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  1. I have been looking for an online girl to do ageplay with but since most camming sites don't allow it. I wonder if anyone knows a real beautiful girl who knows how to be a real little girl.
  2. CHAPTER ONE PERSONAL LOG: Stardate 44317.8 Welcome to the USS Hyacinth, the oldest (and only) running Miranda-class vessel in all of Starfleet. Once upon a time it was a science vessel, built during an age when tensions with the klingons ran high. Now it’s little more than a cargo ship and personnel transport; easy assignment for an engineer straight out of the Academy. We’d just shipped out of Risa, the infamous pleasure planet; not that the crew collected any stories. We had a schedule to keep and no leave outstanding. What little we saw involved half-naked locals waving goodbye to our passengers. We ushered them aboard the away vessel and began our journey to the nearest star base. Not that I was bothered. Risa has its reputation for a reason, and brags billions of satisfied visitors, but that’s not me. Sex is great, but I’m just not a ‘Risa’ kind of girl. The things I want are… complicated. God, what I wouldn’t give for a working holodeck, and a night’s freedom from Starfleet protocol. Life aboard the Hyacinth comes with challenges, but rarely with difficulty. The ship itself is in good shape despite being over a century old. The crew, twenty five in total, are friendly enough, though we have little to talk about. By the time my shifts end I’m eager to return to my quarters, replicate a meal, snuggle my teddybear, and pass the time watching andorian melodramas. It gets lonely sometimes. We all get lonely, but the shape of my feelings aren’t the kind to be shared. I check in with a Starfleet counsellor every couple of weeks, but there are no practical outlets to meet this need. Three days into our journey to Star Base 12 and I received a call from one of the passengers. The replicator in her quarters had shorted out, and she was in desperate need of a raktajino. It was close to the end of my shift, but didn’t mind making the effort as the other ensign signed on. ‘Love Songs of the Forbidden Moon’ could wait. I moved to the passenger level, walked along the corridor, and pressed my thumb to the bell. The doors hissed open, and immediately I was dumbstruck. There in the center of the room stood a woman, naked as the day she was born, smiling without a care in the world. I covered my eyes. “Oh! I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have-” “No, no, don’t be silly,” she said. “Come in. You’re here to repair the replicator, yes?” “Yes, but… ma’am. You’re naked!” She hummed. “Yes, I’m aware. Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of.” My shoulders turtled to swallow my head. “I appreciate that, ma’am, but if it’s all the same to you I’d prefer if you wore clothes.” The passenger huffed. I listened as she sorted through her things and waited until she found adequate attire. When I dared to look, curious in spite of myself, she wore an incandescent blue gown that clung to her shape. Heavy breasts, round hips, she was the embodiment of a mythical goddess. I followed her body upward to the thick, scarlet curls that ran down her shoulders. She turned, persing her sharp and very full lips. “Is that better?” she asked. I nodded dumbly and collected myself. Yes, she was the most beautiful woman I’d seen in a long time, let alone stood near, but I was there to do a job. She was a passenger, not a potential date. Even so, what were the chances of… No. I wouldn’t go there. The replicator proved an easy fix. “One of the photon sequencers is misaligned,” I said, and crouched to reach the upper corner of the machine. One new micro-coupling and a psionic fixer later and it would be as good as new. It was the kind of work I could do in my sleep, or with an attractive distraction lingering in the room. She took a seat at a nearby table, and crossed one leg over the other. My heart beat faster. The smell of sex lingered from under her robe, conjuring memories of the last time I lay with a partner. It seemed forever ago, and my body ached for it. The sooner I could return to my quarters the better. “You didn’t tell me your name,” she said. “Ensign Morris, ma’am.” “Morris,” she hummed, her voice deep and smokey. “Do you have a first name, ensign?” I hesitated, but thought better than to catch her eye. “Sally… ma’am. And you?” Her deep forest eyes probed under the layers of my Starfleet uniform, prompting a shiver down my spine. She finally answered, “Artemis.” A goddess in body, and a goddess in name. How ironic that she should share a title with a patron of chastity. Her wild aura, however, seemed entirely apt. “Does it get lonely out here, Sally?” Her asking sent goosebumps running down my arms, not because there was anything wrong with the question, but because of how it called attention to my plight. Space, and the confines of a starship, were isolating at the best of times. But I didn’t tell her that. Instead we chatted about my home on Earth, just outside of Alberta, and my Mom’s ginger snap cookies that no machine could replicate. The hollow in my chest deepend, pining for the familiar, but work was there as welcome distraction. The photon sequencer snapped into line, and the job was done. I started to place my tools back into their box. “You’re human, yes?” As though being from Earth didn’t imply that. “Yes,” I said. “I find humans delightful,” she said. “You believe yourself the rulers of your emotions, but anyone with the mildest sense knows the undercurrents you suppress.” My body tensed further. “You’re betazoid.” She warmed like a breeze that filled the room. Thick plates of transparent aluminum shielded us from the void of space, so it had to be her. “Got it in one,” she said. When I moved to stand she placed a hand on my shoulder and with great care guided me down again. “I’d like you to stay on your knees a while, if that’s alright.” I should have been insulted. As an officer of Starfleet it was unbecoming to fall for the wiles of a passenger in transit. There were protocols about this sort of thing. And yet to do so would be bluster. She was a betazoid, an empath! She could sense the arousal in my belly, the spinning in my head, the deep desire inspired by a strong woman looming above. Her hand stroked my cheek like palm fronds in the wind, and she hushed. God help me, I curled into her touch. Starfleet be damned, she wrested authority from them with the smallest motion. “I… I…” Her voice softened, almost sang. “It’s alright, my girl. Don’t worry about a thing. I’ve got you.” She knew this was my weakness. The sex, the wanting, the throne she held by sitting above. Before I was even aware she held all of the cards, and was playing them to her advantage. Worse yet, I wanted her to. My body was a cacophony of desire hungry for sensation; for her to touch, to claim me, make me small, make me hers, to fill me, to hold me, to… to… I pulled away and snapped to my feet. Tears pricked my eyes, but they did not break my resolute stance as an officer of Starfleet. My shoulders stiffened and I started for the door, forgetting my toolbox as I did. “This can’t happen,” I said, telling myself as much as I did her. Artemis glided to her feet and smiled. Her understanding was like a beacon in the dark, begging me to fall. “You don’t have to be ashamed,” she said. “You’re not a little girl.” The words struck like a hammer. Why did she have to say that? The air left my lungs, and my body was on the verge of collapse. All I wanted was to scream and to cry, to find somewhere safe, but there was nowhere to turn. Her expression turned. The cold in my chest was hers as well. With painted shock she flew to me and wrapped her arms tight. Wide stretched loving hands cradled my back, running up and down in a soothing motion. “Except you are