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  1. You wrote so much already why don't you just finish it up yourself?
  2. I enjoy stories whereby the person regressed is made helpless. Fighting back and losing is always nice too. When they finally end up in their babied state, they know they are at the mercy of their caretaker.
  3. Ch 5 The old bell clanged its chime as he entered the old shop, signaling to whomever it was that ran this place a rare customer had arrived. That was what Allan guessed at any rate, considering how hard a time he had finding it, and he knew where to look! But aged and dimly lit though it was, he was hoping to find a few more hidden gems amongst the record collection. Hopefully Lindsay really had stumbled across somewhere with plenty more to offer. “Hello?” he called out as he began to take off his coat. The quiet store seemed empty. He began to meander down the aisle when suddenly, the little old man Lindsay had described appeared from behind a shelf. “How can I help you today?” he asked cheerfully. “Hey there. My friend came in a few weeks back and bought some old records. I was hoping to check out your selection,” Allan replied. “Of course! Please, right this way.” With that, the old man turned and began off towards the back of the store. As they walked towards a back room they passed all manner of odds and ends from the past. None of it really interested tech-savvy Allan, with the exception of the old records. “So, did you enjoy the records?” the old man asked. “Yeah they were fantastic. I couldn’t believe you had those. How did you come about them?” “Oh from here and there, just sort of built up over the years. I got some pretty good deals when people started switching to new technology. But I’d been at this long enough to see some things just circle back around. One of those feelings.” Allan was very optimistic now, hoping this guy was everything he built himself up to be. He was daring to think of some of the rarer finds when the owner interrupted his thoughts. “Say, if I remember correctly, your friend was getting it for your birthday wasn’t she?” “Yes that’s correct. Just turned 27.” The old man chuckled. “I remember 27, long ago as it was. Are you married?” To that, Allan let out a chuckle. “No sir, can’t say that I see that on the horizon either.” “Aw now!” the old man casually jeered at him. “27 is a prime age for a man to be married and raising a family. Does a man good to take on that responsibility! You can’t stay a bachelor too long, I don’t care what people do nowadays.” A little annoyed by the old man’s classic views, Allan had to force himself to remember this was an elderly man. The world was different back then. “Well old timer, I’m afraid I’ve got you beat there. I don’t plan on having any kids.” With that the old man stopped and turned around, a frustration to Allan considering they were about to enter the back room. Maybe he was offended by my “old timer” remark, Allan thought as he started to apologize. Before he could say anything however, the old man said, “Now that just can’t be! Raising children brings out the best in good, true men. I’ve been around a long time, and I’m good at reading people. You seem like a good, true man. At least it looks like you could be if you decided to put your mind to it!” Allan was a little conflicted, complimented by the fact he had apparently won this man’s judging contest, but agitated further at his assertion he wasn’t yet a real man in the same sentence. “Tell you what. I’ve got a great record in here for you. If you end up buying any of them, I’ll give it to you for free.” With that he turned and opened up the back room, leading Allan inside. The back room was very much like the front, only more disorganized. Meandering through the junk, they finally ended up at a table with boxes and boxes of old records. Allan began flipping through one of them, putting what the old man had said out of his mind. Likewise, the owner too was flipping through, searching for his giveaway record. “Wow you weren’t kidding, this is quite a collection,” Allan complimented, the excitement barely contained in his voice. “Yep. Great classic rock and Jazz collection. Ah, here it is.” In a faded casing, the owner pulled out a dusty record. Blowing it off, he handed it over to Allan. “Frank Sinatra?” Allan said. The tone of voice suggested it wasn’t his type of music, but for free he’d take it. “Now that’s a real man’s music. You go ahead and pick out anything else you want, that one’s on the house.” Eventually Allan decided he had his fill, scooping up a full dozen albums when he realized how cheap they were. This guy clearly didn’t put any of his stuff online, or else he’d move it in a hurry. He had taken so long the owner had wandered off to do whatever it was he did all day in this store. It certainly didn’t appear to be dusting. Records under his arm, Allan decided to quickly scan the back room before heading back up front. He reached the back corner and started to turn around when a faded wooden door caught his eye, a faint light coming from the opening crack. Working his way over to it, he slowly pulled back to see inside. It was a small room, lit with a dim light bulb hanging overhead. The first thing Allan noticed was a sewing machine against the far wall. It was old, with signs of a long career of use. Then he saw a box of fabric and white stuffing against the wall. To the other side, a small table with a collection of wonderfully crafted dolls, some clothed and ready, others naked and unfinished. Finally, there was a shelf overhead. On it rested an old, old wooden box. The markings were faded and seemed to come in that old 1800s style press, solid black. The apparent label was in German, or maybe Dutch. He couldn’t read it, whatever it was. But it wasn’t that which attracted him. A strange bit of light seemed to come from under the crack in its sliding top, almost a glow. What could possibly make that that would be back here? Allan took a step inside the cramped room and raised his hand towards the box. “What are you doing back here!?” the old man came out of nowhere behind him. Startled, Allan spun around, his curiosity snapped. “I’m ah sorry,” he stammered before the old man cut him off. “Those aren’t meant for you, and this is a private room!” “Right,” Allan said, moving quickly past the old man. He had barely cleared the way when the owner slammed the door shut. He shot Allan a nasty look before escorting him to the front register. Allan was overcome with awkwardness at the encounter and placed his records on the counter. The old man seemed to have calmed down as he began to ring him up, however. “Sorry I yelled back there, but I don’t allow customers in my workshop.” “No problem,” Allan said flatly. He just wanted to pay for everything and be on his way. As he put them in a bag, the old man said, “Remember what I said now about being a responsible man. It brings out the best in you!” To that Allan gave a polite smile as he took his purchase and threw on his jacket. The little bell rang behind him as he stepped through the door and into the snow. He turned to walk back towards the subway when he remembered another thing he wanted to do before he went back home. Pulling out his phone he punched in the contact and held it up to his ear. “Hey,” he said with a smile. “I just checked out that little antique shop. They had a better selection than I ever imagined!...haha yes, well that’s all on you…well listen since I’m right by your place do you mind if I come up? We can get some dinner or something tonight…yeah…great, I’ll see you in a few minutes.” With that Allan turned around to make the short walk to Lindsay’s.
  4. Ch 4 Lindsay giggled at the cartoon on screen, the silly rabbit making jokes she found herself laughing at far more often than most adults would. To the left of the couch were kicked off shoes and strewn about pants, quickly shed as soon as she had gotten home from work that day. Just beyond those lie a package that had been eagerly torn open a few days prior, the label obscured but the hole in the wrapping revealing its contents to anyone who would bother to look. Diapers. And not of the size meant for infants. Just one look underneath the blanket wrapping the giggling girl on the couch would prove that. It had been a funny few days for Lindsay. Ever since her shipments of clothes, diapers, and a few odd accessories that she had picked up had arrived she had been spending her free time enjoying them. And the right word to describe it was most definitely enjoy. She had felt embarrassed, almost nervous when she had laid there on her bed the first time, a diaper in hand and pants around her ankles. She had bitten her lip as she considered just throwing them all in the trash. But then she glanced at Kristine sitting up next to her on the bed and found her resolve once more. She had confidently sprinkled the powder, letting the pleasant aroma intoxicate her for a moment, before she slid the puffy object underneath her waiting butt. She had let out an excited breath as she tapped it shut, taking a few moments to shift in it, letting the crinkling sound touch her ears and the thick softness relax against her body. It felt amazing. It felt right. Right. That was how she described it to Kristine as they had played together that evening. The thickness of it giving her a little waddle. The odd comfort of a snug garment around her waist and most intimate parts. The fun feeling of being able to share a connection with the little doll she now carried around her apartment, who did everything from helping her cook (she was good at remembering recipes) to helping her craft texts, it was fun knowing she had a little friend to play with who was now just like her…you know, at least in pretend. So it was in the midst of this little play date with Kristine that Lindsay received a phone call. “Hewo,” she said after absent-mindedly answering the call. She had been far too focused to the TV to check to see who was calling, or to take the pacifier out of her mouth for that matter. “Haha so is Lindsay there or did she give her phone to a little sister I don’t know about?” Allan’s voice broke through the illusion with a sudden jolt back to reality. Immediately Lindsay removed the infantile soother from her mouth and muted the TV. “Hey! Sorry, I don’t know why I said it like that,” Lindsay said with an increasingly red face and awkward laugh. She quickly moved on before he could interject. “So what’s been up with you? Still enjoying your records?” “Heyyy funny you should mention that, I’m actually really curious as to what all that place has in stock. Where is it exactly? I’ll probably try and swing by there sometime in the next few days.” “Oh yeah, no problem, it’s actually just down the street from my building. It’s two stores down from that coffee shop on the corner if you’re walking towards my place.” “Oh ok, I think I know exactly where you’re talking about! I’ll definitely check it out sometime soon.” “Yeah you totally should!” “I will!” Then the conversation paused for a second or two, and it seemed like neither of them knew what more to say. But then Allan hit her with it. “So after I check it out, do you want to maybe get dinner or something? I mean, I’ll be right by your place, after all.” Lindsay’s heart gave a little flutter, and she stumbled on her words a little bit as she responded. For some reason she was blinking her eyes a bunch. “Yeah! Yeah for sure, I can totally do dinner. Yeah that’d be great.” She stopped herself and cringed at how stupid she had sounded. But when she heard Allan’s reply, his voice seemed excited and happy. “Great! Yeah I’ll definitely hit you up when I’m over there. You get off work at 5 usually, right?” “Yeah, yeah on most days. I’m home by 530 most of the time so just…let me know!” With a slight chuckle Allan said that he would. He was good enough not to let any awkwardness linger or build up, and they ended the conversation quickly thereafter. As soon as she got off the phone she collapsed down into the couch, her doll crushed underneath her chest as she replayed the conversation in her mind. “Did you hear that Kristine!? We just totally set up a date!” Sitting up she started going over what she would need to do to prepare, all the while talking to the doll in her lap as if she was a real-life, living and breathing friend. One who could chime in with advice and empathy based on their dating experience. “And all because of going to that great little antiq…” Suddenly Lindsay stopped herself. She had bought the records at that shop, yes, but she had also purchased the doll she was now talking to that day as well. Had it really been so recently? Of course it had. She hadn’t known Kristine for a long time. Correction, she hadn’t even NAMED her DOLL Kristine a long time ago. With this obvious fact moving its way to the forefront of her mind, Lindsay seemed to notice the little baby in front of her looked a great deal less animated and real as it stared out blankly into her apartment. She felt for the first time since the other day that a fog had cleared and she saw her situation clearly and objectively again. “What the hell am I doing in a diaper!?” She looked around the room in disgust. The pacifier on the coffee table, still glistening with her saliva. The package of adult sized-diapers. The childish cartoons on the TV. What the hell had she been doing this past week? “Something isn’t right.” She said it aloud just to make herself hear it. What had been going on with her? Why did she suddenly start acting this way? Kristine. The doll. She knew it the moment her eyes circled back and landed on the little figure in front of her. Something about that doll wasn’t right. It was ridiculous to blame a doll, of course. She knew that. But at the same time…maybe something about this doll has awoken something in her that wasn’t healthy. This wasn’t normal behavior, and she has to stop it right now. Lindsay glanced at the time then went to put on some clothes. She was going to return this doll to that store right now. She wanted nothing more to do with it. She was so lost in thought leaving her apartment that she was already halfway down the elevator when she realized she was still wearing a diaper. Suddenly she was self-conscious people might be able to smell the excessive baby powder on her legs. The fact that she was holding a doll in her hands was already weird enough. At least her bulky winter attire should hide the fact she was wearing something suited for a baby…it was only a short walk to the shop anyway, and she needed to get rid of this stupid thing now. She was so focused on getting to the shop that when she arrived she just reached for the handle without stopping, pushing full force at the door. Only nothing moved. The door was locked. Lindsay looked through the glass to find a dark void, the fading light from the street not nearly enough to allow a good look inside. A simple and old “closed” sign hung in one of the windows. NO! Lindsay was furious. How could they be closed right now! She began pounding on the door through her gloved hands. Silence greeted her. This wasn’t fair. Something was wrong here. She again peered inside, hoping to catch a glimpse of the old man so she could get his attention, but darkness met her. There was no other way in, and she couldn’t leave the doll on his doorstep all night without it getting ruined, she was sure of it. She was really frustrated now and again pounded on the door, harder this time. “Come. On. Be. Open!” She shouted at the door, causing a few strange looks from passersby. Finally she realized there would be nothing for her today. She would be unable to talk to the old man and give him back this toy that had such a hold over her. She looked down at the doll in her hands and their eyes met. Lindsay found a strange sense of powerlessness to this doll. She couldn’t bear to simply leave it here. She felt if it wasn’t in the old shopkeeper’s hands then it had to remain in her own. Then she realized there was a warmth about her in the midst of all this cold…she had wet herself. With a shock Lindsay realized her diaper was wet. It must have happened when she was pounding on the door, but she didn’t even notice it until now. I’m not leaking am I? She thought with a pang of fear. No…not for the time being. With the feeling of a resigned defeat she pulled Kristine back up towards her body and began walking home, the feeling of a cooling diaper beckoning her home with every step. She glanced back towards the shop one last time, almost invisible in the dying light. Maybe it would be open tomorrow, she hoped. Maybe.
  5. Ok people this is an old one. From my memories circa 2003 honestly. It was when I was more into age regression than abdl, so it probably came from ararchive, I used to browse that a lot. The premise was a group of people (probably teenagers) who go into a like a haunted house/mansion. The key focus of this story however was that if one of them touched an object, they would transform to an age corresponding with the object. For example, I think one of them touched a diaper and turned into a baby. I haven't read it since that time but I remember it was a good one. Much thanks if you know it.
