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  1. Diaper *Crinkle*

    First off I am very sorry for the depression as I have heard that it can be very debilitating. I have never suffered other then some normal grieving from losing a loved one or a pet so I can't really give advice on it. I hope someday you are able to overcome it and find time to enjoy wearing diapers.
  2. For me being petite helps out a lot. I am just over 5'3" and weight around 110 Lbs. There are a good amount of little girly style cloths that I can fit in if I get the largest size. Even stores like Walmart, Target, Kohls have girl sections that sell T-Shirts with Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, and Care Bears, and they definitely could be viewed as little girl clothes.
  3. Diaper *Crinkle*

    Can I ask you why you are on an ABDL forum then? Do you deep down inside really want to wear diapers, but can't get over these feelings? I am sorry for the off topic post.
  4. Relaxing Baby/Kiddie Music

    Well to be honest that post just flew completely over my head. I do know what an MP3 is, but that is about it. I'm not very computer language savvy or computer savvy at all.
  5. As a real little girl and going to school like from K-3 it was great. Then in the 4th grade and 5th Grade it started to become a challenge for me to keep up and I started to hate it. Once I hit Middle School is when I started noticing my sexuality was a bit different than my girlfriends as they were always talking how cute the boys were and stuff like that I am I more focused on how cute they actually were. I was quite confused at first and was pretty much a loner with just maybe 2 friends in Middle School and the struggles academically continued especially in Math and Science somewhat. Once I entered High School I knew I was a Lesbian and so did my parents and they accepted it. I was still quite the loner only attending 1 dance my entire high school time(10th Grade Home Coming and I went with a Friend). I also was much smaller and not nearly as developed as the other girls in High School so that made it quite awkward. In high school I looked like I should have been back in the 5th or 6th grade. So I survived my schooling and I guess you can say it did take enjoyment out of my childhood for most of it.
  6. Music Page Back

    Thank U, I will check that out once I get back from work later.
  7. Relaxing Baby/Kiddie Music

    Ooh, those would be good for jumping and dancing around. They are fun, fun, fun. Love it.
  8. Hey, everybody! I'm new (to the site)!

    Hi Lizziecat, Nice to meet ya. I am Tiny Tot. It is wonderful to have a partner who is open to all of this. It makes you like you said more opened and even relaxed about it. Welcome.
  9. What's your religion?

    I consider myself a Christian. Growing up we went to Church for Christmas and Easter and that was about it but I was always taught to be kind and respectful to others by my parents which I think is really important. Now my girlfriend and I don't attend Church but we still both consider ourselves Christians. As for the matter of it being appropriate or not, I think it is fine if people just state what they are and don't start judging others.
  10. Girl Touches Your Diaper

    If it was just some random girl than their hand would get quickly smacked and pushed off of me. If it was my girlfriend who acts as my mommy that is a totally different story. Although we never engage in any sexual play while we are Baby and Mommy because that would not be right. She does go under my onesie or whatever pants/shorts I am wearing over my diaper to feel if I am wet and need to be changed.
  11. Music Page Back

    Little Christine I have been meaning to tell you what you have with your Music Page is wonderful. The Music is so relaxing and soothing and it has one of my all time favorites from The Sound Of Music, "My Favorite Things." I also really love the Fairy Ballet" song. Awesome Job.
  12. What Is Your Favorite Flower

    Lilies. All colors but mostly the ones with pink in them.
  13. Stuffed animals~!

    I am rather spoiled when it comes to having stuffed animals. I have too many to count. My favorite has to be the main 6 My Little Pony character stuffed animals. I love My Little Pony and have way before I even started being an adult baby. Here they are all lined up in a row. The one in the back in a large My Little Pony Pillow Pet that I also love very much.
  14. Isn't there anyone here that's not 45????

    Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers comprise a very wide range of age and from what I have seen here this site has a great group of different aged AB's and DL's with all different sorts of stories to tell. In the few days I have been here that is the main thing I have really loved about this place. Everyone seems to have their own place in how they elect to live out being an AB, Mommy or Daddy, DL which I think is so awesome. To put yourself in a small box like the OP did and only want to associate with people your own age just seems silly to me.
  15. does anyone else vape on here

    Nope, I have also never smoked or vaped. I have a question though for those who do. For those that do vape were you all previous cigarette smokers before and you are using vaping to quit smoking cigarettes?