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  1. Yeah that's a bit of a haul to travel . Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  2. Dodge absolutely knows how to make gorgeous flowing cars that look like they are moving standing still ,but they really need some help with the new motors the standard 6 cylinder is total crap ,pathetic all the way around and expensive like you would not believe to the tune of $10K , all the police departments that bought them wanna use them for target practice, because of those motors the 340 and up are not a problem, but the regular ones suck . Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah I get a ton of extra plastic pieces , that should have been completely cutoff but stayed attached , it's my wings collection, somewhere out there there's a diaper missing it's wings . Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  4. Most states and counties do have affordable subsidized housing "available" , but in this economy most places have about a three year waiting list , what will help you in most states is having a physical disability ,because most places have regulations that put the disabled at the top of the list for all openings ,otherwise you are waiting for someone to get a real good job (limited potential) hit the lottery ( are you high) or to croak ( winner winner chicken dinner ) , I know here an apartment that is wheelchair accesible on the open market is few and far between and commands a serious amount of money for rent . Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  5. Erie Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  6. And just so you know with all of the psychoactive medications be it anti depressant or anti psychotic ,mood stabilizer they are all based off the antihistamines and eventually do cause forms of incontinence. Many people think think that Ketamine infusions for depression are a "free ride" even most of the quacks who have opened the clinics were for between $500 - $2000 per infusion , it will elevate people's mood with no downside, most of them don't know or warn patients that with repeated use it causes bladder scarring and complete bladder failure , but that business is a cash cow because it is not paid for by any insurance because there is no FDA indication for using ketamine that way it's all done off label, it also loses its effect after repeated use so it may be life saving for someone suicidal but for general depression skip it. Diapers on the other hand don't require a license or prescription and can be worn anywhere any time for any reason , so if you enjoy them just wear them ,and anybody gives you grief blame the psychiatric issues or drugs ,but I have never had anyone give me a problem or harass me over it ,if anything I have had more people try and help me with them , and I mean perfect strangers , when people see you as a "broken toy" they trip over themselves and each other to help you find your size or brand , remind you that buying by the case is cheaper than the bag, and have even offered to deliver them to the other side of town for me , since I can't Cary a case on my lap ,again perfect strangers in a grocery store going out of there way to help me with diapers ( back in the good old days when you could get a decent diaper in a store ) Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  7. Now the one way I do get reimbursed for diapers, I live in subsidized housing for the disabled ( I am wheelchair bound) so anything I have to spend out of pocket on medical supplies or transit to doctors comes off my rent , so I get ATNS but they will not last for a 6 hour bus ride each way to the doctor, so I buy Northshore supreme cases and deduct the expense from my overall income which then causes my rent to decrease, by law they can only charge 1/3 Rd of your income, I spend over a third of my income on diapers and transportation plus other service dog related expenses , that's all removed from my income before they figure out the 1/3 Rd they can charge me .also being I am on compassionate disability 1/2 of my income is exempt from being calculated as income , so my rent is very very low and I am able to do what needs done. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  8. If you have never had OIC you don't know the expression, spending 2 hours pushing and straining to have a small bowel movements of like six rabbit turds, is completely exhausting , your legs tremble , you feel "sick all over " and it takes like another 20-30 minutes of waiting just to have the physical energy to transfer back to your chair .that's my opinion of the expression . Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  9. I have 6 cases medium ATNS , chux and Coloplast catheters that are surplus , I can not ship they need to be picked up in Northwestern PA , I am our of room so if you want them get a hold of me and we can arrange for you to pickup. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  10. Manufacturing defect , give them a ring and send them the pictures , I am sure they take care of your with some new diapers.