  6. Good writing. Nice story too!
  7. I think building tension in stories is the best way to excite the reader. They are especially helpful when reinforcing power dynamics (a major part of any story with D/S elements) amongst the characters. When you're writing for a fetish, you have the benefit of assuming that your reader is aroused or is looking to become aroused. Because of this, I think the best approach is to tease them a little and to hint at what's to come then from there build it by dragging out. For example, say you're making a scene where the tension is wetting, it would go something like this: "You were such a good girl drinking both your bottles for Nanny! Weren't you? Yes you were!" Katie hated that this woman could do this to her. Her Daddy knew she didn't like Nanny, a woman only 10 years older than her, yet fully in charge while Daddy was at work. But in her marriage, she didn't make the rules. So here we have a power dynamic created, the reluctantly submissive infantilized wife, who is competing against her caretaker while her Daddy is away. The use of a Nanny is especially good because the reader knows that Daddy will win no matter what, even Katie has accepted that. If we wanted Katie to get punished for something she could compete against him. But this Nanny, well...maybe Katie can retain some control over her situation after all. Nanny might be an agent enforcing Daddy's will, but she isn't Daddy. We've also introduced an element that will have to be addressed, the not one but two bottles Katie has ingested. The fact she was praised for this implies it was somehow harder to do and potentially challenging. It also implies she has done something Nanny wanted. So, score the first point for Nanny. "Now come along Katie, crawl alongside Nanny to the rocking chair. That's a good girl. Up on Nanny's knee, it's ok to stand up." Using her helpless mitten-encased hands, Katie pushed up and begrudgingly sat on the vile woman's lap. Her large pacifier hid most of her scowling expression, but her eyes still blazed resentment at her situation. Her thick diaper crinkled as she lowered herself onto Nanny's knee. "Sit up straight now darling," Nanny corrected. Katie straitened up, her naked breasts peeking out from under the bottom of her bib, nipples dangling in front of Nanny and ensuring she had no modesty here. So these were just a few little battles that Katie has chosen not to fight Nanny on. Maybe she has tried earlier and lost. Maybe her bottom is still sore from the last time Nanny had to tell her to sit up straight. She had to get permission just to stand up? More to the point, Katie didn't stand until she was told it was ok. The point is, these are easy little ways to reinforce who is in control here. Even calling her darling, when Katie has clearly shown she is not her darling, is a great way to reinforce who is running the show. Nanny is scoring more points, but they're small ones. But allowing Nanny to score them is important, because the reader likes being reminded in unique little ways that Katie isn't in control. We've set the stage for something larger though, now let's find out what it is. Nanny reached up and removed the pacifier from Katie's mouth. "Don't worry little one, I'll make sure you get it back as soon as we're done." Nanny's smile was not returned. Suddenly Katie felt a hand gliding up her back, stopping in the middle below her shoulder blades. Gently, yet forcefully, Katie felt the hand rhythmically begin patting her back. "Let it all out little one. That was a lot of milk you just drank." Katie stared at the wall in front of her, feeling her face redden. Nanny only smiled. A text alert came on Nanny's phone, but she didn't lose pace for a second as she reached for it with her free hand. Katie felt a slight urge to burp and, with embarrassment, gave a little squeak. "Very good baby!" Nanny cheered as she unlocked her phone, never lifting her eyes. As much as she hated it, she knew her caretaker wouldn't stop until Katie had done this at least two or three times. Katie lowered her face to try and sneak a peak at Nanny's phone, held in the hand that now rested on Katie's smoothly shaven legs. Without taking her eyes off the phone Nanny told Katie "eyes ahead" with a tone of warning, all the while never stopping her rhythmic patting. "Well baby girl, it seems your Daddy will be home early today." Katie's heart practically lept for joy with the knowledge she would be freed of her tormentor earlier than expected. "How long?" Katie could feel angry eyes looking up at her, so she quickly added, "Nanny". This seemed to placate her. "He'll be here in an hour or so, maybe a little longer." This was excellent news. If Daddy was going to be here in an hour, that meant she wouldn't have to put up with Nanny giving her another change. She was beginning to feel the first inklings of pressure from her bottles, so she knew would be close, but Katie could manage. Buoyed by this pleasant news, Katie gave another little burp, much to Nanny's delight. Now we know what's at stake here. Katie does not like being changed by her Nanny. She can prevent this by waiting until Nanny leaves to need a diaper change. Note that it's inevitable that she will use her diaper, the two bottles Nanny gave her at the beginning of the scene have determined that, but she does have a chance at winning some control. This is what the audience loves. It's such a low bar to meet that requires such little control, yet we've magnified the stakes because it takes place in the larger context of the power struggle between Katie and Nanny. All the little battles Katie has been losing throughout the scene won't matter because if she can just get this one victory, she will have won the game. She demonstrates this by happily burping, indicating that there's only one fight she wants to take on. Now, let's add the tension. "Well Katie, I think that's enough of that for today. Those bottles should be nice and comfy in your tummy." Nanny gave her a little poke in her stomach to press her point. This annoyed Katie, but she was ready to get off Nanny's lap and back to her play pen to wait for Daddy. Katie shifted her weight forward to bring her toes to the floor. From there she would plop down and await the instruction to "crawl". Before polka dotted socks could touch the carpet however, Nanny pushed her back into her seated position. "Just where are you in a hurry to get to, little one?" Nanny demanded, looking a bit surprised. "I...I wanted to go back to playing with my toys," Katie lied. "Ummhmmm," Nanny hummed with a skeptical look. "Slide over just a little bit sweetie," Nanny commanded. Reluctantly Katie slid on her lap, guided of course by Nanny's hands, until she faced away from Nanny and towards the room, her diapered butt squarely on the tops of Nanny's knees. This shift had caused her legs to spread wide on either direction of Nanny's. The position caused a slight uptick in pressure in Katie's bladder. "Nanny, what ar-" "Shhhhhh," Nanny quieted Katie's worried question. She lifted her pacifier back up towards her mouth, the rubber barely clipping her naked breast before it found its way between her lips. Nervous, Katie gave a cautionary and accepting suck. "Thaaat's a good girl," Nanny said as she stroked her hair. "I wanted to surprise little Katie with a ride today! Yes I did!" With that, Nanny began a gentle bounce with her knees, causing Katie to breathe in with surprise. "See?" Nanny asked. "You're riding a horsey! Isn't that fun?" Katie looked alarmed. The gentle knee bounces couldn't get much more violent before the escalating pressure they put on her bladder could cause a problem. "Nanwy, I don't wike this game." Katie pleaded from behind her pacifier and over the loud crinkles of her diaper. Both the reader and Katie know about the urge to pee she is fighting. We also know that Katie is supposed to be in control of her situation. She picked her battle knowing she only had to beat the clock, but now Nanny has thrown off the routine! But it's too late to change the objective. Katie just has to work harder for it now, meaning we've raised the stakes. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward...but also the bigger the potential fall. Katie tries to get a handle on things by pleading with Nanny to let her off to play with her toys, not good in a battle of wills. Will it work? "Now now little one, this is a fun game. See?" With that, Nanny put her arms around Katie and intensified her bounces. Of course not! Nanny shows her power as the conflict escalates. Katie lowered her hands, pressing them into the front of her diaper in a bid to fight the building pressure. If she could only close her legs! Nanny reached out and grabbed her wrists, pushing them up above her shoulders. "Hands up on the horsey, baby girl! It's like you're in the rodeo! Weeee!" With a grimace and a look of disdain Katie bit down on her pacifier, meekly holding her hands up in the air as she bounced up and down, up and down...Her arms now bouncing as much as her exposed breasts, her childish bib flailing as if in the wind. The pressure was rapidly building, but Katie knew Nanny couldn't keep this up forever. She just had to hang on... Suddenly she felt fingers at her exposed sides. Just below her ribs they danced quickly across her skin. By reflex, Katie shot her arms down to defend her sides. She arched her back in an attempt to get away, her diapered butt knowing better than to try and escape from Nanny's knee. An unwilling smile formed and she bit down to try and keep her pacifier in place, another object that was forbidden to leave by anything by Nanny's hand. A pained giggle emanated from behind the plastic guard. Nanny stopped momentarily to lift up her hands and to remind her, sternly, that she was at the rodeo, doubling her bouncing efforts at the same time. Immediately, her fingers continued their torment. Katie was on the edge of bursting into tears, as much from the tickling and squirming she was helplessly doing as from the exponentially rising pressure in her bladder. Just hang on! Katie was yelling to herself on the inside. She was giggling uncontrollably, and each laughter weakened the dam she was trying desperately to hold up. She could feel Nanny's legs slowing however, weakening from the weight of bouncing an grown adult woman. Her fingers seemed to be tiring as well, as Katie forced herself to try and relax and stop being tickled. We're at the climax now, and in her darkest hour Katie can see rays of hope. She's at the breaking point. Nanny has thrown surprises at her but she has so far persevered. Can she hang on and win her battle? "Pleaseeee Nannnyyyyyy," Katie pleaded through gritted teeth. Finally, her tormentor removed her fingers. A few surrendering bounces stopped as her tired legs came to a halt. Nanny laughed as she looked curiously at the woman on her lap. Katie was breathing heavily and still desperately hanging on. A drop or two had been absorbed by her diaper, but only she would know. "Well, didn't you have fun at the rodeo, little one?" Nanny asked casually, quickly slipping two fingers under her diaper to check for wetness. They were a little slow to withdraw, almost as if disappointed. Katie smirked behind her pacifier, though from her position she was confident Nanny couldn't see. Ah haaa. Now we see that Nanny knew what game they were playing the whole time. Was this always her plan? Is that why she gave so many bottles, to force out a wetting? We don't know if Nanny has planned this from the beginning or adopted it when she got the text, but now we understand Katie has won a game with even higher stakes than she realized. This is a big victory for a woman (dare we call her by her real age? Has she earned that?) who doesn't get many at all. Taking one more deep breath to recover, her confidence was growing. With an air of victory Katie responded, "Yeth Nanny, I di-" Suddenly she felt two arms on her tummy, squeezing in tight. She had been looking towards the ceiling to conceal her little smirk and didn't realize Nanny had reached around her waist to give an apparent hug. With a gasp Katie exhaled, her pacifier falling towards her dangling legs. The force of Nanny's squeeze caused her top half to lose her balance, her back pressing into Nanny's waiting chest. The back of her head came to rest beside Nanny's own, gently on her shoulder. If someone had taken a picture, they would have seen a smiling caretaker holding relaxed adult baby girl, her legs spread wide and high in an attempt to regain balance, and a diaper puffing out on the superior woman's lap. Before she had even realized what was going on, Katie heard the sound she had dreaded every day she spent with this woman. The dark spot already forming on the white and puffy elevated diaper. Though their faces were right next to each other, they watched with different expressions. Katie's dismay at her failure bore out on her face as she bit her lip in an attempt to ward off tears. A confident smile appeared on Nanny's face, a quick flash a sadism telling the world she had achieved the result she wanted. Katie tried to sit up, but Nanny pulled her in tight. "Good girl Katie, just let it all out." Defeated, Katie simply relaxed against Nanny's body and froze into place. A muffled sniffle managed to be heard above the wetting, but the tears would soon form. "It's alright sweetie, we'll go straight to the changing table and get you a fresh clean diaper. I might make it a nighttime one, we've been saying these daytime diapers just don't do the trick for too long now. Yes, this one's gonna be sooo full when you finish." With that Katie could no longer contain herself. She let out a wail that filled the room. Nanny simply cooed and patted her head until Katie had finished. After the diaper could take no more, Nanny gently let the baby back on the floor. Soggy and wet, Katie waited instruction as she tried to quiet herself on all fours. Picking up Katie's pacifier from the floor, Nanny cleaned it on her dangling bib before plopping it back into her mouth. Katie looked up at her with defeated and watery eyes. Nanny gave her a gentle smile before looking forward and beginning to walk towards the door. She allowed herself a few feet a which Katie, surprised again, only looked at the back of her caretaker. "Crawl," she said to the front of the room. Soggy diaper in tow, Katie did. Ah yes, it's always fun to keep the reader on their toes. Even when Katie thinks she's won, Nanny snatches back a victory. It was a humiliating defeat for Katie and she can't even contain that she lost. She cried when she wet her diaper because she knew both of them knew she was trying to hold it in. Ironically, if Katie had just submitted and wet like a good little girl without a fuss, the victory for Nanny would have been like the others, uncontested and un-noteworthy. If the story had continued, it's this game where it's best if you don't play that slowly breaks down a submissive character. We can see in the future where Katie has lost so many battles like this she doesn't even try, she becomes the compliant baby that Nanny wants. But for right now, she is still fighting and losing, and that's the potent spice to the story. Katie chose to fight and because of that she lost more than just the right to avoid one of Nanny's diaper changes. That is how you can use power dynamics and tension to build up your story.
  8. Ch. 3 A couple of things happened to Lindsay when she woke up. The first was that she immediately wanted to die, to which point she crawled across the bed to get the Gatorade and Excedrin she had placed on the bedside table before going out last night. She was good like that. After she started her battle with her hangover however, instead of collapsing back into her warm sheets like she had planned, she wondered what the hell she had spilled in them. Putting the doll she had never removed from her side last night on the pillow next to her, she then lifted her sheets while praying it hadn’t been wine. Seeing no dark red stains, she started to wonder what the hell that was until the smell hit her. I peed the bed. It took her a few seconds to process. She hadn’t done that in…ever! She couldn’t remember the last time that had happened, and that included a lot of verryyyyy drunken nights in college. What the hell happened last night? She hadn’t gotten that drunk had she? She worked to remember. They had all had a great time, aside from that stupid bouncer, but outside of that…then she remembered. She could not believe she had actually taken that doll out with her, much less took it out at a bar. Thank GOD no one saw. That’s right, she had put it back in just as…Allan. The memory of their almost kiss came back in a flood of conflicting emotions. Had she really almost kissed him? She unconsciously grabbed her dolly and held it tight. She was embarrassed, mixed with excited, mixed with confused, mixed with…oh God what does HE think about it? Her eyes darted to her carefully flung on the floor iPhone. She threw off her gross sheets and moved towards it. She winced as the sudden movement rocked her head. But this was too important to not immediately know. Picking up the phone, she blew away the low battery message and checked her notifications. She had a missed call at 3:37 from Erin, 5 snapchats, and…no messages or calls from Allan. Ok, so that meant….what exactly? Maybe snapchat could help her out. The first was from a college friend living across the country, she could watch that later. One snap from Allan, one from Erin, and two from Trevor. She opened Allan’s first. “I’m gonna fucking. Make. This. Shot. He spoke into the camera, obviously hammered. He held up a dart. As he pulled back to shoot, the video stopped. Guess we’ll never know how that one turned out, she thought, annoyed. At least it wasn’t a dick pic (not that Allan was that type of guy). Or maybe a dick pic would be a good sign. No. No dick pics are a good thing, she told herself. The next was from Erin. She and Bradley were sitting outside of a pizza place eating a huge slice each. “PIZZZAAAAAAA!!” She yelled into the camera. “We tried to call you to get you one but you didn’t answerrrr!!!! So that’s your loss. That’s. Your. Lo-“ The video cut out as she was being sassy. She would have normally died laughing if she wasn’t on the hunt for such important information. Now she opened Trevor’s. He and the boys were walking in what looked like Allan’s neighborhood dying laughing. The caption was UBER DRIVER KICKED US OUT HAHAHAHA. “We’re too fucking drunk!” he yelled just as it ended. The next video was clearly in Allan’s apartment. Everyone was either passed out, or about to be as they listened to some clearly 70s jams. They had broken into her records, Lindsay noted with a swelling of pride. The caption was “Goodnight tunes”. Just before the video ended she saw Allan passed out on his couch. Well, she thought to herself, there’s probably a 90% chance he doesn’t remember last night. But was it just a drunken bout of lust? Did he actually have feelings for her? She and him had never really hung out much just one on one. Always with friends. Nor had they really ever sent vibes like that before. What did last night mean? She decided she had to text him. After a solid 5 minutes of debate she decided on “So I vote we have your birthday more than once a year”. It showed she had a good time…that they all had a good time, yet it could possibly hint at more…would he pick up on her signal? She summoned the courage to hit send, the little whoop noise finalizing her decision. Delivered appeared below the blue a moment later. Now to wait. She looked at the time as she plugged in her phone. Why was she up so early? It was 8:30 on a Saturday morning, but there was no going back to sleep now. Not while her sheets needed washing. Allan probably wouldn’t wake up for a couple of hours. With a sigh she began the process of cleaning up after herself, still in disbelief she ever wet the bed in the first place. All the while and without thinking, she clutched her baby doll. Once she had loaded the washing machine, Lindsay decided breakfast was the next item on her agenda. Her headache was subsiding, but she was too hungover to cook anything. She got out a bowl of cereal and poured in some Cheerios. As she went to pour the milk, she just got the urge to eat the cereal dry, opting instead to pour a glass of milk. Taking her breakfast into the den, she turned on the TV. It was Bravo, her favorite. Yet as she put her fingers into the bowl and munched on her cereal, she just couldn’t get into the show. Picking up the remote she found herself skipping over all her usual channels. I wonder what kids watch these days, Lindsay thought to herself. She found a channel with children’s cartoons and began watching. She used to love Saturday morning cartoons! As she fed herself with her hands, she seemed to pay no attention to just how much saliva was getting on her fingers. To an outside observer her childish behavior and borderline drooling would be shockingly out of place, but Lindsay was too enthralled with the playful talking lion on TV to even notice. When she nearly broke her glass with her slippery fingers, she simply used two hands to carefully drink her milk. She thought about Trevor’s joke to the waitress last night. Maybe she was too little for a glass! She smiled thinking about it, but eating cereal required drooly fingers, of course. She would just have to use two hands to drink the milk. “Isn’t that right, Kristine?” she said aloud to her doll, seated right next to her. The name had just felt right. That would be its name from now on. Baby Kristine. As she looked at Kristine sitting next to her, she realized that was the only wardrobe she had. It was a lovely diaper and shirt, of course, but she didn’t even have a hat, or a coat for the cold, or a pretty dress! Lindsay put down her breakfast and grabbed her doll. Getting her laptop, she again snuggled into her chair, placing Kristine in her lap so they could both see the screen. “Ok Kristine, this is called online shopping! Us big girls get to do it whenever we want. Or at least after payday.” Kristine quickly found a doll clothes website. “Oh you will look so cute in that outfit Kristine!” She happily clicked and shopped and clicked some more. Then it hit her. “Kristine…we need to wear matching outfits! Then we can really be best friends.” At this Kristine completely redid her search. She found the cutiest clothes that could work for both herself and her dolly. Sure, most of them were a little on the little girl side. Ok, so maybe they were outright babyish, but that’s part of what made dressing up so much fun! You could pretend. She had just ordered some clothes to be overnighted to her apartment, but it was very apparent that something was missing. Looking at her baby doll, she tried to figure out what it could possibly be. She wanted them to be just alike, and she was adamant about that. “Kristine, I am such a silly head! You are a BABY doll. We can’t possibly dress alike unless we’re both wearing something every baby needs.” She hugged her dolly at this revelation. A quick google brought up diapers of all sizes, but there was no way any of them would fit her. Her next search was for adult diapers. They just didn’t have the realism that Lindsay would need if she wanted to match Kristine, she concluded with much disappointment. These were for old people seeking to hide. Lindsay would be wearing these at home when she was playing dress up with her dolly, hardly a time where she would need to conceal anything. She was about to get up when a thought just popped into her head. “I wonder…” she said aloud. Typing the words felt a little funny, but adult BABY diapers yielded exactly what she was looking for. She let out a squeal of excitement when she saw them, as they looked just perfect. Big disposable and cloth diapers designed for adults just like her, some even with baby style print on them! She couldn’t believe they existed! An overnight delivery charge was easily worth being able to explore this new fascination. “Kristine this is so exciting! We will get to play together like never before.” She gave the doll another tight squeeze as she closed her laptop. She reached for her phone only to realize it was still in her bedroom charging. Walking in to get it, she was shocked to find it was almost noon. “Holy shit, I can’t believe I was shopping for two and a half hours.” Strangely she felt embarrassed at saying the words. She looked into the blue eyes of her doll and it felt like she had done something she shouldn’t have in front of a child. “Sorry Kristine, I didn’t mean to use such a bad potty word.” She felt better about herself having apologized before sitting on her mattress. Putting aside her doll for a moment (though not out of arm’s reach) she checked her texts. Allan had responded. What would he say? “Haha yeah, it was a great time. At least, it was through the first bit at the bar. I blacked out hard for at least half the night. Thanks again for the records. When I woke up just now they were playing them and they sound great as ever.” Great. He didn’t even remember the little moment they had last night. Why was she hoping he had anyway? It’s not like she had thought about him like that before. And yet…there was definitely a little disappointment there. Maybe they would have another moment, she thought, blushing ever so slightly. She was in no hurry to text back. Instead, she stood up and walked into her bathroom. She hadn’t really dressed for the day and she definitely needed a shower. Ugh, especially after pissing her bed. She really couldn’t believe she had gotten that drunk. She started up the water and waited on it to get hot. The warm water felt good on her skin as she got nice and clean. She took her time, and the water as decidedly less hot as she turned it off and reached for a towel. As she rubbed it around her legs she held it for a moment and pretended it was a diaper. Tomorrow she would get to wear the real thing! That thought stopped her dead in her tracks. “What am I doing?” she suddenly realized. It was like all of a sudden it dawned on her how absurd her morning had been. “Did I seriously order baby doll clothes and diapers? What the fuck, Lindsay! Were you still drunk or something?” Her mirror didn’t respond. “Ugh maybe I can still cancel and get my money back.” Throwing on some workout clothes, she got the now clean sheets out of the dryer and headed for the bedroom. With a look of disgust she tossed her doll to the corner of the room and started putting the sheets back on. She was tucking the corners in when a pang of regret flared up right in her chest. She looked over at the doll, face down, one of its pigtails knocked undone. Seeing that made her feel a deep sense of regret, and she immediately stopped to rush over to the corner. “I’m so sorry Kristine!” Lindsay’s face was a pout she hoped her friend would accept as a demonstration of how sorry she felt. “I weally am! I was a naughty girl.” Her mock baby-talk made her feel like an equal, just to show how truly remorseful she felt for her playmate. “Come on, let me show you how to make up a big girl bed!” After setting her room finally back to order, Lindsay collapsed on her back into her comforter. Giving Kristine a comfortable resting spot in the crook of her arm (making sure she was face up so that she could read her texts along with Lindsay), Lindsay stared at the message from Allan. “Ok Kristine, what should I text back?” She giggled to herself as she thought about Allan’s cute bout of confidence from the night before. Like two best friends who had played with each other for years, Lindsay plotted her words with Kristine.