a little girl,” she gasped in realization, “and nobody has seen you in a very, very long time.” Tears rolled down my cheeks like boulders. Shame caught in my throat. I was small in her arms, afraid, without the disciplined Starfleet officer to protect me. All I had was this strange and sudden women whose song and whose hands knew where to go. Finally I held her back, shaking, clinging with all I had. “I’m sorry. I-I can’t…” “Shhhh.” Her digit stroked my brow, removing a strand of hair so she could see me fully. I didn’t want her to see. The thought turned my knees to jelly. If experience had taught me anything it was that little girls were difficult to love when their hearts sat in an adult body. Flashbacks of every confused lover flew across my senses. Some were angry, others so bewildered by the reality that they turned cold. Why should this be any different? Artemis swayed, and cooed, and sang. Her hands were like magic, weaving warmth with every turn. “It’s alright, babygirl,” she said. “I’ve got you. I’ll protect you.” No. I wasn’t a baby. I was an adult. Nobody could protect me. I had to protect myself. But her words shattered my cold ego. Once upon a time I thought someone so loving a fantasy; something that could at best be created on the holodeck. But there she was, flesh and blood, resting my head above the cradle of her breast. I cried, I cried, and I cried. Hot tears spilled off my cheeks and onto her skin. Artemis didn’t seem to mind at all, and encouraged these out of control feelings with a gentle tone. Somewhere in an ocean of sobs I stopped being Ensign Morris of the USS Hyacinth, and became Sally, the small child wandering the distant cosmos.
  3. Here's my 'first time' story for the 'Stinky, Squishy and Proud' section, almost as I shared it at Experience Project a few years ago — which was the first time I'd ever told anyone I did (and do) this. ----- Imitating My Baby Cousin I was 15 when I pooped my pants on purpose for the first time. I'd been peeing myself for pleasure for about two years by then. Part of the fun of it was all the ways I could make my wettings feel realistic. I acted out every kind of situation I could imagine that ended with me unable to hold on and wetting my pants — being desperate and out of reach of a bathroom, scared suddenly, too shy and embarrassed to ask, delaying until it was too late, wetting my bed the way I used to. But who pees their pants the most? Babies and little kids. A lot of my pee games gravitated to playing out scenes of being two or three or four years old again, failing toilet training — or even being a baby again and just wetting where I sat, or toddled, or lay. But of course babies do more than just wet ... and little kids who are potty training have another kind of accident. I got kind of fascinated with the strange fact that I'd been in diapers for my first two years, and peed and pooped my pants every single day of that time. I had no memories of it, and I'd just about never been around an actual baby or accident or diaper. There weren't any little kids in my family at that age. Being around someone who pooped in their pants seemed like the most embarrassing, forbidden, messy thing in the world. Being a parent who had to clean it up when it happened seemed almost unimaginably disgusting. But I knew peeing my pants had turned out to be one of my greatest pleasures. I was at least a little curious what pooping in them must have been like. When I was fifteen, a year-old cousin came to visit. She was in diapers of course, and was still learning to walk. I wasn't all that interested in babies — as a typical teenage boy they just seemed kind of boring and sometimes loud and a little bit leaky and gross. But the fact that she peed and even pooed in her pants was now of interest. The first afternoon she was with us she had a wet diaper that leaked into her tights, and her mom laid her down and changed her, and I wondered what it must be like for her to be in wet diapers a lot of the time, and just pee without a care in her clothes as she played, or ate, or napped, or cuddled with her mom. A couple of hours after that, the thing I was most curious about happened. She paused in the middle of our living room, squatted slightly, and very obviously pooped in the seat of her diaper. It didn't seem to bother her in the slightest that she'd pooped herself in front of us — or even interest her very much. She went right back to playing and exploring, now with an unmistakeable smell around her that my aunt decided not to notice. And like any kid learning to walk she proceeded to fall down flat on her bum, right into her fresh mess, a few times over the next few minutes. I'd never seen anyone poop their pants before, let alone sit in it, and found it a mix of hilarious, gross and almost unbelievable. I couldn't help wondering what it felt like, when she went in her pants and when it was getting sat in and flattened against her bottom. It kind of made my head explode that the adults, including my parents, didn't do any more than exchange little amused looks, as if it was cute, and just let her keep playing. After maybe 20 minutes my aunt laid her down on the floor again and changed her, the first poopy diaper change I ever remember watching. It was squished all through her diaper. My aunt caught the teenage boy reaction on my face to the smell and mess, and laughed at me and said "I've seen you in dirtier diapers than this." Which was probably true, she'd looked after me sometimes as a baby. I don't know why I kept thinking about something so messy and infantile, but afterward I remembered that scene when I played my wetting games, and the weird true fact that all babies and lots of small kids pooped in their pants every day just like my cousin had, and crawled around like that, and sat in it. I started thinking about all the times I'd pooped in my own pants too at that age, and what it must have been like. And one day soon afterwards I had to know how it felt and knew I was going to try it. I had the house to myself. I needed to go. I chose two pairs of snug underwear, lined them with folded toilet paper, and with a thrill of anticipation all over my body at this strange thing I felt so compelled to experience, I went and stood in the exact spot where I'd watched my cousin fill her pants. I squatted just like she had, pushed just enough to get things started ... and then let go all control of my muscles and let my body take over as I felt myself poop my diaper like a toddler. It felt so much better than I ever would have guessed. Unexpectedly amazing as poop slowly eased out and spread into my pants, warm and just slightly soft, making exciting feelings in some of my most sensitive areas. I stood up and felt poop squish and flatten over my bum for probably the first time in 12 or 13 years. The forbiddenness of what I was doing and the intense curiosity I'd had about doing it amplified every sensation. I tried walking in my 'full' pants, with what I'd done wiggling and moving around under me, and that was exciting and felt good too. And then I went all the way. I toddled like my year-old cousin, just learning to walk, and let myself fall flat onto my bum a bunch of times, as warm, fresh poop spread all through the seat of my pants, and up into the crotch of my makeshift diaper, and up towards my rear waistband, and almost out the legs. And the stimulating sensations of that were almost more than I could take. This time the smell of a baby in a poopy diaper spreading through my family living room was coming from me, and now I knew something about how a baby in that condition felt. I don't do it often. Unlike my cousin, I don't have anyone to clean me up. But once or twice a year something gets me thinking about it again and I know I'll do it soon. I've never forgotten the thrill of anticipation or the sensations of that first time...
