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Found 10 results

  1. Devoted to Her Civic Duty

    Chapter 1 - Playing House You lay on your changing, your legs up for powdering, when the doorbell rings. Samantha sighs pausing mid-shake and seemed to debate. You were clean and safely strapped down so she didn't see the harm in leaving you. She lowers your legs and sets the powder aside to answer the door. A man in a black suit and tie greets her. "Ms. Withers?” he asks, politely removing his hat in the doorway. “I'm here for a routine inspection of your charge. May I come in?" "Oh, yes of course!" Samantha beamed, eager to show him your progress."I'm sorry if I don't shake. I was just dealing with a messy diaper!” She brags, leading him inside. She was always completely hygienic of course, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to be a little showy. "I see..." the inspector hums flipping through his papers. "That's impressive considering Y/N's age and length of time sentenced to your care..." He clicks his pen and readies a pad of paper following the confident caregiver inside. Samantha leads him into your nursery where you still lay dusted with powder atop your opened diaper. Seeing the stranger enter, your knees crunch closed instinctively, trapping the crinkly material between them. "Nuh huh!" Sam shakes her finger storming right over to you. ”You know that's a no-no! Even when guests arrive. Open!” She spanks you, so suddenly and so hard, you flinch against your changing straps and squirt a drop of pee. Samantha, seeing it launch and soak as a little yellow dot into your diaper padding, fails to keep her scolding-mother face, and breaks down laughing. “Did you just have an accident?!” She asks, shifting you back and forth, struggling with you to get a better view as you try to hide it. “I’m not even done changing you and you're already wetting yourself. I can’t believe it!” She spanks you again to make you behave and you give up, meek with embarrassment, and relax your legs to let Samantha spread you wide to see one meandering trail of pee marring your otherwise pristine powder. ”My My, what a baby!" She giggles grabbing a wipe to drag it down your front before dusting the spot with another quick puff of powder. The inspector nods approvingly. "She seems very far along." he says, noting the time. “Now, before we go any further. I need to see more evidence of her regularity." He crosses the few remaining steps inside your nursery to inspect your diaper pail. He opens it, and is at a momentary loss for words "...My goodness does she really need diaper changes this often?" Remarkably, he sees your used diapers almost fill the pail to its brim. Undeterred, he begins counting the number of times you've failed to keep clean this week, tallying each stained pair in his notebook, before speaking positively of the healthy ratio of wet to messy diapers he sees. "That's right." Your Caregiver gloats, with a self-satisfied smile. “She needs her diaper changed after every nap or bedtime. She fills them right up! Doesn’t even notice. Not even when she's messing..." "Incredible work," the man mutters writing that down in his notes. "Now what about when she's awake?" "I'm so glad you asked," Sam explains. ”She ends up having accidents, like you saw, wetting them mostly. I always give her more than the recommended number of bottles and fiber feedings. I know it's not strictly necessary, but I just love catching her in the act. One time, I was cradling her in my lap for her bottle, and I could tell she was struggling, so I gave her just the tiniest of presses, and the little girl completely let go! Her diaper grew so warm and swollen against me as she wet, I wondered if it was even going to hold it all! Speaking of which..." She eyes you. “Let me finish up with the baby's change before she makes a mess." She tuts over and makes a big show of pulling up her big girl's diaper, once so defiant, now being wrapped up in a dampened disposable. "I can see why you've chosen the thicker variety." the man observes by her shoulder while she rips the diaper’s adhesives free. "Oh my yes. I can only keep her in the most absorbent overnights." She stretches the tapes over the diaper’s bulk as if to demonstrate. “She is just such a heavy wetter and her messes need somewhere to go." She pinches you, finishing up the final tape seal with a rub. "But I do love how these diapers still come in the little baby prints. Don't you?” Sam asks “She really does look like an overgrown baby this way, doesn’t she. Yes she does. Yes she does," she coos, tickling. "And what a good baby you've been! Waiting quietly while the grown ups talked. You didn't even fuss for your paci." "And how is the progress there?" "Let me show you." She deftly procures your pacifier and slides it between your resigned lips. They see you suckle tentatively at first, then more prominently, and Samantha's grin widens. She leans in, shushing and praising her well-trained baby, pressing a hand into your diaper's thickness and rubbing strategically. She coyly steals a glance at the inspector for his reaction. Needless to say, his eyebrows are high with appreciation as you fidget and turn to hide the heat building in your cheeks. He clears his throat. "Well! I certainly have no further questions." He states tidying up his materials. "Ms. Withers your work here has been outstanding."He tucks your folder away."I am recommending you for a higher position in our efforts. And I'm sure our director will want to meet with you," he adds confidently, donning his hat. "Oh pish posh." Samantha says bashfully still idly groping at your softly rustling diaper. “Simply following the prescribed number of spankings and dirtying of diapers have gotten us to this point, Mr. Inspector." She smiles. Chapter 2 - A Teaching Moment Locked in your car seat and thickly diapered for what was becoming a lengthy road trip. Your binky rattled with each curious suckle watching the scenery speed past. Your head bobs and eventually you’re lolled off to sleep by the passing trees. You awake, groggily, lifting your head to feel cool air against your thighs and the probing rustles of Samantha checking your now slimy diaper. She had pulled the car into a rest stop and was leaning through the opened back door for your inspection. "As expected...Come on honey let's get you a new diaper and that stinky one changed.