  9. Ch. 2 “Wow you guys, all these gifts were just completely awesome.” Allan’s birthday had been a blast so far. Lindsay and their friends had filled up his apartment, conveniently big enough to fit the dozen or so party goers celebrating his 27th. The plan was to pregame at his house before heading out to their favorite local bar. On display in front of them were the gifts he had just opened, and Lindsay noted with a hint of pride he had taken just a little bit longer admiring her albums than everyone else’s. She knew taking time with it had been worth it. “Yeah, who knew a hipster like yourself wanted anything other than an obscure craft beer to drink?” Everyone laughed, including Allan, at their friend Trevor’s remark. He had of course given a home brewing kit. Allan gave an exaggerated swig of his IPA from some brewery up state. As they all moved to get fresh drinks, head to the bathroom, or start up a side conversation, Allan wandered over to Lindsey. “Now where in the hell did you find those albums? I’ve been looking on eBay for like a year for one of them.” Lindsay just smiled and told him about the local antique shop near her house. “Funny,” Allan said, “I never noticed that place before. I’ll have to check it out sometime.” “Yeah,” Lindsay responded, “I actually picked up a…something for myself there as well.” Allan looked like he was about to ask what she had picked up, but Lindsay quickly excused herself to use the bathroom. Closing the door she looked in the mirror. It was way too cold for a dress, but she was looking good tonight if she did say so herself. Maybe that was the buzz talking, maybe it wasn’t. It didn’t go unnoticed by her she was one of the few single people in their friend group. A population of which Allan was also a member, she noted for no particular reason at all. She sat down and put her purse on the edge of the tub. She had brought a large one out with her tonight. It didn’t really fit with going out to a bar, but as she unzipped the top, her hands found why she had made that decision. She felt even better than she already did as she pulled the comforting doll against her body. She absent-mindedly felt its hair as she finished up, regretfully putting it back into the depths of her purse before heading back to the party. She had thought about it sitting at home all day when she had been at work. When she had gotten ready for the party, she couldn’t bear to leave it on her bed alone for another couple of hours. Back in the den, Trevor announced it was time for one more shot before they took Allan to the bar to “get fucking wasted and laid”. Allan smiled like a good sport, but she noticed his eyes darted towards her own for a second after that was announced. Her eyes looked to the ground then got a little bigger, wondering for just a second before a shot glass of vodka was put in her face to distract her. “Happy birthday!” everyone cheered before taking the shot and heading for the door. They were all eager to get inside the warm bar as they shuffled in the door. “Who’s the new guy?” Their friend Mary asked, noting the regular bouncer was nowhere to be seen. “He heard we were coming and decided he didn’t want to deal with it,” Bradley sarcastically replied. He waved them through one by one, offering happy birthday to Allan as he passed in just before Lindsay. She started in to the bar behind him when a hand stopped her. “I’m gonna need to see some ID,” the new bouncer asked, and not in a joking manner. Behind her, her friends laughed. Allan had glanced back and had now stopped to see why she wasn’t behind him anymore. “Are you serious?” Lindsay asked. She hadn’t shown an ID at this place in a long time. Sure she was younger than the rest of the group, but at 24 she was hardly a teenager. “Good on you man, she’s just trying to sneak in with us!” Trevor was bringing up the rear and apparently the jokes as well. “Look it’s my first day and I don’t want to have any incidents. Just show me some ID and you can get out of the cold.” Lindsay was annoyed, but as she swung her purse up front a wave of fear came into her. She had brought that stupid doll with her, and if she opened up her purse her friends would definitely see it as she dug to find her wallet. What would they say if they saw her carrying around a child’s toy? To make matters worse, Allan had walked back to see what the holdup was, and given the step up required to get in the bar, he would have a straight shot to see everything. “What’s going on?” he asked. “The baby of the group needs to show her ID,” Erin offered up. “Oh yeah, I forgot you were younger,” Allan responded with a laugh. “You guys just go on ahead, I’ll have to find my ID in this thing.” Lindsay said trying desperately to delay. The bouncer now looked suspicious. “No it’s no problem Lindsay, go on ahead.” Her friends behind her were not helping. Seeing no other option, she tried to hide her purse behind her coat as best she could as she began to unzip… “Frank what the fuck, there’s no reason to keep these people waiting outside. It’s fucking freezing.” Like a knight in shining armor, the regular bouncer came strolling up behind Allan. He waved them all inside. “Sorry it’s his first day, he doesn’t know the familiar faces yet. How ya doin’ kid?” Quickly Lindsay hurried into the bar along with the rest of the group as the head bouncer began to explain to the new guy in his own way that it would be in his best interest to keep the regulars happy. As they moved into their familiar corner of the bar, Trevor explained what had just happened to the rest. Much to Lindsay’s chagrin, they all seemed to think it was hilarious Lindsay could be mistaken for someone underage. Fortunately the waitress came to their rescue to take drink orders to change the subject. “I’ll have the IPA,” Lindsay let her know. “Could you make sure that comes in a bottle?” Trevor made sure to announce. Once again everyone laughed. “Little Lindsay can’t quite handle a glass.” She shot him a look. She did not like that these jokes about her age seemed to be becoming a meme. “Ok,” Allan stated trying to bring it to an end, though he himself was still grinning. He changed the subject and the group moved on as drinks arrived and people started to move around. The night was going very well, Lindsay was sure to never let her eye wander too far from her purse though. She was a little paranoid, and after tonight couldn’t afford for everyone to know she was carrying around a doll. They would never let her live it down. Eventually it began to get pretty late, and everyone was pretty drunk, especially the birthday boy. The guys had been encouraging him all night to hit on some of the random women that had come into the bar, but it seemed there was always another game of darts to play or another shot to take when it came time for that to happen. Lindsay had just gotten a drink and decided to go back over to their safe corner for a moment, just to quickly look at the little secret hiding in her purse before making her way back to the group. She sat down and unzipped her bag. The doll she had purchased just looked so cute. She had no idea why she was so drawn to this thing, but she couldn’t help it! She looked around to confirm everyone was distracted. She knew it was stupid to take it out of the bag, but she wanted hold it so bad. By her own drunk logic, she would be fine. Using her body to conceal it as much as possible she let herself hold it for a moment. Then another. It felt so good and comforting in her arms. She had gotten her fix now and knew she should put it back, after all, she couldn’t risk anymore age jokes. Yet thinking back on it now, they had been kind of funny. Plus, she was littler than the rest of them, age wise anyway. A curious thing happened then. She went to take a swig of her beer, yet instead of reaching for the beer, her hand moved towards her face. Instead of sucking down alcohol, she gave herself a few sucks of her thumb. It just seemed the right thing to do. Just as soon as she began however, she remembered she was a 24 year old woman in a bar. Stupid drunk behavior! She removed her thumb from her mouth and put the doll back in her bag. It was time for her to get back to the party… Just then Allan slid into the booth next to her. With a start she quickly zipped her purse shut. “You scared me!” She told him. Allan looked drunk. He was giving her a look she hadn’t seen before, and thankfully it wasn’t one of confusion. So he hadn’t seen her acting like a child ten seconds before, thank God. “Thanks for coming out tonight.” “Of course, Allan.” He was definitely hammered. But it appeared that had given him a serious boost of confidence. Sure she was in winter clothes, but was it this hot in here earlier? “I really liked my present,” he continued. “You’re definitely gonna have to tell me where you got them, I’d been looking for that one for like a year.” He wobbled a bit in his seat as he said it. Wow, Lindsay thought, he was definitely more drunk than cute at the moment…though that grin was threatening to tilt the scales back in his favor. “I’m glad, I wanted you to like it,” she said with a strange little smile. Ok, maybe she was the drunk one. Allan’s eyes flashed a little. “You did?” He said, moving ever so slightly closer to her. “Yeah…” Lindsay said, feeling like she needed to take her jacket off despite the fact it was lying next to her purse. Allan started to lean a little towards her as her heart beat quickened. “SHOTS!” Trevor, Adam, and Bradley came up and violently jerked Allan out of the booth, pounding on the table as they chanted. Lindsay quickly put on a smile as she watched them carry Allan toward the bar. He looked back at her with a long look, but the moment had passed. Erin came up and sat down next to her. “Haha, Allan is so drunk!” she laughed. “Yeah,” Lindsay agreed. “Hey I think it’s about time I headed out. I’m gonna go ahead and get an Uber.” When she arrived back at her apartment, alone, she threw her purse on the table and got out the special item waiting for her inside. She stood there for a few drunken moments, tightly holding the doll she just couldn’t seem to let go of. Kicking off her shoes and taking off her clothes, she crawled into bed clutching the same doll that had accompanied her every night since she had bought it. In the brief seconds before she passed out, her hand shifted on the pillow. It made its way to barely touch her lips for a moment, then she submerged it fully into her mouth. As she drifted off to sleep she slowly sucked on her finger while clutching her dolly. She hardly looked like the grown adult partying with friends she had been just an hour before, instead looking more and more like the little underage girl the bouncer thought he couldn’t let pass into his bar. And just as many little girls do, Lindsay, relaxed and content, never woke up as she had an accident in her bed.
  10. Ch. 1 Lindsay was frustrated. She had scoured the internet searching for a birthday present for her friend Allan, yet nothing she found was the right gift. He simply wasn’t interested in the latest technologies and trends. They were opposites in that regard, but despite Allan’s old (some might say hipster-esque) sensibilities the two of them always ended up at the same bar with their group of friends on the weekend. With time running out and technology failing her, Lindsay finally decided to check out someplace befitting Allan’s style: an antique store. The business itself seemed to be antique. It was just a half block down the street from her apartment, but barely had a sign advertising its purpose. Lindsay had only just noticed it when she first moved in, its nondescript appearance never catching her attention as she walked past it every day. She had googled it trying to find out when they were open, but couldn’t find so much as a yelp review. So it was with plenty of other, better advertised stores saved on her phone when she set out from her building. Still, with the cold weather deterring any unnecessary travel, she decided to see if the place close by was actually still in business. Much to her delight, the black door and faded windows of the store greeted her with an “open” sign, placed quietly in a low corner. With cold wind rushing in behind her, a small bell clanged as she stepped off the street. The store was actually a bit bigger than she would have guessed. Rows of shelving held all manner of old knick knacks, china plates, and books. The dim lighting was enough to reveal there were no other customers in house, and from the initial look of things, no employees either. “Hello?” she called out uncertainly. Suddenly a small old man appeared from behind a shelf. He wore a faded green sweater, his frail and thin looking body looking like it needed every bit of help to keep him warm. He held a steaming cup of tea, the tag from the bag still hanging from the mug. He began stirring his brew as he looked towards the front, a little clanking of the spoon announcing his presence. “Come in out of the cold!” he cheerfully called to Lindsay. His small blue eyes met her own with a friendly and warm shine. White stubble lined his face, which had formed a pleasant smile. “Hi there,” Lindsay announced as she began to take off her wool gloves. “I’m glad you are open today.” “We’re open most every day! At least to those who bother to look,” he said with a chuckle. “Just browsing, or can I help you find anything today?” Lindsay took a second before explaining her situation. The old man seemed to get a kick out of her description of Allan as an “old soul”. “Tell you what, I’ve got a box of old Vinyl albums in the back room. There might be something in there he would like.” Lindsay almost laughed as she remembered Allan proudly showing off his new purchase of a record player to their group in his apartment. As the old man walked to the back room, Lindsay started to browse. She didn’t see how anyone could be interested in these old things. There was some fine china, she acknowledged, but most of it wasn’t for her at all. She liked new and useful, not old and nostalgic. Walking through the rows she sent a snap of an antique porcelain cat with the caption “Crazy cat lady starter pack” before moving towards the register counter to wait on the old owner. She leaned against the counter and started browsing on her phone when out of the corner of her eye she noticed a row of dolls on the shelf behind the counter. She like every little girl had played with dolls growing up, but those had all eventually found their way into the attic. Now that she had something in front of her to compare them to, she couldn’t even recall what hers had looked like. She put down her phone and purse and looked at the shelf. They were strangely intriguing, despite their being not much special about them. To be honest, they looked a little out of place considering they were in good condition, even looking kind of new. She looked toward the back, wondering where the old man had gone. It seemed those records were hidden pretty far in the back. Lindsay walked around the counter to get a closer look at these dolls. They were all girl dolls, with their features resembling children and babies. One had black hair and a Victorian style dress, its brown eyes staring out in front. The next one wore a diaper and a pink shirt, its blonde hair put into pig tails. The blue eyes were half closed behind realistic eyelashes. Lindsay thought that she would certainly have chosen this one, given that it would have looked the most like herself as a child. She felt a strong desire suddenly to touch it, to feel its realistic rubber skin. She drew a painted nail towards it, inching closer to feel its cheek. SLAM! Lindsay spun around with a shock. The old man had dumped a box of records onto the counter behind her. She hadn’t even heard him come up from the back. “Oh I’m sorry to frighten you!” The old man say with remorse. “No it’s no problem!” Lindsay said with a laugh. “I was just looking at the…” she started to point behind her but then gave a little shake to her head. “So these are the records?” The old man had a curious little smile on his face as he looked at her. “Ah, admiring my dolls are you?” With a slight blush Lindsay nodded in the affirmative. The old man walked around the counter to join her. “Yes, my customers always seem to find something…special when they come in here. There’s always something or another that intrigues them.” “No I don’t even know why I was looking at them, I don’t have any nieces…certainly no kids. So are there any 70s rock albums in here, by chance?” The little old man didn’t look toward the record box, however. He kept his eyes fixed on Lindsay, seeming to study her a bit more. Her long, dirty blond hair pushed out from under her hat, and even under her jacket and clothes her attractive frame was obvious. She was taller than him, not hard to do, but still she was taller than the average girl. She gave a nervous chuckle then broke his eye contact, looking at the floor. The old man shifted towards the shelf. “I’ll bet,” he said as he reached toward the shelf, “that you were most interested in this one.” Looking back up Lindsay was surprised to see he had picked up the little blonde baby doll. He held it out in front of her, open so that she could see it again. She stared at it, seemingly captivated by its eyes. With a low voice just above a whisper she said, “Yes.” The old man smiled before he offered it to her. “Go on, you can hold it.” Lindsay had no idea why she was so interested in the doll, but she wasn’t thinking about that. She just wanted to feel its skin. To touch the soft quality made diaper. She slowly gripped the doll, taking it for her own. It felt strangely familiar, triggering deep memories almost, but no one in particular came to mind. Simply put, it was just a comfort. She held it close to her chest, not like one would hold a baby, but like a girl would hold her favorite doll. “Oh yes,” the owner stated softly. “I think that doll suits you well.” Lindsay barely heard him as she allowed a few moments to pass. Then she relaxed her grip before looking back up at him. “The…the um…” Lindsay struggled to remember why she was here. “Records?” the man asked gently. “Yes,” Lindsay said coming to her senses. “Do you have any ro-“ “I think I’ve got a couple of the bands your friend is sure to like.” With that, he pulled a few dusty originals out of the box. As it turned out, the old man had a few of Allan’s favorites, and the prices on them were surprisingly very cheap! Lindsay officially had no idea how this shop was still in business, but she knew she was getting Allan a great deal. After purchasing them Lindsay put on her gloves and began marching to the door with the records in hand. She was halfway there before she stopped and remembered the doll pressed against her body by the crook of her arm. She turned around, taking the doll and offering it back towards the counter. “I’m so sorry, how mu-“ The old man simply put up his hands to her. “That one is yours. It’s been sitting on that shelf looking for an owner for far too long as it is. I hope it brings you plenty of joy.” Lindsay was a bit embarrassed, but she also couldn’t deny her fascination with the doll. With a bit of a blush and an awkward smile she turned around, the little bell clanging as she exited the shop.