  4. Trentoss

    Sydney dl's

    Hey there this is a thread for all the ab/dls in the NEW SOUTH WALES region feel free to comment and we can chat , would love to meet others and have a real conversation
  5. New here to El Paso, and since I move around alot I haven't been able to meet many people in the ABDL community IRL... I want to change that while I live here.
  6. An original story about a twenty five year old woman who visits her best friend. Did her friend party too hard and fry her brain? Why has she decided to give up on being an adult and become a baby? Is it possible that something beyond her comprehension has forced her to be a baby? Find out below. Lauren stepped out of her car and looked at her friend's house or, more correctly, her friend's mother's house. It had been over a week since the young woman of twenty four had heard from her friend. Typically, they exchanged phone calls frequently throughout the week, supplementing the gaps in between with texts about various subjects and what not. However, Abbigail had stopped answering her phone and numerous texts were ignored during the last five days or so. The girls used to work at the same office until Abbigail had lost her job about a month ago and, while she was being a downer, for obvious reasons, she always maintained some semblance of contact with her best friend. This period of silence between the two unnerved the usually upbeat and confident young woman. Hell, she would've stopped by sooner, but a major project at the office had been dumped in her lap. Thankfully, Lauren had wrapped it up and used her first day off, in what seemed like forever, to check in on her friend. "She better be okay." The young lady in her small denim jacket and blue jeans muttered to herself as she walked up the driveway. One thing stood out to Lauren: Abbigail's car no longer occupied the patch of pavement in front of the Tudor style household. 'Had she just up and moved? Maybe she was out looking for another job or cruising around, smoking a joint?' A multitude of possibilities rushed through the young professional's mind, but one slightly significant detail did go unnoticed: a large, pink carseat occupied the backseat of the black Mercedes Benz SUV. *Knock* *Knock* An older Asian woman opened the door. This kind yet firm woman was none other than Mrs. Yoshikawa. Lauren knew the older lady well enough from her youthful days of playing with Abbigail and numerous nights filled with sleepovers. "Hello, Lauren!" She smiled and welcomed the petite girl in. "I wasn't expecting you to stop by." "I decided to stop by and see if Abbigail was in. I haven't heard from her in over a week." Lauren stated, facing Mrs. Yoshikawa in the foyer, her back turned to the hallway which led to the living room. "You sure picked a bad time to stop by." Mrs. Yoshikawa replied. "Why?!" Lauren exclaimed, noting the surprised look on the older woman's face, lowering her tone of voice as she continued her questioning. "What happened to Abbigail?" "Aside from a nasty dirty diaper this morning? Nothing." Mrs. Yoshikawa chuckled, walking away from the stunned girl by the door. "Dirty diaper?" Lauren muttered, following behind the middle aged woman. "Is she sick?" "No, my little Abbie is just fine. See for yourself!" With that said, the two women entered the living room. Blankets were placed randomly, toys strewn about haphazardly and the remnants of a few empty baby bottles littered the carpeted floor. However, all of this paled in comparison to the main attraction of this infantile circus: Abbigail suspended in a giant baby swing, legs dangling due to the massive, plastic bulk between in her legs. "Abbie, sweetie!" Mrs. Yoshikawa called out to the baby woman in the baby swing. "Your friend, Lauren is here!" "Abbigail!? What the hell are you- Is that a diaper?!" Lauren ran over to her friend, dodging the toys scattered about the floor as if they were landmines. Abbigail, or Abbie, grinned at her friend, like she was missing the punchline of a joke. "I'm a baby now." The diapered girl punctuated the statement with a nice spit bubble that instantly popped, sending spittle down her cute little chin. "I see a twenty five year old pot head, wearing a diaper while seated in some kind of bondage swing!" Lauren stated bluntly. "Look, it's better like this. No more stress, no more drama, no more icky jobs or boys. Just mommy and my binky." Abbigail reached her hand into her oversized pamper and plucked a pacifier from within the moist confines of it. Unbeknownst to Lauren, the glistening sheen on the bulb on the plastic teat was from her friend's pussy. The best part of her newfound babyhood was the way her diapers made her feel: constantly aroused! "You're not going to put that in your mouth are you? Abbigail giggled, nodding like a naughty girl, pushing the wet oversized bulb into her mouth. Savoring the flavor of her womanly essence. She loved swirling the pacifier around in her mouth, her tongue encircling it and drawing it in past her lips repeatedly, suckling it for all it was worth. It felt great against the roof of her mouth and against the gaps that were starting to form in her once perfect smile. "Look, you can't just give up being an adult." Lauren stared straight into Abbigail's eyes, ready to make a passionate argument about the beauty of adulthood. However, she faltered, unable to really find anything worth arguing about. Her childhood was pretty great after all, but she knew of two things her lifelong friend couldn't live without. "What about pot? I don't know many two year olds that can smoke." "Dun, needid." Abbie muttered behind her pacifier, a steady stream of drool starting to cascade down her chin. "Fine, what about cock?" Lauren knew that Abbigail couldn't last without a man in her life. The girl had been boy crazy since middle school. "What guy is going to want to fuck a twenty five year old girl who wears pissy pampers, huh?" Abbie spat the pacifier right at Lauren's face, the hard plastic shield bouncing off the other girl's forehead. "Oww, you bitch!" Lauren raised her hands up to the point of impact, rubbing the spot due to instinct. It honestly surprised her more than anything. "Pfffttt! Stop bothering me! I'm a baby now, got it?!" "No! Not until you get out of that diaper and