“ She repositions your clothes, unbuckles you from your car seat, and your stuffed diaper bag is already waiting outside. She takes your hand, but your head shakes ever so slightly. "...Are you telling Mommy no?" She warns. You nervously look past her again at the crowded rest stop full of proper citizens happily picnicking and enjoying the springtime sun. But one more stern look from your caregiver and you slide yourself out of the car. She walks you past the chatty vacationers towards the public restroom, swinging your packed diaper bag over one shoulder and tugging you along in tow, waddling to keep up. Some onlookers paused their conversations to snicker at your pacifier and your struggles to walk then outright laughed noticing your sagging seat was to blame. Samantha drags you inside the woman's restroom to its changing counter. She unfurls one of your Issued changing mats, lays it open on the counter, then has you place your mushy pants on top of it to start your change. She babytalks while pulling off your pants, exposing your drooping smelly diaper to the air, before peeling it open to reveal your mess. "Phew. I'm glad we stopped when we did or this would have gotten ripe honey. You're also so soaked!" She pushes your legs up to your chest, rocking your hips off your mess-filled diaper to remove it. She dumps it neatly into the restroom's fragrant pail, then gets to work cleaning you with wet wipes. "That's it honey." She coos. "Just lay still so Mommy can clean your poopy pee-pee..." She takes her time with each chilly stroke, slowing even further when people start to arrive, hoping they’d take notice. "My my." An older lady sneers noticing your legs up with the poopy wipes. "And here I thought they could control themselves." "...Oh no.” Sam chuckles finishing up her task. “She certainly needs her diapers.” She disposes the dirty wipes to hold up your next massive diaper; its rounded thickness hangs open, bottom heavy in the air. ”See how much protection she needs? And they get put to good use, believe me.” Sam shakes her head whisking the diaper beneath you like a put-upon mother accepting potty training was never going to happen. The lady puffed with patriotism. "See to it.” She sniffed haughtily before thanking Sam for her service and taking care of her own business the grown up way while Sam continues with your change. She was just finishing up arranging your bottom for powdering when another woman approached. "Excuse me...” She began. “I couldn't help but notice. I've been thinking of volunteering for the cause myself. Do you mind if I lend a hand with the rest of her diaper change?" Happy to oblige, and eager to recruit Caregiver potential, Sam agrees wholeheartedly. She sprinkles a few light groupings of powder onto your waiting bottom before passing the bottle on to your caregiver-in-training. “See? Nothing to it. Just sprinkle some more onto her bottom...” She prompts waiting for the woman to begin. "...You're a natural! You can add a little more powder if you want. Yes, unfortunately for her, that is a small case of diaper rash. We've been on the road so it's hard to change her when she needs it. Go ahead and add lots of powder to keep her dry. Perfect! Now use your hand to rub it in...spread it out evenly...her little bum-bum is so soft all powdered up, isn't it? Now, I'm going to lower her down onto her diaper." Your dusted bum is soon cradled down in the thick padding and Sam arranges your legs to allow plenty of room to work. "She's smooth?" The woman asked inquisitively as she fiddled with the baby powder. "Can you imagine if she wasn’t?" Samantha smirked, wiggling one of your lazily hanging toes. "With the amount of poo-poo and pee-pee this one can squirt out, changes would take hours!" Dustings of powder tickle down in time with their laughter, adding a thin fragrant coating between your legs. Cool teasing fingers spread it around, you hear rustling, then feel the firm press of your newest diaper up against you. "Now we keep it nice and snug. Oh, no pun intended!" Samantha giggles. "These are adult Snuggies diapers. I'm so glad they make them for us. I find they work best for her." A few more giggles and sticking adhesives are required before Samantha finally helps you sit up, crinkling against the counter as she takes your binky. "What do you say now sweetie? Oh, what was that...?” She cups her ear. “I'm sorry dear we couldn't quite hear you. Shouldn't you say something about your diaper? Remember? Use your words..." Finally you just break down and say it. "That's right!" Samantha cheers patronizingly. "Your diapey is all nice and changed thanks to her. We appreciate your gratitude." She returns your binky, pulls up your pants, and takes your hand thanking the woman herself and exchanging contact information before walking you back to the car. Chapter 3 An industrial complex looms from your vantage point in the rear car seat. The car pulls up to a security gate and a guard steps out to meet you. Sam hands him her ID with a smile. He moves to check the back seat, and upon seeing you, smiles wickedly, hands your authorized CG her ID back and waves her through with a respectful salute. You feel the mush in your pants from your nap and watch nervously as the car pulls into a parking space. Samantha gets out the of the front seat taking your diaper bag from the passenger and comes back to open up the door to unbuckle you. She keeps a firm grip on your hand as she walks you through large automatic doors and up into a reception area. "Ms. Withers, Welcome!" a beaming young professional greeted with a file folder in hand. She crouches down condescendingly to you. “And who is this? Y/N? They thought she'd be more trouble..." She teased suggestively with a knowing smile back up to your 'Mother.' "Oh no trouble at all." Sam waved off the compliment. "In fact do you have a place where I can change her? She's a wet stinker after her naps." "You've perfected that technique?" The receptionist asked with a hint of surprise. "She's only a few years younger than you...," she says looking down, flipping open your file. “It says here she's soiling her diapers while under your influence. I must say, Ms. Withers, your progress is unprecedented." "It's the least I can do." Sam simpered. "It's my civic duty after all, and I've been working on ways to