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  1. Will not Will as in your totally not that guy Will?

    Or will not will as in you wont do something but actually will do it?

  2. What happens to Froggys car when it breaks down? It gets toad away Did you hear about the kidnapping at the school? It's ok he woke up Why did the drinks can crusher quit it's job? Because it was soda pressing What do you call a belt with a watch on it? A waist of time
  3. I think they might be the same: That one has that logo etc and says Dry 24/7 That one has the same logo but has Confidry instead of just Dry on it And written in the corner it says DryCare so I think that's the company and on the website they call themselves the DryCare team
  4. Tena Slip: although only the plastic backed ones which are currently sold under the name ‘Active Fit’. For me it has a good balance of thickness, design, quality, comfort and price that suits me. Also I’m used to them as I tend to just buy those these days and not really anything else. Love to try the ABU Pre-Schools though they look awesome.
  5. Lil Jasuto has a strict diet of cat food
  6. As some of you may know, IMDB recently removed there message board feature. I was horrified about this because I loved it and it was the best part. Joining tons of separate forums for specific movies and TV shows didn’t appeal to me I liked having it one place and being able to even just occasionally reply or post about a movie or TV show. Anyway I’ve found a website called http://www.moviechat.org/ It has lots of message boards for everything like IMDB had. I just wanted to let everyone know because I can’t be the only one who loved the IMDB message boards & is having a melt down without them.
  7. Ah: Diapers, pacifiers, stroller, clothes like onesies and footed pyjamas is some example of gear you could buy.
  8. Did your girlfriend get you into this or is it something you've always been interested in?
  9. Of course so would most people, but it isn’t real it’s a story which depicts a fantasy version of the world which is often exaggerated and un-realistic. You could say the same about a lot of popular and brilliant fiction that isn’t ABDL related such as the Simpsons, Harry Potter and Charlie and the Chocolate factory.
  10. No: but I poop in my pants for personal enjoyment and usually feel I should diaper up before I fill my pants too much.
  11. Put a diaper on right now if you haven't already, and don't take it off till you've peed it, pooping is optional. Any taking it off before pee pee will result in a spanking on your bare bottom with a paddle
  12. Paint.net
  13. Never heard of it but I'd be curios to see it: Any idea @DailyDi?