get out of, whatever the hell that thing is that you're bouncing around in." "Mooommm!" Abbigail cried out. "I want milk!" Mrs. Yoshikawa came walking over to her twenty five year old baby, lifting her up from the big baby swing, setting the topless adult onto her hip. "It's time for little Abbie's feeding, yes it is!" The woman in her late forties proclaimed in a tone of voice best reserved for toddlers. Lauren could only marvel in morbid fascination at the display of strength displayed by Mrs. Yoshikawa. Abbigail was no porker, but she was still a full grown woman, weighing in at about one twenty while her mother probably only weighed twenty pounds more than her. Regardless, of weight or size, the mother carried her adult baby daughter with ease. "Abbigail, how is your mom so strong? Is she a weightlifter or something?" Lauren asked, feeling stupid by trying to justify how a middle-aged house wife could possibly bench press her twenty five year old daughter. "Don't be silly, Lauren. She's my mom." Abbie replied, as she was sat on the couch. Her mother adjusted the girl's position until she was in just the right spot. Mrs. Yoshikawa rapidly unbuttoned her top, revealing her nursing bra, each nipple purple and in pain, engorged and leaking white milk. "Latch on, Abbie. Drain mommy dry." Mrs. Yoshikawa encouraged the twenty five year old. "You've got to be kidding me!" Lauren said in a disgusted tone, standing about five feet away from the bizarre spectacle which assaulted her eyes. Meanwhile, Abbie was in utter bliss, enraptured by the rich, creamy ambrosia flowing into her mouth with each suckling. She barely even noticed that what remained of her teeth had disappeared, receded into her gums, leaving them sore and aching for relief. Only the pain which her toothless maw emitted told the twenty five year old that something was wrong. Luckily, for Abbie, the milk slowly soothed her gums. "Abbigail! You have to stop!" Lauren screamed, but it was too late for her friend. Abbigail was drunk on the infantile euphoria produced by her mother's magical breast milk. She paused her suckles for just the briefest of moments and looked at Lauren with a scowl. "Imm twing ta dwink mai boobie milk! Gidda hew od of hew!" Abbie lisped in the most angry voice she could utter. "Such a fussy baby, I think it's time for your nap." Mrs. Yoshikawa pulled Abbigail from thr other breast and pushed a large pacifier into her mouth. She then proceeded to wrap her diapered adult newborn into a large fleece blanket. She slowly lifted the baby woman from her lap, carrying the pacifier suckling twenty five year old newborn, swaddled up in the pink blanket past Lauren and up the stairs. "Can you close the door on your way out? Thanks!" The young, professional business woman was absolutely flabbergasted by the chain of events she had witnessed from within the Yoshikawa household. Unsure of whether this was a bad dream, drug trip or something more ethereal, she left out the front door as she was instructed. She didn't want to join Abbigail and had to admit defeat. However, no matter how Abbigail ended up like that, one thing was certainly crystal clear: she didn't want to be an adult anymore. To be continued... If you enjoyed this type of story, then please check out my Patreon for other wild tales of diapers and adult babyhood! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213
  7. For just a dollar, you can see more stories like this at my Patreon. If you'd like a short story, you may pledge five dollars and I'll write you one about any image you choose.  https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213 Chapter 1: Abducted and Diapered Two large, humanoid, female aliens looked over their advanced tracking system which had located a high concentration of the desired energy which these creatures sought out. The women were tall, slightly pale and had large breasts. Each one looked at each other with pure excitement evident in their eyes. The readouts showed that the immaturity, relative to the subject's ages of the woman below, were absolutely off the charts. "Can you believe these readings!?" The taller female humanoid questioned her partner. "I am having a hard time. These have got to be the two most immature beings on Earth." "Quickly, we must have them on board right now!" The two creatures relayed a series of specific orders to various members of the crew. This was not a drill, typically such scans of alien worlds would be lucky to reveal a few dozen low level readings, but the planet known as Earth had two extremely high level beings. With a press of a button the ship went into cloak mode, rendering it invisible. Chi Chi and Bulma chatted on the patio of Capsule Corp's residential area, completely oblivious to the ulterior motives of the beings on the spaceship. Neither one could see the ship hovering a few hundred feet over head. They enjoyed the fair weather and the opportunity to get together on a beautiful sunny afternoon which was rarely afforded to the two mothers. Goten and Trunks were both quite a handful after all and their husbands were something else entirely. "That Goku is such--" Before Chi Chi could finish her complaining, a sudden energy had paralyzed her body. Bulma was experiencing a similar phenomenon as both women were levitating slowly until they instantaneous disappeared from Capsule Corp only to reappear aboard the alien vessel. Startled and confused they looked around the strange area that they were teleported to. "What happened?" Chi Chi questioned as she stood up from the floor. "I don't know, but everything in here is huge." Bulma replied, looking at a few large tables which stood close by. Her exploration was cut short by a door opening. A lanky, pale humanoid waltzed right in. This entity was eaaily the tallest woman she had ever seen. "Look at these two perfect specimens!" "It's a giant alien!" Chi Chi declared. "I can see that, Chi Chi. Just be calm. Let me do the talking." Bulma stepped forward towards the large woman and noticed that she barely came up to her thigh. Still, she was undeterred and unintimidated by this massive woman. "I'm Bulma Brief, head scientist and CEO of Capsule Corp." The blue haired woman held her hand out, waiting to shake hands with the enormous humanoid. "Oh, that's cute. Look at that, trying to be mature." Bulma felt a twitch of her eye as a big vein appeared on her forehead. "What do you mean by trying to be mature? I'll have you know that I'm a genius and run my father's company!" "Let's get you ready for the adoption protocol. You're going to make someone a very happy mommy!" The alien cooed, entirely ignoring the scientist. "Adoption?!" Bulma turned to run away, but was instantly scooped up by the giant woman as if she weighed nothing at all. "I'm an adult! I have two sons and a husband!" Chi Chi shrieked as a metallic arm grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards the oversized humanoid. "Hold still, young lady!" The alien warned a squirming Bulma. "Hell no!" Bulma barked at her captor. "I want you to take me back to Earth right now!" "Can't do that, sweetie. You, and your little friend, are the perfect specimens for our home world. Now let's get you out of these silly clothes." Bulma was powerless to stop this crazy alien as it ripped her pants clean off of her body. Then she felt her top being pulled off with ease which was unmatched by even her husband, Vegeta.Lifting a grown woman like she weightless and then stripping her like it was nothing more than peeling an orange: This woman was strong! Chi Chi found herself in a similar state of undress after a multitude of metallic hands descended on her like ravenous vultures. Her trademark dress was torn to shreds and her bra and panties didn't stand a chance once they were out in the open. The raven haired woman struggled as best as she could, but she was no match for the machines. Both mothers were now butt naked. Speaking of butts, Bulma noticed that her captor was staring at her ass, almost mesmerized by it. "My stars. By the light of Azzelond, you have such a perfect rump. So fat and round. I just want to pinch it and squeeze it for eternity." "What? My ass is not fat!" Bulma fumed, pinned in the giant's hands. "Yes, it's quite the perfect bubble. Lucky for you, I can't pinch it or spank it. Violates the guidelines that state that the merchandise mustn't be damaged in any way." "Great. So, what? I'm cattle to you?" "No, you'll be the perfect pet or baby for someone who is lucky enough to get their hands on your bouncy booty." "That's exactly what I wanted to hear." Bulma shot back, sarcastically before continuing her rant. "Just you wait till my husband finds out about this. You'll all be sorry. I'm the wife of a prince!" "We've captured royalty before. They are always the most fun to train. Anyway, enough talk. Time to clean you both up." "I'm already clean!" "Yeah, me too!" Chi Chi added. "No, but you will be. Engage cleaning sequence Alpha Beta!" Once more, the machines renewed their assault on Chi Chi, but this time Bulma wasn't left out. Both ladies had their make up washed off, teeth brushed with a tiny high pressure spray from one of the smaller hoses and then a snake like tube slithered across Bulma's leg until it slowly pushed it's way into her ass. Her tight hole was instantly penetrated by the long, glistening tube. She felt it come to life and an odd sensation overwhelmed her stomach: It was pumping some kind of alien fluid up her rear end! "Oh my Kami!" Bulma cried out. "You're going to impregnate me, aren't you!?" Of course, the blue haired loud mouth failed to notice that Chi Chi was already finished with the enema, pissing out the vile oozing slime from her ass and into some kind of waste receptacle. "No, you're the baby. Baby doesn't make babies." The alien laughed while she held Bulma over her lap. The scientist still didn't trust this crazy alien. After all, her belly currently looked to be as large as when she was nine months pregnant with Trunks. Her stomach resembled a massive ballon. "Please, just let me go!" Bulma begged, but to no avail. She was held over the same type of receptacle which collected Chi Chi's waste and felt an intense pressure on her abdomen. She pushed with all her might and was rewarded with a hissing sound as the slime left her body, pouring into the space age bucket while she was held over it. "Thank you, that feels so much better!" Her relief was short lived thanks to the finger of the metallic hand being stuck up her fat butt. "What's the big idea?!" "Temperature, normal. Readings average." The machine spoke aloud while Chi Chi got an identical treatment. "Diaper Sequence: Engage!" The alien ordered. Soon both women were laid out onto a table, side by side. "I'm not going to wear a damn diaper!" "Me neither!" Chi Chi growled. Another bizarre, snake like device lowers down from the ceiling and did a quick scan over each woman's body. "Inappropriate hair detected!" "What's wrong with my hair?" Bulma retorted. "My hair looks great you bucket of bolts!" Unbeknownst to the two ladies, it wasn't refereeing to the hair on their heads, but their pubic hair. A small lazer rapidly burned off all their pubic hairs at the follicular level. Chi Chi lost her massive bush in the blink of an eye. Bulma had always kept her feminine area very well manicured, but the machine desired scorched Earth and quickly had Bulma looking as bare as a prepubescent girl. "What the hell did you do to my bush?!" Chi Chi screamed, utterly enraged. "Who cares about your bush? I spent hours grooming the Capsule Corp logo into my crotch!" While the two ladies bickered, they failed to noticed that two thick, white gleaming plastic diapers were ready, held in the robotic hands. The diapers were made of a special polymer which would allow for multiple wettings or messings. In a flash, the girls had their butts raised off of the table simultaneously . The metallic hands wasted no time and the mothers were oiled and powdered. Each one felt the bulky diaper fastened to their waists. "Well, looks like your both ready for nap time." The alien cooed. "Fuck that!" Bulma yelled at the top of her lungs while Chi Chi valiantly tried to rip her diaper off. The girls were sprayed with a gas specifically designed to knock out humans. "Sweet dreams, little ones."
  8. I'm looking to do a roleplay set in the fictional world of My Hero Academia i am looking for a partner or partners to do this roleplay with. When i say set in the world that means we create original characters in that world not use existing characters.
