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  1. Darren sat at his desk at school. The teacher was up front, going over sentence structure. Hating the language classes more than any other Darren quickly grew bored and zoned out. In his head, he was flying through the air, heading downtown to fight crime. He always loved to imagine himself as a superhero. Everyone loved superheroes. But alot of the other kids made fun of Darren. Darren was very small for his age. At nine years old, he was still only just over three feet tall and weighed in at only thirty-seven pounds. He was smaller than most of the kindergarten kids. He also had a problem with wetting himself. He didn't do it all the time. Often, he would find himself so engrossed in something he was doing that he just didn't feel the need to go. Then he would suddenly find he was wetting himself. It happened at school a few times, and the other kids never forgot about it. Bullies regularly taunted him. As such, no one wanted to be friends with him for fear of getting bullied. "Darren!" His teacher slapped a long ruler down on the desk. This caused Darren to jump, and he immediately felt his bladder give way. A puddle formed under his seat, then slowly dripped to the floor. Sighing, the teacher walked to his desk and then returned. "Go to the nurse." Holding out a small red bookmark shaped object. In big gold letters, it read hall pass. Taking the hall pass, Darren got up and left the room with his head down. He heard many other kids giggling as he left. Darren made his way through the empty halls down to the main office where the nurse was always stationed. Behind the main desk was a younger lady than usual. She was standing at the printer, waiting on the papers to come out. She had short brown hair, lightly freckled pale skin, and was wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses. She looked up as Darren entered the office with sharp blue eyes. Taking in his appearance, her face softened a bit in a motherly way. Coming around the desk, she said, "Oh dear, let's get you into the nurses' office." A hand at his back, she guided him to the closed brown door off to the side. Opening it to a white room with cupboards around the wall. A sink in the corner and an examination table sitting in the center. The desk lady had him stand to the side of the door as she shut it. Then she moved to another door set in the corner to their right. "Helen, there is a kindergartener here who's had an accident." She said as she opened the door. Darren's face burned red with the embarrassment of being mistaken for a child 4 years younger than himself. Entering, the nurse looked down at him. She was a slim older lady with brown hair. "That's just young Darren, Miss Stacy. Despite his appearance, he is in third grade. He's just small for his age. Might as well remember him you'll probably see him again. He's usually in here at least once a week." Turning, the nurse walked back into the side room. Turning Miss Stacy looked down at Darren in a bit of a surprise. "Well, the nurse will take care of you now. I'm gonna go back to my desk." Leaving the room and shutting the door behind her. Darren stood waiting in his soggy pants until the nurse came back holding a zip-lock bag with clothes in it. Handing it to him, she said, "Go ahead and get changed while I call your father." Hanging his head, he began to change as she went back into her office. *********** Greg pushed away from his desk as he hung up the phone with the school. Once again, he was thankful he was able to handle his business from home. Greg owned his own business, and while it struggled to get off the ground at first he eventually found success. Thankfully his wife had still been alive at that time to keep him going. While he was rich by any means, he and his son weren't struggling. This was good since he once again had to go get him from school for wetting his pants. Standing up he got his car keys and left the house. On the way, he made a phone call. Pulling up at the school, he went inside, spoke to the office staff, and then getting Darren went back out to the car. On the way out he reached down and picked Darren up carrying him like a toddler to the car. "Dad, what are you doing?" Darren asked in confusion. "Carrying my little guy to the car of course." Opening the back door he deposited, and fastened his son into his booster seat. Closing the door he went back around to the driver's door. ********* Darren was utterly bewildered. His dad had steadfastly refused to pick him up since kindergarten. He realized with a start he had been so confused he hadn't even tried to argue against the stupid booster seat his dad made him use. Darren hated this thing. It only further accentuated the differences between his size and those in his grade at school. He only tolerated it cause his Dad had threatened him with one that looked more like a baby car seat. He said he should be using that one, but he would settle for this one if Darren cooperated. So Darren had given in. Reluctantly. As they drove Darren noticed they were heading further into the city rather than toward home. "Dad, where are we going?" He asked in curiosity. "Well, I've made you an appointment to see the doctor. Figured we should have some tests done to see if you have something wrong with you. Maybe they can help us with your little accidents." He said as he glanced in the rearview mirror at Darren. "I don't wanna go to the doctor!" He near shouted. Darren had been afraid of hospitals and doctors since his mother died of cancer when he was only 4. He always fought and refused to go into their offices. "It's ok this doctor won't be at the hospital. He has a private practice." As he said this, they pulled up to a large two-story building. It looked like an old house to Darren, but it had a sign out front stating it was a doctor's office. Parking the car his dad got him out and carried him inside to check-in. Inside the front door was a desk with a hallway leading behind it. A staircase leading up to the second floor on the right side of the hallway. The wallpaper looked really old to him. With floral patterns in gold on a red background. This place looked, and more importantly to him, smelled nothing like a normal doctor's office. He hated that overclean chemical smell. After checking in they moved through an arched doorway to the right. There were a few chairs surrounding a play area. There was a table with a train set on it you could move around by hand. Off to the side were the normal doctor's office blocks with multiple wires that had shapes you could move along them in patterns. Lastly scattered around were a few different kinds of toys. Mostly blocks and legos, but also some action figures. Most were old though. Darren moved to the table playing with the train. After a short while though he heard his name called. Picking him up again his dad followed a lady in a sundress down the hall. Entering a door he saw a room he would have thought was a kitchen. There were no appliances though, and a large exam table sat in the center of the room. The doctor came in, and after his normal questions began asking Darren some more pertinent ones. "So are you having trouble controlling when you go potty?" He said in a kind light hearted tone. Darren nodded shyly. "Well, what's going on? Can you say when it started?" Darren just sat in silence staring at the floor. The doctor looked up at his dad. "It started about a month ago. He has always had an issue with wanting to hold it til the last minute while playing. Then he would try to rush to the bathroom in time. Often without making it. Now though he will just start wetting himself randomly it seems. Says he doesn't feel anything when it happens." His dad stated in an exasperated tone. "I finally had to just bring him in. I'm not sure what else to do." "Any nighttime wetting?" The doctor asked. "Used to be none, now it's almost every night." "Well let me examine him." Standing up he moved to the table where Darren sat. "Now just lay back, and I'll feel on your tummy ok." Nodding Darren laid back and the doctor lifted his shirt to his chest. Then with sure motions began to push in on different spots of his abdomen. The doctor asked each time if there was any pain, but Darren always shook his head negatively. As he pushed at Darren's lower abdomen though he felt a warm stream immediately rush from between his legs. Moving quickly the doctor grabbed a towel from one of the nearby cabinets. Then used it to dry up any of the urine that met the floor. "Wait here it's gonna be alright. My nurse will be in here to help you get cleaned up in just a minute." Then motioning to his dad, Darren watched as they exited the room. ********* "Well I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but he seems to be in fine physical health. He is quite small for his age, and that may be causing some delays though. His muscles and nerves may just not be fully developed enough yet. It may take some time before he gains full control. We will run some bloodwork to rule out other possible issues. I don't foresee it showing anything though. I would also suggest having him in to see a pediatric urologist. In the meantime, he should probably wear some protection." With this, he moved to a hall closet nearby. Opening it Greg saw a bunch of baby diapers inside along with other supplies like powder and rash cream. There were a lot of different brands and sizes stacked neatly on the different shelves. Reaching up the doctor grabbed a package of size 7 pampers. They had pictures of some dogs across the packaging. Greg recognized them from the paw patrol show that Darren sometimes watched. "His small stature works in your favor here. The size seven diapers should fit him well. This will save you some money over the medical youth diapers." He handed them to Greg who slowly nodded his head. "Yeah, I guess you're right. At least this way we can save his clothes, and bedding until he can control himself." He said with no enthusiasm. The doctor then grabbed a loose diaper from the same shelf. Moving over to a nurse he held it out. "The young one in the office had a bit of an accident. Can you help him get cleaned up, please?" Smiling she took the proffered object, "of course doctor." Then moved to the exam room. Stopping at the closet on the way to grab a small bottle of powder and a tube of rash cream. ********* As Darren sat in his wet pants for the second time that day, he wondered what his dad was talking about with the doctor. He started as the door opened, and a young nurse walked into the room. She was dark-skinned with long straight hair. She wore a pair of scrubs that had SpongeBob cartoons scattered across them. "OK we are gonna get you cleaned up, and ready to go." She said this with enthusiasm, but Darren just felt more disheartened as he saw the objects in her hands. She set the supplies down and moved to his side. "Now I want you to just lay back and relax. This will be over in no time, ok?" She said the last as more of a no-nonsense statement than a question. Knowing there was no point in arguing, he just lay back on the table. With sure motions, she had his shoes and pants off in record time. Then grabbing the waist of his white briefs, now stained yellow, she swiftly removed them. The soiled garments were dropped in a bag, then swiftly tied up. Dropping the bag on the counter, she grabbed up the supplies and then returned to his side. Setting the powder and cream down, she proceeded to open the diaper. Darren could see Chase, Marshall, and Sky from Paw Patrol pictured on the outside. Without a word, the nurse took his ankles in hand, and lifting his bottom, slid the diaper in place. Holding his legs she first spread some of the cream on his butt cheeks, then in between and up onto his scrotum. Next came the powder with its cloying babyish scent. Last, she lowered his legs and swiftly pulled the diaper between his legs and taped it in place. "There we go all clean, dry, and protected from further accidents." She exited the room, leaving him alone once more. Darren lay still marveling at the feeling. The diaper was so soft. Like a cloud enveloping his middle, but also holding him tight in a warm embrace. He wasn't sure how to feel about this. Physically, it felt good, almost right. Mentally, however, he knew it was wrong. He was too old to be in a diaper. He should feel embarrassed he thought. Instead, he just felt calm. It felt right somehow. The door opened to him still laying on the exam table. Looking he saw his dad standing there. He was looking at his son wearing nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt. Feeling his cheeks burn with embarrassment at last, Darren attempted to pull his shirt down over the diaper as he sat up. Moving to his son, Greg wrapped Darren in a firm hug. "It's OK little guy. You don't need to hide from Daddy. It's not a big deal. This should just be for a little while til you regain control." Nodding his head in assent he moved to get down from the table. Instead his dad grabbed him under the arms. Hoisting him up onto his hip, he grabbed the bag of clothes on the counter and they left the room. After checking out the two got in the car and drove home. ********* Back home the pair went inside. Greg sat his son in front of the TV in the living room. He then went back to his office. His business was fairly self-sufficient, therefore he could easily step away. He had been lucky enough to find people who were committed to helping him succeed. They would reach out if they needed his decision for anything truly important. After sending out an email to everyone notifying them he would be away for a while and to reach out if they needed anything, he then went searching through the internet. There he found clothes, furniture, and the other items he would need to care for Darren in his newly diapered state. Placing the orders to be delivered in the next few days he went up to the attic storage. ********* Darren sat watching nick Jr cartoons, thumb in his mouth, in the living room. He felt odd sitting in just a diaper watching cartoons. Yet he also felt safe and content. The diaper was so soft and hugged his waist in a comforting way. Reaching down he rubbed his hand over the soft cloth-like exterior marveling at the feeling. That's when he realized he was wet already. He hadn't even noticed when he wet himself. Feeling the squish of the absorbent gel inside gave him goosebumps. He realized he was actually kind of enjoying this. The diaper felt nice, and he didn't have to stop what he was doing for the bathroom. He was so engrossed in the exploration of his diapered state that he didn't notice his dad. He had come down stairs with a box. Looked in on his son, and seeing everything was OK, went into the kitchen. A few minutes later he returned, and picking Darren up, went back into the kitchen. Darren was startled by his dad suddenly picking him up. Then when they got into the kitchen he saw a cloth spread over the dining room table. His dad laid him down on it. In quick motions he had the diaper undone, drawn out from under him, and rolled up to throw away. Darren in his embarrassment tried to quickly cover himself. His dad just chuckled. "Ain't nothing there I ain't already seen little man. You're gonna have to keep those out of the way so I can get you cleaned up." Taking hold of Darren's wrists he moved them out of the way. Then taking some wipes he cleaned the diaper area. Darren laid there just taking in the sensations of his dad cleaning him. Then his dad lifted his legs as the nurse had done. After sliding a fresh diaper under him, he spread some more cream, and sprinkled fresh powder over the area. Then pulled the diaper up before taping it in place. "There we go all clean and fresh." He said as he tickled his son's belly. Darren laughed as he tried to squirm away. "Now the doctor said you will probably need these for a while. With that we are gonna have a few rules. Number one, you are not to change yourself or attempt to remove your diaper. If it needs to be changed you will come tell me, or another adult that I have said is allowed to change you. Number 2, you will use the diaper for its intended purpose. That means pee and poo. When you are ready we will work on getting you potty trained." He had a stern look as he said this. "But dad I can't go to school like this. The other kids will make even more fun of me." Darren whined with tears welling in his eyes. "Oh there's no need to worry about that. I was already planning on this, though it wasn't supposed to be until after the summer, you are going to be homeschooled for a while. I turned in all the necessary paperwork to your school when I picked you up today. You start an online course on monday." It was only Wednesday now so Darren started to get excited to have no school for almost a week. "Now lastly there may be more rules added in the future as they are needed. For now, though these two should suffice. I ordered you some new clothes and furniture to help with your needs. They should be here in a day or so. Until then I found a box of your old stuff in the attic. Not sure why I never got rid of it, but now I'm glad I didn't." He said this last with a grin. He moved to the sink to grab something then returned holding a pacifier in front of Darren's face. "Now I have seen you sucking on your thumb still at times. Seems like this would be better for you." Not wanting to seem eager, though secretly feeling excited, he pulled his head back from it. "I don't want to. It will make me look like a baby." He said in a low tone. "Buddy, it's a bit too late for that don't ya think? You're laying here in a diaper and t-shirt, been wetting your pants for a long time now, and suckling on your thumb." He said all this in a calm but no-nonsense tone. He wasn't trying to be mean, just stating the facts for his son. "I'm pretty sure this would be better for you than your thumb, and it would free your hand up to play." Accepting his dad's words, and even agreeing about being able to play easier, he opened his mouth to accept the blue pacifier. As he began to suckle at the nipple a warm feeling spread through him, and he felt even more at ease than before. As though the stress of everything else just fell away. "There see, isn't that better than your thumb?" Darren just nodded at his dad, a grin spreading behind the pacifier. "Now why don't you go play." Picking him up off the table he placed Darren down on the floor. As soon as his feet hit the floor he was moving back to the living room to watch cartoons. Greg smiled as he watched his son's diaper waddle. He hadn't seen Darren smile like that in years. Turning he began making dinner for the two of them. ********* Darren had gone up to his bedroom. There he turned his TV on to watch more nickelodeon. SpongeBob was on now after all. Sitting he began playing with his toys. After just a few minutes though he grew bored with them. Instead he went to his small bookshelf in the corner. There were quite a lot of books here that his dad used to read him before bed. They hadn't performed this bedtime ritual in some time though. Him getting too old and his dad being busy with his work. On the second shelf though there were a bunch of coloring books, and various tubs of crayons. Grabbing these and a book he began to color while watching the antics of SpongeBob. An hour or so later his dad called him down to dinner. As he entered the kitchen he saw his old high chair. The normal table piece was gone, and it sat next to the bar instead of the table. His dad picked him up as he came in the room. Carrying him over he sat Darren in the highchair and after buckling him in pushed the chair to the bar. "You're a bit big for this chair with the table attached, but this should work for now." He smiled as he sat a plate of Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and cut up pieces of a cube steak. "I made your favorite." With a smile he sat a glass of milk down as well. "Where's the fork?" Darren asked looking up at his dad. "Silly you don't need a fork. You can just use your hands." With that, he placed a bib around Darren's neck. Paw patrol characters were pictured on it. Hesitantly at first, then with more confidence, Darren used his hands to eat. By the time he was finished his hands, face, and chair seemed to have more food on it than what was on the plate to begin with. Pulling him back from the bar counter, his dad unbuckled him. Then picked him up, and carried him to the hall bathroom. There he stood Darren in the tub. Then, after undressing him, ran bath water for the messy boy. While the water ran his dad left the room, returning quickly with a small basket of water toys. Darren hadn't seen his bath toys in a long time. "Look what I found while going through the attic earlier." He said with excitement as he turned over the basket. Out fell rubber animals that could hold water, most of which were water animals, a couple of tug boat ships, and two hand puppet things shaped like sharks. While Darren played with the toys, his dad proceeded to wash him. After getting the little boy cleaned up, he drained the dirty water out. Then drying his boy off, picked him up and carried him back to the living room. There he got Darren into a fresh diaper. Afterward he picked him up, moving to the couch he sat down, and turned on the TV. Finding a movie he sat on the couch cuddling with Darren next to him. After a short while, he fell asleep curled next to his daddy. Picking his boy up, Greg carried him up to his bedroom. Laying Darren in his bed, he kissed him on the forehead, and tucked him in for the night. "Good night my sweet boy." He turned the light off, leaving the Chase nightlight going. Then closing the door he left Darren to his dreams.
  2. Well, here goes nothing. I have posted on ABDL sites before but I don't think my heart was really in those stories. That has changed now, this story is one that I have put plenty of work into and I am finally ready to test it out on a real audience. I have a few chapters ready in the coming weeks but, based on how things go I hope to move to a regular schedule as I have lots of plans! Note regarding grammar, well I am terrible at it. I don't have an editor and rely mainly on re-reads and free web grammar checks so, don't judge me too bad, ha! Hope you Enjoy! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The sound of a flip-flop smacking the bottom of a foot and the ground in an annoying, repetitive beat filled the car as they approached their destination. “Tara, stop that!” her mother spoke sharply. Tara leaned up from the clenched position she was in at the back of the van and pressed her foot down hard to stop the tapping. She had been holding back her bladder for the better part of the trip. The freeway separating Tara’s house from her mother’s best friend was legendary. She had been holding back the two colas she had pounded at lunch and was thankful the end was nearly in sight. “I keep telling you it's not healthy for you to keep doing this to yourself; I thought we were past this.” Diane continued. In her current condition, Tara couldn’t help but agree with her. Ever since she was little, she had issues with bathroom breaks. As a small child, she was potty trained early, but that did not stop her from constantly having accidents. Her mom always said she had her ‘head in the clouds’; she would be so focused on something that nothing else would matter… nothing. As she grew older, Tara continued to have accidents that would go up and down in frequency. When she started school, she earned the unpleasant nickname ‘Tinkle Tara’. Between accidents and a bout with bedwetting when she was 7 and 9 years old, it looked like she was doomed to it. However, for whatever reason, a switch had flipped, and it had been nearly 8 years since ‘Tinkle Tara’ was uttered. On the other hand, in the last few months, Tara has been putting her bathroom training through the ringer. Time after time, she found herself holding her bladder and aching from the effort. Whether it was at the mall, watching a movie, or sitting through classes, the urge to go was becoming more frequent and urgent each time. She had not told her mother that she almost always felt the need to go ‘right now’ whenever she had to pee. It never helped matters that her mother was a health nut and had drilled into her to keep hydrated, so she always was drinking water. It was a habit, but then again, it was only in the last few months that things started to go sideways. Now Tara was also going to be playing ‘big sister/babysitter’ to a 10 year old. Her mother and Brittany’s, had been friends since High School and now work for the same company. Both had been married and are now divorced. With lucrative jobs and a daughter, they were about as close as any family member. So when they both were chosen to go overseas to be in charge of operations in a new business move for the company, they quickly decided the plan. As Tara was 18, she would watch and take care of Britteny until the two mothers got back, which would be around the beginning of the summer. “Now remember, you have to be in charge of Brittany and keep up with your school work. Those are the two most important things,” her mother said, for about the hundredth time. “Mom, I know. I have hung out with Brittany plenty of times before,” Tara countered. “Not for this long and with this many responsibilities. Plus, Cathrine has… Well something else that you are going to have to keep track of,” her mom finished. “Oh?” the girl raised her eyebrow. “She will tell you,” her mother said giving her a look that said, this is serious. As the van pulled into the garage of Cathrine and Brittany’s home, Tara shot like a bullet out the door into the house. Catherine was blurred as she shot for the bathroom in the room she usually stayed in on the second floor. Scrambling through the door, the sight of the bathroom made Tara relax. “No!” she gasped, hurriedly tired to get the button on her shorts undone. She had relaxed too early, and now things were out of control. Finally sitting on the seat, a sharp but blissful relief crept over her. She had not realized how much and how painful this time had been. Tara knew that she should stop doing this but, for now, inspected the damage to her shorts. The whole crotch of the garment was a darker shade of blue and was a lost cause. Luckily, she had one other pair close to these that she could grab from her bag and slip into. This was only the third time this had happened, but it certainly was not something she enjoyed. Slipping into fresh clothes, she made her way back down to the living room to ‘officially’ greet Cathrine and Brittany. “Whew, sorry about that,” she greeted Catherine. “It’s alright, pretty on par for you, ha!” Cathrine jested, then her voice went low,“Follow me to the kitchen.” Her mother was talking with Brittany, and the girl was looking like she did not have much to say, so she followed Catherine. “So there is something that I have been keeping from you; I just told her mother last night,” she let out with a long breath. “Oh no, is something wrong?” Tara blurted out. “No, no, nothing serious, but… Brittany has been having some troubles. Bathroom troubles,” she responded flatly. A heat rose in Tara’s cheeks, and she simply said, “Oh…” “Now I know that you had your own issues, but I recently saw a book about accidents among older children and teenagers. I have Brittany following some rules that are designed to help her get through this phase.” Cathrine explained as she put a hardcover book on the counter. “The front of the book explains how the rules work - the ins and outs as they were. And in the back there is the list of rules and a little chart if you need it,” she went on. Tara picked up the book, and before she could utter a word, Cathrine continued, “You obviously don’t have to read it, and Brittany knows the first two rules by heart now, but you should read them and she has to follow them. Supplies are in the upstairs hall closet.” “Supplies?” the girl questioned. “Well, in a nutshell, Brittany has to use protection whenever she has accidents. The more accidents, the more protection, and the more…eh… privileges she loses.” the older woman explained. “Ah, well, I guess that makes sense.” Tara concluded. She couldn’t believe it, Brittany was in diapers! It was a shock only because there had never been a hint to her that her little friend may have had such troubles. Well, Tara herself was smaller, but not terribly so, but she was still taller by a couple of inches. Brittany had a heart shaped face, round blue eyes, and shorter brunette hair, while Tara had sandy blonde hair past her shoulders, brown eyes, and a longer face. Both had followed their mother’s genes, like matched sets. “Cathrine, we need to get to the airport,” her own mother called out. “Oh yes, coming!” she replied, and then to Tara, “Just read the rules and make sure Brittany follows them, simple as it gets!” With that, she hugged Tara and made her way to the living room, where her daughter and Tara’s mother were. There were the usual tearful goodbyes, as the realization of how long it would be before they were all together again sunk in. All too soon, it was just Tara and Brittany watching TV in silence as the girls both recovered from the painful departure. Tara ordered pizza as a way of cheering them both up, and by the time the large pizza and sodas had been consumed, it was close to bedtime. She, Tara, knew it was time to broach the subject. She decided to do so in a manner that showed she trusted Brittany to know what she had to do. “Well, I guess it is time for bed, Brit,” she stated. Brittany yawned. “Yeah, I guess so.” The girl got up from the couch and made her way to the stairs. “Wait, Brittany!” she called to stop the girl. “Is there something we need to talk about? Some rules?” The younger girl froze, and she stiffened as she turned to face Tara, so she went on the offensive. “Before you say anything, it's alright. I had problems when I was around your age,” she tried to soothe Brittany. “I don’t want to follow the rules without mom,” she almost spat back at Tara. “Look, this will go smoothly if we just follow what your mom wants you to do.” Tara countered. “But… it's just… It's so embarrassing, and I want to just be normal.” Brittany pleaded, “Please don't make me do them.” It nearly broke Tara’s heart to see Brittany clinging onto a small hope that she would be out of whatever she had been enduring. “What exactly are the rules you are supposed to follow, i haven't read them yet because I want you to tell me,” Tara said. “Well, umm… you… There are five rules, and if you have any, you know. Then you start at 1 and go from there.” Brittany mumbled. “I see, and what rule are you on now?” She questioned further. “1B,” Brittany said out of the side of her mouth. “1B?” “Yeah, the first rule has three parts… some kind of like grace period before the rest of the rules, I guess.” Brittany had crossed her arms and had not looked at Tara since she started talking about the rules. “How far have you gone down the list?” Tara asked with complete curiosity. “Just two, but it was awful.” Brittany huffed. Tara was in a bind; she didn’t want to fight Brittany for weeks on end. And she didn’t want to have to deal with Brittany having accidents she could prevent. But most of all, she did want to have fun with Brittany; she really was like a little sister. The girl shouldn’t have to feel alone in this… then it hit her. It was drastic, but it just might work. “Alright, let's look at 1B,” Tara announced. Going into the kitchen, she opened the back of the book and found the page with 1A at the top. She read out, “1A - a single day-time accident will result in a pull-up for 1 day and night.” Turning the page, she also read, “1B - a single night-time accident will result in regular pull-ups for 2 days & night-time pull-ups for 2 nights.” Brittany was bright red but Tara talked fast to ease the embarrassment. “So you…” “The night before last, this is my second night. Mom let me go without during the day today because she was leaving,” the girl clarified. “Good, then we will both follow the rules going forward.” Tara stated. “Both?” Brittany asked. “Both,” she replied. “What good is that? It's still just me that will have to do any of it!” Brittany screeched. “Hold on. Did you see me dash upstairs when I got here?” Tara asked, and the girl nodded. “Well, I didn't quite make it, and my shorts got a bit wet. So I guess that puts me on 1A, right?” she said, matter of fact. “You're lying,” Brittany huffed, but Tara was prepared for this. A quick trip to her room and her shorts from earlier presented to Brittany were all the evidence she needed. “Whoa!” Brittany exclaimed. “Told you, so we will both be in pull-ups tonight. Your mom gave you a break, so we will just go with the pull-ups tonight. And if we are both dry in the morning, this all resets, right?” She asked cheerily. “Yeah, but… but… “ Brittany couldn’t come up with an argument. “Now come on, we are still about the same size; let's see if they fit and we can get off to bed.” Tara led the dumbstruck girl up the stairs and to the closet. It was packed with white boxes, each labeled in the upper corner. The shelf at chest height had two opened boxes, one of the left read ‘Slims’. Thinking these must be the pull-ups she grabbed two, and handed one to Brittany. “Let’s both get pjs on, i will come to your room in about 10 minutes.” Tara said as she closed her door behind her. Throwing the pull-up on the bed, it suddenly hit Tara what she was about to do. It had been so long since she had worn something like that she almost felt as if it stared back at her. As if this meant more than just a means to an end. Shaking her head, she inspected the pull-up; it wasn’t any of the major brands she knew. In fact, it only had an “R” in the center of the waistband to indicate a brand. The sides were just a bit longer than the width of her hand and the padding looked fairly thin, but then it was just a pull-up. Changing into a tank top with thin shoulder straps, she placed her usual PJ pants next to the pull up on the bed. Stepping into the pull-up she began to doubt that she would fit, yet as she dragged it up to her waist, it never seemed to tighten. Standing there, 18 years old, and in a pull-up, it may as well have been fitted for her. It clung to her a bit but didn’t feel tight, and she felt the leg holes conform around her leg just below her butt, a perfect fit. She walked around and noted the extra padding and the overall ‘bulk’ she was not accustomed to as she moved. Satisfied, she pulled her PJs over the pull-up and went to see Brittany. Knocking on the door, the girl called out that she was ready. Tara was momentarily taken aback as Brittany had some small shorts and the diaper spilled out of the top and the sides. “All set?” she asked. “Yeah… I guess,” but Brittany kept glancing at Tara's PJs. Pulling the band of her pants down a bit, Tara showed the top of the pull and said, “Fitted just fine.” Tara began to giggle, and a smile reached Brittany's face as well. Soon they were laughing hard at the situation, and the tension was broken between them. “Night, Brit, see in the morning.” Tara chuckled out. “Night, Tara” was the reply as the younger girl got into bed. Back in her own room, Tara turned off the lights and got under the streets, exhausted. However, she almost immediately realized why Brittany’s shorts were so small. Being under covers, in pants, and in a pull-up was not the most comfortable thing. But tiredness eventually overtook Tara, and she drifted off.