make it happen while she's awake too. That's what her types really need. Sure she can have accidents from what not, but it's more beneficial when she doesn't realize her diaper is, how we say, growing right out from under her.” She grinned down, shaking your hand at your shared, but obviously one-sided joke. ”I know certain treatments have been proposed,” she continued, “but I find we as the Caregivers lose too much control over them that way as well. It's so much better when the baby gets commanded. Isn't it honey." She taps your hand. "I eventually want to be able to snap my fingers and I see her diaper droop, but I understand her kind have been a stubborn nut to crack and we are still a ways away from that ideal." The receptionist smiles. "And that is precisely why we've called you in today, Ms. Withers. We're hoping you can bring new innovations to our program. If you would just follow me,” she holds out her hand to invite you both farther in, “I'll lead you to one of our examination rooms where you can change her." A maze of stark corridors followed then a steel door was unlocked with the beep of a keycard to reveal a brightly decorated examination room obviously designed to embarrass bigger babies. ”Feel free to use the diapers provided." The receptionist offered indicating the diapers stacked high and neatly by the room's padded table. .”And of course any of the changing supplies." She added Sam got right to work after expressing her thanks, unceremoniously tugging you up onto the table for a change. Just as your messy diaper was being brought down the receptionist gave a little wave by the door. "Bye bye, Poopy pants." She giggled. “Be good for Mommy, okay? I'll be back to check on you in a little while." Quick Note: I was considering reworking this to be a third person story. I'm happy to hear ideas! I almost always edit a few parts after posting.
  2. Dan and Julie are a young married couple who absolutely love each other. Dan
  3. The museum of future technology was now closed for the day. The museum held robots and machines everywhere that could do everything. A robot barber, a robot car cleaner, a machine that can change clothes, and a machine that cooks. But there was one machine that took care of babies. But then the machine malfunctioned and treated anyone it sees as a baby. And so it was shut down and was scheduled to be replaced in a few weeks
  4. Commenti and FAV on DeviantArt http://cyatommorrow.deviantart.com/art/Stranded-and-Diapered-653691637 Part One: Stranded The Thousand Sunny cruised through smooth waters as Robin lounged on the deck, drinking one of the drinks Sanji had prepared for her. She sat the beverage down and resumed reading the archeology book that she was midway through completing. This day had been a day where all the Straw Hats were able to unwind and relax while continuing their journey to the Grand Line. The tranquility wouldn't last as a fierce storm began blowing towards their location. Luckily for our heroes, Nami was always vigilant and kept an eye out for any anomalies in regards to the climate. She stood still and listened to the increasing winds. Nami instantly knew a Cyclone was incoming at a tremendous rate of speed. "Everyone take cover! "The Straw Hat's navigator yelled out. Luffy and the rest of the crew quickly made their way below deck, but Robin had tripped while running for cover. The wind threw the girl towards the ocean and Nami chased after her endangered crew mate, disregarding her own safety as she ran towards the bow of the ship. The redhead dived for Robin and was able to grab the brunette's hand just before she fell off the deck. Nami's tight grip saved Robin from falling into the turbulent sea. She tried to pull Robin back onto the deck and almost succeeded in rescuing her friend. However, the velocity of the winds picked up and pulled the two women into the violent sky. Robin and Nami looked around in fear as they were being pulled into the eye of the storm. Robin noticed that they were being thrown far from the ship. The archeologist rarely felt scared, but being at the mercy of mother nature could instill terror into the toughest of souls. Nami tried to call out to Robin, but the roar of the wind made any communication impossible. The ladies couldn't see where they were about to land, but they seemed to be falling rapidly back down to the ocean. With a mighty splash the Straw Hat women landed into the calm water. The redhead turned around and looked towards the beach where Robin was sitting in the shallow water. Judging by her appearance, she was still in one piece. Nami swam for the tropical beach which seemed peaceful enough. The navigator got to her feet and looked up to see that the storm was now in the distance. She could tell that they were miles away from not only the storm, but the Thousand Sunny. "Robin, are you okay? " Nami asked as the brunette made her way ashore. Robin stood up and started wringing her clothes to remove the sea water. "Well, I could be better." The archeologist paused while taking in her surroundings. "Seems like the storm is pretty far away. I don't know which island we're on. Do you know if there were any islands near the course you plotted for the Thousand Sunny?" "That's the thing. I recall seeing a few small islands, but they were over twenty miles away from the Thousand Sunny's charted course." Nami appeared to be in deep thought. "I'm not even sure if we're on one those islands either. " "So we're on an uncharted island then?" Robin said with a sigh. "Then I suppose we'll need to find some way off of it. Clearly swimming isn't an option, so we'll need to see if we can get a boat and get back to the ship." "That's a great idea. We can build a boat and- Wait a minute! Do you see that smoke in the distance?!" Nami exclaimed as she looked inland, towards the jungle, where a rising column of black smoke rose from the treetops. Robin nodded. "That must be a fire. Do you think that it's from someone's camp?" she asked. "Yeah, or the lightning could have started it." Both ladies ran towards the interior of the island where the smoke was originating from. They traversed uneven terrain and jumped over large fallen palm trees. Once they made it through the jungle, they both found themselves on a cobblestone path, staring at the massive stone dwellings that towered over them. "These buildings