  9. Elise and Sarah were walking through a park, hand in hand. The sun was shining brightly, but the air still carried the cold of winter. Snow piled around them, and Elise stopped to admire the crystel white reflecting on tree branches."Look!" she said to Sarah, pointing at one of the branches. "A bird! Like the song, "Gone away is the blue bird, here to stay is the new bird..."Sarah laughed. "Yes I see it, I see it. You really like those, don't you?"Elise blushed. "Don't worry. Its cute." Sarah said, cupping her cheeks. Elise smiled.At this point, it was clear Sarah knew that Elise loved it when she called her cute, as there was no way she could hide the smile or the occasional giggles. What she didn't know was the extent. She didn't know the giddy feeling, or the massive swarm of butterflies she felt in her stomach every time every time she heard it, or how much she held it back. What she couldn't know, even after they had been seeing each other, was why.On the surface it seemed Sarah didn't do much to hide her love of 'cute' things. Her outfit today, chosen for the snow, displayed it. Light pink in color, with matching coat and pants and a lightly embroidered frog head, it was the sort of thing that was still passable for someone her age, but would just as likely appear a quarter the size. Many of her outfits were like that- in this day and age, after all, it wasn't unheard of for women in their 20s and thirties to still have teddy bears or wear rompers, and many would think nothing of it.What they would think something of was what she was wearing underneath. She knew Sarah was used to seeing her in such things, and seemed to like it. She had exclaimed that she looked adorable the moment she saw the snow suit, and said it looked like a onesie. THAT comment almost made Elise want to squeal with delight. She made similar comments about her other habits, taking delight in her collection of stuffed animals, her affection for cartoons, her pastel clothing and her giddiness and excitability. This outfit wasn't far off what she normally wore when meeting Sarah. However, the diaper she wore underneath it definitely was.It had been a flash decision. She rarely went out with one, especially with Sarah. Normally it would be impossible to hide something like to her. Their relationship was physical, and Sarah would definitely notice the thick padding around her bottom. If she didn't see it, she would feel it while holding her, or giving her the playful spanks when she jokingly accused Elise of being 'bad,' something she did more and more as it was clear Elise enjoyed it.However, this time had been different. Her thick snow suit covered the padding and muffled the crinkling sound. It would be hard to feel anything through it, and since they were just walking through a park in public, there was no chance of anything getting to the point where it would be exposed. Moreover, she had longed for the chance to be diapered around Sarah, even if she didn't know.It felt wrong, as if she was tricking Sarah. She wasn't really deceiving her, it wasn't like she had ever told her she wasn't diapered, (unsurprisingly it never came up) and they hadn't discussed their kinks yet. She wanted to tell her, but was afraid of how she'd react. She had yet to tell anyone, and if the first person she told turned against her for it... She also really cared about Sarah, and didn't want to risk ruining their relationship.She held onto Sarah's hand and leaned into her, resting her head on the other girls arm. Sarah, herself a long haired brunette in a blue pea coat, reached over and began stroking her hair. Elise smiled. This was one of their adopted habits that she loved, perhaps for reasons she couldn't specify to Sarah.They arrived at the edge of the park, where Sarah had parked the car. Elise sighed."Ready to go?" Sarah asked, smiling. Elise looked at her sadly. "We can't spend all our time together, you know. I'm meeting with my brother in an hour.""I know," Elise replied sadly."Come on then," Sarah said, patting her butt hard. Elise yelped and covered it, blushing. "That was quiet the reaction," Sarah laughed. "Its not like I've never spanked you before.""I know, but ummm..." Elise said, but didn't finish her sentence. Because I don't want you to notice my diaper, she thought. She was sad to see Sarah leave, but really this was the for the best. She had picked her underwear with the understanding it would be a short date, and mainly in public. Too much longer, or if Sarah got frisky... it be a hard thing to explain.They both climbed into the car, Sarah in the drivers seat and Elise beside her. Elise reached back and grabbed her back pack, took out a water bottle and drank some."Do you always have that with you?" Sarah asked."Mhmmm," Elise replied. The water bottle was pink and ended in a tip she could suckle, about as close to a baby bottle as public exposure would allow. The disney princess characters on it didn't hurt either. "Want some?""No thanks," Sarah said. "Reminds me too much of a baby bottle."Elise blushed and kept drinking.They pulled up to Elise's home. Elise pouted."Its ok sweetie. We'll see each other again soon," Sarah leaned over and kissed her. "I know," she said, and kissed her back."Good bye!""Bye!"Elise walked away reluctantly. Once at the door to her apartment building, she turned around and waved at Sarah, who happily waved back. She went inside, took the elevator to her floor, and walked down the hall to her apartment.Her apartment wasn't large, but it suited her well. The main room combined a kitchen in a living room, with a carpet that ended in black and white tiled floors just before the stove and cabinets. She had a wooden table beside it, and a couch in the living room facing a small tv. Her bedroom was likewise carpeted, and contained her railed double bed, bookshelves, a closet and a mirror.The decor fit the 'as babyish as would be socially acceptable" theme of her clothes. She had posters and statues of her favorite anime movies, brightly colored blankets and furniture, and a Disney princess cover for the blanket on her bed, which itself was covered with stuffed animals. She smiled. It was surprising what you could get away with. The railings were an added bonus, usable for self bondage and providing the feeling of a crib while seeming perfectly normal.However, what she was about to do was far from normal. She stripped down to her diaper and looked at it. Plain white- a back up plan in case it was discovered was to claim it was medical. Her prefered diapers would made that impossible.She reached into her closet, took out a large bin and opened it. Inside were piled onesies, pacifiers, diapers, and all the abdl stuff she needed to keep hidden in case of visitors. She reached into it and took out two thick printed diapers- both were pink with princesses on them. She liked princesses, she giggled to herself. Maybe now she could be one.She lay the diapers out on the ground. She looked at them, then down at her own. She felt pressure in her bladder, and released it. She watched as the thinner white diaper darkened. She giggled. No more potty for me! She thought, giving herself a mental order. She lay on the first of the pink diapers and tore holes in her white one, then taped second diaper on, followed by the third. She grabbed a pair of plastic pants and pulled them on. They locked in place, and she put the key on her bed. Mentally she pictured handing that key to Sarah, not knowing when she'd get it back. For now, the bed would do.She looked at herself and giggled. Her legs were too far apart to stand right, so she had fun waddling, then twirled around like a ballerina. She took out a pacifier and shoved it in her mouth. Pacis mean no talking! She told herself. Babies don't talk. She went back to the box. She was going to go with her princess outfit today. It was normally her favorite. She took out a onesie, pink with frills where the sleves would be, and 'Little Princess' written in cursive across it. She had gotten it from an ABDL site and loved it ever since. She pulled it over her head and snapped the bottom shut. Next she took out a frilly tutu skirt and pulled it on. She checked herself herself in the mirror she had in her bedroom for just this type of occasion. The skirt flared outward, leaving the thick padding underneath clear and the plastic visible around the edges of the onesie. She giggled. Baby's diaper should always be visible. She told herself. She did a ballerina twirl and watched the tutu go up higher.Next she took out long white socks and pulled them up to her knees, and added a pair of patent leather mary jane shoes. She tied her hair in pigtails with bows before pulling on fingerless mittens, which themselves locked. Finally, she took out the finishing touch, and the one thing that made her, in her mind and her game, a princess: a toy plastic tiara. She picked it up with her mittened hands and placed it reverently on her head. It was a toy tiara, the