  11. Ch. 13 Molly was in the nursery, currently stocking the changing table’s shelves with everything she would need. Large diapers filled the top drawer. Powders and lotions filled another. Onesies, t-shirts, and plastic pants completed the set, all new and ready to be worn by her oversized baby boy. The door open behind her and Molly heard a shuffling on the floor underneath. “Someone’s ready to see his mommy,” Allison joyfully announced as John quickly crawled across the floor. Putting down the shirt he had just folded, a smile appeared on Molly’s face as she turned just in time to feel John’s arms wrapping around her knees. “Awwww is my baby boy all finished up with Nanny Allison?” Molly asked, holding his head against herself. John felt warm inside as he hugged Molly’s lets tight, reinforcing his status as baby. “Well, I’m sure he had a good session,” Molly said as she smiled down at him. “While you’ve been working on things in there, I’ve been finishing setting things up in here. I’m happy to say this nursery is now 100% fully stocked and complete.” “Woo hoo girlfriend!” Allison cheered, giving Molly a high-five. “Why don’t we all go into the den and have a little drink to celebrate?” Molly smiled in agreement. “I am ready for one!” Looking back down at her boyfriend, she instructed John to “let go of mommy so you can crawl”. As they started toward the door, Molly stopped herself with a shout. “Oh I almost forgot!” Turning around, she quickly skipped to the changing table, opening one of the drawers. Drawing out a couple pieces of cloth she walked back to John, stooping down in front of him and giving him a little kiss on the cheek. “Sit down and hold up your hands sweetie,” she patiently instructed. John in turn plopped onto his fresh diaper, crinkling as he held up both hands towards Molly. “Make a fist for me baby. Like this,” she balled up her free hand as she said. John mimicked her with both his hands. “Good boy,” she said, using her hands to slide the cloth over one fist, then the other. After doing this, she went back and pulled the drawstrings dangling over John’s wrists nice and tight before tying them in a knot. The tight cloth then revealed itself to be a pair of strong fingerless mittens, each one refusing to budge against John’s attempts to move his fingers inside them. Molly gave a pleased laugh as she clapped her hands. With another kiss she told John that his new mittens would make him extra dependent on mommy. “Now let’s follow Mommy and Nanny to the den baby boy!” As they arrived in the next room, Molly waited by the play pen, leaving no uncertainty as to where John was supposed to crawl. Allison however continued on to the kitchen, offering her services as a bartender for the two of them. “I’ll take a beer,” Molly called out. This made Allison stop, turn around, and put her hands on her hip as she sported a comical frown on her face. “Booo,” she said continuing, “It’s my last night in town let’s have a real drink to start the night off. I mean it is almost five o’clock after all.” Molly smiled as she playfully swatted John’s diaper as he moved into the play pen. “Ok you’re right, I’ve got some rum in the freezer. Make me a drink with that.” In a very good impression of a teenage party girl, Allison cheered as she shuffled into the kitchen to make their drinks. John turned around in the pen and looked back at Molly, a happy baby boy to be with her, despite having his hands locked and ready to be penned up. Molly leaned over and gave him another kiss on his cheek, her beautiful eyes locking with his own causing a surge of happiness and love between them. Molly almost regretfully backed up and moved the bars into place, the wooden lines obstructing their view of each other. She pressed against the bars and began speaking softly to him. “I know Nanny Allison being here has made it easier on you…both of us, actually…but after a few weeks of just the two of us getting settled into our new life together and straightening you out, I promise I’m going to be a very…loving…mommy.” She blew him a kiss through the bars and John felt his cock press into the cage once again. John let out a joyful squeal from behind his pacifier, delighted by his mommy. Her heart leapt too seeing him happily accepting his new role. She crouched down to his level and continued talking. “You’ll see lover boy, I’m going to be the best mommy a girlfriend ever was to her little baby boyfriend. This is going to be just as much fun for you as it is for me!” John crawled over and pressed against the bars just in front of her as she baby talked him for a few minutes. Allison interrupted the scene with a smile as she returned baring drinks for the two remaining adults in the room. With a kiss to his forehead through the bars, Molly stood up and joined her friend on the couch, encouraging John to play with his toys. Taking her drink from Allison as she sat down, the two of them just watched John for a few moments. “What a weekend,” Allison finally said to the room. Molly looked at her and held out her glass, giving a well-deserved “cheers” when their glasses made contact. Each of them took a long drink from their cup before Molly started the conversation off. “So, what did you two talk about for so long this afternoon?” Allison took another sip before answering. “Well, I gave him a lot of instructions to emphasize his role as a baby. I think he responded very well to them. I also gave him a lot of trigger words for him to respond to in order to encourage a variety of associations. For example, if you want him to know he’s been a bad boy there’s a phrase or two I’ll demonstrate for you later. Or…and you’ll love this…if you want to have sex with him, there’s a phrase I’ve given him that will make him a lot more…adult.” Molly laughed to herself before gulping down another bit of her cocktail. “Wow, what am I supposed to say if I want to have sex with my boyfriend?” Allison looked over at John, who was contentedly moving around a stuffed bear. “I don’t want a certain little someone to overhear his new phrase just yet, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure you know them all by heart before I leave.” Molly was a little disappointed, but considered that fair enough. “Anyway, what about you? Anything else you wanna know before I head out tomorrow?” Allison watched Molly taken another long drink before she summoned the courage to ask. “Well…there is one thing.” Molly looked slightly embarrassed by her question. “Do you think he’ll ever just…you know, accept it on his own? I mean, I don’t think we’ve done anything wrong but…it’d be nice to, you know, hear him say he really truly likes it.” Allison put down her own drink and looked Molly dead in the eye. “Molly…of course he will!” Allison’s smile caused relief to wash onto Molly’s face as once again her glass covered it up, an attempt perhaps to disguise her pleasure at squashing a far too late moral dilemma. “Seriously though,” Allison continued. “I’m a pretty damn good hypnosis expert, and yeah, I use it to push boys around…but even I can’t make someone commit to something they absolutely, truly don’t want to do. No, your now infantilized boyfriend had to have wanted to become your little baby. I simply couldn’t have done it without him working on it too. After a few months, I’m sure he’ll find a way to let you know just how much he enjoys himself in a way the old John could have agreed with.” “Well thas…sorry…thas…” Molly began laughing at her suddenly slurred speech. “Allison, how skrong did you make my drink?” She managed to get out through the giggles. Allison reached over and took hers from her hand, placing it on the coffee table, laughing along with her friend. “Look at you, girl!” She reached out and put a hand on Molly’s shoulder, gently pushing her giggling friend back against the couch. “Why don’t you take a second to just close your eyes and relax a little bit, you know, slow down a minute.” Molly took her advice and guidance and shut her eyes for a moment, letting the excitement of the day calm down a bit. “Thas a good idea, Allison.” She was so glad she had bought such a comfortable couch, she could really just melt into the softness. It felt great. “Thaaat’s right, just relax Molly. Those eye lids of yours just look so heavy don’t they?” Molly found herself totally agreeing with her friend’s soothing voice, finding that keeping her eyes closed for a bit longer would probably feel very good. “Yeah, jus…jus gimmie a min…” “Shhhhhhh,” Allison cooed at her softly, watching Molly sink deeply into a relaxed state. “There’s no need to talk right now, just focus on relaxing. Just keep relaaaxing. So comfortable. So tired. No worries at all. Eeeeverything’s nice. Everything’s perfect. Just relax.” Molly felt amazingly comfortable now, her mind beginning to drift like she was about to go to sleep or something. She wasn’t really paying any more attention to Allison, just focusing on this amazing feeling of relaxation. Allison would understand. No one understood her like Allison did. She had learned so much from her this weekend. So much from her most trusted friend. She was so relaxed she wasn’t even bothered that she wasn’t paying attention to what she was even saying, just focusing on this pleasant feeling. Allison watched as her friend entered a trance-like state. She wanted to giggle at how quickly her drugs worked, but kept encouraging Molly to relax and enter the place she needed her to be, a place she would arrive at very quickly. A minute or so later, she was ready. “Molly, just keep focusing on relaxing, ok? I’m gonna go have a little conversation with John for just a second, but I’ll be right back to talk with you ok?” Molly nodded with a look of a complete lack of concern on her face, totally focused on her own feelings. Allison slowly rose up and walked towards the play pen. She took and smirked down at the diapered man sitting before her, playing with baby toys contently. He looked up at her and made contact with her eyes. “Big boy time,” was all she said. It was like a mask was pulled back over his face. A sudden light bulb turning on behind his eyes. A look of surprise quickly followed by confusion ran through him and suddenly John spit out his pacifier, dropping the teddy bear in his hands. “What the…what the fuck is going on?” “Shhhhh shhh shhh shhh.” Allison told him through the bars, putting her finger over her mouth as she bend over towards him. “What have you done to me?” he asked, clearly starting to panic. “Molly! What has she done to me?” Allison gave a quick laugh before responding. “Molly isn’t home right now, sweetheart. She and I are about to have a nice little talk, just like the ones you and I have been having all weekend, don’t you remember?” John thought back to how this weekend was gone. Why was it such a blur? He remembered being so turned on…oh God, she had found out about his pacifier habit. Wait, they had put a diaper on him. He remembered vague conversations, hours long…what had they talked about? He remembered wetting…he remembered her touching his crotch and putting on…putting on… His hands darted for his crotch, causing a crinkle to form as fist hit diaper. He didn’t need to touch anything to feel the confinement of his cock however, shifting around and feeling the plastic restriction of the chastity device. He tried to unball his fists, but the mittens held firm. “Get me out of this now you bitch! I want this thing taken off my dick right now! Molly!” Allison stood herself back up and folded her arms, giving him a tsk tsk tsk. “Now John, I don’t want to hear any more of that talk. You don’t want to be a bad little boy do you?” For some reason, as soon as the words left her lips, John got a sick feeling in his stomach. It was a dread, a deep seeded fear that he needed to turn back while he still could. “S-stop that, I-I’m serious.” John’s replies were hinted with fear, but still he pressed on. “Molly! Wake up Molly!” Allison calmly reached for the top of her pants and slowly undid the button. She then grabbed the small zipper just below and pulled. With a quick shimmy of her ass and a push with her hands, the pants tumbled to the floor. John stopped yelling for Molly and stared in amazed bewilderment. She then grabbed the bottom of her shirt, quickly pulling it over her head, tossing it to the floor. John was becoming aroused now, confusion spreading on his face even as he felt a panic inside himself. Still, Allison wasn’t finished. The pesky clasp of her bra was undone in half a moment, her goddess-tier rack perking freely in the air, pointing at John’s cage. After accomplishing this goal, she wasted no time in dropping, then stepping out of, her final bit of clothing. Her nakedness blazed in front of John like a thousand suns. “Why…why are you doing that?” John asked, his arousal growing exponentially the longer he looked, his penis desperately struggling against its confines. Allison just laughed a terrifying laugh, walking towards the bars of the play pen. “John, John, John…you’ve been destroyed. Remade into what Molly and I want you to be. More specifically that means you are now a helpless, dependent, little baby boy existing solely for the pleasure of his Mommy.” John was horrified at her words, but he couldn’t bring himself to look away from her. He couldn’t move his lips to cry out and rebuke her. He couldn’t move at all. He could only stare and feel the arousal grow inside him to overpowering proportions. Allison arrived at the bars of the pen, grabbing hold of them and pressing her body into them, her breasts squeezing through the gaps in between. “You silly silly boy you,” she stated. “You know you should fight me. Tell me to shut up. Call me a bitch. Resist in any way…but can’t, can you?” John let out a pleading groan of frustration. She was right. All of it. He intuitively knew it the second she said the words. He moved his captured hand, but it wasn’t to strike out at her. It wasn’t to try and stand up to the goddess in front of him. It was to press into the front of his diaper, where a diamond erection should have been. Allison laughed again. “Let me tell you what’s going to happen, little boy. You’re going to do exactly as I say because I’ve won. I’ve beaten you. I’ve made you respect the rightful place a woman has in her man’s life. That feeling surging through your body now, stemming from beneath your cute little diapers in that locked up cock of yours, well, it has a name. It’s called submission. You had it before, innately as Molly has shown these past few months, but now it has consumed you. This weekend I’ve amplified your little desires a thousand times over, to the point where standing naked in front of you was all I had to do to remind you just how completely dominated by women you’ve become. You know it’s true.” A single tear ran down John’s cheek, but he couldn’t deny the feeling he felt. His place was to listen now. “You are going to one day accept all of this because of the simple fact that you can’t resist women anymore,” Molly continued. “Your conditioning is so thorough that any relationship you have would require you to obey and serve. The fact that that means being an infantilized version of a man for Molly means that’s exactly what you’ll be. Simply put, if you want to ever be with a woman again…you better get used to being treated like a baby.” She laughed again as she watched the dismay on John’s face. He was so horny, he couldn’t stop touching his diaper with his fist, trying to provoke a sensation. Yet he also hated the words she was saying, the implications unthinkable. In spite of any conflicting emotions he was feeling there was another feeling he could not deny, a longing he hated to admit to himself but couldn’t resist. He wanted her to give him direction. To take the burden of this angst away and let him focus on something else. Maybe then he could be a good boy for her…and good boys get to cum. The realization of these thoughts did not change anything. He had to do what it took to get out of his cage. Allison turned and leaned back, putting her back against the play pen. Her gorgeous ass pressed in-between the bars, juicy strips of flawless skin that were so beautiful, so smooth. “I want you to crawl over here John. I want you to realize how powerless you are now. I want you to kiss this ass of mine and in so doing, I want you to understand that your adult life is over. Do it now.” He could feel it in his balls when she said it. A jolt of desire and arousal spreading from his new command center throughout his body. The signal to put his hands on the floor, to shuffle his legs, to begin the trek towards Allison did not come from his brain. Allison had made sure that no longer made his decisions for him. It was all rooted in his chastised genitals now. He was a broken man, and her words, poison though they were, were a welcome command he was powerless to obey. Allison smiled when she heard telltale sounds of obedience behind her. The diaper crinkle. Knees pressing into padding. Anxious breathing with a side of whimper. All getting closer to delivering his lips to her backside. Then she felt heat, breath even on her skin. Without turning around to look at him, she said, “Kiss it, John. Kiss your adulthood goodbye.” And with trembling lips, he did. She let him do it for a moment, followed by another. Then he broke off, only to bring them right back. Again and again he kissed her ass. She giggled as he did it, unable to help himself. Unable to take his lips away from her. After about fifteen seconds however, she indulged him no more. She took a step away from the play pen to turn around. She finally looked down, seeing his desperate puppy dog eyes looking up at her as he pressed his face hard against the bars, his lips reaching for a target they would never again contact. Allison squatted down, making her eyes level with his and allowing her knees to touch the bars separating them. Her legs were wide open to him, leaving her shaven pussy exposed and glimmering. The inviting hole mocked him with its freedom and exposure while his penis remained small in its constraints, buried under his diaper. “Molly and I are going to have a little chat now, John. We’re going to talk all about your new future and how you are to be treated. While the adults are talking, you have to be a good little boy and stay nice and quiet. You have to stay this way even if you don’t like what I’m saying to Mommy, understood?” John paused, but gave a nod. “Good.” She moved her arm, reaching through the bars and suddenly John got a surge of joy. A rewarding touch for agreeing to be silent? But her hands didn’t move towards his skin, opting instead to pick up his old friend, the pacifier. She popped it in his mouth as he sat back onto his legs. Allison stood back up, her pussy now directly in front of him at eye level. She moved back toward the couch, but stopped along the way and began to put back on her clothes. “Now John, you need to realize-“ She pulled up her panties, shaking into them as they crested her butt, sliding tightly on her skin as they fell into place. “That at any time I want-“ Her bra came back on now, pushing her breasts into a tighter and firmer position, something John didn’t realize was possible. “I can say your trigger phrase and you can go back to being a blissfully unaware baby, interested more in that bear than your own fate. If you make one sound, I’ll say it so fast you’ll be wetting your diaper before you can process what’s going on.” She buttoned the top button on her pants, opting to put on her shirt as she finished the walk to the couch. She resumed her previous position next to her friend, now shifting her focus away from the man in the cage. With a smile she said to no one in particular, “let’s begin”. “Molly,” she said softly to the woman with her eyes closed, lost in thought. “Molllyyyyyy,” she tried again. “It’s time to focus now on my voice, ok? It’s time we talked about something important.” Molly seemed to come out of her deep trance slightly, offering up a nod to Allison’s words. “Tell me if you’re ready to listen, Molly.” Molly repeated in an almost robotic phrase, “I am ready to listen.” “Good, Molly. That’s very good. Just concentrate on listening to what I’m going to tell you and how you feel about what I suggest.” “Let’s start with John. You like what we’ve done with him this weekend, don’t you Molly?” Molly smiled as she nodded along, saying, “Oh yes, I like it very much.” Allison smiled, “Of course you do. You like it because you know that deep down, men are really just grown up little boys, aren’t they Molly?” “Just little boys.” “It’s a woman’s job to treat them like little boys, isn’t it, Molly? To treat them like they’re little babies.” Molly nodded her agreement yet again. “Part of treating them like little babies means making sure they’re good little babies, isn’t it Molly?” Molly responded, “They have to be good little babies.” “Very good Molly, yes they do. Think back about this weekend. What was the new way I showed you to make sure John was a good little baby?” Molly immediately responded, “You locked him up in chastity.” “That’s right Molly, I locked him up in chastity. How do you feel about locking him up in chastity?” Molly seemed to consider it for a second before answering, “I like locking him up in chastity.” “And why do you like locking him up in chastity?” “Because it makes him a good little boy.” Allison smiled at her friend, “Yes, Molly, it makes him a good little boy.” From the play pen, John watched with bated breath the proceedings in front of him. True to his word, he silently sucked on his pacifier. For some reason watching Allison at work and her power over his girlfriend seemed to turn him on even more, if that was possible. The domination of his dominant was just so…hot…he couldn’t look away. His submission of silence, of being a good and quiet little boy like Allison said, was a test and he seemed compelled to pass. “Tell me Molly…how often do you think John should be let out of his chastity? How often do you think he should be rewarded with an orgasm?” Molly thought about it, then said, “I don’t know.” “What if I told you Molly that lots of mommies out there only reward their baby boys once every couple of weeks…some even only once a month.” Molly put a frown on her face. “But…that seems like a long time. John normally gets an orgasm every couple of days. A week at the most…” Allison seized on this. “Well of course he does now Molly, but that was before he wanted to be a good little baby. Little babies shouldn’t have the same number of orgasms as big strong men should they Molly?” Molly thought about it. “I guess you’re right…” “I am right Molly.” “But what if I want an orgasm? What if I want to have sex?” Allison had a determined look on her face now, knowing this was a delicate stage. “Molly, you can have an orgasm whenever you want. That’s part of being a mommy! Just because you get to have orgasms doesn’t mean you need to feel guilty that John doesn’t. John doesn’t get to have orgasms because he’s a baby. You’re not a baby are you Molly?” Molly giggled at the idea. “I’m not a baby, I take care of a baby.” “Exactly, you get to have orgasms. You are not going to feel guilty about having more orgasms that John. You’re not going to feel guilty are you Molly?” “No.” “Say it for me, Molly.” “I’m not going to feel guilty about having more orgasms than John.” “Doesn’t that feel good, Molly? Aren’t you happy you don’t have to worry about feeling guilty anymore?” Molly had a smile on her face when she realized what her