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  2. My new years resolution is take a step forward in the right direction with faith that im not going to fall.
  3. little sister's baby sister pt. 7 That was all Maria needed to hear, she grabbed Derick's hand and drug him to her room. When they got there Maria took a quick listen and closed the door. "Ok, first things first, let's get you into the right clothes. You need a dress Denice." She said as she rushed into her closet and pulled out a bucket of all the clothes we bought today with a pack of diapers on top. "Lay down on my bed." Derick climbed into the bed and lie down. "Why do i need to lie down? Wouldn't it be easier to put on a dress standing up?" Derick asked. "No silly, you are not laying down to put on the dress" said Maria as I hear a ripping noise. She walked over to me and held a diaper in front of me. "You're laying down so I can diaper you." "But im already diapered?" I said which was quickly followed with a smack on my butt that even through my pants stinged a little. "No" said maria "thats a pull up for bed wetters. You are more than a bed wetter so you get diapers." She was right, I couldn't argue as she pulls off my pants and pulls off my pull up. My butt is soon reintroduced to the softness of diapers as she tapes one on me. Im pulled to my feet and Maria takes off my shirt and she digs through the pile of dresses for one she likes. I find myself with my hands in the air out of habit as Maria slides one on me. "Stay here, I'll be right back." She said as she leaves the room. I decide to take this time to admire myself in the mirror. The first thing I notice is that my dress had a pink top with rainbow dash on it with a purple bottom. I lift the dress and I notice how the purple of the dress highlighted my light pink diapers with regular ponies on it. It's tabs were the same color as the dress's purple. "I look cute" I said out loud to myself. I twirl in the dress only to notice Maria in the door way grinning. She shuts the door quietly behind her and rushed me and engulfed me in a big hug. "Of course you look cute Derick, you look like me!" Maria said. When she backed up I turned back to the mirror and saw us side by side, I did look like Maria. We have the same hair and almost the same face. "The only difference is this crinkler." Maria lifted the front of my dress revealing the diaper. It was shocking to realize I look like a younger sister. No, I look like my little sister's baby sister. Between the two of us I would even say that I looked more like a girl since Maria is wearing blue pajamas.....my blue pajamas.. "Hey, are you wearing my clothes?" I asked. She looked just like me. "Hey, are you wearing my clothes?" Asked Maria in a mocking tone reminding me of the silliness of the situation standing in her dress and diaper. "Do you think we look like each other" she asked as she placed her head on my shoulder. "Yeah" I said "I'd even say I look like a regular girl." "I got an Idea." Maria said. "What?" "It's almost time for dinner." Maria pointed out. I turned towards the clock and looked. "We JUST got home about 15 minutes ago....." I was saying. She was right. It was 4:46. "Times flys when your having fun mom always says" maria commentted as she sat on her bed. "So I was thinking. Why don't we eat dinner dressed like this?" I looked at her in shock. "Youre crazy!" I said. "Oh come on Denice, they won't notice, we look like each other." Maria begged. I looked in the mirror as she walked back over. She was right. I look down towards my feet. "Ok" I said not really knowing how to feel. We looked in the mirror for a while when we had heart attacks when Dad opened Maria's door. "Ok you two. Dinner is ready" he said without batting a eye. He didnt notice, huh. Then I heard Maria next to me speak. "What is for dinner?" She asked, we are doomed. "Spaghetti, Derick" said dad as he walked out of the room. "See, everything is fine" Maria comforted me. "Can I at least take off the diaper?" I asked as I hear a occasion crinkle. "Nope!" Was Maria clear response as she dragged me out of the room down to the dinner table. She lets go right before we get to the dining room and walks normally in. I go to my usual seat but Maria beat me to it and I remember im maria now. I sit in Maria's spot and have a little stroke for every crinkle I hear. "Derick" mom called. "It's your turn now, how is school?" I was about to speak but then I catch myself. "Ugh, it's so hard and boring." Maria said in a very exaggerated laying of her head on the table. I giggle at the display. "Ok, well keep working hard and keep those grades up." Mom concluded thinking that Derick didn't want to continue. Which honestly, I didn't. Maria summed it up perfectly. We all pray before our meal and got our servings. We munched on our garlic bread and chewed our spaget! After a while of light chatter I started to feel the front of my diaper warm. I was wetting myself. I ignored it the best I could and kept on a straight face. Eventually dinner was over and I thought I was in the clear until mom leaned on my shoulders. "Im glad youre keeping your grades up Derick." She said. "And im glad you are having fun Maria" she pat my shoulder. "Maria, you're stinking. I want to shower after you're done, ok?" "Ok." I said and she walked away with Dad. Maria jumped out of her chair when they were away and the first thing she did was check my diaper. "You wet again. I know you enjoy it but wasn't that risky?" She asked. "I didn't realize until after" I said. "Ok, I'll get you a change of clothes. Just jump into the shower." "What about my diaper?" I poke it. "Just....leave it on the floor out side the shower. I'll take care of it, alright?" "Alright." I get out of my chair and waddle to the bathroom. I could hear Maria giggling at my waddle as I closed the bathroom door. I took off the dress and untaped the diaper and let it fall to the ground and then i hopped into the shower. I washed my hair and my body like usual when I heard the door open. "Derick, I got your clothes" Maria said as I let out a sigh of relief. This is stressful. I heard Maria open up a plastic bag which she throws the diaper into. "How much longer are you going to be in there for?" "About 30 minutes. Im gonna take my time" I answered. I soon heard maria throw out the bag and leave the room. I was alone to my thoughts, what a day. I have wet a diaper three times today and even messed one. Not to mention they were my sister's and I've worn a dress to dinner. It's all so bazaar yet comfortable, nice and strangely fun. I think over this for about 30 minutes when i hear the door open and close. After a little silence she spoke up. "Derick" it was maria "I brought you some underwear. I first brought you a diaper but the more I thought about it, I didn't ask you if you wanted a diaper. So here is some underwear, im putting it with your clothes." There was another period of silence. "Maria, are you still there?" I called out. "Im sorry Derick. Again. Im just not sure what you want." Her voice trailed as if she was disappointed in herself. "Maria." I say "What?" She replied quietly. I poke my head pass the shower curtain. "I want you to diaper me." Maria's face lit up. You could tell she was close to tears but now they might be tears of joy. She did a silly salute and said "Yes ma'am". I turned off the water and wrapped my self in a towel and dry myself off as Maria gets diaper out of the pile of clothes. "Ok, when youre dry, im ready." I dry myself the best I could then I lay down on the floor. Maria slides the diaper under me as efficiently as always. She pulls me to my feet but doesn't stop there as she also puts me in the dress. "You're so cute" she says and just look at each other when she once again grabs me in a big hug. "You are also the best brother anyone could ask for!". This warmed my heart as she backs ups. "You should wait a little and leave after me so no one gets suspicious" she turns around and I grab her arm. She looks back at me. Thanks Maria or should I say Matthew. Is Matthew the boy name for Maria?" "I don't know, but your welcome Denise" Maria then left the room. This time I was in a purple night gown thing. It was light and very soft. It also went past my knees so my diapers are well hidden. At last i leave the bathroom and join the rest of my family for a movie marathon. It didn't last long because we needed to go to bed early for church tommorow. We eventually finished our last movie and we all went our ways to our rooms. When me and Maria went by our rooms. She turned to me. "Just throw what you are wearing into a dresser, we'll trade back later." I nodded in agreement and went into my room. I looked at my clothes still in a basket and thought to myself nah, I'll just sleep in this. I crawled into my bed and started to fall asleep. After a while I was awoken by Maria. "Maria, you can't wake me up every night." I say. "Then go back to sleep. I just got lonely. Can you scoot over?" I scoot over as Maria slides in. "Are you still in my clothes?" She asks "Yes. Why, are you not in mine?" I take a look at her and she is now in pink pajamas. "Oh." "It's ok, im fine with it. Just change before mommy and daddy find out, ok?" I nodded and rolled over. I feel Maria's hand press against my diaper "you're still dry." She points out. "Yep." I just say. She then wraps her arms around and hugs into my back. "Goodnight Derick." She said in the sweetest tone as she drifts to sleep "Goodnight Maria." I say as I follow and fall asleep with her. Please leave a comment about what you liked about the story or what you would change. Thank you.
  4. The decision has been made. I will do one more adventure for Derick and Maria at this age. I already have a plot and itll be written in 3 parts. Enjoy
  5. I use diapers for relaxation, the feeling of wearing and using a diaper calms me down after stressful situations. But I don't get diapers often, sometimes up to 4 months. What do some of you do when you face a stressful situation but you have no diapers to help relax or escape reality? I should also stress that my problem isn't financial but situational, I still live with parents and it's awfully tough go get diapers past them.
  6. About the sizes, they are the same height, Derick is just feeling smaller and Maria looked taller standing up to the girl. But they are both about the average height for a 6yro. About the name...well, I've done goofed, his name is Derick and Maria calls him denice to tease for wearing a dress but in public and everyone else should of called him Derick, I've done goofed, lol. Ill try to proofread a little more. Thank you
  7. little sister's baby sister pt.6 I shrugged off my intestines warning thinking I can hold it until I get home. We drove to Mighty taco and went inside. "Ok, we're gonna get you two the super Mighty 4 pack to share, why don't you look for a table for us to sit at while we order" said my dad, we walked towards the back of the restaurant and sat at a corner booth. Maria leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Are you ok, you were squirming in the car" she asked I whispered back "don't worry, I can hold it until we get home" She had a look of concern "you know you can use the bathroom here." "I don't want to risk anyone seeing my pull-up." I answered. Maria sat back with a look of concern but when Mom and Dad arrived with the food her whole face changed. "Ok, you both get two barritos, no more." Said mom, she handed us the bag and we both took two and started to eat. while we ate I listened to Mom ask Maria about school. As Maria told Mom about how great it was I couldn't help but feel sorry for her, she has to put on this face whenever mom was around. Before I noticed I finished eating my second borrito, I was still hungry and started to eye Maria's second borrito. She must of noticed because she discreetly swapped her borrito with one of my empty wrappers. She smiled at me and I happily ate the borrito. After we were done I was stuffed, we finished our drinks and we all left. We all loaded in the car and I felt really bloated, after a little drive we arrived at the park. "YAY!" Yelled Maria as she flew out the door climbing over me. I jumped out and followed her, mom and dad sat down at a bench nearby. Maria and I ran straight to the swings, I slowed down and Maria jumped right on. "Come on, let's swing!" She called "Nah, I dont think I can with a full stomach" I said. Maria just shugged and kept swinging. I went over to the jungle gym and climbed the rock wall, when I got to the top a saw another girl a little taller than me up there. "Hello" I said. "Hello" she said. "How old are you?" "I'm 8" I said pulling my self up and standing up. "Me too, aren't you a little short to be 8? You look more 6." She giggled. I stomped my foot "no, I'm plenty tall." She walked close to me. "Are you sure youre 8?" She asked "Yes, I know my age, why?" I responded "Well," she lifted my shirt "I don't know any 8 year olds who wear pink diapers" "Well, uh" I started to say "I don't think you're 8, I think you're 5, I also think you are actually a girl" she walked closer making me back up into the wall. "No, no I'm not. I'm a.." "Do you wet your diaper?" "Uh" she pressed her hand against my pants and i grew very red "Oh you're dry, do you need to go potty baby?" She started to seem taller than before, or i was shrinking. I couldn't speak, I didn't know what to say then a hand grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. "Leave my brother alone" said Maria with her hands on her hips. "Don't you mean little sister" said the girl giggling. Maria gave her the dirtiest look I've ever seen and the girl took a step back and then turned around and went down a slide. "Are you alright" she asked me. I looked up at her realizing I was on the ground. I stood up to thank her but then it hit me. I grabbed my stomach. "Maria, where's the bathroom here?" Maria's eyes grew wide and then she grabbed my hand and rushed me off the jungle gym and across the park. I kept my free hand on my stomach and tried my best to keep up. We got to a brick building that had the restroom symbols on it, she rushed us into the girls side but I didn't care, luckily it was empty. She throw open a stall and pushed me in, I dropped my pants and sat on the toilet seat and pushed. It all came out and that is when i realized i missed a step, I didnt pull the pull up down. I sat there thinking to myself, at least it was in a diaper. When I looked up i saw Maria, she was crying. I stood up and asked maria "what's wrong, why are you crying?" "Im so sorry *sniff* I got you into this, I made you wear the diaper, I'm the reason you wet and messed yourself, I'm so sorry" she started to break down. I grabbed her and hugged her. "Maria, don't blame yourself, I let you do it all, it's not that bad, like I said, I kinda enjoy it." I comforted her "Really *sniff*" she asked. I didn't give her a direct answer but she giggled to herself as she felt the front of my diaper warm up. She hugged me tight and cried what she had left out. "But I gave you the last borrito and it was to much" "No, it was delicious." I said with a smile. She hugged me "I love you big brother ...or little sister, whatever you want." I smiled them she pushed me back and said "let's get you changed, you're lucky I grabbed two pull ups, but this is the last one." She pulled down the changing station and quickly changed me. It'll always amaze me how good she was at it. We walked out holding hands and them she started to run and pulled me all the way to the swings where we spent the rest of the time. Mom eventually came over and got us to get in the car. It seemed like it's been a whole day but it's only 3 in the afternoon, when we got to the house we carried all of our new clothes Into our rooms and I started to put them away, when I opened my dresser there was the dress from last night, I stared at it for a while when I felt Maria put her head on my shoulder "do you want to play house?" She said with a smile "Yes, yes I do" I smiled back. Please leave a comment on how much you liked the story or what you would changed in it.
  8. little sisters baby sister pt. 5 I stared at my pants trying to determine if there was a bulge or if I was imagining things when Mom said "you two are really quiet, something on your minds?" Maria piped up and said "nah, we're just tired, where are we going?" "Well, we need to shop so we'll be going to Wal-Mart, Bonton is having a sale so we can get some clothes. We're probably gonna stop somewhere to eat, and maybe we might go to the park later" said mom "Yay!" Maria yelled at the mentioned of the park but then noticed I was getting really red. "Uh, mom, how long are we going to be out?" "Let's see, we'll be home around 3 so about 5 hours." Replied mom. Maria patted my hand which made me feel a little better. I started to look out the window and day-dream, with the diaper it felt like I was on a pillow. Before I knew it I was being shaken by Maria then I heard mom "Derick, we're at Walmart, wake up." I sat up and got a grip with my surroundings. "Let's go." Said Maria, i looked at her then I realized what she meant. I opened the car door and jumped out and we all walked into the store. As we we're walking around I could tell Maria was making a weird face then she discreetly squeezed the front of my pants and I just realized I was wet. Did I just wet in my sleep again? Maria acted fast and said "mom, I need to go to the bathroom but I don't know where it is." My dad responded saying "Derick, be a gentleman and show your sister where the bathroom is." She is a quick thinker I thought to myself. We separated and walked to the restrooms in the front of the store. I stopped outside and let Maria go, she soon peaked her head around the corner and motioned me to come to her. I walked over and she grabbed my hand and pulled me in. "Ok, no one is here so we're safe, when did it happen?" She asked "Must of been when I was asleep" I said in shock. "Ok, we can fix this." I could tell she was a little shocked too. She pulled to changing station down "hop on" she said, I got on and laid down. She pulled one of her pull ups out of her purse. "You grab those instead of some underwear!" I asked. "It was the best I could do, just in case. you don't want my underwear too. I could not change you, you know." I swallowed and relaxed. She quickly changed me and we were out in no time. We regrouped with our parents and I noticed the bulge seemed gone. I felt way less self conscious. "Is there anything else we need." Mom asked. Maria got on her best face and looked at mom and said "my big doll is running low on diapers, I don't know what I'll do if she runs out." Mom took this perfectly and got some diapers Maria's choosing. We checked out and got back to the car and continued on our way. Next stop was Bonton. We all unloaded and went in. Maria was running about looking at all the dresses. This confused me, she's never been this excited about clothes before. She returned with a pink one with Sofia the first on it. "Can I try this on mommy" she begged My mom grabbed a pair of jeans on sale and gave it to me saying "take your sister to the changing room and put try these on while you're there, ok" I nodded and took Maria to the changing room. When we got there Maria took the jeans out of my hands and gave me the dress "try this on." She shoved me into the stall and she went into one of her own. I sighed and took off my shirt and put on the dress and walked out of the stall and looked in the mirror. Maria was also out with the jeans on under her dress. "You'd probably look better if the dress was tucked in." I commented, she quickly tucked it in and she looked like a tomboy. She walked over to me and said "you'll look better without jeans" she unbottened my pants and pulled them down revealing my pull-up. And I have to say I looked very cute. I pushed my dress down and crossed my legs trying to hide the diaper and I just ended up looking cuter. "Yep, I want that" said Maria, she shoved me into the stall "change back" I took it off and and put my shirt and jeans back on. I walked out and bumped into Maria waiting at the door. "Let me rephrase that, I want you to have that and I want this." She handed me the jeans and took the dress. "Tell mom you liked the jeans" she skipped out of the room and I followed. "Like it" mom asked "Yes, it was comfortable" I said. She took the jeans and threw them on top of the dress in the cart and we continued. We spent about an hour and a half trying on clothes where Maria would give me a dress or some socks, or a t shirt, or shoes or high heals to try on while she tried on some jeans or boyish t-shirt. We left the the store with a full cart of stuff "for me" and stuff "for Maria" and loaded back into car. "Ok, where do you want to eat?" Asked mom "Mighty Taco!" Yelled Maria, I nodded in agreement. I was excited to go to the park then I felt my intestines grumble. I can hold it i thought to myself. Please leave a comment on how much you liked the story or what you would change on it.
  9. Little sister's baby sister pt.4 I woke up to someone shaking me, I look up and it was Maria, I looked at the clock and saw it was only 6:00. "Maria, it's Saturday, let me sleep." "You can sleep in your own bed unless you want mom to find you like this." I remember last night as I feel my diaper get cold. She was right, I slipped out of bed and stood up and tried to get my barrings. I felt Maria's hand feel my diaper and she giggled. "Did you really like it?" "Yes, it felt nice." I said still tired then she hugged me as hard as she could. "Yay, I love you big brother" she wispered, this made me feel really nice that she actually liked me despite of my teasing. She pushed me out and took a look at me "or should I say little sister." She giggled at the idea and I blushed. "Ok go back to room and change before mom wakes up, oh, and take this." She handed me a plastic bag. I looked at her. "If you need to talk about anything, you can always talk to me about it." She smiled and slipped into her bed. I left the room and had to go down the hallway down to my room, past my parents room. I tiptoed with every step being super loud to me. After what seemed like hours to me I was in my room, I went to my dresser and got a pair of pajamas and underwear, I went Into my closet for extra privacy and started to change, I put the diaper into the plastic bag and hid it in a pile of laundry, I took off the dress and hid it in my dresser. I got dressed in my pajamas and slipped into my bed and went to sleep. I didn't sleep well, I was uncomfortable but I couldn't place my finger on what it was, I finally got a little sleep and woke up at 9:00. I got out of bed and stretched and I could smell bacon. I went downstairs and found Maria watching cartoons and mom making pancakes and bacon. "Look who is up, the sleepyhead" my mom teased. "You look like you had trouble sleeping." "Yeah, I couldn't figure out what it was though" I said, i wasn't going to tell her what happened last night. "Well hopefully you get more sleep tonight, I'm making breakfast if you would like to join your sister in the TV room." I wanted breakfast but decided to go to the bathroom first. When I was in the bathroom I washed my hands and looked in the mirror above the sink. "Wow, my hair style is just like Maria's, I can see why I could be mistaken as her, maybe I should get it cut." I thought to myself. I walked out of the bathroom and sat next to Maria, who leaned her head against my shoulder. "I heard you had trouble sleeping little sis" she giggled "was my bed more comfortable than yours?" "No, our beds are the same. I was missing something, I was also very hot, that kept me awake." Mom then walked in with breakfast. "Bon appetit, my little ones" mom said cheerfully, my dad then walked through the door. "Where is my breakfast, honey?" My dad asked. "You're not 6 or 8, you can serve yourself." My mom said then they kissed, yuck. We watched some SpongeBob as we ate and when we were finished I went up to my room. It was still boring as before but there was now something different. I looked out my door and listen for a second then I shut the door and went to my dresser and pulled out the dress from last night. I looked at it and then changed into it. I looked in the mirror and I looked fairly nice, I liked it, the look, the feeling, all of it. I did a quick twirl and as I was spinning I noticed my door cracked with a head poking through. "I didn't know you liked ballet." Said Maria. She was giggling as she slipped in and shut the door. I got very red. "I..I..I don't, I..I.i just like the dress." I tried to play it off cool but failed. She walked over and looked at me in the mirror. "So you like the dress too, why?" She looked at me actually curious. "W...well, it's cools down my legs...I...it's very freeing.....and...it's pretty." I answered. "Well, all it's missing is a diaper." She giggled. "And it's like this" she did a small twirl in her dress, she did it way nicer. I tried to mimic her but started to fall. She grabbed me before I hit the ground and slowly lowered me trying not to make a sound. "I think you should wear that when mommy and daddy aren't home." She was right. I snucked into the closet and changed back into my pajamas. "Hey, do you want to play in my room?" "Sure, but let me change into day clothes." She smiled and left. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to wear. Mom and dad has me wear jeans and a t-shirt (Maria a dress) during the day so if they want to go anywhere we can leave right away. I quickly change and head to Maria's room. I walk in and she has dolls out and a bunch of girls toys. "So what do you want to do?" I asked. "Let's play with dolls, after being stuck in your room for a couple hours, I can tell you can get bored easily." She took out her Barbie's and other dolls and she sat down and started to play. I didn't know what to do and Maria noticed this. "You just take a doll and pretend youre the doll." She picked up a sports barbie. "Hey, I challenge any of you to football. See, that easy" "If you say so." I sat down and start to play with her and it was actually pretty fun, I was surprised. "Hey, do you have any more dolls?" I asked. "In the closet, I have more barbies, baby dolls, even a Ken or two." She pointed to the closet and I went inside, there was several dolls on the floor but what caught my eye was the life size doll in the corner, it was about a foot shorter than me and was wearing a diaper. Apparently I was looking at it for to long because Maria wanted to know what was talking me so long. She saw the big baby and said "I don't want to play with dolls any more, let's play house." She too my hand and took me to the middle of the room and laid me down. "I'll be the mommy and you..." She went into the closet and came out with a diaper "you can be the baby." I didn't fight it, I let her lower my jeans and change me, it felt nice having a diaper on again. I was looking at myself in her mirror when we heard someone coming up the stairs and I quickly pulled my pants up. "Hey, we are going out for the day, let's go" it was Mom. "Can we have 5 minutes to finish." Maria asked. "Nope, you're both are dressed, you can continue playing later, let's go." We were rushed out of the room and into the car. We were sitting next to each other and we pulled out of the driveway, Maria leaned over and quickly pulled part of my shirt down over where my diaper was showing. This was going to be a long day. Please leave a comment on how much you like the story or what you would change about it.
  10. Little sister's baby sister pt. 3 Did they think I was Maria, they confused their own son with their daughter "but its past their bed time, go to bed you two" mom said. "But...." I started to say to tell her I'm actually Derick. "No buts, upstairs now or you are going to have a red butt." I swallowed knowing that she was referring to being spanked. I went upstairs with Maria right behind me. I walked by Maria's room but then she grabbed my arm pulling me back. "I think this is your room Denise" she pointed to her room. "No way, I'm at least sleeping in my room" I pulled my arm out of her hand "Oh, really. Well good luck explaining why mom's big boy Derick wet one of his little sister's diaper." She reached forward and squeezed the front of my diaper to show it was wet, although very little. I knew she got me again so I walked the walk of shame into her room. It was very pink which is the opposite of my blue room, her bed had a my Little pony blanket that was a bright pink. I slid into the bed and it didn't feel any different than my bed but it was still embarrassing. I thought the best thing to do is just go to sleep and wait until morning. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. "Derick, Derick." I woke up and looked at the clock, it was 11:27. I looked at who was calling me, it was Maria. She was standing at the end of the bed. "What is it Maria?" I asked very groggy "Your room is scary, and your bed is uncomfortable, can I sleep with you?" She asked in the most innocent tone ever. "Sure" I scooted over to make room, she walked around the bed and slipped in. I noticed she was wearing one of her pull ups and I remember my diaper as it suddenly got cold. "Hey Maria, how can you stand this, it's cold." "You get used to it, but yours shouldn't be cold, you weren't that wet." She answered, I was confused because it was cold then I felt Maria's hand press against my diaper. "It's more wet than before, did you wet the bed?" "Not that I know of." I said, did I just wet the bed? I started to think trying to remember if I needed to go to the bathroom before bed." "Derick" Maria said. "Yeah?" I looked at her, she was close to me. "Can you keep a secret?" "Yeah, why, what is it?" She was acting strange. "You know how I wet the bed every night?" "Yeah?" She was quiet, shy and serious, she usually isnt like this at all. "I..." She wrapped her arms around me "I do it on purpose" she held me close like she thought I was going to run. "What do you mean?" I thought I heard her wrong. "I mean I don't wet my pull ups..my diapers when I'm asleep, I do it on purpose, I know I'm doing it." She really was squeezing now. "Why?" I was confused, but knew this was important to her and that she wanted to talk. "Because... I don't know... I like it, it's warm, it's cozy, it reminds me of when I got to stay with mommy all day." She started to cry so I wrapped my arms around her and held her close like mom use too. "I thought you liked school though." "I lied, I broke the truth or dare rules, I hate it. I say I like it because mommy likes me making friends and learning, but i hate it, I want to stay home with mommy" she buried her head into my chest, which wasnt much. I just laid still and held on to her as she cried. She looked up at me and asked "do you like Derick, I'm sorry for making you poop in it but did you like wetting it?" "Actually yes, I enjoyed both. I was in shock though so I have to try again to see if I really do." I felt her arms tighten as much as she could around me. I felt like such a good big brother. I then felt her pull up, which was up against my leg warm up, she really does wet it on purpose, and to let her know I know, i squeezed her. She giggled then she fell asleep, she was comfertable and happy. I on the other hand was still getting used to a cold diaper. I reached down and felt it, it wasn't that full, then I got a plan. I relaxed and pictured i was sitting on the toilet. I felt the front of my diaper followed by the bottom to the back get warm again, it did feel good, I felt like a baby again. I smiled and fell asleep next to my little sister. Please leave a comment on how much you enjoyed this or if there is anything you would add or change in the story. (Please refrain from make inappropriate comments, they are brother and sister who are 8 and 6, please take your mind out of the gutter)
  11. Little sister's baby sister pt.2 I turned around and just look at anna, I didn't know what to do, then Maria piped up, I was ready for her to explain it was just a prank and a big misunderstanding. "No, Maria has to wear diapers all the time, she is such a baby." Maria just kept going with it, I tried to speak but couldn't get the words out "she wets and messes often, but she can change herself but if she needs help, I can help her, she doesn't like others to do it." "Ok, then, well I'm making some hamburgers, why don't you get cleaned up and come on down when you're ready." Anna closed the door and went downstairs, I turned to Maria. "Maria, what a...." I started to say but Maria shoved one of her dolls paci in my mouth "Shhhhhh, Denice. I know what you want, you want me to change you, I understand." She shoved me onto my butt and went into the closet. As I hit the ground I felt all the poop mush against my butt and I was in shock again, I didn't know what to do. Maria came out with a diaper from her life size doll set and laid me down. "Since you also pooped like a baby, I don't think you deserve pull ups, so I got you a daiper instead." She kept me in the dress and told me to stay here, she was gone for a minute and came back with some stuff. "smile!" she said and I saw a flash, I started to freak out yelling but I still had the paci in my mouth. "If you don't want anyone to see this, you are going to be baby Maria until mommy and daddy comes home, got it?" She got me, I was trapped, I shook my head yes reluctantly. She changed my diaper and did a really good job for being six, it must be because of all of the dolls she has. Once we we're done she sat me on her bed "stay here for five minutes then come down" she walked out of the room with the camera. I was alone with my thoughts. As much as I hate to admit it, the diaper was comfy and was nice when it was wet, I also liked the dress. After five minutes I went down stairs and walked into the kitchen. "Look who decided to join us, take a seat Maria" said Anna. Maria was eating her hamburger and I took the seat next to her and grabbed myself a hamburger and some chips and started to eat. "So, how old are you guys?" I was about to answer but Maria answered first "I'm seven and Maria is 5, she has been slow to potty train" those weren't our ages but I didn't dare say different. "I can see she is, did you get a new diaper?" She asked, I shook my head yes. "that's good, do you guys want to watch a movie after we finish eating?" I looked up and said "can we watch Brave?" What, I like the fights with the big bear. "Yes" supported Maria "Ok, I'll set it up and get the movie sweets" Anna got up and went to the TV room to set it up. "Oh, you like princess movie now, huh?" Maria teased "No, just the fighting parts" I said back. We finished eating and went into the TV room and got our spots. Maria got a chair to herself when I had to share the couch with Anna. Anna came with popcorn and drinks in tublewear cups with lids. "Thank you" I said as I got my share. Anna sat next to me and started the movie, she laid down and let me lay on her. I felt childish but I liked it, I started to drink, it was apple juice, my favorite, needless to say, it was gone fast. About half way through the movie Merida fell through the floor and it scared me and I let some pee seep into my diaper, but I didn't mind. At the end of the movie it was time for bed, actually passed time for bed. I got up and felt a pat on my butt, I turned around and it was Anna "sorry, I was checking if you had you diaper on for the night." I blushed. Then the front door opened and mommy and daddy walked in. "We're back, how were they, I see Maria is in her pull up" my mom said, wait, they thought I was Maria, I looked at Maria and she was smiling. Uh oh. Please leave a comment on how much you enjoyed this or if you would change anything.