are huge! " Nami shouted from the sheer surprise at finding such imposing structures. Robin stared upwards. "I'm...not sure as to why these buildings would be this large." she said. "Hopefully we can find someone that can help us out." The ladies walked past a stone wall and up to a large wooden door."Think that we should knock and see if we can find out if anyone has a boat here?" "Yeah, that's probably a good idea. " Nami knocks on the door and waits for a response. A large man answers the door. "May I ask what you little girls want today? Do your parents know you're out of the house?" The large man condescendingly questioned the women. "L-Little girls? Sorry sir, but we are both adult women. You...are rather large though, I can see why you would assume that we're children." Robin said. "Anyway, may we come inside?" Robin asked graciously. "Sure you are." The man replied sarcastically. "I don't have time to babysit you. Go next door for that nonsense." The giant stated as he closed his front door. Robin and Nami both looked at each other. "That man was incredibly rude." Nami huffed. "I agree. Let's try the next house." Robin replied. Both pirates turned around from the rude giant's house and walked up to a very extravagant looking manor. The entrance consisted of ornate granite columns which stood atop an equally fancy set of stairs which led to the front door. Robin admired the carved images on the Oak door as Nami knocked on it. A few moments passed before the door slowly opened, revealing an Amazon. She stood twelve feet tall and was quite fit. "We hate to bother you, but we are stranded on this island and need to find someone who can build us a boat." Robin explained to the towering woman before her. "Sadly we are a very isolated people. We sometimes have curious young men and women who go out on journeys, but seldom return. I assume they must find what they're looking for in the world." The giantess looked away as if in deep thought. " I must admit that I envy them. I have tried for a long time to achieve my dream, but as the years slip by, I find myself further away from acquiring my purpose in life." She sighed. Nami felt the Amazon was getting a bit ahead of herself. "I'm sorry to hear that. Miss uh, may I ask what your name is? " "I'm Felicity Stone. My family were stone masons on this island for generations. I'm the last living descendent of my lineage on the island." The statuesque woman explained while getting that far away look in her eye. "What are your names?" "I'm Nami." The navigator quickly answered. "And I'm Robin." The brunette introduced herself. "Well, now that we're all properly acquainted. Would you like to come inside and join me for tea?" The Amazon offered. The girls nodded and are allowed entry. They immediately notice all the large baby toys and items strewn about the living room as they walk through with Felicity. "Do you babysit children?" Robin asked the Amazon. "You're very observant. As a matter of fact I'm the main babysitter in the village because I love babies. I was never able to have my own because I never married." Felicity explained. "How come you never got married?" Nami questioned her host. Felicity gave Nami a sour look. "Well, I guess I am simply unlucky in love." "Sorry to hear about that." Robin said before Nami could say anything more to aggravate the giant. "Maybe you could adopt a child?" Felicity perked up at Robin's suggestion. "That's definitely a great idea. In the meantime why don't you two make yourselves at home while I prepare lunch." "Thank you, ma'am." Robin replied as she walked up to the huge couch and tried to get up to the seats. Smirking, she simply used her Devil Fruit powers to carry her onto the couch. Nami stared at the couch and wondered how she was going to get to where Robin was currently sitting. Her thoughts were interrupted as Felicity picked her up from beneath Her armpits and sat her next to Robin. "Don't be afraid to ask for help, okay? " Nami blushed slightly. "Okay." Felicity had witnessed Robin's display of her unique Devil's Fruit abilities and knew she had to put a stop to that. The Amazon knew the perfect solution to stop Robin's powers. Her family had mined Sea Stones for the Navy and had even made all sorts of talismans carved from the stones. Felicity needed an opportunity to give the girl one of her necklaces. Robin sat on the couch and looked over at Nami. "While we have encountered Giants before, I have never been on an island full of them. This could be a very interesting experience." She stated thoughtfully. "Yeah, we could even check out the market later and see if they have some unique things to buy for the Thousand Sunny." Felicity smiled and quietly left the room while the girls continued to chat. "It would certainly be interesting having such things on our ship." Robin replied. "Yeah, but we don't have any Beri and no place to stay in case we're stuck overnight." Nami paused for a moment. "You think Felicity will let us stay the night?" Felicity returned from the back of the house with a necklace in her hand that was sized perfectly for Robin. "I couldn't help, but over hear that you're in need of a place to stay tonight. You're both welcome to spend the night if you like." Robin smiled at her. "Thank you." The brunette noticed the jewelry that Felicity held. "That's a beautiful necklace you have there." "Thank you very much. It's actually an old bracelet from my great grandma. However, it could certainly work as a necklace for you." The giantess held the item in front of the tiny ladies who admired it as she continued on. "I've been trying to sell it at the market, but it's hard to sell antiques on this island. I'm only asking twenty thousand Beri for it, but I could give it to you for half that amount." Felicity held the necklace in front of Robin. The archeologist admired the intricate design of the stone. "I'm sorry, but I don't have any money on me." Robin answered. "How about a compromise. I'll give you the necklace now and you can get the Beri to me once you return to your ship. Deal?" "Hmm, alright. We have a deal." Robin held her hand out and Felicity gave the small woman the necklace. "Thank you. It's hard to support myself on just babysitting alone. Diapers, baby food and all the accessories don't buy themselves." Felicity smiled as Robin put the necklace on. "It really looks good