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  1. Saw a young woman on the bus with a pacifier

    I know some of the addicts in utah use them because some of the drugs they take make their teeth chatter or grind and they use them to keep from broken teeth, Wrll at least my sister and her boyfriend did it that way.
  2. Springfield, Anyone?

    I'm up north in KC just moved here my self.
  3. Depends on the girl and the person asking, I would just be honest, If they are a huge huge part of your life and losing them would be a large effect then tell her, If they are very minor and she is worth far more then they are, Tell her that as well. As missy said stress honestly how much of an impact they will or wont have, but above all be honest, And also between me and you if you get a girl who is willing to dump you over one thing like this do you really want to spend life with her? What happens if you get sick or injured? What happens whem you get old and your looks fade? What happens if you have a hobbie she hates? I would rather find out early on then late in when im emotionally invested.
  4. When was the last time you had a tape fail?

    My problem is im a big (read fat as hell) guy XL+ padding is required so to keep the padding on i got to tape it tightly or it sags and falls off....which leads to tapes popping when i sit which because im a trucker is 24/7 almost, So i keep duct tape handy.
  5. Gun advise

    Im fond of my EAA witness tanfogilo 10mm and tauris pt99af 9mm
  6. Defective diaper

    Although quality diapers help occasionally you get a pack of duds, Its bound to happen occasionally, I know i had one bag of seni quatros that they forgot the plastic or something and the pee went right through the cloth like it wasnt even there, Also had a bag of abenas once that were so poorly put together when they got wet the plastic would rip open right down the middle and dump its contents into your pants. My all time "favorite" fail though was i got a pack of molicares and padded up then went to the movies with my now ex boyfriend, Well i had diarrhea very bad the whole day hence why i padded up, well as im leaving the movie it hits hard and i had a mess before i could react, Turns out the leg gatherers werent attached well and it all went BETWEEN them and the padding and right out the diaper into my pants and i had to drive home like that and to add insult to injury when i got home i had to pee and i was in the bathroom anyway to change so i let rip....turns out the gel had gotten covered in glue or something because it asorbed no piss or juice AT ALL hence the mess. *facepalm* that was a bad day and i didnt wear again for almost 2 years because of it.
  7. I got scammed on eBay

    Ebay is always hit and miss, USUALLY i get what i wanted but occasionally i get burned, Worst to date was i bought some parts for my silverado almost a grands worth infact and got a box of bricks with a note saying haha f--- you sucker, Got the runaround from ebay and paypal for about 4 months before i got my money back, Seller got off scott free last i heard and ripped about 20 people off with brick boxes for over 30k total. Another bad one was i ordered some so called good condition and hard to find parts for a civil war era musket im restoring and got a box of shrink wrapped dog crap and screws, Still getting the runaround 6 months later from ebay and paypal, Guy had a good reputation too Ebay is basicly buy at your own risk.
  8. Moving to KC

    Fetlife? Never heard of it tbh ill look into it, Though im not a little, just a DL who is also a furry XD. But thanks for the lead regardless! Gives me a starting point.
  9. What's your Ideas that you want diaper companies to do

    Only thing i really want is an extra deep or extra wide diaper, My problem is i have rather large jewels and they tend to create a dam in some diapers meaning i tend to leak pretty easy.... or they push down the leg gatherers in most no matter how i position them so thet my padding leaks every single time most frustrating thing. Also better tapes, no matter the brand they always tend to pop unless i use duct tape.
  10. Moving to KC

    So as title says i will be moving to KC just as soon as the moving van is fully packed and i was curious who all lives in the area.
  11. Potty in diaper in public

    Had the runs at work one time when i was padded, As i was loading a tanker when the urge hit......well i was both mortified and greatful i had a diaper on that day, But i filled that thing so full over the 6 hours it took me to get to where i could change it was leaking out the front and back into my plastic pants. And i HATE pooping my diapers.
  12. Customer shoots, kills diaper-theft

    As a CC holder and a gun hobbiest (collection and local level comps) with little knowledge of what happened ill say this. On the one hand the CC guy was in the wrong as the first rule of CC is you AVOID and situation that may result in the need for your gun in the first place, So unless the walmart employee was being threatened beaten or the situation was obviously about to go south I.E shoving shouting threats ect he should have backed off called 911 and given a report. On the other hand if he was responding to any of the above then his actions were correct insofar as he was doing his best to protect inocents to the best of his abilitys, If your confronted and someone makes a grab for something odds in this day and age are it is a weapon and you need to react quickly, Im unsure of the details so i nor anyone here can judge before we know the facts one way or the other however. My persional opinion however is that regardless if the CC holder was in the right or wrong the theives and criminals took their life into their own hands and it didnt work out, The fact we are trying to defend these criminals and demonize the CC holder on THAT basis rather then his being reckless is pretty sad and a big reason why this country is in such bad shape, While i agree that any fool with a gun popping any supposed badguy is not a good idea the law should come down lightly on the side of the shooter and hard on the side of the criminal if it is proven that the ones shot were criminals, not vise versa. Just my 2 cents
  13. I gotta agree, jesus i have 5 bags and a few mixed singles or batches left over from other bags and i thought THAT many was a crapload. That said having to hidenyour diapers takes about 90% of the fun out of it and adds a ton of stress to what would be fun otherwise, 24/7 diapering is something i enjoy as a treat when im alone and no work and no stress but if you add stress to it it kills a lot.of the savor and fun.
  14. New from the road

    Agreed thats why i have a pack of rearz safari one of dry 24/7 one of abena l4s one of north shore cares and a half case of paws as well as a smattering of others ive mostly used up, It seems i can never finish a case of print diapers before i go back to white ones.
  15. New from the road

    Eh dont worry about it, i look at it as im the black sheep but im the one with a good job a nice boyfriend and the only one whos not been to jail :3 so i win. And agreed they are cute! im usually not into print diapers as im only a DL but for some reason i adore the space and little paws prints. Thanks for the welcome i hope ill enjoy it here as well!