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  1. Julie Symms looked into the next room at her sissified husband. He was busy playing with his dollies and glancing now and again at Little Mermaid on the TV. Even from the next room she could see the reflection of a trickle of drool on his chin. She began to wonder if he had wet himself yet. The constant hypnosis had worked wonders and he barely noticed wetting anymore. She remembered a time when it wouldn't have been possible to take him downstairs. Even with his muscles weakened from all the time locked in his crib he would have still attempted to run, not that there was anywhere he could have gone. With the extra thick cotton diapers she kept him in constantly it was hard for him to stand and even if he could manage to get to the door any one of his embarrassing outfits would make him think twice about opening it. After all this time, though, her little husband was a perfect sissy angel. It had taken the dark haired 38 year old attractive wife a lot of work to get him to this point: All the clothes she had to buy to keep him in, all the attention she had to shower on him, not to mention the constant spankings to get him to accept his new life. Not that there hadn't been some fun along the way she thought to herself. She still remembered how bright red he had blushed when she took him in front of a mirror for the first time. With the booties, the bonnet, the layers and layers of frilly petticoats, and the silky satin frilly white party dress he was an absolute vision. and those very cute frilly white satin baby knickers with row upon row of matching white lace on the front and rear in typical baby girl fashion She chuckled when she thought about how he had wet himself out of sheer terror (the diapering started after that). She recalled fondly how he had squirmed when she invited her lady friends to the house to fuss over him. Her absolute favourite, however, were the little sissy tears he had cried when she brought one of her lovers into his nursery to tickle him under the chin. By time she was done having sex in his nursery with the big rough man the tears were almost dry; more than could be said for his diapers. Her husband became accustomed to her lovers visits and to get some relief on such occasions he would listen by her closed bedroom door her ecstatic moans of pleasurable fucking with her well hung lover drove him to play with himself.she knew he was stood by her door playing with himself that tiny penis of his in his frilly baby clothes those plastic pants making loud rustling noises failed to prevent his covert actions being discovered by his wife and lover much to their amazement Then the plastic pants and nappy could never hold back the torrent of urine and she would then have to change her sissy husbands nappy Infront of her lover or anyone else who happened to be visiting. Now she had finished mixing his special bottle. That had been one of her best ideas. Warm milk, mixed with hormones, and the creamy got from him every morning. Since she had to get it every morning to keep him from stroking his diapered clitty anyway, she figured why not put it to good use? Of course he had resisted at first but she was always able to convince him. Just like his little fits over not getting to be milked until he admitted he was a complete sissy. She wondered if he had known how ridiculous his protests had sounded with his new sissy lisp. In each case he had given up after one spanking and now they were his favourite times of the day (except for dress up of course). Of course he had become much more docile after she told him that all of his old things had been sold to pay for his transformation. Dresses ,nappies and ruffled baby knickers and plastic panties and your baby furniture aren't free she had cooed to him. She watched his face light up as she brought his bottle over to him. He bounced and squirmed in his playpen at the sight of her. The rustling of petticoats and frilly nylon lined plastic almost kept her from hearing him wetting his diaper. She handed him his bottle. He held it in both hands and began sucking ravenously. She smiled and decided to spank him today for old times sake. JULIE and her sissy baby husband Mommy sat down next to the playpen and watched as her baby finished his bottle. His mouth kept sucking as she took it from him and he whimpered and kicked when he saw that it was gone. With time his little tantrums had less frequent but more and more babyish, but she knew how to stop them. She pulled out his pacifier and he was sucking rhythmically before she tied its ribbons around his head. Did baby's special bottle get her excited, and does she need a diaper change? she cooed, stressing the female pronouns. He blushed and she heard him wet his diaper again. She wondered whether he was more embarrassed about the diaper or about being referred to as she. Ok baby mommy will change you and let you make poppies. He bounced up and down excited and she could hear the squish of his wet diapers. She opened his playpen and he crawled over to his changing mat. Before it had been so hard removing all the layers and layer of baby clothes for him to use the potty seat. First the frilly pink satin baby knickers and plastic panties, then all the cloth diapers, then the petticoats and frilly pink matching satin short dresses, and in the end he would end up sitting on his pink little potty chair in nothing but a bonnet and training bra. While this was quite a sight to behold she didn't want him poking and playing with his little breasts. He had been overwhelmed when they first started to really appear and had spent the entire day in his crib fondling his little budding nipples. Now she made the bottoms of all his outfits detachable so he wouldn't have to go without his precious sissy clothes. Once his stunning wife/mommy had his diapers off she always made sure to tie a few satin ribbons around his little clitty. She remembered how he had made squirties the first few times she had wiped off his diaper area. His thin miniscule erection barely three inches when fully hard erupted over his frilly satin baby knickers that laid around his thigh. After she had wiped him off she turned his over on his stomach. She pulled out the plug she sometimes kept in him in the mornings to keep him from messing his diapers before potty-time. It was pink and said ˜Mommys helper and the startled look on his face when she first showed it to him was almost the same as his shocked expression the first time she inserted it. She loved that it kept her from having to deal with dirty diapers, and she enjoyed the way he would giggle and smile whenever she would insert or remove it now. Having him use the potty chair was one of her favourite sites. He always looked ridiculous when he sat his pert sissy butt on top of the little pink chair. She chuckled as she saw him sitting and sucking intently on his pacifier. He heard her laugh and blushed furiously causing him to loosen his bowls and her to laugh harder. When he finished and she was wiping his bottom she praised him with her most sugary-sweet voice, Whose mommy's big girl? She knew the answer when she flipped him back over and his little clitty was bulging against its ribbons. She giggled reminding him it was a "baby dick" comparing its size to that of a small toddler and how "much more bigger" her lover was. He could smell baby powder and oil coming off of him before she even began to powder him. He's been so heavily powdered and oiled for so long now that it must be in his skin she mused as she grabbed three more diapers. After that she diapered him up and put all of his frillies back on. Now he was finally ready for his big day. She had been waiting for today for quite some time and had been trying her hardest to go about the normal routine and not drop any hints. She remembered the last time she had been this apprehensive. It was the day her husband cemented his own sissy fate. When she first started his training he had fought her fought her every step of the way. Once the hypnosis started to take effect his struggling turned more and more to crying and pouting, but even once his new life had become routine she could still sense a glare of defiance in his eyes. That's when she realized he would never fully accept his fate unless he chose it himself, and so she came up with her plan. He was shocked when one day instead of waking up in his crib and diapers he woke up in bed next to her in shorts and t-shirt. Fortunately she had made sure his bladder was empty or he would have wet the bed out of fright. Then when she turned to him and apologized for everything she had put him through he was dumbstruck. When she told him she would never force him to go back he feigned a smile, but she could see the faint glimmer of fear in his eyes; everything was going just as she had hoped. You wont have to wear diapers, or dresses, or bonnets, or petticoats, or drink bottles, or play with dolls ever again she had said to him. She was delighted by the pangs on his face at the idea of forfeiting each item. He was barely listening when she told him things could go back to the way they were before. Let me try to make it up it up to you honey she said as she curled up next to him leaned in to kiss him. He had yelped and rolled away. She (rather insincerely) asked what was wrong pretending not to notice he had now had made creamy in his shorts. She almost laughed and broke the act when he asked if that meant he wouldn't get his bottle today. After a second she had looked at him and said, "I guess if you WANT to be my sissy baby its alright, but we cant keep going back and forth. This time it will have to be permanent." This hit him like a pound of bricks. Ill give you the day to think about it" she said as she kissed him on the cheek and left the room. Despite all of her coaxing he was back in diapers before the end of the day. Today was another big day for him she thought. Just then she heard the doorbell ring. It was time for his play date. Mommy saw her baby squirm and squeeze his dolly tight as she went to go answer the door. It was funny how afraid he still was of being seen even after everything that had happened. She wondered how he would react if he knew that she had shown all of her friends the albums full of pictures she had taken of her new baby. The albums had been such a hit that Mommy's young thirty something very attractive neighbour Laura woods had coincidently doing the same thing on her naughty little sissy husband following a rather revealing discovery she had made. They had both chuckled when they agreed that a play-date would be in order once Laura had sufficiently sissified her husband even more than he had bargained for. Her husband was a sissy adult baby but hadn't told Laura about his secret fetish until one day she found out accidently When Mommy answered the door to Laura's baby husband in full baby girl attire he was shyly clinging to his Mommy's hand . Julie wasn't sure how it was possible but he looked even more ridiculous than her own baby husband. Every part of him was covered in pale pink satin . His long blond hair had been curled and tied with pink ribbon into pigtails. He was wearing pink Mary-janes with matching pink laced topped ankle socks. His nails and lips had been painted glittery pink. He was wearing a short pink satin dress with layers of white coloured petticoats. His baby knickers were a of pale pink satin with lace trim ruffles on the front and rear .As a finishing touch his extra thick diapers under a pair of transparent plastic pants (Laura used two terry nappies at a time) . "Well doesn't someone look cute today"? Mommy cooed. The baby minced and blushed even pinker. Then his Mommy gave him an icy look causing him to quickly curtsey exposing even more of his frilly ruffled panties and diapers. She looked down at him again and he lisped, "Hewo, my name is Thithy. Tank you fow letting me come ovow and pway". Sissy, mommy thought, not very original but certainly appropriate. Even though this little speech was obviously rehearsed Mommy could hear the humiliation in it. Then the two sexy wives started chatting about techniques they used with their babies. Laura absolutely loved idea of Julie cuckolding her husband she was very intrigued how this can work within a marriage .Julie explained she had just been letting her baby make creamies in his diapers and then spanking him for it when she was with her lover. Laura was fully aware of Julie's cuckolding her sissy husband from previous telephone calls and wanted to learn much more details she found herself giving serious consideration to cuckolding her own baby husband. "It must be a coincidence that most sissies are very poorly endowed" she laughed ,Laura had embarrassingly confessed to Julie that her husband had a micro penis and sex was useless "I can't feel him when hes inside me and then his finished in seconds its always been this way I suggested using penis extension sheaths but he won't entertain that idea" . As the two mommies were chatting on the door step, Sissy started to tug at his mommys hand trying to enter the house, but she ignored him and held on tightly. After they finished chatting (and half the neighbourhood had seen Sissies diapered bottom) they entered the house. Mommy saw her baby's eyes light up when he saw Sissy. He dropped his doll and reached though the bars of the playpen. She wasn't surprised. She wondered if her baby saw Sissy like a new doll, a playmate, or as something more. Not only had she enveloped him in sissyness but she also directed all of his sexual desires towards it. All this time she had made him look at nothing but frilly sissy clothing whenever she had milked him. From the smile on her face she knew Laura was thinking the same thing. When they made the play-date had hoped the two would really ˜hit it off. Mommy also saw the mixed expression of terror, intrigue, and shame in Sissy face . I I think these two are going to be good friends, Laura said as she opened the playpen. JULIE Mommy and Laura smiled to one another as they watched Sissy crawl nervously into the playpen. Mommy was sure her baby's pacifier would have fallen right out of his mouth if the ribbons were not tied around back of his head. She also noticed how Sissy slowly swung his little frilly pantied butt as he crawled; it looked like someone was trying to get attention after all! She also noticed how her baby's eyes followed Sissys sashaying hips and that he was sucking his dummy in rhythm with the movement. She remembered that the nipple on her baby's pacifier was shaped like a tiny penis and wondered if her baby was slowly running his tongue over it as he suckled. Mommys thoughts were interrupted by Laura as she asked, "You know Julie you've never told me what you call your sweet little baby now? Mommy looked up and said, "You know Laura I never really picked a name, but what about Susan silk panties?" Laura laughed and said, Sissy and Susan silk panties? That sounds like a perfect match for these two babies Then, as if on cue, Baby flung his arms around Sissy who proceeded to giggle and blush. Once his cheeks had cooled Sissy looked apprehensively at the two mommies and started playing nervously with his short dress. When Laura gave him a slight nod, his eyes lit up and he turned and gave Baby Susie a kiss on the cheek. Right then Mommy and Laura could see a tiny bulge even through Baby's nappies. Sissy saw it too and his Mommy smacked his hand away right before he could touch. Both mommies were very angry: Sissy knew she shouldn't touch there (yet¦) and Baby had already been milked once today! I think were going to have to spank both of these naughty babies, Mommy said crossing her arms. You mean your gunna take off my diapers, said Sissy shyly. He might sound timid, Mommy though but both she and Laura noticed how hungrily he stared at Baby's crotch when he was speaking and how he began slowly sucking his thumb once he finished. Both mommies had expected the two to be friends, but looking at one another they were amazed at how quickly things were developing. Yes Sissy, his mommy cooed, were going to spank you and Baby's naked bottoms. Mommy could tell it took all of Sissys restraint not to cheer as she knelt down to take out Baby's pacifier. She leaned far over exposing tops of her breasts as she began to untie the ribbons and to pull out the pacifier. She was pleased that the babies eyes remained glued to one another. Mommy did notice, however, that Laura leaned in to eye her figure and for the first time Mommy began to blush slightly. She could feel Baby's lips cling to the pacifiers tip as she slowly removed it, allowing Sissy to clearly see it. The two babies shivered with anticipation as their mommies announced it was spanking time and if their mommies hadn't immediately swooped them up they probably would have begun making sloppy baby kisses right there. The two mommies set up rocking chairs next to one another, pulled their babies frilly knickers and plastic pants along with their diapers and placed them over their lap.. Both women laughed when they saw each others husbands tiny erect penis's for the first time hey were of similar size but Laura's husband was about half inch shorter. and much thinner hardly any sort of shaft was evident Julie was was in hysterics at seeing sissies micro penis “ it’s TINY oh gosh poor you Laura . Laura had mentioned his “ baby size dick” to Julie but now seeing it in the flesh was the cause for great amusement for her . Laura looked at how tiny and puny Susie silk panties penis was and fully understood why he was now an unfortunate cuckold ,admitting that even both Sissies cocks put together wouldn’t compare in size to that of her boyfriend. Susan silk panties had no choice in the arrangement he was a baby now so forced into accepting his wife needs to find a man that could satisfy her sexual needs .Julie boasted to Laura her lover was very well endowed” his cock is very thick and long he knows how to use it no joke its the best sex I had ever had.” Baby and Sissy were now lying face to face and their mommies pretended not to notice when they started kissing. The sound of deep baby kisses was only interrupted by synchronized yelps as the two babies were spanked. Only once Baby Susie and Sissys bottoms were bright red were they put back into their playpen, this time with no diapers or baby panties. Lets see what mischief our little girls get into together said Laura, looking down at the two ridiculous adult babies. The two women laughed when the babies naked bottom half were on show, their hairless tiny genitals remained stiff from their spanking and the sex talk about intercourse with much better endowed men kept them aroused. The two attractive housewives chatted away sharing thoughts on the best way forward for their sissy little babies. Julie excitedly shared the juicy details of her lovers sexual prowess in the bedroom ,his large magnificent thick penis and how cuckolding changed her marriage for the better. "He gets his pleasure from being my baby girl and playing with his tiny thing when me and my boyfriend are fucking in the bed in the next room he’s so big it can hurt a bit sometimes it must be at least 7 or 8 inches" . "you mean he doesn't mind you having men over for sex ? .Absolutely no not at all ,his need to be dressed as a baby girl and craving for humiliation was the best solution for both of us , he gets what he wants by dressing up like a baby girl and I get all the sexual pleasure I need from a real man". Laura felt her silky white panties becoming quite damp as she dreamed of being impaled on a man of that size ,taking a lover that would give her sexual pleasure she had longed for .She loved her baby husband very much and was aware of his short comings in that department before they married. She thought they could work around this. Laura had recently began thinking of cheating on husband and had plenty opportunities to so but backed out struggling with feelings of guilt. It was around eighteen months after marrying him, she found out that her husband secretly dressed up as a little girl discovering his baby clothes hidden away under the floor boards in the built in wardrobe. She was shocked and angry then decided to search his browser history. All thoughts of a happy fulfilling sex like with him disappeared she could never see her husband as a man after this. She felt trapped and wasn’t even capable of talking about it with any of her friends for advice how could she its an embarrassing subject thinking he was some kind of pervert. Laura was often hit on by men at work or on girls night out but declined to take the plunge into cheating however tempting it was apart from the guilt she wanted remain married to him he was good in many other ways and treated her like a princess In the end she became more resentful things had to changed and decided she was ready to have her own sexual freedom from men and her poor hubby would have to accept it. She wondered if perhaps he to would find it a turn-on? “ Maybe we could double date when we get you fixed up with someone" Julie suggested .? For the next hour both women searched on a number of internet dating sites for married women seeking men .Laura and Julie began comparing these tall attractive athletic looking hunks many with profile pictures in full frontal nudity proudly displaying their large penis. Laura was intrigued as she was shocked at how big some of these men were. Some described themselves as Bulls that cuckold sissy wimp husbands .One man calling himself Carl clearly stood out from the rest. He was a tall black man , very good looking and more importantly was huge where it counted, describing his penis size of eight inches when erect . Sissy was in the play pen listening to his sexy attractive wife with her dark brown eyes and long blonde hair getting more and more excited as she looked at all the male profiles pages Julie convinced her to message this hunk Carl and arrangements for a date "that good looking guy with that massive eight inches sounds perfect you must send him a message ,Laura if you are going to cheat on your hubby at least do it with someone who is larger in fact MUCH larger ha ha". Sissys micro penis became hard once more intently listening .His erection didn't go unnoticed by Laura yes perhaps he is turned on by her fucking another man she thought to herself smiling .Sissy noticed she had opened her legs just wide enough to see up his wife's dress from where he sat ,those sexy white silky panties and a telling damp spot beginning to form in the gusset of her crotch her wet patch growing even larger ,Laura was becoming more aroused as she clicked on the nude profile picture of this big man . Sissy knowing that his young stunning wife and that sexy slim body that no man could resist excited him always excited him but now. the thought of her being unfaithful with a well endowed man reinforced his own sexual inadequacy his humiliation would be complete .Sissy began making his own damp spot leaking sticky precum into his nappy. Both women were laughing excitedly about humiliating their husbands they knew this talk of cuckolding got these poor babies aroused looking down their sissy babies in their frilly sissy baby girl clothes ,Laura and Julie concluded they actually wanted this lifestyle as much as the women wanted it . It was only a week later sissy was dressed up in his frilliest pink night time baby clothes, dressed for bed in a thick terry nappy, clear plastic panties and pale pink see through chiffon baby panties these were covered in frilly delicate lace on the front and back. The matching frilly baby doll nightie was short enough to expose the baby panties. Laura had hired a young babysitter from the neighbourhood ,Kelly who at only just 18 years old was a rather attractive college student studying psychology .Kelly fully understood Laura's need to see other men after changing her husbands nappy when getting him ready for bed .As part of her course she had studied fetishes and sissy adult babies .Laura even told Kelly she had caught her husband playing with her silky panties even sniffing them.Poor sissy just blushed his new baby sttter burst out into fits of giggling “that’s disgusting you little perv fancy doing such a shameful thing well I suppose it’s because I panties are the closest garment to a woman’s body AND the nearest you get to your mommy theses days” she said ,the psychology student certainly knew her subject he thought .Laura nodded in agreement .”I might let him play with my worn panties when I return IF she’s a good baby “Laura announced sternly with her hands on her hips . SISSY KELLY Kelly quickly got the baby husband into his white large wooden cot whilst he sat and watched his stunning wife getting ready from the bedroom opposite .Laura had ensured she left the door wide open to tease him a little He saw Laura walking around in some new sexy white satin underwear these were of the bikini style of panties that encased her lovely round bottom in the shiny silky fabric, she then she slipped into a tight fitting black dress and matching high heels. Her hair and make up immaculate his lovely wife came into the nursery bent forward and kissed her baby girl husband on the forehead her long blonde hair cascaded down touched his face ,her perfume smelled intoxicating .Kelly told his mommy how sexy she looked .” Awww precious don’t you look so cute Kelly has chosen the most frilliest girly baby clothes for you mmmmm very cute” .With a mischievous smile and teasingly “ perhaps I might bring Carl back home so he can see you dressed like that what would he think seeing you in your pretties eh ?” She said giggling .“ I saw some of his night things including that pink onesie but I just loved the pink pretty frills on these baby. knickers and this nightie , is soooo short and girly it would be a shame to cover these frilly baby knickers with a longer nightie or onesie .I think it would be quite funny to let your date see your husband dressed as a baby girl ,nothing more humiliating I guess but he or should I say she deserves it, most likely it also turns him on , reinforcing his Sissy beta status and exposed to an Alpha male .Yes it’s very amusing I can’t wait to tell some of my friends on my college course I could even write a paper encompassing sissy adult babies ,humiliation and cuckolding haha yes eh I might even get a grade A or distinction especially having an actual case history to use as an example. .My tutor miss Taylor will love reading my work ,she prefers case evidence from observations examples rather than just theory or third party dialogue” LAURA Laura smiled then looking at her baby husband teased her told him she was going out to have some adult fun with a" real man". He was under strict instructions not to play with his" baby dick" whilst she was gone. A moment later he heard a car horn sound on their drive drive and she excitedly announced to Kelly "my date is here you have fun with my baby girl see ya later" His attractive petite babysitter wearing dark brown rimmed glasses was quite sexy was to ensure no masturbation. Kelly agreed to check Sissys nappy intermittently by placing her fingers in the leg openings of his baby panties checking for "stickie creamies". She couldn't help tease the pathetic man in his pink frills and that tiny soft little penis .He was devoid of pubic hair making his penis look even more infant like . An hour later poor Sissy was laying in his crib when he heard Kelly talking to someone on her cell phone "yes she's still dry I checked her nappy a few minutes ago , really wow he sounds like a real hunk will you be brining him home tonight ....woo lucky you Laura .Yes of course I will I will get plenty of photos and send them straight away" Kelly came up stairs and without saying a word took out her cell phone out and took several photos of sissy in his baby clothes to send Laura. Sissy tried his best to hide his face behind his toy Doll. "Aww don't be shy baby girl your lovely Mommy want to show you off to her new man friend" During the evening Laura had told her date all about her husband , he clearly wanted to learn more about her sissy husband and their arrangement. He found it hard to believe this stunning woman's husband would accept her seeing other men . Kelly even sent some photos of sissy to some her closest friends. Soon after a text reply's from Laura mentioned she had shown the photos to her date to prove she was married to a sissy and now she wants her date to meet her husband in all his baby clothes yes Laura knew this had to happen it excited her to let this man see her wimpy sissified husband dressed up in frilly pink baby girl clothes. Kelly relayed this back to the Sissy . "Well it seem your lovely wife is bringing her date back, you are in a bit of jam eh baby and no covers to hide under eh awwww poor you being seen this way by a man a real man who no doubt will be sleeping with her later and there's nothing you can do to stop this situation nor do I think you want to anyway i bet you are hard thinking about them fucking in her bed " she teasingly mocked .He was scared to let another man see him like this and told Kelly this. Kelly took pleasure in teasing him more "yes your lovely wife is bringing him home to meet her baby girl, he will see you all dressed up in that sissy pink nightie and frilly knickers ,he's already seen the photos and I expect she has told him you are unable to satisfy her because you have a ickle tiny baby dick....a micro penis that's less than 3 inches hard , OH YES she told me how small you are baby when you get hard .Awww don't cry baby I'm sure he will make your mommy feel great in her bed. Yes of course he's going to be staying the night in your wife's bed I'm confident he will be fucking her with his massive cock. Your wife told me he is eight inches in size wow that's enormous isn't it, its a mans penis not a baby's penis like you have. Does it turn you on that you are unable to make your wife cum because of your micro penis and she needs get sex with much bigger men she told me she can't feel you at all when you have sex with her awww poor baby this is so funny " It was just after midnight when he heard the keys in the front door then his wife's heels on the hard wood floor followed by the unmistaken sound of a mans voice as he met Kelly for the fist time. He could hear some laughter from his crib in the spare room what was now a baby's nursery a baby girls nursery. Laura asked Kelly if her baby girl had been well behaved ."I have checked his I mean er her nappy a few times but no sticky mess thank god " Good" my wife said "well this is .Carl and due to the late hour he will be staying the night like I told you earlier do you mind if we run you home in the morning ..your mum won't mind? " No I phoned her earlier and said that you might be late home .I think she's pleased you are dating other men .I have told her of the situation I hope you don't mind." OH no of course not I have already made Megan aware about my husbands er .. problems his er umm you know tiny thingy and the baby girl clothes ,how unhappy and sexually unfulfilling my sex life is Your mum gave some good advice and really empathised with my situation I suppose being a couples counsellor this was to be expected. She agreed that being "married to a sissy adult baby that likes to wear frilly little girl clothing can be problematic for any woman to cope with ,especially one with a tiny infantile sized penis" as she put kindly the issues demanded a workable solution . she told me in situations such as this it’s become more socially acceptable for women to enter into a cuckolding lifestyle it can be positive remedy and even strengthen a marriage if there's honesty and both partners can agree on some ground rules .she’ told me this is something she would have suggested if we were one of her clients. Your mum said if we loved one another it would be selfish for my husband to refuse me a sex life outside our marriage as he gets sexual enjoyment from dressing as a little sissy baby girl . It is clear we will be better off if we want to remain married . Your mum did say I may wish to take several lovers to avoid getting to emotionally attached to one man so something to consider this could be real fun and liberating for me "your mum knows so much about sex doesn't she ? She mentioned that she counsels a couple where the wife has a lover and the husband dresses up as a frilly maid apparently ,he even gets off being humiliated because he also has very small penis and her lover is quite bit larger. I never knew this sort of thing was so common . Cindy did say she would like to meet my me and hubby when dressed up in his baby clothes to find out how this fetish manifested in the first place she also told me she had never seen a micro penis before and I'm more than happy to let her see my babies tiny willy. She might also want to chat with by boyfriend to understand the Bulls perspective. She can come over when ever she wants tell her" “My mum tells me all sorts about her clients I learn so much from our discussions that even though I’m only 18 I’m not easily shocked by such revelations and my college course is a great help. I may decide to be a sex therapist when I complete my degree”. "Right well I'm off up to bed in the small spare room if that’s okay Laura I will check on her get her tucked in for night but I expect you and Carl might keep the baby awake all night haha “ They both laughed Laura impressed at how confident Kelly was “pleased to meet you Carl " He nodded and smirked at Kelly’s remark intimating a night of sex “Thanks for tonight Kelly we will be up in a minute Carl wants to see my baby girl "she laughed. Kelly entered the nursery ,"hello babykins mommy is home now and well well she has found a real hunk of a man , he's very tall well built and quite a handsome man .I think they make a great couple mmm perhaps he will be your new Daddy eh would baby sissy like to have a new Daddy " she teased ,smiling down at the pathetic male laying in the crib .Sissy became frightened when a moment later he heard his wife heels on the stair followed by heavy footsteps of a man .In an instants he felt his full bladder release urine into his nappy. Kelly had deliberately fed him two large bottles of juice so he would piss his nappy before the evening ended more as a form of humiliating him. “Here she is , my baby girl “Laura announced smiling , his stunning wife looking excited as she entered the nursery holding hands with Carl. This is my husband ...my baby girl isn't she adorable ?" The big rough man standing over 6ft 4 tall , was indeed quite muscular .He began to smile before breaking out into laughter Kelly and his wife began to snigger as the poor baby began to glow red with embarrassment. "Is that nappy of yours still dry I can smell pee" Laura asked between fits of giggling. His wife was now resting her arms on the rails of the crib looking down at her baby husband ,Carl had his arms around her slim waist. "I'll just check" Kelly suggested. She approached the crib and once again her petite fingers wormed their way into the leg openings of his frilly pink see-through baby knickers, under the plastic pants until she felt the cloth nappy. " Oh no she's soaking wet now Laura its not creamies ... yes she's pissed her nappy alright , ewww …awwww poor baby girl wet his nappy". Carl and his wife began to laugh in unison “wow he really needs those diapers what a pussy you married " he sniggered. “I told you didn't what I was married to so no need to worry about him disturbing us tonight hun she wouldn't dare or will find herself getting a bare bottom spanking over Mommy’s knees , or perhaps you might that privilege start the way we mean to carry on by making him know who's the real man around here now .I think it would turn me on seeing you spanking my husband over your knees with his nappy and panties pulled down in any case I wouldn't want to break break my new manicured nails " " wow that would make a lovely photos , your husband dressed in baby girl clothes being spanked hard by your boyfriend” Kelly said laughing .The thought of his wife’s lover hauling him across those powerful thighs , yanking down his nappy plastic pants and frilly knickers getting a smacked bottom made his stiff little member hard . He craved humiliation in his fantasy but in reality did he want this ? “I will change his nappy Laura I don't mind I have have babysat a few babies in the past so know what to do. "Kelly undid the large cot sides and leaned in . She placed her soft delicate hands on the waste band of his baby knickers and slid them down slowly the baby’s smooth hairless skinny legs to the ankles .she quickly followed by taking the clear noisy plastic pants pulling them down so they nestled next to his baby knickers .Expertly she unclipped the pink nappy pins and slid out the wet nappy from beneath him.Sissy was in a world of shame at being exposed in front of this new audience but strangely excited at the thought of this man whose large bulge was clearly visible in his trousers yes its quite clear he would be fucking his lovely gorgeous wife tonight ,giving her what he was unable to. His miniscule penis less than an inch long when flaccid was now fully erect for all to see The room erupted in laughter as the nappy was removed and his penis was now on full display. Sissy had no baby blanket in which to cover himself. Kelly was the first to compose herself ,she hadn't seen his erect penis before " oh my gosh he really is so tiny I thought it might grow to about maybe 4 inches but if I’m not mistaken that looks like 3 inches if that ? oh wow awww poor poor baby that’s so pathetically tiny no wonder you like wearing pretty baby girl clothes for mommy . I sometimes babysit toddler boys and I swear Laura they are bigger than your husband . Can I take some photos to show my mum and a few of my friends this is soooo bloody funny .?" Kelly took out her mobile phone snapping away the camera flash blinding him he attempted to hide is face with one hand and the other to cover the hairless baby sized erection, each camera flash was an intimate revealing photo , his small balls and close up shots of his stiffy tiny member some with his penis pacifier in his mouth other photos showing the plastic pants and frilly pink baby knickers around his ankles , all clear evidence this man was nothing but a pathetic sissy adult baby and was now about to be cuckolded for the first but not the last time . Sissy was going to witness his lovely wife being unfaithful to him. Kelly changed Sissys nappy and replaced his plastic pants and baby knickers back into position patting the crotch and smoothing out the frilly lace on the pale pink delicate chiffon fabric .After she was satisfied the knickers were correctly pulled up high to his belly button she checked elastics of his plastic panties were snug tight on his his waist and thighs " we don't want any leaks tonight baby". Laura and Carl had disappeared into the master bedroom .The new baby monitor that was placed next to the bedside drawers in what was now his wife's room it was already switched on and sissy and Kelly could hear the two lovers kissing and giggling from the monitor next to his crib. Sissy began to cry as he sucked on his penis pacifier imagining what was happening in the room across the landing , Laura had deliberately left her bedroom door wide open. Kelly took this as an invitation and decided to open his nursery door wider so the sissy baby would be able to see his wife and her new man, she knew the hapless baby would be turned on by his wife and lover about to engage in hot passionate sex. Yes Kelly knew the psych of cuckolding after spending hours on the internet researching cuckolding porn coupled discussions with he well informed Mother . Perhaps another fetish to be covered in her course work for definite . In a short time the unmistaken sounds of lovemaking could be heard clear and audible from the monitor and open door of the master bedroom .Kelly comforted sissy stroking his hair and patting the front of his baby knickers as the sounds of sex grew louder. Kelly noticed Laura's clothing was scattered about the master bedroom room ,Laura's white satin bikini style panties lay on top of her bra and dress close to the door. entrance A wicked thought crossed her mind she knew sissy had a thing for women's underwear, .Quietly she walked across the narrow landing and retrieved Laura's panties from the bedroom floor .She brought them back into the nursery inspecting them yes the crotch was indeed wet had Laura cum in them no more likely it was sexual excitement that had caused her juices to flow she pondered. .She saw that sissy was now knelt up in is crib watching his wife having sex with the big powerful man.Kelly began laughing quietly ,she stretched open waist placed the soft sensual silky white satin panties over Sissys head ensuring the very wet crotch was in direct contact with his nose. Sissy immediately became more excited as he instinctively inhaled his wife's erotic sent.Kelly giggled uncontrollable at seeing reaction to the panties. He looked very silly with his pantied head but she was mindful not to laugh too loud so as not to disturb the two lovers who were fucking widly.Kelly took a few more photos of sissy wearing his wife's wet panties over his head. He looked ridiculous she thought to herself. They both watched as Carl was on top of Laura, her long lightly tanned slender legs over his broad shoulders her feet in contact with the wall behind her head. Carl was pistoning his oversized penis into Laura's tight vagina ,stretching it wide during each thrust. Kelly noticed he wasn’t wearing a condom I guess that don’t make them that large she considered? Laura’s soft moans became louder and louder as the large thick pens slammed hard into her cervix .sissy was able to see his pretty wife's face a contorted expression a mixture of pleasure and enjoyable pain a picture of pure pleasurable lust . Soon she announced vocally she was going to cum and pleaded with Carl to continue his fucking "don’t stop she yelled PLEASE HUN FUCK ME HARDER ,FASTER FASTER .Her first powerful orgasm finally erupted into an involuntary shaking ,The headboard crashed and rattled against the wall ,the bed creaked as each deep thrust entered her lubricated pussy. Carls long thick shaft glistening with her wet cum juices ,each deep thrust made Laura moan loudly and sob as waves of ecstasy rippled through her body, she bucked upwards to meet her lovers downward thrusting taking all of his thick long eight inches of manhood into what was once a very tight vagina .Sissy thought she would be spoiled for ever after such a massive organ had penetrated her so deep and wide. At one point Sissy and his wife's eyes met , she smiled knowing her baby girl was enjoying the show , his new cuckold baby girl sissy status ,she whispered to her lover who briefly turned to look at the baby girl in the room opposite and they both began to laugh at the sight of the sissy adult baby girl playing with his tiny penis with her panties on her head .This made Laura even more excited any pangs of guilt evaporated in that second . She knew her husband was more than willing to embrace his babying and cuckolding. She cried out as Carl increased his pace fucking her faster and deeper ,loud slapping noise as his muscular thighs met her own, his heavy large balls hitting her bottom. Waves of pleasure spasmed once again as she climaxed again and again ,his penis reaching parts her vagina her baby husband could only dream of. She compared the feeling of their dicks and sizes. Laura was never able to feel her husband inside her and found sex worse than useless, pointless unless he was giving her oral unless he or using a large dildo on her which he was reluctant to do. Her private masturbation sessions was her only relief. CARL and LAURA Laura began to cry as wave after wave of orgasms continued , this had never happened to her before . She began quivering her face now flushed red ,moaning and sobbing into his shoulders. Sissy was still wanking his tiny member with thumb and a finger from the leg openings of his panties furiously tugging his micro penis yes he was loving the live sex show and encouraged by Kelly .The loud rustling noise of his plastic pants and frillies could be heard on the baby monitor in his wife's room. Involuntary her sissy husband began shouting NOOO MOMMMY NO HES HURTING YOU ... DADDY DADDY YOU ARE HURTHING MY MOMMY”. Kelly egging him on to shout louder and louder "Oh good baby yes mommy and Daddy are having lots of fun but don’t worry baby girl he's is not hurting your mommy he's giving her lots of great orgasms something you are unable to give her yes she’s being pleasured by him and that huge thick cock of his ,this is so sweet isn’t it eh .. its good you are so accepting of this. My mum told me she expects you are going to be a permanent adult baby from now on. A baby girl ..accepting your wife being unfaithful to you, a situation I know you deserve and really secretly desire .Carl will be your new Daddy" .Laura was listening to Kelly she was pleased at hearing her baby girl calling her lover "Daddy" .She was fully confident there was no going back to how things used to be ,she knew he had fully embraced the cuckolding , accepting his fate as her permanent baby girl the way Kelly had correctly stated . Carl will be his new Daddy and will have full authority to placed her husband over his knee if he misbehaves .Sissy was unable to take his eyes off his wife's lustful expression .seeing her lovers large penis making her cum was just too much for him, his humiliation complete finally splattered his creamies over the front his frilly pink sheer chiffon and lace baby knickers. Kelly laughed in hysterics ,his poor tiny penis looked so red .She quickly cleaned up his baby goo with some tissues then placed his still erect baby dick back into the soft confines of his cloth nappy and panties Then taking a blanket that was decorated in babyish animals placed it over her the overgrown adult baby girl before lifting the cot sides back up .She smiled down at the pathetic specimen that no longer resembled a man but rather a baby girl with those long blonde pigtails with pink ribbon the short frilly see through nightie and those very frilly baby girl knickers and ankle socks. The penis pacifier similar in size to his own cock was placed back into his mouth secured by a pink satin ribbon. Kelly had enjoyed this experience her appetite for all things sex the psychology created a need for more knowledge. Kelly and one or two of her close friends will become regular babysitters for Sissy and Laura’s friend Julie and her own baby sissy husband. Laura decided she wasn't going to put sissy on hormones like Julie was doing with her own sissy husband .No sissy was going to endure all the humiliation he could take if this is what he desired and she hoped he would never want to revert back to pretending he was a man.Laura needed a real man around to meet her needs .Carl when not working away on business would visit and be her live in lover and Daddy to sissy.Kelly and some of her friends will babysit when the "Mommy and Daddy want to go out on a date night" Julie was so pleased Laura had enjoyed a wild night of sex with another man she gave Laura a big hug as Laura reflected how she had multiple orgasms for the first time in her life .Laura showed her friend the revealing photos Kelly had taken and described in great detail about his "enormous penis how deeply he penetrated she was sore the day after" Laura found it naturally so easy to sleep with another man without any feelings of guilt , no inhibitions. The fact her husband offered absolutely no resistance When she came home with Carl had and had called him Daddy she found so cute .Sissy was allowed to watch them fuck and laughed when she told Julie about wearing her panties over his head. Julie listened and intently loved that idea idea . Both began to think up humiliating ideas such as having their boyfriends punish their babies by regular spankings . Laura loved taking lots of photos of her baby husband to share amongst a select few of her friends. Kelly's mother Cindy found them quite amusing but also very useful to some extent being able understanding sissy adult baby cravings for small penis humiliation combined with cuckolding and what drives this misunderstood fetish lifestyle. She will be coming to visit Laura ,sissy and Carl and may write a paper about this subject as a teaching aid for future sex therapy students . They often went out as a foursome when Julie had her boyfriend stay over at her home, employing the service of one of Kelly's friends, Megan was a regular baby sitter for Susan silk panties. MEGAN one of the baby sitters
  2. Hello folks, I stumbled through the web.archive and found a story from 2009 which was gone from this site through the great purge which deleted many stories. I found some stories by searching through the pages. This story was one I liked in the past. It's nothing special, and probably kind of repetitive. But for anyone who likes to read it again. Here it is: Weeboy - Mandy the baby sitter: Disclaimer:- Please note that none of the characters in this story are real children and the story is a work of complete fiction and should be read as such. Chapter 1 Hi my name is Mandy Brown I’m a 15 year old girl and i live in Yorkshire, England. I am around 5ft tall and really slim with long brown hair and hazel eyes and a body that is just starting to develop. I live with my parents and little sister Katie who is 5 years old and has the same brown hair and hazel eyes as me but she is small at only 3tf 2in tall. We live on a new estate where all the kids are younger than me ranging from 18 months to Emma next door who is 9 years old. Being the oldest kid in the street I get lots babysitting jobs but what people don’t know is that I’m the biggest baby of them all; let me explain. When I was a little girl I always wet the bed, although potty trained during the day at 3, my mother kept me in a nappy for bed. I never thought anything about wearing and wetting a nappy because it always happened while I was asleep until one day when I was nearly 6, we were going on holiday and we had to go on a plane for 9 hours. We got up early that morning and Dad packed the car with the cases Mum had filled up the night before, I got dressed in the cloths my mum had put out for me, a nice summery little dress, white panties and socks with cute little black shoes. We all got into the car and went to the airport once inside dad gave the cases to the lady at the check in desk and we all went upstairs to the café. Dad went up to a monitor and came back telling us we should go to the departure lounge our flight leaves in 40 minutes. We went through the customs hall and found the gate our plane would leave from and sat down beside everyone else and I started too played with little dolly. My mum came over to me a little while later and said “Mandy I’m going to the toilet are you needing to go” I said no but she said I should go and try anyway, So we walked over towards the toilets and then my mum headed towards the disabled toilet, I asked her why we were going to the disabled toilet and she said “you’ll see honey”. My mum made me try to go pee but I was just not needing, she then opened her bag and pulled out one of my night time nappies and said “Mandy, I want you to wear one of your nappies for the flight as you might fall asleep and you know what will happen then” I tried to argue but she was having none of it and soon I was getting the final tape stretched and stuck to the front of the nappy. She pulled out a pair of plastic pants and said “lets put these on over the top of your nappy, no one will see them under your skirt but if you wet yourself and your nappy leaks everyone will know” She slipped the plastic panties up my legs and patted my bum as she said “their all sorted” I again said to my mum that I didn’t need a nappy on because I’m 5 and a big girl now, but she said “there will be other children your age Mandy and maybe even older wearing a nappy on the plane it’s okay I promise sweetie” We made our way back towards the gate and everyone was now lined up waiting to get on the plane, as we stood there slowly moving forward my mum whispered in my ear “Mandy see the little girl in front with the red top on, she’s about your age honey and she has a nappy on too” I looked at my mum and said how do you know that? She smiled and said “you can see her bottom is padded under her jeans and when she bent down to pick up her book I saw the top of her plastic panties, that’s why I gave you a dress to wear today”. We soon got on the plane and found our seat which turned out to be just across the isle from the little girl my mum pointed out to me. A few minutes later and we were in the air soaring higher and higher it was fun it was the first time I had flown. My mum put the film Cinderella on my screen and I sat watching it for a while, then I heard the little girl across the isle tell her mum she needed to go to the toilet and her mum say “It’s okay honey just read your book” the girl then said as she was squirming in her seat “but mum I’m bursting” her mother smiled at her and said “I know Vickie but it’s okay, you have a nappy on remember” the girl blushed and looked at her mum and said “but mum I’m six, I don’t want to wet the nappy” her mum laughed and said “what did you think you had a nappy on for Vickie?, Just pee in your pants sweetie, its okay. I watched Vickie squirm in her seat doing a restrained pee pee dance for a minute or two and then she put her hands between her legs holding herself and looked at her mum and said “Mum Please I can’t hold it anymore!” her mum looked back at her and said “Vickie its okay, just let it happen honey I won’t be mad with you. Just pee yourself” Vickie squirmed around a little more then a look of panic and shock came across her face and she froze. Vickie’s mum must have noticed this because she leaned towards her and said “Has little Vickie had an accident in her nappy?” Vickie looked at her mum with a now sad face and said “I peed my pants”. I went back to my film and soon must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was my mum wakening me up to fasten my seatbelt for the landing. I buckled my seatbelt and started playing with my dolls hair a few minutes later I started to feel the need to pee. I leaned over to my mum who was in the middle seat next to me at the window and tugged her top, when she looked at me I said “Mum I need to go to the toilet”. My mum looked at me and said “You can’t get out of your seat just now because we are going to land, we will be landing in 20 minutes can you wait honey?” I was bursting and told my mum I didn’t know if I could hold it. My mum leaned towards me and the next think I knew she had her hand up my dress pressing the front of my nappy and she looked at me and said “Mandy your nappy is a little wet, you must have peed a little in your sleep, it’s okay to just finish peeing your nappy, you don’t need to worry about waiting. I hadn’t wet myself while awake since I was 3 and even then it was because I had an accident, I could have held on for a bit longer if I wanted but my mum said I didn’t have to. I looked at my mum and said “do I just pee pee like I would if I was on the toilet?” My mum looked at me and laughed and said “Just kid on you are a baby and when you feel the need to pee pee just go like you would when on the toilet but in your nappy” I sat there playing with my doll and a short time later felt the urge to go pee again, so I just relaxed and pushed as I would when on the toilet and I felt myself starting to pee, my potty training tried to kick in and I gave out a little gasp and threw my hands into my crotch to try and stop the flow but it was to late I couldn’t stop and I felt the warm pee flow through my nappy and realised it was quite nice. My mum just looked at me with a smile and said “I take it you decided not to wait then Mandy” I smile back and said “no mum and I feel better now”. Once off the plane we headed to our hotel and we booked in and went to our room, my mum changed me back into my white panties and we went for dinner. During dinner I felt the need to pee and wished I had a nappy on now so I didn’t have to leave my pudding to go pee, unfortunately I didn’t so got up and went to the toilet and then came back to finish dinner. After dinner mum said we should have an early night because of the long flight as we had a exciting day ahead of us tomorrow. We went back to our room and I had a shower and then mum put my nappy on and pulled a pair of plastic pants on over it saying she didn’t want any leaks on the hotels bed. I had my glass of milk and went to bed. I woke in the morning and felt the need to pee badly, I touched my nappy and it was still dry, I would normally go and get my mum to take my nappy off so I could go to the toilet but I remembered what happened yesterday and decided I didn’t want to get out of bed yet. I lay there and when I felt the next urge to pee I relaxed and pushed and felt the warmth of pee flow across my nappy as a peed myself. I thought to myself wearing a nappy is good; I don’t have to go to the toilet if I don’t want to and no one will know. My mum then opened my room door and came in, she looked at me and asked if I was wet and I nodded. She then sat on my bed and said “Mandy we are going to Disney World today and in the park there will be lots of people and huge lines for both the rides and the toilets, I was talking with your dad and we decided to give you the choice of wearing a nappy today. You will have a dress on like yesterday so no one will know and if you need to pee you can go to the toilet if you want, what do you think?” I looked at mum and said “do I have to?” my mum replied “no, you don’t have to but I think it may be for the best and remember you don’t have to use it, you can go to the toilet” I looked at her and said “but what if I have an accident mum?” My mum said “I don’t mind if you have an accident in your nappy or if we are in a long line and you decide to stay in line for the ride, I don’t mind If you just want to pee yourself but if you don’t wear a nappy and you need to pee you would have to leave the line to go to the toilet” I couldn’t believe my ears, I looked at my mum and said “I think you are right, I think it would be for the best”. My mum looked at me and said “come on then honey what are you waiting for? Lets get you dressed today is going to be fun” Chapter 2 I jumped out of bed and pulled off my nightdress, my mum pulled down my plastic panties and untapped my nappy and gave it to me and said “put that in the bin in the bathroom and have your shower, give me a shout when you get out.” I run across my room into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I placed the nappy in the bin and then stepped into the shower. I came out the bathroom rapped in a huge towel and shouted to tell my mum I was out the shower; she came in and helped me get dried. She then asked me to lie down on the bed and reached into my suitcase and pulled out the packet of nappies I use at night. I looked up at her and said “do I have to have a nappy on right now? Can’t it wait until we get to the park?” My mum smiled and said “Mandy its okay just put a nappy on now and if you need the toilet I will take you, but it means you can relax in the car if you fall asleep” My mum then slid the nappy under me and pulled it up between my legs and taped it shut and picked up my plastic panties and held them open and said “step into your panties sweetie, we don’t want any leaks now, do we?” I pulled my dress over my head and let it flow down my body and sat on the bed to let my mum put my socks and shoes on. My mum looked at me and said “there we go honey, lets go and get breakfast”. We went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast and then headed for the car to go to Disney world, as we walked through the front of the hotel I felt the need to pee so told my mum. My mum said “ok honey there is a toilet just over there let’s go” she took me to the toilet pulled my nappy off and let me go pee and then pulled the nappy back on and we left for Disney World. When we arrived at Disney world I was so excited the place was huge and so many people around I could see what mum meant about long lines. We headed off, we went on several rides and joined the line for the roller coaster the little board said 45 minutes to the front. We slowly moved closer and closer to the front of the line but when we reached the sign saying 15 minutes to go I started to feel the need to go pee. I decided not to say anything and we kept moving, soon we were at the front of the line and got in the roller coaster and off we went. Up and down we went faster and faster, upside down, left and right and then it slowed and we were back at the start. Dad looked at mum and me and said “I think its time for lunch”. I then remembered my need to pee which was now desperate and said to my mum. “Mum I need the toilet first, I need to pee” my mum looked around and said “There’s the toilets over there, lets go” we walked towards the toilet and then stopped, I looked at my mum and said “why have we stopped mum? I really need, come on let’s go” mum looked at me and said “honey this is the line for the toilets, you will have to wait” we slowly moved forward and I became more and more desperate and started to dance from foot to foot. My mum looked at me and said “to need that bad you must have needed for a while” I nodded and said “I needed when we were in the line for the roller coaster, oh hurry mum I’m bursting” We slowly moved forward but about 5 minutes later I was so desperate I started to pee, just a little dribble but enough for me to grab myself and gasp. Mum bent down to me and said “are you okay honey?” I looked at her and said “no! I peed a little and I’m really, really bursting” my mum looked up and then took my hand and pulled me out off the line for the toilet and started to head towards dad. I grabbed myself and looked at mum and said “What are you doing? I need to go to that toilet”. My mum smiled down at me and said “I know you do honey but you were not going to make it in time, you already peed a little didn’t you? Don’t worry you have a nappy on remember, just pee yourself” I looked up and mum as another urge to pee hit me and I crossed my legs but it was far to late, I felt the warmth spread across my nappy and started to remembered how nice it felt when wetting and said “mum I’ve peed myself” she smiled and said “I know you did honey it’s ok” We went for lunch and I had burger, chips and a coke, mum changed my nappy and we headed back towards the rides. We had a great time all afternoon and soon it was time for the park to close and we headed for the car. As we were leaving I saw the line for the toilets and felt the need to go and told my mum, she took my hand and we started towards the toilet when dad said “honey if we don’t leave the park now we will have a massive queue in front of us, can’t we just let Mandy use her nappy and change her in the car?” My mum looked at dad and nodded and then said to me “Mandy its okay honey, just pee your pants and I will change your nappy when we get to the car” she took my hand again and we walked across the huge car park towards the car. When we reached the car mum got a nappy out the bag and said “okay honey let me change your nappy” I looked at her and said “I’m not wet I still need the toilet. My mum giggled and lifted me into the backseat of the car a lay me on my back and said “we’ll soon sort that honey” as she started to tickle me, I screamed in laughter and felt the need to pee increase fast, I shouted “mum stop!! Please I’m going to pee, I’m going to pee myself” my mum just laughed and said “I know, I haven’t made you pee yourself with tickles since you were 3, But I’m going to now” she continued tickling me, harder and harder until I couldn’t stop laughing and then I felt the warmth start to spread across my nappy and realised I was peeing myself. I stopped laughing and my mum looked at me and said “by the looked on your face you are ready for a dry nappy, am I right” I just nodded and let her change me. We were soon at the hotel and went straight for dinner and then back to the room, mum checked my nappy but I was still dry and she took it off and sent me for a shower and told me to go pee. I came out of the bathroom after my shower rapped in my towel and mum helped me get dried and put my night nappy and plastic pants on for bed and tucked me in. I lay in bed playing with my dolly for a while and started to feel sleepy but then felt the need to pee and remembered I didn’t go when I showered. I lay in bed thinking about going to the bathroom and then I felt the urge to pee again and decided to just relax and pushed slightly. I started to pee so fast it caught me by surprise and by the time I realised I couldn’t stop. I enjoyed the warm wetness spreading across my nappy and drifted off to sleep. In the morning my plastic panties were wet inside, I must have peed myself again through the night and the nappy had leaked. I was soon up out of bed and showered, I was dressed in normal panties today and the same each day for the rest of the holiday, except for at night off course when I need my nappy. On the morning of the day we were going home my mum came in to take my nappy off and sent me for a shower and said “when you are ready Mandy give me a shout” I had my shower and went pee and came out in my towel and shouted on my mum. Mum came into my room and said “okay Mandy lets just put a nappy on you now because you fell asleep on the way here in the car, I don’t want a wet car seat on the way to the airport” I told my mum I didn’t want a nappy on until the airport but she started to nappy me anyway and I was soon dressed like I was for the last flight. When we got to the Airport and gave our suitcases to the lady at check in and we went upstairs to the shops and café’s and decided to get breakfast. We went into McDonalds and started eating and then we saw the family with the little girl Vickie who was on our flight here, my mum and dad started to talk to them and when I was finished eating mum said “why do you and Vickie not go and play in the soft play area and we will come and get you when we are going”. Vickie and I then went and played, jumping up and down and running around and then I fell over and my skirt went up, Vickie’s eyes went huge and she just looked and me and said “you are wearing a nappy too Mandy!!!” I started to cry but Vickie said “Its okay Mandy I have a nappy on too see” as she pulled her plastic panties out the top of her jeans a little. We continued to play for a while and then I felt the need to pee, I started to head back towards my mum and dad and Vickie said “Mandy, where are you going?” I looked at her and said “I need the toilet I’m going to tell my mum” Vickie started to follow me and said “but Mandy you have a nappy on. I need to pee too though so lets go and tell our mums” we arrived at the table where our parents were talking and Vickie was the first to tell her mum that she needed to pee and I then told my mum I need to go pee too. Vickie’s mum just looked at her and said “Vickie you still have a nappy on honey, just go and play and I will change you before we get on the plane” then my mum looked at me and said “just go and play with Vickie honey, you have a nappy on too so it’s okay to pee yourself and I will change you before we get on the plane” Vickie just looked at her mum and held herself and said “but mum I’m bursting if I jump up and down any more I’ll pee myself “ Vickie’s mum looked at her and laughed and said “Honey I know, that’s okay though, that’s what your nappy is for, Mandy is needing to pee too and she will wet herself if she jumps up and down much more too but she has a nappy on like you so it doesn’t matter. Just go back and play” We both ran off towards the soft play area again and soon