on you." Nami complimented. "I agree with your friend. It's like it was made for you." Felicity added with a smile. Robin grinned. "I think I'm going to keep it on then. I'm sorry to hear about your money troubles at the moment, although there doesn't seem to be much you could really do. Perhaps maybe we could help in some way?" "I'm not sure how you could help me, especially when you're stranded on my island, but I greatly appreciate the offer." "I don't know what Nami and I would do without your hospitality. We would be happy to help you out in anyway that we can. " Robin replied. "You're both such kind and polite guests. Now then, I was just going to make some tea for lunch, but I'm willing to bet that you're both hungry. If you would like, I can cook you girls something to eat for lunch." Felicity graciously offered. Robin and Nami both smiled at her. "Thank you. I do feel a bit hungry. I could probably eat anything you make, although I would like a cup of tea to go with it if that's not too much trouble." Robin stated. Felicity nods. "That's perfectly fine. I'm afraid I only have macaroni and cheese or I can make you some chicken noodle soup." "Soup sounds good to me. " Nami replied. "I agree. Soup sounds fine." Robin added. "Can we help or are we too small?" Nami questioned. "Not to be rude, but you're both going to have to sit in the high chairs because of your size. So, I'm sorry to say you can't help out." "Seriously? High chairs?! " Nami said incredulously. "I'm afraid so. I don't want you two getting hurt or worse. We don't have a hospital or even a clinic on this island. It's best to play it safe. You understand, right? " The Amazon offered. "Why do we have to sit in high chairs? Why can't we just eat on the floor?" Nami questioned. "Because adults eat at the table and not on the floor." Felicity chuckled slightly in response to Nami's proposal. "I suppose if it's for our safety than we have no choice." Robin said with a sigh. "Come on, Nami. There's nothing else she can do." Felicity smiled and scooped both girls up and carried them on her hips to the high chairs. "I can walk you know!" Nami stated in an annoyed tone. "Nami, I'm sure that it's easier this way. It would take us longer to reach the chairs if we walked and then you wouldn't even be able to get into them." Robin said. "Now stop being so rude." "Alright, but I still think this is unnecessary." Nami retorted. Felicity helped Robin into the pink, wooden high chair first and strapped her in. She repeated the process with an unhappy Nami before returning to the simmering water on the stove. She threw in some vegetables, seasonings and noodles. "This better be the only indignity we have to deal with." Nami stubbornly replied. Robin rolled her eyes. "I don't like this either. We just need to put up with it for now. We're tiny compared to everyone else on the island, so might have to deal with some things like this while we're here." "Fine, but we need to get a boat soon and get back to the crew." Felicity came over to Robin and put a bib on her. "Now you girls don't fuss. I would hate for your clothes to get messy. " Robin blushed as the bib was put onto her. "Well...I suppose if it is necessary..." Felicity puts a bib on a struggling Nami. "It is. You two have no clothing and if you get your outfits messy then I don't have anything else for you to wear." Felicity walks back to the stove and pours two small bowls of soup for the girls. She brings the bowl over to Robin first and sets it down on the highchair's tray. Next she grabs the other bowl of soup and puts it in front of Nami. Each woman gets a baby spoon to eat their soup. "Enjoy." Felicity says as she returns to the stove to start brewing some tea. "I must admit, this is probably the most embarrassing situation that we have ever had to put up with." Robin paused with a blush. She took her spoon and began to have some of the soup. "At the very least this is some delicious food." "I agree on both counts." Nami ate her soup slowly as she realized that she needed to use the restroom. "Felicity, where is the bathroom? " "It's upstairs. Do you need to use the potty?" Felicity asked. "Umm..." Nami blushed hearing the infantile word for a toilet. "I am just wondering where it is in case I need to go later." Nami figured she would just wait for lunch to be over. She could wait that long. "You can have Felicity carry you to bathroom, it's nothing to be embarrassed about." Robin said with a smile as she ate her soup slowly, taking time to savor the flavor of it before eating some more. Nami ignored Robin and simply hoped that the meal would end soon. However, lunch seemed to drag on for Nami. The awkwardness of eating food in a high chair, while wearing a pink bib, had yet to dissipate for the Navigator. She only hoped see wouldn't have to do this again. The only thing that made this embarrassing situation endurable was the good soup. Once lunch was over she would use the toilet on her own without being carried around like a baby. "Tea is ready! " Felicity announced happily to her guests as she poured a couple cups and brought a cup to each girl. Nami didn't really want anymore to drink, but she also didn't want to insult Felicity. At least the tea was in a nice cup and not a sippy cup or something as infantile as that, Nami thought before taking a sip. Robin thanked Felicity when the full cup of tea was set onto the tray, replacing her empty bowl of soup. She began to slowly sip the tea and grinned at the taste. "It is quite nice. May I have a bit more after this cup?" "Certainly." Felicity responded cheerfully while Nami silently drank from her cup. Nami started thinking about the giant bowls, furniture and then came to the logical conclusion that giant toilets would most likely be in a giant's bathroom. With this unwanted epiphany Nami couldn't enjoy her tea like her crew mate did. Robin, despite being infinitely more intelligent than Nami, did not come to this same conclusion because she wasn't needing to use the restroom like her crew mate and thus had no need to contemplate such things. The brunette sipped the tea, enjoying it until the cup was empty. She waited for more with a smile. "Isn't this tea wonderful?" she asked the navigator. "It's good." Nami replied. She was focusing on trying to hold her bladder and wanted nothing more than lunch time to come to an end.
