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  1. The first night of Mommy in bed wetting diapers went well. I ended up getting her some Abena S4s. They look really really cute on her and I made sure to give Mommy a nice big orgasm after I laid her down on top of it. After Mommy did the same thing for me, we snuggled up and went to sleep. During the night she woke up twice to pee. Its tough for her to pee in her diaper laying down. She sits up in bed on her knees and strains until she can release. She says even though its a little tough (she isnt diaper trained like me) she prefers to do it over actually getting out of bed and walking downstairs. In the morning it was very sexy to see and feel her soggy bum. I made love to her with both of us still in our wet night diapers. As we spooned afterwards I asked how she felt about her first night in bed wetting diapers. She smiled and said it was really nice to be able to stay in bed to pee and she was pretty content that she "got laid" (her words). I think we could both get used to this.
  2. What types of medication or therapy do you find works best? My Dr's had me on a lot of different drugs in the beginning and I never had much success with them. The first drug that helped me was medical marijauna. I have also found that exercise is a very very good way to deal with panic and anxiety, your body is going through a fight or flight reaction. I find sitting still only makes it worse. There are times when the sweat is literally pouring down my face and all my muscles are straining as I fight the urge to scream and tear at myself or the objects in my house. In those terrible moments, nothing helps. PTSD, anxiety disorders and major depression are hard things to live with. But you don't walk alone.
  3. I understand the conflict you feel within yourself. I understand the lonely feelings associated with this. I understand how difficult it can be to have sane and rational discussions with people who share these compulsions. Most of us appear to suffer with emotional burdens. My advice is to continue discussing this with your Dr. Dont expect your Dr to tell you how to "fix" yourself step by step. As you talk outloud to your Dr and he provides you feedback, you will begin to discover what you need to do to make forward movement in your life. It is far from easy and far from fast. Have patience and keep at it. The only advice I can give about your girl friend is have open and honest discussions regularly. Do your best to think how it feels to be in her shoes. Try to have empathy and understanding for her perspective and try to commincate to her in a way that she can have empathy and understanding for you. Go slow. Patience and understanding go a long way.
  4. In my opinion Abena is still king of the medical diaper world. Depends still suck, Attends have gone downhill since about 10 years ago. Tena is about the best brand I have seen in grocery stores, but I wouldnt trust a Tena diaper for more than 4 - 5 hours. Molicare is still a good brand but the last 5 years or so their quality has gone down. Dry 24/7, better dry and North Shore have VERY thick thick diapers, but the are the same price as AB/DL ones.One brand I have found to be a very good day time diaper is Lille Supreme. Im 24/7 and I use Abena for night time and Lille supreme for day time. I find these diapers are the best bang for your buck and are easy to conceal under regular clothes. (Big fan of your tumblr page by the way, nice to see you here.)
  5. Thank you. The support my wife and my Drs and my closest friends have given me has been monumental. Its the reason why I suggest to any of us here who are suffering with mental illness and depression, to seek medical professional help. Even if some people might be tired of me parroting that message. There do seem to be a lot of us suffering with mental health issues.
  6. *Hugs Alex* Its going to be okay, brother.
  7. Starting next week, me and Mommy are getting our upstairs bathroom renovated. We have a second bathroom downstairs for the non diaper wearing people in my family and for showering of course. The problem for Mommy is that its downstairs and she doesnt want to go so far to pee when she wakes up to pee in the middle if the night. I convinced her to wear diapers to bed for the 2 to 3 weeks the upstairs bathroom is off limits. She has worn diapers for me before, but since I went 24/7 a couple years ago she has really gravitated to the Mommy role. I told her she's going to see a lot more action on her Mommy parts for the 2-3 weeks. Seeing Mommy in a wet pamper gets me pretty excited. I doubt shes going to want to make it a permanent thing in her life but Im looking forward to it either way. Im going to do my best to make her feel really good, so she associates night time diapers with really good big girl feelings. I felt so good about this I thought Id share it.
  8. I was listening to some music today and noticed this lyric from an old Wu-Tang song. You become so Pat as my style increasesWhat's that in your pants? Ahh, human feces! Throw your shitty drawers in the hamper Next time, come strapped with a fuckin' Pamper I thought it was pretty funny and I can't believe I didnt notice this much earlier. Wu Tang has been around forever!
  9. That's too funny! I read the headline and thought "A new Deuce Bigelow movie?". Then I realized the post was from 15 years ago. This movie was pretty silly, but I didn't mind the adult baby scene. I get how that's a pretty funny situation, if you aren't one of us. I recently discovered Rob Schneider has started a podcast. It's pretty new and he only has like 14k subscribers, I always find it exciting to see and be part of the beginnings of something. Check it out if you like his comedy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuLznjTGxoW1X9az6Sz9j_A
  10. Good morning and Happy Saturday! :) I hope today finds you well.  I hope your day today is filled with diapers and good feelings.  

  11. @BlakeJordan I appreciate your detailed and well thought out answer to my question. As I read your response I felt similarity in my own feelings. The "giving in" and just wearing and using diapers, the feeling of an emotional weight being lifted. I am happy to report that I felt that too, when I "gave in" to 24/7 wearing. Dealing with these compulsions is our burden to carry it seems. It makes my burden feel lighter to carry, when I read about people like you struggling and succeeding. Thank you for being so candid. You are inspiring.
  12. What in your point of view would be the best way for AB/DL people to present themselves in public? What platform or news agency is the correct one? How do you feel we as individuals should conduct ourselves while presenting to the media? Do you see any positives or only negatives with this type of fame? Why do you feel this way? I do not personally agree with you on many subjects, but I feel that if you expressed your points of view constructively we could all find some common ground on this touchy subject of public identity. Respectfully. Voodu
  13. Brudda Voodu


    Nice Jammies Ash! I have a pair like that but its blue with little penguins. 😀
  14. Thank you Rusty. Your kind words mean more to me than you know. Id like you to know that I admire and respect you and your contributions too. Your posts are always well thought out and honest.
  15. Hello :) What's crack a lackin' homey?

    1. Brudda Voodu

      Brudda Voodu

      Whats crack a lackin' homey?  It's 337pm out west. Im 4 hours ahead of you. Having a good friday?


    2. Brudda Voodu

      Brudda Voodu

      When I was in the military they sent me to civilian school to get an engineering degree. What are you studying for now?

    3. Brudda Voodu

      Brudda Voodu

      Oh silly me I just read your about me page! Hahaha! I should know about that.  You are a musician who is trying to be a counselor.  Well I wish you well in your endeavours, sir, I know the life of a musician and student in Vancouver is a very cold and impoverished life style.  Please take care of yourself.