were busy having fun. It was a good ten minutes before all the bouncing caught up with me and I had the sudden urge to pee. I stopped bouncing and grabbed myself and crossed my legs and Vickie looked at me and asked “Mandy what are you doing?” I felt a little squirt of pee escape me and managed to stop the flow but as soon as I tried to release the pressure I squirted again, then again and then I felt the warmth spread across my nappy and I couldn’t do anything about it. I looked at Vickie who was stood staring at me and said “I wet my nappy”. Vickie looked at me and giggled and said “I’ll wet myself soon to it’s okay lets bounce, We jumped up and down and up and down and a couple of minutes later I saw a look come over Vickie’s face and she grabbed herself and she froze. I started to giggle and Vickie said “there now I’ve peed my nappy too. We then went back to playing and jumping up and down. I heard my mum shout on us and we headed over to the table and my mum said “we have to go to the gate to get the plane now so let’s go change your nappy. I take it you are wet from all that bouncing?” I looked at my mum and nodded. She smiled at me and said “when I was a little girl I used to pee myself if I bounced up and down to much to, come on let’s get a dry nappy on you” Vickie and her mum followed us and Vickie had her nappy changed too and then we headed for the gate to get on the plane. When we got on the plane we were in nearly the same seats as before and across from each other so my dad moved over and sat beside Vickie’s dad and our mums sat on the end of each set of chairs and Vickie sat next to me so we could play. We in the air heading back to England and Vickie and I watched cartoons, after we had our lunch on the plane Vickie started shifting about in her seat as we watched the cartoons and I asked her what was wrong. She said “Mandy I need to go pee!” I looked at her and said “tell your mum your needing Vickie the toilet is just there” Vickie looked over at her mum and said “mum I need to go pee” Vickie’s mum smiled and said “Vickie it doesn’t matter, you have a nappy on. Just watch your cartoons and wet your pants” Vickie looked at me and said “don’t you have to go too” I thought about it and said “a little bit” Vickie looked over again at her mum and said “Mum Mandy needs to go pee to can’t we both go to the toilet” my mum looked over and said “Vickie, Mandy isn’t going to the toilet either because like you she has a nappy on so you can both just pee yourselves when you need to okay” We sat there and Vickie squirmed and did a pee pee dance for a few more minutes and then she sat there still, holding herself but frozen. Vickie then relaxed out of her trance and I said “did you pee your pants?” she looked at me and nodded and said “are you wet yet”. I looked at her and said I do not need to pee enough yet, but half and hour later I was the one doing the pee pee dance and squirming around until suddenly the plane shook and dropped suddenly and I felt that warm feeling spread across the front of my nappy. I grabbed myself but it was far too late and only let Vickie see I was peeing myself, she giggled and whispered to me “you peed your pants too now” I just nodded and smiled. We were soon landing in England and we said goodbye to Vickie and her mum and dad and left to get the car so we could go home. Mandy the Baby Sitter Chapter 3 When we arrived home it was late, my mum changed my nappy and asked me to go upstairs and get my Pyjama’s on so I was ready for bed. Once in my pyjama’s I went back down stairs and found that mum had made sandwiches and tea, we had supper and then it was time for bed, it had been a long day. I continued to wear a nappy to bed until I was 6, my mum decided at this point that I should wear pull-ups to bed, I had started to waken up during the night sometimes needing to pee and she would have to get up to help me with my nappy but I could manage the pull-ups by myself. My wetting continued both accidental and deliberately when I didn’t want to get up and go to the toilet, until I reached about 7 ½ when I found that my pull-ups started to leak especially if I woke up wet and decided just to do my morning pee in bed just because I could. When my mum realised that the pull-ups were leaking badly this is when the next major part of me becoming a big baby started. I woke up, it was 7am and I had to get up for school soon. I slid my hand down inside my Pyjama bottoms and pressed the front of my pull-up and found I was wet. I lay there for a while thinking about getting up and soon felt the urge to go pee. A mischievous little smile came across my face and I relaxed, pushed a little and soon felt that wonderful warm feeling spread across the front of my pull-up as I peed myself. The smile only lasted a few second until I realised that my pull-up was leaking and a wet patch was now spreading across my sheets. I jumped out of bed just as the bedroom door opened and my mum walked in. My mum looked at me and then noticed the wet patch on the bed and said “Mandy honey, has your pull-up leaked again?” I looked at her and nodded, she then said “I will have to think what we can do to stop this happening before we ruin your bed. You better go and get a shower before you go to school.” After school I arrived home looking forward to the weekend ahead, I completed my homework and then went out to the back garden to play. A while later mum called my in to get my dinner and afterwards I watched TV until I hears mum shout “Mandy it’s time to get ready for bed” I got up and went to my bedroom where I found my mum standing, holding a packet of pampers size 6 nappies. I looked up at her and said “mum what are they for?” my mum smiled and said “Mandy your pull-ups have been leaking too much; I have decided to put a normal nappy on you to see if that helps to stop you getting the bed wet.” I thought about it for a bit and then said “but mum, I can’t get these on and off by myself” my mum said “Mandy its fine just come and get me and I will help you, okay? Now lie down and let’s get you sorted” I lay down and mum soon had my nappy on me and she helped me up to get my pyjamas on. We went back down stairs and had some supper and then I went to bed. I woke up about 2 am bursting to pee so I pulled off the covers and sat up in bed, swung my legs over the edge and stood up but as I did this I felt a really strong urge to pee, I crossed my legs and grabbed myself as I felt a squirt of pee escape me, I managed to hold it and walked to the toilet but when I arrived in the toilet I was hit by another strong urge and crossed my legs and grabbed myself again. I looked at the toilet I was right next to it but if I moved I was sure to pee myself. The urge got stronger and soon I felt another squirt escape and decided to pull my Pyjama bottoms down and then my pull-up and try and get on the toilet before wetting to much. I pulled down my Pyjama bottoms, to do this had to uncross my legs, I soon felt another squirt escape and quickly went to grab my pull-up and realised and remembered I had a nappy on, not a pull-up. The shock of this was all it took and the squirt turned into a stream. I grabbed myself again but it was in vain as I felt that warm feeling flow through the front of my nappy, I smiled and pulled up my trousers and went back to bed. I woke up in the morning and mum was not up yet, it’s Saturday and mum and dad likes a long lie. I would normally take my pull-up off and wash myself, get dressed and go down stairs to watch TV but I have a nappy on this morning so decided to just go down in my Pyjamas. I was sitting watching cartoons and drinking some milk when I felt the need to pee. I put down my milk and stood up, I was about to walk to the stairs when I remembered I still had a nappy on and giggled as I thought to myself, baby doesn’t need to go potty because she has a nappy on. I sat back down on the couch and continued drinking my milk and waited until I was bursting and then just let go in my nappy, I smiled as I felt the warm feeling spread across the front of the nappy and though to myself, Oops baby’s had an accident. I wore the Pampers for a couple of weeks but they started leaking just like the pull-up did and when we got to the end of the packet mum had a surprise for me. I got in from school it was Friday again but this time it was the start of the October school break, no more school for a week. I heard mum shout on me from upstairs so went to see what she wanted. I reached the top of the stairs and saw my mum in my room so I went in to see what she wanted. She looked at me and said “Mandy, you know how your nappies have been leaking, I have been chatting with auntie Linda and she came over with these for you” I looked at the chair where my mum was pointing and seen a pile of white cloth and lots of pairs of plastic panties. The plastic panties were Pink, yellow, white and even some with little ducks and hello kitty on them. I looked at my mum and said “what are they mum”. My mum laughed and said “Mandy these are Terry nappies, the sort we used years ago before pampers and other disposable nappies came along. You put the nappy on with these nappy pins and then pull on the plastic pants”. I looked at her and said “but how will I get these on and off?” She smiled at me and said “your nappies will be off limits to you, only me or your dad are allowed to put these on you or take these off, so if you need to go to the toilet you need to ask to go”. I reached out and touched the nappies and seen how soft and fluffy they are, I looked at my mum and said “but won’t these leak like my pampers did?” My mum looked at me and said “that’s why I have called you up here, so we can find out”. I looked at my mum and said “how are we going to find out?” She smiled and said “get your school uniform off and I will show you” I stripped my top and my skirt off and then my tights and stood looking and my mum who said “take your panties off too and the jump up on the bed”. I took of my panties and now naked jumped onto the bed, my mum grabbed two cloth nappies and folded them together and slid them under my bum and then pulled them up between my legs, she asked me which plastic panties I wanted to wear as she put two pins in each side of the nappy. I looked over and then said “the pink ones mum, please”. Mum picked up the pink plastic panties and put my feet through the leg holes and slid them up my legs and then said “Mandy lift your bum until I slip your panties under your nappy”, I lifted up and she pulled the plastic pants into place and checked round the edges to make sure the nappy was inside the panties, she looked at me and said there you can get up now. I stood up and my mum patted my nappy and said “oh you look so cute Mandy. Put a skirt and a top on and come down stairs okay?” I got dressed, then went down stairs and watched TV for a while until mum came through and said “I have a DVD here would you like to watch it?” I looked up a saw that it was Cinderella and said “yes please mum I love this film” we sat and watched the film together on the couch, about 40 minutes into the film I felt the need to pee. I sat there thinking about it for a minute or two and then told my mum I needed to pee. My mum looked at me and said “the film will be finished in 15 minutes just wait” I sat there fidgeting for another 5 minutes and then said “mum, I’m bursting can you take me now” She looked at me and said “Mandy just wait it will be finished soon” I looked at her and said “but mum please, I can’t wait any longer” My mum giggled and then started to tickle me and said “I’ll sort it for you Mandy” I rolled about next to my mum trying to get away but I couldn’t and shouted “MUM STOP!! You’ll make me pee myself! Oh please I’m going to pee, I’m going to pee” My mum laughed and said “aww! Just as well little Mandy has a nappy on then, isn’t it” and then continued to tickle me. I screamed as I felt the first squirt of pee escape and shouted “MUM STOP it’s coming, I’m going to pee, please mum” My mum lifted the front of my skirt and said “It’s okay, now I can see it happen when you pee yourself”. With one last tickle it started, I felt a squirt, then another and another then I felt that warm feeling as I peed myself uncontrollably and looked up at my mum who had a huge smile on her face and she said “I think little Mandy has had an accident, now we can finish watching the film”. After the film I asked to be changed, mum said that I would have to wear the nappy until bedtime, so I went back to watching cartoons until she called me to dinner. I sat there at the table eating my dinner and then felt the need to pee so asked my mum to take me to the toilet. My mum looked at me and said “Mandy your nappy is wet already, it doesn’t matter if you need again, just pee you nappy” I couldn’t believe my ears, I sat there fidgeting for a minute but when a new urge came I just relaxed and pushed and started to pee myself with such a force that I grabbed myself and gasped “Oh!!” Mum looked at me and giggled and said “I take it you’ve had a little accident honey.” I nodded and she got up and lifted my skirt and had a poke about at my nappy and said “see Mandy nowhere near leaking”. After Dinner we played Monopoly and a couple of hours later I needed to pee again, I was having so much fun and I didn’t want to have to stop playing to go pee. I sat there and fidgeted more and more until my mum said “does little Mandy have to go pee pee?” I looked at her and said “yes mum, can I go please” She smiled at me and said “yes honey you can go, just go pee in your nappy again” I sat there and relaxed and as I bent forward to get the dice I started to feel that warmth spread across the front of my nappy, I place my hand into my crotch but it was far to late to do anything about the flow of pee now running freely into my nappy. My mum reached over and again felt my nappy and said “You know Mandy I think this nappy could take more but after this game I think I will change you for bed. After the game mum took me upstairs and changed my now very wet but not leaking nappy and said “I think these are going to work for you honey, just come and tell us from now on when you need to pee and we will take you to the toilet. Today was just a bit of fun to see how much this nappy would hold” Mum then put me in a dry nappy and plastic panties with ducks on them, then my Pyjamas and I went to bed. I woke up in the morning and slid my hand into my PJ Bottoms and then into my plastic panties and felt that I was dry. I lay there for a few minutes and then got up and went down stairs to watch cartoons, as I watched I started to feel the need to pee, I remembered mum telling me that I’m not allowed to take my nappy off myself, so went upstairs to my mum and dads room and opened the door. My mum lifted her head from the pillow and said “Mandy, what is it honey?” I looked over at her and said “Mum I need to pee, I’m bursting” as I stood there holding myself. My Mum looked back at me and said “Honey are you dry?” I knew I was but looked at my mum and said “I don’t think so mum” My mum looked at me and said “in that case honey just pee in your nappy again and go back and watch your cartoons. I will be getting up soon and I will change you” I walked back to the sitting room and started watching cartoons again and soon felt the urge to pee again, I though to myself this is like being a baby again, not having to worry about missing TV to go pee pee because I can go pee pee anywhere, anytime when I have a nappy on. Just then I was jolted from my day dream by the first squirt of pee and grabbed myself as my potty training kicked in. I let out a little giggle and pushed and soon felt that warmth start to spread across the front of my nappy as I peed myself. I woke up several times over the next few weeks in the middle of the night; I went and woke my mum to take me to the toilet and she did, but one night when I went through she looked up from her pillow and said “Oh! Mandy honey, just go back to bed” I looked at her and said “but mum I’m bursting” She said “I know you are honey, just use you nappy tonight Mandy” I went back to bed, pulled the covers over me and lay there trying to go back to sleep. A few minutes had passed before a new urge to pee hit me and reminded me I needed to go, I just relaxed and I quickly started to pee myself, it was becoming easier to just let go when I needed to pee. I felt the warmth flow across the front of the nappy and then across my bottom as it run between my crotch it felt wonderful. In the morning mum cam into my room and sat on the edge of my bed, she said “Mandy your dad and I have been chatting, we have decided to just let you use your nappy at night if you wake up because we are not getting enough sleep, getting up most nights to take you to the toilet is too much. I have a chart here and if you wake in the night I would like you to mark the chart with a ‘N’ and then just pee in your nappy and go back to sleep, if you wake in the morning dry I would like you to mark the chart with a ‘D’ and if you wake in the morning wet I would like you to mark the chart with a ‘W’, do you think you can manage that?” I looked at my mum and said “I think that will be easy enough, but what happens if I need in the morning and you are not up yet?” My mum looked at me and smiled and said “Mandy, if you’re already wet then just pee in your nappy, if you are dry and either me or your dad is awake then come and tell us you need to pee, if we are still asleep then you can try and hold on until we are awake or just pee in your nappy” I looked at my mum and said “I think I can do that” Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch4 Mum took off my nappy and said “Mandy go for a shower and get ready for school” I jumped up from my bed, run to the bathroom, turned on the shower and quickly got washed and ready for school. It was Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend, I was having my little cousin Lily stay over on Saturday night. Lily is 4 1/2 years old and has lovely long blond hair and big blue eyes, she’s a lot smaller than me, which is good because I like tickling her and she can’t run away. Lily still wears pull-ups during the day and a nappy at night because she has a lot of accidents. When I got out of school I run to the gate, I found my mum waiting for me in her car and got in. On the way home my mum told me that her and dad would have to go out tonight to a dinner at my dads work, she told me that Debbie was coming to baby sit for me. Debbie has been babysitting for me for over a year now and she is great fun. She is 17 years old with black hair and is huge, I think she must have eaten an elephant but I love our wrestling and playing around, she just loves to play. Once we arrived home I went outside to play on my swing and the trampoline until mum shouted me in for dinner. After dinner I watched some cartoons until my mum shouted “Mandy honey can you come up here please?” I got up and run up the stairs and found my mum in my room, she looked at me and said “Honey I have spoken to Debbie and she has told me that she doesn’t know how to use terry nappies. I don’t have any disposables here and your dad and I need to go in ten minutes, we don’t have time to go and get you any either. I have told Debbie that I will put you in your nappy now so she doesn’t need to worry about it, ok” I looked at my mum and said “but mum it’s only 6.30pm do I have too” My mum said “Mandy I have explained to you why, now up on the bed and no arguing” I knew my mum meant it by her voice, I pulled off all my cloths and jumped up on the bed, my mum laid my nappy under my bum, pulled it up between my legs and pinned it closed with two pins on either side. She then pulled me up to the sitting position and picked up a pair of yellow plastic panties with teddies on them and gave them a shake. She pulled open the waist and said “Okay Mandy, step into your panties” as I did she pulled them up my legs and over the nappy, checking around the legs to make sure they were on correctly. She then handed me my PJ bottoms and said “just put your pyjamas on now too, Mandy” Just as I was pulling my top over my head I heard the door bell ring, dad then shouted “That’s Debbie here Mandy” I run down the stairs and gave Debbie a huge hug, she patted my nappy and said “I see your all ready for bed sweetie, I have a DVD here for us to watch though and I’m going to order a Pizza later too, so don’t worry, I won’t put you to bed early” My mum and dad gave me a hug and then left for there dinner telling me to be good for Debbie. I closed the door and run to the sitting room where Debbie was putting the DVD in the DVD player and then she joined me on the couch. She lifted her bag and pulled out two bottles of coke and handed me one and smiled. The DVD was searching for Nemo, I had seen it at the cinema but I was more than happy to watch it again. I sat there cuddled up to Debbie, watched the movie and drank my juice until about an hour later when I felt the need to pee. I sat there, I slowly started to fidget and wiggle around and Debbie looked at me and said “are you okay Mandy?” I looked at her and said “No, I need to go to the toilet” as I started to get up. Debbie smiled and said “Mandy, your mum told me that if you needed to go to the toilet, I was not to take your nappy off, I have just to let you have an accident in you nappy” I started to cry, I didn’t want Debbie to know I liked wetting my nappy, I looked at her and said “but I want to go to the toilet” Debbie leaned over and gave me a hug and said “I know sweetie, but your mum told me not to take your nappy off and little girls in nappies don’t need to go to the toilet, do they?” I looked back at Debbie and shook my head; she smiled and said “okay, so just let yourself have an accident in your nappy when you can’t wait anymore” I sat there wiggling around for a few minutes more trying not to pee but was soon bursting; I felt a dribble escape into my nappy and grabbed my crotch, I then started bouncing up and down trying not to give in. Debbie sat there watching me and then burst into laughter and said “Oh Mandy, just let go sweetie. Just pee yourself, it okay, that’s what your nappy is for honey” I looked up at Debbie and said “I know but, Oh No….Oh!!” I felt another dribble escape, then another and another, it was too late. I looked at Debbie as I felt the warmth spread and said “Oh I’m peeing, I can’t stop, Oh No” Debbie giggled as she slid her had down my pyjama bottoms and touched my plastic pants and said “Aww has baby Mandy had an accident in her nappy?” she then smiled and said “I bet you have a nice warm bum now though don’t you?” I smile and said “yes, I peed and my nappy is all warm” Debbie picked up the menu for the pizza place and asked “so what type of pizza do you want?” I jumped up and down and said “Oh pepperoni please it’s my favourite” The pizza arrived quickly after Debbie phoned and we stuffed our faces, drank some more coke then decided it was time to play hide and seek. I let Debbie hide first and then went to look for her, I searched every room upstairs and then downstairs and couldn’t find her and as I was about to go back upstairs I heard a noise coming from the cupboard under the stairs. I run round to the cupboard door and pulled it open and there was Debbie trying to hide under some coats. Debbie came out of the cupboard and said “okay Mandy, your turn to hide” I run up the stairs and slid under my bed and pulled a box over a bit to block the view under the bed. Debbie shouted “I’m coming” and I heard her moving about the house. Debbie came into the room, looked around and then left again. She never looked under the bed, then10 minutes later she came back again having looked everywhere else and moved the box. I lay there still, trying not to make a noise while Debbie started to bend down to look under the bed where I was hiding. It was while I lay there that I started to feel the need to pee again, just then I saw Debbie’s face, she shouted “Ah!! There you are, come here” she then grabbed my legs and pulled me out from under the bed, giggled and started to tickle me, she does that every time she finds me when we are playing hide and seek. I screamed with laughter and then remembered my need to pee as the pressure increased with the tickling. I tried to pull away and Debbie laughed and said “what is it? Does Mandy not like getting tickles?” I looked up at Debbie squirming and laughing and said “yes I like tickles, but I’m bursting to pee, please stop, I’m going to pee myself” Debbie looked at me and smiled and said “Aww don’t worry little Mandy, you have a nappy on remember and you’ve peed yourself already anyway” she started to tickle me again and giggled “I think someone is going to have a little accident in her panties” The pressure built up and I soon felt the first trickle into my already wet nappy and grabbed myself. Debbie looked at me and slid her hand into my Pyjama bottoms and touched my plastic panties and said “aww!! I thought you had just peed yourself” she then slid my pyjama bottoms off my bum so my nappy was in full view and said “I’ll just have to tickle little Mandy a little more” as she giggled and started to tickle me again. I wriggled around trying to get away but it was no good and soon I was bursting so bad again that I dribbled some more and again I grabbed my crotch but this time Debbie kept tickling and said “ah you won’t fool me with that this time I’m not stopping until I see the pee spreading across your nappy” I then Dribbled again and as a last hope shouted “Debbie stop, Please I’m going to pee. Oh No please stop” Debbie then giggled again and said “that’s good, I won’t need to tickle you much longer then” It was then that I felt another squirt into my nappy and I tensed up to try and stop the flow but this time with Debbie still tickling me the flow just kept coming and I saw a smile appear on Debbie’s face as I felt the warmth spread trough my nappy and she said “Aww little Mandy’s peed her nappy, I bet your bums all warm again” I got up from the floor, Debbie pulled my pyjama bottoms back up and we went back downstairs. Debbie put the cartoons on TV, we sat there watching and the next thing I knew my mum and dad were at the door. My mum asked Debbie if everything went okay and Debbie smiled and said “yes, Mandy has had an accident in her nappy though, she has peed herself twice tonight. Mandy did ask to go to the toilet but you said not to take her nappy off, so I had to let her wet herself” My mum smiled and said “that’s okay Debbie, that’s what her nappy was for and I will change her now before she goes to bed, thanks for watching her” Debbie left and my mum took me upstairs and changed me into another nappy and tucked me into bed. I lay there in bed, a little while later I felt the need to pee, I just pushed and let it happen, as the warmth spread across my nappy, between my legs and under my bum I smiled and thought there now that’s better. Here is chapter 5 I woke up in the morning just after 8 am, it’s was Saturday, mum and dad were still in bed. I got out off bed and went down stairs to watch cartoons; I decided to have some coco pops and a glass of milk while watching Tom and Jerry. I soon felt the need to pee and remembered that I hadn’t done my morning pee yet, I still had my night nappy on and Mum has told me that I’m not allowed to take it off myself, I decided to try and hold it even though mum said if I needed in the morning and my nappy was already wet I could just pee myself again. I sat there fidgeting, doing a pee pee dance and holding myself for a little bit and then heard my mum at the sitting room door, she said “Mandy, are you watching TV?” I said “I’m watching cartoons mum” Mum then said “Honey, lets go upstairs and get you dressed, be quiet though because dad’s still sleeping, he’s not feeling very well, that’s why we were home early last night” I went upstairs and mum Followed she said “let’s go into your room and get you ready for a shower honey, remember Lily is coming today and she will be here soon” I went into my room, my mum pulled my Pyjama top off and as she did, she noticed me squirming and stepping from foot to foot and said “Mandy are you okay, do you need to go to the toilet?” I looked at my mum, now really desperate to pee and said “Yes mum I’m really bursting” and I grabbed my crotch. My mum looked at me and smiled and asked “are you dry honey?” as she pulled my Pyjama bottoms off and felt the front off my plastic pants. I looked at her and said “no mum, I had an accident during the night” My mum smiled and said “that’s okay honey I can see that, I can also see that you are so desperate to go now, that you may even have an accident before getting to the toilet, if I take your nappy off now, why don’t you just go in your nappy?, I’ll get your cloths laid out for today, so that when you get out of the shower they are ready for you, I think by then you’ll have gone in you nappy and I won’t need to worry when taking it off. I stood there dancing as my mum started pulling cloths out my wardrobe, I then felt a dribble escape into my nappy and gasped out loud, I grabbed myself and bent forward to stop the flow but I then started to feel the warmth spread through my nappy. I stood up straight again and removed my hands from my crotch, it was too late, I heard mum giggle and she said “its okay Mandy, you were meant to pee yourself, your nappy was already wet anyway and judging from how quickly you had an accident I’m glad I decided not to take your nappy off” Once mum was finished laying out my cloths she took my nappy off and sent me to the shower, when I got out the shower, mum helped me get dried and then I got dressed, we went down stairs and I started watching cartoons again. At about 11am Lily arrived with Auntie Linda, Lily run straight at me and gave me a hug and sat down to watch TV with me. I saw Auntie Linda hand my mum a bag and she said “I have packed 3 extra pull-ups for Lily and 3 or 4 of her pampers. Lily has a pull-up on just now; she should ask to go to the potty if she needs, if she has an accident then put another pull-up on her and hopefully she will be fine but if she has a second accident then she gets put in a nappy for the rest of the day and of course at night” My mum said “I’m sure I can manage that, I’m used to changing nappies” After Auntie Linda left, we had lunch and then my mum checked Lily’s pull-up and found she was wet and said “Lily why did you not tell me you needed a pee pee honey?” Lily started to cry and said “I’m sorry I didn’t want to miss Tom and Jerry, I tried to wait but I started to pee” Mum took her hand and said “it’s fine honey, let’s get you changed, but next time you need a pee pee come and tell me okay?” Lily run back into the room a few minutes later with a dry pull-up on, we decided to go out to the back garden and play on the trampoline, after an hour or so I went in to use the toilet, mum told me that we would need to come in soon as I walked passed by the kitchen door, I just kept walking and said nothing because I wanted to stay out. A little later we were playing on my chute, I noticed Lily fidgeting and doing a pee pee dance as she waited for me to slide down and let her have a go. I never said anything to her and a couple of minutes later she said to me “Mandy, I need to go potty” I giggled and said “okay Lily, if we go in now though mum won’t let us back out, I want one last shot on the trampoline” Lily ran towards the trampoline shouting “Me too Mandy” as she climbed onto the trampoline. Lily started bouncing and then a worried look came on her face. She looked at me and said “Mandy get me down I’m going to pee myself, Quick” I grabbed Lily down and we both run towards the house, Lily ran towards the stairs and got up about three steps and stopped, she crossed her legs and held herself and started to cry. I went over and said “what is it Lily, are you okay” Lily looked at me with tears rolling down her face and said “I’ve pee peed, I need changed” I went and got my mum and she came through and seen how upset Lily was and gave her a hug, once she was calmed down she said “Lily honey, lets get you cleaned up, were going to Tesco soon anyway so you guys were just about to be shouted in anyway” Mum went and got Lily’s bag, laid her down on the sitting room floor and ripped the sides open on the wet pull-up she was wearing. Lily was wiped clean and then mum pulled a pampers nappy out off the bag, Lily said “I don’t want a nappy on, I want my big girl panties” My mum giggled at Lily calling pull-ups big girl panties and said “honey your mum said that if you had two accidents I was to put a nappy on you, I’m sorry but I have to do as she asked” Mum then slid the nappy under Lily and tapped it shut and pulled her tracksuit trousers back up over her nappy. Mum gave us both our jackets and said “now girls lets go to the shops” We got in the car, mum drove to the shops and stopped outside mothercare and we all went inside. Mum started looking through packs of plastic panties and I said “mum why are you getting plastic panties” Mum smiled and said “you’ll see, don’t worry” Mum paid for the Plastic panties and we got back in the car and went round the corner to Tesco, We then went and got a trolley and went into the shop. We walked round and round as mum filled the trolley with shopping, just as mum was getting the last few items I felt the urge to pee and said “Mum I need to go to the toilet” Mum looked at me and said “Mandy, can you wait until I’ve been through the checkouts” I started dancing and said “No I need to go now” Mum sighed and said “okay, on you go I’ll wait here, there’s the toilet just there. Lily do you need to go honey” Lily looked at my mum and said “I’m not needing” I run to the toilet and just made it in time, I then returned to mum and Lily, we continued shopping for the last few things and about 15 minutes later we headed for the checkouts, I noticed Lily holding herself a little now and again, then just as mum started putting the shopping on the belt Lily said “I need to go Potty” Mum said “Why did you not go when Mandy went Lily?” as she continued what she was doing. Lily stood there doing a pee pee dance and again said “I need a pee pee, I didn’t need when Mandy went” mum never said anything and Lily continued to dance and squirm. Lily said again while holding herself “I need to go potty” Mum again said nothing, I tugged mum’s arm and said “Mum Lily’s needs a pee pee, she wants to go potty” Mum looked at me and said “I know she is Mandy but I can’t take her until I’ve paid for the shopping, she has a nappy on anyway so it doesn’t matter” Lily danced and held herself for a few more minutes and then said “I need to go potty, I’m going to pee my panties” My Mum bent down and said “Lily honey its okay, you have a nappy on, just go pee pee in you nappy” Lily stood there and did as she was told, you could see she was peeing herself by the look on her face and then she said “I went pee pee” My mum looked at her and said “that’s okay honey, that’s what you have a nappy on for; I’ll change you when we get home. When we arrived home mum put away the shopping as we watched TV and then said “Mandy, Lily go upstairs and get ready for your bath, I’ll be up in a minute to take your nappy off Lily” We both went up the stairs to my room and stripped our cloths off, when my mum came into the room she pulled Lily’s nappy off and then run our bath. When the bath was ready mum helped us get washed and then said “Okay girls you have five minutes to play while I get your nappies and Pyjamas ready for bed, I’ll be back soon to help you get dried” Mum came in and got us out the bath, rapped us in towels and sent us to my room where she dried us and then said “right Mandy your first, jump up on your bed and well get your nappy on” Lily watched me getting my nappy put on, she then asked my mum why my nappy was different to her nappies. My mum explained that I wear Terry nappies with plastic panties and then let her touch one of my nappies to see what it was like. Lily smiled and said “these are nice and soft I like these nappies” My mum looked at me and then at Lily and said “would you like to try one of these nappies tonight Lily instead of your pampers?” Lily jumped up and down excitedly and said “Yes please, can I?” I said to my mum “but mum my plastic panties will be too big for Lily” My mum said “I thought of that earlier, that’s why I bought plastic panties and Mothercare? They are for Lily and are her size” Mum lifted Lily onto my bed and laid the terry nappies under her bum, pulled it up between her legs and pinned it shut. She then pulled out a pair of pink plastic panties, gave them a shake, opened the waist and said “Okay Lily step into your panties like Mandy did” she then slid the plastic panties up Lily’s legs and over the nappy checking that they were on correctly. Mum then handed us our Pyjamas and said “right girls put your Pyjamas on and come down for supper and then it’s of to bed with you” I pulled my Pyjamas on and helped Lily with hers, we then went down to the kitchen where mum had two glasses of milk and biscuits ready for us. Mum said “there we go girl’s supper then bed okay” Once we had eaten supper mum took us upstairs and tucked us into bed and said “Lights out in ½ hour girl’s, see you in the morning” We played with my dolls until the lights went out and then both drifted of to sleep. I woke up about 5am because lily was moving about, I looked around and she was starting to get out of the bed. I said “Lily where are you going?” She looked at me and said “I need to go potty, I’m bursting” as she stood there dancing. I slid my hand into my pyjamas and felt my now wet nappy and said “you don’t need to go to the potty Lily, you have a nappy on remember, just go pee in your nappy” She said “but I don’t want too, I want to go potty” I smiled at her and said “Lily my mum doesn’t do potty at night that’s what our nappy is for, see I’ve peed in my nappy already” as I pulled the front of my pyjamas down so Lily could feel my nappy. Lily touched my plastic panties and said “you have pee peed” I said “see I told you, now jump back into bed beside me and go back to sleep” Lily got back into the bed; she lay there squirming about for a couple of minutes then I said “Lily, just pee. I’m trying to sleep.” I then leaned over, pressed her belly and giggled as I seen a look of panic on her face, she grabbed herself and tried not to pee but it was no use. Lily looked at me and said “Mandy you made me pee pee” I laughed and said “Lily you were going to pee your nappy anyway, at least now we can go back to sleep” Hi Here is Chapter 6 Hope you enjoy...please leave feedback and let me know what you think thanks weeboy Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6 I woke up again at 8.30 and got out off bed, moving about in the bed must have woken Lily because she moved her head and said “Is it time to get up yet Mandy?” I said “Yes Lily, I’m going to watch cartoons? Are you coming? Lily jumped out off bed and said “can I get dressed before we go downstairs?” I looked at lily and said “No, mums still asleep, she will come and get us when she wakes up” We run down stairs, I put the TV on and asked Lily if she wanted some Coco Pops and a glass of milk, Lily nodded and said “Ill help you Mandy” We both went into the kitchen, I got the bowls and the Coco pops out while Lily got the Milk from the fridge. I had my bare feet and found walking on the cold tiled floor gave me a sudden need to pee. I picked up two glasses and filled them with milk as I moved from foot to foot doing a pee pee dance, I was glad to put the milk bottle down once the glasses were full so I could hold myself a little. Lily looked at me with a knowing glance and said “Mandy do you need to go potty?” I nodded and said “Yes Lily, I’m bursting” as I managed to fill the bowls with the Coco pops and some milk while dancing. Lily put the Milk away and we walked towards the sitting room, As I walked I felt the first dribble leak into my nappy, I stopped and tried to hold myself, I then realised I had a class of milk in one hand and a bowl of Coco pops in the other, I crossed my legs but crossing my legs alone was not enough pressure to stop the flow and I instantly felt the warmth spread across my nappy. I continue to the sitting room and sat down on the couch beside Lily who looked at me and said “If you need to go potty you better go tell your mum” I was a little embarrassed but smiled and said “Lily I don’t need to go anymore, I had an accident in my nappy” Lily looked at me with wide eyes and said “you went pee pee in your nappy? Why?” I said “I was bursting, I couldn’t wait and I just started to pee” Lily said “Why didn’t you go get your mum sooner?” I looked at lily and said “My mum said I’ve not to waken her to help me go pee pee if my nappy is already wet and I peed myself last night remember” We eat our breakfast and continued watching cartoons for a while; I noticed a little fidget from Lily every now and again but said nothing. It was about 10 minutes later when Lily started to squirm around a lot on the couch, I looked at her, she seen me looking and said “Oh Mandy I need to go potty!” I smiled and said “No you don’t Lily, you’ve got a nappy on and it’s already wet remember” Lily screwed up her face up and said “that was your fault, you made me pee myself” I giggled and said “You were going to pee yourself anyway, just like you are now” Lily looked at me as she squirmed, she then suddenly grabbed herself, I could tell by the look on her face that she had lost her battle with her bladder and I said “I think Little Lily’s had an accident in her nappy” Lily looked at me and said “how did you know?” I giggled and said “I know what a little girl peeing her nappy looks like” We continued to watch cartoons until my mum came down the stairs, she smiled and said “Morning girls, come upstairs and I’ll take your nappies off so you can have a shower. Are you wet or dry this morning?” I looked at my mum and said “I’m wet mum” Mum looked at Lily and said “how about you honey?” Lily said “I woke up during the night needing to pee pee, Mandy told me I was just to pee my nappy” My mum smiled and said “that’s okay honey, that’s what your night nappy is for. Do you need to go potty now Lily” Lily blushed and said “No, I needed to go potty when we were watching cartoons, I tried to hold it but I couldn’t wait anymore and I pee peed my nappy” My mum gave Lily a hug and said “Honey it’s okay, your not in trouble your nappy was already wet anyway” We went upstairs and had our shower, my mum helped us both get dried and dressed, both in cute pink tracksuits, Lily in her pull-up and me in my big girl panties. We were soon out playing in the garden; it was quite a hot day so mum gave us a glass of juice every now and again to keep us hydrated. A little later Lily was playing in the sand pit helping me to making sand castles when I seen her fidgeting. I said “Lily, do you need to go potty?” Lily looked at me and said “No I don’t need to go” We continued to play, Lily continued to fidget and bounce up and down on her knees as she played, after a few more minutes, she dropped her spade and grabbed herself and said “Uh Oh, I’ve pee peed” I giggled and said “Lily you said you didn’t need to go potty” Lily said “I didn’t want to stop playing in the sand” and she started to cry. I took Lily by the hand and said “Its okay honey lets go and get my mum to change you” We went inside and I explained to my mum what had happened and she laughed and said “Aww Lily lets get you changed into a dry pull-up. You need to remember and ask to go potty or you will have another accident, okay sweetie?” Lily nodded her head and said “I’m sorry I was having fun in the sand” My mum smiled and said “don’t worry honey, of you go back to the sand pit” Just before lunch time Auntie Linda arrived, came out to the back garden and grabbed Lily and gave her a huge hug and said “Hello honey, how are you? Have you been a good girl?” Lily looked at her mum and said “Yes mummy” Auntie Linda said “have you kept your panties dry?” Lily looked at the ground and said “No mummy, I had an accident” Auntie Linda looked at my mum and said “Has she been wetting herself?” My mum looked at her and said “She has had a few accidents; she wet both her pull-ups yesterday so I put a nappy on her as you requested, when we went to Tesco after dinner last night, she needed to pee while we were at the checkouts and she wasn’t able to wait long enough for me to get her to the toilet, so she had an accident in her nappy. She has had one accident today already so she is in her second pull-up” Auntie Linda said “Oh okay, that’s fine; Lily knows the rules. If she has two accidents, she gets put in a nappy, if she needs to go potty when she has a nappy on, she has to use her nappy” Auntie Linda then shouted “Lily, come here” Lily run to her mum she knew she was in trouble, Auntie Linda grabbed lily and pulled her over her knee and she slapped her padded bottom. Auntie Linda said “I have told you, you need to ask to go potty, you are meant to be a big girl” Lily started to cry and said “I sorry mummy, I’m sorry” Auntie Linda stood Lily back up and placed her hand inside Lily’s tracksuit trousers, she then felt the front of her pull-up and said “Lily your wet again!” Lily started to cry again and said “I’m sorry mummy, I pee peed when you spanked me” Auntie Linda laid Lily on the floor and said “Just you lie down there; I need to get a nappy for you, that’s the second wet pull-up today isn’t it?” Lily started to cry and said “yes mummy, but I don’t want a nappy on, I’m a big girl” Auntie Linda laughed and said “Lily, big girls don’t pee there panties, it’s only babies that pee there panties, that’s why babies wear nappies. You’ve twice peed in your panties so like a baby you need a nappy” Auntie Linda pulled the nappy out of her bag, slid it under Lily’s bottom and soon had it tapped snugly around Lily’s waist and said “There you go, now you can just pee yourself like a baby whenever you want” as she pulled Lily’s tracksuit trousers up over her nappy. Auntie Linda then said to my mum “how do you fancy going to McDonalds for lunch?” My mum said “that would be nice Linda, I’ll just grab my purse and will you stick the girls in the car while I lock the house?” Mum joined us in the car and we headed to McDonalds, me and Lily had a happy meal and mum and Auntie Linda had big Mac’s. We had a good laugh with mum and Auntie Linda while eating our lunch and then went to play in the soft play area. We had been playing for maybe 15 minutes when I noticed Lily doing a pee pee dance and I said “Lily do you need to go potty?” Lily held herself and said “Yes Mandy, I’m needing” I said “okay Lily lets go and tell your mummy” We both run over to the table, Lily tugged her mum’s arm to get her attention and said “Mummy I need to go potty” while dancing on the spot. Auntie Linda just looked at Lily and said “No you don’t, you have a nappy on!” Lily grabbed herself and said “But Mummy I …” Auntie Linda cut her off and said “no buts….you know the rule Lily, use your nappy” I felt a little sorry for Lily and said “Auntie Linda, I need to go pee now too, can’t I take Lily with me to the toilet?” Auntie Linda smiled and said “Mandy honey you just go to the toilet yourself, you’re a big girl. Lily has a nappy on so she doesn’t need to go to the toilet” I said “but she’s bursting to pee Auntie Linda” Auntie Linda giggled and said “I know she is Mandy, its okay, just ignore all her squirming and pee pee dancing, soon she won’t be able to hold on anymore and she will have an accident in her nappy.” I went to the toilet and when I came back Lily was still dancing from foot to foot. Auntie Linda said “Mandy, can you take Lily back to play in the soft play area” I took Lily by the hand and said “come on Lily lets go play” Lily looked at me with a begging look and said “But Mandy, I need to go potty!!” I giggled and said “Its okay Lily some bouncing will sort that” as I pulled Lily onto the bouncy part of the play area and started bouncing with her. After only a minute of bouncing Lily said “Mandy stop bouncing I’m going to pee pee” I giggled again and said “I know you are Lily” as I stopped bouncing. Lily crossed her legs and grabbed herself and said “Oh Mandy I can’t wait anymore, I’m going to pee” I laughed at the expression on Lily’s face as she tried not to pee herself and reached over to her and gave her an unexpected tickle. Lily bent forward and gasped as she started to pee herself; she looked at me and said “Mandy, you made me pee myself again.” I said “Lily you were seconds from having an accident anyway, I just helped speed it up a little” Lily and I went back to the table were our mum’s were sitting and Lily said “Mummy, I pee peed because Mandy tickled me” Auntie Linda said “Oh honey it doesn’t matter, you were going to pee your nappy anyway” My mum said “are we all ready to go home? Linda, do you want to change Lily before we leave?” Auntie Linda said “No Lily’s nappy will hold another wetting before she will need changing, let’s go” We got into the car and headed home, when we got back home, Auntie Linda told Lily just to jump into her car because they had to get moving, I takes an hour to get home. Lily looked at her mum and said “Mummy, Can I go potty before we go?” Auntie Linda said “No!! Just pee in your nappy again it’s already wet” Lily looked at her mum and said “But Mummy I don’t need to pee pee, I need to poop” Auntie Linda said “Just get in the car Lily; you can poop in your nappy!” Auntie Linda got in her car once Lily was strapped into her seat and they left, Later that evening Mum told me Auntie Linda was on the phone and she had said when Lily got home she had pooped in her nappy and it was really wet. It was soon time for bed; mum laid me on my bed, pinned on my nappy and slid my plastic panties up my legs and over my nappy. Once I had my Pyjamas on, mum patted my bum and said “Okay baby jump into bed and let me tuck you in” I jumped onto my bed; mum covered me up, gave me a huge hug and tucked me in. She then said “goodnight baby see you in the morning” Here is Chapter 7 Hope you all enjoy it! Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch7 I woke up at 7 am the next morning; Lying in bed I quickly decided that since it was the school holidays I was not going to get up yet, I turned over onto my front and closed my eyes, as I lay there trying to fall asleep I started to feel a need to pee. I slid my hand into my pyjama bottoms and touched the front of my plastic pants; I could tell my nappy was damp from an accident I must have had during the night. I smiled and thought to myself “its okay baby your nappy is already wet, just go pee pee” I relaxed and soon felt the first dribbles escape, I didn’t try to stop myself, soon a quick rush of pee was flooding into my nappy, I felt a warm pool of pee gather in the front of my plastic pants as I pressed the front of them and then it soaked into the terry nappy leaving that lovely warm feeling I’ve grown to love so much. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is my mum waking me up to tell me to get dressed because we were going to the shopping centre. I jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom turned on the shower and shouted “Mum can you take my nappy of so I can have a shower?” My mum came up the stairs as she shouted “get onto the bed then, we need to hurry” Once out of the shower I got dressed and we were off to the shops, after a couple of hours we stopped for some lunch and then back to the shopping it was wonderful. We were in W H Smiths a little later and I was playing with a computer game when I felt the need to go to the toilet. It was then that I thought, if only I had a nappy on now I could just stay here playing, not having to worry about having an accident. I got up and went over to my mum who was in the book section and told her I needed to pee. Mum took my hand, we went to the bathrooms where I did used the toilet like a big girl but I realised for the first time I didn’t really want to be a big girl and use the toilet, I wanted to be a toddler who could just pee herself because she had a nappy on. I continued to wet my bed and enjoy my night time nappy and the feelings of being a toddler both at night and in the morning before mum took my nappy off until I was ten and this is when the baby in me really started to come out and mum found out how I felt. It really all came about when Katie my little sister was born, I got really jealous that she was getting all the attention like the baby I wanted to be. It wasn’t for a few weeks until the start of the school holidays when I was around the house all day that I decided I would try to stay in my nappy as long as I could so I could get some attention like my sister. I woke up on the Sunday morning and decided that I was going to watch cartoons, so I got out of bed and started to go down stairs, when I reached the sitting room I turned on my cartoons and lay on the couch, as I lay there I began to feel the need for my morning pee but I just ignored it because I had still had my night nappy on, I’m not allowed to take my nappy off myself you see, if I’m dry in the morning I’m meant to go and ask my mum to take it off so I can use the toilet, if I’m wet and mum is still in bed she has told me I’ve just to pee myself. I have come to realise over the past couple of years that mum can’t tell if I was already wet or not when I pee myself in the morning so now I enjoy having a nappy on and just pee myself like a toddler would whenever I want too. I lay there growing more and more desperate to pee enjoying the fact I could just hold out until I had an accident like a real toddler would do when too engrossed in the tv. Just them mum walked into the sitting room and seen me squirming on the couch and said “Mandy are you needing the toilet honey?” I looked at her and said “mum I’m desperate; I didn’t know you were up so I could get my nappy off” Mum started to walk up the stairs and said “Come on then, get up the stairs to your room so we can get that nappy off” I jumped of the couch and run to the stairs but as I started to climb them I felt a spurt of pee hit my nappy. I stopped dead in my tracks and grabbed myself cross legged trying not to wet myself. My mum looked down the stairs at me and said “I take it you’ve peed then?” I looked at her and said “I’ve peed a little bit mum but I’m still bursting, I can’t move though or I will pee myself” Mum giggled and said “Oh Mandy, if you just stand there your going to pee yourself, if you walk up the stairs your going to pee yourself, your nappy is already wet honey just let it happen, just pee yourself.” I looked at her as another spurt off pee squeezed into my nappy but this time didn’t try to hold it back. As I felt that wonderful warm feeling spread across my nappy I said “Mum I’ve peed myself” Mum gave me a cuddle and said “It’s okay honey come up stairs and I’ll take your nappy off” I smiled at my mum and said “Can’t I just stay in my pyjamas and watch T.V. a little longer?” Mum looked at me and said “you can stay in your pyjamas but we need to get that wet nappy of you, that’s at least twice you have wet it now honey.” I said “ok, but what if I fall asleep on the couch?” Mum looked at me with a quizzing look on her face and said “Mandy are you saying you want to stay in a nappy?” I blushed and said “yes mum, I don’t want to wet the couch” My mum smiled and said “okay but let’s put a dry nappy on you okay?” We went up to my room and mum changed my nappy and I went back down to watch cartoons. Mum came down stairs a little later with Katie and I started to play with her on the floor while mum done the housework. We played for some time and mum popped her head around the door and laughed as she said “Aww look at my two babies playing together” Half an hour or so later I needed to pee so I got up and went into the kitchen and said “Mum, I need to go to the toilet” My mum looked at me and said “Mandy I’m busy right now, go and play with your sister” I groaned and said “Mum I’m really needing, please” Mum looked at me with a little grin on her face and said “Mandy you have a nappy on, just pee yourself if you can’t wait until I’m ready.” I held myself and said “But mum …..” Mum cut me off and said “Mandy if you want to be a baby and wear a nappy, then you will need to be prepared to use it but I think that’s what you want anyway, Isn’t it honey?” I blushed a deep red and looked at the floor and started to cry. Mum gave me a cuddle and said “It’s okay honey, I’m not upset with you but I am right, Yeh?” I looked up at her and said through my sobs “I just want to be like Katie, mummy” Mum looked at me and said “okay honey for the rest of the summer holidays you can wear a nappy when ever you want, If you don’t want have one on that’s okay too I’ll let you decide but I must put it on and take it off, you are not allowed to take it off yourself okay!?” I looked at her and nodded just as a sudden pressure reminded me of my urgency to pee and I grabbed myself. Mum giggled at me and said “does baby Mandy need to pee pee?” I smiled at her and said “yes mum, please hurry” Mum laughed and said “okay honey lie down on the couch” so I did and she continued as she bent over me grabbing the top of my pyjama bottoms “Until I tickle you!!” She then grabbed me and started to tickle knowing full will what the result would be. I giggled and screamed “MUM STOP I’m going to pee!!!” Mum Laughed and said “Yes, In your nappy it’s okay. That’s what a nappy is for honey” I felt the first spurt of pee and then quickly a second dampen my nappy as I screamed again “MUM I’M DRIBBLING, STOP” Mum continued and laughed saying “Is Mandy having an accident in her nappy?” Just then it happened, I felt a fresh spurt hit my nappy but this time I couldn’t stop it and it started to spread that warm feeling across the nappy and I relaxed, mum stopped tickling me and said “I think baby Mandy has peed her nappy” Mum then slid her hand into my pyjama bottoms and felt the warmth of my plastic pants. A huge smile grew across her face and she said “I think baby Mandy and mummy are going to have fun this summer” Hi Folks here is chapter 8, hope you enjoy it!! Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch 8. Mum pulled me up onto my feet from the couch, she patted my bum through my Pyjamas and smiled as she said “Mandy lets go get this soggy nappy off” we headed up the stairs to my room where I took off my pyjamas and then mum laid me on the bed. Mum stripped my nappy off and said “Mandy I need to go to the shopping centre for a few things, do you want panties on now or another nappy?” I looked at my mum blushing and said “can I just have a nappy mum” Mum pulled a disposable nappy out from my drawer and said “Okay Mandy lets get my little Girl safely in her nappy” I soon was having the tapes stretched and stuck to the front of my nappy and mum said “right honey stand up and step into your plastic panties, we don’t want any leaks now do we?” I stood up and placed a foot through the first leg hole, then the second. Mum started to slide them up my legs and over my nappy and then mum said as she patted my bum “there we go honey, no need to worry about having an accident now” I got dressed in a tee shirt and pair of dungarees and headed back down stairs to watch T.V. mum came into the sitting room and gave me a glass of juice and said “Mandy watch your cartoons and drink your juice while I get Katie changed and ready to go to the shops okay?”. I smiled up at my mum and replied “Okay mum.” Mum and Katie didn’t take long and we were soon in the car on our way to the shops, when we arrived and mum found a parking space, I started to get out of the car. We started to walk towards the shopping centre doors and I quickly felt a sudden urge to pee. I kept walking and said nothing and we were soon in M&S where mum was looking at some blouses. I soon feel my need getting stronger and stronger; before long I had to start holding myself and fidget, dancing a little next to my mum. My mum looked at me giggling and said “what’s up Mandy, does my little girl need a pee pee?” I looked up and said “Yes mum, are you nearly ready so I can go to the toilet?” Mum replied “Toilet! Mandy, little girls that wear nappies don’t need to go to the toilet” I grabbed my crotch and said “but mum, I’m bursting, please.” Mum smiled and said “don’t worry if you’re bursting to pee honey, looking at the way you are dancing around there you will be having an accident soon, then you won’t be busting anymore” I felt a new much stronger urge to pee hit me and crossed my legs and grabbed my crotch in an effort not to wet myself but as my mum had predicted I soon felt the first spurt of pee overpower my bladder muscles and soak into my nappy. I soon felt another dribble escape and decided to just let it happen. I uncrossed my legs and stood with them wide apart, within seconds a powerful spurt of pee started to escape and I gasped and put my hand on the front of my dungarees more out of habit that to try to stop the flow. I soon felt that hot warmth spread between my legs and remembered why I loved wetting myself so much. Mum looked at me and said “my little girls had an accident; just as well I put a nappy on her. Don’t worry honey I will change you when we get home okay” I looked at my mum with a worried look on my face and said “but mum what if I need to go again?” My mum said “Mandy honey that nappy will take another wetting at least maybe two you will be fine, don’t worry” We continued with our shopping for a couple of hours, then we decided to go to the food court for lunch where I had a Mc Donald’s happy meal and played in the soft play area, soon mum was finished her burger and we headed back to the shops for another hour or so until I felt the need to go to the toilet. I waited until mum was finished in Next and as we left I told her I needed to go to the toilet. Mum looked at me and said “Mandy its okay, your already wet honey, just pee your nappy again it won’t leak I promise!” I started to blush a deep red and said “But mum I don’t just need to pee, I need to poop too.” Mum said “Mandy I will only be ten more minutes can you hold on?” I smiled and said “yes mum” glad that I was going to get taken to the toilet to poop. Once mum was finished in WH Smiths she looked at me and said “Do you still need to go potty Mandy?” I said “yes mum, I’m desperate” Mum took my hand and we walked towards the shopping centre exit and headed to the car, I looked at her and said “mum where are we going the toilets are back the other way?” Mum looked at me and said “Mandy I told you already little girls that wear nappies don’t need to go to the toilet” My eyes went wide and I said “but mum!!!! I need to poop as well as pee!!!!” Mum laughed and said “Mandy little girls that wear nappies don’t just pee themselves they poop themselves too. The only reason I asked you to hold on was so no one else would smell your dirty nappy. Now get into the car and by the time we get home I want my little girl to have pooped herself okay” I started to argue but was cut off by mum saying “you wanted to be like Katie, well it you feel Katie’s bottom you will find she has pooped her nappy, I think you should learn how it feels.” I got into the car and mum pulled my seatbelt tight and clicked it into place but the pressure was too much and I started to pee. I just relaxed and let it happed after all I like to be wet but soon having relaxed caught up with me and I felt a sudden urge to poop, before I could do anything about it I had started to fill my nappy. I soon smelt the poop in my nappy and so did my mum because I heard her say “Good girl Mandy, I will change that poopy nappy when we get home.” Once home mum cleaned me up and said “it won’t be long to bed time Mandy I think we should just use another nappy okay?” I smiled and said “can I have a real nappy mum?” Mum smiled and said “I’m sure that will be okay” she started to slip the soft fluffy terry nappies under my bottom and then pulled it up between my legs and pinned it closed. She slid my plastic panties back into place and sat me up and said “okay baby, just put your Pyjamas on now any come down for dinner” I played with my toys until dinner was ready and then went to the table. Half way through dinner I felt the urge to pee, I decided to just go in my nappy and soon I started to pee myself, I felt the warmth spread across my nappy but never let on I was wetting myself and mum and dad never seemed to notice. It was bed time an hour after dinner and once in bed mum came back into my room and said “oh Mandy I forgot, are you dry or do you need a change” I looked at mum and said “I’m still dry mum, goodnight” Mum left and I lay there in bed playing with my PSP and before long felt the need to pee again, I decided just to pee myself again and soon warmed my nappy up with a fresh wetting. I put my hand down the front of my Pyjamas and felt the warmth through my plastic panties and gave the front of my plastic panties a gentle rub, as I did I felt a tickling feeling between my legs, I couldn’t explain it but it was a good feeling and it made me want to rub my nappy more and as I did I drifted of to sleep. Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch 9. I woke up at around 3am with a strong pain in my belly, I lay there holding my tummy and knew I was going to have to get up and go to the toilet. I stood up out of bed, started to walk to my mum and dad’s bedroom doubled over and in pain. I reached the doorway, opened the door and walked into the bedroom; just as my mum woke up. Mum looked at me and said “Mandy honey why are you out of bed?” I said “Mum I’m desperate to go to the toilet, can you take my nappy off please?” Mum sat up in bed and said “Mandy you know if you wake up during the night needing to pee that you are just to wet yourself, that’s why you have a night nappy honey” I half screamed at mum “But I don’t feel well mum, I need to poop not pee. This wasn’t completely true because as I stood there I felt an urge to pee too” Mum started to get out of bed and said “oh do you have an upset tummy honey? Come with me to the bathroom” as she took me by the hand and led me down the hallway. I stood in the bathroom now rocking from foot to foot with the need to pee as my mum pulled down my Pyjama bottoms, she smiled and said “I thought you said you didn’t need to pee” as she pulled my plastic panties down, then the nappies and sat me on the toilet. I exploded into the toilet with hot runny poop and this made my bladder release too and I looked up at mum and said “thanks mum that was close” Mum helped me clean myself up with Katie’s baby wipes and pulled my nappy and plastic panties back up and then my Pyjama bottoms and said “Oh Sweetheart you seem to have a really upset tummy, lets get you some Calpol and back to bed” I was soon back in bed with my mum tucking me in, she smiled at me and said “Honey just you go off to sleep now, don’t worry if you have an accident in your nappy it will keep your bed clean, okay” as she rubbed her hand over my forehead in a loving calming way. Within a few minutes I was asleep and only awoke when I heard someone walking in the hallway outside my room. I looked at my clock it was 9.15am, I sat up in bed and then felt a cramping in my tummy and remembered what happened during the night, I jumped out off bed and headed to my bedroom door. I could hear water running in the bathroom and the door was locked when I reached it and tried to get in. I run down the hallway to my mum and dad’s room, Mum was still in bed, I felt the urge to poop desperately increase and said “Mum I need to poop” Mum said “Honey dad’s in the shower, he’s late for work; he should be out in a couple of minutes try and hold on sweetie” I stood there bent over and could feel the urge grow quickly as the poop started to move from my bowel and I squeezed my butt shut and said “Mum I can’t wait, I’m going to poop” and with that the pressure in my tummy won it’s battle and my tummy started to empty itself. I looked at mum with a defeated look on my face and tears in my eyes and said “I’m sorry mum, I couldn’t hold on anymore” Mum got out of bed and came over to me and gave me a hug and said “Mandy it’s okay honey you have a nappy on, your not very well and accidents are expected” I suddenly felt the urge to pee, I ignored it and just let go in my nappy because it was already dirty, what was to point of asking to go to the toilet to pee now, anyway Mum would have just told me to pee myself anyway. Mum smiled a knowing smile at me and said “I take it you just topped your nappy up with pee Mandy just to make sure it was completely full!!” I blushed knowing I was caught and said “I didn’t ask to got to the toilet to pee because I expected you to tell me just to use my nappy since it was dirty” Mum Laughed at me and said “Oh honey I’m only joking with you, trying to make you feel a bit better about your accident. You were right just to pee yourself, lets go to your room and get you cleaned up okay?” I smiled at mum and headed back to my bedroom, Mum cleaned me up and then picked up another nappy folded it and slid it under my bottom. I lifted my head and looked at mum and said “Why are you putting another nappy on me mum?” Mum smiled at me and said “Mandy you like wearing a nappy don’t you” I said “yes mum you know I do” Mum pulled the nappy up between my legs and started pinning it shut as she said “Good, what better way to deal with a tummy bug and to let you see what a real toddler has to deal with. I am going to check your nappy every hour Honey but it only gets changed or comes off once it’s used okay, no more needing to run back and forth to the toilet worrying if you are going to make it on time, just relax and let go in your nappy and concentrate on getting better” Mum then pulled my plastic panties and Pyjama bottoms back on and said “do you want to stay in bed honey or come down and lie on the couch and watch T.V.?” I decided to go down and watch T.V but fell asleep through the second cartoon. Mum woke me up a couple off hours later and gave me a cup of juice and said “you need to drink honey or you will get dehydrated because you’re ill” I started to drink my juice while watching Tom and Jerry, having just woken up I soon felt the need to go for a pee. I put my cup down and was starting to get off the couch when I remembered I was in a nappy, I smiled, laid back down on the couch and picked up my juice, continuing to drink it even as the warmth started to spread through my nappy and heat my bottom as I peed myself, just like a little girl who wasn’t potty trained yet. Mum checked my nappy and changed me several times during the day, then soon after dinner I felt the cramps start in my tummy and the need to poop urgently, I ignored the need to go and soon felt the back of my nappy expand with warm squishy poop. Mum quickly smelt my dirty nappy and came over to me and said “Mandy I think you have pooped” she placed her hand on my bottom and squashed the mess around and giggled “I thought so, lets go and get you changed” I was changed like Katie on the plastic changing mat with baby wipes and then rubbed with cream as my mum explained she didn’t want me getting a bad nappy rash. I was soon in a fresh nappy and plastic pants and ready for bed. I decided over the couple of days that I was ill that I wasn’t keen on having to poop myself, I loved wearing a nappy though, I enjoyed being able to wet myself whenever I wanted too and it could be very convenient, for example needing to pee when in the middle of a computer game online or at the cinema watching a long film with a large coke but pooping was uncomfortable and made a smell that people could notice easier. When I woke up on Friday morning I felt much better, I decided to go downstairs to watch my cartoons and get some breakfast. I ran into the lounge and turned on the T.V and then headed to the kitchen to get some coco pops. I ran to the far end of the kitchen to the cupboard where the bowls were kept and pulled one out, I lifted the coco pops of the worktop and filled my bowl but as I started walked towards the fridge for the milk a sudden strong urge to pee hit me. I was standing there on the cold tiles of the kitchen floor with my bare feet; I knew right away that I wouldn’t make it back to the lounge dry. I was going to wet myself whether I wanted to or not. I slipped my hand down the front of my pyjama bottoms and touched my plastic pants. I giggled as a felt the first squirt of pee escape into my nappy and just relaxed, a strong stream of pee soon flooded into my nappy and I thought to myself what a naughty little girl I was being as I felt the warmth spread through my nappy. I finished getting my breakfast ready and went to the lounge to watch T.V and lay on the couch. A little later Mum came down and said “how are you feeling today Mandy?” I smiled up at my Mum and said “I feel a lot better today mum, no upset tummy.” Mum patted me on the head and said “Oh that’s great honey I’m glad to hear you feel better today.” Mum sat down beside me and said “Mandy remember I told you that your Dad and me might be going away to a dinner at your dad’s work and have to stay over night” I looked at mum and said “yes mum, when is it?” Mum gave me a hug and said “its tomorrow night honey, do you feel well enough for me to go and leave you with a babysitter all night?” I smiled and said “Mum tell me it’s Debbie, Is it? I want Debbie to come over and stay” Mum Laughed and said “I take it that’s your way of saying yes Mandy, It will be Debbie but only if you are sure you feel up to me and your dad going away overnight” I jumped up and down and said “Yippee Debbie’s coming over I’ll be fine mum, I love when Debbie baby-sits for me” Mum Smiled and said “okay that’s sorted then I will call Debbie and let her know” Mum then said “is my little girl wet or dry this morning?” I put my hand on the front off my pyjamas and said “I’m wet Mum” I was then taken upstairs; mum got out fresh nappies and plastic pants and said as she pulled down my Pyjama bottoms “Do you need to go potty before I put a clean nappy on you?” I thought about it and decide I could probably do a pee if I went to the toilet so told my mum “yes I need to go potty” as I started to walk to the door. Mum grabbed my arm and said “Where are you going Mandy? Get up and lie on the bed so you’re ready for me to change you.” I jumped up on the bed and said “But mum I thought we were going to the toilet so I can go for a pee first?” Mum Laughed and said “No I wanted to know if you needed to go potty so you didn’t wet a clean nappy within minutes of getting it on. You’re already wet so I don’t see the point of taking you away through to the toilet when you can just do it here and then get changed.” Mum smiled and said “Lie back and go pee in your nappy so I can get you changed, mum has a lot to do today” I lay back on the bed and pushed on my bladder a little, I soon felt that I could pee and relaxed to let it happen. I felt the first dribble escape; I closed my eyes and pushed turning the dribble into a stream of pee that spread across my nappy and opened my eyes to see my mum standing looking down at me with a huge smile on her face as she said “That’s it honey, good girl” I turned red and said “was it that obvious I peed myself?” Mum giggled as she pulled my plastic panties down and said “Honey you peed a lot and hard, I could see the pee coming through the nappy, running down the inside of the plastic panties, then into a little puddle until the back of your nappy soaked it in” I giggled back as she changed my nappy and said “I’m glad my nappy is covered up most of the time if you can see me pee myself that easily” Mum patted my nappy and said “there all dry, go and play with Katie. I have a lot to do today if your dad and I are going away tomorrow” Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch10 I run down the hallway into the sitting room where Katie was lying in her playpen, I leaned in and moved her teddy to get her attention and was rewarded with a cute little smile. Mum came into the room and said “why don’t you get in beside your sister Mandy and I will bring you both a surprise” I nodded and said “ok mum, what’s the surprise?” Mum giggled and said “wait and see Mandy” as she walked away after lifting me over the playpen rails. About five minutes later mum came in and gave Katie a bottle with some juice in it and asked me if I wanted a drink too. I nodded and she left the room again, only to return within a minute handing me a bottle the same as Katie and said “there you go honey” I looked at mum and said “Mum why are you giving me my Juice in a baby bottle, I’m ten I can use a cup you know” Mum laughed and said “Mandy you can’t be ten, you’re not even properly potty trained yet. A baby bottle matches the baby’s nappy you’re wearing. Now drink up your juice like a good little girl” I stuck the bottle in my mouth and began to suck and was rewarded with both the juice and a relaxing feeling, before I managed to completely empty the bottle I fell asleep laying beside my sister who was already asleep. After what felt like only minutes I woke with a start when mum reached into the playpen and picked up Katie. I looked at mum and she said “oh hello sleepy head, that was a long nap” I said “I was only asleep for a few minutes mum” Mum looked at the clock on the wall and said “Mandy it’s almost noon you have been asleep for nearly two and a half hours, did you not sleep well last night or something because you were not long up when you fell asleep” I sat up in the playpen and moved the toys around to make space to play once mum brings Katie back. Suddenly I felt an urge to pee, I stood up and the urge got stronger, I crossed my legs to help me hold on until mum came back. Mum was away changing Katie’s nappy and took several minutes before she came back into the sitting room, she put Katie into the playpen beside me and noticed my pee pee dance as I tried my hardest not to pee myself. Mum looked at me and said “Mandy what are you dancing for, you have a nappy on honey there’s no need to try and hold on. Little girls that wear nappies and drink from baby bottles are too little to go potty anyway” I looked at her and said “It’s too late now anyway mum I’ve had an accident, I’m peeing myself already and I can’t stop” Mum gave me a hug and said “Aww baby, it’s okay that’s what your nappy is for honey” as she put her hand between my legs and squeezed the crotch off my nappy which gave me this new tickly felling down there that I have been getting lately. Mum looked at me and said “let’s get you changed honey because you really soaked this nappy, you don’t want a nappy rash” I giggled and we headed upstairs where I lay down on the bed waiting for a change. Mum came in and pulled out another nappy for me. I looked at the nappy and said “mum can I wear big girl pants now?” Mum smiled and said “Mandy you have just told me you had an accident, if you had big girl pants on I would be cleaning a floor right now. I am really busy today I think you should wear protection.” I looked at mum and said “can I wear a pull up then, instead of a nappy? Then if I want to go to the toilet I can just pull it down and go but if I don’t want to go or have an accident then it doesn’t matter” Mum smiled and said “Mandy if a pull up makes you happy honey then a pull up it will be but don’t kid me on that you’re not going to wet it” I giggled and said “you know me too well mum” Mum Laughed at me and said “Mandy in four hours Debbie will be here, can you at least make that pull up last until them?” I smiled and said “Oh yeh! I forgot you and dad are going away, but I love when Debbie is here” I had been playing with Katie for a couple of hours and was having loads of fun when I next felt the urge to pee, I fidgeted for a little while until I felt I could not hold it much longer, I stood up to get out of the playpen to go to the toilet but that was when I realised I had waited too long, I felt a quick spurt of pee hit my pull up and knew I was not going to make it. I looked at Katie and said “Oh Oh! Big sis is wetting her nappy” as I relaxed and felt the Warmth spread through my pants.” Mum came in about an hour later and picked Katie up and said “Mandy I’m going to get Katie a bath and sort her for bed before Debbie comes, do you need the toilet before we go into the bathroom?” I looked at the floor and blushed and said “It’s too late for the toilet mum, I was needing the toilet but was having too much fun, I though I could wait until we finished playing but when we were finished and I stood up it was more than my bladder could take, I started to pee myself almost instantly and couldn’t stop” Mum just laughed at me and said “Mandy I told you that you would wet your pull up, didn’t I?” I giggled and said “I did try to go to the toilet mum” Mum looked at me and said “Mandy it helps if you go to the toilet before you start to pee yourself that way you might keep your pants dry” I Laughed and said “I know mum” Mum walked away with Katie and said “Mandy I’ll be back soon to get you ready for bed once I have sorted Katie, okay?” I moaned and said “but mum can I wait until Debbie comes before I get ready, I don’t want my nappy on too early” Mum Smiled and said “Mandy that doesn’t usually bother you, you are usually quite happy to have a nappy on” I blushed and said “I Know but Debbie makes me wet if I have a nappy on and need to pee” Mum patted my wet pull up and said “Debbie didn’t make you wet your pull up but it’s wet, what difference does it make? Anyway that’s what your nappy is for.” Mum left with Katie and later shouted for me to go upstairs, she sent me for a bath and then dried me and put me in my night terry nappy and plastic pants and said “there you go honey, you can just wet if you need to now honey. I have shown Debbie how to change your nappies so if you need a change she will sort you out” I got off my bed and pulled my nightgown over my head, headed to my bedroom door and run back down stairs, Tom and Jerry was about to come on TV and I love cartoons. I jumped onto the couch and felt the air puff my plastic panties up and giggled as I pushed down on them to flatted the huge bulge under my nightgown. The door bell rung, I heard Dad say hello to someone, then I heard Debbie’s voice and jumped up and run to the door. Debbie bent down and picked me up and said “hi Sweetie, are you ready to have a fun weekend?” I smiled and gave Debbie a hug and said “I’m ready for a fun weekend, I’m glad it’s you that’s babysitting me Debbie, your fun” I went back to my cartoons, Debbie went with my mum to be shown where everything she would need for the weekend was and given all the contact numbers and money for groceries and treats. Mum and Dad appeared a few minutes later and said they were going now; they gave me a hug and told me to be good and do what Debbie asked. I promised I would be good for Debbie and hugged my parents back and they left. Debbie closed the door and said “Mandy go back and watch your cartoons, I’m going to get us a drink and I have some popcorn here, I’ll be trough in a minute” I nodded and want back to the sitting room; soon Debbie joined me and gave me a large glass of Coke, I smiled and said “Debbie this glass is too big, Mum says I’m not to drink a lot after 6pm or I will wet the bed.” Debbie giggled and reached over to me, lifted my nightie and patted the front of my nappy and said “Mandy you have a nappy on; it doesn’t matter if you pee yourself. Just drink your juice sweetie and let’s have some fun” I giggled too and said “Okay Debbie but I’m going to be soaked in the morning” and I started to sip my coke. Debbie Laughed and said “Mandy you would be soaked in the morning anyway I know you too well” We watched the cartoons and munched our way through the popcorn, I started to feel an urge to pee but wanted to see the end of the cartoon so ignored it. I sat there as the need to go grew and soon was fidgeting with myself trying to hold on. Debbie looked at me and said “I think a little girl needs a pee pee” I nodded and said “Yep I’m bursting” as I fidgeted some more. Debbie giggled and said “Mandy it doesn’t matter you have a nappy on” I looked at Debbie and said “I know I have a nappy on but I want to go to the toilet, I want to wait until this cartoon is finished though but oh!! I’m really bursting” Debbie laughed at me and said “Mandy, I don’t think you’ll need to worry about bursting to go for long, your about to have an accident any second and then you won’t be bursting anymore” The cartoon ended and I stood up and said “Debbie come and help me get my nappy off” as I run for the bathroom. I got to the toilet, I stood there hopping from foot to foot and holding myself as Debbie came in and lifted my nightie. I dribble a little because of the cold bathroom floor as Debbie started to pull down my plastic pants and again as she started to undo the first nappy pin but this time she noticed and stopped. Debbie looked at me and quickly pulled up my plastic pants and said “Sweetie your wetting” I blushed and said “just a little bit Debbie but I have stopped, quick help me get the nappy off before I pee myself totally” Debbie giggled and said “Mandy your nappy is wet now, even if it’s just a little, it is still peed. I think you should just finish wetting yourself and we can go back downstairs to watch TV, I will change you before bed, what do you think?” I bent forward and grabbed myself as I quickly crossed my legs and said “Oh Debbie!! It’s to late, I don’t have a choice anymore, I’m peeing myself and oh! I can’t stop” Debbie giggled and slid her hand onto the front of my plastic pants and said “Aww Mandy sweetie your nappy is lovely, warm and squishy and I can fell you still peeing.” Once I had stopped Debbie said “There sweetie all done, Lets go and finish watching your cartoons” We went back downstairs and about an hour later the cartoons were finished and I was sleepy so Debbie changed my nappy and I went to bed. Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch11 I woke up at around 3am bursting to pee. I remembered all the Coke that Debbie had made me drink the night before and knew I was lucky to get even a small chance to go to the toilet. I threw off the covers, swung my legs out off bed and stood up and then the urge hit me like a ton of bricks. I grabbed my crotch and crossed my legs but the first couple of squirts were now in my nappy. I managed to stop the flow, I slowly walked into the hallway towards the toilet, opened the toilet door and stepped inside, I lifted my nightgown and grabbed the top of my plastic panties as another urge hit me due to the cold tiled bathroom floor. I had just got my plastic pants to around my knees when I heard Debbie say “Hi Sweetie, I thought it was you I heard up and about, are you ok?” I hopped from foot to foot, now desperate and said “I need the toilet Debbie” Debbie smiled at me and said “but honey you have a nappy on” she bent down in front off me, touched my terry nappy and smiled as she looked at me, she then took hold of my Plastic pants and pulled them back up over my nappy. I started dancing and said “No! don’t pull them up, Oh! I’m bursting Debbie, help me get my nappy off” Debbie Giggled as she said “you don’t have to worry about being bursting when you have a nappy on sweet heart, the worst that can happen is you have an accident.” “But Debbie, I’m going to have an accident now if you don’t help me!” Debbie gave me a hug and whispered into my ear “You don’t need to worry about being bursting just now Mandy, you’ve already had a little accident in your nappy that’s why I just pulled your plastic Panties back up, you don’t have to bother any more sweetie, just finish peeing yourself that’s what you are wearing a nappy for anyway” I was now jumping about trying not to pee and looked at Debbie with puppy dog eyes as I said “Please take my nappy off Debbie” Debbie took my hand and led my out of the Bathroom and towards her bedroom as she said “Come on Mandy just jump in beside me for the rest of the night” When we got to Debbie’s room; she placed me in bed, jumped in beside me and pulled the covers over us. My desperate urge to pee was soon back, I was squirming around the bed and Debbie looked at me and said “Oh Mandy have you not finished peeing yet? Will you stop squirming around!!” I crossed and uncrossed my legs and held my crotch trying not to pee myself and said “But I can’t help it Debbie I’m really bursting” Debbie started laughing and said “for a Girl who is quite happy to wear and use a nappy when she decides she wants too, you make a huge fuss about it when you have no choice but to wet your nappy” Debbie then turned onto her side to face me and said “I will just have to deal with you like a little girl and make you wet yourself then; otherwise I’m not going to get any sleep” A look of shock came across my face as Debbie surged towards me and I felt a dribble escape just from the shock as she grabbed me and started tickling and pressing on my bladder. I felt the urge grow and screamed “Debbie, STOP…….I’m going to pee……” Debbie Laughed and continued harder and harder “I know your going to pee……that’s the whole idea!” I suddenly felt my bladder give way and through my hands into my crotch to try and stop the flow but Debbie had felt me tense up and grabbed my arms before they got there and said “that’s a good little girl, just let it all into your nappy” as she pushed down on my bladder one more time and seen the front on my nappy grow yellow and wet. Debbie gave me a cuddle and touched the front of my plastic panties and said “Oh honey your nappy is lovely, warm and squishy now, Ahh! Now that you don’t need anymore let’s get some sleep honey.” When I woke up in the morning Debbie was no longer in bed. I got up quickly and run down the stairs to see where she was, I heard someone in the kitchen, I run in and hugged Debbie and said “I thought you had left because I didn’t just pee myself when you asked me last night, I’m sorry Debbie” Debbie Laughed and said “Mandy you silly girl, I’m not going to leave until your mum is back and anyway I’m not mad with you about last night, you were so cute and funny to watch” Debbie was getting breakfast cereal out of the cupboard and asked me if I wanted any, It was then the fact that I had not asked too go to the toilet for my morning pee hit me with a sudden urge and I crossed my legs. Debbie looked at me and said “Are you okay Mandy?” as she lifted some bowls out the dishwasher. I smiled and said “I’m fine Debbie, just hungry” Just as Debbie went into the fridge the urge hit me hard, I started to dribble and was just going to grab myself when Debbie looked back round and that was all the delay it took for me to feel the warmth of a fresh wetting spread through my nappy and there was nothing I could do to stop it so I tried to carry on like nothing had happened and we went into the sitting room to eat our breakfast. Debbie sat down on the couch and just as I went to sit down Debbie stopped me and said “how’s your nappy? Do you want to go to the toilet before you start eating?” she then reached out to the front of my plastic panties to see how wet I was. Debbie felt the warmth and a smile came over her face and she said “Oh! My little girl’s just had an accident in her nappy, were to late this time sweetie so you can just stay and eat your breakfast” I looked over at Debbie with a worried look on my face and said “I’m sorry Debbie” Debbie giggled and said “Mandy I’m just teasing you, relax, I knew you peed yourself in the kitchen I was watching you to see what you would do. There’s no real point in going to the toilet if you need to pee when you have a nappy on that’s already wet. If you had told me that you needed to pee I would have probably just told you to wet yourself again anyway” I smiled and gave Debbie a hug and said “I like wetting in the morning it makes me feel like a little girl and I like to be little” Debbie grinned and said “Mandy, why don’t we pretend that you’re a little girl for the rest of the weekend, Toddler age would be fun, old enough to ask to go to the potty when you want to but little enough to wear a nappy all the time and use it when you want or I can’t take you potty” I jumped up and down excitedly on the couch next to Debbie and said “Can we really? Debbie, I would love to play a toddler girl” Debbie smiled back at me and said “Remember though Mandy if you’re a little girl of around 3 yrs old then I’m in charge and you need to listen to me and do what I say, ok?” “Ok Debbie, You’re the best!” After we ate breakfast Debbie took me up stairs and took my nappy off and sent me to have a shower, once I was done Debbie helped me get dried and said “Ok Mandy hop up onto the bed” as she patted the duvet. I looked up at Debbie and said “what are you doing, I don’t need a nappy during the day?” Debbie picked a fresh nappy and pins of the pile on my side board and said “Mandy your only three years old, you still need a nappy just in case during the day honey but come and tell me if you need the potty” I giggled and said “Oh yeah I forgot, sorry Debbie” Debbie slid the nappy under my bottom and pulled it tight between my legs and flat on my belly and pinned it tightly, she picked up a pair of pink plastic panties and gave them a shake and placed them over my feet and slid them up to my knees and said “Stand up now honey so we can get your pants on right” I stood up and Debbie pulled the plastic panties over my nappy and checked around the edges to make sure they were on correctly and smiled at me and said “there you go honey, your all sorted and no need to worry if you have an accident” I run down the stairs and jumped back on the couch to watch my cartoons and Debbie said “Mandy I’m just going to do my homework can you watch TV for a while and then we can go to the park or do something this afternoon” I was happy with that because I love the Saturday cartoons so just nodded my head and went back to watching. Debbie came over a little later and asked if I wanted a drink, I nodded and soon Debbie appeared with a baby bottle with some juice in it and said “there you go honey, some nice orange juice” I giggled and said “but I’m three, I don’t need a bottle” Debbie just replied “Mandy you spilled your cup of juice yesterday so just drink it up like a good little girl” I place the bottle in my mouth and sucked on it, I loved the babyish feeling it gave me as I watched my cartoons sitting in a nappy sucking juice from a baby bottle. About an hour later I felt the urge to pee. I thought about just letting go in my nappy but decided to go and tell Debbie that I needed to go to the toilet. I walked into the dining room where Debbie was doing her homework; I was now holding myself and fidgeting around and said “Debbie I need to go to the toilet” Debbie smiled at me with an evil looked on her face and said “Mandy, Little girls don’t go to the toilet they use a potty or wet there nappies. Can you wait 10 minutes; I’m really busy with this just now. I will come and get you when I’m ready” I started dancing and said in a whining voice “But Debbie I’m Bursting, I can’t wait that long to use the potty” Debbie patted my bottom and said “Oh well it looks like the potty is not an option this time honey. Never mind, just go back and watch your cartoons and I will check on you in 10 minutes anyway but don’t worry if you have an accident that’s why little girls wear nappies” I started to walk through to the couch but half way there I was hit by a sudden urge to pee and crossed my legs as I felt pee escape into my nappy. I pushed down hard with my hands and stopped the flow, I continued to the couch and started watching TV again and placed my hand on the front of my plastic panties, I felt a warm patch so slid my hand inside, my nappy was wet not just damp, I knew that even if I did manage to hold on until Debbie was finished what she was doing she would check my nappy before taking me to the potty, she would then tell me I was already wet and just to finish peeing myself. I lay there watching TV for a couple more minutes and soon the urge to pee was back but this time I decided not to fight it and soon a little dribble escaped me, because I did nothing to stop the first one, a second and then third dribble soon escaped into my nappy, just as the fourth dribble started I felt another sudden urge from my bladder and because I again decided to ignore this the fourth dribble turned into a gentle flow and then into a steady stream as the pee spread across my nappy. I slid my hand onto my plastic panties and felt the lovely warm feeling that makes me love wetting myself and gently rubbed the front of my nappy, I lay there smiling as I felt that tickling feeling down below and watched TV. Debbie appeared at the door a few minutes later and said “Mandy, do you still need to go potty?” I looked down and shook my head and said “No Debbie, I had an accident” Debbie smiled and said “That’s okay Mandy, that’s why you had a nappy on sweetie. I’m going back to finish my homework, I should be finished in time for lunch. If you need to go potty again before then sweetie, just use you’re nappy since it’s already peed and I will change you after lunch, Okay?” I smiled and said “okay Debbie” Debbie went back through to the dining room and I continued with TV until Debbie shouted that Lunch was ready. I run through to the dining room and sat at the table where a large plate of French toast was waiting for me and Debbie. As I sat eating my lunch and discussing what we were going to do that afternoon I felt the need to pee, I put my hand to my crotch and was just about to ask Debbie to take me to the potty when she said “Does my little baby girl need the potty again?” I nodded and started to get up from the table as Debbie said “its okay honey, your already wet, just finish your lunch and use your nappy I’m going to change you after lunch anyway” I sat back down and bounced on the chair a few times trying to hold on but when I felt the first dribble escape instead of trying to stop the flow I pushed and was instantly flooding my nappy and this caught me of guard a little, I gasped and grabbed at my crotch which caused Debbie to giggle and say “uh oh! My little toddler girl has had another accident, just as well she has a nappy on” I giggled and nodded and said “I pee peed, my nappy’s really wet now” Debbie laughed and said “you really do like to be a toddler, don’t you?” I nodded again, Debbie then took me by the hand and said “let’s go and get my little girl’s nappy changed so we can go to the park and town centre” Debbie changed my nappy and pulled a long summer dress over my head and said “there you go honey no one should be able to tell you have a nappy on under that dress” I smiled and said “Thanks Debbie” Debbie patted my padded bottom and said “do you think you can keep your panties dry like a big girl now?” I smiled and said “I think so Debbie” Debbie Giggled and gave me a wink and said “MMMmmm I’m not so sure honey!” Mandy the Babysitter 12 (I’m sorry I have not had the time to write anything for a long time, hopefully I will have more time now and continue this story) Debbie grabbed her jacket and we headed out the front door. I started to walk down the front path when Debbie shouted “Mandy, come back here!” I walked back towards her and she grabbed onto my hand “Toddlers have to hold onto an adults hand when they are walking down the street, There are too many cars about you know. I don’t want any accidents; well unless they’re in your nappy”. I giggled and took Debbie’s hand; I felt the smoothness of my plastic pants gently rubbing my thighs as I walked along beside her, I was trying to walk as normally as possible with my terry nappy keeping my legs apart at the crotch, I think I got away with it. When we reached the shopping centre Debbie took me to HMV, We looked through the computer games and then she held a game up in the air waving it around and said “Look Mandy the new Mario Cart game for the Wii, That’s what we are doing tonight” as she headed to the counter to pay for the game. I smiled and said “I love Mario Cart, I can’t wait” Once we were finished in HMV we headed to Next where Debbie took her time rumbling through loads and loads of clothes and eventually decided on a new top and as if I wasn’t board enough by this time we had to wait in a massive queue for what felt like forever to pay for it. Debbie decided she needed just one more thing and we headed for Boots the Chemist, when we arrived at Boots Debbie guided me through the aisles and stopped in the baby section, She picked up a pink toddlers dummy and smiled at me and said “Aww look Mandy, That is so cute. I’m sure the little girl I’m babysitting tonight will love this. What do you think?” as she started laughing. I turned bright red as other people were standing right next to us; I don’t know why because they probably would never have thought that the little girl Debbie was talking about was me. Debbie paid for the dummy and put it in her bag; she took my hand and said “would you like a happy meal before we head to the park?” I nodded and happily agreed as we headed up the stairs to the food court. I grabbed a table while Debbie went to order, When she arrived back she had my happy meal, Cheeseburger, Fries, a coke and a of course toy, A cute little pink doll with long blonde hear and a tiny brush to brush it. I laughed as I showed it to Debbie who said “Aww look my little toddler has her own baby now too.” We finished our McDonalds and started towards the park, we were only two streets away when as we stopped at the crossing I started to feel the effects of my coke, I placed my hand between my legs and looked up at Debbie and said “Debbie we need to hurry I need to go potty!!” Debbie looked as me smiling as she said “Mandy, try and hold on like a big girl, there is potties at the park we can use” I nodded and said “I’ll try Debbie” My need to pee grew as we entered the park, the toilets and the play park were at the other side of the park and I thought to myself I will make it just in time as we scurried across the grass. When we got to the play park we headed for the toilet block. When we got round to the front of the building and thinking I was going to be fine found that the doors were locked and a sign that simply said “closed for refurbishment”. I looked at Debbie and said “Debbie I need the toilet really bad” as I started a potty dance. Debbie looked at me and giggled as she said “Mandy, little girls don’t go to the toilet, they go to the potty and little girls that have a nappy on only go to the potty if it’s possible otherwise they go in their nappy”. I looked at Debbie and said “can we just go home to the toilet, I mean potty then?” Debbie looked at me with a devilish look and said “Mandy, you wanted to come to the park. I think you should just stay here and play for a little while” I grabbed myself and whined “But Debbie I’m bursting!!!” Debbie gave me a hug and said “Just go and play honey, remember what I said, little girls that wear nappies only go to the potty if it’s possible, right now it’s not possible so just go and have some fun and when you need too you can have a little dribble in your pants, I’m sure by the way you are dancing about there that you won’t dribble too many times before you can’t stop peeing and have a full accident” I decided to head for the chute still hoping I would be able to stay dry until we got home. There was a couple of kids playing on the chute when I arrived so waited my turn, when I reached the bottom the little girl who looked to be about four said to her big brother I need to go potty, I thought to myself and giggled I know the feeling. The little girl runs over to her mother as her brother and I had shots about going down the chute, I watched as they headed for the toilet block which I already knew was locked and wondered to myself what the little girl will do. A few minutes later the little girl comes running over and said to her brother “Ben we need to go now, I need to go potty and the potty is locked” Just at this point I felt a desperate urge to pee too, I crossed my legs as I stood at the top of the chute. I felt a spurt of pee dribbling into my nappy and grabbed myself to stop the flow and smiled as I managed it. Just at this the girls brother looked at her with an angry look as he didn’t want to leave the park and snarled “why don’t you just pee your nappy, I don’t want to go home yet” The little girl screamed at her brother “I don’t want to pee my nappy, No!” Just at that the kids mother came over having heard the kids shouting and said “Emily, I forgot you still had a nappy on honey, don’t you want to stay and play at the park?” Emily nodded and said “yes mum but I need to go so I can pee pee” I slid down the chute still watching and listening to the mother and two kids, *Thump* Ouch. I had been paying so much attention to what was happening that I came right of the end of the chute and landed hard on the ground. As I sat there trying hard not to cry in front of the young kids so I didn’t look like a baby. I had missed the spurt of pee escaping into my nappy and because I missed it I wasn’t able to try to stop it either so now there was a little trickle running free, I tried with all my might to stop the flow but my bladder was having none of it. I decided it was too late now and just relaxed completely allowing the trickle to turn into a flood that made a warm puddle in my plastic pants under my bottom and then soaked in to leave the warm dampness that I loved. I then thought about what had just happened and giggled, I tried so hard not to cry like a baby that I peed like a baby in my nappy, if only the kids new. Emily’s mum then pulled her up close to her and slid her hand into her nappy checking to see if she was wet or dry. Emily started dancing from foot to foot and said “mummy, hurry I’m bursting!” Her mum smiled at her and said “Emily I forgot you had a nappy on sweetie, I think your brothers right, I think you should just stay here and play and have a pee pee in your nappy and then when we get home I will change you into big girl panties” Emily continued to play and a few minutes later as I followed her up the chute she stopped and put her hands in her crotch and bent forward, this giving everyone a view of her nappy. Emily’s brother joined the queue and shouted at her “Emily hurry up and go down, your holding up the queue!” Emily started to cry and said “I can’t Ben, wait a minute, Oh NO!” Ben laughed and said “Emily, are you peeing yourself?” I glanced down at her nappy and noticed her once pure white nappy was turning a light yellow colour as the pee spread across her bottom and giggled to myself and thought, that will be a yes Ben. Emily didn’t say anything she just nodded as she cried softly. Emily slid down the chute and shouted at the bottom “Mum I’ve pee peed” I slid down the chute behind her and decided that I had had enough fun in the park for one day and headed back to Debbie who took my hand and we started beck towards home. Just as we were leaving the park Debbie looked at me and said “do you still need to go potty or have you peed yourself Mandy” I lowered my head and said “no I don’t need now I peed myself when I fell off the bottom of the chute.” Debbie started to laugh and said “Mandy its okay honey, I seen you do that and I nearly peed myself too, at least you had a nappy on” We were at the top of our street, twenty five minute its taken to get this far, I need to pee again but I could wait until I got to the house, Then I decided what the hell I’m wearing an already wet nappy so I just let it dribble into my pants as I walked but as another urge hit and the dribbles turned into a steady stream it caught me by surprise and I grabbed at my crotch which only alerted Debbie to what I was doing. Debbie giggled and said “Just as well I put my little toddler girl in a nappy today it turns out she has ended up pretty wet, never mind honey I’ll change you into a nice clean nappy when we get home all ready for tonight and a lot more fun” I smiled and replied “I can’t wait” Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch13 We arrived home and Debbie put her new top beside the rest of her clothes in the spare room. I went to the sitting room and switched on the TV and sat down on the floor, I felt my nappy squelch underneath me, the nappy was still really warm and I was in heaven. I was awoken from my day dream bliss by Debbie shouting “Mandy, Mandy come here to I see your nappy.” I looked up at her, slowly got up and walked towards her and she started laughing and said “Ah so you are still on this planet, you were away in a world of your own. What was so interesting?” I giggled and said “oh nothing Debbie, nothing at all” Debbie lifted my skirt up and told me to hold it there and as I did I saw a worried look come over Debbie’s face. “Debbie, what’s wrong?” I asked. Debbie Giggled and said “Honey you have wet yourself so much that your nappy is soaked all the way up the back and half way up the front. You even have a puddle of pee in the bottom of your plastic pants.” I looked down and could see the best part of a cup off pee sloshing around in the crotch of my pants and said “Oh Debbie what am I going to do now, If I take my nappy off the pee will go everywhere.” Debbie giggled and said “let me get your dress off first and I will sort you out” she then pulled my dress up and off over my head. Debbie had another look at my nappy and then said “Kneel down on the floor honey, Okay now lie on your belly.” I lay down on the carpet. Just then Debbie grabbed my feet by surprise lifting my up as if we were playing wheel barrows. I shouted “what are you doing to me Debbie” I felt the rush off warm pee run back up my crotch towards my belly and after about thirty seconds Debbie let me back down. I looked at her and said “Why did you do that?” Debbie laughed and said “Stand up honey” I stood up, Debbie looked at my nappy and said “There see, No puddle of pee now. But your nappy is so wet in the front you could be mistaken for a baby boy” I looked down and laughed too. Debbie took my hand and said “okay honey lets go and change that nappy before you flood the house” I smiled and said “sounds good to me.” We arrived in my bedroom and Debbie slid my nappy including the plastic pants to the floor in one package by simply undoing one pin to loosen it off. I headed to the bathroom, had a shower and when I arrived back I found Debbie had three nappies piled on top of each other and folded neatly into a kite shape. I was summonsed and gently guided until my bottom was in the perfect place on the nappies. Debbie picked up the baby powder and with a quick puff I was covered in all the right places. I soon felt the soft fluffiness of the terry nappy being pulled between my legs then pulled tightly across my belly. I looked up at Debbie and she smiled and said “now hold still honey, next comes the nappy pins and I don’t want to jag you” The nappy pins were in before I knew it and soon Debbie has a pair of baby pink plastic pants in her hands. I felt her slide my feet through the leg holes and she pulled them up past my ankles, she held out her hands to pull me to my feet and I took her hands and stood up. Debbie pulled the pants up over my nappy and made sure it was tucked in all the way round and then said there you go honey as she patted my now well padded bottom. I gave her a hug “Thanks Debbie” Debbie picked a short pink nightdress and handed it to me. I looked at it and said “Debbie, that’s way too short for me now” Debbie giggled “Mandy, it will be fine. I will be able to see if my little girl has an accident tonight and it makes changing you easier” I said “can’t I wear My Pyjamas?” Debbie Laughed “Mandy honey, with that nappy your bottoms won’t fit you; a two man tent would be about right.” I looked down and giggled as I started to head to the door; “it’s that big I can hardly walk Debbie” Debbie patted me on the bottom again and said “you will be fine sweetie, no need to worry about leaks now.” I managed to get to the sitting room and sat down, Debbie set up the Wii and as I chose my mini me Debbie went off to the kitchen and came back with a bowl of crisps and two huge glasses of coke. I looked round at Debbie as the glass was put down in front of me and said “Wow that’s too much juice, I’ll be running back and forth to the toilet all night if I drink all of that.” Debbie grinned at me and said “Potty Mandy, Little girls use the potty.” We had soon played five games of Mario cart, Debbie had one the first three but I had one the last two and now I understood how it all worked I was going to win big. I was midway through the sixth game and well in the lead when I felt a need to pee. I decided that I would finish the game and then head to the toilet, by the time I got to the end of the game I was dancing about and fidgeting greatly. Debbie said “That wasn’t fair Mandy, I couldn’t concentrate on that game for laughing at your potty dance, I should make you play another game before I take you to the potty as a punishment.” My eyes went wide and I grabbed my crotch and I said “No Debbie, I need to go now, right now or I will pee myself” Debbie started laughing and said “fine, come on then” We run up the stairs, well as best as I could with the padding I had on and just made it in no more. Debbie smiled as she pulled up my plastic pants after re-securing my nappy and said “Aww my little girls getting all grown up, doing her pee pees in a big girl potty” We went back down stairs and Debbie said “Mandy how about we cuddle up on the couch and watch a film now, three games each sounds a good place to stop don’t you think” I smiled and stuck my tongue out at her “Okay sounds good, but you just knew you were going to get beat at Mario cart” Debbie giggled “maybe, but I’ll let you choose the film” I run to the DVD rack and grabbed the new snow white and the seven dwarf’s movie and gave it to Debbie. Debbie put the movie on and about half an hour into the film I needed to pee again; I fidgeted about for a couple of minutes and then said “Debbie I need to go Potty!!” Debbie laughed as she paused the film and took my hand, as we headed for the stairs she started singing “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to pee we go, we run up stairs to save the flairs, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho” I nearly peed myself laughing “Debbie don’t you’ll make me pee myself” Debbie tucked my nappy all back in once I had peed and smiled “twice in a row that must be a record” Once we were back on the couch I finished off my juice and cuddled into Debbie. She smiled at me and leant down into her bag and picked out the cute pink toddler dummy. Once she had opened it she looked at me and said “here sweetie, this is for you” I looked at her and decided what the hell; I might as well play along with her. I opened my mouth and accepted the dummy and cuddled into her. I soon started to feel a bit sleepy and relaxed and must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was wakening up with a massive need to pee. I jumped up but as I got to my feet the pressure on my bladder was too much and a spurt of pee rushed into my nappy. I crossed my legs and pushed my hands deep into my crotch and the flow stopped. I looked down at Debbie who was now grinning back at me and said “Debbie Quick, I need the toilet” Debbie turned me around and looked at my crotch; she then touched the base on my plastic pants to confirm her thoughts and said “Mandy, I have told you before; little girls don’t go to the toilet they got to the potty” I was dancing from foot to foot now, bursting beyond belief and said “Okay, Okay, take me to the potty then, PLEASE!!” When I looked back at Debbie she had that devilish look on her face, she giggled “Mandy, Little girls who wear nappies only get to go potty when they need a pee pee if their nappy is dry. Little girls with wet nappies don’t need to go potty.” I grabbed the front of my nappy and said “But Debbie, I’m bursting” Debbie laughed and said “I know you are but your nappy is wet, you started to pee yourself.” Debbie pulled me back down beside her and said “Just cuddle in beside me and let it dribble into your nappy, I don’t want to have to run up the stairs to save you wetting an already wet nappy” I cuddled back into Debbie and started watching the film again; every now and then I allowed a little dribble of pee to escape into my nappy when the pressure was too much. Debbie looked at me and said “sweetie, can you stop fidgeting and sit still, have you not peed yet?” I grabbed myself again and said “Debbie, I don’t want too” She smiled at me and paused the TV and said “Mandy you already have peed, just finish peeing yourself honey, here let me help” Just at that Debbie jumped on me and started tickling me; I felt a spurt of pee escape and through my hands to my crotch but it was too late. Debbie knew from past experience that if I dribbled and she pushed down hard on my bladder at the same time it was game over. The spurt of pee turned to a constant trickle running between my legs and warming my bottom, even though I tried with all my might, the trickle of pee only got stronger until there was a steady stream gushing into my nappy. That always happens, I thought to myself. If I don’t catch myself before it turns into a gentle trickle there is no return. By the time I had stopped thinking about it I had a warm wet patch in the back on my nappy. Debbie looked at me and giggled as she touched the crotch of my nappy “Oops, my little girls all warm and wet. Just as well I put suck a thick nappy on you. We can finish the film in peace now though.” Debbie put my dummy back in and cuddled me tight as we continued to watch. Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch.14 I lay there sucking my dummy therapeutically and cuddled tightly into Debbie as I got more and more tired. I must have fallen asleep before the end of the film because Debbie woke me later with a large glass of milk and said “Come on Sleepy head, Time for a drink and then bed” I looked up with half shut eyes due to the bright lights now in my face, looked at the large glass of milk, then at Debbie and said “Debbie, you know I’m not allowed to drink that at this time of night and especially straight before bed” Debbie Giggled and said “why sweetie” “You know fine well why not, because I will wet the bed” I said, as I stuck my tongue out at her. Debbie said “No one will know honey; you can’t wet the bed anyway because you have a nice thick nappy on. So it doesn’t really matter if you pee yourself and you’re already wet anyway, so just relax, drink your milk and enjoy it”. I smiled and took the glass of milk and headed up the stairs, I pulled down my duvet and jumped into bed. Just then Debbie came into my room and pulled the duvet up over me and tucked me in. Debbie blew me a kiss as she left the room and I a started sipping at my milk, before I knew it I had greedily drained the glass, I placed the empty glass on my bedside cabinet and cuddled down to sleep. The next thing I remember was waking up suddenly, it was still dark outside; my bedside clock was the only light in the room and it showed it was only 3.13am. I had been woken by a severe need to pee; I had to get to the bathroom and fast. I pulled the covers off me and swung my legs out of bed. I jumped to my feet and as soon as I did so I felt the extra pressure on my bladder. I took the first step towards the bathroom and was hit by another desperate urge. I felt a small trickle of pee escape me into my nappy, I crossed my legs and tried to stop the flow with my hands but my nappy was just too thick to get any control. I felt the trickle turn into a steady stream between my legs and gave up. I sat back down on my bed and pulled my legs back in and then my covers back over me. I lay there still peeing myself, feeling the wonderful warmth trickle down between my legs into a warm puddle under my bum before it was soaked into that lovely warm damp feeling I had grown to love. I turned over but didn’t have to try hard to get back to sleep. The next time I woke up it was Debbie at the room door shouting “Mandy honey, are you getting up or are you going to stay there all day” I looked around, it was now light outside and the clock showed 10.35am. I started to get out of bed and asked Debbie if I could get changed. Debbie smiled and said “After breakfast will be fine Mandy, you will need a shower and right now we need to eat, it won’t hurt to wait another 15 minutes” I nodded and said “Okay Debbie, after breakfast it is” Now that I had been out of bed for a couple of minutes I started to feel the urge for my morning pee. I knew there was no point in telling Debbie as she always makes me pee myself if my nappy is already wet when I need to go. I managed to keep control along the hallway but as soon as I took the first step down the stairs I felt the first dribble squeeze past my bladder muscles and into my already wet nappy, I tried to ignore it so Debbie didn’t notice but this meant by the time I was half way down the stairs I was in full flow and by the time I was at the bottom my bladder was just adding the final couple of spurts into the waiting padding making sure it had completely empted itself. I walked across to the breakfast table where Debbie had already got the cereal in the bowls and sat down. Debbie then looked at me with a devilish look and said “how’s your nappy doing sweetie” as she shoved her hand in the top of my PJ bottoms and touched the crotch of my plastic pants. A smile came over her face and she giggled “Aww look, my little baby girls has went pee pee in her nappy already today and she is only just up” I blushed and said “Debbie I was already wet, you would have just made me pee myself anyway if I had asked to go. I peed as I came down the stairs”. Debbie started laughing “Oh honey, I’m only playing with you. I noticed that you were peeing yourself as you came down the stairs, don’t worry about it, let’s get breakfast and then we can get a clean nappy on my little girl, that’s if you want to be little again today”. I smiled and nodded meekly “yes please Debbie, I like being a toddler” Once I had finished breakfast I headed up to my room and pulled of my PJ’s and took a hold of my plastic pants at the waist. I started to slowly slide the pants down over my wet nappy and then down my legs, I love the feeling of the tight elastic of the leg bands on my baby pants sliding up or down my legs. I pulled the rest of the nappy down without undoing the pins as it was now getting cold, I don’t like a cold nappy but more importantly I needed to poop and I really don’t like a messy nappy so jumped on the toilet while I had the chance. I was soon in the shower and warm and clean again. When I got out of the shower and returned to my room Debbie was there waiting on me with a plastic bag, she smiled at me as she pulled out a packet of pull-ups. I looked at her and said “what are those for” Debbie giggled and said “Mandy these are a mixture of pull-up training pants some have little hearts on that disappear when you have an accident, some have little stars that disappear when you have an accident and I can’t remember what the other ones do. I thought we could try some toddler potty training today for some fun if you like” I nodded and smiled and said “can I have the ones with the hearts on please, please they sound so cute” Debbie laughed and pulled a pair out of the packet and handed them to me and said “there you go, you can be a big little girl and pull them up yourself” I pulled the pull-up up my legs into place and then got dressed in a short denim skirt and t-shirt for playing out the back yard, I smiled at Debbie and said “these pull-ups are cute; they don’t feel very thick though what if I have an accident?” Debbie rolled her eyes and said “they should be fine if you wet yourself; they swell up and become much thicker when you pee” I went outside and started to play with my basketball shooting hoops, around 45 minutes later Debbie joined me and said “I’m finished my project for University so thought I’d come out here and whip your backside at basketball” I threw the ball at Debbie and said “Bring it on!!” We had a great time shooting hoops and then Debbie said “I’m going to head in to the toilet, does my little girl need to go pee pee too?” I rolled my eyes at Debbie and said “not yet, I’m fine playing here” Debbie headed to the house and stood at the back door going through her pockets and then turned to me with a worried look on her face and said “Oh Mandy, I pulled the back door shut and the keys are on the kitchen table. I’ve locked us out and have no way of getting us back in” I started laughing at Debbie and then said “don’t worry, Mr Evens next door has a key, I’ll go and get it.” Debbie watched as I left the back yard through the side gate and then when I returned said “give us the key then Mandy!!” I looked at her with a sad face and said “Mandy Mr Evens isn’t in, the cars not there and there was no answer at the door. He must just be away to the shops or something because I remember my Dad asking him if he would be around this weekend to keep an eye out that we didn’t have any wild parties or anything” Debbie screwed her face up and said “Okay, what are we going to do now?” I smiled “let’s just shoot some more hoops until Mr Evens comes back” Debbie looked at me and said “I hope he is not too long, I really need to pee.” I laughed at Debbie and said “I thought I was the toddler; you’re a big girl you can wait. You could borrow my pull-up if you want” Debbie started laughing and then threw the ball at me and said “Don’t make me laugh, let’s just shoot the hoops” An hour or so later Debbie stopped and said “let’s go and see if Mr Evens is back yet” We both went through the gate and down the side of the house but the car was still not there and there was still no answer at the door. Debbie was fidgeting about now in a manner I knew all too well so I led us back to the back yard. When we got back round the back of the house Debbie was dancing about a bit and really fidgety. I giggled and said “Debbie, try not to think about it and you will be fine.” Debbie looked at me and said “easy for you to say” I gave a fidget of my own and said “well not really Debbie, I’m really needing now too” Debbie laughed and patted my bottom as she said “yeah, but you have a nappy on, you can get away with peeing yourself” We both danced around for another ten minutes before I couldn’t hold on any more and said “Debbie, I can’t hold it any more. Oh No I’m going to pee, I’m going to pee myself” Debbie giggled and said “did you dribble honey?” I went red in the face and nodded. Debbie lifted my short skirt and said “Aww look honey, that’s so sweet, a little bit of one of your pink hearts has faded” I bent forward to have a look and as I did another spurt of pee squeezed out and I seen another wee bit of heart fade and I grabbed myself. Debbie took my hand and sat me down on the grass and said “Open your legs sweetie and just let it go. You are wet now anyway” she then pulled up the front of my skirt a wee bit so we could both see the pull-up I sat there thinking what the hell and when the next urge hit I pushed down hard as if I was on the toilet and boy did it work. A sudden gush of pee started to fill my pull-up and the three pink hearts started to disappear quickly and soon were gone. I looked at Debbie with a smile and said “well I’m all sorted” Debbie sat down on the grass next to me and pulled the skirt from under her bottom, she looked at me and then said “I’m left with no option, I’m going to have to do a Mandy” I looked at Debbie with a puzzled look and said “what are you on about” Debbie lifted her skirt at the front giving a view of her pink knickers and gave out a sigh as she said “this!!” My eyes looked at Debbie’s knickers and then started to grow wider and wider as a wet patch got bigger and bigger until the whole of her knickers were soaked and a puddle formed in the grass. Once the puddle soaked into the ground Debbie stood up and let her skirt down and giggled as she said “see no one will ever know” I giggled and said “I think I’m not the only toddler here today. Do you want to borrow one of my nappies once we get back into the house?” Debbie went Bright red and said “I don’t think so and don’t you dare tell anyone what happened either” I giggled and said “tell anyone what, that my babysitter pee peed her panties” Debbie stuck her tongue out at me and said “Shush, YES!” We sat around for another 10 minutes or so and then we heard Mr Evans car in his drive so went to get the key. Debbie opened the door and gave me the key back and sent me to give it back to Mr Evens. When I got back Debbie was coming out of the toilet with her wet panties and said “I’ll go put these in the wash, go to your room and ill come up in a minute to change you” I pulled the soggy pull-up off and noticed how much thicker it was now and laughed. When Debbie arrived she asked me if I wanted another pull-up or a nappy on. I quickly said “a pull-up please, with stars on it” Debbie laughed and said “don’t get to excited about the stars on them, they probably won’t be there for long if I know you” Once I was changed, Debbie said “you go watch some TV and I will make something to eat, then we can head out” I looked at up and said “where are we going tonight Debbie” Debbie smiled cheekily at me and said “Wait and see!!!” Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch.15 I sat there on the couch watching Tom and Jerry trying to work out where we could be going. About 20 minutes later Debbie shouted “Mandy our Pizza is ready, come to the table and get it.” I jumped off the couch and run to the dining room, I was just about to sit down when Debbie chuckled “not so fast baby, I need to check you are still dry before you sit down to eat.” I looked at Debbie as I started to blush “I’m not a baby, I’m still dry and anyway I sit here and eat in a wet nappy most of the time” Debbie giggled and said “Mandy, that’s enough of that. Just because you are wearing a pull up doesn’t mean you’re a big girl, I’ll check your pants when I decide and I’ll decide if you are dry” as she slid her hand onto the front of my pull-up. I laughed and said “I know I’m dry because my stars are still there, Look!!!” as I lifted my skirt, showing my pull-up in all its glory.” Debbie burst into a fit of laughter and gave me a hug as she said “I was trying to make you think that I was angry with you but you are just so cute sometimes I can’t help but laugh” We sat at the table and ate the pizza (pepperoni, my favourite Mmm!) and once we had finished I went back to the couch and watched the end of Tom and Jerry. Debbie came through once she had done the dishes and tidied up and said “I’ll just sort some things into a bag for you and then we can get going.” When Debbie arrived back she had my ‘Going out bag’ with her, that’s what I call my nappy bag. She came over and sat beside me and said “Mandy, were going out in the car, do you want a nappy on or are you ok with your pull-up” I smiled and said “I’m okay with my pull-up, I’m going to be a big girl tonight Debbie” Debbie winked at me and said “ok sweetie, that’s fine but it’s a long journey, almost an hour and a half so if you have an accident it’s fine” We got into Debbie’s little car and set off, after about 20 minutes Debbie said “you are going to meet my Auntie Sally and little cousin Holly tonight” I looked at Debbie and said “where are we going to meet them about” Debbie replied “At my Aunties house, I was asked to babysit for Holly before I agreed to look after you this weekend, I had forgotten about it until my aunt called me on Thursday so I asked your mum if it would be okay to take you with me up to my aunt’s house and then I could babysit you both. Your mum thought it was a great idea so that is where we are going” I sat upright in the chair and said “what age is Holly? She’s going to be able to see my pull-up with this skirt on, she’s going to laugh at me.” Debbie put her hand on my leg in a reassuring way and said “Oh Mandy, I’m sure it will be just fine. Holly is 6 years old, she still wets the bed almost every night and I know Auntie Sally keeps her in nappies for bed at night so she has nothing to laugh at you for.” I smiled and relaxed “That makes me feel better, are we nearly there yet” Debbie laughed at me and said “no Mandy we are still over an hour away, are you board already” I gave a little fidget and said “no, it’s not that” Debbie smiled at me with a knowing look in her eyes and said “does my little girl need a pee pee?” I blushed and nodded “its okay, I’ll hold on” Debbie said “you can try if you like but it’s still a long way, I think you will have an accident before we get there, I don’t mind if you want to just pee yourself now and get it over with if you don’t think you will manage to wait. It’s up to you” I looked at Debbie and said “I’ll wait” We jumped around as we listened to the music which disguised some of my desperation but after 45 minutes I was in trouble and Debbie could tell and she giggled “Mandy you’re really bursting, it’s okay to pee in your pull-up, I don’t mind honey” I pushed my hand into my crotch and said “I don’t want to pee myself this time, I want to try and be a big girl and hold on” Ten Minutes later and I was still holding on somehow, I said to Debbie “when we arrive at your auntie’s house, where is the toilet?” Debbie giggled and said “I’m not telling you, no I’m only kidding it’s the first door on the left after the stairs” I smiled again “Thanks Debbie, when we arrive at her house can I just run straight to the toilet? Can you explain to your aunt were I’m going and why so she doesn’t think I’m rude” Debbie started laughing and said “That’s fine honey, she won’t mind” I was now bouncing up and down in the seat with desperation and Debbie was trying hard not to laugh at me again, we turned right off the main road into a smaller street and the left into another one and Debbie said “Try and hold on honey it’s just down the end of this street, you have done fantastic to stay dry this long” I giggled and said “see I can be a big girl” Debbie laughed and said “we’ll see, you have not made it yet” I stick my tongue out at Debbie and said “I will” Debbie laughed again and said “anymore of the cheek young lady and I’ll stop the car and tickle you” I looked at Debbie in horror “No, don’t tickle me, please” The car stopped and Debbie looked at me and said “don’t look so worried I’m stopping because we have arrived, not because I’m going to tickle you” We both jumped out the car and run to the door, Debbie opened the door and we both went into the house, I run past Debbie and into toilet and just as I locked the door I felt a sudden urge to pee. I flung my hands to my crotch and managed to catch the dribble as it started and stopped the flow. I pulled the pull-up down as fast as I could and sat down on the toilet. My bottom had hardly touched the seat when my bladder gave out on me. I sat there relieved but boy that was so close. When I had pulled myself together from my near miss; I pulled my pull-up back up and opened the door. Debbie was standing there with her auntie Sally and both of them were looking at me with a smile on their face. Debbie said “Did you make it sweetie?” I smiled and said “yep, told you I would” Debbie gave me a hug and said “I bet that was close though, wasn’t it” I nodded and blushed, Debbie’s aunt then said “come on through then, I have someone who is desperate to meet you” as we made our way to the sitting room. When I walked in the door there was a cute little girl with blonde hair sitting in the corner playing with her toy kitchen. Her mum shouted on her “Holly, this is Mandy” she looked at me and said “Mandy this is Holly” I looked over at Holly and said “hello holly, what are you doing” Holly smiled and said “I’m playing with my kitchen, do you want to play too or I have some dollies up stairs if you want to come to my room” I smiled and said “okay Holly show me your dollies” Holly stood up and headed to the stairs and we both headed up the stairs. As we were climbing the stairs Holly’s mum shouted up to her “I will be up there in half an hour to give you your bath” Holly shouted back “But Mum I want to play with Mandy” Her mum shouted back “you can play more after your bath, I’m going out remember so you need your bath before I go, ok?” Holly shouted back “Okay mum” and sat down cross legged on the floor so I sat down facing her and picked up one of the dollies. We had been playing for about 10 minutes when I noticed Holly looking at my legs and her eyes went wide, I then realised she was looking at my pull-up which was on view as much as her little pink big girl panties because we were sitting cross legged. I uncrossed my legs and moved to be sitting on my legs in the kneeling position so there was no longer anything to see. Holly then looked at me and said “Mandy, why did you run to the toilet when you arrived?” I smiled at her and said “Because I was bursting to pee pee” Holly looked at me puzzled and said “But don’t you have a nappy on?” I blushed red and said “well it’s a pull-up not a nappy and I only wear one just in case I have an accident.” Holly giggled “my mummy told me a pull-up is just a nappy for big kids, I have to wear one if we go a long way it the car, If I need a pee pee when I have a pull-up on my mummy just lets me pee my pants, I don’t have to wait until I get home” I smiled and said “well your mummy must be right then but I was trying to be a big girl” Just as we started back playing with the dollies Holly’s mum came to the door and said “Bath time Holly” she then looked at me and said “if you pop down stairs Mandy Debbie has some snacks for you both and Holly will be down soon” I got up and said “Thanks” Then headed down stairs. When I got there Debbie was setting up the Wii and put Mario cart on. I run towards her and grabbed a controller and said “Oh Great, I love the Wii and most of all Mario cart” Debbie laughed and said “I know you do but I’m going to beat you” I laughed at Debbie and said “what like the last time!!!, I beat you remember” We started a game and munched some crisps, I just managed to beat Debbie and was in the Middle of laughing at her when Holly came busting through the door shouting “can I play, can I play the Wii too, Please!!” Holly was standing there with just a dressing gown on; just at that point her mother came in and said “come on Holly let’s get you dried and your PJ’s on”. “Debbie, could you sort Holly down bellow before putting her to bed later?” Debbie knew her auntie meant putting Holly’s night nappy on before she went to bed and smiled and nodded. Holly looked at her mum and said “But Mum, I don’t want Auntie Debbie doing it. I want you to do it when you come back.” Holly’s mum pulled her up the stairs and said “Now don’t start Holly, when I come home tonight you will be sleeping so Auntie Debbie will need to do it for you” Holly Huffed and stamped her feet “I don’t want Debbie doing it I want you to do it” Holly’s mum was losing her patience with holly and grabbed hold of her dressing gown and pulled it down and said “If that’s what you want sit there a minute” Holly sat on the bed, a couple of minutes later her mother came back with a pile of terry nappies and some plastic pants and started folding the nappies into one thick nappy. Holly looked at her mum and said “mummy what are you doing?” Her mum pushed her back onto the bed and said “Holly I’m going out in ten minutes, I don’t have time to argue with you about who is going to nappy you. I am going to nappy you now; if you need the toilet later then you can decide if you want Debbie to help you go to the toilet like a big girl or you can pee yourself like a baby the choice is yours” Holly didn’t get the chance to reply to her mother because she had made good work of the nappy and had pulled her to her feet to pull the clear plastic panties up her legs and then her short nightdress over her head. Her mother then said “you can head back down stairs now” Holly started to walk towards the door but her nappy was so thick she could only waddle; she looked at her mum and said “mum this nappy is too thick, I can’t walk properly with it on” Her mum just laughed and said “well if you had decided to let Debbie put a nappy on you later you could have had one of your normal nappies on but because you decided to be silly I had to put one on thick enough to get you through the night that won’t leak. There is nothing I can do about it; it’s your own fault” Holly arrived back in the sitting room with a face like thunder and you could see the plastic panties bulge out below her nightdress, she looked like a toddler and as cute as anything. Debbie’s auntie came back into the room now dressed to go out with her coat on and her bag in her hand and said “I will see you guys later, have fun. Oh and Debbie I have put Holly in her night nappy already as you probably can see, If she needs the toilet and decides to act like a big girl and ask for you to help her will you take her to the toilet? If she decides to act like a baby then just let her pee herself. If she goes in the nappy though she has to use it the rest of the night, no more chances at the toilet. Debbie Giggled “She’ll be find Aunt Sally, you go have fun, leave her to me” Debbie’s aunt smiled and said “thanks Debbie, I’ll not be too late” she then left. Debbie got up and handed her controller to Holly and said “there you go honey, you have a game with Mandy and I’ll go get something for us to drink with the snacks, okay” Holly took the controller and we started to play, we weren’t even 2 minutes into the game and I was getting my butt kicked. I had to sort this out, I couldn’t get beaten by a 6 year old, it only got worse. This girl must be on this thing all day and night to be this good. Debbie came back through with a large tray; it had 3 glasses and a huge bottle of coke on it. Holly started jumping up and down because she had beaten me. Debbie laughed and said “Did she beat you? We’ll now you know how I feel when you beat me all the time” she then started laughing and gave Holly a congratulatory pat on the head. Debbie sat down and poured the three large glasses of coke and handed one to me, then one to Holly. Holly looked at Debbie and said “Auntie Debbie, I’m not allowed to drink this much before bedtime” Debbie smiled and gave Holly a hug and said “why not sweetie?” I giggled and thought to myself for the same reason I’m not Debbie. Holly blushed and said “Because I’ll pee my bed” Debbie giggled and said “Oh Honey, you will probably wet the bed anyway even if you don’t drink it. Let’s just have some fun, enjoy your juice” she then patted Holly on the bottom and said “don’t worry sweetie, that nappy will handle as many wettings as you can through at it and still not leak” Holly took a sip of her juice and was soon drinking it without a care in the world and we all played Mario cart. After a few games I got fed up of getting beaten all the time and said “why don’t we play something else” Holly started jumping up and down and said “can we play hide and seek, Pleeeaaasseee” Debbie smiled and said “okay Holly, Mandy and I will hide first count to 50” Holly started counting and I run behind the long curtain and Debbie hid behind the couch. Debbie was found almost right away but it took a few minutes for Holly to find me. I was next to try and find everyone and counted to 50 and then started looking. I could see Holly’s shoes sticking out from beneath the curtains but decided to ignore it and go looking for Debbie who after a few minutes I found under the stairs. I came back into the sitting room, winked at Debbie and said “have you seen Holly? I can’t find her anywhere” just at that point I heard Holly giggle and said “what’s that? Did you hear that Debbie? That curtain giggled.” I reached over and pulled back the curtain to reveal Holly and said “Oh there you are, it was you giggling” Holly laughed and said it your turn to find us Auntie Debbie. Debbie laughed and said “okay then go, 50, 49, 48....” Holly grabbed my hand and said “Mandy come with me” We headed up the stair, passed Holly’s room and into her mum’s room” I felt the need to pee as I had run up the stairs, I said to Holly “wait a minute I need to go to the toilet first before we hide” Holly said “but Debbie will catch us, can’t you wait until she finds us” I thought about it for a second, thinking Holly was going to have us hide under the bed or somewhere that Debbie would soon find us quickly I said “ okay, I’ll wait” Debbie opened her mum’s wardrobe; she reached up to the bottom rail and turned it. I heard a click and then Holly pushed the wall and it moved, Holly said “quick close the wardrobe door and come in here” I closed the door and stepped inside the room and Debbie pushed the wall back and it clicked closed. I looked at her and said “What is this place Holly?” Holly smiled and said “this is our secret room; it has my daddy’s office and the safe in it. My mummy said if ever anything bad is happening at the house to come and hide in here and if no one comes to get me after half an hour I have to call the police from the phone on Daddy’s desk. Debbie will never find us in here” My need to pee was growing and I realised we could be in here for some time. I heard Debbie moving around looking through the rooms and then back again, I heard the wardrobe door open and Debbie rumble through the clothes on the rail and then heard the door slide shut again. I now knew it was going to be almost impossible for Debbie to find us, I was now really desperate to pee and dancing about doing a potty dance. We had been in the secret room now for 20-25 minutes and I could tell we could be in here all night at this rate. Holly had noticed me doing my pee pee dance and said “are you bursting” I nodded and blushed, admitting such a thing to a 6 year old. Holly giggled and said “don’t worry Mandy, you have your big kid nappy on” I felt about 2 inches tall but couldn’t help laugh at how cute Holly was when she said it. Just at this point I heard Debbie shouting with a panic in her voice “Okay girls you can come out, you have won. It’s not funny anymore, where are you?” I said to Holly “we better go out, Debbie is worried” Holly said “wait Mandy, one second” Holly pressed a button on the phone on her dad’s desk and the house phone started to ring, I heard Debbie running down stairs to get the phone and Holly said “right now, let’s go, she won’t know where we have been hiding now, we can use it another time” We stepped out into the bedroom and I heard Debbie running up the stairs to find us standing in the hallway. As I stood there I felt a dribble escape into my pull-up and crossed my legs tightly to stop it. Debbie said “where have you pair been, I have searched the house from top to bottom, you scared me. Come down the stairs and you can tell me all about it.” I said “Debbie, I need to go to the toilet first” Debbie looked at me and said “are you still dry? I saw you cross your legs a minute ago with a look of panic on your face.” She then lifted my skirt and said “Oh dear, a couple of your stars have faded. You know that little girls don’t need to go potty once that has happened” I blushed and said “But Debbie, No, Please let me go, not in front of Holly” Holly looked at us both and said “what don’t you want in front of me?” She was about to start crying when Debbie gave her a hug and said “Holly, you weren’t getting left out. Mandy needs to go pee really badly and when I checked her pull-up some of her little stars have faded. That means she has peed a little in her pants, you know the rules Holly, if you have a nappy on and you need to go potty but have already peed you don’t get to go potty you have to use you nappy. Well the rules are the same for Mandy and she didn’t want to pee herself in front of you.” Holly Giggled and said “What stars? I don’t mind if she pee’s herself” I lifted my skirt and pointed to the stars on my pull-up and said “these little stars disappear when you pee in the pull-up to let the grownups know you are wet” Holly looked at me puzzled “but Debbie said you had peed so why are they still there” I was just about to answer when Debbie started “That’s because she is only a little wet at the moment, once she has peed herself more you will see that the stars will have gone.” Debbie pointed down the stairs and said “right girls down the stairs, we have a lot of crisps to eat” As I walked down the stairs my need to pee grew stronger and stronger and at one point I had to stop to hold myself to stop another dribble. When we got into the sitting room we all sat round the coffee table. I was kneeling down and fidgeting around as I ate the crisps, then it started getting harder and harder to hold on, I was bouncing up and down and holding myself with both hands. Holly started to giggle and said “Mandy, Debbie said you have just to pee your nappy, why are you trying to hold on? Just pee your pants!” Once again I felt like I was 2 inches tall, being told to pee my nappy by a little kid felt so wrong but I didn’t have time to think about it as I started to feel a dribble escape into my nappy. I pushed down with all my might and it stopped the flow but within 30 seconds the desperation was as bad as ever again and I felt another dribble escape but this time It escaped and I was already pushing down with my hands from the last time so I couldn’t push any harder. The next dribble came quickly, then the next and the next but this one didn’t stop it turned into a gentle trickle and my eyes went wide.” Debbie giggled and said “I think someone’s little stars are disappearing” I started to turn red, I then felt the gentle trickle turn into a steady stream and the warm feeling started to spread across my crotch and then down to my bottom. I knew that there was no point in holding myself anymore so I removed my hands from between my legs and continued eating the crisps as I finished peeing. Holly looked at me with wide eyes and said “Did you just pee your big kid nappy Mandy” I giggled at her and said “Yes Holly, I peed my pull-up” Then very excitedly Holly started bouncing around and said “Mandy, can I see the stars on you pull-up now” Debbie giggled and said “they will be all gone now Holly because Mandy is completely wet” I blushed and lifted my skirt anyway and said “see, they are all gone because I was a naughty little girl and peed my pants” as I pointed to where the stars once were. Holly looked at the pull-up and said “that’s magic, how does that happen?” Debbie said “I don’t know but that’s what they do” Debbie then decided we had enough time to watch a short kid’s film before Holly’s bedtime so she put in the DVD and we started to watch it. The film was Poo bear and friends. We were 15 minutes into the film when I noticed Holly squirming a little in the seat. Both Debbie and I were more interested in watching Holly than the film. She squirmed around doing a potty dance for the last 20 minutes of the film and we watched to see what she would do. I expected her to have an accident long before the film ended but she made it to the end still dancing about. As soon as the credits started to roll up the screen Holly jumped up from her seat and shouted “Debbie quick I need to go!!!” Debbie started giggling and said “where do you need to go?” Holly started to run to the door and said “to the pot.....” she suddenly stopped and crossed her legs, grabbed at her crotch and her eyes went wide and said “it doesn’t matter now” I looked at her; she looked as if she was going to cry so I gave her a cuddle and said “It’s okay Holly, that’s what your nappy is for honey. I’m wet too remember” I placed my hand on the front of her plastic pants and could feel the warmth from the nappy and giggled as I pushed it against her and said “a wet nappy doesn’t feel too bad, can you feel how lovely and warm it is?” Holly smiled and said “I like it when it’s just peed, but I don’t like it once it cold” I giggled and whispered in her ear “let me tell you a little secret of how to fix that” She looked at me and said “how do you do that?” I giggled “you pee in it again” Holly started laughing and said “but what if I don’t need to pee” I picked up the juice bottle and poured her another glass of coke and said “drink this that should help” Debbie looked at me and said “Mandy she’s just going to bed right now, that’s not a good idea.” I giggled and said “Why Debbie, she’s already wet and that nappy is not going to leak anytime this week. Debbie giggled and said “I suppose your right” We both looked at holly and laughed; while we were discussing whether drinking the coke was a good idea she had emptied the glass anyway. I gave Holly a hug goodnight and Debbie took her up to bed and tucked her in. When Debbie came back down we watched some more TV quietly and finished off the snacks. It was around an hour later that Holly’s Mum phoned to say she would be home in ten minutes. Debbie said we should get ready to go because we still had a long drive to get home. Once Debbie had packed her stuff she said to me “Mandy, we need to take that wet pull-up off. What do you want to wear on the way home? Do you want another pull-up or a night nappy?” I blushed and said “I think I will fall asleep before we get home and I have had a lot of coke to drink tonight I think I better have a nappy.” Debbie smiled and said “I think that’s the right choice sweetie, it means I don’t have to stop on the way home, I hate these service stations at night. If you need to go on the way home, would you mind just using your nappy?” I giggled and said “I don’t mind, if it makes you feel safer, that’s what it’s there for anyway.” Debbie pulled out three nappies and folded then together and got to work, she was soon pulling my plastic panties up over my nappy and then my skirt back into place. Just as we were getting my cloths straight the front door opened and in walked Debbie’s Auntie. Aunt Sally said “do you guys want a cup of tea before you set off” Debbie nodded and said “yes please, I’ll go and pack the car so we are ready to go afterwards” Holly’s mum went into the kitchen and put the kettle on, she came back through and looked at me sitting on the couch and noticed my nappy, not that you could ever miss it. She smiled at me and said “I see Debbie’s got you all ready for the journey home, it’s a long way and nowhere to stop at this time of night. A nappy is a good idea I think. No need to worry about accidents” I giggled and said “well not of the potty type anyway” Holly’s mum giggled and said “your too funny girl” as she headed to the kitchen and came back with the tea. Debbie was back by this time and we had a wee chat as we had our tea and then got ready to leave. Just as we opened the front door and stepped out I heard Holly shout “wait I want to say goodbye” Aunt Sally shouted “Holly, you should be sleeping” Holly started to cry and sobbed “I want to say bye to Mandy and Debbie” Her Mum smiled and shouted up “Oh Okay them, Come on” Holly soon appeared at the door and gave Debbie a hug, Debbie and her Aunt continued talking and then I noticed Holly dancing. Holly looked at her mum and said “Mum, Mum, I need a pee pee. Her mum giggled and said “are you dry Holly?” Debbie looked at her aunt and shook her head, Holly’s mum then bent down and touched the front of her nappy and said “Oh honey you’re already wet, it doesn’t matter” Holly started whining and said “but mum I want you to take me to the potty” Her Mum said “Holly, Don’t start. It doesn’t matter, your already wet, just pee yourself” Holly started to cry and said “I don’t want too mummy” I looked at Holly’s mum and said “its okay I’ll sort her for you” I reached in the door and picked up Holly in my arms. I whispered in her ear “is your nappy all cold and yucky” Holly nodded at me and I whispered again “do you remember me telling you how to fix that?” Holly said “yes, pee in it again, but I don’t want too.” I smiled at her and said “But honey, your mummy says that you have to just pee in your nappy, I have a nappy on now too, I’m wearing a nappy like yours for the car ride home. Do you want to see it?” Holly smiled at me and said “you have a baby nappy on, like me? I giggled and said “holly, sometimes these nappies can be big kid nappies too” Holly giggled and said “show me then, show me” I put Holly down on the icy cold path at her front door in her bare feet, I lifted my skirt and she smiled at me and said “You do have a baby nappy on, I thought you were only kidding” Just at that the icy cold path caught up with her, she started dancing around like mad and grabbed at the front of her nappy and her eyes went wide. I picked her up and gave her a hug; I could feel the warm pee running into her nappy through the plastic panties. I smiled to myself, gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered into her ear “there, all nice and warm again ready for bed” Holly smiled at me and said “I know it feels nice” I put her down in the hallway, her mum gave her a cuddle and sent her of to bed and told her she would be up in a minute to tuck her in. We said our goodbyes to Aunt Sally, I waved as we left, then we settled down for the long dark journey home. By the time we had made it back to the main road I could already feel the very beginnings of a need to pee. I remembered that I hadn’t gone before we left and all the standing around in the cold hadn’t helped. I sat back and smiled to myself and thought, what the hell, I have a nappy on, why worry about it? Mandy the babysitter ch.16 We had been driving for about half an hour before my need got to the desperate stage. I sat there fidgeting knowing we had over an hour to go before we would be back home and knowing I would only be able to hold on another 10 to 15 minutes at the maximum. I slid my hand under my skirt between my legs, I touched the cool smooth plastic of my baby pants and was just drifting into a world of my own when Debbie tapped me on the shoulder. I jumped and looked at her “you gave me a fright” Debbie laughed “Sorry Mandy, are you okay? You look like you need a potty.” I blushed and said “I need to pee; I need a pee real soon” Debbie smiled at me and said “I thought so. There is nowhere I would feel safe stopping for about 40 minutes, can you hold it that long sweetie?” I pouted and said “no, I’m bursting now. I’m going to have an accident any minute” Debbie laid her hand on my leg and gave it a gentle rub in a reassuring manner and said “That’s okay honey, that’s why I put a thick nappy on you. Looks like you’re going to have a warm bum for the next part of the journey” I laughed at her and said “don’t make me laugh Debbie or I will pee myself” Debbie laughed at me and gave me a look as if I was stupid and said “you’re going to pee yourself anyway so what’s the problem silly” I blushed and said “it’s not that funny” as I stuck my tongue out at her. I felt another sudden urge to pee; I placed my hand back under my skirt and onto the front of my plastic pants. I pushed down hard trying to save an accident as I felt a spurt of pee escape. I slammed my legs shut to try and aid the effort but my nappy was just far too thick. I felt another spurt of pee escape me but this time it didn’t stop, it turned into a trickle. I gave out a little gasp as I knew what would happen next and sure enough it quickly turned into a steady stream of pee that I could feel spreading across my nappy through my plastic panties. I looked around at Debbie as I heard her giggle and said “What you laughing at” Debbie smiled and said “Oh nothing sweetie, I take it you don’t need a potty anymore.” I laughed and said “No, I think this warm feeling on my bottom is a wet nappy unless you have heated seats in your car” Debbie laughed “what are you like Mandy; I bet you feel better now though. There is nothing worse than being bursting to pee” I laughed and said “yes there is, Bursting to pee and not having a nappy on so you can just pee yourself” Debbie smiled and said “well ok your probably right sweetie” The rest of the journey went pretty uneventful and I fell asleep at some point. I woke up just as we came off the motorway into our town about ten minutes from my house. I looked over at Debbie and noticed she was fidgeting about a lot and said “Are you okay Debbie” She screwed her face up a bit and said “I’ll be fine; I’m just bursting for the toilet but I’ll make it home, just” I laughed and said “see I told you bursting to pee without a nappy on was worse” Debbie stuck her tongue out at me and said “It’s not funny” As we drove down the high street about 5 minutes from my house a new need to pee hit me too but I never said anything as I knew Debbie really needed to go first. When we reached my house Debbie parked the car and we both got out and run to the door, Debbie opened it and hobbled holding herself to the toilet. I went into the sitting room now desperate and holding myself too, I switched the TV on and sat on the sofa holding myself, feeling the cold smooth plastic of my panties and the dampness of my nappy beneath reminded me I was already wet, so there was no real point trying to hold on, I smiled as I decided to just let it go like a toddler. I felt a warm river of pee rushing into the already damp nappy warming it up as it run down the inside of the plastic I was touching. How I love that feeling, I thought to myself, Naughty but very nice. Hearing the toilet flushing woke me from my daydream, Debbie came down the hall into the sitting room and said “come with me Mandy and I’ll change your nappy. I’m sure that one will be cold, damp and yucky buy now. I followed Debbie to my room and lay down on the floor, Debbie lifted my skirt, grabbed the top of my plastic panties and pulled them off and in doing so touched my wet nappy and smiled. “Mandy, some little girl has went pee pee in her nappy again, I can tell because it’s all warm and it should be damp but cold” I blushed and said “I needed to go when we arrived home, just like you. When we got out the car the cold air turned my need into me being really bursting. I could see you were really bursting too and realised only one of us would make it to the toilet and keep our pants dry. I decided that because I was already wet and had a nappy on I would let you go first even though I knew it would mean I would wet myself again” Debbie smiled and gave me a hug and said “Aww honey that’s so nice and thoughtful of you. Let’s get you in a nice fluffy dry nappy for bed” Once in my fresh nappy, again really thick for overnight we headed down the stairs and Debbie said “half an hour honey and it’s off to bed for you okay, it’s really late” I nodded and sat down to watch TV. Debbie came out of the kitchen 10 minutes later with a baby bottle filled with milk and handed it to me and said “There you go sweetie, your mum and dad will be back tomorrow so this is the last of you playing a toddler tonight. Come here and get a cuddle and drink up all your milk, It would be a shame to waste that nice big thick nappy by being dry in the morning.” I blushed and giggled as I snuggled into Debbie and started to suck on my bottle. I must have fallen asleep as the next think I knew Debbie was pulling the covers up over me and I was in bed. Debbie smiled and put the bottle back to my lips and said “here sweetie you fell asleep, have another little drink and go back to sleep” I took the bottle into my mouth and started to suck and soon felt myself drifting off to sleep. I woke up hours later, it was starting to get light outside but too early to get up, but get up I must as I was bursting to pee really badly. I slid my hand down the front of my pyjama pants and touch the crotch of my nappy; I then slid my hand down the inside of my pants just to double check. I was as I first thought, already wet. I must have slept through an earlier need to go and peed myself. I lay there thinking about it and then a sudden urge brought me back to my current desperation. I lay there thinking, will I get up and go to the toilet like a big girl or lie here and pee myself again like a baby. I heard a good little voice in my head saying “get up Mandy you need to pee” Then another naughty little voice saying “why bother baby, you have not gone potty all day, you have peed your nappy every time. Why bother now, just go and make your nappy all nice and warm and squishy, just how you like it, it’s already wet anyway. Before long I realised I had spent to long listening to the voices in my head and felt a trickle in my nappy. I shot my hands down to my crotch again and tightly crossed my legs but the trickle just continued as if I hadn’t bothered and soon turned into a gushing stream. I lay there peeing myself helplessly as I heard the naughty voice in my head giggling as it said “Opps baby left it too long and peed her nappy as usual” I told the naughty voice to go away and went back to sleep. The next time I woke up it was because Debbie was shaking me and saying “come on sleepy head, it’s time to get up. Your breakfast is ready” I sat up and felt my nappy beneath me and said “Debbie can I get changed first” Debbie pulled me to my feet and pulled my pyjama bottoms down and cupped my crotch with her hand and said “Oh it’s pretty wet but I’m sure it will be fine until after breakfast even if you need to use it again” I pulled my bottoms up and headed down stairs with Debbie to eat breakfast. Bacon, Egg, Sausage, beans, hash browns and toast, Yum!! Debbie and I giggled and laughed all through Breakfast talking about what we had done over the weekend, me playing a toddler all weekend and many wet nappies and her locking us out the house and peeing her pants before we got back in. When we finished breakfast I felt the need to go to the toilet and asked Debbie to take my nappy off so I can go. Debbie smiled and said “honey I’m busy just now, I need to clean the dishes and the kitchen before your mum and dad get back and then I will take you for a shower and change you into big girls panties. Come and help with the dishes” I got up and went into the kitchen and said “But Debbie I’m bursting” Debbie through me the dish towel and said “Just dry the dishes and then we will go” I bounced around a bit and said “Oh Debbie I can’t wait that long” Debbie smiled and said “well just pee then, your nappy’s wet anyway!” I stopped dancing for a second and said “But Debbie I don’t just need to pee, I need a poop too.” Debbie stopped washing the dishes and her eyes went wide as she looked at me and she said “Oh right, well, eh. Oh what the hell just do it in your nappy anyway. You wanted to play a toddler girl this weekend and a toddler girl in this predicament would poop her nappy just the same as she would wet it so why should you be any different.” I started dancing again and my eyes were as big as saucers and I said “Oh Debbie, No. Don’t make me poop myself.” Debbie giggled and said “well let’s get the kitchen cleaned quickly and then I’ll take you” We were almost finished the dishes when I felt a sudden cramp in my stomach. I crossed my legs as tight as I could and tried with all my might to hold on but it was about to happen. I screeched at Debbie “Oh please let me go, I’m going to poop” Debbie laughed and said “Oh come on then and we headed out the kitchen, Debbie walking and I hobbled as I had my butt cheeks clenched shut as hard as I could. When we reached the stairs I realised I had a problem, I would have to unclench my butt to step up the stairs. I took them one at a time, stopping to clench my butt shut on each step. We got all the way to the top and halfway along the hallway to the toilet when my need to pee got so desperate that a spurt of pee shot into my nappy. I stopped and grabbed at my crotch to stop myself from peeing, the fatal error though was taking my mind off trying not to poop and before I knew it, it had started. I stood there fixed on the spot pooping myself like a baby and of course the shock of this had caused me to lose control over my bladder.” I looked up at Debbie, she stood there with a knowing look on her face and said “Opps, I think we waited too long, my baby girl has made a stinky. Come on let’s get you in the shower” I waddled and said “yes please, this is really yucky” Debbie giggled and put her hand on the seat of my nappy and squashed it against my bottom, this spread the contents across my bottom. I jumped away and looked at her and said “Oh what did you do that for” Debbie laughed and said “you’re going to get changed right away, a toddler girl might have to wait a while and during that time would almost certainly sit down on her full nappy causing it to spread across her bottom just like you have now. I just didn’t want you not being able to feel the effects of a full nappy and feeling you missed out on something” I stuck my tongue out a Debbie and said “I could have lived without that Debbie, It’s disgusting.” Debbie took my nappy off and wiped my clean enough for me to get in the shower and then when I came out I got dressed in normal big girl panties, jeans and a top. It felt weird not having lots of padding between my legs. When I came down stairs Debbie had the Wii set up and we played Mario Cart for ages. Mum and Dad came home about an hour later. Debbie stayed for dinner and then headed home. I went to the door to say goodbye to Debbie and gave her a hug, Debbie whispered in my ear “remember to keep these big girly panties dry.” I giggled at her and said “I’ll try”
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After my phone call to him to arrange our date he text me a photo of his cock this afternoon . Amy was stunned at the size and thickness ,it certainly made my panties wet .If you behave I might move your crib into Mommy's room on occasions when Jim comes over to stay the night . Would my baby girl like to see his sexy wife being pleasured by a big strong man eh ? Lift your legs up so mommy can sprinkle a baby powder on your butt and little peepee mm-hmm I wouldn't want you to get a diaper . whats the matter my baby hubby doesn't like being put into diapers well that's too bad you better get used to having your wet diapers changed now I want you to say thank you mommy for putting me back diapers go on let me hear you say it here what a polite baby hmmmm are you crying again .If you carry on my lover will give you such a spanking when he comes over he might even spank you in front of the my niece and all her friends. I'm sure they will love to get some photos of that to share on their socials. My own friends have suggested months ago I should cheat on you when I told them just how tiny your thingy is. They found it so amusing a penis so small that it looked like it belonged on a toddler .Here stop snivelling take this pacifier I'm tired of hearing you cry you know what I think it's time for your nap baby into the crib you go sweet dreams my cute diaper sissy I'm now going to make arrangements for my date isn't this exciting dear?
  4. Hello everyone Welcome to my latest story! Babied By The Sitter! Originally this was going to be 1 of 3 or 4 different stories that I was going to leave up to a vote to see which one would be released first. I now know why that Idea hasn't been done before. Creating stories is a lot of work, even ones that are mostly thought up as they go like mine. Anyway all of those story ideas will come out on here sooner or later! The download for this story can be found at the bottom of this post and will be constantly updated as new chapters get added. You can also find an archived version of this story on Archive.org which will also be constantly updated as new chapters get added. Babied By The Sitter. ====Chapter 1 Alone at last?==== Daniel was an 18 year old living with his parents. They had made arrangements to go to Los Angeles for business and partly for pleasure. Mother: "Alright I think everything is all set and ready to go." Father: "Did you pack everything? I don't want to drive all the way back here because you forgot something. I swear it feels like you always forget things." Mother: "Yes, I double triple and quadruple checked this time! I don't want to miss our Flight" Father: "Alright, promise me you wont ask to drive back if you forgot anything." Mother: "Okay, Okay I promise, now can we please get going?" Father: "I suppose so, everything seems to be taken care of." After discussing amongst themselves they yelled up the stairs "Alright, we're heading out now! Stay safe!" A faint "Okay love you! Have a safe trip!" could be heard from upstairs confirming Daniel had heard them. Daniel was up in his room on the computer talking to friends. Everyone was playing "Doodle Destroyer" a game where one group of people draw buildings and another group draw creative ways to destroy those buildings, Longest to survive wins. The sound of the door shutting could be heard all the way upstairs. Not because it was loud or anything, just because it was a big door and it just so happen to shut loudly. After a couple of hours Daniel got off the computer and decided to go downstairs and get himself a soda. He walked downstairs into the kitchen and grabbed a nice cold soda from the freezer he had placed in there about 30 minutes prior. "Wow, I can't believe I'm home alone for a whole month" Daniel said to himself. He had been home alone before, in fact he would regularly be left at home alone but this was the longest he would be left home alone at a time. Daniel decided he'd play a few games on his own for awhile, maybe browse the web afterwards before heading to bed. He grabbed is Winbendo Twist, loaded up Plumber Platform Creator 2 and began crafting some levels. It was relaxing just being home alone, no one else around to disturb him. He could make his levels and just do his own thing in peace and quite... *Ring Ring* could be heard from the front door. "Who could possibly be here at 4pm? We never get visitors, especially not when my parents are gone." Daniel paused his game and walked over to the front door. He stood on his tippy toes to look through the peephole and make absolutely sure the screen door was closed, otherwise whoever it was could just walk into his house uninvited. After ensuring the screen door was fully closed Daniel opened up the large front door. "Hello?" Daniel nervously said to the stranger at the front door not even getting a good look at them yet. "Hello is this Daniel?" The stranger at the door asked. It was a girl, she had short dark brown hair, glasses and tits the size of Daniel's head, possibly bigger and that was not an exaggeration either. She had a rather large bag with her aswell, filled with who knows what. "Yea... why?" Daniel responded still confused as to who this woman and why she was at his door. "Okay good for a moment I thought I had the wrong house! Hi I'm Ava, Your parents hired me to be your baby sitter. They said something about keeping you company while they were gone. Here I even have the email to prove it!" Ava showed her phone to Daniel and sure enough there was an email by his parents asking Ava to babysit him. "Don't worry I know what I'm doing. I have a 4.85 out of 5 star rating on 'Welp!'" Ava boasted her experience and even showed some of her Welp reviews. Daniel had to admit her record was impressive, it was actually one of the highest Welp ratings he's seen. Daniel Opened the door for her. There was only one minor detail that made him suspicious. "All of these reviews are for children under the age of 5, I'm 18. Are you sure you're qualified to keep an 18 year old company? It's a lot different than babysitting you know." Daniel stated, trying to get out of this situation and stay home alone for the month. "I think I can handle it." Ava ruffled Daniels Hair.Ava was significantly taller than Daniel, by at least 2 or 3 feet. Daniel stood at a modest 5'6'' so Ava must've been atleast 7'6'' tall, which is absolutely giant. Daniel hadn't seen anyone quite that size in his life before, but Ava seemed to think there was nothing wrong with the massive size difference. "Hey do you like movies?" Ava asked with a smile. "Yeah, why?" "Well, I just so happen to have a copy of 'Literally burning to death' by Bizney that I've been meaning to watch and figured we could watch it together if you're interested.." Ava showed Daniel her boxed copy. Bizney was primarily focused on Childrens Animation but after the success of Phony's Adult animated movie Weeny Fiesta they decided to try their hand at an adult animated movie. 'Literally burning to death' was the first movie they made for that audience. "I uhm. It's not too scary is it? I have a low tolerance for horror." Daniel quietly replied. "I don't think it'll scare you, now come on let's watch it already!" Ava picked Daniel up cradling him just like you would a baby. Daniel's whole body was being squished under her giant titties until she sat him down on the living room couch and began fiddling with the TV. Ava put the HD-VD into the HD-VD player, pressed play than went and sat next to Daniel on the couch. "There that should do it." Ava said after she found a comfortable position on the couch. The Beginning of DVD commercials came on, most of them were other Bizney Movies that were currently out on HD-VD or in Theaters but there were two out of the ordinary commercials. One for Adult Sized Diapers and another for Baby Bottles, also marketed towards adults. "What weird product placements to put at the beginning of this type of movie. I didn't even know they made that sort of thing." Daniel said with genuine surprise. "Eh, you can't really understand companies. I'm sure they have their reasons for doing what they do. Market research and what not." Ava replied. What followed was typical movie banter, laughing crying, jumping out of your seat from fear, the usual. After the movie was over Daniel got up to get himself a glass of water. Ava: "You sure you should be getting yourself a glass of water before bed?" Daniel: "Yeah why?" Ava: "I don't want you having any accidents while I'm in charge, so I'm just making sure you can handle it." Daniel: "Of course I can handle it, I haven't had accidents in atleast 10 years." Ava: "Alright if you say so." Once Daniel was finished drinking his water he went upstairs, turned off his light, got into bed and attempted to fall to sleep. After about an hour of trying Daniel finally managed to drift off to dreamland, however his sleep was far from a peaceful one. Daniel tossed and turned throughout his slumber, the scary movie from earlier was clearly effecting him. Daniel woke up the next day in a cold sweat and a wet bed. *knock knock* could be heard on his door. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" Daniel said quietly to himself as he tried desperately to find a way to clean or hide the piss that was on his bed and underwear. Obviously his first thought was to change his underwear, but since his door doesn't have a lock on it Ava could just open it up any second and see him naked. Daniel figured that it would be worse if she saw him naked and a bed full of piss as opposed just seeing piss on his underwear and bed. A loud creaking noise could be heard from the door as it slowly opened. "Is everything okay in here?" Ava asked with a genuinely concerned tone. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Daniel rapidly apologized. "I didn't mean to I swear this hasn't happened before in years." "It's okay sweetheart, I'll take care of it." Ava said with a sugary sweet tone to her voice. "Just go downstairs and have a glass of milk, I already have a glass all ready for you. Don't worry about a thing." Ava reassured Daniel, patting his back slowly. ***Meanwhile In Los Angeles*** Mother: "Do you think Daniel is doing okay at home all by himself?" Father: "Absolutely, he's been home alone lots before, I bet he'll enjoy the privacy." Mother: "Okay, if you say so." Father: "We can call and check on him in a few days. We can't call now, it's too soon and it'll seem like we don't trust him." Mother: "I suppose you're right." ******************************* ====End of Chapter 1==== Hope you guys enjoyed and as always feel free to leave me your feedback, I love to read what you have to say! It keeps me motivated to write more stories! Babied By The Sitter ~ A Kasarberang Story
  5. Little angels, first time post and just joined! (please be kind, and apologies if this is the wrong place to put this, please place in a more appropriate place mods if possible ) I am a mummy based in Bristol southwest, UK. I have been looking after few little ones and would love to take good care of you too at the comfort of your own home...I can teach you new Latin language (Brazilian Portuguese to my babies, play and read bedtime stories to them, bottle feed, change nappies and much more). I would like to clarify that this is not a sexual practice. Do not contact me for sexual services. If you have any questions please email me on: uk.mummy.bristol@gmail.com <3
  6. So an online kink video game maker "Jenna D" made a video game based off one of my older stories. You play as a babysitter who finds a genie's lamp, and accidently wishes herself into the care of her (now grown up) ward. Will you end up back in charge, or permanently in diapers? See it here https://jennad.itch.io/wish-of-the-babysitter Or https://www.patreon.com/posts/wish-of-84535115 Special thanks to JennaD
  7. CHAPTER ONE: It all started from a phone call from my wife Susie,"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?,.....YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HOME AN HOUR AGO..YOU NEED TO GET HERE DAMN QUICK..NOW JOHNATHAN ..WE NEED A SERIOUS TO TALK ! ".What the hell is all this about I thought.Susie could be quite assertive if she had to be .Susie was typically reserved ,quite sweet, kind to others,always helpful .Her stunning looks have no doubt helped her promotion working work a large international law firm.She looked amazing for a 41 year old and she has maintained her slim figure .In addition to model like looks her ample 34 B breasts and long straight dark brown hair that reaches just beyond her bra strap caught my eye and that of many .Her friendly dark brown eyes can melt a mans heart, she receives plenty of male attention and I consider my self the envy of all my friends and those of her own male colleagues .I on the other hand am often described as "cute". I'm quite slim not very muscular and the same height as susie, 5ft 7 tall .We had met several years before and eventually got together after a lot of flirting.It was a month or so into our relationship that we finally went to bed together.The main reason was although I was only a year older my sexual experiences were very limited ,only half a dozen sexual conquests that didn't usually last long.Susie has had quite a few relationships, short flings ,long term relationships and even the occasional one night stand.Two things caused me turmoil and anxiety. What would she think the first time I stood naked in front of her and how and when should I explain my sissy adult baby fetish ,I didn't want to scare her off. The truth of the matter was I was so nervous about Susie seeing me naked for the first time knowing that some of her ex's were tall well built men, according to Susie they were mostly "self centered selfish macho dicks and was fed up of that type" she explained to me. I suppose she found my soft gentle side completely different to the men she was usually attracted to .As for my own relationships these typically ended abruptly, girlfriends showing a look of disappointment when we finally got naked .A few made feeble excuses not to take the relationship further "its not working out or I think we are not compatable " .I knew the real reason and it had nothing to do with being compatable outside the bedroom.I knew I was different to most men because I have always been teased about my penis size especially when I was in my mid teens at school. I measure, fully erect about 3 inches and my penis is quite a lot thinner than average ,roughly 3 .5 inches in circumference I would guess ....at most .One or two girlfriends laughed when seeing me naked for the first time and I'm convinced the relationships ended due to my lack of size. I could only satisfy them with my tongue. Vicky, a petite and very attractive ex girlfriend was aware of my sissy baby clothing after she caught me one night ,she had her own key to my apartment and let herself in one evening when she said she was going out with friends I wasn't expecting her .She was taken back when she saw me in my pink frilly satin baby dress with matching frilly satin knickers .She found it funny but she really didn't mind me dressing up.Vicky was very broad-minded " you actually look really cute as a baby girl ...that dress ,the nappy and those plastic pants and frilly baby knickers they really do suit you in more ways than one babe" she giggled. Vicky was so accepting of me.I fell deeply in love with her.On the nights she came over to mine she would sometimes dress me up as a baby girl .I loved making love to her and we pretended I was her baby daughter . After several months I began to notice she was feeling more and more unhappy.We hardly ever had sex anymore, She would put me in my nappy plastic pants and frilly satin baby knickers with one of her short nighties or a baby dress and give me a baby bottle.She would then go to her gym class or meet "friends". She returned later and later each time, a bit subdued not saying much ,I thought it was the stress of working in a busy office. Finally after one night she came home after midnight. .I was all dressed up the the baby clothes she had put me in, but this time in a short nightie instead of a baby dress."don't wait up tonight baby I might be late " .I was awake laying on the bed when she came in. "We need to talk she said to me looking a bit guilty. She laid next to me and gave me a hug ."I have a confession Johnathan and there's no easy way to say this ..but I have been seeing someone from they gym" ."I have only been seeing him a few weeks and its made me think about our relationship". I began to cry and she cuddled me saying how sorry she was."I'm really sorry for hurting you".Finally Vicky simply explained why things were not good our relationship,she was being brutally honest and informed me as sensitively as she could "..you just dont measure up Johnathan..you never have and never will ...I dont want to hurt your feelings but I just want to be honest unlike those other girls who you went out with,.... its our sex life ...its not good.... I .... I. cant feel you .. when you are inside me ,and ....I find this very awkward ...its very frustrating ....I'm so ..so very sorry ...its not going to work out between us".I will never forget her gorgeous features, that lovely kind caring smile as she put her arm around me and kissed me on the cheek but those words struck home .It made me feel so inadequate as a man but strangely at the same time I had a very stiff erection when she told me the facts .I was basically a useless lover because I was just too small for her." I had so many questions to ask "so when I've been waiting for you to come home....you have been with this other guy".Vicky paused and then nodded ...yes ."Have you slept with him" I asked fearing the reply.Vicky nodded her head .." yes ..just a few times... at my friends house when she's been away on business". my breathing got heavier as tears rolled down my cheeks...I had to ask but knew the answer...is he erm is he bigger..than ..Vicky realized what I was about to ask. "Does he have a bigger penis than you ? ..well yes ...of course...sorry but ..its the truth" .By now my cock was hard in my nappy and I think she sensed it. " How much bigger" Vicky began to smile and looked embarrassed "well if you want the facts..the full truth yes he's much bigger... about 4 inches bigger,...he's about 7 inches infact. She had now placed her hand on me ,touching my penis through my nappy and knickers...rubbing me very gently sensing this was turning me on."she whispered into my ear...thats why I'm late home...he's been fucking me ...fucking me with his much bigger cock whilst you've been here...here..in your frilly pink baby girl clothes " "She took my hand and placed it up her dress and into her panties.She was soaking "no no I said but she went on to tell me in detail how good it felt." Yes baby he made me cum... feel how wet I am...feel his cum".She rubbed at my penis until I came into my nappy. We were no longer together she choosing to sleep in my spare room for the next several weeks. Vicky made sure I was dressed in my baby girl clothes when she went out to meet this guy and when she got back she would leave her used knickers on my pillow. Eventually Vicky moved out finding her own place. At first Susie didn't appear to mind that I was so small but as our relationship developed I could tell she was frustrated in the bedroom.I had witnessed the same body on Vicky ,she would lay there looking up at the ceiling ,there was no passionate sounds or moans coming from her unless I gave her oral sex.language on and now Susie was displaying that same lack of pleasure.We tried all kinds of positions,Susie is very adventurous you might say but my issue was always the same as with any girl, I would quite often slip during intercourse.In the end Susie got that annoyed she told me I was "rubbish in bed" ,she began telling me "sex had been much better with her previous much bigger boyfriends" .The only position she got any sort of real penetration was with her legs over my shoulders or doggy style but she eventually admitted she could hardly feel me inside her especially when she became "wet".After a few years of married life she eventually decided enough was enough we couldn't carry on like this so a few weeks ago she went out and bought some sex toys, one was quite a large thick vibrator at least twice my size, then came the penis extension sheaths "these will add an extra 2 inches to your length sweetheart please lets try ...try them for me"....much to my shame I did. I wanted to please her and I would do anything she asked of me.Susie loves me and I love her to bits but the vibrator and penis extensions were "a poor substitute for the real thing" she said after one of our recent nights of sex. I wished to have a bigger penis so I could give her what she needed however I also has a masochist side that derived a certain pleasure knowing I was unable to sexually satisfy my lovely stunning wife. As I entered the marital home we had bought together I was curious why my wife was so angry on the phone ,what have I done that's caused her to be so angry, she's usually so sweet. Susie came right up to me and slapped me across the face " WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS?" she said holding the bag that contained all my frilly baby clothing and magazines subjects of adult babies and sissies. Shit I thought how the hell do I get out of this one how did she managed to find it ?."I...I..er " .I felt myself go bright red, I began to shake.I was stunned into a complete mumbling wreck."YOU ACTUALLY LIKE TO DRESS UP AS A BABY,..?......A LITTLE BABY GIRL." emphasizing the last part of her sentence in a mocking tone.She was holding up a pair of my very frilly pink satin panties with matching lace trim on the front and rear."Yes ..yes .I stuttered...I....I cant help it,its always been a fetish that I cant control". I confessed hoping she would understand.Susie stood there for a moment and then her face turned from one of anger to one of her naughty smiles ."Thought so,....Carol and Cindy were here this morning. I asked them to come over for some advice after I found your hidden bag of baby clothes.Carol said its just an harmless fetish but suggested looking at your computer history to see if you were cheating on me with professional dominatrix's .Susie's tone changed anger to sarcasm . "So, after we finished examining your secret stash of frilly knickers , dresses and books we found some very interesting files on your computer ..oh yes ...Cindy poor girl if I had known what was on your computer I wouldn't asked her but she know a bit about computers, she found all those images you had saved ... whats SPH she asked ?... whats a cuckold" ? "I felt ashamed to be married to you" ."Poor Cindy looked quite embarrassed especially when she found the pictures you have taken of yourself , all those photos of you in your baby clothes, yes the ones of you dressed up in frilly pink baby knickers..,nappies and dresses," " he looks so silly i ..why does he want to wear baby girl clothes" ? "She asked me... ,What could I say to her ,thankfully Carol was wise enough to know a bit about sissy adult babies and cuckolding from her line of work ,very informative she is".Yes we had a very very interesting hour reading about those subjects" I was unable to reply ,I just stood looking at the floor as Susie vented her disappointment at me . I was lost in my thoughts knowing that her friends knew my big secret now and how could I look them in the eye ever again. Cindy and Carol were both related and lived close by They would often go out together with Susie to bars on Friday evenings.Carol was an attractive woman with long blonde hair , a couple of years younger than Susie, perhaps late 30's and recently divorced .Cindy was carols 18 year old niece, a very attractive college student with stunning brown sexy eyes with a sexy figure ,nice firm breasts and a great ass ,she had nice long mousy colored straight hair that reached just beyond her bra strap..Even Cindy's mum Lucy was a stunner, good looks certainly ran through their family.Cindy was never without a boyfriend on her arm and I secretly lusted for her, in my own imagination I wondering how big her boyfriends cock is ,I pictured Cindy on her back being fucked by this young stud .I got on very well with Cindy and and when she spent the night I would often help her with college work .she had no time for her step-father ,they just didn't get on very well . I could have died with shame as Susie continued to explain what they had found on my computer . ."Nearly all the files contain stories of husbands turned into baby girls by their wives.... and one of your magazines.."sissies get cuckolded" relates to men whose wives sleep with other men because they are not manly enough or have tiny baby cocks...,infact you have book marked one of the pages with a certain story ,a story about this husband who is forced by his wife to spend the rest of his life dressed as a baby girl while she sees other men,....does that sort of thing turn you on dear ....or should I now say baby girl ?" Susie was being more sarcastic coupled with that wicked smile I had seen so many times before. Her manner was now more controlled ."Its just a fantasy....nothing more." I said hoping to convince her. "Well Carol thinks this is what you actually secretly desire,.something you want to happen because you have so much of this on that computer she said it all fits your personality.... the way you are and its backed up by the baby clothing and your physical attributes .Carol said she thinks you are a masochist .. submissive to women and have a need to be emasculated and humiliated.. AND I ALSO THINK THAT". "Carol suggested I SHOULD SEE OTHER MEN ...A REAL MAN... A WELL ENDOWED MAN BECAUSE A WOMAN HAS NEEDS AND YOU CAN'T CLEARLY MEET THOSE NEEDS" ."Yes hun. sorry to have to tell you this but.. Carol has been aware of your small problem for a while and Cindy also now ....and why ? BECAUSE .....IDIOT YOU LEFT SOME VERY INTERESTING PHOTOS ON YOUR COMPUTER ...BESIDES THE ONES IN YOUR SWEET BABY CLOTHES THERE'S SOME WITH YOUR TINY LITTLE COCK ON SHOW...YES THAT RIGHT.. LOTS OF PHOTOS OF YOU LIFTING UP YOUR DRESS WITH YOUR STUPID FRILLY KNICKERS PULLED DOWN AND YOUR TINY ERECTION ON FULL DISPLAY SUCKING ON A BABY'S DUMMY ,WITH A PAIR OF MY PANTIES .....YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS IN THOSE PICTURES YOU STUPID FOOL" .Carol and Cindy found these photos highly amusing and a little embarrassing,...especially poor Cindy ,," she could not stop laughing and feels sorry for you because of your little problem.She thinks its a bit weird and kinky I'm sure she will tell all her friends about you.... and show them the pictures. ..well now she certainly has my permission as long as your name and face are kept out of the pics and texts I told her". "Carol has known for some time about YOUR LACK OF SIZE...NOT TO MENTION MY UNSATISFACTORY SEX LIFE "They both think you are no longer a man and I SHOULD TAKE A LOVER ." I could not argue with her point.I could not believe that she's told Carol about my penis size and allowed them to access my computer files on subjects relating cuckolding and small penis humiliation, in addition to my sissy baby fetish and those bloody photos I should have been more careful. I kept saying to myself over and over again I have been an idiot. I was still blushing bright red and began to shake in fear once more .I remained quiet and was unable to look my pretty wife . Eventually I went up to my den ,a converted room where I keep my computer .I lay on the bed to take in what had happened leaving Susie down stairs to think things over,she "needed some space to consider what kind of man she's married " she told me firmly. CHAPTER TWO: That night in bed susie was noticeably calmer .We talked a lot more about what Susie and her friends had discovered about my secret life. She had so many questions to ask, wanting to know if "this sissy adult baby thing and cuckolding actually turned me on or was it the baby clothes that I got pleasure from.. was I still attracted to her" ? I was totally honest telling her I loved the feeling of dressing up in pretty frilly baby girl clothes with nappies and plastic pants and that the cuckold thing and SPH was an added fetish fantasy and nothing more. Susie paused for a moment then she asked if I would dress up for her, she wanted to see me as a baby girl perhaps she could get her "head round all this" she informed me.I was so happy thinking she was willing to accept my sissy baby fetish or at least give it a try so I readily agreed.I excitedly gathered up my baby clothing from from the bag and went into the en suit bathroom to change.Soon I had on my frilly pink see-through baby doll nightie ,fluffy cloth terry nappy,plastic pants and a pair of pale pink satin baby panties which were covered in frills and tiny satin bows.I nervously went back into the bedroom where Susie lay waiting.She burst out laughing .. "Awwwww...you do look very cute.....ridiculous but very cute ...just like a baby girl...ha ha .. now what shall we call you?..have you got a girls name name"? "Yes.... I called my self Jenny" I replied feeling foolish."ooh Jenny .. how sweet..Is that because your name is Johnathon?"."I think so "..I said feeling a bit stupid now, my wife still smiling and using a sarcastic mocking tone again.She began to baby talk me, pouting ," awwww my poor hubby all dwessed up like a ickle sissy baby girl in his nappith and fwilly pink baby panties " She indicated for me to sit by her on the bed.I sat beside her and she placed her hand on my thigh then slowly up my short nightie until she reached my knickers .Susie began to feel the front of my bulging frilly satin baby knickers.She could feel the plastic pants and thick cloth nappy underneath the lace frills,Susie rubbed away at the crotch of my knickers ,my minuscule manhood encased in its fluffy confines became aroused immediately and I almost climaxed with excitement as she whispered - "Oh my darling what a cute baby girl you ,I bet you like how these frilly things make you feel ..yes that soft satin fabric all those frills and your nappy and plastic baby pants ... soo sissyish....you really do look like a baby girl.....a sissy baby .I have always wanted a baby girl and now I have one" . "I will your Mummy....don't worry ". I was so relieved to hear these words. We began to have sex,she lay down and grabbed my arm pulling me on top of her. Susie was still fully clothed,wearing her black mid thigh length satin skirt and cream colored silky blouse.She pulled her white silky panties to the side and then reached up to pull my rigid penis out of the leg opening of my own frilly knickers.Using her thumb and finger she guided me into her loose vagina. I was so turned on at making love to my beautiful sexy wife while I was dressed up like a baby girl .My little penis hammering into her .She urged me to suck her breasts like" babies do" she told me that from now on I had to call her " mummy" and she would now call me by my sissy name.."Jenny".I began to make little whimpering sounds as I tried to drive my penis as deep as I could into her slippery sex.She cradled me to her large breasts, encouraging me to tell her my secret desires and that she would pander to my " little baby needs".I was so happy she called me her little baby,.. "Come on BABY JENNY.. she said getting impatient .TELL ME WHAT IT IS THAT YOU WANT ... DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE A BABY GIRL ..DO YOU WANT ME TO MAKE FUN OF YOUR TINY LITTLE BABY PENIS EH, ...DO YOU WANT ME TO SLEEP WITH ANOTHER MAN "? ...I moaned with pleasure..."oh mummy...mummy YESSS I WANT TO BE YOUR BABY GIRL BUT ..... NO ...OH PLEASE . NO. PLEASE PLEASE DON'T SLEEP WITH ANOTHER MAN OH ... I DON'T KNOW MUMMY ..I'M SCARED ...I'M SO SCARED YOU MIGHT LEAVE ME IF YOU DO , ...BUT.... I KNOW I CAN'T PLEASURE YOU LIKE ANOTHER MAN CAN.I didn't do a good job of trying to convince Susie and I suspect she knew I wanted to be her cuckold. I paused do I tell her I want to be her cuckold as well as her baby .. what will she think ...will she really sleep with someone else ? My anxiety and emotions along with all this excitement got the better of me and I began crying,tears rolling down my cheeks as I shamefully buried my face in her long dark hair telling her that yes I wanted her to fuck another man. "YES ...YES SUSIE I'M SORRY HUN BUT YES IT TURNS ME ON SO VERY MUCH...I CANT STOP. THINKING ABOUT YOU IN BED WITH SOMEONE ELSE ...A BIGGER MAN, ...COS I'M JUST A PATHETIC SISSY ...AND I JUST WANT TO BE A BABY GIRL, I WANT TO BE YOUR SISSY BABY GIRL , SUSIE .... TO BE TREATED AS BABY GIRL BY YOU AND AND A MAN, TO BE YOUR CUCKOLD " . "Oh darling thank you ....thank you so much for telling mummy the truth ,mummy loves her baby very much. So baby Jenny you just want me to dress you up in lots of frilly baby clothes and treat you like a baby girl. ..we can carry on as normal but except you will be a full time baby ..within our home of course ..and you won't have a problem if I bring home another man to share mummy's bed."