  5. Galactic Nursery

    The following story was a request of sorts for Dyperdrive on Deviantart. The following characters are his and are used with his permission. Depending on the feedback this will most likely be made into a comic. Please leave feedback if you enjoy the story. The Dyperdrive currently glided through the depths of space, piloted by it's Captain, Jamie Jammer. The boy sat at the helm of the starship, joined only by his metallic guardian named PJP2. The droid maintained the ship and did it's best to keep our hero out of trouble, but as of the moment PJP2 had nothing to worry about because Jamie sat quietly, deep in thought. Jamie couldn't help, but keep thinking about his goal of ultimately tracking down his parents. He knew it wasn't going to be easy, but it meant far more to the young lad then merely traveling across the far reaching darkness of space and cataloging whatever colorful spheres populated it. The boy's train of thought was interrupted by a beeping signal which caused PJP2 to spring to life, plotting the coordinates of the source of the disturbance. The blond looked over to his hoovering companion. "What's the problem?" Jamie wondered."There is an emergency beacon being sent from a nearby satellite approximately six minutes from our current location. Condition of the satellite is unknown." PJP2 relied to the Captain."We better check it out!" The boy said excitedly. "I advise against that. We have no info about the situation." PJP2 stated. "It's just a satellite. We'll be fine." Jamie replied."It could be dangerous. We should scan the craft first." "That'll take forever. Besides what's the worst thing that could happen?" Jamie questioned."It's best to be safe. I don't want anything to happen to you." PJP2 cautioned."I'm not baby!" The boy asserted before adding. "As Captain I say we go!" The droid turned around and finished rerouting the DyperDrive to proceed to the distress call. Jamie stood up to his full height of four foot ten, which was a little shorter than your average twelve year old, but afforded him the ability to get into small entrances and other small spaces. The boy inspected his spacesuit, making sure it was ready and noticed his diaper was a bit soggy. His parents had never had the opportunity to potty train him before they were separated from him, but this never bothered Jamie because all he ever knew was using his diapers. Jamie didn't want to waste time by changing the moist garment so he ignored it as the Dyperdrive slowed to a stop. The stop caused our hero to glance out the main window and take notice of the large abandoned satellite in the distance. The lights randomly blinked on the exterior of the steel spinning wheel as it spun around the center complex. It didn't appear like anything was wrong except that it may have been evacuated long ago by it's inhabitants. He had no information about what purpose the space station served or if it even had oxygen to breath."PJP2, give me a read out on the current status of the space station." "Preliminary scan shows oxygen levels are low and power output is below optimal levels." The robot reported."Okay so you're coming with me to repair the power core while I scout the craft." Captain Jamie stated. "Roger that."Jamie walked over to the molecular teleportation pad, where his metallic guardian waited. The galactic explorer typed into his wrist computer the longitude and latitude which would transfer himself and PJP2 onto the satellite. One final sequence of data initiated the relay to the space station. The blinding flash of energy dissipates, and it's revealed to both travelers that the satellite is currently operating off of back up generators which is evident by the flickering lights. PJP2 scans the walls of the reception area and finds a series of utility cables leading down a secondary corridor. "I'll reinstate the power supply. Please return here once the lights are at full illumination."Jamie sighed. "Fine."The droid left the main room leaving our pampered protagonist to explore the rest of the space station. He proceeded down the poorly lit primary hallway until he noticed a malfunctioning sign above a series of panels. The sign was in some alien dialect he wasn't familiar with, but the interior of the windowed area interested himself much more than the sign. It held clear bins that appeared large enough to hold himself. He wasn't really sure what purpose they had, but he couldn't help, but wonder if this was a medical bay of some kind. Perhaps this was a viewing area potentially for injured or recovering patients the boy thought.He resumed his investigation of the corridor and came across a mechanical door which was stuck ajar due to insufficient power. Jamie quickly entered the dark room. He could only make out a few shadows and shapes which looked like cages or plastic pens, a few tall chairs and a row of tables where he spotted a figure slumped over one of the tables. Jamie cautiously approached the humanoid and right as he was about to tap the shoulder of the Android it spasms causing Jamie to jump. The young astronaut landed on his padded posterior as he wet himself thoroughly from being startled by the malfunctioning robot. The blond cursed to himself as he felt his diaper swell to capacity. "I'll have to get a change once PJP2 finishes with the power plant."He regained his composure and stood up once more. He decided to try to scan the Humanoid robot. The data retrieved from the scan was limited and all that could be ascertained was that the robot was a female domestic bot and it was in a power saving mode of some kind. This puzzled the boy because he expected the Android to be a medical bot since he assumed that this was the medical area of the satellite. More data was needed and he decided to do things the old fashioned way. The boy knew that some Androids had to be accessed via wires to preform routine diagnostic checks and repairs. He reached behind it's neck to access the data port, which was covered by a panel. He opened the panel and found a set of input jacks. Jamie plugged his wrist computer's diagnostic wires into the jacks and began doing a full scan on the machine. Unbeknownst to our hero the Android was downloading all of his information such as weight, height and age. The databanks of the cybernetic Humanoid were merging his information with its programming. The only thing preventing the robot from preforming it's duties was the master computer activating the Android.