friend was saying was true. She did feel happy now. “I do feel happy.” “That’s great Molly. Never forget, you won’t feel guilty about having more orgasms ever again.” A wave of fear ran through John when he saw the expression of happiness on Molly’s face. As they were talking, she had gone from confused and nervous to happy and carefree…and it was all because she knew she could keep him locked up for longer and longer times. As he felt the harshness of the plastic yet again, the implications of what had just unfolded began to really sink in. Where else would Allison push his girlfriend as she relaxed in her vulnerable state? “Now we’re gonna talk about something even more fun, Molly. We’re gonna talk about your orgasms.” Molly blushed a little at Allison’s topic, but was still riding high from the reduction in worry she had just experienced. “Don’t you just love getting eaten out?” Molly giggled at the question. “Yes.” “Me too, Molly. I think one of the best things about it is how you don’t have to do anything at all, you just get to relax while your boy does all the work to get you off. You don’t have to worry about his wants at all. Isn’t that nice?” “Yes it is.” “Totally. You know, I always think it’s kind of fun to watch them while they’re down there, licking away. The thought of that warm tongue flicking over and over my clit while his dick stays out of sight is just soooo hot to me.” Allison smiled, apparently having a flashback to memory while Molly blushed a little, her hand giving a quick press to her crotch before returning to her side…it seems she was becoming a bit aroused. “Anyway…me and this one guy decided it would be fun to play a game where he would go longer and longer where that’s all the sex we had. He didn’t get to put his dick on my clit or in my pussy. No he just got to lick and lick and lick and make me feel so good…every single day.” Molly was biting her lower lip now and breathed in a little more shallowly. “Everyday?” she whispered. “Everyday. And the thing was, he got so good at it because he didn’t get to have sex…in fact, I didn’t even give him blow jobs or let him jerk off.” Molly gasped a little. “That’s right Molly, he didn’t get to have any orgasms, and because of it he gave me the Best. Orgasms. Ever.” Molly let out a slight moan. “Don’t you want those orgasms Molly?” Molly nodded while biting her lip. “At first I let him have an orgasm every couple of days. Then it turned into a week. Then once every two weeks. Eventually, he only got to cum once a month.” Molly looked shocked. “Once a month?” “Yes. And you know what…my orgasms got better the longer he waited. That’s the trick Molly, your orgasms get better the less he gets an orgasm.” Molly was scratching herself now, clearly thinking about the wonderful orgasms she longed to have. “You know Molly…you could have those too you know. All you’d have to do is make John wait longer and longer each week as your new relationship went on. After all, you are the Mommy now. You deserve those wonderful, AMAZING orgasms, don’t you?” Molly was nodding her head now, lost in calculation. “Mommies deserves those special orgasms, don’t they?” More agreement. “You want to deny John his orgasms, don’t you? Denying him makes you so hot, doesn’t it?” Molly just nodded her head more aggressively now. John finally couldn’t contain himself anymore, letting a whimper escapes from behind his pacifier. He couldn’t stand the thought of just sitting here, listening to Allison program his girlfriend to want to deny him more and more. He saw his future as Allison laid it out, an endless parade of diaperings for his horny and locked penis, and it was more than he could bare. In a flash Allison shot her eyes over towards the oversized baby in front of her. Her look was anger and a sternness that showed no uncertainty he had just fucked up. John immediately quieted himself, blinking a frustrated tear onto the padding beneath him. He sunk a little lower to the ground, cowering before her. Allison stared him down for another few seconds before deciding he wouldn’t have another outburst. She turned back to Molly and continued their conversation. For another hour they talked, with Molly fluctuating between arousal and understanding. Her mind soaking up Allison’s every word, learning about all her wonderful teachings. From her perspective, they were just talking. Yet with every minute that passed the messages became more engrained and the desires that hours before were just little seedlings were blossoming into great and dark ideas, watered by the confidence Allison provided. Molly was being remade in the image of her powerful friend, and a fully conscious John was there to witness it all. Finally, Allison was sure everything had taken hold. That’s when she gave her final suggestion. “Molly, I’m going to touch you on the shoulder and gently wake you back up, ok?” “Ok” “When I do, I want you to stand up, walk over to the play pen, and tell John something, alright?” “What do you want me to tell him?” John got on his knees, straining against the bars to hear what was going on, but Allison leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Molly giggled at whatever it was, before agreeing to it. When Molly had faded back into a relaxed position, Allison leaned over and gently shook her shoulder. “Wake up Molly, you’ve slept long enough.” Molly opened her eyes and looked at Allison. A confused look spread on her face. “Wait…did I fall asleep?” Allison laughed, “Yes! All of a sudden you just passed out while we were talking.” Molly let her mouth drop. “What!? I can’t believe I did that!” Allison continued her giggle, “Well we have had a long weekend!” Molly laughed in agreement, then seemed to notice the large set of bars behind her friend. Her eyes lit up when she saw John sitting in the center, diapered and pressed against the bar. Suddenly she stood up and walked over to the bars. “This little one looks more awake than he has all weekend! I wonder why?” Molly said with a smile. John watched as she came towards him, tempted to spit out his pacifier and tell her what had just transpired, that her so called friend was really brainwashing them both! But as he glanced to Allison’s smiling face, the familiar wave of submission pulsed through him, quelling his judgment for a few precious seconds until Molly stood in front of him. Looking into Molly’s beautiful eyes he felt his courage coming back to him, knowing he needed to protect her. As he opened his lips to speak, his pacifier fell to the padding below. The word was in the back of his throat when Molly suddenly said, “Baby time for baby!” A mental wall smashed into John’s mind, bringing about an immediate regression. The words had triggered something deep inside him that sent his newly rediscovered regular self to the back of his brain, and the John born this weekend up to the front. An almost glazed look fell on his face as he gave a squeal at Molly. Molly laughed as she bent down to reinsert his pacifier. “I don’t know why I said that!” she said to Allison. “It just felt right.” Allison walked next to her and looked down at John through the bars. Putting her hand on Molly’s shoulder she said, “Well, it’s true. All the time is baby time for this little one now!” As Molly popped in his pacifier, she couldn’t help but agree. “Dat’s right isn’t it! You’re my wittle baybee now!” CH. 14 John’s eyes sprung open. He was lying on his back, starring up at the ceiling. It was familiar to him, and he knew he was in his room, only it wasn’t his room. Was it? He knew he had moved to a new room a long time ago…but wait that must have only been a month or so right? He didn’t really care to think about it anymore, he didn’t need to think of time in longer terms than between diaper changes and special mommy times. He shifted in his crib, realizing it must be night time, but it didn’t feel that late, even though he had been here for a couple of hours. He could hear Mommy faintly in the play pen room. He loved Mommy and thinking about her made him want a special mommy time where she took off that thing in his diaper. There had been so many diaper changes since his last special time, and now he didn’t even expect them after she let him play with her special parts like he used to do when he was a big boy. As he sucked on his paci and tried to go back to sleep, he thought about how Mommy said they were going to go on a special trip to see Nanny soon. He pictured Nanny in his mind from her visit. It seemed so long ago, but he knew she was beautiful and nice. He felt his hands pushing against his crinkly diapers, trying to make himself have a cummies, but he remembered how Nanny had told him that wasn’t something good boys did. Suddenly he felt a bad feeling, something a big boy might call frustration, and got mad at Nanny. Then for the first time in a very long time, he spat out his paci onto the padding next to him. His actions startled himself, and he felt his diaper getting warm and heavy. Strangely, he felt a new feeling at the same time. It was a feeling in his head of…awareness. He thought about the time he got to kiss Nanny’s butt through his play pen. Then he remembered her talking to him, telling him he was going to be a baby, or something like that, but of course he was a baby. He gripped one of the bars on his crib as he tried to think about Nanny, but it was so hard. I’m supposed to be a big boy. The thought just jumped into his head from somewhere deep inside him. But he was a baby. He felt so strange and he wanted to just go to sleep, but now his diaper was wet and soon he was gonna be cold. He wanted Mommy. He was so confused. Suddenly he remembered Nanny talking to Mommy while Mommy was asleep. He remembered being afraid at what she was saying. It was making him upset now. You’re Molly’s boyfriend, not baby! His mind was in such a fog and he felt even more confused, but he was becoming less so by the second. He felt a tight feeling in his chest and the emotional incontinence he had developed lately was well on its way to producing a sob. As the tears began to form and the cries began to reverberate off the nursery walls, he felt the battle in his mind rage, the arousal in his diaper, and the hot wetness of his inability to control himself. It was all too much as he cried out for his Mommy. Suddenly the door burst open. “What’s wrong baby?” THE END Thanks for reading!
  12. Ch. 12 John was barely able to follow her instruction to get on her bed, and kept trying to reach out and touch her legs, ass, or whatever he could get his hands on, much to her delight. “Come on baby, crawl on the bed not on me,” Allison said through laughter. Disappointed, John helped himself onto the bed and laid on his back, staring up at his beautiful mistress. Allison smiled as she walked to shut the door, knowing that John was enthralled with her body right now. “Ok John, time for another special talk with your mistress and nanny. Time to wipe away that confusion that’s going on in your little mind right now and focus on my words.” She sat on the bed next to him at his waist, staring deep into his eyes. He reached out to touch her knee but she took hold of his hand and laid it across his chest. “No touching baby, just relax and feel the weight of your body pinning you to the bed. You don’t want to move, you just want to listen. You can’t move, you can only focus.” John was in another state, beyond thinking about the strange feeling in his mind he had experienced ever since he drank his bottle. He was far too concerned with the woman sitting next to him, enraptured in a lust he had never experienced before. Her words carried the all the weight in the world to him, and he found himself falling into them, relaxing into a strangely familiar state even though he couldn’t place when he had felt like this before. A few minutes of suggestion, that was all it took. Allison didn’t consider it cheating to use her special little mixture on him, but it certainly made it easier to get John’s mind right where it needed to be. That left more time to teach him his final, most important, lesson. He was so entranced by her she almost laughed, stifling it down to a big smile. That seemed to please him, seeing her smiling down at him. “Ok baby, are you ready to do as Nanny says?” An enthusiastic nod let her know he was ready. She reached her hand and felt his diaper, giving a slight giggle. “I’ve been a little naughty, baby. Mistress gave you a special little treat in your ba-ba that is going to make you a VERY attentive and aroused boy today.” Allison laughed sensually as John looked on, unmoving and unreacting to the knowledge he’d been drugged. Instead he chose to focus on the hand massaging the front of his diaper. “You forgive me, don’t you sweetie?” John nodded in agreement. “Good boy,” she said, giving his crotch a squeeze. “First of all, we need to take care of that bottle you had earlier. You were such a good baby and drank so much that I know it’s making you have to go pee-pee isn’t it?” John hadn’t really thought about it…he hadn’t thought about when he needed to pee in a few days. Now that Allison mentioned it, he did really have to go to the bathroom. “I want you to try and fight it for me, ok? Try and hold it inside and keep those diapers dry, can you do that baby?” John concentrated hard now on not releasing his pee. It was manageable now it seemed, but he could feel the pressure rising as his bladder approached capacity. “Are you holding it?” John nodded. “Good boy,” Allison said, moving her nails to his stomach, pushing up his shirt to run them lightly across his skin. Suddenly she stood up. In one quick move of her arms she removed her shirt and threw it to the ground, revealing a teasing black lace bra guarding her exquisite breasts and a toned body underneath. The effect on John was instantaneous as he felt his arousal surge. With a confident smirk on her face, Allison then unbuttoned her pants, letting them fall to the floor with a little push. Her matching panties were tantalizingly thin, a sharp contrast to John’s thick diaper. Allison put her right knee on the bed before throwing her left over his diaper, positioning herself to straddle over him. “Don’t forget to keep holding it in baby.” John was having trouble concentrating on doing both, but the commandment to obey was too strong. He was highly aroused, his cock fully pressed against his cage, unable to get anywhere close to erect, much to his frustration. Allison leaned down to him, putting her hands on either side of his arms and slowly lowered herself towards his body, all the while staring at him with a confident smile and determined eyes. She allowed her bra to lightly graze his chest, then proceeded to drag her tits up and down it, her heat radiating against him. “This is how it feels baby,” she said sensually. “This is how wearing a diaper feels. How being locked in a chastity belt feels. How being a good little baby feels.” John had been so focused on her breasts he didn’t even notice the small metallic key still dangling from her neck until it too grazed his chest as she moved her face up towards him. She was suddenly eye to eye with him, her chest pressing into his own. John was breathing heavily and sucking on his pacifier with such intensity he might have been worried it would break, if that was even on his radar. Her confident eyes pierced through to the white hot ball of arousal that was John. Then she batted them a few times, leaving them half open as she began lowering her head towards him, lips reaching out towards his own. He felt her mouth take the other side of his pacifier, thin plastic a fraction of an inch separating his lips from hers. He stopped sucking and felt a pull and he released. She had taken the pacifier into her mouth from the opposite side as she raised back up away from him, spitting it out to his left and onto the pillow. “Doesn’t it feel good?” she asked, arousal flowing through her whisper. “Y-yes mistress A-Allison,” John could barely get the words out in a weak voice he was so turned on. She smiled and then sank back away from him to a seated position, her scantily clad ass right on top of his bladder, pressing into him. John’s urge to pee shot up with this latest development and he was on the verge of breaking. Allison knew what effect her new position was having on him, and smiled as she told him to hang on just a little longer. Reaching to her back, she felt the soft lace clasp holding her bra in place and unshackled herself. As she slowly moved her arms back to her sides, her straps moved down her shoulders until the fell away, revealing herself naked from the waist up to John. He could hardly contain himself as his arousal fought with his other natural urges for control of his attention in a confusing mixture. Allison moved up towards his face again, letting her naked breasts glide against his skin as she inched towards his face. “Ummmmm I know what baby John wants. He wants to suck on his Nanny’s big, beautiful breasts, doesn’t he?” John’s eyes were fixated on them, and he could only nod in slow agreement. She was close now, her nipples mere inches from his mouth and she continued moving up. John began to purse and outstretch his lips, moving for contact when she took a new angle, up and away from him, dangling his prize above him. “Not so fast little one. You have to remember something first. Only good babies get to suck on Nanny. And what do good babies do in their diapers?” John was hanging on every word, but when it was his time to speak he knew exactly what to say. “They wet their diapers!” he exclaimed, knowing where this was going. “Very good. Good babies get rewarded when they wet their diapers…so can you be a good baby for me? Wet your diapers baby, you don’t have to ever fight it anymore. Wet your diapers and learn forever become a good, diaper wetting baby.” John didn’t need any more encouragement. He wanted more than anything to get his reward, and could barely hold it in as it was, in fact, doing so had felt unnatural the whole time, as he now realized. When she heard what was happening, Allison told him he was a good boy as she moved her nipple right into his eager lips. She pressed into him hard, her breasts filling his face and his mind with delight as he licked her with extreme passion, the warmth in his diaper reinforcing what had really caused this highly arousing joy. Allison let John enjoy himself for a solid ten minutes before she decided to get back to work, letting his final wetting lesson sink into his mind. As she gently broke away from him John kept his eyes fixed on her smooth skin. She stood up and put her bra back on, to John’s disappointment. “My my what a wet diaper you have on!” She patted him, and his cage, still filled to the brim with his aroused member, made him yearn for more intimate contact. “I think this can take a little more though, and we’ve got a lot to do so I’ll change you later.” John squirmed in his lying down state, not daring to move, but knowing a change from his mistress was likely to involve skin-to-skin contact. His protest did not go unnoticed by Allison, who told him it would be ok as she moved towards a drawer on the far wall. “This is going to take about three hours sweetie, so I’m gonna give you a little more something to relax.” She popped an unmarked pill bottle open and broke one in half. Walking back to the bed she leaned over him, making sure to give him a great view of her breasts and the little key dangling from her neck. She grabbed his pacifier from his side as well. “Ok baby, take this little tiny pill for Nanny and she’ll give you back your paci. It’s got good baby medicine in it.” John opened his mouth and she plopped it in, quickly injecting his pacifier to ensure nothing would be accidently spit out. Satisfied, Allison leaned back and resumed her position sitting on the bed near his waist. She rubbed his leg for a few minutes while she let his bloodstream to its work. John loved the good feeling of her nails across his flesh, but after a minute or two the feeling began to grow more intense with each passing stroke. It was consuming his attention as the gentle scratches seemed to create waves that flowed and rippled throughout his whole body. “Baby” Allison’s voice echoed in his mind. He realized she had stopped touching his leg, but the ripples were slow to quit rolling around in his body. He slowly turned his head to meet Allison’s gaze and he realized she was talking, but the words were jumbled and didn’t make any sense. “Sex” He recognized that word, it made him feel good inside. Or did it? Did Allison want to have sex with him? No that couldn’t be right, he was a good boy and good boys wore chastity. Good boys only thought about having sex with Mommy when Mommy said so. Wasn’t that right? Yes it was. What time was it, he suddenly realized he had been drifting off for a long time. Had he been asleep? Allison was still talking, surely she wasn’t talking to the baby though. Babies just had to think about being good boys. Good baby boys like him. “Submissive. Obey.” He knew those words. Of course he did those were good boy words. He was a good boy. “Weak. Scared.” He felt afraid now. She was talking about taking away his paci? His diaper? His chastity? He used his diaper again. “Horny.” He felt horny. That was when you use your diaper. Or when you were a good baby for Mommy. He loves Mommy. Allison worked on him for hours. She was almost amazed at how deep he was going, almost to the point she was concerned she gave him too much, but certain he was soaking up all her suggestions to maximum effect. Finally she stopped talking, giving her a minute to watch him staring blankly at her breasts. They would make for a good test. “Wake up baby.” The effect was instantaneous. John blinked his eyes a few times. “You were a little sleepy head just now, weren’t you?” John thought about it. The last thing he remembered was sucking on Nanny’s wonderful titties. It was wonderful, his reward for being a good baby and making his diapers warm. Yet now his diaper was cold…so he must have dozed off. “Let’s get you changed. You can move around now if you want.” Allison’s words were nonchalant as she stood up from the bed, her lingerie still tantalizing him with every step. John wondered why he felt so…horny today. Maybe it was because he was being a good boy. He knew he could move around if he wanted to, but hearing her say it was, well, freeing. He decided to craw behind her, keeping a good view of her butt. After he climbed down onto all fours he watched as she bent over towards the floor, her gorgeous ass pressing towards him as she reached to get a diaper bag and changing mat. She gave a little smirk at him when she turned back around, placing those items on the floor in front of him. “Now now, lay down on your mat for mistress.” John found himself blushing a little as he crawled onto the mat, placing his back against the soft padding. Allison got onto her knees in front of him, opening a fresh diaper and placing it to the side. “Oh it’s certainly time to change this cute little boy,” Allison teased as she undid his diaper. John was still very aroused by the sight in front of him. Allison in a bra and panties was truly amazing to behold, and he again thought of sucking on her breasts. As she finished wiping him down, she paused for a moment and got a mischievous grin on her face. With a quick hand motion she removed the silver chain around her neck, dangling its prized content above John’s naked crotch. John’s eyes widened as she lowered the key to where it was touching