? "A man that can make make mummy feel good? " . "Yeth mummy I want another man to fuck you and make you cum on his big cock ".I was betraying my innermost feelings and cried out to her that I wanted to be her baby girl ...".I will do anything you ask if I can be your baby". I knew what I was saying,telling loyal loving wife my secret yearning that had remained in my psyche all my life, baring my soul and confessing to "mummy" my sissy girly desires. " But mummy where will I sleep if you have a man in our bed " .Susie stroked my head then her hands wandered down my back , sliding down the chiffon fabric of my pale pink nightie util they rested on my frilly behind.Susie began to pat the back of my frilly panties,we could both hear the plastic pants rustling,she began to laugh softly at the noise it was making,Susie whispered into my ear " Oh baby you are silly ,mummy's bed will be for my boyfriends ,for real men ..you will you are such a good girl oh mummy can hear baby Jenny's plastic baby pants .awwww ..these will protect your nappy from any wee wee's won't they darling" .She did this for several minutes all the time whispering to me that she now understands and every thing will be alright,"her little girl would always be safe and loved".Oh what joy I thought as I pumped my puny tiny penis into her."The thing is Jonathan...sorry I mean Jenny..now that you are my baby.. mummy WILL need a boyfriend..,...because wives like to feel sexy and obviously I will require some attention from a real man, ...yes a real man with a nice big cock from time .Do you understand what I'm saying,... I know you would not object to me taking a lover because you have just said so , you admit you want to be a baby girl... a sissy baby cuckold just like those stories we found on your computer".Susie was talking in such a caring soft loving way which really made me feel so loved but was so matter of fact taking a lover. I was confused ,did she really want to have sex with another man or was she playing at my fantasy ? Yes I now wanted her to sleep with someone but she was actually going to go through with it ? .I continued my feeble attempts to penetrate Susie deep enough, to try and satisfy her she urged me on more and more ,pulling hard at the back my frilly knickers ...pulling me as deep as I could into her vagina. I was so excited by what she had whispered in my ears ,the thought of Susie being thoroughly pounded by another man made my girly moans more louder, re enforcing I would have no objection, on the contrary I wanted to be her baby cuckold.My desire to be a sissy baby girl created a need for humiliation. .".Oh mummy,....pleases dont take a lover..please.I didn't mean it I dont want you to..mummy ...I dont want to see another man fuck you with his huge penis...no...no" . I whimpered into her ear as I neared my climax Her long dark silky hair mixed with her perfume smelled so good . I told her again and again how much I wanted to be her baby girl forever .She obviously knew this was all part of my fantasy and began telling me how she would bring home a lover and fuck him in front of me whilst I'm dressed as a baby girl and that they would laugh at me for being such a wimp. "No please no I sobbed. "Shhhhh baby it will all work out for the best and if you give me any trouble I will ask my big strong lover to put you across his knee and spank your frilly bottom" .Susie giggled then burst out laughing as I told her I was about to cum,she knew what buttons to press,what turned me on now that I had been so open about things Susie now laughing much more louder began calling me a wimp. she took great pleasure telling me it would excite her to see me being spanked. "I will take photos of him boyfriend spanking you across his knee baby ...yes lots of humiliating photos shall I show them to Carol and Cindy so they can have a laugh"? ."I will even help him pull your nappy and panties down so he can spank your bare botty.....yess I know you would really enjoy that wouldn't you baby girl" No please NO PLEASE I sobbed getting into my fantasy "ssshhhh...baby Jenny ...sshhhhh,I know you want this to happen and its going to !" I have arranged a date with Jake tomorrow,...you know Jake.. the guy I sometimes have to work late with" ."We have been flirting quite a lot recently we have become a bit closer since he split up with his girlfriend" ."Yes baby over the last couple of months we have had the occasional after work meals and business functions with other with colleagues but we always are the last two to leave. He's quite a man, any way my pretty baby I had to call in at work today to sign some urgent papers for him even though it was my day off.He thanked me and invited me out for a drink and boy did I need one after seeing your baby clothes and computer stuff" ."I perhaps had more wine than I should have and well er.Susie paused for a moment to see my reaction ,she looked at me intensely ,those dark brown eyes looking deep into my own and detecting my sudden angst she softened her tone to lessen the impact of what she was going to say . Susie continued with what sounded like a confession."oh baby I'm so sorry darling but I found my self telling him what I had found out about your secret it was such a shock to me this secret you have kept from me all this time.. your computer searches and files..., baby gear and your fetish.I ended up telling him everything because I was still quite upset about it. ... he's such a good listener and we talked about it". "He put his arm around me when he saw how upset and confused I was and I just felt the urge to kiss him on the lips and he responded the way I wanted him to ... it felt so good to be held by a big strong man like Jake " ."I have fancied him for ages and I will end up in bed with him there;s little doubt about that". "We later sat in his car and we kissed again and well we got carried away he pushed his hand up my skirt and touched me down there it felt so good so I kept his hand their until he made me cum in my panties whilst I felt his huge penis over his trousers...oh baby he's so big.She reached over the side of the bed whilst I was still on top of her and picked up the freshly worn knickers she had worn earlier .He told me if you want him to fuck me you have to wear my wet cummy knickers over your head ..so baby do you want him to do you want to wear my stained silky panties so you can sniff them"? I nodded my head wow this is so humiliating, she took the soft white satin panties and showed me the damp stains in the crotch before slipping them over my head.I could still smell her cum "So baby he's now fully aware of your fetish and I must confess I let him see the photos of you in your dresses and baby knickers and those photos of you with your penis ...your tiny little penis poking out of you're nappy and panties" ."He found them highly amusing baby ..very funny,..hilarious in fact but strange... he even asked if you were gay". Oh my god I thought who is this guy Jake. is this going to actually happen ,what Susie was saying sounded very sincere ...she really was going to sleep with this Jake .I carried on making love to her my lovely Susie as she recounted the details of her meeting with this man Jake.This revelation made me feel more excited than I have ever been. "He said I deserve to be with a man not a little boy" .I told him I need to be with a man... a man that can meet my sexual needs ...a sex buddy and I trusted him to be discreet " ." He's happy to help out in the bedroom department Johnathan and he said if you want to watch us make love you have to be in your sweet baby clothes...okay baby"? He said a beautiful woman like me needs a man and I Simply agreed,telling him how useless you were in bed" ."We did have a right laugh at those photos hun and he made me feel so much better".He could have fucked me in the car if he wanted to but he had another meeting to go to and so i went shopping before coming home. This was all too much to take in and my tempo increased until I finally exploded into mummy..."YES MUMMY YES MUMMY YES ...YES I WANT TO WATCH HIM FUCK YOU COS. I'M A BIG SISSY BABY GIRL WITH A TINY BABY COCK"." Awwwww dats.. wite ... sweety,.. mummy needs a real man,.....a real man with a big thick cock..... like Jake is supposed to have,..I have heard the rumors about him from some of the ladies at work and noticed the large bulge in those trousers he wears to the office..yes I want to feel him inside me..poor baby you're just too small for mummy" . Her words though humiliating were softly spoken in a maternal voice.I erupted into my sexy wife ,a powerful orgasm my best ever and she knew it.Susie kissed me on my forehead like mothers do to their children and patted my frilly padded bottom ..."good girl I knew you wouldn't mind " We lay there for a while,I hadn't given Susie an orgasm but I felt she was going to get one very soon .We fell asleep in each others arms. CHAPTER THREE: The next day,Saturday, Susie was busy getting things ready for her date .Carol and Cindy were there up stairs in our room choosing an outfit for her occasion,her big night.Finally they selected a short black satin dress with a split up one side. which she wore some very expensive lingerie bought that morning specially.It consisted of a white silky bra with lace panels and similar matching satin full bum panties that were high cut ,she didn't like thongs .The matching suspender belt was also made from a satin and lace fabrics.A pair of tan colored stockings with lace tops completed her lingerie ." He's going to ravish you when he see's you in these sexy undies " Carol said excitedly ."Who my hubby" Susie said laughing, of course not, Jake is going to get the benefit of your sexy undies" Cindy chimed in laughing.They all looked at me as I laid there on the bed watching her get dressed for her date with Jake.She looked so sexy as she began fastening the stockings to the suspender belt ,"WOW YOU LOOK GREAT" Carol said and began to help her zip up the rear of her dress It was a strange sensation watching my wife get ready to meet another man..Her friends helped with her makeup and hair adding some sexy perfume to the finishing touches.She looked fantastic,..stunning,..sexy as hell and I was so jealous she would be meeting another man."You look lovely "Cindy gushed "This Jake is gonna be so lucky she said excitedly". "Come on Jenny time to get you ready baby girl" my wife said mockingly.She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the spare room "this will be your nursery from now on".I turned to see Carol and Cindy sniggering self-consciously I was slowly undressed out of my man clothes and then directed to I lay on the single bed , completely naked before the three women .I placed my hands in front of my crotch to hide my manhood but Susie slapped my legs "don't be silly they have seen a penis before". Laughter and the occasional giggle had me in complete embarrassment. "Gosh Susie.. he's so tiny I have never seen such a small penis on a grown man before ...not in the flesh ..and ..well only in medical research photo "Carol stated, almost as if in a state of shock.Cindy was a bit embarrassed initially by my nakedness then she spoke directly at me " It looks so much smaller than it does on those photos Johnathan ..how sad ..poor you ..I babysit a 4 year old boy with a much bigger penis that " .They all laughed at that comment.My hairless body including my genitals was sponged down,my tight little testicles and small penis given maximum attention by Susie as Carol and Cindy observed " All little babies need to be kept clean" Carol mocked. "Yes especially baby girls " laughed Cindy . Then the ladies set about my transformation.Pulling out all my baby clothes from the wardrobe and placing them on the bed beside me .Baby girl dresses in soft pale pink satin and white lace ,a few in white satin ,also baby doll nighties in pink chiffon and pale pink satin, matching frilly pink satin panties or white and cream ones in sissy baby style,.dozens of them,cloth nappies and .lots and lots of plastic panties in pink and clear, frilly ankle socks.Cindy and selected some frilly pink ruffled satin panties ,with lots of lace on the front and rear "these are so girly and babyish don't you think baby" she said looking at me with a smile on her face.She held them up for Susie and Carol to look at them,they nodded that these would be prefect for me to wear tonight . Susie produced a blonde wig with pony tails complete with pink satin ribbons she had bought earlier in the day, she was gone quite a while I thought and I wondered what else she may purchased ?. "Hes got more knickers than me" Carol said astonished as she and Cindy looked in my new bedroom drawers now labeled BABY KNICKERS .Cindy began pulling the frilly satin baby knickers out one by one bemused at just how sissy and frilly they looked. "Oh look at all these baby panties ...so cute aren't they I bet your hubby looks so babyish and girly wearing these ..oh what does it say on the front of this pair, SISSY 3 INCHES" she said now holding up a pink satin pair "oh my god that's so funny" .They had pink matching lace on the front and rear almost from the crotch stopping just short a few inches from the small frilled elasticated waist band where a small pink satin bow was stitched.I had them and all my clothes made by a seamstress .They took it in turns at putting an item of clothing on me. My wife put a fresh cloth nappy on me after applying some baby powder to my crotch she pinned it on nice and tight with those pink nappy pins .Carol selected a pair of clear soft plastic pants which were crinkly and very noisy. Slowly she drew them up my legs tucking them over the top of my nappy and then gently caressed the plastic between my legs feeling the nappy as she did so, "He's certainly well padded now ladies so shouldn't have any leaks if he wets again" .Carol was so sexy and I wondered what she actually thought of me now.Cindy still holding the knickers in her small dainty hands placed my feet into the leg openings ,quite confident for someone of her age but was a babysitter to earn extra cash didn't appear to be phased about the whole situation so far. "Lift up your botty baby girl!" she said her in her soft sweet teenage voice as she leaned right forward and pulled up frilly pink satin panties up my legs and settled them over my nappy and plastic pants.I got a great view of her cleavage and white lacy bra . I felt her long blond silky hair touch my thighs which ticked . She giggled at my reaction and fussed with my knickers making sure she tucked in the nappy and plastic pants into the leg openings.Her hands and red painted finger nails felt amazing on my skin. Now standing back a little she surveyed my frilly attire. "There you go precious" she said with a knowing smile." Those panties look amazing on you sissy I'm certainly going to tell all my friends about you and perhaps I will ask them to come over and help me baby sit or would you prefer I bring my boyfriend over instead " ? ,I shook my head ,"no ...oh why is that is .. she teased. Next came Cindy's pink chiffon and lace baby-doll nightie which came almost to fell just below the crotch of my the panties.The nightie coincidentally had lots of very similar matching pink lace on the chest and hem as the the panties . Cindy told Susie she had found it in a local charity shop last year and had bought it for one of her passionate nights with her boyfriend. "I thought he would like to have this having seen those photos of him in pink frills ,I knew it would fit your husband and just had to bring it over" she said looking quite pleased with her self .Indeed she was right It was a good fit but then I dont have much of a physique ,I only have a 36 inch chest. " Say thank you to your lovely baby sitter for bringing her nightie for you to wear" " Thank you Cindy" I did as my wife asked ."aww thats fine baby Jenny anytime" she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. My wife then rolled on the white ankle socks with pink lace before finally placing the new wig on me.I was now siting me now at her dressing table so she could properly to fix it in place .I felt such a fool . "Okay stand up baby Jenny I was facing the full length mirror on the wall,my reflection was one of a grown man dressed as a baby girl ,a sissy baby girl.My wife and her two friends clapped and cheered I just went bright red but my little penis was now rock hard in its fluffy nappy. At 7 pm her date arrived to collect her .I was already in one of the spare bedrooms laying in a single bed .I was already dressed for bed,still in my nappy ,plastic pants, frilly pink satin baby knickers and Cindy's pale pink see-through baby-doll nightie,I could still smell her perfume from when she last wore it.The bedding was of course pink which matched the pale pink decor. Susie came upstairs .She looked more gorgeous than ever with her long dark shiny brown hair ,long dark dark eye lashes that matched beautiful lovely dark brown eyes.With her bright red lipstick and perfect make-up she looked stunning.The sexy dress clung to her curves as walked into the room.I could smell her expensive perfume and I immediately became aroused. She bent over and kissed me on my forehead then handed me a pale ivory colored nylon panties " these are you hun...See you soon darling.....be a good girl for Cindy while mummy is out with her new boyfriend,and.. DON'T go playing with your ickle pee pee now, well not until were back Okay" she said laughing. "yeth mummy" I replied in my best impression of a little girl lisp.Her perfume lingered in the bedroom as she turned on her black expensive high heels and walked out to meet her lover. I thought about getting out of bed but decided against it fearing Jake would see me if he were to come into our home.I heard the door bell ring and Cindy went to open it.I could hear a bit of talk as my wife introduced Cindy to Jake. " Jake want you to meet my husbands baby sitter" .I'm sure she said this loud enough so I could hear.All three of them were laughing at this comment before Susie closed the front door to leave with her boyfriend.Her parting words to Cindy "if my baby girl gives you any trouble just phone me" ."I'm sure I can manage him don't worry Susie you both have a good time" Cindy replied.I clutched Susie's freshly worn panties holding then to my nose and began to cry. No sooner had the car left our drive I could hear Cindy on the phone to carol excitedly telling her that she had met Jake .I listened as she described him " Oh yes very fit ..very good looking. real tall and muscular ...a great body not like her wimpy baby husband".She was chatting away to her Aunt Carol for several minutes ," yeah I think they will get on well together ...yes I think they might end up in bed together later tonight " Cindy laughed. "I couldn't help notice a rather large bulge in those tight trousers he was wearing so Susie is in for a good time.".Pangs of jealously hit me hard.Cindy's remarks were cutting and the comparisons were probably fair as I came to realize attractive women like Susie ,Carol or Cindy dont want to share a bed with a sissy ,no of course not, all women would prefer an alpha male in the bedroom I concluded. Like a typical teenager she then phoned some of her close friends telling them she was baby sitting a guy who is 42 years old and likes to wear dresses baby girl clothes while his wife is on a date with another man.I could hear her laughing,"Yep don't worry I will take some pictures of him if you don't believe me,its a bit strange but he's a really nice guy , No I don't mind at all ,I'm getting paid to baby sit him to be honest its a bit of a laugh... he enjoys being humiliated ". "I'm just sipping on a double vodka...yep okay see ya soon" Cindy phoned her boyfriend to tell him what she was up to.I strained to hear what she was telling him but it sounded like some kind of telephone sex they were having because I could hear moaning softly.I crept out of bed to listen from the landing,the phone was situated on a table by the bottom of the stairs.Yes she was having telephone sex,I moved into a position so I could see .I think he was telling her to touch her self from what I could see. After all her phone calls Cindy came into the spare bedroom which was now to be called my "nursery" my wife triumphantly informed me. " Hi baby are you feeling alright ..awww look at you, so cute, pink is definitely your colour..aww you have your mummy's panties too " she said with a bit of a pout then her eyes wandered down to my frilly attire. Cindy handed me a baby bottle containing juice . "Drink up baby I want that nappy wet before your mommy comes home she teased"."I'm really looking forward to seeing her change you later .. I suppose I best check you before you finish that bottle in case you have already pissed your self"".Cindy leaned over and pushed her hand inside my knickers and plastic pants to get at my nappy,her hand touched my penis over the nappy it felt so good to be touched there by Cindy.. "oh thats good its dry at the moment.. so pleased I don't have to change you".I immediately became erect by her touch ."Ohhh ickle has poor sissy baby got a tiny ickle stiffy in her nappy" ?. "Such a shame that its too small for the ladies but at least your mummy will have the pleasure of another man tonight" she teased smiling down at me. I could not get the thought of Susie being fucked by another man ...a much larger man from what I had heard and in our bed.My penis ached for release."Do you think Susie will bring him home tonight Cindy ? I mumbled whilst sucking on my baby bottle and finishing the contents "of course she's going to, I know I would if it were me"."I have no doubt he will spend the night and you will just have to listen to him fuck Susie, your beautiful wife all night long, unless of course they make you watch" ...would you like that ? Your wife has already ordered a baby bouncer to put in her bedroom...want to know why? It's so can put you in it while your wife is in bed with Jake" NO PLEASE CINDY SHE WON'T DO THAT WILL SHE ?".I began to sob ..it was confusing me did I still want this?. " Awww why are you crying baby girl...is dat because your bouncy bounce will hang above her bed ...and you will have to watch da big rough man fucking your sexy wife all night". I put my hands to my face to hide my shame. "I bet you would like that eh baby Jenny, yes I'm sure you would love see him on top of your mummy" . "I'm going to buy you a baby monitor so you can hear them in the next room when they don't want you around...because baby..yes.. they will be doing those grown up things that people like to do , they will be making noises and doing things that babies shouldn't really hear or see....well not all the time ". "Monitors are designed so mummy's and Daddy's can check on baby's, but in your case it will be to check you aren't playing with your tiny baby tinkle" she laughed." Yes I'm definitely going to get a baby monitor before the next time he comes over so don't worry baby". "I know this kind of thing cuckold thing really turns you on Johnathan ,...Carol said its because you are submissive man and you will like to be humiliated ....I quite like you Johnathan you are a really nice man so if you enjoy this sort thing I will be humiliating you " .She took out her mobile phone from the pocket on her skirt "now baby keep still while I take some nice photos of you in your sweet frilly pink baby knickers and my old nightie so I can show all my friends ...they cant wait to see what you look like good girl right lets have some with you covering your face with Susie's worn panties .The camera flashed around a two dozen times as she took loads of revealing photos of me.Cindy even lifting up my nightie to get better shots of my baby knickers.More pictures of my pink bedroom , drawers and wardrobe now containing my frilly baby gear." good girl " I dared to ask Cindy another question now I felt more composed. "where you on the phone to your boyfriend... it sounded like you were having a good time? "Of course I was sweety,my boyfriend is only 17 but more of a man than you will ever be, and he has a nice big fat cock too" she teased."He gets me very excited when we have our chats. She deliberately dropped her phone onto the thick soft rug then bent right over so I got a view of up her short black leather skirt to reveal some very sexy white silky panties.Cindy made sure I had seen enough before she quickly stood up and re adjusted her skirt. Cindy then went down stairs and returned after a just a few moments ". "I nearly forgot this baby Jenny ,your mummy said I should give this for you to suck on whilst she's out.She produced a pink penis shaped dummy, "isn't that so kind ...it looks about the same size as your baby dick , about 3 inches long perhaps...certainly looks the same size as yours but this is definitely thicker than yours, your lovely wife bought from that sex shop... you know the one where you buy those sissy adult baby magazines from". Susie had a good chat with said two sales assistants.When she described you to them they knew straight away it was you " oh that sissy adult baby" .I think Susie wanted to find out how long you've been buying from there and what sort of things .I was at school with one of them ...you know the tall brunette, Debbie ? .She's only a year older than me ." Cindy was smirking ,she was really enjoying the humiliating effect she had on me. "Yes Susie had a good chat with her and now knows where you order your baby clothes from.Susie made Debbie and the other lady aware she will be buying more baby things from the store,Debbie said they can order lots of frilly adult baby clothes for you and can try them on inside the shop if you want to baby . Susie even told girls she has a date with a real man...which they found a quite funny "." You are very lucky to have such a lovely wife like Susie ,she's purchased the smallest condoms they sold telling Debbie they were for you to wear so you don't end up with a sticky nappy when shes with her new man. Debbie found this quite funny according to what your wife told me so suggested the rubber penis dummy to Susie .... its so you can be gagged ..to keep you quiet if she brings her date home for the night." Cindy laughed then tied the imitation rubber penis around head with the pink ribbon it came with until it was firmly secured in place then she shoved the phallic shaped rubber object into my mouth. "There you go baby girl you suck on this for now and NO MORE QUESTIONS OR I WILL TELL YOUR MUMMY YOU HAVE BEEN A NAUGHTY LITTLE PERVERT.....AND THAT MIGHT MEAN A SMACKED BOTTOM " Cindy took some more pics with her phone ,photos of me sucking this rubber penis shaped dummy. " Ahh thats a great photo I will send that to Debbie ,now be a good girl you suck that rubber cock now"! She left the room smiling flicking through her phone pictures selecting ones to send to her friends .She was a very sexy girl for someone so young and she knew how to tease a man.I lay there quiet and felt the sudden urge to pee. They came back sooner than I imagined and guessed they could have only had a glass or two of alcohol each . I heard the deep voice of Jake every so often and my wife talking and laughing with Cindy .Carol then arrived about ten minutes later, perhaps wanting to meet my wife's new lover I thought to myself. I dont know what they were all laughing at , where they having a laugh at my expense?.Then I heard my wife say "he's upstairs .....bet he's playing with my panties ..do you want to meet my baby daughter" ?."I have him all dressed up for you darling". They all began to laugh and giggle.My heart began to beat faster. I was quite nervous but I was in a situation that I could not escape from . I could hear their foot steps , more than one person climbing the stairs, giggling and laughing getting louder as they got closer. "Ssshh.. she might be asleep ... " I heard Susie say.I was feeling anxious at what the night would bring for me in this predicament. Too late now there's no going back from this, I must have been stupid to allow it. My wife entered the spare room first, she was holding hands with Jake who was right behind her followed by Cindy and Carol. Nothing was said for the first few seconds until Susie finally broke the silence, they all gathered around my bed "Oh good baby Jenny is all awake to meet mummy's new friend ...awww look everyone she sucking on her new PENIS dummy". "Jake this my husband ...who has now agreed to be my pretty baby girl". Susie then snatched the pink nylon duvet away from me. She wanted her lover to see me in my frilly baby clothes..."OH MY GOD NOW I'VE SEEN EVERY THING.....A MAN SUCKING ON A COCK SHAPED DUMMY WHILST HE'S DRESSED UP LIKE A LITTLE GIRL " he said sniggering loudly."A BABY GIRL" my wife corrected "she hasn't progressed to wearing little girls knickers yet..... he still needs a nappy and plastic pants" They all fell about laughing. " See darling I told you you had nothing to worry about,he's a complete wimp...a sissy who gets off on this kind of thing"."He will do as he's told and you have my permission to spank him if he steps out line". "Now thats something I must see" Cindy stated between fits of laughter .I blushed and tried to cover up my frilly baby panties with my hands as I sucked on my penis pacifier but Susie pushed them away and lifted my nightie up over my belly exposing more pink frills and pink satin. "I dont think he wants you to see his frilly knickers" Cindy laughed . "SISSY 3 INCHES "Jake said laughing. He had seen the embroidery inscription on my knickers when Susie had lifted my nightie up. " Yes aren't they cute ...just right for a baby girl he gets them specially made from this the sex shop on the high street .I have ordered quite a few frilly baby things for him,those sales assistants are so helpful " my wife giggled. "I had better check her nappy just in case she's wet..dont want a rash do we baby" my wife said grinning with her hands on her hips I was fearful she may change me in front of everyone, the bottled juice had an effect on my bladder. I did not want Jake would see naked .Susie placed one of her fingers into the leg openings of my baby knickers and plastic pants "oh yes I thought so..she's soaking wet again for Christ sake".She grabbed hold of the plastic pants and baby knickers by the waistband and yanked them down my slender legs to the ankles .I looked up at Cindy and Carol to see them both smiling down at me, I couldn't look at Jake.Cindy was just stood watching with her arms folded and her lovely brown eyes fixed on my knickers that were bunched up around my feet .Cindy moved closer for a better look to see if infact my nappy was wet so close infact she was stood right over me .Carol stood a few feet away perhaps feeling unsure about all of this. Susie unclipped the large pink nappy pins and carefully removed the fluffy wet soggy diaper, "c'mon lift up your bottom baby girl so mummy can change you darling "! Susie took the wet nappy and placed it in the plastic pink nappy bin near my bed. I was bared naked before her new boyfriend ,my shaved pubic hair, small testicles and tiny penis an inch long when soft was now fully on show for him and the others to see .The room burst out loud in a chorus all laughter, Cindy was in hysterics holding a hand over her mouth, was it because she was laughing loudly or the fact she was blushing and was embarrassed at seeing me naked and having wet my nappy? "OH DEAR ITS ...SO TINY " .She squealed out loud then quickly took out her mobile phone again to take some snaps of me."My friends will love to see this I just have to let them see this... tiny tiny baby dick" she said between fits of giggles.Carol advised Cindy not to be cruel but when I looked across at her Carol was finding it very amusing until she eventually spoke to me "Oh dear poor you Johnathan... having your nappy changed in front of Jake... this must be very humiliating for you ...doesn't it bother you?." " Its of no consequence Carol he's chosen this lifestyle so he can live with it" Susie replied. Cindy continued to laugh. Susie had now stopped what she was doing and began to pay more attention to Jake.She wanted to leave me fully exposed for longer than necessary .I heard Jake say something like "Poor bastard....that really is small" with a huge grin."Doesn't get much bigger" Susie giggled.The two of them, for my benefit began to kiss,Susie looked at me ,smiling then turned back to carry on kissing Jake, his large hands wrapped around her tiny waist, then began to move down to her bottom. "Hey you two get a room will you" Carol joked . My wife let out a faint gasp as his hands rested on her rear and she leaned forward to kiss him passionately on the lips.She pressed her body tightly to his, her hands exploring his neck then down to his chest before finally placing them on his crotch.I'm ashamed to say that I was turned-on seeing her respond to his touch, their kiss made my penis rigid and I was so ashamed it now sticking up in the air for them to see. Cindy was the first to notice. " OH MY GOD ..HE'S GOT AN HARD- ON" she announced loudly. I tried in vain to hide what little dignity I had left by pulling up my plastic pants and frilly panties that were still around my ankles but secretly I now wanted all of them to see my tiny erect penis, to show them how pathetic its gets when fully aroused. The two lovers broke free to look down at me ,smiling. "Aww does it turn you on baby... seeing mummy and Jake kissing,..does baby Jenny want to watch us make love on top of our bed" ? she said in a mocking baby tone of voice, they laughed louder. Even Carol got in on the humiliation as she clearly understood my psyche . "OH DEAR ..OH DEAR ....such a TINY LITTLE sissy... how could a husband ever let another man sleep with his wife .. I guess you are NOT A MAN ARE YOU ITS TOO SMALL NO ...POOR BABY ..... I guess you have no choice but to willingly accepted your cuckold sissy baby status.... JUDGING by your OBVIOUS EXCITEMENT ". she chuckled."How small is he exactly Susie ,..I ..mean..have you ever measured him I'd quite like to know ... " I have only done a bit of research on penis size so it would interesting where he fits in if you er pardon the pun ..I mean he may have a medical condition called a micro penis but an exact measurement may help determine this ,I'm sure you've heard of it. .Susie looked a bit unsure"I think he's about 3 inches fully erect as it says on those knickers but exact measurement mm..er.. not sure,..Cindy be a darling and get me the tape measure from my dressing table please" ."Why don't you do the measuring I'm sure my baby will like that won't she darling ..,if you want to that is " No it doesn't bother me Susie ,Cindy replied" . The humiliation of this stunning teenager measuring my penis kept me very hard. Cindy took the tape measure and placed it alongside my now painfully erect manhood ,her soft delicate touch gave me such a thrill when she accidentally made contact with my genitals ,she placed the tape measure from the base of my little cock to the tip of my glands.She carefully studied the measurement, It's exactly " 2.9 inches she said in total disbelief" ."I have never seen anything so small,. Its so babyish in size....why is is so tiny Aunty Carol" she asked in her inquisitive innocence. Carol who worked as a sex therapist was able to explain .""Okay although not quite a micro penis by definition which to qualify as I my understand has to be shaft length of approximately 2.5 inches erect ...Johnathan is very close to a diagnosed micro penis but no its not one.... its just very tiny one". "I have come across this before in my couple therapy sessions in one or two cases" ."There's no real treatment for having such an undersized penis .I would never recommend surgery ..it isn't worth the bother and only increases girth , length wise perhaps virtually no size increase". "Some men are just born unlucky with small infantile penis whilst others are considered fortunate or blessed with a much larger penis". "So when you say infantile you mean its a BABY DICK ? Cindy giggled then asked "so what treatment do you offer these couples then"? . " Well in the first instance its best not to describe it as a baby dick Cindy but yes infantile as in Johnathan's penis resembles that of a very little boys. I will always recommend talking about it to find a solution , perhaps using sex toys such as a dildo or vibrator or you can buy penis sheath extenders that slip over the penis to giver extra length, typically 2 inches can be added to the length..they look a bit like a condom". Cindy was bemused by the idea of the latter suggestion and thought it funny to take more photos because I was still fully erect. whilst holding the tape measure along side my penis again she snapped away several more times .I now knew who gave Susie the idea of buying the extension sheaths.Susie left the room and returned with a white plastic case that contained my own sheath extensions." See Cindy this is what they look like " Susie handed the box to Cindy who now put her phone away so she could inspect the contents. "Oh my, wow she giggled so these will make your husbands penis almost 5 inches in length when he wears them? " Yes hun but to be honest you can't beat the real thing" she said winking at Cindy . "They look so weird and well ..even just under 5 inches is a bit on the small side ... under average size isn't it ? I'm so glad my boyfriend doesn't need these... his penis is nearly 7 inches and its thick too ..sometimes it hurts its that big" . "Really,Cindy .. well aren't you the lucky girl .. you have been getting more than twice the size I ve been getting " .All three women found that comment amusing . "Its just not very manly to have such a tiny one" Cindy said, "anything that small is ....er..not exactly a mans penis", she looked at my still fully erect penis. Carol continued with her wealth of knowledge on all sexual matters "Sheath extensions are not for every couple.And yes Johnathan's penis is very infantile when soft as I've explained but also in its fully aroused state ,yes the same size you may find on a boy of around 6 years old ? Going back to the penis extenders , sex without them is unfortunately not pleasurable for the woman if you are less than 4 inches and have no real girth, even the very best positions designed for deeper penetration won't be stimulating enough if the man fits into this particular undersized size category. In fact latest research now suggests 4 inches or less is considered unsatisfactory to most women".Cindy now finding this subject more interesting asked her aunt more questions- "So what happens if you are stuck with a man with a tiny Dick do you dump him for some one else...I could never be with a man that small?" ."I would never recommend divorce or dumping a man because of his size Cindy however I know it happens.Some wives I have counselled have cheated on their husbands to get satisfaction from another man but thats not right for a successful loving relationship. Now cuckolding well thats different because its consensual and the cuckold finds it a turn-on when their wife has taken a lover ,often the other man is much better endowed and a better lover because they are more confident.The wife gets sexually satisfied and the husbands often enjoy themselves ...by masturbating .Some men like to hear what their wife has been up to with their lover and many more men love to watch their wife or girlfriend with another man....they can find it erotic or even humiliated by it and this is how they get their kicks". Cindy nodded her head having some basic understanding because she had read my files, "just like Johnathan here" she said pointed at me." "Exactly and thats why I talked it through with Susie after we read all his files on this fetish and the other stuff ". "Oh you mean that SPH er..small penis humiliation thing?" Cindy reminded . " Yes quite right some men quite like the idea of not being able to please a woman because they are so small and derive humiliation from it. ...even to the point of dressing up in female underwear to reinforce their no longer a man but a so called sissy " ."Eww "" Cindy pulled a face " I dont mind him wearing my old nightie but I better not catch him wearing my knickers" she looked at me again with a bit of a stem face then turned back to her aunt "So thats why he dresses up as a girl baby ..a baby girl then"? Cindy said ever content on finding out more about my fetish. "Thats correct dear.. he very clearly gets off on it" .Cindy was nodding her head as it all came very clear now "So this is why Jake is here.... to fulfill the role Johnathan is incapable of" ."Precisely Carol stated," cuckolding is a lot more common than you may imagine Cindy"." Well I would certainly cheat if I was with a man that was this small" she said pointing at my erection. Susie and Jake were smiling at each other kissing every now and then whilst occasionally listening to the conversation between Aunt and niece about cuckolding and SPH. "How about your size" my wife said turning to Jake." Come on darling show us girls what a man you are" she said cheekily perhaps feeling brave after the wine she had consumed .Susie unbuckled his trousers and pushed them down until they fell to the floor, his white Lycra underpants were not doing a good job of hiding at what lay beneath, the bulge was outrageously large .Her hands slightly trembled as she carefully touched this bursting thick piece of meat trying to escape his pants ,I could see the excitement in her eyes ,slowly she peeled his shorts down to his muscular thighs.His erection immediately sprang out ,It was magnificent , very long and very thick ,it began oozing pre cum on the tip of a very swollen purple head."OOH WOW.. OH..MY.. GOD..YOUR ENORMOUS ..ITS HUGE JAKE ",she was shocked by the sheer size.Carol and Cindy stood there staring open mouthed also in a state of shock at this massive penis. "That is very very big " Cindy muttered in disbelief ,Carol also nodded in approval.Susie excitedly took the tape measure and placed it along side the massive shaft "Oh fuck... woww just over 8 inches" she stated, her eyes firmly fixed on the erect manhood, she grasped hold of it ,her long fingers could barely meet around the girth it was so thick. "Now that's a mans penis" she proudly stated. I was unable to take my eyes off it and suddenly involuntary began to protest to Susie. . NO...NO....SUSIE .. HES TOO BIG...HE WILL HURT YOU.....PLEASE DONT SLEEP WITH HIM....PLEASE.. HES TOO BIG ."My pathetic attempts to change her mind were futile." Don't be silly baby ,this is what you secretly desire ,you want me to fuck Jake and I'm going to and that is that understand" She turned to her lover "Do me a favour please..I want you to put my husband across your lap and give him a good hard spanking if I do it I will break a finger nail ....you will spank much harder Jake ,and besides I will be quite turned on seeing my hubby getting his bottom spanked by you .I think he wont put up a fight and I bet he will like having a good spanking from a real man" Susie turned to look at me, said "its time he learnt there's gonna be some changes around here...he needs to understand you are the man around here from now on darling".She then began kissing him him passionately while still holding that throbbing monster in both hands, what man could resist her requests .This was getting serious now and I was confused if this was what I really wanted, fantasy is one thing but reality is a whole new ball game. !NO....NO...PLEASE DONT".I was taken out of bed and placed onto the floor . " I will put him in a fresh nappy and some clean plastic pants and frilly baby knickers first Jake . "We don't want you cumming on Jake's's trousers" she laughed.When she had dressed me Susie helped me to my feet and took me towards Jake who now now seated mouthed at me. "Get across his lap.. NOW SISSY "! My wife's lover hauled me over his lap, and lifted my frilly pink baby-doll nightie forcefully pulled my nappy and panties to the side exposing one of my bottom cheeks and gave me a very hard spanking with those huge hands.I could feel his large cock sticking into my stomach through my nightie My wife and her friends looked on laughing and encouraging Jake to spank me harder .WHACK......WHACK....WHACK,.."tell every one what you are" my wife said, WHACK...."I'm ...I'm ..sissy baby girl..mummy",.WHACK...."please tell him to stop he's hurting me" WHACK....WHACK,..."SHUT IT YOU LITTLE SISSY" he hissed .Cindy moved closer to take more damn photos to show all her friends no doubt. "Oh my god what an absolute wimp.. fancy getting his bum spanked by another man.. I bet he's got another hard on " she said in disbelief. My wife smiled back at Cindy "yes dear I bet he has ... just as well he's got his nappy and frilly panties on" she giggled .My back side was now burning...stinging red.. After my spanking I was sent to the nursery "Jake and I will be up soon baby" .Carol followed me ," I will tuck you in Johnathan " She said she wanted a quick talk with me before she went home "I hope this evening meets all your expectations Jonathan or should I now say baby Jenny" ."I feel sorry for you in a way ... but I do think this is the best solution for you and Susie,... as long as she doesn't get emotionally involved with Jake" . Susie loves you very much don't ever forget that but after all those photos on your computer and then seeing you stood in front of dressed as a baby girl she told me she can no longer see you as a man..She has looked at ways to help your sex life and yes we have had lots of chats about it.She's come to the conclusion you have this fetish and your urges can't be changed .. ,the baby clothing and how you like to be humiliated." "I have strongly advised her to no longer neglect her own sexual needs or she will end up resenting you" ."She's told me many times she can't reach sexual satisfaction when you penetrate her so I have made her aware she has other options , I discussed her taking a lover may be the best way forward "." Susie has mentioned Jake before to me so I suggested he might be the perfect answer to the problem...if he can be discreet"."I know Susie will find sexual satisfaction with him.. thats a certainty he's ...er.. mm., lets just say he's well-built for the job...and who knows Jake might end up being a Daddy to you if this is what I suspect you want.Cindy said she's more than willing to be your babysitter,despite her teasing she really likes spending time with you and Susie ".Cindy said she will humiliate you if it turns you on.. I think shes beginning to understand you can't help your fetish,.....its a part of who you are so why ignore it...embrace it if you desire " Thats the advice I would give in my sexy therapy ... as long as it hurts no one." You crave humiliation and what could be more humiliating than being dressed as a baby girl listening or even watching while your wife is being pleasured by another man or having your nappy changed by someone like Cindy" "Don't be ashamed is the message I gave to Susie... see this as a wake-up call to her own sex life" . "You very brave letting Susie's boyfriend she you naked,letting him spank you and seeing you dressed like a little baby girl ". " Life will change for you now...and for your wife but at least you shall both be so happy" . Carol spoke in such a soft gentle nurturing way that made feel like I was actually a real baby girl.Still smiling at me she gently stroked my chin then leaned over kissed me on the cheek . "I think this is for the best...I know it will work out now be a good girl for your mummy .. you dont want another spanking like that from her new boyfriend ..I bet your bottom still hurts doesn't it sweetheart" . Carol really understood my desires I think her degree in psychology and being a qualified sex therapist put her in a good position to educate Susie on such matters. Surprisingly Carol then placed her hand on the front of my bulky frilly pink satin knickers and gently rubbed them for a few seconds, the crinkle rustling sound reminding me I was wearing noisy plastic pants ,plastic pants that babies wear over their nappies. Carol was such a sweet lady ." " Oh and I hope Cindy hasn't been too awful with you,she really likes you and wants to help because you have both been so good to her." She told her mum about it so I had to tell Lucy all the facts in case she had any misunderstandings I don't normally breach confidentiality not even to my sister but given the circumstances had no option..I don't think Lucy will say anything to her partner, Cindy's step father... but if she does I will sort it out". Susie came up to put her to put her heels in the wardrobe and I heard Carol whispered in her ear "you lucky devil...I want all the juicy details tomorrow enjoy yourself!".Susie was very excited and promised to tell all tomorrow. Cindy was happy to spend the night at our home and have a few drinks with my wife and Jake She had already spoken to her mum to let her know not expect her home.Cindy had stayed over several times in the past, mainly at the weekends if they had all been out.She really liked spending time with us ,and looked up to Susie. Carol of course had already updated her younger sister Lucy and told that her daughter Cindy will be babysitting me.I heard Cindy tell my wife she had sent some photos she had taken of me to her mum for a laugh." My mum phoned me , she found them hilarious ,she said she always thought Johnathon was too cute to be much of a real man ,she said she would have had several affairs had she been married to a sissy adult baby with such a tiny penis". I wanted to know which photos had she sent to her mum, had Lucy seen the ones of my tiny penis?. Susie and her lover finally came to bed an a hour or so later.Cindy used one of our spare rooms to sleep in one opposite my nursery.She came in to give a "good night kiss " "I have my teddy bear here but you can hold onto it for tonight baby whilst you watch Susie being fucked by Jake's massive cock ,she giggled and walked out .Cindy deliberately left her bedroom door open and I could see her undress.My tiny cock throbbed at the sight of her youthful body, standing close to her bedroom door looking into a mirror wearing a short pale pink cotton shirt and white hi-cut silky nylon knickers that looked so shiny in the dim light.I wanted those panties for myself and wondered what they smelled like. CHAPTER FOUR: As soon as my wife came upstairs she came into my nursery."Hi honey are we okay." "I'm fine Susie but Lucy is now aware of my secret and will tell her husband and all the other people we know ". "Aww don't worry baby she won't let-on she can keep a secret any way you know what Cindy is like,she loves to tease ...she understands the situation and wants to help you and she's happy for me .Dont worry about the pics, girls send texts and pictures all the time,she won't show your face. In fact I have just had a text from Lucy let me read it to you- "Hi Susie heard about your new" baby girl" ,didn't know you had been pregnant!! - I hope I get to meet her soon ha ha . Cindy told me all what happened, told me she also has some photos of Johnathan on her phone so I asked her to send them to me ,she sent me some very naughty pics of baby Johnathan, she said he has a baby dick , she right, OMG HE'S TINY, I feel for you hun. Those frilly baby clothes? sorry but that's very funny .Had no idea. You are dealing with it really well -I would have an affair also ! Suppose thats why you found some one else to share you bed, heard he's a BIG boy and every bit of a man-good for you girl. Hope you have good time with lover boy but make sure Cindy has your " TINY " 'little baby girl is all tucked up in his bed LOL Am I being cruel ? Love you both XXX "See, Lucy is cool about it she wont divulge your secret and has no issue with Cindy being your babysitter , stop worrying! Lucy's text message to my wife really excited me ,I didn't really mind Lucy knowing my secret but wondered what her thought were about me in bed in my frilly baby clothes seen photos and Susie will be sleeping with another man a very well endowed man. It so emasculating for me such a massive turn-on. Jake went to the bathroom. Susie leaned over and kissed me on the cheek ,she took my hand without saying a word and led me into the master bedroom. Susie instructed me to kneel by the bed .As soon as Jake came in Susie began to frantically unbuckle his trousers then quickly unbuttoned his shirt.Finally just standing there in his underwear.My wife quickly undressed to the newly purchased white silky satin underwear ,those sexy panties and her stockings she had bought especially for him.She knew I loved her in white silky undies so kept them on for me and for him I guess.She looked so good just like a model. I was kneeling on the floor in very close proximity.His hands caressed her satin clad bottom and pussy through the silky fabric of her sexy panties .Susie was already wet, the gusset clearly showing a damp patch at her satin covered crotch,her nipples erect through her bra,his own penis tenting out in his shorts showing a tell tale spot of pre-cum.They were locked in a passionate open mouthed kiss ." Ohhh Jake please make love to me ...I want you inside me so much darling ".Susie was in a high state of sexual arousal and impatiently pulled his shorts down then quickly removed her flimsy knickers.Jake majestically scooped her off her feet in his powerful arms and laid her on the bed. He went down on her ,licking her sopping vagina making her moan loudly ,he flicked his tongue at her swollen clitoris until she was about to climax....but she held off she did not want to cum just yet. .After around 10 minutes she could take no more returned the favour taking the long thick shaft into her mouth but barely getting more than a few inches because of his girth which was as thick as her wrists . She greedily sucked him,both hands gripping his large manhood. I picked up her discarded silky satin nylon panties,they soaking wet with her juices,I held them to my face breathing in her feminine moistness .Susie across at me as she carried on sucking that giant shaft.She suddenly stopped and burst out laughing, "Aww you are such sissy pervert sniffing mummy's knickers" she snatched them from my hands ,"if you really want to smell or taste mummy I shall put my panties over your head baby ...you only have to ask me" . Then like the last time she stretched them over my head so that they were positioned with the gusset over my mouth and nostrils .They both laughing hysterically. Susie moved the panties to the side and inserted the rubber penis shaped pacifier into my mouth and tightened the ribbon behind my head so it wouldn't fall out the moved the gusset back over my nose.The aroma of cummy panties was intoxicating and I became increasingly turned-on at this latest bout humiliation . "C'mon baby girl kneel closer to the bed now so you can watch your new Daddy fuck mummy with his big thick cock" Jake still laughing laid my beautiful on her back,taking her her long lightly tanned legs he put them over his broad shoulders .I saw my wife guiding his over sized penis to the entrance of her lubricated pussy . " Please be careful.Jake... you're very very big..I'm not used to any thing this size" .He kissed her on the lips to reassure her he would be careful .He slowly slid his long thick shaft into my darling wife,feeding each inch into her. "Susie you feel very tight..hun you okay ... just..relax". She winced with the initial discomfort, this strange sensation she never having experienced such dimensions before .Her face contorted in a mixture of pain then pleasure ,letting out soft moans and gasps as each inch invaded her vaginal cavity ,stretching her labia wife open.Very slowly he humped her, long deep penetrating strokes until he was finally grinding his pubic bone against hers.She had managed to take all of him inside her .Susie began to sob, with sheer joy she was looking across at me and wanted me to see the pleasure she was feeling of another man.She wanted me to know how happy it was making her as she felt years of sexual frustration disappear ,the joy and lust in her face betrayed the pleasure building up within her . "Oh Jake that feels so good ,you feel so big inside me" She made more soft whimpering noises as her clitoris was forced open from its hood as the thick monster cock stretched her .... stretching her labia open as wide as it had never been before .I was less than a foot away seeing this sexual display by the two lovers.Looking at me again Susie managed to give me direction. "Take out your tiny baby dick Jenny so mummy can see this turns you on" Almost out of breath she mouthed " wank it for mummy and Daddy Jake baby " .Pulling my erection free from the leg opening of my baby knickers I did as was told and slowly masturbated my infantile cock with finger and thumb. I was in total awe at the sexual display before me...I was so aroused ,my penis so hard but just a baby dick in comparison to Jake's 8 inches .He now began to piston his huge cock into her squelching vagina ,quickening his pace,his heavy balls slapping against Susie's bottom. She gripped him tightly then moved her red painted finger nails down to his bottom she began clutching his buttocks her wedding ring shining in subdued light of the bed side table lamp.His vigorous fucking made head board thump loudly against the wall .Suddenly he stopped. "is everything okay darling....why have you stopped" she asked with him to carry on..He was teasing her and she knew it "please please Jake don't stop ….PLEASE FUCK ME " she pleaded with him to continue ."Oh like that is it ....you big tease" whilst still underneath him she began buck her self upwards whilst his penis remained motionless.Susie was able push her bottom off the bed still holding onto him ,her vagina thrusting upwards now to get every inch of his cock until she was out of breath. Jake then really gave it to her good and hard meeting her thrusts, as the squelching noises got louder and louder from her heavily lubricated and devastated pussy..."OOOOOHHH AAAAGGRRRHHH.........GOD .....THATS SO DEEP she shouted loudly. I wondered if Cindy was asleep in the next room or had all this sex woken her, I hope she doesn't hear . ..."AAAGGGRRHHH...AAGGRRHHH...MMMMMM..OH...OHHH ..AHHHH....FUCK ME!..DONT......EVER STOP..FUCKING ME JAKE..,....IVE NEVER FELT ANY THING LIKE THIS BEFORE...DONT STOP.....FASTER.....FASTER....OOOHHHH.....AAAGGGHHHH...MMMMM....YOU ARE AMAZING ,THE BEST EVER....UGH ...YOU REACH THE PARTS MY BABY HUBBY SIMPLY CANT REACH.... FUCK Susie went on and on telling him how good he was as his powerful thrusting was making her cum, long quick strokes revealing her wetness and excitement on that glistening magnificent penis .His heavy balls smacking her bottom .She was saying these things knowing it was turning me on but she was also being honest about Jake's sexual performance.This was all too much for me as I wanked my minuscule erect penis with finger and thumb and i very quickly jizzed onto the front my pink satin lacy frilled baby knickers.His penis was now just a blur as he slammed it into her poor pussy .His long thick penis covered with her juices.My wife's legs tightly clamped around his shoulders her toes curled.Her finger nails digging into his his buttocks ,her eyes tightly closed and her mouth open,tears began to roll down her cheeks . My darling wife was uncontrollably sobbing and moaning more vocally I had never seen her this way.,She clamped her mouth on his shoulder to muffle her cries. She had never made those sounds when I made love to her.She looked so passionate, a sexy woman lost in total ecstasy.Jake with his face buried into the pillow began to grunt as my wife or now establish mummy was taking the full length of his cock deep into her womb, her pussy gripping the thick slimy shaft as it stretched her pussy wider than it had ever been before in her sexually active years.I had always found my penis to be a loose fit in her vagina but after Jake was done it was likely to be spoiled forever. I began imagining that large organ hitting her cervix, slamming into it causing a mixture of pain and pleasure, he was so much deeper than I could ever reach something she continued to utter as he fucked her hard.Yes Jake was indeed exploring new territory I was unable to and my lovely Susie was reaping great benefit from his much larger and thicker penis.He fucked her nice and hard taking full control like an alpha male should ,my wife's legs remaining over his muscular shoulders .Susie was moaning loudly and I knew her orgasm was fast approaching by her very vocal screams.Her body quivered and shook ,her vagina spasmed , his cock pounding her drenched cunt and then she cried out loudly in a state of total ecstasy. Her her very engorged swollen clit was juicy red .His merciless battering of "mummy's pussy" continued like some kind of pile- driver,such stamina.He drove his monster sized cock harder and harder into the depths of her devastated slit, Susie swore and panted with every thrust of his over-sized ravaging pole.Suddenly Jake began to groan and grunt louder and louder and my lovely stunning bride of several years took this as the cue that he was about to shoot his load of seed deep into her womb.She held on tightly to her lover. Her own body began to shake uncontrollable as wave after wave of intense pleasure erupted into a full blown multiple orgasms, her first ever . "YESSS YESS OH YESS" She cried, her eyes full of tears ,Susie began to sob so much I though he had hurt her ...her face now flushed ,glowing red..She dug her nails into his buttocks harder and harder encouraging him to keep fucking her until she had every last drop of his warm seed. I could not believe my wife talking like this.Her vagina muscles began to contract with her orgasm,gripping his cock tightly , squeezing it until he finally erupted,...his guttural snorts and grunts of satisfaction has his giant cock spasmed in unison with her own contractions.He continued to empty his heavy balls, my wife/mummy using her vaginal muscles to drain him completely dry.Eventually the frenzied fucking subsided and Susie lay there still crying and sobbing into his manly hairy chest telling him that it was the best fuck she had ever had,not caring that I was right next to them .I felt completely broken at what I had just witnessed but strangely excited and totally humiliated knowing I could never compete with Jake in the bed room It was less than an hour later Jake was fully charged up and raring to go. Susie was insatiable she played with his giant cock until it sprang back to life. She got on all fours and he positioned himself behind her. She reached under herself and took hold of his cock.Slowly he pushed it into her ...she found it sliding in a little easier than before. He began to fuck her nice and hard and when he paused for breath she would push her self backwards onto him ,taking all his length and grinding her vagina right into his pubic bone .He pulled her hair like the alpha man he was, the alpha male she likes, someone who can take charge in the bedroom. She let out gasps and moans as he gave her every inch, slapping her bottom and making her squeal in lust. The slapping sound of their bodies as they fucked like animals was the best sound in the world.They changed positions again and again the sort of positions I was unable to manage simply because I was too small. They finished up in the missionary, her favourite .She had her legs wrapped over his back just above his waist ,ankles crossed to keep him close, kissing him passionately with her hands holding his face while he was between her legs pumping his huge thick veiny cock in and out of her , the sensations of pleasure increased with each rapid thrust , waves and waves of throbbing sensations were felt through Susie's entire body until she finally erupted her climatic juices onto his giant penis.It was like watching a live porn performance .I remained in a kneeling position right by the bed furiously masturbating. Now that they had finished they both sat up in bed watching me ,laughing at me ,Susie encouraging me to "to make creamies into my panties like a girl".I had a fantastic orgasm ,my humiliation getting more intense telling them I wanted to be there I was now their "cuckold baby girl" .Susie pulled me over towards her and kissed me on the lips .She put a finger into her sloppy pussy then pulling it out placed into into the back of my knickers and right inside my bottom.I was then sent back to my nursery. Several minutes passed when Susie came to tuck me into bed.To hide her modesty Susie was wearing a white satin short dressing gown and a fresh pair of bikini style white satin panties embellished with lace, expensive designer ones , the elasticized lace on the legs and waist was to ensure Jake's and her own cum didn't leak out and dribble down her legs. I had worn those very panties with out her knowledge before,wanking my tiny cock into them only a few days before. "Every things gonna be fine baby Jenny thank you for not being angry or jealous ..this has been the best night of my life and I love you so much for being understanding and accepting" she reassuringly informed me. She looked so sexy, her long dark brown straight hair now disheveled ,Susie had a radiant flush, a bright glow about her pretty face. I looked at her breasts through the opening of her dressing gown then between her legs at the sodden satin patch of her pantie gusset where their juices were mixed,she saw me looking so she slipped them off down her long tanned legs ,removed the other pair of kickers still around my head and replaced then with the warm cummy ones, stretching them into place over my head so that the crotch touched my nose. "you want to wear mummy's soaking knickers...dont you"?".Here you are baby".The pungent smell hit my nostrils as Jake's seed and my wife's orgasm made contact.The silky satin fabric was soaking wet with their juice..but yes I did want them.She took my pacifier from round my neck and pushed it into her hot slippery vagina .When she took it out it was slimy and glistening with their cum.She kissed me on the head ,parted the panties that covered my mouth shoved the offending rubber penis pacifier into my mouth "you suck on this baby girl whilst mummy sucks on Daddy's big cock...night night baby sweety pie ". she said with a wink and a smile , she walked out but as she got to the bedroom door I found my self replying in a very soft girly lisp "nigth mummy".She laughed at me.Susie was really happy with how the evening was panning out .The girly lisp appear to be coming something quite natural to me I thought. I awoke the next morning very early to the sound of my wife being fucked,her soft moans , the bed squeaking and banging against the wall,it kept me awake. I was erect again and rather than play with myself just sucked on my rubber penis dummy inhaling the satin scented panties that were still stretched over my head and face.I listened to their love making for maybe 20 minutes until I heard he climax loudly. About 8.30 am I heard Jake leaving,Susie seeing him off at the door she then came back up stairs to check on me , to reassure herself I was fine with what happened last night. . After seeing my nappy was sticky she began to tease me "oh dear have you been listening to me and Daddy doing grown up things baby?" ,did you make a sticky mess in your nappy and fwilly panties baby girl....did it turn you on... yes it did ...didn't it darling" ? .Come on baby ickle sissy you can have some baby time with mummy now". Susie invited me into her bed."Jake wants you to clean me up before I take a shower,...if you dont he will give you another spanking Okay darling" I readily accepted I did not want that again. The room smelled of sex and the evidence was plain to see, the white cotton sheet displaying their bodily fluids.I was ordered between her legs and "drink Daddy's and mummy's cum cum" I cleaned the salty mixture of their goo from her loose swollen ,puffy vagina, the taste on my tongue wasn't unbearable .Then she said because I had been a "good little baby girl" I could "make love to mummy".She laid on her back and took out my thin puny erect penis from the side of my frilly baby girl knickers with two fingers and positioned my thin short shaft at the entrance to her vagina.She placed one of her hands under my nappied and satin covered crotch and pushed me into her.I just slipped straight into her pussy so very easily ..much more easier than I ever have before.Her vagina was still very slimy and wet . I began to make love my darling wife pumping my slippery wet rigid organ into her equally slippery Vagina,.She held onto the crotch of my knickers but even this didn't always prevent me slipping out.She pushed me back into her several times, Her face was expressionless as my baby manhood went in and out of her, when I quickened my pace I slipped out more times than I have ever done obviously because of their sticky cum. My baby penis failed to touch the walls of her vagina and I could feel nothing much other than an overstretched cavernous cavity .Susie then grabbed hold of the back of my frilly baby panties to see if this would keep me inside her somehow.Susie pulled my knickers so hard she would have given me a wedgy if it weren't for my nappy " fuck me baby c'mon darling .. c'mon darling ..I love you baby.. really love you but please make love to me....please .Susie looked quite upset I could see tears in those dark brown eyes ,she sobbed and cried as I carried on fucking my sweet gorgeous wife. I thought I was making her cum but no Susie began to apologize to me ,she was loud and vocal. "I'M SORRY BABY BUT I CAN'T FEEL YOU I CANT FEEL A THING ...NOTHING ...NOTHING AT ALL NOT A THING..I..I CANT TELL IF YOU ARE INSIDE ME...AT LEAST BEFORE I COULD FEEL A LITTLE BIT OF YOU" .She carried on sobbing ,Susie was very emotional,she kissed me passionately. POOR BABY ...JENNY'S TINY ICKLE BABY DICK IS NO GOOD FOR MUMMY ...IT WILL NEVER BE SUFFICIENT NOT NOW SHE HAS A NEW BOYFRIEND ...DON'T WORRY DARLING I STILL LOVE YOU VERY MUCH ..I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU.JAKE AND ME HAVE COME TO AN ARRANGEMENT.HE WILL BE YOUR NEW DADDY, HE WILL COME TO THE HOUSE A COUPLE OF TIMES A WEEK.....JUST TO MAKE ME HAPPY...FOR SEX,THATS ALL ...OKAY SWEETY". "Yeth mummy YETH" I said getting into the role "I want to be your baby girl forever,.... I want to watch you and Daddy fuck in our bed cos I'm just a big sissy baby girl with a tiny ickle peepee". I carried on with my fantasy ."I want to be totally dominated and humiliated by you and your lover and if I'm a naughty baby girl I know my new Daddy will spank me like the sissy wimp that I am".. Susie's emotional state appeared to return to normal,feeling more calmer and relaxed "oh yes yes Good girl I knew you would accept my proposal . .... Cindy will babysit for me from now on , she has my permission to bring a few of her lovely friends over should me and Jake decide to go out again or for a weekend away in an hotel.You will be a permanent baby girl at all times when you get home from work..,all your frilly baby clothes will be washed and then dried on the washing line so our neignbours will know your pathetic needs to be a little adult baby girl secret....understood?"