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  1. Back from sea! Ahoy! I need a few to get active again~

  2. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    Stone tilts her head like she was trying to get water out of her ear. The simulation was keeping her from prioritizing correctly and she was having trouble thinking clearly. She pushed through. “I’m—Quinn...” She brushes a few strands of Quinn’s hair lightly aside, managing to calm slightly and regain control. “I’m just so relieved you’re safe.” Her attention is drawn to the keys. “You stinky genius.” Stone said in reply and grins, quickly leaving Quinn’s side for only a moment to snatch up the keys and return to unlock her own wrists then crouch down at Quinn’s waist. “I’ll carry Magnolia back to Good Neighbor.” Stone explained as she released the chain around Quinn. “Do you think you could be a big girl and help Mommy scavenge for some clothes? Antiseptic could be maybe in a mirrored medicine cabinet. I’ll get Mayhem here comfortable and try and find out where we are.” Before Quinn could move Stone wrapped her in a big hug then let her go. There was work that still needed to be done.
  3. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    Prompted, Stone looked down at Quinn’s crinkling panties. She shuddered a little with a mixture of appreciation for Quinn’s touch and her own fearful childhood memory before nodding a little. “I don’t know...on you they look pretty cute...” She tried to keep a stoic expression before she cracked into a grin. Through all the stress, coping with a joke felt needed. She caught another little whiff of Quinn’s dirty diaper and suppressed her irrational motherly instinct to change her on the spot. She instead grabbed a corner of the Shroud’s scarf to keep pressure on Quinn’s cut and held her closer with a deep sigh before leaning back again. “Hold that there.” Stone instructed about the scarf. “We need to find a way out, some antiseptic, and your diaper bag.” A necklace with keys lays tangled around the unconscious Mayhem’s neck.
  4. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    A sharp small nick is all Quinn feels then slight dribbling lighted before the Mistress’s breath whooshes past her unkempt hair from her back and chest being smashed against the side of her desk. Stone is on them, chained hands grabbing the deranged woman’s head and slamming it hard the rest of the way down onto the desk. Mayhem falls like a puppet without strings in a heap and Stone’s large hand applies motherly panicked but gentle pressure against Quinn’s bleeding neck.
  5. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    Mayhem’s face contorted with disgust feeling the lumps inside Quinn’s diaper smoosh against her and release a whiff potent enough to indicate the Shroud had messed herself so badly that it was now negating her locking plastic panty’s odor control. Mayhem reflexively shoves against Quinn’s diaper butt to get it away from her face and sits up shoving the chair jabbing into her to the side roughly to palm her panty cutting claw murderously. Just then, Stone crashes into the control room nearly breaking the flimsy door off its hinges looking like a true barbarian but is stopped when the sharp claw tip comes to rest on Quinn’s bare neck and another violent tug on her hair keeps her close as a hostage.
  6. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    The woman wailed, letting go and sending a hasty haymaker at the side of Quinn’s head. Below, Stone’s the heavy collar falls and she immediately rushes into action grabbing Magnolia from behind and trapping her with the chain linking her manacles up against the ‘Canary’s’ also freed neck. Mayhem pants through the pain, tugging her dress down looking at her monitors and seeing her henchwoman bested, her fingers begin moving towards her damaged keys. “Stupid Shroud! If you think you’ve been humiliated so far. Just wait!” A prompt for more gas release was flashing on the screen.
  7. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    Each whimper Mayhem heard from the Shroud between her legs sent more intense jolts of pleasure shuddering and extending into toe curling waves. She let her chair fall back against her desk with a gasp of surprise followed by a tighter grip and honeyed chuckle at how eager the Shroud was. She must really need her diaper changed. That thought alone lifted her on edge higher with the knowledge she had this much control over the helpless hero. Only she could determine where, when, and how the Shroud would be using her diapers or getting them changed. Would she instruct Grognak to change her right on this very desk she was being so astoundingly served against by her new slave? But her pleasure was tinting with annoyance as her pet was gaining too much of an upper hand. She considered sending another small taming jolt into her to remind her who was the boss only to hear a tap then a click and then see the collar maglock around the Shroud’s neck disengage and fall. “You sneaking snake!” Mayhem shouted in anger and her fist yanks back harshly on Quinn’s hair.
  8. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    Mayhem was lost in ecstasy. Her head thrown back, her mouth open and voicing her pleasure to torment Stone trapped below and being forced to listen through the open mic. This victory was so complete for Mayhem; it was beyond her wildest imaginations. Her hand gripped the back of Quinn’s hair, alternating between holding her roughly and massaging the back of her head possessively. Her hips lewdly raised for her pet to kick her deeply. If Quinn were to get the device and shutdown the terminal she and her fellow captives would be safe from any technological harm.
  9. DiaperRebel

    Hard Reset

    Fantastic description of wetting at the end there!! I had to comment! Bravo!