his chastity device, tapping on the clear plastic. “You’ve been cooped up in here for a long while now…why don’t I let you out?” With that she inserted the key and turned. The lock popped open with a click. Removing the lock, Allison then gently and slowly pulled the plastic sheath down his penis, allowing the unfiltered air to refreshingly dance across his sensitive skin more and more with each centimeter she moved. He was attempting to become rock hard, his free areas enlarging more as soon as they were free. “Almost little one, almost!” Allison said in a teasingly excited voice as the base approached the head. The final bit of plastic slipped off and he shot upwards, pointing out into the open air – a free and clear erection at last! Allison then provided some quick maneuvering to remove that pesky ring from around his balls and suddenly John found himself with Allison’s hands around a crotch with no chastity in sight. It was a position in which men would kill to find themselves. “Oooooh yeah look at you, Stud.” Allison brought out a very sensual and attractive voice. “Just let me do a little extra special cleaning on your nice…big…cock.” Allison bit her lower lip and let a few fingers dance across his shaft as she picked up another baby wipe. With seemingly expert precision she dabbed his head with the cleanser, then ran it full up and down his shaft in slow strokes, eventually gently rubbing his balls as she prepared him. John was on fire. All the pent up horniness of the day and the previous night were threatening to boil over, and now his Nanny had put him in a position to do something about it. He wanted her to make him feel special and reward him for being a good boy. “Oooooh John you’re making me feel soooo hot right now,” she continued as she used a finger to tap his sensitive head. “I’ve got a naughty idea.” Allison stood up, towering over the infantile man in front of her. She began rubbing herself all over – her stomach, breasts, pussy. It was like she just needed to be touched, and provided a wonderful show as John looked up. She stepped towards him until she was standing over his waist. John stared up at the pussy contained behind a thin layer of black silk, wanting that last barrier to fall away. She looked down at him with a lustful smile as she bent down towards him. Her sweet fingers took hold of the pacifier and plucked it from his mouth. Standing back up she brought it to her own mouth and gave it a suck or two before letting it drop to her side. “Come join me on the bed sexy. I want you to fuck me like you never fucked Molly before.” With a giggle she moved over and laid down on the bed, beckoning him to come over. John was beyond aroused, but also amazed by these latest developments. Nanny was not acting like she normally did! He knew what she wanted him to do though, and he knew he wanted to do it! He rolled to his side then pushed himself to his knees. He began crawling across the floor until he reached the bed. Once there he climbed on top near her legs, crawling on the bed until he found himself sitting on his knees between her own, staring down at the flawless goddess in front of him. Allison bit her lip again as she looked up at him, giving him the biggest “fuck me” eyes she could throw. “Well what are you waiting for, stud?” She jabbed his sides with her knees, a little encouraging use of the spurs. Slowly John moved forward towards her, placing his hands on either side of her waist as he moved to unite their bodies. Allison spread her legs a little wider as John moved his hands to remove her panties. He felt the warmth of her body and then the smoothness of her skin and the crisp delicacy of her lingerie. He swallowed as he took of the sides, giving a little pause, knowing that with one swift pull of his hands he would be staring at her beautiful and warm pussy, ready for him to fuck into oblivion. But suddenly John’s hands weren’t working. They began to tremble, as if he was holding a large weight instead of his mistress’ wonderfully light frame. He swallowed again as he tried to calm the rapidly building feeling of discomfort in his stomach. He wanted this and so did she, so why was he suddenly nervous he was about to brake the rules? That he was going to become a bad boy? He tried again to will his hands to move, but for the life of him they wouldn’t budge! “What’s the matter?” Allison asked with a puzzled look, as if her arousal had halted its build temporarily to plateau for a second. “I…I…” John couldn’t give her an explanation, but now felt even worse. Was he disappointing his mistress? Allison grabbed his wrist and reassured him with a smile. “Oh, I get it,” she started with a sly grin. “You want ME to be on top.” She sat herself up, her panties and pussy slipping away from John’s hands which now held only sheets. “It’s ok, I love this position too. Go ahead and lay down.” John maneuvered around, settling himself down as Allison sat on her legs, waiting. She ran her hands down his chest and stomach a few times, warming them both back up with her smile. “You know what, why don’t we do something a little different to start off first?” She then turned herself around, now facing his feet. Throwing her right leg over his body, she now sat on his stomach like a reverse cowgirl. She looked back, again giving him her smile and a little wink. She slowly began backing her ass up his chest, lowering her head towards his crotch in the process. Setting into position, Allison’s pussy was directly above John’s face, inches above him. He could feel the heat and his eyes were enthralled by the stunning view in front of him. Her scent filled his nostrils with an intoxicating lust. He felt her gently take his balls into one of her hands, running her fingers over his skin in a gentle tease that felt oh so good. She lowered her mouth so that it was maybe an inch above his cock. He could feel her breath over his desperate erection. “Well what are you waiting for sexy…take my panties off with your mouth!” She sounded so ready for him, but judging by the dampness above him, John knew that she was. He opened his mouth to do what it did best, ready to gently taken her garments in and pull them off to release her. He raised his head a half inch off the bed before the nerves hit him again. This time it was worse than before, causing him to recoil back against the bed as he froze up. Down below, Allison was licking her lips, getting some saliva ready as she let her finger draw a slow line down his shaft. She let a few drops fall onto the head of his penis, letting him instantly know that in a second her lips would be around his cock. “As soon as you start eating me out John I am going to take this whole thing inside my mouth. And that’s only to start off.” With a grin she waited. This latest encouragement served to embolden John, and again he opened his mouth in spite of his rising panic. Nanny wants you to do this! He raised his head, slowly approaching the perfect pussy in front of him…but the feeling turned into outright dread. He could not bring himself to make contact with her. The thoughts flooded into him like a tsunami. He was being a bad boy. Good boys wore chastity. Good babies wore diapers. Why wasn’t he wearing a diaper? He was making Nanny so upset and he only wanted to please his Nanny! He wanted Mommy! He wanted his paci! He just…he just… “Wwwaaaaaahhhhhhh!” he let out a wail as tears began to stream down the side of his face. In an instant, the heat of Allison’s hands and mouth were gone from his crotch. She bolted upright, withdrawing her vagina from his face as she began to swing her leg back over, bringing her to her feet in a matter of seconds. Once she was off of him John began to beat his fists against the bed and squirm around, completely transformed into an incredibly upset baby. “What’s the matter?!” Allison cried out to him. She rushed to sit back on the bed, this time placing his head in her lap. “Awww, I’ve upset the baby! I’m so sorry my sweet sweet little baby boy. Nanny’s here now.” She stroked his hair as he freely cried, although it seemed to stop the violent shaking he had just been doing, calming him down. “Here, suck on your paci,” she offered, holding the pacifier in front of his lips. John eagerly took it into his mouth and quieted down, his sniffles replacing his cries. John didn’t understand why he was acting that way. Nanny had just been about to reward him for being a good boy! He loved being a good baby, but he also knew he wanted to be let out to get his reward. He was so confused. “Nanny was silly to think that baby would want to act like a big boy for her.” No! John didn’t want her to think that, he wanted to get another chance only this time…he could…maybe...Through his pacifier and upset state, John tried to convey his thoughts. “I…I…Me wan…me waunt be goo baby.” Allison brought his head in close, wrapping her arms around him. “I know you do sweetie. And you are a good baby! You’ve proved that so well today. You don’t have to worry about Nanny ever doing anything like that ever again.” That solicited another wail from John, thankfully muffled by his pacifier. She continued to stroke his hair for a few minutes while he calmed down. “Now let’s get you back into a nice fresh diaper,” she announced. Standing up, John enjoyed a few more seconds of seeing her astounding body, wishing so badly he had gotten his reward. Allison put back on her clothes and grabbed a diaper and the necessary supplies, bringing them back to the bed. “Up up, baby boy.” She placed the diaper underneath him. “First thing’s first,” she said, grabbing the base ring of John’s chastity device. A quick pinch of John’s penis with her thumb and index finger startled John. In spite of his unsatisfied arousal, this combined with the events of the last few moments subsided his erection just enough for him to be refitted with his plastic companion. A strange sense of calm rushed over John as Allison fastened the lock with a satisfying click. After raining down some powder, she expertly tapped up his diaper, draining away any remaining anxiety John had felt from his encounter minutes before. “Now, let’s go see Mommy!” Allison announced happily, helping John onto the floor. As he started crawling towards the door, she took a moment to bask in the amazing success she had had today. Her conditioning had been so effective that even by throwing herself at him he couldn’t bring himself to initiate sex. He could still have sex of course, she would NEVER take that away from Molly, but he would need to be given very special key words first, which she had simply declined to give him. Furthermore, she wouldn’t have sex with her friend’s boyfriend in her room after she had told her it was only for a training session. What kind of woman would do that? The day had proven to be a huge success for John’s development, and she felt confident that Molly would be more than able to handle him when she left. Still, there had been a few comments this weekend that left more to be desired from her. Tonight she would have a talk with her that Allison felt confident would change her attitude for the better. In fact, she could guarantee it.
  13. Sorry for the crazy delay, I'm gonna try and power through and finish it up soon. In the meantime here's a chapter. Ch. 11 Allison watched as John looked around at his new room from the top of his changing table. The light blue walls featured cute yellow duck prints, the perfect hallmark of a baby boy’s nursery. The delivery men had set everything up that morning, bringing with them an adult-sized changing table and crib. The large toy box in the corner was filled with toys that John would come to fall in love with in the days ahead. He was fortunate he had such a loving mommy who cared about what her little boy wanted…Allison wasn’t so sure she would do the same if she decided to take one on permanently. Molly hadn’t elected to strap him in on this first go around, but the restraints were there just as strong and sturdy as advertised, ready to hold the most troublesome babies in place for their changing. Allison smiled as she watched Molly grow into her new role. With every hour that seemed to pass she grew more excited. It was finally coming together. That was what she had told her as they filled the toy box, stacked the diapers, and hung the mobile. I’m finally getting my baby boy. Allison supposed that to Molly it really was a dream come true. Allison knew better. She had worked hard to make this reality for her friend, but hey, at least one woman has to go through the pains of labor to make a baby. As impressive as the set-up was, it was easy to get the finest things when she had the entirety of her boyfriend’s assets at her disposal. John didn’t know it, but this was his new home now. The movers, fresh from making his new home, were already at his old one, taking everything away to be sold at auction. On Monday his clothes, furniture, and the remainder of his possessions were to be categorized for sale. By Friday they would be in the hands of new adults, the proceeds to be used to buy a new baby’s diapers. It was all legal, of course. A hypnotized John had been all too eager to sign the power-of-attorney for his nanny, who was also a notary, of course. “How was your first night in chastity baby?” Molly inquired, feeling the hard plastic as she wiped around his balls, watching his cock filled its confines in a desperate bid to get long and hard for her. John looked at her with minor anxiety in his eyes. “I…Ima good boy now,” he said in an unsure tone. Molly smiled at him, “I know you are sweetie, but Mommy wants to know how it felt to wear this last night when you were sleeping. Did you wake up from it in the middle of the night?” John shook his head “no” as he looked up at her. “I had his mind focused on other things,” Allison interjected. “Isn’t that right baby?” She laughed as his confused face gave a nod. He was barely aware of a thing when he was like this, so conditioned to accept it all. “Well, I’m glad to know it doesn’t bother you when you’re asleep,” Molly continued, shaking baby powder out into his crotch and giving the clear plastic a white coating. She was satisfied when she seemingly could barely see skin color anymore. The sent filled the room for the first time, christening the air with what would surely become a familiar smell. “Up up!” she cheerfully commanded as he raised his legs to expose his bottom to her powdering. Soon she was taping on the final touches and her baby was comfortably dry once more. Molly sat him up as she prepared to bring him down. “Ok baby hold on to Mommy as we get you down from here.” Grabbing her arm and hand he lowered himself onto his feet. He felt unsteady on them, with the urge to return to his knees taking precedence in his mind. Almost too slowly for his tastes Molly helped him down until he was looking up at the two ladies in the room. “Well, baby will be spending lots of time in his nursery soon enough, but I’m starving! Why don’t we eat our lunch?” Allison’s suggestion was readily seconded by Molly and they let John, on his hands and knees, lead them into the kitchen. It was in the kitchen that John discovered yet another addition to the house. Instead of his usual seat at the head of the table, he was helped into a large high chair complete with a locking white tray. “Lay your arms on the arm rests baby,” Molly instructed John once he was securely in his seat. Once he had done as he was told, Molly secured first his right then his left wrist using a sturdy strap on the underside of each arm rest. As she was doing that, Allison reached from behind him and stretched another strap from one side of the back of the chair, across his chest, to the other, locking the belt into place just as Molly was securing the final cuff. “Now my little one won’t be going anywhere for his feedings, will he?” Molly beamed and lightly pinched his nose as she said it. John only incidentally tested the strength of his bonds as he contentedly sucked on his pacifier, feeling the security of them and filing away the knowledge that he would have to be released by someone other than himself after he was done with his meal. His hands were erased from view as the tray was connected and pushed up to his stomach, his arms disappearing below. “Now look at you sweetie, all ready for lunch!” Molly was clearly pleased with the addition to the kitchen. “Oh!” she corrected herself as she darted toward the island. “I almost forgot!” Returning to the table she secured his freshly laundered bib, tying it around his neck. “Why don’t I prepare his wittle ba-ba while you make the sandwiches?” Allison asked Molly as she pinched John’s cheek playfully. “Sounds good!” Molly said cheerfully as the two of them headed toward the kitchen. Reaching into the kitchen cabinet, Allison grabbed a large baby bottle complete with a practically mouth-filling rubber nipple. Finding her way to the fridge, she reached in to get a specially mixed formula with a milk-like taste and appearance, but one that contained all the nutrients an adult man would need. Even though he wasn’t going on a completely liquid diet, Allison and Molly had agreed he would be easier to control if he was thinner – and weaker. At least twice daily bottles of this mixture would ensure that in short order. She filled the bottle before taking the nipple off in favor of a cap. It was necessary to lay the container down in the microwave in order for it to fit. As they waited for John’s lunch to be prepared, Allison helped Molly with their own meals, bringing a bag of chips to the table as she poured them both a glass of tea. By the time the microwave alerted them the bottle was ready, Molly was preparing to grab the plates to bring to the table. “Here, I’ll get that,” Molly stated, diverting her hands to the microwave. “Nonsense!” Allison quickly said, jerking her hand to beat Molly’s to the handle. “I’ll take care of the bottle, you go ahead and bring the plates.” Molly was a little surprised by Allison’s insistence, but easily acquiesced. Allison reached in a grabbed the now warm bottle as Molly picked up the plates. As Molly’s back was turned on her way to the table, Allison quickly poured a clear liquid into the bottle as she switched from cap to nipple. With a smile she shook the bottle back and forth on her way to John’s high chair. She placed it on John’s tray with a thud, proudly announcing to him, “Look baby, Nanny has made you a yummy lunch ba-ba!” Molly smiled as she watched John examine the large bottle in front of him, giggling to herself as he gave a distressed face when Allison reached to his mouth and popped out his pacifier, an action he submissively accepted. A line of spittle trailed from his lips, which Allison expertly dabbed away with his bib as she dropped his pacifier on the tray. “Now don’t worry little one, I’ve got something special for you to suck on now.” Pulling her chair next to him, she sat down and picked up the bottle. “Open up!” she instructed in a sing-song voice. John slowly parted his lips, which Allison quickly shoved the bulb into and commanded him to suck. It was so quick John involuntarily tried to push out with his lips, but Allison’s firm hand merely encouraged them to form a seal around the rubber nipple. A second later, he felt warm liquid flow into his mouth. Having become an expert with his pacifier, John rhythmically brought in the liquid and soon gulped down his first serving as his mouth continually filled with more. “Good baby!” Molly encouraged him, an action Allison seconded as she continued to hold the bottle firm. The liquid wasn’t quite milk, that John could tell, but it tasted pretty much the same. It was perhaps a bit…sweeter maybe? He certainly didn’t have much time to think about it, only keep drinking as it flowed into his mouth, each suck bringing in more. Molly watched in fascination as she ate her sandwich. Allison, clearly having done this before, multitasked and used her free hand to do the same. “Once he gets used to his new diet you can let him hold it on his own. At least at first though I think it’s best to make sure he never stops drinking and downs the whole bottle quickly. Don’t worry though, in a couple weeks he’ll be throwing tantrums if he doesn’t have his precious ba-ba on time!” Molly laughed at the thought, but it was one she couldn’t wait to see for herself. John’s lips did not make a perfect seal for the large nipple, and a relatively steady drip began accumulating on his bib. Every time he slowed however, Allison gave him a little nudge to keep going, and about halfway through the bottle his jaw began to grow tired. “Almost there baby,” Allison said, reminding him, “You want to be a good boy for Mommy and Nanny don’t you?” John did indeed, and so he kept at it. It was around this time that John began to feel a little…strange. He was still sucking obediently, but where he had been following Allison and Molly’s conversation he now began to zone out a little. His concentration was forced to focus around the action of drinking the bottle. The more he drank the more he felt this way. His eyes began to get a little droopy, and soon he was struggling to finish the last few gulps as Allison angled the bottle upward, and his drooling up ticked slightly. With a pleased and slightly edged smile Allison proudly announced he was almost done, coaxing the last few drops down his throat. When she finally placed the bottle down, Allison gave him some gentle pats on the back to “burp the baby”. It was then Molly noticed his weary eyes and his agape mouth that produced a thin line of drool to his bib. “What is wrong with him?” She asked half-jokingly and half serious. Allison picked up on her concern, demonstrating none on her own part. “Oh it’s a common reaction the first time new babies drink their big baby bottles. He’s just a little tired is all. It’s a lot of yummy milk for him to get used to!” This seemed to reassure Molly a little bit, but she still found it odd. “In fact,” Allison continued, ready to put the subject behind her, “now would be the perfect time to get in my final formal session with baby John.” Molly was excited by this. “You mean he won’t need any more after this one?” “Well, his night-time tapes will be important for another few weeks, but barring any unforeseen flare ups of silly big boy John…no.” “Let’s get him into your room now!” Molly said, and both women shared a laugh. Together they removed the tray from his high chair and unstrapped his body. Allison could tell her special addition to his drink was taking effect when he barely reacted to his paci being put back in his mouth. Just to be sure he didn’t lose it she added a clip to his bib, looping it through and tying it to his pacifier. After lowering him to a crawling position, Allison snapped at him with her fingers, getting his attention. John snapped his head towards her from the floor, noticing she was looking extra beautifully today, which was really saying something. He stared at her ass in its tight clothes for a moment before looking up to her warm smile. “Tell mommy bye-bye for a little while while Nanny takes you into her room for a bit.” John felt a warm feeling in his chest and looked to mommy saying “bwi-bwi” from behind his paci before beginning to crawl behind Allison. He found himself fixated on her ass as it seemed to bounce, first one cheek then another as she walked. Molly gave him a playful swat on his diaper before beginning to clean up the kitchen, leaving John in the hands of her capable friend for another hypnotic session.