... "Yeth...yeth mummy" my little penis now almost ready to release its load into her sloppy very wide over-stretched pussy. "Oh yes darling don't forget... all those sweet little baby photos have been put some where safe in case you get any ideas...Cindy printed several copies off just in case you go snooping for them or delete them from her phone"". "Yeth mummy..me be a good ickle girl ."My 3 inches now banging into her well used slit thinking at what Cindy will do with those pictures of me in my baby girl attire I thought about Lucy seeing those pictures of me and her reaction to them,knowing I'm an adult baby cuckold. I bet and all her friends will laugh.Will Cindy's friends really come over and babysit with her ..the thought terrified me but wow the idea was a massive turn-on. Susie continued pulling hard at the rear waistband of my plastic pants and frilly satin panties trying to get some extra penetration and prevent me slipping out. She pulled up my pink sheer baby doll nightie out of the way and held onto my panties ,She cried out saying- "I CANT FEEL YOU ....I JUST CANT EVER REALLY FEEL YOU... BUT ITS MUCH WORSE THAN BEEN BEFORE ...POOR BABY...SO...SO.SMALL ..SO TINY BABY. She knew these words would turn me on and I quickened my pace,the plastic and satin rubbing together making that familiar a rustling noise which ,I lasted about 2 minutes until I exploded my baby juice into sexy beautiful wife /mummy. We lay there panting ,me still on top of her sexy slim body.Susie caressed me,stroking me and patted my frilly pink satin padded bottom causing my plastic pants to rustle under the knickers. She talked to me like a baby again in her mock baby tone "Did my ickle sissy girl like dat eh... precious...such a baby girl aren't we eh most of the time mummy's pussy will only be for your Daddy but if you are good baby girl I may treat you once a month ". I turned slightly to look at my wife and saw her looking towards the bedroom door.I felt a presence and quickly realized that the bedroom door was now fully wide open it wasn't open earlier .I turned to see Cindy was standing there with a huge grin on her pretty young face,she had seen and heard everything,I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. "Morning you two2 she said with a cheeky smile.Susie must have know Cindy was there but never said anything. She came into the room as my wife got out of bed and handed her the satin robe. " I guess you and Jake had a great time " "I hope we didn't keep you awake all night long Cindy". " No its fine Susie honestly but by god he certainly went at it didn't he .. I don't want to be crude but .. well you were very noisy Susie...I heard you crying at one point but just guessed Jake was making you happy...did it hurt though .. with him being so large" ."Oh Cindy it was wonderful being with a real man" ."Yeah it hurt to begin with,not overly painful certainly bearable until I got used to him ..you know...being very large,I felt him so deep inside it gave me very nice sensations like would not believe Cindy...he made me cum so hard on that enormous cock and yes it hurt initial but once I was fully aroused it felt really good". " Susie that's great news I'm so pleased for you. Carol told me you are more likely to finally reached an orgasm with another man... after such a long wait". They hugged each other. . "So I guess size does matter then" Cindy said with a blush. Susie laughed at this. "Well of course it does dear.. well certainly in this situation". Cindy giggling almost non stop, "I suppose you are right ...you had an extra extra 5 inches last night.....a lot more than you've been used to this last few years,not to mention he's such a hunk". They both laughed more and looked at me laying on the bed. Do you want me to babysit next Saturday? I will bring my friends round so they can meet your kinky husband ,I'm sure they will want to see your pretty baby girl all dressed up". "Emma one of my friends ...the one who's studying fashion is great at dress making .I text her the photos I took last night and she's more than happy to make him a new pink baby dress and frilly knickers...she needs to measure him first though". "Oh Cindy that would be lovely ..wouldn't that be nice Jenny eh...another pretty young girl coming to the house to fuss with you and make you lots of frilly baby girl dresses and frilly panties". "Yes please Cindy tell her to come over so she can measure him and I will give her the money to buy what she needs and of course you can come over next Saturday with your friends while me and Jake go out and enjoy ourselves. "What about a cot too Cindy suggested ..he's far too young to be in a grown up bed babies should sleep in a cot". "Not thought about that dear but good idea". "My boyfriend will make him one..he's studying carpentry and now has a part time apprenticeship... we can paint it pale pink and I can decorate it with teddy bears" .Cindy continued thinking of more ways to humiliate me .ALL babies should sleep in the nursery .. so you and Jake dont disturb him... I mean her ... but if you er you want to keep him awake I will buy a baby monitor so you can hear each other...I'm sure baby Jenny would like that wouldn't she... so she can hear her mummy and her boyfriend in bed together" Cindy said looking at me directly. Susie and Cindy thought these were wonderful ideas that when they were finally done laughing Cindy phoned her boyfriend.I could hear him laughing on the phone " you want me to make a adult size cot for your friends husband...because he wears baby girl clothes ?" He was more than happy to make an adult size cot especially when Susie spoke to him. " Hi Brad ,its Susie ..yes it sounds strange but I need a baby cot for my sissy husband.Yes he will sleep in it from now on because I have a boyfriend .Is £ 600 enough money...great see you tomorrow." Susie handed the phone back to Cindy to say her goodbye."Right then its all agreed"....Emma is coming over to measure my baby so she can make him lots more baby girl clothes,you will bring all friends over to babysit him,your boyfriend will come over tomorrow and make a start with the cot and you will supply a baby monitor....this is perfect." My life has changed so much over the last few months.I'm a permanent sissy baby girl when not at work.I'm often humiliated in front of women of all ages.They will all know I'm a cuckold because Jake visits regularly . I must wear my baby clothes at all times when he comes over. Susie has bought me lots more baby clothes which Cindy's friend made, lots of pink satin dresses and ruffled petticoats so short my matching frilly knickers are almost always on show.When my wife or Cindy have their friends visit to our house they will come into my nursery, see me in my cot and make fun of me, especially during my nappy changes.They will always come up with new ideas to humiliate me and tease me and they love to watch me being spanked by Jake over his lap, sometimes the hold up my baby dresses out of the way so he has good access to my frilly bottom .Cindy loves to pull my knickers and nappy down so Jake can spank my bare bum.She still finds this very funny.I have a baby mobile hanging just above my head as I lay in my cot ..hanging off the mobile are my wife's silky white panties ,ones she has worn when Jake has called round..the crotch evidenced with their sex stains.I spend most of my time in the nursery except on the rare occasions when I get to sleep with my mummy when Jake is away. CHAPTER FIVE: Susie and Jake have had the occasional dinner party at our home and the first time Lucy and her husband over Susie made sure I was already in my baby girl clothes and in my cot before they arrived .Susie deliberately left my nursery door wide open so the guests cold see me in plain view if they needed the bathroom...she made sure they used the upstairs bathroom and you had to walk past the nursery to access it .A pink ballerina figure lamp and white shade decorated with butterflies illuminated my nursery . I could hear all the comments on the baby monitor whilst they talked about me from the dining room.I could hear them all laugh when they heard me masturbating ,that tell tale rustling sound as the plastic rubbed against the pink fabric of my frilly baby knickers " oh I think she's playing with her tiny pee pee " Lucy announced.Susie then talked into the monitor..."stop playing with your clit or Daddy will drag you down here and spank you in-front of our guests!".I could hear howls of laughter.I stopped playing with my self. Susie came up to the nursery a moment later and strapped me into the cot to prevent me getting out and more importantly so could not play with my "baby dick" unless instructed to by an adult .I could hear Susie explaining to our guests what she had done.James ,Lucy's husband could not believe I put up with so much ."Well James Susie explained "a real man wouldn't would he and Johnathan is a baby ...Not a man...besides he loves it really" . Lucy announced she she needed to pee ,I could hear her footsteps coming upstairs and I knew she would see me in my pink baby cot dressed up like a baby girl.I got quite excited ,I wanted this very attractive woman to see me.She was a sexy lady ,lovely blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. She looked into my room quickly giving me a wave then entered the bathroom at the end of the landing.I felt a bit disappointed and hoped she would have at least said hello. When she came out Lucy came into my nursery to get a closer look at me.She had only seen photos of me as a baby until now ,she walked up to my cot and rested her hands on the railings smiling down at me. She surveying the sissy adult baby looking up at her, laying there in a pink oversize baby cot. limbs secured by 4 pink leather straps and cuffs attached to the corners of my pink wooden prison decorated by Cindy with dolls and Teddies .I had no duvet to hide under and was fully on show. She stared for a moment , from heard to toe ,looking at the pink ribbons in my hair , the penis pacifier tied round my neck ,the short pale pink frilly nightie with matching pink ruffled baby knickers - the ones embroidered with "sissy 3 inches" yes she looked at me ,right down to my frilly topped ankle socks.She shook her head laughing at me. "Just look at you Johnathan you look so silly wearing my daughters nightie and those frilly baby panties,...tell me do you still wet your nappy? .I looked at her and although I was blushing loved this teasing ,she was so sexy. ...yes she knows I wet my nappy.Lucy was all dressed sexily wearing a tight short black dress, stockings and suspenders of which I could make out the faint outline.She looked quite a bit taller in the black patent leather high heels .She turned around to look around my nursery taking in the soft girly furnishings,.Lucy opened my wardrobe looking at my different baby girl dresses ,my drawers where my plastic pants and frilly ruffled baby knickers .I watched her as she smiled to herself lifting out some of my plastic pants and ruffled satin knickers.Lucy was quite interested in my sissy adult baby life she like her daughter Cindy asked my wife lots of questions. I looked at her tight peachy bottom in that tight black dress, clearly at visible pantie line,she wasn't wearing a thong which was good in my own opinion and I tried to envisage what her panties looked like ..yes bet they were the sort Susie and Cindy wears ..expensive tanga high cut satin ones with a hint of lace .She turned to catch me staring . " were you looking at my bottom ?... thats very naughty I wonder what my husband would say if I were to tell him...do you think he may come and give you a spanking if I were to ask him to" ? she giggled."Yes baby I know Jake's spanks you ...such a wimp ...a sissy baby girl aren't we" . Should I tell her what I was really thinking I asked my self " actually Lucy I was just...just trying to guess what kind of panties you were wearing " I sheepishly explained .She smiled at me "oh .. oh you were were you mmm you want to see what sort of underwear I like to wear eh..what women wear for real men" She thought for a moment then cautiously looked around then looking back at me lifted her dress up so high I could see the top of the pale pink bikini style satin panties ,designer ones with a lacy panel at the front. I stared at them and she laughed and turned around so I could see that satin covered bottom so stunning she then pulled her dress back down.Lucy then placed my penis pacifier into my mouth. . "Okay baby the show is over ..now me see your knickers" She lifted up my nightie and laughed so loud at my panties . " ohhh same colour as mine but yours are so girly ..... very frilly... ooh and whats this I see" ? Lucy looked at the - inscription sissy 3 inches . "3 inches ? not what I have heard ... I have heard its less than 3 inches... Susie said it was only 2.9 inches- thats a baby size isn't it and thats why you are baby girl. a baby girl in frilly pink baby knickers not like a woman would wear. yes ...thats why Susie has Jake. I have never seen her so happy.We speak on the phone and she's told me he has a big 8 inch penis .They make you watch sometimes if you've been good....don't they baby" .Susie says she lets you play with her panties while you masturbate your little dink dick when Jake is giving her a lovely orgasm" ."You like ladies panties don't you" ...she said looking at the mobile that hung above my head. Four pairs of Susie's white silky panties all cum stained in the crotch ..hung so low I could almost touch them with my nose." Cindy tells me you enjoy being humiliated too, am I making you all hard in that nappy and those frillies... she tentatively prodded the front of my knickers feeling a small hard lump that lay inside my terry nappy .Lucy placed a her hand to her mouth to stifle her uncontrollable giggles "awww poor baby ...poor poor TINY baby girl" .She undid the leather straps to release my hands and commanded me to wank for her.Lucy clearly enjoyed the control she was having.I quickly took out my fully erect penis .She laughed hysterically as I proceeded to play with my cock in the only way I can do " finger and thumb ..".awww god " she laughed."...its so very small .... its like an infants.Lucy staring down at me with those gorgeous blues eyes which were glued to my sissy sized penis "oohh good girl you gonna make cummies all over your frilly knickers for me baby ...yes do then but you might be spanked for spoiling them.....I should have brought my phone upstairs ..would love to video this and share it...next time eh ... baby Johnathan ...sorry ..I meant baby Jenny." In no time at all my sperm jetted out landing on my nightie and on my knickers.Lucy went went to the bathroom to get some tissue and cleaned up the mess laughing from my baby clothes.She kissed me on the lips thanking me for "entertaining her so well". She went back downstairs still laughing. Cindy loves babysitting me and I actually look forward when Susie and Jake go out for the night or have the odd weekend away.When it comes to nappy changes Cindy does it in such a loving way, she's quite mature for an 18 year old .There's no embarrassment on her or my side..not anymore.Cindy loves to tease me ,knowing full well I enjoy it because any sort of sexual stimulation is limited with my wife .When Cindy visits she nearly always wear short plaid skirts or something similar in style. I'm laid on the floor she kneels down in front of me and lifts up my frilly white paper nylon petticoats and frilly pink satin baby girl dress and clips it to the dummy around my neck.Then she tells me to lift up my botty so she can pull down my frilly baby knickers and plastic pants.Once she's unpinned my nappy and removed it I lay there with my tiny 1 inch flaccid penis on show.Not content with this she wants to see me hard so she accidentally on purpose opens her thighs enough so I can see her own pretty feminine panties-she knows I like white silky knickers and wears them regularly for me.Cindy is well aware this effect has upon me and with in seconds I'm fully hard. "Oooohhh your ickle soldier is standing all to attention baby girl... I wonder what caused that...naughty baby" she says with a cheeky smile and a mocking baby talk tone She loves it and so do I. When Susie and Jake are on a date night Cindy will come into nursery and give me a cuddle.There's been more than one occasion when she's laid with me in my giant cot put her hand up my short nightie and into my panties.Cindy pulls out my "baby dick" as she usually refers to it by taking it from the leg opening of my panties and wanks me while we listen to the sounds of my wife being fucked so very hard next door,so clear over the baby monitor. Cindy will make humiliating comments like " your mummy is getting fucked by Daddy's massive cock again ...awww poor baby Jenny has to listen ..she doesn't get to go near mummy's pussy these days...poor ickle baby but dont worry I will make baby Jenny feel all nice ..I will play with her tiny tiny ickle willy until she spurts her creamy onto her fwilly pink baby girly pantith" .She would hold my tiny member with a finger and thumb and rub it like a girl would rub her clitoris .The unmistakable sounds of my satin knickers rubbing against my crinkly noisy plastic baby panties making them rustle encouraged her to increased her tempo, those naughty teasing comments coupled with the sounds of my wife's loud moans would have me ejaculate all over the front of my pink frilly satin baby knickers with a few minutes.Cindy would cuddle me for quite sometime afterwards and kiss me on the forehead or cheek.The only downside to my "baby treats" with Cindy I was not allowed to touch her, "thats for boys with big dicks baby" she would remind me.Cindy has hinted she may let me suckle on her breasts and I hope this happens very soon.Susie is aware of Cindy's "baby treats" but had no problem with it because it saved her the job of wanking me off -usually into her cummy panties. I love my sexy wife/mummy so much and would never go back to how things used to be .I'm so happy at being a baby girl to my wife and new Daddy .When Susie knows Lucy or Cindy is coming over she likes me to be wearing my very short frilly pink satin dress and ruffled petticoats ,my hair is growing longer so she often its styled as a toddler girl, the outfit is finished off by short frilly ankle socks and Mary Jane be shoes, there's no nappy or frilly panties because Susie likes to make sure my tiny soft 1 inch penis is on show.Cindy thinks its quite funny having me like this,I'm so lucky having such an attractive understanding babysitter like Cindy, life has only got better for me.
  8. The young attractive maid opened the door and scowled at the man outside. He was about 30 years old, wearing an expensive pin-stripe suit and looking extremely nervous. 'Dolly Drenchgusset, you're late!' I'm s-sorry, Miss Lightfoot, my wife... Shut up, you stupid little sissy baby! Get in here at once; the others were in their baby clothes five minutes ago!' She almost dragged him along the hall and into the changing room, where he stood meekly as he was stripped naked . 'Nanny Goodbody will be furious with you, Drenchgusset,' she said, pushing him over to a table, where he be lay down on the cool white rubber mattress. She began to sponge him down with warm soapy water. 'Nanny must not be kept waiting by her babies. She worked the sponge between his hairless legs over his small penis and tight little testicles all void of hair.The maid began smirking at his now fully erect penis that couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 inches at most.Miss Victoria Lightfoot was only 24 years old but had see her fare share of cocks and came to the conclusion that the men who attended the nursery were much smaller than any of her boyfriends.Perhaps thats why many of their wives cheat on these sissies, she certainly would. The attractive blonde flipped him over on to his tummy to wash his pert bottom. There followed a less than gentle application of a warm fluffy towel, and rubbing-in of baby oil and talc. On his back again, she pushed his legs up till his knees were beside his face. "Have you done your number twos today?' she said sternly. Yes thank you, Miss Lightfoot,' replied the man as the maid opened a jar of Vaseline and scooped a huge dollop out with her fingers and smeared it around his small balls , puny 4 inch erection and around his bottom. With his legs still up, the maid laid a thick, fleecy snow-white nappy under him and lowered his bottom on to it. She folded the corners round and secured them tightly together with two large pink nappy pins. Then she went over to a huge chest of drawers labelled 'Baby Knickers', and took out a pair of lavishly-frilled pink nylon baby panties with matching lace frills across the front and back, lined with see-through plastic. Stretching out the elastic, each foot through the legs, eased them upwards, and tugged them carefully over his nappy, making sure the elastic gripped tightly in a nice snug fit.There!' she said, satisfied at last. 'I don't want to have any leaks to clean baby girl...not until after Nanny has finished with you" . The young man was lifted into a sitting position, with his legs dangling over the edge of the table, and when Miss Lightfoot pushed the teat of a big dummy into his mouth, he sucked on it greedily and began to swing his legs to and fro. A gorgeously frilly petticoat, with at least ten layers of frothy white nylon yoked from a pretty cross-over bodice, was slipped over his head and smoothed down to hang in swishy folds around the waistband of his frilly baby rubber knickers. Then the maid brought over a large cardboard box and untied the huge pink bow, es.' She and removed the lid. Separating the en his tissue paper, she lifted out beautiful pink baby frock in delicate satin fabric, and held it out for him 'Look what a lovely dress Nanny fl bought for you today, isn't it pretty? The maid dangled it in front of him. 'Isn't it pretty .We have the same one for all of you, so you can be dressed so pretty when girls come to visit, we have recruited a few young students that will be part of the new baby sitting service". The man sucked more loudly on his large pink dummy, and began to squirm his pinned a nappied bottom on the rubber mattress the humiliation of pretty girls seeing his tiny penis or dressed as a baby girl made his nappy sticky with pre-cum. 'Not that you deserve such pretty things! Look at all these frills and these dainty little pink bows. Aren't they adorable?' She ran her fingers over the puff sleeves with their frilly lace cuffs and ran her long manicured fingers down to the hem before resting her hand gently on the front of his frilly knickers "ohh poor tiny penis is still hard in his nappy and frills" 'And here is the little bonnet. Look at the lovely wide frilly brim, isn't that sweet , and nice wide ribbons to tie in a plastic pretty bow under Baby's chin. And just I look at these adorable little baby booties: oh my goodness, the wool feels so soft! And just wait till Baby gets his little handies into these mittens! The maid gushed on and on until Baby Drenchgusset, frantic to be dressed in it, was bouncing up and down, kicking out his legs and dribbling profusely from his dummy. Eventually Baby and Miss Lightfoot emerged from the changing room. Baby Drenchgusset toddled unsteadily ahead in his new baby outfit, the maid holding the reins of a pink leather baby-harness, in case he should fall. At last they came to a pink door with a bunny rabbit painted on it, and the words 'Lollipops Nursery'. Miss Lightfoot knocked and a stern female voice called, 'Enter!' Nanny Goodbody was standing in the middle of the room, tapping the palm of her hand with a three-foot leather tawse. Sitting on tiny chairs in a row in front of her were ten frightened looking men, identically dressed in pink frilly baby dresses. The Governess of Lollipops Nursery was an attractive, slim 40 something woman about five feet eight inches tall. She wore her long dark hair straight just past her bra and was dressed in a white silk blouse and tight black skirt. 'So! Miss Drenchgusset has decided to honour us with his august presence at last,' she said with withering sarcasm. The maid let go of the reins and the latecomer flopped down on to the thick rubber carpet, crawled towards Nanny, and began eagerly licking her black patent leather shoes. She lifted first one foot and then the other, so that he could take as much of the 4-inch pencil-thin heels into his mouth as possible, slobbering and licking frantically in an effort to assuage her anger. It did not. She grabbed the curls of blond hair peeping from his baby bonnet and hauled him to his bootied feet. 'How dare you keep me waiting! I've had just about all the insolence I'm prepared to take from a disgusting little pervert like you,' she hissed into his ear. When I say I want you dressed up in your baby things and in my nursery at six o'clock, I mean exactly that. 'The whipping frame I think for this one, Miss Lightfoot.' The maid dragged Baby Drenchgusset over to a metal frame, bent him double over its bars and secured his wrists and ankles by means of leather straps. Meanwhile, Nanny Goodbody glowered down on the row of babies, sitting so low on their absurd little plastic chairs that one their baby dresses and frothy white petticoats were pushed up by their knees almost over their little faces, and each pair of frilly pink baby see-through covered baby knickers was fully on show 'Pay attention to this, you lot. If I'm not completely satisfied with any of you to tonight, I'll keep you all behind for a good thrashing!' The maid had stuffed an enormous penis-shaped dummy into Baby Drenchgusset's mouth and tied it firmly in place. His frilly dress were lifted over his head and his frilly baby knickers and nappies pulled down. 'He's ready for you now. Madame,' said Miss Lightfoot eagerly. Striding over to the trussed-up figure, Nanny Goodbody stood with her legs as far apart as her tight skirt would allow, and swung the tawse down on his pink buttocks. Blow after blow rained down on the quivering flesh, each one greeted by muffled squeals of pain from the helpless victim and sympathetic little jolts from the baby audience. When his bottom was covered with crimson weals, and Nanny had finally exhausted her fury,the wretched man was untied and dumped in a corner, where he lay sobbing quietly. 'Now, where was I before that little worm interrupted me?' said the governess, turning again to the other frilly babies, each of whom looked suitably shaken after the beating they had witnessed. Oh yes, I was talking about the emails I have written about each of you, and the attached photographs of you in your sweet little baby clothes. The ones that will be sent to your wives and girlfriends if you should dare to stop attending the nursery. Well, it seems that one of you drips is still trying to wriggle out of my clutches! The fool confessed his pathetic need to be a sissy baby to his wife, hoping she would "understand" and they could start a "new life" somewhere. She stood over one of the babies and began to fuss with the satin bow of his bonnet. 'But your very attractive wife, being a sensible woman, got in touch with me immediately, didn't she, Miss Susan Silkpanties? She insists that I continue your training. And now little Susan has to be a ridiculous frilly ickle babykins at home as well, doesn't he?' Nanny grabbed hold of the man's ear and wrenched him to his feet.'Now your admirable wife has a new boyfriend, doesn't she, Miss Silkpanties? A real man.. big and strong and very very well endowed she tells me unlike yours , 3 inches fully hard excuse for a cock, its not a man's penis she informed me she admitted she can barely feel you inside her, what does she call it... ahhh yesss " baby dick" doesn't she.. "BABYDICK". And at night, baby Susan is put in his pink baby cot thats next to her bed the one you used to sleep in, isn't he? Your lovely wife sent me lots of photos of you in your cot.. some of them of you wearing your her silky white panties over your head,I expect they were nice and wet from her orgasms she had with her lover weren't they baby? Yes she told me you like to play with her worn silky lingerie which hangs above your cot while sucking on your penis pacifier. Baby Silkpanties began to cry.He looked over at the lovely miss Lightfoot who he secretly lusted after,she began laughing and had already seen the photos. Aaaah! Baby Susan not like his lovely baby cot den? Baby Silkpanties began to howl. Really getting into the humiliation the brown eyed beauty laughingly teased the poor adult baby even more. "Is dat cos your hands are tied to the cot sides and you are forced to kneel there on the plastic mattress above your wife's bed precious eh , awwww and you have to watch da big rough man on top of her with his enormous thick 8 inch cock fucking her... yes fucking your stunning wifey all night.Watching her cum on his oversize penis .She was so excited to let me look at those photos of him naked ,he's huge isn't he sweetie its the best sex she has ever had oh and those embarrassing photos of you in your pink cot with her panties over your head. And you now have a pretty teenage baby sitter who looks after you when your wifey and her boyfriend go out for the evening. Mimi isn't it ,so young and pretty, Awww poor baby, she has to change your wet nappy and always laughs at your tiny erect penis. Does she take lots of photos of you for her friends to laugh at. Susansilkpanties could only nod his head.Your wife said the Mimi loves teasing you and always make sure you wear very frilly pink satin baby knickers over your nappy and plastic pants and always chooses such short frilly pink see-through baby-doll nighties for you to wear when your wife's boyfriend stays over.Its because she wants your wife and her boyfriend to see your pretty frilly knickers,sp they will always be on show" Its a constant reminder you are a baby girl to your wife and her lover" .I would have never thought such a young girl of 18 could be so cruel.Nothing more than you deserve .And now all her college friends know you are a sissy cuckold dont they? And what happens when baby is naughty eh ,yes your new Daddy puts you across his lap and spanks you in front of your wife and baby sitter and you cry like a little sissy baby because he spanks you so hard with his big hands.Now you like being a sissy baby girl...a cuckold ,it turns you on being their baby and watching them have sex or sometimes forced to listen to them from your newly decorated nursery, the one you share with your babysitter when she sleeps over. They all know you play with your tiny baby peepee when your wife and boyfriend are fucking in the next room and sniffing your wife's sexy panties They can hear your plastic pants rubbing against your satin knickers and your soft girly moans and you make baby spurts in your soft toweling nappy. Doesn't Mimi babysit a 10 year old boy ? Yes she does and told your wife that his penis is much bigger than yours ,awwww so shameful isn't it, a 10 year old having a bigger dick than you.We may have an opening for Mimi here, she sounds perfect for the babysitting service at nursery. Susansilkpanties feelings of shame and embarrassment made his face red ,he looked once more over to Miss Lightfoot who was now laughing uncontrollably at his sissy cuckold status.She could only imagine how humiliating it must be for him not only being forced to see his sexy wife have sex with a man with a much bigger penis but a man that spanks him.Miss Lightfoots panties became wet imagining that large thick cock hammering away at her own young tight vagina.Size matters in her opinion. He put his woolly mittened hands over his face and sobbed uncontrollably. Nanny turned to the miss Lightfoot who was still laughing and blushing wondering if any one could tell her panties were now soaked. 'Put this one in a knicker-bag with Baby Drenchgusset, and make sure they kiss and cuddle together like sweet little perverts". As the pitiful cry-baby was hauled away, Nanny Goodbody turned once again to the remaining members of her nappy nursery class. Each of the little dears was sitting bolt upright, straining desperately to look utterly babyish. One frilly fool in particular, wriggling squirt and jerking his little arms frantically, looked especially ludicrous. 'Aaaah! Ickle Wendy Waterworks feeling extwa babyish, is she?' She pulled him up, and carried him over to a proper grown-up chair and sat down with the baby on her ample lap. 'Baby didums having a nice suck- suck on his ickle dum-dums den?' her Baby Waterworks was indeed chewing the rubber teat as though his life he depended on it Nanny took hold of the huge pink plastic ring and wiggled it playfully before pulling it out with a plop. nice Didums is a vewy important man in da big gwown-up wowld, aren't oo babykins, oo is a bank manager, aren't oo?' In fact he is Nanny Goodbody's own bank manager and when he found out about the nursery he got so excited didn't she?, 'Yeth Nanny' 'Yeth oo are! And oo goeth to da big important offithe wiv woverly thoft nappieth and fwilly panteth under ow twoutherth, don't you.Ooooh yeth Nanny, me do!' squeaked the very important man, squirming his nappy-clad bottom on her lap. 'And oo do woverly warm baby wetties in ow woverly thoft nappieth, don' oo?' Yeth Nanny! Yeth yeth! Me do wettieth when da nithe ladieth athk ickle me for da overdwaft.' Nanny laughed, and remembered her own first meeting with Wendy Waterworks at the bank. How pompous he was behind his big desk. But she knew immediately that he was pissing himself, just at the moment when she asked for a loan.After he told her about his sissy side She walked out with a nice fat bank balance, due to a suddenly acquired life-time subscription to the Lollipops Nursery for big babies. She gave the ridiculous man a hug, as though feeling actual maternal love for the poor fool, rather than utter contempt. After all, bank managers are useful people to keep sweet. Nanny Goodbody turned to her maid. 'Get my feeding bra ready, my dear, and the milk dispenser for the others. Miss Lightfoot was very busy for the next few minutes. She got the brassiere from a drawer and inserted a nozzle on the milk dispenser - a large glass tank fitted on a wall of the nursery - into a tube between the huge melon shaped foam inserts of the flesh coloured latex cups. Turning a tap, she waited for the two false tits to become hard and springy as they became engorged with about a gallon each of warm, sweetened milk. Then she squeezed the big latex nipples, to check that milk flowed out freely, and carried it, not without difficulty, to Miss Goodbody. Together they strapped the heavy load round Nanny's already ample bust, the weight mostly taken by straps buckled to the back of the chair. The Governess as Lollipops Nursery looked like some grotesquely over-endowed freak, appropriately enough in this company. Baby. Waterworks, still on Nanny's lap, began gurgling and dribbling with excitement. Miss Lightfoot returned to the milk dispenser. A dozen flexible rubber tubes extended from the base of the tank, fitted at their free ends with large dummy teats, and one of these was pushed in the mouth of each baby. All ready, Madame,' she called, standing by the tank. Well done, my dear,' said Nanny Now remember, all of you, I want guzzling of your nice warm milk. Any baby who slows down for an instant will get a thrashing! And don't you dare to start wetting yourselves till I give permission. I can see all of your baby knickers from here, and they're transparent when wet, so I will know if a single drop goes into your nappy. Miss Lightfoot will be feeling you regularly as well. 'Turn it on now, my dear,' she added to the maid, who immediately opened the tap, and the babies began sucking the sweet comforting liquid through their dummy teats. Nanny lifted the the bank manager's head up to one of the nipples of her feeding bra and pushed it into his eager mouth. 'Aaaaah! Ickle baby didums have a e on woverly thuck of mummy's tittie-tit,' she lass cooed, as the greedy baby began to squeeze the rubber nipple between his lips and lap the sweet oozing fresh milk- down his throat. Nanny rocked him gently back and forth. Miss Lightfoot walked along the row of babies to make sure that their each mouths were working away nicely. The Lollipops Nursery was filled with the sound of squelchy baby sucking. A mere ten minutes or so had elapsed when the first signs of discomfort appeared. Some of the babies began to squirm in their little chairs, so that the sound of rustling baby petticoats was added to the sucking and slurping of little mouths on rubbery teats. Wendy Waterworks began to rock faster as he gulped and guzzled and pressed his nose against the warm pink tit. Gradually the squirming and rocking milk became more urgent. The maid peered closely at each of them, slapping the bare legs of any slackers until they speeded up their sucking. Baby Waterworks had drained the contents little of one breast, and was sucking desperately to get a mouthful, so Nanny pulled out the nipple, lifted him round to the other tit and pushed the new teat into his mouth.The sound of chairs sliding over the rubber carpet could be heard now. Baby bottoms began to bounce up and down on their little seats. With suspicious of the deceitful perverts, Miss Lightfoot put her hand down each of their baby knickers, to check that all the nappies were still bone dry. The babies began to emit helpless grunting noises with the increasing strain, tightening sphincters and clenching buttocks. 'Remember! Not a drop till I say so.' shouted Nanny, holding tightly on to Baby Waterworks with both arms while he thrashed about on her lap. Every baby face was a bright pink colour now, and legs were kicking frantically in the air. Keep it in, keep it in, do you hear! WE she barked above the cacophony of banging chairs, rustling plastic lined baby panties and dresses , grunts and sucking noises.The babies were quite beside themselves now. One after the other they tumbled off their little chairs and lay wriggling on the rubber floor , thrashing like maniacs. Miss Lightfoot feeling their nappies as best she could as they jiggled up and down. Miss Waterworks seemed to be having a fit. Still sucking on the huge tittie, his crimson baby face streaming with sweat, he was flinging himself about in a frenzy. Nanny Goodbody realised that these cretins would give themselves heart attacks rather than disobey her. All right!' she shouted above the din at last. 'At the count of ten you can do it! One... two... three..,' she drawled slowly, 'four... five... six...' It seemed to go on forever. 'Seven... eight... nine... wait for it... ten. Now wet yourselves, you disgusting ridiculous perverted little shits! A huge groan of relief filled the Nursery. Arms and legs were flung outwards and the frilly babies went utterly limp. Steaming hot piss gushed from little baby cocks and poured into thick fleecy nappies in seemingly endless torrents. Nanny could hear the bank manager's pissing quite clearly. Within seconds, he had completely drenched his nappy, and it was streaming into his plastic baby pants and frillies. Miss Lightfoot putting her ear close to one frilly crotch after another, heard their piss bubbling and frothing and pouring into warm pools inside tight elastic-legged knickers. The pissing went on and on, as the babies lolled back helplessly, giving out long-drawn out sighs of utterly blissful relief. Despite all the maid's earlier efforts to prevent any leakage, the growing pressure on plastic pants eventually proved too great, and the piss burst through leg-elastic leg openings slurped over frilly nylon pantie waistbands and flowed into steaming pools on the rubber floor. At last a peaceful silence fell on Lollipops Nursery Nanny Goodbody smiled with satisfaction, and for a few minutes allowed her precious babies to slither in their piss puddles, and wallow in the heavenly warm soggy wet nappy-feelings they loved so much. Mimi the baby sitter and her friend Did you get my text pictures of him ...I told you I was babysitting a sissy adult baby .He looks so silly in those pink frilly baby girl clothes but they suit him entirely because his dick is so tiny. Thats why his wife is gong out to meet another man.You can come with me next time I babysit him and see for your self.She will pay us both to look after him. Yes don't worry I will make sure I will find him in something babyish and frilly.I will make him look so cute in those pink baby clothes tonight especially if you are coming back with your new boyfriend.I'm sure your baby husband won't mind.Will you be introducing your boyfriend to your husband ....I mean baby girl? , really oh my god how exciting I bet he will wet his nappy when he sees how tall he is. My friend is coming over to help ,she cant wait to see your baby girl she finds it quite disturbing but intriguing as I do and what you are paying is more than double what I normally get paid. "Oh my god you mean to say he likes being a sissy cuckold and is happy to be spanked across your boyfriends lap .... thats so funny ,does it turn him on ?.Very weird but then he is a bit of a wimp so I can understand why you need a real man.I hope you dont mind me saying this but his penis...its well sooo tiny even when erect it looks like a toddlers ,its so thin and puny and must be under 3 inches.Why is it so small... I thought the average size was around 6 inches for a man" ? Wife's freshly worn and cum stained panties Yes I'm going out again to meet him.We are going for a few drinks then I'm going to drag him back here so he can fuck my brains out.If you are a good baby you can watch.Mimi will be here in a minute ,she will find you something pretty and babyish to wear for bed because I have told her he's dying to see what you look like...so far he's only seen the photos of you in your baby clothes. "You are pathetic I dont have time to change your wet nappy now so Mimi will change you later tonight.I expect she will be happy to change you in front of my lover ,she quite likes teasing and making you blush" "Thanks Mimi for babysitting my husband tonight.We won't be too long just a few drinks and oh yes he will be stopping the night so you can put my baby husband in the cot in my room.Yes I'm very excited I have not been with another man since me and my baby girl hubby got married .I know I'm in for a good night, his body is amazing .He text me some naked pics of him earlier and er.. lets just say he's much more bigger ...more than twice my hubbies size if you know what I mean" . "Any more trouble and I shall ask him to put you across his knee...oh well okay then looks like you want him to give you a spanking, shall I ask Mimi to come and watch? Yes she will take plenty of photos and send them to her friends". susansilkpanties dressed for bed by Mimi just before his wife returns with her new lover Mimi would you and your friend like to change his nappy for me ..oh thank you yes I don't mind if you take some pics of him but not of his face I dont want too many people knowing I'm married to a pathetic babydicked sissy adult baby its embarrassing enough as it is. Such pretty frilly baby knickers Mimi chose for you to wear .She's just popped home to bring on of her matching short baby-doll nightie for you to wear. That baby dick is so tiny hun you can't blame your wife for seeing other men .I'm sorry but I would have to cheat on you if I was married to a sissy adult baby especially one with a baby size dick."I have brought one of my pink baby-doll nighties for you to wear ,you will look so cute in it baby girl"
  9. Hello everyone, This is the first chapter of my latest story. This is currently being published chapter by chapter on my Patreon and will be available in its entirety later this year. You can find the latest chapters at patreon.com/alex_bridges. All characters are 18+ Chapter 1 It’s not like I did it on purpose. I’m not sorry, but it’s not like I did it on purpose. I babysit three times a week on average, more like five times in the summer. I want to pay for as much of college as I can in cash, and childcare pays better than retail or waiting tables. Especially now that schools keep opening and closing, parents are desperate for a night away. For me, an opportunity to make more money, which I need. I’m not going to risk my reputation as the best sitter in town just because of a little mix up. “Hi, Mrs. Rooney,” I said when she opened the door. “Hi, Sally. Come on in. Thanks for coming over on short notice.” I followed her into her kitchen; the Rooneys always have good stuff in the fridge. I didn’t get where I am as a sitter by abusing fridge privileges, but I don’t pass up the benefit either. She was dressed to the nines. I never asked, but it always seemed like she and Mr. Rooney must be going someplace expensive. Just based on their house alone, they must be one of the richer families I sit for. They’re not wealthy, but they got the upper-middle-class thing down pat. Literally the only people I know whose entryway it an actual room. “Always happy to when I can,” I replied, “I like Jamie and Jackie.” Well behaved kids, easy to get along with. “O, they’re both at friends’ houses tonight. It’ll just be you and Gordy tonight. Is that okay?” Like I couldn’t tell this ‘misunderstanding’ was totally on purpose. She had this guilty, pleading look on her face, but that was so beside the point. “Gordon? Really?” I knew Gordon. More specifically, I’ve known him since kindergarten, which would make fourteen years we’ve known each other. We graduated a little over year ago in the same class; we were even in the same twelfth grade homeroom, and now we’re both sophomores townies at the same college. I’ve sat for the Rooneys more than a few times, and Gordon was, obviously, never one of my charges. I just figured that was because he was the same age as me. Come to think of it, he was never even home when I sat for the kids because if he was, why would they need me to watch the kids? “I wouldn’t ask. Normally he spends the night at my sister’s or a friend’s house when you’re over, but he can’t tonight.” Like, but he’s … “But why does he need a sitter? He’s twenty. He’s, like, a month older than me, right?” And I’m also twenty. “Yes, but I don’t like leaving him alone if it can be helped.” “O … kay. So we’ll just watch a movie, I guess.” Get paid a hundred bucks to watch a movie with one of my peers? Weird, but fine by me. We’re not friends exactly, but we’re friendly. We were sorta friends when we were younger, but less so once we got to middle school. Gordon’s not exactly Mister Popular. Everyone’s nice to him, though, and he seems nice enough too. Just … different crowds. “Not exactly. I can explain fast, but we’re running late.” “That’s fine. I’ll stay.” “O, thank you. We just really need a night out, and since he got in trouble on campus today, he’s not allowed to go to his friend’s house and my sister already had plans and …” Didn’t really need her life story. “Whatever. It’s fine. Just tell me what’s up,” I said with a dab of false cheer to cover my WTF. She’s running late; I’m getting paid whether she tells me all this other stuff or not, so hey, let’s skip to the part I need to know, right? “Gordy,” Mrs. Rooney said, “come sit at the table with us. I want you to hear all of this so you can’t say you didn’t know later.” I followed her eyes, and color me surprised to see Gordon – Gordy at home, apparently; he always hated being called that in school – standing in the corner in his pajamas at six o’clock. I know the difference between lazy around-the-house-clothes and jammies, and those were definitely jammies. He shuffled over blushing all the way to his ears as he kept his eyes pointed at the floor. We all took a seat at the table. I couldn’t tell if he as about to cry, tantrum, or both, and I wouldn’t blame him if he did. If I were him, I’d probably have broken something and peeled out of the driveway while flipping the bird. I mean, we’re not kids. We’re not even teenagers. We’re way too old for a babysitter by about eight years. “First off,” Mrs. Rooney said, “do you know about Gordy’s issue?” “His diapers? Yeah.” Like he could keep that a secret for since literally the entire time I’d known him. No one made fun of him for it, not in a long time. Kindergarten and maybe first grade a little, but even in kindergarten it quickly became normal: our class had a kid in diapers. An adult in diapers now. And he’s not on the spectrum or delayed or anything. I don’t know what the issue is cuz it’s none of my business, but he’s always been in diapers, at least so far as I know. You’d have to be dense to have not figured it out within the first week of kindergarten. And if even if you were dense, when we got to middle school and had to change for gym, I think they let him change in a private stall or something, but you could totally hear him crinkling through those shorts. And no one teased him. Gordon wears diapers, always has; he went to the nurse a couple times a day, and we all knew why. If anything, people in school were kind of protective of him even though he didn’t need it. I even heard a rumor that when a new kid asked about it in tenth grade, the biggest bully in our class hauled off and punched him just to make it perfectly clear no one bullies Gordon. “You’ll need to check and change him tonight.” Just when I thought Gordon – well, when in Rome – Gordy couldn’t bow his head any lower. “Uh, he doesn’t do that himself? Or can’t he?” You don’t get to be the most sought-after babysitter in town by being squeamish about changing diapers, but one fact I do know: toddlers make bigger messes than newborns, and twenty-year-old Gordy has about a hundred and five pounds on the average two-year-old. Though come to think of it, I didn’t know if Gordy needed diapers for that or just for wetting accidents. In the brief second I had to consider that, it occurred to me even a toddler who still has wetting accidents is usually in a pull-up, not a full blown diaper. Our school’s gym shorts covered everything, but there was no mistaking Gordy’s underpants for a pull-up. He wears diapers. “Gordy got a diaper rash last week. If he wants the privilege of changing his own diapers, he needs to be responsible about it, which means no rashes. I’m sorry to even ask you to change him, but I like to be very consistent with the rules, and the rule is if he gets a diaper rash, no changing his own diapers for a month.” Not surprised exactly. She’s one of the stricter parents I sat for. So yeah, she’s his stepmom, but she’s not really an evil stepmom. She’s just a stickler for rules. I was afraid to ask this and very sorry to have to ask it in front of Gordy, poor little guy, but I had to. “Um, does he … both ways?” I guess I could’ve asked him, but he seemed like he’d rather have a hole swallow him than answer any questions. “He doesn’t usually have a dirty diaper in the evening.” “Still …” “Two hundred for the night,” Mrs. Rooney said before I could finish the sentence we both knew I was in the middle of saying. “Two-fifty.” Hey, I’m not one to miss an opportunity. Do you know what books cost for just one semester? “Done.” “Sorry,” I said under my breath to Gordy. I felt bad enough for him that she was making him have a sitter, but how much worse for him to hear what it costs to get someone to look after him, which he doesn’t want anyway, and pretty obvious why anyone would want extra to sit for him. So yes, I felt bad for him, but it’s just … the ‘usually’ in ‘doesn’t usually have a dirty diaper in the evening’ sorta stands out like sore thumb in that sentence, right? It would if you were me, and I am me. “And another thing,” Mrs. Rooney said. “Mommmm,” he whined. A little spark of rebellion flashed in his eyes. I didn’t know about what, but that’s what you expect from someone his age. I guess I understand if life’s circumstances made him a little more likely to give in than lash out even when any of the boys we graduated with most of the girls would’ve told their stepmom where to go by now. “Gordon, last warning.” I looked from her to him, and that little spark turned into a little water, and he looked back down at the table. “As I was saying, Gordon got in trouble on campus today and is grounded, so he’s not spending the night at a friend’s like he normally does. Why don’t you tell the story, Gordy, since you think you’re old enough to say anything you want?” Did I say ‘stepmom’, cuz I meant ‘bitch.’ And Mrs. Rooney is not normally a bitch, so that got me more than a little curious what exactly he’d done to piss her off so mightily. On top of which, it’s not exactly easy to get in trouble on campus. I mean, we’re adults. You can do some seriously stupid stuff on campus without getting in trouble. He sighed and answered, “I called called someone … a name.” “The ‘C’ word,” his stepmom clarified. Or should I say his very reasonable, no more pissed off than she had a right to be (but could still be a whole lot more chill and even more thoughtful) stepmom clarified. “Gordy actually called a woman the ‘C’ word.” “But she …” Gordy tried to defend his actions. “I know what she said, and you had every right to be angry with her, but that is not how you talk to or about women. You know that, and losing your temper is not an excuse for using a slur.” She turned back to me. “I already washed his mouth out, but that language also earned him a bedtime spanking.” “A sp … O … kay.” Of all the ways my day could’ve gone, didn’t see this one coming. Like, at all. I personally never got why some parents get so bent out of shape about bad words (how bad can they be when you can turn on network TV and hear most of them?), and I didn’t really get why she cared given that – did I mention it six times already? – Gordy is twenty years old. On the other hand … now I understood why Mrs. Rooney was taking it so seriously. It’s not that big a deal if you think of the ‘C’ word as a swear, but if you think of it as a slur, yeah, much bigger deal. I guess it depends on how you use it, cuz I could see how it could be a slur, but I’ve always thought of it more as a swear. Not that my opinion meant anything in the circumstances. I’m the babysitter – I literally just work here. “I’m too old,” Gordy interjected probably (more like definitely) more loudly than someone in his position should’ve. I mean, I agree with him, but he still should’ve just kept quiet. There’s standing up for yourself, and then there’s digging the hole deeper. If she had already washed his mouth out (ick!), not let him go out with friends, and hired a sitter for him, I couldn’t imagine any argument, not matter how obviously valid, changing her mind. Mrs. Rooney is a fit woman; I’ve seen her play a heckuva game of tennis at the club, so not a surprise she could be on her feet and have her stepson by the ear so damn fast. Gordy’s not the first kid I’ve gone to babysit and found standing in a timeout; or the first kid I’ve gone to sit and seen spank-marched to the nearest corner for corner time; or even the first kid I’ve sat for who earned a spanking on my watch. But he was the first kid I’ve sat for who wasn’t, ya know, an actual kid. He may have crinkled all the way to the corner; he may have eeped a little when she tugged his ear; he may have tried to get out of the way of her hand as she delivered those underhand spanks; and he may even be kinda cute in a boyish kind of way, but definitely an adult. One whose birthday actually comes before mine. Diapered or not, adult. “Not another word,” Mrs. Rooney warned him, “or I’ll take your pants down right here. You just stand there and listen.” And damn did she mean it, even in evening wear. That tone? Enough to make me almost jump out of my chair to find my own corner and listen. “Are we ready, honey,” Mr. Rooney asked as he appeared from somewhere. Not that I wanna be that babysitter, but Mr. Rooney can take me anywhere so long as he’s wearing his tux. Shawl collar? Makes him seem even taller. No mistaking him for your waiter. And who even goes places that are black tie? “Just a minute,” Mrs. Rooney replied and picked up the pace; they probably had a reservation at one of those places you have to reserve six months ahead of time. Anyway, she continued quickly with, “He takes a bath on Fridays, not a shower. When he gets out of the bath, please give him his spanking. His diaper comes down, and he goes over your knee. He knows where to the hairbrush is. Then it’s straight to bed. Lights out at 9:30. That means no dawdling in the tub, Gordy. Out at 9:15. Understood?” He either understood or he didn’t want to risk saying anything he had every right to say but shouldn’t unless he wanted two spankings in one day. “Any questions,” she asked me. “So … on his … bare?” “Have you ever given a spanking before?” “Yeah … Well, a swat on their reset button,” I said, oddly embarrassed. I mean, most parents don’t even spank anymore, let alone allow – let alone ask! – a sitter to do it. I’ve tapped a tantruming toddler on the bottom before, but that’s not even a spanking. “Are you okay doing it? I wouldn’t ask, but the rule is a bedtime spanking. It’s best for them to get their consequence as soon as possible, and Gordy really needs the structure.” I guess that was all Gordy could take. “But she can’t! She’s the same age as me!” There was silence as Mrs. Rooney turned and looked at him like he was out of his mind. I thought he was in his exact right mind, but if I had to live with her, always strict like she is and and just then downright exuding this weird kind of determined, calm-but-pissed-off vibe she was giving off, I think I’d have kept my mouth shut. I think he realized that too cuz he didn’t say anything else or turn around. So that was two outbursts (justified if unwise) since I’d gotten there plus calling someone the ‘C’ word all in one day. Talk about your verbal incontinence. I don’t feel very strongly about spanking one way or the other. It didn’t do me any harm – though the last one I got was in third or fourth grade, and it was pretty rare before then too – but I’m not one of those crazy people who thinks you can’t possibly raise godly tomatoes (or whatever asinine phrase the bible bunch uses) without it. Still, I was the babysitter. It’s kind of my critical to my job to not let “you’re just the babysitter so you can’t XYZ” slide. On the one hand, pick your battles. On yet another hand, some battles you gotta fight. So I got up and connected that hand hard with Gordy’s butt. “I’m the babysitter. I’m in charge. And if your stepmom says you’re getting a spanking, you’re getting a spanking.” Two bonuses to stepping up like I did. First, and this wasn’t the main thing but was intentional, Mrs. Rooney smiled thinly and stood up, not to follow up on her threat to spank Gordy but to leave. Good riddance. Who needs those vibes around? Second, unintentional bonus: holy crap did I feel more powerful than I ever have in my life. And turned on. My promise ring didn’t make the journey from youth group to my mom’s car, but never I felt the way I did right then without a D or a D-cell battery before. Downside? Gordy finally lost it and started sniffling. I know the two spanks I landed didn’t actually hurt through his diaper, but I’m sure he was feeling about two inches tall having his college classmate spank him on his diaper while telling him she could and would give him a real spanking later that same night. I hated that I made him feel that way, even if I was just his stepmom’s instrument in this case. But also, and I feel guilty for saying this, it kinda added to the whole arousal hearing him sniffle. So … there’s a thing I learned about myself that night. Mrs. Rooney said to me, “I think you’ll do fine, but if you have any questions, Gordy will answer them. Not his first trip over a knee.” “Another fifty.” Did I say that? Good for me! “That’s fair. Edward,” she called out to wherever Mr. Rooney had gone, “ready when you are.” To me she said, “Thank you again and sorry for all the fuss. I didn’t want to call just anyone over. I trust you. He may not want you here, but I told him you’d keep everything between us, won’t you?” “Of course.” Also, ‘may not?’ Try resented the hell out of it, understandably so. And I resented the hell out of her asking me to sit and springing this on me. “We’ll be home very late.” “I know. I’ll probably be asleep on the couch when you get home.” I stood against the doorframe and watched Mr. Rooney count out three hundred dollars and put it next to the pizza money. I told them to have fun. She called me a godsend and barely avoided the door hitting her on the butt on the way out. To my right, Gordy in the corner, no longer sniffling but still staring at the wall on his naughty spot. To my left, three hundred dollars on the counter just for spanking and diapering a grown man. If I’d only known about this cottage industry sooner! Heck, I’d have paid off my car by now. Go to patreon.com/alex_bridges to continue reading
  10. One night Jacob heard about this girl at school named Stacey was having a slumber Party with some hot girls. He had to see what they were doing. He walked up to the house then climbed up a tree to see a good view. He saw so many hot girls. Then all of a sudden the tree branched snapped then he fell to the ground. He became unconscious and blanked out. Jacob then woke up inside a house and saw every girl staring at him. Stacey then was in front of him and said "so look what we have here girls this little twerp was spying on us. I think we can actually have some fun with him, grab him". The girls then all held him down onto the floor. " Wait Please don't hurt me I just wanted to see what you guys were up to and I umm think your all really cute". All the girls were blushing. Then Stacey said " awee thanks well lucky for you I think I have something else we can do with you". Stacey then whispered to the girls and they all giggled and nodded. "Well Jacob we think your very adorable and we would love to play take care of the baby with you" Stacey then held a diaper in front of him. "We got this to so you don't have any accidents" Jacob then cried " no please I don't wanna be babied" Stacey then giggled "too bad it's my slumber Party and we will do what we want. Alright girls get him to the bed so we can change this wittle boy into a fresh diaper". All the girls then carried him to the bed and held him down. They all then stripped him of his clothes leaving him fully naked "Awee look at his little willy it's so small alright baby, time to lift up for mommy". Stacey giggled "No please anything but this" Jacob tried to struggle but the girls held him down tight. Two of the girls lifted his legs in the air then Stacey then slid a diaper underneath him then powdered his bum and wee wee. Then taped everything up. "Awee doesn't he look so adorable" Jacob was blushing so much from embarrassment. "Time to feed the baby who wants to go first?". Stacey announced. One girl said " Oh I do I do" Stacey then chuckled " go right ahead". The girl then undid her shirt and bra. " Ok Baby drink up". The girl then stuck her boob in Jacob's mouth and made him suck it. "Ouch he bit me" the girl yelled out. " Alright Girls I think this baby needs to be taught a lesson". They all grabbed him then set him over the girls lap then pulled his diaper down. The girl then started to spank him really hard. " Ouch Please no I'm sorry" Jacob yelled out. She gave him 10 big spanks. Jacob teared alot from the pain. " Now You be a good boy from now on u understand" Jacob nodded. "Alright I think this baby needs some food food". The girls brought in a highchair then set him in it and then brought out some baby food. " Now Open wide for mommy " Stacey giggled. Jacob tried to resist the yucky baby food but the girls just plugged his nose so he had to eat it. "Someone get his bottle". The girls then took him out then put him in this baby bouncer that he fit in perfectly. Jacob couldn't believe he was under the girls control now and dressed up like a baby. He only hoped nothing could get any worse. Stacey said "gosh I can't believe our little baby hasn't gone poopy in his diaper yet". One of the girls say "I really want to see him poop himself like the baby he is". Stacy then had a evil grin on her face of a great idea and whispered it to the girls and then they all chuckled at the idea. We then see Jacob held on the floor unable to move from all the girls holding him down. Stacey smiles and says "I think our baby has been good enough to earn a reward". Stacey then untapes Jacob's diaper and then we see Stacey start too pull down her pants and undies. Exposing her naked pussy and butt to Jacob. Jacob starts to get a hard on. Stacey giggles then moves closer and closer get her nice shaved pussy up against Jacob's ragging horny dick. "I see my baby boy a little excited, does my boy want a big surprise". Jacob then nods his head wanting it so so bad. Stacey then says "alright baby boy if you really want the surprise that bad il give it to you". Jacob then smiles until he sees Stacey make a weird smile on her face and then a big loud fart. Then feels something warm and sticky fall in between his legs. Jacob was shocked Stacey just made a huge massive poop in his diaper and he tried to wiggle out of his torment. Stacey laughed and said "daww does the baby not like his surprise I made him". One of the girls laughed and said "gosh Stacey I really have to poop bad can I go next". Jacob not wanting another stinky load from another girl was trying to wiggle out of this himulating and gross situation. Stacey then nods and the girl then makes a nice big stinky fart then let's loose a nice load into the diaper. We then see the girls tape up Jacob's diaper. Then they get him his hands and knees and forces him to lift his butt up in air. "I think somebody needs a spanking for pooping his nappy" Stacey laughed with a paddle in her hand. We see Stacey then swing the paddle nice and hard against his butt and Jacob could feel all that mess spread against his butt cheeks and all over. He couldn't believe this. Then all of a sudden his tummy was upset. He made lots of farts then ended up adding his own messy load to the diaper the girls used. All the girls laughed and took pics. Jacob could only try his best to hide his face but the damaged was already done.
