has a mission to complete. It took hours of Earth time but she fixed up her ship. She activate a door with surveillance videos of her dome, she sat in her chair as she started her research. 'Research log 1: I have landed on the planet and will now commence the studying of Earth's infants, to see if they can make greats pets to our lonely people back on susdaniely' she took up a picture of Katy Perry, 'first infant named is Katy Perry, think she is independent and grown up, will begin the process when she gets back from her playmates' she turn off the recording and left to set up the nursery.
  8. district 4 baby

    Darcy sat on her porch overlooking Victors Village quietly sucking on her pacifier and she desperately hung onto her teddy bear and tried to forget. Ever since returning from the arena of the 23RD Hunger Games both her days and nights had been filled with nightmares. In a District that trained its tributes, it was hard to think that anyone would less than thrilled to be chosen to fight let alone to win leaving Darcy as lonely as ever. The only thing that seemed to keep her from going crazy, was the fact that she could revert back to a younger state where everything made sense, before she ever watched her first games, before she started training to be a career, before her name was called and she was sent into the arena, before she killed a girl no older than her tweleve, with her bare hands. Now that she was out of the arena all that she trained for since the age of three, all those combat lesson and survival skill classes seemed to have been for nothing, at this moment she would of rather died in the arena than live with the monster that was created in the arena that now haunted her soul. Dressed in pink onsie, bonnet and socks she lay there a shell of the person she once was. ~Looks like someone could use a baba, and a nap.†Said Diya, elderly women that Darcy hired to help her around the house. ~Darcy’s family all but excommunicated her after they found she was less than thrilled to be the Victor of the 23rd Annual Hunger Games, saying that it was a honor that she was even picked to go into the arena and that being so moody was not proper for a Victor. Since birth she was trained to act, and think like a champion, and now that she did not hold up to their standards she was a disappointment a fact even more magnified with a Victor as a Father. ~Pulling Darcy into her lap, Diya placed the rubber nipple of the baby bottle at Darcy’s lips hoping that her baby would stop obsessing, relax, and finally eat something, a feat that had been all too hard for her to do in the last two months. ~Please Darcy! Drink up! YOU NEED TO EAT SOMETHING!†Said Diya exasperated as she rocked Darcy back and forth.†~Pulling a piece of fish shaped candy out of her aprom unwrapped it and once Darcy’s mouth was open placed the baby bottle filled with seaweed shake in her mouth instead. Drinking reluctantly Darcy smiled slightly as Diya drew her closer and kissed her on her forehead. For the first time in four days she finally got Darcy to eat something. ~That’s my good girl!†giggled Diya remembering pulling the same thing on her own son Aidan a young boy of fifteen who won the Hunger Games for the District, five years before and was now peacekeeper in district nine and his daughter Kei she had lost in the games a year later. Though she had not been in the arena herself, she got Darcy in way most did not, she did not judge her as most did but rather showed her sympathy and love, something Darcy so desperately needed after the horrors of the Hunger Games.
  9. 100 Nanny Penne drags baby Out

    From the album A Day at the Beach

    [b]Nanny Penne takes Baby Jennie to the beach in her pink leather toddler harness using the matching baby reins. Baby is dressed in a thick cloth nappy and plastic panties under her toddler shortalls, which have snaps in the crotch for easy nappy-changes[/b]