  3. This is the first part of a story. It wasn't going to be multipart, but it got a bit out of hand. Next part coming once I've written it. If people like this enough for me to write the rest, I guess. You knew my history. I’d explained everything to you early on. How I’d woken up to a soaked bed every morning, and come home every night smelling of poop as I couldn’t get through a day without making a mess in my underwear - more than once most days. How every time someone told a joke I’d end up hiding the huge wet patch that I’d left on the seat and my clothes, and you knew how traumatic the hand-wringing and the chastising from my parents was. Nappies would have made things so much simpler and easier, but every time the suggestion came up, I’d argued and protested, and the subject was dropped. You knew how long that went on for. Daily accidents, and daily recriminations through to my teenage years. Better-hidden accidents, less major, less frequent, but still too obvious throughout the rest of my life. Concentration. Effort. Constant awareness all the time to stop me embarrassing myself. And the endless trips back and forth to the toilet, at the slightest urge. You knew about my kinks. You helped me put two and two together, and - to understand that having accidents in a ‘safe’ way was helping me to relive the memories without the recriminations, and without the unrelenting humiliation and trauma. To not have to stop doing fun things because I needed to hide what I’d done. And you helped me realise the accidents weren’t laziness, and weren’t because I wasn’t trying hard enough, but that they were caused by things that I just couldn’t control. It was your suggestion that I wear all the time. It had always felt to me like I was LARPing incontinence, but you told me to try for a few weeks, and after that I realised how much work I’d been putting in to avoid accidents, and what life was like for everyone else. No more constant worry, no more anxiety, no more trips to the toilet every 20 minutes, and so much less shame. That initial reluctance and my push-back against you fed into our power-play dynamic. That night when I came home, standing in the hallway, trying to hide to mess in my underwear and the stain on my butt. Your tone when you told me to turn round, and the comforting hug and help cleaning up. I definitely played into the brattiness that night when you tried to put my nappy on me. I wanted it, but admitting that felt wrong. There was no way I could let you put me in one without fighting back. I needed the spanking that night. Not just because I was a brat, but I desperately needed to feel some pain to allow myself to enjoy the pleasure I was receiving for doing something that I shouldn’t have done. And then there was the day after. Being woken up with you checking my wet nappy, and changing me into a clean one. My little protest that we were going out, and that I couldn’t wear a nappy, and you making it very clear that no matter whether I wanted to or not, I was going to be in one. I decided that I had to fight back a little there. So I made sure to have lots of milk with my cereal at breakfast, and lots of milk with my coffee. You’d made it clear I wasn’t to change myself, so you were going to have to take me back and forth to the toilet so I could poop. You’d soon get bored and just take the nappy off. We got on the train. Our day out in the city was something we’d both looked forward to, and it made sense to avoid driving in. That was going to play into my plan perfectly. Those toilets were so small that you’d give up right away, regardless of the big change bag you brought with you. I’d be free of the nappies right away. I felt my tummy rumble as soon as we got on the train, and whispered in your ear, “I think I need to poo”. Your response shocked me, “well poo then. I’ll change you when we get to a station.” No taking me to the toilet, no telling me to take my nappy off, not even a “hold on as long as you can”, just a simple instruction. The journey was going to take an hour, there was no way I wanted to stay stinky for that long. Definitely not in public. But there was also no way you’d let me do that. We’d end up getting off so you could change me as soon as you smelled me. I felt my tummy grumble and cramp again, and without even trying to help it along, I felt mess leak into my nappy. I sat there, completely still. The train wasn’t busy, but it wasn’t empty, and there were going to be more people getting on as we went along. I began to smell myself, and knew other people would smell me too. “I think a bit has leaked out” I whispered to you. Your seemed surprisingly casual, “I’m sorry Honey, but it’ll be a little while before I can do anything about it. Good job for telling me though.” It might have been what you said, it might have been the tone, but I saw red. Now I wanted you to feel like you had to do something, even if it meant I was going to humiliate myself in the process. The next time my tummy rumbled, I lifted myself up off the seat, perched on your lap, and gave a push. With a bubbling squelch I filled my nappy with stinky mess as I sat on you. I thought you’d be furious. Or at the very least, shocked. “Aw, do you feel a bit better now?” certainly wasn’t the response I expected. I stayed sitting on you, the hot mush in my pamper making me feel utterly humiliated, as you cuddled me. “It’s OK, Honey. It won’t be too long before we get to our station. Why don’t you close your eyes and try to dose for a bit”. I did as you told me. I tried to relax, tried to sleep, but the stink from my nappy kept wafting into my nose, and the movement of the train kept squishing the mush against my butt. I wanted to fall into a hole. All the while you seemed so calm. Like me having stinky pants wasn’t an issue at all. I felt the train slow as we came into the first station. I started to stand up, ready to get off, but felt your arms pull me tight. I couldn’t believe you’d let me stay like this all the way through the journey, but you didn’t relent. “Are we going to get off?” I asked. “No,” you said, a firm tone to your voice, “We can’t just drop what we’re doing every time you have an accident. That’s why you’re in a nappy. I’ll change you when we get to the station”. I blushed as you mentioned my nappy. It didn’t seem like anyone heard, but you made no effort to moderate your voice. Much like the accident itself, and the clothes you’d helped me pick out - which didn’t show the nappy off, but weren’t the usual baggy outfit I’d have picked, everything was just so matter of fact. I had accidents. I wore nappies. It didn’t affect anyone else, and we weren’t going to go out of our way to disguise it. I closed my eyes again and eventually managed to drift off to sleep. I woke up to you kissing my neck. “Time to get up” I heard in my ear. “I think you peed in your sleep. I felt your nappy get warm”. I blushed again, gently repositioning myself to allow me to stand up. I could feel my nappy bulging between my legs. I’d definitely not been this wet when I went to sleep. I waddled a little as you guided me off the train. The carriage and the platform were really busy, but in my drowsy state I wasn’t paying attention to everyone around me. Probably for the best, as at least a few people were probably staring at me, pinpointing me as the source of the smell. You ushered me towards the accessible toilet, reaching round and unbuttoning my jeans as soon as you closed the door behind us. I felt your hand on the back of my nappy, pulling it back. “You definitely needed to go” I heard you say, “do you think you’re all done?” I nodded my head. “Well, I’d like you to try to go a bit more for me anyway.” you said. I tried to protest, but it was a very half-hearted effort. I bent my legs a little and strained right there and then. No more mess, but the hissing noise betrayed me losing what was left in my bladder. “Good kitty” you said, as you caressed my back. Let’s get you changed. You reached into the change bag and pulled out my pacifier, slipping it into my mouth, then unzipped the fly of my jeans, tugging them down to my ankles. “Step out please” you said, and I slipped my socks off and stepped out of my jeans. “From the state of your nappy I think it’s going to be best if we take all your clothes off” you say. I catch a glance of the nappy in the mirror and you’re right. It’s destroyed, and there’s slight brown staining around the leg holes where it’s beginning to leak. “Arms up”. I do as you instruct, and feel you pull my top over my head. Standing in nothing but my destroyed nappy, I feel utterly helpless. You’re in charge now, I have no will of my own, and no control over anything to do with my accidents at all. I watch as you pull a bath towel and a disposable pad from the bag, and lay it on the floor. I know I should lie on it, but my mind is hazy. I wait for your instruction, shivering a little from the cool air on my skin. “Lie down please.” I do as I’m told, sitting first. I feel the mess that until now had been hanging between my legs squish to the front and back of my nappy, causing another waft of the stink to come out of my nappy. With my paci filling my mouth, and no clothing to mitigate it, the smell seemed far worse. As I lay down I feel the mush continue to push up the back of the nappy, seeping out the top. Without thinking, my hands come up to my face, as you bend down and begin the change. I feel your gloved hands gently stroking across the front of my nappy, and moving to the tapes. I know what’s about to happen, and I brace myself for it. You remove the top tapes. The smell gets worse. Then the bottom tapes. I feel the air hit my crotch as you pull the front of the nappy down. The smell is terrible now. I whimper behind my pacifier, utterly humiliated. Then I feel your hand on my face, your lips on my forehead, and hear your voice, “it’s OK, nothing to worry about. Your nappy held it all, and we’re getting you clean now”. My quivering lips ease into a smile, and I feel you take the front of my nappy and use it to clean a big chunk of the mess off my bottom. Then your hands lifting my feet up, raising my legs and bottom. “Can you grab your thighs for me please” you ask. I do as I’m told, then suckle on my paci as you use wet wipes to clean the pee and mess from my thighs and around the front, before moving down towards my bottom. The cool wipes feel wonderful, and the freshly wiped, clean skin feels so nice compared to the claminess of the pee and mess. You push my legs back a little further, and raise my butt up higher, pulling the nappy out from under me, then continue cleaning me, taking a big handful of wipes and cleaning my butt cheeks. I feel you go over the same area again and again, then move inwards. I barely feel the first wipe that touches my butt hole, because there’s so much mess, but as you clean it I begin to enjoy the sensation of the wipe on my sphincter. Caressing the tender skin. Cleaning it. Soothing it. Then slipping into my hole. I whimper again, this time from pleasure rather than humiliation. You penetrate me with the wipe again, twisting your finger around a little, and I writhe as I enjoy the sensation, suckling harder on my paci. You get a new wipe and make one more pass, once again penetrating my hole and twisting your finger around. Once again it makes me writhe from the pleasurable sensations. Then you stop. “Not now, baby kitty” you say, “I’m just getting you clean before we go and enjoy our day”. I sigh, and pout, but it falls on deaf ears. You lift my butt up and slip the clean nappy underneath my bottom, then powder my butt before you let it drop slowly onto the clean and dry padding. Then you take some rash cream and gently rub it in, taking care to cover the crevices and cracks, making sure my skin will be safe until my next change. A kiss on my belly as you close the nappy up, and the four tapes sealed shut, and I’m all clean and dry. For now. I sit up just as you’re rolling up my used nappy, and get a look at the entire packet of wipes that you’ve used to clean me up. I go a little shy and nervous, and watch as you take the heavy nappy, seal it in a nappy sack, then drop it in the bin. I stifled a giggle at the thudding noise it made as it hit the bottom. Then remembered I needed clothes. I raised my arms in the air waiting for you to help me put my shirt and jumper back on. You took the hint. In a few minutes I was dressed and ready to go. And now I wasn’t feeling quite so ashamed, I remembered I was trying to be a brat and get out of this silly nappy. Stepping out onto the concourse I was a little nervous. We’d been in the bathroom for a long time, but so many people had seen us go in, someone must still be around. I felt my cheeks flush with heat again, and reached for your hand. “It’s OK,” you said, a calm tone to your voice, “you’ve had an accident and had your nappy changed. That’s all. Nothing out of the ordinary.” Once again your matter of fact attitude put me at ease. The next step of the journey was largely uneventful. A short trip on an underground train. You led me across the station to the correct platform, and we waited for the train to arrive. When it did it was packed. You ushered me on first, and followed right behind, both of us squeezing into the packed carriage. I decided to have a little fun, and rubbed my padded butt against your body, trying to turn you on. It seemed only fair after what you’d done to me during my change. I smiled to myself as I did. Not that you’d see, given there hadn’t even been room for me to turn around. After a few moments you smelled something. At least you decided that you had. I heard your voice in my ear, a little too loud for how busy the train was, “Have you had an accident Honey? Something smells stinky”. I blushed hard and shook my head. Then I felt your hand on my butt. “I can’t really tell here. I’ll have to find somewhere to check you when we get off”. That put an end to my teasing you. A couple of stops down the line the carriage emptied out a little, and I was finally able to turn around and pout at you. Of course, with the delay, it didn’t really have he effect I was hoping for, but I knew why I was pouting at you, even if you thought I was just pulling a silly face. Three more stops and it was our turn to get off. You guided me onto the escalator in front of you, and as we went up I felt a tug on the back of my diaper. I decided to not turn around, to avoid drawing attention to what you were doing, but as we got to the top I gave you a look of disapproval. “It’s OK, Kittenface, you’re not stinky” you said, a cute smile on your stupid face. I wanted to pout, but I felt my nappy grow warmer as I peed. I hadn’t even realised I needed to go, and right in front of you, looking you in the eyes, I’d wet myself. “Straight to the aquarium?,” you said, “Or shall we get a drink first?” I don’t know if you hadn’t noticed, or were just trying to remind me that my accidents weren’t an issue, but your lack of reaction meant that all of a sudden I didn’t care that I’d wet myself. “Drink please” I said. You led me out of the station, and towards a bubble tea shop. As we got inside and I started looking at the menu, I realised that I was kind of hungry too. “Is there time for food?” I asked. “There’s time for anything you want,” you replied. “Then can I have a bubble waffle and ice cream?” The last time I asked for something like this, you wanted me that the milk in the ice cream might hurt my tummy. This time though, you just gave me a smile when you said, “of course”. I honestly wasn’t sure what had changed, but I liked this new you. You let me do what I wanted, and didn’t make me feel bad for it. I went and grabbed a table as you got our food and drinks. As I sat there waiting for you, I felt a little twinge in my bladder. It wasn’t strong, but I knew I needed to pee. So I did. There and then. Just as you arrived with our drinks and my bubble waffle. “I need to check to see if you need a change after this,” you said. I couldn’t tell whether you’d noticed my pee face, or just wanted to knock me off-balance again, but once again you momentarily set my brain to ‘smol’. I gave a nod, then began tucking into my waffle. “So, I’ve got a nice day planned for us” you said, “we start at the aquarium, then stop off at the arcade. Have some lunch, then go on to the museum and the theatre”. I looked up from my waffle, somewhat surprised by the packed itinerary. “Oooor,” you said, drawing out the syllable, “we could have a slightly less busy day, where we do the aquarium, then go for lunch and see how we feel after.” “that one sounds better,” I gently spit crumbs across the table as I reply, “The other one I don’t think we’d have time to enjoy any of it.” “You’re a very wise kitty,” you reply, “even if you do talk with your mouth full. How’s your waffle?” Learning from my error, I stick my thumb up as I finish my mouthful, “want a bite?” You dive in, taking a big mouthful. “It’s good” you say, spitting some crumbs back at me, and making me giggle. “Is there anything else you’d like to do today?” you ask. “Comic shop?” I say, “and the board games store?” You nod. “That was always going to happen. Anything else?” I lean in and whisper, “Maybe we could have some play time when we get home?” You smile. “I’m sure we can make that happen.” I finish my waffle and my bubble tea. “Right, Potty Pants, time for a nappy change” you say. “You don’t want to check me first?” I smirk “I know you’re soggy” you say, “I watched you pee your pants twice.” I blush. “Now before we do that, I want you to try to make a pushie for me.” you say “Here?” I ask, surprised. “Here” you say. I lift myself slightly off my seat and do my best to poop. After a minute or so you stop me,”Anything?” I shake my head. “Well done for trying” you say. You grab the bag and usher me out of my seat, then take me into the bathroom. Its small. Much smaller than the one in the station. “We’re going to have to do this standing up” you say, already unbuttoning my jeans. You look at my yellowed, pee-soaked nappy. “Good thing I decided to change you now” you say, before turning me around and checking the back for a mess. “OK, no mess, let’s get you out of your soggy pants” You say as you untape my nappy, and let it drop to the floor. You begin wiping me down. Once again the cool wipes feel good as they clean my skin. Although this time the clean up is much quicker. Once I’m clean you take a thick nappy from your bag, and hold it up against my butt, then gently guide me to the wall so that you can use it to hold the nappy up. “Not sure how easy it’ll be to get you changed at the aquarium” you say, as I stare at the thick nappy a little surprised, “so I thought I’d put you in this in case it’s an issue.” “But people will notice” I pout. You shrug, “They’d notice leak marks on your clothes and a puddle on the floor much more” you say. I can’t fault your logic, but I definitely don’t like it. Safely taped in you pull my jeans back up. In spite of how thick the nappy is, it’s still not too obvious, but as I move the crinkling sound is much louder than from my other nappy. “You ready for the fishes?” you ask. I nod, grinning, then you lead me back out, the thick nappy making me waddle a little as I follow behind you. ***** The entrance to the aquarium is busy, and theres a security screening arch with a bag scanner. I squeeze your hand as I relaise the guards are about to see my nappies. “It’s OK,” you say, reassuring me, “you’re in nappies for a reason, and the guards don’t care.” That’s not entirely true. As the bag goes through they pull us aside. Rather than give a longwinded explanation for the contents, you gently lift my jumper up, giving the guard a glimpse of the waistband of my nappy. I blush, and squeeze your hand harder, but in spite of the little embarrassment, you probably made the right decision. Anything else would have involved them pulling the nappies out while you explain that I’m padded. This way the only person who knows about my secret is the security guard. The other side of security are lockers, and a sign asking people to store large bags to avoid overcrowding. “We’re going to have to leave this here” you say. “Do you want me to take an emergency change out?” I nod. “The only problem is we’ve not got anything to carry it in”. “No then” I say, mortified by the idea of openly carrying a nappy as we walk around the aquarium. “Good thing I put you in a thick one then” you tease. The lighting in the first room of the aquarium is dim, and the air is cool. There’s something slightly dreamy about being in a dark room where one whole wall is a giant fishtank. I rush up to it and stare at the fish. I have no idea which ones are which, but I don’t care. This is fascinating. From high up in the tank a huge fish comes swimming down, swooping through the water. I’m so engrossed in it all that I don’t notice you behind me until you wrap me in a hug. “Enjoying yourself?” you say. I nod and grin, “shall we go into the next room?” We walked through into the next area, open-topped tanks filled with rays, sharks and dogfish. I climbed the stairs to look from above, stumbling a little as my nappy made me waddle. I felt your hand on my arm, helping me stay upright, “You OK?” you asked. I nodded. Your hand moved down to my crotch, and you gave a subtle squeeze of the front of my nappy. “I think you might need to be a bit more careful on stairs” you say, “your nappy’s swelling because it’s soggy”. “I’m not soggy” I protested. Then prodded the front of my nappy. It had definitely swelled since you put it on me. I’d peed myself. When did that happen? You’d changed me less than an hour ago. You saw the look of confusion on my face. “It’s OK, you had an accident. That’s not a problem, is it?” I shook my head, and gave you a cuddle. “I guess not”. You led me down the stairs and into the next room, There were only small tanks here, but there was a series of interactive displays with screens and games and puzzles. One of the games involved downloading an app, then being given a list of fish to ‘collect’ by running between the tanks and photographing the correct one. I couldn’t resist. I was onto my fourth fish, an elusive little panda guppy, when I felt my tummy grumble. I thought about letting you know, but I was enjoying myself and didn’t want to stop. I was also worried, given the bag was at the entrance, that you’d make us cut our trip short. So I just kept on with my hunt. A little bit more searching, and I’d bagged my guppy. Next up the harlequin rasbora.My tummy cramped a little. I glanced around. You were sitting at a screen, playing one of the games, and no one else was in the room. I braced, gave a little push, and felt some mess slip out into my nappy. I patted my bottom, and sniffed the air. It didn’t seem that much and not that noticeable, so I went back to my search. It took me another ten minutes or so to find the last four fish. At the end of the search walked over to the screen where I’d downloaded the app, scanned the completion code, and watched all my fish appear on the screen. It then congratulated me and told me I could collect a prize from the gift shop at the end. I got really excited and ran over to you to show you the screen. I’m sure I saw you sniff as I came near you, but I was too excited to worry about that. You gave me a little hug, then got up. Before I realised what was happening, you turned me round and checked that no one else was in the room, then pulled the back of my jeans and nappy. “Thought so” I heard you say. I blushed. “Are we going to have to leave to get me changed?” I said, my voice tinged with sadness and disappointment. You shook your head, “no, it’s OK, it’s not very noticeable, you’ll be fine a bit longer, but If you realise you’ve had another stinky accident I’d like you to let me know, so that if it is bad we can deal with it.” I nodded. “Uh-huh”. “Shall we go onto the next area?” you asked. I nodded. You led me through the doors into the next area. It was a tunnel, a long, glass one, cutting through an enormous water tank. Fish of all sorts swam through it, and i was incredible. A ray sailed over our heads, and I stopped to watch it. “There was no way I was going to let you miss out on this” you said to me, “no matter how bad an accident you’d had”. I giggled. “I’d have been very sad if you had”. Then I turned to you and gave you a big kiss on the lips. As I pulled away I looked in your eyes and smiled, “I still owe you a teasing for when you were changing me”, We continued on through the tunnel, going slowly as we marveled at the fish swimming above our heads, then emerged into the next room - another activity room. There were a lot more people in here than the last one, and most of the activities were taken up. I made a beeline for one of the empty ones, which had a screen at the top of a wall with various pictures and buttons on it. You walked around the room, looking at the signs on the wall, while I played. The game was OK, but was nowhere near as fun as the fish-finding one I’d played in the other room. The screen would display a fish, then I’d have to find the area of the world it lived in, and how deep it lived. The buttons were in rows and columns, with the columns representing a sea or ocean, and the rows showing the depth - shallowest at the top, deepest at the bottom. It started out as fun, but as I went on i found crouching down and standing up over and over was getting kind of tiring. It was also making my tummy feel grumbly again. I crouched down again, pressing the deepest button to show where the blobfish lived, and as I did my tummy cramped. Without much thought, I gave a push. Unlike the last mess, which was more like a lumpy fart, this was a big, semi-solid poop - the result of the ice cream I’d had earlier making my tummy go haywire. It also smelled pretty awful. I panicked. I knew there couldn’t be many more rooms left, and we’d already been here a good couple of hours, but I didn’t want to have to rush through and leave before we’d done the aquarium properly. I finally stood back up, and kept playing the game. After a few more fish I’d finished. I looked around the room, and saw you were still walking around looking at signs. I gently brushed my hand against my butt. The seat of my jeans was being pushed out by the poop. There was no way you wouldn’t realise what I’d done the minute I came back to you. If you didn’t smell it, you’d definitely see it. I spotted a hard stool in a corner of the room. That would help. I waddled over to it, and sat on the stool, doing my best to smoosh the poop and hide the bluge. I had no idea whether that had worked, but it definitely made the smell worse. To a point where people were looking round trying to work out where it was coming from. There was no way I could stay here. I decided to go find you, and hope that you wouldn’t notice what I’d done. By that point you’d stopped walking around the room, and were standing in the centre, watching me. I came up to you, a little unsteady on my feet as my nappy was now extremely bulky and pushing my legs apart. “What were you doing there, Kitty-cat?” you asked. “Nuthin’” I said, as innocently as possible, “My legs hurt after playing that game, and I wanted to sit down for a minute”. “OK” you said, a tone of disbelief in your voice “Is that why you were crouching down while you were playing it as well?” I didn’t realise you’d seen that. Now would be a perfect time to come clean about my accident like you’d asked me to do. You did say you’d get it sorted, but that would definitely involve going to the entrance to get the changing bag, and then we’d have to leave.. I nodded. “No other reason?” you asked, probing. I moved my head towards you to whisper a reply, then thought about how much I wanted to see what was in the next rooms. I shook my head instead. “Nope”. “Come on then” you said, taking my left hand in yours and ushering me towards the exit. I wondered why you’d chosen to do that, until I felt your right hand on my bottom. You had positioned it slightly underneath, so that it was exactly on the area that was messy, then you put pressure on it, making the mess stick to my butt, reminding me exactly of what I had done. You whispered in my ear, “I think someone has had a very stinky accident?” At this point there was no sense in lying any more. You knew. You’d always known. You even watched me poop my nappy. “Nu-uh!” I whined, “It’s just that the room is smelly”. “Oh? OK” you say as we get to the door. “So it’ll smell better in the next room then?” I shrug, “I don’t know. I’ve not been here before. Maybe?” “Let’s find out” You say as you lead me through the door. The next room has pictures of most of the fish we saw previously on the walls, acting as a bit of a summary of what we’ve seen. From what I could tell it served as a build up to the next room, which must have been the crescendo of the experience. It certainly didn’t seem like people found this room particularly interesting, as it was completely empty. “Nope,” you say, “it definitely doesn’t smell better here”. There’s a tone of frustration in your voice, although from the look on your face it seems to be more for effect rather than genuine. You stop me, just as we’re far enough through for the door to close behind us, and I feel your hand move from my bottom up to the top of my jeans. There’s a slight rush of cool air as you pull back the waistband of my nappy, and the smell gets worse. “ “For someone who hasn’t had an accident,” you say, “there’s an awful lot of poo in your nappy”. You spin me around so I can see your face. You look calm and amused, and your eyes have a wonderful mix of kindness and concern. “Being serious for a minute,” you say, a measured tone to your voice, “I’m not upset you’ve had an accident. Remember, it doesn’t matter, and if you want me to just make it better and make the embarrassment go away, all you need to do is ask”. I nod, my eyes welling up as I try to fight back tears. I wrap my arms around you in a tight hug, Squeezing hard and not letting go for a minute or so. Then I let go, and step back, my head bowed a little. I have no idea what’s coming next, but I know you’re usually pretty creative with my punishments, making them fit the ‘crime’. You take my hand. There’s an accessible toilet in one corner of the room. You lead me into it and close the door. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light. It’s much brighter in here than in the rest of the aquarium. When they do, I realise you’re unbuttoning my jeans. “Did you manage to bring a change?” I say, hope in my voice. “No.” you say, the stern, matter of fact tone to your voice that you’d had earlier coming back. You let my jeans drop to the floor. As I go to step out of them you stop me. “You’ll keep those around your ankles, please”, you say. It’s not a request. You then pull my tshirt and jumper off, leaving them dangling around my wrists. “Don’t let that come off of your wrists under any circumstances”. I nod my head. Your tone, and the situation, has stopped any hint of bratiness. “Now tell me what happened, please” you say, sitting on the closed toilet lid and watching me intently. There’s a slight hissing noise, as without warning or sensation, I lose control and wet my nappy. When it stops I begin to speak. “I didn’t know I needed to poo, then I needed to poo. And it just. I felt a cramp, and then I pushed. I didn’t realise it was going to be so much, and I didn’t want to have to stop having fun just because I’d pooed my nappy. So I tried to keep playing. Then when the game ended, i realised that you might see that my nappy had got bigger at the back so I sat down to try to squish the poo. I didn’t mean to be bad, I just didn’t want to have to leave” The words had started coming out slowly, but sped up as I spoke. Until I got to the bit about sitting down, where the emotion overwhelmed me, and I had to choke out the last bit through tears. By the time I finished speaking I was sobbing uncontrollably. “Come over here please” you said, and I shuffled across the floor, my gait restricted by my nappy and my jeans. You take my hand and begin stroking it reassuringly. “Do you know why you’re being punished?” “Because I didn’t tell you that I’d had an accident? And I tried to hide it from you?” I sniffled. You shook your head , “Because you knew you’d had an accident, but you lied to me. Again and again.” “I just didn’t want to leave” I said, once again sobbing harder. “I know, kitten-face,” you say, using my hand to pull me across your lap, “and you won’t be yet. Not until I decide.” I’m just processing this when I feel a firm slap on the bottom of my nappy. It doesn’t hurt - it would be difficult to hurt me through the padding - but the combination of the thudding, and the sensation of my mess being moved around my nappy with every blow makes me zone out, my brain slipping into a little-ish headspace. After ten swipes you stop hitting. Instead you rub my back, soothing me. You reach into your pocket and pull out my pacifier, slipping it into my mouth, then help me stand up, before guiding me to sit on your lap so you can hug me. I don’t know how long you spend cuddling me, but it’s soothing. At some point I’d stopped sobbing, and was contentedly suckling my pacifier and smiling a little. “OK, stinky-butt” you say, “time to get your clothes back on and get moving”. I stand up, still in a bit of a daze, and let you slip my tops back over my head, and pull my jeans up. They barely fit over my nappy, and the waistband is now very obvious above them. Although the smell of my mess is pretty obvious even if people can’t see my nappy. Before you open the door, you pop the pacifier out of my mouth and slip it back into your pocket. Then you lead me out into the boring room. “I meant what I said about staying until I decide we’re done, by the way” you said, that firm tone back to your voice, “as you don’t seem to care about everyone knowing you’ve messed your nappy, we’re going to keep looking around here until I decide that we can go and get you changed.” I try to work out what you mean by that, but before I can ask any questions, you’ve led me through into the next room. Which again is absolutely full of people. My grip on your hand tightens unconsciously. It won’t be too long before people start to notice that there’s a smell. And that I’m the source. I’m so worried about the people, that I don’t notice the room we’re in. Like the first room, it’s dark, and there’s a whole wall that’s an aquarium tank, but this one is monumental. It’s at least two stories tall, and it’s curved, stretching around the room so we can step inside the curve and be surrounded by the tank on nearly all sides. You lead me towards the curve. Although it is busy, it’s not so bad that we can’t get a good spot. You wrap your arms around me again, and we stand, just looking at the fish, enjoying the moment together. People may well have noticed my messy nappy, but right now I’m completely absorbed by us and I don’t care at all. “How are you feeling?” you ask. “Really happy” I reply. “I was never going to interrupt what we’re doing just to change your nappy.” you say, your voice soothing and calm, “the whole point of them is that you get to enjoy things. To have fun, without having to worry about accidents. And it’s not your fault you’re stinky. It’s the aquarium making it hard for you to be able to change.” My eyes begin to well with tears again, and I give you a big kiss.
  4. This is similar to a recent post by @DLJeff52about “oh” moments. I’m sure those of us who used to be continent ABDLs will appreciate why I bring this up. For most ABDL’s, wearing diapers is something special that we excitedly indulge in, not to mention the taboo aspect of wanting to wear diapers. And yet here I am: “Stuck” in diapers, hopefully for the rest of my life. Anyways yesterday evening I went to change on my bed, I took off my diaper already but then I got sidetracked looking at something online that popped up on my phone. In comes my vanilla partner (they are very accepting) who noticed I’m not changed and I don’t have an incontinence pad under me. Annoyed, my partner admonished me to put my phone down and change before I leak. Honestly I wasn’t that worried about leaking because I had just voided a ton right before then and I was almost done with the article so I figured I’d probably be okay for at least a few minutes. But I thought better of arguing this point and went and diapered up. So yeah, it’s still weird to be told to diaper up quickly by someone else out of a genuine fear of leaks. ?
  5. This story has been on hiatus for but while I deal with ... life. But I'm picking it up again and getting back to more regular updates, so I figured I may as well start sharing it here as well. I've been a part of the Invader Zim fandom for a while, and there's barely any ABDL content there, so I had to fix that. Chapter 1: Once is an Accident ... i. “GAHHH!! FUCK YOU, GIR!!!!” The shout from the kitchen had Dib launching himself off the couch and sliding to a halt on the tile in his socks in no time flat. He was greeted with the sight of pink milkshake over every conceivable surface; the ceiling, the counter, the walls, the table, and all over both a thoroughly amused GIR and a very angry Zim. “Shit, Zim,” Dib groaned. “I told you messing with your PAK in the kitchen was a bad idea.” Zim’s PAK sat open on the kitchen table, half dismantled from Zim’s attempt at installing an upgrade. Zim’s body seemed to have shielded it slightly, but it was still spattered with sticky pink liquid. “I didn’t think he was gonna start the blender with the top off!! ” Zim shouted, aggravated, as he rushed to mop up the mess with his shirt before it seeped too far into his PAK. “I can’t put it back on like this!!” Dib checked his watch. He’d been keeping a countdown to make sure Zim’s PAK wasn’t off for longer than the ten minute maximum. “We’ve got eight minutes before it becomes a problem. GIR —” He looked over at the robot, who was currently trying to lick milkshake out of the blender, “— start cleaning up the kitchen.” GIR saluted and gave a shrill, “Okie dokie!!!” before dashing off to grab some towels. “My life is starting to flash before my eyes, Dib!!!” Zim whined as Dib grabbed a handful of napkins and briefly ran them under the faucet. “We’ve still got time, you fucking drama queen,” Dib admonished, shoving a the napkins at Zim. “Start cleaning up with those, and I’ll follow with some rubbing alcohol to make sure everything’s dry before you plug it back in.” Zim nodded and they quickly got to work. It wasn’t long before the tight space made their tag team effort more difficult than Dib had planned, however, especially as Zim’s coordination rapidly spiraled downwards. After watching him smear strawberry chunks around for an agonizing thirty seconds, Dib finally pushed his hands aside. “We’ve got five minutes,” Dib warned. “Let me finish this and you just try to stay conscious.” Zim’s skin was an ashy shade of green and his eyes were glassy and unfocused. Even when all he had to do was sit still, he was visibly trembling. “I don’t feel so good, Dib,” he whispered hoarsely. “I know, bug, but just hang in there.” Despite the tension in the air, Dib tried harder than ever to maintain a calm demeanor, reassuring Zim in dulcet tones while scrubbing away at the sticky goo spattered all over. Behind him, he could hear GIR mostly pushing the rest of the disaster around, and he was positive he was going to need to clean that up later, as well. As the minutes ticked down, Dib’s anxiety rose like a tsunami, threatening to crash down on him every time Zim moaned in discomfort. He was down to his last minute before he knew it, and there was still a cluster of wires he had yet to clean. It was just out of reach and if he had more than sixty seconds left, he would have grabbed a cotton swab to finish cleaning them off. As it was, he twisted a napkin to give it a bit of rigidity, and blindly stuffed it in while checking his watch. “Shit.” Thirty seconds left. He shook his head and pulled his makeshift cleaning device back out. “This’ll have to do, Zim.” He leaned over and hauled Zim up onto his lap. The poor little Irken was barely even responding at this point. With seconds to spare, Dib lifted the PAK to Zim’s back and the cables shot out to reconnect with the ports on Zim’s back. Zim’s eyelids fluttered and he groaned incomprehensibly, but as he squinted and rubbed his eyes, the color was beginning to return to his cheeks. “You feeling alright?” Dib asked nervously. That last spill had been worryingly close to an awful lot of connections. Zim nodded, sliding off Dib’s lap and onto the floor. He did a couple toe touches, stretched his arms, and bounced up and down on the balls of his feet. “Yep. Everything seems to be in or—” A sudden zap of electricity made his body convulse and PAK spark. Dib watched in silent horror as Zim suddenly went limp and fell to the floor, antennae twitching twice before falling still. Before a single coherent thought could pass through Dib’s head, he jumped up and grabbed the silicone pot holders from the counter and used them to turn Zim onto his side. The Irken didn’t seem to be breathing, but it was difficult to tell for sure. Dib retrieved his phone from his pocket and held it under Zim’s mouth, waiting for it to fog up. When it didn’t, a sick knot of realization began to form in Dib’s belly. He had no idea how to give an alien CPR. He had a vague idea of Zim’s internal structure, but the question of how to restart things had simply never come up. And when even successful human CPR led to a few broken ribs, he was leery of injuring Zim further. “Stand clear.” The robotic, monotone voice sent Dib scurrying backwards in a panic. Had Zim’s PAK really just spoken ??? Was it allowed to do that on its own?? That question certainly hadn’t ever cropped up before in all the years they’d known each other. Another jolt of electricity arced between Zim’s antennae, making his muscles twitch and jerk for a few painfully slow seconds before he was still once more. Dib leaned forward, heart hammering in his chest and breath stuck in his throat. “Zim?” he whispered, reaching out with a shaking hand. Zim’s face screwed up and he let out a low groan before opening his bleary eyes. “S-sugar …” he mumbled. Dib fell forwards and hugged him tightly. “Oh thank fuck!! I thought you died!!” “Ow … I did ,” Zim grumbled. Dib sat up so fast he saw stars. “ What‽‽ ” Zim laboriously pushed himself up into a sitting position and rubbed his temples. “Well, I’m not dead now, idiot. My systems reset themselves,” he said thickly. “Death is rarely a permanent state, Dibby.” “God forbid there be a normal day in this household,” Dib sighed as GIR scooted by on a towel, oblivious and smearing pink stickiness across everything in his wake. Zim groaned and rubbed his head. “Getting reset depletes sugar reserves, so I’m going to need you to get me off this floor and grab me a snack before I keel over again.” Zim still seemed too weak to properly hold on to anything, so Dib lifted him in a bridal carry and carefully walked him to the couch. He set Zim down, propped up against the pillows, and gently touched a hand to Zim’s cheek. His skin was clammy and slightly pale, but at least he was obviously alive. “Are you gonna be alright?” Dib asked worriedly. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just grab me a glass of Tang and a couple sugar cookies,” Zim replied in much more subdued tones. Dib gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “You got it.” He strode into the kitchen, but stopped dead at the edge of the tile. GIR was sprawled out on the floor, attempting to make milkshake angels. Dib sighed, edged around the kitchen, and opened one of the cupboards to fish around for a bucket. Once he’d located one — and dumped out all the junk it contained — he filled it with soap, water, and a bit of rubbing alcohol. GIR did better when the list of steps to complete a task was as small as humanly possible, so mixing the cleaning solution before handing the task off reduced the opportunity for errors. “Alright, you’ve had enough fun,” Dib said irritably, shoving the bucket at a thoroughly unphased GIR. “I don’t care if you strap sponges to your feet or make yourself a towel taco, I just need this mess gone.” “Caaaan dooooo,” GIR yelled, snatching the bucket from him and dashing towards the sponges as soapy water sloshed onto the floor. Dib skirted out of his way and busied himself with grabbing Zim’s requested snack. He returned to the living room with a plate of sugar cookies and Tang in one of GIR’s sippy cups. Zim gave the cup a slightly hard stare, but ultimately shook his head and didn’t question the choice. “So I was thinking,” Dib said as he carefully sat down beside Zim, “we should take it easy for the rest of the day, considering you died for around forty-five seconds. We can just hole up and watch some horror movies, get some soda and kettle corn into you, that sort of thing.” Zim snuggled against Dib, head on his chest. “Works for me. I still feel … Ugh , it’s hard to put into words,” he grumbled, taking a long sip of his drink. “Something feels off, but I can’t explain it.” Dib frowned, numerous worries occupying the back of his brain. “We could take your PAK off again and try to do a more thorough job of cleaning it out?” he offered. “Not right now,” Zim said, squeezing his eyes shut. “If you take too long, it’s going to be that much harder on my body. I’m really not in any shape for that right now.” He nestled in closer, as if proximity to Dib would fix things. “I just …” He looked up at Dib, concern scrawled across his face. “Hold me?” he asked, voice barely a whisper. Dib’s expression softened to one that was very nearly pity. Zim had a habit of being a pain in the ass and prickly more often than not, but he regularly demanded physical comfort whenever he was feeling less than stellar for any reason. “Yeah,” Dib replied gently. “But let me grab you some kettle corn and cocoa, first.” Zim shook his sippy cup and raised his eyebrows. “In a mug?” “In a thermos ,” Dib corrected. “I don’t need you spilling all over the couch when the kitchen is already a disaster.” An hour or so later, as morning spilled into golden autumn afternoon, the kitchen was finally clean and they were midway through one of Dib’s favorite horror movies. Zim sat snuggled under multiple blankets on Dib’s lap with a belly pleasantly full of warm drinks and sugary snacks. His color has finally returned to normal and he was no longer shivering. By all accounts, he was back to normal. Still, though, he couldn’t shake the feeling something was different . As he struggled to pin down exactly what or why , a sudden crescendo of music crashed through the speakers in a cheap jump scare, startling Zim back to the present with a horribly unwelcome jolt. He was suddenly glad that Dib had insisted on giving him all his drinks in containers with a top. He grumbled under his breath, ruffled, before settling back down against Dib, vaguely aware that the space between them felt a bit warmer than it had a minute ago. Beneath him, Dib shifted slightly, froze, then freed his arm from around Zim to blindly feel around under the blankets for a moment before coming to a rest. “Er … Zim?” “What?” Zim asked gruffly, still miffed that the movie had managed to startle him as badly as it did. “Did you lose your phone again? Because I’m not getting up this time.” Dib opened his mouth, let out a sort of strangled sigh, then bit the inside of his cheek, brow furrowed. “Did you … uh. Jesus, there is no easy way to ask this …” He pressed his palm to his forehead before spitting out in a single breath, “ Please tell me you just spilled your cocoa. ” Zim turned and raised an eyebrow, holding up his thermos. “No? Why are you—” As he shifted, he finally felt what Dib was talking about, and his eyes went wider than flying saucers. “ Oh my god , Zim,” Dib groaned, taking him under the arms and lifting him away like a badly behaved cat. As he stood up and the blankets fell away, there was no question what had happened. Both their pants were soaked, along with a sizeable portion of the cushion beneath them. Zim stood in a small puddle, dripping and purple-faced with embarrassment. “How did you not feel that??” Dib asked, more baffled than upset. “Everything was already really warm!” Zim insisted frantically. Dib gave him a look that was equal parts worry and horror. “You didn’t even feel like you had to go??” Zim tossed his arms up in frustration. “Do I look like I’m five?” “I’m not trying to be an ass here, Zim,” Dib insisted, trying to tone down his intensity to something Zim would find less offensive. “I just need to know if you had any idea this was gonna happen, before it happened.” “Of course I—!” Zim stopped mid sentence, suddenly realizing that he hadn’t gotten any of the usual signals. Not so much as a twinge. “I mean, I think … fuck.” He stared down at the puddle around his feet. “I … didn’t feel anything,” he finally admitted in hushed tones. Dib pushed his glasses up to rub the bridge of his nose. “Shit. Alright. Well, first of all, you’re banned from screwing with your PAK anymore until we sort this out.” Zim shot him a snide expression. “You can’t ban me from fixing my own brain, Dib!” “Until we figure out exactly what went wrong? Yes, I can.” Dib glanced down at his soaked pants with a frown before seeming to give up and start unbuttoning things. “Just take all your clothes off here,” he instructed as he peeled away his wet clothes. “You take everything up to the wash. I’m gonna shower off and run out to the store real quick.” Zim paused in the middle of attempting to pull his socks off, balancing on one foot. “Why are you going to the store?” he asked, suspicious. Dib’s face contorted into something that was somewhere north of innocence and south of pity. Zim scowled back. “Why are you going to the store, Dib ?” he asked, enunciating each word with palpable malice. Dib held up his hands. “It’s just as an ‘in case’ measure, alright?” Zim sucked in a breath and puffed out his chest, blustering and fuming in what Dib could only imagine was very angry Irken. “It was ONE TIME !!!” he finally spat out, incensed. Dib nervously ran a hand through his hair. “Okay … and if it isn’t just one time?” Zim growled something under his breath, fists at his sides. “It might not be related to the issue with your PAK, but if it is, I’d rather be prepared,” Dib said simply. “You’re not putting me in diapers!” Zim snapped. “Fine. No diapers. But I am gonna grab a pack of pull-ups or something, just in case ,” Dib said as he tossed his underwear onto the pile, trying to remain blasé about the whole thing. Which was a difficult thing to pull off while naked and covered in piss. Zim spied Dib’s cock poking out of a thicket of hair and abruptly looked away before he could get distracted. Not to mention, he was vaguely concerned that getting turned on in wet pants might rewire him in an even worse way. He merely crossed his arms and faced away. “I’ll get you some snacks as a consolation,” Dib said as he turned to walk upstairs. “We’re almost out of Fun Dip, right? I’ll get you more of that.” Zim gathered the clothes and blankets and damp cushion with the help of his PAK legs to steady everything. He’d stupidly put his clothes-cleaning contraption upstairs, but at least he’d had the foresight to put it right outside the lift. The stairs were really just for Dib’s benefit. It was the only way the kid got any exercise, some days. Zim pulled aside one of the large speakers beside the TV to reveal the interior of an elevator, and climbed inside with his bundle. He reached the top just as Dib finished hosing himself off in the shower, and got to work loading the machine with all of the damp clothes and blankets. Dib dressed himself in a flash, hurriedly striding towards the stairs before Zim was even finished. “I’ll be back before you know it!” Dib called on his way down. Zim gave only a non-committal grunt. “Text me if you think of anything you want!” “Hmph.” Zim rolled his eyes and slammed the door to the washer shut, irritably poking at the controls until it chimed happily and began chugging away. Zim waited, one antenna perked, until he heard the front door close and lock behind Dib. His human would be gone for at least ten minutes, and ten minutes was all Zim needed to get back inside his PAK and fix this irritating little hiccup once and for all. ii. Dib’s truck rumbled along the road back home, the breeze from the windows making the bags beside him billow and snap. He caught a glimpse of the package contained inside and felt himself blush slightly. Although the situation was embarrassing and slightly worrying when it came to Zim’s overall health, Dib found that he was strangely un-squicked by recent events. Even though Zim had pissed right in his lap, he hadn’t really found the situation all that revolting. If he hadn’t been so shocked at the time, it might have even been a little hot. Zim, caught in an embarrassing situation, dependent on Dib to make things better … Dib shook his head to clear it as he pulled up