  11. More work for the babysitter [Note: I'm trying out a few variations on the reluctant regression/forced diapers theme. Feedback welcome] Chapter 1: I’m not a baby I had just turned 11, but my mom had insisted on having her friend Molly babysit. Considering the current restrictions, and her being furloughed from her hospital nurse job, I suspect she was just trying to give her friend some extra cash, without her friend feeling bad. My big secret was that I still wet the bed sometimes, and haven’t ever been dry. I wasn’t potty trained until after Kindergarten, and still wore diapers to school for the whole of Kindergarten. After that, I wore pull-ups to school until third grade. It was quite a chilly night, so after dinner, and my shower, my mother wanted me in my night diaper before she left to visit her friend for a few hours. Even during these restrictive times, My mom still visits because her friend can’t go out, due to her health issues. Laying down, watching TV before mom left, she had made milkshakes before Molly arrived to babysit. It was only 7pm, so I’m allowed a small drink, although I avoid drinking much during or after dinner. I thought it was strange my mom used the large glasses for all 3 milkshakes, especially mine. I’m slightly over 4 feet tall, so quite petite, and at my last checkup with the school nurse, and again with the pediatrician, they commented how I’m not really growing like other kids. They even suggested that I get daily injections to help my ‘development’ which I refused, as shots scare me too much. Molly’s arrival: I hadn’t seen Molly for a few months, and she had a late birthday gift. It was a smartwatch with a bunch of functions. I had a feeling it was so my mom could keep tabs on me, and track my every move, but pretended to be happy and thanked her for the gift. A few months ago, my mom gave me a book on health and how a girls body developed. I was so embarrassed as I knew my body developed slower than other girls my age. After the usual greetings, and Molly putting her bags down, she came over to the couch and sat down next to me. Molly seemed to like the milkshake. “Have you been a good little girl for your mom?” She asked, and I nodded. “Kelly has been behaving herself. I think she prefers online class. Her classrooms sometimes get too noisy for her to concentrate. They don’t clean her school enough, especially the bathroom” Mom explained. I really don’t like when mom talks about my bathroom routine. I kept drinking my milkshake. “How did you get the flavor in the milkshake?” Molly asked my mom. “A friend in the restaurant business gave me some of their chocolate syrup. Even Kelly likes it, and she’s fussy with her milkshakes” Mom replied with a smirk. One thing about my mom, is that she thinks I don’t eat and drink enough. When I was little, she’d spoon feed me like a toddler, if I wasn’t hungry. Enough. This also felt really embarrassing. I guess my mom is an expert at embarrassing me. Mom prepared second milkshake for Molly and I, but this time my glass was smaller. This one also tasted different than my other milkshake, but I couldn’t figure out why. My diaper was still dry, and I really wanted to keep it that way. Diaper check: I went to the bathroom and relieved myself, wiped carefully, and taped my diaper back on. As soon as I sat back down on the couch, I knew what mom was thinking. “Kelly, lay down so I can make sure your diaper is securely taped on. You don’t want it to leak, do you?” My mom asked, although not expecting an answer. I laid down, and mom checked my tabs and shook her head. Molly looked on. “The tabs are too loose, and are you sure you didn’t wet it? Lets get you into a fresh diaper.” Mom announced, as I turned red from the embarrassment. “I have a surprise for you. I grabbed a pack of the maximum overnight diapers in extra small from a medical supply store. They are a lot thinker than pampers, and don’t leak nearly as often. Allow me” Molly responded, and with the nod from mom, pulled off my diaper, wiped my little girl parts, and pulled out one of the new diapers. “She still doesn’t show much development down there. I’m guessing her bladder capacity hasn’t improved much.” Molly stated, much to my extreme embarrassment. I don’t like my mom diapering me, and especially don’t like it when others diaper me. “We’ve discussed with the doctor, about doing more tests to see why she isn’t developing normally, and her bladder function, but she doesn’t want the doctors to examine her girl parts.” Mom replied, as Molly taped on the thicker diaper. Nightmare Begins: As Molly and my mom caught up on a bunch of things, I started to feel sleepy, and went to my room and got into bed. I didn’t tell mom but Molly’s next comment caused me to do the very thing I was dreading. “Kelly, If you have to wet your night diaper, I’ll change you and make you comfy again. Don’t be embarrassed, I’ve changed lots of diapers with kids your age. I’m a nurse, remember. It’s not much work to change you” Molly said, which seemed like it made my bladder released on reflex. My mom made sure I was tucked in, and went out to visit her friend. I dozed off to sleep, but had a nightmare I was class, and the teacher wouldn’t let any of us use the bathroom, and me being the only one wearing a diaper. The teacher praised me in front of the class, for pooping my diaper earlier. After waking up crying, and calling for my mommy, Molly came in and held me for a few minutes, without saying much. “Don’t worry Kelly, If you wet and messed your diaper, then I’ll change you. That’s what I’m here for. You’re not in trouble. You’re a good girl” she said, softly. I guessed she noticed the smell of a messy diaper, but she didn’t seem that surprised. A wet diaper would be more common, but a messy one. Molly found my changing supplies, but before she did, she poked something in my ear, possibly a digital thermometer. The changing pad, gloves and wipes. “Good little girl, just relax and you’ll be all comfy again!” Molly said as she removed my diaper, and got to work cleaning my girl parts. I was still upset and embarrassed. I rolled over, and she cleaned my bottom, then she rolled me on my back, and pushed on my legs so that I open my legs extra wide. Mom didn’t usually make me keep my legs spread wide like that. Was it a nurse thing? “Do you clean yourself properly? Girls need extra attention down there.” She asked, as I just nodded silently, while thinking of a response. “I clean myself lots, I not a baby!” I replied, trying not to cry too much. She rubbed some cream on me, then put another thick diaper under me, and taped it on tightly. I felt too embarrassed to face her, after my sudden messy diaper. My mom gets kind of annoyed when I mess my night diaper, instead of asking to go potty. I was asleep when this happened, I couldn’t help it. One thing I wondered as I settled down and felt sleepy again, was if mom put something in my drink, so I’d wet and mess my diaper so easily, and feel this sleepy. Why would she do that? Did she want me to stay her little girl.
  12. So this is very different for me. Inspired by a writer who does a lot of stories in which an adult child asks their parent to discipline them again, with an ABDL twist to this one. _____________________________ Chapter 1 “Can whatever you wanted to talk about wait until tomorrow, Abby? I just want to go shower and crash.” What a long day it had been. I packed up my dorm room, loaded my car, drove six hours, and unloaded everything on my own by the time my mom got home. I just wanted to clean myself up and sleep for three days. So did my mom, apparently, who’d been working her standard 12-hour nursing shift. “It’ll only take a few minutes, Mom,” I assured her. My mom and I have always been best friends. I think part of that comes with being the oldest, and the fact that dad split when I was ten, and my little brother and sister were just 2 and under 1 at the time, just made our situation more intense. My first year of college had been hard on both of us especially since I wasn’t close enough to come home on weekends, even long weekends. Still, the freedom had been liberating for me. You might say I had been a willful child, and while I did take on more responsibility than most kids, especially when it came to looking after my brother and sister, my mother had always been pretty strict. Or more specifically, she became a lot more strict after dad left. I think it had to do with her suddenly being a single mom and feeling like between school, work and raising three kids, she needed to be strict to stay sane and make sure everything that needed doing got done. As the oldest, and by a wide margin, I caught the brunt of it. Understand, though, that Mom is not a screamer or a hitter. I had friends whose parents were screamers, and it always made me sick to my stomach. It reminded me of my asshole dad. Even now I get a little upset when I hear a parent raise their voice or, god forbid, swear at their kid. Mom never yelled at us or swore at us. I never got so much as a pat on the butt, either. When I didn’t live up to mom’s expectations or broke a rule, it was loss of privileges and grounding. I’m embarrassed to say timeouts in the living room corner didn’t stop until I turned 16. I spent a lot of time grounded, at least a weekend a month and sometimes much more, and I think that was part of the dynamic of a single parent household, too. With all the extra responsibility I had, I resisted some, especially in middle school and my first couple years of high school. All the changes were hard enough, and then to layer in all I was expected to do, well, sometimes I just didn’t do it. A lot of times I only did it after putting up a fight. That was the other part of being close to Mom: I never could stop myself from getting into the pettiest fights with her, things I’d bicker with my friends about. Mom didn’t ask anything unreasonable, in retrospect, but you know how young teens are. I didn’t want to babysit, I didn’t want to do extra chores, and I didn’t want to work extra hard in school to, in my mom’s words, not end up like her, dependent on a man for her livelihood and then needing to start college as a freshman at the age of 33. And yet for all that, we were very close, especially my last two years of high school when I was only grounded once every two months (or so). I guess I felt somewhat protective of her, especially as I got over the worst of my preteen and teen years and realized what she’d done for me, how hard she’d worked to get us back into the middle class and make our home stable and normal. I had friends with both parents whose home lives were more volatile than mine. “Let’s talk in the kitchen,” Mom said. I followed her, and she sat down at the table, and I did the same. She looked at me funny, then leaned forward and kissed he on the forehead. I blushed. It felt good to be home. “I’m excited to be home for the whole summer,” I said. “Me, too,” she replied, “I missed your help.” “Sorry.” “Don’t ever be sorry for that. I’m proud of you!” I blushed again. “So what did you want to talk about,” she asked. “Well, you know that talk we had over the phone last week, about all the old rules still applying while I’m home this summer?” Mom’s face has a way of becoming friendly and stern at the same time. It always reminded me of a school counselor’s, and I was pretty acquainted with several of those growing up. “Abigail,” she said, never a good sign when she uses my full first name, “That’s non-negotiable.” “I know.” “I know you’ve been away for most of the past year, and I don’t want to step on your summer, but it’s for everyone’s sake and so the kids know no one ever outgrows the rules.” She’d told me all that over the phone. Those weren’t major rules. A curfew, texting to let her know where I was if I was gonna be late, completing the chore chart, generally doing what I was told, not being disrespectful. It wasn’t like we had a list or anything. “I know. I agree completely.” “Then what did you want to talk about,” Mom asked me. “It’s about grounding. I’m only home for a few months. I’m responsible for the kids. I don’t want to miss out on things, and I don’t think it’s practical for me to be grounded while I’m home or to lose my privileges. I mean, if I have the kids during the day, then a car and phone aren’t really privileges anymore.” Mom shrugged apologetically at me. “Well, rules have to be backed up by punishment. Sorry, Abby, but that’s just how they work.” “It’s not like I get in a lot of trouble these days anyway,” I defended myself. “It’s not like I’m going to be breaking rules left and right.” “I certainly hope not, but honey, let’s face it, you do have a tendency to get into trouble.” “Maybe years ago,” I defended myself. “Remember Christmas break? You coming home drunk as a skunk at 4am.” “I didn’t ... I didn’t have a curfew.” Though I knew that wasn’t her point. “It’s not like you grounded me then.” “I know, and I should have. If for no other reason than so you’re brother and sister would understand that’s not acceptable. Ryan told his friends; he thought it was hilarious. I ended up on the phone apologizing to Mrs. Davis because he told Thomas all about it.” “Oh. I didn’t know that part.” “So, yes,” Mom said, “if you break the rules, I will ground you, and I’m sorry if that means you miss out on seeing your friends sometimes when you’re home, but that should be more of an incentive.” So I tried and failed to get out of punishment altogether. I figured that would happen. I very nearly chickened out of what I said next, but summer was short, and I figured being grounded even once would mean missing out on something. Call it fear of missing out, but I just really missed a lot of my friends and thought about my summer and getting to see them as very important. I cleared my throat, and looking at the table, I slowly said, “I talked to Alison about how things worked when she was home from college.” Alison is my older cousin, her mother, Lisa, my mom’s older sister. “She told me that Aunt Lisa, ahem, still, uh, spanks her.” “At 25,” my mother asked in mild surprise. My mom’s view of discipline diverged with Lisa’s on the subject of corporal punishment. “Apparently, yeah,” I said. “Huh,” was all my mom said back. “So, I know you’ve never spanked me, but, uh, could you, um, maybe, do that instead of grounding me and taking things away, maybe?” I sounded kinda pathetic. I knew it. “Yes.” “What,” I said in not-so-mild surprise. I thought she’d have turned me down. I thought she’d call me crazy, get offended or all freaked out. I thought I’d have to reason with her. I thought the absurdity of my request may have even led her to change her mind and decide no punishment at all was okay (I was kinda hoping that). “But you’ve never spanked any of us!” “Because it’s wrong to hit kids. You’re an adult and just consented to it.” Mom sat back in her chair. “Believe me, it’s not like I never wanted to. Your last two years of high school especially.” I guess maybe she and I remembered my last years of high school a bit differently. I thought I had been a pretty good kid, but maybe I had been grading myself on the wrong curve. I was kinda-sorta in trouble a lot more than my friends. “I thought you’d say no.” “I will say no, if you really didn’t mean it.” “No … it’s better than grounding.” “Okay. And don’t think just because you asked you get to dictate the how, when, where, or why of it.” “Just so long as you don’t go all Robo-Mom on me.” “Same rules apply, and like always, I decide when you’ve broken one.” “I understand. Can you not tell Ryan and Emma?” My two younger siblings. “We can not tell them, but I think they’ll figure it out.” “And what will you tell them then?” “You,” she emphasized, “and I will explain that everyone has to follow rules, and that you asked to be held accountable this way. It might even be good for them. Ryan is on the cusp of that obnoxious pre-teen phase. Maybe thinking of how long it’s taken you to accept responsibility for yourself will knock him out of it a little sooner.” “You’ve never even given a spanking before.” “And hopefully I won’t ever have to,” Mom said, “But when I do, I’ll figure it out. I’m sure Lisa would be happy to show me. Hardly a conversation about you has ever passed between us but she told me to spank your bottom.” Mom looked up to her left as if recalling a memory and chuckled a little. I hadn’t thought of Aunt Lisa being involved in this. “Really, Abby, I’m kinda proud of you for asking. That really shows me that you’ve grown up a bit more since you went away.” “Thanks,” I blushed, thinking about what a silly compliment it was. I’m not sure which of us was more deranged. But seriously, I was an adult. How much trouble could I possibly get in? I was confident I could just behave, but glad that if for some reason things went awry, at least I wouldn’t miss out on the summer. “I need to go to bed,” I told her. “Make sure you put your Goodnite on.” I rolled my eyes like corkscrews. “I know, Mom. Been doing it since I was four, remember?” “I know ... sorry.”
  13. The idea is this: my character gets fed-up with his brother’s immaturity. When they’re left home alone for a while, he takes his chance and fills out an online form for a very strict babysitter and outlines many possible punishments/humiliating, babyish treatments for the “baby”. Unfortunately for him, he accidentally entered his own name in place of his brother’s, and now he’s trapped with a strict male babysitter who won’t take “no” for an answer.
  14. Bill was waiting for his latest “victim” to get up. He’d started babysitting a younger kid who still peed the bed like a baby a while back; unbeknownst to the kid’s parents, it was his fault that this happened. He pulled the usual hand-in-bowl-of-warm-water trick more times than he could count, and the little moron always slept right through it. His parents were too naive to suspect the babysitter was the one behind it, and the kid had a history of bed wetting anyway, so he always got off it scot-free. Now he was home with the twerp, the parents were leaving him in charge for a solid month, and he couldn’t be happier. Bill could finally diaper him, like he’d been waiting to. He bought multiple packs of the most babyish-looking, thick diapers he could find, changing supplies, novelty-sized pacifiers, oversized baby clothes, a set of bars for the bed so it’d be more like a big crib, and even a pair of locking plastic panties so he could keep the brat lying in his own pee. Hell, he had a locking set of mittens, so the little shit couldn’t try taking off the panties, either. He could only imagine how amazing that would feel, to lock him up and force him to use the diapers. To have the little bastard crying and begging for mercy. Bill arrived with all of those things, and a plan in mind, but made a fatal error. He fell asleep by the twerp’s bed, his own hand in the warm water bowl, all the supplies spread around him, and wound up pissing himself in the process.
  15. Would like to do a roleplay where a mother still dresses up their kid in childish clothing. She calls for a babysitter for their kid because she doesn't trust him/her alone anymore while the parent is starting a new job. That babysitter turns out to be the kids friend. So when they see that there mom still dresses them like the kid is still a child.
  16. This is an open rp for one to two more people. Must type whole sentences and more than one sentence for most replies. Alyssa was showered and ready for bed well before the baby sitter got to her house at 5pm when her mommy was leaving. Alyssa didnt want the new babysitter (you choose her name) to know that at 9 years old she still needed diapers at night and her mother diapered her at that! Shes small for her age so she feels very strongly about trying to look like and act like a big girl and not like a toddler which she often looked like especially at night with her diaper and princess Sofia pajamas. Little did she know the new baby sitter and her husband were well aware of all this and looking forward to taking little baby alyssa away to start a new family!... Let's begin!
  17. I've been wanting to make an RP where an eighteen year old boy is babysat by a man who thinks he is a toddler because of his small size. If anyone is interested, please PM me.
  18. Liam White was a 25 year old man. He still lived with his parents due to low income, so he paid rent to his parents so he could have a house to live in. The downside of living with his parents was that he lived next door to his old highschool bully. He always treated him as if he were a little boy and teased him because he was the smallest in his class. He'd always call him Little Lili and the way he would treat him like a little boy, he'd always tickle his chin and pinch his cheeks, and all that type of stuff you'd do to cute little kids. He'd always humiliate him in front of their classmates. Even in front if his parents one time and they thought it was always cute the way he'd baby talk to him. Liam just couldn't stand him and now that they were neighbors he tried avoid him as much as possible.
  19. Before I begin i'm just gonna say this is my first time role playing. I hope I did it right.
  20. As mom got in the car she said, "be a good boy for your Aunt Sharon!" I was sad and had been crying at the thought of my mommy being away for a whole week. "We will have so much fun!", my aunt consoled. It was certainly not easy for a 5 year old boy to be in a strange place for a whole week. I continued to pout as mommy drove away. "Let's go in and get a snack," Sharon said as she carried my suitcase and put my mom's quilted, baby blue bag over her shoulder. I agreed and took her hand. I enjoyed the graham crackers and apple juice she gave me and I was getting more comfortable. After finishing, she turned on the TV and I sat in a beanbag chair and watched my favorite cartoons, bugs and daffy made me almost forget mommy had left. As I sat and watched I started needing to pee. I didn't know where the potty was and I didn't always make it on time even at home. Aunt Sharon asked me if I needed to potty right after my snack but I didn't need to go then. I kept watching TV. Roadrunner was on and he was my favorite. I waited to long and soon felt a warmness on my crotch and bottom. I kept watching TV. Aunt Sharon came to check on me. She soon noticed my pants were wet. "Uh oh, Dougie, looks like you tee-teed in your pants. Let's get you cleaned up." She led me by the hand around the corner into a bedroom. My suitcase and quilted bag were on the dresser. She went to a closet and took out a plastic mat. It crinkled as she spread it on the bed. She lifted me up and laid me on the
  21. At the End of Her Tether Part 1 Jill grimaced as she sorted out the weeks wash. Five pairs of John's jockey shorts had brown streaks in the back and they all needed soaking in Napisan. Six months into their marriage and she felt she was falling into the role of Mother, rather than wife. Grimly, she inverted each pair of underpants so the unpleasant soiling was on full display. "John?" She called. "Can you come down here, we need to talk." She heard footsteps on the landing above. "What is it, I'm busy!" The irritation in his voice goaded an angry reply. "I need to talk to you right now," Jill snapped back. Since he had lost his job, he had let himself go completely, blaming depression. Her sharp tone worked and moments later her husband entered the kitchen, still in his pajamas. He paled as she pointed at his dirty underwear, "This stops now!" She snapped. "You are 29 years old behaving like a 4 year old toddler!" John was frozen, mortified by shame as her tirade continued. "Your toileting habits are revolting. You never clean the bowl from poo that you leave spread over the sides, you piss over the seat and floor, you leave poo and pee stains in your knickers." John hung his head, the shame filling his eyes with tears. Exasperated, Jill threw her arms in the air. "Again! Now the tears start!" She relented and embraced him, hugging him to her bosom. "John?" She lifted his tear stained face to hers. "We will work through this together, and get you back on normal track, OK?" He nodded. She cupped his unshaven face in her hands. "I want my husband back," she said in a soft condescending tone. "I need you to give me a baby. At the moment, you are the baby of his household and we have to make you grown up again, don't we?" She continued to hold his face in her hands and John managed to nod with his eyes. She could smell his body odour now, evidence that he had not showered for at least two days. "I will be your mommy and you will be my little boy, OK?" John nodded. "And you will do what Mommy tells you, OK?" John nodded. "Say 'yes mommy,'" Jill prompted. "Yes Mommy," John whispered. Jill unbuttoned his pajama top, removing the garment completely. She pulled down his bottoms and was shocked as she touched a wet sticky patch. Jill silently fumed to herself, realizing her husband had been upstairs masturbating to material on the internet. Silently she pulled the soiled garment away as John stepped out of it. His underpants were yanked down and Jill almost gagged at the revolting sight resting in the seat. She held the offending article up to his eyes. "Now you know why Mommy has got to take control, don't you?" "Yes Mommy," he replied meekly. She was surprised at how compliant he had become now she was asserting herself. Here is was, completely naked and looking like a lost little boy. Jill pointed at a corner in the kitchen. "Go and stand there and wait while Mommy soaks your pooey underpants," she ordered. John shuffled over at watched her fill a bucket. Jill twirled a finger. "Now turn round and face the wall and John?" she deliberately paused until he looked up at her. "Put your thumb in your mouth please.." Startled, John looked awkward. "Please Jill.." "Mommy to you," She snapped. "And do what your told. Deflated, John slowly moved his right digit to his mouth and turned to face the wall. Part 2. John stood behind Jill as she filled the sink with warm water. Jill then placed a large plastic tub on the kitchen tiles and told John to stand inside. “Jill, I mean Mommy, I can wash myself, you know?” Jill grabbed his wrist and guided his thumb to his mouth. “That stays in until Mommy says, OK?” Defiantly, John pulled his thumb out. “No!” he barked. “You are treating me like a baby, it is humiliating!” This time Jill ignored the tears welling up in his eyes and pushed his thumb back into place. “You agreed that I was to take control, and that means to do what I say.” Again, he removed his thumb. “You can’t make me,” he spat stubbornly. Jill swung her right so fast that John saw nothing until her palm cracked against his jaw. He stumbled backwards, tripping over the plastic bowl and falling to the floor. Opening a drawer, Jill picked out her largest wooden spoon and reached down to painfully grip John’s ear. “Up,” she ordered. John, his face ashen with fear and pain, scrambled to his feet, yelping out load as she twisted his ear callously. She had known John now for a year and had never struck him before, but strangely she felt gratified by the act. She wielded the wooden spoon with a couple of hard swats on his buttocks and thighs, causing an agreeable painful scream from her injured husband. It wasn’t that he was smaller, or weaker than herself but she had suspected for a long time that he needed someone more powerful and assertive in his life. Jill pointed at the plastic bowl. “Shall we start again?” Defeated and trembling, John stepped into the bowl and allowed Jill to guide his thumb to its rightful abode. John flinched as she pushed the wooden spoon under his nose. “That stays in, and you stay silent, do you understand?” John nodded, his eyes showing fresh wetness. Jill returned to the sink and filled a small jug with warm water which she poured over John’s head. A squeeze of shampoo followed and she lathered his hair. “Now,” Jill said. “Treating you like a baby? I don’t think that is fair.” She wiped some soap away from his eyes. “You have been behaving like a baby with your revolting toilet habits and lazy slovenly lifestyle.” She poured fresh water over his head, rinsing the soap away. Next, she twisted a cloth flannel into a sharp point and started reaming out his ear canals. John painfully yelped as she twisted the cloth around his ear. “When I married you,” she continued. “I thought you were going to love and cherish me. Keep me and give me babies, but it has not been like that, has it?” John started to remove his thumb but Jill slapped his arm. “Keep it there,” she snapped. “I don’t want to hear what you have got to say. I have heard and seen enough now.” She rinsed the flannel and started in earnest on the other ear. “John, my dear baby-boy husband, you have betrayed me, lied to me and betrayed me.” Jill applied some soap to the cloth and vigorously started rubbing down his torso. “I suspected your manliness when you can’t stay hard in bed, when you make pathetic excuses not to make love to me. Meaning I was to stay childless while we where together. Arms up!” Obediently John complied while his wife washed his arm pits. More rinsing water followed. “But, every since we have known each other, you have consciously been leaving me hints and clues about what sort of relationship you wanted with me.” Jill applied the flannel to his groin, ignoring the painful jumps and groans. “What hurt me was the masturbating to your fantasy world on the internet. Emptying your seed into your underpants and jammies, knowing I was going to find the stains.” John gasped as she yanked back his foreskin and roughly scrubbed the soiled glands beneath. “Then came the soiled pants.. and now we are here. Mommy is taking control now.” Jill discarded the flannel into the sink, before rummaging around in the cupboard beneath, retrieving rubber gloves and an old floor cloth. John watched apprehensively as she pulled on the gloves. “Bend over now, Mommy has some heavy duty cleaning to do.” Part 3. Jill pulled his thumb out of his mouth as she toweled him dry. His penis responded to the handling by swelling and comically bobbing around in front. She tapped it with her fingers. “Rule number one,” she said sternly. “I don’t trust you. You must understand that, don’t you? You have lost my trust and it will take a lot to get it back. So, every rule from now on reflects the fact you are, in my eyes, no longer a man, you are a child, my child to care for and guide.” Jill pinched his chin and lifted his mortified eyes to hers. “So if you don’t like any of the other rules I am going to lay down in this house, you have only yourself to blame. I will not be trusting you with anything for a long time, got it?” Sheepishly, John nodded. Jill smiled and leant forward and kissed him on the lips. “Now John, my precious baby-boy husband, I am going to show you around your new home.” Her hand brushed against his erection. “Ahh,” she laughed, “I better tell you Rule number two, would you like to hear it?” John gasped as Jill gripped his penis firmly. “No more playing with yourself. Got it?” John nodded. “From now on,” Jill said. “I want to be responsible for your orgasm, OK? I may want your sperm inside me, or I would like to be involved every time you cum, OK?” John nodded again, a brightness showing in his eyes at last. Jill smiled and kissed him again. “Of course,” she grinned. “I won’t be trusting you. I will take steps to ensure your complete compliance.” She lightly slapped his bottom and held out her hand. John took it. “So this is your new kitchen.” Jill pointed at one of the fold up plastic chairs, normally reserved for an overspill of guests. “You will sit at the table only on that chair.” She pointed at the matching upholstered chairs. “Those are reserved for adults and I definitely don’t want any Poo stains on them.” Jill pointed at the fridge and cupboards. “Those are off-limits, only Mommy is allowed in them. I will prepare all my little boy meals from now on, and that means no snacking.” Jill smiled. “There is one exception. My little boy can help himself to water from the cold tap, OK?” Jill pulled John by the hand into the Living Room. She pointed at the TV. “Only Mommy can turn that on, and Mommy decides what you watch from now on.” John looked really dejected but held his peace. Jill waved at the sofa and chairs. “They are off-limits, now you can only lie on the carpet, is that clear?” John was lost for words. To goad him, Jill gripped his penis and rolled his foreskin back and forth. “Is that clear?” she repeated, feeling him growing in her hand. “Yes..” “Yes what?” “Yes Mommy,” he gasped. Jill pressed her lips against his and pushed a tongue into his mouth. He responded and they stayed embraced for many seconds. Jill whispered in his ear. Mommy wants to talk about what you have been masturbating to on the internet.” Jill felt her breasts firm up as she pushed herself against her husband’s naked body. “Mommy found the pictures of the dominant women who were punishing their men.” Jill felt John tense as she had hit a nerve. “Mommy likes the woman who was sitting on her husband’s face.” Jill pulled back and looked at John. “Did you cum to that picture?” John paled and buried his hands in his face. Jill pulled his hand. “I think you better lie down on the carpet,:” she ordered. John complied and watched his wife disrobe. Part 4 Jill had never been here before. They had been a strict conventional missionary position couple. She had always dreamed of oral sex. In her fantasy, John was so masterful as he pushed her backwards onto the mattress, reached under her skirt and ripped off her panties. He would then wench her knees apart, exposing her most secret parts to his lustful gaze. Next, she would feel his hot breath on her sex as he savored her aroma, before descending into her abyss. A fantasy, which regretfully faded as her married months past. It became evident that her husband was not going to take the much-desired masterful lead in the bedroom that she so fantasied about. She had then focused on conception with the objective of delivering a distracting bundle of joy. Stepping out of her panties, she saw a fresh glistening stain in the gusset, reflecting her own current ardor. Her eyes rose to meet John’s who was staring at her panties. “You want these?” She smiled, knowing the answer. “My baby-boy is such a pervert,” she teased. Jill inverted the panties and pushed the stain towards John’s lips. “Open up,” she laughed as John obliged. She stretched the material over her finger and inserted deep into his mouth. “Suck,” she ordered. After a few moments, she discarded the panties, stood astride John’s chest while presenting her bottom to his gaze and dropped to her knees. Edging her feet under his arms, she shuffled backwards until she felt his stubble on the sensitive skin of her inner buttocks. She looked over her shoulder. “John baby, Mommy wants you to make love to her bottom, like on that porn site you visited.” John tried not to look at her, he was suffering with a great deal of humiliation and shame. Jill smiled with delight at the terror in his eyes. “Oh yes you will,” she said. “Mommy will be cleaning your bottom from now on, so it is fair that you shall reciprocate somewhat, eh?” With two hands, she reached behind and gripped her buttocks, spreading them as wide as possible, before descending onto her husband’s face. A moment passed before she felt his tongue stroking her anus gently. Jill stroked her clitoris, reaching orgasm within five minutes. She pressed down firmly on John’s face, amused by his frantic struggles for air. His lonely penis in front of her dribbled copiously with pre-cum, such was his excitement. Jill climbed off and knelt beside him. “Does my baby-boy want to cum?” she asked, eyebrows raised. John nodded, a pleasing begging glow in his eyes. “If I Iet you cum, will you obey your mommy in everything that she tells you to do?” “Yes Mommy,” John croaked. “Without question?” “Without question,” John echoed. Jill smiled and swung a leg across John’s torso. “I want you to come inside me, but only when I tell you to cum, ok sweetheart?” John nodded. Jill reached between her thighs and guided John’s hard member to the gate of her pussy. “Remember,” she whispered. “Don’t cum till I tell you too, OK?” John was too delirious to hear to understand as she lowered herself onto his rock hard cock. Jill was filled with a burning glow from his erection, a heat she had never felt before. As she made contact with his pubic bone, his penis pushed hard against the door to her uterus and then pulsed and shuddered. Jill looked down at John’s tightly closed eyes as he emptied his semen into her. Frantic to keep the semen in her as long as possible, she pulled off and lay on her back next to John. “Baby?” She looked into his eyes. “You came too early and Mommy told you to wait?” “I’m sorry,” John whispered. “I couldn’t help it.” Jill tut-tutted and shook her head. “You are such a helpless creature. Such a little baby. Mommy is very disappointed with you.” Jill sat up and looked down at herself. She felt between her legs and presented her cum covered digit to John’s lips. Part 5 As Jill put her cloths on she smiled down at John. “Darling baby-boy, don’t look so worried. I am not cross with you. If you were a responsible adult, I might punish you in some way for weaknesses, but when you tell me “you can’t help it, then I have to realize and understand that you are completely helpless with absolutely no control whatsoever.” Terrified, John stared up at her, wondering where this was leading. Jill bent over and offered John her hand. “Come on, we have the rest of the house to tour, there are so many things that I need to show you, so many new rules for you to remember.” In the hallway, by the front door, Jill pointed at his golf clubs, waiting for his afternoon session later today. “I will move them into the garage, and next week we will sell them on EBay.” John trembled. “Mommy, you can’t..” Jill gripped his wrist and guided his thumb to his mouth. “Suck it Baby, “ she ordered. “I am getting tired of repeating myself. When you are an adult, you can play adult games, but we both know that stage is a long way off.” They moved off up the stairs and into the bedroom. Jill pointed at the wardrobe and the Crest of Drawers. “Darling baby-boy. Mommy chooses what you wear now so there is no need to rummage around there and get clothes out. Wait for Mommy to get clothes out and dress you.” Jill opened a drawer and pulled out a clean pair of jockeys. She held them out to John for him to step into. He meekly allowed her to pull them up into position. Next followed a matching white T-shirt. “There!” Jill exclaimed. “You are dressed for the house. I can now keep a beady eye on the state of your underwear, from both sides.” John removed his thumb from his mouth. “Mommy, I am not going to dirty my pants again, promise you,” he begged. Jill smiled and kissed him. “That is the truest thing you have said all day, well done my darling!” She patted the seat of his jockeys. “But of course, I don’t trust you, and I will be taking appropriate measures to ensure you don’t poop in your jockeys again.” Jill stuck a finger in her mouth and looked at him. “Ahh, that reminds me, have you had your morning poop yet?” Nervously, John shook his head. Jill smiled and held out her hand, pulling him out of the room. “Come then my little soldier, onward to the next room, your new bathroom!” Jill pointed at the toilet. “Baby-boy?” John looked up at her. “You only use that when supervised by Mommy, OK?” John looked confused. “When you need to pee or poop, you must find Mommy, tell her, and she will take you to the potty.” Jill said patiently. “This is so normal for toddler boys, I promise you,” she laughed at the shock on his face. Jill opened her hand and started counting on her fingers. “Bathroom rules, number one, you do not use the potty by yourself. Number two, you do not wipe your own bottom anymore, that is way beyond your current skill level anyway. Number three, You do not shower or take a bath without being supervised by Mommy.” Jill chewed on the end of her index finger. “That’s most of the rules anyway. I am sure I will think up new ones as we go along.” Jill gripped the waistband of his jockeys and yanked them down. Theatrically, she peered into the pants. “Good Boy!” she gushed. “Clever keeping clean for Mommy.” She lifted the toilet seat. “Face the cistern and sit,” she ordered. John baulked at this new humiliation and it earned him a slap on the bottom. He hastened to oblige and gingerly planted his splayed thighs on the cold porcelain. Jill checked that his penis was facing down. “Now my baby-boy can show Mommy what a clever boy he is by doing his Poo-poos and wee-wees in the potty.” She plugged in his electric shaver and ran it over his heavy stubble, firmly moving his head from one side to the other. When she was satisfied with the shave, a quick glance told her he had not done anything in the toilet. With feigned concern, she crouched down and stroked his forehead. “Is my Baby-Boy not well? Maybe he’s a little blocked up?” “It’s so hard to do it in front of you,” John whispered, red in the face. “Can’t I have some privacy?” Jill smiled. “Don’t be silly Baby-Boy, privacy is for adults and I respect that, but respect has to be earned, so does adulthood,” Jill stood and rummaged around in the cabinet. John watched in apprehension as she pulled a surgical glove on and squeezed a dollop of KY jelly onto her fingers. She pressed one hand against his neck. “Lean forward Sweetheart, Mommy is going to stimulate your insides.” She massaged the lubricant over and around his anus before firmly driving her second finger deep into his rectum. “Now I want you to show Mommy what a clever Baby-Boy you are by pushing her ‘bad’ finger out of your bottom. Can you do that for me please Darling?” Jill felt John pushing, trying to expel the foreign invader out and she pushed back, encouraging him to try harder. “Come on,” she urged. After a few more seconds, Jill withdraw her finger quickly, timing John’s bowel cramp to the second. Fascinated, she watched his movement snake out of his body and gather in the bowl below. “Keep pushing Sweetheart, get those nasty poos out of you.” As Jill changed out her surgical glove, she heard John blubbing into his chest. The humiliation was just too hard to handle for the poor boy, she thought. “Tell Mommy what’s wrong, Sweetheart?” Jill asked tenderly, stroking his neck. John wailed. “I don’t want to be a Baby-boy, I want to be a man, a husband!” Jill peeled off a few sheets of toilet paper. “We’ll talk about it after Mommy has cleaned your bottom, OK Darling?” John wiped his tear stained face and nodded. Part 6 Jill guided his thumb back into his mouth helped him back into his jockeys before leading him back into the bedroom. She helped John into slacks and Polo shirt and dangled the car keys in front of him. “Come for a drive with me,” she asked. “I want to pick up some things from work.” John groaned and stamped his foot. “I don’t want to,” he whined. “I get bored there and I don’t like that Marion woman, she always looks down her nose at me.” Jill laughed and tugged at his wrist. “Well, that’s too bad. Marion is my boss and she does not tolerate men very well. After your recent behavior, I can well understand why she should give you the impression that she does not like you.” John started dragging his heels and Jill turned on him savagely with a slap across the face. “Remember the wooden spoon?” John flinched as she waved a finger under his nose. "Make up your mind," Jill said. "The wooden spoon or the car. But in both cases, you will end up in the car, I promise you." Visibly deflated, John shrugged and allowed his wife to lead him to the car. She opened the back door. John rolled his eyes but seated himself in the rear. Jill leant across him, snapping the belt in place. "Be careful," she whispered in his ear. "You are treading on thin ice." The 15 minute journey to the Residential Home for the retired where Jill worked was silent, John apprehensive about his wife's mood. "Mommy," he said, placatory. Jill smiled at him in the rear view mirror. "Yes sweetheart?" "Why are we going to the Home?" "Mommy is going to collect a lot of stuff that Marion wants to throw out but might be useful to Mommy. You, my big strong baby boy are going to help Mommy carry it to the car." John appeared confused. "Stuff? What stuff," he asked. "Well darling, For many years, the Home has used only disposable diapers with residents who suffered from incontinence, and now Marion wants to clear an old store room containing cloth nappies, waterproof pants and other items. I told her I would take them off her hands." John silently absorbed what he'd heard. "Mommy," he asked quietly. "Why do you want diapers and waterproof pants?" Jill looked up at the mirror and smiled at his worried face. "Oh, I hate to see useful items like that go to waste. You never know when you will need them." "But Mommy.. " Jill interrupted him. "Don't worry Mommy with silly questions all the time, Baby. Do you need to use the potty?" John shook his head. Jill lead John through the Admin wing to Marion's office. She looked up from her desk and smiled at her vice principle. "How is the time off going?" Marion asked, completely ignoring John. "Thank you so much for covering for me, I am so sorry it was such short notice." Jill apologized. Marion waved it away. "Don't be silly," she laughed. "We all have domestic crises sometimes. You really did need to focus on yours completely. How's it going?" John cringed, well aware that Jill should have been at work today. Marion and Jill passed a knowing glance at John, whose face had turned a deep crimson. "It's going fine," Jill said. "A few teething problems, but nothing we can't sort out, is there John?" John, like a fish out of water, gulped but nothing came out of his mouth. Marion picked up a bunch of keys from her desk. "Let's go." The store room was in fact an old treatment room with basins and plumbing and already it was half empty with disassembled furniture stacked against one wall. However, what interested Marion and Jill were the metal shelves piled high with boxes marked in sizes. "I suppose you only want the large diapers and liners?" Marion asked. Jill nodded. "Yes, but keep some here. Throw out the other sizes I think." Marion nodded and gathered a large cardboard box which she deposited in John's arms. Marion took the lid off another box and showed Jill the contents. "There are rubber and plastic pants there and quite a few pins." Jill smiled and took the box, stacking it on top of the box John was already holding. Already Marion was holding another box. "Rubber sheeting, aprons, gloves, catheters, restraints, enema bag and syringe." She said, reading the contents list off the side of the box. Again, she added the box to John's growing pile. He was sweating and looking agitated. "Jill, Jill, I need to speak to you. Its urgent." he muttered. His wife ignored him but spoke to Marion with a grin. "I don't answer to that name any more." A quick glance at John enforced her intention to be known as only 'Mommy'. Marion laughed, picking up a bulky plastic bag and passing it to Jill. "I raided the stores: Creams, Lotions, Oils, Powder, safety razors, cotton buds. Rose hip syrup, Milk of Magnesia, Air fresheners, Diuretics and laxatives and of course, suppositories." Delighted, Jill embraced her friend and colleague. "Jill?", John's voice sounded strained from behind the pile of boxes this time but Jill continued to ignore him. Marion pointed at dark stain suddenly appearing on John's light grey slacks. “Seems you have a problem now Jill" Part 7 “I’m sorry Mommy,” John blubbed as Jill buckled him into the rear seat. She had made sure to arrange a rubber sheet beneath his wet trousers to protect the seat upholstery. Jill gave him a placatory smile. “You only have yourself to blame,” she said. “You know I don’t answer to anything but Mommy from you yet you insisted on calling out to me with the name you used to use when you were my big grown up husband. Now you have only yourself to blame. Behaving like a toddler in front of Mommy’s boss and colleagues!” John was miserable. Sitting in the car with damp trousers on, the urine was starting to burn on his thighs and he just wanted to get clean. When they got home, Jill took him into the kitchen and stripped off the trousers and jockeys, leaving him wearing only the Polo shirt. She pointed at ‘his chair’ and quickly made up a dish of poached eggs and toast which she fed him. After she had cleaned away the dishes, she sat opposite John and held his hand. “We have to talk,” she said. “I want you to be honest with me, OK?” John nodded. “Of course.” “Why did you wet your pants?” She asked. John appeared startled. “You were supposed to take me to the toilet? You wouldn’t answer and I was frightened?” Jill sighed. "But that does not answer the question, why did you wet your pants? You are a grown adult with a fully developed bladder. If you wanted, you could have put down those boxes and gone off to find a toilet?" John was silent, his lower lip trembled. "You are sending me a message, aren't you?" She asked softly. "The femdom sites, masturbating into your underpants, the poo stains, now the wetting? What next? Are you going to start wetting the bed?" Jill was surprised when John started sucking his thumb. "Mommy?" he lisped through his thumb. "I love you Mommy, I love you so much and I want to make you happy." "I love you too Baby-Boy, but how do you want to make me happy?" "I want to do everything you say. I want to be a good boy for you, Mommy." Jill squeezed his hand. Does that mean my Baby-Boy wants Mommy to take full control now? I mean," she emphasized. "Absolute full control?" John hesitated for just a short moment before echoing her words. "Absolute full control Mommy" Jill stared him down. "You know that means I will punish you if I am not happy?" she said. "Like that man on the website. Does that excite you knowing I am spanking you?" John nodded. Jill looked surprised. "I would make it hurt, you know? I would use a wooden spoon, or a paddle. Maybe I would buy a crop. I will make you cry?" John's eyes watered over. "I just want to make you happy Mommy." Jill leant over and kissed him then whispered in his ear. "Go upstairs and get in the bath. I will be up shortly." Jill's hand shot out and gripped his erect penis. "Remember the rules? No masturbating, no un-supervised use of the toilet?" John nodded and scurried away. Later that afternoon, John, wearing clean white underwear and freshly shaven, helped Jill move furniture around in the spare bedroom. Jill bagged up the entire bookshelf contents for donation to the Salvation Army and then stacked the shelves with the contents of the boxes, donated by the Residential Home. Together, they stripped the single divan bed and installed the fitted rubber sheet. "John," Jill asked. "You know who all these diapers are for, don't you?" John looked crestfallen. "I suppose they are for me," he acknowledged. Jill reached out and held his hand. "It does not have to be diapers, you know John? I would like to give you one last chance. We can still have the type of relationship that you crave without the diapers?" "How do you mean Mommy?" he asked. Jill hugged him. “Baby-Boy, I enjoy being in control in this relationship. And in some perverse way, I enjoy hurting you and humiliating you. But most of all I enjoy the power I have over you.” Jill dropped her eyes. “Yes,” she whispered in his ear. “I get so turned on and I am wet at the moment, just thinking of it.” Jill delivered a long and deep kiss to her husband, leaving them both breathless. “However, one must put head before heart sometimes and think with a bit of clarity. I still want a baby of my own but if you end up in diapers, it will be 24/7 and you will become my baby too.” She allowed her words to sink in for a few moments. “But that is what you will be; A big adult Baby. No work, no job, no peers. Absolutely no responsibility except to fill your diapers and sit in your stinking mess till grown up Mommy, or Babysitter comes to clean you up and feed you.” Jill tugged at his wrist. “Come with me.." Jill led him through the house to the utility room. She picked up the pail with his soaking soiled underwear and handed it to him. "Your new job, rinsing out your shitty pants.. but it could be, and would be your shitty diapers too." She watched him perform a half hearted effort and got angry, grabbing his ear and twisting it. He wailed out loud. "Do it properly Baby-Boy! Scrub the soiling out of the cloth,” she ordered. “This is your new life. When you become my baby, you will be doing this job everyday, probably while you are wearing poo filled nappies! You will stink constantly of shit, or piss, so with your washing. It is a smell that will follow you around all day Baby Boy. But no one, including me will be rushing around to cater for your comfort. “ “You will not have any friends left, they will all avoid you and treat you with derision. All adults will see you in your diapers, they will watch you being changed, having your poo wiped off your bottom. They will laugh at your penis which will be constantly hard, sending a clear message to all that this is how you get your sick kicks.” Jill released his ear and watched him tackle his dirty underwear with new vigour. "Consider carefully," she warned. "But if you really want that life Baby boy, then I will give it to you, but there will be no going back, you must understand that, don't you?" John nodded assent. Jill softened somewhat and kissed him. “I will take you down that road Darling, make no mistake on that, but I am in dread of what I might become. I am terrified of the devil that you might release in me?” “Mommy,” John looked up. “I don’t want to be in diapers, please don’t make me wear diapers?” Jill hugged him. “But you will still be Mommy’s baby boy, won’t you? John nodded, smiling with her. “Mommy’s baby boy with clean and dry under pants, won’t you?” The next morning, Jill stood at the front door and kissed her husband on his way to work. "Remember John," she warned. "Keep those pants clean or you know what will happen, don’t you?” Part 8 A week now past, John was settling into his new routine in the household. Upon letting himself in the front door after work, he disrobed down to his underwear and went to find his new ‘Mommy’ for his inspection. “I am upstairs in the Nursery Sweetheart,” Jill called. Nervously, he mounted the stairs to the spare bedroom. Jill had been working there since that fateful visit to the Home. Jill put down her paint brush. All the walls now were painted light baby boy blue. John stared in wonderment at the additions she had managed in just a few days. The rubber sheeted mattress had now been covered with sheet and a nursery train scene. The shelves were now full, if not of diapers and plastic pants, adult sized onsie’s and sleep suits. “What do you think of the nursery?” Jill asked. “I know I am not pregnant yet, but it is nice to be ready.” She said breezily. “But Mommy,” John whined. “ I told you I was not going to wear diapers!” Jill laughed and kissed him. “Of course you did, my brave boy,” Jill said. “And as long as you keep your under-pants clean, you won’t be wearing diapers, and you can carry on sleeping in the big bed with Mommy.” Jill waved a finger at his jockeys. John pulled the m down and handed them over. Jill turned the pants inside out and examined them closely. Her eyebrows rose as she fingered a stain on the front of the white pants. “Your pants are damp here, I think it is a urine stain,” Jill said, with a frown etched across her forehead. “Smells like pee,” she added. Jill pushed the underpants into John’s nose. “What do you think, Baby Boy?” John looked visibly shaken. “I must have dribbled,” he whined. “Please Mommy, don’t punish me?” Jill looked at him, suddenly realizing that he wanted to be punished. Almost certainly he deliberately pee’d into his pants. Jill pulled