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  1. Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    I'm looking for a story about this mother who plans to break up her daughter relationship with the boyfriend by putting him back in diapers again and treat him like a baby. I do know he start bed wetting and mother threatening tell the daughter.
  2. Cheating Heart (Chapter Six added Sept. 12)

    Please more it really good.
  3. Shiori

    So far it really good and it read slow build up as story should and not rush as most can.
  4. Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    The only-one I know is this one The White Badge of Shame
  5. Simple bed wetting to full time baby

    I like the reaction of aunt it really something in real life a person would do to see that.
  6. Simple bed wetting to full time baby

    Nice story but why the latex gloves part special when it her daughter not so complete stranger she changing. I never seen a mother use gloves to change there child during diaper changing..
  7. how is crinkle crate

    I would it it but not sure if can because of shipping they have now.
  8. how is crinkle crate

    Is crinkle crate worth it each month or bimonthly as it is now.
  9. Kindle Unlimited stories

    There only two books and wish could find other who post good abdl stories.
  10. Can anyone list some good authors that posted there eBooks on Kindle Unlimited.
  11. Melinda gets Her Bottom Changed

    If I offend you I was not trying to but I look forward to see what happen next.
  12. Melinda gets Her Bottom Changed

    That what made original story good was not everyone was agree with this type of behavior with wear diapers and act like baby. Like the original in one chapter where her grandmother was not OK with the way mother was handling her daughter wear diapers. I know it your story but not everything need to be all sunshine to it.
  13. Melinda gets Her Bottom Changed

    Now I'm confused with this because is here friends into this to like diaper wearing. I mean that a little far fetched of a day dream type of thing in my option if you ask me to believe something like that. I like your story but seem not everyone would be OK with her wear diaper as your making it out to be in real life because bound to be some having a problem with it.
  14. Uma and Robin Chapters 1-7 update 20/12

    How robin fit in baby diaper or is the girl special need to?