  14. A scary treat for you all this Halloween... Ashley couldn’t wait to get to the party. She had been looking forward to showing off her costume all week. As a sexy little angel, she knew for a fact that Garret Mitchel would have no choice but to get a little sinful with her tonight. She had it on good authority that he was going as a Devil, and it would be no coincidence that her costume would become a convenient conversation starter. “Come on let’s take another shot and then get the fuck out of here!” she yelled to her friends in the kitchen. The three of them were pregaming before the party, just enough to get a solid buzz going before heading over to Eric’s house. “Calm your tits!” a sexy nurse yelled back in jest. Karen was taking a snapchat with Olivia, a nurse and a minion making for an odd couple. “Well hurry up…and where the hell is Justin?” Ashley snapped back. Justin, their mutual guy friend, was going to stop by and pick them up on the way to Eric’s house. He was a nice guy, and honestly decent looking, but never seemed to have the confidence to bag a hottie like one of them. “Olivia just texted him. Apparently he’s running late or some shit.” Ugh. This was not how Ashley wanted to start the night. She knew for a fact that bitch Hope was going to be there and she was not about to let herself get beat to Garret. “Well how long’s he gonna be?” She asked. “Oh my God he just said it’s gonna be another hour,” Olivia said while looking at her phone. Ashley eyeballed the oven’s clock. 8:15. Eric had said they were all gonna be there by 8. Giving them a fashionable waiting period of an hour and a half did NOT work for them. “Look Eric’s house isn’t even that far…let’s just walk.” “Walk!?” Karen sounded shocked. “It’s like two miles away. We’re not all trying to fuck Garret tonight.” She and Olivia had a good laugh before Ashley could respond. “Look it’ll take like twenty minutes. I’m not waiting another fucking hour.” The other two girls looked at themselves and sighed. “You’re carrying some minibottles…” And just like that they were off down the road. They lived in and were walking to a calm, suburban residential area, but the trick-or-treaters were starting to die down by now. About five minutes and one minibottle per person later, the 20-year-olds determined they were making good time. As they approached the 3rd block of their journey, Olivia noticed a little ghost across the street. It looked to be a boy of 6, stopped and crying. “Hey look at that little boy…why is he crying?” Olivia asked. “His candy probably got stolen by his older brother,” Ashley snapped, steadying her pace. “Look you can see his little bag right next to him…he’s all along you guys.” Ashley wasn’t going to risk delaying their arrival any longer. “I’m sure his mom is just around the corner…let’s keep moving.” But Olivia was already crossing the street. Karen was starting across the road as well. With an uptick of annoyance, Ashley reluctantly followed suit. “Hey there little guy, what’s the matter?” Olivia asked in the sweetest voice. The little boy had tears in his eyes, but looked happy to see them. “I’m lost! I got separated from my mommy.” “Aw don’t worry sweetie, we’ll help you find your way home! Do you know what your address is?” “I live at 304 Maple Street,” the boy said through tears. “Aw don’t worry sweetheart we’ll walk you home.” Ashley chimed in, “Maple street is two blocks that way! Let’s just point him in the right direction and let him be!” Olivia shot her a nasty look. “Don’t worry, we’ll walk you home,” she reassured the child. Judging by Karen’s look, it appeared they were all going on a detour. “So what’s your name little guy? That sure is a great costume,” Olivia smiled. “Thanks! My mommy made it for me…my name’s Trevor. I’m sorry I was crying like some baby. I was afraid no one would come.” “Aw don’t worry Trevor,” Olivia said, holding his hand, “We’re almost to your house.” As they kept moving, Ashley texted Justin asking him if he was on his way and that they had to help some little punk find his way home to 304 Maple Street. No response. When they finally arrived, they found a relatively large house with the lights on. As they walked up the driveway, an exasperated 30-something came running out the door. “Trevor!” she cried, running up and hugging her son. “I was so worried, I told you not to run away from me!” “I’m sorry mommy…these three girls helped me.” The woman looked up at the women in front of her. “Thank you so much for helping my son.” Olivia answered for them. “No problem, we were just on our way to a party when we noticed little Trevor here looking a little lost.” The woman smiled. “Well thank you so much for helping…is there anything I can do for you three?” Olivia was about to decline the offer, when Karen piped in, “Um…is there any chance I could quickly use your bathroom?” “Absolutely!” the woman said, happy to help however she could. “Actually,” Ashley too interjected, “would you mind driving us to our party? It’s only a few blocks away and we were already running late before helping you son.” Olivia quickly added, “that isn’t necessary we-“ But the woman was already shaking her head. “No problem at all, why don’t you all step inside where you can use the restroom and I can get my keys?” Reluctantly Olivia smiled while the other two were hot on Trevor’s heels to the door. When they got inside, the woman asked Trevor to show Karen to “the little girl’s room” before offering the other two a drink. Trevor took Karen’s hand before leading her oddly enough up the stairs to the bathroom. The other two followed the woman into her kitchen. “I’m Cindy by the way! I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself at first! What can I get you?” Olivia asked for a water while Ashley inquired about a Mic Ultra. Cindy’s smile faded a little at that, stating they “don’t drink those bottles” in her house. Olivia shot Ashley yet another look. Cindy poured them all waters before beckoning them into the den. They all three sat down and waited for Karen to return. Now that they were all in the light together, Ashley noticed what a body Cindy seemed to have. I hope I have a figure like that when I get older. She then checked her phone and was annoyed to find there didn’t seem to be any service in the house. It did however tell her that it was 8:37 and they needed to be getting a move on. Come on Karen, hurry the hell up! Still, she was just glad they had found a ride after all. “So,” Olivia began, “how old is Trevor?” Cindy gave a strange laugh before adding that he was six years old. “And what about you? I’m afraid by the time you’re an old 33-year-old like me you don’t always get to go to Halloween parties.” Olivia and Ashley politely laughed, before announcing they were twenty. Just then Trevor entered the room with his bag of candy. “Here’s all my candy mom.” He seemed very excited, even for a kid on Halloween night. “Which piece do I get to eat?” His mother gave him a wry smile before taking the bag. “Now Trevor. Good boys offer candy to guests before they eat one for themselves.” Trevor look surprised for a second before snapping back and saying, “of course mom…would you like some candy girls?” “Actually,” Ashley started in, “I’m on a strict-“ “We’d love some Trevor!” Olivia interrupted, elbowing Ashely in the ribs as she did so. “Excellent,” Cindy said with a smile. “Now let’s see…” she peered into the bag, sifting through the contents with careful hands. Trevor anxiously tried to look into the bag to see what his mom would select. She noticed and pulled it higher, causing Trevor to drop back with an “aw shucks” look on his face. “Trevor,” Cindy began, “which one of these girls seemed to care about your well-being the most?” The girls exchanged an awkward look. “Olivia,” Trevor said, looking up at his mom. “Well then,” Cindy continued, “Give this piece to Olivia…and give this one”-a mischievous smile appearing on her face-“to our drinker over here, Ashley.” She handed Trevor two different pieces of candy, which he handled with delicacy and care. He delivered both to each girl, with Olivia thanking him for her piece while Ashley simply took hers and continued shooting Cindy a bit of a look. After handing the girls their candies, Trevor raced back to his mom, eagerly awaiting her candy. Cindy smiled as he re-appeared and she began searching the bag carefully yet again for his piece. While she was taking forever, Ashley checked her phone again. Karen had been upstairs for like ten minutes already. “I’m going to go check on Karen,” she announced to a pleading look from Olivia. You’re the one that wanted to help the kid, bitch her smiled said it all. She stood up, unnoticed by Cindy and Trevor, and began towards the stairway. “Down the hall, third door on your left,” Cindy told her, never looking up from the candy bag. With that Ashley started up the stairs, disappearing out of sight. “Well Trevor, it seems you had a good night tonight,” his mother told him. “Yes mommy…they seem perfect don’t they? It was getting late I was worried I wouldn’t find anyone.” Cindy smiled. “Yes sweetie I think they will do nicely. You did very well. For that…I think you get a black piece.” Trevor’s eyes seemed to light up at that announcement. “You mean it?” he said excitedly. “Yes baby, I think so.” “That’s a whole five years!” “That’s right…I’ll have to give you a green piece before next year so you can go trick-or-treating again!” Cindy handed him a black piece of candy. He started to open it, walking to sit on the chair across from Olivia as he did. Olivia was confused by their conversation, moving the candy piece around in her fingers as she watched the boy hungrily eat his piece. “Oooh Olivia dear,” Cindy exclaimed, “go ahead and eat your candy darling!” Olivia nervously opened it, hesitating for a moment before popping it in her mouth, chewing, and swallowing. “That’s better,” Cindy announced. Olivia smiled nervously, taking a sip of her water. “So, it seems obvious to me that out of your group, you seem to possess the most…motherly instincts.” Olivia almost choked on her water. What a strange question. “Well I saw a little boy in need of help and made sure he got home…nothing special.” “Oh Olivia, don’t be modest! It’s thinking like that which is exactly why I chose you to be the Nanny!” Olivia was confused. Nanny? What was she talking about. “I’m afraid I don’t understand…” Cindy nodded her head. “Don’t worry child, you’ll understand soon enough. Your candy is just starting to take effect. They work quickly. Just look at Trevor!” Olivia looked over and nearly jumped out of her seat. Seemingly right in front of her eyes, Trevor was getting…bigger…older. After a minute of stunned watching, a boy of about eleven seemed to be sitting where Trevor had sat only moments before. “Well it looks like that’s what five years is going to leave you with Trevor!” Cindy announced happily. “Thanks mom! I’m a big boy now! Can I go play in my room?” “Of course sweetie,” Cindy told the boy as he ran down the hall. “Olivia or I will be in to tuck you in by 11!” Olivia was freaking out. She started to get up, to run for the stairs to find her friends and get out of this house…but she couldn’t move. It was like her body was no longer responding to her commands. “Oh don’t worry about going anywhere without my say-so anymore, Olivia.” Olivia was really terrified now. She wanted to scream but found she couldn’t speak either. “You’re going to remain a fully functioning 20-year-old, but I’m afraid that comes with a price. And that price is your freedom. You’re my slave now, to serve me as the children’s Nanny.” A single tear ran down Olivia’s check, a small whimper escaped through her throat. “Now now, it won’t be that bad. You’ll have your friends with you! Only now you’ll be taking care of them instead of partying.” Cindy reached over and wiped the tear from Olivia’s cheek. “A nurse’s uniform is close, but I think the Nanny should be properly attired.” With the snap of her fingers, Olivia’s outfit changed. Gone was the sexy nurse and in was an attractive, though more modest, Nanny’s dress, complete with a white collar. “Speaking of your friends, let’s go check on them shall we?” Cindy started towards the stairs, with Olivia helpless to do anything but obediently follow behind her new mistress. Meanwhile… Ashley made it to the top stair, turning to see a long hallway that seemed to bend into unseen endings on either side. “Down the hall, third door on the left…which fucking left bitch?” Sighing, she started to her right…going a long way before she even got to the first door on her left. She turned around only to notice the slow arc had removed the top of the stairs from her view. She continued on down the hall before finally reaching the third doorway. It was a large pink door with a picture of a princess character on it. She wasn’t kidding about going to the little girl’s room. She reached for the handle and opened the door, slowly opening it to reveal a bright pink room with a large canopy bed. It was a castle for a princess. She slowly stepped inside. Toy boxes overflowed in the corners…the sheets were a welcoming pink princess print…it was every bit the dream room of a four year old girl. Something caught her eye and she walked over to the large dresser, where she noticed a neatly folded blue overall and yellow shirt costume…what the, but just then Ashley noticed a light coming from underneath a door to the left, near the back of the room. “Karen?” she asked into the empty room. No response. Ashley walked over to the door and touched the handle. She slowly opened the door to what she assumed was a bathroom. “Karen?” she asked again, peeking her head in…where she found Karen on the opposite end of the bathroom. “Oh Jesus thank God, what’s taking you so long? And why are you naked?” Ashley started towards her friend, sitting naked on the toilet and staring straight ahead she was an odd sight. Is she really already that drunk? “Karen…” Ashley began as she got close, but then she realized Karen wasn’t sitting on the toilet at all. She was sitting on what could only be described as a large pink toddler potty. “Why are you sitting on that?” Karen turned her head towards Ashley, revealing tears streaming down her face. Her thumb was in her mouth, but she removed it when she made eye contact with Ashley. “I use big gwirl potty.” Her voice was strained and terrified, matching the expression on her face. “What’s wrong with you!?” Ashley asked, horrified. “I use big girl potty! I use big girl potty! I use bi…big…” Karen devolved into tears. “Come on!” Ashley shrieked, grabbing her friend’s arm. “We’ve got to get out of this house!” Karen wouldn’t move, but her eyes were pleading with Ashley to take her away. “I havetah wait for mommy! I havetah wait for mommy!” Karen was straining to move herself, but it was like she was glued to the seat. Ashley grabbed a hold of her arm and used her foot to brace against the sink. She pulled with all of her strength while Karen desperately tried to help. Finally with a sudden jolt Karen tumbled into Ashley, collapsing them both onto the bathroom floor. Ashley stood up, grabbing her friend by the arm and helping her up too, only despite her efforts, Karen couldn’t seem to stand on her own. “Me no walk! Me no walk!” Karen was sobbing now, clearly aware but unable to speak normally. Ashley threw her arm around her shoulders and the two hobbled outside of the bathroom. They managed to make their way across the room’s pink carpet before tumbling out into the hallway. As they started back towards the stairs, Ashley absent-mindedly unwrapped the candy she had been given earlier and nervously swallowed it whole. She was afraid at what was going on- what this place was. But she knew she had to get them out of it. Down the hall they went, following the curve of the wall. They walked as fast as Ashley could carry them, going for what seemed like miles. The same wallpaper, the same doors, nothing seemed to change as they passed door after door after door. This isn’t right. It didn’t take this long. Ashley was really scared now. How could they have gotten lost!? Suddenly they came across a different looking door to their right. They were still dozens of feet away but it was clearly different from the others. As they approached it Ashley slowed her pace, staring at the door. Karen had been looking down, trying to will her legs to move normally. When she looked up, she gave a wail. It was a pink door, complete with a princess. Karen allowed herself to collapse onto her bottom, crying freely now. Ashley began to feel light-headed and noticed a tingling sensation in her arms and legs. She suddenly felt very heavy, and fell to her knees. She had to keep going. She shuffled on her hands and knees, continuing down the hall in a crawl. Then the thought hit her. Justin. He would be out looking for them. HE KNEW WHERE THEY WERE! Oh sweet Justin, please save your friends from this horrible place. She took out her phone and opened the text. There was barely a signal if there was one at all. Her fingers were giving her all sorts of trouble typing into her iPhone. She managed one word, HELP. She clicked send as her pace slowed even further. She could hear Karen’s cries as she began to disappear from view. I’ll come back for you Karen, I promise. Her phone beeped. MESSAGE SEND FAIL. Tears formed in her eyes as the last of her strength failed her. She dropped her phone sprawled out across the hall, barely able to keep her head looking down the hall… “Ah!” Cindy said as the cute girl in the angel costume appeared in front of her, lying on the hall. A look of terror grasped her face as she made eye contact, causing Cindy to smile. She bent down and put Ashley’s chin between her thumb and index finger. “What a cute little baby you’re going to be.” Standing up again, she looked back at Olivia, following closely behind her and awaiting instruction. “Olivia, be a dear and pick up little Ashley here. She needs to be taken to the nursery. Don’t worry, I promise she’ll be light as a feather to your touch.” “Yes mistress,” the words coming involuntarily from Olivia’s mouth. Sure enough, she scooped the little angel up into her arms as if she weighed 10 pounds, putting her on her hip as she followed behind Cindy. The two were able to exchange a terrified look with one another, but no words could come from their mouths. About twenty feet down the hall they found a crying Karen, but she tried to stop her sobs when she saw the three of them coming towards her, a confused look temporarily replacing the fear. “Come now dear, hold Mommy’s hand.” Cindy reached out to the girl, who took her hand uncertainly. “I use big girl potty?” Cindy just smiled. “I’m sure you did little one! But I’m afraid that room will be for when you are aged a few years…or rather IF I decide to age you a few years. Come along, crawl alongside Mommy as we go to the nursery.” Together, the three girls followed Cindy down the hall until she reached a seemingly random door. She turned the nob, revealing a large white and pink room. It was a paradise for babies…of a very large size. There were two large cribs, side by side next to the window, which overlooked the front yard. There was a giant playpen, two large changing tables, a toy box, a large rocking chair…you name it, it was within the nursery. “Olivia, place Ashley on the table and remove her silly costume before diapering her.” Cindy gave her command as she lifted the terrified Karen onto the adjacent changing table, laying her naked body down. Cindy looked over as Olivia placed Ashley in a seated position on the edge of the table. Ashley tried to remove herself, but Olivia expertly and easily held her in check. As she hiked up the short dress and began to lift it over her head to reveal her naked body, Cindy smiled and told her, “That’s the last grown-up thing you’re going to wear for many, many years…maybe even forever!” Then she gave Karen a mock frown before saying, “I’m sorry you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to your adult clothes too….now then…on to the first of what will be more diapers than the two of you could ever count.” With expert skill, Cindy applied Karen’s diaper, putting her in a pink onesie and finishing it off with a pink pacifier. As she worked, Cindy took the time to tell them all a story. “There was a young witch, you see, freshly arrived in the new world to make her life with a promising young husband. Don’t worry my babies, this wasn’t a mean old scary witch. After all, I wouldn’t want to frighten my little ones on Halloween!