to the base. He doubted he could get Zim on board with that sort of roleplay. But he could dream, at least. He killed the engine, grabbed his bags, and hopped out of the truck. Scattered leaves blew across his path, catching on the tacky lawn gnomes Zim still insisted stand guard outside. Dib would have been lying if he said he didn’t find Zim’s sense of decor at least a little amusing. He opened the door and stepped inside. “I’m back!” he shouted cheerily, kicking his shoes off. He started towards the stairs, then stopped dead. The whole base was eerily quiet, except for what he’d initially written off as the wind whistling over the roof. But as he stood there, barely breathing, it had begun to sound an awful lot more like sobbing. “ Zim ??” When there was no answer, Dib dropped his bags and raced up the spiraling steps. He came to a screeching halt at the doorway to their bedroom, where Zim was crumped on the floor, sobbing and sitting in a puddle of something that Dib would have bet money wasn’t tears. Nevertheless, Dib rushed over and scooped Zim up, hugging him close. “What’s wrong??” he asked, rubbing the small of Zim’s back in an attempt to soothe him. “I tried to fix it!!” Zim wailed, breath hitching in his throat. “The wires … they were all — hic!! — fused in the wrong spots. I tried to separate them, but … but once I put my PAK back on, it … it shorted out again. And … and when I woke up I — hic!! — I was on the floor and I know I just made it worse!!” Anger swelled in Dib’s chest for a moment, but it was quickly snuffed out by Zim’s obvious upset. There was nothing to be gained by cussing him out for his actions. He was already suffering the consequences. Plus, the sounds he was making were causing Dib heartache like he’d never felt before. All he wanted was to put things right. “It’s gonna be okay,” Dib murmured, hugging him tightly. Zim shook his head, face buried in Dib’s shoulder. “No, it isn’t !! I don’t know what’s wrong but something just isn’t right!!! ” It was hard for Dib to argue. He’d never seen Zim so worked up before. He’d seen him get a little teary over things or sometimes even cry out of frustration, but he’d never dissolved into such a thoroughly inconsolable state before. “Let’s get you cleaned up, and then we can go back to taking it easy, okay?” Dib said softly. Zim took a few shaky breaths in an attempt to get ahold of himself. “Bath,” he finally mumbled, wiping his eyes. Dib was slightly taken aback. Zim usually avoided anything deeper than a puddle like the plague. “I was just gonna let you shower off, but yeah, we can do a bath, if that’s what you want.” He stood up and carried Zim to the bathroom, watching with growing concern as Zim buried his face in the front of his hoodie. He lowered himself onto the edge of the bathtub and turned on the taps, putting his wrist in the stream to gauge the temperature before plugging the drain and gently setting Zim down. “Get settled. I’ll be right back.” Dib made it to the stairs in a few long strides, descending the steps to retrieve two of the bags he’d dropped by the door. On his way back through the bedroom, he tossed one bag onto the bed, then carried the other with him back into the bathroom. He made it back up in time to see Zim adding a hefty amount of bubble bath to the water. “You’re really going all-in on this, huh?” Dib remarked as he put his back against the wall and slid to a sitting position next to the tub. Zim ducked his head nervously. “It smells nice.” Dib leaned on the edge of the tub and reached out to cup Zim’s cheek, stroking it with his thumb. “Yeah, it does. And that means you’ll smell nice when we’re cuddled up together on the couch, later.” Zim pressed against his hand with a soft purr, eyes closed, a contented smile on his face. Dib’s own sad smile slowly faded as the full weight of the interaction started to hit him. He felt like he was talking to a slightly younger Zim. At the very least, a Zim with all the usual sass and salt stripped out. And that had him worried, sure, but the worst part was, he knew full well that some part of him was enjoying the shift. Taking care of a soft, sweet Zim fulfilled some basic need he didn’t even know he had. Zim slowly opened his eyes, and the pink packaging inside the bag suddenly caught his attention. “Do I even need to ask what that is?” he said wearily. Dib gave a weak smile and finally pulled the package out of the bag. The front graphic showed an earth child in a t-shirt and what appeared at first to be purple underwear. It didn't take Zim’s earth-shattering IQ to be able to guess they weren’t that, at all. “I was a bedwetter for way longer than I care to say,” Dib admitted, cheeks going pink. “So I can personally vouch for this brand. Pluuuus ,” he added in a sing-song tone, “they’re purple and pink! Your favorite colors.” Zim stared blankly for a second, then puffed out his cheeks. “Wow, Dib. I didn’t think I could feel any more self conscious about this, but congratulations.” Dib deflated a bit and ran his fingers through his hair. “Yeah, sorry. Just try to remember that it’s not for forever, alright?” Zim opened his mouth, then closed it and shook his head, thinking better of whatever he was about to say. Instead, he grabbed a washcloth and thrust it at Dib. “There’s still some milkshake on my back,” he said quietly. “I can’t reach it myself. Can you …? Dib took the washcloth from him, dipped it into the bath water, and gently began cleaning him up. There were strawberries caked along the outline of his PAK, along with the general stickiness coating everything. Zim held uncharacteristically still as Dib worked, merely swirling his fingers in the water and watching the bubble trails. “Are you alright?” Dib finally asked after several minutes of silence. “Yeah, Dib. I’ve always wanted to start pissing myself at random. So, you know. Never better,” Zim replied dryly without looking up. “We could keep trying to fix it, you know,” Dib offered as he poured water down Zim’s back to clean under his PAK. “No,” Zim replied sorrowfully, “it’s not just the wires. Some of the chips are damaged, and they’re not like your computer chips. They’re grown, like crystals. So you can’t just slap a new one in there any more than you can take a slice of your brain and replace it.” He leaned his head against the cool tile, eyes closed. “There are tools to regrow broken chips, but I don’t have them. There’s a chance I could pick up what I need on Vort, but that’s not possible right now because of the political situation.” Dib silently wrung out the washcloth and set it on the edge of the tub. “So you’re …” “Stuck like this for the foreseeable future, yeah,” Zim confirmed, swirling the bubbles around with his finger. “And I don’t even know the full extent of what ‘like this’ is .” “You haven’t been losing any of your other faculties, have you?” Dib asked with a concerned frown. Zim shook his head. “No, I just feel weird. Different.” He pushed the water from side to side, watching the frothy waves bounce around the tub as he struggled to find the words. “Smaller, almost,” he finally whispered. “I just want physical comfort and … simple things. I don’t know …” Dib reached out and put a finger under Zim’s chin, making him look up. “You want me to take care of you?” he asked gently. As he looked into Zim’s eyes, there was no denying that something had permanently shifted. The Zim that sat in front of him seemed to be trying to take up as little space as possible. Everything about him seemed to cry out for affection, and Dib wanted nothing more than to give it to him. Zim bit his lip nervously before giving a small nod. “Y-yeah. Being taken care of sounds nice.” Dib leaned forwards and kissed him on his forehead, then sat back on his heels. “Good, because that’s what I was planning to spend the rest of the day doing, anyways.” Dib pulled the stopper out of the drain and shook out a fuzzy purple towel as Zim stood up out of the water with a shiver. In one fluid motion, Dib wrapped Zim up in the towel and whisked him up before the alien could protest. Much to his surprise, this got a genuine laugh out of Zim instead of the usual cussing-out. “Man, you are in some rare moods today,” Dib said as he kissed Zim’s cheek. Zim shrugged self-consciously. “I guess …” His blush made his freckles stand out like stars in a dusty desert twilight, and for a moment, all Dib could do was smile and take it all in. “You’re still going to make me put one of those things on, aren’t you?” Zim asked quietly, face falling as Dib set him down on his feet. “Sorry,” Dib murmured, in lieu of saying ‘yes’. “If it had just been the one accident, I wouldn’t push, but, well.” He shrugged apologetically. “Twice is kind of a pattern.” Zim dried himself off slowly, looking over the packaging that claimed the product enclosed “ looks and feels like real underwear! ” It was a bold claim that Zim wasn’t positive would be able to hold up under scrutiny. It also hammered home the fact that Zim was departing the realm of whatever “real” underwear happened to be, and he had no idea if -- or when -- he’d be returning. The uncertainty left a knot in his guts. As Zim finished drying off his legs, Dib ripped one end of the package open and pulled out something that certainly looked more like a diaper than any sort of adult undergarment Zim had ever seen. Dib handed it over and Zim, still skeptical, took it and examined it closer. At least Dib had done his best to get the good colors. But that was really the only bright spot. Zim pulled the stretchy sides wide enough to step into it, then shimmied it up until the padding was flush with his crotch. He wiggled it around a bit, noting the muted crinkle the thing made as he shifted. He looked up to meet Dib’s eyes. “This is a diaper,” he said with a wry look. “It’s just a pull-up,” Dib corrected. “Call it whatever you want, Dib,” Zim said with a sigh as he walked towards the bedroom closet. “Doesn’t really change what it is. You know. I know.” He gestured half-heartedly towards the packaging. “Even those lying marketing executives probably know.” There wasn’t much Dib could say to that, so he gave Zim a sort of well-meaning pat on the head, and went to dig through the dresser for a change of clothes. After changing into some ridiculously fluffy pajamas, they settled in for an afternoon of sugar and scary movies with the hope of taking Zim’s mind of what a disaster the day had been so far. Zim had been concerned that Dib would want to keep a bit of distance between the two of them, but instead Dib seemed to want him as close as possible. Dib tended to be fairly affectionate as it was, but tonight he was all but smothering Zim with his love, cuddling him and preening his antennae. “Normally I’d never say this, because I’m worried you’d rip my face off and wear it as a hat, but you’re really cute,” Dib murmured between cheek kisses. “I wouldn’t kick your ass for that,” Zim said dismissively. “You always assume I want to be referred to in hard, masculine terms, but I’ve never said that.” Dib raised his eyebrows in surprise. “For real?” “Yeah,” Zim said as he snuggled against Dib’s chest. “I’d like it if you called me cute more often.” Dib smiled and hugged him close. “How about adorable?” “Mm-Hmm. That one, too.” “Sweet?” “Literally and figuratively, yes.” “My little bug?” Zim stopped with a Fun Dip stick halfway to his mouth. Those words made all eight ventricles of his heart suddenly flutter so badly, he was momentarily convinced he was experiencing a cardiac event. Dib laughed nervously, “Alright, not that one. Message received.” Zim hunched his shoulders reflexively. “Um. Actually … say that one again?” Dib looked down, trying and failing to read his expression. “What? My little bug?” he repeated cautiously. Zim closed his eyes, a stupid smile spreading across his face. The words were warm and soft, like a blanket fresh from the dryer on a chilly fall evening. “Oh, you actually like that one!” Dib remarked, more than a little surprised. “I thought the silence was because you were too nice to tell me it was stupid.” “I’m never too nice to call you stupid , Dib,” Zim pointed out with a sidelong glance and a barely concealed smirk. “But yes, when you say that, it gives me the warm-and-fuzzies.” “Sure that’s not because you’ve peed yourself again?” Dib said under his breath. Zim gave him a swift elbow to the ribs for his trouble. “Be nice to Zim!” he groused with a scowl as Dib coughed and grabbed his side. “I’ve had a rough day. Asshole.” “ Fuck , I think you broke something,” Dib wheezed as tears sprung to his eyes. “ Good . Think of that next time you decide that making me feel like filthy garbage over something I can’t help is a fantastic idea.” Zim crossed his arms and leaned his way out of Dib’s lap, flopping against the arm of the couch. Well. There he was. That was the Zim that Dib knew and (mostly) loved. Dib rubbed his ribs gingerly, a sinking feeling in his guts. “Hey, I’m sorry, alright?” he offered gently. “I didn’t mean to ruin a nice moment. I … guess I was just trying to be funny.” Zim covered his head with his arms. “It’s not funny, Dib,” he said, muffled. “It’s one of the least funny things to ever happen to me!” His shoulders shook for a moment as he sucked in a deep breath. “… especially because it is wet …” he added, so softly that Dib almost missed it. “Fuck, I’m so sorry,” Dib said frantically, standing up and giving Zim’s sleeve a little tug. “C’mere. Let’s go take care of it.” Zim looked up miserably, wiping the corner of his eye on his sleeve. “I can do it myself, Dib.” “I know you can, but I said I was going to take care of you, so come here and let me handle things.” Dib reached down and made a little “up!!” gesture with his fingers. Zim gave an aggravated little snort, but eventually stood up and allowed Dib to pick him up. He wrapped his legs and arms around Dib’s body, clinging like a toddler, face buried in Dib’s shoulder to hide how badly he was blushing. “You’ve got to tell me when you need it swapped out,” Dib admonished gently as they ascended the stairs. “I was comfy,” Zim mumbled. “If that’s seriously the lie you’re going with, I’m gonna start checking,” Dib said with a warning glance. “Do you want that?” “Of course not!!” Zim sputtered. “It’s embarrassing, okay?? I don't want to draw attention to it.” “You know what’s more embarrassing?” Dib asked as he set Zim down on the floor. “Leaking all over me and the couch. Now, do me a favor and hold your shirt out of the way.” Zim sighed and lifted up his shirt as Dib deftly pulled his pants down and ripped the sides on his pull-up to take it off. He set it on the ground and pulled out a pack of wipes from the bag on the bed, then set to work wiping Zim down. It wasn’t as if Dib wasn’t already intimately familiar with all of Zim’s bits. They had a very healthy love life, and one of Dib’s favorite things to do was put his face between Zim’s thighs and absolutely go to town eating him out until Zim’s legs shook and he couldn’t see straight. But there was something altogether different about having Dib clean him up with all the gentle care in the world, absolutely devoid of sexual subtext. Or at least, that’s how it looked . “I’m starting to think you like this more than you’ve let on,” Zim said suspiciously. It was a stab in the dark, but it was also the only thing that explained why Dib seemed so completely unbothered by the whole thing. Dib shrugged. “I guess? Taking care of you kinda hits a special part of my heart just right,” he said with a genuine smile. “I don’t like that you’re in this situation, but as long as you are, I’d love to get to pamper the absolute hell out of you.” “I said no diapers, Dib,” Zim insisted nervously. “I mean I want to dote on you, dummy,” Dib said as he rolled everything up and brought it to the bin on the other side of the room. “Although diapers would make this whole thing easier. You wouldn’t need to take everything off in order for me to change you.” Zim whined as he stepped out of his pajama bottoms. “Not yet,” he said, a pleading tone to his words. Dib came back with a fresh pull-up, sprinkled with what smelled like lavender baby powder. “Suit yourself,” he said, holding the disposable underwear out in front of Zim. “Step into this, and then we’re done.” Zim put a hand on Dib’s shoulder for balance and did as he was told. “So that’s really it?” he asked as he straightened the leg bands on his hips. “You just like coddling me? You don’t have a piss fetish or anything?” Dib didn’t immediately answer, and when Zim looked up, his face was an indescribable shade of red. “ Oh my Tallest ,” Zim said, face falling. “I trusted you!” Dib fiddled with his glasses. “I’m not getting off on this!!” he insisted. A little too intently, Zim thought. “It’s more like … it’s cute??” he attempted desperately. “It’s weirdly emotionally intimate and it just makes me want to cuddle you, okay??” “So none of it is sexual?” Zim asked dryly as he pulled up his pajama bottoms. Dib tilted his head back towards the ceiling and gave a frustrated moan. “Ohhhh my gawd, alright . Look. Let me put it this way,” he said, face still on the red side of pink. “If we were fucking and you … um … you know …” Zim raised his eyebrows. Having a laugh at Dib’s expense was simply too easy. “ No . I don’t know.” Dib ran his fingers through his hair once, and then a few extra times for good measure. “Okay. Okay okay okay . If you … if you were inside of me, and you pissed …” Dib tossed his hands up on either side of him in a greatly exaggerated shrug. “I wouldn’t hate it , alright??” Zim thought for a moment, foot tapping as he watched Dib squirm out of the corner of his eye. “But would you like it ?” he asked, trying not to grin when Dib’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “Gah!!! Yes, Zim! Is that what you want to hear??” he yelled. “That I fucking fantasize about having the balls to ask you to piss inside me and then fuck me in it?? ” A smile tugged at the corner of Zim’s face. He’d never seen Dib snap like this before and it was highly amusing. “Holy shit …” he whispered to himself. Dib continued on with his rant, unaware. “Because I do , alright?? I think that would be hot as hell , especially if you told me what a disgusting, perverted freak I am while you do it!!” He stopped gesticulating wildly and dropped his arms, panting. His glasses had nearly slid off his face and his hair was wild. “Are you happy now??? ” Dib demanded as Zim desperately stifled a giggle with his sleeve. “You have no idea,” he replied with a grin. “I’m not taking advantage of this situation, I swear ,” Dib said, still visibly flustered as he fixed his glasses. “You’re cute and I want to take care of you. I just also haven’t stopped seeing you as my partner so, if you want to still have sex…” He trailed off with a hopeful look. “That option is still on the table.” Zim stepped forwards and hugged Dib around the waist. “Good. Because I haven’t stopped enjoying the thought of being inside you.” Dib ruffled his antennae. “Perpetually on the same page. That’s why I love you.” Zim stepped back and made an “up!!” motion with his arms, an expectant look on his face. Dib rolled his eyes, but ultimately reached down to pick him up. “Alright, alright. One more movie, because I can’t say no to that look. But then we’re going to bed for real. It really has been a long day.”
  6. Curse of the Crinkle Crate Composed by Horatio Husky Featuring and Commissioned by Kazard the Fox! Chapter 1 The Box I… Want… Couch Time… Now… were the thoughts of a certain blonde-haired fox, as he absentmindedly fumbled with the keys to his small, cozy home. His shoulders were slumped, and his eyelids half open in a vacant stare as he maneuvered his key into the lock of his front door. The day had been absolutely miserable, all of his clients had been in a bad temper when he spoke with them about their problems, and one of them even seemed to believe that the fox didn’t really know what he was doing. Of course, he knew what he was doing! He’d graduated top of his class by no small miracle, the fox was very talented at his work, but the lack of appreciation and frustration that was thrust upon him by his clients was not something studying could have prepared him for. At last, the key turned, and the door swung wide open, shouldering his bag he strode inside and carelessly dropped it in the front hallway, kicking off his shoes and closing the door behind him with a click, locking it once more. Give… Me… That… Couch… thought the fox once more, as he strode into his living room. However, his couch did not seem to be on the agenda just yet, for the fox almost tripped over a wooden box in the center of the room. Kaz was taken aback, how had this gotten in his home? He didn’t remember lugging a rather plain, heavy looking wooden box into his home. Its dimensions were around two feet by two feet, and a foot and a half tall. Kneeling down, his tail now twitching with apparent interest and curiosity he inspected it closer to find that its lid was hinged, with the front opening to the container facing towards him. What on earth… Did somebody break in and leave this here? He thought to himself, as he reached forward with a paw and tentatively opened the strange box. The lid thumped onto his carpet as he gazed into what was held within the strange item, and was even more confused to see that the box only contained two items in it. A thick square of plastic upon closer inspection Kaz found to be a white, adult diaper, and a note next to it, written in fancy cursive. He picked it up, his eyebrows furrowing as he perused through a short poem, a strange feeling of warmth he didn’t recognize bubbling up in his insides as he did so. For a year and a day obedient shall you be, To the rules and whims of the box at your knee, Letters and rules shall be provided from these wooden confines, Giving you instructions, tasks, items, and lines, And lest you not listen to my behest, Shall you not have your day-to-day be the best! For control and independence are no longer yours From now you’ll always be clad in diapers! Diapers? Control? Is this all some sort of prank that got delivered into my house that one of my friends managed to sneak in? He turned the note over and found that more was written on the back of it, this time not in the mysterious cursive font as on the front. The rules are simple, Kazard. For a year and a day you will be completely unable to control your bladder nor your bowel, making it that at any time whatsoever, you will completely and utterly mess and wet yourself anywhere you are. Within this box, you will find your solution to this new conundrum in your life, which you have agreed to participate in by opening this box. Whenever you open this box you will be supplied with plain white diapers perfectly matched to handle whatever punishment you give them. It is recommended that you also invest in other supplies related to padding, such as powder and anti-rash cream, but those are up to your discretion. You may try and not wear your diapers, but you will find that it is wiser to comply with the rules and keep yourself nice and secure; your continence will not return either if you do not obey the rules set before you. If you wish to communicate with the box, you must do so through a bargain written on a note to express your wishes. However, be warned: the box is liable to interpret and balance any request or boon as it wishes if whatever you offer is not of equal value, so it may be wisest to obey as instructed and keep yourself diapered at all times of the day, otherwise, the consequences will be severe. With that, we hope you enjoy your next trip around the sun padded up! This has to be a joke… Boxes that interpret poetry and supply diapers whenever opened? This isn’t even a funny prank, this is pathetic. The fox dropped the diaper and note back into the box with contempt, what a stupid thing to waste his time with. He got up, the couch now forgotten as his stomach rumbled its hunger aloud to the room. He padded over to the kitchen, turning the kettle on and rummaging through his dry food cabinet, retrieving a large bag of chips. He held the bag in his maw as he stretched, reaching up to the higher shelf to grab himself a chocolate bar. It was just out of his reach, and he strained, leaning against the counter to support his weight as he grasped after his sweet. The counter must have been wet, however, for he looked down as he felt something damp against him. The bag of chips dropped out of his mouth and onto the counter below him. The counter hadn’t been wet, no. It was he who had gotten wet.
  7. This is my first time writing a story here, and to be honest, I probably should have started with something a little smaller, not some big multi-part thing I haven't entirely written yet. ----- RegCon An ABDL & Regression Story Chapter 1: Plenary Angel Ballroom, Day 1 Good morning everyone. I didn’t catch that. I said good morning everyone! I’m John Krug, President of the National Coalition for a Second Childhood. Parents—mommies and daddies—on behalf of the NCSC, I would like to welcome you all to the Seventh Annual Regression and Rediapering Convention and Expo! Welcome to RegCon! As I look out on this room of over two thousand loving and doting parents and caregivers, ready to usher their babies into the adventure of regression, ready to take the serious commitment to diaper-train their children, unleash their inner littles, and give them the delightful gift of Second Childhood, I can’t help but swell with pride of how our little gathering, in just a few short years, transformed from an impromptu meeting in a public library community room, to a burgeoning movement! I see a lot of new faces and blue ribbons in the audience this morning: First-timers who want to learn more about how regression can benefit their children and help them redevelop the innocence they lost, and how to make that dream a reality. Now I know many of you will be a bit apprehensive about everything you’re going to see here. There’s a lot to take in, and the regression journey is not one one to be undertaken lightly. Perhaps you’ve heard neighbors, friends, coworkers, or relatives tell you all about how regression improved your children’s lives. And perhaps you’ve seen wild and lurid “exposés” spreading all sorts of wild tales. But let me tell you, as you’ll all learn over the next three days, and over the coming years, you are making the right choice. For yourselves, for your little ones, and for your communities. Give yourselves a hand for choosing to crack through the wall of misinformation and learn about the love of rediapering! And I also see a lot of old friends and yellow ribbons: repeat convention-goers. Ask them. Ask why they came back, how regression benefited their babies, how they were able to compel the unwilling to transform into laughing, bouncing, carefree kids! Because this isn’t just a convention. This is a community! Know that there are tens of thousands around the country and around the world, ready to lend a hand. Every year, we do our best to create an atmosphere of learning and collaboration for new regressors and practiced hands alike, as well as hearing from some of the world’s utmost experts in regression techniques and technologies, to help you develop a comprehensive, customized plan, to guide your littles to lose their potty training, their adult worries, their sexual urges, and their troublesome independence and rebelliousness, fostering a closer connection with YOU! Every time your little one wets or messes their diaper, or begs to watch Planet Ashley instead of the newest monster drama, or chooses to obey mommy and daddy instead of striking off, your closeness and love will only grow. This will be a deeply rewarding adventure for all of you! And repeat conventioneers know that if their littles’ regression is starting to fade, we also have aids to reinforce their babyish feelings and keep them close at mommy and daddy’s side. And yes, even if you’re starting to toy with the notion, as caregivers, that it’s time for progression, we can help you decide whether the time is right and guide your little to well-adjusted adulthood. The next three days are going to be very exciting, for you, and for us on the Steering Committee. Even though RegCon only lasts three days, for those of us who stage this event this is a job that lasts all year. I’d like to now ask all the Steering Committee members to please stand and be recognized. I would now also like to acknowledge the Convention Sponsors who helped to make these beautiful facilities a reality for us. We could never stage this event without their support. Specifically to recognize our Diamond-Level Sponsors: K&C Home Products, makers of the adult-sized Cutiez® diapers, Sleep-Tite® bedwetting underwear, and Daisy Girl® accident pants; VidiNet, who will be announcing a new season of regression-optimized streaming content; And the Rosebriar Academy, offering intensive diaper training and finishing discipline to young ladies who need to become little girls. A few housekeeping points before we move forward: If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to register and grab your convention badge at registration out front. As I mentioned before, attached to your badge will be one of these stylish colored ribbons, identifying you as a first-timer, or maybe a practiced hand. Keep an eye out for orange or red ribbons; those are to identify convention staff and volunteers. We’re here to help! We’re asking you all to wear your badges visibly at all times; there are a few types of people we wouldn’t want roaming the halls here. On that note, we are expecting a small protest again this year. Convention and hotel staff are coordinating with the local police to make sure everything remains peaceful. I want to urge you all, don’t try to engage with any of the protesters. If you did bring your littles with you, it goes without saying, take extra care that they aren’t exposed to any of the ugliness outside. Not only will it confuse them and potentially damage their regression training, but, and I want to stress this has never actually happened before, there is a small chance one of them might try to “rescue” your baby. As you should know, in all our convention literature, we advise parents not to bring their littles to the convention, pre- or post-retraining. Un-regressed children might panic and try to flee or disrupt their peers’ progress. And even for a docile, fully-regressed baby, we just don’t have the resources to care for them here. There are no public changing facilities, and we don’t have a day care. Now we all understand that, when you’re caring for a little one, it’s not always easy to find a sitter, or plans fall through. Just understand that you are responsible for your child. All right, enough with the downers! Are we ready to get started? C’mon parents, it’s not that early in the morning! Are we ready to get started?! We have a jam-packed agenda for this year’s RegCon! Later this morning, Dr. Kathy Willett from Galbraith University will share some of the latest techniques in regression hypnosis, using bedwetting and daytime accidents as a departure point for full-time rediapering. She’ll also be talking about how understanding your child’s psychological makeup can help you set a more effective regression roadmap. We will also hear from Clint Jones, recently-retired Sheriff of Mason County, and his observations on how Second Childhood has worked wonders to rehabilitate habitual youthful offenders into happy little citizens. Sheriff Jones has become one of the biggest proponents of regression as the best way to keep rebellion from turning into recidivism. This afternoon, there’s going to be a dozen researchers on our popular pharma panel, talking about new developments in drug regression therapy. Gone are the primitive days of using muscle relaxers, diuretics, and stool softeners to force wetting and messing. Integrated regimens tailored to your little’s body chemistry get better, more natural results, without all the side effects. Plus, rapid developments in nanobot therapy! That’ll be exciting. Regressing and rediapering your baby is not something you have to do alone! This year, our exposition hall has been split in two! We have an upper and lower hall with a combined 230 vendors, offering everything from diapers, to baby clothes, to furniture, to harnesses, punishment tools, and local regression clubs around the country. You’ll want to take some time to weave through all the booths, so plan accordingly. One newcomer to RegCon this year is VidiNet. They’re going to showcase some of the new children’s programming they’ll be debuting for streaming, and a lot of it looks great. But what I really think is exciting is some of the parental control tools they’re planning to release next quarter that can allow you to alter and tailor their content to fit your baby’s regression needs. We won’t be fighting against pop culture anymore! Our keynote speaker for the Seventh Annual Regression and Rediapering Convention is Florence McKnight. Mrs. McKnight has really become the public face of the regression movement, through her video and social media presence. We’ve all gotten to watch as her 20-year-old daughter Isabel has metamorphosed from a stressed-out pre-med student to a sweet bubbly little toddler. I know there are more than a few people joining us here today who would never have considered regression if they hadn’t gotten to witness this amazing change, and we are honored that she’s going to share her wisdom with us tomorrow! And last, but certainly not least, year after year the most popular part of the convention, our regression roadmap workshops! Every year, it’s always a bit of a strain to make sure we have enough space for everyone who wants to develop a plan to regress their babies. But we pulled a rabbit out of a hat again this year and anyone who wants to train a new little, or wants to reinforce training on their current littles, will be able to find a seat. They’re not always going to be at convenient times, so sign up quickly! If you haven’t already done so, you can reserve a seat at the table next to registration. This is a wonderful opportunity to plan out how you’re going rediaper your child and encourage them to start wetting, the tools and techniques you’re going to use, the checkpoints to watch for, the support system you’ll have to help you both along, and, because it’s always good to have a plan until it falls apart, strategies to get back on track and adjust to changing conditions. If you do nothing else at RegCon, be sure to take this workshop! We’ve put together the best convention yet this year, and I’m excited to see not only how our event comes out, but the next group of littles freed from the pressures of adult life and shepherded into Second Childhood. We are embarking on a magical journey. There will be challenges and trials, but the joys of a babyish mind and rewards of tending to it make it all worthwhile. And before we break into sessions, workshops and panels, I would like to play for you a brief recorded message from someone very special to me. Her name is Janey, and she is my baby daughter. A week before she was to graduate high school, Janey overdosed on Adderal trying to study for exams, and had to spend time in rehab. Like too many young men and women today, she was under so much pressure to be perfect and edge out the competition that it nearly destroyed her. And that nearly destroyed me. But by some miracle, my wife and I discovered a small regression club in our home town. Like many of you, I thought it was crazy. But the alternative looked like a decade or more of moving in and out of halfway homes, so we took a chance on our little girl’s happiness. That was seven years ago, and the young lady who was once clamoring for pointless academic success has changed into someone better. Sweeter. Every morning, we wake our little angel and help her out of her crib. Our little fountain loves her diaper changes so much, not just because she can get comfy and dry, but she gets face time with the people who she loves, and who love her too. Getting to see the twinkle in her eye again after all these years, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I want each of you to feel that same love with your own treasures. That’s our dream. Janey couldn’t come here today, but there’s something very important she wanted to tell you: “Hewwo evwybudy! Have fun at da coveshon!”
  8. Part 1 Hi this will be different to most stories here I think and I would like to emphasize that there will be no "daddy" role here I will try to keep it as "realistic" as possible with the hope that people like this do exist out there . Wetting diapers etc will be plenty humiliation and abuse however only in flashbacks hope you will like it ps sorry for the bad English Court house ND Sunday 4:30 pm fall Chris Reynolds sat on a bench looking at the kid questioned by the judge . "My god " - he thought - "how did this ever happen. 2 months ago someone would have told me I have a kid running around I would have laughed . But this is insane. This can't even be happening ." He was mad. At whom he wasn't sure . Himself ? He should have made sure that 1 time before he enlisted with his childhood sweetheart didn't lead to anything . But really what guy keeps track of what happened to a girl he dated when he was 17? His fathers family ? Well all they ever did was lie. So he found out when he turned 18 and his long dead mother showed up at his boot camp. Patricia ? She could have bothered to tell him she was pregnant with his child ! Sure she was only 16 and probably under the influence of his family . The thoughts raced through his mind but something in the sadness of the brown eyes of that child wouldn't let go of him . He can't be a father, he never wanted to be one. He had his carrier succeful actor. Hollywood loved him . This could easily ruin him. His lawyer , also one of his closest friends told him that the minute the paternity test came back positive . But still something in him just couldn't sit there and watch. He knew if he wouldn't do something he will never live with himself . " I m sorry your honor , but maybe I have a better solution " - he stood up looking at the woman in the cape who looked rather annoyed than happy he disrupted her sentencing . "What the hell are you doing ?! Are you crazy sit the hell down " - Theo wishpered angrily , his loyal lawyer who sat quietly by his side tried to pull him back down to the bench but he wouldn't budge . "Yes Mr Reynolds ? What solution is that you claim to have for us " the woman's voice was rather strained but Chris was not the type to break a sweat over a woman's annoyance , no matter her status. " with all the respect he is barely 13 even detention centers require the minimum age of 14 . I m not saying he didn't commit crimes he should be punished for . But he is just a child . And all of this is more the systems fault and mine than his . " "So you are blaming the system for the fact that a 13 year old stole money disrupted someone's home and ..." "no your honor I m not just blaming the system I m also blaming myself but with all due the respect calling the police on a child looking for his mother is hardly disrupting a property " " so you are a lawyer as well now mister Reynolds as you seem so familiar with the laws " " no your honor I m not all I m saying simply is that I don't find the current solution of sending a child to a severe detention center because the system is over loaded . And that sentence is one that I m sure the appeal we will file won't agree with it " "appeal ? What are you talking about ? You can't threaten a judge you are out of your mind !" - Theo jumped to his feet "alright I will allow that however like I said I have no alternative " - the judge sighed though looked as if she rather sentence him too to prison " I think you will find there is. Release him to my custody " silence fell upon the court room . The judge studied the man standing before her . Determined for sure . Theo looked as if he couldn't believe what Chris just said . The kid turned his tear stricken face towards the man he for a few weeks now known is his biological father . "Release him to your custody ?" - the judge repeated as if retarically " my parental rights have never been revoked nor have I ever given them up. The social services did a complete background check I m sure it's in the files" the judge turned some papers infront of her unwillingly and had to agree . There was no reason the man couldn't get at least temporary custody over the child . And she had to agree releasing a child to the custody of a parent would seem much less harsh than back to detention where by law he would only be sent to under special Circumstances under which no empty beds in children's home not exactly fell under. "Your honor , this child is not a simple case " - Katherine the social worker spoke up in clear dislike " he can not just be released into a hands of a man who never had a child before and has absolutely no qualification to deal with a child with these behavioral problems " "I m sorry so my lack of parental experience should be compensated by locking him up in a closed facility where you send teenagers who murdered people ?" "Alright alright that's enough ! " the judge spoke up " I want order in my court room . God what a mess this is ! Alright alright let it be . I will allow a probation period . But if he gets into anymore trouble with the law it is straight detention ! " " I find that very reasonable your honor . Thank you " Chris smiled at the judge as he sat back down next to Theo who buried his head in his hands. " well I don't find this reasonable at all ! - Kathrine spoke up angrily -" he has been moved through 2 homes and 3 foster families and a detention center ! How exactly do you think you could control him ?! "- then with a smirk she added - " have you even changed a diaper in your life mr Reynolds ? Because in case you haven't noticed that is 1 more thing your son can not control " Chris felt his temper rise as he saw his sons face turning from pale to beet red. It wasn't hard to tell he was indeed wearing" protection" . But clearly announcing that out loud made him increadbly uncomfortable . " I will assure you ms Jenkins I have handled a lot worse serving in a war." Chris said in a measured voice "that is enough ! I m releasing Christian Patrick West to your custody . I want social services to reevaluate this arrangengment in a month I m sure you can handle that ms Jenkins with your superiors . Well good luck . Court adjourned ! " "do you have any idea what you have just done ?! "- Theo asked in an angry whisper. "This could ruin your entire carrier !" "Shut up Theo for real " Chris wishpered back as he made his way towards Katherine and his son . There was something about those brown eyes he couldn't quite make out . He seen it before overseas , fear . The child was clearly scared . Katrine looked clearly angry. She didn't seem to like him since the moment he wanted to get visitation rights. "Alright well I m all ears please do tell me how to proceed . " Chris said though politely but his glance which caught hers was rather self assured . Christian or Tee as every1 called him stood next to them rather uncomfortable . Uncomfortable for several reasons . He was going to have to go and stay with a man he didn't really know but his size and strength predicted nothing good from his experience . Secondly he had to stand by and listen to his social worker go into embarrassing details of his problems. 1 of which he was experiencing on his own skin . The cloth diapers he was wearing were soaked by now uncomfortably cold too as they clung to his skin . Chris stood and pretended to patiently listen to the seemingly endless list of behavioral problems out of which bed wetting lying shoplifting were only a few to mention but hard to really believe when looking down at the child infront of him . He hasn't entered the rapid have of puberty yet based on his height . He seemed much more like a child than a teenager. " Alright then Wednesday after school we will be at the family sevices center" Chris sealed the conversation smiling . Katherine shook his hand unwillingly . " let's go then" - Chris turned to Tee laying 1 hand over his shoulder strearing him out of the court house towards the parking lot . As he touched him he felt him quivering . Tee was surprised by the tone. Chris's voice was pleasant as if this would be normal . No one used that tone with him. Not without that strange gleam in the eyes before the belt hit him or something even worse. But when he glanced up quickly Chris's eyes looked though a bit warn out but no sign of malice. Car ride Sunday later Tee was hunched up on the back seat Chris occasionally glanced back and the feeling of a new unknown pain hit him every time he did . What could have that kid been put through to be desperate enough to steal and set out on his own to find his mother . How heartless can a mother be to call the cops on her own child ? Did he really misjudge characters so badly ? For a moment he got worried . He was sure Patricia was his first real love but now it seemed evident she never loved him if she had how could she treat his child like that . But if he was so wrong judging her and his fathers family for so long could he possibly be wrong about Tee? Maybe the reports are correct and he only seems lost hurt and innocent ? - so now what is the plan ? - Theo asked rather cynically starring straight ahead from the passenger seat and though he didn't look at him Chris felt his anger Chris glanced to the backseat and though saw no reaction from Tee but he was sure he was listening to every word . - well getting late so I guess we could pretty much call it a night - Theo snorted in anger but Chris wouldn't let that interrupt him - I guess pizza will do for dinner ? - no one seemed to answer so he went on - alright then pizza it is . But first I think we will have to make a stop as the car stopped the sign medical supply store seemed to twinkle in bright yellow like the starts in the sky . For a minute none of them moved . Chris and Theo exchanged glances . Theos seemed to say well this was your brilliant idea then go figure it out . Chris took a deep breath before slowly turning to the back seat - I don't suppose you know what size you ... Need Tee didn't look up just shook his head in defeat . He knew what was coming next . He lived through the humiliation of "supply" shopping with his previous families . Though it was done by the women he didn't think the next 10 minutes to even over an hour would be any less humiliating than it was then . Especially since now he was a teenager rather than a child . Chris held on the strearing wheel trying to plan his next move . Diapers weren't exactly his thing . Won't be the first time he had to change one, he was a loving uncle willing to babysit occasionally but even with his twin nieces he never dealt with something larger than an infant . But based on Katherine's description changing diapers will be his task . He had to admit he wasn't quite sure of the reason . The age itself would have qualified for self diapering . Or that just wasn't a thing ? He will definetly have some googling to do ... He shot one glance to the backseat - alright I will be back . Tee didn't move. Didn't even unbuckle his seatbelt as if trying to put off the inevitable. He heard the radio channel being changed but no opening of the backseat door . He looked up puzzled . Chris was not in the car or near the car . He must have gone into the shop . The sign was clear he was sure he was even in this particular one before more than once even . Yes the first time was 2 years ago . When his last foster family took him . He clearly remembered the sign it was shining bright yellow even though it was bright daylight . He took a sharp breath as the memories washed over him . Maybe that was the moment he started to realize that family won't love him for real either . He remembered the condicending smirk look of the sales lady Jane or Janine was her name ? He remembered begging Martha his foster mother not to make him go . He promised he would work harder not to wet the bed. But she said his 1 week was up , he lived with them for a full week now and he couldn't keep his bed dry . - get out of the car ! I don't have time for your whining ! I told you 1 week I even gave you an extra night you are making me regret not giving you the belt this morning ! - Martha made no effort to keep her voice down in the parking lot . He got out of the car not daring to anger her more . His foster father Terry's belt marks were still prominent on his body from a couple of mornings ago . He knew he best avoid any extra punishment he still couldn't lean back in the car from the last belting . The sales lady was smirking the moment they entered as if she knew or sensed before she was told , Martha had no intentions of being discrete about the purpose of their visit . - what can I help you with ? - well my foster son - it hurt him even then to hear the emphasis that he wasn't her real son - can't seem to keep his bed dry , they warned me about that at the home but I was too naive to listen . Well too late now. So we will be needing diapers . And cheap ones . I m not spending a penny more than I ought to ! - very well ma'am follow me I can show you what options we have of course each was worse than the other and the deliberation took what seemed to him as forever till Martha settled for clothes ones since those could be reused . - and making him wash them will teach him a good lesson about how much work they are - the sales woman put in - what a brilliant idea - Martha agreed delighted - now you will of course need plastic pants to go with it to keep the bed dry . These are quite reasonable priced . What color would you like ? - she held up a pink ruffled 1 up teasingly but Martha's choice was just as humiliating - how about that yellow one ? Pee color isn't it ? - she added laughing and just when he thought things couldn't get any worse ... - do you know how to use them ? - actually with my children I used disposables but that was years ago . They are properly potty trained - Martha gave him a stern look - I will be more than happy to show you if you like. Does he have any daytime accidents too ? - well so far only twice but who knows - in that case perfect ! Keep him in diapers until he learns to keep them dry ! Here follow me and I will show you how to put them on he felt his cheeks go hot red just remembering a complete stranger stripping him and demonstrating how to put on his new diapers . It felt like it was real at that moment though he knew he was 11 then but he was sure that having Chris change his diapers won't be more pleasant . He got somewhat stronger in the past 2 years but he was no match to Chris . Even if he didn't use his belt . his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the trunk being slammed he realized that Chris has returned to the car . What items he purchased ? He couldn't tell but he was sure it won't take long for him to see first hand . - whats with all the bags ? Did you empty the whole store ? - Theo asked but Chris just rolled his eyes and started up the car
  9. It’s hard to put into words exactly what I’m getting at. But as I’ve unpotty trained, things sometimes happen that aren’t a big deal to me and so I forget that they are a huge deal if they happened to “normal” People. Obligatory disclaimer: You don’t need to remind me or the internet that normal is a social construct, or that normal is a spectrum, or that normal is based on culture, or that being normal is boring. I think that’s obvious to all of us here. ? Here are some recent examples of what I mean: - (Active adults don’t accidentally poop their pants. Or if they do it’s a fluke). I’m not seeking bowel incontinence, but I wear 24/7 and am incontinent of urine and I do mess a lot. Recently I accidentally messed myself while driving to work. It just sort of happened and I shrugged it off. - (A drop or two of urine is enough to make most people wash their clothes and linens). The other day leaked on the bed. My vanilla, albeit supportive wife was visibly upset at me and was further enraged when I tried to reassure that it was just a tiny bit of pee and it will dry, no need to fuss. - (Most people are confident they won’t have an accident at any given time). This one really blew my mind. My brother knows I am incontinent and an ABDL. I asked him how confident he was that he could stay dry for the next 8 hours. He said about 100% sure he can make it 8 hours without pissing his pants and seemed surprised that I was surprised. - (Most people can go on a day trip without a diaper bag). We recently visited this one vacation island that’s popular with locals. I couldn’t help but notice how few people had backpacks or any other bags for that matter. I of course had my diaper bag with me. I am sure there’s way more. But these are some examples that came to mind. I’d love to hear other people’s stories of times when they were taken aback by normal continent muggles.
