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  1. I feel like I am in the minority

    yea im a different type than other generalizations i belive i think im a dl i just love wearing and getting off but i do also like to use for all 3 sometimes all atonce then clean up an be normal again but i also do crave the other baby stuff too passi bubba wipes powder all that i consider im a dl and i want to be forced to whear use get changed use paci bubba all that an stuff like a baby you wanna act like a baby im gonna treat you like one oh you wanna make fun of an incontinent kid imma whip yo butt an turn you into a baby for as long as i choose too all that is what runs in my head constantly but then on the same token being forced to be a baby by a sitter is what i want but also i dont wanna be that limited either like lets watch this grown up movie or show and your gonna be the baby tho but then also when i need a cig an my passi aint satisfying me anymore i can light one up and you know just be forced to be my normal age with my normal life just in diapers and being fed like a baby you know like mayb more like hold lets have a cig ok cig done let mommy hold you oh you want a booby ok baby you know stuff like that just back an forth kinda but mayb diapered the whole time you know i dunno lol
  2. i have already worried like crazy over diapers all you find in the store anymore mostly is the clothlike outercover i like to call them paper diapers and that bugs me i want my crinkley diaper that will hold the fluids inside instead of a discreeet cheap piece of junk that leaks out the fabric. now back in mid 2000's they had a cheap plastic diaper at walmart that were decent enogh then they went paper and then they went paper with a single velcro strip that is rediculus rite aid has paper ones that are decent but still terrible in premium briefs i finaly got to try an abena x plus last year guess what they are paper exterior now and the crotch is too narrow and the landing zones for the taps are way too short so angry about that . i like to wear an extra large im a large i can probly fit a medium if i were to where like normal people but when i whear a diaper i want to whear a diaper so i wherre extra larges and i like to fasten the bottom tight at me leg creases and up over my naval fastend tight on top over my stomach this causes leaks and such and the only reason really is the inner padding and fluff are all too thin the crotches are all to narrow the leg gathers are all too low and the tapes and landing zones are not spread far enough and most tapes are to weak or the outer plastic is too thin and the tapes rip the outsides off so in general not being able to afford good diapers they all suck hard altho latley there are a generic brand called leader that are taking a direction i want to see. a large leader is as tall and wide as alot of xtra larges are they have three tapes they are a bit thicker than an avergae store brand they say compares to depend but they are 10 times better in alot of aspects except the tapes are a bit too small and they are weak they sometimes just wont stick at random for no reason and they are blue and they could stand to be a bit wider crotch and thicker fluff so if this company stays this way its good but i really wanna see them make the tapes a bit wider and alot stronger and increase a bit of fluff the leg gatherers height and and make the outer cover a bbit stronger and white is sometimes better than other colors but thats a dls perspective i want more security over discretion and i like white diapers cuz they seem more like a diaper i remember being a kid and seeing big bulky plastic white diapers for adults and just want it so bad i was born in 1981 lol
  3. Bouncy Horsie Poo

    i have tried to simulate the experience of sitting on the horse and going by trying to do it on like porch rails straddled reverse chair sitting on hard chars straddling benches all kinds of things around my house i can get away with from time to time .
  4. Anybody In Michigan?

    applegate here hi all
  5. Who Is Where...?

    Applegate Michigan here
  6. Hello From Applegate Michigan

    Hi how yall doin i really need to find a female switch i guess all my fantasies involve being the sub tho but i feel i would have to try and be the dom for someone willing to dom me cuz with me the problem is i am 5'11 235 and kinda strong and thick skinned dense boned type of guy masculine on the outside and need to be regressed and cared for and all that alot of my fantasies are the diaper punishment ones you know i am too immature or i really deserve what i was threatend with at one point in my life because of what i did and i feel bad and need it to be done to me like starting off with a bare bottom otk hand spanking. stripped down diapered given meds and a bottle and stuff and forced to be the baby that i deserve to be and all that. and sure thats all well and good but there aint nobody around willing to do that and not enough selection plus i am too shy and all that and need to be asked out an stuff you know its like im desperatly in need of a good woman to love me and enjoy the same things and all that stuff you know but i have such a driven need for my fetishes i cant stay with someone anymore that wont share in my fetish because i tried so long before in failed relationships still in love with another girl but i thought mayb if someone shared my fetish stuff mayb i could feel for them differently than my first love i was still inlove with but this is so hard here in this small county here is another thing that is really messing with me ok i put a craigslist add out i got all fakes one was a guy who said too bad you arent into guys and i thought about wanting it and talked to him he made me accept that as a possabilatiy and then stopped contacting me so i have been screwed up royaly now i know i do like getting anal done to me and i would enjoy being otk hand spanked by a man and i could enjoy being held from behind by a man but i dont think i can french kiss a dude and i cant really see any men i find atrractive enough to try to beable to french there are a couple on tv i could see having make love to me from the front tho so i dont know anymore i am so confused too shy and so obsessed with my dl stuff i cant take it i h8 me anyways yea if a saving angel is out there to be with me and my fetish and my lods of baggage i need you lol sorry for this
  7. Times You Actually Pooped In Public