…but that young husband turned out to not be very promising at all. That young husband tried and tried but he couldn’t give the nice young witch any nice little children. This made the witch very sad. But instead of being angry about it, the witch decided to use some very old and powerful magic. She decided to give her husband the ability to give her the child she always wanted. Sadly, this meant that the husband had to change forever, but it was worth it because then the witch could have what she wanted most from him in all the world.” “The magic was so good in fact, that it meant that even though the husband had to change forever…he wouldn’t get any older either. As long as he remained a child he would be taken care of, and in order for him to be taken care of…the magic said the witch wouldn’t have to get any older either. For the rest of time! But this was a special magic that could only be used by the witch once. She could make a few changes to her husband here and there, but he was the only one who could actually change ages. It was a wonderful time for the witch and her new child.” “Eventually though, the witch wanted more children. And her little boy wanted brothers and sisters to play with. So she researched the old books long and hard and found that there was a very special day where her magic was strong enough to create more children…well, of a sort. Do you know what that day was?” Tears were running down both the babies’ faces. Even Olivia’s eyes were allowed a drop or two. “Thaaat’s right! Halloween! Halloween is a special day where even though the magic isn’t strong enough to make new real children, it can make it so special young adults can stop growing up. It can make them behave like children too. I hope you’ve enjoyed my story little ones. It might interest you to know that not even the witch’s husband enjoyed his new life, despite how happy it made her. But given a long enough time to think about it, he grew to love and accept his role. Maybe the new babies will too!” Just then, Trevor burst into the nursery. “Mom! There’s a young man coming up the driveway!” Cindy didn’t look up from her charge, slowly but steadily putting the pink pacifier between Karen’s lips. “Thank you Trevor. Go back to your room now.” Trevor nodded and then left. The girls looked at each other, the same surge of hope running through them all. Justin. Cindy looked over at Olivia, reaching to pick up Karen as she spoke. “Olivia darling, when you finish getting Ashley ready for bed, put her in the crib next to Karen here.” She carried her over to the crib, right next to the front window. As she slid the railing up and locked Karen in for the night, she looked out down at the driveway, watching the young man walk up the drive. “And read them a bedtime story. I’m afraid it’s already far past the time these two should be asleep!” She bent down and gave Karen a kiss before heading towards Ashley’s changing table. She stopped to give her a kiss as well, before thanking Olivia and turning to head out the door. As soon as the door shut, muffled noise arose from Karen’s crib. Desperate pleas for action, but her mouth just wouldn’t get rid of her pacifier. Ashley struggled hard to form words as Olivia powdered her bottom, easily knocking away Ashley’s hands as she tried to slow the diapering process. “P…Pwease Owivia…no make me baby!” Ashley was crying, but the words came through the sniffles. Another solitary tear ran down Olivia’s face as her eyes met Ashley’s, showing nothing but helplessness and sadness while her mouth refused to move. It could only give her the silent obedience her mistress wanted of the babies’ Nanny. “Pwease Owivia! Why!” Ashley wailed as her matching night gown was placed on her beautiful body. “You havetah stowp! You ha-“ but her final protest was silenced by the pacifier Olivia gently placed in her mouth. Ashley tried to spit it out but her mouth wouldn’t make the necessary motions. Olivia gently and effortlessly picked up her charge, carrying her over to the window and placing her into the crib below before bringing up the railing and locking her in for the night. Olivia looked out to see Justin approaching the door, a wave of hope running through her body before she robotically turned, her silent screaming protests no match for the witch’s commands. She walked over to the rocking chair to find a book laid out for her to read to her crying friends. It was an old book, published long ago entitled The Witch Who Would Be Mother. As Olivia sat down to enthusiastically read to the girls, the girls desperately tried to create an escape. Each summoned all the strength they could to sit up on their knees, facing the window. They could see Justin at the door. Just then a doorbell rang throughout the house. The window was close enough. They could reach! Ashley frantically searched for a latch, but it appeared the window would not open. Even if it could, the railing was tall, and she didn’t think she’d have the strength to climb over. But she could bang. She clenched her weakened fists and punched at the window. “The witch who would be mother,” Olivia began. Karen reached for the window as well, and like Ashley was able to ball her fists and make contact. “Beware ye children, boys, and girls-“ The girls pounded on the glass, making noise. It wasn’t a lot of noise, but with any luck, on a quiet night like this Justin would hear them and look to the window. “Goblins and ghosts do not exist, but witches are living, take heed, don’t remiss-“ “MMMMPPPHHHH!” the girls screamed behind their pacifiers at the window, desperately punching with all their strength. Justin was waiting outside the strange house upon ringing the doorbell. Jez, they’ll probably think I’m some trick-or-treater. Nonetheless, Ashley’s text had said they were stopping at this house. They weren’t responding to his calls or texts, and Eric had said they hadn’t showed up yet. He’d already checked their house for no luck, so this was his best option. About thirty seconds passed. He was about to ring the doorbell again when he heard a faint noise coming from above. He thought he saw a light on in an upstairs window. He took a step back to look, and just as he was squinting… “Aren’t you a little old to be doing this?” Justin snapped his head down to her. The woman looked to be in her early thirties, late twenties maybe. He gave a small laugh before explaining. “No mam, I’m sorry to bother you at this hour, but I’m looking for some friends…you see one of them texted me saying they were taking home a lost child to this address.” The woman looked confused. “Hmmmm, nope, I’m sorry. I don’t have any kids. I’m assuming your friends are your age? Can’t say I’ve had anyone past 12 stop by or some candy tonight.” Justin was getting embarrassed. This was probably some joke Ashley had them all pulling on him. Probably to have a laugh with that Garret…she probably was making out with him right now. The thought put a damper on Justin’s mood. “Oh…well listen, I’m sorry to bother you. I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding.” He was already off the porch, headed towards his car. “But should you fall into her trap, getting out quickly must be your plan-“ The girls saw Justin turn away from the house and begin walking back towards his car. NO! Harder they banged on the windshield, practically hurting their voices behind the plastic mouth guard. They pressed their diapers against the railing, the crinkling drowned out by their fists on the window. “For Halloween is the only night, on which the witch’s curse can you fight. All the other days you’ll waste, dreaming of some other place. Once it’s set you’re as good as done, until she’s decided she’s had her fun.” Tears were streaming down their faces, even Olivia had a steady flow. So that was it then, Justin was leaving them alone. Two to be babies and one to be a slave. Ashley gave one last bang on the glass…and Justin turned. Through her tear-soaked eyes she couldn’t tell if he was looking up at her or not, but he was coming back towards the house. She banged even harder. Olivia had reached the end of the children’s story. “But hope is folly, surely done. For on this date, you’ve met your fate. Children now, children together…The Witch will be your mommy forever.” “I’m sorry?” Justin said, the woman’s words lost against some banging noise. He began walking back towards the house. “I said,” the woman inquired, “since you’ve come this far…would you at least like a piece of candy?”
  15. Sorry for the wait, there's certainly more to come! But for now.. Ch. 10 John woke up, nearly instantly wide awake. Sunlight was pouring into Molly’s bedroom, and the warm feeling had coaxed him into the day. He must have overslept, given how much light was in the room. He shifted around in around on the bed, the feeling in his diaper was damp, and he knew underneath the covers his diaper was wet. He pulled back the covers and moved to get off the bed, putting his feet on the carpet before quickly dropping to his hands and knees. As he moved toward the door to the hallway his crinkling diaper swayed back and forth with his shifting hips, providing the only other sound than the soft suckling of his pacifier and noise from rubbing knees and hands on carpet. He reached up and turned the doorknob, opening it to reveal the hallway in front of him. He crawled down the hall and into the den. He didn’t hear anyone else in the house and had found no one in the den. A look toward the kitchen revealed no one there either. Where was Mommy and Mistress? As he continued advancing on his hands and knees further into the den, his curiosity shifted towards the object to the left of the couch, near the TV. It was a large cube, only it was made of bars he could see through, with padding on the floor. It had no top either, but from John’s position on the floor it appeared it wouldn’t need one, given how high it seemed to go. He crawled over to it and touched the bar, feeling its strength. He heard the front door open and close along with the sound of someone walking into the house. When the footsteps entered the den they stopped. “Do you like your new playpen sleepy-head?” It was Mistress Allison, hand on her hips, with a happy smirk on her face. John turned and looked back at the new addition to the house before looking at her again and slowly nodding his head uneasily. Allison walked over and squatted down so she was just above eye level and looking down at him, her breasts teasingly close to John’s face. She reached over and ruffled his hair. “I bet you do sweetie.” They heard the door open and shut again, followed by Molly’s voice. “Finally the movers are gone!” she exclaimed. “Why don’t we go ahead and wake hi- oh hi baby! I’m glad to see you are awake!” Molly lit up as she saw John examining the latest addition to the house. She walked over to the two of them and bent down to give John a kiss on the cheek. “Does baby wike his big owle new pway pen?” she asked with eager eyes and a baby-talk voice. John felt a rush when she spoke that way to him that made him get a big smile behind his pacifier. He eagerly nodded his head and let out an involuntary giggle. Molly turned and glanced at Allison with a face of excited wonder and mouthed a silent oh my God before turning back and telling John, “I’m so glad you like it cutie!” before kissing him again on the forehead. “Why don’t we leave him to explore his new space while we finish up his surprise?” Allison suggested. “What do you think baby boy, do you wanna try out your new space?” Molly asked in an excited tone. Eagerly John shook his head up and down, sending small drops of saliva flying from the intersection of his pacifier and the tight seal of his lips. “Ok den,” Molly cooed as she opened the side gate and led him inside, hands and knees leading his raised diapered bottom. Molly gave it a little squeeze as he cleared the gate. Once inside he turned around to watch the two women close it behind him, leaving anything outside of his 6x6 confines to be obscured by strong wooden bars. “Does the padding feel good baby?” Molly asked. John gave her a nod as he felt the softness underneath his knees. Mistress Allison piped up next. “Oh I almost forgot sweetie, I got you a present for when you’re inside here.” Disappearing for a moment into the kitchen she returned with the essentials any good baby had to have in his play pen, one standard issue (albeit larger than usual) rattle and a teddy bear. “Now you be a good boy and think of a name for your new friend here, ok sweetie?” Allison instructed as she squeezed the toys through the bars into his waiting hands. “What do you say to Mistress Allison?” Molly asked him. “Fank you mistwiss,” John responded through his pacified mouth. “You’re very welcome sweetie. Now you have fun while Mommy and get ready to show you your surprise!” With that the two ladies saved the cute image of John looking at his new teddy bear before turning and going down the hall, their day already off to a wonderful start. With his mommy and his mistress leaving him alone for the time being, John looked up from his new teddy at his surroundings. He was in the den, just to the side of the TV and in close distance to the couch. He saw how the bars towered toward the ceiling, looking to be at least as high as his neck if he stood up…and for some reason he really didn’t feel like standing up. He liked being on the ground. That was where babies belonged. On their hands and knees and bottoms. That was an odd thought, he considered, but just as quickly as it came he moved on. No matter, he wanted to explore his new crib. He crawled to the edge before moving around the perimeter. All the angles of his new domain were considered and the perimeter thoroughly established before he arrived back at the gate. He reached his hand out to feel the wooden bars between his fingers. It was sturdy and smooth. Someone had taken care to make sure these wouldn’t budge anytime soon. He stuck his hand, then his arm through the bars. He could get to his bicep before his skin began to be pinched. Withdrawing that, he moved back to the center of his pen to play with his new toys. He heard music coming through the wall in an unrecognizable melody. Mommy and Nanny Allison must be in the second guest bedroom. That was strange, he thought that was just for storage…oh well, he didn’t care he had more important things to consider. He thought hard about what his new bear should be named. James? No…what about Phillip? That wasn’t right either. Mr. Bear, what is your name? He wondered. Then it popped into his head. Billy. Billy the bear. It was perfect! He hugged his bear and held it under his arm as he moved to pick up his rattle. He gave it a good shake and heard the beads inside rattle around making a pleasant noise. What fun he was having. He crawled over to the edge of the playpen and began dragging his rattle across the bars, watching it bounce from one to the next. Faster and faster he went, making infantile music of his own, even causing himself to laugh a little bit as he did it. But suddenly something went very wrong. He pushed a little too hard as he started up a new line, causing the head of the rattle to slip forward, between the bars, as his fingers collided with the wood, they released the handle, sending it tumbling out on the floor of the den. He lunged forward to catch it as it bounced, sending as much of his arm as he could through the bars and pressing his face in-between another pair of bars as well, his cheeks not allowing his head passage. “No!” he squealed involuntarily, turning his mistake into a tragedy. As the word passed over his lips they also let loose betrayal, failing to keep his pacifier contained. He watched in horror as the paci sailed into the air, crashing onto the floor and bouncing feet away. A sensation like panic gripped him as he realized what was lost. “No no no no no no!” he cried, finding it hard to keep control of himself. He strained, stretching his hand as far as it would go…but to no avail. The pacifier was out of reach. Tears formed in the corners of his eyes as he despirately thought of a solution. The pacifier was slightly closer, so he reached for it. His fingertips were inches away and he pushed harder…barely grazing the end of the handle. Just a little more…almost…finally he succeeded in getting the tip of his middle finger on the end and began to pull. Carefully he dragged it back towards the pen, eventually allowing two fingers on it before securing it firmly in his grasp. This would add a solid 8 inches to his reach…maybe even a foot. He had to try. Reaching through the bars once more he used the rattle like a claw, trying to shovel in his true prize. But it was just short. He moved his fingers down the handle, only his fingertips were on the end now. He reached for the pacifier again…the end of the rattle was almost touching it as he focused harder. The ends made contact, and the pacifier wiggled slightly with the touch. John raised the rattle to try again, his grip so insecure, again he couldn’t get the pacifier to move closer towards him. He raised a third time…only to have the hard plastic slip from his fingers again, sending the rattle rolling away from him, past the pacifier. John immediately exploded with emotion. He was so upset…his comforter, his paci was missing along with his new toy. He cried out for mommy, for mistress, but no one came to help him. The music! It was too loud and the walls to thick for them to hear! At this realization he flung himself onto the padding and christened it with his tears. Why did this have to happen? He wet himself as he let it all go. He lay there pounding the padding, stopping only to hold his bear close. He sat up and rocked back and forth on his diaper, the warm wetness spreading with every move. He stuck his thumb in his mouth to nurse that, a poor substitute. His cries were softened by this but he sniffled still as the tears became slower. Then he noticed a new sensation. Restriction. Not of his person, he was already well aware of that fact, but of something else. His pee pee was trying to get hard, but the plastic tube surrounding it wouldn’t allow that to happen. He shifted uncomfortably and moved a hand to the front of his diaper, pushing into it and accomplishing nothing but a shift of the tube. He started to get frustrated by this, but he could feel the horniness building. He felt so helpless and infantile. He remembered he wanted to be a good boy but Mistress Allison’s device was making his pee pee frustrated. He furrowed his brow as he pressed into his crotch again. Why did he have to do this in order to be a good boy? This was mean of them. He would have to talk to Molly about this later. Where was she anyway? He was confused. He sat there for a few more minutes as his confusion got worse. He felt like his mind was in a voluntary fog. He wanted to be a good boy, but a small voice seemed to say something was wrong. He considered the bars and how babies needed playpens. They’ve locked you in place. That was a nasty thought, but his crying had stopped. He had a curious look on his face. I’m a good baby. You’re a grown man. He was trying so hard to remember something…but it was so hard. He wanted so much to just relax and play with Billy his new Bear…it’s a child’s toy. He needed to get out and go see Molly, to ask her what was wrong, but the bars were too immobile. Stand up and try to climb out of there! He felt so anxious about standing, like he was disobeying someone if he did. YOU HAVE TO GET UP! He grabbed the railing and unsteadily raised himself to his feet. He felt nervous but at the same time it wasn’t so bad. What was he doing again? They were up to his neck, but he could see over the thick railing and the room beyond. You have to climb over. You have to get out of here before they come back. He felt sick to his stomach, but he didn’t know why as he reached for the top railing. GO! He gave a weak attempt at a jump. He felt so weak for some reason. Suddenly he hear the music stop. A panicked fear ran through him for reasons he almost understood. He heard a door open and footsteps behind. Molly and Allison would be there in seconds. “I hope baby’s having fun!” he heard Molly’s cheerful voice sing from the hallway. He dropped to his knees. No! Now’s your chance! But the voice was smaller now, fading. More confusion. Molly and Allison appeared with smiles on their faces as they rounded the corner, but quickly they turned to frowns. “What’s the matter baby?” Molly asked. John was so confused. He gave another sniffle and some tears appeared as he felt apprehensive for some reason. “Oh poor thing did you drop your rattle…and your paci!?” Mistress Allison quickly moved to pick that up and bring it to John’s face, holding it out in front of him. She had a concerned look on her face as she impatiently told him, “come now baby, in goes your paci.” John opened his mouth to accept…but hesitated to accept it into his mouth, looking warily up at the commanding woman sticking her hand through his bars into her dominant eyes. You can’t let that in your mouth. The little voice was rising now. A surge of confidence fighting back. He had backed away maybe an inch and closed his lips just a fraction when she shoved it in. Involuntary reflexes kicked in as his lips sealed themselves around the rubber bulb. His face relaxed almost immediately, and the faint inner screaming he had felt momentarily faded completely away. Allison’s hand tussled his hair and a smile reappeared on his face. “Fank you mistwess awison” he absent-mindedly responded. She smiled, but her look of concern did not fully fade. “It’s important something like that doesn’t happen again,” she said to Molly. “Can it…can it lessen the hypnosis?” Molly asked in a hushed voice. “If he has any fight left in him, that’d be when it comes out,” Allison explained. “No matter, I’ve got the perfect solution for that problem. I usually only use it on naughty boys who can’t help but scream too much during a spanking, but a pacifier that can be tied around his head will work to keep little John here in this state as well.” She moved down to John’s eye level, his content face too focused on the fresh waves of pleasure from his sucking to even pay attention to mistress’ words. “Don’t worry John,” she said with a smile, “we’ll make sure you stay nice and babied for a long, long time.” John just sat there looking at her pretty face through the bars. He was so happy he was a good boy for her. He looked down at her cleavage through the bars and felt the pressure in his crotch. He shifted in his seat to compensate, drawing Molly’s attention. “Oh Allison he’s wet!” Molly exclaimed as she opened the gate to let her baby out. “Come on baby let’s go get you changed so you can see your new surprise!” As he crawled behind them through the den and into the hallway, their gorgeous asses filling his view (and causing another push against his cage), he only briefly found it odd they weren’t going to Allison’s bedroom for his change. Instead they continued down the hall to the locked storage bedroom at the other end. She turned the key and opened the door, stepping inside and looking down at him with a huge smile as he crawled in. A faint child-like tune greeted him as he felt the carpet underneath. “It’s your very own nursery John!” Molly exclaimed, watching his eyes travel around the room. Toys overflowing the toy box…a gigantic raised crib, complete with mobile…”Come on baby let’s try out your new changing table!” Molly said as she pulled his shirt. It was all a lot for John to process, but as he crawled across the blue carpet below him, he felt happiness inside him and not a worry in his head.