  10. In a small one story house just outside of a small town in New York state live a small family. Akiza a tall brunette single mother with two daughters, Alice age 8, and Anne age 4. They are are a happy family Akiza runs a daycare in town, Anne who is a little tall for her age like her mother is fully potty trained and doing well in preschool, Alice is more like her departed father even though she's 8 she's only about as tall as most 5 year olds which can make life a little difficult not only being a big sister to Anne whose half her age but almost as tall as her but also in second grade where she tries hard to fit in. Of course still being the only bed wetter out of the two sisters doesn't help at all either. Its 7am and the girls are just about to be woken up by their mother. Anne is in her yellow Belle themed bed wearing princess on her night gown, while her big sister on the opposite side of the room in wrapped up in her frozen themed blanket wearing a frozen themed nightgown and a soaked leaking goodnite. This is the 4th morning in a row that her goodnite has leaked, her and her mommy have been discussing getting "better protection" for her but Alice has been stalling mommy on that because she knows those extra thick diapers on the TV commercials is what her mommy means by that.
  11. After weeks sending countless messages on online dating websites only to receive no response, I was beginning to lose hope and become burnt out. Until she messaged me back. Misskiwi was professional and ambitious. A career woman with a long and articulate write up on her profile. I was a guy wondering what she'd want to do with me. My hopes surged as we chatted, she was affable though exacting and stubborn. I could live with that. I find out her name, Nora. She wanted to meet up and go for a walk at a busy park nearby. I agreed, of course. Things seemed to be looking up. A few days later, I found myself sitting down on the park bench she directed me to carefully. I waited. She was nowhere to be seen. I wondered what was up, and glanced over at the empty spot next to me. There was a medium-sized package. I figured someone must have left it there by accident, and they'd be back for it soon. I continued to wait. About fifteen minutes later, a curiosity mixed with boredom and disappointment got the better of me and I leaned over to look down at the package. It was addressed to Nora. Not only that, there was a small, handwritten note taped expertly onto cardboard. It had neat and feminine writing with soft, round lines on it. Could it be Nora's? I scooched over and began to read: "I had to run at the last minute, I'm really sorry. Business calls. We'll meet soon, okay? I meant to give you this in person, but this will have to do for now. Don't open the box until you get home! It's important." I made my way back home, box under my arm pressed against my ribs. It was surprisingly light. All I could do as I walked was wonder what was inside. The same moment I got into my apartment, I was opening the box, deeply curious about its contents. Then I saw it. It was a package of adult diapers. What? I sat there in silence, struck by the strangeness of it all. Slowly a mixture of humiliation and excitement rose inside me, a combination I wasn't used to feeling together. I wondered if the smell coming from inside the box was Nora's perfume scent. It was somewhat intoxicating. Why? Had she just wanted to play a joke on me? I took the package of diapers out of the box, and noticed another note underneath in what I presumed was Nora's handwriting. "No, this isn't a cruel prank. It's a test. A pretty harmless and quick test. You just have to trust me. Meet me for a video chat at 8:30 pm sharp. Be in a diaper. You really must be wearing one. I promise I'll reward you. ❤️ Nora" I felt excitement tinged with humiliation rising in my chest. I had to do it. I had to see what she had in store for me. What did I really have to lose? I'd been trying to get a date for weeks without any luck, and suddenly this mysterious woman enters the scene and has me feeling something. It's worth a try, I thought. So after some dinner I opened up the package of diapers and unfolded one. Laying down on my bed, I did up the side tabs carefully and made sure the fit was snug around my groin. They felt nice, a bit like a pillow around my crotch. I slid my shorts back up and sat down at the computer. They weren't very nice to walk in, the bulk was a little awkward and I was reminded of my strange situation each time the thick fabric grazed my inner thighs. It was 8:17. I waited. At exactly 8:30, she was on. Looking as composed as ever, she began to speak before I could quietly say hello. "Hello! Did you do it? Are you wearing one of your diapers?" She asked. "Yeah--just like you said to do. Why are we--" "Well, it's complicated." She bit her lip. "You want to hear the whole story?" "Sure, take your time," I replied. "First though, I want to really see that you're wearing it. Can you just show me the top of it, peeking out of your--that's it." I lifted my shirt, exposing the top of the diaper hiding beneath my shorts. "Okay, so here it is. I have had a lot of boyfriends in the past who have had bladder control issues. They were really leaky and drippy, some of them said their control got bad only after being with me. I think they were just shielding their bruised egos, but anyway, I don't really trust it." Was this lady crazy? Did she really think that just because she had problems with that in her past relationships, that it would somehow leak over onto me? "I don't have a bladder problem," I cracked a smile. She looked at me doubtfully. "I dunno. We'll see. There's another reason I need you in diapers. I need to make sure you're really committed to me. I've had a lot of bad experiences in the past with trust, and I want to know that you're really willing to go the extra mile for me. I'll go the extra mile for you of course, but first you need to complete this challenge for me. " "I dunno." I gave mock consideration, looking away as if I were deliberating. "Where's your diaper? Can I see it to make sure you're wearing it?" I watched as Nora reached down and began to lift up her shirt. Did she really have a diaper on underneath her jeans? Soon I caught a glimpse of the smooth, soft looking skin of her belly. She looked at me mischievously as she reached under her jeans and pulled up her underwear so I could see. She shook her head. "I don't wear them." "Well, I don't either. I'm not going to do it." I said. Nora seemed hurt by my response. She recoiled. "It's only for a few weeks," She began. "I don't want you to wear them for long if you don't need to. You don't even have to use them, you just have to wear them that's all. It's only a change of underwear you make it out like it's such a big thing..." "The answer's no." I said again. "Please?" "Look, I'm exhausted. I want to get to sleep, it's nearly nine and I have to be up for five thirty. I'll talk to you tomorrow." I blew her a kiss and left the chat. If it was unreasonable that her potential boyfriend says no to wearing diapers he doesn't need, then she'd just need to find someone else to be with. I took off the diaper straight away and set the rest of the pack out by the front door to be thrown away. After watching a few short videos on YouTube to unwind, I stripped down to my socks and underwear and went to bed. I noticed I had to pee pretty urgently as I laid down. I got up for the washroom quick and then fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. I was woken up by my alarm, and noticed something alarming upon stirring. I was laying in a puddle of my own pee! This hadn't happened to me in years. After a long moment sitting in disbelief, I got up and went down the stairs to the shower. It was pretty chilly on my boxer short-clad bottom from laying in an accident for who knows how long. I spotted the pack of diapers by the door. They could have helped, I thought. I tried to suppress that thought. I wasn't going to wear a diaper because I peed the bed once. If only Nora could see me now. After a long day I got home and hopped onto my online chat again. Nora was on. I messaged her immediately. "I'm sorry I didn't wear the diapers you got me, maybe I can--for you. It's only for a few days, right?" Sent. It only took a few minutes for her to reply. "I hoped you'd come around. It's okay. Just put on another diaper right now and then we can chat in video." I felt a pretty intense urge to pee just then, and I ran towards the bathroom with my unfolded diaper in hand. After changing in the bathroom, it was time to go chat with Nora. I was halfway down the stairs when I heard her trying to video call me. Only problem was, I forgot to put my shorts back on after changing! I figured it wasn't important, my lower half would be hidden from the camera anyway. I answered her call and was greeted by her smiling face. She was still in her work clothes, and looked intense but warm. "Hey Nora," I waved. She smiled and waved back. "So you got your diaper on?" I nodded. "Good. I only want you to wear them for two weeks starting today. That's all I ask, alright?" Remembering the sudden bedwetting incident the night before, I nodded. "No problem, it's not like I have to use them or anything." We chatted about our days, and made a reservation at a nice restaurant for our Friday first date night. Hopefully I wouldn't end up sitting in the booth, only to find another box of diapers where Nora was supposed to be. We finished our call, and I was surprised how much time had passed. It was already half past seven, and time to eat something. I got up, and felt an intense pang on my bladder. I had to go, right that moment. It was then that I remembered I had a diaper on. I'd almost forgotten it was there, silently hugging my crotch, waiting unobtrusively for accidents. I wasn't about to give my new underwear the release they were designed to capture. I jogged down the hall to the bathroom and struggled with the door, which I usually kept open. A few squirts began to drench the padding, and my sense of consternation and humiliation grew. Why is this happening to me, now? I got to the toilet and began to lose the battle even more with my bladder as I struggled to get my diaper out of the way so I could pee like an adult. I was too late. By the time I got my underwear unfastened, I had already noticeably drenched the inside of the diaper. I peed the rest into the toilet and then sat on the floor for a moment to regain my composure. What the heck was happening to me? At least I was wearing a diaper, I thought while looking at the bathroom's tile floor. Still clean. It was then that I realized I should put my diaper back on. It was bunched up beside the toilet, with the wetness indicator on the crotch faded blue. Better to get a clean one from the pack, I figured. I was a bit conflicted as I unfolded a new one a few minutes later and got ready to put it on. Why not just wear normal underwear for a little while? It's not like Nora would know. That seemed too dishonest. Plus, I'd already had two accidents in the last two days. Nora's prediction about always having boyfriends with bladder problems was beginning to look more and more believable all the time. But how is that possible? I fastened on my clean diaper and got cozy under some blankets in the living room. I turned the fire on, it was starting to get chilly in the evening. I felt an urgent pang on my bladder again after a small glass of wine and a water. Did I really want to get up? I kind of didn't. I used the diaper and continued to watch without having to lose my coziness. I wanted to be sure I wouldn't get too used to them, though.
  12. I want to share a brief story with you all. A story about how I ended up diapered today by my girlfriend. Before I start, a bit of a digression. It's kind of strange to be a twenty something male and find yourself swaddled in medical looking pampers, I know. They crinkle and rustle if I try to covertly re-position the semi-erection that lives inside. These underwear make me a little too loud to do that. Trouble is, I haven't had much release in weeks. Let's start from the beginning. Rebecca and I met on a dating app after a few successful online dates. Things went pretty well at first. I hoped I'd be able to tell her one of my deepest secrets--that I like to wear diapers. I don't like to feel humiliated about it, I hoped she would simply indulge me from time to time. At most, she'd permit that I slide into one at night while nestled beside her, breathing in the natural scent of her long dark hair. It didn't work out like that. One afternoon she was out with her family for dinner, so it felt like it was a safe time to indulge one of life's simple pleasures. I slid on my disposable pants and a shirt before sitting down to play a nice role-playing video game. I was a masculine looking orc wielding a sword in the game--a skinny and gentle character with noodle arms in real life. I felt pee warm my butt on and off as the day rolled on, thinking nothing of it. Then, my Bexie Becca pulls up in the driveway. I thought it was a delivery driver. Big mistake. I was sitting on the floor like a child, totally immersed in my game, when I spotted her feet beside me. I jumped, and almost surely peed a little without meaning to. "You're in a diaper?!" she cried. "Why? Can't go to the toilet while you play your game?" I looked around anxiously for a second, feeling myself pee a little more through waves of fright. I had no idea what to say or how to face her. Just this morning I had seen her bottom in bed beside me in a plain pair of undies. I was sure that was going to be the last time. And tonight she'd offered to pay for a much needed grocery run. All of this after offering me some of the most kind and genuine emotional support I had ever received. I was beginning to cry before I knew it. She knelt down beside me and put her arm around me. "No--hey. Don't cry," she cooed, rubbing my back. We hugged. "I just don't want to lose you--I really like y-you." I sniffled. "It's okay, I'm not mad at you, I still like you--we're still friends, it's fine." She reassured. "Friends?" I began. "You don't want to break up with me, do you?" "No way! But there's going to be a few new rules I think." "Like what?" She looked dreamily up for a moment, her eyes darted from side to side, searching. "Hmm..." "I don't need to wear diapers or anything--" I blurted out quietly. "I think you do," she booped me on the nose. "Do you see how wet you are? You probably didn't notice--" "I noticed." I began, feeling uncertain. I paused for a moment in attempt to gather something that would convince her. All the while she stared at me curiously. "I like to wear them, that's all." "Well I know you like to wear them, you need to otherwise you'll get pee-pees everywhere," she teased. "Oh come on, it's not like that. I just like to use them sometimes--it's really relaxing and sensual." "I dunno..." She stood up and grabbed a game controller from the other side of the room and then plopped down beside me. I caught a glimpse of the waistband of her panties as she pulled her hair into a neat ponytail. "You wanna keep playing? I need to think for a bit..." "Okay, sure." I said, not feeling like I was in a position to argue. As we played I wanted to take my diaper off, but I didn't want to disturb the moment or bring her focus back to my soggy and padded bottom. She was apparently accepting this, for now. I couldn't complain, and I was still in a bit of shock from the incident. I played absentmindedly, and continued to dribble into my diaper when I needed to. About an hour later, she broke the silence by mooshing my very wet diaper with her hand. "This boy needs a change," she mused. "What? No--" "Let me get this straight," she said, looking me in the eyes intently. "First you say you don't need diapers, and then you sit in a dirty one in front of your girlfriend for an hour without getting up to change it?" There was a brief silence, broken by a slight hiss coming from my diaper. "While continuing to use it?" "I can change myself back into underwear after it's fine." I said quickly. "I said I had some rules for you, remember?" "Yea--" "Well here's rule one. When I want you in a diaper, you're going to be in one. It might be the case that you like to wear them, but, I'm not so sure. Even if I was, I'm not sure it's important." "What?! Why?" Alarm bells were beginning to ring in my head but they were silenced immediately after she began to speak. "Well you did use it pretty badly. Also if you like to wear them, I think it means you need them in a certain sense." She said. "Also, this is a pretty big thing, yeah? I'll accept your diaper wearing if you're willing to compromise. I have some needs too." I paused, trying to take in everything she'd said. "Okay." She continued without missing a beat. "So I need you to be settled in your little undies from time to time, as it suits me. Sometimes when we go out, I kind of wish you were in a diaper to be honest. You're always getting up to go to the washroom, even in the middle of the night. It wakes me up. Rather have my boyfriend's underpant be filled with pee than be woken up." "You mean I have to wear diapers to bed all the time?!" I began to raise my voice. "Calm, dear. Listen. You'll like it. You already enjoy wearing these, right?" She rubbed my wet diaper delicately, causing my sensitive area to twitch slightly. "I'll give you diaper-free nights too. It's not like it has to be all the time, compromise." "Well--okay," I replied. "Are there any more rules?" "There is another. You know I'm not often in the mood for sex. When you're in diapers, we might not play as much but don't worry, I'll still get you off." "Is that it?" "I think so, for now." "Well, I guess I can adjust." "You'll have to. I want you to run out later to grab some errands. I'll give you money, there's a bit of a long list." She stood up and hiked her leggings up so they were snug. "You're going to go there in a clean diaper. I need to change you." "Why can't I do it on my--" "Rule three." She said, looking down at me sitting on the floor. "Fine," I said, standing up beside her. "Change me now then, let's get this over with." "You think you can boss me around? You're the one with a wet diaper sagging between his legs." "Well--" I stood there, struck dumb. She'd really taken the wind out of my sails. She smiled, seeming to know this. Wordlessly I allowed her to take my hand and lead me to our bedroom. "Where are your diapers?" I pointed towards an end table I made with a door on it that lacked a doorknob. The perfect hiding place, at least until today. "Good." I watched as she produced one of my diapers from the breached hiding place. Laying me down, she began to change me and I didn't resist. "They sell this brand at the drugstore. That's great, you can get some more while you're out. Don't use the toilet while you're there--that's rule four... No toilets for you until I take you out of diapers." I wasn't sure how to feel about that last rule, I was shoved out the door in a state of mild shock, dressed in a usual sweater and jeans that hid well the pleasant but taboo underwear underneath. At least I was dry now, though it was raining outside. I rushed to the car and got ready to go. It felt weird to grab a bag of diapers for myself on my girlfriend's purse. I was starting to come around to the new arrangements, but that didn't last long. I found myself in a sodden diaper every morning for about two weeks. There I slept encased in my own pee while my lovely Becca was soundly asleep in thick cotton panties. I tried not to wake her as I wet myself silently beside her, with my arm still wrapped around her belly. I hadn't had any release in that time, aside from her rubbing my diaper. It didn't work very well at first, and I was dying for release. As the days rolled on her sensual touches became more and more precious, until I was like putty in her hands when she felt like rubbing me. I did finally get that release yesterday into my diaper, and I nearly passed out after it happened. Seeing and feeling Rebecca rubbing her yoga pants butt against my slightly soggy diaper was too much. Yesterday she decided it was going to be a diapers-free day. After weeks stewing in my own potty, it was pretty nice to finally be free of it. I didn't want to be in diapers that badly any longer, but she usually knows best. In the middle of the night I woke up to her telling me it's okay to have accidents. It took a minute or two for me to realize I'd peed the bed a little without my dependable diapers on. Today, I'm padded again. Not sure for how much longer. Rebecca says it's only for a few days. I just need to stay dry for four nights in a row. Today she rubbed her butt up against my diaper again. Before long I was shivering and shuddering in release. I leaned into her afterward as she sat beside me and felt another small flood beginning in my diaper as usual.
  13. This role play will follow 8 year old Emma as she starts wetting the bed, and progressively gets in more and more situations that leads to her being put back in diapers full time. Meanwhile her little sister Ashley is 4 is finally potty trained. Judy their 28 year old single mother isn't horribly disappointed when her oldest is back in diapers again. I'll be playing Emma, I'm looking for someone to play Judy and we can share Ashley. If you'd like to join me please respond with full paragraphs unless a situation calls for otherwise.
  14. Makayla opened the door, hearing you knock, she was excited that she was finally getting a roommate. Opening the door, she stared up at you with a smile on her face. Their height difference was obvious, but she really didn't care. "Hi! Come in!" She exclaimed, backing up so you could come inside. "You must be my new roommate!" She said smiling up at her.
  15. Hello! I would like to start a role play!. Would appreciate it if the responses during the role play were not short, and was detailed. The plot is, you are my new roommate, having just arriving at the house. A adorable little girl opens the door for you, as it was hard to believe that she was the roommate considering she's the size of a child. As the role-play goes on, she would have more and more accidents.
  16. What age were you actually potty trained? Did you still wet the bed or have accidents? i was "potty trained" just before I turned four but continued to have both pee and poop accidents until I was at least 9 and wet the bed until I was 11.
  17. Kinda short and sparse. First in the series here, but those on reddit can see earlier Felix and James stories in /r/ABDLStories. “You wanna wear a Goodnite?” James pulled one out of the pack in Felix’s suitcase. He already had a diaper in his other hand. “I think I’d better. No excuse for bringing a messenger bag on a whale-watch, and I hate not having a change.” “Okay, if you’re sure. Your mom said it was a bit of a drive.” James held the training pants open and Felix stepped into them. “Want me to bring an extra, just in case?” “Where?” If James was bringing a bag anyway… “Jacket pocket.” Felix shrugged. “Sure.” The Goodnites were already ‘just in case’, but if he did have an accident it would be nice to have a dry one to change into. The whale-watch had been Felix’s mom’s idea, a fun adventure for their engagement visit. It was touristy, but James had never been, and neither Felix nor his parents could remember the last time they had. “Can I drive?” Felix asked his dad as they loaded the car. Seeing the soft cooler and beach bag his parents had packed, he felt a little regretful he’d forgone better padding—maybe his “messenger bag” would have slipped through unnoticed after all. But getting to drive his dad’s very fast car for over an hour would be some consolation. One of those privileges that only grown-ups get but only littles can truly appreciate. “Nope,” David said, getting into the driver’s seat with a smile. Felix sighed and got in the back with his fiancé. “Excited to see some whales?” James asked brightly. “We might not see any,” Felix answered. “But I am excited,” he added, not wanting it to seem like he was pouting about not getting to drive. “And we’ve had pretty good luck in the past.” James handed him the shared coffee thermos and he took a long sip. “You’ve never seen one, right?” “Only at Sea Word.” “Those don’t count,” Felix said authoritatively. “Those are just big dolphins. Panda dolphins.” “Panda dolphins?” James raised an eyebrow. “Panda dolphins,” Felix repeated, taking another sip of coffee. “Humpbacks are where it’s at.” He saw his mom roll her eyes, and wondered if he sounded too childish or just like too much of a know-it-all. He’d always been a bit of both, and loving as his parents were, they had told him as much. He felt his face growing warm, but James reached over to scritch discreetly behind his ears, and he calmed quickly. “Were you able to figure out the last time you went on one of these, Barb?” James asked. “No, never did,” she answered. “I don’t think Felix could have been in middle school yet.” Felix fidgeted. He always felt nervous and small when his mom and James talked about his childhood—which James was frequently keen on. He did like how the age difference was magnified as you went back in time: the last time he’d been on a whale-watch, James, if they’d known each other then, would have been old enough to be his babysitter. But there was something a little too knowing in how Barb sometimes answered her son-in-law-to-be’s questions. They arrived early—a virtual certainty with David driving—and decided to have an early lunch at the seafood snack bar by the dock. Not normally a big lunch eater—especially before noon—Felix couldn’t help ordering a plate of clamstrips. The deep fried bits of chewy shellfish had been his childhood introduction to mollusk-eating some twenty years earlier, and as a regional specialty of a region he no longer lived in, they were more of a treat than ever. He shared a few with James, and, not wanting to let any go to waste, polished the rest off himself. “Why are they called clam ‘strips’?” James asked. “No stomachs, just the necks.” Felix answered. “But I wonder what they do with the stomachs. Whole clams are good too but I wouldn’t want a plate of just the stomachs.” “Use ‘em to make stock, I bet.” David offered, wisely. We’d better get on the boat,” he added, standing up from the picnic table. “Okay, lemme go to the bathroom first.” “There’s one on the boat.” Felix looked over at the ticket building. He felt like he’d have to sit on the potty soon, and that would be a lot more comfortable on dry land, where the bathroom floor didn’t move beneath you. But they couldn’t risk missing the boat, so he shrugged and let his dad lead the way. The boat was built for a hundred and fifty passengers on two decks: the lower mostly enclosed, and the upper entirely open. Felix noticed the two single occupancy bathrooms (“heads”, he reminded himself) on the lower deck, “amidships”, near the stairwells. They found four seats together on the open deck, near the bow and facing the outer rail. It was the coldest and least comfortable place on the ship, but the best for spotting whales. When they were sitting and David and Barb distracting each other, James leant to whisper in Felix’s ear. “Do you still need to go potty?” Felix shook his head. “It passed?” Felix nodded, nervously checking that his parents hadn’t heard. James patted his knee. A few minutes later, the ship began to move. “At last the anchor was up…” David said, apparently racking his memory. “The sails were set, and off we glided. It was a short, cold Christmas...” “What?” James asked, looking over in confusion. “Pretty sure he’s quoting from Moby Dick,” Felix offered. Given that it was March, he hoped it was that and not dementia setting in. “The Pequod does set sail from this very harbour…” “We know, dad,” Felix said. He knew, anyway. He reminded James of the whaling museum and the little whalers’ church they’d seen the last time they’d been to New Bedford. David extolled the virtues of reading Melville for the next few minutes, and Felix closed his eyes, leaning against James for warmth. He woke up to several sensory inputs vying for his attention. The most present was James nudging him awake and telling him to get up and look at the whales. A loud PA speaker was telling him the same thing, but his gut was telling him there wasn’t time for that. “I gotta go potty,” he told James groggily, and a little louder than he meant to. But between the PA and the passengers, there was plenty of audio cover. “Oh no, not yet,” James told him. “If you go now you’re gonna miss the whales.” Felix stood up and, glouring, walked a few feet to the rail. James had been entirely right. Three humpback whales were swimming beside the boat, less than one hundred yards away. Two of them could only be seen as dark forms beneath the waves, but one was at the surface, exhaling and spraying water higher than the deck of the ship. “Anyone got a harpoon?” Felix asked, looking around at James in excitement. His gut churned and growled but he ignored it. Even if he did have an accident, he was wearing training pants. It would be worth having to change them to see this. As the exhaling whale dove, another took its place at the surface. It seemed to everyone on the ship that the pod was putting on a show. Just as the excitement began to fade, the smallest dove and then rose fast, breeching in full view and turning over to fall on its back into the waves. It was utterly engrossing. After a long, wonderful eight minutes, the whales dove once more and weren’t seen again. With a satisfied sigh, Felix came back to his body. He had to go now. “Okay, I’m gonna use the head,” he said, trying to sound casual. It wouldn’t be safe to run anyway. He turned and walked, clenching, down half the length of the boat, turning into the stairwell that led to the head. When he got to the bottom of the stairs, his heart sank. There was a line, four people long—two of them women. He looked at one of the guys in the line and gestured towards the other side of the ship. “Anyone check the other...” The stranger nodded solemnly. The end of the line was outside, near the railing. Felix went there and took his place, but he didn’t have much hope. A minute later he was sweating, and the bathroom door was yet to open. He turned to face the waves, taking deep breaths as his will to actively clench began to fail. He felt only a small mass drop into his training pants, but like pulling a plug, it was followed by a rush of liquid. The woman in front of him glanced back at him for a moment, but with all the sounds of the ship, she couldn’t be sure what she heard. Felix got out his phone. One bar, then two, then one. He texted James. “Can you bring me that spare pull-up?” James replied with a smirking emoji. Felix replied with a red, glaring one. “On my way.” Well, that was something. Everything would be fine, as long as all that liquid… He reached down to feel the seat of his jeans and found two apple-sized wet patches. Turning his back to the rail, he pulled up the hood of his windbreaker and started to cry.
  18. Long time lurker, first time storyteller. No need to be kind, put please be relevant in any comments. I have been writing, or at least attempting to write a story for this forum for quite some time. I am not finished with any of the projects I have started and this one is no exception. The only difference here, is it is my attempt to be brief and direct with short mapped out sections. I had mapped out the entire story. This is my revisiting it for publishing after a 6 month hiatus from writing, thinking or even looking at it. I have more than a dozen started attempts for various stories. Since I mapped out this story in advance, I think I can get this one finished. That is, if I get make the time to write in the near future. PS I am not great at naming things. Y Woty is an acronym for Youth Wasted on the young ….and now without further ado 1. Jason Gold had been sneaking around his mother’s office. Poking around her closet, when his mother ran into her home office to answer her ringing phone. He wasn’t quick enough to escape the room before his mother picked up her secure line on her desk, only hiding himself behind the closet door. Peering through the key hole of the closet door, he listened to his mother’s private conversation. Unknown to Jason, across the room, listening at the door to the office was Stacey, the 19 year old orphaned girl of some college friends of his mother. Stacey had come to live with them years ago and basically grew up in their home. Stacey had been walking by and heard something interesting from her guardian’s words and stopped to hear more. “Yes this could be the breakthrough we have been looking for it could help people to change their very appearance and attributes. They just need to plug in and modify brain activity that has or will develop” Jason’s mom, Meghan said, as she fired up her machine and tapped the headset in front of her. “…….yes the interface is coming along and is rather easy to use.” Meghan listened for a while to the person on the other end of the call before making some rather detailed notes which she locked into one of her desk drawers before leaving her office. Jason sat there for a moment stunned at what he had just heard. Change appearance and personal attributes. That’s what she said. He just sat in the closet and thought about this. His small stature was a source of embarrassment and shame. If he weren’t careful he would often be taken for a little boy, not the 23 year old man. 3’10” was not the size of real man, if he could get his hands on that machine, maybe he could grow just a little more, maybe just to just 5’ and be taken seriously. His devious mind started to work overtime. Stacey quickly moved out of the way as she heard her Aunt Meg ending her call and hid. No way she wanted to be found out to have been listening to a private call. But Stacey’s mind was at work, thinking through the amazing possibility of changing her personal attributes. 19 and she was flat as a board. At 6’ tall she would look like goddess if she only had … Stacey’s mind drifted to thinking of herself as a centerfold model with natural perfect breasts. Adored by guys everywhere. The temptation was too much to resist. She had noticed Aunt Meg neglected to shut down the machine before leaving her office. She knew her Aunt was off to a meeting for the next few hours. Figuring to wait till she was sure the coast was clear, she would creep back into the office and try to figure out how to change her life. Sitting in the closet Jason heard his mother leave the house. Feeling it was safe to leave the closet, he creeped out and made a great discovery. Mom left her office without shutting down her machinery. Over the next few hours, Jason and Stacey each took the opportunity to explore and see what changes they might effect upon themselves. 2. The next morning when Meghan entered her office she was horrified to see she had not shut down her machine and worst of all someone had used it. “Don’t lie to me Jason.” “I swear mom, I didn’t touch anything.” But he was lying. It was his go to response. Putting on his innocent little guy act, lied his ass off. Meghan wanted to believe that even Jason wasn’t foolish enough to lie when the consequences of doing so were so dangerously high. “You realize this is serious don’t you?” “Of course I do.” But, Jason, ready to finish his college senior project on early childhood development, was embarrassed to be only the size of a 5 year old. By the time his mother found out he would already be taller. While lying to his mother, all he could think about was his new life that was about to begin. He desperately wanted to avoid going through the rest of his life looking like a child. He found something that would let him grow was too much to resist. In his haste to fix himself, he quickly went through the development pages, skipping thing he viewed as not important to growth, he had not realizing what he avoided included normal growth and development markers. Meghan accepted Jason’s word, she knew she had two relatively irresponsible people under her roof, knew her machine had been used and knew that if anyone had any idea of what she had been working on, they likely couldn’t resist. Figuring if it wasn’t Jason….. Stacey!…… Stacey! 3. “Don’t lie to me Stacey” “I,….. well,….. all right I played around with it.” “What did you do?” “I heard you on the phone and” “Oh no! what did you think you could do?” a paniced Meghan asked. “Well, I kind of wanted to be, to have, to, to… to try to get a sexier body, you know bigger breasts….” “You need to show me what you did. Meghan called up a file that was clearly the file Stacey had played around with.” “Sit right there young lady.” Meghan was on the phone for the better part of an hour and worked feverishly fixing something in the machines software. Finally, Stacey was summoned over and told to sit and for the second time subjected to the machines effects.” “We did the best we could. You need to understand, there is only so much that can be done at this point.” Meghan told Stacey. As Stacey looked over to Meghan’s worried expression, Stacey herself got scared. “It’s been too long to cancel the changes you made. Fortunately you didn’t do too many thing wrong. Unfortunately, there is no telling how long the effects will last and exactly what will happen.” “What!” “Stacey this hasn’t been tested on people yet. It should work, but, the changes you made, are likely localized to just a few physical features. Some of these will have to just play out over time.” Stacey started to tear up. Her Aunt Meg’s tone made her think she could have really messed up. However, she still secdretly thought maybe she might still get a nice rack. “It’s been 16 hours and some changes have already been coded in your body. We have done some things that should arrest further changes, but it will take time for what had been done to play out. You are just lucky we caught this early enough or the changes might have been more permanent. Jason was listening to the exchange between his mother and Stacey. He started to worry, but was happy that he was going to keep his changes. The risk to him was worth the reward. If all went according to plan, he would get to stay tall. Suddenly, he heard something he couldn’t believe. A sudden shriek from Stacey caused Jason to peer into his mother’s office he got the rear view so to speak of Stacey, across his mother’s lap, her sun dress up her panties down and her ass about to be spanked. This week keeps getting better and better, Jason was almost giddy as he pulled out his mobile and started recording. Four years his junior, Stacey had always been horrible, often belittling him and going out of her way to embarrass him and now she was being punish and he dodged the bullets. The satisfied smirk could not be contained as he watched and awaited the first blow. His heart was thumping with anticipation, it felt good that mom was going to punish her for being a bad girl. No sooner had that thought flashed through his head, Jason felt like he was a small child gleefully seeing his rival spanked. Immediately after that thought flashed through his head, he was embarrassed by his juvenile reaction. “No! please, No!” Stacey cried out as she struggled to escape her exposed position. But Stacey was comfortably handled by Meghan Gold. “This will remind you not to behalf like a child.” Meghan chastised her ward. “No don’t…. Stacey started to beg, but was cut off as the first blow landed squarely on her tight pale buttox. Meghan was not disposed to stop. This brat needed a clear reminder that her actions were well beyond acceptable. It only took 5 blows for the poor girl to devolve into hysterical crying, completely indistinguishable for any other spanked child. Suddenly Jason noticed the spanking stop. At first he didn’t know why. He expected it to last a bit longer. Then he spied the reason “Stacey your disgusting.” I, I, could, couldn’t, I couldn’t Stacey called out as she slowly regained a bit of composure. You peed on me! A bit more collected Stacey continued. I couldn’t help it. Couldn’t help it, is my little girl having potty trouble? a condescending Meghan talk down to her distressed ward. Do you need Auntie Meg to change you? Stop that. Watch your mouth little girl or we can repeat this discipline. Now go clean up. Jason had never seen such a thing before. After a couple of minutes of vicious spanks Stacey was reduced to a blubbing mess, as she stood in front of his mother, she hadn’t even pulled up her wet panties. Though 6’ tall, the tears falling as she whimpered, she still looked like a little girl who had just been disciplined. Mom promised further punishment.
  19. I was inspired by the folks over in Incontinent-Desires. There's a rather industrious group there making stents for creating incontinence as opposed to using catheters. So I just extrapolated a bit, and added a little modern/slightly futuristic tech. I hope ye enjoy.
  20. Hello All, I'm Biscuit. I live in northern Florida. I've been an ABDL of some form or another all of my life. Even at an early age, I remember being laser-focused on anything involving diapers and toilet training. It's odd, because so far as I know, I personally didn't have any serious training problems, as so many of us in the ABDL world do. My ABDL interests have morphed some over the years, but these days I mostly enjoy either being a dutiful big bro or a little boy around 4 or 5. Diapers are fun, of course, but to me nothing beats the drama of attempting potty training and failing. I look forward to meeting folks on the site.