open a drawer and removed a paddle. “You are going to be spanked,” she said. Jill sat on the bed and patted her lap. “Lie across here!” John, with his lip quivering, lay across her lap, resting his forehead on the carpet. She brought the paddle down hard, bringing a scream of shock and pain from John. Again and again, she beat him, alternating the strokes between the buttocks and the thighs. Each strike brought a shout of anguish, and soon there were real tears flowing down his cheeks as the relentless onslaught continued. Jill stopped when she realized he’d had enough. Great sobs rose from deep within him and she drew him into her arms and squeezed him tightly. “There, there,” she consoled. “It is all over my brave Baby Boy. No more spankies.” She held him in her arms for a few minutes while his sobbing ebbed and he sucked on his thumb. Finally, Jill rolled him onto the bed. She picked up a diaper from the shelf. “As it is your first offence I think one night in diapers for you.” Part 9 “No Mommy, No!!” cried John. Jill hushed him with a finger to his lips. “You must be punished for defying me,” she said. “And it is only going to be one night, this time,” she added ominously. Jill folded the terry diaper, soaker and laid a gauze liner down the middle. His penis was swollen, as if in anticipation. She touched it with her fingers, noting the pre-cum bubbling up at the tip. “Does the thought of diaper rash, on top of your already sore bottom excite you,” she asked? John looked ashamed as Jill rubbed the denim material at her groin. “It excites me,” she admitted coyly. Her fingers disappeared down her waistband. She pulled them out glistening. “Sweetheart, I am wet here after your spanking and the thought of you wearing and using diapers sends me wild.” She waved her hand under John’s nose before offering each finger to be licked and cleaned off. “Now, using your diaper,” she thought out loud. Jill opened a packet of suppositories and peeled the foil off one. Donning a examination glove, she lubed the bullet. “Mommy,” John whined. “You will make me poo with one of those! Please No!” “Please Yes!” Jill counter stated. “You were warned to keep your pants clean and you showed you are not adult enough to comply. Therefore you will shit yourself, piss yourself and smell yourself.” She gripped his testicles with her spare hand. “Pull your knees around your ears for Mommy,” she said, smiling as John instantly obliged. Using her second finger, she sent the slippery little pill deep into his bottom. “Up,” she ordered and slid the layette under his bottom. Jill unbuckled her belt and stepped out of her jeans. Her while lacy panties were clearly ‘wet’ and plastered against her vulva as she stood over John’s eager face. Instinctively John’s hand enveloped his hard cock. Jill slapped his wrist away. “Hands over your head,” she ordered. Gripping his wrists, Jill straddled his chest and trapped his arms, edging forward to present her dank lace panties to his mouth. “Suck, Baby,” Jill ordered. She bore down, grinding her pelvic bone against his nose. Initially almost overcome by the strong musky taste, John lapped at the material, and the hot flesh behind. She rasped her sex over his face, directing his busy tongue where she most needed it. A crescendo built inside her as he gnawed at her clitoris. To delay the inevitable, Jill turned, still sitting across his chest, but this time presenting her bottom to his tongue. His untethered cock bobbed frantically around in front of her, pre-cum oozing out in a slow languid stream. Not daring to touch it, she scooped her fingers in the puddle and tasted the hot seminal discharge. She sat heavily down, targeting her lace covered bottom right over his industrious tongue. John’s worked diligently away on the lace and using his now free hands, pulled the panties aside lap away at her back door. Taken only slightly off the boil, Jill bathed in the glow of her hot tongue massage on her anus. After a while, she turned around, her pretty but sweaty face smiling down. “Is Baby Boy ready to cum?” she asked. John nodded furiously. Jill edged forward until she was over his burning penis and deftly guided it into her vagina. Two strokes with a heavy grind down and John exploded within her. She felt the waves of hot cum splatter and expand inside her. Many seconds of silence fell between them as the pleasure retreated into lethargic tiredness and the warm post coital glow of fulfillment. Jill un-mounted and flopped onto the carpet, resting her legs on the edge of the bed. “Mommy?” John spoke, nervous to break the magic silence. “Yes my Darling?” “I need to poo, can I use the potty?” Part 10 “Don’t be silly Darling, of course you can’t use the potty, you are being punished.” Jill stood and smiled down on her submissive husband. Using four safety pins, she had the diaper secured and covered with a pair of plastic pants. “I like these,” she said. “See through, so that everyone can see your lack of control.” Jill smiled as John grimaced with a belly cramp. “Won’t be long now Baby Boy,” Jill helped him into one of the new ‘onsie’s’ that she had acquired mail order. Jill giggled as he farted while she was fastening the snaps at the crotch. Jill held out her hand. “Come downstairs,” she ordered. “I still have use for your cleaning skills.” Meekly, John allowed himself to be led, very conscious of his heavily padded bottom, trapped inside the plastic pants. As he descended the stairs, more flatulence escaped into his diaper. Another cramp and now a belly ache. He paused on the stairs and groaned. “What is it Baby Boy?” Jill asked, knowing all too well that the suppository was doing its job well, and irritating his colon. “I want you to show some self-control. Do not let go until I say, OK?” “Mommy, it hurts,” John grunted, gripping his belly. Jill gently pulled him down and led him into the lounge, pointing at the carpet in front of the sofa. “Sit there,” she ordered. “And stop whining. Still wearing only a top and her now soiled panties, Jill slumped in the sofa and rested her legs on John’s shoulders. She edged forwards, dragging John’s face nearer her crotch at the same time. “Darling, Can you please tell me what condition my panties appear in?” John looked up at her. “They are wet Mommy,” he reported. Jill ran her fingers through his hair. “Yes Darling, but what are they wet with? Have I peed myself or is it your cum that is dribbling out of me?” John blushed, and looked again at the gusset staining. The material was sodden with the viscous clear fluid which could only be the semen he had pumped into her. “Well?” She goaded. “It is my cum Mommy,” John admitted. “So who is going to clean it up?” Jill asked. “Eh?” After a short, awkward pause, John replied. “I will Mommy.” Jill smiled down at him. “Mommy is so happy now that her little Baby Boy is going to clean up all his messes, and not leave it to Mommy any more. All his messes,” she empathized. “Including his shitty diapers and any cum stains he makes in Mommy’s panties.” Jill pressed down on John’s shoulders and lifted her bottom of the sofa. “Take off my panties,” she ordered. John complied and handed them to his Mommy. Jill inverted the garment and folded the wet soiled gusset into a wedge which she offered to John’s mouth. With clear comprehension, John opened his mouth and accepted the ‘treat’, albeit reluctantly. “Suck on the panties, Baby Boy,” ordered Jill. “I want all that cum off them before they go to the wash. After a minute, Jill pulled them out of his mouth. John grimaced and farted loudly into his diaper. “I hope that was just flatulence,” Jill menaced sternly. His brow creased up in pain as he fought a fresh cramp in his belly. “Mommy,” he wailed. “I can’t stop it!!” With a look of total shock on his face, John farted again and noisily defecated into his diaper. Jill felt a real rush, she had just made her husband shit his diaper, the most debased act that she could imagine, and it excited and thrilled her. John buried his face in his hands as he pressed down on his bowels, determined to overcome the irritation of the suppository. “Finished?” Jill asked quietly after some time had passed. John’s tear stained eyes rose to meet her. “Yes Mommy,” he whispered. “I’ve poo’d my diaper Mommy.” Jill waved a hand in front of her face. “I know you have, you dirty Baby Boy; I can smell you.” “I am sorry Mommy,” he sniveled. Jill pressed down with her heels on his back, dragging him forward again. She joined her hands behind his head and pressed his face into her sex. Automatically John’s tongue lapped strongly on her vulva, sending her into fresh waves of ecstasy. Part 11 Jill relented after two hours and decided to change John’s dirty diaper. Originally, she was going to leave him in his mess until bedtime but he was looking quite distressed and did not want him to suffer further. John had not been allowed to lie around and Jill had produced a list of chores to be started on, including mowing the lawn and clipping the hedge. (needless to say he was allowed to wear some baggy shorts over his bulky diaper, but would have looked rather comical had any inquisitive neighbor looked over the fence.) The smell of his dirty diaper also permeated around the house and Jill made a mental note to use rubber pants next time, as they promised to seal better and keep the smell inside. She was conscious of the fact that any one of their families or friends might drop in and the toxic smell might be awkward to explain. She had heated up a couple of pizza’s for their evening meal and had insisted that John was fed by her, as he was being ‘diaper punished’ and therefore had to be treated as a toddler. During the meal, John complained about needing a pee. “Darling Baby Boy,” Jill held out a slice of pizza to his lips. “You are sitting in a messy diaper, so you should have no issues with emptying your bladder as well? Now eat!” She ordered. John went slightly red in the face and concentrated on relieving the pressure. After the meal Jill took John up to the new ‘Nursery’ and covered the bed with a sheet of rubber to act as a changing pad. She could see that he was mortified as she pulled on a pair of examination gloves. “Please Mommy, Let me clean up in the bathroom! “ Jill was having none of it. “Where is the punishment in that?” She asked. “You are in diapers till the morning, and during that time you will be treated like a child.” She opened the snaps at his crotch. “It is right that you feel shame that your wife has to witness your degradation. Look at you, a 29 year old man, allowing his wife to dress him in diapers, in which he willingly shits and pisses like a retard.” She folded back his onsie so that his diaper package was on full view. “Spread those legs,” she ordered. “Uggh, you are revolting!” Jill visibly grimaced as she viewed the cleanup job she had taken on. “Maybe the act of soiling your underpants won’t be so pleasant for you the next time, when you realize what the consequences will be. Now lift your bottom!” Jill pulled the plastic pants down and discarded them in a bucket. The four pins followed and Jill steadied herself as he exposed the full extent of the devastation inside his diaper. “You are pathetic!” Jill gingerly handled his erect penis with thumb and forefinger. “I see my Baby Boy is getting off on this, is that true?” John did not answer, he was too far away in his own shameful space. Jill scraped the muck off his bottom and rinsed the liner in the bathroom. She returned and removed the diaper, dumping the sodden mass into the bucket alongside the liner and plastic pants. John audibly winced as the wet wipes rasped across his raw skin but Jill ignored his distress. Any fidgeting was met with a sharp slap on his thigh. Jill felt a little guilty that she had not used a barrier cream but certainly did not let John know that. Jill left him on the bed to air his skin while she removed the pail and sprayed the room with air freshener. She returned twenty minutes later with a babies feeding bottle, full of warm milk and a nurturing smile painted on her face. “Here, drink this Baby Boy,” she said, holding the teat to his lips. John pouted, and shook his head. “Mommy, I want a normal cup, I don’t want a baby’s bottle,” he spat rebelliously. Jill laughed. “Don’t be silly, Little man, you would spill it, and maybe even break the cup and hurt yourself.” John keep his lips set in a grim line. Jill leant over, with a confident smile on her pretty face and twisted his ear painfully. “If you don’t say thank you Mommy for the lovely Ba-ba, and accept it gratefully, I am going to start beating you up.” John screamed out as she applied a little more tension to his abuse lobe. Shaken, John grabbed the bottle. “Thank you Mommy for the lovely Ba-Ba,” he repeated. Jill shook her head with disappointment. “You will never learn, will you, you foolish boy!” John cowered under her tirade as he frantically sucked on the bottle. Jill opened a large drawer in the cabinet and emptied a bag of Segufix straps and started attaching them to the divan. “Marion said they can’t use these anymore as it interferes with patients rights, but did suggest they might come in use in our new domestic setting. I think she’s right,” Jill added. Jill powdered and creamed John’s diaper area and pinned up his night time diaper. “There! Extra thick as Baby Boy is now going to be in this diaper for the next 12 hours, before Mommy gets him up to go to work.” Jill patted the tight rubber pants in place and checked the waist and leg bands. Next came one of the new sleep suits with hood that Jill zipped up to the chin. “Middle of summer, I think my Baby boy is going to be warm tonight,” she smiled. “Now lie back and put your hands by your ears.” Quickly, each wrist had been secured in the Segufix cuff, closely followed by his ankles. Effectively, he was completely restrained. Jill looked down at him, tapping a finger to her lips. “How about something for your diaper?” John watched horrified as she pulled down a bottle of Castor Oil and a desert spoon from the medicine shelf. “Please Mommy, No!” he cried. “I promise to be good, not that, not again!!” Without replying, Jill filled the spoon to the brim and pulled his head up to meet it. “Open,” she ordered ominously. With great reluctance, John obeyed and cringed at the oily powerful taste. Jill sat beside him and held the bottle to his lips, planting a loving kiss on his forehead. “Darling, because you defied me, you are going to have an uncomfortable night, a poor night’s sleep and a stinky diaper again in the morning. You could have been on Mommy’s lap, being cuddled and fed while she watched TV tonight.” John’s eyes watered over, feeling very sorry for himself. “Now tomorrow, you will get up and wash your dirty diapers. You will then grow up and go to work again. But I am nervous you are going to forget the rules and you are going to upset Mommy again, aren’t you?” John gurgled something behind the teat. “Oh yes you will, as sure a day goes into night,” Jill said. As the bottle emptied, Jill leant over and kissed him on the lips. “Good night my darling Baby Boy, I love you.” Jill turned off the light and closed the door. Part 12 Jill's spirits rose when the announcement screen flashed up the touchdown of John's flight from London, England. The afternoon was hot, with the temperature in the high 80's, that, and the fact that the flight was now running 40 minutes late, had not done anything for her good nature. John had been away on a course for two weeks and she'd missed him terribly. It had not been possible to talk that much on the phone, but they had communicated often in Facebook. She wanted to pick up his 'care' again as soon as possible. 13 days, 12 nights away. She had personally packed his suitcase with 13 pairs of clean white jockey underpants. She had used the Home's device to "mark" each pair with a laundry stamp, so John couldn't cheat, or buy new pairs. Of course, it worried the hell out of her that she had not been 'in control' while he was away and there was no guarantee that he had not been masturbating. Jill was convinced she would know if he was lying, when and if he denied it. Her mind drifted back to that last night he spent in the Nursery, where she had laid down next to him for most of the night, holding him, feeding him, consoling him for his discomfort and drying the tears that flowed in self pity. She left the restraints in place and had really enjoyed the complete and utter 'power' she wielded over him. The next morning, after his diaper change and clean up, he had kissed her passionately, telling her over and over that he loved her more than anything in the world. The announcement board flashed up: 'Bags on Belt' and Jill eagerly scanned the faces of the tired intercontinental travellers streaming out of the arrivals port. They saw each other simultaneously and hurried together to get that first embrace. Jill held him tight for a long time. "I have missed you so much," she whispered in his ear. "Have you missed me?" "I have missed you Mommy," John replied. Jill looked into his eyes. "Did you really miss your 'Mommy', Baby Boy or did you miss your wife? Tell me honestly now?" John appeared sheepish and awkward. "I missed my Mommy, Mommy," he said. Jill smiled and kissed him. "And have you been a good boy while you have been away from your Mommy?" Jill searched deep into his eyes. Was there a slight doubt? Hesitation? "Oh Mommy, I have been so good," John replied. Jill squeezed his hand and steered him in the direction of the car park. "We'll see Darling." Part 13 "I am ready Mommy," John called from upstairs. Jill ascended to the bedroom and found her husband stripped to his underpants, as instructed, with his laundry tidied into neat stacks on the floor. She picked up his shirts, smelt and examined each one. John stood there meekly as she silently went through his laundry. His trousers were examined as well. Jill smiled at him. "Well Darling, you are doing very well at the moment, shall we move onto your knickers?" Nervously, John shuffled around as Jill examined each pair. She put aside most of them and also his pajama bottoms. "Now those," she waved a finger at the pair he was wearing. After stewing in a plane for ten hours, it did not surprise her to see a brown stain in the seat of his Jockeys. He handed them over. "Shall we count up then? One badly pooped pants and 10 pairs with various degrees of brown and pee stains on them." Jill picked up each garment and showed him the transgression. Finally she picked up the pajama pants. "You have disappointed me Baby Boy," she said. "I almost expected the dirty underwear and I will see that you get punished for them tomorrow. But these?" She inverted the pajama pants and an obvious seminal stain shouted its presence at John. He appeared shocked and surprised. "I didn't know, I didn't do. it was an accident," he blurted out. Jill's face darkened, her hand shot out and she grabbed his ear. "Don't treat me like a naive fool, Baby Boy! Were you playing with yourself or did you have some whore in your hotel room?" John looked horrified. "No!" He shouted. "Never!" "OK, then you have been masturbating." Jill stated empathically. "It must have been a nocturnal emission," he said, panicking. Jill laughed. "You are not a 12 year old boy, entering puberty, don't treat me like a fool, and John?" John looked up at her wet eyes. "Don't ever lie to me again." Part 14 Jill led him through to the Nursery and pulled out the large adult sized porcelain potty, placing on the floor. "Sit," she commanded. "I was going to let you use the grown up toilet, but not now.. not with your infantile lack of control and deceit." John, completely humbled, obeyed his wife instantly. She stood over him, with hands on hips. "Pee and Poo please Baby Boy." Jill ordered. "What were you masturbating to John? Did you buy a magazine, or were you just raiding that store of secret fantasies that you have locked away in a corner of your mind?" "Please Jill," he whined. "I'm so ashamed." Jill ruffled his hair. "Ah, that's too bad." Jill said sarcastically. "OK, tell me later, after all, we have all evening for you to come clean with your dirty fantasies. Now hurry up and empty yourself." Jill leant over and whispered in his ear. "You do not want to be lying in your mess again all evening, do you?" That was enough to stimulate him and he loudly voided into the pot. Jill wiped him and then supervised while he emptied the potty into the toilet. Jill folded the single cloth diaper and slid it under his bottom. Once again, John found himself being 'punished' in the nursery bed, his limbs secured safely with the restraints. Wryly, she commented on his erection. "Was it this you were masturbating to John?" She wiped a finger across the tip of his penis. It came away covered with clear viscous pre-cum. She relished the heavy shame in his eyes. "Oh, you will tell me my Darling, I have to know what is pushing all your little buttons, so to speak." She poured some oil onto his burning member and started masturbating him. "Now show Mommy how much you can do. If, like you say, you have not played with yourself, then after nearly two weeks away, I expect.." She did not have time to finish, John shook and spasmed, his hips buckled and semen oozed and dribbled out of his tip to pool in his belly button. Jill frowned darkly. "I see the problem is worse than I imagined it. At best, maybe you performed only once, the evidence lying in your pajamas, but now;" she pointed at the pathetic pool of semen. "I would not be surprised if you had jerked off in the toilet on the flight?" John did not answer, but his guilty eyes told Jill everything. She pinned up the toweled diaper and fitted him with a pair of snap open plastic pants. "You don't have to wet these, just tell Mommy and she will help out, OK?" John nodded, relieved he wasn't required to sleep in a soiled state again. Jill removed all her clothes and stretched out on the bed, cuddling tight against him. She started rubbing his sex through the plastic padding of his diaper while guiding his mouth to her aroused nipple. "I don't want my Baby Boy to be playing with his wee wee at all," she said. "Only Mommy can do that, is that understood?" John nodded, his lips fully engrossed around her aroused nipple. Jill continued to knead his penis through the toweling layers, feeling growing reluctantly under her fingers. “Ah, that’s better. Baby Boy is getting excited as Mommy wants him. Mommy has missed him so much that now she wants all the cummies that are due to her.” Her handling became more urgent and after a considerable period of time, John ejaculated into the soft folds of his nappy. “Clever Baby Boy!” said Jill, condescendingly. She left the room, only to return ten minutes later with a feeding bottle and a Hitachi “Magic Wand” which she plugged into a power outlet next to the head board. Jill smiled down at the worried look on her husband’s face. “Ready Darling Baby Boy for Mommy’s next cummies? You have been away twelve nights and I have had only two climaxes from you.” She lay down next to him and offered the warm milk to his lips. While he suckled Jill turned on the Magic Wand and held it lightly over his groin. “That means,” she continued. “That you owe me ten cummies, and John?” He paused in his nursing and looked nervously up at her. “I want them all tonight, OK?” Part 15 It had been a mainly sleepless night for both of them but also a very uncomfortable night for John. Even now, his sexual equipment was feeling excruciatingly painful as Jill had alternated between the Magic Wand and her hand all night. Even long after he was failing to get firm, Jill kept on the relentless pressure on his penis and balls, despite the tears of pain springing out of John’s eyes. In the end, he had screamed for her to stop, breaking down totally and sobbing how sorry he was and how it would never happen again. “I know Darling, I should never have trusted you with a business trip by yourself. But I promise you,” Jill stated resolutely. “It will never happen again. Trust me, I will never be so naive again to let you be in a position like that again.” Her hand gripped his tortured genitals again. “Please, Please!” John howled out. “Stop Mommy!” “Only one last thing by darling Baby Boy, and then I’ll free you and let you sleep.” She promised. She kissed him, long and hard. “Mommy promises it will be alright, she loves her Baby Boy so much, it hurts, but she must know..” Jill let a short silence hang in the air. “Yes Mommy,” John asked. “Tell me honestly, I mean from the bottom of your heart. What is it that you dream of when you are masturbating?” John gazed up at her, gathering his thoughts at the front of his mind. “You Mommy, I fantasize of you, with you.” After a short pause, Jill looked reproachfully at him. “I dream of wearing the diapers and using them,” he whispered. “I dream of being your Baby Boy forever. I get hard thinking about you changing my diapers and being in complete and total charge of me.” Jill waited while John gathered more thoughts. She was somewhat surprised, but delighted with his candor and honesty. Jill smiled down at him and kissed him. “Thank you Darling,” she said. “You really mean it, you want me to have complete control over you?” Without hesitation, John nodded. “And you promise me always to trust your Mommy, and do exactly what she wants, all the time?” “Yes Mommy,” John whispered throatily. “Make me yours, and I will love you forever.” It was Jill’s turn to turn on the tears now as she released his limbs from the restraints and removed the waterproof pants and the diaper. She felt a little guilty as John’s shriveled penis was a fierce red color. She drizzled on some Baby Lotion and tenderly rubbed it in. Unsteadily, John rose to his feet and sat on the porcelain potty for a pee. After a late breakfast, Jill cleared the table and told John to stay in his place. “Mommy, can I do a poo please?” He looked somewhat strained. “Not yet,” Jill replied. “I want to talk to you. Surely you can hold it for a short time?” John was dressed in his adult clothes, however underneath his jeans he was wearing a pair of pull up trainer pants. “Yes Mommy,” he whispered, completely cowed under her dominance over him. She put a bottle of milk in front of him, and a cup of coffee, pad of paper and pen for herself. “Drink your bottle,” she ordered. “While I write a note to Marion as I won’t be coming to work until after lunch today.” John was too focused on his own problems to be concerned about what Jill was writing. Eventually she finished and sealed the letter in an envelope, handing it to John. “Take this to The Home, and give to Marion,” Jill ordered. “And wait for a reply.” John was sweating now. “Mommy, I think I’ve had an accident!” Jill jumped up and dragged him off to the nursery where his potty was waiting. She pulled down his jeans and training pants and with desperation; John sat and noisily emptied his bowels. However, the damage had been done and he had succeeded in smearing the seat of his training pants with shit. “Finished?” she asked curtly. John sheepishly nodded. “Stand,” Jill ordered. Without wiping, she pulled up the training pants and fastening him back into his trousers. John looked at her shocked and dismayed. “I will clean you up when you are back Darling, now go quickly and take this package with you.” She handed him a brown paper parcel and kissed him. Nervously, John picked up the letter and drove off in the car. Smiling to herself, Jill punched some numbers on her phone. “Marion? Just to update you…” Part 16 and Conclusion. John arrived at The Home, and hurried into reception, well aware of the skin between his buttocks was beginning to smart. Worst of all, he could actually smell himself now. He hoped to be able to deliver the note and parcel nippily and be on his way home. Andii was on reception and she smiled at him. "Hello John, nice to see you." He liked Andii, she was always smiling and so polite. "How can I help you, Your wife is not here at the moment?" "I know," John explained. "I am here to see Marion." Andii spoke on the phone for a moment and then waved in the direction of the admin. Wing. "She's waiting for you." John thanked her, slightly puzzled. As he made off down the corridor, John turned over in his mind how he was going to get out of the office quickly. ‘Good Morning Marion’, he would say politely. ‘I have been asked to deliver this note to you. I won’t take up any more of your time, good bye!’ He would put the parcel down on her desk and then hand her the note. With a smile and a wave, he would retreat from the office and go home. Simple. Then why was he so nervous! Marion’s door was open! Good, he would not have to knock. “Hi,” John bravely threw his head around the corner of her door. Shit! She was having a meeting! Marion and three others were grouped around the conference table in the corner of the office. Marion looked up at him, a frown etched across her forehead; annoyed at being interrupted. He recognized the three other women, all Nurses, colleagues and friends of Jill. “What do you want?” Marion asked, her tone short and abrupt. John boldly marched to the desk and dropped the parcel and letter there. “Sorry to disturb, but these are for you from Jill,” he said. John beat a hasty retreat to the door but was stopped in his tracks by Marion’s fierce bark. “Stop right there!” She ordered, moving to the desk and ripping open the envelope. John was routed to the spot and didn’t notice Pauline, Jill’s head nurse on the men’s wing, go to the office door and close it. She remained there, protecting the exit. The other nurses, casually wondered over and stood next to John. Along with Pauline, he knew Patricia and Jane socially and their husbands. “Dear Marion,” Marion read out aloud. “As my dear friend and colleague, please help me with my dysfunctional Baby Boy husband.” John felt his knees go weak as he started to panic. Sweat almost immediately started beading on his forehead and he could only imagine the color of his face. Frantically, he looked for an escape route, but the nurses, with their gloating smiling faces, had boxed him in completely. “Please open box,” Marion read, and nodded at Jane who ripped open the seal and emptied the contents on the desk. John visibly shrank as his soiled underwear appeared in all their glory across Marion’s desk. Jane, with a look of painted disgust on her face, picked up a pair and exposed the vivid skid marks to all assembled in the room. “How revolting!” commented Pauline. “ Poor, poor Jill having to put up with that.” The others murmured and nodded in assent. Marion continued. “As you can see from the contents of the box, John likes to dirty his pants. This has been going on every since we first started living together and now, I regret to say, I am at the end of my tether with this behavior.” Marion lowered the letter slightly and glared at John. A stony silence fell as Marion picked up on the contents of the letter. “I love John dearly, but I have come to the reluctant decision that he is not going to be my husband, partner, soul-mate anymore, as he cannot, and will not fulfill his part of the responsibilities associated with that position. Last night John admitted to me that he wanted to be my Baby Boy, and give up the role of husband and partner. To prove what I say is true, ask him to suck his thumb.” “Well?” Marion glared at John. He was completely humiliated but complied, timidly putting his thumb in his mouth. The other nurses giggled with Pauline clapping with delight. “So, to that end, I have decided to keep him as my baby, and relieve him of all the responsibilities of adulthood. He will now give up his job and become a full time adult infant. He must now realize that he stands before you in his adult clothes for the last time.” Marion looked at Jane and Patricia. “Well? You better help him out of his adult clothes, hadn’t you?” John was frozen to the spot as two pairs of hands started pulling up his sweater and undoing his shirt buttons. “My dear friend,” Marion continued. “Please help me in this task. His transition to Babyhood must be with complete compliance. As a baby he must have no embarrassment or shame. I will be in later this afternoon, but please start his education and feel free to treat John appropriately as you see fit. Your dearest friend, Jill” Ps. As you have probably noted, he willfully soiled his training pants this morning. I would be grateful if you could find a fitting punishment for this. Marion folded the letter and watched as the nurses pulled down the soiled training pants. Jane grimaced. “No wonder he stinks!” John clenched his eyes shut with the humiliation and sucked harder on his thumb. Marion stood in front of him, pulling his thumb out of his mouth and gripping his chin. “John?” His wet eyes looked up at her. “You now have a choice.” Marion continued. “One, you can pull up your trousers and walk out of here. Or,” she paused, enjoying the power exchange in progress. “Two, you can completely submit to your new status in life, and give up adulthood.” John paled over, completely traumatized. His mouth gaped open, like a goldfish out of water. Marion smiled and whispered. “If you want option two, all you have to do is put your thumb back in your mouth, it is that easy,” she smiled. You could have heard a pin drop in the few moments that followed Marion’s statement. Almost in slow motion, John lifted his thumb to his mouth and started sucking. A loud cheer went up from all the assembled. John was immune to the clapping and laughter, only aware of the distant noise and the tears rolling down his cheeks. “Hello Andii,” Smiled Jill. “Is your new resident here?” Andii grinned back at her and handed over the car keys. “I think Marion has found him a new set. She is waiting for you in John’s new room.” Jill thanked her and moved off to the old storeroom where her and Marion had assembled various items of furniture and fittings last week. Marion and Pauline were there, tidying up as John lay in the cot, feeding from a large bottle of babies milk. His eyes lit up when he saw her. “Mommy,” he cried. “I love you.” Jill dropped the side of the cot, bent over and kissed him. “I love you too, my darling.” Jill looked down at the patterned onsie he was wearing over a thick cloth diaper and plastic pants. Her nose twitched as she detected the scent of a soiled diaper. Marion laughed. “We found a couple of suppositories to help him along with his first punishment diaper. He will stay in it till supper time.” Jill looked slightly uncomfortable and her heart melted as John’s hands gripped her hands almost painfully. “I am sorry Mommy,” he said. “They made me!” He blurted out. “Please Mommy, please take me home?” Gently Jill pushed his hands away and sat on the edge of the bed. “Darling,” she said. “I want you to listen carefully to what I have to say.” Jill stroked his hair. “Mommy loves you, but you can’t be her husband anymore. You will only be her baby from now on.” Jill watched his features absorb this new fact of life. “You will be living here in The Home, looked after by me and all these lovely ladies who also love you very much and want you to be the best Baby Boy in the world. When Mommy finishes work, she will be going home but you will be staying here.” In shock he looked up at her, and then started shaking and getting very agitated. Pauline and Marion immediately secured his limbs in restraint webbing as tears of frustration and sadness rolled down his cheeks. “Don’t worry,” she said, trying to calm him. “You will come home on some weekends and during holiday times and you can be a Mommy’s Baby Boy at home but I will not have the energy to hold down this job and look after two babies.” John stopped sniffing and stared at her. “Yes Darling,” she smiled” “I am pregnant at last and I am so happy. Soon I will have two babies in my life.” John smiled, but tugged at the restraints with frustration. “Mommy?” “Yes Darling?” Jill stroked his brow. “Jill,” he risked the name to prove a point. “We can turn this around. Let me come home as your husband and I will forget all about the diapers and the baby business. Please let me be a husband to you and a father to our new child?” Marion and Pauline held their breath as Jill mopped his sweaty brow. “Husband Darling? You tried that, remember?” Jill’s tone hardened. “You think that if I take you home as my husband, you will not dream of pooping in a diaper when you make love to me? If I take you home, will you save all your seed for me, and me alone?” John’s face collapsed in front of her. “No Darling,” she said. “You will be happier here. I have asked the nice ladies to masturbate you at every nappy change so that you don’t miss that.” Pauline laughed. “Can’t wait,” she said dryly but with a coy smile on her face. “And,” Jill continued. “No more dirty pants. You will now be in diapers all the time, and you will not have to bother about getting to the toilet and wiping your bottom. No Darling, You won’t be a husband to me, nor will you be a father to our child. You will be my special loving Baby Boy.” John broke down and started sobbing. “Please Jill,” he screamed. “Don’t do this to me, let me be your man.” Jill’s brow clouded over and she slapped him across the face. “Stop it!” She shouted, causing Marion and Pauline to jump in surprise. “Remember Peter Reynolds? Yes, your old colleague from your last job. I have been seeing him for the last 4 months.” John’s mouth opened in shock. “He is the father to the child in my belly, not you.” Jill said cruelly. “He is moving in next week as the new man about the house.” Jill instantly regretted the outburst, and she hugged her weeping Baby Boy. “I am so sorry darling, but life had to go on, I had reached the end of my tether.” I still loved John, but not as a husband anymore, not as a lover but as a large overgrown adult baby. I was very firm with him in the beginning, putting him exactly in the place that I wanted him. John’s choices were, and still are simple. He could stay or go. On more than one occasion, I had to offer to pack his suitcase for him. Each time he would dramatically back down and adopt a state of required compliance. As new life grew in my belly, John slowly resigned himself to his new position and status while I developed my home with a new man, Peter at the helm. I encouraged Peter to tease and humiliate John as it would implant the humility that I required from John in the future. John of course knew Peter from his previous life at the office but was deeply humiliated when he met Peter for the first time since he’d been infantilized. After his first week at “The Home”, we returned home for the weekend. John started shaking when he saw Peter’s car parked in the drive. “Ah, that’s better. Baby Boy is getting excited as Mommy wants him. Mommy has missed him so much that now she wants all the cummies that are due to her.” Her handling became more urgent and after a considerable period of time, John ejaculated into the soft folds of his nappy. “Clever Baby Boy!” said Jill, condescendingly. She left the room, only to return ten minutes later with a feeding bottle and a Hitachi “Magic Wand” which she plugged into a power outlet next to the head board. Jill smiled down at the worried look on her husband’s face. “Ready Darling Baby Boy for Mommy’s next cummies? You have been away twelve nights and I have had only two climaxes from you.” She lay down next to him and offered the warm milk to his lips. While he suckled Jill turned on the Magic Wand and held it lightly over his groin. “That means,” she continued. “That you owe me ten cummies, and John?” He paused in his nursing and looked nervously up at her. “I want them all tonight, OK?” Part 15 It had been a mainly sleepless night for both of them but also a very uncomfortable night for John. Even now, his sexual equipment was feeling excruciatingly painful as Jill had alternated between the Magic Wand and her hand all night. Even long after he was failing to get firm, Jill kept on the relentless pressure on his penis and balls, despite the tears of pain springing out of John’s eyes. In the end, he had screamed for her to stop, breaking down totally and sobbing how sorry he was and how it would never happen again. “I know Darling, I should never have trusted you with a business trip by yourself. But I promise you,” Jill stated resolutely. “It will never happen again. Trust me, I will never be so naive again to let you be in a position like that again.” Her hand gripped his tortured genitals again. “Please, Please!” John howled out. “Stop Mommy!” “Only one last thing by darling Baby Boy, and then I’ll free you and let you sleep.” She promised. She kissed him, long and hard. “Mommy promises it will be alright, she loves her Baby Boy so much, it hurts, but she must know..” Jill let a short silence hang in the air. “Yes Mommy,” John asked. “Tell me honestly, I mean from the bottom of your heart. What is it that you dream of when you are masturbating?” John gazed up at her, gathering his thoughts at the front of his mind. “You Mommy, I fantasize of you, with you.” After a short pause, Jill looked reproachfully at him. “I dream of wearing the diapers and using them,” he whispered. “I dream of being your Baby Boy forever. I get hard thinking about you changing my diapers and being in complete and total charge of me.” Jill waited while John gathered more thoughts. She was somewhat surprised, but delighted with his candor and honesty. Jill smiled down at him and kissed him. “Thank you Darling,” she said. “You really mean it, you want me to have complete control over you?” Without hesitation, John nodded. “And you promise me always to trust your Mommy, and do exactly what she wants, all the time?” “Yes Mommy,” John whispered throatily. “Make me yours, and I will love you forever.” It was Jill’s turn to turn on the tears now as she released his limbs from the restraints and removed the waterproof pants and the diaper. She felt a little guilty as John’s shriveled penis was a fierce red color. She drizzled on some Baby Lotion and tenderly rubbed it in. Unsteadily, John rose to his feet and sat on the porcelain potty for a pee. After a late breakfast, Jill cleared the table and told John to stay in his place. “Mommy, can I do a poo please?” He looked somewhat strained. “Not yet,” Jill replied. “I want to talk to you. Surely you can hold it for a short time?” John was dressed in his adult clothes, however underneath his jeans he was wearing a pair of pull up trainer pants. “Yes Mommy,” he whispered, completely cowed under her dominance over him. She put a bottle of milk in front of him, and a cup of coffee, pad of paper and pen for herself. “Drink your bottle,” she ordered. “While I write a note to Marion as I won’t be coming to work until after lunch today.” John was too focused on his own problems to be concerned about what Jill was writing. Eventually she finished and sealed the letter in an envelope, handing it to John. “Take this to The Home, and give to Marion,” Jill ordered. “And wait for a reply.” John was sweating now. “Mommy, I think I’ve had an accident!” Jill jumped up and dragged him off to the nursery where his potty was waiting. She pulled down his jeans and training pants and with desperation; John sat and noisily emptied his bowels. However, the damage had been done and he had succeeded in smearing the seat of his training pants with shit. “Finished?” she asked curtly. John sheepishly nodded. “Stand,” Jill ordered. Without wiping, she pulled up the training pants and fastening him back into his trousers. John looked at her shocked and dismayed. “I will clean you up when you are back Darling, now go quickly and take this package with you.” She handed him a brown paper parcel and kissed him. Nervously, John picked up the letter and drove off in the car. Smiling to herself, Jill punched some numbers on her phone. “Marion? Just to update you…” Part 16 and Conclusion. John arrived at The Home, and hurried into reception, well aware of the skin between his buttocks was beginning to smart. Worst of all, he could actually smell himself now. He hoped to be able to deliver the note and parcel nippily and be on his way home. Andii was on reception and she smiled at him. "Hello John, nice to see you." He liked Andii, she was always smiling and so polite. "How can I help you, Your wife is not here at the moment?" "I know," John explained. "I am here to see Marion." Andii spoke on the phone for a moment and then waved in the direction of the admin. Wing. "She's waiting for you." John thanked her, slightly puzzled. As he made off down the corridor, John turned over in his mind how he was going to get out of the office quickly. ‘Good Morning Marion’, he would say politely. ‘I have been asked to deliver this note to you. I won’t take up any more of your time, good bye!’ He would put the parcel down on her desk and then hand her the note. With a smile and a wave, he would retreat from the office and go home. Simple. Then why was he so nervous! Marion’s door was open! Good, he would not have to knock. “Hi,” John bravely threw his head around the corner of her door. Shit! She was having a meeting! Marion and three others were grouped around the conference table in the corner of the office. Marion looked up at him, a frown etched across her forehead; annoyed at being interrupted. He recognized the three other women, all Nurses, colleagues and friends of Jill. “What do you want?” Marion asked, her tone short and abrupt. John boldly marched to the desk and dropped the parcel and letter there. “Sorry to disturb, but these are for you from Jill,” he said. John beat a hasty retreat to the door but was stopped in his tracks by Marion’s fierce bark. “Stop right there!” She ordered, moving to the desk and ripping open the envelope. John was routed to the spot and didn’t notice Pauline, Jill’s head nurse on the men’s wing, go to the office door and close it. She remained there, protecting the exit. The other nurses, casually wondered over and stood next to John. Along with Pauline, he knew Patricia and Jane socially and their husbands. “Dear Marion,” Marion read out aloud. “As my dear friend and colleague, please help me with my dysfunctional Baby Boy husband.” John felt his knees go weak as he started to panic. Sweat almost immediately started beading on his forehead and he could only imagine the color of his face. Frantically, he looked for an escape route, but the nurses, with their gloating smiling faces, had boxed him in completely. “Please open box,” Marion read, and nodded at Jane who ripped open the seal and emptied the contents on the desk. John visibly shrank as his soiled underwear appeared in all their glory across Marion’s desk. Jane, with a look of painted disgust on her face, picked up a pair and exposed the vivid skid marks to all assembled in the room. “How revolting!” commented Pauline. “ Poor, poor Jill having to put up with that.” The others murmured and nodded in assent. Marion continued. “As you can see from the contents of the box, John likes to dirty his pants. This has been going on every since we first started living together and now, I regret to say, I am at the end of my tether with this behavior.” Marion lowered the letter slightly and glared at John. A stony silence fell as Marion picked up on the contents of the letter. “I love John dearly, but I have come to the reluctant decision that he is not going to be my husband, partner, soul-mate anymore, as he cannot, and will not fulfill his part of the responsibilities associated with that position. Last night John admitted to me that he wanted to be my Baby Boy, and give up the role of husband and partner. To prove what I say is true, ask him to suck his thumb.” “Well?” Marion glared at John. He was completely humiliated but complied, timidly putting his thumb in his mouth. The other nurses giggled with Pauline clapping with delight. “So, to that end, I have decided to keep him as my baby, and relieve him of all the responsibilities of adulthood. He will now give up his job and become a full time adult infant. He must now realize that he stands before you in his adult clothes for the last time.” Marion looked at Jane and Patricia. “Well? You better help him out of his adult clothes, hadn’t you?” John was frozen to the spot as two pairs of hands started pulling up his sweater and undoing his shirt buttons. “My dear friend,” Marion continued. “Please help me in this task. His transition to Babyhood must be with complete compliance. As a baby he must have no embarrassment or shame. I will be in later this afternoon, but please start his education and feel free to treat John appropriately as you see fit. Your dearest friend, Jill” Ps. As you have probably noted, he willfully soiled his training pants this morning. I would be grateful if you could find a fitting punishment for this. Marion folded the letter and watched as the nurses pulled down the soiled training pants. Jane grimaced. “No wonder he stinks!” John clenched his eyes shut with the humiliation and sucked harder on his thumb. Marion stood in front of him, pulling his thumb out of his mouth and gripping his chin. “John?” His wet eyes looked up at her. “You now have a choice.” Marion continued. “One, you can pull up your trousers and walk out of here. Or,” she paused, enjoying the power exchange in progress. “Two, you can completely submit to your new status in life, and give up adulthood.” John paled over, completely traumatized. His mouth gaped open, like a goldfish out of water. Marion smiled and whispered. “If you want option two, all you have to do is put your thumb back in your mouth, it is that easy,” she smiled. You could have heard a pin drop in the few moments that followed Marion’s statement. Almost in slow motion, John lifted his thumb to his mouth and started sucking. A loud cheer went up from all the assembled. John was immune to the clapping and laughter, only aware of the distant noise and the tears rolling down his cheeks. “Hello Andii,” Smiled Jill. “Is your new resident here?” Andii grinned back at her and handed over the car keys. “I think Marion has found him a new set. She is waiting for you in John’s new room.” Jill thanked her and moved off to the old storeroom where her and Marion had assembled various items of furniture and fittings last week. Marion and Pauline were there, tidying up as John lay in the cot, feeding from a large bottle of babies milk. His eyes lit up when he saw her. “Mommy,” he cried. “I love you.” Jill dropped the side of the cot, bent over and kissed him. “I love you too, my darling.” Jill looked down at the patterned onsie he was wearing over a thick cloth diaper and plastic pants. Her nose twitched as she detected the scent of a soiled diaper. Marion laughed. “We found a couple of suppositories to help him along with his first punishment diaper. He will stay in it till supper time.” Jill looked slightly uncomfortable and her heart melted as John’s hands gripped her hands almost painfully. “I am sorry Mommy,” he said. “They made me!” He blurted out. “Please Mommy, please take me home?” Gently Jill pushed his hands away and sat on the edge of the bed. “Darling,” she said. “I want you to listen carefully to what I have to say.” Jill stroked his hair. “Mommy loves you, but you can’t be her husband anymore. You will only be her baby from now on.” Jill watched his features absorb this new fact of life. “You will be living here in The Home, looked after by me and all these lovely ladies who also love you very much and want you to be the best Baby Boy in the world. When Mommy finishes work, she will be going home but you will be staying here.” In shock he looked up at her, and then started shaking and getting very agitated. Pauline and Marion immediately secured his limbs in restraint webbing as tears of frustration and sadness rolled down his cheeks. “Don’t worry,” she said, trying to calm him. “You will come home on some weekends and during holiday times and you can be a Mommy’s Baby Boy at home but I will not have the energy to hold down this job and look after two babies.” John stopped sniffing and stared at her. “Yes Darling,” she smiled” “I am pregnant at last and I am so happy. Soon I will have two babies in my life.” John smiled, but tugged at the restraints with frustration. “Mommy?” “Yes Darling?” Jill stroked his brow. “Jill,” he risked the name to prove a point. “We can turn this around. Let me come home as your husband and I will forget all about the diapers and the baby business. Please let me be a husband to you and a father to our new child?” Marion and Pauline held their breath as Jill mopped his sweaty brow. “Husband Darling? You tried that, remember?” Jill’s tone hardened. “You think that if I take you home as my husband, you will not dream of pooping in a diaper when you make love to me? If I take you home, will you save all your seed for me, and me alone?” John’s face collapsed in front of her. “No Darling,” she said. “You will be happier here. I have asked the nice ladies to masturbate you at every nappy change so that you don’t miss that.” Pauline laughed. “Can’t wait,” she said dryly but with a coy smile on her face. “And,” Jill continued. “No more dirty pants. You will now be in diapers all the time, and you will not have to bother about getting to the toilet and wiping your bottom. No Darling, You won’t be a husband to me, nor will you be a father to our child. You will be my special loving Baby Boy.” John broke down and started sobbing. “Please Jill,” he screamed. “Don’t do this to me, let me be your man.” Jill’s brow clouded over and she slapped him across the face. “Stop it!” She shouted, causing Marion and Pauline to jump in surprise. “Remember Peter Reynolds? Yes, your old colleague from your last job. I have been seeing him for the last 4 months.” John’s mouth opened in shock. “He is the father to the child in my belly, not you.” Jill said cruelly. “He is moving in next week as the new man about the house.” Jill instantly regretted the outburst, and she hugged her weeping Baby Boy. “I am so sorry darling, but life had to go on, I had reached the end of my tether.” I still loved John, but not as a husband anymore, not as a lover but as a large overgrown adult baby. I was very firm with him in the beginning, putting him exactly in the place that I wanted him. John’s choices were, and still are simple. He could stay or go. On more than one occasion, I had to offer to pack his suitcase for him. Each time he would dramatically back down and adopt a state of required compliance. As new life grew in my belly, John slowly resigned himself to his new position and status while I developed my home with a new man, Peter at the helm. I encouraged Peter to tease and humiliate John as it would implant the humility that I required from John in the future. John of course knew Peter from his previous life at the office but was deeply humiliated when he met Peter for the first time since he’d been infantilized. After his first week at “The Home”, we returned home for the weekend. John started shaking when he saw Peter’s car parked in the drive.
  22. Do you think it would be a bad idea to post on craigslist or on a babysitting site, for someone to babysit myself and my fiance. But let them know that we play this fetish? Me and my fiance are very healthy, not over weight. We just bought a new house and I am finishing up are nursery atm.
  23. So, I went and did it.. I went on craigs list, posted an ad for adult-baby sitter in domestic gigs and am getting a huge reply! So far 6 women want the position and understand it fully. I've taken a shine to one girl in particular and we just talked on the phone a bit ago. she doesn't seem too outrageously priced ($50 for the first hour and $30 for each hour past that). We agreed on no #2's and no public displays of a babyish nature while under her care.
  24. Seeing that there is already a favourite stories topic I thought that I start this up. So out of all the stories that you have read and out of all the caregivers whather it's a Mum, babysitter or anyother caregiver who is your favourite and why?
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