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  1. Cole just sighed
  2. "We were being held captive"
  3. Cole yipes and sits still
  4. Cole struggles
  5. The arms put a pacifier in both of their mouths completing the outfits. The the machine picked them up and gave them a robot that looks like a mother. "Time for the babies to go to bed" It said as it walked into a nursery with two cribs ready for them
  6. "This is worse than being stuck at the daycare. What did we do wrong?"
  7. "Hey! Let us go! We didn't do anything wrong"
  8. "I don't know. But I don't wanna find out."
  9. "Ok. I think they're gone" Cole peeks out his head just to be sure
  10. Cole keeps quiet and hides
  11. The arms kept their bottoms in the air while unfolding a diaper under them then lowering them on top of it. The front of the diapers were folded over their powered crotches and then taped up on both sides. The arms brought down baby clothing and dressed them in a baby shirt, mittens, booties and a bonnet
  12. The robot began to rock her and placed a bottle of baby formula in her mouth
  13. Cole goes to hide in Michael's room
  14. "Good question"
  15. An arm grabbed her leg and pulled her to the robot