kind only a kid would feel was real, which made it perfect.She looked at her hand work in the mirror, and giggled. She did look silly she knew, but that was part of the fun. She took her favorite doll and skipped toward the kitchen. Now for some snacks and baby bottles of water, then toys and games. How long should she keep her diapers locked on? It depended on how well you behave, she laughed to herself....Sarah watched as Elise walked toward her apartment. Was it her imagination, or was her girlfriend waddling slightly? She shook her head. Just her imagination. She had been telling herself she was 'noticing' these things about Elise since they met. Today she could have sworn she heard a crinkling sound when she walked, but that must have been her splash pants (splash pants? What adults wear splash pants?), and felt padding when she spanked her. Wishful thinking, she knew.A large part of what had originally attacked her to Elise was her cuteness. She was so enthusiastic, and loved what she loved. The childishness just made her want to take care of her, but she knew she could never bring it up with Elise. She'd be insulted, and probably creeped out. She started to drive away.Sarah was almost home when she got a text. She checked her phone at a red light. It was from her brother."Hi I'm sorry I can't make it I'm..." she cursed and didn't read the rest. The light changed and she kept driving. A short date for nothing.She looked back over her shoulder to turn, and notice something. Sitting on the back seat of her car was Elise's backpack, noticeable for the pokemon decorating it. "Silly girl," Sarah thought. She pulled into a drive way, turned around, and started to head back....Elise was lying on the ground of her living room, stomach down and feet kicking in the air behind her. She was humming to herself along the music coming from her headphones and drawing with crayons in a coloring book. She had had to take her mittens off to get her ipod working, but she excused herself that one, and currently they were making staying within the lines almost impossible. No matter. Only babies can't draw in lines! She told herself, mimicking what she remembered being told in primary school. She laughed. Well, she was a baby too, clearly. She tore out the scribbled on mess and brought it to her fridge, where she stuck it with a magnet along with her other masterpieces. She smiled to herself as she flipped through them. They came from a variety of books, ranging from animals, to more disney and anime, to the special ab one she had that featured pictures of grown men and women dressed as babies. That was her favorite, but she only used it occasionally so it would last longer. Nothing got her in little space more then coloring in it while dressed as the characters inside.The drawings on the fridge were now several days worth of work. She always had to hide them when she wasn't in 'little time', as they would be too difficult to explain. Likewise, her living room was now full of things she could never normally allow, including her blocks, rattles and bottles, and the stuffed toys she had now diapered. She loved putting her stuffed animals and dolls in diaper, they reminded her of her own diapered state every time she looked at them. Her television was set to the cartoon network, yet another reminder. Better yet, her spare diapers were piled along the wall.She skipped back to the living room and lay down, drawing another picture. This one was of a rabbit. He wasn't diapered, but she could change that......Sarah walked to the door of the apartment and knocked. She waited, but there was no response. She knocked again and called for Elise, but got no response. She sighed. Elise must have gone out. It was fine, she had a spare key. She put it in and opened the door....Elise was still humming and kicking her feet. She grabbed a bottle and took a long sip, then put her pacifier into her mouth. She felt her stomach grumbling. Huh... I wonder if there was something mixed in my bottles... She laughed. She had poured them. Babies can't always smell sweet like powder, she told herself, thinking of a commanding voice besides, you don't want such pretty diapers to go to waste. She went back to drawing, then stooped. She felt, more then heard or saw, the presence behind her. She didn't want to look behind herself to confirm her feeling.Something moved behind her, and she saw a shadow. She turned around to see Sarah standing behind her, mouth wide open. She tore the headphones out."Sarah! I... I... ummmm... How long have youj been... Its not what it looks like!"Elise was just as flustered as she was. "I jsut... uhhh. i wanted to retunr your uhhh... bag... I didn't nmean too..."They paused and stared. Elise felt tears forming in her eyes. "I didn't want you to see me!" She got up and ran to the bedroom."ELISE!" Sarah called after her, but Elise ignored her. She got up and ran as best she could to the bedroom, shut the door behind her and wedged a box. She was panicking. She looked down at herself, and in the mirror. She felt her heart racing.What an idiot she was. She couldn't even run away properly, the diapers didn't allow it. She tore at the socks and hair ribbons at the same time, then almost fell. She sat on the bed. The diaper. She needed to get the diapers off. Somehow that would make it better, maybe she could pretend, maybe Sarah hadn't noticed. She looked for the key to the plastic pants but couldn't see it.She stopped. Sarah was banging at the door and calling her name. It was no use, she knew. She had seen it all."I'm sorry," she sobbed loudly.'Sorry for what? Let me in Elise!""I"M SORRY!" She said again. "I... Just leave me alone.""No, let me in!""I know its weird ok! I know you probably think i'm a freak. Its just... it always made me feel so safe inside..."There was a pause. "Let me in Elise.""Just go away! You don't have to say it to my face. Just please don't tell people. Tell them we fought, ok? Just, not this..."The door swung as Sarah finally managed to bash it open. She walked over to the bed and sat beside the sobbing girl."Hey, hey, why are you crying?""WHy do you think!? Because you know I'm a freak.""You're not a freak Elise," she said as softly as she could."Oh yeah? Would a normal person dress up as a baby for fun? Do other people wear diapers?""No. Would a normal person be as loving and caring as you? Do other people make me smile the way you do? I don't want other people Elise."She sniffled. "Ohhh stop it. You don't have to pretend."Sarah stroked her have untied hair, and ran a hand down her back, making her shudder."How long have you been doing this?""I don't know. A few years. But I've liked it long as I can remember. Whenever I got afraid or anxious, this would make me feel better. I'm sorry.""Don't be sorry, sweetie."How could she tell her? She wouldn't believe her if she just claimed she liked it... Her hand stopped at Elise's padded bottom, and she spanked it. Elise jumped in surprise."Rearz Princess, aren't they? Perfect for a cute Little Princess.""What? How did you know?""You're bottom was pampered earlier, wasn't it? Silly baby.""What... what are you...?""I'm wondering if my adorable baby girl wants her mommy to take care of her."Elise looked at her questioningly, and watched her face for any sign it was a joke. Slowly she stopped crying, then smiled and began giggling. Finally she squealed in joy, and grabbed Sarah in a bear hug....Several months later, Elise was standing anxiously beside her door. Sarah would be there soon. She heard footsteps and opened the door before the arrived."Elise!""Sarah! Hello!" The shouted in unison and hugged. Elise did her best to remain hidden from the hall by Sarah's body, and Sarah shut the door."And hello my little princess," Sarah said."Hi mommy," she replied sheepishly."Have you been a good girl today?""Maayyybe..." She said. In fact, she had left her bed unmade and her toys weren't put away. Both were 'naughty' enough to weren't a fun response from Sarah.She brought her hands down to her skirt- she was wearing a new skirted onsie Sarah had ordered for her."Now now, lift up that up and let Mommy make sure you are properly diapered. Wouldn't' want a spanking like last time you 'forgot.'""You can see it through the skirt mommy. And that was because we were going to the water park," Elise replied, but she held up the skirt anyway. "I know, but mommy likes to see your pampers, and it gives me an excuse to check for wetness without argument. And that is no excuse! What if you had an accident in the pool?"Elise grumbled but smiled. This was part of their routine now. Sarah hadn't really expected her to be diapered at a water part- but it was a fun excuse to spank her after."Now," Sarah said. "Lets get baby fed. Mommy has a bunch of activities she wants to try tonight." She reached into her bag and took out a bottle, a tub of baby formula, and a container Elise recognized as a laxative."Yes, mommy. I can't wait." She giggled.