  11. Well prepare for eye opening, there are very few regulations laws or guidelines on the federal or local level in most places in the USA , they are a money hog of poor care, diapers for the most part are paid by Medicare ( and they are so cheap they practically have one side. In most facilities patients very rarely see anyone above the skill set of a certified nurses aid ,unless medications are involved and a license is required as well as access. If a patient has the financial ability to pay for there own care in a nursing home you can pick the best of the worst, otherwise under government insurances they find a bed and put you in it , most facilities have an unwritten but often repeated mantra of "no one leaves through the front door" because that's a loss of money for them , if a patient demands they care they need and deserve in many places it is normal SOP to start reprimand ingredients they patient for there conduct and if it persists or they become angry they turn to drugs and stacking diagnosis especially on them of "dementia" or "early on set dementia" "early on set alzheimers" " psychosis" "personality disorder" anything to attack the credibility of the patient and set up a failure so they can tranfer the patient to a more restrictive care sitting like a "memory care unit". The unfortunate thing about the industry is is that they are miniature prisons , with the entire industry flying without regulation , and the assisted living centers are no better an example of that is its usual and customary to take and attach the patients entire monthly income except for $30 that I'd left for them to buy the cleaning supplies they need and pay for the use of washing machines to have there laundry done, and then they say "we provide socialization and field trips you go shopping and interact in the community " yeah great a shopping trip where everyone on it combined maybe has $5 bucks amongst them all combined , I don't know about you but I don't go shopping unless I want something and have the money to buy it. Most medical care as far as physicians are "in house" doctors generally provided thru the agency with the lowest bid , so it becomes easy to "hide" sub standard care and abuse, patients admitted to facilities who don't have a family member involved and making frequent visits and taking the staff to task on abuse neglect and mistreatment issues tend to have much worse out comes as far as life expectancy then those who have an active family and advocate who can prevent the "herding" as just an annoying patient ,when needs things , unfortunately alot of people go into these jobs with the intention of hanging out and spending time on there phones, there are some exceptional places with trained staff who care but finding those places is like looking for a needle in a pile of needles in alot of cases, depending upon the state you are in its a lot better to find a CIL "Center for independent living " and get what's called a consumer assistance waiver, with this you can hire and fire your own people and train them to do the care you or your loved one needs specifically, as well as routine care of the house and such, doing dishes or vacuuming doesn't take a rocket scientist. I myself am disabled and have been for the last ten years with a pair degenerative neuromuscular diseases that have no treatment or care , but before that I was a career carer for SCI patients as well as Nurse , Paramedic/ Firefighter ,so I have seen a lot of this crap both on the job and now as a patient, I would need to be 3/4 dead before I would go into care ( as in no way to communicate or make decisions for myself to accept being in one of these facilities) , myself and my family cared for our aged and infirm at home ourselves , unfortunately for me I am the last of my family so I rely on hiring my own carers to care for me , but I have seen and been involved in all areas of of care and could teach a master class ( actually I do on other sites giving perspective from both sides of the bed rail , for both families and people looking to become carers as to what to avoid, how to perform different types of care and how to avoid the pitfalls on this type of situation with themselves and loved ones.) Amyuser
  12. Being IC I keep more diapers on hand than most grocery stores or pharmacies, not much variety either ATNS or Northshore and babykin's cloth as well as Angelfluff cloth Ultimate 3's contour and super heavy nite diapers,but a good 30 cases are around the house at any one time , plus I rotate stock and give away about 25 cases of diapers per year to needy IC or ABDL peeps,if they need em and can get to my house they get diapers. So I would say 100 is time to get a better supply line , I would be freaking out,unlike most Americans who see the low fuel lite as challenge, I like to be over ready for whatever happens . Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  13. You can do what we do in emergency service put Vicksburg vapor rub under your nose or smoke cigars , neither is ideal but since it's kinda hard to positive pressure your apartment ,your options are limited. If you think this smells , you ought a smell a fire fatality , they haven't created anything as nasty as eXtra crispy human.
  14. The greatest thing about Jenny is when you add a soaker built in she adds it to the entire diaper not just the crotch , it's the best $5 dollar upgrade I have ever gotten in a diaper. Although I have never gotten pin on because of a disability, the stuff I have gotten there has been awesome , diapers have been excellent, as have the bloomers and onesies . Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  15. Medicaid does not reimburse , state Medicaid agents will provide diapers for the low income needy , but have no method for paying an individual or reimbursing an individual for supplies ,Medicare does have a mechanism for submitting a claim and repayment , however since diapers are only covered by Medicare as part of care in a facility ( Hospital,nursing home etc..) they will not accept assignment of claim , any monies paid for diapers by an individual are there expense and will not/can not be reimbursed, your future needs can be assessed and provided for eligible individuals, but no retro active payment for diapers is possible by Medicaid. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk