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  1. Say something nice about the person below you

    Is a cute baby. Oh if u only knew SD
  2. AB furniture for the disabled

    The only thing that would be problematic with that,(price aside) is that I am unable to tolerate weight through my legs so it would have to be something where I'm not standing or walking in actuality. I guess to call it a baby walker is a bit misleading. I would basically like a babified version of a wheelchair. Whoever changed my username made me a very happy little girl
  3. AB furniture for the disabled

    Anyone who could design a AB baby walker? Not interested in purchasing right now, but I would like one for my future nursery. I have a disability so there are a few challenging specifications, the first being that I can't weight bear. Therefore, my legs can't be touching the ground, which also means that I would have to be able to move it with some hand mechanism. Secondly, my legs don't really separate so the seat would have to accommodate that. We can discuss price at the time of purchase. I would also like to open up this thread to other disabled littles and ABs for discussion of furniture modification and other disabled little relevant issues.
  4. Add A Diaper Feature

    Fading when wet so I couldn't lie about peepee
  5. In A Word...

  6. Down There!

    In grown and sexual terms I use P word (usually in a Dom/Sub context, I don't really have an adult word for it outside of that context) I actually take that back, I say coochie a lot. Lol in an LG context I tend to say Pee Pee or Pee Pee hole
  7. Bedwetting- How Old Were You When It Stopped?

    Um I still do it ocasionally
  8. I'm a bisexual female little girl/baby girl and I do enjoy diappy times hehe me three but usually prefer non toddler toys like crafts and games and books hehe. My boyfriend/daddy is a heterosexual man and my mommy that my daddy just recently brought to the scene because he knows I've wanted a female for awhile is a bisexual female and yes we are also sexual with each other. Sometimes all three of us play together. I'm a very lucky lady haha
  9. If You Been Bad Come Get A Spankin!

    Me Ashley me been talking back to my daddy and trying to avoid punishment from my mommy and daddy. Me 3
  10. Points?

    Like the concept but I'm not an open little and I live with others. Maybe if there were a sim like componant where we could express ourselves in a virtual world and complete certain objectives, like good girl points. And we could buy onsies and diapers and cute stuff that would be put in a virtual nursery of sorts. I do like the membership reward idea though.
  11. Cartoons?

    Free form, Boomerang or another family or old school cartoon channel
  12. orientation

    I'm Bi
  13. public changing

    If I need to be changed I don't have a choice because I have very sensitive skin. I get spanked for sitting in the mess anyway.
  14. The "Have You Tried?" Game

    Yes have you ever had a same sex caregiver?