  10. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    Mayhem lifts her veil to better see her captive. Her dark eyes shimmering and her lipstick dark to match her dress. The silk on her fingers is cool as she grips Quinn’s chin. She examines her prize, her silver trophy, eyes wandering appreciatively, seeing beyond her captive’s scars and jet use to the small, but well-structured woman beneath. A little training regime, strict diet of her choosing, and perhaps a trip to the Diamond City surgeon once she was more well behaved could get her once fearful police force paragon to be her diapered pet to look how she pleases. “Well, since you are just a little baby...” She sniggered glad the Shroud was settling into her surprising, but Mayhem had to admit, pleasingly proper role already so nicely. “I don’t think I should tell a little baby what happens to the human brain when my Canary sings, but I’ll let you in on your Mistress’s little secret...Dr. Brainwash was on to something before you snuffed him out in his prime.” Her grip tightened painfully, but then loosened once again. “After a little softening up I can control anyone from this very chair using that device. Even you, my soon to be babbling baby slave.” Her thumb strokes away Quinn’s leftover tears while her other hand wanders, daintily parting the back of the shroud’s costume farther to fondle the soaked weight of the diaper underneath, making sure to have the plastic panties crinkle prolonged and loudly with each deep press. “Curious, why you’re leaking into your panties, my little detective?” She whispers in Quinn’s ear with a chuckle, leaning forward during her examination, her hand releasing Quinn’s chin to pet her hair. Mayhem’s monitors remained within arms reach. “And I can feel it’s so soft inside.” She hummed, closing her eyes to imagine a scene. “I can see it now...I can take you on tour...Exclusive clubs of only the most elite in organized crime. Your Silver Shroud now pinned squarely between your legs as a diaper for the baby catching all your little widdles and soft smelly messies. You on your knees crawling and begging for your Mistress to allow you to earn a dirty diaper change from your big dumb mommy...” She pauses and chuckles darkly once again pulling back slightly to observe Quinn’s reactive body she felt through the costume. “I can tell you like this...” The Mistress wiggles Quinn’s chin between her fingers again and taps her nose. “Who would have thought the Shroud could be so easily degraded to this. In a dirty diaper no less. I think it’s time you learn how to earn a diaper change since so many are to come in your future. Don’t you want to make your dumb Mommy, and more importantly, your Mistress happy? You know what will happen if you don’t...” Mayhem leans far back, her legs widening more, and her finger is curled around a single sharpened tip of a claw polished to a shine. She drags it lightly between her legs slowly tugging and ripping the thin material of her panty hose to reveal herself dripping for her captured slave. The claw then reaches forwards and hooks under Quinn’s collar to pull her slowly and surely closer down.
  11. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    Mayhem sat with her legs crossed one over the other, high heeled leather boots stopping just below the hem of her deep purple gown. She wore a matching middle eastern styled veil to craftily hide her identity below her dark haired short bob with black ball gown gloves covering up her arms...it was the same singer from the Third Rail. Behind her on the monitors was the kidnapped Magnolia in her iconic red sequined dress sauntering into view by Stone, but she wore a strange device on her head in addition to her own collar. Mercilessly, she hooked a finger beneath Stone’s collar to tug her in her revealing Grognak costume closer to a strange amplifying device. “So we meet again, Shroud.” Mayhem grinned hungrily to Quinn in her control room, whimpering on the floor to her lair. She was shark-like as she leans back and steeples her fingers. “The silver screens really don’t do your juvenility justice.” She taunts playfully like they had all the time in the world to spend together before noting Quinn’s distraction directed at the terminals behind her. She swivels her chair slightly to take a look. “Ah Yes. I forget to mention my Caged Canary will sing a special song for Grognak and all the Commonwealth, Shroud, if you even think of trying to stop me.” Her eyebrow quirked daringly before she swiveled back forward and in doing so spread her legs into a more unladylike fashion. “Shroud...It’s time to crawl to your Mistress of Mayhem babygirl.” Her finger beckons.
