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  1. Simple bedwetter to full time baby

    This is a really good story.
  2. Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    Thank you and that was the one.
  3. Blackmail

    This is really good story.
  4. Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    I'm looking for a story about this mother who plans to break up her daughter relationship with the boyfriend by putting him back in diapers again and treat him like a baby. I do know he start bed wetting and mother threatening tell the daughter.
  5. Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    The only-one I know is this one The White Badge of Shame
  6. how is crinkle crate

    I would it it but not sure if can because of shipping they have now.
  7. how is crinkle crate

    Is crinkle crate worth it each month or bimonthly as it is now.
  8. Kindle Unlimited stories

    There only two books and wish could find other who post good abdl stories.
  9. Can anyone list some good authors that posted there eBooks on Kindle Unlimited.
  10. Kindle ebooks

    I love no sexual stories and this look like a good kindle eBook to check out to.
  11. Kindle ebooks

    Anyone know of any good kindle eBook's to ready that are not sexual ounces.
  12. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    I agree Nick stay regressed and Sarah finds another man in her life.
  13. College Or Cribs?

    Really nice update.
  14. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    This is one of the favorite stories on here and there just so much plot that want you coming back for more.
  15. Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    I'm trying find story about women who buy the last of Halloween and one person want it but will not give up bag of candy. so she but it and start eatting it at her job as department cashier . Over time she start regression as she eat each bar of candy like milky way and snickers , etc.