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  1. DL-Ash

    Cinema trip

    I saw Sonic at the cinema and I was the ONLY ONE THERE!
  2. DL-Ash

    Glasgow trip

    Not fully completed but here's a few pictures I have.
  3. DL-Ash


    Thanks Brudda 😀😀😀👍
  4. DL-Ash


    Hehehe thanks 😀
  5. DL-Ash

    My new footed sleeper PJ's

    A few images of my footed pajamas
  6. I see you peaking hehehe 😝😛😝ðŸĪŦ

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    2. Joe from longisland

      Joe from longisland

      Just run away poopy dog 😛😛😛

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    4. Joe from longisland

      Joe from longisland

      nooooooooooooo stop it!!!!ðŸĪĢðŸĪĢðŸĪĢ

  7. Wow, those look awesome and cute 😀😀😀👍
  8. I'm glad you're feeling better. 😀 Get well soon.
  9. DL-Ash

    Lost bets

    My bets that I have lost.
  10. Update 2: I have booked my train tickets and on the same day I got my ticket! Talk about lucky lol, it's like they knew that I was thinking about booking train tickets! Ok sure, I'll post some pictures from my trip to Glasgow and of my ticket after the fact.
  11. Currently some "Plain and Simple" ones, along with the other ones in the big box in my profile (about me)
  12. Update: Hotel is booked and it's about 400 yards from the SSE Hydro. It cost me quite a bit of money... I still have to book train tickets though.
  13. I'll be heading to Glasgow Scotland around the 23rd February 2020 to go to a Dream Theater concert at the SSE Hydro. I'll likely be in a hotel near the venue (don't know which one yet) I'll post an update in 6 weeks hopefully. I can say with certainty that I'll be getting the train to Glasgow Central Train Station (not sure on the times yet) It would be cool to meet up with some like-minded individuals to talk and have a hot chocolate (I can't drink coffee) with.