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  1. As a CC holder and a gun hobbiest (collection and local level comps) with little knowledge of what happened ill say this. On the one hand the CC guy was in the wrong as the first rule of CC is you AVOID and situation that may result in the need for your gun in the first place, So unless the walmart employee was being threatened beaten or the situation was obviously about to go south I.E shoving shouting threats ect he should have backed off called 911 and given a report. On the other hand if he was responding to any of the above then his actions were correct insofar as he was doing his best to protect inocents to the best of his abilitys, If your confronted and someone makes a grab for something odds in this day and age are it is a weapon and you need to react quickly, Im unsure of the details so i nor anyone here can judge before we know the facts one way or the other however. My persional opinion however is that regardless if the CC holder was in the right or wrong the theives and criminals took their life into their own hands and it didnt work out, The fact we are trying to defend these criminals and demonize the CC holder on THAT basis rather then his being reckless is pretty sad and a big reason why this country is in such bad shape, While i agree that any fool with a gun popping any supposed badguy is not a good idea the law should come down lightly on the side of the shooter and hard on the side of the criminal if it is proven that the ones shot were criminals, not vise versa. Just my 2 cents
  2. I gotta agree, jesus i have 5 bags and a few mixed singles or batches left over from other bags and i thought THAT many was a crapload. That said having to hidenyour diapers takes about 90% of the fun out of it and adds a ton of stress to what would be fun otherwise, 24/7 diapering is something i enjoy as a treat when im alone and no work and no stress but if you add stress to it it kills a lot.of the savor and fun.
  3. Agreed thats why i have a pack of rearz safari one of dry 24/7 one of abena l4s one of north shore cares and a half case of paws as well as a smattering of others ive mostly used up, It seems i can never finish a case of print diapers before i go back to white ones.
  4. Eh dont worry about it, i look at it as im the black sheep but im the one with a good job a nice boyfriend and the only one whos not been to jail :3 so i win. And agreed they are cute! im usually not into print diapers as im only a DL but for some reason i adore the space and little paws prints. Thanks for the welcome i hope ill enjoy it here as well!
  5. Depends on where i am, if im at work (i drive a semi truck) doing oil or solo runs i have full clothing and usually heavy overalls covering those as well, great for wearing a thick diaper like an abu little paws, space or dry 24/7 as the overall is so baggy it can hide ANYTHING hell not uncommon for me to wear a big diaper with 1 or 2 boosters in it all day. If im at home im usually in nothing more then my diaper and maybe a shirt sometimes rarely a onsey if i plan to wet a lot, nothing as nice as rubbing a warm wet plastic diaper front when its cold.
  6. So im bad at these things but here goes, Im Arctic a furry of course :3 a folf for anyone curious, I havnt been on a forum for this kinda thing since i was about 9 or 10 and using DPF before it went belly up and figured as ive been lurking for a few months id poke my muzzle in and attempt to make some new friends. For those of your curious to know about me, I am a trucker so i dont really have a fixed "home" such as it is i either stay at my parents or drag my travel trailer to a new work site and live out of that, Afterall there is no point in paying rent when i spend 99% of my time locked in a 8 by 11 box with wheels and only get to enjoy my house 2 or 3 days a month. I am gay but....i throw most people because unlike the sterotype i own a pickup, collect guns, enjoy offroad driving ect and am your pretty basic redneck, i do however enjoy computers video games and reading when i can not so much for movies though its funny to see the looks of abject shock on my few irl friends faces when they find out :3 As for my diaper side i have always loved diapers and stole them from my younger brothers and sister until i got caught and punshed pretty hard and told its not normal for a 5 year old to be in diapers blah blah blah, i still craved and longed for them i however only first found out about both the abdl community and furry community when i was a small pup of about 9 or 10 and stumbled across dpf and a rather nice fox after an aol group mentioned dpf and found others enjoyed it and i wasnt a freak as my parents put it after all. I used to buy depends or walgreens/rite aid local brand diapers with my allowance when i could get away with it right up till my brothers and sisters found out somehow and made my life a living hell so i stayed away from them for years though they never let me live it down even at school due to there abject hate for my being addopted and not "blood or real family" Had my first real diaper experince when i was 14 and mom was in the hospitial for a minor surgery to remove her appendix and i managed to swipe a "real" diaper from a cabnet a nurse left open it was puke green with lavender wetness indicators, i never did learn what brand it was but compared to a depend it was night and day and i was hooked again. Had a few more binge purge cycles always super ashamed, i swore them off many times especally with the hate and ridicule my siblings gave me even years later and one particular time they told everyone in school....that was not a fun year not to mention the stress of hiding and getting rid of them. Finally got a good pack of abenas when i was 17 and again drew me back in hard, even met up with a local baby/diaper fur group though only went twice....first time was a blast lotta fun, old cartoons pizza just chilling and enjoying not having to be stigmatized, but the second time.....ehh went bad, it was a diffrent group and they were all about sex drugs and booze, i never went to another meeting and kinda dropped out of the abdl scene till well...today though ive kept up my love of padding and wear whenever i can get away with it, even had a few jobs i was 24/7 as a driver. i mostly use a mix of abu little paws and dry 24/7 as they fit the best and as a driver they need to hold a LOT and not leak....for obvious reasions. Anywho sorry for wall o text like i said not very good at this :/