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  1. Baby Dylan says "Hi"

    awww Welcome to the site BabyDylan On the top right hand corner youll see settings for your profile. That is where you would be able to add a photo.
  2. Newbie to the forums want to try the lifestyle

    Welcome to the site *Hugs
  3. Coming out

    So next summer I plan to visit two special guys in different states. The problem is they both have their own pros and cons in terms of a more serious relationship with me. Guy 1, Lets call him Brandon. Age:21 Pros: Helps run a successful family business Goal and relationship Oriented and Like Minded in terms of normal things Rocking hot body lol Been speaking with him for over 2 years Very Independent and also very genuine Cons: Not fully out Seems to be too popular He moves around the country a lot Gets too lost in his passion of classic cars (I'm half in half bout that. Doesn't know anything about abdl Then there is guy 2, Let's call him Tanner age:19 Pros: He is very open minded to the idea of ABDL Actually a well noted athlete in his state Aspires to be a marine biologist like Brandon, he has a rocking hot body and also he is 5.3 in height, so I like the contrast. Cons: Immaturity and uncertainty of his future in terms of love life. He is semi out like brandon He just still has some growing up to do. >< I feel conflicted because during intimate/us time I do want him as a little. But for long term i'd like a healthy balance of both. I've known tanner for only bout a year now. Seems he is mostly into the sexual attraction between he and I and not much else. I'm not too sure with to really pursue as I said they both seem to have their own pros and cons. Brandon tho, he seems kinda conservative when it comes to intimate times. Should I reveal my abdl fetish? I really dont wanna scare him away
  4. Hi I'm new!

    Welcome to the site
  5. Currently been moving funds online funneling it into mining operations and purchasing other cryptocurrencies. My dream is to retire at 40. Own a ranch in the midwest and live out my life in peaceful ignorance. Possibly adopt a little or two. I don't know if i'm getting ahead of myself. Anyways, so with all the returns i've been getting back from my initial investments its really a waiting game with me for the "Big Score" which im projecting in 2 years. That would catapult me to where I wanna be and I can go from there. By 2020 my purchasing power should be enough to fuel other endeavors and open opportunities for connecting with others in a more proper real way :)(Especially the ABDL community.) Other than looking onto the future, my life has been taking some drastic twists and turns currently. I'm working two jobs and pursuing my BA in communications. One of the jobs i'm a baker at a restaurant. The other I work as support staff in the education field. They both are very very demanding but its a labor of love- Least that is what I tell myself when I finally lay down at the end of the day haha. Family has been pretty much okay. Some things you don't have any power over. It's alright tho, i'm on at least neutral ground with all of them. My love life has been sorta....erratic. My on again off again ex comes around once a month to spend time with me. Then I sorta do random dates in the interim of that. Nothing serious tho at all. My car.... oh boy >< seems like I never win with that lemon. Its a 2005 ford explorer. PERFECT DADDY CAR I know lol Been super tempted to get one of those yellow rear window stickers that say "Baby on board." hehe. If anyone feels like they can relate feel free to post or message me. I always have an open ear to this community. -Hugging you all very tight! -Daddy Carl
  6. Hi DailyDiapers community :) ABDL curious

    hehe I can imagine you in the living room in the morning, still in ur pjs, im asleep and you take a chair and raid the pantry and fridge for something to eat because you're hungry. You then make a trail of dropped marshmallows from the kitchen to the living room and lay in front of the tv watching cartoons and eating. As for simulated "messings" id probably mix in some nutella too for the color and feel.It might come out too thick, tho im sure some water can help make it feel the right consistency. Thats my suggestion if you wanna feel whats it like. Tho you can imagine the real thing a lot smellier hehe.
  7. Hi DailyDiapers community :) ABDL curious

    Sounds like you're off to a good start. I'd say start exploring and see what aspects you find enjoyable and expand on it. Anything else little one?
  8. Hi DailyDiapers community :) ABDL curious

    Well what ABDL things do you have? Think the first thing to find out if this is right for you is to roleplay the part for a whole day. ( Would be extra fun if someone was with to play with you or be your foster parent) Role playing will help find out your preferences and boundaries (If you have any) Yes it is a fetish, but it can be a sexual or non sexual or both! Totally whatever you feel comfortable with.
  9. Hi DailyDiapers community :) ABDL curious

    Welcome to the site If you have any questions for a grown up, i'm all ears little one.
  10. Hello Everyone I'm Carl :)

    Aww nice welcome to the site, I hope you are having a good friday hehe
  11. League of Legends NA server?

    Looking for some online buddies Pm me for my username
  12. Feeling numb

    Well I'm just glad to know you can reach out to this community to vent out your situation. I really can't imagine all you are going through, Just know if you need a listening ear i'm here for you.
  13. Rules for your little

    Here are some of my rules for little ones I'm fostering. 1.) Always be curious about the world around you. - Know that I'm here to guild you if you ever needed help. 2.) Never feel guilty about doing something wrong, making mistakes or giving up.-Thats the only way you'll learn after all. 3.) Always ask daddy for food whenever you're hungry. - I'd wip you up something yummy just for you. 4.) Be respectful, aware and safe.- I don't like to worry too much if I leave the room. Might have to get a baby monitor >< 5.)Don't take too long playing in the tub when you are bathing.- You're gonna get all pruney like a raisin lol. 6.) If you get fussy or crabby you gotta tell Daddy.- I don't wanna put you in time out if you throw a fit. 7.)No horse playing during car rides(Least not too much).- Obviously for safety reasons lol. 8.) You get an afternoon nap time and go to bed at 9pm.- I'll always tuck you in and read you a story. Also crack the door so theres some light when you sleep. 9.)You will have an hour or two of homeschool. - I have a background in education, so I wanna start you out early with alphabet blocks and sesame street. 10.) NEVER EVER think that I don't love you or care about you.- When i'm with you, you're my world and I want you to be raised the right way with care,love and proper guidance.
  14. hihi from Texas

    Welcome to the site little one. *Hugs* Hope you are having a good day.
  15. Hello Everyone I'm Carl :)

    I am, thank you for your welcome Diapee.