    so i dont know why i do this stuff i dont even have any disabilaties to cover for it and i do alot when i got diapers i can trust or i make them trustworthy by doubling up an sometimes reinforcing the tapes with tape its so terrible to do tho im just being a perverted bastard exposing my fetish to people to feel extra naughty or somethin it sucks man but i tend to go out shopping bymyself and intentional wear diapers and take suppositories just to humiliate myself and pretend nobody but me knows what im doing but thats the point of public humiliation people know its so wrong on so many levels i dont know i h8 myself i cant even bring myself to stay with a girlfriend when they wont get into my fetish anymore i did for so long now im getting old and am far too lonly but have become self reliantt i guess but i torture myself with guilt and desire and the urge to seek out this depravity sometimes just consumes me you know and i h8 it h8 it h8 it so anyways i was telling this story i wear diapers under my clothes take supositories and go out running errands and try to let it happen on its own but i tend to push before my control would give out mind you i dont rub it in peoples faces and show it and all that you know but i go out intentionaly for some crazy reason so this story is the craziest it has ever felt it was a heavy load and came hard and fast and reaked to high heaven half way through my shopping trip to walmart and i swear i heard people reacting to my sick shame as i shopped it was hrifying and humiliating and i feel like i want to do it again cuz i feel like i deserve it ifnh8me
  8. Jealous of girls

    sorry to hear that. of course that is true what you said about changing the approach and that is what i had always done. which is why im searching the abdl community and been single for years perhaps even a decade or more now not really just a caregiver tho i am looking for true love a partner too, as i said even tho i fantasize about subbing all the time im still a virgin as in i have not done abdl stuff with another person really and i think of it more as a partner cuz as i said im willing to switch for the partner. even tho i only fantasize about subbing mainly. but this is off topic lol. so your saying as a girl abdl its just as hard for you? wow dint really expect that it always feels like men outnumber women and just because a girl is a girl a man is lucky she even came into his life i only had 3 like total real relationships too mostly. all long term. i kept it buried inside for a long time stayed with a girl and one day after feeling like i was gonna explode broke down and told her one promised to do it and never did one said no but she would think about it but both of those fell apart because i was still in love with the first who cheated on me and used me 5 years on and off then we had a 1 year perfect relationship and i dont even think i told her about it until after she moved away thats a long hard story tho and way off topic here lol
  9. Abducted by aliens

    Great story! Funny i used to fantasize about this kind of scenario when i was younger well similar anyways lol
  10. Jealous of girls

    I dont know about genders and stuff that much but lets not go into gender politics people should be free period. As an abdl being a curvy hairy male i do sometimes find myself jealous of girls in some ways tho. i often find myself thinking im never going to get that true love who will do these things to me for me and the only way i could be happy is to meet my exact female doppelganger but then she wouldn't want me either lol. I often feel that if i were a woman i even being curvy not hairy of course lol but curvy could find someone to do these things to me for me it feels like women can get away with being abdl and find someone especialy if like me female me were willing to switch even not actualy ever doing any of this with another person but its only fair even tho all my fantasies are sub in the abdl stuff that if she were willing to do it for me and wanted it also then i would have to give it to her i feel its fair you know. but yea to anser the hypathetical here yes i do get a bit jealous of girls but mainly because if i were a girl maybey i woulda found my abdl match tho perhaps if i could learn to love a man but im pretty certain im straight lol but men are just like me too and would not be atracted to a big burly beardy hairy guy in a diaper specialy a messy one lol tho mind you i find myself decent enough lol im so single that if i could become two of me with a snap of my fingers i would switch play with me if only because we were both so desperate lol Sorry if i got to far off the topic of the op here i kinda got carried away and ran with the topic in my hand until i stopped suddenly like unknowingly running with a rope that is tied to something lol
  11. Simpsons

    sorry to topic rez lol but im just sitting around watching random stuff on my xbox from my pc had to look up what episode number how i wet your mother was lol and im watching the episode and im sad man marge is all utterly turned off by a diapered hubby sad face i was hoping she would be all into it lol a saintly sexy woman who puts up with all homers shenanigans turned off by the diaper thing really kills my hopes of finding the right girl for me kinda lol just was funny so i figured id post lol
  12. How do you like your diapers to be checked

    i always think about it being fun if you were put back in diapers diaper checks would happen from time to time like mommy or daddy would even in public slide the back of the pants down slightly pull the back of the diaper and look down it like you see with toddlers from time to time sorta thing and feel around the front and back through the pants and tell if its got anything in it or not lol