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  1. Port in a Storm (Private RP with coletheriolu)

    (you there?)
  2. F is for.... (Private for Danny and I)

    "Me too mom." I said a little scared "Well sorry won't help you this time. You both have F's in all your classes, meaning your no smarter than a baby. Since you both failed like babies, I'm gonna treat you like one." She said. "You'll both get your spankings and then be put into diapers"
  3. F is for.... (Private for Danny and I)

    (I could be the mom) Their mother, Serena, checked the mail today and saw that her boys had gotten F's in all their classes. She decided to punish them today when they got home. When she saw them come through the front door she said "Boys, come here right now."
  4. F is for.... (Private for Danny and I)

    Cole and his brother were in big trouble. Report cards are being sent out today and they've both gotten F's in their classes and they knew their parents won't be happy. They both had to run home as fast as they could so they could try to change it to make it look like they got good grades but they saw their mother's car in the driveway
  5. RP please

    A lot of my other rps are going slow right now. Anyone can rp with me just reply or PM me with your likes and dislikes Here are a few ideas 1. You/me gets F's at school and mom or dad decide the best way to spend your summer vacation is being treated like a baby 2. People report they see a mysterious woman in the window of an abandoned mansion so you and me go to invstigate only to find out the woman haunting wants her own babies so she decides to baby and keep us for a long time 3. A robot maid that was supposed to do everything malfunctions and treats it's master like a baby. Diapering, bottle-feeding, dressing in baby clothes, etc. If you have any other ideas other than this let me know. Thanks!
  6. Port in a Storm (Private RP with coletheriolu)

    After all 3 teens had very red and sore bottoms the robots laid them down on a changing mat and started diapering them while everyone else was either laughing or taking pictures of them.
  7. Who wants to do babyfur rp

    I am
  8. Port in a Storm (Private RP with coletheriolu)

    Luckily there
  9. Port in a Storm (Private RP with coletheriolu)

    Cole said
  10. Port in a Storm (Private RP with coletheriolu)

    The three run as fast as they could. They dashed through a few alleyways before finally losing the robots.
  11. Port in a Storm (Private RP with coletheriolu)

    Cole spots a car that the 3 of them could leave in.