  6. The end( open rp)

    Chris is a 15 year old boy who's quote mischievous playing pranks on his family an friends. The week before his 16th birthday his friends an family get together, an plan out a extra special birthday for Chris where he gets dosed with a formula that starts to make him loose bladder an bowl control, need 3 ppl to play my mom an 2 older sisters how tease an baby me after his birthday moms 35 an the sisters are both17.) * I head home excited that tommrow is my birthday*
  7. Surprise Visit (Sexual)

    Lys had been feelings extremely horny the past few days. It’s been at least 4 days since she last saw her Daddy, and the feeling between her legs was getting stronger and stronger. She at least made effort to calm her desires, but there’s only so much a battery operated boyfriend can do; well, that and a plethora of fantasies. Before she met Daddy she had been a total prude. Her last sexual relationship was as exciting as watching paint dry, or at least, that’s how she likened it to. The most risqué act she had ever performed was having missionary style sex in her parents house while her parents were still home. She felt content before, but now, now she’s been exposed to more and her libido has begun to crave the attention. Tonight, she was going to solve her dilemma. No more cravings, no more sleepless nights, so more unfulfilling solo sessions. Tonight she was going to solve her problem whether or not Daddy wanted her to. When she first got back from out of state, her Daddy had given her a key to his place. She didn’t feel like she had earned it as they’ve only been playing together for a few weeks now. As she stood in front of his door, that line of logic faded. What mattered now was she wanted to quench the hunger dwelling in her sex organs. She wanted him in her. And now. Slowly, and with much trepidation, she slide the key into it’s hole. Gently at first, as she wasn’t sure was doing the right thing. She didn’t want to violate his trust with this forceful entry. After a few deep breathes, she didn’t care anymore. She knew what she wanted and she was going to take it. She turned the key, sliding the dead bolt from it’s receptacle and freeing the door. Feeling brave, and in control, she opened the door. As it revealed the living room, a rush of cold air from the AC’d house rushed over her bare legs. As the humid and warm outside air mingled with the cold dry air now brushing over her, her legs tingled. On any other day prior to meeting Daddy, she would have simply felt the goosebumps. Actually, prior to Daddy, she wouldn’t be wearing such a short dress. Or a dress at all. Prior to Daddy, she was a jeans and random t-shirt kind of girl. Prior to Daddy, a fun night would be her and her boyfriend hanging out and playing games, as she lounged around in comfy sweat pants. She would be preoccupied with raids and work, not hormones. Prior to Daddy, she wouldn’t feel the cold air rushing up her dress and hitting her wet diaper. As soon as she remembered she was wearing a diaper, she lost all her confidence. The butterflies in her stomach had made her forget she put it on earlier in the day to help her satisfy herself. Prior to Daddy, she would never have dreamed that she’d actually be begging to be put back in diapers. To have that thick padding between her legs constantly rubbing against her most sensitive spots. 4 weeks ago, the thought of wetting herself, on purpose, was outlandish. She shook her head, trying to refocus. Yes, she’s wearing a diaper. Yes, she’s in a wet diaper. A very wet diaper, actually. But this is what Daddy liked, and she wanted to give Daddy anything and everything he wanted so long as he takes care of her needs. Needs that she never knew burned so deeply. Quietly, she shut the door behind her. Daddy wasn’t in the living room which meant he was either in his bedroom, or in his office working. She wasn’t sure if this worked out for her. If he was in the living room, the surprise would already be over. She could face the consequences for showing up unannounced. Now, she had to sneak around the house as quietly as a crinkling diaper would allow her. There was a light on down the hallway, which meant he was in his office working. He would probably also be listening to music, a podcast, or listing to whatever video he was currently working on. It would certainly make sneaking up on him that much easier With care, she inched her way towards the office. Her every thought, her every breath even, was focused on being as quiet as possible. She could hear the crinkle as her legs moved, and the slight creak in the floor as her weight shifted. She knew Daddy had a good sense of hearing and unless she was careful, he could clearly hear her coming. Lys peaked around the corner, hoping her Daddy hadn’t heard her. Slowly the sight of her Daddy came into view. His back was still to do the doorframe. A wave of relief came over her. She accomplished her goal of sneaking up on Daddy. But now; now she had to actually surprise him and convince him to take care of her needs. The thought of what punishment lay ahead of her finally crossed her mind. Would a severe spanking be worth it? Last time he gave her a spanking it hurts for days afterwards. A constant reminder than she was owned. Worse, that she was just his little girl and he would honestly treat her as such. She hadn’t been spanked like that since she was 10. A few months ago she felt like an adult. An in-control adult. The floor