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  1. Nice story, but where the mother in the picture because they're so many unanswered questions, why is it only father and son.
  2. diaper24/7

    Trick or Treat

    Please continue this .
  3. diaper24/7

    Dave Smith and the Family Curse

    Wow, it is a nightmare for him, but fun and I wish it would happen to me.
  4. diaper24/7


    I see full baby treatment coming soon.
  5. diaper24/7


    After I got feedback on this I closed it on the site.
  6. diaper24/7

    Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    Does anyone know any good story similar to this one I read? Gift of the Goddess by AbeSedecim on DeviantArt https://abesedecim.deviantart.com ================= ===== PART 1 ===== ================= How did it come to this? How did a high school girl end up sitting on the floor of a living room ... Gift of the Goddess
  7. diaper24/7

    Demoted To The Mechanical Nursery (Completed Jan. 16/19)

    I agree free story seems like a thing of the past, nowadays with an author and Patreon. I had an author wanting me to become a patron just to finish the ending of their kindle book on Amazon. I really don't get how daillydiaper allow promotion like
  8. diaper24/7


    Look forward to more.
  9. diaper24/7

    The Reformation of Jen Pop (repost)

    This really good and wish there was a lot more of this to continue instead just epilogue, but all good things must come to end.
  10. diaper24/7

    Happy Fappy Nappy

    This fun please update this.
  11. diaper24/7

    Depend's Brand

    I used to wear the molicare, new one but the padded was breaking apart when wet bad and depends hold better on padded then new molicare is what sad.
  12. diaper24/7

    The Shrink

    I hope their more to come for this like maybe having act like a baby with bottles and so on.