  12. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    Mistress Mayhem busyed out pleasantly high pitched laughter. Only recovering with happy and haggard breaths suggesting she had been brought to tears by the scene below her. “Crying for your Mommy already my little Silver Swaddle? You poor little girl, we’ve barely even begun...” She cooed gleefully, her slim finger tracing around her captured nemesis’s colorful diaper on the monitor before her. “Tell me, Shroudy. How did you end up this way? Did the bough break and you fell straight into the cradle?” She tittered to herself. “Get whacked a little too hard too many times failing to put your new Mistress away for good?” She chortled triumphantly. Stone was physically hurt by Quinn’s cries. Her Mothering simulation wants to care for her, baby her, protect her, clean her up and change her diaper, and she was being forced to deny it. It was torturous. The pull of it, the pressure of it, like holding her breath slightly longer than comfortable, or not passing water when her bladder asked her to on a long patrol, no wonder her baby girl couldn’t be expected to do it. The impulse was so strong Stone tries once again to go to Quinn, but is stopped once again by the searing pain administered by her collar and she roars like a mother bear separated from her cub. “I-It’s me!” Stone loudly growled to the surveillance cameras surrounding them. “I-I’m her Mommy...” Stone panted heavily through gritted teeth at the floor. “I have to...go to her...please M-Mistress,” She swallowed her pride and looked to her poor helpless recruit. No, that wasn’t right, that was the mother talking, this was her Knight, she had to fight it. They both had to fight it. “Quinn, listen to me.” Stone swallowed hard and demanded her recruit’s attention. “Look at me. You have to be strong like the Shroud. What would the Shroud do?” “Grognak, really? A mother?” Mayhem butts in. “Is this some basic barbaric ritual? You adopt an adult to baby if you can’t find a proper mate? Pathetic. Neanderthal genetics went extinct for a reason, Groggy. Yes, yes. Now, what would the Shroud do?” The Mistress mocked through the intercom. “No pants, no gun. What are you going to do? Threaten me with your silver diaper pins instead? Ha! I’ve been looking at the reports of our past tussles, Shroud. Look around. I’ve displayed some of my favorites...” As Stone had seen earlier, the room had Shroud memorabilia that had been altered and placed purposefully by Mayhem. An action figure wore a cloth diaper now, specific marker colors added to show it used, Autographed pictures of the Shroud were graffitied, replacing the iconic silver machine gun with a silver rattle, Cigarettes turned to pacifiers, fedoras into bonnets, scarfs into bibs... ”You made a pretty penny off of these pictured representations of yourself in the past,” Mayhem explained. “Just think how much your photographed poopoo and peepee little diapees will fetch on the black market now?” She taunted. “You still have many enemies Shroud who will pay a particular price to see you properly put in your place, and if Grognak the Gorilla wants to stay and mother you so badly she can change your dirty diapers for me and sniff her filthy finger afterwards; that’s fine, but I want you to come to your Mistress first Shroud. I’m just up the stairs. If I smell anything fishy besides your stinky diaper you’ll have to call Grognak the Duster now to sweep up the ashes.” The room’s door clicked unlocked.
  13. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    “No no my simpering Shroud..” The Mistress continues in her mic with mock laughing pity. “You’ve obviously been a baby this whole time to be able to fill your little diaper that obviously odorous, and now you’re talking terribly too much. Lie back and suck your thumb like a good little baby. Kick your legs in the air so viewers of your pampered signed photographs can wonder if the Swaddled shroud is truly carrying quite a load. While you do that... think about the tinkle of your Mistress’s key going down the drain and know the only place your tinkle is going is into your new plastic covered panties Princess. Perhaps I will allow you a change once you understand for yourself what it is your Mistress wants.” Stone doesn’t dare move in fear of harming Quinn. She aches to save Quinn; to do something. To protect her baby and shield her from this. If only she had been faster, her suit’s filters could have saved them from the gas. She looks away not needing to witness Quinn humiliate herself further and notices the cameras, speakers, and odd objects spaced purposefully in the room.
  14. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    “Your Mistress wants her money, Silver Shroud,” Mayhem replies. “But seeing you like this is almost as sweet. Perhaps the Swaddled Shroud is a better monicker for you. Have you always worn those degrading diapers?” She cackles again and Stone tries to move to say something to comfort Quinn before being shocked into silence again. “Silly Shroud,” Mayhem chuckles. “You must keep your pets better behaved. You’ll need discipline to do what it is I want, but it seems a lack of control is pretty much your MO, so I’ve left you a generous gift. Do you see the juvenile garment left in the middle of the floor? Ah-ah. Crawl to it Swaddled Shroud. Lie on your back and slip them on. Turn the key then throw it down the drain pipe. Be a good girl now I wouldn’t want anything to happen to your friends.” A pair of plastic pants with a chain run through the top is sitting above the drain in the floor. Cartoon Jangles the Moon Monkeys are emblazoned across its slick surface to openly clash and highlight the Shroud’s diapered state.
  15. DiaperRebel

    Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    Stone groans moving her leaden encased inside something unfamiliar. Her eyes crack open into slits to see large fur-lined leather gloves over her hands and forearms kept in place by heavy manacles. She was wearing very little else. Looking down, her hard stomach was bare above a gold chain belt and long tattered green sort of loin cloth. “Guten Morgen Grognak.” The same deranged woman’s voice as before greets through the static of an intercom. Stone forces her head to stop spinning enough to sit up and try and figure out where she was. They were no longer in the studio. She sees Quinn laying across the room. The trench coat hat and scarf of the Shroud costume was blanketed around her but anything lower except for her diaper was gone. “What do you say to your Mistress, Grognak?” The voice asked again sweetly, threatening. A sudden jolt makes Stone convulse and bite back a cry. A slave explosive shock collar is around both of the Mistress of Mayhem’s captive’s necks. Stone growls trying to move over to Quinn to hold and check on her, but another shock hits her and this time also Quinn.