  10. Lea hadn't been the most responsible 23 year old lately, she had been drinking and smoking, and her single mother had been upset her daughter has been behaving this way; shed been acting more like a toddler than a 23 year old. Lea came home one night, completely and totally wasted; her mother of course, was not too impressed. [Need someone to play her mother to diaper and baby her. Females preferred.]
  11. Angelica was mean was spoiled lil brat she was mean and selfish one day her dad has had enough to tech
  12. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a link to the Littlespace Online community. While it is targeted more for Caregiver/little dynamics, littles, and middles (an ageplay mindset older than diaper-age typically--but not always!) we would be more than pleased to see more AB/DL running around the site having fun. We have some nifty things like free adult coloring pages, raffles, giveaways, a personals ads area, a live chat room, how-to guides, informative resources, an online store, and more. We've been around for about a year now and have over 5,500 members so we're pretty active! It's a great adult community of friendly people so if you're looking to branch out a little please do check out the site. We're also open to promoting podcasts and things related to ABDL and ageplay so we might be a great resource there too! http://www.littlespaceonline.com/ I hope to see you around soon!
  13. Jaye had another accident in her panties at college, her teacher, Professor Robinson had caught her in her went undies. The woman in her late 20s called her mother, mostly because of her bad grades and now the accident in the middle of class; she knew that Jaye had to be treated like the age that she had been acting. [Need someone to play her mommy to come and pick her up, diapering and babying her. Females only please.]
  14. Just finished up the highchair, and boy do I feel little sitting up on this thing.
  15. Guest

    Ageplay munch in Georgia

    Are there any ageplay meet ups/events/munchs in Atlanta Georgia? If so, when/where, anyone have info? And if not, how could we start one?
  16. Anyone interested in attending a meet up in lake buena vista area soon? I want to meet other abdls Let me know if interested
  17. I was gonna put the title as 'jealous of little kids', but I realised that would have come off in an incredibly bad way. Just to clarify, I'm not a paedophile.
  18. Hi all I wanted to inform you that there will be AN AMAZING AWESOME AGEPLAY PART AT THE CSPC!!!!! from 8pm-1am.
  19. I am a 21 year old boy who acts like a 1-2 year old and am looking for a mommy to play with.
  20. Hi everyone, I'm Yuki. And I'm new here! I've been into wearing diapers for a little over six months now, but I've been a "little" for as long as I can remember. My age fluctuates between 3-6, but I've been known to go younger and older. Actually, being into ageplay is what helped get me into wearing diapers, it was a natural progression of sorts.
  21. CAPCON 2013 Registration is OPEN Hi Everyone! We're just about ready to open up registration in the next few week's for CAPCON 2013. Official Dates have been set for: Friday, April 19th 2013 through Sunday, April 21st 2013 Location will be at an Upscale Chicago Area Hotel, (Convenient to Chicago O'Hare Airport.) We have grown exponentially within the last couple conventions and space is limited. The prices will increase so please plan to book early. Upon consideration of conformation and registration, we will provide communication in regards to event information and hotel location (Dr. Suess has NOTHING on us. So basically book early.) Keep an eye out (before or around December 1st 2012) on the website www.Chicagoageplayers.com for registration information. You might be asking what exactly IS Capcon? Capcon (Chicago Age Player Convention) is an age-play event for bigs, littles, school play, spankos, DLs and middles of any flavor. Included in our events are presenters, classes, games, vendors, playtime, changing areas, and so much more for your enjoyment. This is our 3rd annual convention, and every year we grow a little more but never grow older . We are warm and welcoming to newcomers and strive to make you feel as such during the convention. Feel free to be "Me", and learn more about yourself and others. Our group is an open minded, non judgmental, warm and welcoming one. Consider this your personal invitation to our community. To learn more about our group and meet some of the people involved please visit our main website at www.Chicagoageplayers.com Our prices will be as follows: $65 - 12/1/2012 - 1/31/2013 $70 - 2/1/2013 - 2/28/2013 12:09 PM$75 - 3/1/2013 - 3/31/2013 It is located at a hotel near O'hare International Airport here in Chicago, IL. Full details will be given once registered and paid on our website to insure safety for all involved. Or our Fetlife groups: CAPCON: https://fetlife.com/groups/27245 Chicago Age Players group: https://fetlife.com/groups/12807 Podcast about last year's event is available on our website (www.chicagoageplayers.com) for your listening pleasure. Thank You for reading, and hope to meet you soon! Sincerely, The 2013 CapCon Staff
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