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  1. Amyuser

    Doctor Visit

    I have probably shared this 100 X's Go to play store or Coloplast website and dload "Wheelmate" most usefull app around ,uses you GPS to get you the 411 on bathrooms and what they offer,works all over the world Sent from my Z3001S using Tapatalk
  2. Amyuser

    Do catherers hurt?

    Forget the lube,the stuff looks like rubber cement compared to the hydrophilic ,I started with the whole Rob nelll use it boil it for next use,and surgilube! We have come a long way from there. Sent from my Z3001S using Tapatalk
  3. Amyuser

    Incontinence / Diaper Question.

    It aint Stormy it takes 130,000 for her to suppress her gag reflex. Sent from my Z3001S using Tapatalk
  4. Amyuser

    Need help now

    Fiber is your friend ,it equalizes your system in constipatiion it's getting you moving with the trots it tightens you up. Sent from my Z3001S using Tapatalk
  5. Amyuser

    Barrier Paste Help

    I use either the Medline Restore remedy barrier cream or Calmoseptine,the Medline products I use specifically because they are petroleum free product and my insurance pays for it. Sent from my Z3001S using Tapatalk
  6. Because of IBS*C and OIC my bowels are in park mode So I use a medication that doesn't care what my plans are,it's in control once you take it,I don't feel a need to go ,some people will attempt to stifle an urge ,it doesn't end well for those people,I will pass some gas then without notice I test my diapers ability to contain and control,it causes a soft formed stool 4 X's a day that's the polite way of saying I crap like a toddler it goes everywhere in my diaper. My choice is impaction with crazy amount of strainung laxatives and stool softeners which my doctor says will lead to another stroke or take this stuff and not give my body a vote The hardest part was getting used to how damn sweet it is . Since I was already IC and diapered adding a few more diapers ain't a big deal I have elimanated all the effort previously devoted to bowel and bladder care with very little to show for it,by taking 40 grams of this 3X's a day and accepting that's what diapers are for and not getting bent out of shape over using them for everything. I have always used a barrier cream to protect my skin .my bladder never gave me a choice,now I don't give my bowels a choice This wouldn't be my first choice in life that my health has Made the decision for me,at first your mind will scream this is wrong ,and I just tell it when you were in charge you didn't do a great job on elimination so now you don't get a vote .quit bitching! I would say it only took me a couple of weeks to adjust to doing it Gone are the 12 hours a week on bowel care,gone is the cost of all laxatives and suppositories that got very little accomplished,time devoted to the toilet and all the pain of trying to accomplish.something. It's all about acceptance of new normal if a loaded diaper is that new normal,so be it.i have had to accept worse like paralysis ,wheelchairs not having a job to go too,muscles wasting ,dying ,so a dirty diaper wasn't a stretch.and since there is no warning there is no option of making it to the bathroom for my diaper to catch it well trying to transfer which occasionaly bladder does and my doctor told me just ignore it,don't wreck yourself or the house for a chance to feel bad because there is no amount of warning sufficient to get my harness and belt off ,remove knee bolsters, let alone drop my pants undo onesie plastic pants and diaper Sent from my Z3001S using Tapatalk
  7. Amyuser

    Public Bathrooms

    Wether changing a diaper or using the toilet your doing the same thing they are,getting rid of waste,you do it slightly different. Not a big deal. Sent from my Z3001S using Tapatalk
  8. Amyuser

    Do catherers hurt?

    I catheterize myself 5X's per day on doctor's ordersy Urologist prescribes both my diapers & catheters. Catheters are little more than straws however a months supply is $1900 ,my insurance pays for them but it's sticker shock. They are uncomfortable and unnatural when you start,but I would not say it's painfull(unless some freak tries to use 26 Fr,then you kill them in self defense). After 9 years of self cathing I hardly notice,even when my Uro scopes me ,I can hold a conversation without missing a beat unless the doc is hogging the screen,I like to see in places you ordinarily don't get to Sent from my Z3001S using Tapatalk
  9. Amyuser

    Prescription Diapers

    Yes that is what I am talking about, I have no choice but live here in order to afford to live, I am on compassionate social security disability, my illness ends one way in death, working is a complete non option for me as I was a Paramedic/ Firefighter/ Nurse and was medically retired by the union, I guess being a Tetrapilegic has something to do with it, I would love to get my life and health back and go back to work , just don't have a time machine to do it. I'm probably not far from you being in Erie. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  10. Amyuser

    Sagging mattress

    Rent one of those stream cleaner machines and clean it off if it's only a year old then "wrap that rascal" a full bed condom, it's either diaper the bed or yourself or even better both in case one fails. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  11. Amyuser

    Sometimes I wonder...

    No he doesn't regret it , then again he has drank a six pack every two hours since that photo shoot , he only wants a paci if it's connected to a keg , and he wears a onesie that's says will fill diaper for anything with alcohol, but you can't beat his excuse for having diapers " it's work related " and he had the pictures to prove it , Id RATHER HAVE A BOTTLE IN FRONT OF ME , THAN A FRONTAL LOBOTOMY gives this guy a lot of leeway. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  12. I can think of a million places I would rather die than in a care facility in a cheap diaper , let's see under a tree, bench ,car , truck,bus, in the park you get the idea ,care facilities are good at three things only, and they pretty much go in the same sequence 1. seizing your assets and selling them 2. Attaching any income you have except for $30.00 a month 3. Putting you in the cheapest diaper imaginable and neglecting your care , oh wait there is a 4th getting you out of bed starting at 3AM so that when the morning shift comes they just have to give you 28 minutes to eat before they start cleaning you to put you on display for the day , if your a person who doesn't have family or friends checking to be sure your being cared for you are completely screwed and neglected some of the worst living conditions I have ever seen was in care facilities, and that was before people had the Internet in there pocket , God help you now that they can use it anywhere. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  13. Amyuser

    Diapers,chux and catheters

    OK will measure tomorow and post it to you. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  14. Amyuser

    Rash control

    As a rule , I try and get some air time laying on a bed pad for a couple of hours each day ( my bed is fully protected, the bed pad is just an absorbent layer if I void. If normal rash cream is not helping it could be a yeast rash, you could try something like Monistat
  15. Amyuser

    Craig's List Find

    The only haul better than that was the 20