  12. "You know when I was your age I didn't need diapers at all" I look at my little sister Maria, we are about the same hight despite her being only 6 and I'm 8, but I was still the older brother. She has been wetting the bed and had to wear princess diapers. "Stop, it's not diapers, it's pull ups." Whined Maria "Mom! Derick is being mean!" Uh oh, here comes mom, Maria always complains to her. "Derick, leave your little sister alone, the babysitter is going to arrive soon and I don't need conflict" Mom is currently brushing her hair. "Babysitter for the diaper wearing baby" I tease Maria. "I'm not a baby!" Maria whined. She is so whiny, she needs diapers simply because she acts like a baby. "That's enough Derick, go downstairs you two and wait for the babysitter, gotcha?" "Yes mom" we said together and we walk downstairs and sit next to each other on the couch. After a while a car pulls up to the house "MOM, THE SITTER IS HERE!" Maria yells, man she can be loud. Mom answers the door and greets the sitter and invites her in "hello, thank you for taking the job, this is Derick" she points to me "and this is Maria." she points to Maria "they can really handle themselves, just make sure Maria is in her pull up before she goes to bed and they eat something, we have food in the fridge and you have my number." Maria blushes at the mention of her wearing a pull up. "Have fun you too" mom walks out with Dad to go on their "date" night. The sitter turns to us and says "Alright, you guys can just call me Anna and I'll be your sitter, do you guys want me to spend time with you guys or do you want to be by yourselves?" "I'll be in my room" I get up and head up to my room and I hear Maria say she is going to be in her room and go up the other stairs. "Ok, I'll be down here watching TV if you guys need anything" I hear the sitter call from downstairs. My room was boring, I had a few toys but I out grew them. "I wonder what Maria is up to." I think to my self. I stand up and walk to her room and just walk in "hey Maria." "What do you want?" She snapped at me "Geez, I was bored and wanted to see what you were doing" I responded "Well I was playing with toys but I'm bored, what do you want to do?" She asked "I don't know, that's why I came here" I answered "Wanna play truth or dare?" She asked. It has been a while since Ive played truth and dare so I thought why not, as long I'm not doing nothing. "Sure, I'll go first. Truth or Dare?" "Truth" "Ok, is it true you are a baby?" "DERICK!" "OK, OK. Sorry, is it true that you like school?" "Yes, I get to go in the sandbox." I missed Pre-K, we had no homework, no class, no responsibilities. It was great. "now my turn! Truth or Dare?" "Um... Truth" start off safe. "Is it true that you like broccoli?" "Yeah, it's good!" "YUCK, I HATE IT. ok, your turn" "Truth or Dare?" "DARE!" "Oh, feeling risky huh, ok. I dare you to eat an ice cube." "Ok" Maria runs down stairs and comes back with a glass of ice and throws one in her mouth. "Ok, twoth or dare?" By Honor I must choose dare "Dare." "Ok" she leaves the room and comes back with a bottle of water. "Drink this is one go" I take the bottle and chug until the bottle was empty. That was easy. We continue with truths and dares for a while when she then dares me to put on one of her pull ups for teasing her earlier. Not wanting to back down I take one and walk into the closet and put it on and walk out looking silly. We continued for a while longer, we had crazy dare and embarrassing truths. It was Maria's turn to ask "Truth or Dare?" "Dare!" "Let me tickle you!" I was confused by this but it wasn't anything more unusual from anything so far so I let her tackle me and start to tickle me and I was laughing. Then it hit me, I had to go to the bathroom, the whole bottle I drunked earlier. "Ma..hahaha...Maria..hahahaha. St...hahah....stop...hahaha" I begged but she continued until I stopped laughing, she made sure I was pinned and used a free hand to check the diaper I just soaked, i was in shock. "Oh wow, this is soaked, who is the baby now?! Actually I guess you're just a bedwetter." I had no idea what to do, Maria got off me and sat me up sitting me on my soaked pull up and then she went around me and wrapped her arms around my stomach "do you remember that powder mommy gave me when I couldn't poop, guess what was in the water." She squeezed my stomach and I let out a loud fart and filled the pull up with poop. "Oh, I guessed you are a baby now, Only babies poop in diapers." I was even more shocked, I couldn't move, I just sat in my diaper. Maria started to walk around the room and I paid little attention to her, she pulls off my shirt and puts something else on me, she then stands in front of me and I see she is wearing my clothes, she looked a lot like me, some differences but if you didn't know us well you couldn't tell. I stood up and looked in the mirror and I looked like Maria in her dress, I was even more shocked. Someone was walking up the stairs but I didnt hear it but Maria did. She threw a doll at my feet "Denice, can you pick that up for me" she asks. I just bend over to pick it up reveiling my very dirty diaper and then the sitter walked in. "Hey guys, are you hung... Maria, I thought you only needed the diapers at night?" Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.
  13. This is a story of Jack, an adult baby sitter, becoming an adult baby by the adult baby he was babysitting Jack pulls up into the driveway of his first client, Mrs frizzle, quickly checking his phone making sure he's at the right address, his first job, jack wanted everything to go right. He got out of his car and went to the trunk to grab his luggage and supplies. He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. After a few seconds a lady answers the door who he recognized the voice of, it was Mrs frizzle. "Oh goodie, you're here, ok, I'm off on my trip, you have my phone number if there's any trouble and Katie is inside asleep in her crib. Now if you would excuse me, I have a plane to catch" Jack was taken aback by the sudden rush out of the door by Mrs frizzle, "she must be really late" he mumbled to himself. He turned and walked into the house, he was now In charge of the house for the next four days, being paid $150 a day, he thought "$600 to watch a baby, even if it's an adult baby, it's a steal." He hears crying in the next room and goes to look in the room and he sees an about 18 year old Katie sitting there in a obviously wet diaper. "Well time to get to work" Jack goes and unhooks the crib and opens it, he grabs Katie and takes her to the changing table across the room "well, I'm going to be your daddy for the next four days" Katie obviously didn't like that for she started to kick and yell "WE DONT NEED A DADDY, WE NEED MOMMY!" Jack had trouble holding on to her for being 21 himself she only weighed about 15 pounds less then him "that's enough, im in charge and you have to listen to me." He wrestled her over to the changing table and laid her onto it. Katie calmed down when he started to change her. Jack grabbed a pink diaper off from the shelf and said "this is cute!" And put it on Katie. After she was all diapered, she started to fuss again, jack knew he had to get some authority on this baby so he said "hey, if you don't behave, I'll have to spank you!" Thinking this will get her to stop jack relaxed only to hear Katie yell "OR MAYBE I SPANK YOU!" Jack once again was taken aback, but then chuckled to himself "I guess I have to spank you then" he grabbed her wrist and dragged over to the crib and went to sit down but right when he was about to Katie yelled "That's it time for your spanking!" "Oh yeah, we'll see about..." Jack didn't finish his sentence when he felt his feet fall from underneath him and he fell forward over Katie's lap "now wait a minute" jack was saying but was interrupted by a smack, Katie just spanked him, and it hurt! He let out a Yelp, Katie then pulled down his pants and underwear "if it hurt with my pants up then..." "WHACK!" Jacks entire butt felt like it was on fire, he yelled as another smack came down, and another and another. What seemed like hours to jack finally stopped, he was crying, this wasnt supposed to happen he was in charge, he was the babysitter! Katie stood him up and said "Aww, what a cry baby, your acting like a baby girl, so why don't you look like one." Katie dragged jack across the room the the changing table and jack was defenseless, he was to focused on the throbbing pain in his butt, he didn't realize what was happening until he was handcuffed to the charging table and Katie pulled off his pants, he turned completely white when he saw the pink diaper and he started to struggle, but his stuggle was quickly ended with another spank on his bare bottom, he was quickly diapered and Katie walked over to the closet, jack wanted to know what she was doing and when she walked out with the most frilly, pink dress he knew exactly what was about to happen as she walked over he yelled "I'm the babysitter, you can't do this!" And with a quick smack to the butt he shut up. Katie said "Now I said we need a mommy not a daddy, so I'll be the mommy and you be the baby" she unhandcuff him and threatens him by raising her hand, jack got so scared he wet his diaper on the spot. Katie takes off his shirt and pulls the dress over his head, she stood him up and held him in front of the mirror, jack felt every bit of his manhood drain away as he was a baby girl with a wet diaper. He realized this was going to be the next four days. "No" he thought "no" he said out loud, "I'm the babysitter and you're the baby!" He grabbed Katie's hand and twisted it around, he was not going down without a fight. He quickly got control of the situation and had Katie's hand behind her back with him having a strong hold of it, then she started to cry. "Please let me go, you are hurting me, I'll be good, I'll behave, I promwise!" Katie wined. Jack loosen his grip and started to let go, once her hand was free, Katie elbowed Jack in the stomach and there was a toot in his diaper. She swings around and starts to fight again, jack defends himself but feels a cramp in his stomach and struggles. Katie hits jack again and there's another toot, she goes for one more hit and slugs him as hard as she could. "Thuuuurrrrbbbbb" jack suddenly stopped as he felt the back of his diaper fill up and he froze, Katie took advantage of the situation and tackled him to the ground causing him to fall on to his freshly messed diaper. Jack looked up and just got what happened, he had just been beaten in a fight by a girl, not any girl but the baby girl he is babysitting, after he wet and messed the diaper she put him in. He didn't know what to do, he looked at Katie who was sitting on his chest. "Don't worry" Katie reassured jack "its ok" she lifts her butt a little and turns around for Jack to see, he heard her moan then the diaper fills up in his face. He quickly gets out from under her and trys to stand but falls back on his butt. "See, nothing is wrong, you just went to the bathroom." Jack looks at Katie oddly, he starts to stand up and she shoves him down again and crawls up to his face then licked his nose. "Can you do something for me?" "Uh, what is it?" jack asked suspiciously "I don't want to be the baby, I want to take a break, so how about instead you can be my baby and I can be your mommy!" Jack was intrigued by this, he has read about this happening but haven't giving it much thought, what was it like to be on the flip side. "So, what do you say?" Katie came closer to Jack's face with the cutest smile, how can he say no to that face? "Well, I don't know, this isn't what I signed up for." Jack said "Oh come on, you'll still get paid, mommy doesn't have to know, Please!" Jack thought and came up with a clever answer "alright, but one night, if I don't like it we stop, if I somehow do, I'll consider it, alright?" "YAY, It's a deal!" Katie leaped forward with delight knocking jack over in a hug. "First things first, I think someone needs a diapee change" she pressed against the back of his diaper which made him uncomfortable and made him squirm, she smiled at this. She stood up and helped him up and put him on the changing table, she didn't handcuffed him and jack took this as a sign of trust and decided not to take advantage of it. She efficiently changed him and got him into a new diaper before he knew it, he was still thinking what was going to happened. He was trying to remember all of the stories and guess what she was going to do next. "Ok, all done" Katie lifted jack off the table and jack started to waddle, this diaper is different, thicker, he lost his footing and fell onto his knees "aww, poor baby, I guess you have to crawl from now on." Katie mocked. Jack relized she did this on purpose, she is smarter than he thought. He started to crawl around and noticed that Katie was still in her messy diaper. "Are you going to get out of your diaper now since" he swallowed "you're mommy?" "Nope, I need it still, but I'm still mommy which means I get to make dinner! Follow me baby" She walked out of the room. Jack followed crawling in his oversized diaper and a frilly dress. This wasnt what he signed up for, but strangly, he wasn't going to fight it, this should be interesting. Add ideas in the comments for what you might want to see. Thanks for reading so far, more to come!