suddenly creaked under her weight. She cursed these old floors. Daddy was certain to hear that, even with headphones on. Her breathing stopped, waiting for the reveal. What would her Daddy do? He hadn’t moved. He was still typing and clicking as if nothing ever happened. He must be editing some music, she thought. As she creeped closer, her breathing as controlled as she could with her nerves as volatile as they were. Even her hands were shaking from the anticipation. Never had she been more keenly aware of every inch of her body as she was right that second. That second when she raised her hand to finally make him aware of her presence, she noticed his screen. He hadn’t been working on a video like she had thought. No, he was working on a document. It looked kinda like a story actually. She couldn’t read most of it because of how small the font was, but the last line seemed to be in a larger font. It read “That’s when Daddy heard his little girl scampering across the room in a vain attempt to surprise Daddy. Only, little girls should know they can never get the better of their Daddy. That’s why they’re little girls still wearing diapers.
  8. Sister-Slaves

    ((Private for ServantGirl_Katy and me)) Lukewarm water was running over my smooth alabaster skin, running in torrents over the curve of my back and over my shoulders, being subverted by the considerable hills of my generous chest to run in rapids between my breasts and onto my taught stomach, some of it pooling in my trimmed, red patch of pubic hair before dripping to the ground. I raised my chin, allowing the water to massage my neck, allowing my tense muscles to relax. My hand ran over my chest, feeling the soft buds of my nipples as I spread lotion over my body, taking my time, knowing that I had the locker rooms pretty much to myself at this hour. I was taking meticulous care to clean myself properly - the only part of me that wasn't getting soaked was my red-golden, curly hair - when I suddenly heard the sound of the door to the locker room. I jumped a little, more at the sound than at the unexpectedness of it and called out "Sis, is that you?" - but if there was a reply, I didn't hear it, as my little jump had knocked over my lotion and send it flying to the ground with a loud slap. By the time I had picked it up, I heard naked footsteps on the washroom-floor and soon after, a second shower sprung to life. Being thus pulled out of my zone, I decided that I was clean enough. I turned off the shower and instinctively pulled my arm over my breasts, as I suddenly felt strangely watched, even though I was still fully protected by my shower cabin. I reached for my towel, brushed myself up and finally wrapped it around me. I then stepped out and went to the locker area. Sure enough, only my own and my sister's bag were still resting on the benches. I still took a look around, feeling uncomfortable with even the idea of her seeing me naked before I even considered taking off my towel. In fact, we hadn't seen each other naked since we had been kindergarteners, playing in the garden in summer - at least as far as I knew - and I was strangely shy about being seen in all my womanly glory by my own sister. As I went over to my bag, I noticed with confusion that I couldn't find my street-clothes. I could have sworn that I had packed them earlier today, and I moved around a little to see if they had somehow fallen to the ground or under the bench, or whether I had stashed them in my locker. But with evidence clearly pointing to the contrary, it appeared that I must have forgotten to take an extra blouse and a pair of pants with me. At least I found a fresh thong in my bag. I was relieved that I wouldn't have to wear my cheerleading-panties, especially after practice, but I was put off by the strange lack of my clothes, so I quickly puleld on the thong over my legs without even removing the towel, being even more self-conscious than before. I pulled the silky cloth in place around my sex, and the string nestled in nicely between my firm, round buttcheeks. As I consoled myself with having to wear my cheerleading-uniform on my way home, and quickly pulled off the towel in order to put on my sports-bra, I realized that it was missing, too. This was getting weirder and weirder and beyond the point of me being able to explain it away. But even as I was starting to wonder whether someone was pulling a prank on me, I realized that I was standing almost naked inside the school's locker room. The other shower was still running in the washroom, and I was fairly certain that there shouldn't be anyone else here at this hour, but still, my shyness prompted me to quickly pull my uniform over my head, allowing it to brush over my unprotected breasts. There I was, in nothing but a thong and my cheerleading uniform, suddenly very aware of how exposed my buttocks were, covered only by a short skirt and not-covered by the string of my thong - not to mention the state of my breasts, which were resting firmly on my frame, but still felt strangely vulnerable, especially as my niplpes started to stiffen visibly from contact with the unfamiliar texture of my uniform... ...and before I had a chance to even put on my socks or shoes, I suddenly felt a strong hand grab my shoulder from behind.
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    From the album Sissy's Likes

    I imagine that a close family friend has me come over to do some yard work and she decides to make me her gurl.