  21. “Boo” There was a time, a very short time, when I enjoyed Halloween. As a toddler me and my twin sister Jessica would be dressed up by our parents and guided around the neighbourhood collecting candy. Our outfits always seemed to attract a lot of “Oh ain’t you just the cutest” type of remarks and our plastic jack-o-lanterns would be filled with more sweet goodies. I think mom and dad actually liked the event more than either Jess or me, mom especially loved creating our matching costumes. They would hang back at the end of the pathway leading to each house and take great pleasure in the homeowner’s delight in seeing such sweet and adorable, ghosts, ghouls, risen dead or whatever outrageous getup we’d been put in. As in every neighbourhood there is always a house that has a ‘history’ and, depending on who is telling the story, that history could be a number of things; death, murder, the unexplained, strange disappearances, ugly neighbors… you get the drift. Some of these myths may have had some basis in fact but as a seven year-old, if someone older told you such a story, you regarded it as true. One such house was ‘Laurel Grove’ (or Laurel Grave as many people called the place) where they reputedly had the best Halloween displays (very scary) but also, the best candy should you dare to knock at their door. # On this Halloween mom had got us ready but had suddenly felt unwell so we were entrusted into the care of James and Hillary Templeton, our thirteen year-old neighbors to supervise. Of course they didn’t really want anything to do with a couple of seven year-olds but their mother, mom’s best friend, had insisted so they got stuck with us. Things hadn’t gone too badly. Despite them almost dragging us as quickly as possible around the block we had managed to collect a sizeable amount of stuff in our Halloween bags. Jamie and Hills eventually grew tired of our company and desperately wanted to get us home and off their hands but Jess and I still wanted more candy. However, the teenagers came up with a plan to get us to run home and never come out again, they decided we should visit Laurel Grove. # They told us of the deep secret the place concealed, that although it was a scary and frightening place to visit, should we be brave enough, the rewards were everlasting… and the candy was the best too. Neither Jess nor I had heard of this place before and I think the only thing that registered was “the best candy”. Jamie kept saying it was really a place for grown-ups, those over twelve, and probably not a place where seven year-old babies should go because they’d probably wet themselves and run home to mommy to get their diaper changed. We understood the inference… that Jess and I still wore diapers… we didn’t… so didn’t like that one bit. They were baiting us and we, as petulant second, almost third, graders were desperate to prove we weren’t a couple of diaper wearing pre-schoolers. We agreed to go with them the extra couple of blocks to see this particularly scary place. # When we got there a whole new bunch of people dressed in their creepy best were doing the rounds. Most of them appeared older than me and Jess but we never saw anyone go down the pathway of Laurel Grove. The twenty yards or so from sidewalk to front door were wonderfully kitted out in incredible Halloween props; gravestones, coffins, disembodied arms and pieces of flesh hung in a mist they had somehow created. The place looked fantastic, just like a movie set, with strange groans, howls and spine-chilling sniggering emanated from behind every bush putting nerves on edge. Jess and I looked at each other and though impressed by the set, decided not to take our chance at getting the best candy ever. Our teenage supervisors said they understood, we were probably much too babyish to dare to do such a thing and besides they didn’t want the responsibility of having to change our diapers. Their teasing was having an effect and we were getting fed up with this reference to us being diaper wetting babies, neither of us had worn them since we were two, so the joke was on them. Ha! However, when they said that most people were scared of knocking on that particular door, and it would take someone with an enormous amount of courage to do so, we saw our way of not only proving we didn’t need diapers but that we were more grown-up than some of these older boys and girls who were avoiding the place. We saw that not only would we get the best chocolate and candy EVER, we would no longer be seen as babies but become heroes to older kids. This thought spurred us on. # There was absolutely no doubt that we were both sweating heavily as we started slowly and nervously on the journey up the haunted pathway. Jess looked terrified with each moan she heard and became quite upset as some red gunge dripped over the side of a broken coffin. I closed my eyes, trying to ignore each horror as it appeared but my head filled with even worse terror when I walked into a spider’s web that glued itself to my face. The words of encouragement (and giggles) from Jamie and Hills seemed muffled as we drew closer to the door, even though we were still only halfway there. A rustling in the bushes and the bright red-eyes of a skeleton dog howled right next to Jess and she turned tail and ran back down the path. I swallowed hard, determined that I was going to be a hero but already feeling my tummy tighten and breathing difficult, at the same time my bladder and bowel both seemingly wanted to burst. I had no idea this was what fear felt like but I desperately didn’t want to return empty-handed to the sidewalk. I knew that James and Hillary would never let us forget that we were just a couple of scared babies who couldn’t even get up the courage to knock on a door. # I concentrated on achieving my goal. I wasn’t far away and the ghostly hand that touched my face, and the whispered warnings filling my head, only stopped me in my tracks for a few seconds before I forced myself forward. There was low satanic laughter coming from behind the door. I could hear scratching and an evil voice telling the pitiful moans ‘…they would never leave - ah ah ah ahhhhh!’ The hair on the back of my neck was somehow crawling and despite the sweating, I felt goosebumps chill my body. My teeth began to chatter, each step felt like I was dragging a huge weight and the moaning and flapping of wings was getting louder. Blood oozed around the doorway, I felt pee rush into my underwear, shadows drifted by and a bigger shadow filled the reflection in the glass window. The shape changed from man to animal to… I wasn’t too sure but when I looked back to the sidewalk all I could see was the thick mist obliterating everything but a crawling skeleton I hadn’t noticed before. # I gulped and a strange shiver ran down my spine. I was inches away from the door and steeled myself to knock and hope that I wasn’t transformed into some abominable creature of the night. As I raised my little hand to knock, the lit up porch was suddenly plunged into darkness. Fear, or some other shade passed through my body but a purple light switched on. When my eyes got used to the new illumination I could see the word ‘BOO’ smeared in still glistening blood across the door. A scream of death or pain or torture filled my mind and it was that terrifying moment when my bowel decided it had had enough and I filled my underwear. I couldn’t move as my bottom emptied and a rush of lumpy liquid and farts packed my pants with a smelly, mushy load. I stood spellbound for a few moments, staring at that bloody word that appeared to have been so recently scrawled across the woodwork by some poor, ravaged creature. It looked wet and dripped and then I realised that I was also in the same predicament. ‘BOO’ That’s all it had said but those three letters would, unknown to me, haunt me for the rest of my life. # The trip back home was a messy business. Jamie and Hillary didn’t want to have anything to do with a shitty little seven year-old, what with the filthy marks all over my costume, not to mention the smell. Nevertheless, they were nervous of the consequences because they were supposed to be looking after us both and now, one scared little seven year-old had crapped his pants because of their lack of care. Thankfully Jessica held my hand and guided me home because I never would have made it I was crying so much. The two teens were begging me not to tell, whilst coming up with suggestions on how I should explain the disaster. As I was so traumatised by the entire experience I wasn’t party to any of these negotiations. I waddled, slowly and with legs apart, to try and prevent my soiled pants from rubbing against any other part of my body, so I really wasn’t listening. Meanwhile, Jessica had managed to get all Jamie’s and Hillary’s candy and I never knew what else as payment. Once home she spent no time in telling our parents what had happened, how scary the place was and who was really to blame for enticing me up that pathway. Of course mom blamed herself for not being there, whilst dad went around and told their parents. They were grounded for two weeks. # I was still crying when mom led me upstairs to the bathroom and cleaned me up. However, no sooner had she put me in my PJs than a nervous tremble ran through my body and I immediately wet myself. She could see I was in shock and didn’t quite trust me to not spend the night wetting the bed so took evasive action. She told dad to go out to the garage and bring in all the stuff she’d stored there from when I was a baby. In moments he returned with a huge box and mom seemed to know exactly what she was looking for. I was laid out on a towel draped over my bed to ‘catch’ any further accidents and, as she rummaged in the box, through my tears I noticed she had found a couple of thick fabric diapers I hadn’t seen for many years. I wanted to protest but in reality I could hardly get my breath so she had me diapered and in a huge pair of clear plastic pants (which I never remembered owning) in a matter of moments. For the first time since being outside that door at Laurel Grove, I felt out of harm’s way and the thick padding that mom had shrouded me in added to my sense of protection from any evil that may have followed me home. Mom and dad both came and kissed me night-night but left the light on so I wasn’t scared. That didn’t actually work because my dreams were terrible. Every time I closed my eyes I could still see that garden and when I did drop off I was being pursued by all kinds of devilish beings. In the morning I was in no better state than I had been when I’d arrived home that night. It was a good job that mom had the foresight to make sure I was thickly diapered. # For the next few nights I remained well-protected but after a couple of days I was waking up dry and we all thought the drama had past. Life, and school, went on as normal and things only changed when one Saturday morning Jessica crept up behind me and shouted “BOO” and ran off giggling. Under normal circumstances I would have chased after her and this would have developed into a game of tag or have us both roll around on the carpet play fighting. Alas, on this occasion the strange shiver that ran through me on hearing those three letters had the same effect as those scrawled so unnervingly on Laurel Grove’s front door – I filled my underwear. Totally unbidden, pee and poo took urgent leave of my body and soaked what little clothing I was wearing. I looked down in horror as a pool of the stuff formed at my feet - shocked I didn’t move but started to cry. Jessica came running back and saw what had happened and called for mom. She couldn’t believe her eyes on seeing her seven year-old son standing in the middle of his bedroom covered in such a mess. She scooped me up and not caring about her own clothes carried me to the bathroom. She stripped and hosed me down with the shower, then once dry, carried me back to my room and got Jess to find my diapers again. Within minutes of the horror striking, I was back in a thick diaper and plastic pants hugging mommy and wondering what had happened. I don’t suppose the fact that she had scared me even entered Jess’s head, all she explained to mom was that she’d just ‘tagged’ me and ran off when she heard me crying. I couldn’t offer a better explanation, the word ‘boo’ having no connection at the time, so mom must have presumed I was still having some kind of memory to that traumatic night. My diapers stayed with me now for school because on two occasions I’d wet myself while in class. It wasn’t completely unheard of for a seven year-old to have an accident but, with my recent history, mom thought it better to keep me protected 24/7. I didn’t mind. Although I didn’t particularly like the thickness wrapped around me, I certainly didn’t like the wet pants and stifled giggling of my class mates more. Being called a baby was so much worse if there were pee stains down the front of your pants. As time went on I seemed to be wetting myself almost constantly so my diaper was ever present. I never knew when I would leak, or flood and I couldn’t work out the reason. The therapist I saw of course blamed my current situation on the ‘Halloween experience’, which left both my parents feeling very guilty seeing as how much it was they who enjoyed the occasion most. However, I’d seem to go ages without any sort of accident and then suddenly whilst reading, or even walking down the street, I’d feel that shiver and instantly fill my diaper. # I haven’t been able to shake this feeling for, well, since I was seven and I’m sixteen now but I think I now know what might be the cause… it’s those three letters B.O.O. It wasn’t the Halloween garden - the ghosts, blood and bodies, it was those three simple letters. I know this because when I read a book, my concentration is on what I’m reading but as soon as I stop and relax, the word BOOK is no longer the word, all I can see is BOO. The same goes for seeing any word with ‘boo’ somewhere in it. For instance, the word BOOB has recently had me peeing my diaper like a fountain on many embarrassing occasions, especially when I’m trying to chat up a girl. Boomerang, not a word I see often, but I found myself pissing my pants to once I did notice it. The same goes for many words containing those three letters together. So, walking down the street and seeing Book Shop, often finds me filling my diaper. I didn’t notice that was the reason when I was younger, I always assumed it was the event that had caused my problem but now I see the real cause. I hadn’t put the word and that experience together. In fact, although I remember the incident perfectly, the word itself I never thought of as traumatising, just the way it was scrawled bloodily on the door. However, now I think I know the reason, I’m not sure I can tell anyone, I feel stupid that a childish scare word has had such a devastating effect on my life for over nine years. However, I needed help so went to see the shrink and he said he was bamboozled by my casebook. I left his office in a right messy state. ~~~~~~~~ THE END Or is it… BOO
  22. I dont know if others have this fetish but for years Ive had a fetish for seeing other people have public wetting accidents or incidents. I remember once when waiting in a slow line to get into a heavy metal bar in the 1980s witnessing a very attractive young woman wet herself. And I recall a mate who got very drunk when we were drinking at a dive bar one evening who started to fall asleep at the table and then wet himself like a waterfall onto the floor below. It got us kicked out of the bar. Ive witnessed a few such incidents over the years and store them in my memory where my recollections of these incidents is very clear.
  23. I received a message to tell me that my original post was a casualty of the bug so I promised a repost. This story follows on from All I Want For Christmas which is also on this forum, I can repost that if people cannot find it. I hope you all enjoy. DC Chapter 1 Chloe sat in the ultrasound waiting room nervously biting on her nails, Mark looked at his wife, smiled to himself and then reached over and pulled her hand from her mouth. ‘Don’t do that baby it is not good for your teeth.’ Chloe smiled nervously and wiped her hands on her jeans. Making sure that they were still alone in the small room, Chloe made eye contact with Mark and with a slight blush asked, ‘what if they see?’ ‘See what princess?’ Mark knew what she was talking about but he couldn’t help playing this little game. Chloe shifted in her seat, cleared her throat and whispered, ‘you know…my nappy. What if they see it and laugh?’ Mark noticed that his wife looked genuinely worried and leaned closer to his wife, he took her hand and kissed the back, ‘don’t worry my darling. I am here and I will not anything happen. It is probably nothing that they haven’t seen before.’ Chloe felt a little eased by Mark’s comments but still felt the nervousness in her tummy. The couple sat in silence as they both thought about what the coming months would bring, today would be the first time that they will see their unborn child and both were very excited about it. Chloe rubbed her tummy and patted it with tenderness before smiling to herself and thinking about the events of the last eighteen months; meeting mark and wetting herself on their first date, discovering Mark’s desire to have a nappied girlfriend, her own journey back into nappies and subsequent reliance upon them and of course their wedding and now unborn child. Chloe remained deep in thought as the nurse entered the waiting area, ‘Chloe Trimble please.’ Chloe looked up, ‘that’s me.’ ‘Right this way please,’ the nurse gestured towards the door that she had just come out of and smiled. Mark and Chloe rose up and followed the nurse’s instructions. Chloe was the first to enter the room and saw the bed lined with blue paper and a huge machine which was full of buttons and a small blank screen. She placed her bag on a vacant chair and removed her coat. ‘Thank you Mrs Trimble. Would you like to pop yourself on the bed and raise your top so that we can have a little look in there,’ said the nurse as she began to press the buttons, ‘Mr Trimble would you like to take a seat in that chair,’ she indicated a chair at the head of the bed. Chloe made her way to the bed and removed her top before sliding onto the blue paper. She noticed that the exposed plastic of her Tena Slip and quickly pushed it back under the waistband of her jeans with an audible crinkle; if the nurse noticed she didn’t say anything. ‘Will this be your first?’ The nurse broke the silence in the room. ‘Yes it is,’ answered Chloe. ‘Wonderful. You both relax, we are just going to be checking on baby’s growth and seeing how many you have in there.’ Mark gave a nervous laugh and the nurse smiled, ‘if you have any questions then please ask them as we go along, otherwise just enjoy seeing your little one for the first time.’ The nurse continued to enter Chloe’s information into the computer. Chloe smiled and felt the butterflies in her tummy return. ‘Would you like any pictures today?’ Mark and Chloe nodded. ‘Okay then, we will see if we can get you a couple of good ones. Now Mrs Trimble, I am going to squirt a little of this jelly on your tummy which will help us see baby better.’ The nurse took out some more of the blue paper and tucked it under the waistband of Chloe’s jeans, Chloe heard the plastic of her nappy rustle and looked at the nurse who said nothing. The nurse applied a liberal amount of warm jelly to Chloe’s tummy and then the wand before pressing it into the skin; instantly the screen came to life with grainy images that meant little to Mark or Chloe. The nurse ran the wand back and forth over Chloe’s skin trying to get a better picture and muttered under her breath about baby hiding, she pressed the wand down a little harder and repeated the same sweeping motion. Chloe, whose eyes were firmly fixed upon the tiny screen, felt her nappy become warm as she realised that litres of water that she had consumed on the advice of her mother were slowly leaking out of her and she could do nothing about it. Chloe felt herself blush but somehow managed to keep her focus on the screen. ‘Ah! There’s the little rascal.’ The nurse’s sudden exclamation made Mark and Chloe jump. On the screen was now the most amazing image that the young couple had ever seen, their tiny baby was coming into view as the nurse explained what they were looking at. ‘Oh wow,’ Chloe managed to squeeze out as she felt warm tears of joy roll down her cheeks. Mark took hold of his wife’s hand and rubbed it with his thumb, ‘look daddy.’ Mark smiled and kissed Chloe’s hand. ‘So this is the head,’ the nurse indicated a tiny white bump, ‘and this is the heart,’ again a tiny white bump but with the unmistakable rhythm of a human heart, ‘shall we give it a listen?’ Mark and Chloe both nodded, the nurse flicked a switch and the small room was filled with the sound of a miniscule heartbeat. ‘Everything looks fine, I just need to add some notes to your file and then you can get back to your day.’ The nurse removed the wand and placed it back in its holder before tearing off yet more blue roll and wiped Chloe’s tummy clean. ‘Thank you,’ said Mark as he gathered their things together and helped Chloe off the bed. The nurse headed out of the room letting Mark and Chloe make their own way to reception. ‘That was unbelievable!’ Squealed Chloe as the made the short walk along the corridor. ‘Yes baby it was. It is hard to believe that you have a little person growing in there.’ Mark rubbed Chloe’s tummy and then pulled her into his arms in a small recess off the corridor and gave her a kiss. ‘I told you that you would be okay.’ ‘Yes you did but she must have known, my nappy was sticking out of the top of my jeans and she must have felt it when she tucked the blue paper in.’ ‘Well baby, if you are that uncomfortable with it then we will put you in knickers for the next scan.’ Chloe felt her face redden once more, ‘well…um…I…I kind of had a little accident when she was looking for the baby.’ Chloe then buried her head in Mark’s chest and then whispered, ‘I’m actually really quite wet. It might have been a big accident.’ Mark already knew that Chloe had wet her nappy during the examination, the amount of water she had consumed made a wet nappy inevitable but he still loved to hear her tell him, ‘not to worry baby, it is not unusual.’ ‘I suppose not,’ said Chloe, ‘it still takes me by surprise from time to time though.’ ‘Well it’s been a long time now, you’ve been in nappies full time for the past nine months and you’re still adjusting. You know that you can still give it up anytime you want don’t you?’ Mark knew that this was an offer that Chloe was unlikely to accept. ‘What you mean like last time when I completely flooded myself within an hour of being out of nappies.’ ‘Well the offer is there for you to take whenever you like princess.’ ‘Let’s face it Mark, my brain seems to have accepted this new arrangement and I don’t know how to tell it otherwise.’ Mark cuddled Chloe again, ‘I know baby but I will help you at every step of the way if you want to give in.’ Chloe just shook her head and enjoyed the warmth of Mark’s cuddle as she felt her nappy grow warm once more as her bladder issued a timely reminder of her nappy dependence. ‘Come on baby, we need to get back to reception.’ Mark took Chloe’s hand and led her along the corridor to the Maternity Reception where the nurse had told them to wait. A few minutes later the nurse appeared and handed Mark the folder and two grainy pictures of the scan, she wished them luck and then returned to her office. Mark continued to lead Chloe through the maze of corridors towards the exit of the hospital, ‘we are going to get you changed before we head off,’ he whispered to Chloe. Mark had spotted the adult changing facility on the way in and took Chloe inside the small room before locking the door behind them. Chloe looked around the room, it looked like a bigger version of a baby changing facility with a counter top, sink, toilet, sanitary bin and a changing station. ‘Pop yourself on her baby girl.’ Mark indicated the adult changing table by patting the mat with his hand. Chloe walked over to Mark, he unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them down her thighs before helping her up onto the table. Chloe felt small, she was lying on her back looking at the ceiling whilst Mark began to untape her saturated nappy. ‘Oh wow baby! You really are a wet little girl.’ He tickled the inside of Chloe’s thigh making her giggle a little. Chloe reached out the changing back next to her and pulled out the pictures from the scan, she turned them to many different angles as she felt Mark delicately cleaning her nappy area before sliding out the wet padding from beneath her bottom. ‘Up you go baby.’ Chloe lifted her hips to let Mark slide the fresh nappy underneath her before lowering her hips at his command. She felt the soft, dry padding being pulled up over her vagina and then heard the tapes being applied to secure her dry nappy. Mark helped Chloe to put her jeans back on, disposed of the wet nappy, washed his hands and then led Chloe back out of the room and to the car for their journey home. Chapter 2 Chloe quickly bolted from the bedroom and threw herself down the hallway and into the bathroom; she lunged for the toilet and vomited. Morning sickness was becoming more frequent, she hated starting each day feeling so yucky but many people has assured her that this was a temporary thing. Chloe was trying to focus on positive thoughts as she felt another wave of nausea hit her, she held her head over the toilet and vomited again, as she retched, she felt her already soaked nappy becoming warm as her bladder joined in with the voiding. Kneeling on the floor with her head over the toilet, Chloe felt her nappy fail and the warm wee begin to trickle down the inside of her thighs and pool at her knees; she felt her pyjama bottoms getting wet and began to sob. Chloe pushed herself away from the toilet and sat down on the floor in her saturated nappy which forced more wetness into her pyjamas. She sat, in a pool of her own urine, feeling every bit embarrassed and upset. She was still sobbing quietly as Mark pushed open the door, he took one look at his wife and rushed over to her. ‘Oh baby girl, what has happened?’ Mark sat next to Chloe and put his arms around her. ‘I… I’m a mess. I couldn’t stop it. I was being sick and then I wet myself and then my nappy leaked and…’ Chloe burst into a full scale crying fit which stopped her from finishing her sentence. ‘Oh my beautiful baby girl don’t cry, it is okay, I will make it all better.’ Mark cuddled Chloe even tighter, he kissed her on the top of the head and then made shushing noises in her ear. ‘Come on baby, let’s get you cleaned up,’ he said eventually. Chloe nodded and wiped her wet face with the back of her hand, she stood up and heard the dripping as Mark began to help her up. ‘Okay princess, let’s get you in the shower.’ Mark guided Chloe to the shower cubicle and took off her pyjama top, he slid the drenched bottoms down her legs and saw the wettest nappy that he had seen in months. Chloe stood resigned to her situation and let Mark do the work. Mark untapped the nappy, it fell to the tiles with a heavy thud, he moved it to one side with his foot and then helped Chloe into the warm jets of the shower. Mark left Chloe to enjoy the water, he picked up the nappy and rolled it up as best he could, more urine seeped out as he did so but he wasn’t concerned. Chloe’s pyjamas made an improvised mop to clean up the large puddle on the floor, ‘I’ll be right back baby, I am just going to get rid of this nappy and put on the washing.’ He picked up the wet things and left the bathroom. Chloe was enjoying the warm jets of water across her skin, she tilted her head back and let the water cascade down her body. ‘You look like you are enjoying that.’ Mark had returned and was smiling at his wife. ‘Mmmmmm, it is lovely.’ Chloe turned off the shower and took Mark’s outstretched hand to get out of the cubicle, he wrapped her in a fresh towel and led her to the bedroom. Chloe saw all of her clothes laid out on the bed with the usual Tena Slip, ‘ummm, Mark. I don’t think that I want a nappy today.’ Mark looked shocked, ‘er…okay. Are you sure?’ Chloe looked at her husband, she saw the look of concern in his face and tried to look as certain as she could, ‘Yes, I am sure. I just can’t do it Mark, I am not a baby, I’m twenty years old and my morning began with me sitting in a pool of my own piss and crying because I’d wet myself so completely that my nappy had leaked like some toddler. I am a fucking grown woman!’ Chloe felt tears stinging her eyes. ‘I’m sick of not being able to control my own bladder, I’m always wet, I wake up wet, I go to bed wet, I’m even wet between changes sometimes. I must smell like piss all the time.’ Chloe lost control at this point and burst into tears. ‘Oh my poor girl,’ Mark hugged Chloe tightly, ‘I will help you to get better, I promise. It’s going to take some time but it will get better.’ Mark tried to reassure his wife. ‘But it shouldn’t take time Mark, I’m a woman and not a baby learning to toilet train.’ Chloe felt angry with Mark’s lack of faith in her ability. ‘I know that you are not a toddler Chloe but you have been wearing nappies full time for a long time and you’ve just gotten a bit used to them that is all.’ Mark placed his hands on Chloe’s shoulders and looked her in the eyes, ‘we will work on it together.’ Chloe nodded at her husband, ‘I’m sorry Mark, I just can’t do it any more,’ she could see the disappointment in Mark’s eyes. ‘I know that it is what you want but I am so tired of not being able to stay dry or walking around stinky because I’ve messed my nappy. I need to feel like a grown up again.’ Mark cuddled Chloe again, ‘I understand. I will put the nappy away.’ Mark picked up the Tena Slip and returned it to the wardrobe, he reached to the top shelf and found a bag at the back containing Chloe’s knickers, ‘you’re going to need these,’ he said as he tossed them on the bed. Chloe watched the contents of the bag spill onto the bed and Mark walk off down the hallway to get a shower. She sat on the edge of the bed still sobbing and feeling awful about what had just happened, she reassured herself about her decision and resolved to regain her control. Chloe dried away her tears and tipped the remaining contents of the bag onto the bed; for the first time in forever she was about to wear knickers. Chapter 3 Chloe sat at the breakfast table checking her phone as Mark came through from the bedroom, she smiled at him as he got closer, ‘the kettle’s just boiled; would you like coffee?’ ‘Sure,’ he said, ‘are you feeling any better?’ Mark sat in the chair opposite Chloe. ‘Yes I am. I am sorry about before and thank you for being so understanding.’ Chloe kissed Mark as she went to the kitchen. She was finding it strange to not hear the crinkle as she walked around or to feel the bulk of wet padding between her legs that had so often made her waddle. Chloe had just entered the kitchen when the alarm went off on her phone, ‘oh! Excuse me.’ Chloe hurried down the hallway and into the bathroom, she slid her jeans and knickers down her legs and sat on the toilet: nothing happened. Chloe looked down at the knickers between her legs and smiled as she saw that they were still dry, she gave a small push and a tiny trickle of wee made its way into the toilet bowl. Chloe felt very proud of herself and couldn’t help but recall the old Huggies advert jingle, ‘I’m a big kid now’ she quietly sang to herself. Chloe finished up and walked back along to the kitchen. Mark watched Chloe walk down the hallway with a smile on her face, ‘well? Did you make it?’ Chloe smiled again, ‘yes I did!’ ‘Well done,’ Mark paused, ‘and how often is your alarm set to go off?’ Chloe blushed, ‘um… every half an hour.’ ‘You know, we could get you some pull ups to help you with the transition, they will hold any little accidents that you might have.’ Chloe thought for a moment, she knew deep down that Mark was right and that it was a sensible suggestion but her stubbornness would not allow her to accept, ‘no thank you, I am a grown woman and I wear knickers, not nappies or pull ups.’ Mark couldn’t help but chuckle, ‘okay baby but if you don’t do so well then you will be wearing pull ups or even nappies once more. I understand what you want to do but I am not going to be happy if you start to leave puddles everywhere.’ Chloe felt thoroughly chastised, she reconsidered the option of using pull ups but dismissed the idea by telling herself that she would not fail, ‘I will be fine, you will see. No more nappies for me!’ Chloe stuck out her tongue and then headed into the kitchen to make coffee. Mark smiled to himself, he was anticipating many accidents as Chloe tried to regain control and was deep in thought as she brought back the coffee. ‘Here you go.’ Chloe placed the hot coffee in front of him. ‘Thank you princess.’ Mark lifted the cup to his lips and carefully sipped the hot liquid, ‘so, what would you like to do today?’ Chloe thought as she sipped her own coffee, ‘I’m not really sure, I kind of want to be at home a little more today,’ Chloe made a gesture to her crotch hoping that Mark would understand. Mark looked confused for a moment, ‘oh… oh yes. I understand. You’re frightened that you might wet yourself or something.’ Chloe blushed deeply, ‘Mark! I’m just… I mean…I…’ ‘It’s fine princess, I get it. We will stay here.’ ‘I’m sorry, it is just a little embarrassing you know.’ Chloe broke eye contact with Mark and stared at her coffee. Mark got up from his chair and walked around to the other side of the table, he stood behind Chloe and put his arms around her shoulders in a loose cuddle around her neck. He kissed Chloe on the cheek and laid his head on her shoulder, ‘you know that you don’t have to be embarrassed don’t you?’ ‘I know.’ ‘It’s going to take some time, expect accidents and please don’t try to hide it from me.’ ‘I won’t’ ‘I love you Mrs Trimble, you mean the world to me and I am here for you one hundred percent.’ Mark pecked Chloe on the cheek again, ‘now, would you like some breakfast?’ ‘Yes please.’ Mark stood up and headed to the kitchen, he surveyed the fridge and then the food cupboards, ‘I’ve got bacon and eggs or cereal.’ He called through the door. ‘Can I have scrambled eggs and toast please?’ She called back. ‘Sure thing gorgeous. You want juice?’ ‘Yes please.’ Mark set to work cooking the breakfast, he decided to have the same thing so that he didn’t have to cook separate meals. Chloe entered the kitchen carrying her empty coffee cup as he started making toast, ‘Hi hun.’ ‘Hey, I am just getting some more coffee.’ ‘Okay baby.’ Chloe poured herself some coffee from her own pot of decaffeinated and then left Mark to carry on cooking. ‘Just a few more minutes princess,’ Mark called to Chloe as she headed out of the door. ‘Okay daddy’ Chloe replied as she returned to her seat. Mark finished cooking the eggs, he served them onto plates and then carried them back to the table, as he entered the room, Chloe’s alarm went off again. ‘Sorry, be right back,’ Chloe said as she rushed down the hallway and into the bathroom. She repeated the steps from her last trip to the toilet but still nothing happened. She returned to the table to see that Mark had set out juice and condiments. ‘All okay princess?’ ‘Yes thanks,’ Chloe sat down, ‘this looks wonderful.’ Chloe picked up her cutlery and began to eat. Mark and Chloe sat in silence as they each ate their breakfasts, Chloe drained her juice and after she finished her eggs she turned her attention back to the coffee. Mark watched his wife and wondered how long it would be before her high coffee and juice intake took its toll on her bladder. ‘So have you looked at any of the houses that I showed you?’ ‘No not yet but I think that we should make a move before I am too heavily pregnant.’ ‘I completely agree princess, we just need to agree on the property now.’ ‘It’s out there somewhere.’ Chloe sighed. ‘Here, let’s have a look.’ Mark pushed his plate to one side and picked up his iPad, he navigated to the saved tabs and slid the device over to Chloe. ‘I am not going to tell you which one I like best so you can have a look whilst I clear the table.’ Mark gathered the plate and now empty drinks containers and headed to the kitchen. Chloe quickly became engrossed in the houses on the screen and barely noticed Mark re-enter the room, he stood behind her and put his head on her shoulder, ‘I liked that one too.’ ‘Mark!’ she screamed, ‘you scared the shit out of me.’ Mark slapped Chloe’s wrist, ‘you do not use language like that young lady.’ Chloe dropped the iPad onto the table and rubbed her wrist, ‘I am sorry daddy,’ she said meekly, ‘you scared me. I was really interested in this house.’ Chloe picked up the tablet again and swiped through the pictures, ‘I really like this one.’ Mark smiled, ‘yes, me too. It looks perfect for what we need and it has so much space outside.’ ‘I love the master bedroom,’ Chloe swiped back to the relevant picture, ‘look at the windows and the room around the bed and it has got an en-suite and…oh no!’ Chloe dropped the tablet to the table and pushed her chair back, she jammed her hands quickly into her crotch. Mark looked down to see the growing wet spot make its way down his wife’s legs. ‘It won’t stop!’ Chloe yelled as she ran down the hallway to the bathroom. Chapter 4 Chloe burst through the bathroom door and started to unfasten her jeans as she headed towards the toilet; her attempts to stop the flow were suffering catastrophic failure and she could see that her jeans were now wet down to the ankles and would soon be standing in wet shoes. ‘Shit. Shit. Shit.’ She said aloud as she fumbled the metal buttons of her wet prison, she finally ripped open her jeans and pulled them down before quickly sitting on the toilet. Nothing. Chloe moaned in disbelief, she had completely emptied her bladder into her jeans and not a single drop of urine made it into the toilet. She surveyed the damage, her light pink knickers were now a few shades darker and her jeans displayed the tell-tale evidence of being wet, ‘DAMN IT!’ she shouted. ‘Are you okay in there princess?’ Mark said through the door. Chloe was kicking off her wet shoes, ‘what do you think?’ she spat. ‘Can I come in?’ Mark asked cautiously. ‘Whatever,’ Chloe replied as she braced herself for an ‘I told you so’ speech. Mark slowly opened the door and accessed the scene. Chloe was still sat on the toilet, her jeans and knickers were obviously wet and there was a small puddle near the sink where Chloe had stood frantically trying to unfasten the metal buttons. Chloe looked defeated, Mark had not seen his wife look this upset since their first date when she had wet herself outside the restaurant, she held her phone in her hand and began to cry as the alarm bleeped into life. ‘Oh baby, I am so sorry,’ Mark walked over to Chloe and knelt beside her, he removed her shoes and began to take off her jeans and knickers. ‘Oh Mark,’ Chloe sobbed, ‘I didn’t even feel it. It just came out.’ ‘Don’t worry princess, it is just a small setback that is all. Let me get you cleaned up.’ Mark prepared a wash cloth and then wiped Chloe’s wet legs, vagina and bottom. Chloe resigned herself to the help and appreciated him taking control. ‘Come on princess,’ Mark took Chloe’s hand and led her back to the bedroom, he took out a fresh pair of leggings and knickers, ‘do you still want knickers?’ ‘Yes,’ she nodded, ‘I will do better.’ Chloe tried to look as certain as she could. Mark kissed Chloe on the forehead and then bent down, he slid her knickers up her legs and then did the same with the leggings. ‘This should make it a bit easier to get to use the toilet baby.’ Chloe smiled, ‘thank you.’ She let Mark continue to dress her and realised how much she enjoyed being taken care of in this way, he was so tender and always made sure that she was comfortable. ‘Mark finished dressing Chloe, gave her a cuddle and handed her some socks, ‘go on, off you go to the living room. I’m just going to clean up and then I will join you.’ ‘No. I should clean up.’ Chloe insisted. ‘It’s fine baby, you’ve had a stressful morning. Go and chill out.’ Chloe considered a further protest but Mark pointed to the door and gave her a look that meant any argument would be useless. Chloe took the socks and headed to the living room. Mark watched to make sure that Chloe was doing as she was told before following her down the hallway and into the bathroom, he took out the cleaning products and mopped up the cold pool of urine from the floor before picking up the wet clothes. Mark saw Chloe sat on the sofa as he passed a few minutes later with the wet clothes in the washing basket, he put the clothes into the washing machine and then went to join his wife on the sofa. ‘How are you doing princess?’ Mark put his arm around Chloe. ‘I’m okay,’ Chloe replied as she relaxed into the cuddle. ‘Do you think that I should set my phone alarm for every fifteen minutes?’ she asked. ‘I don’t think that will do much to help you baby, you can’t go running off to the toilet every quarter of an hour in the hope that you will need a wee. You might as well be back in nappies.’ ‘I need to do something. I’ve been out of nappies for 2 hours and I’ve already wet myself.’ ‘I told you that it will take a little time, you are going to have to concentrate hard. All of that coffee this morning won’t have helped.’ ‘I know. I drank too much. What do I do?’ Chloe seemed genuinely perplexed. ‘Well maybe we could get you some pull ups and work on reducing your fluids for a few days until you get the hang of it?’ ‘I don’t want pull ups!’ Chloe said forcefully, ‘I just want to be a normal twenty-year-old woman.’ ‘But Chloe, they will help is you have an accident.’ ‘No. I don’t want them.’ Chloe repeated a little firmer. ‘Okay but if you continue to have these big accidents then you will have to wear the pull ups or go back in a nappy. Do you understand?’ ‘Fine!’ Chloe spat, ‘if I have any more accidents I will wear the bloody pull ups. Happy?’ ‘Woah there, you need to calm yourself down. I am trying to help you and come up with some ways of stopping this place getting flooded with piss every half an hour.’ Mark regretted it as soon as he said it, ‘I’m sorry.’ He offered as she moved away from him. Chloe got up off the sofa, tears in her eyes, ‘YOU ARSEHOLE!’ she shouted. Mark made a grab for Chloe’s arm but she pulled it away and stormed off to the bedroom. Mark shook his hands in frustration and clenched his teeth, ‘idiot!’ he scalded himself. He heard Chloe slam the door the to the bedroom and wanted to go to her but thought the he should give her a little space. Mark was angry with himself but picked up his laptop and fired it up. Opening the browser, Mark began his search for ways to help Chloe’s incontinence issues but found that there was little that he could do; there was much more for Chloe to attempt herself. Mark read about limiting fluid intake and was interested to read about pelvic floor exercises which Chloe should be doing during pregnancy anyway; he saved the pages in a folder and printed out some information to keep before navigating to his favourite AB websites. Mark found many more topics about bladder retraining and started his own post about Chloe’s problems which he hoped would get sensible replies; as he switched to check his emails, the alarm on Chloe’s phone sounded. Mark closed his laptop, picked up the phone and went to the bedroom door: he knocked. ‘Chloe, can I come in?’ Chloe allowed Mark to enter the room, she was lying on the bed cuddling her favourite stuffed toy and looking incredibly upset. Mark felt awful, he slowly sat next to his wife and began to stroke her hair, ‘baby, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to say what I did.’ Chloe sat up, ‘I know. I am just a little emotional that’s all.’ Mark gave Chloe a cuddle and kissed her forehead, ‘your alarm has gone off princess, you should go to the toilet.’ Chloe nodded, she put down her stuffed toy and shuffled down the hall to the bathroom; she pulled down her leggings and noticed that he knickers were a little damp but was satisfied that she had made it to the toilet. She pushed and heard a small trickle makes its way to the water, Mark heard his wife’s success as he passed outside the bathroom door but resisted the urge to congratulate her on making it, instead he went back to the sofa and was just logging back on to his laptop when Chloe appeared, ‘all okay princess?’ he asked. Chloe looked much happier and smiled, ‘yes, I actually made it to the toilet,’ she said proudly. She neglected to tell Mark about her slightly damp pants and joined him on the sofa, ‘what are you doing?’ ‘I’m just checking my emails and stuff baby,’ ‘Okay,’ said Chloe as she picked up the tablet, ‘I’m going to have another look at some houses.’ She quickly found the page and pictures that he bladder control had interrupted an hour before, she once again admired the features of a particular house, ‘Mark, I really love this house, can we go and see it?’ she turned the tablet towards him. Mark looked at the picture on the screen and liked what he saw, ‘of course we can princess, why don’t you submit a request to view it?’ Chloe squealed with excitement and quickly got to work filling in the online contact form, she felt a ping of excitement as she hit submit and sent it, ‘there, all done!’ ‘Good work baby,’ said Mark as he held up his hand for a high five, Chloe slapped it and they both laughed. Chloe picked up the TV remote and put her feet up on the sofa, Mark continued to look through the forums on his laptop as they settled themselves in for a relaxing afternoon. Chapter 5 ‘Chloe. Chloe. Wake up!’ Mark was shaking his sleeping wife, ‘come on baby, wake up.’ Mark shook her a little harder and Chloe started to rouse. ‘What…what…what time is it?’ Chloe asked through closed eyes. ‘It’s two in the morning princess, you’ve had a bit of an accident.’ Chloe opened her eyes, she felt the wetness immediately but had to confirm it by putting her hand on her pyjama bottoms. ‘oh no!’ she cried. ‘Don’t worry baby let’s get sorted.’ Mark got out of bed and pulled back the duvet to reveal the full extent of Chloe’s bedwetting, ‘you go and get changed and I will sort this.’ Chloe got up, she saw the huge wet patch where she had been lying and felt ashamed, ‘I’m sorry Mark, I didn’t mean to.’ ‘I know princess, you just get yourself cleaned up and we will sort everything out when I am done here.’ He gave Chloe a reassuring smile. Chloe picked up some fresh pyjamas and waddled down the hallway, her soaked trousers were already beginning to feel cold and she felt every bit a baby. She entered the bathroom and started to strip off her wet things, she was unsure about how long she had been wet or if it had only been one wetting. Chloe removed her pyjama top which was a little wet, she was about to slide her trousers down when she felt the inside of her thighs become warm once more, ‘oh shit!’ she called as she saw a familiar puddle forming at her feet, ‘what the fuck!’ ‘Are you alright in there?’ Mark didn’t wait for a reply and entered the bathroom to see his half naked wife standing by the toilet with a rapidly expanding puddle of wee around her feet. ‘I can’t stop it,’ Chloe croaked as she began to cry. ‘It’s fine baby, just take off your trousers when you are done and step to the side, I am just going to get the mop.’ Mark left Chloe still by the toilet helplessly emptying her bladder onto the floor. Chloe stood with her head in her hands as she felt the flow of urine finally stop and then slid the saturated trousers down her wet legs. The fresh pyjamas that she had dropped on the floor in shock had also been engulfed by the large puddle of wee now expanding across the bathroom floor. Chloe kicked her pyjama bottoms to the side and splashed her way into the bath, she could smell the stale urine on her skin and the fresh wetness that was cooling on her legs giving her goose bumps. Chloe turned on the shower and stepped into the warm jets of water, Mark returned a minute later. ‘Are you okay in there baby?’ he asked as he set to work mopping up the mess on the floor. ‘I’m fine. I will be out in a minute.’ ‘Okay princess, I am just mopping up and then I will wait for you in the bedroom. Mark quickly cleaned up the mess and then took Chloe’s wet clothes to the washing machine before returning to the bedroom to get her another set of fresh pyjamas; he also took out a Tena Slip and laid it on the bed. ‘What is that for?’ asked Chloe appearing in the door behind him. ‘It is just for tonight baby, one thing at a time princess, let’s concentrate on the daytime control first.’ Mark held eye contact with Chloe and gave her a look that showed that his mind would not be changed. Chloe felt upset and deflated, ‘I wanted to be a big girl,’ she sighed. ‘You can be princess but let’s give you a little bit of help.’ Chloe nodded and laid down on the bed at Mark’s invitation and waited to be put back into nappies. Mark made short work of getting her ready and playfully patted her bottom as she got back up off the bed, ‘there you go baby girl.’ Chloe smiled and for some reason felt a little better to be wearing her nappy again. If felt like she was safe, ‘Thank you daddy.’ ‘You are most welcome princess, now let’s get back to sleep.’ Mark and Chloe got back into the fresh bed and were soon ready to go back to sleep, Mark reached over to Chloe just as she began to fall asleep and whispered in her ear, ‘goodnight princess.’ ‘Goodnight daddy,’ replied Chloe. Chapter 6 Chloe woke the next morning feeling refreshed, she looked at the clock and saw that it was eleven AM. She rolled over to Mark and kissed him before snuggling into his arms then she remembered the nocturnal incident and reached down to touch her nappy- soaked- she was instantly relieved that Mark had made her wear it. Chloe gave a small sigh and snuggled in closer to Mark, she wondered if she was ever going to regain her control and recounted the last twenty-four hours in her head. She had managed to stay dry for all of the previous afternoon but she had gone to the toilet every fifteen minutes, her liquid intake had been reduced before bed but that hadn’t stopped a major accident overnight. Chloe scolded herself to do better, she had to concentrate and make sure that she was paying attention to her body; with a new determination to stay dry she felt a feeling that had all but disappeared over the last year: she needed to pee. Chloe quickly got out of bed and began to make her way to the door but by the time she had opened it, it was already too late as she felt her nappy becoming warm and getting wetter. ‘Are you okay baby?’ The sudden burst of activity had woken Mark. ‘Yes. I was just heading for a wee but…’ Chloe stopped and shrugged her shoulders. ‘Too late huh?’ ‘Yeah but I felt it this time at least.’ Chloe smiled. ‘Well that is much better, well done.’ Mark looked genuinely pleased for such little progress. Chloe laughed, ‘I’ve just got to actually get to the bathroom now.’ ‘It will happen, patience young lady.’ ‘I know.’ ‘Did you make it through the night dry?’ ‘Yes,’ Chloe lied, she wasn’t sure why she did it and was pretty sure that Mark knew that she was lying. ‘Excellent baby, well done.’ Chloe blushed, ‘thank you.’ ‘Do you want me to take your nappy off now my big grown up girl?’ ‘No, it is okay, I can do it.’ Chloe was certain that her lie would be found out if Mark saw the condition of her nappy close up. ‘Okay princess, I’m just going to lie here for a little bit. What are you up to?’ ‘I’m going to make some coffee and then take this nappy off and then…oh wait…I’ll be right back.’ Chloe felt the urge to poo and hurried off to the bathroom, surely her bowel control was okay? She entered the bathroom and ripped off her sodden nappy, she sat on the toilet and for the first time in months she pooped like an adult. Chloe was delighted with herself and smiled as she heard a small stream of urine hitting the water below. When she was finished, she rolled up the used nappy and put it in the bin before heading off to the kitchen. Mark heard his wife moving around the flat and assumed that her trip to the toilet was a success. Mark felt both proud of his wife but also disappointed that his baby girl wanted to be out of nappies. Mark laid on the bed thinking about his wife’s predicament when his Blackberry received a batch of messages, he reached over to the bedside table and looked at the screen. Twenty-six emails were unread with most of them sat in his AB related email account. Mark opened the mailbox. People had become very interested in Mark’s posts the previous day and many had chosen to offer their own advice on the situation. It became obvious to Mark as he read the replies that he should be the one to take charge of Chloe’s potty training; a big girl she may think she is but she was still his baby girl. Chapter 7 Chloe was sitting on the sofa as Mark entered the living room, she smiled as she saw him, ‘good morning.’ ‘Good morning princess, can I get you anything?’ ‘No thank you I’ve just had some toast.’ ‘Okay baby, I am just going to grab a cup of coffee and I’ll be back in a minute.’ Mark went to kitchen and noticed that Chloe had already made a pot of decaffeinated coffee for herself and prepared a caffeinated pot for him. Mark clicked the coffee machine into action and prepared himself for the talk that he was about to have with Chloe, he hoped that he would not upset her and watching the last drips of coffee make its way into the jug he took a deep breath before pouring a cup and heading back to his wife. ‘Hey baby, I’ve been thinking about your potty training.’ Chloe glared at Mark, ‘don’t call it that!’ ‘Why not? That is exactly what it is.’ ‘It’s not!’ Chloe snapped as she crossed her arm and huffed. ‘Now now, don’t you get grumpy with me. Hear me out.’ Chloe didn’t say anything, she sat in silence with her arms folded across her chest and not even making eye contact with Mark. ‘This is exactly why I have come to this decision.’ Chloe turned to face Mark, ‘What decision?’ ‘Well now that I have your attention, I will tell you.’ Mark sat on the sofa next to Chloe and pulled her on his knee; she instantly felt small and was ready to listen. Mark explained his idea. ‘You’ve been wearing nappies for almost nine months now and you have gotten so used to it that you seem to have undone your potty training. We need to redo it, going to the toilet every half an hour is not going to help you much so I have removed the alarm from your phone.’ Chloe looked to make an objection but Mark quickly shushed her. ‘Just hear what I have to say baby,’ Chloe resumed her listening position, ‘I think that the best way for me to help you is to potty train you like a toddler.’ Mark let the sentence hang for a few moments, Chloe thought for those few seconds, ‘what do you mean?’ she eventually asked. ‘Well, you’ve been in a toddler mindset for so long that I think that you will respond really well to being potty trained as one too. I am going to go out and buy some pull-ups, your knickers will be going back in the wardrobe and you will get them back if your potty training is successful.’ ‘Oh Mark please. I don’t want to.’ Chloe pleaded. ‘I won’t hear it Chloe, you went through four pairs of knickers yesterday, not to mention a set of bedclothes and I know that your nappy was soaked before you even woke up this morning.’ Chloe was shocked, ‘It wasn’t! I was dry until I had the accident by the door.’ Mark gave Chloe a knowing look, ‘lying is not a good start, I’d already checked your nappy when I woke up an hour or so before you got up and I also removed your thumb from your mouth.’ Mark stared at Chloe. Chloe felt embarrassed, ‘sorry,’ she whispered. ‘I will let it slide this time but if you lie to me like that again then you are going to get a sound spanking. Do you understand?’ Chloe didn’t care for this turn of events, Mark had never spanked her before and she had never considered it as being part of their relationship, ‘I understand,’ she said. ‘Good, and as we are on the subject of bedtime, you will continue to wear nappies for bed until we have your daytime control sorted out.’ ‘Okay,’ Chloe said, she knew that this was a good idea. ‘So you will wear pull-ups through the day and nappies at night, I will be limiting your drinks and will be telling you to go to the toilet when I think you have waited too long. I will check your pull-up before and after each trip to the bathroom.’ ‘So you are going to carry on treating me like a baby?’ Chloe said indignantly. ‘Not a baby no. I’m going to treat you like a toddler who needs her daddy’s help to complete her potty training.’ ‘So what if I don’t agree?’ Chloe demanded. ‘Then no potty training. You choose, potty training my way or back to nappies full time?’ Chloe had not expected this ultimatum and felt a sense of injustice, ‘why can’t I just do this myself my way?’ ‘It has not been the most successful twenty-four hours doing it your way has it?’ ‘It’s been one day. I am going to do better today.’ ‘Chloe, I am trying to help you. I think that training you this way will be more successful.’ ‘But you are putting me back in nappies,’ Chloe moaned. ‘Only overnight, you will have your pull-ups through the day.’ ‘They are still nappies,’ Chloe sulked. ‘They are big girl pants with a little added protection that’s all.’ ‘I don’t need them. I can do it on my own. I..I..’ Chloe stopped midsentence as she felt her crotch become warm followed quickly by her bottom, ‘oh not again!’ her bladder betrayed her as she was making her plea to be a big girl. Mark felt his leg becoming wetter and wetter as Chloe completely emptied her bladder into his lap. ‘You were saying.’ Chloe’s eyes teared up, ‘it’s not my fault,’ she cried. Mark pulled her into a cuddle as she continued to pee and kissed her, ‘you know, I know that you don’t like this but I am so turned on right now.’ Mark took Chloe’s hand and guided it to the bulge in his trousers, ‘see?’ Chloe looked at her husband through teary eyes, she knew such accidents were a great turn on for him and any feelings of failure drifted away as she stopped peeing. ‘mmm, daddy likes his wet girl huh?’ ‘Oh you have no idea,’ Mark scooped Chloe up and carried her to the bedroom, he stood her up and helped her to remove her wet clothes before guiding her onto the bed. Mark stripped off his own wet trousers and then joined his wife on the bed and kissed her passionately whilst running his right hand up her right leg and then onto her wet vagina. Chloe was slightly confused by her feelings as the shame of her accident became and intense feeling of arousal. Mark ran his finger over Chloe’s vagina lips before gently teasing her clitoris. Chloe moaned in agreement, she felt Mark’s fingers begin to expertly explore her vagina and then enter, he quickly guided his fingers to the sweetest of spots and massaged. Chloe tilted her head back as she began to enjoy the sensations, Mark took the opportunity to kiss her neck and throat as his fingers continued to work. Chloe was not sure why she was so turned on after such an embarrassing accident but she was nonetheless delighted with the attention that she was receiving because of it. She felt a wave of pleasure building and becoming more intense as Mark continued to massage deep inside her vagina and with a loud groan she climaxed. Mark, his hand beginning to cramp, kissed Chloe once more, he kissed her lips and then moved down to her neck, then chest, then tummy and then the bare skin of her smooth vagina. Mark inched his way down kissing and licking each of the lips of Chloe’s vagina before teasing her still sensitive clitoris with the very tip of his tongue. Chloe fell back and enjoyed the sensations between her legs, she felt Mark’s tongue continue to explore and caress and could feel that she was close to climaxing for a second time when he slipped a finger back inside her vagina. Chloe was overwhelmed by the sensations in her groin and unconsciously pushed herself into Mark’s face which brought her to a shuddering climax. Mark heard Chloe’s moans and retreated, he gently kissed the top of her vagina and then moved his way up her body and finally up to her neck once more. Chloe reached down and grabbed Mark’s erect penis and began to rub. Mark moaned and continued to kiss Chloe’s neck as she increased the speed and concentrated hard on pleasing her husband. She sat up, grabbed the base of Mark’s fully erect penis and opened her mouth. Chloe continued to suck on Mark’s penis and caress his testicles as he took his turn to squirm on the bed. In Mark’s hyper-aroused state, it didn’t take long until he filled Chloe’s mouth which she duly swallowed and then collapsed on the bed. Chapter 8 Mark woke a few hours later, his stomach indicated that his lack of food was becoming unacceptable. Chloe had crawled next to him and was sleeping soundly, he reached down and found the sheets around her wet, just as he thought, and thought better of waking her immediately. Mark carefully and quietly slipped out of bed and headed down the hallway to the bathroom, once he relieved himself, he made his way back to the bedroom. Chloe’s thumb had found its way to her mouth again and he looked at his wife lying on the bed, she was in the foetal position and the light sheet that fell over her revealed the tiny bump that housed their unborn child. Mark couldn’t help but smile, he felt so very proud of his wife and also knew that she would be embarrassed to wake up wet again. Mark quietly opened the cupboard and retrieved a Tena slip, he opened it and laid it on the bed before gently shaking Chloe’s shoulder, ‘Chloe… Chloe baby wake up.’ Chloe made some moaning noises so he shook her again, ‘come on princess, time to wake up.’ Chloe moved a little more and suddenly jumped, her eyes opened wide and her hands thrust down towards the wet patch around her, ‘oh no not again!’ ‘Hey there, it is fine. It is my fault for letting you fall asleep without your nappy on.’ ‘I’m sorry Mark.’ Chloe said tearfully. ‘No worries baby, it is to be expected when you sleep.’ Chloe smiled a nervous smile and sat up, she spotted the fresh nappy lying on the bed, ‘what’s that for?’ she pointed. ‘Oh yes. I was thinking before that you can start your potty training tomorrow. You can spend the rest of the day in nappies, we will pop out and get you some pull ups and your big grown-up potty training can begin tomorrow. Deal?’ Mark held out his hand. Chloe looked at Mark’s outstretched hand, she wanted to reject his proposal and prove him wrong but she knew that she stood little chance of getting through the rest of the day dry. She finally took Mark’s hand, shook it and said, ‘deal, but just until tomorrow.’ ‘Good girl, now lie back down and we will get you all sorted.’ Chloe followed Mark’s instructions and took up her familiar position on the bed ready to be put in a nappy. Mark made quick work of putting on the nappy and then handed Chloe a fresh t-shirt, ‘okay baby, pop your t-shirt on and go and watch TV whilst I make some yummy lunch.’ ‘Okay daddy,’ said Chloe instantly feeling like the toddler that she had spent so much of her life being. She sat up and pulled the t-shirt over her head, she felt comfortable to be wearing a nappy again and hadn’t realised that she would miss hearing the crinkle quite so much. Chloe waddled down the hallway and jumped onto the sofa, Mark had switched on the TV and she quickly became engrossed in cartoons. Mark saw Chloe lying on the sofa as he returned to the bedroom to strip the bed again, on his way back to the kitchen he noticed the tell-tale blue stripe of the wetness indicator on Chloe’s nappy. Mark smiled to himself and knew that Chloe was unlikely to be aware that she had even wet her nappy again. Chloe continued to lie on the sofa watching TV, her thumb had made its way to her mouth again and she was feeling incredibly small. As the cartoons from her real childhood continued to play on the screen, Chloe felt the familiar feeling in her tummy that she needed to poop, she shifted a little and realised that her nappy was already wet. Chloe was shocked that she hadn’t noticed and wondered if she should walk to the bathroom to use the toilet but she didn’t want to miss the cartoon so she decided to hold it, practice for the following day she thought. She could feel more pressure building and heard her tummy groan, she stood up from the sofa and clenched her bottom but it did nothing to alleviate the pain. Without thinking, Chloe squatted and pushed, she felt her nappy filling at the back and her bladder release a fresh wetting into the thirsty padding; she looked just like a toddler squatting in front of the TV as she completely filled her nappy. When she was finished, Chloe felt a little guilty about not trying to go to the toilet but she wondered how far she would have gone before messing her nappy anyway; she had very little warning and made a mental note to deal with any bathroom urges immediately from the following day. The fact that her nappy was now wet and messy did not bother Chloe in the slightest, she had performed the same ritual daily for the last nine months and she sat back on the sofa feeling the warm mush spread across her nappy. Mark entered the room to see Chloe sat on the sofa sucking her thumb and he could smell the evidence of a freshly filled nappy. ‘Lunch time princess,’ he called without acknowledging the obvious messy nappy. Chloe hadn’t heard Mark enter the room and immediately pulled her thumb from her mouth, ‘okay daddy.’ Mark returned to the kitchen to collect the soup that he had prepared and Chloe was seated when he returned. Mark placed the pan on the trivet in the middle of the table, picked up the ladle and filled Chloe’s bowl with steaming hot tomato soup. Chloe held her hair back as she leaned forward to smell the soup, ‘mmm, delicious.’ ‘I’m glad you like it princess. Let me help you with your bib.’ Before Chloe could object, Mark had moved behind her and was tying a bib in place around her neck, ‘do you have anything to tell me princess?’ Chloe knew that he wanted her to tell him that she had messed her nappy, ‘no,’ she lied. ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yep.’ ‘Would you like to tell me what that smell is?’ Mark moved back to his own seat. Chloe smirked, ‘tomato soup?’ she said quietly. Mark smiled and shook his head, ‘if my tomato soup smells that bad then I think that we are both in trouble. How about the other smell baby girl, can you tell daddy why he thinks that he might have a nappy to change after lunch?’ Chloe felt her face go red and seemed to shrink into her shoulders, ‘I’ve messed my nappy.’ She said shyly. ‘Yes you have my little stinker. Daddy will sort you out after lunch.’ Mark picked up his spoon and scooped up some soup from his bowl. ‘Okay daddy.’ ‘We will get you all cleaned up and then take you out to buy some special potty training pants after lunch shall we?’ Chloe felt herself becoming excited, ‘yes, yes, yes.’ She bounced feeling more of a baby than ever as she felt her bottom sliding around in the mess of her nappy. Chapter 9 Chloe stood before the shelves that presented the feminine hygiene products and assessed the packages on display, she had never paid too much attention to them before but they posed quite a dilemma. Mark was stood beside her, he had picked up a pack of Tena pull-ups and was reading the back of them like it was the most normal thing in the world. ‘I think that these would be best for you and look they have pretty patterns on them.’ Mark held the pack out for Chloe. Chloe grabbed the pack from Mark’s hands and threw them into the trolley, ‘okay, can we go now?’ she urged, ‘I really need to be changed.’ She added in an urgent whisper. Mark smiled, ‘okay grumpy, we will just get some milk and then we will be off.’ Chloe followed Mark as he wandered off with the trolley, the messy nappy that had already endured lunch was now reaching its capacity, she was grateful for the plastic pants that Mark had made her wear but several more wettings once they had entered the supermarket were making Chloe worried about humiliating herself in public. Mark continued to forge ahead and was already standing by the milk, he picked up and large carton and placed it in the trolley, ‘all done,’ he said, ‘let’s go.’ The couple weaved their way through the aisle and found an empty checkout, Mark loaded the shopping onto the conveyor belt and made sure that the pull-ups were a little hidden from view so as not to embarrass Chloe any further. Chloe had convinced herself that the checkout operator would ask questions about the pull-ups and would instantly know that they were for her and that she was standing in a wet and messy nappy complete with plastic pants. Chloe’s heart was beating very fast as the blue package inched closer to the scanner but then, with no hesitation, the lady scanned the pull-ups and passed them to Mark for bagging. Chloe felt more relaxed as the cashier announced the total and Mark paid with his debit card, she helped to push the trolley out to the car. ‘Are you okay?’ Mark asked as they crossed the car park. ‘I am fine. That was so embarrassing.’ ‘But you’ve been in there lots of times wearing your nappy.’ ‘Yes but never when buying them too.’ Mark chuckled,’ come on stinky baby, get into the car whilst I put the shopping in.’ Chloe blushed, ‘Mark!’ she shouted as she punched his arm. Chloe did as she was told and sat in the passenger seat of the car, she felt the cold wetness of her nappy as her bottom made contact with the cushion. Mark returned to the car, opened the passenger door once more and clicked Chloe’s seatbelt into place before getting into the car himself. As Mark started the car and began to drive away, Chloe found her mind wandering, she thought about how dependent she had become over the last nine months, how she did very little for herself now and how much she felt like a giant toddler. She wondered if her impending potty training would work and if she would ever be able to wear real knickers again. In her thoughtfulness, her hand drifted to the small bump in her tummy and she began to think about her unborn child. Mark noticed the vacant expression on Chloe’s face, ‘what are you thinking about over there?’ ‘Oh just things.’ ‘What sort of things?’ ‘Just baby things mostly.’ Mark reached over and patted Chloe’s tummy, ‘are you nervous?’ ‘I’m petrified. It all seems so scary.’ ‘Oh baby it will all be okay, I’ll be there all the way and your mum will be there to help too.’ ‘I know, It’s just. It’s so crazy. Everybody says that it is so painful and that everything changes.’ ‘It can’t be that painful or people wouldn’t have more than open child.’ ‘It’s alright for you!’ Chloe snapped, ‘you don’t have to do it!’ Mark was a little taken aback by Chloe’s abruptness, ‘I’m sorry.’ They sat in silence for the remainder of the journey and even as Mark pulled up outside the flat, Chloe exited the car and went inside without speaking a word. Mark gathered up the shopping and took it inside, he put it on the dining table and went to find his wife. Chloe was lying on the bed cuddling her teddy as Mark entered the bedroom, she wasn’t crying but looked upset. Mark sat next to her, ‘hey now,’ he stroked her hair, ‘you are going to be fine. We’ll go to classes, talk to other people and I’ll help you to get through it all in one piece. We should be enjoying this and be really excited about meeting our son or daughter. Chloe I love you so much and I am so proud of you.’ Mark leaned over and kissed her head, ‘I’m here for you.’ Chloe smiled, ‘I know. I just get so scared sometimes but you are right, we will get through it together and be the best parents in the world.’ Chloe sat up and accepted the hug from her husband, ‘thank you,’ she said. ‘Hey there is no need to thank me it is what I am here for,’ Marked squeezed her tight, ‘now let’s get you changed so I can put the shopping away.’ Chloe nodded, she left Mark’s embrace and took up her usual position. Mark retrieved Chloe’s changing supplies and slid a pink changing mat under her bottom before removing her trousers and plastic pants. Mark peeled back each of the tapes of the nappy and pulled down the front to reveal the mess that now covered most of Chloe’s skin. Carefully, he took baby wipes and began to clean the mess paying close attention to Chloe’s vagina and making sure that she was completely clean before taping a fresh nappy in place. Mark rolled up the well-used Tena slip and placed it into four nappy sacks, he tied each one and then let the package fall to the floor with a thud. ‘Trousers or no trousers baby?’ ‘Trousers please.’ Mark helped Chloe to put on her trousers, gave her a final hug and patted her padded bottom, ‘I’m going to miss that sound.’ He lamented. Chapter 10 The autumn sun had just begun to light up the bedroom as Chloe woke up, stretched and looked at the clock: seven am. Mark was not in bed and, given that it was Monday morning, he was likely to be answering emails and booking appointments. Chloe felt the familiar feeling of a wet nappy between her legs and the morning sickness that had become a regular, thankfully not constant, feature of her early pregnancy. Chloe settled back into her favoured foetal position and slowly closed her eyes, she knew that her alarm would soon demand that she get up and be ready to start the day. It was on mornings like this that she was glad to work from home, Mark’s company was doing well and she had become very good at managing his customer database and keeping the accounts straight. Chloe continued to snooze and soon her thumb was back in her mouth, she could feel herself drifting back off to sleep when her alarm began its morning cadence; she reached over and hit the snooze button before sitting up and swinging her legs out of bed. She rubbed her eyes and was pleased that her sickness had not worsened, she stood up and immediately felt her bladder release a steady stream of urine into waiting nappy. ‘Damn!’ she cursed. Today was to be the first day of Chloe’s potty training, she wanted to get off to a good start but the wet nappy hanging low between her legs showed that it hadn’t been the best start to being a big girl. Chloe headed down the hallway and saw Mark at the dining table with his coffee and laptop, he looked up as he heard her, ‘good morning princess. How is my big girl this morning?’ ‘Good morning daddy, I am good. Can I get you some coffee?’ Mark drained the remaining coffee from his cup and held it out for Chloe, ‘yes please baby, I will have another.’ As Chloe took the cup from his hand, he reached under her nightdress and found the heavy nappy hanging from her hips, ‘wow, somebody is a wet little girl.’ Chloe pulled away, ‘it is not that wet.’ ‘If you say so princess,’ Mark teased. ‘It’s not!’ Chloe spat and then stuck out her tongue as she entered the kitchen. Mark went back to work but was a little distracted by Chloe’s obvious failure to control her bladder, he knew that she had wet after she had woken and was looking forward to the day ahead, ‘are you ready for your potty training princess?’ he shouted. Chloe couldn’t help but be slightly embarrassed by the question but shouted back, ‘yes daddy,’ as she continued to make coffee; she selected a smaller-than-usual cup for her own liquids as she considered the day ahead. Chloe watched the coffee machine dripping steadily into the pot which made her feel like she needed to use the toilet but she couldn’t possible need to go again so soon after the thorough soaking that she had just given her nappy. A few moments later the last of the coffee dribbled into the pot and Chloe was able to finish preparing the drinks. Every slight sound of dripping liquid seemed to make Chloe think that she needed to go to the toilet but with a deep breath she put it out of her mind and crinkled her way back to the table to join Mark. ‘Are you looking forward to today baby?’ Mark asked as she put the cup down in front of him. ‘I am,’ said Chloe, ‘but I am a little nervous.’ ‘Well let’s just take it slowly and see how things go, don’t forget that you will have your pull-up in case of any little accidents.’ ‘Can I go to the toilet anytime I want to?’ ‘Of course you can baby but no setting alarms.’ ‘And I can change my own pull-up if I need to?’ ‘Yes you can but no changing them if they are only slightly wet, that packet needs to last until Wednesday when our normal delivery comes.’ Chloe knew that Mark was referring to the monthly shipment of Tena that had steadily increased from a single case to now three cases per month. ‘I thought that I was only wearing nappies for bed?’ Chloe said defensively. ‘You are baby. The three cases will last a long time if you don’t have to be in nappies full time, I’ve added a case of pull-ups and I can always cancel the order for next month.’ Chloe thought about this for a moment and could see that Mark’s logic was sound but she couldn’t help feeling that he was expecting her to fail. ‘So how many days do I have to stay dry before I can have normal underwear?’ Mark had given this very little thought, he was convinced that Chloe would soon grow tired of trying to potty train and he would have his happily padded girl back once more. ‘I am thinking that two weeks is probably a good length of time. You have to be dry every day for two weeks and then I will give you your knickers back.’ ‘What about the night time nappy?’ ‘Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.’ ‘So two weeks and I’m free of nappies through the day?’ Mark nodded. ‘Easy!’ Chloe confidently blurted out. ‘Oh you think so huh?’ ‘Yep. I am going to have my knickers back before you know it and then I am going to stop wearing bedtime nappies too.’ ‘Now that sounds like fighting talk to me baby. You talk the talk but can you walk the walk?’ ‘Bring it on!’ shouted Chloe as she held her fists up in a pugilistic pose. ‘Right then. Let the day in pull-ups begin!’ Mark gestured for Chloe to follow him. Chapter 11 Chloe sat at the dining table working on her laptop, Mark was out at a customer’s house and so she was working through his diary and sorting out the rest of his appointments for the week. Since the wedding, Mark’s business was growing steadily, he had a number of contracts with local businesses and a regular stream of private customers. Chloe shifted her bottom in her seat as she continued to click around Outlook, she was enjoying the thinner feel of the pull-ups and felt like she was wearing underwear that was a little more grown up than usual. As she was amending a spreadsheet, Chloe became aware of the need to pee. Like a spring-loaded toy, she shot up from the chair and quickly made her way to the toilet. The urge to go did not increase as she entered the bathroom and sat on the toilet, she heard the first drips hit the water in the toilet and smiled as it became a stream. Chloe looked down at the pull-up around her ankles and was overjoyed to see it still completely dry. It had been a successful morning so far for Chloe, she had not had a single accident and this was her fourth visit to the toilet. Chloe sent Mark a text message with news of her success as she took up her seat at the dining table once more. Mark’s appointments were arranged and Chloe was happy to see that he could take the afternoon off providing Mrs Stanistreet did not need him for too much longer, the rest of the week looked pretty busy and she would be spending most of it on her own. Mark replied with a smiley face as Chloe was checking through emails, she instantly felt like she had done something good and was congratulating herself when an email arrived from the estate agents. Chloe excitedly opened the message and read: Mr and Mrs Trimble, You are very welcome to view 47 Yew Tree Avenue; can you attend an appointment at 6:30pm this Thursday? Regards, Rick Hastings Chloe switched windows and checked Mark’s diary again. It was possible. She hit the reply button on the email and confirmed that they would be happy to attend the appointment. Chloe added the viewing appointment to the diary and then couldn’t help but look at the pictures of the house once more. She could imagine their lives in such a beautiful property and smiled as she saw the slide in the large garden, her hand had drifted to her bump as she was dreaming and without realising it she was lovingly stroking her tummy. Chloe’s daydream was rudely interrupted by the incessant trill of the phone. It was her mum. Helen started the phone call with the customary accusation that Chloe did not call her enough but soon the two women were chatting about lots of different things and Chloe had made herself a large cup of tea to sit and listen to her mother talk about friends, neighbours, celebrities and her father. ‘I was telling your father that you do far too much for a girl in your condition.’ Helen repeated for the tenth time in the call. ‘Mum I’m fine, Mark looks after me and I just sit here doing his accounts and stuff,’ ‘Yes but Chloe I don’t like you being on your own all day.’ ‘I am not on my own all day mum. Mark comes home all the time and…’ Chloe felt the need to use the toilet again, ‘I need to go mum. I will call you back.’ Helen insisted the Chloe stay on the phone and said that she wouldn’t call back. ‘But mum I will call you back straight away, I promise.’ Chloe felt her urge increase. ‘Okay Chloe but let me just say…’ Chloe interrupted her mum, ‘I really need to go mum. I have to wee.’ ‘Oh well off you go you silly thing, a girl in your condition shouldn’t be holding it for too long or there might be an accident. Remember when…’ ‘MUM!’ Chloe interjected, ‘I’m going. Goodbye.’ Chloe hung up the phone and trotted down the hallway trying to unbutton her jeans on the way. She entered the bathroom and shoved her jeans and pull-up down her legs as she sat on the toilet. A torrent of urine hit the water and Chloe was so relieved to have made it to the toilet, she looked down at her pull-up and saw that it was only slightly damp. ‘Well look at my big girl sitting on the toilet.’ Mark stood in the doorway smiling at his wife. ‘I didn’t hear you come in.’ Chloe finished on the toilet and replaced her pull-up and jeans, the padding was a little thicker now but she still felt grown up, she told Mark about the phone call from her mum and how it had nearly caused her to have an accident. Mark told her how proud he was and Chloe congratulated herself on a successful morning of potty training. Chapter 12 Chloe woke up and looked at the clock, it was 6:30 and still an hour before her alarm was due to sound. Mark was still asleep beside her and she snuggled into him, she felt the usual bulk of a wet nappy between her legs but did not feel too disappointed. It had been a successful twenty-four hours for Chloe and she realised that it had been the first day that she had managed to stay dry since she had moved in with Mark. Snuggling in closer to her husband, Chloe felt the urge to pee but allowed herself to wet her nappy as she drifted back into a snooze. An hour later the alarm clock insisted that Chloe get out of bed and she sleepily threw off the covers before standing up. Like the previous morning, the urge to pee hit Chloe strong as she stood up and each step towards the bathroom seemed to make it worse. She waddled down the hallway hearing the crinkle of her nappy all the way and stood outside the bathroom door. Mark was in the shower and had locked the door. Chloe rattled the handle. ‘I’ll be out in a minute baby.’ He called through the door. Chloe didn’t answer and wondered if she should wait at the door or go back to bed. Suddenly, the feeling of needing to pee disappeared and Chloe could hear the urine gushing out of her and into her nappy which was already soaked; she could feel the wetness escape from the leg bands and start to explore the absorbency of her pyjama bottoms. Chloe rubbed her face and sighed, the flow of urine slowed and she was grateful that there was not a puddle at her feet. She heard the shower stop and Mark opened the door. ‘Good morning pr… oh!’ He noticed Chloe’s condition. ‘This doesn’t count.’ She immediately defended. ‘No problem baby, mornings are bound to be difficult.’ Mark leaned over and kissed his wife. ‘I would have been fine if you hadn’t been in there.’ ‘Welcome back to the big girl world of having to queue for the toilet.’ Chloe stuck out her tongue, ‘smart arse.’ She sneered. Mark laughed, ‘you go and get sorted and I will make the coffee.’ He left Chloe standing in her wet pyjamas and went to the kitchen. Chloe watched her husband go down the hallway and then waddled into the bathroom, she closed the door behind her and looked down at her legs. The dark patch had spread a little but was still only down to her knees- she had been in worse states- Chloe slid her pyjamas down her legs and looked at the soaked nappy hanging heavily between her thighs, it was now a dull yellow colour and small beads of wee were evident at the leg gatherings. Chloe untapped the nappy and let it fall to the floor with a thud, she left it and sat on the toilet; she sat and pushed a little to see if she needed to pee anymore. The smell of stale urine on her skin had become so familiar over the past few months, she tried to remember what it was like to wake up dry and be able to keep her underwear completely dry all day but it had been a whirlwind year in which she had become so reliant upon nappies and she found herself wondering- not for the first time- how she had managed to lose control so quickly. Chloe had accepted without question that she belonged in nappies, she thought back to the night of her and Mark’s first date when she had wet herself outside the restaurant and then how she played along to wet herself for him again and how he had put her in a nappy for the first time; it was as though he has tapped a part of her psyche that she didn’t even know existed. Chloe had been shocked when she found herself enjoying being in a nappy and was even more amazed when she started to feel aroused by the wet padding pressing against her vagina, Mark had given her so much praise for wearing nappies and she had the most amazing orgasms when she was wearing nappies. Chloe began to think that she enjoyed nappies more than she realised and wondered if she really wanted to give them up. Mark finished making coffee and returned to the bedroom, he made the bed and opened up the curtains before choosing himself some clothes to wear for the day ahead. He placed a fresh pull-up on the bed for Chloe, he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed with his wife’s success the previous day and hoped that it hadn’t showed when he praised her at bedtime for staying dry for the entire day. Mark smiled as he recalled how happy Chloe had been when he called her a clever girl as he was putting her in her bedtime nappy and remembered how she had seemed relieved to be thickly padded once again. Mark took out a small black book from his bedside table and began to write: Day 1: Pull-up through the day (slightly wet at bedtime), put in night time nappy around 9pm and soaked overnight with a slight leak in the morning. ‘What are you writing?’ Chloe asked from the doorway. ‘Oh nothing baby. I’m just keeping a little record of your training.’ Chloe looked puzzled, ‘why on earth are you doing that weirdo?’ Mark shifted uncomfortably, ‘oh no reason, I just need to keep a record.’ ‘Okay weirdo.’ ‘Now that is not very nice. I might give you a special prize if do well.’ ‘Whatever weirdo,’ Chloe teased. Mark dived across the bed and grabbed Chloe’s arm, he pulled her onto the bed, ripped off her towel and tickled her under the arms. Chloe burst into laughter and begged him to stop, ‘please stop…pl…please.’ Mark stopped tickling his wife and looked into her eyes, she leaned forward and kissed him. Mark began to move his hands over Chloe’s naked body and was soon kissing her neck and breasts. Chloe grabbed at Mark’s back and felt herself becoming wet. Mark continued to kiss his wife’s breasts and was slowly inching his way down her body where he noticed how wet she was. Chloe could feel herself moving her hips around and responding to the gentle kisses on her skin. Mark inched closer to Chloe’s smooth vagina- she had obviously just shaved in the shower- and began to kiss her inner thighs before using his tongue to massage the sensitive lips. Chloe pushed her hips towards him and grabbed the back of his head, she forced him forwards and felt his tongue run up her vagina and stop at her clitoris which he sucked. Chloe pulled his head into her once more. Mark noted Chloe’s enthusiasm and grabbed the top of her thighs so that he could take more control, she thrust his tongue deep into her vagina and ran it upward once more toward her clitoris, Chloe let go of his head and grabbed at the sheets. Mark concentrated on her clitoris and could feel the small muscle harden as he continued to tease it with his lips and tongue. Chloe continued to push her hips into him and ached to have him inside her. ‘I need you inside me now!’ she demanded. Mark heard the demand and began to inch his kisses back up her body, his own towel had loosened and fell off his hips. As he reached Chloe’s neck, he positioned himself between her legs and thrust his fully erect penis into her waiting vagina. Chloe moaned with pleasure as she felt her husband enter her and passionately grabbed at his back and shoulders. Mark continued to thrust his hips and increased the speed. Suddenly, Chloe pushed his shoulders and he allowed her to ease him onto his back. Chloe stood over Mark with her legs apart, grabbed his penis and lowered herself onto it. Mark looked into Chloe’s eyes and held onto her hands as she rocked back and forth until she brought him to a climax and collapse onto his chest. The young couple lay together for a few minutes, Mark was stroking the base of Chloe’s back when he heard his phone chime with a reminder of his first appointment. ‘Oh I wish that I didn’t need to work today.’ ‘Me too,’ said Chloe sleepily. Mark slowly manoeuvred his wife off him and got up from the bed. He picked up the pull-up, ‘don’t forget your pull-up baby,’ he reminded. ‘Of course not daddy.’ Mark picked up his towel, ‘I’m going to the bathroom. Does my big girl need a wee-wee before I go?’ Chloe blushed at Mark’s babyish tone, ‘Marrrk!’ she sang. Mark laughed and headed off down the hallway leaving Chloe on the bed. Chapter 13 Chloe waited in line at the post office with what seemed like every pensioner in the area, she was looking through emails on her phone and cursing her decision to do this at lunch time. It had been another successful morning of potty training at home and Chloe felt brave enough to make the short journey out without a nappy for the first time in a long time; she had made sure to use the toilet before she left and knew that she would be no longer than an hour. The queue was barely moving and that time frame had already passed and Chloe was concerned that she would need to pee soon. Mark was at the offices of a local taxi firm setting up a new computer system to help them to take bookings via an app, he had received a text from Chloe earlier to tell him about the planned trip to the post office and was intending to join her at home for lunch when she got back. Mark was initially surprised that Chloe felt brave enough to go out without a nappy, he had thought that it would take her some time before she felt confident enough to be away from a toilet. As he awaited her text to say she was back, Mark couldn’t help but wonder is she would be dry when he checked her pull-up. Chloe looked at her watch and saw that she had been queueing for the last forty-five minutes, she was now in third position and would soon be at the counter. She was reading one of the many leaflets on offer when she got the first urge to pee. Chloe’s first reaction was to panic, she was not sure if she could hold it for a significant amount of time and considered leaving. Suddenly, the two people in front of her were called to the counter and Chloe was sure to look crazy if she left now; she knew that there was a public toilet around the corner and she decided to head straight there after conducting her business. She saw and old lady move to the side of one of the windows and anticipated the cashier calling for the next customer but to her dismay ‘position closed’ illuminated on the sign above. ‘Counter number six please.’ The voice called. Chloe quickly made her way to her assigned window and handed the cashier a large envelope, ‘first-class please.’ She requested. As Chloe watched the cashier tapping at her keyboard she could feel the pressure building in her bladder, she silently urged the woman to speed up the transaction. ‘That will be £1.27.’ demanded that cashier. Chloe nodded in agreement and showed the woman her bank card before sliding it into the machine. The desperation increased. Chloe looked down at the small screen and waited for the instructions to enter her PIN, finally the screen requested it and Chloe speedily entered the PIN. ‘It’s been declined.’ Said the cashier with a sigh. ‘Oh,’ she looked in her purse and realised that she was using the wrong card, ‘I’m sorry, try this one.’ The cashier indicated that Chloe should place it in the machine and tapped at her keyboard once more. Chloe’s desperation was now critical, she crossed her legs and bounced slightly as she waited for the instruction to enter her PIN. Once again she speedily entered the PIN when the instruction came and she looked at the tiny screen willing the transaction complete message to be displayed. Chloe was desperately fighting to stop an accident happening and watched as the till spat out a receipt, as the cashier removed the paper, Chloe felt another wave of pressure hit her fatigued muscles and was powerless to stop the first spurt of urine soak into her pull-up. The spurt soon turned into a steady stream and Chloe could feel her pull-up swell and then fail, wetness was now spreading down both of her legs and her eyes filled with tears as she saw ‘transaction complete’ on the tiny screen; she collected her receipt and walked away from the counter still flooding her pull-up and knowing that everybody could see the humiliating accident. Chloe fell back against the window outside and felt the hot tears trickle down her face as her bladder finally stopped expelling its contents. ‘Are you okay there my love?’ An older man asked as he approached Chloe. Chloe looked at the man and burst into tears. ‘Oh hey there,’ the man hugged Chloe, ‘come one.’ He handed her a handkerchief, ‘dry those tears.’ Chloe took the handkerchief and noticed the identification hanging around the man’s neck, he was a taxi driver. ‘Can I get you home my darling?’ offered the man. Chloe shook her head, ‘I couldn’t do that,’ she sniffed, ‘I’d ruin your seat.’ ‘Don’t you work about that. I’ve got a big blanket in the boot, you can sit on that if you don’t mind a few dog hairs.’ Chloe smiled through her tears, ‘only if you are sure.’ ‘Not a problem my love,’ The driver pointed at a cab in the taxi rank nearby, he opened the boot and took out a large red blanket which he laid on the back seat, ‘hop in.’ he instructed. Chloe climbed into the car and felt her pull up release more wetness as she sat on the blanket. The driver closed the door and then hopped into the driver’s seat, he started the car and picked up his radio. ‘Dispatch this is car forty-seven.’ ‘What is it Joe?’ the radio replied. ‘I’m going off duty for an hour, got a good deed to do.’ ‘More damsels in distress Joe?’ the dispatcher laughed. ‘Very funny. Just a poor kid who has had a bit of a tough morning that it all.’ ‘Roger that Joe. Do you have a destination?’ ‘Where are we off my love?’ Joe called to Chloe. ‘Um Flat 2 Acorn Court please.’ ‘Dispatch I am off to Acorn Court. Flat 2. Over.’ Mark dropped the cables that he had been holding as he heard his own address over the radio; he fumbled for his phone and called Chloe. ‘Mark, it’s you.’ Chloe said as she answered the phone, ‘oh Mark I..’ she began to cry. ‘I’ll be right there princess.’ Mark made his apologies to the office manager and promised to return after lunch. Chloe sat in the back of the cab and cursed herself for leaving the flat, her failure to stay dry would probably result in nappies for the rest of the day but her biggest concern at the minute was to hide away her humiliation from the world. ‘Here we are darling.’ Called Joe from the front, ‘you want a hand inside?’ Chloe shook her head, ‘I will be fine from here. Thank you so much. How much do I owe?’ Joe smiled, ‘no charge my lovely, you just keep that chin up sweetheart.’ Chloe thanked Joe again, exited the cab and walked up the path to the door, she turned to wave goodbye but he had already driven away. Chloe opened the door and couldn’t help but burst into tears again, she looked down at the wetness down each leg and felt that she would never be able to control herself again. ‘Oh Chloe baby, what’s happened?’ Mark had appeared at the open door. Chloe turned to face her husband, broke into an uncontrollable sob and threw herself into his arms. Mark picked up his wife and carried her to the bathroom. Chapter 14 Chloe pushed the shopping trolley arounds the supermarket working her way through the long list of groceries and enjoying the emptiness of the aisle, she felt a little more like a grown up with no steady crinkle of a nappy or holding hands with Mark; of course she was still wearing her pull-up but she had managed to keep it dry. As she was turned into the pet food aisle, Chloe felt the urge to pee so she turned to head towards the toilets. The urge was steadily building as she made her way through the store but she was still convinced that she would make it, as she got closer to the bathroom she was stopped by an old school friend who remembered her immediately. ‘Chloe, is that you?’ The school friend held Chloe’s shoulder. ‘Harriet. Wow! I thought that you lived in New Zealand now?’ Chloe hugged her old friend. ‘I do. I just popped back to do a bit of shopping.’ Harriet laughed. Chloe joined in with her friend and laughed, ‘it’s so good to see you.’ ‘You too Chloe, how is life treating you?’ Chloe wondered where to begin, ‘good. Life is good. I’m married now and expecting a baby in February and…’ Chloe stopped suddenly as she felt herself wetting her pull-up, she looked down and saw her jeans turning darker and a puddle begin to form at her feet. ‘Oh you naughty girl. Why didn’t you use the bathroom?’ Mark said as he appeared from nowhere, ‘lie down!’ ‘But Mark!’ Chloe pleaded. ‘You heard me young lady. Lie down!’ Chloe shook her head, ‘please Mark not here.’ ‘Chloe Trimble, if you do not want to go over my knee then you will lie down on this floor so I can clean you up.’ Mark said angrily. Chloe started to cry, ‘please daddy.’ ‘Ha. Daddy!’ Harriet laughed. Chloe buried her head in her hands and watched through her fingers as Mark took out changing supplies from her nappy bag dropping her favourite dummy on the floor as he did so. Chloe bent down to retrieve it and stayed frozen in place as she felt herself mess her pull up. ‘Oh my god!’ exclaimed Harriet, ‘this is priceless.’ Chloe sank to the floor covered her face with her hands, Mark pulled them away and stuck Chloe’s dummy in her mouth before stripping off her jeans and revealing her well used pull-up, he ripped the seams. ‘You are far too little for these.’ He said as he cleaned her up. A small crowd seemed to have gathered and were watching as Mark took out one of the thick adult baby nappies that they normally only ever used at home and put it on Chloe. ‘You’ve ruined your trousers so you can finish the shopping like that.’ Mark instructed. Harriet laughed at Chloe, ‘aww look at the little baby.’ She mocked. Chloe was now in floods of tears and looked at all of the laughing faces, a small child was also pointing at the nappy. ‘Look mummy, that lady is wetting her nappy. I don’t need nappies any more do I?’ the child said proudly. ‘No you don’t sweetie. That lady is just a big baby.’ The mother replied. The crowd roared with laughter as Chloe continued to wet her nappy. ***** Chloe sat bolt upright in bed, she was breathing heavily and sweating. ‘Are you okay?’ Mark asked sleepily. Chloe felt her heart pounding in her chest, ‘I’ve just had the most horrible dream.’ Mark sat up beside his wife and wrapped his arms around her before lying back down with her, ‘it’s all over now, let’s go back to sleep.’ Chloe settled into Mark’s chest, found her dummy lying on the sheets and stuck it in her mouth before gradually drifting back off to sleep. Mark woke a few hours later with Chloe still lying in his arms sucking on her dummy, he could smell her wet nappy and knew that he would never grow tired of this. Mark kissed Chloe’s forehead and manipulated his wife into a more comfortable position before getting out of bed. He collected his notebook before heading down the hallway to the kitchen. Mark switched on the kettle and opening the notebook, he picked up a nearby pen and started to write: Day 2- a major accident whilst out at the post office, pull-up leaked and clothes soaked. Nappy for the rest of the day, soaked by bedtime and overnight nappy is also soaked. Mark closed the notebook and finished making coffee, he also emptied the washing machine and placed Chloe’s jeans on the radiator to dry before picking up the two fresh cups of coffee and making his way back to the bedroom. ‘Good morning princess,’ he said as he entered the room. Chloe yawned and stretched her arms out, ‘Good morning daddy.’ She said through her dummy. ‘How are you feeling this morning?’ Chloe spat her dummy out of her mouth, ‘much better thank you. I am sorry for waking you last night.’ ‘Hey it’s no problem baby.’ Mark sat next to Chloe and gave her a kiss. ‘Are you ready to give it another try today?’ Mark asked. Chloe thought for a moment, her dream was playing on her mind, ‘yes I am.’ She said finally. ‘Okay princess, why don’t you stay at home today?’ Mark suggested. ‘I’m not going out anywhere.’ Chloe said with complete certainty. ‘Well I am sure that you will do a great job at staying dry my clever girl.’ Chloe blushed. ‘Do you need to use the toilet before I go in the shower?’ Chloe shook her head, ‘I think that I have already been.’ She pulled back the covers to reveal a sodden overnight nappy. Mark laughed, ‘you certainly have little miss puddle.’ He kissed Chloe and then left the room. Chloe watched as Mark disappeared down the hallway, she put her feet over the edge of the bed and stood up. As she was stretching, she felt a hot stream of wee shoot into her nappy, ‘shit!’ she muttered to herself. ***** ‘Aww she is an adorable little girl. Look at those cheeks.’ Chloe heard the voice say. The room was bright and she couldn’t quite see who was speaking and where she was, she tried to rub her eyes but felt that her hands were encased in some sort of gloves. Once again she tried to focus on the face looming over her but again the room was so bright, Chloe felt the nipple of her bottle at her lips and greedily sucked the warm liquid but still could not work out where she was. ‘Who’s a good little girl?’ the voice sang to her. Chloe felt comfortable and continued to guzzle down the warm liquid from her bottle. Suddenly, she became aware that she was wetting her nappy but she didn’t care. ‘That’s a clever girl.’ The voice praised. Chloe knew that she recognised the voice but her thoughts seemed to be a little cloudy. She drained the last of the liquid from the bottle and felt it leave he lips; what happened next surprised even her: she began to cry. ‘Oh there there baby, mummy will make it all better.’ Chloe felt the teat of her dummy on her lips and readily accepted it. ‘That’s better isn’t it?’ said the voice. Chloe felt herself calming as she sucked on the dummy, she tried to sit up but couldn’t seem to command her muscles to do it, she kicked her legs and tried to rollover: nothing. Once again she tried to sit, she squeezed her stomach muscles to sit but she just didn’t seem to have the strength, she tried again; with all her might she tensed her tummy and tried to swing her legs but still could not move. ‘Aww look at the little baby trying to move.’ Chloe started to get angry, she tried again but nothing happened. Suddenly the smell hit her, in her efforts to move she had managed to completely mess her nappy. Why hadn’t she noticed? She felt herself panic again and start to cry. ‘Aww somebody is a stinky baby. Shall we get you changed?’ Chloe felt the strangest sensation of being lifted up by giant arms, she felt herself being cuddled into the voice’s chest and could smell a familiar perfume. She felt the mess spread in her nappy as the arm rested under her bottom and then even more as she was put down onto a hard surface. ‘Let’s get baby Chloe’s nappy changed shall we?’ said the voice. Chloe felt her onesie being unsnapped and pulled up then the lips were on her tummy and blowing raspberries, she laughed and flailed her limbs as she relentless raspberries continued. Chloe felt herself wetting her nappy again as the face finally moved away and came into focus. ‘Mum!’ Chloe exclaimed. ***** Chloe screamed as she sat up in bed again. ‘What the fuck!’ she shouted as she realised that she had messed her nappy. Chapter 15 Mark sat at the dining table with his notebook: Day 3: Pull-ups through the day and was wet by bedtime. Night time nappy was on by 9pm but there was a messy nappy through the night, changed and the second nappy was soaked by morning. ‘Are you still making those notes weirdo?’ Chloe asked from the kitchen door. ‘Oh good morning baby, I didn’t hear you get up.’ Chloe walked over to Mark, her nappy crinkling all the way, and sat on his knee. Mark gave Chloe a hug and pulled her legs up so that he was holding her weight. ‘Any more dreams last night baby?’ Mark asked. ‘No thank god. They are so freaky.’ Mark listened as Chloe recounted the details of her dream the previous night and agreed that it had been incredibly strange. ‘It was like I was an actual baby though but I remember thinking like an adult.’ ‘Maybe it was just a distant memory coming back, baby things are definitely on the brain at the minute.’ ‘Yes but it was so real and I messed my nappy for real like in the dream.’ Chloe looked embarrassed again. ‘It was just a strange dream baby, you probably just messed your nappy when you woke up.’ Mark offered. ‘No, I was messy when I woke up. I mean how can an adult mess themselves when they are asleep?’ Chloe questioned. ‘It was just an accident.’ Mark reassured. Chloe didn’t say anything but was not feeling reassured about her nocturnal incontinence. She looked at the notebook on the table, ‘I bet you loved me having that accident didn’t you?’ Mark hadn’t expected the question and was struggling to answer, ‘well…erm…’ ‘Of course you did. You love the fact that I can’t seem to control myself.’ Chloe teased. ‘Baby you know that I love you being in nappies but I really do want to help you to potty train.’ Chloe go off Mark’s knee and took off her nightdress, she stood in front of him wearing nothing but a heavy, sagging nappy. ‘You love that I wake up like this every morning don’t you daddy?’ Mark was still a little surprised by the sudden change in the conversation but he couldn’t help but be turned on by what he was seeing. ‘I love you waking up like that baby girl.’ Chloe could see that Mark’s penis was erect under his boxer shorts, ‘I can see that you like it.’ She said as she stood beside him. She took his hand and placed it on the front of her nappy, ‘this really did happen whilst I was asleep. You’ve made me into a bed wetter.’ Mark was finding hard not to pick Chloe up and take her to the bedroom but he wanted to find out what she wanted to do. She reached down and tugged on his boxer shorts, ‘take them off.’ She demanded. Mark arched his back and slid his boxer shorts down his legs, Chloe pushed him back into his seat turned to show him her wet nappy. Mark was looking directly at his wife’s bottom and could see the yellow padding that showed the full evidence of her overnight wetting. Chloe reached down and took hold of Mark’s penis and then sat down on his lap with her nappy running right along the hard shaft. Mark felt the padding around him, heard the crinkle as Chloe sat and could smell the wet nappy. Chloe rocked back and forth a little but suddenly stood up and turned around, she sat back on Mark’s lap again but this time his penis was running straight up the front of Chloe’s nappy. Mark wondered why Chloe had changed but then felt the padding around his penis getting hot as he realised that Chloe was wetting again. ‘You seem to have had an accident baby.’ ‘I can’t hold it if I have a wet nappy on.’ Said Chloe as she started to rock on his lap again. Mark reached down and grabbed the back of Chloe’s nappy which pushed her nappy onto him even further. Chloe felt Mark grab her nappy and as he pulled her closer the saturated padding released some of the wee which ran straight down her vagina. Chloe didn’t know why she was enjoying the sensation so much but the combination of the rocking motion, the feeling of warm pee on her vagina and even the smell of her wet nappy made her feel incredibly turned on. Chloe needed to have Mark inside her and stopped rocking, she pushed with her legs to rise up from Mark’s lap and then pulled her nappy to one side at the leg guards before sliding herself onto his penis. Mark couldn’t quite believe what Chloe had done, she had never taken control in this way before but he was happy to let her carry on. Chloe thrust her hips into Mark feeling his penis penetrate deeper inside her and push her nappy harder into her vagina which was driving her wild. Mark continued to hold the back of his wife’s nappy and watched Chloe’s face display a feeling of utter bliss and she began to moan in time with her movements. Chloe could feel herself getting faster and faster, she was desperate to cum and changed her movements slightly to push the wet padding against her swollen clitoris. Marks hands were firmly in place on her bottom and she could feel him gripping tighter which each thrust. Chloe could feel herself building up to a climax and continued to move in a way that pushed Mark deeper into her and the padding against her clitoris. Suddenly, Mark spanked the back of her nappy and she felt herself jerk forward, her eyes opened wide as she came hard with each spank to her nappy. Mark watched his wife climax and then slid his penis out of her nappy and stood up, Chloe held on and he carried her down the hallway and into the bedroom. Mark gently placed Chloe onto the bed and was about to remove her nappy. ‘No. Leave it. I want it like that again.’ She said. Mark positioned himself between Chloe’s legs and pulled the nappy to the side in the same way that Chloe had done before sliding his penis inside again. ‘Fuck me.’ She demanded. Mark responded and began to thrust himself hard into Chloe, he knew that he would not last long but wanted to make Chloe cum again. Chloe felt the same sensations as before and could feel the wet padding release more wee which this time ran down her vagina and to her bottom. She heard the crinkle with each thrust, felt the wetness and could smell her nappy again. Mark continued to thrust harder and deeper, Chloe could feel herself edging closer to climax once more and as his angle changed slightly the nappy was forced onto his clitoris which brought her to a shuddering orgasm as the same time as Mark ejaculated. Chloe saw her husband collapse on the bed next to her and she smiled at him. ‘That was amazing.’ She said ‘Where did that come from?’ ‘I have no idea but why have we never fucked in a nappy before?’ Mark laughed, ‘I don’t know baby but we will again!’ Chloe closed her eyes and ran her hands over her face, she could still feel the buzz of her orgasm as she felt herself wetting her nappy again. ‘I need to get in the shower baby.’ Mark said as he got up. ‘Okay daddy.’ She said as she watched him walk naked down the hallway. Chloe got up from the bed and noticed that her nappy had leaked onto the sheets, she decided that the wet patch was big enough to warrant a change of sheets so she quickly took is off the mattress; she wiped the plastic sheet that had become a necessary part of their bedclothes and waddled to the kitchen. Chloe saw that there was already a load of washing to be taken out so she opened the door and placed the wet washing into the waiting basket, as she stood up with the heavy basket, she felt herself wetting again but this time the wee ran straight down her legs and onto the floor. ‘Shit!’ she said aloud. Chloe watched the puddle quickly form at her feet and threw the bedsheet down to soak it up, when she stopped wetting, she wiped her legs dry, removed the nappy and threw it into the bin before putting the sheet in the washing machine and turning it on. ‘Shower’s free.’ Mark called. ‘Thank you,’ Chloe called as she made sure that the kitchen floor was dry before going off to get a shower. Chapter 16 ‘I am so excited!’ Chloe clapped as the approached Yew Tree Avenue. ‘Me too.’ Said Mark, ‘I hope that it is as good as the pictures.’ ‘I am certain that it will be,’ Chloe looked back at her iPhone where the pictures were displayed on the estate agent’s app, ‘it looks so perfect.’ Mark slowed the car down as they began to inspect the numbers on each door. ’47!’ Chloe shouted suddenly. ‘Wow not so loud baby.’ Mark wiggled his finger in his ear, ‘you’re going to deafen me.’ ‘Sorry daddy.’ Mark pulled up outside the house and switched off the engine, ‘it looks great from here,’ he said as he reached across and unfastened Chloe’s seatbelt. Chloe didn’t respond, she was mesmerised. ‘Shall we look inside too?’ Mark asked. ‘Yes!’ Chloe blurted out. Mark exited the car and moved around to Chloe’s door to let her out, she almost fell onto the pavement in her excitement. The couple opened the gate and walked up the garden path, Mark knocked on the door and almost immediately it opened. ‘Good evening. You must be Mr and Mrs Trimble?’ the man said as he held out a hand to Mark. ‘We are,’ Mark confirmed as he shook the man’s hand, ‘I’m Mark and this is my wife Chloe.’ ‘Great to meet you both,’ the man kissed Chloe on each cheek, ‘I am Eddie, can I offer you two a drink before we look around?’ ‘Thank you but I don’t think that this one can contain herself for much longer.’ Mark replied as he gestured towards a now wide-eyed Chloe. Eddie laughed, ‘I see. Well let me show you around.’ Chloe could not take her eyes off the interior of the house as she was shown around, Mark and Eddie talked a lot about different things but she was already visualising what the place would be like to live in. Eddie showed them the bedrooms, attic and bathroom on the first floor, Chloe kept squeezing Mark’s hand as she saw each room. ‘This place is perfect.’ She whispered to Mark when Eddie was out of earshot. ‘It certainly seems that way so far.’ Mark whispered back. They continued to follow Eddie around the house as he led them back downstairs and into the kitchen. ‘This is the kitchen, you can see that we installed a double range cooker and an extractor fan, the water is filtered and there is plenty of storage space.’ Directed Eddie as he opened cupboards and switched on the fan. Mark nodded and looked around the large room, Chloe stood still in the doorway and so Mark quickly went to her, ‘are you okay?’ he whispered under the noise of the fan. ‘um, I need to go to the bathroom.’ Chloe replied nervously. ‘Okay. We will be done in a minute so just hold on for now.’ Chloe looked desperately at Mark. ‘okay but we need to be really quick.’ Eddie interrupted and led them to the dining room, he was explaining about the lighting when Chloe felt her tummy cramp, she panicked and squeezed her bottom tight. Mark noticed the change in his wife’s posture. ‘Keep holding baby, not long to go.’ He whispered in her ear. Chloe whimpered, ‘It’s urgent. I have to poo.’ She whispered back. Eddie continued to elaborate on the décor of the room, he seemed to be paying little attention to the situation developing behind him. Mark held Chloe’s hand as she smiled and nodded when Eddie turned around to look at them. Mark could tell that Chloe was not going to last much longer and decided that he needed to act. ‘Sorry Eddie but do you think that my wife could use the toilet please?’ ‘Of course she can. Use the one upstairs, do you remember the way?’ Chloe nodded as she slipped out of the room leaving the two men to talk. As she started to climb the stairs, Chloe felt her tummy cramp again which put pressure on her bladder, she stopped a few steps up the staircase and fought hard to stop herself for messing her pull-up; she felt a small trickle of wee soaking into the padding. Chloe knew that an accident was seconds away as she made it to the top of the stairs, she opened a door but found it to be a bedroom. She picked another door: bedroom. Chloe was jigging on the spot as she opened the next door, thankfully it was the bathroom, she entered and locked the door behind her. She fumbled with her jeans as she felt herself starting to wet. ‘Oh no!’ she cried as she lifted the seat of the toilet. Chloe could feel her pull-up swelling as she hovered over the toilet, she ripped the sides and sat down as quickly as she could; within seconds, she began to poo and felt relieved to have avoided the humiliated of messing herself in somebody else’s house. She looked at the torn pull-up in her hands and knew that it would be useless even if it were intact so she rolled it up and wrapped some toilet paper around it before hiding it in the bottom of her bag. Chloe looked down at her jeans and saw that they were only a little wet and would be conspicuous enough to keep her wetting a secret from Eddie. ‘So have you looked at any other houses?’ Eddie was asking Mark as Chloe entered the room. ‘No. This is the first.’ Mark said as he put his arm around Chloe. ‘Is there anything else that you want to see or ask?’ Eddie offered. Mark looked at Chloe who shook her head, ‘I think that we have everything we need.’ He told Eddie. ‘Well it has been great to meet you both and please come again if you want another look.’ Eddie showed the couple to the door, shook hands again and wished them luck with the baby. Mark led Chloe back to the car, he made sure that she was in before he got in to the driver’s seat. ‘So what did you think?’ he asked. Chloe smiled, ‘oh Mark it was wonderful. I loved it!’ ‘I thought so,’ Mark laughed, ‘shall we make an offer?’ ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ Chloe squealed. ‘Okay princess, I will put an offer in tomorrow morning.’ Chloe clapped her hands. ‘So did you manage to find the toilet okay?’ Mark asked. ‘Sort of.’ Chloe answered. ‘What does sort of mean?’ Mark quizzed. ‘Well. I kind of started wetting before I got there.’ Chloe admitted. ‘I see,’ said Mark, ‘what have you done with your wet pull-up?’ ‘It’s in my bag. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.’ ‘It’s okay baby, at least you managed to keep your jeans clean and dry.’ Mark offered. ‘It was close though, I nearly messed myself on the stairs.’ ‘You didn’t though baby so well done.’ Mark rubbed Chloe’s leg. Chloe put her hand on top of Mark’s and they sat in silence as they journeyed through the bust streets. ‘I’m proud of you princess.’ Mark said as he squeezed Chloe’s leg. ‘Thank you daddy.’ Chapter 17 When Chloe woke up on the Friday morning the first thing that she thought about was the house, she felt butterflies in her tummy and couldn’t wait to put the offer in later. Mark was still sleeping soundly, Chloe looked at the clock; it was 6:45am and she wouldn’t need to be out of bed for another hour. Picking up her iPhone, she couldn’t help but open the estate agent’s app and have another look at the photographs of the house that she had fallen in love with. Chloe could feel herself becoming more excited with each picture that she viewed, she pictured her family enjoying the garden, spending time in the lounge with the fire burning during the coldest winter days and even where the Christmas tree would go. Chloe was looking at the kitchen again when she felt her nappy becoming warm, she tried to stop the flow but it was useless and she had no choice but to wait for her bladder to empty. ‘Damn!’ she muttered to herself as she continued to look at the pictures; she drifted back off to sleep soon afterwards. ***** ‘Chloe. Chloe.’ Mark said as he shook his sleeping wife’s shoulder, ‘it’s time to get up baby girl.’ Chloe groaned as she slowly woke up, she stretched out a little and rubbed her eyes, ‘what time is it?’ she asked. ‘It’s quarter-past eight princess, it’s time we were up.’ Chloe rubbed her eyes once again and put her phone back on the bedside table, ‘oh can’t we just stay in bed a little while longer?’ she moaned. ‘Not today baby, I’ve got a lot to get done before the weekend, I am at Compass first thing and we need to put the offer in on the house.’ Chloe sprang up, ‘oh daddy, I am so excited!’ she clapped. Mark laughed at the childish change from sleepy to excited, ‘you are too cute for words princess.’ Chloe blushed, ‘Daddy,’ she squeaked. ‘Well you are.’ He mimicked her hand clapping, ‘such a cute baby girl,’ he said like her was talking to a real baby. Chloe picked up the corner of the duvet and hid behind it. Mark laughed, ‘Coffee for my cute baby girl?’ ‘Yes please,’ came the muffled reply. Mark left the room and went to the kitchen, Chloe watched from behind her temporary shield and as soon as he was out of view then threw back the covers. Chloe stood up out of bed and looked down at her nappy, she couldn’t be sure if she had wet it again during her snooze and was again thankful for the rule that she had to stay in nappies at night. She thought back over the previous few days and wondered if she had made any progress at all, the previous night’s events were a perfect example of the short time she had between feeling the urge to go to the toilet and her body acting without her permission. Chloe resolved to try harder and to concentrate on her toileting better but she was not sure if it would make much difference. She heard Mark in the kitchen, he had switched on the radio and was singing along with it as he made coffee. Chloe went along to the bathroom feeling her nappy hanging low between her legs, she could smell the stale urine and hear the plastic crinkle with each step. As she entered the bathroom, she switched on the light and closed the door behind her before going to inspect her face in the mirror. As she reached for her toothbrush, she felt the first wave of nausea hit her so she changed her plans and flipped up the lid of the toilet seat. Chloe sat on the floor next to the toilet as she waited for the sickness to develop but it seemed to be easing and she was beginning to feel a little better. Mark was bent over the kitchen surface writing in his journal: Day 4: Pull up through the day with a major accident at the house viewing. Nappy put on at 7pm but it was soaked by bedtime, overnight nappy also soaked by morning. Mark flicked through the notes and noticed that there was at least one major accident each day and rarely a dry pull-up. Chloe’s progress had been slow but he still wanted to support her as she tried to get dry through the day but also wanted her to give up and decide to remain in nappies; it was a thought that made him feel guilty. Chloe was still sitting next to the toilet as she felt the nausea subside, she decided to stand up and was just about to take off her nappy when the urge to vomit returned with vengeance; she bent over the toilet and wretched. Chloe felt her bladder release a spurt of warm wee with each violent heave of her tummy, she could feel her eyes water and was just about finished when she felt herself mess her nappy. ‘Oh fuck!’ she exclaimed. Chloe couldn’t help but think that her body was playing some sort of cruel prank on her as she stood in a well-used nappy and knew that she had little choice in the matter. She carefully removed her nappy and rolled it into a ball before depositing it in her nappy bin and then stepping into the shower. Mark was just finishing off the coffee when he heard Chloe going back to the bedroom and by the time he had everything together she was already dressed from the waist down. ‘Your pull-up is showing princess.’ Mark said as he put the coffee down on the dresser. Chloe looked down and saw the top of her pull-up rising well above the waistband of her jeans, she pushed it down slightly and pulled up her jeans. ‘Thank you daddy,’ Chloe smiled. ‘I am going to have to go baby. I have a busy morning and want to get a jump on things, are we still going shopping later?’ ‘Yeah we will do. I wish that you could stay home.’ Chloe said as she put her arms around her husband. ‘I know baby but I need to earn pennies for my babies.’ Mark said as he patted Chloe’s lightly-padded bottom. ‘I know daddy,’ she kissed him, ‘love you.’ ‘Love you too princess, have a dry day.’ Mark said as he patted Chloe’s bottom again. Chloe blushed, ‘I will.’ Mark left the bedroom, picked up his bag and coat before shouting a final goodbye as he left the flat. Chloe continued to style her hair and once again thought about the possibility of their new house, she felt the butterflies return to her tummy and sent a quick text to Mark to remind him to put in the offer. Chloe felt the excitement increase as the text showed that it has been delivered and then felt the need to wee; she headed to the toilet like a big girl. Chapter 18 ‘Do we need any more decaf coffee?’ Mark asked as he pushed the trolley around the quiet supermarket. Chloe looked at the shopping list, ‘err, yes we do.’ She said. Mark picked up a jar of Chloe’s favourite coffee and put in the trolley, ‘okay baby, where next?’ ‘Nappy bags,’ she said. Mark began to push the trolley to the right aisle with Chloe walking next to him. ‘So how have you done today?’ Mark asked. Chloe felt embarrassed about the questions and stepped a little closer to Mark so that she could whisper. ‘I have done okay.’ She muttered. ‘Has it been a dry day?’ Mark pressed. Chloe went quiet, she thought about the multiple accidents from the day and how she had not made it to the toilet once before she had started to wet herself. Mark noticed Chloe’s hesitation to answer and knew that it meant that she had not had a successful day, ‘not to worry princess, you will get there,’ he said cheerfully as he picked up the pack of nappy sacks and put them in the trolley, ‘next?’ he asked. Chloe looked at the list again, ‘oops, I forgot the milk and cheese,’ she said, ‘let’s go back.’ Mark turned the trolley around and headed back towards the dairy section. Chloe was still feeling a little embarrassed about her lack of control that day and put her arm around Mark’s waist as they walked. Mark pulled his wife closer. ‘Don’t worry baby, you will be back in pants in no time.’ He encouraged. Chloe wasn’t so sure and wondered if she would ever be able to control herself again, she squeezed Mark and he squeezed back before patting her little bump. Chloe smiled and rubbed her tummy too, it gurgled as she did, she would need to use the toilet before they left for home. Mark and Chloe continued to walk hand-in-hand through the supermarket as thy made their way back to the dairy aisle. Chloe felt the air turning colder as they reached they came into range of the large refrigerators and shivered, she made her way to the milk and as she bent to pick it up she froze. ‘Oh,’ she whimpered. Mark didn’t need to ask her what had happened. Chloe sighed as her bladder expelled its contents into her pull-up, she felt humiliated as she turned to Mark, ‘oh daddy!’ she said. Mark took the milk from Chloe’s hand and pulled her into a protective embrace. ‘Shh now,’ he cooed, ‘don’t worry baby. Has it stopped?’ Chloe shook her head. Mark continued to hold his wife in the embrace as he moved his hands to her bottom to check for leaks. ‘Come on princess, let’s finish off and then we can get home.’ Chloe nodded her head and wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her long cardigan. Mark took the shopping list from Chloe, ‘you push the trolley baby, I will walk behind and we will get these last few bits.’ ‘Can you see it?’ Chloe asked. ‘No princess, your cardigan is hiding it and it is only a couple of small spots.’ He reassured. Chloe nodded, she knew that Mark walking behind her would obstruct most people’s view of any major leak and she trusted that he would get them out of the supermarket without delay. Mark watched as Chloe began to waddle slightly down the aisle but wished that he could have seen the tell-tale half-moon patch of wetness at the top of Chloe’s legs. Chloe continued to push the trolley along to the bread aisle, she felt defeated and more than a little annoyed with her lack of control; she wondered why her efforts had failed so miserably all day why she appeared to have lost all feeling. As Chloe was rounding the corner with the heavy trolley, she felt yet another spurt makes its way into the saturated pull-up and she was reminded by her tummy that she needed to find a toilet quite soon. Mark placed a loaf of bread into the trolley, ‘all done baby, how are you doing?’ ‘I really need to go to the toilet’ she whispered. ‘We will change you at home, let’s just get the shopping and get out of here.’ ‘No. I really need to go to the toilet.’ Chloe urged knowing that she would not make it home. Mark realised what she meant, ‘oh of course, let’s go then, we will pay for the shopping afterwards.’ Chloe looked relieved as she turned the trolley and headed off to the toilets, she could feel that her pull-up was leaking at the back and was thankful for her choice of cardigan but wondered how long it would be before the wetness creeped below the line of the garment. Mark trailed behind his wife as she quickly headed in the direction of the toilets, he could see that the wet spots had now started to show below the hem of her cardigan but he didn’t want to stop Chloe from making it to the toilet. Chloe continued to move forward and could feel her tummy cramp again, she got to the end of the alcohol aisle and was willing herself to hang on but she came to an abrupt stop as she hit another trolley. ‘I’m so sorry.’ Said the man who has crashed into Chloe as he steered around her. Mark watched the drama unfold in front of him and caught up with Chloe, ‘are you okay princess?’ Chloe turned to her husband with a look of horror on her face, she began to sob as she threw her arms around him and buried her head in his chest. Mark instantly knew what had happened, ‘oh my poor baby girl, let’s get you home.’ Mark kept Chloe’s head embedded in his chest, he left the shopping trolley and headed to the exit; staff and customers looked on as the young couple left the shop empty handed but with the young lady in obvious need for clean trousers. Chapter 19 Chloe stood next to the toilet as she watched the wet patch slowly expanding down each leg of her jeans. ‘Oh for fuck sake!’ she shouted. ‘Are you okay in there?’ Mark called from outside the bathroom door. ‘No! No I am not!’ Chloe snapped back. ‘Chloe let me in.’ Mark said gently as he knocked on the door. Chloe turned on the spot and sloshed her way to the door, she unlocked it and threw it open. Mark surveyed the scene in front of him, his wife stood looking at him with jeans soaked to the ankles. ‘Can I help?’ he asked. Chloe looked at Mark in anger, ‘this is your fault you bastard. I’m stood here in a pool of my own piss and it is all your fault!’ she screamed. Mark could see how angry his young wife was, ‘Chloe, I’m sorry. Let me help,’ he said as he moved into the bathroom. Chloe pushed him hard in the chest, ‘just leave me the fuck alone, I am not a baby, I don’t need your help.’ Mark returned to the doorway, ‘fine!’ she shouted. Chloe slammed the door and locked it once more, she looked at the pool on the floor and could smell the fresh wee that was soaked into her jeans and pull-up. She saw the small pile of clothes in the bath from her accident just a few hours earlier and the knotted bag containing his jeans from the previous night’s supermarket incident. Chloe slid down the tiled wall and sat on the floor, she felt the hot tears rolling down her cheeks and the burning at the back of her throat, she could also feel her jeans cooling and her t-shirt beginning to soak up the puddle beneath her. Mark sat on the bed thinking about what had just happened and feeling guilty because of what Chloe had said, she was right, he had done this to her, he had encouraged her to become more dependent on nappies and now she was. Chloe had fought so hard over the last week to function as a fully toilet trained adult but she couldn’t. Mark had long dreamed of a nappy dependent wife and now he felt completely guilty about it. He wondered if he should help Chloe again but decided against it, he selected some clean clothes for her and placed them on the bed with a brand-new pair of knickers that he had bought for her. Mark gathered his keys and coat before leaving the flat. Chloe heard the door close and continued to sob, she knew that she had been unfair to Mark, he had encouraged her and made it easy for her to become nappy dependent but she has always had the choice to stop it, she had to accept that her current situation was as much her fault as it was his. Chloe could feel her jeans getting colder and the pool under her bottom too, she got to her feet and began to undress; she lifted her t-shirt over her head and slip her jeans down her cold, wet legs which was becoming somewhat a regular experience. Chloe took her socks off and threw the bundle of clothes in the bath and wondered if there was much point in showering as she got the mop from the corner of the room before filing it with hot soapy water to clean up her latest puddle. Once she had cleaned the floor, Chloe took the wet clothes from the bath and dumped them in the sink before switching on the shower and enjoying the warm jets of water washing away the stale urine from her skin, she picked up her Winnie the Pooh washcloth and squeezed her Peppa Pig body wash onto it and smiled. ‘I’m such a baby.’ she said aloud. Chloe laughed, she didn’t know why but it felt good, she continued to wash herself and enjoying the warm water. Mark parked his car at the supermarket, he retrieved the list from the previous night and exited the car; he made short work of getting all of the items that they had abandoned on their last trip and paid for them without incident. Mark chose a bunch of flowers on the way out and was heading back to the car when his phone rang; it was the estate agent. ‘Hello?’ Mark answered. Chloe headed back to the bedroom wrapped in a towel, she noticed the pile of clothes on the bed and smiled when she saw the knickers; she picked them up and noticed that they were normal knickers, not training knickers or babyish ones but normal adult pants. Chloe smiled again, she ran the lacey material through her fingers and dropped them back on the bed; she went to her underwear draw, took out a pull-up, put in on and then slid the new knickers over it. Chloe returned to the bed and sat down, she put on her socks and then slid her third pair of jeans onto each leg before standing up to pull them over her knickers and pull-up combo. All of a sudden, she felt a strange feeling in her tummy, she looked down and saw her skin move! ‘Hello baby!’ Chloe gasped as she felt the baby kick again. Mark pulled up outside the flat and quickly exited the car, he ran down the path and jammed his key into the lock. ‘Chloe. Chloe.’ He shouted as he burst through the door. Chloe stumbled into the living room holding her phone. ‘Mark! I was just about to text you.’ She bounced in excitement. ‘What is it?’ Mark asked. ‘It’s the baby,’ Chloe said, ‘it’s kicking!’ Chloe took Mark’s hand and placed it on her tummy. ‘Say hello to daddy.’ She whispered. Mark felt the smallest movement in Chloe’s tummy and then a big kick to his hand; he began to cry. ‘Hello baby.’ Mark managed to say. Chloe threw her arms around Mark and pulled him close to her. Mark kissed his wife’s neck and cuddled her tight, he could feel the tears running down his face. ‘This is wonderful.’ He finally said. ‘I know. I am so sorry about earlier.’ ‘Don’t worry about it baby. I love you.’ ‘I love you too daddy.’ Mark placed his mouth next to Chloe’s ear, ‘we got the house.’ He whispered. Chloe stepped back in shock and looked at Mark. Mark nodded and smiled. Chloe screamed. Chapter 20 Day 5: Pull-ups all day, nappy for bed. 5 changes of clothes today, seemingly no control and didn’t make it to the toilet once. Night time nappy was on at 5pm and changed before bed. Leaked at 3am, also messy, so changed into double nappies for the rest of the night which were soaked at 8am. No idea why Chloe is wetting so much. Mark finished writing his journal and switched on the TV, Chloe was still asleep and would likely remain that way for a few hours after such a disturbed night. Mark read back through the entries in his journal and noticed that Chloe seemed to be deteriorating as the days wore on, so far she had shown no control over the weekend and he wondered if he should put a stop to the attempt at potty training. Mark switched on his laptop and navigated to the forums where he had first asked for help, he read some of the replies to his earlier posts and added a reply with the details from his journal before heading to the kitchen to make himself some coffee. Chloe opened her eyes and sleepily looked at the clock, she saw 8:30am and decided that she could sleep a little bit longer; she could smell her wet nappy and felt it becoming warm again as her bladder released a steady stream of wee as if to show her that it too was awake. Chloe groaned, rolled over and went back to sleep. Mark returned to the sofa with his morning coffee to see that there had already been a few replies to his post, he read the comments and was pleased to see that they agreed with his own thoughts that Chloe was either suffering from incontinence relating to pregnancy or didn’t really want to be potty trained. Mark typed back a reply and then opened up a new search to research incontinence in early pregnancy, he read the stories of other mums with interest as they detailed many embarrassing stories about wetting themselves both at home and when out. Mark recognised some of the conditions that the women were talking about and noted that a few of them had even talked about lacking some bowel control, he saved a few of the pages for future reference and thought about how he could talk to Chloe about it; his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Chloe’s phone ringing in the bedroom. Chloe woke up with a start as her phone burst into life and vibrated across the bedside table. ‘Hello?’ she asked groggily. Mark heard Chloe answer the phone and closed the lid of his laptop before heading down the hallway to the bedroom. ‘Of course mum, see you then.’ Chloe finished saying as Mark entered the room. ‘She’s calling you early on Sunday morning. Everything okay?’ Chloe yawned, ‘oh fine, she is coming over this afternoon.’ ‘Okay, do I need to go out for anything?’ ‘She is just popping in for a cuppa.’ ‘Oh, okay,’ Mark climbed into bed next to Chloe, ‘is she missing you?’ ‘Yeah,’ Chloe laughed, ‘I’ve not seen her for a week so I think that she is having withdrawal symptoms.’ Mark cuddled Chloe, ‘did you sleep okay?’ ‘I did. I was having a lovely sleep before she called. I am sorry for getting you up last night.’ ‘Don’t worry baby, leaks happen,’ he reached down and felt Chloe’s soaked nappy, ‘it looks like it is a good job that we doubled you up too.’ Chloe laughed, ‘I am a very soggy baby this morning.’ Mark caressed the front of Chloe’s nappy, ‘yes you are baby.’ Chloe felt the firmness of Mark’s touch and moved her hips to push the padding harder against her vagina. Once again, she couldn’t quite understand why she was feeling so turned on about being in such a wet nappy but she could feel herself becoming aroused. ‘That feels so good.’ She moaned. Mark took his cue and pushed the padding of the two nappies harder against Chloe’s hips, she responded by taking a deep breath and moaning slightly. ‘More.’ Chloe demanded. Mark continued to massage the wet padding as he kissed Chloe’s neck. Chloe turned her head towards Mark’s ear, ‘I am sorry that I was such a bitch yesterday.’ She whispered. ‘Shush now baby, its done.’ ‘I didn’t mean those things I said, I love being in nappies.’ Chloe said breathlessly. Mark moved his hand over the plastic of the nappy and then teased his fingers under the waistband before sliding them down to find Chloe’s vagina dripping wet with excitement. ‘I know that you love your nappy baby.’ Chloe moaned as her husband expertly played with her clitoris and she couldn’t help but gyrate her hips in time with his touch; she longed for him to rip of her nappy and thrust his penis deep inside her. ‘Take my nappy off. Please.’ Chloe begged. Mark gently removed his hand from inside the nappies and ripped at the front of the first one, he made a small hole and pushed the wet padding away from the hole, he did the same with the second and then slipped his hard penis through the holes and into Chloe’s waiting vagina. Chloe was taken by surprise by this new sensation, she could feel the swollen padding of her nappies hitting her hard clitoris with every thrust of Mark’s hips and could soon feel herself edging closer to climax, she yearned for Mark to thrust deeper each time and grabbed at his shoulders to encourage him. Suddenly, Mark stopped and sat back, Chloe looked at him in horror. ‘Why!?’ she urged. Mark smiled at his wife and reached down, he ripped open the tapes of the first nappy, then the second before pulling them from under her bottom and resuming his position. Chloe was relieved to feel Mark’s penis back in her vagina and felt him penetrating deeper without the added bulk of two soaked nappies, she felt the intense pressure of an orgasm building and was soon unable to hold back any more as she came hard. Mark watched his wife climax and felt the muscles of her vagina pulsating around his penis, he slowed his rhythm and leaned forward to kiss Chloe’s bare breasts. Suddenly, she pushed him off her and manipulated him into position back on the bed, she got on her knees and then bent forward so that she could take his penis in her mouth. Mark closed his eyes as he felt her sucking hungrily on his penis and playing with his testicles, he reached over and stoked the inside of her thigh as he felt himself approaching climax. Chloe continued to suck and move her mouth up and down his penis with increasing speed, he was about to move his hand towards Chloe’s vagina when he felt the first dribble of wee on the back of his hand. Suddenly, the dribble became a steady stream as Chloe wet herself all over the bed and Mark ejaculated hard into her mouth. Chapter 21 Chloe ran to the bathroom and burst through the door, she quickly threw up the seat lid and unbuttoned his jeans; she sat on the toilet just as she finished weeing. ‘Damn it!’ she shouted. Chloe looked down at the saturated pull-up around her ankles and assessed the damage to her jeans. ‘Are you okay in there?’ Mark called down the hallway. ‘I’m fine. Just the usual.’ Chloe called back as she kicked her wet clothes off and stood up. ‘Did you make it on time?’ Mark asked as he rounded the corner. ‘No. Not at all.’ Chloe stood naked from the waist down, ‘I was wetting before I even knew that I needed the toilet.’ She tossed her clothes into the bath. ‘I will get you some fresh clothes princess.’ ‘Thank you. I will be in shortly.’ Chloe said as she picked up her Winnie the Pooh washcloth and quickly cleaned her legs; she threw the washcloth into the bath with the ever present pile of wet clothes before walking through to the bedroom to see Mark. ‘I’ve put some clothes on the bed for you princess. I though the joggers might be better to get down when you need to go to the toilet.’ Chloe thanked Mark before picking up her pull-up and sliding it up her legs, she then put on the joggers and t-shirt. ‘Shall we have some lunch?’ Mark asked. Chloe nodded, ‘yes please.’ Mark kissed his wife on the forehead and patted her bottom before heading to the kitchen. Chloe watched him leave the room, she patted her own bottom and wondered how long she would stay dry for; her lack of control was becoming a big concern and she couldn’t think of a single time that her body had given her any sort of signal that she needed to use the toilet over the previous few days. Chloe looked at her phone and considered setting an alarm again but thought better of it; she looked at herself in the mirror. ‘I am a big girl,’ she said to her reflection, ‘I am toilet trained.’ Chloe left the bedroom feeling more determined than ever. Mark was just placing the hot bowls of soup on the table as Chloe arrived in the living room, he instructed her to take her seat and she was surprised that he did not put a bib around her neck. ‘Eat up princess.’ Mark encouraged. Chloe took a spoonful of the delicious soup and listened to the radio playing in the background. Mark wanted to help take Chloe’s mind of things and his suggestion that they watch one of her favourite films after lunch was well received. Chloe was sent straight to the sofa whilst Mark made popcorn and glasses of milkshake for them to enjoy; she quickly became engrossed in the action. Mark wondered if he should have made Chloe use the toilet before the film started but dismissed the idea because it was so soon after her last accident and he didn’t want to humiliate her. Chloe felt more relaxed, she rarely sat still during a film and this was no different; she moved to her usual spot on the floor in front of the TV and her gaze was fixed on the screen. Chloe lived every moment of the film, she bounced up and down in time with the action and held her breath during the scary parts. Mark watched with an amused smile on his face as Chloe squeaked and squealed throughout the film, as the action ramped up he saw her rising up on her knees and willing the main character; she looked like a startled meerkat. Mark took out his phone to get a picture of his wife in her toddle-like state, he was just about to take the photograph when he saw the tell-tale sign of a leaking pull-up as two wet patched began to expand down each leg and form a small puddle on the floor. Mark wanted to tell Chloe but she seemed not to notice, she barely moved as the wetness continued to spread around her. ***** Chloe finished watching the film and eventually sat back on the floor, she immediately felt that she was sitting in a puddle and jumped up. ‘Oh my god!’ she yelled. ‘What is it princess?’ Mark asked from the sofa. ‘I’m soaked and cold.’ Chloe said as she pointed to the pool around her, ‘when did that happen?’ ‘About half an hour ago.’ Mark said matter-of-factly. ‘Why didn’t you say?’ Chloe asked. ‘I didn’t see the point baby, you were already done by the time I noticed and you didn’t seem to mind.’ Chloe looked suspiciously at Mark, ‘you could have said something.’ ‘You were enjoying your film so much I didn’t want to stop you.’ Chloe sighed, ‘what is wrong with me?’ Chloe stood up, she slid the joggers down her legs and carefully pulled them off and left them in the middle of the puddle; she looked down at her pull up which was dripping and began to tear the sides when the dripping became a steady stream. ‘Chloe baby, are you wetting yourself again?’ Mark asked. Chloe wanted to say no, she was sure that she could until the steady stream grew stronger and began to soak into the already wet joggers at her feet. Chloe looked at Mark, ‘what’s happening to me?’ Mark got up off the sofa and put his arms around Chloe, he continued to hug her as the stream slowed back to a drip. ‘I think that you should wear a nappy this afternoon.’ Chloe nodded in agreement. Chapter 22 ‘We’ve had an offer accepted on a lovely house mum, we are just waiting for the paperwork to go through.’ Chloe bounced up and down on her seat with excitement. ‘That is wonderful news dear,’ said Helen as she placed her cup of tea on the table, ‘when will you find out?’ ‘I am not sure. Mark is going to call the estate agents tomorrow.’ ‘Well I will have my fingers crossed for you darling.’ Chloe suddenly remembered the pictures, ‘I have some pictures. Do you want to see?’ ‘Of course I do.’ Chloe sat forward and grabbed the brochure from underneath the table, as she did her top slid up at the back to reveal the unmistakable sight of a nappy to her mum. Helen didn’t say anything and smiled as Chloe handed her the brochure. Helen flicked through the pictures. ‘This looks fantastic sweetie. I can’t wait to see it for real.’ ‘It is the most gorgeous house and it is going to be great for the baby to grow up there.’ ‘You and Mark have picked well,’ Helen reached across and rubbed Chloe’s tummy, ‘and how are things with my grandchild?’ ‘It’s all good mum, I could do without the morning sickness and the crazy mood swings but I’m fine.’ Helen laughed, ‘I remember those well, it will pass soon enough and then you will be able to enjoy your baby.’ ‘We have the scan tomorrow.’ Chloe said excitedly. ‘Really! Already! My that has flown by. Are we going to know the sex of the little one?’ Helen asked hopefully. ‘We’re not sure at the minute, Mark doesn’t want to but I really do.’ ‘You know that you can always get the nurse to write it down or whisper it in your ear don’t you?’ Helen encouraged. ‘I know but I wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret, especially if it was a girl.’ Helen stroked Chloe’s hair, ‘little girls are precious things but they don’t stay little forever,’ she sighed. Chloe blushed, ‘mum!’ ‘It’s true darling, it seems like only yesterday that you were running off for your first day of school and now here to are married and with a little on of your own on the way.’ Helen smiled through tearful eyes. ‘Aww mum.’ Chloe burst into tears, ‘I’ll always be your little girl.’ ‘I know sweetheart.’ Helen said as she dabbed her eyes with her handkerchief. ‘I’m sorry to make you cry.’ Chloe sniffed, ‘it’s okay mum. It doesn’t seem to take much these days. I was crying at an advert for sausages the other night.’ Helen laughed, ‘oh I remember that well. I once cried at chip shop when they ran out of plastic forks.’ Chloe burst out laughing, ‘really?’ ‘Oh yes. I made your father drive to a different chippy and go in to buy one.’ Chloe laughed loud and long as she pictured her father muttering to himself as he drove her mother halfway through town to buy a plastic fork. ‘Why didn’t you just go home?’ ‘I have no idea because that it exactly what we did as soon as he had the fork.’ ‘I bet dad was livid.’ ‘I could tell that he was but he never said a word, he just drove to the next chippy, went in and bought the fork and then drove me home.’ ‘Aww what a lovely thing to do.’ ‘I know.’ Helen and Chloe both wiped away the tears of laughter from their eyes and each took a sip of their tea. Helen looked at Chloe with a serious look on her face. ‘So everything is okay with you?’ she asked. Chloe was puzzled, ‘of course mum, why wouldn’t it be?’ ‘No reason.’ Helen went to pick up her cup again but stopped, ‘Chloe, can I ask you something?’ ‘Of course you can mum.’ Chloe said beginning to worry about this serious turn of events. ‘Earlier when you bent forward to pick up the brochure I noticed something.’ Chloe froze as she realised that she had neglected to keep her nappy hidden in her excitement to retrieve the brochure. ‘Mum.’ Chloe began. ‘No Chloe,’ Helen interrupted, ‘are you having some trouble with your waterworks?’ Chloe looked at her mother and then burst into laughter, ‘waterworks!’ she shouted, ‘who says waterworks?’ Helen also began to laugh, ‘waterworks is a perfectly reasonable thing to say.’ She defended. Chloe stopped laughing, she was conscious that she would have to say something. ‘Yes I have, to answer your question. I’ve struggled over the past few days to make it to the toilet on time.’ Chloe surprised herself with the calmness of her answer. Helen took hold of her daughter’s hands, ‘oh my poor girl. Have you been to the doctor?’ ‘Not yet mum, I have the scan tomorrow and then the midwife is coming in a few days so I was going to say something then.’ ‘Has it been going on for a while?’ ‘Not for long mum but this last weekend has been horrible.’ Chloe hated lying in this way. ‘How long have to been wearing nappies?’ Chloe blushed at the word, ‘just today mum,’ she lied, ‘Mark bought them for me because I kept wetting myself.’ ‘Okay darling,’ Helen noticed how embarrassed her daughter was becoming, ‘can I do anything to help?’ ‘I don’t think so mum but thanks. My waterworks will be fine.’ Chloe burst into laughter again. Helen laughed, ‘well I was struggling to know what to say.’ ‘I know mum. I am sure that my waterworks will be fine in time.’ ‘Well let’s hope that you are out of nappies a lot quicker this time around.’ Chloe stopped laughing, ‘what do you mean this time around?’ she quizzed. ‘Oh Chloe, do you not remember?’ Chloe shook her head. ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe that you don’t remember. We had to battle to get you out of nappies when you were little, you were about 4 and half before you stopped wearing a nappy through the day and then you wore them to bed every night until you were about 6 and a half.’ Chloe was gobsmacked, ‘really!?’ ‘Oh goodness yes. I was worried that you would be wearing nappies to school, we only got you dry in the July.’ ‘I can’t remember at all mum. Why did it take me so long?’ ‘I have no idea, you just seemed to like being in nappies too much.’ Chloe was stunned, she had no recollection of any of it and couldn’t believe that she had taken so long to potty train. ‘Thanks for that mum, it explains a lot.’ Helen looked at her daughter confused. ***** ‘So you’ve always liked being in nappies then?’ Mark asked as he began to change Chloe’s nappy. ‘It seems so. I had no idea until tonight.’ Mark looked at his wife’s saturated nappy and began to unfasten the tapes. ‘I suppose that it explains your recent troubles a little bit.’ Chloe felt the cool wetness of the baby wipes on her bare vagina. ‘You could be right.’ Mark finished cleaning Chloe before pulling her nappy from under her bottom before rolling it into a ball and sealing it in a prepared nappy sack. ‘So is it going to take me five years to potty train you again?’ Chloe giggled, ‘maybe,’ she grabbed her feet, ‘maybe I like my nappies again now.’ Mark smiled at his playful wife, ‘well maybe I don’t want you in nappies anymore.’ ‘Well then daddy is going to have lots of puddles to clean up.’ Chloe smiled. Mark looked down and saw Chloe’s vagina glisten with a wetness that showed her excitement. ‘I think daddy has cleaned up enough puddles already don’t you?’ Mark teased. Chloe blushed, ‘that’s why I need nappies daddy.’ She said still holding her feel in her hands. Mark took hold of Chloe’s ankles, he kissed the side of her left foot and then her right; Chloe moved her hands and let her husband take control. Mark, still holding Chloe’s legs in the air, started to kiss the inside of each of her legs; he began to kneel down at the side of the bed and carefully eased Chloe’s legs back onto the bed. Mark kissed the inside of Chloe’s thighs and worked his way to her vagina which was still fully exposed and dripping with expectation. Chloe felt every kiss move down her legs and watched as Mark sank to between her thighs; she felt her legs being lowered back onto the bed, she watched as her husband’s head bowed between her legs and felt his kisses on each thigh. Mark felt Chloe move her hips as he kissed her, he slowly crept closer to Chloe’s vagina and eventually used his tongue to tease the lips before gently sucking on her clitoris. Chloe took a deep breath in as she felt her clitoris being teased by her husband’s tongue, she arched her back to move closer to him and let him continue to explore her vagina with his mouth. ‘More daddy please!’ she implored. Mark heard the breathy voice and continued to lick; he pressed a little firmer with his tongue and began to pay a little more attention to her hard clitoris by sucking and firmly licking the small muscle. Chloe could feel the increased firmness of Mark’s tongue and pushed her hips into him as she could feel the approaching orgasm; she gripped at the sheets and tensed her thighs as he ramped up the speed of his tongue. Suddenly, Chloe felt Mark’s fingers enter her vagina and hook around to behind her clitoris; the increased stimulation became too much to handle and she climaxed hard a few moments later. Mark felt the tremor reverberate through his wife’s body and removed his fingers from her vagina; he looked up to see her lying with her eyes closed and slid down his trousers as he began to stand up. Mark leaned over his wife, kissed her and slid his penis deep inside her before returning to an upright position; he held her hips as he began to thrust forwards. Chloe looked at her husband in an expression of pleasant shock, she hadn’t expected him to enter her in this position but longed for his thrusts to intensify; she searched with her hands for something to grab but could only settle for the bedsheets once more as she felt the approach of another orgasm. Chloe tried to lift her hips a little but Mark’s deep thrusts pushed her back onto the bed. Mark could feel his wife’s vagina tighten and grip his penis as she tried to lift her hips; he thrust harder with each movement forward and felt himself ready to explode. Mark increased his speed and felt the approaching climax building through his body, he pulled Chloe’s hips into him as he thrust forward felt himself cum hard. Chloe watched her husband’s face change as she saw him climax; she felt him slow his movements and then slide his penis out of her still dripping vagina before lying on the bed next to her. Mark leaned over and kissed her and them moved his hand back to her vagina. Chloe wanted more and moved her hips in cooperation to his touch. ‘Make me cum daddy.’ She demanded. Mark kissed Chloe’s neck, ‘absolutely.’ he whispered in her ear. Mark continued to massage Chloe’s swollen clitoris and she could feel that her climax was close; she felt the pressure building up as her clitoris was teased, Suddenly, Mark increased the speed of his fingers over Chloe’s clitoris and she felt the pressure reaching its peak; she inhaled and began to allow herself to orgasm when she felt the liquid gushing out of her. ‘Oh my god!’ she shouted as she orgasmed hard and wet the bed. Chapter 23 Chloe woke early on the Monday morning, she looked at the clock and when she saw that it was only 5am, she closed her eyes but her tummy gave away the reason for her arousal and demanded relief; she considered getting out of bed but before she could move, a fresh wave of pressure built and she felt herself begin to mess her soaked overnight nappy. Chloe accepted this development and slipped back off to sleep. ***** ‘Chloe baby wake up.’ Mark called as he gently shook his wife. Chloe rubbed her eyes and yawned, she caught the smell of her well used nappy and remembered her accident a while before. ‘It looks like you might need a nappy change princess.’ Chloe nodded and moved into position. Mark, who had already collected the changing supplies, began to clean his messy baby girl. ‘When did this happen baby?’ Chloe rubbed her eyes again, ‘I woke up at 5 and needed to go but I already started to mess my nappy before I could move.’ She said matter-of-factly. ‘Really!?’ Mark asked surprised. ‘Yep. I couldn’t do much about it.’ ‘Why didn’t you wake me? You must have been upset?’ ‘No. I didn’t think too much about it and was too tired.’ Mark expertly cleaned the mess from Chloe’s bottom and rolled the nappy in a tight ball before depositing it in a nappy sack and tying it tightly. ‘All better baby. Would you like coffee?’ Chloe looked at Mark shocked, ‘nappy daddy?’ she quizzed. Mark looked at his wife, ‘I thought that you’d be going for your shower and then a nice pull-up?’ ‘Oh yes. I forgot.’ Chloe said a little disappointed, ‘I’ll be back soon.’ Mark watched Chloe walk down the hallway and wondered why she seemed so absent-minded this morning; he heard the shower running and Chloe singing which made him smile. Mark opened Chloe’s underwear draw and took out a fresh pull-up, he placed it on the bed and then left the room to dispose of the well-used nappy. Chloe stood under the warm streams of the hot shower feeling the soothing jets cascade over her body. ‘I’m going to see you again today.’ She said as she rubbed her tummy. The baby kicked as if replying to its mummy and Chloe smiled and gently patted back. Mark took out the clothes from the washing machine, he sorted through them quickly and placed them in the tumble dryer; he couldn’t quite believe the how many sets of clothes that Chloe had gone through over the last 48 hours and considered if her request for a nappy a few moments before might have been a good idea. Chloe had finished in the shower and was now wrapped in her favourite towel, she left the bathroom and walked to the bedroom where she saw the pull-up waiting for her. Chloe didn’t know why but she felt disappointed to not see a thick nappy waiting for her; she picked up the pull up and slid it up her legs. Mark heard Chloe walk down the hallway and approach the lounge, he turned to wish her a good morning but stopped when he saw her standing before him in just a pull-up and a t-shirt. ‘Where are your trousers young lady?’ he asked firmly. ‘I want to stay like this for a bit. Can I please daddy?’ ‘Okay baby. Come and drink your coffee.’ ‘Thank you daddy.’ Chloe said as she joined him on the sofa. ‘Are you excited for today?’ Chloe’s eyes lit up as she remembered the scan again, ‘oh yes!’ she cried. ‘Are we going to find out?’ Chloe knew that Mark was referring to the decision about finding out the sex of the baby, ‘what do you want to do?’ she asked. ‘I want to find out.’ Said Mark. ‘I can’t wait for another six months. I need to know.’ Chloe agreed. Mark smiled at his giddy girl, ‘let’s find out then.’ ‘Yay!’ Chloe clapped, ‘what do you want it to be daddy?’ ‘Well I already have a baby girl.’ Mark started. ‘Daddy!’ Chloe blushed. Mark laughed, ‘I don’t mind baby. How about you?’ ‘I want a girl but I don’t mind if we get a boy.’ ‘Well we will soon find out,’ Mark said as he gently rubbed Chloe’s tummy. Chloe placed her hand on top of Mark’s, ‘I can’t wait.’ Mark felt Chloe’s tummy grumble beneath his hand, ‘are you hungry baby?’ he asked. ‘I’m starving.’ She admitted. ‘Well then I will go and make some breakfast. Bacon butty?’ ‘Mmm, yes please.’ Chloe said hungrily. Mark stood up, bowed and left the room. Chloe laughed and threw a cushion at him before sitting back in the sofa and began to think about her baby again; she was stroking her tummy when she was brought back from her thoughts by the trill of her phone. Chloe read the text from her mum, she shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she read the part that recalled the previous night when she had to admit to her mum that she needed to wear a nappy; she was thankful that she had the pregnancy for an excuse. Chloe typed a quick reply before getting up from the sofa. Mark was almost finished cooking the bacon when he became aware of Chloe standing in the doorway. ‘What’s up princess?’ ‘Mum wants to know the sex of the baby.’ ‘That’s understandable,’ Mark said, ‘are we going to tell people?’ Chloe considered this for a moment, ‘just mum and dad I think.’ Mark finished frying the bacon and transferred it to the bread that he had already buttered, he added sauce and carefully cut the sandwiches in half and then quarters for Chloe. ‘Come on princess,’ he said as he turned just in time to see a steady stream of urine winds its way down Chloe’s legs. Chloe looked down and confirmed what she already though, she was wetting herself again, ‘oh no.’ she cried. Mark put down the plates on the worktop, ‘just stay right there baby.’ He instructed. Chloe did as she was told and stood still as the warm urine continued to pour down her legs and form a puddle on the kitchen floor. ‘Are you finished?’ Mark asked. ‘Umm… I don’t know.’ Chloe said sounding worried. Mark approached his wife, he placed his hands around her waist and slipped his right hand under the waistband of the pull-up; he moved his hand down and felt his wife’s vagina. ‘What are you doing?’ Chloe asked. ‘I am checking if you have stopped.’ ‘Have I?’ ‘I think so baby.’ Confirmed Mark as he slipped his hand out of her pull up. Mark hopped over the puddle on the floor, ripped Chloe’s pull-up off and led her back to the bedroom. Chloe followed her husband without protest and let him take control as he wiped her legs down with baby wipes. ‘Daddy,’ Chloe started. ‘Yes princess.’ ‘Can I have my nappies back please?’ Mark looked at Chloe, ‘are you sure princess?’ Chloe nodded, ‘this is not getting any better.’ She admitted. ‘Okay princess. Lie yourself down.’ Chloe lay down on the bed and watched as Mark got out a thick nappy, she lifted her hips on his instruction and was soon taped into her nappy and felt safer than she had done in days. Chapter 24 Chloe sat in the waiting room nervously playing with Mark’s hand and stroking her tummy. Mark was unusually quiet and the pair were both anxious to find out the sex of their unborn child. ‘Not long now princess.’ Mark whispered in his wife’s ear. Chloe squeezed his hand, ‘I can’t wait.’ She said as she tilted her head onto his shoulder. Mark reached up and stroked Chloe’s hair. ‘Chloe Trimble please.’ The nurse called from the doorway of a room to their right. Chloe stood up quickly, she paced across to the room leaving Mark to collect their things; she entered the room and laid on the bed as she had done five weeks before. Mark entered the room to see Chloe already on the bed, he placed their belongings in the spare chair and took a seat next to Chloe. ‘So this is your twenty-week scan Mrs Trimble. We are going to do a few checks to see how baby is growing and we will check for anything out of the ordinary.’ The young couple nodded in agreement. ‘We should be able to tell the sex today. Have you thought about if you want to know?’ the nurse asked. ‘Yes we do.’ The couple said together. The nurse laughed, ‘well let’s see what we can see then.’ The nurse lifted Chloe’s top to reveal the small bump and the obvious waistband of her nappy; the nurse did not make any reference to is as she tucked the blue tissue into the top of the nappy and squirted on the warm gel as before. ‘So how have things been so far?’ the nurse asked as she moved the wand around. ‘Oh… fine I suppose.’ Said Chloe who was still recovering from the appearance of her nappy. The nurse concentrated hard on the screen, she manoeuvred the wand around Chloe’s tummy and slowly a grainy picture appeared on the screen. Mark and Chloe both beamed at the image on the screen. ‘I am just going to take some measurements of baby.’ Explained the nurse as she clicked on a small tracking pad on the computer. Mark squeezed Chloe’s hand and leaned forward to kiss her on the forehead. The nurse continued to record data and take measurements, ‘are we having any pictures today?’ ‘Oh definitely.’ Answered Mark. The nurse swept the wand across Chloe’s tummy and pressed down harder to get a better picture; Chloe felt her nappy becoming warm as her bladder emptied without her permission. Suddenly, the room was filled with a steady beating sound. ‘That is baby’s heartbeat.’ Explained the nurse, ‘I can definitely tell you the sex.’ She added. Mark and Chloe looked at each other in excitement. ‘Have a look at this picture here,’ the nurse displayed a still image of their unborn child, ‘these are the legs and this little bit here tells me that you are having a little boy.’ Mark excitedly kissed Chloe again, ‘thank you.’ He finally managed to say to the nurse. ‘It’s my pleasure.’ Said the nurse as she wiped the conductive gel from Chloe’s tummy and pulled the blue paper out of her nappy. ‘I will get everything written up and meet you outside.’ The nurse said as she exited the room. Chloe sat up and wiped tears from her eyes, she hopped off the bed and threw her arms around Mark. ‘Oh my god! We are having a boy!’ she said excitedly. Mark joined in with the excitement, ‘I know! Amazing!’ Mark led Chloe back to the waiting room and returned to the seats that they had vacated not long before. ‘We have so much to do,’ began Chloe, ‘we need to sort out a nursery in the new house, we have to get him some clothes, we need to pick a name, we need to…’ ‘Calm yourself down princess, there is plenty of time yet.’ ‘There is so much to get done though.’ ‘We will get it sorted baby. Let’s get home first and then we can plan everything.’ Chloe nodded, ‘I’m so excited.’ The nurse interrupted the excitement, ‘Chloe, here are your notes.’ Chloe took the notes, slipped them into her bag and thanked the nurse. ‘Here are the pictures too. Good luck.’ Chloe took the pictures and held them next to her heart, ‘thank you so much.’ ‘Okay, let’s go and buy something for him.’ Mark said. Chloe spun around, ‘really?’ she squealed. Mark nodded and took Chloe’s hand, ‘let’s get that nappy changed before we go.’ He whispered in her ear. Chloe nodded and floated down the corridor under her husband’s guidance; they eventually entered the adult changing room and Mark locked the door. ‘Come on little miss puddles, let’s get that nappy changed.’ ‘Yes daddy.’ Chloe obeyed and hopped up onto the changing table. Mark slipped Chloe’s trousers down to reveal her well used nappy, he got the supplies from the changing bag and then untapped the wet nappy; he cleaned Chloe’s vagina and slid the nappy from under her bottom. Chloe had picked up the scan picture and was looking at it as Mark slid the fresh nappy into place and taped it up. Mark made sure that Chloe’s trousers were back in place before helping her down from the table. Chloe felt that her nappy change had been completed, she was so transfixed on the picture that she barely noticed that she had been lifted from the table. ‘You’re all fresh and dry baby.’ Chloe snapped out of her thoughts and turned the picture towards Mark. ‘Look daddy.’ She said as she thrust the picture forward. Mark looked at the picture of his unborn son. ‘Isn’t it just great daddy?’ Mark smiled at his wife. ‘Perfect!’
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