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  1. Cole sat up but felt something weird between his legs and tired looking around. "Hello? Anyone? Haley?"
  2. After about an hour cole eventually woke up and couldn't see a thing as it was dark. "Where am I?" Cole said as he tried looking around
  3. Cole sat down and drank the wine and ate food and which he felt his stomach cramp. "Uh, which way's the bathrooooom....?" He started feeling a little sleepy and he fell asleep
  4. Cole went inside and took off his shoes. "You have a private chef? That's so cool" He followed Haley into the dinning room
  5. Cole got dressed and drove over to Haley's house. Once he arrived he walked about to her door and rang her doorbell and waited for an answer
  6. Cole takes the paper and puts it in his pocket. "Sounds good." He said as he went back to his office
  7. Cole replies "Cool, I'd love to eat dinner with you. What time? Also what's your address?" Cole asked as he'd never been to her house before
  8. Cole listened to everything and even took notes about everything and when Haley said he needed to talk to her he said "Ok then" and continued to listen
  9. Cole saw Haley, her newest friend and co-worker. "Alright then Haley." Cole went to go get some water and then head to the meeting room.
  10. Cole was a 19 year old who just got a job a few days go and already he's starting to like it. Little did he know his life would change forever. He woke up, showered and head to his work place
  11. That sounds good
  12. No thanks
  13. Anyone?
  14. I'm looking for someone to put me in diapers in any way possible. PM or reply if you're interested
  15. Anybody?